General :: Unable To Browse Internet On Virtualbox - Network Unreachable


I installed centos 5.3 x86 at vrtualbox on windows 7 x64 as host. The ping answers "network is unreachable", ifconfig has an ip "192,168,51,100". At control panel, I seleted intel PRO/1000MT Desktop Host only. Is this centos's problem?

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I'm having a problem with my home wireless network and my Blackberry Torch. My phone is able to locate and connect to my home wireless network, but when I attempt to browse the internet, I get the following message: "Unable to connect to the internet, please try again later. If the problem persists please contact your service provider My internet and wireless network are working fine. I connected my desktop computer to the wireless network and browsed the internet without issue, my wife's phone (iPhone4) works without problem on the wifi network, and I checked with my internet service provider- they see no problems as well.On a hunch, I drove down to a local Starbucks to find a wifi hotspot. I found one, connected to it, and browsed the internet without any error messages. So now it appears that when I connect to a free wifi hotspot everything's fine but with my home network I get the error message above. The only thing I changed was the network.

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I'm new to SuSe and lateley I was trying to establish a Network, when some weired problems occured. I was able to establish the network and i have connection to the internet. The suse-machine is rechable by ping from all the other computers in the network. If I'm tryiing to ping the other computers from the suse-machine, nothing happens. The router responds without packet loss, but every other ping occurs in: From icmp_seq=2 Destination Host Unreachable From icmp_seq=3 Destination Host Unreachable From icmp_seq=4 Destination Host Unreachable From icmp_seq=5 Destination Host Unreachable I've been searching for some ideas to solve this problem but couldn't find any.

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How to browse the internet using wi-fi network instead of 3G or mobile network?

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Unable to access internet through wifi connection using my xperia x10 with android 2.1. The phone connects to wifi network but unable to browse the internet.

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Unable to access Internet through WiFi connection using my xperia x10 with android 2.1. The phone connects to WiFi network but unable to browse the internet.

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When i connect my bb bold 9780 to my home wifi it connects to the network but iam unable to browse the internet. iam sure iam typing in the correct SSID and password. when i try to access the internet it gives an error message "unable to find the requested server". this is the case when iam trying to connect to other wifi connections as well outside my home.but i do not have any problems in connecting to wifi hotspots and it works perfectly fine?

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In my university linux lab I have access to a linux network drive where I save programming code.I have ubuntu as a guest in virtualbox on my xp computer in my dorm. How can I map the linux network drive to ubuntu for use in virtualbox? I already have it mapped in windows, but can't get it mapped in ubuntu / virtualbox

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I have a blackberry 8900. How do you connect to a closed network via ADSL? The wifi does connect to the router, and I am able to browse the net. The ADSL also allows access to a closed network, but I am unable to access the closed network.why? if i can access the internet via router, why can i not access the closed network?

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I seem to have a problem with my Asha 302.I can connect to my home wi-fi and access the internet with no problems at all. However, I'm unable to access web servers or services on my own LAN.First spotted when I tried to set up the 'Mail' application and creating custom settings to connect to my own IMAP and SMTP server on IP address The mail app would inform me that the server was unreachable or words to that effect.Using both the Nokia web browser and Opera, I have since tried connecting to a local web server again on and both browsers replied with address unreachable. Have also tried connecting to my router on and again I get address unreachable.My phone connects to my wi-fi with address - and with gateway, DNS as per any other device on my network.I have also tried doing exactly the same thing on a Nokia N8 - and the N8 is successfully communicating with local servers.I'm running v14.53 and had same problem with 14.23.

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I have configured OpenSuSE 11.1 in VirtualBox and Networking was working fine and I was able to access network. Yesterday I recieved update notification from SuSE and updated machine. Now after restart eth0 is not comming up. In Hardware profile I can see Network Card but it is not configured automatically. I don't know how to configure it. Virtualbox Networking was working before latest update and just tried in other virtual machines.

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i have been unable to connect to blackberry services when using wi-fi.everything works normal using the mobile network.when i check the connection status while using wifi it says blackberry internet is not connected however i can access Internet and browse the internet while all this is going on. its just the blackberry services which are affected.

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Just installed Fedora 13 (64-bit). Brand new to Linux and not much of a computer expert. As the subject line says, I am unable to connect to the Internet. Things that I have already tried based on threads posted for similar problems: * ping -c 5 www.google.com unknown host www.google.com * ping -c 5 Network is unreachable I connect to the Internet via wired ethernet. The modem/gateway is 2Wire mod. 2701HG-B. Service provider is AT&T DSL. Ethernet controller is Realtek Semiconductor RTL8111/81688 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet. When I go to System -> Administration -> Network Device Control it shows eth0 as inactive. Network Configuration shows: * Hostname: localhost.localdomain * Primary/Secondary/Tertiary DNS: blank * DNS Search Path: blank I have no problem whatsoever connecting to the Internet when using Windows XP.

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I must be very thick as i cannot seem to get my dhcp clients to connect to the Internet properly. on my lucid server i installed dhcp3 server and bind9, i can ping and dig all on the local network. on the clients however, as soon as i go out of the local network there's messages like "unknown host www.google.com" or "network is unreachable".

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Four days ago I upgraded from a 8310 to a 9700. I am having a problem with WiFi. If I am browsing the internet and have WiFi and Mobile Network both enabled the browsing is only through mobile Network. If I turn off Mobile Network my browsing is over WiFi, same location good WiFi signal strength. If both are enabled, the Mobile Network has no service. I cannot browse the internet unless I turn off Mobile Network. I have OS V5.0.0.405 and AT&T service. Nice phone but if I want the faster internet service using WIFI I have to turn off the phone service.

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I have VirtualBox v3.1.0 r55467 running on f12 The guest is Windows XP SP3. I need to enable bridged mode for the virtual network interface on the guest. Everytime I enable bridge mode the following error occurs. Quote: Failed to start the virtual machine Windows XP. Failed to open/create the internal network 'HostInterfaceNetworking-wlan0' (VERR_SUPDRV_COMPONENT_NOT_FOUND). One of the kernel modules was not successfully loaded. Make sure that no kernel modules from an older version of VirtualBox exist. Then try to recompile and reload the kernel modules by executing '/etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup' as root (VERR_SUPDRV_COMPONENT_NOT_FOUND). When I run '/etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup' i get the following compilation error: Quote: Stopping VirtualBox kernel module [ OK ] Removing old VirtualBox netadp kernel module [ OK ] Removing old VirtualBox netflt kernel module [ OK ] [code].... dmesg gives me nothing. I have scoured the web .. and even asked on #vbox and #fedora cant get.

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My phone is connected to WIFI at home. When I browse the internet this is fine. When I try to download apps, the connection seems to look for T Mobile Internet and says Unable to browse. Why doesn't the phone pick up my WIFI as default internet connection? How to setup so that WIFI is picked up as the default internet connection. Pls help.

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i am getting these in Logwatch 7.3.2 --------------------- Named Begin ------------------------ **Unmatched Entries** client error sending response: host unreachable: 1 Time(s) client error sending response: host unreachable: 3 Time(s) client error sending response: host unreachable: 1 Time(s) client error sending response: host unreachable: 1 Time(s) client error sending response: host unreachable: 8 Time(s) client error sending response: host unreachable: 1 Time(s) client error sending response: host unreachable: 1 Time(s) client error sending response: host unreachable: 1 Time(s) client error sending response: host unreachable: 1 Time(s) client error sending response: host unreachable: 1 Time(s) client error sending response: host unreachable: 4 Time(s) client error sending response: host unreachable: 1 Time(s) client error sending response: host unreachable: 1 Time(s) client error sending response: host unreachable: 1 Time(s) ---------------------- Named End ------------------------- i have apf firewall installed

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I'm using FC10 on my box at work. It is behind an anthenticated proxy for internet connection. In Gnome, I configured the Network Proxy through the GUI, as my browsers too. So I can browse internet pages, install packages thru Add/Remove Software GUI, but I cant do it in the command line, using yum install, for example. Then trying to figure it out, I saw that it cant reach the package mirrors. It isnt a DNS problem, I set the /etc/resolv.conf correctly, as the host command works correclty. I can ping the local pcs on the network too. Firewall is disabled. Below some simple tests: [rtovo@davinci ~]$ ping mirrors.fedoraproject.org connect: Network is unreachable [rtovo@davinci ~]$ host mirrors.fedoraproject.org mirrors.fedoraproject.org is an alias for wildcard.fedoraproject.org. [Code].....

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When i turn wifi on it says 'unable to scan for networks' so now i cannot access the internet now.

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i'm using the PC Ovi suite and am unable to sign into the ovi network.The error message says there is no internet connection.

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after updating my system I can't start VirtualBox-OSE anymore. I get the error: VirtualBox: supR3HardenedMainGetTrustedMain: dlopen("/usr/lib/virtualbox/VirtualBox.so",) failed: VBoxVMM.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory I try to remove and to re-install VirtualBox-OSE again, still the same error. VirtualBox works as root but not from a user account. The installed version is VirtualBox-OSE.i686 3.2.6-2.fc13 @rpmfusion-free-updates

Fedora Networking :: Connecting Via Wireless Access Point forums.fedoraforum.org

i ahve just installed fedora 11 kde edition and i used to use fedora 10 after finish installation i edit the connectons to connect to my network im in lan network but i connect my cable to an access point to free using my laptop anywhere after adding every thing (wep key ,static ip's,) as i used to do and i have the connected sign at the system tray.i open the browser but no internet connection pinging the gateway returns "Destination Host Unreachable".

Ubuntu Networking :: Change Network Card And Bring Eth0 Up ubuntuforums.org

I run an Ubuntu Server in a Virtualbox environment. Setup works fine. In virtualbox, I accidentally hit a button that generates and assigns a new mac address for the network adapter. Since then the machine does not bring eth0 up. I tried the following ifconfig eth0 down; ifconfig eth0 hw ether macaddress; ifconfig eth0 up. Then restarted networking.

Software :: Cannot Use Cvs Within Eclipse To Connect To The Server - ERROR Message - Could Not Connect... www.linuxquestions.org

I cannot use cvs within eclipse to connect to the server, but when I use cvs in terminal everything works fine. ERROR Message: Could not connect to :extssh:hongyang@bleong.ndslab.net:/var/cvsroot: CVS communication error: org.eclipse.team.internal.ccvs.ssh2.CVSSSH2ServerConnection$SSH2IOException: Network is unreachable Network is unreachable

OpenSUSE Network :: Can Not Access The Internet Or The Router forums.opensuse.org

OpenSUSE 11.3 x64 KDE I dont know what happened it is a new install thats been running for 2 weeks . Now for some reason I can not access the internet or the router. Samba is working with Dolphin I can browse shares on local network both Windblows and Linux and ping local IP's. But I can NOT ping my router (the default gateway IP) with this box or access it with firefox so no internet. A VirtualBox of XP Pro running on this box has no problems with its bridged adapter getting out and seeing the router. I disabled the firewall, added gateway IP to network settings, disabled ipv 6 from the get go, added service provider dns's to nameservers tried opendns servers also.

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I'm having an issue with using my Eris while connected to my home wifi network. The problem is that after I successfully connect to my network, I am unable to browse the internet, access the Market, or use any music apps which require internet access. I have verified that my phone is capable of doing all of this while connected to an unsecured wifi network, however, my network is secured. I'm not sure if that's what the issue is.A little bit of info about my home network - I have a Motorola SBG900 cable modem w/built-in wireless access. I have it setup for b/g network, WPA/PSK, etc. The strange thing about this is that I have two laptops, & my iPad setup on the same wireless network and all of them are able to access the network with no issues.

Android :: Unable To Connect To Internet From Android When Laptop Using Wifi Network stackoverflow.com

I am using laptop and connected to wifi network. I have started the android emulator and open the browser to browse. But it is not working. thrown error saying network connection not available. But I am able to browse in my laptop. How I can enable emulator to use wifi network for internet?

Can't Send Smtp Email From Network Using C# Error / Unable To Connect To The Remote Server stackoverflow.com

I have my code here, it works fine from my home, where my user is administrator, and I am connected to internet via a cable network. But, problem is when I try this code from my work place, it does not work. Shows error: "unable to connect to the remote server" From a different machine in the same network: "A socket operation was attempted to an unreachable network 209.xxx.xx.52:25" I checked with our network admin, and he assured me that all the mail ports are open [25,110, and other ports for gmail]. Then, I logged in with administrative privilege, there was a little improvement, it did not show any error, but the actual email was never received. note that, the code was tested from development environment, visual studio 2005 and 2008. try { MailMessage mail_message = new MailMessage("xxxxx@y7mail.com", txtToEmail.Text, txtSubject.Text, txtBody.Text); SmtpClient mail_client = new SmtpClient("SMTP.y7mail.com"); NetworkCredential Authentic = new NetworkCredential("xxxxx@y7mail.com", "xxxxx"); mail_client.UseDefaultCredentials = true;......

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With Encrypted Wireless Connection Not Able to Access Internet - no pings, internet browsing, etc. However, without encryption I am able to browse the internet. I need encryption .. I am pasting diagnostics collected by shell procedure collectNWdata.sh.. Code: collectNWData.sh V0.6.2.0 (Rev: 1.193, Build: 2010/01/20 21:22:30 UTC) --- Which type of your network connection should be tested? --- (2) Wireless connection (WLAN) --- What's the type of networktopology? [Code].....

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I have installed the latest released version of openSUSE, 10.3 or so, and I am having an issue getting the internet to work. The system tells me that I am connected to my wireless network, but firefox does not browse, indicating that it cannot find the network. I'm totally stumped because if my wireless network is connected, why can't I browse?

No Network Connection - Limited Or No Connectivity www.w7forums.com

Yesterday I updated to v. 2.2 Of Sun Virtualbox and have lost my connection to the Internet on Windows 7. The 'VirtualBox Host - Only Network Status' reports "limited or no connectivity". This is because "the Network did not assign a Network Address to the Computer". I have not been able to solve this problem, the icon in the sys. tray has a yellow marker against it. I have normal connectivity on Windows XP. I cannot wind back using System Restore as there are no restore points. I do have a drive image of my C; drive dated just prior to the update, would this work?. Is there an easier way?.

General :: Make A Shared Folder For Usage In Virtualbox? www.linuxquestions.org

I have a similar question: How to make a share folder of virtualbox if I have installed linux Ubuntu 10.10 in virtualbox machine virtualbox is my guest machine and Linux Mint is my host machine. I have installed VirtualBox OSE in Linux Mint and I have installed Windows XP/7, made a sharing folder from guest machine Windows XP/7. My host machine is Linux Mint/Ubuntu, I mean it is on my PC. How to make a share folder in virtual machine linux ubuntu 10.10 LTS in virtualbox OSE to host machine Linux Mint 11 Katya?

CentOS 5 :: Unable To Find The Folder To Install The Support Driver? www.centos.org

When i put the command: /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup for install it it say this: Stopping VirtualBox kernel module [ OK ] Recompiling VirtualBox kernel module [FAILED] (Look at /var/log/vbox-install.log to find out what went wrong) [root@server ~]# and the log: Makefile:185: *** Unable to find the folder to install the support driver to. Stop.

Visual Basic ICS UDP Port Use Detection www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi, I'm writing a simple program that queries UDP ports of game servers.I have a problem though that I would like to use this program on a networked machine that does not have the direct internet connection. While this translation is generally all done under the bonnet of Windows, one important aspect, the server logging - where it sends a copy of the game server log directly to me - needs to know what my IP address is and a given UDP port. On the Internet Host machine, this is fine, but for my networked PC - I am unable to determine what my Internet IP is and also the port I use is translated on the Internet host to usually somewhere between 1025 - 1045. I was wondering if there was any way to determine exactly what port the Internet host is going to use to forward to the networked PC?I'd also appreciate knowing how to determine the Internet IP for the networked machine too.I've spent a long time looking in forums and search engines, but seem unable to find the answers I need Rex

General :: Install VirtualBox Guest Additions On Fedora 14 Guest? superuser.com

I installed a Fedora 14 guest on a Fedora 14 host with Virtualbox, then i run these commands on the guest:yum install kernel-devel kernel-headersbut if i try to install the virtualbox-guest additions on the guest, is still complains about that it's unable to find the kernel source directory?Ha anyone succeded installing the guest additions on a guest Fedora 14?

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I can use my apple ID to connect to Istore but I cannot connect to iMessage or FaceTime. I get an error message asking to check my network connection but I can browse Internet and send receive email. Also unable to connect iphone4 toFaceTim.

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I am unable to load file using file function from remote server This is working on one of my linux server while does not work on another linux server (ubunto, virtualmin) $result = file("[URL]xml"); Failed to open stream: Network is unreachable I can read local files on both servers like $result = file("note.xml"); What configuration do I need to do to make it work?

Nokia Lumia :: Internet Sharing Not Working? discussions.nokia.com

I am having Nokia Lumia 710 with Vodafone(India) 2G activated. I have updated my phone to latest firmware and OS and got hte Internet sharing option in my settings tab, But even then I am unable to share internet. Others are able to connect to my network if I share but when they try to browse internet,none of the internet pages are opening. Then I have tried to share my internet to my laptop(Windows 7 OS). I was able to connect but I was unable to surf anything.

BB Curve :: Browser Won't Load Pages? supportforums.blackberry.com

For the past week, I've been unable to browse the web using the native browser on my Curve 8530. Every time I submit a URL, or click on a link pulled up by QuickSearch, I see the "Requesting" message at the bottom of the screen, but the webpage doesn't even begin loading, and after a minute or so, I get the message "Communication failure has occurred".I don't think this is a problem with my connection, because) I've had no problems calling or texting, and I'm able to use (and refresh) internet-dependent applications like Facebook, Yelp, etc) I get the "Communication failure" message regardless of whether I'm connected via Wifi or via the mobile network

Socket Operation Was Attempted To An Unreachable Network? www.vbforums.com

I am trying to send an email through a remote Microsoft Exchange Server with an application I am making in VB2005. I have access to the server, as well as the required credentials. The only part I am unsure about is the SMTP port number. The error i get is: "Failure sending mail."inner: "Unable to connect to the remote server" inner: "A socket operation was attempted to an unreachable network xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:xx" [Code]...

BB Bold :: It Wont Connect To Wifi supportforums.blackberry.com

I have a Bold 9900 on Orange UK running os7.1 official release. The problem I am having is that when I am connected to a wifi network for wifi calling when I try to browse the internet it will not always allow me and says that its "unable to connect to server. Please try again later" or something similar.I have tried connecting to a different router but still have the same issue.

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System.Net.Mail.SmtpException: Failure sending mail. ---> System.Net.WebException: Unable to connect to the remote server ---> System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: A socket operation was attempted to an unreachable network 184.xx.xxx.xx:25 at [code].....

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I have my cell service through T-Mobile and recently upgraded to a Bold 9700 with internet service. I can browse the internet over the 3G network and at a Hot Spot location using the Wi-Fi. What I can't do is access the internet through my wireless router at home. The Netgear router (WPN824 v3) works fine through the cable modem for laptops and my daughter's Motorola Click smartphone. When I turn off the 3G network, I get a "can't find the server message".

BB Curve :: Can't Connect To The Internet supportforums.blackberry.com

this afternoon it started telling me I can't connect to the internet, ether mobile network or wifi. Originally it was telling me there was a communication error, now it's saying unable to connect to internet, please try again later. I've tried restarting it, turning the networks on and off, everything. Signal is perfect; I can still send/recieve texts, just not emails or access the internet. I've just about had it with this device, and I really need my internet/email working again

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I am new with IP tables stuff and i have a problem.... i have a pc Contain a fedora OS and i want to make a small network (4 PCs Contain XP OS) and using the pc of fedora OS as a firewall i want to Prevent the ping (i think it called(ICMP)) in the privat network and prevent one of the PCs from Browsing Internet(prevent port 80 and 81 as i think) and i still don't know how to make the Internet go Through the firewall to the private network... note: WAN = eth0 LAN = eth1

Fedora Networking :: Make The Internet Go Through The Firewall To Network forums.fedoraforum.org

I am new with IP tables stuff and i have a problem....i have a pc Contain a fedora OS and i want to make a small network (4 PCs Contain XP OS) and using the pc of fedora OS as a firewall i want to Prevent the ping (i think it called(ICMP)) in the privat network and prevent one of the PCs from Browsing internet(prevent port 80 and 81 as i think) and i still don't know how to make the internet go Through the firewall to the private network... Note: WAN = eth0 LAN = eth1

HTC Incredible :: How To Use Internet Browser During A Call? androidforums.com

Is it possible to use the Internet during a call? i tried that yesterday and i was unable to browse the Internet, i was trying to get some info but i was unable to do it.

Ubuntu Servers :: DNS / IPV6 Address - Error Network Unreachable ubuntuforums.org

I use DNS on my server as a chasing DNS so its not fully configured. I seem to be having trouble with IPV6 addresses. I'm guessing this is linked to the 6to4 tunnel I have set up to my windows box, but I'm not really sure. Code: May 21 18:00:16 hyrule named[1148]: error (network unreachable) resolving 'D.ROOT-SERVERS.NET/AAAA/IN': 2001:dc3::35#53 May 21 18:00:16 hyrule named[1148]: error (network unreachable) resolving 'B.ROOT-SERVERS.NET/AAAA/IN': 2001:500:1::803f:235#53 May 21 18:00:17 hyrule named[1148]: error (network unreachable) resolving 'zg.akamaitech.net/AAAA/IN': 2001:503:a83e::2:30#53 .....

BB Curve :: Unable To Access Internet On 9300 Handset? supportforums.blackberry.com

I am unable to access internet on my BB 9300 handset. I have activated the internet service pack from Vodafone but I dont see the Blackberry browser option in the main menu. I am only able to find browser option through which I am unable to access browse. But my configured email account is working on the same device.

Network Browsing www.vbforums.com

Any way to use VB to browse networks and use the dir list and file list boxes to browse files on the network?

Error In Connection Localhost 51780 forums.asp.net

last 2 days im getting new connection error when i try to display the asp.net web page. I tried firefox and Internet explorer as well but im getting the same error like below. I dont know why it wokrs fine but last todays im getting this error. Failed to connect: The connection was refused when attempting to contact localhost:51780. Though the site seems valid, the browser was unable to establish a connection. * Could the site be temporarily unavailable? Try again later. * Are you unable to browse other sites? Check the computer's network connection. * Is your computer or network protected by a firewall or proxy? Incorrect settings can interfere with Web browsing.

Named Message In Var/log/messages www.webhostingtalk.com

Few days back i began to have problem with server overload, when i checked in /var/log/messages i found a lot of Jun 28 14:17:59 secure named[3523]: client error sending response: host unreachable Jun 28 14:17:59 secure named[3523]: client error sending response: host unreachable Jun 28 14:17:59 secure named[3523]: client error sending response: host unreachable Jun 28 14:17:59 secure named[3523]: client error sending response: host unreachable Jun 28 14:17:59 secure named[3523]: client error sending response: host unreachable Jun 28 14:17:59 secure named[3523]: client error sending response: host unreachable Jun 28 14:17:59 secure named[3523]: client error sending response: host unreachable Jun 28 14:17:59 secure named[3523]: client error sending response: host unreachable all at the same hour,minutes and seconds, this that i wrote is an example (the ip's are reals) but like it i found a lot of more, and is in the same time that the server overload. the server is RHE and i have APF and BFA installed.

IPhone :: 3G On Phone / Access GPRS / Blue Dot In Place Of Icon forums.macrumors.com

I received my new Jailbroken iphone 3g 8gb today. I synced it up with my itunes 8.2 and everything is fine, except that I cant seem to access the internet via 3g/Edge/GPRS etc. There is just a blue dot in place of where the icon should be.I called o2 - I am on an o2 pay monthly contract (not the iphone contract but a similar �45 a month one with unlimited web browsing) who gave me updated settings, consisting of changing the info in Settings>General>Network>Cellular Data Network and changing the APN from idata.o2.co.uk to mobile.o2.co.uk, but none of this has helped. Oh, and Enable 3g is set to on!Can anyone shed any light on how I can fix this? I've scoured the web but cant find anything about jailbroken phones being unable to access 3g or GPRS etc.

Xseries :: Can't Make Ovi Store Go Online Through Wlan discussions.nokia.com

I had nokia x3-02 for few days now, but It drained away my credits by entering the internet via gprs & edge, although I have a wireless router, so I sat it up to gsm network only & deleted the phone company or (service provider) Internet settings, & now I can't seem to get ovi store online or even comunities application too,it keeps giving me an error message ( unable to connect to service, try again later ) & ( network connection error, try again later ) though web browsing via opera & nokia browsers works just fine & I saved my wlan settings but it keeps asking me still in browsers to choose my access point, but that's tolerable at least, but I don't know why these both apps can't get online, they did when I had phone service provider internet, but not through wireless network now, & the router is in the same room & the signal is so strong if you're asking?

Debian :: Connect To The Source List To Update But It Can't Connect To The Server? forums.debian.net

I'm a new debian user. I install a Debian in Virtualbox, and try to connect to the source list to update, but it can't connect to the server, while network and internet connection works. This is my sources.list deb http://ftp.rediris.es/debian/ squeeze main deb-src http://ftp.rediris.es/debian/ squeeze main deb http://security.debian.org/ squeeze/updates main deb-src http://security.debian.org/ squeeze/updates main deb http://ftp.rediris.es/debian/ squeeze-updates main deb-src http://ftp.rediris.es/debian/ squeeze-updates main

Servers :: Access MySQL In Ubuntu Guest From WinXP Host? ubuntuforums.org

I have Virtualbox setup WinXP Host Ubuntu 10.04 is the guest Mysql is installed in ubuntu and it works fine in the guest (ubuntu) Internet works fine in the host and the guest. Bridged Network. Now, here is the thing... i want to access mysql from my host to load some data into it. how do i access mysql from my host Win XP?

Nokia :: E65 Wlan Unable To Connect discussions.europe.nokia.com

i have a wireless rooter ( Router Gembird 4 porturi WIFI NSW-R2) NSW-R2 802.11G 54M 1 WAN + 4 LAN ports wireless broadband router Features All-in-one: internet-sharing router, 4-port 10/100Mbps LAN switch and 802.11g access pointComplies with IEEE802.11g, IEEE802.11b, IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u standard I have some problems connecting my phone to the network.dose any1 know if this model of rooter is compatible with my phone? i get 2 kind of errors : unable to connect.wlan network not found ...even if i see the network on Wlan wizard unable to connect.WPA autentification failed

Csf And Iptables www.webhostingtalk.com

i install csf on centos, my server is working but the network is unreachable, i try to run "service iptables stop", and the server is unreachable now, i check from whm,it shows csf is working, but i ssh the server and type "service iptables status", it shows "firewall is stopped", is it correct? is not,how can i fix the issue?

MacBook Pro :: Its Connected To Wifi But Unable To Browse Safari? discussions.apple.com

On my Macbook pro i can connect and browse the internet at home but when i connect to another wifi network i can't browse even tho i am connected to the network. I think it may be a little setting that I changed by accident..

BB Curve 8900 :: WiFi Priority Over Network Connection? supportforums.blackberry.com

If I travel abroad I am charged for browsing the internet using the network connection on my BB, but if I can connect to a (free) Wi-Fi then there is no charge for browsing using that Wi-Fi connection. When connecting to a Wi-Fi do I have do disable the network connection to ensure that the browser uses the free Wi-Fi connection? Can I set a priority somehow?

HTC :: How To Browse For Free Via Wi-Fi With Cingular GPRS Settings Stored? www.howardforums.com

I followed the info in this thread: http://www.howardforums.com/showthre...readid=1029449 to set up the phone for MMS and network internet, but cant figure out how I can just browse on Wi-Fi and not have to pay for it.Is there a way I can turn the cingular settings on and off to avoid paying when browsing my home wifi network?

Networking :: Squid With Iptables - Make Clients To Browse Internet Only From Proxy Server? www.linuxquestions.org

i have the following ip assignments fedora (iptables) eth0 -private : eth1 -public : squid proxy my clients range how can i make my clients to browse internet only from proxy server my network is NAT 'ed. Please specify a iptable rule to allow internet access for my clients to browse ONLY if they come through proxy server.

Fedora :: Can't Make Internet Connection? forums.fedoraforum.org

I have a computer with two hard drives that plugs directly into the modem. When I run on my Windows XP drive I can get internet. On my fedora drive I can not even get a ping. If I type ping google.com I get ping: unknown host google.com If I type ping I get connect: Network is unreachable

Debian Configuration :: Ping Fail As User Works With Root? forums.debian.net

I have a very strange problem.ometimes, yes sometimes not all the time, I get a Destination Host Unreachable when I ping a computer on my network. If I switch to root using su I can ping that same computer. Here is a screen shot: joseph@laptop:~$ ping PING ( 56(84) bytes of data. From icmp_seq=2 Destination Host Unreachable [code]...

Forward Port To Virtual XP www.sevenforums.com

I try to forward a port to my Virtual Windows XP. I have done that with VirtualBox in NAT mode, it was working well (using the VirtualBox service). Now with the Virtual Windows XP, I didn't find anything to make the port forward working in NAT mode. So I tried the Microsoft loopback adapter. I installed it manually in the device manager, and I told Virtual XP to use this adapter. After that, I saw it doesn't work at all, no IP, no connection. So I searched a little more and found this: Virtual PC Guy's WebLog : Configuring NAT via using the Microsoft Loopback Adapter and Internet Connection Sharing It tells to share the internet with the loopback using the 'real' network adapter. I have done that but I still don't have any connection.

Network Status Stuck On "Identifying..."? www.sevenforums.com

I'm trying to connect my machine to a network over (wired) LAN. The connection (including internet) works fine in general, but when I open the "Network and Sharing Center", under "View your active networks" it only says "Identifying..." and the network name never appears. I think it has something to do with the (Cisco) routers not supporting the "Broadcast" flag, but disabling it in the registry didn't help either.I need to set my network type to home, but in order to do that Windows needs to recognize it first...

BB Bold :: Internet Connection Bold 9650 In South Africa supportforums.blackberry.com

I imported B Berry Bold 9650 from America and everything worked well with the local network provider for more than a year. On July 25 th my internet connection stopped working. My network provider says they did a network upgrade and all foreign phones are now unable to connect to the internet. They say their is nothing that they can do for me. Just before my ph was disconnected I tried to download the Blackberry App World Version Could this have caused the problem?

Javascript Plugin www.photoshopgurus.com

Tried to use Browse in the File menu of Adobe Photoshop CS2 and got this message : Could not complete the browse command because Photoshop was unable to find the Javascript Plug-in

Nokia :: BBC IPlayer Not Working Through Network (3 UK) / Works Via WIFI discussions.europe.nokia.com

My BBC iPlayer does not work when I try to watch videos via the 3 Network. I can see all the programs list, and browse though everything but when it comes to play the video it says "Connecting" "Connecting" and then "Unable to connect". When I use the WIFi it works like a charm. Any idea if I need to change a Network setting or something to get this working? Has anybody got the iPlayer working through the 3 Network or any other UK network?

Nokia :: N96 / Connect To Internet Via Laptop By WiFi discussions.europe.nokia.com

I have a laptop connected to internet via ADSL USB Modem, there is a wi-fi network created on the laptop that I use to connect another laptop to the internet. When I connect my N96 to that network, everything works great except when trying to access a web site, it says "General: Feature not supported!�Is that kind of connection not supported or what?

IPhone :: Do The Terms Cellular Data And Mobile Data Mean The Same Thing discussions.apple.com

Still struggling to get to grips with my new iPhone 4S....Reading the User Guide it says "to turn Cellular Data off go to Settings/General/Network then turn Cellular Data off".The only problem with my phone is that "Cellular Data" does not appear in the Network screen. However "Mobile Data" does.is it the the same thing?For cost reasons I would like to be in control of when I use the internet and already I have inadvertantly incurred charges without being aware that I had gone on to the internet.Will selecting "Mobile Data" to "OFF" solve my problem. Info: iPhone 3GS, iOS 4

Cancel A Running Program www.xtremevbtalk.com

Greetings:Can someone point me in the direction of how I would go about cancelling (via VB6) a running program, in this case a browser (IE or Netscape) after a period of time, say 5 minutes. I use shell to initiate the browser. The requirement is not to let the user perpetually browse the net, but get on, get some information and logoff, which is not happening. As a general rule there is no internet browsing allowed.I guess there is the timer control but I have no idea how to go about it.As usual I thank you guys in advance.Donald

Treeview Select Node - Strange Problem www.xtremevbtalk.com

Well first off I created my treeview with no real problems. I want when i click a certain node for a procedure to happen (open another form run a loop etc. Code:Private Sub Form_Load()'nodesTreeView1.Nodes.Add , , "General", "General" TreeView1.Nodes.Add "General", tvwChild, "User", "User Info" TreeView1.Nodes.Add "General", tvwChild, "Design", "Design" TreeView1.Nodes.Add , , "Internet", "Internet" TreeView1.Nodes.Add "Internet", tvwChild, "Connection", "Connection" TreeView1.Nodes.Add "Internet", tvwChild, "IRC", "IRC" TreeView1.Nodes.Add , , "Bindings", "Bindings" TreeView1.Nodes.Add "Bindings", tvwChild, "Speech", "Speech" TreeView1.Nodes.Add "Bindings", tvwChild, "Weapons", "Weapons" TreeView1.Nodes.Add , , "Input", "Input" TreeView1.Nodes.Add "Input", tvwChild, "Keyboard", "Keyboard" TreeView1.Nodes.Add "Input", tvwChild, "Mouse", "Mouse" 'expand themTreeView1.Nodes("General").Expanded = TrueTreeView1.Nodes("Internet").Expanded = TrueTreeView1.Nodes("Bindings").Expanded = TrueTreeView1.Nodes("Input").Expanded = TrueAbove are my nodes and below i used a simple case to try and test clicking the nodes Code:Private Sub TreeView1_MouseDown(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, x As Single, y As Single)Select Case FrameCase TreeView1.SelectedItem.Text = "General" MsgBox "General was clicked"End SelectEnd SubBut the strange problem is the message pops up whenever u click anywhere within the treeview. I have tried lots of variations like .key = "General" etc and still no luck. If anyone could help it would be appreciated.

OpenSUSE Network :: Unable To Ping The Default Gateway When Using Custom Settings - Unreachable Network forums.opensuse.org

I installed openSUSE on one of my work system. The network port wasn't working when I was installing, but works fine now (checked in Windows). But for some reason, I am not able to configure the network. I used both Dynamic and Static IPs (both work fine in Windows) but still no go. I am using Yast Control Center for this purpose. I can't even ping the default gateway when I am using custom settings. When I use dynamic settings, it says Unreachable Network.

General :: VirtualBox - Internet Access Via Guest OS (Windows) superuser.com

I have an USB internet key (multimode GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSDPA) that only works on Windows. Though, I mainly use Linux for development activities and I don't want to move them to Windows. For this reason I decided to use a Windows guest on VirtualBox for internet access and the Linux host for the other stuffs, but I'd greatly prefer to use Linux for everything (internet too) and Windows only as internet gateway.

Delete Many Duplicate Virtual Network Adapters? www.sevenforums.com

I have over 50 virtual networking adapters in device manager, I have posted this question in many forums, and still cannot get rid of these pesky unused extra adapters. I know they have been created by using Virtualbox, and by creating many virtual machines and updating virtualbox. Unfortunately, I have tried uninstalling virtualbox and the drivers all remain in devicemanager. DeviceMgmt also does not allow me to uninstall or delete the adapters, (When I do they just stay there, even after rebooting.)I most likely have to go into the registry and delete them, but they are in so many different places there, I need to know the correct place to delete them. I have a bet that this is the forum where I will get the answer for this even though I have posted in virtualbox forums, technet, MSDN, superuser, serverfault, and stackoverflow.

BB Bold :: Unable To Use Facebook, Yahoo Messenger? supportforums.blackberry.com

I have recently bought a bb Bold 9780, subcribed to BIS on mobily network.i can send and recieve emails and browse internet too.. however cant use the facebook my space twitter or other app on the phone.In network option , Blackberry internet options shows not connected.on the status bar on the top of the screen i see 3G with the bb logo.

Fedora Servers :: Samba PDC / Wins Proxy To Allow Share Across Networks forums.fedoraforum.org

My Fedora router has three nic's, one for the internet, one for lan and one for the wireless network, which uses hostapd. I have set up samba in order to enable windows file sharing from wireless lan to wired lan. Using the samba documentation I have enabled the wins server and wins proxy which should allow met to browse the shares across the networks, which theoretically should do the trick but it doesn't work as expected. I can see the pc's from the other network using windows neighbourhood, but as soon as I access one of them it fails saying that "network path could not be found" or something like this. Tried using windows 7, windows xp and linux for browsing but the result is the same. As firewall I have shorewall and the samba specific ports are enabled for both networks. How to setup samba for inter-network browsing? I have attached the global config section from smb.conf file: Code: [global] server string = Samba Server interfaces = eth1, lo, wlan0 bind interfaces only = Yes security = SHARE log file = /var/log/samba/%m.log max log size = 50 .....

BB Bold :: 9900 Freezes When Browsing Internet Through WiFi supportforums.blackberry.com

I have many problems by every next day I have new BB Bold9900. While I can browse Internet through wifi (which is interesting cause it loves to freeze), I cannot use BB app world, cause it says my device is not connected to the wireless network. The same thing with FB application. I simply cannot connect to Internet although I already am connected, and my phone even shows full signal, network name, etc. Is there any solution which will make it possible to comfortably use BB????

OS X Leopard :: Cannot Browse Internet After Reconnecting Network Cable discussions.apple.com

I have a mac os x 10.4 and 10.5 all updated versions (two different laptops). I went to this hotel, plugged-in the cable and internet works just fine. I disconnected the cable and used the wifi, internet works fine, when it felt slow for the vpn via wifi, I decided to disconnect wifi and connect with the cable, I got all the same IP and etc, but I cannot browse the internet, I disconnected the cable and conected to wifi got all the same wifi IP but i can't browse or in short I can't go in the internet world. I Rebooted the laptop and it still can't browse (wired and wifi). I left the laptop idle for about 5mins and suddenly I can browse (wired/wifi). Anybody here have the same experience? is it my laptop? network settings? OS?

General :: Accessing Windows Network Printers From A VirtualBox WindowsXP Client superuser.com

Is it possible to access windows network printers from a VirtualBox WindowsXP client running under Ubuntu 10.10 host? The networking type is NAT. Would Bridged Networking solve the problem? If so, is there a tutorial on how to set up bridged networking for virutual box?

IPhone :: Keep Wifi But Turn Off Looking For Wireless Network? discussions.apple.com

Using iphone 4, My battery is draining like crazy, I RTFM'ed Apple's docs and they said if to turn off searching for wireless network if you are not in a place that has it, which is the place I am staying right now. So, I turn to airplane mode, it also seems to turn off Wifi network, so I can't browse internet or do other things...Is there a way to turn off looking for wireless network but still keep the wifi connection? Information: iPhone 4 iOS 4 not in wireless network range

BB Curve 8500 :: BB Curve 8520 Visibility And Use Of Home Wi-Fi Network supportforums.blackberry.com

I have searched and read posts regarding connecting to home WiFi but the solutions have not been helpful so far.I have set up WiFi connection to my home network and have entered the PSK but I'm unable to connect to the internet (It apparentlly connects to the network, denoted by the tick to the left, but there is a white line next to it showing that it is not connecting to the internet).The network doesn't have a protected network button or code.I have set my advance browser options to HotSpot as suggested in other posts.I have systematically tried alternative settings with the gprs data service (Vodaphone) and have found that i can't connect to the internet with the data services off.I noticed that after i initially set it up that my laptop did not connect to the internet and the connection had to be 'repaired', and have had similar problems when adding new laptops to my network until i had 'add new device' through windows. I tried searching for my BB though this and it does not show on the network - Will the problem be resolved this way? - how can i make it visible to be added to my network? (I have been through the windows help options for this too, but they do not cover PDAs).

Red Hat :: Static Network Configuration On RHEL - Network Is Unreachable www.linuxquestions.org

setup my static network connection Here are my details : IP : Subnet : Gateway : Primary DNS : [code].... but after this setup when i restart my network #service network restart while bringing up the eth0 the following message is displayed before [OK] - RTNETLINK answers : Invalid Argument now it seems either this setup is wrong or not sufficient to set up the connection, whenever i try to ping it showing connect : Network is Unreachable

Error While Testing In Multithreaded Mode- social.msdn.microsoft.com

On 2 servers (Windows 2000 and Windows 2003) both with SQL Server 2000 - the Operating System Event Viewer - System Log - shows Event ID 2012 (Warning - Source = Srv;network error occured). On the Client side - we get the following error: unable to open table.: ODBC Error: ODBC RC=-1, ODBC SQLState=08S01, DBMS RC=11, DBMS Msg=[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][TCP/IP Sockets]General network error. Check your network documentation This seems to only occur when the testing is done in a multithreaded mode. Any ideas?

Motorola Xoom :: 3G Connected - But No Internet forums.motorola.com

I'm a fresh owner of xoom tablet. I'm very happy with the product however, I seem to be unable make internet connection using my Vodaphone Australia mobile broadband SIM card. When the card is inserted and no Wi-Fi avaiable tha table seems to be connected to Vodafone 3G ( right bottom corner ) however I'm unable to browse internet nor can I do any other activities requiring internet access. The message I see says: No Network connection At this point I do not know whether there is something wrong with my xoom tablet setting or I shold take this issue with Vodafone Australia. I'm using same SIM card on my laptom and it all works.

BB Bold :: Internet Browser SO Slow? supportforums.blackberry.com

Since the big crash last week, although my email, messaging etc has been restored, my Internet browser is incredibly slow. It loads evcentually, but it is very time consuming and inefficient. Messaging is fine - general phone connectivity is ok as well. It isn't the network connection as I have been all over the place in the last few days and it has beenb the same wherever I am. It isn't my home internet as my PC and husband's phone (non BB) is browsing the Net without issue.I've cleared my history, cookies, cache, changed my browsing settings to untick images etc to try and speed things up but it is no better. Oddly the Facebook and Twitter Apps seem to be ok, but the actual browser facility seems to be defunct. I've done the soft reset, and even powered off and removed the battery over night.

BB Curve :: 8520 Wifi Unable To Connect? supportforums.blackberry.com

I already set up my wifi network yesterday and i was able to browse but it stopped working just this morning. It prompted that the available wifi network is available but each time I am attempting to connect it says: Unable to connect. Reason Failure to connect to the network.

How To Remove Ads www.tomshardware.com

i use internet explorer now cause someone told me its the best one, but i get a lot of annoying ads in general, whenever i browse Internet, facebook. how do i remove ads, what browser shall i use, what programs shall i download for the browser, what settings.

Invalid Gateway IP On Laptop forums.techguy.org

I have a Windows 7 laptop, it has two network connections - one that I use at work; it is a hard wired connection (by DHCP - where the server automatically assigns an I.P. address), and the other wi-fi; which I use at home (again by DHCP where my modem / router assigns an I.P. address). Recently I performed a Windows update (whilst at home - connected to my wi-fi network) and now when I take my laptop to work I am unable to connect to the internet. The Windows (2000) server knows that my computer is there, and I can access network shares, however I can't browse the web. I had a look at my network settings by "ipconfig /all" and discovered that my "hard wired" connection is being supplied an invalid Gateway I.P. Other computer on the network are not receiving an invalid Gateway. As a temporary fix I have entered a static IP, however I am wondering if anybody knows what may cause my laptop to be assigned an incorrect Gateway IP, particularly when other computers on the work network are not experiencing this issue.

Nokia :: E63 / Disable Data Network www.howardforums.com

How do i disable data connection for internet browsing on e63?So i can browse wifi without being charged for data usage.

Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Clear Browsing History On Internet? talk.sonymobile.com

Anyone know how to clear the browsing history on the google widget and then on the internet browsing??

IPhone :: 3G Network (internet Usage) Not Working After Jailbreak forums.macrumors.com

I'm hoping someone might be able to help me here.For some reason after the JB I'm unable to connect to the internet using the 3G network.I'm able to connect via Edge and via Wifi but unable to connect via 3G.When I open safari I get the following when trying to go to a website: Cannot Open Page,Safari cannot open the page because it is not connected to the Internet. When I open mail I get the following: Cannot Get Mail,The connection to the server failed.

Limited Or No Connectivity & Not A Valid IP Address? www.sevenforums.com

I bought the Acer Aspire Netbook.I cannot access the internet from my home network for some reason. It recognizes the network and it says i'm connected to it, but wont let me access the internet. When I browse the network connection it says "Limited Connectivity" and depending on the way I diagnose the problem, it either says that im missing a wireless adapter or most commonly, that my IP address is not valid. My computer was also running the internet very, very slow when I've connected at the school. I had a friend play around with it, and he actually downgraded some of the settings (or something), and it runs a lot better. But it still doesnt solve my home connection.I've browsed many forums and tried a couple things, but im mostly scared to try the in-depth solutions (mostly because im not THAT computer savvy, and since I just bought the computer im scared to remove certain things just in case).These are the specs: - 1GB Memory - 250 GB Hardrive - Windows 7 Starter - Model #: AO522-BZ499 - AMD c-50 Processor I'm normally very good with computers, however im mostly a mac user and havent had a pc of my own in a long time.

BB Bold :: 9780 Browser Unable To Connect To The Internet? supportforums.blackberry.com

I'm blackberry 9780 user version 9780/ and indosat im3 (indonesia) provider with full data plan. Since last night I cannot browse with  browser and always get "unable to connect to the internet..." Message. I has restart and pull the batteries but still not work. I still can use bbm, facebook and browsing with opera browser

Unable To Connect Wireless Network - No Service discussions.apple.com

I just got the ipad and am trying to connect to wireless internet. i tried to join my wireless network - inserted a password and constatnly get a messege that i'm unable to join the network. Also on the left top corner i see "no service" note which is weird as i'm connected to wireless internet on my other laptop. Please advise Information: ipad iOS 4 ipad

HTC Desire :: Unable To Connect Internet androidforums.com

Just had my deire back from repair ( nightmare ) and i' unable to connect to the internet or get updates. It works ok with wifi, but i'm not always in a wifi area. I have gone into Settings - Wireless & Networks - Mobile network ticked box to connect to internet an all I get is " connection failed due to incorrect APN setting ".

Ipad 3 :: Unable To Load Internet Pages Via Safari discussions.apple.com

Ipad3 - wifi showing connected, but not able to load Internet pages via Safari and iTunes downloads stop? Only way round it so far is to reset the wifi network via General settings i.e. 'forget this network' then to re- add it, putting in the network key in again.. This gets it working again for just a few minutes, but then I'm having to go through whole process again! Info:iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1.1

IPad Mini :: Cannot Connect To ANY Network - Internet Just Stopped forums.macrumors.com

iPad mini was working until around 6 PM, where it just stopped connecting to wifi and internet just stopped. Tried all methods that was discussed in the past post, including turning off the router off for 30 seconds and on again and then going to Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings, Forget this Network, hard reset, putting the iPad in airplane mode and out, resetting to Factory Default, etc. The connection is not limited to just my home wifi network, but it would not connect to my local Starbucks, school wifi, or even my friend's house.