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Fedora Servers :: Apache Hosting User Public HTML - Forbidden 403

I have apache working,i have users set under admin group in /home/admin/username/html that is with an html publicfolder at the end, now permissions are set right, /html is set to mode 777, and the contents also inside them. But everytime i do a i get a damn forbidden error code, its got me so pissed off and i dont' know whats the problem. This is the error i get: Forbidden 403 You don't have permission to access /~les on this server. Code: [Tue May 05 19:37:48 2009] [notice] Apache/2.2.11 (Unix) DAV/2 PHP/5.2.6 configured -- resuming normal operations [Tue May 05 20:44:30 2009] [error] [client] (13)Permission denied: access to /~les denied [code]....

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I'm trying to find at least three web hosting companies to choose from to host a Joomla websites on a shared server. Would consider dedicated if the deal was right. I have a friend of mine who wants to create a church website, and is looking for the best deal. I use Netfirms which I have never had an issue with, but I didn't want to be bias, and would like give him other options to choose from. Is there a good WebHosting Review site, I could check out, or maybe someone could recommend their top three. I reading threw the forums here and I noticed there are not that many complaints with Hostgator. Again, I just want to see if there was anything out there better.

Apache Linux Weird Permissions - Write To A File Using Fwrite() Inside My Server Directory
i ve been trying to write to a file using fwrite() inside my server directory. i am using this code: Code: [Select]ini_set('error_reporting', 'on'); error_reporting(E_ALL); echo substr(sprintf('%o', fileperms('skata')), -4); $fp = fopen("skata", "w"); fwrite($fp, "skata"); fclose($fp); the only thing that comes up to the browser is: Code: [Select]0777 i have even pre-created the file "skata" in the diractory running as root and gave it permissions 777. i m not quite familiar with linux or apache permissions and i can tfigure out what's going wrong. i am running apache under fedora

Totally Static HTML Content Hosting
I'm configuring an VPS that's going to serve all static stuff and absolutely no dynamic scripts at all. What could be the bottle necks with all these static content websites? Can a 256MB VPS handle a static website receiving millions of page views a month?

2 Separate Servers (IIS & Apache)
I'm more of an application programming guy than network/internet guy so excuse any ignorance on my part. I am currently using shared hosting on an IIS server. I running SMF Forums and a business on the IIS server. I have a payment system that I've programmed tied into the MySQL SMF database. This payment system uses I'm a .Net programmer. SMF is also being currently ran on the IIS server, and it does ok. I'm really wanting to start running my forums on a separate Unix Server. So my question is, can i run my scripts on my IIS server that access the MySQL database on a separate Apache server? The Apache server and IIS server would have different domains (I'm guessing that'd be required). I think this is possible, but wondering what others think. All I should need to do is change some connection strings on my Web.config on my IIS server to point to the new SQL databases.

Do I Need Separate Apache & Mysql Servers Etc
here's my current setup has my stuff running on 2 separate "self contained" servers (eg; each runs their own apache/php/mysql): Main site/server: content: mostly static content (no mysql, very little php). currently has about 4tb/m traffic. in the summer it could push up to 6tb/m hardware: P4 2.8ghz. 1gb ram. this server has no problem handling the load. only problem is bandwidth (i have to get it off the current host) Forums site/server: content: running vBulletin. currently 400-500 peak (probably jump to 800 peak this summer) users active per 15 mins. hardware: 64bit dual Opteron 242. 4gb ram. it's absolutely griding that to a halt at peak times. it acts like 4gb memery isn't enough (it will run fine then eat through most of the 4gb. grind to a halt, then recover) personally i think it was setup/configured wrong but i've had multiple people look at it and nobody can find anything wrong in the apache/mysql settings. What I want to know: what type of server setup should I start migrating to? should I keep both parts of the site separate? eg; main site on one server, forums on another server(s)? what i've sorta been looking into is 3-server setup. (server1) main apache/php server. probably on unmetered (honestly don't think i'll find anything else that offers high enough traffic). run the main site and the vB php from here (server2) dedicated mysql 'read only' server (server3) dedicated mysql 'write only' server. and have mysql read/write synced and have all 3 servers networked directly together. i have a friend running a single mysql driven site using this setup and it works really well for him. is this overkill for me? should the current dual Opteron be able to handle the forums and i just need to hire someone smarter, or is there some other setup that would work better for me? i'm tight so i want to go cheap as possible, but I also realize i need room for summer traffic expansion that always hits us.

Hosting / Number Of Concurrent Users
I am planning to set up a forum. What kind of server do I need? I am expecting to have - 40-50 concurrent users Do I need a dedicated server (2 GB) - which would cost me about - 350$ per month - or is it possible to find a cheaper solution?

Web Forms :: Can't Reference An Html Element From Code Behind In A User Control
Here is the contents of my test.ascx file: <%@ Control Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeFile="test.ascx.cs" Inherits="UserControls_test" %> <p id="XXX">aaa</p> and here is the contents of my test.ascx.cs file: using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Web; using System.Web.UI; using System.Web.UI.WebControls; public partial class UserControls_test : System.Web.UI.UserControl { protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { this.XXX.InnerHtml = "BBB"; } } I get an error when I refer to the id, "XXX" (underlined above) in code behind which reads: 'UserControls_test' does not contain a definition for 'XXX' and no extension method 'XXX' accepting a first argument of type 'UserControls_test' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) I have tried XXX.InnerHtml and I have tried this.XXX.InnerHtml and get same problem. How do I successfully refer to ID'ed HTML elements in code behind?

MVC :: Html Helpers / User Controls Dependency Injection?
I've just started wokring with Asp.Net mvc and i relay love it. One thing I don't know how to do it yet is: If I want to develope a new user control (e. g. PeoplePicker) how I get the data? I don't want to use allways ajax requests, some controls should be initialized when the page is loaded. So I could use the Html Helpers and create own extension. So far this is exactly what i want and it's working. But now to the real problem. I can't use dependency injection in extension methods (I'm using, but the problem should be in all di frameworks). So which approche is the most common to use this problem? Must I realy pass in the data from my controller? But then the controller must know how my user controls works, I don't want that!

How To Change Html Elements Attribute At Run Time In Web User Control
I have a web user control menu of page. Now I want HOME (which is an hyperlink text) in menu to be Bold at the time default.aspx Loaded (Load event)! How can I do that If any one can provide code! I am using VB .Net at back.

Can Host On An Apache Server
I have heard of the pains of setting up IIS. On a windows box, can I simply drop a ASP.NET application into Apache server and have it work? Or are there any other server alternatives? I am relatively new to web server concepts. I have heard suggestions for the server in mono but it doesn't seem practical using mono on a windows box, I could use a Linux box with mono, which wouldn't surprise me if it worked better then a windows solution, but for arguments sake this question is directed towards a windows box.

Web Forms :: Hosting User Control In Page
I need a folder/file browser control in my ASP.Net page I have created a windows user control using C# and added it to my page Here is the source code of it:    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" ""> <html xmlns="" > <head><title> Untitled Page </title></head> <body> <form name="form1" method="post" action="default.aspx" id="form1"> <div> <input type="hidden" name="__VIEWSTATE" id="__VIEWSTATE" value="/wEPDwUJNzgzNDMwNTMzZGTRhODPdkC39bBdueaWdgWCc3VlWQ==" /> </div> <div> <OBJECT id="MyWinControl1" height="200" width="200" classid="http:CISFolderFileBrowser.dll#CISFolderFileBrowser.UserControl1" VIEWASTEXT> <PARAM NAME="Title" VALUE="My Title"> </OBJECT>  </div> </form> </body> </html> I am running this page using ASP.Net Development Server But the control is not displayed in browser and no error message is displayed I have checked this url too: [URL]

File Hosting Site Server
I am currently working on a File hosting site like sendspace, megaupload (Not that big, only a small site for college students use it). I am wondering which hosting company out there take high disk space and unlimited brandwidth.

Getting Appending Html In Csv File (open In Excel) After Download From Server To Local Machine
I have created a CSV file on the server and want to send it to the user using the following code: Dim strPhysicalPath As String strPhysicalPath = Server.MapPath( "CSV/" & PathVirtual) Dim objFileInfo As System.IO.FileInfo = New System.IO.FileInfo(strPhysicalPath) Response.Clear() Response.ContentType = "application/" Response.AddHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename=" & objFileInfo.Name) Response.AddHeader("Content-Length", objFileInfo.Length.ToString()) Response.WriteFile(strPhysicalPath) Response.Flush() Response.End() This seems to work fine except when the downloaded file is viewed in Excell the html code behind the page from which it came is also appended to the file.  Does anyone have any idea why it does this?

Downloading Files From Hosting Server
I was asked to redesign one web site. Nothing much complicated. I've got username and pass to hosting provider. Now I can see the files of web site that are already there but how can I download them because only upload seems to be possible. And if so why is that so?

Unable To Upload Files On Shared Hosting Server
When i try to upload a image files to the linux based shared hosting server application with java and .Jsp files (using apache common file upload) the following exception is getting...! access denied ( /var/chroot/home/content/h/e/r/heritageameric/html/heritageshopping/abc.txt write) Hosting people suggesting me that i need .htaccess file to solve and get write permission..! But iam completely new to this .htaccess file concept..!

Hosting One Website Accross Two Different Servers
how to host one domain accross two different servers that gives resliance and load balancing? I know I could setup my domain on two servers and have two of the following records: x.y.z.a (IP add 1) y.y.z.a (IP add 2) But the problem is users also access emails by Now the MX record is pointing to one sever as we want to gather all the emails at one point. So how do I get the users to go to one particular server for the email? I was thinking to alter the email url to something like which only goes to one server.

Website Hosting ... Pointing To Server
I dont know where else to post this, but I am having a weird problem that I do not understand. I have this domain, that I am pointing to a VPS hosting service. I currently have 2 domains pointing here. my main domain, works fine. I go to the domain, no issues ( but the 2nd domain, is where i am having problems ( It is pointed to the same server. but the problem is, it seems like the server change, never "propogated" throughout the internet. So, while MOST of the time, it hits the server as I expect, there are times where it goes to the Generic Network Solutions Page Not Found Error (you know, when you just buy a domain, go to that domain and see some generic page there?). and refreshing, clearing cache, etc, still shows for like 1 minute, then after a bit of refreshing, will see the normal page that should be there. this happens ever so often. I dont go to it everyday, but i think it does it periodically. I dont know what the issue is? Both my domains are pointed to: DNS1547.DIZINC.COM DNS1548.DIZINC.COM The change to the DNS servers was made like 6 months ago, and this issue has always shown up.

File Hosting On A Web Server
is there a way that i can have a web server that runs windows server 2003 and be able to have file hosting on people can upload files to it and be able to access it without having to have a domain name?

File Hosting Dedicated Server
One of my Clients asked me about what kind of server would be great and can handle File hosting website like Rapidshare, Megaupload and Adrive? He just wants to start it here in Arab market Specially [Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE] in hope to do something special with good service. He will give the visitors two options:- Free uploading max: 100 MB per file. Premium uploading max: 1000 MB per file. Also he asked which kind of file uploading script can handle this. with high fast upload/download speed About the budget for the first 3 months he want to pay max 250/m after this, if everything is okay he can pay up to 500~1000$ per month. Nop By the way... most of the Arab market still looking for Rapidshare & 4shared alternatives. As well as they need website in Arabic language with easy steps to use. Server should come with cPanel/WHM High Premium Bandwidth.... [Most Important] Managed will be wonderful but unmanaged is ok.

Lighttpd File Hosting Server
Any one manage file hosting servers here? I run file sharing service, bandwidth usage is going up too much, 300 Mbps, anyone know if file hosting sites use bandwidth shaping ? Any recommended settings for lighttpd?

Need Dedicated Server For File Hosting Site
i want to start a file hosting site like megaupload etc. So need a good bandwitch and storage for beggining and if it grows up then upgrade. Would you recommend buying Dual Core Cpu?Or Pentium 4 for beggining?

Compare Dedicated Server Companies/File Hosting Services
I own a semi-popular downloads website which I host on one server while the actual files/downloads are hosted on another server. This downloads server is very low-end ( AMD Sempron 3000, 1 GB RAM, 120 GB HD, CentOS with lighttpd, no control panel, etc.) and is connected via a 100Mbit shared line with a 3300GB bandwidth limit. Originally, I had it on a 10Mbit dedicated unmetered line but I hoped that by upgrading to the 100Mbit, I'd get better burst speeds, faster transfers/downloads, and a bit more bandwidth in general. Well, this doesn't seem to be the case so I'm looking for a new server or file hosting service hopefully on a better and faster network. Right now, I'm considering the following companies/services: * - Decent Dedicated server with nice bandwidth * - OK Dedicated server with awesome bandwidth * - Great Dedicated server with good bandwidth * - Decently priced pure file hosting with OK features * MegaUpload Business account with Hotlink Quota - Decently priced pure file hosting with nice features

Web Forms :: How To Access HTML Control Value From Server-side Code
I have to access my html control and get its value from my server-side code. Is there anybody who could suggest how I could do it? My html control is very simple: <input type=text> But the thing is: I can't make it <input type=text runat=server> cause in this case my jquery functionality (datepicker) does not work.

Hosting WCF Web Serveic On Windows Server 2003?
Server Error in '/' Application. IISspecified authentication schemes 'IntegratedWindowsAuthentication, Anonymous', but the binding only supports specification of exactly one authentication scheme. Valid authentication schemes are Digest, Negotiate, NTLM, Basic, or Anonymous. Change the IIS settings so that only a single authentication scheme is use

SQL Server :: How To Insert Data Based On Gridview User Value On Row
I have three column comes from database table(Table1) and one column is for entering data for the user let us consider it look like this  ItemNo ItemName Qty  uservalue 001       A               50       20 002       A               20       5 003       B               50   004       C               60      10 005       D               40  006       E               90      15  ........ If its 300 row from database to gridview it will show 50 record with page navigation..What i need is i need to insert data in to database table which gridview row has user value..The output of the another table(Table2) will look like this after insert ItemNo ItemName   uservalue 001       A                    20 002       A                      5   004       C                    10 006       E                    15 

Send User Name And Password To Soap Server?
simple soap program in php where i can send user name and password to soap server and it return Boolean value

Linux Server V/s Windows Server ( WebServer - LAMP V/s WAMP)
My client wants to use WAMP ( Windows + apache + MySQL + PHP ). But the site performance is very slow on windows. I dont know the exact reasons. I have seen some benchmark details on internet. But still they are not having concrete facts to support LAMP as a better alternative to WAMP. Allmost all the search done on google melts down to IIS vs Apache, My main concern is "Apache on LINUX" v/s "Apache on Windows" and similarly for PHP/MySQL.

Timers On Server-side - From A Client-side Piece, Call Off To A Server-side Piece
I'm trying to, from a client-side piece, call off to a server-side piece. I need to do this synchronously. On my server-side code, though, I'm calling off to another piece of code, which I want to have a maximum of, say, 10 seconds to return a value. If I don't have a response within 10 seconds, I want to force my own server piece to set my result equal to 0, and return to the client. Here's what I have on my server-side code so far: Public Function GetWebResult(ByVal inputParameter As Object) As WebReturnObject Implements IWebInterface.GetWebResult Dim result As New WebReturnObject Dim webItem As WebItem = Nothing [CODE]... I realize this code is not functional. The problem is that I'm unsure how I would go about getting back into GetWebResult to set the appropriate return values before it is sent back to the client.

Server To Server File Transfer
I have a unique tool to move your files from old host server to a new one because of some reasons. Find it out later in my post......

Transfer Large Many Files From Server To Server
In reference to my previous post, i want to tranfer accross 7GB of data, approximatly 80,000 files i believe it is (due to a gallery script). It's currently on another host (on a webhosting account) which uses their own control panel which has no options but to manage databases, the only way i can see to do this is via FTP but it'll take me days. I've tried using compressing and backup scripts, but the damn execution time on the hosts server is too low to allow the files to be zipped. Are there any ways? Can i login to my VPS via SSH and anyhow pull off the files from the other hosts server?

How To Transfer Awstats Logs From Old Server To New Server
We had some issues with old server hence we migrated some websites to another new server from our old server. We did a backup of all existing webfiles and database from old server and transferred the same to new server, a manual transfer few weeks ago. However, we were not able to backup our awstats logs for this domains, can someone guide how to transfer awstats from old server to new server? We cannot perform an automated transfer from old server to new server now, is there some way we can migrate our awstats from old server to new server for this domains?

Realtime Transfer Of E-mail From Server To Server
I have a vps (CPANEL)... I would like to have incoming emails for a certain cpanel account transfer to another external server (after coming thru the VPS). I store my emails on the external server and have more space there. The reason behind this is: I have spamassassin on my VPS and would like to run email thru that before it delivers on the external server. I do not have the capability to install spamassassin on the external server. Is the above possible? How can I accomplish this?

Can Assign HTML Values In MVC View Using HTML Helpers
is this right? i am trying to display value in input box dynamically? can anyone advice me is this corect approach? but still I am getting here only + + in input box?

HTML Codes In Strongly Typed HTML Helpers
So, I am having a hard time getting this to work. I am trying to add some typographic HTML codes to some labels I have strongly typed to my model. <%: Html.LabelFor(m => m.Name) %> I am using data annotations to customize the DisplayName of the property: [DisplayName("Your friend’s name")] public string Name { get; set; } However the actual code is being displayed for the label: Your friend’s name I have also tried just using the old write method: <%= Html.LabelFor(m => m.Name) %>

Web Forms :: How To Create A New HTML Control Which Contain Multiple HTML Control
I am realizing a table with multiple rows for a Sharepoint webpart. In this project, I would like to have a new html control which contain a LinkHtml in one column and another label in another column. Essentially this html control would be a row used for my html table. At the moment i am doing a row like this in the main class : [Code]....

SQL Server :: How To Get Notepad All Item In Sql Server Database Table Field
I have one application using Sql server as back end.. in sql server database i have one table which consist two fields.. ItemName and RateI have one notepad file which consist around 700 ItemName with Rate..  So how to get this ItemName and Rate in my Table...

I Need To Enable Register_globals
i got hosting with cPanel Control panel i have some problem with this hosting because its "register_globals" disabled , i need to enable the "register_globals" on my hosting ,

Please see following picture, its see on my server and server is down Its a hypervm main node server.

*.mp3 Link File Hosting
any reliable audio hosting service that can offer an *.mp3 - ending link to a file, not the "" thing, please? In other words I'm looking for a hosting service with a direct link to an mp3 (just to clear things up, its not copyrighted since I'm the owner of it).

Hosting For Videos And Mp3
I'm making a website with image galleries, music videos and mp3. There will be about 20-30 music videos and mp3 files for playing online from server. So, I guess I should look for hosting companies offering large monthly bandwidth.

Which Kind Of Hosting Is Better For Mp3 Content
I want to launch a site for mp3's and pictures. Which kind of hosting is better for this kind of site.And i am expecting more traffic from India.So Hosting from which country is better for me. And one more thing , Are there any restrictions for serving mp3 files on any site.

How To Link Domain With Hosting
I have bought a domain name and hosting space from different sources. I,myself want to link the both.

Hosting Solution For MP3 Download Site
I am searching for a reliable shared(or any other cheap option) hosting provider to host my mp3 download site. My site is getting 3000 uniques a day and monthly bandwidth usage is around 1000 to 1200 GB.

Hosting For Mp3 Site: Advice Needed
I am planning on launching an mp3 site for a music studio. the problem now is, i dont know what type of bandwidth usage to expect from users and i dont want my client to think its my fault. (some of them dont really want to know the technical basics) To give a hint of the advice i am looking for,: say i have 300 different mp3 files at 3.0 mb per size what size of hosting and bandwidth should i look for that can cater for upwards of 100,000 users who will listen to up to 6 hrs of music on the site.

UK Media Hosting (mp3/avi) - No Databases Or Php
I have most of my sites on the very reliable but I only only get around a Gig of bandwidth per month per site. I'm thinking of getting an unlimited hosting package so I could upload client's music files, large images, video clips etc.. Nothing is illegal or adult. Then I could host my sites as normal at Clook and then point to all the very large files being hosted at the new place. I think I'd get about 10Gig of traffic max a month. And as it'll just be an extended online harddrive I've no real need for databases, email, php, cPanel etc... I've seen some unlimited offers at for 4.99 a month with a free domain. Is there a catch? What do you recommend?

WTB: Hosting For My TV Link Sites
I have 2 TV link sites similar to etc. Does anyone know where I can host such sites? I know there are some legal issues with those sites (in certain countries) so I'm not sure who can/will host them. I'm currently at FDC,

Hosting: Big Bandwidth, Allows Mp3s, For Mp3 Downloading Website
i want a hosting where i can host about 50GB of mp3 files available to download for visitors. my budget is 5 to 6$ a month if paying anually,or 10$ a month if paying monthly (or every 3 monthes) there are many hosts offering huge bandwidth for this range of price, but thier policy limits using most of this bandwidth for html only..

Legality Of Hosting Indirect Link To Illegal Content
is it legal to host links to indirect content such as rapidshare/megaupload? I've seen alot of sites hosting these contents and the servers (from traceroute) are hosted in the USA where copyright law are enforced heavily. what do you think? Will my webhost take my site down if I host these contents?

Statically Link Php With Apache 2.0+
I was reading on the internet that it was not possible to link php and apache 2 statically. If this is true then is my only option to install apache 1.3 and link it that way? Are there any solution anyone know to get around this? I know DSO is better but the problem is.. some software requires them to be statically linked so its something I have to solve.

Webhost That Allows File Hosting
I plan to host a small multimedia site. I am looking for a new webhost. I want a webhost that: 1. Costs less than $10 a month 2. Allows file hosting. (Video streaming/downloading) 3. Ideally allows for storage of files that are not related to the website. 4. Ideally allows for anonymous FTP access. Only 1 and 2 are critical. The site will have many MP3s, Videos, PDF and text documents available for streaming or downloading. All the material will either be my own or the copywrited material of my organization. I have their express written permission to host and distribute these media files under a creative commons license. It will be 5GB or less of files, and they will be downloaded rarely and not very many people simultaneously downloading at once. Most webhosts I have looked at (Monsterhost, 1and1, Bluehost,, etc) All offer unlimited/tons of space and have some provision in their terms of service agreement like this: "Webhost company does not allow file sharing / unlimited media sharing." or "HostMonster.Com offers its Services to host web sites, not to store data. Using an account as an online storage space for archiving electronic files is prohibited and will result in termination of hosting services without prior notice." So where can I find a host that allows file hosting, video hosting, etc? I don't need a lot of bandwidth/storage space, but I do want to host my media.

Static File Hosting
I currently have an existing web hosting package with a web host. However, I need to supplement that with a file hosting service for my users. I'm estimating that I will need about 2Gb disk space, and approximately 30~40Gb of traffic monthly. This will just be plain static file hosting. I don't need any scripts, databases, etc.

File Sharing Hosting
Im doing an iphone app related to audio recording. I would like for the user to be able to share these recordings on twitter/facebook. Since you can't encode to mp3 (licensing issue i think), I'll have to do it server side, and then host those mp3s for some period of time (week or month). I'm wondering if anyone can recommend an inexpensive hosting solution I should look at. Most of the cheaper hosting plans I see would probably consider this as file sharing and not allow it in their TOS. I thought I would be able to use google appengine, and pay only for whats used... but since it doesn't do direct disk access I don't think there's a way for me to convert to mp3 with them.

Legalities For File Hosting
I'm creating a script that includes a feature for people to upload files and music which they can distribute to their users... What are legalities for hosting files that have been uploaded by other users? For example, if they upload files that are copyrighted, how do I protect myself from getting in trouble for hosting the files? Would it be better if the files are hosted on the account holders website and my script just links to them?

File Hosting Service
I'm making a website which sells digital goods. Are there file hosting services that allow customers to download directly from them when they buy something? Instead of hosting files on my own web host?

Right Host For File Hosting?
I have a dedicated server for most of my sites and scripts I'm starting a site (kind of like rapidshare, not really the same but for the purpose of this example, it might as well be rapidshare/megaupload/etc) I want to run the main site off my dedicated server, but for the hosting of files, I want hosting that will offer good speeds/bandwidth/space I'm not sure if I should get multiple 10mbit/sec lines, or one 100mbit/sec line, or what I should really do

Cheap File Hosting?
if there were services dedicated to hosting large files. Basically, instead of those free upload sites (ie MediaFire), it gives a direct link to the file, the file doesn't expire, and there isn't a 100MB upload limit. Would prefer to have 50GB+ space, and if bandwidth is metered, probably 100GB/month or over. Obviously, there's no need for any scripting/dynamic content. Would such a thing be available for around US$5/month? (Considering that sites like Megaupload can give you 250GB of space with no bandwidth metering for around US$50/year, I don't think it's too unreasonable to ask for something less but with direct links)

Hosting An Exe File
I host my own website with windows server 2003, and no-ip, and it is called I want people to be able to download an exe file. How do I configure this?

File Hosting Website
A friend of mine and I are developing a new File Hosting website. Growth of data is huge and we'd need a way to welcome million daily users. What do we need? We have already 4 servers on hand ready to go. We are coding a kind of multi-server script to make our life easier. What about the specs we'd need for our main server? Do we need a load-balancing system? And for hardware replacement, is there anyway to get life easier if any hdd (hard drive disk) are broken?

How Would You Link User Genrated Pages To A Database
Lets say i gave user space on my site. They also make there own pages e.g blog or whatver how would that work. Would those blog pages just automatically get added to my host server as if i uplaoded it or would it get stored in a databse. if so how. and wer can i laern do u knw?

Any Hosting Without File Number Restrictions
Is there any hosting providers without file number limits? Or higher limits... I've been using dreamhost, but found that they have a 500k file number limits. So now i'm using less than 2 gigs of disk and still have 370+ worthless free gigs of disk space

Secure File Hosting Service
I don't know where to ask this question so hopefully I'm in the right forum. I have a friend that owns his own company and travels alot. He needs a place where he can store his work files (mostly document like word, excel, pdf, drawings, etc...) which contains very sensitive information. He need a place where he or the people in his team can transfer files and that he can setup access levels for his users. He need access to his files with a secure tool such as sftp or something else that you guys can recommend. Also, since some files can be very large he requires a good transfer speed from everywhere in the world. He's looking at around 100GB of storage space and a very high transfer allowance. He will probably need to host his website also. Do you guys think it's better to host the files and website separately?

Fast, Reliable File Hosting
I have a VPS account now and I host a setup.exe file on my site, but about 10% of all downloads are incomplete and result in a corrupt setup file. I am guessing that maybe it's because too many people are trying to download the file at the same time? Whatever the reason, I need more reliable file hosting. Can anyone suggest a place to host just my files, which will provide speedy, reliable downloads? I'll still keep the VPS for my site, but need to put the files elsewhere. I don't want any free, ad supported sites, or ones that require the user to visit another site first.

Fedora Networking :: Samba Share With Two Network Cards - No Internet Access
I have a fedora 10 box with two network card on eth0 I have a pppoe connection to the internet, on second card eth1 I share my internet connection end I set up a samba server but I don't know if the settings are good. How to do this settings right to work fine, the ip are assigned by dhcp I don't use any static ip .When I try to browse the internet from the other computers some site's like {.com ; .org ; .info} are block, other site from {.ro} are working. Someone tell me something about turn off all my filters, but I don't know where to find this filter to turn it off. And when I use samba I can't have and internet access or vice versa. My network look like that: Code: eth0 |<--pppoe connection | MyComputer (fedora 10) | eth1 | switch | comp.1 comp.2 Win OS MacOS

Red Hat / Fedora :: Detecting Symbolic Links ?
I have a linux server, and use symbolic links a fair amount. I'm also merging some of my php code library to another location. My question is, is there any way to get a list of symbolic links that point to a specific directory which I am going to be moving? that way I can manually go through them and re-point to the new location of the physical folder.

User Defined Classes And Command Button Text
Hi All,I want to know what is the use of a user defined class in VB i.e why would I need to create a user defined class.Can the color of the text on a command button be changed?Thank you.Plzz reply as fast as possible.

Running A Command When The User Clicks The Close Button On The Window (X)
Hi I am sure this is very simple I just can't find it anywhere. How would I go about running the code "End" when the user clicks on the "X" (close button) at the top right of my VB application. When they hit the X on my child window I need it to close the Exe. I can't do it just on unload because I have another button that unloads the window and I don't want the application to to close with that button. Thanks

Html File Where Users Can Browse A File Whose Contents Are Imported To A Mysql Database?
I have an html file where users can browse a file whose contents are imported to a mysql database by a php fileI use file as the input type (input type='file') for the brwse field.But when I specify a file and click the submit button, only the file name is see by the php file;For example if I browse C:file.txt only file.txt will be recieved and not the whole path.

How To Supress System Menu Popping Up Before User Defined Pop Up Menu
Hello,Have a question concerning the following:I have a textbox with the MouseUp event: Code:Private txtName_MouseUp(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single) If Button=vbRightButton Then PopupMenu mnuEdit End If End SubMy slight problem is that before you actually get the pop-up menu on the screen a system menu ( Undo/Cut/Copy... etc) pop upsIs there any way to get rid of that system menu?Thanks in advance for your help,Shurik.

How To Code For User To Press Enter To Execute Command
Hello All -I have a text box into which the user enters text commands. The way it's set up now, as soon as the requisite text appears in the text box the appropriate command is invoked. It's a very simple series of If...Then statements:Private Sub txtCmdLine_Change()        If LCase(txtCmdLine.Text) = "new" Then        txtCmdLine.Text = ""        mnuFileNew_Click    End If    If LCase(txtCmdLine.Text) = "save" Then        txtCmdLine.Text = ""        mnuFileSaveAs_Click    End If    If LCase(txtCmdLine.Text) = "open" Then        txtCmdLine.Text = ""        mnuFileOpen_Click    End If            EtceteraHow can I "interrupt" the process so that the user must press the ENTER key after typing in the text command?Thanks very much,SZW

Make Field Read Only After User Entered Value?
In Salesforce I have an account. On that account I have a couple of fields that are populated from the PHP SDK after some processes run in the background. The PHP SDK updates a field on certain conditions, when that happens I also would like to lock down that field to read-only. Can I do this from the PHP SDK?

Allow Users / Administrators To Update Content Management Themselves
Is there an option besides Drupal or Wordpress to use to allow the user or administrators of a site to update and manage content on the site themselves? Is it possible to use Drupal or Wordpress for a particular section of the site that I want to allow the above mentioned but not the rest of the site. Basically I am just looking into options to be able to make the site from scratch: without having to make it a drupal or wordpress template without having to handbuild the content management system

Can't Read Remote Web Page From Local Apache/PHP
I'm trying to read the contents of any Web page on another host. I'm finding that... echo file_get_contents( '' ); .... works fine if I upload the PHP script to my Web host, and run it there. But if I run it on my PC, which is running Apache 1.3.33 (Win32) and PHP 5.0.5, then it always times out, and gives me the error message... [error] PHP Warning: file_get_contents( [<a href='function.file-get-contents'>function.file-get-contents</a>]: failed to open stream: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond. I get the exact same results using... $fh = fopen( '', 'r' ) or die( $php_errormsg ); while (! feof($fh)) { $page .= fread($fh,1048576); } fclose($fh); echo $page; Anyone know what could cause this to happen?

Force User To Sequence Command Clicks
With 2 command buttons one being cmdSTART and the other cmdSTOP, how would I allow the user to click the start button and then the next time he clicks the start button and if he hadn't clicked the stop button first, prompt him through a form to first click the stop button before the start function would execute again? I think I make sense!D.

Need VBSCRIPT To Play A Midi When User Clicks On A Graphic/ Or Button
need VBSCRIPT to play a midi(music) when user clicks on a graphic/ or button

Samsung Captivate :: Link To Down Loadable User Manual?
I have heard others reference a page in a user manual, I assume this is not something they got with the phone but something downloaded. Does someone have a link?

HTC Hero :: Linking Facebook Users To Contacts
I have to link a lot of my contacts manually to my Facebook friends. I read it should go automatic, but that doesn't seem to work for me all the time. (People -> Updates and Events -> Update now) It seems it only automatically links people who have recently updated any photos recently. Is it possible to force it to go over each of my contacts and see if there is a match? Also, I would LOVE it if the contact would be synced back into Gmail with the information it pulled from Facebook. Is this possible?

Security :: Reset Passwords / Create User / Recover Passwords On An Intranet
My issue today is that i have a MySQL Database and am using the security framework provided by the ASP.NET Membership and Role Providers...I override the default methods with my own MySQL. Now the issue comes in when i someone would like to have their password reset. My application is running entirely on an Intranet so i cannot have their passwords emailed to them. Is there a way i can have this information displayed in any way so that the user can use it to Log Reset, Create Accounts or Recover their lost passwords on an intranet without the administrators intervention? Recently i had an approach as follows. In my web.config<><mailSettings><smtp deliveryMethod="pickupDirectoryLocation" and my location was a folder on C drive as c:/SavedPasswords. Now i understand this was such a big security threat and thats why i am looking for a better option. I would have that folder created using my System.IO and then the Mail is dropped into that folder. Then after the process is successful, i tell the user to check into that location and Read its content. Then there is a global variable that is set to true...meaning that the folder at c:/ has been created. then there is a Method in a certain class that once it sees this variable True, it reads the readers c:/ and deletes that folder "save" if it exists;

Inject Code Into Masterpage / Html Head From A User Control?
I am struggling with something that I guess should be standard practice really. I have a number of user controls that use some JQuery plugins. I do not really want to link to the extra CSS and JS files from my main masterpage as this would cause extra load to the user the first time they hit the site, (admittedly it would only be the once), so I was just putting them links into the top of the user control. Then I looked at my source HTML, not nice! Even worse for controls that repeat multiple times on a page. So I was thinking is there a way of injecting them into the Head of the page when they are needed from the User Control. For that matter is there a way of doing it to the footer for JS stuff?

Custom Server Controls :: Create Html Row And Cell Dynamically In Dynamic Gridview?
I am trying to create a composite control - A textbox, gridview and a button. When I create the grid dynamically, I use my function GridViewDataBind() that will basically create the gridview at runtime and bind it with data. In this method, I add a blank column (first column for expand/collapse image), databound columns (using custom Itemtemplate), a placeholder, then a new html row/cell and a child gridview. I want to know how can I add these html rows/cols to my gridview. Here is the code: [Code].... Not sure if the approach is right and if I was able to explain my problem?

Error Backup, Transfer To New Server "Unable To Find The Cpanel User File."
I have problem: Searching /root.... Found cpmove-clanpz.tar.gz! Moving Packge to /root/cprestore/cpmove-clanpz.tar.gz Extracting tarball....window.scroll(0,175);............... Done Extracting Domain....Done Sorry, the copy failed. Unable to find the cpanel user file. Is the archive missing (cwd: /root/cprestore loaded cpmove-clanpz/cp/clanpz)? checked 4 files..... 1. /scripts/pkgacct username... 2. Transfer backup to new server 3. /scripts/restorepkg username 4. this error

Custom Server Controls :: Turning An Ascx User Control Into A Redistributable Custom Control?
I followed the article to create a user control, when i came to the last step of consuming the dll, the control doesn't show up on my form.It is just a blank page being showed.When i test the user control on a new form, it works. [Code]....

Setting Value In Html Control In Code Behind Without Making Server Control?
Setting value in html control in code behind without making server control <input type="text" name="txt" /> <%--Pleas note I don't want put runat=server here to get the control in code behind--%> <asp:Button ID="Button1" runat="server" Text="Button" OnClick="Button1_Click" /> Code behind protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { if (!Page.IsPostBack) { //If I want to initlize some value in input, how can I set here } } protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { Request["txt"] // Here I am getting the value of input }

Serving Domain Through Apache And Lighttpd At Same Time
There are 2 different domains with the same IP being served by Apache. I want one of the domains to be served by lighttpd, is it possible without having to change the IP of that domain?

How To Keep Number Of Apache Running Processes Down
I have small issue with load speed of pages when number of apache running processes goes over +-310, during peak traffic of day. IE: They load really slow. Here's pic of what I mean: => [url] Only thing that fixes it temporarily (at least until peak traffic ends) is to stop either httpd or mysql for several seconds, as everything cools down, then start it back up. Stop/starting mysql usually has longer terms temporary fix. Anyway, would you have any ideas on what to configure or change within the system in order to keep the processes under 300? The load is normal. Even at load 40, pages are blistering fast, as long as processes are under 300. So it's got nothing to do with load.

Maximum Number Of Apache Connections
I would like to know what is the maximum number of Apache connections a Server can handle? Does this depends on the Config of the Server? Is it Possible for a server to handle more than 2500 Active Apache connections without timeout / connection failure / slowness?

Apache Vs Lighttpd
Until recently, it seemed like everything I read about a server indicated that Apache was king. I have never read anything that has given me any reason not to use Apache. However, about a year ago when I discovered Django, I discovered Lighttpd. From everything I've been able to read, Lighttpd seems to be a better web server, but still don't know very much at all about Lighttpd. I'm fairly comfortable with Apache, although I've never cared much for it. I have a feeling that I'll like Lighttpd quite a bit more from the very little that I do know about it. I'm wondering if I should even consider switching. For one, it seems that everyone knows how to work with Apache and Lighttpd seems to be far less common. Apache also seems to be much more established which leads me to believe that it's a safer choice. Nonetheless, I still really want to give Lighttpd a shot. And, judging from what I've seen about Django and Lighttpd, Lighttpd seems to be a better choice when working with Django. What do you think? Should I stick with Apache since I already know how to use it? Is Lighttpd worth the time to learn or is Apache just too good?

Apache Or Lighttpd
I wanted to know what do you prefer as server apache or lighttpd , though I am running lighttpd and have no issue except that there is too much work for mod rewrite and it effects search engine, so I was thinking to use apache instaed of it will it be possible to install apache over lighttpd or will I have to go for fresh install.

Lighttpd Or Apache
For a year now I've been running my server with Lighttpd. It's worked out well so far, but now that I have a new box I'm reconsidering. Lighttpd does not support .htaccess files which is a bit of a pain, and doesn't have the same support by apps like Apache does. Given that I get very little traffic to my box (it sits idle most of the time) I am considering Apache. How is security between Apache and Lighttpd? I know Apache has things like mod_security and mod_evasive, but I've never really checked how Lighttpd compared.

Apache And Lighttpd Together
Is it possible to do this scenario: [url] [url] So basically anything that comes out of "upload" directory will be served by apache and both on port 80 from the end-users point of view.

Apache 2.2.x Vs Lighttpd
which web server you recommend for a vb forum? apache 2.2.x or lighttpd? performance and resource usage....

Configuration :: Deployment Error -Failed To Generate A User Instance Of SQL Server Due To A Failure...
 I have created roles and users using ASP.NET configurations for login validations, it works fine if I run my application within project but when I publish my site and try to run from my Inetpub it giving this error. I tried all shorts of solutions posted in website but nothing worked for me. "Failed to generate a user instance of SQL Server due to a failure in copying database files. The connection will be closed"

Configuration :: Hosting Two Website On A Single Windows 2000 Server?
I have a website running on a private Ip with url "" and which has external IP  My question is If I want to add one more website on same server with different URL "" What am I suppose to do? Can I use same External IP for the new website or Do I need one more External IP? And even if we can use same external IP for both website How do I route request  to particular website. Note:- My network is behind firewall and I have internal DNS server as well

Windows Server Version Requirements Needed When Contacting Web Hosting Provider?
We are trying to implment some forms written in ASP.NET 2.0 and I'm trying to understand what Windows server version requirements are needed when contacting a web hosting provider etc? I see there are many versions from 1.0, 2.0, 3.5 and 4.0 which appears to be the latest version, well as far as I can see.  Therefore if we sign up for hosting services and the provider only have only version 4 will this be backward compatible to support our ASP.NET 2.0 forms?

Apache Stops Responding
I have a very strange problem. Yesterday morning I got a "server down" alert. Restarted httpd and everything run ok ... until today morning, the same problem again. Symptoms: 1. The webserver did not stop working, it just took too much time to respond. 2. I cannot find anything suspicious in the logs. 3. I started to log the number of apache processes in 4 minutes interval, it did not increase during the failure but remained at a very reasonable number. 4. Now, almost 3 hrs from the last failure, there are 36 apache processes, each eating 14M RAM, server has 4GB ram total, no swapping, almost 3GB are free (cached). The question is. How should I prepare for the expected tommorow failure, to be able finaly localise the problem?

Web Forms :: Want The User To Insert The Date In Same Format(dd-mm-yyyy) But It Will Not Happening As...
I am selecting the date field in the 'dd-mm-yyyy' format by using SQL Codes(103,105...).While inserting I want the userto insert the date in same format(dd-mm-yyyy) but it will not happening as in SQL Server we need to insert the date in'mm-dd-yyyy' format.Pls send me insertion query in sql to achieve this.Pls respond me ASAP.

Custom Php Handler Using Apache's Mod_actions
i have a problem using a PHP script as a custom handler in Apache. What i wanna do is this: Whenever a .html file is requested by a browser, i want Apache to call a CGI that outputs a header, then the requested file and then a footer. I want to use PHP for this, as i also want to do some template parsing. Well, basically, this can be done using Apache's mod_action module, where a custom handler can be defined for a certain filetype. This does work correctly. If i request a .html file, the handler is activated. The strange thing is this: PHP does not output anything but the html header! This is my custom handler file: ------------<htmlhandler.cgi>--------------- #!/bin/bash /usr/bin/php-cgi test.php -------------------------------------------- You see, php-cgi is called to execute test.php, which looks like this: ------------<test.php>---------------------- <?php phpinfo(); ?> -------------------------------------------- what i would expect is, that the PHP info page is being sent to the browser, which is not the case. All that is sent back is the .html file i requested. And the strange thing is: If i execute the CGI from commandline, i get all the phpinfo output! It just doesn't work when called by apache! You might think that the handler is not activated at all, but it is, because if i change something in the custom handler config, like spelling the filename wrong, i get a server error. Also, i tried this using php-cgi directly, like this: ------------<htmlhandler.cgi>--------------- #!/usr/bin/php-cgi <?php phpinfo(); ?> -------------------------------------------- Which just gives me back the exact same results (just the requested ..html file).

Python Imports (MySQLdb) And Apache Python_egg_cache?
I have trouble with php calling a python script, or its calling the script but stops somewhere on the way when trying to import MySQLdb now after adding, to my user .bash_profile, following this guide How do you fix a Trac installation that begins giving errors relating to PYTHON_EGG_CACHE? export PYTHON_EGG_CACHE /var/www/html/path/cache and to httpd.conf AddHandler mod_python SetEnv PYTHON_EGG_CACHE /var/www/html/path/cache i still get this error message, the webserver still try to access /root/.python-eggs and i cant find my exported .python-eggs in my new folder Array ( [stdout] => [code]... The following error occurred while trying to extract file(s) to the Python egg cache:[Errno 13] Permission denied: '/root/.python-eggs' The Python egg cache directory is currently set to: /root/.python-eggs Perhaps your account does not have write access to this directory? You can change the cache directory by setting the PYTHON_EGG_CACHE environment variable to point to an accessible directory.

Html - Allowing User To Browse Url And Then Get The End URL Back?
I have a button in a form which constructs a base google search url and then launches a browser window. I store a reference to the created window. What I want to be able to do is then get the href back from that window. Firebug tells me I am not allowed. e.g <input onFocus='javascript:document.getElementById("url").value=subjectwin.location.href;' type="text" name="URL" id="url" value="<?php echo $_SESSION[""]["eventLink"]; ?>" /> Here "subjectwin" is valid. So I guess it blocks me since that window might have another url in that the user chose. Is there some other workaround to get what I want? Even if my approach is wrong, is there another one : bottom line being I want to get a selected url back into a field onmy form on one page from another.

Soap On Apache
I'm trying to run a soap server on apache using ext/SOAP. It's not working, and the error log has the line PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library './extphp_soap.dll' - The specified module could not be found. in Unknown on line 0 The php.ini file enables the soap extension, and a command line client has no problem running. I'm not sure where apache is taking the starting point of the path from, obviously not e:/php which is in my path variable and in the php.ini for included directories. So, how do I get apache to look for the dll in the right place?