Forms Data Controls :: Empty Data Text In Gridview When Page Load Itself


I have a 3 text boxes. When i enter datas in and click the button it displays the gridview with filtered data. Now my problem is if there is no data in gridview it has to show "no data" so I used emptydatatext property.. The problem is, in the page load itself it shows "no data"

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I am dynamically loading user controls into my main page on button event.The user control has a textbox and a gridview When i enter data in textbox , the autopostback event fires and loads data into the gridview. when i load another instance of user control and do any post back the gridview data is not persisting.Until and unless I bind the data, gridview is not having any data after postback.This is creating issue when I al updating a row in gridview as data is not persisting after postback.

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My initial page load takes atleast 30 secs, because the gridview's datasource takes that much time to get the data from a webservice. My webpage also contains a text box and a button along with the said grid. The text box is populated when I click on "Select" link on each row with the datakey of the row. I want to accomplish 2 things 1. During the initial page load, I want to display the empty text box and button and hide the gridview by showing an "loadin" image in its place. 2. Once the data is loaded in the gridview, the gridview should become visible, and subsequent "paging" and clicking on "select" shouldnt make the "loading image" visible I have implemented the following code [Code].... Here is the page load method in code behind. The loading image shows up initially as expected on page load. but once the data isloaded the gridview doesnt become visible!! why? [Code]....

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I have a gridview whose data is populated from an object datasource. Now since this data loading happens on initial page load , i want to render the other two controls (Text box and a Button) on the page and show "Loading" text or image in place of the gridview till all the data is retrieved. I read around the forums and saw that to make this work I need to use UpdatePanel, ScriptManager and UpdateProgress controls. I have embedded the gridview in the ContentTemplate Tags of update panel . I also associated the ID of the panel to the update progress control. Now only thing i'm left with is how to make the initial page load trigger the gridview after the whole data is retrieved. here is the code i got so far [Code]....

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I have a gridview populated with data coming from a datatable. The data shown in the gridview is dependent on the the choice of a control (dropdown with autopostback enabled). When I load the page for the first time with Allowpaging prperty to false the gridview show all the data correctly.But When I set Allowpaging prperty to True the Gridview shows the data in all pages the same data in first page as when I click Seond,Third,..... pages I find the same data in the first page without changing

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This task is a little out of my reach so i dont even really know where to start...I want a user to click the command field "select" in my gridview. I then want them to be redirected ( response.redirect()) to an input form that will have its various asp.net text boxes filled with data from that selected item. I also need the ability to do this logical process: IF the form is loaded from user selecting item in gridview THEN ''Populate controls with data from selected gridview item Else Load [code].....

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I have an edit form which has a nested gridview scenario. Both gridviews have different tables in databaseI am loading the data inside datatables via datareaders and trying to bind them to gridviewsOn page load I fetch the data inside a datatable for first gridThan I load the data into the 2nd datatable and save it on viewstate Than I data bind the first gridview On databound event of first gridview I am trying to filter the 2nd datatable (fetched from viewstate) with the parent gridview's id There is an infinite loop in this approach [Code].... On parent gridview databound event [Code]....

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I have a nested gridview dynamically added. It seems I resolved all issues with the loading this control on a parent page along with other controls and I can trigger the edit of the first level - the master part of the gridview. However, I cannot trigger the edit on a child gridview. OnRowEditing="grdChildGridEdit_RowEditing" The master and the child gridviews have objectdatasources in a markup but I have to do the additional data binding after the loading the control on the parent page (see the code below). I'm doing that additional data binding only for the master gridview that is working fine and shows the data for the master and the child gridviews. When I click the Edit button on the master gridview it shows text boxes for the editing but when I click the Edit button on the child gridview it's doing nothing and moreover the editing mode for the master gridview is going back to the initial stage (labels). I was trying to trigger it throughuse the registering the event: [code]....

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I have tried using GridView control to display the data from SqlDataSource control but there are just so many columns and one of the fields contains a lot of texts so using GridView control to display the data does not look look since it goes out of the master template. I have tried using GridView control to display my data and use the following code to export as Excel but in case, there are just so many columns. [Code].... What are some other better ways to export to Excel file from my web page?

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I would like to be able to set the EmptyDataText property using code-behind. I have created a custom GridView control called PagingGridView. Here is the definition: public class PagingGridView : GridView { } In my ASPX page, I would created a new GridView definition by doing this:<cc:PagingGridView id="MyGrid" runat="server" ><cc:/PagingGridView> When I databind the control, I would like my custom control to automatically detect an empty data source and build a table with all the header columns and a row containing the empty data text. The rendered code for the empty data source would be like:<table><tr><td>Col1</td><td>Col2</td></tr><tr><td colspan="2">No Records to display</td></tr></table> My initial thought was to override the EmptyDataText property but I could not get that to work.

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GridView: grvResultPrimary Key: FLTIDTextBox: txtRemarksThere is a button named btnAdd in the FormView named FormView2.txtRemarks is outside the form.The scenario is that if user wants to add a record with empty textbox and click btnAdd then how to restrict user to add empty row to gridview?I have tried Validation by controling txtRemarks but it is not helpful for me because in the page there is a FormView1, FormView2 and grvResult.If I am applying validation then all other updation methods of FormView1 and grvResult are disturbing.Simple is that I want to give option to user that without empty data using txtRemarks, user can enter data to grvResult.


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I have a form with many text tboxes; 5 text boxes (columns) in each row; each row will become a record.[code]... Ho do I write these values from text boxes in a gridview control? If a value is changed in any of the text boxes then the gridview control should refresh with updated data. I am able to write this data in a gridview with the following code but it is badly written [code]...

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I have a form consisting of datagridview and two buttons of update and load all.. I have used fillby method to obtain data from database. The query seems to be working fine, except that the data is not shown in the gridview. As in, for the qeury, if the returned rows are 2, it will show 3 rows in the gridview, but all empty. Imports System.Data Imports System.Data.OleDb Imports System.EventArgs Imports System.Data.OleDb.OleDbConnection Imports System.Data.OleDb.OleDbCommand [Code] .....

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I'm sure this is easy but I can't figure it out: I have an ASP.NET page with gridview control in it. The gridview is gonna take about 40 seconds to load the data. I want the page to completely load the rest content while the gridview is loading data, just like the "Recommended Readings" in this link [URL]

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I have two pages First one is registration page.second one is Gridview page. When i click on submitt button,the data will store in gridview. If i want to update the data,click edit button.it will navigate to registration page with concer data. I wrote code in first page as [Code].... In second page gridview as [Code].... Now the problem isWhen click on edit,data is stored in concern textboxes.but i open first page it diplays session data.it did not show empty textboxes.I want empty form wen i request first page and wen i click on edit it will store entire data in textboxes with update buttonand client id and client code readonly property false.how to do it?

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i have a page that returns a bunch of rows with some data from a query. i've added an input box to the row along with a counter (input type="text" name="text<?=$counter; ?>") so that when the page loads, all the textboxes that appear become part of an array (text1, text2 and so on) when the page loads, the rows are populated with data, except for these input boxes which are empty. the user then selectes whatever rows are required (lets say 1,3 and 5) and enters data in these empty inputboxes, then submits the page Code:

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I have a gridview that uses the empty data template so that rows can be inserted. One of the fields is a drop down list, on the selectedIndexChanged event I want to make a text box, in the empty data template, read-only. I can't seem to get hold of any of the controls in the empty data template in the selected index changed event.

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I want to load Load 2 datalist in one with onmouse event ! when I load a web form which will display link get data base(SQL) and I move mouse to this link , It will show other Gridview or other datalist get data base too ! It same to ajax but all that get from data base ! Who know code or document ? ex : I make a web form load pictures url from data base(SQL) , and I move mouse to this picture which show informations(text content) about picture from data base (SQL) ! The picture in web form is random display and it must get URL from data base ! I had make with gridview filled second gridview But It error and I don't know show or hide second gridview and make pictures random with first gridview !

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I have a form consisting of datagridview and two buttons of update and load all.. I have used fillby method to obtain data from database. The query seems to be working fine, except that the data is not shown in the gridview.As in, for the qeury, if the returned rows are 2, it will show 3 rows in the gridview, but all empty. Imports System.Data Imports System.Data.OleDb Imports System.EventArgs [code].....

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I am a newbie in VB.net(programming). I need your advice regarding Gridview control. I have a gridview loaded with two columns-one column(Name)is with some Text,another(Price) is empty. I have got a TextBox with the data of Name and Price. Now,I would like to loop through the Textbox,and see if the Data/symbols of the Column(Name) of GridView Control matches with the Data in Textbox. If the Names of the GridVies First Columns data matches with the names of the Textbox,then the Price data should be fetched in the Second Column(Price) of GridView.[code]...

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Here i have an issue while printing from asp.net page itself i have few ASP tables containting some data something like image summary etc and i have a gridview control with paging in the same page now my problem is i need to allow user to print this page i can able to print my page with out any issue with tables and gridview my problem is when i send print my gridview not maintaing its format of font what i used in my page it is giving big font for me.

Forms Data Controls :: Forms (text Boxes) And A Gridview On The Same Page forums.asp.net

Really getting better with VS, but I've mostly been displaying data. I'm on a new project and now and I have a lot of data entry forms to create. I created a form to enter data into an access db and got it working. I thought it would be cool to add an edit button that fired a gridview to load on the same page, under my original forms, so that that they could load up the data and edit or delete mistakes. But when I try to update the gridview, it also tries to post the original forms (text boxes), which fail because there is no data in them, and I get an error. What is the proper way to handle this in asp.net? I'm sure this is kind of a common issue. I've done some searching, but the search terms, like forms and gridview, are kind of generic and I'm not coming up with anything useful. I just need a more experienced person to point me in the right direction and I'll get it figured out.

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I am working on a Webbased project, where we have a Master page with some child page. In the child page there is GridView control, Footer of this Gridview control have some TextBox control to get the input value from user and insert into database. Once the data is inserted into database. We are reloading the inserted data into the same Gridview control, But Gridview control is hot Binding/showing up the recently added record. I debugged the code and seen the Dataset which is getting the data fron database have the updated row but after binding to Gridview control. The Gridview control not refreshing the data. This is happening while we have Master page and child page.

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In a report, I am using a gridview which shows data from an SQL datasource. I would like the user to select start- and end date on two calendar controls; these are presently on the same page as the gridview, and it works fine. I would like to, though, that the calendar controls are on one 'selection page'; once the selection is done the user should hits a button which will then load or redirect the 'report page' displaying data according to the date selection.

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I have a gridview inside an AJAX update panel. I have enabled pagination and have handled the PageIndexChanging event with the following code: [Code].... When i click on the next page in the pagination control, the event fires, but the gridview appears to lose its datasource and the page refreshes with no visible gridview control. I am loading the gridview initially from an SQL stored procedure that returns a data.dataset, which is then bound to the gridview.

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I am developing a ASP.Net web application with following functionality: Entity Framework as Data ayer Gridview control in user Interface. Set the datasource of the gridview contol Get gridview cell data on postbackI am fetching data using following syntax: var obj = from P in Datacontext.tbl_company select P Setting the gridview control datasource as follows: gridview1.datasource = obj; gridview,databind() This results in displaying the data in the gridview control. But on Page Postback I am not able to get a Cell value of the gridview control. For any Cell it is returning blank. I am getting value using following syntax: row = gridview1.selectedrow // row is the datagrid row object dim str as string = row.cells(0).text When I am performing the same operation using a Dataset/Datatable instead of Entity Framework object, I am getting all the Cell value of the grid. Is this has something to do with gridview control property? Does the mentioned functionality works only when the datasource is a Dataset or a DataTable?

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How can i use Jquery to communicate With database ? my case is: I use database Sql , i have j query grid view ,inputs text for First name,last Name ,and button submit What i want Is: When page loaded : Gridview loaded with user data[from database] when user Filled inputs text and press submit :all user data saved in my db[sql] then reload gridview with user data. is that any way to do that ?

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I try to use a reportviewer for a localreport. The page ran without error but the ReportViewer didn't display, not even the control itself. To verify I did get the data from the SQL server, I bind the same datatable to a gridview on the same page at the same time. The gridview displays the data without any problem and the reportviewer is just a blank area.

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I have a web page where I have created Gridview at run time (in for loop) and add gridview to a Panel to display in the page.User may select 3, 4, 5 whatever like from web form to display data(I have a checklist for that selection) and gridviews are created accordingly. Each GridView is added to the Control using the following code: Panel1.Controls.Add(myGridView); Now I need to export all the GridView added to the Panel1. Is there any way to export?

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I have a gridview and a details view bound to an sql datasource that I am using to insert (detailsview) update and delete (gridview) records on a database. When the database table is empty and the gridview or detailsview binds to the sqldatasource the controls do not show up as there is no data to bind to. Is there any way of setting default values on the controls so that it will show when the table is empty and i can start making inserts to an empty table?

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i have an button click event on the aspx page, the same aspx page load event i have hide the user control if the Session["Userid"] is empty, now the user can login from the same page, so after his successsfull login i show the usercontrol(in this user control i'm just show a Welcome message and logout button -in this user control also im checking if the userid is not found then hide the welcome message), but there is no data because while page load there is no data on session, so how to reload the usercontrol.

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I know there are many posts about master/child gridview. But I have not be able to find a solution to my seemingly basic problem... I have a child gridview (user control ucChild) nested in each row of a master gridview. When I load the master gridview page, after I bind the data of the master, I go row by row & pass the key to ucChild to bind the details (child gridview). The child gridview has a edit link - nothing fancy. After user clicks it, the master gridview page and ucChild do their routine including page load and bind data. Then it comes to ucChild's RowEditing method. I do the following: - set the edit index of the sender (the specific child gridview) - set sender's datasource, and bind data But now this child gridview becomes blank...

Turn View State Off But The Fact Of The Matter Is When Data Is Posted? stackoverflow.com

I have a grid view with a nested text box in it. I would like to turn view state off but the fact of the matter is when data is posted, the text boxes inside the gridview aren't available (there are no rows in the gridview on postback)I am using ASP.NET 2.0 so would this fall into control state, not view state? Sample ASPX code of the gridview: [Code]... Control's information is not stored in the View State (for things like selected value and .text etc.)Control state, introduced in ASP.NET version 2.0, is similar to view state but functionally independent of view state. A page developer can disable view state for the page or for an individual control for performance. However, control state cannot be disabled. Control state is designed for storing a control's essential data (such as a pager control's page number) that must be available on postback to enable the control to function even when view state has been disabled.[URL]..

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The web page is accessed after the user logs on and I display the user name on the page (control LoginName). I'm trying to use this as the filter for the data in the gridview - the data comes from a table containing a text field that has the user's name in it. The objective for the query is to only display records from that table that match the user's login name.Whatever I do for setting the 'Where' parameters for the gridview control it doesn't work.

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I have nested a repeater control in Gridview. Right now it is showing gridview rows and repeater header for every case(whether data is there or not for that particular grid view row in the repeater control). I want to hide the gridview row and repeater control header when there is no data present for that particular gridview row. That case I handled at code level by filtering the resulted data table. Now the another problem I am facing: I have allowed the paging on the gridview i.e. pagesize 3. When page loads it works fine, but when I go to page 2 then it generates following error: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index Below is the code to fill the grid, paging and fill repeater on rowdatabound event of grid. [code].....