Forms Data Controls :: How To Copy Data From Formview


i have a formview <formview> ,,,,, </formview> in the formview i have  a lot of fields , ID , Name , Email ,,,,,, etc  how can i copy the name to textbox ,?! i have try this : protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { TextBox txt = FormView1.FindControl("Email") as TextBox; Tetbox1.text = txt.text ; }

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er trying to develop in asp.net and I think  this is the best site that I visited ever.I'm  trying to develop webapplications with some controls like calendars, textbox, check box etc. in order to allows to the user to built a query made by himself (and complementing with strings), and of course only to display data according to the gathered information by  the controls.

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what i have is a gridview and i have added a new control , textbox, what i want to do is bind the value from a particular column in the Usercontext.searchedresults ( datatable) to it. The issue is that the datasource for the gridview is a Dataview (whcih is a filtered number of columns from the datatable) that does not have that column in it but the Usercontext.searchedresults does have it. i tried the following but doesnt seem to work Text='<%# UserContext.SearchResults.Select("INV_NO = " + DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "InvoiceNo") + " && INV_LINE_NO = " + DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "InvoiceLineNo"))[0]["D1_CODE"] %>'> NB: D1_CODE is the new column ..

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I need to bind some data to my ASP.Net 3.5 calendar control. The data will be appointments and the fields are appointment datetime and title. The title field should display in the proper day of the month. Also, when a user clicks on a date in the month calendar, they should be redirected to a form to add a new appointment.

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I was wondering if it is possible to add additional data to Excel document created from gridview. What I want to do is to manually add data to certain rows and columns (date, couple of titles, etc), but I'm not sure how to do it. Currently I'm using the following code: [Code]....

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I am new to formview .My formview works fine, when I insert data into the database directly and then do an update on it. It throws an error when I try to insert a new record.  The error just says "An error occurred while updating the entries. See the inner exception for details." How to insert data into the table using an entity dastasource?

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How can I load (copy) the data that is present in the GridView into the DataTable? I am planning on loading the DataTable from GridView and update a row from the datatable and load the newly formed data with the GridView. Note : Here I am not using datasource.

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I am using ASPNET2008 with VB Scripting and not C# Scripting I am encountering new problem. On the WebFrm1, I just don't know how to write the coding to retrieve the CUSTOMERID data in order to retrieve the details from SQL SERVER table  to fill the textbox controls.Here is the decription of the GRIDVIEW column In the GRIDVIEW1 on the left edge one of the column is SELECT button which let the userclick on it to select the specific CUSTOMERID on the column next to it on the right. Here are the coding from SOURCE <asp:ButtonField ButtonType="Button" Text="Select" CommandName="SelectClick"     DataTextField="CustomerID" > </asp:ButtonField>

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I use ObjectDataSource and DetailsView for Updating records . my Bll input parameter method is an Object instead of regular parameter . So i though i could make my own ObjectParameter in ItemUpdating event of DetailsView and i need some modifiation on the data that user input on boudfield in detailsView . I don't know how to access BoundFiled data from ItemUpdating Method of DetailsView.

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I have the program structure as below. How can I set some label values in the gridview row from dropdownlist in selected index changed event? how to write ddl_selectedindexchange? <asp:GridView ..... <div..> <asp:dropdownlist runat="server" onselectedindexchange="ddl_selectedindexchange"></dropdownlist> <asp:label  runat="server" id="label1".....> </div> </asp:GridView>

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I am relatively new to the .Net development world and I am trying to convert the C# DataList Editing example shown on the ASP.net Quickstart Tutorials page to use a actual database for the datasource, instead of the in-memory example that is given... Can someone give me an example of how the behind code would look like when using a database for this example, instead of using the data in-memory, as the example does... I have the DataList template setup correctly to look like the example does, I just cannot figure out how to load my data in from my database. Any SQL database example, with two or three fields, would be enough to illustrate how this can be done... note that I am looking for a specific solution to the example given on the Quickstart Tutorial.

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this is my ocde [Code].... for this i want show data as india:assam india:bihar india:up but it show the result 0 0 0 why the queary not woriking correctly i am using mysql database.

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I want to load data from database and show randomly in datalist.. like when user see the page all the data from database showing on the page using datalist or listview. and when the user refresh the page, all the data randomly changed and show in the datalist or listveiw..

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I want to give print option to print all data in datalist.

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I have a datalist that is populated via a database. I would like to enable the user to update a single field. I have followed the msdn tutorial for updating data within a datalist .. this is working marginally - when I click on 'edit' the datalist disappears, then when i search for the same entry again, the datalist becomes the editable version - [Code]....

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I have a DataList for displaying FAQ's from a table that contains the following columns - Question, Answer, Dept and Subject.  If there are multiple entries for the same Subject, I'd like to group them together using the one Subject heading as in the example below: Subject 1 Question 1? Answer to question 1. Subject 2 Question 2? Answer to question 2. Another answer to question 2. Still another answer to question 2. My question is how can this be accomplished; the code is pasted below. [Code]....

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I have a datalist. I put a linkbottun in itemtemplate and set commandname property to SELECT. I wante when a user clicked on it retrieve information from there. I use this code snipet : Dim dli As DataListItem For Each dli In DataList1.Items Dim i1 As String = DirectCast(dli.FindControl("lblpid"), Label).Text Dim i2 As String = DirectCast(dli.FindControl("lblpname"), Label).Text Dim i3 As String = DirectCast(dli.FindControl("lblprice"), Label).Text Dim i4 As String = DirectCast(dli.FindControl("lblcategory"), Label).Text Session("pid") = i1 Session("pname") = i2 Session("price") = i3 Session("category") = i4 next but it retrieve information of all items in datalist where as I want information about itmes which is select. how can I reach to the index of itme which is clicked?

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i am still stumped with this operation: i am trying to retrieve a GridView selected row data..here is my code.. the commented part that gives me the selectedindex works just fine....but the one giving the selected row cell value does't work and  there is no error.. The update operation is done successfully...weired. i need to assigned selected row cells values to variables  ..do some calculations and then re-assign the result calculation to cell[9].. protected void GridView1_RowUpdating(object sender, GridViewUpdateEventArgs e) { string s = GridView1.SelectedRow.Cells[5].Text; TextBox1.Text = s.ToString(); //string s2 = GridView1.SelectedIndex.ToString(); //TextBox1.Text = s2.ToString(); }

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The date displays just fine in the grid.  I am having trouble with deleting the row in the grid.  I have researched and played with different things with the grid, but I can't seem to get it to work.  Most examples are in VB and I coding is C#.   What happens is the code (see *** in C#) doesn't return the column 0 (UserName) from the GridView.  So the next statement blows up becasue there is no UserName.  I used a ASP.Net VB book I got from a VB class I took to come up with the code. When I typed in "grdUsers.Rows(e.RowIndex)"... I got help from Intellisense, but the rest of the line ".Cells(0).Text"... I got no help.  I included below the code that I think is pertinent to the problem I'm having. [Code]....

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When I click on my GridView header "End Time" all the rows which contain the string "N/A" disappear. Here is my code: [Code].... Note: GetSortDirection returns "endTime ASC" or "endTime DESC" and save in ViewState: [Code].... Then I fill the DataAdapter and use the ViewState info to sort it: [Code]....

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I have 2 text boxes and a button within an EditItemTemplate field in a simple GridView: <asp:TemplateField HeaderText="Text"> <EditItemTemplate> <asp:TextBox ID="txtText1" runat="server" /> <asp:Button ID="bntCopy" runat="server" Text="Change" /> <asp:TextBox ID="txtText2" runat="server" Text='<%# Bind("text") %>' Enabled="false" /> </EditItemTemplate> <ItemTemplate> <asp:Label ID="lblText" runat="server" Text='<%# Bind("text") %>'></asp:Label> </ItemTemplate> </asp:TemplateField> how I can transfer the text from the txtText1 Textbox to the txtText2 one when I press the btnCopy button, but preferably in the codebehind so that I can change the text before actually copying?

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I am working with GridView/TelerikGrid control. It is having filter option. When I filter the data, I need to copy only filtered rows into Datatable for further processing. Suppose I am having total 10,000 records. and when I filter on column say Dept="IT", I get 1000 records in grid. So these 1000 records only should get copied into Datatable. So How to achieve this ? Cwhat can be done over this ? I tried number of properties for grid. But there is no property which will return fileterd data source. Also I am not able to go every page of Datagrid and collect the data. I can get data for first page only. If I need to collect the data by going to every page of gridview, what is the way for this ?

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Failed to load viewstate.  The control tree into which viewstate is being loaded must match the control tree that was used to save viewstate during the previous request.  For example, when adding controls dynamically, the controls added during a post-back must match the type and position of the controls added during the initial request. The above error occurs with gridview control , when used with template field columns with item template / and edit templates etc. updating a row within gridview, at the time of loadiong it loads perfectly fined, but when tried to modify an existing row within gridview control, then it produces the error. Make sure the grid view control has to be a child control which manages the child table info with in a master form. to reproduce the above problem the grid view must be loading the child records info of a master within the masterform, meaning both master data and gridview data all to be managed in one single form. I had to replace gridview control with datagrid and then it worked perfectly fine. I wasted almost 4 days of my time., there is no way we could figure out the problem. here is the full info of the problem. Server Error in '/' Application. Failed to load viewstate.  The control tree into which viewstate is being loaded must match the control tree that was used to save viewstate during the previous request.  For example, when adding controls dynamically, the controls added during a post-back must match the type and position of the controls added during the initial request. Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code. Exception Details: System.Web.HttpException: Failed to load viewstate.  The control tree into which viewstate is being loaded must match the control tree that was used to save viewstate during the previous request.  For example, when adding controls dynamically, the controls added during a post-back must match the type and position of the controls added during the initial request. Source Error: [Code].... Stack Trace: [HttpException (0x80004005): Failed to load viewstate.  The control tree into which viewstate is being loaded must match the control tree that was used to save viewstate during the previous request.  For example, when adding controls dynamically, the controls added during a post-back must match the type and position of the controls added during the initial request.]   System.Web.UI.Control.LoadViewStateRecursive(Object savedState) +306   System.Web.UI.Control.LoadChildViewStateByIndex(ArrayList childState) +134   System.Web.UI.Control.LoadViewStateRecursive(Object savedState) +221   System.Web.UI.Control.LoadChildViewStateByIndex(ArrayList childState) +134   System.Web.UI.Control.LoadViewStateRecursive(Object savedState) +221   System.Web.UI.Control.LoadChildViewStateByIndex(ArrayList childState) +134   System.Web.UI.Control.LoadViewStateRecursive(Object savedState) +221   System.Web.UI.Control.LoadChildViewStateByIndex(ArrayList childState) +134   System.Web.UI.Control.LoadViewStateRecursive(Object savedState) +221   System.Web.UI.Control.LoadChildViewStateByIndex(ArrayList childState) +134   System.Web.UI.Control.LoadViewStateRecursive(Object savedState) +221   System.Web.UI.Control.LoadChildViewStateByIndex(ArrayList childState) +134   System.Web.UI.Control.LoadViewStateRecursive(Object savedState) +221   System.Web.UI.Control.LoadChildViewStateByIndex(ArrayList childState) +134   System.Web.UI.Control.LoadViewStateRecursive(Object savedState) +221   System.Web.UI.Control.LoadChildViewStateByIndex(ArrayList childState) +134   System.Web.UI.Control.LoadViewStateRecursive(Object savedState) +221   System.Web.UI.Control.LoadChildViewStateByIndex(ArrayList childState) +134   System.Web.UI.Control.LoadViewStateRecursive(Object savedState) +221   System.Web.UI.Control.LoadChildViewStateByIndex(ArrayList childState) +134   System.Web.UI.Control.LoadViewStateRecursive(Object savedState) +221   System.Web.UI.Page.LoadAllState() +312   System.Web.UI.Page.ProcessRequestMain(Boolean includeStagesBeforeAsyncPoint, Boolean includeStagesAfterAsyncPoint) +1661 Version Information: Microsoft .NET Framework Version:2.0.50727.3603; ASP.NET Version:2.0.50727.3082

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I get following error for different controls in my Gridview <asp:Conrolparameter tag I dont know how can I fix the code and work it [Code]....

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I am working on a project and I need to use Master/Details view, the problem is everything works fine except when I place the Master (gridview) and Details(FromView) in different content holder. The error I get is: Could not find control 'GridView1' in ControlParameter 'ID'. Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code. Exception Details: System.InvalidOperationException: Could not find control 'GridView1' in ControlParameter 'ID'. My code is: [Code].... [Code].... [Code].... [Code]....

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I have a footer with 3 textboxes and 2 button.one of two button is hide button, which when gets clicked, suppose to hide footer along with their controls, its has the following code: if(e.CommandName.Equals("Hide"))

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I have a datalist control which I use the Eval function to set values to different asp controls. I would also like to evaluate the values in order to determine if a control should be created or not (perhaps a better solution would be to just make it visible/hidden?). Depending on the result I would like to show 0-3 images (a system for setting a score for each rowitem). <ItemTemplate> <asp:HyperLink runat="server" Text='<%# Eval("name") %>' NavigateUrl='<%# Eval("url") %>' Target="_blank"></asp:HyperLink> <% If DataBinder.Eval("score") = "1" Then %> <asp:Image ID="Image1" ImageUrl="star.png" runat="server" /> <%   End If %>            </ItemTemplate> It seems that the Eval can only be used with a asp control? So how should I then complete my evaluation? And is it ok to implement this in the ASPX part of the page, even though I do have a code behind?

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On the form I have txtFirstName txtLastName txtAddress The GridView is a command "Edit" But I do not want the information update within a GridView. If  click on the "Edit", the data can only change update within the GridView. I wish to correct information in the control txtFirstName, txtLastName, txtAddress when I click "Edit".

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I have a listview showing the data, and that i will use to Show, Edit, Delete, and Insert data. I added a ASP.NET Ajax HTML Editor to the EditItem Template. I click on EDIT button and it turns into the EditItem Template, i modify the data and when i click UPDATE it does nothing. Neither updating data or turning back to ItemTemplate. Here is its code: [Code].... And the Code behind: [Code]....

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i am using web.sitemap i have an iframe in my page i want that when i click a link from web.sitemap the page will open  in iframe how can i do this?

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Is there any way to stop Gridview to turn back to first row when user click edit link button. Say there are 50 rows in gridview, user scrolled down to 45th row then click edit button. Gridview shifted to editmode but user need to roll down back again to reach the row 45th.

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Is there a way based on the current user that when the page loads that the Delete option on the gridview is disabled?

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I have a database which is being used to fill in fields in a paged formview.  I'm only intersted in looking at the data.  So far, using only ASP.net I've been able to add data to a label using the <%# Eval("") %> command. I would like to be able to use the same type of command in my .vb code.

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I have 25 websites in which each website have 500 pages. I want to know in which page the specific code was implemented let say if i want to know in which page <span>test<span> is implemented under each website. Is there any way to know through any tool or application.

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I have a listview that has a hiddenField in the ItemTemplate. I want to pass this hidden control as control parameter when inserting a new record.but i get the errorCould not find control 'hiddenFieldID' in ControlParameter 'ID'.I also tried to access it in the ItemCommand event of the list view but it returns null. <ItemTemplate> <asp:HiddenField ID="hiddenFieldID" runat="server" Value='<%# Eval("reviewID") %>' /> </ItemTemplate> [code]...

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I got this to populate the dropdownlist, but I'm not sure how to setup the codebehind to insert the selected value when I select it and hit "insert" in the detailsview. Details View <asp:DetailsView ID="DetailsView1" runat="server" Width="400px" DefaultMode="Insert" AutoGenerateRows="False" oniteminserted="DetailsView1_ItemInserted"> <Fields> [Code]....

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I have the following gridview on my page, but when the button is pressed that displays the gridview, its just plain all white with no styling.. [Code]....

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I m creating my application in ASP.NET 2005 with C# and SQL SERVER 2005. In asp.net standard control i have used the multiline textbox in my application and on the click event the date displays in gridview. I have used the textbox for storing the address which contains the atleast 3-4 lines... <asp:GridView ID="GridView1" runat="server" DataSourceID="SqlDataSource1" autogeneratecolumns="false" AutoGenerateDeleteButton="false" AutoGenerateEditButton="false" DataKeyNames=id> <Columns> <asp:CommandField ShowDeleteButton="True" ShowEditButton="True" /> <asp:boundfield datafield="id" readonly="True" headertext="ID"/> <asp:boundfield datafield="address" headertext="Address"/> </Columns> </asp:GridView> I think the columns of the gridview are not resizable.They are predefined for each column... Now,what i want it to look or display should be as :: ADDRESS Name of apt,soc Opp or near by Area name I want to display the text in the gridview in the same way as above. The values are stored in the database and i get them thru sqldatasource...

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I am using the query builder to frame an Insert query that I am using for a FormsView control on a web page. The problem is there are more than 50 fields that need to be inserted and I am wondering if there is any better way to do this... than manually typing in IdNames of controls on the web page in the VALUES (,,,,,,,,,,.......) section of the SQL statement.

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Formview1 datasource ID is SQLTest. When I click New on the form and go into insertmode, is there an easy way to auto file  textboxID to the value of the NextIDNumber  field ( field 9)  from SQLTest datasource?

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I'm using a formview in Insert mode with an AccessDataSource. I want to switch to readonly mode upon insertion to let the user confirm the input worked, then give them the option to insert a new record. If I set the DefaultMode to Insert, then after the first record is inserted, I get a new blank insertion form (no confirmation). If I set the DefaultMode to ReadOnly, after insertion, I get a blank form (presumably because I am not on the record just inserted).  How do I get the just inserted record to display? If I need to set the ID of the formview to the just inserted record OnInserted, how do I get that given I'm using an AccessDataSource?

Forms Data Controls :: FormView Insert Mode Retaining Values? forums.asp.net

i'm very new to this. I have a gridview, formview and an "Add" button on the page, this button is to hide the grid and show the formview. This formview has a default mode of Insert - and have databound this form view to my ods. (sharing with grid) This form view declared invisible on the button click - I hide the gridview and show the formview, the user fills in the form and presses insert button in the fv, the record is inserted and in my ods_inserted event i hide the formview and reshow the gridview. And the new record is in my grid. However if i press the add button again, my formview is still populated with my previous inserts values. I would have thought the values would have been cleared.. How do i clear the values?

Forms Data Controls :: Use Manual Insert & Update With FormView (master/detail) forums.asp.net

I have a master/detail page using gridView and  formView attached to a pair of entityDataSources.  The automagic insert and updates quit working after making heavy customizations to the form (replacing ID numbers with persons' name, etc).  The automatic CRUD throws errors on insert and silently fails on edits, but delete works fine (woot!!!). After two fruitless months of trying to get the automatic insert and update to work, I wrote my own code to replace them.  This has caused a new problem: The records are inserting correctly (haven't made it to the updates yet) but the automatic is still firing and throwing an error.  I've tried turning the automatic inserts and updates off - the insert still fires, but an exception is thrown that the form doesn't support inserting records. I can post code but I don't know whats relevant. The two files are in the neighborhood of 220 lines each. Basic structure is gridView formview tied to gridview formview fires OnDataBound (code replaces numbers with human readable stuff) formview fires OnItemInserting (fires custom code to assemble new record and save to the database outside the entityDataSource) formview fires OnItemUpdating (when completed, will update records similar to OnItemInserting) entityDatasource for gridview autogenerate where clause turned on Enable Insert, Delete & Update turned on entityDatSource for formview

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I've a GridView with check box and when bind data from database, data is binded correctly as shown below. 106 - Joan Fabregat 107 - Jose Antonio Pons 108 - Enrique Moreno 109 - Miguel Navasa 110 - Ramón Charco 111 - Evaristo Varo Perez 114 - Alejandra Otero   But, when i try to retrive data from datagrid for selected row (gvrow.Cells[2].Text;), then text format changes as shown below: 106 - Joan Fabregat 107 - Jose Antonio Pons 108 - Enrique Moreno 109 - Miguel Navasa 110 - Ramón Charco 111 - Evaristo Varo Perez

Forms Data Controls :: How To Set Cell Values Programatically In A GridView forums.asp.net

I have a GridView which was binded to an ObjectDataSource with edit capabilities enabled. Whenever the user edits a row and changes a given cell, I'd like to change another row to edit mode and programatically change a cell value (according to the new cell value typed by the user). So, is it possible to change cell values programatically and turn a row to edit mode? I tried to do it in the RowUpdated event but I didn't succeeded nor I don't know whether this is possible at all.

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Is there a way of using conditional formatting on a cell in a gridview?I have tried the following code to no avail.    if (e.Row.RowType == DataControlRowType.DataRow)     {           if (e.Row.Cells[1].Text == "Dull")

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Lang-ASP.NET C# Database-SQL SERVER 2005 [IMG]http://i48.tinypic.com/2sa1iza.jpg[/IMG] my code [Code].... Database Structure Author_name-Varchar(20) Book_name -varchar(20) date_of_issue-datetime sno-auto identity

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I m trying to edit in gridview. Also i m using footer of gridview to insert data. [Code].... My sqldatasource code for editing

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How to update a colums value of a Row in a gridview on Row Command Event Handler. I am using a SQL Datasource. [Code]....

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i can update the first item in the dropdownlist only which called(Flipper) and its image in the gridview,but i cant update the others(River,OK) productsi have two pages,one is display all the product and edit link(hyperlinkfield),when i click on the edit link,it transfers me to theupdate product page(The problem is in this page)AddEditProduct page [Code].... UpdateProduct page [Code].... updateproduct.cs [Code]....

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I have 3 textboxes and one gridview. When i click on Edit button the entire will store data will store into particular textboxes. How to do it?

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I have a piece of SQL that is run when a row is selected for update within a gridview.I want to return a string value from the query.Can this be done from a Gridview SQL Sproc?

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I have a gridview that retrieves just fine. I can add rows and that works. I have a stored procedure hooked to the datasource and the sproc will update the database when executed in the SQL studio. It lets me add the update command to the grid and when I click Edit the row changes to edit mode. I change values and press update and it changes back to read mode but no update has occurred.  I put a break inGridView1_RowUpdating and the new values are all captured in the e.NewValues element in the debugger, but it doesnt make the change. I am trying to let the aspx do the update; I would normally just write code to do this but if this would work it would save me time. Sesides I've messed with it all night now and it should work, far as I can tell!

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I have a problem : i have a gridview : [Code].... in event SelectedIndexChanging i have code : [Code].... In Browser i input new value to Textbox , then Press button Update . But , value in textbox respone is old values , not new values i input .

Forms Data Controls :: Can't Get Value From TextBox In GridView forums.asp.net

I have a GridView on an ASP.NET page with a TemplateField column that has a TextBox in the ItemTemplate. I then have a command field which is supposed to pull the text from this TextBox and use it in a SqlCommand running a stored procedure. Here is my C# code: [Code].... When I add a break point to see the values for intID and tbox.Text I get the right ID but the Text for tbox is "". The mark-up for the two columns I am referencing is   [Code].... why I cant get the text from the text box? It worked the first time round but subsequently all tbox text values have been "".

Forms Data Controls :: Value In Gridview From Textbox? forums.asp.net

i hv three text boxes .on writing a value in text box i want as the user fill in the last text box data  get bind to any grid view like tool say datalist and header text should be visible before bind the data as in grid view no table structure seen on browser untill there is some data already present in the grid view

Forms Data Controls :: Textbox In Gridview Onblur? forums.asp.net

I have a gridview that is binded with my datasource. I have 2 template columns in my gridview, out of which one is readyonly. Both the texboxes may or may not be filled with data from the db. What I want is when the user enters some values in the textbox, then on blur of that textbox that value is multiplied by 5 and entered into the texbox next to it. Or basically I want to handle the onblur event of the texbox in a gridview.

Forms Data Controls :: Replace Function In A Gridview? forums.asp.net

I am trying to replace carriage returns from a column in a database (MS access) with the br tag. This could be easily done in classic ASP with <% = replace(recordsetField , Chr(13),"<br>") %> Not sure how I would do it with .net (c#)

Forms Data Controls :: Master-Detail Mechanism Not Working? forums.asp.net

I have a asp.net wizard control step 3 has a grid view which has a checkbox column and a button below which records the last row index which is checked ( see the code for ShowWineDetailsbutton_Click) I am storing the id in a textbox on step 3 and using this as a control parameter for the select statement connected to the details view on the next wizard step. The parameter ProducerWinePk is taken from the textbox( [Code].... Only the details page that was produced first is seen irrespective of which checkbox is checked. for eg, if I check 3rd row and see the details and come back and check 4th row, i still see the details for 3rd row.

Forms Data Controls :: How To Implement A Rating Mechanism Into Database Design forums.asp.net

I have the attached database design. The database has been designed for a tradesman web site, i.e. Plumbers, Builders etc. The two main tables are tblCustomer and tblTrader which will stored data from two frontend web pages where the customer and trader can enter their personal details. After a customer enters their personal details (i.e. registers through the site) they will then be directed to a child page where they can progress to entering a specific job attached to a specific trade (i.e. Plumber) and trade type (i.e. Bathroom Installation), once a customer job has been entered I want these details to be emailed to all the trader_email addresses from tblTrader, from this email alert the traders will then enter the system and offer quotes to the customer through tblTraderQuote where the customer will then accept the best quote for them. What I also want to implement is some sort of rating option that will allow the customer to rate their trader, either something like ebay's feedback or just a simple 1-5 rating option? How can I implement this into my database design or is this something that should be performed within the programming layer?

Forms Data Controls :: Carrying Values From One Webform To Another To Use As Parameters For Gridview forums.asp.net

I have two gridviews, one on webform1 and the other on webform2.  The gridview on webform2 is related to the gridview on webform1.  When I click select on the webform1 gridview I want to go to webform2 bringing the key fields from the gridview on webform1 and using them as parameters for the webform2 gridview.  I don't know how to pass the values between the webforms.

Forms Data Controls :: Datalist Export To Excel Method forums.asp.net

There is a lot of info on the internet and on this forum about the possibilities to export data from gridview, datalist etc to Excel.This isn't the problem. But what i am wondering is, what are the criteria for the server to be possible to export to a excel file.I have a function to export to excel a datalist, and locally on my Pc it goes wel, but when I place it on the server it doesnt work anymore. The export file (XLS) is empty. So localy I get data into the excel file en remote I get no data in the excel file.

Forms Data Controls :: How To Select Master Record For Display Based Upon Detail Records forums.asp.net

I have two tables.  One table containing 1 master record and the other table containing multiple records per 1 master record.  I want to only display in a gridview (or whatever is best) the master record AND its assocated detail records IF certain fields in the detail records are there.  I have been trying to figure out how to do this but I am still a bit of a newbie and I don't how I can do this.

Forms Data Controls :: Saving Multiple Checkboxes In Gridview forums.asp.net

save the Mulitple checkboxes in Gridview in once. I want to save only those rows which are checked.. not the once which are not checked. There is a row in gridview which has four checkboxes in each row, so i want to save the row in which either or all of the checkboxes are checked and ignore the once in which anyof checkbox is not checked.

Forms Data Controls :: Handling A Gridview With Multiple Checkboxes And Radiobuttons Using Javascript forums.asp.net

I'm fairly new working with Javascript. I'm working on an issue where I have a GridView with multiple Checkboxes and Radiobuttons. A user can check multiple checkboxes and if a radiobutton is selected, a checkbox has to be selected. This scenario is working fine, presently with existing asp.net code. But, I want to automate it using Javascript, so that I could avoid a postback. 

Forms Data Controls :: Load XML Into Gridview forums.asp.net

After spending some time,  I was able to load an XML file into a gridview using this code... <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <catalog> <cd> <title>Empire Burlesque</title> <artist>Bob Dylan</artist> <country>USA</country> <company>Columbia</company> <price>10.90</price> <year>1985</year> </cd> <cd> <title>Hide your heart</title> <artist>Bonnie Tyler</artist>..........

Forms Data Controls :: Load Gridview With A Button? forums.asp.net

Is there a way to load a gridview with a button rather than on page load? Right now I'm trying by making enabled = false and visibile = false and then changing them via c# on the button_click event but its not working out. I get the error: Data keys must be specified on GridView 'GridView1' before the selected data keys can be retrieved.  Use the DataKeyNames property to specify data keys. The gridview is dependent on several dropdown boxes which is why it shouldnt load until the button is pressed. 

Forms Data Controls :: How To Load The Dropdown List In The Gridview forums.asp.net

i  would like to know how to load the dropdown list in the Gridview edit with the dropdown list values from the database

Forms Data Controls :: Load Gridview In Multiple TabPanels? forums.asp.net

I need to load data into a gridview once the user select one of the four Ajax tabpanel in the Tabcontainer. The data in stored in SQL server and is retrieved using storage procedures with parameters. In the first page have three dropdown lists. After pressing a button the second page would be loaded. The second page has one AJAX Tabcontainer with four Tabpanels. Each tabpanel have one gridview that is connected to an ObjectDataSource. The dataset was configured to access the table using storage procedure with parameters. Right now, only the first gridview show the data. At this time now I have the following: The .aspx second page sources have <cc1:TabContainer ID="TabContainer1" runat="server" Height="692px" Width="990px" ActiveTabIndex="0" [Code]....

Forms Data Controls :: Cannot Insert The Value NULL Into Column 'UniqueID' forums.asp.net

so i have a FormView bound to an SQL datasource. Using the Auto generated insert/update/delete. "Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'UniqueID'" The FormView Default view = Edit I have set the PKey and the Datasource is loading the record from a session. The record is loading no problem, just wont update.

Forms Data Controls :: DetailsView - Cannot Insert The Value NULL Into Column 'Title' forums.asp.net

why I am getting this error when I try to insert data in a DetailsView 2.0?  Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'Title',table'C:INETPUBWWWROOTTESTAPP_DATAQUIZ.MDF.dbo.Question'; column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails. I used the Configure Data Source wizard to set this up and Question ID is a autonumber. When you autogenerate the Insert button on a Detailsview control and click on that button during run time the control posts back with text input areas where you are supposed to type the Title, Answer1, Answer2 etc. Obviously I typed data in to this text area labeled Title. It didn't work and that's why I'm asking about the control. Because I can't debug the control I am having a hard time figuring out where the problem is. Here is the code: [code]....

Forms Data Controls :: Cannot Insert Explicit Value For Identity Column In Table 'UserDetails' forums.asp.net

I have error: Cannot insert explicit value for identity column in table 'UserDetails' when IDENTITY_INSERT is set to OFF. I'm trying to insert a record through a BLL (Business Logic Layer) class with an 'Insert' button attached to the FooterTemplate of a GridView2. My code:   [Code].... [Code].... BLL layer code:   [Code]....   The field 'idUser' is autoincremented. When I use SqlDataSource with a DetailsView, add option it adds a record and autoincrements the 'isUser'.

Forms Data Controls :: How To Insert Several Checkbox Values Into A Single Column In The Table forums.asp.net

i have a form with several checkboxes....i want to insert the selected checkbox values in to a single column in the sql database..

Forms Data Controls :: MS SQL 2005 And DataSet - Computed Column forums.asp.net

I have a datatable in MS SQL that has FirstName and LastName. In MS SQL I created a computed field called FullName that was ((rtrim([LastName])+', ')+rtrim([FirstName])) I created a DataSet and a Business Logic Layer. In my typed DataSet I saw FullName in the listing when I created it. I am able to use FullName in my webpage. I use it to populate a dropdownlist. However, now when I make changes to the Customer Table I am getting this error message (seen below) Question: Should I have created the field FullName in my MS SQL Table or should I have left it alone and somehow just added a column to the DataSet and placed an expression in the FullName column? The column "FullName" cannot be modified because it is either a computed column or is the result of a UNION operator. Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code. Exception Details: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: The column "FullName" cannot be modified because it is either a computed column or is the result of a UNION operator. Source Error: [Code].... Source File: c:Users ottfarmsAppDataLocalTempTemporary ASP.NET Filesinternalauburnriverside98ea0e1f2a7f0720App_Code.lbdcba1v.2.cs    Line: 1240 Stack Trace: [Code]....

Forms Data Controls :: How To Change The Column Header From A DataSet forums.asp.net

The following query returns me the column name from the table in the database, and stores the column name in the grid. How can I change the column name in the grid using following code, if its possible? DataSet p_dsInformixDataDs = new DataSet(); string cmd = "SELECT * FROM CUSTOMERS"; try { using (IfxDataAdapter da = new IfxDataAdapter(cmd, m_InformixDBConn)) { da.Fill(p_dsInformixDataDs); } } DataView myDataView = new DataView(m_dsInformixDataDs.Tables[0]); if (myDataView .Count > 0) { GridView1.DataSource = m_dsInformixDataDs; GridView1.DataBind(); }

Forms Data Controls :: How To Change The Column's Name Of Dataset Programmatically With C# forums.asp.net

Base on different conditions the progam uses different Sql which every one has different select names. How can I change the Dataset Columns name programmitcally which matchs the FormView  Order . Or some how change the   <%#Eval("Order")%> text in asp:TextBox <asp:FormView ID="DetailView" runat="server" Width="704px" OnPageIndexChanging="DetailView_PageIndexChanging"> <ItemTemplate> <table height="400" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="width: 511px"> <tr><td width="%50" valign="top" >TR</td><td> <asp:TextBox ID="TextBox5" Text='<%#Eval("Order")%>' runat="server" Width="192px"></asp:TextBox> </td><td></tr>,/table> </ItemTemplate> </asp:FormView>

Forms Data Controls :: How To Hide A Gridview Column Which Is Bound To A Dataset forums.asp.net

i'm having a gridview which is bound programmatically to a dataset object , so when the page loads the gridview displays all the columns returned from the dataset object and i just want only one column to be displayedso how can i set all the unwanted columns visibility to false ? protected void GridView1_RowDataBound(object sender, GridViewRowEventArgs e) e.Row.Cells[0].Visible = false; but it hides the only column that i want it to be displayed :) and when i try to change the index of the cell (ie .. e.Row.Cells[1].Visible = false;)

Forms Data Controls :: Write XML File From Web Service To Display In Gridview forums.asp.net

How would I display the following code into a GridView. First, I need the application to write the xml file somewhere on my harddrive and then I need it to read it to populate a gridview.   protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { var xmlRequest = new XElement("GetTicketAction", new XAttribute(XNamespace.Xmlns + "xsi",[URL] " new XAttribute(XNamespace.Xmlns + "xsd", "[URL]"), new XElement("CompanyName", Setup.Company), new XElement("IntegrationLoginId", Setup.Username ), new XElement("IntegrationPassword", Setup.Password), new XElement("SrServiceRecid", Setup.SrServiceRecid)) .ToString(); var proxy = new MyWebService.integration_io(); var xmlResponse = proxy.ProcessClientAction(xmlRequest); var parsedXmlResponse = XElement.Parse(xmlResponse);......................

Forms Data Controls :: How To Get The Selected Row Index In Grid View forums.asp.net

I have a gridview with dynamic buttons for edit and save.Save button is disable by default. In the edit button command argument i bind the id of the record. now when i click edit button i want my save button to get enable and edit button will disable for that particular row. I dont kow how to get the selected row index through dynamic button.

Forms Data Controls :: Making Read Only Text A Different Color forums.asp.net

How do I make A, B and D navy blue? Region Stuff Stuff tried this just for one of the cells but it's not working what am I missing? [Code]....

Forms Data Controls :: Dpwnload File From Grid? forums.asp.net

i have gridview that connect with sqldatasource1 ; sql statment  for fileselect name ,path from soundtablei make rowcommad for download and selectionwhen i view that in gridview  on browser  i can select file and download file with no error    ;but when i put that grid in updatepanel i can 't do download for file ;get errorin other way selection in updatepanel do ok but download mak error

Forms Data Controls :: FormView Doesn't Fill Automatically E.NewValues Collection forums.asp.net

I placed one FormView and one GridView conrtrols on the same page with one linqdatasource that is connected to both controls via their DataSourceID properties. While the GridView works without  any problem (on updating) the FormView doesn't update the record.I traced the FormView  events and found that in FormView1_ItemUpdating the argument  e.NewVaues.Count = 0 as well as e.OldVaues. Count (also zero). Getting items from e.NewValues[index] or [key] causes an obvious exception. However, all the bound contolsn this wa [Code]....

Forms Data Controls :: How To Compare E.oldvalues And E.newvalues In Formview forums.asp.net

I have a formview with 20 or so controls and would like to fire off a send_email() function only when "completed" checkbox changes from "unchecked" to "checked".  I tried following, but can't seem to get it to work and was wondering if someone could shed a light on this matter.  I keep getting the Object reference not set to an instance of an object error message.  protected void FormView_ItemUpdated(object sender, FormViewUpdatedEventArgs e) { string strOld  = e.OldValues["CompletedCheckBox"].ToString(); string strNew = e.NewValues["CompletedCheckBox"].ToString(); if ((strOld.Equals("false")) && (strNew.Equals("true"))) send_email(); }

Forms Data Controls :: Displaying Image In Datalist? forums.asp.net

I am trying to display images in a datalist. I derive the list of images as follows have a drodown list which contains the possible filders. The user selects the folder and clicks a button to display the images. On the button click I get the contents of the folder using getfileinfo|(0 and add the details to a datatable. I create a field in the table that contains the path and the imagename (fieldname imagePath) To display the image <asp:Image ID="Image1" runat="server" ImageUrl='<%#Eval("Imagepath")%>' [Code]....

Forms Data Controls :: Datalist Onitemdatabound Change Image Size? forums.asp.net

I try to show three image with title through Datalist control. i got all images from database and i binded with datalist control. below is my aspx design. i need to check the image option wether it is 1 or 2. if imgoption is equals 1 then i need to Resize the im1 width to 450 and also want hide img2 and img3. is it possible to resize img through itemdatabound. [Code]....

Forms Data Controls :: Iterate Throught Repeater Having AltetnateItemTemplate? forums.asp.net

In my web page, I have repeater control with alternate item template as shown in sample below: [Code].... In the code above, I always get TextBox2 as null.Is the way, I'm iterating through [Code]....

Forms Data Controls :: How To Disable / Enable Line Editing If Credentials Are Correct forums.asp.net

Have a gridview that is populated via a DB, which is populated by another tool.  That tool records all the data, including the user that submitted it. The site also enables editing, but I want only the user that submitted the data to have the ability to edit HIS data only, even though the grid view is displaying other people's datas. So currently the gridview has "ShowEditButton="True" So on the far left, there is the Edit option for all lines, for all users, for any user viewing the site. I want to do a verification where, [Code]....

Forms Data Controls :: Update Gridview Cell Width When Text Is Multi-lined forums.asp.net

I have a gridview which is being populated with some datatable, currently one of the column can have multiline text, the issue is whenever the text is huge, the formatting of grid gets distorted, all the cells in the grid get expanded to accomodate the text. However I would like only a single cell or may be single row which has huge text to expand whereas all the other rows should remain with the initial "HEIGHT" only..

Forms Data Controls :: Export Grid Page Into Csv Format forums.asp.net

I want to create a button which exports the grid view contents only  (not the menu and the master page) into the CSV format.

Forms Data Controls :: Passing String To Another Page? forums.asp.net

I see that , when a page has something(some data) to transfer to another page , generally Querystring is used for it, but how can i pass huge strings? Suppose that i've  a  200 character string to pass another page, what shall  I  use for it ? I need a pratical way to do it.

Forms Data Controls :: Passing Parameters To Codebehind From OnDataBound Event forums.asp.net

I have several data-bound dropdown lists on an ASPX page. I want to write one function in the code-behind to set the SelectedValue of these lists when the page displays. The function helps me avoid the "value not in list" error, which will certainly occur with straight data-binding (unstable data). I'm having trouble passing the proper parameters. Here's the markup for one list: <asp:DropDownList ID="ddlINSURANCE" runat="server" OnDataBound ="SetDropDownList"> <asp:ListItem Value="" Text="Choose Insurance"></asp:ListItem> <asp:ListItem Value="BCBS" Text="Blue Cross Blue Shield"></asp:ListItem> <asp:ListItem Value="MEDICAID" Text="Medicaid"></asp:ListItem> . *** and so forth *** . </asp:DropDownList> Here's the function: protected void SetDropDownList(object sender, CommandEventArgs e) { DropDownList myDropDown = [*** need to instantiate the proper list here ***]; //set the selected index. If the value is not in the list, set index to 0 myDropDown.SelectedIndex = 0; try { String myColumn = *** how to specify this passed value? ***; String myValue = ((GetDataItem() as DataRowView).Row[myColumn]; myValue = myValue.Trim(); myDropDown.SelectedValue = myValue; } catch { } // } I need to extract the ID of the particular DDL I'm loading and also pass the proper column name each time this function executes.

Forms Data Controls :: How To Set Datalist Items And Obtain Value In Page Behind forums.asp.net

 i want to use a Datalist to list products from sqldatasource. When i select the Product i would like to retrieve the associate Product value in the code behind page so that i may use it to display data in Grid.

Forms Data Controls :: Scrolling Of Div With Javascript? forums.asp.net

I'm trying to control the scrolling of a div containing a gridview using some js code I found at [URL] Intent is to stop the gridview in the div from scrolling to the top after the select in the gridview is operated. Prior to adding the ajax extentions the detail would display when the select image was operated.  Now the grid appears ok but when the select is operated nothing happens - perhaps the nSelectedIndexChanging="DetailsView1_Show" code behind is no longer firing?  Perhaps I am missusing the ajax extentions? Using VS 2010. My code is as below, <asp:ScriptManager ID="ScriptManager1" runat="server"/> <script type="text/javascript"> var xPos, yPos; var prm = Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManager.getInstance(); prm.add_beginRequest(BeginRequestHandler); prm.add_endRequest(EndRequestHandler); function BeginRequestHandler(sender, args) { xPos = $get('serviceorders').scrollLeft; yPos = $get('serviceorders').scrollTop; } function EndRequestHandler(sender, args) { $get('serviceorders').scrollLeft = xPos; $get('serviceorders').scrollTop = yPos; } </script> <asp:UpdatePanel ID="UpdatePanel1" runat="server" UpdateMode="Conditional"> <ContentTemplate> <input type="hidden" id="hdnScrollTop" runat="server" value="0" /> <div id="serviceorders" style="position: absolute; left:300px; top:180px; height:100px; width:700px; font-family: Arial; font-size: small; color:black; overflow:auto">            <asp:GridView ID="sobydate2GridView1" runat="server" AllowSorting="True" AutoGenerateColumns="False" DataKeyNames="SOSONO" DataSourceID="sobydate2gridview1SqlDataSource" AllowPaging="false"  HeaderStyle-Wrap="True" GridLines="None" OnSelectedIndexChanged="DetailsView1_Show" OnSelectedIndexChanging="DetailsView1_Show"> <Columns> <asp:CommandField ShowSelectButton="True" ButtonType="Image" SelectImageUrl="linkimage.gif"  /> <asp:BoundField DataField="SOSONO" HeaderText="Service Order" ReadOnly="True" <asp:BoundField DataField="SORSP" HeaderText="RSP" SortExpression="SORSP" />

Forms Data Controls :: DataTable To Update Database? forums.asp.net

DataTable to update database? tbl.Columns.Add("COL1");