Export Table Data Into An Excel SpreadSheet (VBA, ACCESS)


I have an export function below that will export my table "Test" to an Excel Spreadsheet. However I want it so i can choose where that data in the "Test" table will go in the Excel Spreadsheet i.e. I want to export all the data in to Cell "B2" of the SpreadSheet - at the moment it will export all the data into "A1" Any help or ideas? Private Sub Command3_Click() 'Export function 'EXPORTS TABLE IN ACCESS DATABASE TO EXCEL 'REFERENCE TO DAO IS REQUIRED Dim strExcelFile As String Dim strWorksheet As String Dim strDB As String Dim strTable As String Dim objDB As Database 'Change Based on your needs, or use 'as parameters to the sub strExcelFile = "E:CSCLDMSLDMSDatabaseAppLDMS_Spec.xls" strWorksheet = "WorkSheet1" strDB = "E:CSCLDMSLDMSDatabaseAppLDMS_IFF_APP.mdb" strTable = "Test" Set objDB = OpenDatabase(strDB) 'If excel file already exists, you can delete it here If Dir(strExcelFile) <> "" Then Kill strExcelFile objDB.Execute _ "SELECT * INTO [Excel 8.0;DATABASE=" & strExcelFile & _ "].[" & strWorksheet & "] FROM " & "[" & strTable & "]" objDB.Close Set objDB = Nothing End Sub

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I have created about 7 tables in Access, which all have the same column names. I want to export all of the table's data at the same time into a Excel SpreadSheet using VBA. Also I want specify where i want the data to go in the SpreadSheet e.g. All data will be exported to cell A4. Any ideas or help? Kind Regards Richard

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I have created about 7 tables in Access, which all have the same column names. I want to export all of the table's data at the same time into a Excel SpreadSheet using VBA. Also I want specify where i want the data to go in the SpreadSheet e.g. All data will be exported to cell A4. Any ideas or help? Kind Regards Richard

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I have an export function below that will export my table "Test" to an Excel SpreadSheet. However I want it so i can choose where that data in the "Test" table will go in the Excel SpreadSheet i.e. I want to export all the data in to Cell "B2" of the SpreadSheet - at the moment it will export all the data into "A1" Any help or ideas? Private Sub Command3_Click() 'Export function 'EXPORTS TABLE IN ACCESS DATABASE TO EXCEL 'REFERENCE TO DAO IS REQUIRED Dim strExcelFile As String Dim strWorksheet As String Dim strDB As String Dim strTable As String Dim objDB As Database 'Change Based on your needs, or use 'as parameters to the sub strExcelFile = "E:CSCLDMSLDMSDatabaseAppLDMS_Spec.xls" strWorksheet = "WorkSheet1" strDB = "E:CSCLDMSLDMSDatabaseAppLDMS_IFF_APP.mdb" strTable = "Test" Set objDB = OpenDatabase(strDB) 'If excel file already exists, you can delete it here If Dir(strExcelFile) <> "" Then Kill strExcelFile objDB.Execute _ "SELECT * INTO [Excel 8.0;DATABASE=" & strExcelFile & _ "].[" & strWorksheet & "] FROM " & "[" & strTable & "]" objDB.Close Set objDB = Nothing End Sub

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I am attempting to build a system whereby I can open and read data values stored within an Excel spreadsheet, but do it entirely within Access using VBA functions. Essentially, I want to read data stored within a specific range of cells within the spreadsheet and then insert those values into the tables within the Access database. Any idea how to go about doing this?Alternatively, is it possible to run a VBA function stored within the Excel spreadsheet from Access?Thanks,- coredumped.

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I have a button that when I click on it, I want it to create an Excel Spreadsheet with 5 worksheets. Also how can I change the cell formats in Excel from Access? i.e. I have an export function in Access that exports a table into excel, however I want to change the format in Excel i.e. Make the Column headings bold. Any ideas how I can do this using Access VBA

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I have an Access table and I want to export that table into Excel. The table has a field called "therapy" and based upon what value is in field "therapy", I want the info to split into different tabs in the Excel spreadsheet when the data is being imported into Excel. For example, if therapy = "A", then that record would export to Excel spreadsheet, tab 1; If therapy = "B" then that record would export to Excel spreadsheet, tab 2, etc... I realize that this could be done easily with queries and doing each tab's info one at a time, but this is a process that I would like to have repeated frequently so I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to automate it so that the info automatically split to the appropriate Excel spreadsheet tabs every time when exporting the info out of Access and into Excel. Thanks in advance for any advice or assistance! Melissa

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Hi,I have an excel file that, when loaded, jumps straight to a VBA form and the user never interacts directly with the spreadsheet. The program itself uses the spreadsheet to store data, but the user never sees it.However, the only reason for this is that the spreadsheet is hidden, so anyone with a small amount of VBA and excel knowledge will know they can access the spreadsheet simply by exiting the VBA form and unhiding the spreadsheet. Is there any way I can put added security so not everyone can access the spreadsheet itself?Thanks,Jon

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Hi,Can some help me with writing the code to Export a table from Acces into a new excel spreadsheet, then open an instance of excel to view the newly exported table? I can get the file to export but I am having trouble with the code to open Excel, thanks for you help. See code below..Private Sub Command26_Click()DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet transfertype:=acExport, _        tablename:="newreqtable", _        FileName:="F:UserdataSelectionData.xls", hasfieldnames:=True, _        Spreadsheettype:=8        MsgBox "Export is Complete", vbOKOnly, "Selection Data Export"MsgBox "Your new file is located on F:UserdataSelectionData.xls", vbOKOnly, "Data Export Location"'This is where I need to have excel open the file for the client.End Sub

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A Clarification! Chris quote:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Originally posted by Chris cantene, what you mean select query (not SQL) across multiple tables Are you going to build a select statement without using SQL? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dear Chris, What I mean is the queries tab in the Object toolbar in the MS Access. I wish to export some tuples to a Excel spreadsheet using the DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet method. But the MS Access Help says we can't export result from SQL statement but should create a query first before exporting: MS Access Help: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The name of the Microsoft Access table to import spreadsheet data to, export spreadsheet data from, or link spreadsheet data to. You can also type the name of the Microsoft Access select query you want to export data from. This is a required argument. If you select Import in the Transfer Type argument, Microsoft Access appends the spreadsheet data to this table if the table already exists. Otherwise, Microsoft Access creates a new table containing the spreadsheet data. In Microsoft Access 2000, you can't use an SQL statement to specify data to export when you are using the TransferSpreadsheet action. Instead of using an SQL statement, you must first create a query and then specify the name of the query in the Table Name argument. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ So I wish to know how to deal with the problem. Although some members teach me some explicit methods to run Excel for exporting, I find this TransferSpreadhseet method as suitable for my application.

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Can anyone explain how to program pivot tables (in MS Excel) in VBA with data from a spreadsheet.Does anyone have a code example or a link?Thanks


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I'd like to export a table from Access to a text file (or a spreadsheet) using VB code in Excel 02. I'm using the transfertext command but my code runs through without actually doing anything or throwing up any errors. If I swap the code round and change Export to Import and move the data into the text file manually then the code will happily import the table into Access. Sub Export() dbfile = "C:XLSMDBTable.mdb" Dim a As Object Set a = CreateObject("access.application") [code]....

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Hey everyone, I got this button in access that exports data to a existing excel spreadsheet on my desktop. After it does this I need to run a macro to format the newly exported data. I was wondering if I could perhaps refine this process so that after I push the button in access it 1) Will autocreate a blank excel file2) Export the data to this file [ I have this code already]3) Open the newly created file4) Run a Excel "Macro" to format the data [I have the code to format the data, just need to know if and how its possible to execute this code from access cause if we are creating a new excel sheet then there can be no predefinded macros, right?]So in essence i need to figure out if i can play around with excel functions from within access VBA, If anyone can help me out with this id highly appreciate it. ThanksDocEdited by - doctor on 7/12/2004 10:01:25 AM

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Hey everyone, I got this button in access that exports data to a existing excel spreadsheet on my desktop. After it does this I need to run a macro to format the newly exported data. I was wondering if I could perhaps refine this process so that after I push the button in Access it: 1) Will autocreate a blank excel file 2) Export the data to this file [ I have this code already] 3) Open the newly created file 4) Run a Excel "Macro" to format the data [I have the code to format the data, just need to know if and how its possible to execute this code from access cause if we are creating a new excel sheet then there can be no predefinded macros, right?] So in essence i need to figure out if i can play around with excel functions from within access VBA, If anyone can help me out with this id highly appreciate it. Thanks Doc

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I tried to upload my spreadsheet but the zipped excel spreadsheet was 78KB over the forum max. Its hard for me to explan this without you looking at the spreadsheet. Basicly I'm exporting data from Access to Excel into a spreadsheet. When the data exports into excel I want the data to be formated in such a way and this is where some code will need to be written. I've made up 2 spreadsheets within excel. One sheet is how the data comes into excel from access and the other sheet is how I'd like the data to look without me having to doctor the sheet every time I export.

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I made a spreadsheet for work in Numbers '09 but do to the computers that we have at work, I have to have it exported to Windows Excel, but when I try to export the spreadsheet since I used more than 1 table to create this spreadsheet, each table is converted to an Excel worksheet, and all other objects are placed on separate worksheets since there's more than one table. and I want to know is there anything I can do, to export everything in one spreadsheet, for all the tables to work as one spreadsheet. Information: MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.6.5)

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Hi all, I would like someone to tell me how to export an access table to excel spreadsheet. this main table has relationships with several other tables when i export the data i get the id# that references the data from that specific table not the actual data that i want, it seems it should be easy to do , but i have struggled with it all week .. would really apprieciate some help mickey

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I apologize if I'm posting this question in the wrong forum. I have a query that exports data from an Oracle database�to an Excel spreadsheet.� The�application that executes the query is Computer Associates Eureka Report writer.� I do not have direct access to the database or any of its objects.��With the data in Excel, I run a VBA macro-driven inventory report.� The Excel spreadsheet row limitation is not a problem presently, however, the query exports a lot of extraneous data that I don't need.� I actually export about a dozen columns of data however I'm only listing 4 in the example below. Example: CaseNum�� ActionDate� ActionType� ComplCd 1029901���� 09/08/2006������ F��������������� 0 1029901���� 09/11/2006������ C��������������� 0 1029901���� 08/18/2006������ C��������������� 1 1029901���� 08/17/2006������ F��������������� 1 1029901���� 08/01/2006������ F��������������� 1 When the ComplCd = 1 I only want the query to export one row of data for each CaseNum.� Is there a way to code my query to accomplish this? ugabulldog

Importing An Excel Table 'Back Into' Access - Version: 2003 (11.0) www.utteraccess.com

Greetings, I have analyzed a Table with Excel, made changes to data while in Excel, and am now trying to put the data in Excel back into the Table from which it came. When I try to export back in existing Table I get an error message and no result of exported data. How do I export data from an Excel Table back into the original Access Table? Thanks in advance for your responses!! Regards, Tommy

Running Query To Access: Pulls Data From 2 Columns In A Table And Pastes It To The Spreadsheet www.excelforum.com

I have an Excel spreadsheet with a query to an Access table. The query pulls data from 2 columns in a table and pastes it to the spreadsheet. I am trying to update the VBA a little on one sheet and now I get the attached error whenever the code tries to run in Excel. Here is the code with the offending portion separated at the top.

Link To Excel Created In Crystal Gives 'Report$' Error 3125 - Version: 2003 (11.0) www.utteraccess.com

I am importing into an Access table by linking to an excel spreadsheet. When I save a new version of the spreadsheet that was created via a Crystal reports export and try to link as import to Access, I get an error that says: "'Report$' is not a vaild name. Make sure that it does not include invalid characters or punctuation and that it is not too long." The help shows it as an error 3125. The Crystal export excel spreadsheet is data only and does not contain any headers or footers. It does not have the 'Report$' verbiage anywhere in the spreadsheet (that I can find) nor is the name invalid (export file name is WM_Extract). I can copy the data into a fresh spreadsheet and link with no problem so it must be something hidden at the spreadsheet report level. I have attached a PDF of the error. Please help!

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Hi There, I have recently upgraded from Office XP to Office 2007. I had an Access database which worked fine in Access XP. In it I had a table linked to an Excel spreadsheet. When I entered data on an access form, it updated the Excel spreadsheet [source document] accordingly. This does not seem to work in Access 2007. The linked table option now does not permit data entry or amendement. The other "Get external data" options create a table in Access which also does not update my source Excel document. The idea is to enter data in Access using a form. This data is placed in an excel spreadsheet. Excel gets some lookup values, and then enters these in a Word mail merge. Without the functionality of a linked table and data entry, I cannot produce new reports. Can anybody help please? Regards Mark M.

Specifying Number Of Decimals When Exporting Data www.access-programmers.co.uk

Hi, I use the built in tools "Analyze data with excel to export" to export data from froms to excel and it works fine. The only problem is in the form and table I had specified 3 decimals but in excel the data is two decimals and I have to always reformat the cells manually to 3 decimals. Any way to have this set when exporting even if I have to use VBA code. Thank you.

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Hi as mentioned in title i'm trying to move data from excel into a table in a sql server 2000 database. We have spreadsheets that produce data in excel using querytables. we want a system the other way, by typing data into a spreadsheet, pressing a button which pushes the data into a sql server table. I know this is half VBA and half SPORC question. but i hope you can help!!

Getting Excel Data Into Access www.vbforums.com

I have a client who does a bunch of estimating using Excel spreadsheets. I am looking for an automated way to get data from a few cells on Excel spreadsheets into an Access database. I will be developing a full application that, in part, uses this data - in VB 6.0. Does anyone have a VBA tip where I can create a button on the Excel sheet that will automatically export data into an Access table. Any tips would be appreciated! Thank you!

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I'm writing a program that imports, analysises data then exports it to another program.I'd like to be able to do more than 1 file at a time and have the program loop through the 3 operations. Unfortunately, and the reason excel needs to be involved, a user must check and add certain information to the data before it can be exported. Is there a way to pause a VBA program and have a contiune button on the screen. Which allows the user to modify parts of an excel spreadsheet without stopping the program.

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I have a query regarding how to export data from an excel spreadsheet to a mysql database, by using PHP. I have created the upload form functionality, which enables the excel spreadsheet to be uploaded on to my webserver. But from there on I am confused as to how I can start getting the data extracted from the excel spreadsheet and in to a mysql database table.

Exporting Table Data To Excel File - Version: 2003 (11.0) www.utteraccess.com

Hello, I am trying to export a table data to excel. Here is the command that I am using: DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputTable, "table2", acFormatXLS Data is exported correctly. However, I do not want the field names in the table in access to be exported to excel. Does anyone know how to export the data is a table and not the table filed names. Your help will be appreciated. Thanks

Incorporating Changes To Data From Excel Spreadsheet www.access-programmers.co.uk

I imported an extensive table from Excel. Subsequently, changes were made to the data in the Excel spreadsheet and I would like to incorporate these changes into my Access table. I did not link the two and I do not want to import the Excel spreadsheet again because I have made several changes to the Access table after importing it. Is there any way to have Access go through the information in Excel and make the modifications in the field that suffered the changes?

Different Versions Of Excel Both Using Same Database www.vbcity.com

I have an Access database running VBA with automation to Excel to create exported, formatted spreadsheets.I have users running either Excel 2000 or Excel 2002. If I set things up to operate with the Excel 9 Object Library, it will update to Excel 10 Object library, so those people can work. It does not go the other way however and I get the Missing References error. I am running Excel 2002.How can I programmatically determine which version of Excel is present and then change the references to point to the correct Object Library?

Transfer Spreadsheet Command Access 97 www.access-programmers.co.uk

This problem seems crazy to me....... If I create a macro with a single entry consisting of Transferspreadsheet from a single Access table to Excel it exports perfectly. When I call Transferspreadsheet from VBA code it moves some of the data and puts them into seemingly random Excel spreadsheet columns why is this? This issue first came about when we had to export a table with more than 65,000 records in and so I export using a table name "Sheet1" , "Sheet2" as needed but surely the table name that it comes from makes no odds? Any help appreciated! Regards, Neil

Create A Formula In Excel - Version: 97 (8.0) www.utteraccess.com

My client wants to click a button that will export the contents of a query to Excel. Most of the columns in the query will contain data from tables, and TransferSpreadsheet will do this just fine. However, he wants some of the columns to contain formulas that will actually work in the spreadsheet, simple calculations like =+M5*L5*J5+N5 which I can have Access generate. Does anyone know if it's possible to export a formula to Excel?

AcFormatXLS In DoCmd.OutputTo... www.codeguru.com

Hi all,I am using VBA.. To export a file to MS excel from my MS ACCESS form, i used the command DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputQuery, langName & partName, acFormatXLS, exportPath, Falsehowever, i realised that the format of the excel spreadsheet (excel version 5.0/95) that i have exported is slightly different from the format of the spreadsheet if i had exported by clikcing on FILE, EXPORT... how can i specify the excel version for the exported file? i wan it to be in the latest excel version else i am unable to perform some of the marcos i have written in the latest excel format?Thks FT

Exporting A Query To A New Excel Spreadsheet With VBA - Version: 2000 (9.0) www.utteraccess.com

I'm having a little difficulty in exporting a query to an excel spreadsheet with VBA. I'm using the DoCmd.TransferDatabase command, but I just can't get it working, getting various errors. 'DoCmd.TransferDatabase acExport, "Microsoft Access", strDBPath & strDBFilename, acTable, strQuery, strXLPath & strXLFilename That's the code I'm using, where I'm passing variables into it for the paths. I don't know if maybe I'm just not understanding the DoCmd.TransferDatabase function properly or what, but I need this to simply export to a new Excel file (it is not already existing).

Access And Excel www.access-programmers.co.uk

Hi, I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me here. I have a question. Is it possible to create new worksheet in Access using VBA code? What happen is that i have a form in Access that would export data from Access to Excel. I know that i could use the built-in feature provided in Access to export to excel. But because i guess i want to be more flexible in managing the data on excel spreadsheet. So would it be possible to write the excel programming in the Access? Sorry for asking but i just want to know. Thank you in advance

Import Data From Excel Into Existing Table.... www.sqlteam.com

Hi guys, I need to import all data from Excel spreadsheet to a Sharepoint Content Database (SQL Server).Please suggest the best way to do this. For this when i run the Import wizard under Tasks--> Import in Management Studio 2005 ....it asks me to choose the database name etc....but How to use the Import/Export Wizard to Export Data from a .xls source to an existing table in a database....that is i need to append/insert my excel data into an existing table. Thanks, Kon

Spreadsheet XP Web Component Questions www.vbforums.com

Hi,I am using the Spreadsheet - XP Web Components object in my VB application and have a few questions about it.- Is it possible to save the data the user enters into the spreadsheet so that it is there when they open the program in future?- When spreadsheet data is exported to Excel using the export button it is 'Read-Only', is there a way to makethis editable and get the data from excel back into the spreadsheet?Thanks for any help with this,Dan

From Access Export To Excel, Run A Macro In Excel, Import Result - Version: 2003 (11.0) www.utteraccess.com

Hi, I'm a beginner with limited knowledge of VB coding but I still like to try! What I'd like to do is from the push of a button on an access form, export a table to excel, run a macro in excel to run the solver tool, and automatically export the result back into access. Basically, so that the end user only faces access. So far I've been able to export the data to excel using the following code: Private Sub Command4_Click() DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acExport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel9, "Table1", "H:Book1.xls" Application.FollowHyperlink "H:Book1.xls" End Sub How can I then get an excel macro running on this new table1 spreadsheet tab, and then export it back to access, and close excel all by just clicking that initial button in access? Can anyone offer any help? Thanks! Allison

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I have an Excel 2000 spreadsheet with four columns:Code:City State Name AgeMiami Florida Jones 34Atlanta Georgia Smith 56Dallas Texas Baker 43I need to export it to an Access 2000 database. I have no problem with the Import utility in Access:File/Get External Data/Import and I grab the data.But that puts it in one table.I need to put it in two tables:Code:TableOneId City State1 Miami Florida2 Atlanta Georgia3 Dallas TexasTableTwoId Name Age1 Jones 342 Smith 563 Baker 43Please advise how I can do this?

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I wish to export a Excel spreadsheet or a delimited text file from ONLY PART of a table in a MS Access database using the DoCmd object in my VB program. Can be possible?Sample Data in the Database table (Price):<ticker>;<name>;<date>;<open>;<high>;<low>;<close>;<volume>0001;CHEUNG KONG;02/05/2001;0.0;103.0;101.0;102.0;31038800001;CHEUNG KONG;02/06/2001;0.0;109.0;107.0;108.0;32038800002;CLP HOLDINGS;02/05/2001;0.0;38.20;37.50;38.0;26724070003;HK GAS;02/05/2001;0.0;11.25;11.0;11.15;4514929::I wish to export the tuples:SELECT * FROM Price WHERE ticker="0001"

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Just starting to convert my large Access VBA application to asp.net vb. I have done classic asp in the past but been doing VBA for last 3 years. Just trying to get pointed in the right direction. I am looking to export data to an excel file. I have searched a bit and got my page to export a data table to a tab delimted file and also used the HtmlTextWriter to take the data from a gridview. However I am trying to find something with a little more control I think without losing me : ). I would like to be able to export directly to excel with out displaying it on the page and also have a couple different datasets export to the same excel file with multiple worksheets.

VBA Importing Data From Access To Excel - Date Format Incorrect www.mrexcel.com

I am using VBA to export an access query into excel, the query works fine in access but when importing the data into an excel spreadsheet, it doesn't display the date column headers in the correct format. The problem I have is that the dates 1 to 12 are displayed the wrong way round eg: In Access date column headers from query are: 09/01/2008, 11/01/2008, 12/01/2008, 14/01/2008, 15/01/2008 etc. But when exporting to excel, the above dates are shown as: 01/09/2008, 01/11/2008, 01/12/2008, 14/01/2008, 15/01/2008 etc It seems to be changing round the dd/mm when I export, but only upto 12 when the day is 13 or more it is displayed correctly. Public Sub bttnDMA_Click() 'DMA Figures in Excel format 'Creating the Recordset Dim cnn As ADODB.Connection Set cnn = CurrentProject.Connection Dim MyRecordset As New ADODB.Recordset MyRecordset.ActiveConnection = cnn Dim MySQL As String ....

How To Export Table To Excel? - Version: 2000 (9.0) www.utteraccess.com

How do you export an Access table to an Excel spread sheet? Is it possible to just export it to a saved Excel spread sheet file, resave it and close it so I don't have to look at it? The idea here is to save an Access table in an Excel format to be accessed by another application that will pull the data out of the Excel spread sheet fileds. Thank You!

Table Linked To Excel Not Reflecting Current Data - Version: 97 (8.0) www.utteraccess.com

Using Access 97, I have a linked table to an Excel 2003 spreadsheet. When I update the spreadsheet (done by exporting data from this same Db), this new data it is not shown in the linked table. The only way I can get it to show the "current" data in the table is by opening the spreadsheet up before opening the linked table... but when I close the spreadsheet and table, then open the table back up, it goes right back to data that was in there upon originally linking the file. I've tried refreshing the link, saving the xls file as earlier version and neither works. Any ideas why my linked table is not live-linking to the spreadsheet?

Access Table To Excel www.codeguru.com

Help....I am trying to export an Access table into an excel spreadsheet. And, I would like to only export certain fields from the table. I then need to create a pdf file from the created spreadsheet. Any ideas?ThanksCSmith

Exporting Records From Excel www.vbcity.com

I have an Excel workbook with several sheets. One of the sheets has 67 columns. I need to export this data into a table in Access. In the past, I have created an access object and used the transfer spreadsheet command. I'm wondering if there is a better or easier way to get the data into access?Thanks for the help......

Is There Anyway To Convert Excel To Access Using VB?? www.vbforums.com

hi there,Can u tell me how to import excel and lotus spreadsheets to access tables(new tables) using VB code.Here is exactly what i want to do....I've some excel and lotus input files in a directory. I want to retrieve the data from these spreadsheets and do some operations and save some of the data as an access table.Regards,Rajesh Joy

Insert Microsoft Access Tables Into Excel Spreadsheets www.access-programmers.co.uk

Hi Folks, I have MS Access database with 5 tables in it. And the are few people on my network using excel spreadsheet, which i populate manually everyday from MS Access tables. Looking for any way i can update the tables and spreadsheet data will will updated as well. and i want to use query in excel to filter data.. Is this possible. please help... Thanks in advance. Jag

Export Results Of Query To Excel www.xtremevbtalk.com

I want to write a query in access that accepts 2 parameters (first and last in a range of invoices). I want to have the query automatically export the data an excel spreadsheet. How could I set up a parameter query (i'm new to this stuff) and how could I export it to excel? Would I be better off actually executing the query from within excel and importing the data? What's the best way to go about this.ThanksChris

Transfer Access Table To Excel www.codeguru.com

Please help. I have an Access database table that I create an Excel spreadsheet using TransferSpreadsheet. This works fine, except that the hyperlinks are no longer links. In Access I can export to excel and check the SaveFormatted and the created spreadsheet has the links. How can I do this from VB?thanks,CSmith

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I am trying to import Excel data into an existing Access table. I keep my Excel spreadsheet in the same format as my Access table and when I import data that attaches at the end of my Acess table it works fine. But I am now trying to import Excel data into the same existing table into rows that had cells left blank for entry later?

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Hi All, I have created a report in Access that reads ok in word but just to make my life difficult the recipients now want the report in excel so that they can cut and paste the data easily. When i export as an xls file however the data comes out jumbled and out of sync. is there any way I can create a template that would lock all the exported data (labels, textboxes etc) into specific places on the excel spreadsheet saving me the hassle of having to rearrange it everytime.ThanksD

Cannot Export From A Table To An Excel File - Version: 97 (8.0) www.utteraccess.com

Access 97. Cannot export from a table to an excel file Error Message said "Can't update. Database or object is read-only". ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ACTION TransferSpreadsheet Transfer Type: Export Spreadsheet Type: Microsoft Excel 97 Table Name: EXPORT_TABLE File Name: W:ACCESSExport.xls Has Field Names: Yes

How To Convert XLS To MDB And Add An Index? www.access-programmers.co.uk

When I load a spreadsheet I can't add an index because it is a linked table, so I want to save it in MDB format so that I can add an index and then export it to SQL. However, when I save the file as an MDB file the data is all still linked as a spreadsheet and I still can't add an index. (I would add the index at the last step in SQL, but Pervasive SQL is very temperamental.) Basically I just want to export an Excel spreadsheet into SQL and add an index.

VBA Code To Control Numerous Excel Windows www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi!When using the "Export to Microsoft Excel" function from Internet Exlporer, the data is exported to a new Excel workbook every time (book1, book2, etc).The problem is that these workbooks start in new Excel application windows, and I can't figure out how to perform data manipulations on them using VBA code from my existing VBA application window (as I do with the workbooks residing in a single Excel application window).Many thanks for any suggestions or help!

Export Pivot Table - Version: 2003 (11.0) www.utteraccess.com

I have several reports that i need to export from Access to a spreadsheet. These need to be viewed in excell as a pivot table. I also need to be able to name the tabs on the spreadsheet. I have looked on the site and found how to export data to excell and how to analize in excell but i cant find a script that will just allow me to export to excell pivot table directly.

Exporting A File As Pipe Delimited? www.vbforums.com

Currently I am building an application that will do Data Validation on an Excel Spreadsheet.The application will allow a user to load an Excel Spreadsheet in and runs checks on the data. The application needs to export the spreadsheet as a pipe delimited file with all of the fields separated by the character.Currently I have written an Excel Macro that will export it as a Text File then delimit it and save the text file as a .ps1 file. I cant seem to figure out how to write this same code in VB instead of VBA.I am currently using Visual Studio 2010.Here is the code for my Macros that work fine but I need it in the application and not on the spreadsheet. [Code]...

Detect Auto Refresh In VB And Run A Macro www.ozgrid.com

My Excel spreadsheet is linked to an Access database to Get external Data. When the data is periodically refreshed ,while the spreadsheet is open, I need to automatically detect it so that a macro can be run each time to format the new data. The Excel data is not a pivot table. The spreadsheet is for display of data only (no user updating).

Using Visual Basic 6.0 To Export Data To An Excel Spreadsheet www.xtremevbtalk.com

I have a production application that returns a recordset to a grid with an option to return the data to an Excel spreadsheet. It works fine when exporting smaller recordsets (less than 5000 records) but when exporting larger recordsets (more than 5000 records) my program locks up, no messages, nothing.Do anyone know of any restrictions when exporting data into an Excel spreadsheet besides the exceeding maximum number of rows or exceeding maximum number of columns? I am baffled and could use some help!!! I have attached my code if that would help.

Export Access Table To Excel Using Vb? www.xtremevbtalk.com

This should be simple...I have created a button on my form that says "Export". Now all i want that button to do is export the data from the products table(access 2000) to an excel spreadsheet using vb code. The easiest way possible.

Combine Text && Numbers In A Field? www.xtremevbtalk.com

Is there any possiblity to make Access accept both text and numbers in a single field without loss of any data?Scenario:I export data from Excel to an Access db. The data exported could not only be text or numbers, but as well a combination of both. I can create fields in a way they would accept text, but would loose all numerical input if available. In the other way round I'd loose all my text. (New tables and fields are created before I export to Access).... Code:CREATE TABLE BLABLA (FIELD1 TEXT(60), FIELD2 TEXT(60), FIELD3 TEXT(60))I could provide all numerical input of a leading ' character to make Access accept the numerical input as text before I export the data, but I also need to import the same data in Excel again. If I would provide all numerical data of a leading ' first, I'll have to remove the character first before I can manipulate the data again in Excel, hence the reason why I'd like not to use such a "solution".

Import Data From Excel - Version: 2000 (9.0) www.utteraccess.com

I am using this method to export the data collected by a query to an Excel spreadsheet. ... DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputForm, "MyQueryForm", acSpreadsheetTypeExcel9, stPath & MyFileName, True ... No problem so far. Here is my question: I need to build an interface for the users to IMPORT an Excel spreadsheet and dump the data into an existing table. It is easy enough to go to the File menu, click on Get external data, etc etc ... but my users won't be able to do that, and besides, I don't want to give them access to the database menus. So, I want to make it as easy and foolproof as possible for the users to import an Excel spreadsheet that has arrived by e-mail, and then access the data through the GUI. Is there an article somewhere or does anyone have any experience with this? I would appreciate any help or advice. J

Export Table To Excel www.vbforums.com

Hello there,does anybody knows how can I export a SQL table into Excel using Visual basic. I want the data from an SQL table to be exported to an excel file or spreadsheet using VB.Thanks in advance.

How Do I Add A Row To An Excel Spreadsheet From Access (with VBA)? www.vbcity.com

How does one add a row to an Excel spreadsheet from VBA (running from Access)?My real purpose is to import data from an Excel spreadsheet into an Access database via code. If a column in the Excel spreadsheet contains text, but the first row has a value that can be interpreted as a number, Access imports that column as numeric & fails to import any row that has a text value. The Microsoft answer appears to be – add a new top row to the spreadsheet that contains data that cannot be interpreted as a number.If there is a better way to do the import, I’d appreciate hearing it.Access XP, Excel XPThanks,Mike

AcFormatXLS In DoCmd.OutputTo www.access-programmers.co.uk

Hi all, To export a file to MS excel from my form, i used the command DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputQuery, langName & partName, acFormatXLS, exportPath, False however, i realised that the format of the excel spreadsheet (excel version 5.0/95) that i have exported is slightly different from the format of the spreadsheet if i had exported by clikcing on FILE, EXPORT... how can i specify the excel version for the exported file? i wan it to be in the latest excel version else i am unable to perform some of the marcos i have written in the latest excel format? Thks FT

Trouble With Export Feature In Access www.access-programmers.co.uk

I have a form whose fields are calculated based off VBA code, including fuctions, SQL, etc. Because of the nature of my form, I cannot save the calculations to a table before exporting to and excel spreadsheet. When I use the File>Export feature of Access and save to and Excel format, I am not able to change the format of my numbers in Excel. For example, I have tried to highlight some of my exported numbers, right-click, and change the format to currency in Excel (or even decimal places). In order for excel to change the format, I have to select the cell, place my cursor in the edit window, and hit enter.....then the format will change.....is there any way to avoid this? Please let me know if this isn't clear, and I'll attempt to explain it better.

Exporting Data To Excel www.xtremevbtalk.com

How do you export data to excel? We are trying to export selected records of an inventory in Access, and write the data to an Excel spreadsheet which will be automatically opened (read only) for the users viewing.

VB - Excel Automation Slow :o( www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi!I am exporting data from an excel spreadsheet to an access database using ADO.I have created a macros to do so, and if I import the macro and run it (having excel running), it works quickly.If I automate Excel from Vb and run the macro, it also works quickly, however I need to export data from a NUMBER of excel spreadsheets that currently do not have the macro in, so this would mean the user would have to import the module and run the macro for each file (slightly time consuming).What I would like to do is automate excel from VB and instead of running a macro, let vb retrieve the data and add it to the Access Database, but this takes FOREVER! I have a pentium 4 pc and it is just way too slow. I know that this is due to the fact that I am reading each value from the workbook from vb, is there any other way to speed up the process, like extract the data to a recordset first? Any advice would be appreciated,Nicole

Check If A Excel Workbook Exists And Re-name It www.vbcity.com

I have a Access database from which data needs to be exported daily into an excel workbook. The most current workbook should have the name data.xlsI would like to know if there is a method to check if the workbook data.xls exists and then have to rename it to someother name so that I can create a new data.xlsBasically from vba in access " is there a way to check if a excel workbook exists and also is there a way to rename it? "ThanksPraveen

ACCESS Macros Automation visualbasic.ittoolbox.com

Hi I have completed an application in ACCESS 2003 ,the input data is inform ofan excel spreadsheet.I had gotten my desired output.However i have to do thesame procedure on 12 more spreadsheets.Each spreadsheet is unique and theresults are unique.How can i automate the process? , ACCESS VBA Macros ? .. Which codes do ihave to copy and paste, How can i create a robust automation of the macros Replies to all these would be very helpful Thank you Matta

Data From Excel To Access forums.aspfree.com

Hi I was wondering if there is a way to import the data stored as a excel file to ms access table. For ex: I have a spreadsheet that has three columns: Country city population Each country would have multiple cities. My Access table "cities: has a similar structure like this. Is there a procedure I can write to copy the data into the Access table from the spreadsheet without having to do it manually? Please advise. Thanks in advance

VBA Code To Export Query Results To Excel CSV File Format - Version: 2003 (11.0) www.utteraccess.com

Is it possible to export to a CSV file from Access? Excel is listed in the macro windows, but this does not create the csv format I need. I am thinking I need to use VBA to do this, but don't have a clue how to code it. The transfer spreadsheet and transfer text methods do not have csv listed as a possible export format. Anyone have an idea how to do this?

Extra Character When Exporting To Excel? social.msdn.microsoft.com

I am exporting a sql data table to excel using VB 2008. The export works fine but when I open the excel spreadsheet and click on individual cells, I see an apostrophe at the beginning of the string. Is there a way to keep this from happening in the export? Here is my code: Dim strfileall = "C: estdata.xls" Dim SQL1 As String = [code]....

Exporting Data From Access To Excel www.xtremevbtalk.com

hello everyone.i'm looking for the best way to export data from an access database into excel.at the moment i have an excel spreadsheet where there are only select areas in which data is entered. i want to create a database, and forms, to hold and input this information rather than excel. i however want to export data from access to excel. i want to put the data into existing worksheets. i also want to automatically fill out other cells with formulas that do calculations based on what is imported from access.is it best to code this into my access forms. so, say, when data is submitted to the database it is also sent to excel or is it best to use macros within excel.i have experience with various programming languages (java, c, python, scheme, prolog...) but virtually none with VB so if possibly i'd really like some small examples of code thanks!...

Excel 2003 As A VB6 Datasource www.xtremevbtalk.com

I'm currently working on a program in which I would like to use a user generated file in excel 03 and pull data from that file into VB6. I want it then to run through a loop and generate another excel spreadsheet. I've gone through about all the sample code and tried using a Data box to pull the data from excel and import it to a OLE with no luck. Can someone please explain how to pull data from Excel 2003 and then export it creating a new excel spreadsheet... Thanks

Exporting To Autocad www.ozgrid.com

I have some data in Excel that I want to export to AutoCAD using VBA Code in Excel. But I don't want to have a table inserted in AutoCAD, but polylines and multitext. Is it possible? If someone could give me an example, how to draw simple polyline and insert mtext in AutoCAD (from Excel VBA Code) I should be able do do the rest.

Excel Pivot Tables www.xtremevbtalk.com

I am dumping a large amount of data from an access query to a excel file. The users need to see both the raw data and a pivot table. I am trying to avoing having to open the new file and manually add a pivot table.I've tried copying the macro code from Excel and that doesn't work. Does anyone know how if it is possible to add a Pivot Table from Access to an excel spreadsheet that already exists?Thanks,Phil

VBA Excel 97 Dialog Box (sheet) - Controls www.vbforums.com

For me, as Excel Spreadsheets progressed it became necessary to work with some VBA and when we upgraded to Excel 97, old macros were imported into VBA. The VBA element made the "Help" confusing. Still I have been able to get some VBA working throughout the Spreadsheet (through experiment, trial and many errors!). My current problem concerns Edit/List Boxes within a Dialog Box (sheet) and getting them to work and enter data into the spreadsheet, while keeping the Dialog Box open and working through a series of Edit/List Boxes ...after opening the Dialog Box, the problem is with this piece of code for one its Controls:-----Sub LedgersEnterData1_Change() 'Select the DialogBox that contains EditBox2 Sheets("Dialog1").Select 'Select EditBox2 ActiveSheet.Shapes("EditBox2").Select 'PROBLEM SYNTAX I'd like to copy the data from within EditBox2 (not EditBox2 itself! - as in: 'Selection.Copy - copies EditBox2 itself onto spreadsheet with macro assigned that reproduces itself when clicked! Selection = Value.Copy 'Select Spreadsheet Sheets("Update").Select 'Select Cell Range Range("H21").Select 'Paste data into Cell in Spreadsheet ActiveSheet.Paste End Sub-----I usually work most things out for myself but this one is defeating me... can anyone help please? Linda

Exporting To A Preset Excel Template - Version: 2002 (10.0) XP www.utteraccess.com

I am trying to export data to an Excel .csv spreadsheet that is provided by a third-party software to load GL entries from another system into the third-party system (AS400). This template(Excel) is already formatted and any changes to the formatting will result in errors on the upload process. I have built a table in Access that mimics all the characteristics of the Excel template, but when I export using the TransferText command in a macro the spreadsheet is re-formatted, i.e. the amount fields like 2510.00 show as 2510. The user can change the formatting on the spreadsheet, but I would rather them not have to do any reformatting. My VB knowledge is limited but I am thinking this might be the only way to open the actual Excel template and write directly to each cell and control the formatting. Does anyone have or know of a solution? Many Thanks!

Excel / Access Report Automation www.mrexcel.com

I have an Excel report that I'm wanting to know if it can be automated. Basically it starts off in Access, I have a few queries that run via an Access Macro, once the queries are done there is one query via the macro that exports a file of data to excel. I then have a 2nd excel file that is a pivot table that I refresh from the exported Excel file of data from Access. Once refershed, save it, upload it to a Sharepoint Site and send out an email via Outlook. Basically I'm wanting to know if this can be automated to were it runs at like 6am or something before I even get on my computer. I'm not a vba expert, I can do some basic stuff but what takes most people an hour or so to do would take me a day or so. Also would this be easier to just have the pivot update directly to the Access DB?

Putting VBA Code Into An Excel Spreadsheet From Access - Version: 2003 (11.0) www.utteraccess.com

I have a number of reports being created in excel via and export Access VBA code. (ctreate object etc etc etc) I would like to build charts on the fly based on the exported values in the spreadsheet. The Excel VBA i would like to create on the fly is of this form Sub MakeChart() Range("C10:G34").Select Charts.Add ActiveChart.ChartType = xlLineMarkers ActiveChart.SetSourceData Source:=Sheets("CrossTab").Range("C10:G34"), _ PlotBy:=xlColumns ActiveChart.Location Where:=xlLocationAsObject, Name:="CrossTab" With ActiveChart .HasTitle = True .ChartTitle.Characters.Text = "Planned Vs Actuals" .Axes(xlCategory, xlPrimary).HasTitle = True .Axes(xlCategory, xlPrimary).AxisTitle.Characters.Text = "Period" .Axes(xlValue, xlPrimary).HasTitle = True .Axes(xlValue, xlPrimary).AxisTitle.Characters.Text = "Outturn" End With ActiveSheet.Shapes("Chart 1").ScaleWidth 0.38, msoFalse, _ msoScaleFromBottomRight ActiveSheet.Shapes("Chart 1").ScaleHeight 0.65, msoFalse, _ msoScaleFromBottomRight ActiveSheet.Shapes("Chart 1").ScaleWidth 2.18, msoFalse, msoScaleFromTopLeft ActiveSheet.Shapes("Chart 1").ScaleHeight 1.71, msoFalse, msoScaleFromTopLeft End Sub Any ideas how I can modify this code in a if i create the spreadsheet from a template where the code is embedded or how I can create the macro in excel at run-time then execute it Thanks

Refresh Function forums.aspfree.com

I have a form which I use to manage my Access-Excel relationship. Basically I have a list box to see my access records, a cmd button to export these records to excel, and a list box to view the records which are saved in a excel file. The code exports data into a new spreadsheet in excel and then it closes it going back to my access menu. I woulk like that each time excel closed, my form is refreshed meaning that the list box should show the new excel file just exported. I have created another cmd button to run a refresh but would like to run it when excel closes. Note that while exporting to excel, my form is alway active. Thanks.

Export / Import To And From Excel www.access-programmers.co.uk

hi, I'm having a small but annoying problem exporting data to excel and then importing it back.. The problem is that when i export a table to Excel - it changes the date format from dd/mm/yy (which is what i have in Access) to DD-MMM-YY (automatically in Excel) This proves to be a problem because when i import the spreadsheet back Access gives me a data type conversion error. Its easily solved manually by changing the field in excel to dd/mm/yy format but annoying as the user will have to do this everytime they export and import! Any suggestions?? Thanks in Advance..

Export Data From A MySql Table Into An Excel Spreadsheet www.phpfreaks.com

I would like to know how to export data from a MySql table into an excel spreadsheet. I have the knowledge to get the information from the database to the spreadsheet but how do I have the code repeat until all data is echoed onto the page?Here is what I have already. This produces only a single row of results from the database...just need to know how to get it all onto the spreadsheet! /** Error reporting */ error_reporting(E_ALL); [code].........

Export Table To EXCEL With Required Formatting www.access-programmers.co.uk

Hi all the problem i am facing is that the table exported by ACCESS to EXCEL is without any kind of formatting, bold text italics etc. , is there any way i can make access export the excel file with bold column headings and the cells having solid borders(basically any formating i wish to give). Each time i export the table i have to open excel and format the spreadsheet giving headings highlighting stuff and all and it is very troublesome so i did make a macro in EXCEL for it but i still need to open the file in Excel and run the macro. is there some way to run that macro during the export process so that the user just gets the file in the format he/she wishes. thanks for you help in advanc

Macro Opens Excel www.xtremevbtalk.com

This is an Excel problem, but I think it's caused by Access, so I'll post it here. I've got a VB app that gives me updated data on our call center every 15 minutes. The data is exported to Excel spreadsheets, then a macro in Access imports the data from Excel into Acess to be read into my VB app. Every once in awhile I'll get the message that a spreadsheet is now available for read-write, and the spreadsheet becomes visible. I can close it, but if I run the taskmanager and check the processes, Excel is still running, which is where I think the problem lies to begin with. Am I missing something in my code that is not "closing" Excel properly? I'm not opening Excel directly in the app itself, only through the macro. Any ideas?

Problem Entering External Data From Excel Into Access Field Using Input Mask www.access-programmers.co.uk

Hi, I'm new to this. I'm trying to enter data (it's actually Latitude and Longitude co-ordinates) from an existing Excel source into an Access database which has input masks of 00�00'00.00"L;0;0 (Latitude) and 000�00'00.00"L;0;0 (Longitude) in the respective fields. However I cannot get the information to import or display correctly. I did an "export data" of the respective table (hence fields) to Excel to try and get the correct entry format. An example of the Lat exported was 24�49'41.81"N and Long was 067�01'44.02"E (but with a very small ' in front but only visible in the data entry line in Excel, not in the actual spreadsheet table???) However when I try to enter the data (even using the exact same little degree symbol, apostrophe, and quotation marks) it does not enter the access fields correctly. On closer scrutiny of the exported Excel format I note a small ' at the very beginning of the 24�49'41.81"N or 067�01'44.02"E string. But as I said previously only visible in the data entry line next to the formula button. Not on the spreadsheet cell. However even when I "Paste Special" "values only" my new co-ordinates into the same entry location as one exported, it will still not import, or display correctly. If I go into the Access database directly there is a form where if I need to enter the new co-ordinates (using lat example above) I only have to enter 24 49 41 81 N (spaces between) and it will show correctly as 24�49'41.81"N I'm getting desparate as I don't want to have to change all the details manually. Anyone know what my correct format from an Excel spreadsheet should be? Apologies for lengthy story! Difficult to describe problem with degree symbols etc

Linking Excel And Access - Version: 2003 (11.0) www.utteraccess.com

To the experts, Is it possible to do something to link up excel spreadsheet with access tables. For example: When someone edits the data from the excel spreadsheet, the values in the access table changes along with it. Thanks for your help.

Is It Possible To Export A View To Excel In MS SQL 2000 ? bytes.com

Hi all, In MS SQL Management Console I can right-click on any Table and I have the option All Tasks > Export Data where I can export the table to Excel. In a View however this isn't there. I have many views I want to simply export to Excel, but the only way I've found to do it is creating an ODBC connection to the MS SQL database from MS Access, linking the Views to Access Tables, and exporting from Access. surely there's someway to export a View to Excel within MS SQL easily like exporting a table... Thanks --- Alex

Listbox Column Headers Name www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi,I have a userform in Excel VBA which is connected to Access database.there is a listbox in that userform and through SQL query I take the data from access table and add it to the listbox.I know how to make it multi column listbox,currently I am using columncount property as 5 so there are 5 column.the problem is that I don't know how to name the headers.I know to use rowsource but I only can use it when data is from excel sheet. but in my case I need to get the data from access table.can somebody please help how to get the headers nameThanks

Populating A Table - Version: 2003 (11.0) www.utteraccess.com

I'm a very very new user to Access and I'm having trouble populating tables. I have an Excel spreadsheet that contains tons of information that I"d like to put into a database so that users can easily update and change the information. The spreadsheet has around 50 fields and so it's really inconvenient to go into the spreadsheet and find the specific cell to update. So I was thinking that I'd create a database with the same information and use forms (I guess?) to select specific fields within the spreadsheet to update so that the user doesn't have to scroll through the whole spreadsheet in Excel. This way, in theory, with multiple forms I can have users more easily update information. I was thinking that within Access I could create a bunch of tables and have forms for each and then have a master table that contains all the information from the individual tables and then just export that master table to an excel spreadsheet? Is that the most efficient way? I'm hoping to be able to use forms to update tables and then have a master table that automatically updates whenever something's changed in the individual underlying tables. Is that even possible? I've imported an excel spreadsheet w/ all the data I need to use into its own table in Access, and now I'd like to start populating other tables with that data, but don't know how. Sorry for all the questions, but I'd reallly really appreciate any help! Thanks! - Jon

How 2 Process Current Data From Open Excel SS www.vbforums.com

I am a programmer but never really programmed anything in VB6 or Excel but now I have a project that has to be done from an excel spreadsheet via a button or macro. From an open excel spreadsheet with data I need to call a VB processing program with at least two parameters, a data parameter and a link parameter containing the handle to the Excel spread sheet. The VB program can then use the handle link to process/read the data on the spreadsheet and then update the spreadsheet with related data it processes (thru one or more DE screens) and then return control to the spreadsheet. In summary I want to call the VB program to hit a SQL Server backend to gather more data relating to the data they entered and put it into the spreadsheet they are working in.Is there a way to pass a handle of the current Excel spreadsheet to a VB program so that it can process and update it?I am also wondering if I should just do this in VBA.Since I am new to all this coding examples are greatly appreciated as well as advise. I am still not sure exactly how I am going to do this. ThanksRick

VS 2008 Exporting Data From Gridview To A Excel Spreadsheet? www.vbforums.com

Exporting Data from Gridview to a excel spreadsheet? How do I do it? I google for examples and all the examples I found are for ASP.Net but I am doing a windows app using vb.net.. Is there anyone that can provide me any example of exporting data from gridview to a excel spreadsheet?