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i have a formview <formview> ,,,,, </formview> in the formview i have a lot of fields , ID , Name , Email ,,,,,, etc how can i copy the name to textbox ,?! i have try this : protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { TextBox txt = FormView1.FindControl("Email") as TextBox; Tetbox1.text = txt.text ; }

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I have a FormView control in an ASP.NET page. I use the InsertItemTemplate and EditItemTemplate to provide data manipulation functionality, and it is working very well. I would like to allow the user to "Copy to new" from an existing item. In other words, I want the user to be able to display an item as if they are going to edit it, then, if they click a "Copy to new" button, it will load the information from that item into an "Insert" form so they could just change the bits of data that they want, and insert the new item. The data objects we are dealing with are fairly large so, providing this functionality will save the user a lot of data entry misery. I have experimented with copying the existing EditItemTemplate controls in the Copy button's click event, storing them, and writing them to the new InsertItemTemplate controls, once the form is reloaded (in the Page_PreRender event). But this is pretty ugly stuff. There has to be a better/simpler way.

Forms Data Controls :: How To Determine If FormView Is Empty Or Not forums.asp.net

I'm using a FormView control to hold my data that's coming from the SQL DataSource control. If the FormView control does not contain any data/record, I want the FormView control to default to Insert mode instead of ReadOnly. How and where to I put the code to execute this behavior?

FormView Not Saved On Postback? www.vbforums.com

i have formview which i populate with some data that coming i store inside class, inside the form view there are two textbox controls that are "hardcoded" inside the FV markup and an ASP Table: [Code].... its all work fine, but once i press on the update button inside the formview the page get reloaded with the two "hardcoded" controls that in the markup but all the controls that i added during run-time are no longer there! i can see them in the form collection but they not visible in the page.

Why Does The Dropdownlist Not Work When Binding bytes.com

I have placed a dropdown list in the edititemtemplate of a formview control and followed specific MSDN instructions on how to bind the list source to a separate SQL lookup data source but have the formview bound to the main data source. If I set the selecteditem value to bind to the formview control I always get the following error: 'DropDownList2' has a SelectedValue which is invalid because it does not exist in the list of items. This is my asp: <asp:DropDownList ID="DropDownList2" runat="server" AutoPostBack="True" DataSourceID="SqlDataSource2" DataTextField="Type" DataValueField="Type" selectedvalue='<%# Bind("ServiceProviderType") %>'> </asp:DropDownList> I have read over 50 posts on this and got nowhere

Web Forms :: Add A DataList Databound Value Inside A FormViews DataBound Value forums.asp.net

i have a FormView, and i already have a Label control that gets the value of theselected propery inside the FormView, so each time the FormView displays data, i have a Label control that displays individual values, according to the value of the FormView, here is the code: [code].... What i would like to do is to know how i could add a DataList instead of a Label, and then each time the FormView databinds an item, to show the value of the DataList How would i go about doing that?

Forms Data Controls :: Databinding To Standard Web Server Controls? forums.asp.net

I want to create a form that will update an existing database record based on a querystring value passed to the page say UserId. Rather then using data-bound controls such as the FormView, DetailsView, etc, I would like to use textbox controls, a dropdownlist and a checkboxlist to accomplish this alone. Is this possible? How do I go about binding the data from the database to these controls when the page is loaded and what data source should I create?

Want To Load Data In Form View As Soon As I Enter Message In Message Box? forums.asp.net

i have already inserted data in sql.now i am using formview to retrieve all the message that was save in sql in same page.but the problem is that it only load data that is stored previously. when i entered new data in message box and press enter formview remain same with previous data without loading new data .i want to load data in form view as soon as i enter message in message box.

VS 2008 How To Get Control's Value In Formview www.vbforums.com

When a page is loading and the data from a datasource is filling the controls in a formview, how can I grab the value from a control to set to a session? I figured I could do this in the DataBinding event for FormView? Or is there a better place? But when a control is in a formview, I cannot refer to the ID of the control to get the text. How can I do this?

Forms Data Controls :: User Entered Data Lost If FormView.UpdateItem Fails In Update Stored Procedure forums.asp.net

I have a FormView control in update mode. The user enters data into the FormView, and then clicks a button (outside the formview) which calls FormView1.UpdateItem(False). My problem is that whilst this mostly works, sometimes the Update StoredProcedure fails (it fails correctly for data validation reasons which can only be performed on the database server). In that case, I want to retain the data the user just entered, and display an error message to the user informing her that the data just entered needs amending. I cannot do so, as once I have called FormView1.UpdateItem, then the form data always seems to rebind at the end of the update, and all the user entered data is overwritten with the original database data now being rebound over it. The only way I can find to cancel the process is in the FormView1.Updating procedure, but this is no help and too early as I have not yet called the stored procedure. Any code I put in the sqldatasource.updating or updated event does not seem to be able to prevent the databind from occurring.

Forms Data Controls :: To Hide Formview's "Update/Cancel" And Make Data Changes When New Page Is Sel... forums.asp.net

I have a Formview that is only showing a question, and two checkboxes (True / False). It's cumbersome for the client to have to click "Update" every time they click a checkbox. Is there a way to have Formview update the data when the page is changed, or form is closed? (I see those events, but know how to force data to update from in them).The application is testing individuals, so 95% of the time the person navigating through the forms will be updating data.


Forms Data Controls :: Enter The Number Of Rows In A Text Box To Display In A Table forums.asp.net

using vs2005 I have a formview control I added from the data section and within the formview, I aded a table from the Standard section. How can I add a text box to the formview so I can enter a number like 7 to display seven rows with a text box. the data will be saved to the sql table when I click on the Insert link at the bottom of the page.

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I have a combobox that is used as a control for Formview, so when the user selects a name from the combobox the data in formview displays in edit mode. However, some if the data that is displayed in formview needs to be empty. For example if the Date is being pulled in, it needs to be empty or null in edit mode.

Forms Data Controls :: Data Values For Logical Reviews? forums.asp.net

I have data in a db. I can get to this data through a data source. However when I review values into a data control (GridView, FormView... etc.) I am unable to get to the values in the data controls logically. How do I reference these values? Is there a better way than using data controls?

Custom Server Controls :: CompositeControl Does Not Retrieve FormView Data On PostBack ("Save") forums.asp.net

Background:I'm building a custom control as a base class that derives from CompositeControl. It consists of a FormView, a ObjectDataSource and a CRUD-Button Series (Create, Read, Update, Delete - Buttons). I'm loading the different FormView templates within the deriving classes dynamically from file with Page.LoadTemplate(). Class structure: TabControlBase:CompositeControl Employer:TabControlBase Applicant:TabControlBase Each deriving class knows the specific template-paths for loading FormViews templates. The ObjectDataSource is connected with a DAL using a Select and an Update Method. The Select-Method works fine: When loading the CompositeControl the data of the DAL are shown in the Labels of the embedded FormView (ReadOnly-Template). When I'm switching to Edit Mode the data also are displayed in the TextBoxes (Edit-Template). The problem occurs when I'm trying to update data using the "Save" - Button: The connected DAL-Method is calling properly, but the parameters all are NULL.Tree structure of this custom control: Panel - --- FormView EditTemplate (ascx): Name, Name1, Segment --- ObjectDataSource --- CRUD-Button Stack: New, Edit, Delete, Save, Cancel, Copy, Print All controls will be added dynamically in the base class "TabControlBase" within the overridden CreateChildControls - method. The CreateChildControls method is called by the deriving classes e.g. Employer after setting specific properties e.g. templates, object data source methods etc.The control is placed in a simple abc.aspx-Page. What I detected so far on PostBack - When I'm looking at the ViewState Collection within the OnLoad-method of the abc.aspx the ViewState-Collection is Null (Count = 0) - It seems that the control tree is empty. I'm not able to find any control using a proper working recursive FindControlMethod - Only the Page.Request Collection shows the expected controls Conclusion for now:It seems that the CompositeControl "forgets" the values of the FormView TextBoxes on PostBack. It seems it has to do with ViewState Management.

Forms Data Controls :: GridView.RowDataBound Equivalents In DetailsView And FormView Method forums.asp.net

Is there an equivalent of the GridView.RowDataBound event for the DetailView and FormView controls in ASP.NET 3.5?I need to manipulate data after Selecting it from my database, but before it gets presented to the user. I've read the documentation but I think I've missed something because I can only find FormView.DataBound which is called after the entire control has been data bound. Something like an ItemDataBound event would be what I need....?!?

VS 2008 FormView Within A FormView? www.vbforums.com

I have a that loads up with pulls back a single record using a query string parameter.On this form there is also an sql datasource and a FormView which are also populated using the query string parameter. Upto this point it works fine and works in MasterDetail Fashion. However I also want a FormView Control within the FormView control to display child information the about the individual details. However nothing I place in the 2nd FormView gets displayed at all. I am pretty certain that it is to do with the source not pulling back data due to not getting the parameter value from the form control correctly. when I test the datasource in designer it works correctly hard coding a value. Code: <SelectParameters> <asp:FormParameter FormField="txtSurveyID" Name="SurveyID" /> </SelectParameters> </asp:SqlDataSource>

ADO.NET :: Connecting Linkbuttons In A Formview Control To An Objectdatasource's Method? forums.asp.net

I am developing a multi tiered web application in which I have a Formview control on the main page. I want to use link control buttons for inserting and updating records. What I am not sure about is how to point them at the correct methods in my data class. I now that this will require me to drill down into the formview to access the formView

Forms Data Controls :: Way To Update Manually Data Bound FormView Without SQLDataSource forums.asp.net

it worth the time and effort to have a FormView in case where the Data is bound without SQLDataSource?In my case, the FormView is used only in Edit mode. Whatever the user udpates should be updated through the stored procedure only.So for a form with 20 or so controls, I will have 20 calls to FormViewRow's FindControl. Now is this the best approach for this situation?Is there a better way to do this? The condition is no SQLDataSource should be used and update should happen via the stored procedure.

Web Forms :: Best Way To Handle Having User Submit Long Text forums.asp.net

I have a web application where users are permitted to submit their resumes. When the form is submitted, the data is inserted into a new record in an SQL table. One of the fields in the form allows them to copy and paste their entire resume text into a TextBox control, which is inside the InsertItemTemplate of a FormView. This particular control is bound to a column in the SQL table that's of datatype nvarchar(MAX). It works, but there are no line breaks and when viewed the resume is just one long continuous block of text. How can I change this so that line breaks are preserved? Do I need to use something like a "cute editor" control? And finally, how do I protect against malicious code? The insert query is parameterized, and the FormView refers to an insert method in a TableAdapter in my dataset.

Forms Data Controls :: How To Put The File Upload Control Into The "insert Item" Template Of Formview... forums.asp.net

I'm using visual web developer and MS.Access and have the following created. 1. A formview control to enter data into the database 2. A File upload control that allows users to upload files. But however i'm unable to include the file upload control in the formview control. How can i achieve this? Below is the code for the page: <%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeFile="NewRecord.aspx.cs" Inherits="NewRecord" %>

Forms Data Controls :: Using Textbox As Input To Populate A Formview Control? forums.asp.net

I am using a textbox and button to get the user input (account number), this will be used as input to a data access class object (SQL) when the button is clicked. This action should populate the Formview control. I have bound the Formview control to the SQLdatasource and configured the SQLdatasource control to the textbox.TEXT property. What am I missing? What do I need to add to button_clicked event to get all this to work? One other thing, the textbox is in a table area separate from the formview control. I have each of the templates inside of the formview control in tables. The input textbox and button are displayed but the formview control is not, all of this is in a master/detail object.

Forms Data Controls :: Getting Databaound Control Using FindControl? forums.asp.net

I have a form with a basic FormView control. The FormView is set to Edit mode by default with only two textboxes and one button. I am populating the FormView using a Datatable from the code behind generated from a SQL Stored Procedure. The data fills the FormView just fine. I am attempting to update the data using a SQL Stored Procedure by getting the values from the textboxes in the FormView on button click Everything seems to work and I recieve no errors, however the values I type into the textboxes is not passed to the stored procedure so eventhough there are no errors the data is not updated. I know that the issue is not my stored procedure becasue if I use static values for the parameters in the code behind, the values are updated by the stored procedure. I placed two plain textboxes and a button on the ASPX form and create a button click event for that button using the same code I use for the butten click event in the formview. When I add values to the non-databound textboxes, the data is updated correctly. The question is, why can I not get the updated/changed values from textboxes in the FormView control? Here is my ASPX code: [Code].... [Code]....

How To Put The Data In The Formview Control With The FormView www.vbforums.com

I have a formview that I am adding and editing items. I need to have a lookup button besides a textbox so I can click the button and show a webgrid listing items with their descriptions. Select one and enter the data in the formview control. I know how to put the data in the formview control with the FormView.FindControl method. But how can I add a lookup? Can I do this with a popup panel? And on the postback update the textbox control?

Make A TextBox Sync With SelectedValue Of A DropDownList? stackoverflow.com

I have a FormView with the following ItemTemplate. What do I have to do to make the Textbox reflect the correct TypeName for the selected campaign? <asp:Label ID="campaignNameLabel" runat="server" AssociatedControlID="campaignList">Campaign Name: </asp:Label> <asp:DropDownList ID="campaignList" runat="server" Width="200px" AutoPostBack="True" DataSourceID="campaignsSqlDataSource" DataValueField="CampaignID" DataTextField="Name" SelectedValue='<%# Bind("CampaignID") %>'> </asp:DropDownList> <asp:Label ID="campaignTypeLabel" runat="server">Campaign Type: </asp:Label> <asp:TextBox ID="campaignTypeText" runat="server" Width="150px" Text='<%# Eval("TypeName") %>'></asp:TextBox> ADDENDUM: I'm trying to do this with zero code. I can make it work if I use a separate data source for the drop-down and the detail fields in the ItemTemplate (i.e. the FormView's main data source), but I can't sync the FormView's data source with the drop-down's selection, because a ControlParameter on the FormView data source can't see control values in the ItemTemplate.

Forms Data Controls :: Calendar Control Where A User Selects A Date And Then Inputs Info Into A FormView... forums.asp.net

I have a calendar control where a user selects a date and then inputs info into a FormView control. Underneath the FormView is a GridView that shows all data from the SelectedDate on the calendar control. However, when the date is selected, all the information from the table ( from all dates ) is displayed. [Code].... And the code behind: [Code]....

Web Forms :: How To Bind Field In Form View To Different Data Set forums.asp.net

This is probably a simple question, but I can't seem to find an answer. One of my web pages has an ASP.NET FormView and two SqlDataSource controls. I need to show data from both datasource controls in the FormView. Most of the data will come from datasource1, with 2 or 3 items coming from datasource 2. The way I am trying to do this is by adding a label to the formview, then use custom data binding to get the data from datasource2. However, I can't seem to figure out the syntax for the bind statement

AJAX :: Create A FormView That Is Bound To An ObjectDataSource? forums.asp.net

Let's say you create a FormView that is bound to an ObjectDataSource. Inside the EditTemplate for the FormView, you place some controls inside an UpdatePanel. Next, you Bind these controls to the ObjectDataSource using a two-way bind (SelectedValue='<% Bind("SomeFieldName") %>') Now, when the FormView loads up, the data is properly bound to the controls, and is displayed as expected. The issue arises when you click the Update button to try and save any changes.I have found, that any fields inside the UpdatePanel are not being sent to the ObjectDataSource Update command. I verified this by creating ahandler in the OnUpdating event for the ObjectDataSource and viewing the e.InputParameters array. Any fields bound to controls inside the UpdatePanel are NULL inside the e.InputParameters array... If you move the controls outside of the UpdatePanel, they show up properly in the e.InputParameter array. So, to get around the issue, in the OnUpdating handler, I have to do explicit data binding (grab a reference to a control and do a e.InputParameter["SomeFieldName"] = ...), which is kind of tedious...

Forms Data Controls :: FormView Datasource Doesnot Bind Show Data? forums.asp.net

I have a form view in ajax modalpopup extender. On click of buttons (Add, edit, View asp Buttons , which is on aspx page) I show modalpopup extender with formview. When I click on "Add" button , I create an empty list of business object, create a new business object,put some data in business object, add newly created business object to list, assign list as datasource property of formview, call BindData() of form view and show popup by calling its show() method. Problem is that, FormView doesnot bind show data. On prerender of formview, when I check Formview.dataitem property, it is null. Why?

Forms Data Controls :: Set A Page On Focus In A FormView? forums.asp.net

I have 4 buttons and 1 FormView. The FormView has AllowPaging = true. When you click on a button SQLDataSource1 is bind to the FormView. So you always have 4 pages. The data in the FormView has an ID. When you click Button1 you know you want to see the data with ID=4. When you click Button2 you know you want to see the data with ID=1. When you click Button3 you know you want to see the data with ID=2. When you click Button4 you know you want to see the data with ID=3. What I want is: when you click on a Button you get the page in the FormView that corresponds with the ID of the data. So page 1 isn't ID=1! What do I have to program to get this working?

Getting The Selected Row From A FormView Bound To ObjectDataSource In The ItemUpdating Event? stackoverflow.com

I have to maintain an ASP.net application in VB.Net.There is a page with a FormView bound to a ObjectDataSource.I have to add some business logic on the ItemUpdating event of this FormView.Unfortunately, some the data that I need to add this business logic is not exposed on the FormView user-interface itself, so I can not use FindControl to get the values (I could add the controls, bind them to the fields I need and set their visible property to true, but that's ugly).

Forms Data Controls :: Gridview To Display Data Based On Data Selected In Formview (both On The Same... forums.asp.net

I would like to know how do I display data (fetch from DB) in Gridview based on data selected in a formview (this also fetch from DB ) (both formview and Gridview are on the same page). I'm thinking to put the Gridview in AJAX Updatepanel so that the Gridview only will be updated if there is a data been selected in formview.

Forms Data Controls :: Formview Modes On Initial Page Load forums.asp.net

I a formview object. I have created an edit temple and an empty template Whehn there is data in the table nor probem When my table is empty i got the empty template to display when I click insert I get the error " Form must be in insert mode" How can I tell if there is no data on the page load so I can maybe do this: formview.f1.defaultmode = fornviewmode.insert

AJAX :: Keeping The User In Appropriate Form Location - Setting Focus? forums.asp.net

I used Ajax collapsible extenders (1 to 9) with formviews in each of them on a web form. They are all collapsed by default. If the user enters data in collapsible 5 formview and submits data, the page refreshes back to the top of the page (where the collapsible 1 is positioned). I would like the focus to stay in the region the user is working (even after insert/submit operations). How can I do this.

Web Forms :: FormView Control Insert Mode - Assign A System-calculated Value To A Text Box? forums.asp.net

When a FormView control is in insert mode, a data entry form is shown where the user will type a value into each textbox corresponding to a table column. How do I disable data entry for one of these textboxes and instead, assign a system-calculated value to that text box?

Forms Data Controls :: How To Fill A Formview At Page_load forums.asp.net

I have a formview and I want to fill it at page_load. The formview must show the data of the person that has logged in.So the question is how can I fill the formview so that is shows the data of the right person (UserId = @Param2) so that the formview is in editmode? [Code]....

Forms Data Controls :: Formview Disappearing After Update And Will Not Render Anytime After? forums.asp.net

As noted above everything appears fine until update button is clicked. The page refresh is blank - the formview displays no data. What's strange is that when I go back to that page the formview will not display data. The data is in the database, updated as expected. I tried rebinding on postback, nothing. The empty template is displayed. <asp:FormView ID="fvMainInfo" runat="server" [code]...

Forms Data Controls :: Auto Select An Item In A GridView? forums.asp.net

Using Visual Web Developer 2010 Express and SQL Server 2008 R2. I have a form with two GridView controls and a FormView control. All the data is populated using a SqlDataSource for each control - I'm not using any code behind to populate the controls. So far so good. The first GridView is called grdTrades with code like this: [Code].... At the moment when the page loads, the frmOrderDetails FormView is not populated. The user has to click on an order in grdOrders to populate the FormView. Is there a nice way to do this?

Forms Data Controls :: Finding Best Way To Handle This Scenario - Select Gridview Row And Show Related... forums.asp.net

almost typical master-detail scenario except the 'detail' data I want to display below the gridview will be coming from both the table that is bound to the gridview (master) and a related table. simplified example: tableMain with field1, field2, field3 bound to master gridview. I need to select a row from the master gridview and have a form display below with field4 and field5 from tableMain, as well as all fields of tableDetail where field1 of tableMain equals field1 of tableDetail. Is this what a 'formview' control is for? or do I just arrange my own controls to accommodate the data? Would a formview work considering my source will be partially from both the main table and the detail table? This is one of the scenarios were I know I could come up with something using none of the databound controls (except the master gridview), but I want to use the controls provided when it makes sense to do so, and utilize their benefits etc...

Forms Data Controls :: DataBinding And DataBound FormView's Events? forums.asp.net

I have a very simple form that contains a FormView Control Bound with a SqlDataSource, The DefaultMode of the FormView control is "Insert". I noticed that when I run the page for the first time, the databinsing and databound events of the FormView Control occurs after the PreRender Event of the page ! I know very well the life cycle of a page, but I dont know when the data binding occurs in the life cycle of a page and if it can differ from a control to another. Is there an article or a tutorial explaining all those things.

Options Besides FormView For Data Binding Web Forms stackoverflow.com

I don't much care for the template rigmarole of the ASP.NET FormView web forms control. It seems the only way to access template defined controls is to 'capture' module level references to the wanted controls in the ItemCreated data binding event, for use in other tasks and event handlers. Ideally I would just like to be able to call set this.DataSource and call this.DataBind on a page, but only the latter is possible through inheritence, and doesn't achieve any of my normal data binding needs. What else is there besides the hairy, scary FormView control?

FormView Control And Javascript Popup Calendar? www.vbforums.com

Hello: i have javascript code for a popup calendar and works fine if a form is a form control: <form id="FormView1" runat="server"> however, if i use my formview control w/ the same code for a formview control, it doesn't put the value back into my text box txtDate after the user selects the date: <asp:FormView ID="FormView1" runat="server"> <asp:TextBox ID="txtDate" runat="server" TabIndex="3" Width="65px" ></asp:TextBox> <a onmouseover="window.status ='Please Select Date';return true;" onmouseout="window.status='';return true;" href="javascript:show_calendar('FormView1.txtDate');"> <img alt="open calendar" src="images/SmallCalendar.gif"/></a> this seems to be the only difference so i was wondering if perhaps i need to reference this form in a different way? i don't know why it won't work for my formview control.

Forms Data Controls :: Formview EditItem Template Controls Binding? forums.asp.net

I placed two drop down list in Formview edititem control. I using Sqldatasource to bind data to ddl's 2 nd ddl items depend on 1 st ddl item(select change Index) The first time when i open formview in edit mode the two ddl's binding working The problem is when i change the index of 1st ddl it's giving the "databinding methods such as eval(), xpath(), and bind() can only be used in the context of a databound control" error at 2nd ddl

How To Dynamically Assign The ImageUrl Property Of An Image Using Data Binding stackoverflow.com

I've got a SQL Server database with a table in it, which lists the file names of images. It's my intention to assign the ImageUrl of an Image control on the page, from the data in the table. I've placed a SQLDataSource control on the page, and then tried putting a FormView control there, and an Image control within that. But I don't see how I can assign the value to the ImageUrl property via data binding.

Web Forms :: Display Other Control In Same Page? forums.asp.net

I have three controls in the same page one DetailsView as a summary and two formview From database i load first data to detailsView with Id as datakey, ApplicationID and ProtocoleID as ordinary attributes for detailsviews, but datakey for each formview. Once Detailsview loads, I wish automatically from every attribute ApplicationID and ProtocoleID of Detailsview to load both controls since the database. How can i do that ? I think it's only programatically...

Business Logic Not Exposed On Formview stackoverflow.com

I have to maintain an ASP.net application in VB.Net. There is a page with a FormView bound to a ObjectDataSource. I have to add some business logic on the ItemUpdating event of this FormView. Unfortunately, some the data that I need to add this business logic is not exposed on the FormView user-interface itself, so I can not use FindControl to get the values (I could add the controls, bind them to the fields I need and set their visible property to true, but that's ugly). So, what I would need to do is to get access to the Data Row corresponding to the currently selected item in the FormView from the code behind as it has the data I need to add my business logic code. Unfortunately, I don't manage to get access to the row.

Databinding Without FormView? www.vbforums.com

I have an ASP.NET page with a Wizard control containing several steps and about 80 form fields. The data is collected and inserted to a database from the code behind page. I need to set this form up so you can not only insert, but edit a record as well. So I want to databind the fields. I'd rather not use a FormView because then I would have to revise my existing code, since you can't access controls inside a FormView directly. Is there a way to databind the fields without using a FormView? I'm new at this by the way so sorry if the answer should be obvi

Asp.net Databinding Without FormView? stackoverflow.com

I have an ASP.NET page with a Wizard control containing several steps and about 80 form fields. The data is collected and inserted to a database from the code behind page. I need to set this form up so you can not only insert, but edit a record as well. So I want to databind the fields. I'd rather not use a FormView because then I would have to revise my existing code, since you can't access controls inside a FormView directly. Is there a way to databind the fields without using a FormView?

Form - ClientID For Control Generated For A BoundField? stackoverflow.com

I have a form with BoundFields in it and I need to get ClientID(s) for control(s) associated with each BoundField I have in the form.How can I do it?UPD: I do not have control id. All I have is bound field which can not have an id.UPD2: I'm trying to write a code like this: public IDictionary<BoundField, string> GetCliendIDs(FormView formView) { // How to find Client IDs for controls which were created for BoundFields }

Microsoft Access Form / Report ? www.xtremevbtalk.com

I have this form that the user enters a few fields of data and several queries are run and the entire form is populated with data. The problem is that I need a report to be a direct copy of this form once the data is shown. Is there a way I can quickly make a report from a form? The reason I ask is that the form has about 200 different controls on it and it will take a week to simulate.

Databases :: Binding ASP 2.0 FormView - CheckBox Or RadioButton To Oracle forums.asp.net

Title: BINDing an ASP.NET 2.0 FormView - CheckBox or RadioButton to Oracle CHAR(1) Y/N Since Oracle XE (and other versions too) does not has BOOLEAN data type. CheckBoxes in ASP.NET are BOOLEAN controls. So I use CHAR(1) column with Y or N values in the Oracle table, how can I bind to a CheckBox or CheckBoxList or RadioButton or RadioButtonList control on an ASP.NET 2.0 web form?

Forms Data Controls :: How To Get The ID Of The Current Record In A Formview forums.asp.net

I have a question on a simple application - menu's which contain 0...x recipies. I have a formview, and in the formview I have a dropdownlist. The query that populates the dropdownlist depends on the formview's current record ID, how do I get that to put into my data source? Note that I would prefer not to use the RouteParameter that gives the Formview it's ID as the RouteParameter doesn't use the formview's primary key as I'm using the menu name instead My code is: [Code].... <asp:formview id="fvMenu" datakeynames="MenuID" datasourceid="dsMenu" runat="server">

"#Deleted" When Navigating To New Record www.access-programmers.co.uk

Hi, I have a data entry form/subform with an embedded graph allowing users to preview the data they input. When I navigate to a new record in this form the the fields in the form and subform echo "#Deleted". Yet the data is still there, it is just not shown in this form. I have tried copying all the controls and code into a new form but the same error still occurs! Any thoughts? Bobadopolis

Update Does Not Work Well forums.asp.net

Hello, I created a formview in a web page. The data are in a sql server express database. With this form, I can to create a new data, I delete it but I can't to modify the data. The app_data folder is ready to write data; the datakeynames element in formview web control declared. I replace the automated query created by VS 2005 by a strored procedure to see if the problem solved. The problem is the same with an update query or a update stored procedure... Have you an idea, please. Than you for your help. Regards.

C# - Client-Side Validation In A Modal Popup? stackoverflow.com

I've got a gridview/formview, master/detail relationship going on. When I click a button in my formview (item template), I display an ajaxcontroltoolkit modal popup. On this popup there is a textbox (several, actually). I want to validate the data in this textbox (at least six digits, so far I'm using a regex validator) before I dismiss the popup. The validator works, but I can still dismiss the form by clicking OK. What I'd like to do is have the ok button on the popup disabled until the data is good. I have tried fiddling with some stuff in javascript, but I couldn't make it work, as there seems to be some issues regarding finding controls in a formview.

Unable To Link DataGrid To Data Control www.vbcity.com

I am using a Jet (Access) database with ADO. I am trying to display the data from my data control in a data grid. When I try adjusting the 'Data Source' property of the data grid, I get the following message "No compatible data source was found for this control. Please add an OLEDB data source such as the Data Environment or Microsoft ADO Data Control to the form or project." I get this message even though my Data Control is already on the same form.

Forms Data Controls :: Refresh The Data Binding To Formview? forums.asp.net

say that i have a text input box , a button and a formview in the same page. If i want to reload the data from database and refresh formview after user inputs the DataKeyNames inside the textbox. could anyone pls tell me ho to do this? I have try as the code i wrote bellow, but it seems that after the button click, the formview cann't refresh the data loaded from database, what the problem is? [Code].... If i comment the code inside Page_Load, Formview able to refresh the content after button1 clicked, but it causes another problem, when the page first load, FormView show no data warning MSG "No Data"

Bind Property Of User Control To One Of The Parent Control's Fields? stackoverflow.com

If I need access to the value of a user control's property BEFORE PreRender, would I need to base the custom control off of one of the preexisting data controls (repeater, listview,etc.)?One of my user controls features a gridview control that is configured based on the user control's properties on which it resides. Several of the key properties alter the SQL Statement for the underlying recordsource. I'm now in a situation where the property that sets the WHERE statement for the SQL Statement needs to tied to a value in the user control's parent FormView. Think of the formview as displaying a customer detail record. The user control takes the customer's account number and then displays data from a related table such as Customer Contact Names. Since the gridview is created before the control's prerender event, working within the prerender event doesn't seem efficient.

Forms Data Controls :: Unable To Add Control Parameter From Dropdownlist forums.asp.net

on the updating of the formview. I'm trying to add the parameter of the dropdownlist.selectedvalue which has the values of pageid and I want to update into the column of parentpageID. e.g. insert the pageID which is the value of the selected value of the dropdownlist into the column field of parentpageID I need to add the control parameter for the dropdownlist because I guess the sqldatasource can't find the declaratively set control because it's in a formview. If I put the paramter in the update parameters declaratively I get error; Could not find control 'dropdownlist1' in ControlParameter 'ParentPageID'.. Where do I need to add the parameter? in the formview updating or the sql updating? here is my code: Protected Sub FormView1_ItemUpdating(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Web.UI.WebControls.FormViewUpdateEventArgs) Handles FormView1.ItemUpdating If Request.QueryString("PageID") IsNot Nothing Then Dim dv As Data.DataView = SqlDataSource1.Select(DataSourceSelectArguments.Empty) 'find the control of dropdownlist in the formview [Code]....

Data Grid Control www.xtremevbtalk.com

hi, i am using a datagrid control alongwith a adodc control on my form.the adodc control is used to fetch some data from a table in MS SQL server. the data is then displayed in a datagrid control.although this arrangement fetches the data properly on windows 98 it does not display any data in the data grid on a windows 2000 machine.i tried to refresh both the data grid and the adodc control in the form load method but it is of no use.is there any setting which i have to make on a windows 2000 machine by which the data will be fetched properly.please suggest a solution.amol

Forms Data Controls ::how To Fill A Formview forums.asp.net

I have a formview and I want to do a lot with it.First I want to go from page a to page b where page b is a formview in insert mode.After the data is in a database a want to go to page b in select mode (readonly). With a button I want to go to update mode, so you can change your profile.But whatever I do, I stuck with filling up the formview and get the right data.My prograexist off fist make a user with a create user wizard.

C# - Formview Paging Controls Not Showing? stackoverflow.com

I have a formview which displays a recordset based on a parameter supplied by a dropdownlist. The formview has "AllowPaging = True". The first time the dropdownlist is changed, the formview shows the (correct) first row of the retrieved recordset but the paging controls are missing. From that point on, when the dropdownlist is changed, the formview works as expected, showing the correct page controls. What do I need to do to have the formview show the page controls the first time it is activated?

Forms Data Controls :: FormView Data Source Calling Select Function On Page Load forums.asp.net

I have a GridView and a FormView on the same page. They both have separate DataSources. This is a simple Master Details configuration, when a someone clicks on the Select link in the GridView, the FormView brings up the Details data. But for some reason the FormView's DataSource is trying to retrieve data when I load the page. This is causing an error because no ID is passed from the GridView.

Forms Data Controls :: Text Boxes Are Not Accessible In Form View? forums.asp.net

I have three text boxes in a formView ItemTemplate field to insert data in a table. I am writing a code in vb.net but unable to access text boxes. Actually User will insert a data in one text box and the other two will insert system current date and user id automatically. How to access text box which is inside FormView? When I am taking textboxes out of FormView are accessible.

ItemUpdating NewValues Missing Parameter? stackoverflow.com

I have a formview with several data items that works perfectly except for a singleparameter that will not update with the rest of them. The formview's datasource updateparameter is set to do nothing so that I can handle the update in codebehind. Every item works fine, except for one parameter ("salesprice") that is missing in the OldValues and NewValues argument of the ItemUpdating event of the formview. The data DOES pull in to the textbox as it should, formatted properly and all.

Forms Data Controls :: Showing Read-only Data With Editable Data In FormView forums.asp.net

I am displaying selectable rows in a gridview. The selected row uses a stored procedure to display all the fields in a formview when the Select button is clicked. Only a small subset of the fields in the selected row are editable. When I click the Edit button only the EditItemTemplate fields show up, the read-only fields from the ItemTemplate disappear. I want the read-only rows to remain visible with the editable rows. If I include the read-only fields in the EditItemTemplate, I get an error when I click Update on the FormView. The error states that there are too many parameters being passed to the stored procedure to update fields. How can I continue to show the read-only fields with the editable fields on the FormView and avoid getting the input parameter error on the stored procedure for the Update command?

Forms Data Controls :: Clear Formview After Inserting Record? forums.asp.net

When page load it is invisible. I have a button1 onclick make it visible and people can input data the press insert. I set it invisible right in Formview Insert eventhandler code. When people click that button1 again to add 2nd record the form appear again as desired. However, the data from 1st record is still there. What code I can make in eventhandler to make sure when button1 is clicked the Formview does not contain any data from last entry ? The formview clear the data from 1st record if I did not set visible/invisible.

Add Controls To UserForm At Run-Time www.ozgrid.com

I am trying to transfer data from a worksheet to a user form, so that the end users can edit the data on the user form, save it, and the revised data is sent back to the worksheet. since the worksheet data is dynamic, i am trying to dynamically add controls in the user form. but the form displays only one data. Set sdel = Sheets("Deliverables") Set rStartCell = sdel.Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Offset(0, 0) counter = Mid(rStartCell.Address, 4) dummy = 0 cnt = 1 'copy data from sheet to the user form With sdel 'checking if deliverables sheet has any data ' If .Range("A3") <> " " Then Exit Sub ' MyTextBox.Caption = .Range("A3").Value For r = 3 To counter If .Cells(r, 1) <> "" Then Set MyTextBox = Controls.Add("Forms.Label.1", "lbl" & cnt, Visible) MyTextBox.Top = topadd + 30 MyTextBox.Left = 20 MyTextBox.Width = 150 MyTextBox = .Range("A" & r).Value cnt = cnt + 1 Else dummy = dummy + 1 End If Next r End With

DataSource Controls :: Mapping SqlDataSource Parameters To Formview With Multiple DataKeys? forums.asp.net

a FormView that is linked to SqlDataSource1a Repeater control (inside the formview) that is linked to SqlDataSource2Thus representing a simple "1 to many" or "parent/child" relationship in the database!qlDataSource1 is simple in that it just retrieves a straight set of records from a table and they are displayed back in the FormView (nothing special happening there).SqlDataSource2 has parameters that filter the contents of the repeater based on the record that is shown in the Formview. This would normally be simple enough to set up by setting the parameter to the formview.selectedvalue property.HOWEVER - THE PROBLEM ARISES...The formview has multiple DataKeyNames because the table that the SqlDataSource1 links to has a compound key. So to filter the Repeater correctlySqlDataSource2 needs to map 3 parameters to 3 data key values in the formview.Any ideas how to do this?I've tried setting the SqlDataSource2 parameters to: <SelectParameters> <asp:ControlParameter ControlID="FormView1" Name="Parameter1" PropertyName="DataKey(0)" /> <asp:ControlParameter ControlID="FormView1" Name="Parameter2" PropertyName="DataKey(1)" /> [code]...

Forms Data Controls :: Getting Data From Control In FormView InsertTemplate To Parameter In SQLDataS... forums.asp.net

I Have an InsertTemplat in FormView that has a DD List. I also have an Insert Parameter in a SQLDataSource that tries to reference it but can't. Is my only solution to use event code to move the data to the SQL Parameters? [Code]....

Web Forms :: Accessing Controls In A Formview? forums.asp.net

I am trying to munipulate date in a label associated to a textbox inside a formview. The label is a textbox charater counter. I receive the error "NullReferenceException was unhandled by user code." The code works fine without the formview but now I need the formview to have a gridview associate data to the formview.ASP.NET Code <asp:FormView Id="frmvStat" runat="server" width="85%"> [Code].... [Code].... Javascript [Code].... [Code]....

C# - Retrieving Keys And NewValues Within A Formview With Manual Data Binding stackoverflow.com

I have a Formview binded in the code file to a generic list. Now, upon editing of a record, I wish to access the Keys and NewValues out of the FormViewUpdateEventArgs parameter of the ItemUpdating event handler method. From what I've tried and searched over the internet as of now, I've come to know that updated values are only available if the Formview is set a data source control on the markup page else they'd be null. Is this true? Secondly, at this moment I am casting the sender object to formview and individually filling each object property by using FindControl method to find and retrieve values present in the controls. Is this the best way to do this task? As an example, this is what I am doing atm: FormView currentForm = (FormView)sender; ListObject.ID = new Guid(((HiddenField)(currentForm.FindControl("hdnID"))).Value); ListObject.Name = ((TextBox)(currentForm.FindControl("txtName"))).Text;

Web Forms :: How To Load The DropDownList Controls With Items Before The Form Databinding Occurs forums.asp.net

I have a webForm which host a gridview and a formview. The formview is used for showing/editing a record which the user Select from the gridview. In the formview Edit template I used DropDownList controls with SelectedValue='<% bind("datafield")%>' for enabling the user easier interface. A few of the DropDownList controls need to have a list of 100 items and I want to load the items from code behind and not from the aspx. I tried to update the DDL's from FormView.Load, FormView.ModeChanging, FormView.PreRender but nothing I am getting an error like this: [code].... How do I load the DropDownList controls with items BEFORE the form databinding occurs.

Forms Data Controls :: Load FormView Data From Backend Using Dataset forums.asp.net

I was searching for my problem for last couple of days. But coudn't find a better solution. So here I go again. What I did which worked great: I was going to a asp page with pre populated Dataset (dataset is already loaded with data), for a GridView. If I do the following .... the GridView shows all the data (with the fields Dataset comes with). [Code].... Now what I am trying to do: I am trying to do exact same thing but instead of using GridView, I would like to display data in a FormView. So now I tried to do this [Code].... PROBLEM: I can see the FormView Header with text "Test Dataset With FormView" and below the Header it displays the page numbers. I know that I have 3 data in the data set and I can see 3 page link in the FormView. But PROBLEM is it doesn't display any Field / Data. Not sure why it is doing this Note that I wouldn't know what field to display in the FormView. Whatever I have in the Dataset I need to display. Is there any work around to accomlish my work (maybe by not using a FormView, but other conrol ?). My original goal is to Display Data in a Form View Format (One data at a time

Databound User Control Doesn't Display Data In Main Form? social.msdn.microsoft.com

I need to quickly demonstrate a project and decided to create a user control that is connected to an Access database through pure simple data connections (create the dataset and drag it on the control.)When I build the project and add the usercontrol to panel control on the main form, no data is shown in the datagrid.When I add the data components directly on the main form, the data is displayed properly. why I can't get my databound user control to display the data on my main form?

Very Urgent - Format Of Data Copied Onto Clipboard www.vbcity.com

hi,    this is very urgent i need to get the format of data copied onto clipboard. let say if i copy data from a html file ,the program should say the data is copied from HTML file or if i copy from word document ,the program should say the Word Doc filei have put a timer control in the form and i will check for any data on clipboard for every second. when a data is aviable on clipboard. i need to check the format of data,that is from which file the data is copied from,is it a HTML file or a MS Word file. the program should return accurate information ( weather the data is copied from HTML file or Word Document file ) .

Is It Possible? The Data Of The 1st Form Will Automatically Appear In The Other Form. www.vbcity.com

Hello! I'm Rafael, I am developing an Enrollment system, in the manual process it has 3 copies, the Registrar Copy, Student Copy and Accounting Copy...if it will be done in one form it is so wide, so I'm planning to create a single form(data entry) and all the data from the data entry form will automatically appear in the 3 forms while I encode it...is it possible? what will be the code? Thanks a lot and more power to VB City! Rafael

DataSource Controls :: Setting Where Parameters Within Linq Markup forums.asp.net

I've got a Linq datasource hitched up to a Formview control for clients to edit some data. I'm having trouble setting the where parameters withing the control so it show the right set of data. Here's the markup: [Code].... Upon running right now, it's completely ignoring the where parameters. What am I missing here?

C# - Set The One Template For Edit/insert And View In My Custom FormView Control stackoverflow.com

I would like to set the one template for edit/insert and view in my custom FormView control . But i got these odd exception Unable to cast object of type 'System.Web.UI.LiteralControl' to type 'System.Web.UI.WebControls.Table'. public class CustomFormView : FormView { [PersistenceMode(PersistenceMode.InnerProperty), TemplateContainer(typeof(FormView), BindingDirection.TwoWay)] public IBindableTemplate FormTemplate { get; set; } protected override void OnInit(EventArgs e) { ChangeMode(FormViewMode.Edit); if (FormTemplate != null) { if (CurrentMode == FormViewMode.Edit) { FormTemplate.InstantiateIn(this); } } base.OnInit(e); } } edited : in the first step , I created the new user control and added a formview ("FV") public partial class Form : UserControl { private IBindableTemplate _template = null; [PersistenceMode(PersistenceMode.InnerProperty), TemplateContainer(typeof(FormView), System.ComponentModel.BindingDirection.TwoWay)] public IBindableTemplate FormTemplate { set;get } protected void Page_Init() { if (FormTemplate != null) { FV.InsertItemTemplate = FV.EditItemTemplate = FormTemplate; if (!IsPostBack) FormTemplate.InstantiateIn(FV); } } } Now , I want to convert this user control to web control.

Web Forms :: Dynamically Add Formviews / Detailsview / Grids forums.asp.net

I want to dynamically create controls on a web page. Is this possible and how do I approach this. I want the 'user' to have control over how many records (sections of data on a web page) he/she would like to add. For example, after they enter data in a formview and save it to the database, they should be able to click on a button that says 'Add another instance data' .. this should create another formview dynamically with the same data points. Saving that will add another record for the same user id into the tables.

Forms Data Controls :: Select Parameter For Formview Control? forums.asp.net

I am doing a library application. I am using a formview control to display and edit the details of an existing borrower. What I wish to do is to allow the user to enter the borrower barcode into a textbox and select the details of the borrower corresponding to the barcode. At present I have kept the textbox and a button outside the formview. Once the user enters the barcode in the texbox and clicks the button, the data is displayed in the formview control. Now, my doubt is that is there a way to keep the textbox inside the formview control itself and use the value(Which should be user input) for selecting the details?

Can't Find Controls In FormView.InsertItemTemplate Even On DataBound Event stackoverflow.com

I have FormView in my page markup: [code]..... In theory, I'm able to find control on FormView after it being data bound. But I'm not. Why?

Forms Data Controls :: What Are The Advantages/disadvantages Of Using Typed Datasets In 2.0 forums.asp.net

We have an inherited ASP.NET 2.0 app whose pages use a FormView bound to an ObjectDataSource. The ObjectDataSource calls a C# object to get data. The controls in the FormView are bound to the data like this: <asp:TextBox id="txtSomething" runat="server" text="<% #Bind ("FIELDNAME") %>" /> I think this approach is not very clean: 1) the data and presentation are not cleanly separated, and 2) the values for some controls must be evaluated, formatted and/or put through some complex business logic that I would rather place in the code behind than in the text attribute of the textbox (like text="<% #Eval (SomeFunction("FIELDNAME")) %>").I would rather call the dataset in the code behind and programmatically set the values of the controls there (and preferably all at once like in the Page_Load event). I can do this using a typed dataset or an untyped dataset. What are the pros and cons of typed versus untyped?

Forms Data Controls :: Formview Insert Adds All Null Values - Update Doesn't Update Values forums.asp.net

I have a typical gridview/formview master control setup. When I try to update or insert I don't get any errors but it also doesn't work. When I try to insert data all I get are null values and when I update, none of the values are updated. The formview looks like its working, but just doesn't. The primary key is an identity and it auto-increments by one. [Code]....

Forms Data Controls :: 3.5 FormView Linq Data Source - All Fields forums.asp.net

I'm exploring ASP.net. I have created a FormView based on Linq Data Sources. There are several fields in my datasource that are either future or archaic. 1) Do all fields in the DataSource need to have a control in the FormView? 2) Does ASP.net need to insert/update all fields in the DataSource?

Display Data Without Binding forums.asp.net

Hi All I am new to VS 2005 and ASP.NET. I used to use Dreamweaver to design but now I am trying VS. What I want to do is to display data retrieved with a SqlDataSource in a web page. I know how to do it by binding it to the various controls (Grid, DataList, DetailsView, FormView, Repeater.) available but how can I display it without using any of the mentioned (Grid, DataList, DetailsView, FormView, Repeater)? Any help apprecited.

Copy Excel Format www.vbforums.com

how to copy flexgrid data to excel with cellbackcolor and fore-colori m having a heirarchichal flexgrid control with lots of data filled with each row having different colors.i want a way by which i can copy selected potion of flexgrid data to excel sheet with backcolor of rows of selected in flexgrid.like when we copy one excel sheet contents to another..we get data with its colors.i able to copy data with cells but not backcolor.i am now using "vb.clipboard.settext data"pls help me.

DataGridControl Not Showing Records social.msdn.microsoft.com

I'm trying to learn how the DataGridView control works. I started by creating a new Windows application and dragging a DataGridView control onto the main form. I displayed the DataGridView Tasks dialog box and clicked Choose Data Source. I then clicked the Add Project Data Source link, clicked the Database icon for Choose a Data Source type, and then New Connection. I changed the Data Source to Microsoft Access Database File and browsed to the Northwind database on my local C: drive. When I clicked Test Connection, it succeeded. I clicked Yes to copy the file to my project. I chose the Customers table (all fields) and Finish. In my form, the DataGridView control properly shows the column headers; however, when I press F5 to run it, it shows only one blank row and no records. If I use the Preview Data option, it shows the data correctly; it just won't show the data when I run the form.

Forms Data Controls :: Browsing Through An Xml File? forums.asp.net

I've setup this <asp:FormView> to read from an XML file which I created, however I noted that although the .xml file has two <article> </article> tags, the data control (FormView) only displays the first item when enabling pages.Is this a bug or am I missing something out?Source code vailable here.NOTES 1. XML file is valid according to this page., although, I still have to find out an appropriate XSLT format

Forms Data Controls :: Bind Data In Formview To A Label Control? forums.asp.net

I am trying to bind data to a label control using .net 2.0. I have a formview that returns data. I am trying to bind data from within the <ItemTemplate> from TextBox4 to a label called lblTagNumber outside of the <ItemTemplate>. I have an aspx page, that is passing in a query string @SearchBySerial prior to this page. I can't get the value in TextBox4 to assigned to lblTagNumber to work. [Code]....

Forms Data Controls :: Two Formviews Inserting Data From Other Datasource? forums.asp.net

I have two formviews and two datasources on a page. The first shows data from datasource 1 in various labels. The second shows only a 'new' button to switch to insert mode. On the seconds insertmode, id like the data in textbox1 to be already filled with data shown in the first formviews label1 (or [id] from sqldatasource1 if thats better?)

Forms Data Controls :: Populate FormView From A DataView? forums.asp.net

Im trying to populate my formview from a dataview in the codebehind and the order in which things are happening is causing it to fail.my formview itemtemplate is setup with some eval("fields") which is initially not populated (nothing bound to it) and the page loads ok. i think click on my graph which generates a query and populates a dataview.i then assign that dataview to the formview and run the bind.what happens when i actually run the app is that it says no data is bound to it.i set the debugged to stop at the point where my DV is assigned to my FV and the FV shows a data item count of 1 (as expected) if i keep stepping it puts me in to the eval statements on the aspx page says the data isnt bound. the error i get is Databinding methods such as Eval(), XPath(), and Bind() can only be used in the context of a databound control. [Code]....

Forms Data Controls :: Attachments In Sql Db Using Formview? forums.asp.net

I am using a Formview to insert data into a sql database, and a mix of gridview and formview to retrieve data. I need to be able to include attachments (PDF, pictures etc) for each record, but how ? I have realized that the way forward is not to store the attachment data itself into the DB, but rather in the file system and then using link to those files.

Forms Data :: Losing Data On GridView Control forums.asp.net

I have a page I use to update a student's personal and grade information. I use a formview control to enter and update a students personal information. I use a gridview control to enter and update the student's grades. When the user wants to make edits to the data, they make the changes in the formview and the gridview, then press a "Save" button, which runs code behind that reads the formview and gridview data, builds two SQL UPDATE statements, then performs the update on two SQL tables (the Students table and the Grades table). This seems to work fine in most cases.

Insert The Data From Certain Formviews To A Database www.vbforums.com

I have a wizard on my asp.net page, on each wizard step there is a formview and a sqldatasource. I need to able to insert the data from certain formviews to a database. So formview1, 2 & 3 would all add data to table1 when i click on the next button on wizardstep 3. The problem i am having is it inserts the data into 3 different rows in my table. Ideally i need formview 1 to create the new row and formview 2 & 3 insert to update. Am i doing this the right way/ is there an easier way? How can i get a formview to appear in Insert Mode but update?

AJAX :: Formview In Tabcontainer Not Updating? forums.asp.net

I have an TabContainer which contains a user control. The user control contains a formview. When I try to update the formview I get an error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object". I had the formview in the tabpanel and it worked. I decided to make it a user control just to clean it up a bit since I have several tabs, each containing formviews or grids.

How To Pass The Value Of A Text Box Inside A FORMVIEW To A SQL Stored Procedure forums.asp.net

Hi, I'm new to ASP.NET 2.0. I have a sqldatasource and a formview controls on a web page and inside the formview control I have  two textboxes. When I click the UPDATE button in the formview, I'd like to be able to retrieve the values of the textboxes inside the formview control and pass these values to a 'Update' SQL stored procedure defined in the Sqldatasource. Does anyone know how I can do this? Hope my question is clear. Thanks in advance. hakl

Forms Data Controls :: Error While Insert Date Using Formview? forums.asp.net

trying to insert date using formview when click insert I got the following error: Data type mismatch criteria What is the problem??