Forms Data Controls :: Empty Data Text In Gridview When Page Load Itself


I have a 3 text boxes. When i enter datas in and click the button it displays the gridview with filtered data. Now my problem is if there is no data in gridview it has to show "no data" so I used emptydatatext property.. The problem is, in the page load itself it shows "no data"

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I am dynamically loading user controls into my main page on button event.The user control has a textbox and a gridview When i enter data in textbox , the autopostback event fires and loads data into the gridview. when i load another instance of user control and do any post back the gridview data is not persisting.Until and unless I bind the data, gridview is not having any data after postback.This is creating issue when I al updating a row in gridview as data is not persisting after postback.

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My initial page load takes atleast 30 secs, because the gridview's datasource takes that much time to get the data from a webservice. My webpage also contains a text box and a button along with the said grid. The text box is populated when I click on "Select" link on each row with the datakey of the row. I want to accomplish 2 things 1. During the initial page load, I want to display the empty text box and button and hide the gridview by showing an "loadin" image in its place. 2. Once the data is loaded in the gridview, the gridview should become visible, and subsequent "paging" and clicking on "select" shouldnt make the "loading image" visible I have implemented the following code [Code].... Here is the page load method in code behind. The loading image shows up initially as expected on page load. but once the data isloaded the gridview doesnt become visible!! why? [Code]....

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I have a gridview populated with data coming from a datatable. The data shown in the gridview is dependent on the the choice of a control (dropdown with autopostback enabled). When I load the page for the first time with Allowpaging prperty to false the gridview show all the data correctly.But When I set Allowpaging prperty to True the Gridview shows the data in all pages the same data in first page as when I click Seond,Third,..... pages I find the same data in the first page without changing

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I have a gridview whose data is populated from an object datasource. Now since this data loading happens on initial page load , i want to render the other two controls (Text box and a Button) on the page and show "Loading" text or image in place of the gridview till all the data is retrieved. I read around the forums and saw that to make this work I need to use UpdatePanel, ScriptManager and UpdateProgress controls. I have embedded the gridview in the ContentTemplate Tags of update panel . I also associated the ID of the panel to the update progress control. Now only thing i'm left with is how to make the initial page load trigger the gridview after the whole data is retrieved. here is the code i got so far [Code]....

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I have an edit form which has a nested gridview scenario. Both gridviews have different tables in databaseI am loading the data inside datatables via datareaders and trying to bind them to gridviewsOn page load I fetch the data inside a datatable for first gridThan I load the data into the 2nd datatable and save it on viewstate Than I data bind the first gridview On databound event of first gridview I am trying to filter the 2nd datatable (fetched from viewstate) with the parent gridview's id There is an infinite loop in this approach [Code].... On parent gridview databound event [Code]....

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This task is a little out of my reach so i dont even really know where to start...I want a user to click the command field "select" in my gridview. I then want them to be redirected ( response.redirect()) to an input form that will have its various asp.net text boxes filled with data from that selected item. I also need the ability to do this logical process: IF the form is loaded from user selecting item in gridview THEN ''Populate controls with data from selected gridview item Else Load [code].....

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I have a nested gridview dynamically added. It seems I resolved all issues with the loading this control on a parent page along with other controls and I can trigger the edit of the first level - the master part of the gridview. However, I cannot trigger the edit on a child gridview. OnRowEditing="grdChildGridEdit_RowEditing" The master and the child gridviews have objectdatasources in a markup but I have to do the additional data binding after the loading the control on the parent page (see the code below). I'm doing that additional data binding only for the master gridview that is working fine and shows the data for the master and the child gridviews. When I click the Edit button on the master gridview it shows text boxes for the editing but when I click the Edit button on the child gridview it's doing nothing and moreover the editing mode for the master gridview is going back to the initial stage (labels). I was trying to trigger it throughuse the registering the event: [code]....

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i have a page that returns a bunch of rows with some data from a query. i've added an input box to the row along with a counter (input type="text" name="text<?=$counter; ?>") so that when the page loads, all the textboxes that appear become part of an array (text1, text2 and so on) when the page loads, the rows are populated with data, except for these input boxes which are empty. the user then selectes whatever rows are required (lets say 1,3 and 5) and enters data in these empty inputboxes, then submits the page Code:

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I have a form consisting of datagridview and two buttons of update and load all.. I have used fillby method to obtain data from database. The query seems to be working fine, except that the data is not shown in the gridview. As in, for the qeury, if the returned rows are 2, it will show 3 rows in the gridview, but all empty. Imports System.Data Imports System.Data.OleDb Imports System.EventArgs Imports System.Data.OleDb.OleDbConnection Imports System.Data.OleDb.OleDbCommand [Code] .....

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GridView: grvResultPrimary Key: FLTIDTextBox: txtRemarksThere is a button named btnAdd in the FormView named FormView2.txtRemarks is outside the form.The scenario is that if user wants to add a record with empty textbox and click btnAdd then how to restrict user to add empty row to gridview?I have tried Validation by controling txtRemarks but it is not helpful for me because in the page there is a FormView1, FormView2 and grvResult.If I am applying validation then all other updation methods of FormView1 and grvResult are disturbing.Simple is that I want to give option to user that without empty data using txtRemarks, user can enter data to grvResult.


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I have tried using GridView control to display the data from SqlDataSource control but there are just so many columns and one of the fields contains a lot of texts so using GridView control to display the data does not look look since it goes out of the master template. I have tried using GridView control to display my data and use the following code to export as Excel but in case, there are just so many columns. [Code].... What are some other better ways to export to Excel file from my web page?

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I'm sure this is easy but I can't figure it out: I have an ASP.NET page with gridview control in it. The gridview is gonna take about 40 seconds to load the data. I want the page to completely load the rest content while the gridview is loading data, just like the "Recommended Readings" in this link [URL]

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I would like to be able to set the EmptyDataText property using code-behind. I have created a custom GridView control called PagingGridView. Here is the definition: public class PagingGridView : GridView { } In my ASPX page, I would created a new GridView definition by doing this:<cc:PagingGridView id="MyGrid" runat="server" ><cc:/PagingGridView> When I databind the control, I would like my custom control to automatically detect an empty data source and build a table with all the header columns and a row containing the empty data text. The rendered code for the empty data source would be like:<table><tr><td>Col1</td><td>Col2</td></tr><tr><td colspan="2">No Records to display</td></tr></table> My initial thought was to override the EmptyDataText property but I could not get that to work.

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I have two pages First one is registration page.second one is Gridview page. When i click on submitt button,the data will store in gridview. If i want to update the data,click edit button.it will navigate to registration page with concer data. I wrote code in first page as [Code].... In second page gridview as [Code].... Now the problem isWhen click on edit,data is stored in concern textboxes.but i open first page it diplays session data.it did not show empty textboxes.I want empty form wen i request first page and wen i click on edit it will store entire data in textboxes with update buttonand client id and client code readonly property false.how to do it?

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I have a gridview that uses the empty data template so that rows can be inserted. One of the fields is a drop down list, on the selectedIndexChanged event I want to make a text box, in the empty data template, read-only. I can't seem to get hold of any of the controls in the empty data template in the selected index changed event.

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I want to change the text of gridview empty data template based on diff scenerio's.

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I have a form consisting of datagridview and two buttons of update and load all.. I have used fillby method to obtain data from database. The query seems to be working fine, except that the data is not shown in the gridview.As in, for the qeury, if the returned rows are 2, it will show 3 rows in the gridview, but all empty. Imports System.Data Imports System.Data.OleDb Imports System.EventArgs [code].....

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I want to load Load 2 datalist in one with onmouse event ! when I load a web form which will display link get data base(SQL) and I move mouse to this link , It will show other Gridview or other datalist get data base too ! It same to ajax but all that get from data base ! Who know code or document ? ex : I make a web form load pictures url from data base(SQL) , and I move mouse to this picture which show informations(text content) about picture from data base (SQL) ! The picture in web form is random display and it must get URL from data base ! I had make with gridview filled second gridview But It error and I don't know show or hide second gridview and make pictures random with first gridview !

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Here i have an issue while printing from asp.net page itself i have few ASP tables containting some data something like image summary etc and i have a gridview control with paging in the same page now my problem is i need to allow user to print this page i can able to print my page with out any issue with tables and gridview my problem is when i send print my gridview not maintaing its format of font what i used in my page it is giving big font for me.

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How can i use Jquery to communicate With database ? my case is: I use database Sql , i have j query grid view ,inputs text for First name,last Name ,and button submit What i want Is: When page loaded : Gridview loaded with user data[from database] when user Filled inputs text and press submit :all user data saved in my db[sql] then reload gridview with user data. is that any way to do that ?

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I am a newbie in VB.net(programming). I need your advice regarding Gridview control. I have a gridview loaded with two columns-one column(Name)is with some Text,another(Price) is empty. I have got a TextBox with the data of Name and Price. Now,I would like to loop through the Textbox,and see if the Data/symbols of the Column(Name) of GridView Control matches with the Data in Textbox. If the Names of the GridVies First Columns data matches with the names of the Textbox,then the Price data should be fetched in the Second Column(Price) of GridView.[code]...

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I am working on a Webbased project, where we have a Master page with some child page. In the child page there is GridView control, Footer of this Gridview control have some TextBox control to get the input value from user and insert into database. Once the data is inserted into database. We are reloading the inserted data into the same Gridview control, But Gridview control is hot Binding/showing up the recently added record. I debugged the code and seen the Dataset which is getting the data fron database have the updated row but after binding to Gridview control. The Gridview control not refreshing the data. This is happening while we have Master page and child page.

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I have a gridview inside an AJAX update panel. I have enabled pagination and have handled the PageIndexChanging event with the following code: [Code].... When i click on the next page in the pagination control, the event fires, but the gridview appears to lose its datasource and the page refreshes with no visible gridview control. I am loading the gridview initially from an SQL stored procedure that returns a data.dataset, which is then bound to the gridview.

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In a report, I am using a gridview which shows data from an SQL datasource. I would like the user to select start- and end date on two calendar controls; these are presently on the same page as the gridview, and it works fine. I would like to, though, that the calendar controls are on one 'selection page'; once the selection is done the user should hits a button which will then load or redirect the 'report page' displaying data according to the date selection.

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how to load data from gridview to another page into textboxes, the gridview was bounded frob datbase table

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Really getting better with VS, but I've mostly been displaying data. I'm on a new project and now and I have a lot of data entry forms to create. I created a form to enter data into an access db and got it working. I thought it would be cool to add an edit button that fired a gridview to load on the same page, under my original forms, so that that they could load up the data and edit or delete mistakes. But when I try to update the gridview, it also tries to post the original forms (text boxes), which fail because there is no data in them, and I get an error. What is the proper way to handle this in asp.net? I'm sure this is kind of a common issue. I've done some searching, but the search terms, like forms and gridview, are kind of generic and I'm not coming up with anything useful. I just need a more experienced person to point me in the right direction and I'll get it figured out.

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I have a gridview and a details view bound to an sql datasource that I am using to insert (detailsview) update and delete (gridview) records on a database. When the database table is empty and the gridview or detailsview binds to the sqldatasource the controls do not show up as there is no data to bind to. Is there any way of setting default values on the controls so that it will show when the table is empty and i can start making inserts to an empty table?

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I try to use a reportviewer for a localreport. The page ran without error but the ReportViewer didn't display, not even the control itself. To verify I did get the data from the SQL server, I bind the same datatable to a gridview on the same page at the same time. The gridview displays the data without any problem and the reportviewer is just a blank area.

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i have an button click event on the aspx page, the same aspx page load event i have hide the user control if the Session["Userid"] is empty, now the user can login from the same page, so after his successsfull login i show the usercontrol(in this user control i'm just show a Welcome message and logout button -in this user control also im checking if the userid is not found then hide the welcome message), but there is no data because while page load there is no data on session, so how to reload the usercontrol.

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I have a web page where I have created Gridview at run time (in for loop) and add gridview to a Panel to display in the page.User may select 3, 4, 5 whatever like from web form to display data(I have a checklist for that selection) and gridviews are created accordingly. Each GridView is added to the Control using the following code: Panel1.Controls.Add(myGridView); Now I need to export all the GridView added to the Panel1. Is there any way to export?

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I am developing a ASP.Net web application with following functionality: Entity Framework as Data ayer Gridview control in user Interface. Set the datasource of the gridview contol Get gridview cell data on postbackI am fetching data using following syntax: var obj = from P in Datacontext.tbl_company select P Setting the gridview control datasource as follows: gridview1.datasource = obj; gridview,databind() This results in displaying the data in the gridview control. But on Page Postback I am not able to get a Cell value of the gridview control. For any Cell it is returning blank. I am getting value using following syntax: row = gridview1.selectedrow // row is the datagrid row object dim str as string = row.cells(0).text When I am performing the same operation using a Dataset/Datatable instead of Entity Framework object, I am getting all the Cell value of the grid. Is this has something to do with gridview control property? Does the mentioned functionality works only when the datasource is a Dataset or a DataTable?

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I know there are many posts about master/child gridview. But I have not be able to find a solution to my seemingly basic problem... I have a child gridview (user control ucChild) nested in each row of a master gridview. When I load the master gridview page, after I bind the data of the master, I go row by row & pass the key to ucChild to bind the details (child gridview). The child gridview has a edit link - nothing fancy. After user clicks it, the master gridview page and ucChild do their routine including page load and bind data. Then it comes to ucChild's RowEditing method. I do the following: - set the edit index of the sender (the specific child gridview) - set sender's datasource, and bind data But now this child gridview becomes blank...

Web Forms :: Load Data Into DropDownList? forums.asp.net

I have a problem with the loading of data into 2 dropdownlist on my page. I have 2 DDL and 2 SqlDataSource, one for each DDL.When the page is loaded i have all the DDL full with correct data but, i want DDL empty after page load and i want the datasource catch data only when i select one of those.How can i control the moment when the datasource execute the queries?

Invalid Use Of Null www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi,I have a form to load data up from Access Database. When I load the field that doesn't have any data [PhoneNumber], it has error saying "invalid use of null".On the form, i have the text field named txtPhone.With rsRecordstxtPhone.Text = ![PhoneNumber] ''''Error here. ![PhoneNumber] = NullEnd WithIs there a way to set up either on the form (txtPhone) or on Database that it can take null value or take Empty string "" instead of Null?I can get away with it by:If ![PhoneNumber] <> "" thentxtPhone.Text = ![PhoneNumber]elsetxtPhone.Text = ""end ifBut this way required too much code.Any idea?

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I have nested a repeater control in Gridview. Right now it is showing gridview rows and repeater header for every case(whether data is there or not for that particular grid view row in the repeater control). I want to hide the gridview row and repeater control header when there is no data present for that particular gridview row. That case I handled at code level by filtering the resulted data table. Now the another problem I am facing: I have allowed the paging on the gridview i.e. pagesize 3. When page loads it works fine, but when I go to page 2 then it generates following error: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index Below is the code to fill the grid, paging and fill repeater on rowdatabound event of grid. [code].....

Forms Data Controls :: Using The Log-on Id To Filter A Gridview? forums.asp.net

The web page is accessed after the user logs on and I display the user name on the page (control LoginName). I'm trying to use this as the filter for the data in the gridview - the data comes from a table containing a text field that has the user's name in it. The objective for the query is to only display records from that table that match the user's login name.Whatever I do for setting the 'Where' parameters for the gridview control it doesn't work.

Write To XML File With GridView forums.asp.net

I have a page that consists of 3 textboxes who's text properties are saved to an xml file by using a DataSet. This data can then be edited or deleted by a gridview that is on the same page. However, I am encountering one issue. If I delete all rows in the GridView, then page won't load because there is no data in the XML file. This is the exact error: Exception Details: System.Web.HttpException: The IListSource does not contain any data sources. This is what the XML file looks like with Data in it:<songs><song><artist>Name</artist><track>SongName</track><url>Url to the song</url></song></songs> When I delete all of the rows in the GridView, then here is what the XML file looks like:<songs/> Thus it throws the error."Exception Details: System.Web.HttpException: The IListSource does not contain any data sources" when the page loads. Is there a way I can maintain the elements or nodes of the XML file so that I can be sure the page will load?

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how to transfer data from one page gridview to another page gridview in my gridview control 1st column is checkbox,2nd column is product name, 3rd column is price, 4th column is quantity 5th column is total. in this gridview iam using paging, when user selects any no of checkbox that selected row data i have to take it to another page but iam facing problem when iam selecting some records from 1st page and then iam visiting next page then previous page records iam missing.

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I have a form with an ADO Data control and a Data Grid 6.0 (OLEDB) (SP5) on it.On the form that calls this form, I set my connections and SQL. The form with the Data Grid on loads and the Grid is populated with data except for the first cell on the grid which is empty?I haven't put any extra code in to change the contents of this cell, so when do I get a "You tried to assign a Null value to a variable that is not a Variant data type."Anyone - any ideas?

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On my master page , I have "Search textbox" and "Search Button".On My content page , I have a "User Control" which has a "GridView".It shows some data about Vendors.Also, on this User Control's Page Load, i have code written to display all vendors in GridView.Now, when user enters Vendor Number in "Search textbox" , and hits "Search Button" , i want to handle this event inside my User Control.How to do this ?

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On my master page , I have "Search textbox" and "Search Button". On My content page , I have a "User Control" which has a "GridView".It shows some data about Vendors. Also, on this User Control's Page Load, i have code written to display all vendors in GridView. Now, when user enters Vendor Number in "Search textbox" , and hits "Search Button" , i want to handle this event inside my User Control. How to do this ?

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I have a gridview in web user control and when i try to bind the datasource during the Page load process, an exception occurs. The datatable is retreived successfully without errors( I could view the data inside using the debugger ) but once gridview.databind() process takes place, exception occur. Could anyone tell me what happens ? This is really weird to me coz if such gridview is placed inside a content page instead of a webUser Control, no exception or error will occur.

Forms Data Controls :: Displaying A GridView On Page Load? forums.asp.net

I want to insert a record in the gridview and i have designed it as the fig: below shows. Initially there is no data in the datatable to which the gridview is bound to,so the gridview is not displayed when the page load,ok I want to ask that is it possible to display Gridview on page load with only the header and the footer? i.e;the user can see the header names and the textbox and drop down list at the foorter so that they can insert data in the grid?

Web Forms :: How To Call To Page Gridview Rows Through Web User Control Button forums.asp.net

I have user control. Inside that have some buttons. my page has gridview . I want check grid view rows from user control button. User control is my menu. My grid has column with radio button. When i click button of user control i want load item page which data which gridview radio button cheked true.

Forms Data Controls :: Scrollable Gridview With Fixed Headers forums.asp.net

I want scrollable gridview with fixed header. For that i create belw code [Code].... It works fine uptil page loads.I have functionality to delete rows from gridview.Once i click delete button from gridview the width of header columns get decreased then the width od data inside gridview.It means depending on the content of data the size gets variable.HOW to show data inside gridview irrespective of the content of data.

Using Same File To Show Form And Receive The Form's Data? stackoverflow.com

I have a php page that generates a form. The action attribute of the form is the page itself. After the user submits the form, the same page is loaded, but this time a POST variable is set, so the page runs another script to deal with the incoming data from the form. I do this by using a conditional fork: if(isset($_POST['var'])){ generate form }else{ insert $_POST data into database } I'd like to know if this is ok or a bad idea.

Forms Data Controls :: GridView Not Updating Correctly? forums.asp.net

I'm using a GridView to retrieve data from a stored procedure using a SQLDataSource (db is SQL Server 2008). When I compile my application and go to my website, all the data is loaded and shown fine. If I was to add a new entry to the table however (a seperate page on my website has a Wizard control to facilitate this) and then return to the page with the GridView, the new entry doesn't show up. Looking from SQL Server, the data has been added, but the GridView isn't updating to show it. If I were to recompile the project with F6 and refresh the page, the new data will show up. I tried calling DataBind() on the GridView in the Page Load event, however the issue still remains.

Forms Data Controls :: Gridview Save Existing Data When Adding Rows Via Arraylist? forums.asp.net

I have a gridview that contains template fields with textboxes that is used to look up inventory items. The page loads using an arraylist to display a gridview control with a predetermined number of rows. There is also drop down control that allows the user to add additional rows to the gridview if needed. Currently when a user has already entered some data if you use the drop down to add more empty rows all the original entrys are removed. I want to save the original data and then add empty rows at the end. >> Private Sub LoadDataGrid(ByVal numberOfRows As Integer) Dim Counter As Integer Dim GridList As New ArrayList For Counter = 0 To numberOfRows GridList.Add(New LibVB.Form2VB(Counter)) Next gvEnterParts.DataSource = GridList gvEnterParts.DataBind() End Sub << I'm lost, kind of a newbie to .net, have been working on this for 2 days! d.

Maintaining GridView Current Page Index After Navigating Away From Gridview Page? stackoverflow.com

I have a GridView on ASP.NET web form which I have bound to a data source and set it to have 10 records per page. I also have a hyper link column on the GridView, such that a user can navigate to another page (details page) from the list. On the details page, they have "Back" button to return to the GridView page I am looking for sample code snippet on the Server Side on how to specify the page index to set the GridView after data binding.

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I'm looking to build an ajax page; it's a reporting page. By default, load today's report. On the page there's a calendar control and when the user clicks on a date, reload the gridview with the corresponding data. Is it considered good practice to do the following: 1) on the first page load, query the data for the page 2) put the query result in the session object and display it in a gridview 3) if the user requests new data, get new data from the query with different parameters 4) put the result of the second query in the session object and display it 5) if the user then requests the data from the first query, get it from the session object 6) do the sorting and paging with the data held in the session. Note: the data of each query will contain about 300-500 rows and about 15 columns. I'd like to do all this with ajax calls. What are some suggestions and pitfalls to avoid.

Why Isnt My Image Showing In My Gridview forums.asp.net

hi, i have created a webpage so that my images are stored in a database, however i have linked it to a gridview but when i go to run the page it doesnt show the actual picture saved in the database. in the gridview row it does recognise that there is a picture present but all it shows on the web page is that little x that appears when it cant view a picture, does anyone know how i can solve this problem? i will paste my code behind page and aspx page. thanks for any advice given, code behind pageProtected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load Dim ds As New Data.DataSetDim da As Data.SqlClient.SqlDataAdapter Dim strSQL As String strSQL = "Select imgId,imgTitle from Image"Dim connString As String = (ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("ConnectionString").ConnectionString)da = New Data.SqlClient.SqlDataAdapter(strSQL, connString) da.Fill(ds) ds.Tables(0).Columns.Add("imgFile")For Each tempRow As Data.DataRow In ds.Tables(0).Rows tempRow.Item("imgFile") = ("imgGrab.aspx?id=" & tempRow.Item("imgID")) Next imgGrid.DataSource = ds imgGrid.DataBind() End Sub   aspx page <form id="form1" runat="server"> <div>   </div><asp:GridView ID="imgGrid" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="False" Height="286px" Width="564px"> <Columns><asp:BoundField DataField="imgTitle" HeaderText="imgTitle" SortExpression="imgTitle" />   <asp:ImageField DataImageUrlField="imgFile" HeaderText="Picture"> </asp:ImageField> </Columns> </asp:GridView></form> </body> </html>

Displaying GridView When No Data Exists? stackoverflow.com

I am using a sqldatasource for filling one GridView and on page loading or before taking any action, there is no data (default value=null) and normally the datagrid is empty (using emptydatatext="no records found etc etc...").. Issue is I can not see the header of that grid in empty case, but only the emptydatatext! I have tried to use some code of the references below, but no success, because I'm not using DataTable control as a DataSource, but directly filling the gridview from sqldatasource! useless references: [URL] P.S. I'm not usign DataTable as a DataSource, but sqldatasource (from the Data Controls), and I want to show header, when sqldatasource is null or empty ?!

Web Forms :: Asynchronous Loading User Controls? forums.asp.net

I have 3 user controls that I have to load at the same time. They each contain a gridview that pulls data from the database. They are doing a "delay" load of the data so there is a progress bar template that shows that the data is loading however the first gridview fires and loads, then the second, then the third and I need them to all fire at the same time.

C# - Why Request.QueryString Replace + With Empty Char In Some Cases stackoverflow.com

I have a problem that if I pass a string that contain + in a query string and try to read it , it get the same string but by replacing + with empty charFor example if i pass query like ../Page.aspx?data=sdf1+sdf then in page load I read data by data = Request.QueryString["data"] it will get as below data ="sdf1 sdf" I solve the problem by replacing any empty char with + .. But Is there any problem that cause that ? and Is my solution by replacing empty char with + is the best solution in all cases?

Forms Data Controls :: GridView Not Appearing? forums.asp.net

have created a simple web page with three text fields and one data gridview, a VB procedure will use these texts values and send call aOracle database proc. and fill a DataTable; and then I assign that datatable as DataSource for the GridView, But the GridView is not appearing at run time on the web page at all!!! I have chedcked the datatable and it contains data.This is the code: Dim dtMotorEndt As New DataTable Dim p_pol_no As Integer = txtPolNo.Text Dim p_pol_year As Integer = txtPolYear.Text [code]...

Web Forms :: Multiple UpdatePanels With UpdateMode="conditional" Cause EventValidation Exception forums.asp.net

I have 2 UpdatePanels in the same Page, and each one contains a GridView with some datta. I am using UpdateMode="conditional" because i only want the GridViews to be Filled when needed. So the data in each GridView is loaded only if the user asks for it, and it's not loaded again unless you need a change in the grid (sorting or page changing). GridViews are filled with data from a DataBase, but I only read the data from the Database when needed. So, in first Page_Load, any data is readed. If the user wants to see the data in GridView1, the data in GridView2 is not loaded from the database, and viceversa. My problem comes in this situation: User enters the Page. User ask for the data in GridView1 (UpdatePanel1 does the job) User ask for the data in GridView2 (UpdatePanel2 does the job) Now, the user can see both gridviews in the page. If he tries to change the page index or to sort data in GridView2, everything goes fine. The problem comes when he tries to change the page (or sort) in GridView1 (because in the callback to retrieve the data to GridView2, GridView1 was not filled, so the data the user is seeing is there because of a previous callback). The user gets an Event Validation Exception, and i don't know how to avoid it. I think it's because the server "thinks" that GridView1 is empty, because of the callback to load data to GridView2, where GridView1 was not filled.

UserForm ListBox Being Double-loaded www.excelforum.com

I'm having problems loading data into a listbox. When the form first opens, it loads the data twice. I can then kill the form and restart it and the data is in there three times. I can't see any loading problems with the userForm_initialize routine. How can I ensure that the listBox is empty before I start adding data? This would also seem to be necessary prior to loading a different set of data into the form - correct?

Web Forms :: Image Retrieving From Sql Server? forums.asp.net

how to display image in image control on web page and also in gridview.In sql server image data type is "image".

Gridview - Auto Refresh Data In .Net Page? stackoverflow.com

I am using ajax UpdatePanel in my asp.net page, and I wanted to know can I auto refresh data in my gridview control?

Forms Data Controls :: Repeater Containing Gridviews? forums.asp.net

I will have a master data set (populated on page load and persistent over postback), containing all the data I want to display, with an ID for each gridview section (each row will also have a uniqueID for that row). I will use a repeater that will repeat on a list of those IDs, and on each ItemDatabound I will extract the data from the master dataset, into a temporary one (local to that method), filtering it on the repeater item's ID and populate the gridview. I have got this working, but now comes the part where it may fall apart:- I now want to add text boxes and dropdownlists, plus checkboxes (see later) to certain gridview rows on the grdview's item databound method, these (apart from the checkboxes) will cause a postback on the data change (either text changed or selected index change) and this will update the master dataset item, based on the UID for the gridview's bound datarow. There will also be a button in the gridview header that will scan that particular gridview's rows for checked items, and then update the master dataset, again based on the gridview bound row's data UID.

Qestion About SQLDataSource, Gridview, And Update Panel forums.asp.net

I have a gridview that is tied to a SQLDataSource control which is inside an update panel. What I'm trying to accomplish is when the page is loaded the gridview is filled from the SQLDataSource. I have some textboxes also on the page so that the user can add new items to the gridview. The update panel trigger is tied to my code behind page through a button click which added the new data to the DB with an INSERT statement. Since the gridview was inside the update panel I thought when I placed the new data into the DB and the update panel caused the portion of the page that holds the gridview to refresh that the gridview would show the newly added data but it is not. I am missing something but I do not know what. I tried adding a gridview1.databind() and SQLDataSource1.DataBind() but niether caused the update of the gridview as I had hoped. Thanks for any of your help. Ty

GridView Paging Every Time - Change Page Loads Full Data stackoverflow.com

I do long and slow query to get data to my GridView and I got lot of data, but when I'm changing page it loads as slow as at the start, it loads full data again and again, how to load data once and use paging without data loading?

Dynamic ImageButton Control - Lost All Gridview Data forums.asp.net

I had created three static Image button control with click event handler. when i click any image button it sends me to different pages. Those different pages have gridview which show database data. Now when I created dynamic control and event handler in Page_Init and I gave required logic and it goes to other pages but other pages now lost all gridview data. Very strange since other pages are not dependant on previous page.

Forms Data Controls :: Reading A GridView Which Has Text Boxes? forums.asp.net

have created a gridview with input text boxes inside which can be added by the user. So in order to populate the gridview on form load I use grdView.DataSource = PopulateDT(); this.grdView.DataBind(); Now is there a neat way of retriving the data content after the user has entered data from the gridview and store as a datatable. The only way is doing a for next loop which i think its time wasting.

Forms Data Controls :: Check Whether Data Has Been Modified Or Not In User Controls? forums.asp.net

I have 5 user controls in a web form. Data is being loaded into the user controls at the user control page load event. I have a single save button for the entire web form(the the top of the page). Each user control has update panel and consists of many web controls like textbox, dropdown,gridview and many other. after the page has been rendered successfully to the user. Considered that he has changed text in one user control ( in few textboxes,dropdowns , grid) and clicked on save button. Now I should save only the changes user has made ( in 1 user control) instead of saving all the 5 user controls. how can i achieve this?

Data Conversion Prob www.vbforums.com

I am currently working on implementing a Encryption-Decryption Prog:Encryption Form:->Plain Text converted to Ascii form using StrConv(plain, vbFromUnicode)->Encryption carried out after padding->Cipher Text converted to Unicode using StrConv(str, vbUnicode)Decryption Form->The above Cipher Text converted to Ascii form using StrConv(cipher,vbUnicode) (Prob: DATA LOSS HERE! )->Decryption carried out + Unpadding->Plain Text converted to Unicode.Does the StrConv function really cause data loss? I removed the last step of 1st form & 1st step of the 2nd forms ..ie took the cipher text data in ascii form itself & there was no data loss then. Finally i got the Decrypted plain text to match the original data.The VB program allows the user to encrypt as well as decrypt or test the encryption also.The user might take cipher data from a text file itself. Hence the decryption prog should be able to operate on its own & cant expect data to always be in ascii form So my question is: How do i carry out Unicode to Ascii conversion without data loss?Or the only way is to make output of Encryption = Hex or binary form

Forms Data Controls :: How To Update Xml Data In Gridview forums.asp.net

in my website page contain gridview,this gridview data binding xml the data should come from dynamically when user enter the data

Data From Text Area Back Into Database? forums.asp.net

I've got two pages the first has a gridview connected to db1.mdb and table1, this works fine and shows the data when run. The gridview on page one also has a button which sends the data in the gridview to the next page. On page two there is a textarea which calls the data into it.So what I have is - gridview displays data, the button in that gridview is clicked and sends the data from that row into another page and displays it in a textarea.What I cant do - I've also got a button on the second page called update. I want the user to be able to change the text in the textarea and click update, which will update the database to the new text entered.

Forms Data Controls :: GridView Sorting, Paging And DataBinding / When Control Causes A Postback GridView... forums.asp.net

I'm trying to extend the GridView control to enable sorting and paging for any situation. When using my control I am fetching data from a database and filling a DataSet with it, then binding the GridView upon every page load. My first question would be, is this the correct approach? To sort the GridView I am overriding the OnSorting method which stores the sort expression and direction in the ViewState, then creates a DataView and utalises the Sort method to sort the underlying data. It then sets the Data Source to this DataView and rebinds the GridView. Paging is handled by OnPageIndexChanging which simply sets the PageIndex property and again rebinds the GridView. My problem is; when any control causes a postback my GridView is no longer sorted, presumably because it is persistently rebound. If I don't rebind it then the GridView is empty on postback since the data isn't automatically stored in the ViewState. I have considered saving the data source in the ViewState but I would assume that this is bad practice for large amounts of data? - also DataViews are not seralisable. The only solution I can think of currently is to override OnDataBound and sort the data every time. This results in a double sort when paging triggers a postback which seems inefficient. Code illustration of this below, [Code].... I'm looking for the cleanest 'best practice' solution as this is a learning exercise more than anything else.

Forms Data Controls :: Selecting A Specific Record From Gridview And Displaying The Selected Record In... forums.asp.net

i have design a web application having suppliers table using SqlDatasource.. i have a master page in my design and other form are bound to a context menu.. Now i have displayed the records in the gridview..all i wanted is after i select a record in the gridview it will display the selected record in detailview from another aspx form.. i was able to create the link to another aspx form but the data that it display is the first data from the gridview not the data that i select.

Forms Data Controls :: Load Page Then Load Data Controls? forums.asp.net

Is it possible to Load a Page and then once the page has loaded in the browser, load any data controls on the page?

Custom Server Controls :: Extended GridView.Rows Collection Always = PageSize Even On Last Page? forums.asp.net

Using VS2005, VB code behind, I am extending the GridView control to include a custom pager for a custom paging scheme (only one page returned from the database at a time rather than all records). In my testing a discovered an issue - on my last page of data, the GridView's rows property always returns a collection of PageSize page, rather than the actual number of records on the page, with non-data fill records being empty rows. For example, suppose I have 23 records in my database. Assuming a PageSize of 10, when I page to the last page of data the gridview it properly displays the last 3 recrods - but when I handle the GridView's CommandName="Select" event the GridView's Rows collection contains 10 records, the last seven of which are empty. I set a break point in just before I call GridView.DataBind and verified that the DataTable used as the DataSource for the last page of data does in fact only contain the 3 expected records. But when I set a breakpoint on the Sub that handles the "Select" GridView command, the GridView.rows collection contains 10 records, the last 7 of which are empty. This post[URL] and comments make note of the issue but the solution prescribed by the author does not seem to work. Attached are some snippets of my extended GridView and the two methods from my page where I mentioned setting breakpoints above. Snippets from my extended GrdiView [Code].... MyReport.aspx.vb: [Code]....

Forms Data Controls :: Gridview Will No Longer Show The Data - Datagrid Datasource = Null forums.asp.net

I am familiar with populating a gridview with data. I am able to bind the Data pulled from the database into the gridview gridview.DataSource = myDataTable; gridview.Databound. If I write the following code, teh gridview will no longer show the data gridview.DataSource = null; gridview.Databound. My question is , I want to make the same thing with a user control that contain a gridview. when I use the user control in an aspx page, I am able to populate it with data, but when I try to make this code, the Datasource does not show, instead, I see .DV. So I tried this code but then , I do not see DataSource property instead I see DV (DataView), when I put .DV = null, I get an error message that the object is not in existed. any idea how to clear the user control gridview from its data.

Forms Data Controls :: Data Not Showing In GridView? forums.asp.net

I have a Gridview here. My problem here is that my Gridview is not showing up any data after I clicked on the 2nd page and above. (Which means that my data is only showing up on the 1st page.) [Code].... Note: I'm using C# as my code behind. I don't have any code controlling the Gridview. I only have code to control the SelectCommand for my SQLDataSource.

Null On Textbox??? Or Zero Lenght ??? www.codeguru.com

Hello !I have textbox that connect to Data/Time field in database by data control.When the form is show the textbox is empty because the field is empty... So far is good...When I type some text to textbox and after that I delete the text from it I got that Error :"Field can not be Zero lenght..."What can I do ?I try to type:"text1.text = Null" but there is errorplease Help !Thanks !

Forms Data Controls :: Unable To Load URI Images In The Gridview forums.asp.net

here below what i'm doing: 1. retrieving data using twitter APIs, 2. loading these data in a datatable using Linq to XML 3. binding the datatable in a gridview twitter APIs includes URI images, and also strings that includes <a href> tags (i.e. hello world <a href="asp.net">asp.net</a> hi again) the problem is that i'm not able to load these uri images in the gridview neither the hyperlinks instead i'm dipslaying the uri of the image and the tag itself

Forms Data Controls :: C# Dynamic Gridview Using Template Field As Control? forums.asp.net

I have a gridview and basically at page load I want it to display with an empty row. The first field in the gridview would be a template field containing a textbox. I wan't to be able to type in, for example, a product code ('abc'). This would be the parameter for the stored procedure and then the rest of the columns (40+ additional columns) in the gridview would populate with the rest of the data pertaining to that product code (i.e. price, unit of measure, etc.). In short the template field texbox is the control to bind the gridview. After the row is populated I could click a button or link that would add that entire row to my gridview and then add another empty row where I could enter another product code... populate the row then add that row to the gridview. and so on...

Custom Server Controls :: Extending GridView Control (II)? forums.asp.net

I'm trying to extend de GridView control with a Custom Server Control, I'm doing ok with extended properties but when I get to methods that need to re-apply or modifiy the DataSource I don't get any data in the grid, though the SQLDataSource actually retrieve data. Here is my MyGridView.applyFilter() method, which should filter the data but actually shows an empty GridView, but as I sayed, the DataSource has data. I try to find (FindControl) theSQLDataSource of the GridView (Me) and modifiy its paramters, thenDataBind Me to apply the changes... [Code].... What am I doing wrong? why is the gridview empty?

Forms Data Controls :: How To Locate The Readonly Property In A Gridview At Run Time forums.asp.net

I am trying to set the readonly property for the columns of a latebound gridview. My data source is a select SPROC which returns a lookup group of records. The gridview control is bound when the page loads. The gridview has an edit control and I would like to allow the editing of specific records. I cannot find the readonly property of the row columns to set. I tried this : [code]...

VS 2010 How To Load Child Data When Query A Parent www.vbforums.com

i have a one two many relationship on a form that loads empty so that the user have to do a search in order to populate the data into the form. To acomplish this, i created a filter (query) in the dataset. The filter works fine for the parent data, but how can i load its corresponding child data? This is the code generated automatically when i created the filter in the DataSet: VBCode Try Me.TblConfidencialesTableAdapter.Buscar_Confidencial(Me.ConfidencialesDataSet.tblConfidenciales, TablillaConfidencialToolStripTextBox.Text) Catch ex As System.Exception [Code]....

C# - Empty Row Last Row Of Data In Gridview After Binding From XML? stackoverflow.com

I am trying to bind XML data into a gridview, after clicking the 'ButtonSaveToDataBase' button, the method will begin to read data from my gridview and load it into an array of my serializable class type and after that serialize it and finally store it into a XML type field in my SQL. The problem is When I call BindData() at the end of the serialization, it reads the XML from my database and successfully binded it but my gridview displays an empty row below my datas like this: [Code]...

Forms Data Controls :: How To Load Data From GridView To DataTable forums.asp.net

How can I load (copy) the data that is present in the GridView into the DataTable? I am planning on loading the DataTable from GridView and update a row from the datatable and load the newly formed data with the GridView. Note : Here I am not using datasource.

Forms Data Controls :: Export Gridview To Word Method? forums.asp.net

I have created a web app with a gridview that is connected to an sql data source to extract data. The web app consists of two pages (default.aspx and rategrid.aspx). On the default page i have a button that when clicked it displays rategrid page with the gridview data. On rategrid page I also have two buttons (one to go back to default page and one for export to word). When I click the word button, i get error (Control 'GridView1' of type 'GridView' must be placed inside a form tag with runat=server.).I have already looked at references online that reference to put (Public Overloads Sub VerifyRenderingInServerForm(ByVal control As Control) in code for Word button. However, I am still getting the same error.

When The Page Is Loaded, The Form Submits Itself? www.sitepoint.com

I have a php page which has a form. The page posts to itself and there are conditions which have to be met. The problem I have is that when the page is loaded, the form submits itself. How can I stop it sending the form data unless the submit button is pressed and all criteria is met? Code: <?php $status="OK"; $error = "";[code].....

Forms Data Controls :: Nested Gridview - Error: Object Reference Not Set To An Instance Of An Object? forums.asp.net

I have three gridviews: Gridview1, Gridview3, and Gridview4. Gridview1 contains Parent data. Gridview3 contains data related to gridview1, and gridview4 contains data related to gridview3. Gridview4 is nested within gridview3. When the page initially loads gridview3 is empty. When a row is selected in gridview1 then gridview3 is populated. After I added the nested gridview (gridview4) I started getting an error when the page loaded from within the RowDataBound Event Handler. I'm not sure why I'm getting this error. Is it because Gridview3 is empty on pageload? [Code].... ASP Code: [Code].... VB Code: [Code]....

Web Forms :: Data Loading And Focus Setting forums.asp.net

In page_load, I used code below to load data to a Gridview and set focus on txtOrderNumber but never get focus working. If Not Page.IsPostBack Then --- code to load data to a gridview end if txtOrderNumber.focus() But, if only code txtOrderNumber.focus() Focus is working. How to fix it so that data can load and focus can set?

Forms Data Controls :: Gridview Get Table Values? forums.asp.net

I am using VB in Visual Studio 2008 and a ASP.NET web page.I have populated a gridview with data aquired from form data. For use in the current session. I am not bound to any database.I would like to pull the headers and also the data one row at a time.How can I do this?I thought I could just do something like myString=Gridview.SelectedRow.Cells.Item(1).Text

Form Submits When Loaded Or Refreshed www.webmasterworld.com

I have a small php contact form that emails the contact info. to me. <form name="form1" method="post" onSubmit="return formvalidation(this)" action="<?php echo $me;?>" > I have done the javascript validation which works fine when the form is loaded. But if I type the url while loading basically an empty form submits and I get a blank email. How do I prevent the page from submitting when it is being loaded and secondly once I submit the data how do I call another page.

Downloading CSV From DataTable forums.asp.net

Downloading CSV from DataTable. I have written source code to download GridView data as CSV file. When the download button on top of GridView is selected, all the data in Gridview is downloaded into CSV file. I am using dataTable to bind to GridView. All the data retrieved from database(stored in dataTable) is not shown in GridView. so it is not possible to provide check boxes next to column headers and provide download functionality. It is required to provide download page as explained below: Download page functionality as below: Selecting download button on top of GridView navigates to Download page On Download page various columns are shown using check boxes and lable controls. User can select the columns he/she wants to download as CSV.(data is not shown here) I think i can use the same data table and on download page and filter based on user selected columns to download as CSV.

Show The Alert When No Data Inserted? www.daniweb.com

i have a form. i'm going to store the field into mysql. there are 2 conditions : one or all fields empty OR none is empty. when there's no empty field, the data will be stored. but, when there's empty field, no data will be stored and there will come up the alert "please fill all the fields!" here's the form :<form method=POST enctype='multipart/form-data' onclick='show_alert()' action=insert.php><table><tr><td>Data 1</td><td><input type=text name='data1'> </td></tr><tr><td>Data 2</td><td><input type=text name='data2'> </td></tr><tr><td>Data 3</td><td><input type=text name='data3'> </td></tr><tr><td colspan='2'><input type=submit value='Save'><input type=button value=Cancel onclick=self.history.back()></td></tr></table></form>"; [Code]... i don't know how to show the alert with javasript.

Application Hanged When Lots Of Data Are Loaded To The Gridview stackoverflow.com

I have a gridview in windows form. When lots of data are loaded from the database to the gridview, my application hang until all the data are loaded to the gridview. Is there any way to solve this problem? I also want to display a gif image [loading.gif] or progressbar when data is being loading to the gridview to show the user that data is being loading to the gridview. But the image and progressbar also hang. I have also one ToolTip, I want to display that tooltip in the center of the screen. My code is as follow but it is not positioning that tooltip in the center. Dim x As Integer = TryCastInteger(Screen.PrimaryScreen.WorkingArea.Width / 2) Dim y As Integer = TryCastInteger(Screen.PrimaryScreen.WorkingArea.Height /2) ToolTip1.Show("It will take few seconds to display the data.", KryptonPanel1, x, y)

Web Forms :: GridView In Div Tag With Paricular Hight And Width? forums.asp.net

Here In My Project I am Working With Grid View Control.. For Scrolling Pupose i Used Div Tag..I Jave Placed My GridView In Div Tag With Paricular Hight And Width...When I am Execting my Project..When Data IS present In the GridView Its Working Fine..But When Data Is not present .In the Griview The Hight Of Div Tag Is Not Decreasing..Empty Place Is Coming With Dimentions of Div Tag. I need To Decrese the Hight Of the Div Tag Based On the Data in the Grid view.

Forms Data Controls :: Gridview & Object Data Source Sort forums.asp.net

I have a gridview that gets data from 'object data source' control that returns a collection of objects. Gridview gets the data and performs sort without any problem through sortparameter defined in 'object data source' control. I just added a drop down list on the same web page to allow the user to select a option to sort. The problem is how to pass on the new selection as a new value of sortparameter to perform the sort.

Forms Data Controls :: Formview Modes On Initial Page Load forums.asp.net

I a formview object. I have created an edit temple and an empty template Whehn there is data in the table nor probem When my table is empty i got the empty template to display when I click insert I get the error " Form must be in insert mode" How can I tell if there is no data on the page load so I can maybe do this: formview.f1.defaultmode = fornviewmode.insert

VS 2008 Change Data In Gridview When Retrieved With SQLDatasource? www.vbforums.com

When the data is retrieved through a stored procedure using the SQLDatasource control that is binded to a gridview control, I want to change some data that is in some of the columns. Can i do this in one of the events either in the gridview or data control? I know you can do some formatting on the aspx page side such as dates, etc. but was wondering if I can do it on the vb code side?

Web Forms :: Loading Data Into Literal Control? forums.asp.net

i need to load data into literal control which is coming from wcf service. The data which i get is may be of a simple string are may be a html page in the form of string. what ever the service returns the string i should load that into the literal control. I am able to load html page which is physically present on the local path to the literal. I need to load the same thing coming from wcf service

Alerting User To Invalid Data In Form Field Through Inline Alerts www.sitepoint.com

I'm a little curious with regards to alerting a user to invalid data in a form field through inline alerts, rather than alert boxes and without a page load.In otherwords, if someone types in invalid data into a form field, before they hit the submit button, I'd like to use javascript the insert some red text on the side saying "this is invalid".I'm concerned that people with visual disabilities wont notice it due to their screen readers.I.e. if the screen doesn't re-load, will the screen read read the nexly inserted text or will it not do anything until a new page loads?

Validating Unique Email And Username? forums.asp.net

I am writing a registration form which will store all the information to the database. I need to validate some data before saving like empty and isunique. I have username and email address field in my form. I used CustomValidator to call a function check unique to execute my code to check the given email address with the list in database. It works fine for new case but when i am for edit case it does check with itself and reports already in use. My Steps: 1.) Page load If edit case retrieve data and populate them in control like. txtemail.text = dbrec("email") 2.) submit action if page.isvalid() then end if

Forms Data Controls :: How To Read Data From Gridview forums.asp.net

In my Gridview second row will be a Textbox, when the user types something on that based on business logics we do some calculation and display the result in the 3 rd and 4th rows using Javascript(while Textbox change event), but now the problem is i can type the vlaue and resutl will be displying now i have another button while that button click event i have to read the Gridview data and store back to Database this time i'm reading the data using foreach (GridViewRow row in gvAmount.Rows) { Label userInputField = (Label)row.FindControl("lblTest"); if (userInputField != null && userInputField.Text != string.Empty) { Response.Write(userInputField.Text + "--"); } } but in the result row i didnt get the answer of result processed by Javascript instead of that its displaying the data of which i have loaded on page load event.