Encrypt And Decrypt Text File?


I save data from datagridview to text file . I also load the same data from text file into datagridview for edit and update the same thing to text file. Now i want to make my Drill layer header.txt in encrypted format to prevent anyone to open that file and modify out of program. They only can modify it through the program How can we do like this? My Drill Layer Header.txt file is like this T240C3.175F012S27H2000 T239C0.95F034S55H1000 T236C1.2F029S48H2000 [code].... This code can encryp the text file. But accrding to this code EncryptFile("c:\Drill Layer Header.txt", _ "c:\Drill Layer Header original1.txt", _ sSecretKey) It ask for input and output file. So it take data from Drill Layer Header then encrypt the save in drill layer header original.txt. I want it to take data from drill layer header and encrypt and save in same file.

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I encrypt and decrypt a string with a private key and following functions. so I encrypt a string with Encrypt function and decrypt the encrypted string with decrypt function. If someone can change the encrypted string and then it decrypts with decrypt function, the decrypted string isn't equal to plain text before encrypting. I want to know how can I check is decrypted string equals to plain text before encrypting? [code]....

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I am encrypting a file with this code. [Code].... Error #1 Encrypt works but decrypt does not. This is b/c the file extensions in TextBox1.Text is .txt and it is looking for .enc Error #2 If I enter in the file.enc the file will be decrypted but it will have the file extensions .dec. How can I copy the extensions (.txt) and replace the .dec after it was decrypted.

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I have a Problem to Decrypt my crypted files :e.g. if I encrypt this text: B�AR B�LASDJASPDJAPSDJPASDJPASD asdj ... And Decrypt it: AB0_�-M3‚S�r�WPJAPSDJPASDJPASD asdj ... The first chars are wrong! My Code to Encrypt and Decrypt : Encrypt: Public Shared Sub EncryptFile(ByVal sSource As String, ByVal sTarget As String, Optional ByVal BufferSize As Long = 4096) Dim ErrorHappened As Boolean = False Dim OldFileStream As FileStream Dim NewFileStream As FileStream [code].....

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I have no trouble creating an instance of the class, setting a "key", encrypting some plain text, and decrypting the text FROM WITHIN THE SAME CLASS INSTANCE. But, I plan to store the bin2hex of the encrypted text in a database, then later decrypt using the correct key. But when testing the following -- using one instance to encrypt and another instance to decrypt -- I can't seem to get my plaintext back. Instead I just get an error object saying my key is not initialized. Code:

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I'm joining several files and would like to encrypt them with AES. As a test I'm joining the exact same file twice, but I'm never able to properly decrypt the second file. Steps to reproduce: Make sure you have a file "C:Original.pdf" or change the filepath. 1) Click Button1 to encrypt the file. This will create an encrypted file named "Encrypted.bin" 2) Click Button2 to decrypt the file. This will create a decrypted file named "Decrypted.pdf" Both "Original.pdf" and "Decrypted.pdf" are 100% the same. 3) Uncomment the code between the hash character lines. 4) Repeat the first two steps."Original.pdf" and "Decrypted.pdf" are now not the same. vb.net Private enc As New Encrypt Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click'Encrypt enc.EncryptDecrypt("C:Original.pdf", "C:Encrypted.bin", True) [Code] .....

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I save data from datagridview to text file . I also load the same data from text file into datagridview for edit and update the same thing to text file. Let say this text file i called as Drill.txt. I have another text file called header.txt which need to match its value with the value of Drill.txt file then overwrite value from Drill.txt to header.txt. Now i want to make my Drill.txt in encrypted format to prevent anyone to open that file and modify out of program. They only can modify it through the program How can we do like this? [Code]...

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I am coding settings for my program and it will load the settings on program load and save the settings on program close. Some of these are encrypted and decrypted and thats what I am having a problem with.Declarations:Code:Private TheLines() As StringPrivate FileContents As StringPrivate File As Integer Encryption:Code:Public Function Encrypt(Text As String) As StringDim I As IntegerDim C As IntegerDim Temp As StringTemp = ""For I = 1 To Len(Text)C = Asc(Mid(Text, I, 1))C = C + 10If C > 255 Then C = C - 255Temp = Temp & Chr(C)Next IScramble = TempEnd FunctionPublic Function Decrypt(Text As String) As StringDim I As IntegerDim C As IntegerDim Temp As StringTemp = ""For I = 1 To Len(Text)C = Asc(Mid(Text, I, 1))C = C - 10If C < 0 Then C = 256 + CTemp = Temp & Chr(C)Next IUnScramble = TempEnd FunctionSettings:Code:Public Function SaveSetting()Open App.Path & "Settings.txt" For Output As #FilePrint #File, Form2.Option1.ValuePrint #File, Form2.Option2.ValuePrint #File, Form2.Option3.ValuePrint #File, Form2.Check1.ValuePrint #File, Encrypt(Form2.Text1.Text)Print #File, Form2.Check2.ValuePrint #File, Encrypt(Form2.List1.Text)Print #File, Encrypt(Form2.Text2.Text)Close #FileEnd FunctionPublic Function GetSetting()Open App.Path & "Settings.txt" For Input As #FileForm2.Option1.Value = TheLines(20)Form2.Option2.Value = TheLines(21)Form2.Option3.Value = TheLines(22)Form2.Check1.Value = TheLines(23)Form2.Text1.Text = Decrypt(TheLines(24))Form2.Check2.Value = TheLines(25)Form2.List1.Text = Decrypt(TheLines(26))Form2.Text2.Text = Decrypt(TheLines(27))Close #FileWhen I run my program, I then try and add some settings. When I close the program I look at the text file which has been created and it has not added the encrypted text. I don't know why it is not printing it.Edited by - Rapidfire on 5/7/2007 9:28:25 AM

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Hello,        I have few example codes of how to encrypt and decrypt files, but what it does is just encrypts and decrypts, But how to stop an encrypted file from being encrypted again? I want my code to check first if the fie is incrypted or decrypted.

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how to encrypt / decrypt a string in VB.Net.I followed the example given here and wrote the following code (below). There's a text box, an "encrypt" button, and a "decrypt" button. The idea is to type something into the text box ("like 'hello world'"), click "encrypt", and see the encrypted version appear in the text box. Clicking "decrypt" should then take you back to the original string. But when I try to encrypt I get an error when I try to "FlushFinalBlock". The error is: "Length of the data to encrypt is invalid".The "decrypt" part is a total shot in the dark, as the example quoted above only deals with encryption, not decryption. I'm sure it's wrong, but since I can't get "encrypt" to work I haven't tested it yet. Imports System.Data.SqlClient Imports System.IO Imports System.Security.Cryptography Public Class Form1 [code]....

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I need to be able to decrypt data, like simple text files, that have been encrypted and base64 encoded with my public key.I need to use openssl so i do: Code: $cat encrypted | openssl enc -base64 -d > ./answer.txt and i get exactly the same data as before the command was run. Am i right in thinking that i need to decode before decrypting? I tried decrypting, before i realized that i had to decode first,using this command: [Code]...


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This might be a stupid question. I was going throught the stuff for enctrypting and decrypting the web.config file. We can encrypt the web.config file and decrypt it too so anyone who has access to my web.config file can decrypt it by attaching a web.config file to another application and creating a decrypt method. if I am right then the information in web.config file is not safe even if I am encrypting the connection string. Please let me know if I am right and if there is any othersolution for that

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Hi,I'm learning about encrypt and decrypt strings.But in the code that i have, i encrypt a string from a textbox to a txt-file. Or decrypt a txt-file to a textbox. Now my problem is: i will be able to encrypt a string from textbox1 to textbox2 and not to a txt-file. And also decrypt the string from textbox2 to textbox1.I'm using for exemple "code 500".Some idea?Br. Peter.

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Can anyone check my code: Here is my code in moduleGlobal VarTest As StringGlobal CatchLogger As StringGlobal LoggeR As StringFunction Encrypt(InputTxt As String)For ctr = 1 To Len(InputTxt)Encrypt = Encrypt + Chr(Asc(Mid(InputTxt, ctr, 1)) + 69)Next ctrEnd FunctionFunction Decrypt(InputTxt As String)For ctr = 1 To Len(InputTxt)Decrypt = Decrypt + Chr(Asc(Mid(InputTxt, ctr, 1)) - 69)Next ctrEnd FunctionHere is my code in the command buttonStatic counter As IntegerSet db = OpenDatabase(App.Path & "finance.mdb")Set rs = db.OpenRecordset("Login", dbOpenTable)rs.Index = "Uname"rs.Seek "=", Text1.TextIf rs.NoMatch ThenMsgBox "User name is not valid", vbInformationText4.Text = Val(Text4.Text) + 1If Val(Text4.Text) > 3 ThenMsgBox "Unauthorized user"Unload MeExit SubEnd IfElseIf Decrypt(rs.Fields("Pass")) = Text2.Text ThenVarTest = 0Command1.Visible = FalseCommand2.Visible = FalseMsgBox "User access granted"Uservar = Text1.Textrs.Closedb.CloseMAIN.ShowUnload MeElseMsgBox "Wrong Password"Text4.Text = Val(Text4.Text) + 1Text1.Text = ""Text2.Text = ""Text1.SetFocusIf Val(Text4.Text) > 3 ThenMsgBox "Unauthorized user", vbCriticalUnload MeExit SubEnd IfEnd IfEnd IfMy problem is everytime i put the right username and password still the message box is wrong password. cannot decrypt the table. ]lease help meThankx

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I am currently using a encryption module which I call from a "Crypt()" or "Decrypt()" function.....The module works great in general, but if I encrypt certain strings and put them into txt files, then open them back up and decrypt them, it seems to chop off parts of the string.Example:- I encrypt a string, such as a phone number "01952123456".- Put it into the txt file.- Open the txt file, and put the encrypted string back into the program.- Decrypt it, and it ends up being "0195" !?!?!Any ideas why this is happening?Thanks!

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I have a encrpted web.config file. How to decrypt this file. Because I need to update connection string information in that file. So i need to decrypt the existing encrypted config and update the connection string then again I have to encrypt.Did not work below command. getting error(Decrypting configuration section...Failed to decrypt using provider 'RsaProtectedConfigurationProvider'. Error mess age from the provider: Bad Data.) aspnet_regiis -pdf "connectionStrings" <physical path of the we b.config file in server>

Encrypting/Decrypting An Image? www.vbforums.com

Im a Uni student and im having probs with encrypting an image and also the contents of a folder. I have successfully encrypted and decrypted a text file using the following code below. If anyone could take a look and advise on how to alter my code to perform the task of selecting an image or folder and encrypting it and decrypting it via a secret key that you input within a textbox, [Code]...

Decrypt A File N Then Open It At Runtime www.vbcity.com

can i decrypt my encrypted file n then open it only at run time n how to do it?example :i have 1.jpg that i encryptedi decrypt it using my program and then see the picturebut i don't want this 1.jpg can opened by acdsee when i decrypt itand this 1.jpg still encryptedso i just decrypt it when i open itthis show what i mean( i want case 2)case 1:open file---decrypt---save file----view *the file have been decrypt        (decrypted file)case 2 :open file --decrypt---view    *the file still encryptedthxsory bad english

Unable To Decrypt Data With Mcrypt? bytes.com

I am encrypting the data with blowfish CBC mode in C using openssl. I am trying to decrypt the data with the key using PHP mycrypt.But it does not give me the actual data but some garbage text.I am able to decrypt and encrypt with mcrypt but if i encrypt with c i am unable to decrypt with PHP.

Safe Temp Folder/dir To Decrypt File www.vbforums.com

hi,i have a vb app that stores a data in an encrypted text file, but since i have to open the encrypted file,i have to decrypt it first, where do you think is the safest way to decrypt the file before opening it.thanks,alexis23

Secure(ish) Encryption/decryption Algorithms Using A String As A Key? stackoverflow.com

Is there a way to encrypt/decrypt text (string form) in VB.net using another string as a key? Meaning, if one user encrypts using this key, the other user needs to decrypt using the same key?I do NOT mean public and private key encryption or anything of the sort.If not, what is the second best way to encrypt/decrypt data without public/private keys?I want to make a simple way to send messages securely.

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Problem: QuoteNeed to design a program in VB.net 2008 that can encrypt and decrypt messages stored in simple text files using a private key stored in a separate file. Software should also be able to allow the users to enter simple messages that either displays the encrypted or decrypted message. The encryption method should use a simple substitution method. It should be set out in the following format: [Code]...

Help With Encrypt/decrypt Code... www.vbforums.com

Hi,I have an app. which reads in a delimited text file and encrypts the file then writes it back to another text file, (see code below).The problem is that once the new encrypted text file has been created I can't read it back in to the app to decrypt it and write it back to a new text file.Can anyone show me how to read in an encrypted file and decrypt it using the basic encryption method below?Private Sub EncryptFile() Dim in As Integer, out As Integer Dim infile As String, outfile As String Dim tmp_name As String, tmp_age As String Dim fname As String, fage As String in% = FreeFile() infile$ = App.Path & "original.txt" Open infile$ For Input As in% out% = FreeFile() outfile$ = App.Path & "encrypted.txt" Open outfile$ For Output As out% Do While Not EOF(in%) Input #in%, fname, fage tmp_name = Crypt(fname) tmp_age = Crypt(fage) Write #out%, tmp_name, tmp_age Loop Close in% Close out%End Sub--- Basic Encryption Method from Karl Moore --- Private Function Crypt(p_text As String) As String Dim tmp_char As String For i = 1 To Len(p_text) If Asc(Mid$(p_text, i, 1)) < 128 Then tmp_char = Asc(Mid$(p_text, i, 1)) + 128 ElseIf Asc(Mid$(p_text, i, 1)) > 128 Then tmp_char = Asc(Mid$(p_text, i, 1)) - 128 End If Mid$(p_text, i, 1) = Chr(tmp_char) Next i Crypt = p_textEnd Function

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Hi,I have been using Crypto API in order to encrypt and decrypt texts. I have obtained sample codes from API-Guide.It takes an text that will be encrypted, and a text that will be used to encrypt the text. It also uses same text to decrypt the encryted text.Does this mean that Crypto API does not use PGP logic? Or do I not know how to use Crypto API as a PGP?If Crypto API cannot be used as a PGP, here comes a problem. Suppose that you use a encrypted text in order to prevent your program to be used by unauthorized users. If that user wants to use the program, he can get the password by decompiling the tool ( I mean machine laguage).Do you know any way to use Crypto API as PGP? Or any other tool that can be used by VB.PGP uses private key to decrypt the encryyed text. But cannot know public key.Thanks a lot...

Encrypt And Decrypt Data By CryptoAPI www.xtremevbtalk.com

I had program to encrypt and decrypt data using CryptoAPI, when I encrypt and decrypt from a DLL, everything is OK, but when encrypt by public-key1 from DLL1 and decrypt by private-key from DLL2 it has problem I can decrypt by other private key, all private key from other key pairs can decrypt. I don't know why. If you know, please tell me how to sovel this problem. Thanks.

Datatype Question. www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi,I have an Crypto DLL file which consists of functions forEncryption and Decryption.The "Encrypt" function is simple and successfully runs, butthe "Decrypt" functions looks like this: Decrypt(algorithm As Integer, passPhrase As String, cipherArray) as Byte() Now, I am not following how to pass the Encrypted Text to this CipherArray as Array type.In the Short Help provided the description of the "CipherArray"parameter is given as: VARIANT, containing ARRAY of any primitive type, array must contain data returned by the call to EncryptString method.

Encrypt Text To A Textfile(.txt) And Then Decrypt It In A Diff. Program? www.dreamincode.net

I am trying to encrypt text to a textfile(.txt) and then decrypt it in a diff. program.The encrypting part works fine.I have tried these functions in a textbox and they work perfectly, I get InvalidCastException when trying to decrypt from the .txt file. [Code]...

Binary Encryption bytes.com

Im using md5 to encrypt and decrypt plain text, this works fine... When i try to run the same function on a binary file, it does not decrypt correctly. Is there a way to encrypt binary files correctly, and be able to decrypt them? in the perfect situation i would like to be able to store the encrypted binary file into a mysql blob field, or at least be able to save an encrypted version of the binary file on the server. Im not lookign for a copy paste soultion (although i would take one) - but maybe some reliable documention or examples?

Choose From A Dropdown Menu Of Encryption/decryption Cyphers bytes.com

I've written a php page which allows users to type in a text string and a key, then choose from a dropdown menu of encryption/decryption cyphers, and a method (encrypt, decrypt). The whole thing works, except the mcrypt command doesn't work. here is my mcrypt command: if ($method == 0) { //Encrypt $output = mcrypt_ecb ($algorithm, $key, $input, MCRYPT_ENCRYPT); } else { //Decrypt $output = mcrypt_ecb ($algorithm, $key, $input, MCRYPT_DECRYPT); } Here's a list of what the variables may be: $algorithm = MCRYPT_3DES $key = "plain text" $input = "more plain text"

Encrypt The Text First And Then Save The File To Database social.msdn.microsoft.com

This is what i need my program to do...I have a form with 1 textbox and 2 buttons (save and load) If i type information into the textbox and then click save, i need it to encrypt the text first and then save the file to database If i click the load button i need it to decrypt the file and display the decrypted data into the textbox i just need a way to save my text files so the information inside them cant be changed without using my program but yet again i find myself at a loss as to how i do this.

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I'm thinking of attach an encryption code to my program to encrypt files. any idea how to en-/decrypt files?thanks in advance,Xdream

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I want a way to encrypt Decrypt my connection when I try to send a file or any data , I did try to use many ways but data encrypted well but fileData is't.that is the way which I use to send file :-----Open FileNam For Binary Access Read As #fileNumDo While EOF(fileNum) = False data = Input(NumOfBytes, fileNum) SD "ftransfer}{data}{" & data DoEventsLoopClose #fileNum-----then SD encrypt all data : "ftransfer}{data}{" & data , then all data decrypt in the other side .. please help , thanx

Decrypt Using Blowfish Algorithm? stackoverflow.com

data I am receiving for decryption is encrypted by another application (I have no access to it).The data decrypts fine when am check it using a javascript script (blowfish.js).How can I decrypt the data in php?I have tried the mcrypt function in PHP. The code works fine if I encrypt and decrypt using the same code. If I decrypt an encrypted code (in another app) it gives junk. <?php class Encryption { [code]...........

Encrypt A MS Office Word Document? www.vbforums.com

I have successfully managed to encrypt .txt files with no problem, using RijndaelManaged. Now I need to encrypt/decrypt word documents, however when I try to encrypt a .doc/.docx the decryption goes south and when I open the decrypted file it shows a bunch of gibberish.

Anyone Have A Good Simple Encryption/decrpytion Function? www.vbforums.com

to encrypt/decrypt a string?nothing fancy, just one that will work 100% and return characters that can be seen in a textbox.. (there are some functions that return really high ascii characters that are 'boxes' in textboxes... and if one was to copy that to a text file, then decrypt the data in the text file, the boxes would all decrpyt to a single character, since they all have the same ascii code)

Ram Disk??? www.vbforums.com

I have an encrypted file. My program decrypts the file and loadsthe decrypted file in memory. The decrypted file should not b storedon the harddisk. Is there a way to store the decrypted file in memory so that i can access this memory like a normal file on the harddisk using a path?

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hiya all,Just wondering how to use vb to encrypt a bitmap file and then be able to decrypt it, it doesnt have to be the best encryption.Thanks

Code To Encrypt A File With PGP Keys? social.msdn.microsoft.com

I tried with the following code. It encrypted the file but after I FTP'd the file to my vendor he was not able to decrypt it.Then realized that this code is not using my PGP Keys to encrypt the file. It's creating a new key automatically. That's the reason my vendor is not able to decrypt the file. How can I encrypt the file using my PGP keys? So that my vendor can decrypt the file using same PGP keys. ' Encrypt textfile with Rijndael encryption Public Shared Sub Encrypt(ByVal[code].....

Encrypt Nsdata In Iphone And Decrypt It? stackoverflow.com

I want to create an application in which I have to upload some data on php server using my Iphone application. For this I have an file on the Iphone whose content I have to upload on php server. For this I have converted the content of the file in NSData and now I want to encrypt this nsdata object and then pass it to the php server and on php server firstly I have to decrypt the nsdata object then I have to upload it on the server. But I am not able to find any way by which I can encrypt some data in Iphone app and then decrypt it in php. And also I want to compress the encrypted data before transferring it to php and then uncompress that data on php. The complete flow of my application is IPhone NSData --> Encrypted NsData --> Compressed Encrypted Data php Compressed Encrypted Data --> uncompressed encrypted data --> decrypted (original) NSData.

Forms Data Controls :: Decrypt One Gridview Column Values Before Displaying It In The Gridview? forums.asp.net

I have one filed that is encrypted using Rajindal algorithm and stored in MSSQL db.When I retrieve that column in gridview it's displayed in encrypted. I have the code that decrypts it but the problem is:How can I all loop throw this column values in the gridview and decrypt them all and display it in the gridview decrypted.See my code below: [Code]....

Writing Text Data To A Binary File (and Read It Back) www.vbcity.com

Hey all.I have an app that uses an array to hold text data (many reasons for this, but it is the way it is).In any case, I encrypt the data using an AES_Rijndael Block Cipher, all is well.I would now like to write this data to a BINARY file (I cannot do so to a text file as part of the encrypted data may contain the vbCRLF char set).Ii need to also be able to read the binary data back into my app, then populate an array with the DECRYPTED data (I have the encryption and decryption routines already working).How can one do this?Thanks.

Write Text Data To A Binary File (Also Read It Back) www.vbforums.com

Hey all.Ii have an app that uses an array to hold text data (many reasons for this, but it is the way it is).In any case, I encrypt the data using an AES_Rijndael Block Cipher, all is well.I would now like to write this data to a BINARY file (I cannot do so to a text file as part of the encrypted data may contain the vbCRLF char set).Ii need to also be able to read thebinary data back into my app, then populate an array with the DECRYPTED data (I have the encryption and decryption routines already working).How can one do this?Thanks.

Decrypt A File That Was Encrypted With Des? www.dreamincode.net

i am trying to decrypt a file that was encrypted with Des. However not all of the file is encrypted just a few lines are. Here is an example of the file im trying to decrypt: Random text Encrypted Text MD5 Hash Encryption Key(Only there for tests) Number of encrypted lines The idea is to read the last three lines into variables and use them to decrypt the text. At the moment i use the number of lines - (the number of encrypted lines + 3) to find where the encrypted text starts. Then i was trying to copy the encrypted text to a temp file so i could run the code bellow on it, however i am getting an encoding error apparently i need to be using base64 or something. So my question is can anybody explain to me or show me how i can pull the encrypted text out of the file so that i can use the code bellow on it. Dim DES As New DESCryptoServiceProvider() 'A 64-bit key and an IV are required for this provider. 'Set the secret key for the DES algorithm. [Code].....

Making A Simple Program That Encrypts A Text File And Then Decrypts It? www.xtremevbtalk.com

I am making a simple program that encrypts a text file and then decrypts it: why i get an error when i use this Public Class Form1 Code: Private Sub Button2_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button2.Click System.IO.File.Encrypt(TextBox1.Text) [Code].....

C# - RSA Encryption From Flex Client And Corresponding Decryption From Web Service stackoverflow.com

I'm having a problem setting up RSA encryption/decryption mechanism between flex client and web service written in c#. The idea is this: I'll encrypt some text from flex and then decrypt it from web service. I'm using as3crypto library from google. It is encrypting/decrypting text properly. I also have the code on the web service side to encrypt/decrypt properly. My problem is synchronizing them - basically sharing the public key to flex and keeping the private key to the web service. My flex "encrypt" function takes modulus and exponent of RSA to do text encryption, so how do i get these modulus and exponent attributes from the web service's RSACryptoServiceProvider, so they speak the same standard. [Code]...

Encrypting Lines In A Text File www.xtremevbtalk.com

How would i encrypt certain lines in a text file? And afterwards, decrypt the file for reading?As in, for example:File.txtCode:Blargh,5blargfgd,12fadskfd,7Encrypted:#$98ƒ≡3▲╖98ƒ≡3$98ƒ23497432Something like that. Like a letter subsitution function?And how would i decrypt something like that?Thanks! (code is appreciated GREATLY)

Encrypt/Decrypt Between VB2008 And Android? stackoverflow.com

I use these code to encrypt any plain text in vb2008.I want decrypt and use generated file in my app in android.I know that put files in assets folder and i use it.this code use Cryptography to encryption.how i can decrypt generated files in my android app.and how i use them in my android app. Imports System.Security.Cryptography Public NotInheritable Class Simple3Des Private TripleDes As New TripleDESCryptoServiceProvider [code].....

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I am trying to build an Encryption/Decryption class/extension. I am able to encrypt the data no problem, but when I try to decrypt the data I am getting "Length of the data to decrypt is invalid." Here is the entire class file. Imports System.IO Imports System.Text Imports System.Text.Encoding Imports System.Security.Cryptography Imports System.Runtime.CompilerServices Imports System.ComponentModel [Code] .....

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I want to encrypt data in mysql database, that can be done in PHP and then stored to database OR that can be encrypted and stored (both) in MySQL.The problem is that, I want to display the records (when the client is login) in A-Z Order, now, i tried to use order by clause, but that is not working, as the column is encrypted. Therefore, I need a guidance, tutorial, etc, where some PHP Encrypt / Decrypt function returns same results as MySQL Encrypt / Decrypt function, so that i can sort the table on encrypted column.

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hi i want to encrypt an image through vb Codecan any body tell me how to encrypt / decrypt an image (tiff file) thru Visual Basic.i have done it using Encrypt/decrypt function. it has several problemsI came to know that Microsoft CAPI is the better solution for it. I am not able to get the related API. Kindly guide me thx in advanceSakshi

Encrypt / Decrypt A Non-text File social.msdn.microsoft.com

I am interested in knowing if non-text files like .xls/.xlsx or .doc files can be encrypted... From the Devlopers Guide on MSDN, I found code snippets that allow encryption / decryption of .txt files. This works absolutely fine. However, I would like to know if similar procedure can be used to encrypt/decrypt file other than .txt file.

Read The Contents Of A Text File And Add It To A Text Box? social.msdn.microsoft.com

I am writing a simple program that will encrypt the text that is held in a text box and save it to a text file but I want it to be able to open a text file and decrypt the contents. Ok now all the threads I have read are about reading a text file that is in a preset location. What I want to do is open a text file that the user selects and have the contents displayed in a text box.

Decrypt Code Form Encrypt Code www.vbcity.com

HiI have below code in one of the old program which encrypts the text. I need to decrypt the text which is encrypted using the below code. Is it possible?Code:Function Encrypt(sText As String) As Double    Dim nText As Double, i As Integer    nText = 0    For i = 1 To Len(sText)        nText = nText + Asc(Mid(sText, i, 1)) * 2 ^ i    Next    Encrypt = (nText * 2) + 18End Function Edited by - NeedHelp on 10/23/2005 8:58:18 AM

XML Encryption/Decryption In Separate Files? stackoverflow.com

I need to encrypt an XML file, send it to another location and decrypt it there. As you can see from the codes below, I am using the same key but it won't work (for now im simply using two local files). The error I get is as follows: Padding is invalid and cannot be removed.on this line in Decrypt.aspx: Dim xReader As XmlTextReader I am thinking it might be at the actual encryption stage causing errors e.g., file not saving correctly. Encrypt.aspx Dim rijnAlg As RijndaelManaged rijnAlg = RijndaelManaged.Create() [code]......

Encrypted File phpbuilder.com

what i need to do is create a text file on my webserver above root. once it is created i need to encrypt it with RSA or some other type of strong encryption. Once the file is encrypted i need php to pass the decryption key to the file and decrypt it and then open it up and read the contents of the file. Does anyone have any idea how to do this? i have searched high and low.

Unpredictable Encrypt And Decrypt www.phpfreaks.com

I am wondering if anyone has experienced an error encrypting and decrypting in and out of mysql. Sometimes when I decrypt then send an email to with the decrypted string it will still be encrypted. The strange thing is, this is unconsistant. Usually it will be fine, but other times it will keep something encrypted. All the values I am entering are numeric. I am however not currently checking for that.

Encryption Libraries ? www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi,I want to use any Visual Basic Encryption Library with myprogram to Encrypt/Decrypt files.I have heard that DLL files for various Encryption Algorithmslike BLOWFISH, RIJNDAEL, DES, CAST etc..are available FREE for personal use.Suppose I use any DLL file with my program to Encrypt/Decryptfile(s), then is it possible for any hacker that he can stealthe DLL file and my file which contains Encrypted data, and Decompile the DLL file to decode the Encrypted file data?Please suggest some good places from where I can get thelibraries (VB version) and help about how to call them fromwithin my program.Thanks.

Text File Encryption www.vbforums.com

Hi to all,I am like 99% of those people on here in the way i would like to code the following....I have a series of textboxes on a form i would like to save the contents of these to a textfile but encrypt them prior save. Then, when reloading them decrypt the textfile and show the info back into their respective textboxes.Does anyone out there have a snippet of code to encrypt and decrypt text to a textfile?I would really appreciate this as i have a project to finnish for my Finance Director.

File Encryption www.xtremevbtalk.com

HI allI have a problem. I've got a file that keeps the score for a game called Columns.The problem is that i want to decrypt the file and then encrypt it again so that the game can read the scores again without losing any of the scores.The file is encrypted but the text is still normal.Can any body send me in the right direction or know of any tutorials about encryption.ThanxNewby1

Converting String To Bytes And Viceversa? www.dreamincode.net

Ive 2 buttons and 3 text boxes.Button 1 encrypts the data from textbox1 to bytes, converts it to string and display it in textbox2.Button 2 reads string from textbox2, converts it to bytes and decrypts it displaying it in textbox3 (textbox1 and 3 got to match).The encrypt/decrypt process works fine but the conversion from string to bytes is failing and cannot seem to find the problem. The error states that the string doesnt have the same format (Bytes(i) = Byte.Parse(Values(i)) [Code]...

Im Getting Crazy! Password Protect System With Encryption www.vbforums.com

Hi.The really strange thing is that this works fine in my PC, and worked fine when i tested it in a 2nd PC, but then i tested again in a 3rd PC and there its not working. I protect my program this way:When my program first install on the user PC it look for a file in windows/system, if its not there, the program look for HD serial number, then do serialn/60 and then shows it to user.The user must then enter the key word and the key number, he gets this by calling or sending mail to me. when he calls i ask for the number the program gives him (his HD serial number / 60),then I encrypt that number, and I do some math calculations.The encrypted number is the key word i give him, and the calculations is the key number i give him too.then he enters that value in 2 textboxes and press ACTIVATE, and then:the program DECRYPTS the encrypted key word and compares the result with user HD serial / 60.Then, make the same calculations i did, and compare the result with the key number the user inputs. If these 2 comparations are OK then the program ACTIVATES, el se give 2 more chances and then CLOSE.I Know the Encrypt module and the "Get HD serial number" module are working fine, but something is not working. Some times the function that returns the HD serial returns a negative number (in some computers) i solve this multiplying by (-1) when that number is minor than 0; I have to do it cause i use logarithm and Sqr.Well, here is the code:Code:private sub form_load()'module2.see is a function that returns the serial 'number of HD, works OKtext1.Text = Int((Module2.see) / 60) end sub'this function is not present in the user program 'because there is not need to encrypt therePublic Sub Encrypt() Dim loj As Long Dim cipherTest As New CIPHER cipherTest.KeyString = strKey cipherTest.Text = plaintext.Text cipherTest.DoXor cipherTest.Stretch encryptedtext.Text = cipherTest.TextEnd SubPublic Function Decrypt() As String Dim cipherTest As New CIPHER cipherTest.KeyString = strKey cipherTest.Text = text2.Text 'Here is the text that user inputs (encrypted) cipherTest.Shrink cipherTest.DoXor Decrypt = cipherTest.Text 'Here is the text decrypted 'It returns As LONGEnd FunctionPrivate sub ACTIVATE_PROGRAM()Dim lk As StringDim loj As LongDim k As LongDim n As Long 'Here user's machine decrypts the encrypted text i gave him: lk = Int(Val(Decrypt)) 'And here it looks for HD serial number and make some 'math changes to it: k = Module2.see / 60 If k < 0 Then n = k * (-1) Else n = k loj = Sqr(n ^ (0.5)) + (n / 5) * 3 loj = loj + ((n * 8) ^ (1 / 3)) + Sqr(n) loj = loj + Log(n / 2) * 5 + (n / 5)'Then, here, it compares lk with HD serial/60, and 'compares loj value with the number i gave himIf (lk = Int(Module2.see / 60)) And (text2.Text = loj) Then 'ACTIVATE MY PROGRAM HERE ElseUnload me 'Exitsend ifEnd Sub Well, thats all. Remember its working fine in 2 PC's, and not in another, that's what i cant understand. I tryed doing MSGBOX so the unregistered program would show me the passwords that should ACTIVATE it, and then i saw that passwords are OK!! 'Should I post the encryption and get serial modules?i can do it, but they are a little big, and i dont think the problem is there. I'll do it if necessary.thanks!JCI

Encrypt And Decrypt Video Streaming Using Algorithm VEA? stackoverflow.com

i want to encrypt and decrypt video streaming using algorithm VEA in JSP.here is algorithm VEA to encrypt and decrypt : Algoritma VEA( int m,/*key length*/ bit key[m], /*secret key*/ char *flv_video, /*input file*/ char *vea_flv_video) /*output file*/ [code]....

Security :: Encryption/Decryption With CAPICOM? forums.asp.net

I am trying to encrypt/decrypt a file with CAPICOM in javascript. I have to encrypt file with private key and decrypt with public key. But I dont know how to do this with CAPICOM.

Self Decrypting Email Attachment? www.xtremevbtalk.com

I downloaded AxCrypt and encrypted a pdf file. It creates an executable that self decrypts the file if the correct password is entered. This is what I need except that I have to email this self decrypting file - and we all know that exe files get blocked. Are there any self decrypting methods out there that do not use an executable file?

ActionScript 3.0 :: Play FLVs In Sequence Without A Gap Between? www.actionscript.org

I have single FLV file which is quite big. I want to encrypt it and decrypt but it takes too long. My best idea was to split video into smaller videos using third party software and apply my encrypting and decrypting functions to each one separately. Unfortunately I have a problem with gaps between loaded FLV files. Video has to be smooth without any pauses.

To Convert Textbox String To Byte Array forums.aspfree.com

in the below code i need to get get the encoded value from textbox and need to convert it to byte array and then decrypt.. how can i do that Dim xmlKeys As String 'A combination of both the public and 'private keys Dim xmlPublicKey As String 'The public key only 'The plaintext message in a byte array Dim PlainTextBArray As Byte () 'The cyphertext message in a byte array Dim CypherTextBArray As Byte ()<LI>In the Form_Load event, create both the public and private keys: Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load 'This creates both the public and the private keys Dim rsa As New RSACryptoServiceProvider 'Hold both keys in a global variable that will be used in the 'decryption procedure xmlKeys = rsa.ToXmlString(True) 'Hold the public key to be used in the encryption procedure xmlPublicKey = rsa.ToXmlString(False) End Sub<LI>Type in the procedures that encrypt and decrypt, respectively: Private Sub encrypt() Dim rsa As New RSACryptoServiceProvider 'get the public key so you can encrypt the message: rsa.FromXmlString(xmlPublicKey) 'get the message Dim message As String = TextBox1.Text If message.Length > 58 Then MsgBox("You must use fewer than 59 characters") : Exit Sub 'transform message string into a byte array: PlainTextBArray = (New UnicodeEncoding).GetBytes(message) ' Encrypt CypherTextBArray = rsa.Encrypt(PlainTextBArray, False) 'view the cyphertext in TextBox2: TextBox2.Clear() For i As Integer = 0 To CypherTextBArray.Length - 1 TextBox2.Text &= Chr(CypherTextBArray(i)) Next i 'see the lengths of the plaintext, and the cyphertext Me.Text = "Plaintext Length (Unicode): " & PlainTextBArray.Length & " Cyphertext Length: " & CypherTextBArray.Length End Sub Private Sub decrypt() Dim rsa As New RSACryptoServiceProvider 'get the keys, thereby creating an RSA object that's identical ' to the one used in the Form_Load event when the keys were first built rsa.FromXmlString(xmlKeys) 'create a byte array and then put the decrypted plaintext into it Dim RestoredPlainText As Byte () = rsa.Decrypt(CypherTextBArray, False) 'Step through the two-byte unicode plaintext, displaying the restored 'plaintext message For i As Integer = 0 To (RestoredPlainText.Length - 1) Step 2 TextBox3.Text &= Chr(RestoredPlainText(i)) Next i End SubTrigger the procedures by button clicks: Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click encrypt() End Sub Private Sub Button2_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button2.Click decrypt() End Sub

Android :: Encrypt And Decrypt File In Droid? stackoverflow.com

I want to encrypt file and store it in SD card. I want to decrypt that encrypted file and store it in sd card again. I have tried to encrypt file by opening as file stream and encrypt is but it is not working. I want some idea how to do this.

File After Custom Decryption social.msdn.microsoft.com

Ok so I've made an encrypting/decrypting program and I've found a small bug with it. It will encrypt plain text files fine, except for the last character ( does anyone know how to fix this by the way? ) But when it comes to enrypting PNG Images.. well here's is the before and after files: [Code]...

ActionScript 2.0 :: Decryption And Dynamic A Text File www.actionscript.org

I am kind of new to AS and not sure how to decrypt a text file. If I have a text file that is on my web server (which I need to be encrypted) and is used to retrieve variables for Dynamic Text fields. How do I decrypt the file and then take the variables and put them in the Dynamic Text fields? What is the best method to make the files unreadable but can be decrypted by the flash file? Currently I use this to get the variables and put them in Dynamic Text field but I want to add some kind of encryption to this. [Code]....

Usage Of Dtutil And Dtexec In SQL Server 2005 SSIS social.msdn.microsoft.com

1) We are migrating data from SQL Server 2000 to 2005 DB. 2) We are developing SSIS packages in client, build, deploy and install and copying to SQL Server 2005 server to execute for migration. 3) For this we encrypt all packages with password, then decrypt all while executing in a batch file using dtexec. This works fine. 4) What does not work is executing a master execute task in which are individual execute tasks. This is so since the other packages are still encrypted. 5) We decrypted them separately first using dtutil using Decrypt and Copy/Move option but while executing error is thrown that these other packages are still protected by password. 6) Do we need to decrypt, then encrypt using default package protection level and then decrypt again. 7) How exactly to just execute a master package when packages are developed on client.

Encrypting Text www.xtremevbtalk.com

How to encrypt and decrypt a data(text)? For example, encrypt the text in textboxes and vice versa. I need to store encrypted data to smart card. Thank you

Help With Encryption www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi everyone.I am currently creating a simple text encryption program. The program simply encrypts the text, which it then saves to a file. I use two functions for encrytping and decrypting.What i want to do now, is when a user clicks on the file (from within explorer etc.), i want my program to automatically load up instead of the file being opened into a text file.How can i do this?Thanks in advance!

Use RSA To Encrypt Application Serial Number? social.msdn.microsoft.com

I'd like to use RSA to Encrypt application Serial Number. but when you try to encrypt text and did it again both time the results will be different i don't like to decrypt to text to protect the application from hackers. any other useful way to protect the application without Decrypt to text. i mean compare Encrypted code not the original text also i need to stop application if there is crackers application starts or memory dump application or memory injection . i need the full solution to protect the application . i wish the armadillo (software Passport ) is here for vb.net application how great it is ... i miss him may be we start discussion about protect application . also what about encrypt all application code to disable resource hacker applications .

Run Application From Memroy, No Shelling www.vbforums.com

Hello, This is my first Thread, i need help please._________________________________I want to load an exe or application program in memory and run from there, i mean my one application will be encrypted and stored as unknown encrypted binary format, i will load it, decrypt it and want to load it directly from memory ( No temporary file and shell)What am i doing_________________I am trying to develop application like upx , my application will encrypt another exe file and store it as encrypted binary file, when my application is loaded then it will decrypt the encrypted exe file and should directly run from memory without saving it in temporary folder.Pseudo Code____________Open EncryptedExe File As BinaryRead In Array ACloseDecrypt A 'now array A store an exe file with header "MZ...to end"Run the Application A directly from memoryNote: I think this technique will stop beginners cracker to edit recourse and strings from exe file. Thanks..

Encrypted Files Copied To Remote PC www.codeguru.com

Hi guys,I have a central server that runs encryption to secure the file contents. On occasion, an authorised user may request the server copy archived files to his/her computer for local manipulation.My VB program which receives the file copy request duly copies down to the user's computer the files requested, but they are still encrypted! (Therefore the user cannot open or delete or move them).What are my options for ensuring the files are decrypted when they arrive on the user's computer? The encryption was applied on the central server - so the central server has to decrypt the files before delivery.For some (wrong) reason, I thought that if encrypted files were copied to somewhere, they'd be decrypted. This is obviously not the case!Note that the user's computer is running NTFS. Perhaps changing the user's file system to FAT32 would help? Is there a switch on the "copyfile" API to decrypt files on copy?Help appreciated!Mark

Encrypted Password In A Database Howto? www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hello,I'm working on a project where a user (a clerck in a bank) logs in and enters a password. He cannot set this password (it is a given one), it is stored in a local database and sometimes gets renewed by the central office of the bank.If this password is stored in plain text in the database, someone could just open the database, and read the password from it. So the password neads to be decrypted. I will write a seperate application that writes the password in an encrypted way in the database. Wich functions are available to encrypt this password?Can this then be decrypted? (It shouldn't, I want to compare the ecnrypted password with the encrypted input from the user. If it l can be decrypted, someone could still retrieve the password by decrypting the field from the db).TIA

File Header Help Needed! www.vbforums.com

HiThe encryption program im working on encrypts files of any type then gives them the extension (.fex)When the user then comes to decrypt the file, they would input the password and decryption would begin. The thing is currently if the user inputs the wrong password the file will still be decrypted with the given incorrect password thus scrambling the data beyond repair.What i want to do is take the password and encrypt it with MD5 and then store that in the file, so that when the user inputs the password the program will compare it and know if its correct or not. And if correct remove the stored password and decrypt the file.So my Question is how would i go about this?Assuming a File Header?When a password is encrypted to a hash string with MD5 it will always be 32 characters in lenth if that helps any. Would really appreciate any help on this, as its all i need to do to finalise my program.Cheers

Make Some Simple Program For Encrypt / Decrypting Message Using VB? www.xtremevbtalk.com

i want to make some simple program for encrypt / decrypting message using VB, my problem was when i want to decrypt the message, the result was incorrect, Code: Dim decryptor As Integer = TextBoxhasilencrypt.Text Dim privatekey As Integer = Labelprivatekey.Text Dim modulus As Integer = LabelModulus.Text [code].... the logic error on the program was when the "power of" are odd

Encrypt Or Decrypt Text? social.msdn.microsoft.com

I am using vb.net 2008 i want to Know how can i encrypt text in a text box save it to a file then read the file decrypt the text and finaly display it in text box .

Encrypt A String In Python And Decrypt That Same String ? stackoverflow.com

I have a string that I would like to encrypt in Python, store it as a cookie, then in a PHP file I'd like to retrieve that cookie, and decrypt it in PHP. How would I go about doing this?All cookie talk aside, lets just say I want to encrypt a string in Python and then decrypt a string in PHP

Encrypt/Decrypt A Whole File www.vbforums.com

Hey, Using the code below, i want to be able to ENCRYPT a whole TEXT FILE...I am not sure how i would make it ENCRYPT a whole file using this, So could someone make it workable? or maybe if someone has an encryption script maybe LIKE THIS ONE or better that will encrypt a FILE/ DECRYPT::USE:: I am saving a bunch of program settings, and i don't want people to edit them,, so i want my program to SAVE ALL THE SETTINGS, to the file, ENCRYPT IT, and then when i want to open it, it will DECRYPT , and Read it (I have it so i can read it)..THANKS ALOTPS: or would i have to import it all into a textbox, and then encrypt the Textbox?? THANKS- i would like to get the program to encrypt it with out textfile.. thanks againCode:'<<------------------------------------------>>'START EN/DE crypt PARTS'<<==========================================>>#Const CASE_SENSITIVE_PASSWORD = FalsePrivate Sub cmdEncrypt_Click() ' You can encrypt twice for extra security txtText = EncryptText((txtText), txtPassword) txtText = EncryptText((txtText), txtPassword)End SubPrivate Sub cmdDecrypt_Click() txtText = DecryptText((txtText), txtPassword) txtText = DecryptText((txtText), txtPassword)End Sub'Encrypt textPrivate Function EncryptText(strText As String, ByVal strPwd As String) Dim i As Integer, c As Integer Dim strBuff As String#If Not CASE_SENSITIVE_PASSWORD Then 'Convert password to upper case 'if not case-sensitive strPwd = UCase$(strPwd)#End If 'Encrypt string If Len(strPwd) Then For i = 1 To Len(strText) c = Asc(Mid$(strText, i, 1)) c = c + Asc(Mid$(strPwd, (i Mod Len(strPwd)) + 1, 1)) strBuff = strBuff & Chr$(c And &HFF) Next i Else strBuff = strText End If EncryptText = strBuffEnd Function'Decrypt text encrypted with EncryptTextPrivate Function DecryptText(strText As String, ByVal strPwd As String) Dim i As Integer, c As Integer Dim strBuff As String#If Not CASE_SENSITIVE_PASSWORD Then 'Convert password to upper case 'if not case-sensitive strPwd = UCase$(strPwd)#End If 'Decrypt string If Len(strPwd) Then For i = 1 To Len(strText) c = Asc(Mid$(strText, i, 1)) c = c - Asc(Mid$(strPwd, (i Mod Len(strPwd)) + 1, 1)) strBuff = strBuff & Chr$(c And &HFF) Next i Else strBuff = strText End If DecryptText = strBuffEnd Function

VS 2005 Encryption/Decryption With Crytography Classes? www.vbforums.com

I'm using the cryptography classes in .net to encrypt and decrypt files. When I encrypt a txt file, then decrypt in my code it works fine. But when I encrypt an xml file and try to decrypt it within my code I get an error saying "padding is invalid and cannot be removed." I am setting the padding during both the encryption and decryption as: PaddingMode.PKCS7. Do you think the file being an xml file has something to do with the error that's occuring? Also, should I or should I not be setting the padding for both encryption and decryption?