Enable/Disable A Button By A Textbox Input


greats to everyone on this forum.i was wondering if someone would take the time and help me with something very easy.A certain button is disabled, its should only be enabled when a number between 1-100 is filled in a certain textbox.How do i go about with this in VB.net. all my attempts have been unsuccessfulCould someone please help me with this rather simple question. Thank you

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How to enable/disable textbox onclick of this radio button i.e, if radio button is selected then the textbox should be enabled else disabled <INPUT TYPE="radio" name="type" id="type1"> <input type="text" name="name" value="<?php echo $name?>" onChange="javascript:enableField();"/>

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I have created a dummy web page with three text boxes and three buttons, Enable Disable and Reset. The enable disable buttons work as expected but the Reset button does not.<html><head><script type="text/javascript"> function clear(){ document.getElementById("myForm").reset(); } function disable() { document.getElementById('txt1').disabled=true; document.getElementById('txt2').disabled=true; document.getElementById('txt3').disabled=true; } function enable() { document.getElementById('txt1').disabled=false; document.getElementById('txt2').disabled=false; document.getElementById('txt3').disabled=false; }</script></head><body><table><form id = "myForm"> First Name<input type = "text1" id = "txt1" size = "20"><br><br> Last Name<input type = "text2" id = "txt2" size = "20"> <br><br> Contact Number<input type = "number" id = "txt3" size = "15"><br><br><input type="button" onclick="disable()" value="Disable" /><input type="button" onclick="enable()" value="Enable" /><input type = "button" onclick="clear()" value = "Reset"></form></table></body>

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If a control is disabled (enabled = false), will the validator controls associated with it automatically know not to carry out validation?i have a checkbox and a textbox, if the checkbox is checked, the textbox is enabled, and has to have a value, where i used a required field validator.but if the checkbox is not checked, textbox is then disabled, however, the validator controls still seem to be trying to validate the disabled textbox.so is there a way to disable validator according to textbox's state? such as textbox.enable = true? seems like causevalidation method requires multiple button, owever i only need one...

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I am facing some problem with fromview.... I want enable or disable all controls once i click on hold button..and need to enable on unhold button... I do know how to do using findcontrol by setting each control...but I do have 10 to 20 textboxes and dropdownslists in my formview...so do like that doesn't make any sense if do we have a way to disable/enable all at once.... How to disable all textboxes, dropdownlists etc.

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If textbox input is letter i wanna that button will be disabled,and if input is a number,button will be enabled?How button can recognize kind of input data?

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I have a form with a disabled (via javascript) submit button. I want to be able to bind a click event to it anyway, so I can do some jazzy indication of what needs to be fixed on the input before I'll allow the form to be submitted (i.e enable the button again).However, disabling the submit button also apparently disables any click events bound to the button, even if they are bound after the disable.However I want to know the ins and outs of disabled inputs and javascript events.

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How to make quick disabling/enabling of all the elements in any div (inputs, links and jQ Buttons)?

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I want to allow the user to enable or disable a textbox by clicking either a button (enable) or the reverse. (disable) if the user clicks the enable button the textbox should receive the focus.

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Public Class Form1 Private Sub CheckBox2_CheckedChanged(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles CheckBox2.CheckedChanged [Code].... As you can see, when I enable/disable my checkbox it enables/disables my textbox. The thing is, I have more than one textbox, how can i add more textboxes to be enabled/disabled? I tried using If TextBox2.Enabled = True AND TextBox1.Enabled = True Then TextBox2.Enabled = False And TextBox1.Enabled = False. (of course fails)

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I am using the following code to disable the submit button $("input[type='submit']").attr("disabled", "disabled"); And this code to re-enable it: $("input[type='submit']").removeAttr("disabled"); It works fine on all browsers I've tried except Internet Explorer 7. IE7 will disable the button fine, but when it is re-enabled, the button still looks disabled. This button is enabled and clickable in spite of the cursor and gray color: (A colleague had the same trouble with IE8, but I could not reproduce it.) I have a workaround in place that does the job, but its ugly. I have two buttons, one disabled, one not. To start, I show the disabled one and hide the enabled button. $("input[type='submit']:first").css("display","inline"); //show disabled $("input[type='submit']:last").css("display","none"); //hide enabled ... <input name="Submit" type="submit" value=" Sign In " tabindex=3 disabled> <input name="Submit" type="submit" value=" Sign In " tabindex=3 > When my "if" conditions are met, I hide the disabled submit and show the enabled one. Is there a more elegant CSS or JQ based solution to this problem?


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I have a form, and I want two text input fields to be disable by default, in HTML, it's something like:<input type="text" name="" value"" disabled /> And when a user selects a picticular radio button, it re-enables those two text input, if the user chooses another radio button, those two text input gets disable again. I suppose JS can do that, can someone please show me a way of doing it?

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Is it possible to enable/disable a texbox in excel which has been assigned a macro. To make it clear I'm not talking about a textbox within a userform. I understand I should really be using command buttons but I prefer the look of textboxes. I have the following code to change the colour of the textbox (name: txtCreateInvoice) but the final line to disable the textbox doesn't work. Code: Sheets(1).Shapes.Range(Array("txtCreateInvoice")).Select With Selection.ShapeRange.Fill.ForeColour .ObjectThemeColor = msoThemeColorText1 .Brightness = 0.5 End With Selection.Enabled = False

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In an ASP.NET 2.0 project I've got a RadioButtonList. I'd like to disable one of the items in this list, but when I change the Enable property of an item to false it just wrappers the item with a span instead of disabling the Input when rendered to Html: <span disabled="disabled"> <input id="ctl00_RadioGroup_2" type="radio" value="OK" name="ctl00$RadioGroup"> <label for="ctl00_RadioGroup_2">Ok</label> </span> This works Fine on IE9 but on FF4 the radio button is still enabled. Or is the only way would be some Javascript?

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I have this simple button in XHTML: <input type="submit" name="submit" value="Test" disabled="disabled" onmouseover="this.disabled=''" /> The problem is, no matter what I try, when I hover over the button, it won't re-enable from the disabled attribute it has. In XHTML, you are required to use disabled="disabled" which seems to completely break the option to enable/disable it with JavaScript. I've tried running this.disabled='', this.disabled=false, and even this.removeAttribute('disabled') but nothing seems to be capable of re-enabling the button. Weird thing is, if I remove the ='disabled' part of the attribute (making it invalid XHTML), the script enables the button just fine. Is this not possible without using invalid XHTML? Note: I'd really prefer to only use JavaScript for this specific example, not jQuery.

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so i have a lightbox in which pops up an aspx page with textboxes and two buttons (submit - disabled and cancel - enabled). I wanted to enable my submit button ontextchange. it works fine when opened separately (not as a lightbox) but when i let it run normally with the lightbox function everytime ontextchange gets triggered the whole page refreshes disabling the lightbox. <asp:TextBox ID="textBox1" runat="server" OnTextChanged="OnTextChanged_AttributesEdited" autopostback="true"> protected void OnTextChanged_AttributesEdited(object sender, EventArgs e) [code].....

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When i type into a multiline text box, the command button is enabled, if I delete the contents of the text box, the command button is then disabled. However, if I just hit the enter key a lot, and do not delete until the cursor is at the beginning of the textbox, the command button doesnt disable. What should I do?This is what I have so far:VB Code:Private Sub txtUserAddress_KeyPress(KeyAscii As Integer)    With txtUserAddress        .SelStart = Len(.Text)                If .SelStart > 0 Then            cmdSubmit.Enabled = True        Else            cmdSubmit.Enabled = False        End If    End WithEnd Sub

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I have "n" <tables></tables> on my page and each <table> has One(1) <asp:CheckBox.. Enable ='true"/> and "x" <asp:TextBox Enabled="false"..>. Each Table looks as follows [Code].... When I click checkbox, it calls javascript function and enables textboxes (I have added onclick attribute to checkbox). Page also has <asp:Button ...Text="Submit"/> whcih actually grabs the data from the textboxes on the page and send it to the databse. Here is the Onclick event of the <asp"button../> [Code].... If the exception is thrown , textBoxes are not reset but on postback textboxes appear as disabled (values are not reset) So here is what happening on postback when exception is thrown 1) Values are not reset (that is what want) 2) Texboxes appear as Disabled (that is what I don't want on exception, REMEMBER I enable textBoxes using client side script) How can I keep the textboxes enabled = "true"

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I have a repeater which viewstate is disabled, inside i have a textbox and a submit button. Before disabling viewstate i could get the text from the textbox in the submit buttons onClick event. But now it doesnt seem to work. I dont want to enable viewstate on the repeater as my site get really heavy then. How can I get the value form the textbox when I click the submit button? using .net 3.5

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one button on/off disable, enable any button like Handles Button1.Click i want to disable or enable part of the program?

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I am having a .aspx page which contains a checkbox,a button and atextbox which is in disable mode.When I check the checkbox then only the textbox need to be enabled.And after enabling if the textbox is empty and when clicked on the button an error msg should be displayed like "Textbox cannot be left empty"and this should be done dynamically.I dont want to add the requiredfield validator during design time instead I want to generate the required field validator when the button is clicked and msg to be displayed.

Web Forms :: Focus And Reset - Pressing Enter / Tab Not Enable Label forums.asp.net

iam having four textbox and i have one label and i disable it .after entering in all textbox and i click submit button label is showing as "sucessfully inserted" and then if i focus on any textbox the label should disable and i press enter should not enable label and i pressing tab should not enable label.

Disable Specific Text Fields With JQuery? stackoverflow.com

I have a jQuery script that should enable an associated text-field if a person clicks the radio "yes" button, and disable that text field if a person clicks the "no" radio button. The issue I am having is every text-field in every row will become disabled/enabled AND value set to 0 by clicking on only the first pair of yes/no radio buttons. I need to figure out how disable and assign the 0 value to a text-field specifically associated with the radio buttons assigned to it. Here is the HTML for 3 example rows Yes <input name="getFlow1" type="radio" value="1" /> No <input name="getFlow1" type="radio" value="0" checked /> <input name="enterFlowVal1" id="enterFlowVal1" value="0" size="7" type="text" disabled="disabled"/> Yes <input name="getFlow2" type="radio" value="1" /> [Code]....

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how can i disable and enable a sub radio button on click to the another radio button using jquery.I want to disable radio button(er_que) when i click radio button(#atten) and enable the same when i click radio button(#quest) <tr> <td>What do you want to know?<br /> <input name="er_1" id="atten" type="radio" value="attendence" /> Attendance<br />[code]...

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I have disabled a file input field which has a textbox above it. I am trying to make it so that when there is text in the textbox the file field is enabled and disabled when it is emtpy. I do not want to assign id's to the file inputs so im trying to use the current[code]...

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Hi there --In my code I'm changing the enabled property of some frames.Inside the frames there are option buttons, text boxes, etc.At runtime, I disable a frame. While the option buttons and text boxes inside the frame are actually disabled, they don't *look* disabled. I.e., the backcolor of the textboxes is still white, the forecolor of the option buttons is still black.Can anyone think of a quick way to fix this? So when I set the frame to disabled, the contents of the frame look disabled?Elizabeth

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i have a bunch of form inputs (textboxex, radio buttons, checkboxes, etc)there is a specific section of the form that i want to enable and disable.i want a quick way when i click on a radio button (which is not part of the form) to disable all inputs in this specific section of a form. also on the selection of a different radio button (also not on the form in question) to enable that same section of the form input controls.The one trick is that i dont fully have control over the id and classes of the actual inputs so i need something where i can put a parent div and have it find all items within that div.is there an easy way in jquery to enable or disable a section of input controls.

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How come there is no voice input / microphone button on my android keyboard? I've had a look in the options screen, there's an option where you can enable / disable the voice input button on keyboard, but it's already enabled. I can press and hold the space bar and select Google voice input in the popup menu, but it's too inconvenient. I tried installing another keyboard (Hacker's keyboard), there I have the mic button.

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I want to enable text boxes if click on checkbox. Here problem that text field and checkboxes in a array. my code is given belowI'm getting checkbox values from database <input type=check box name=checkbox[] value="1" /><input type="text" name=textfield[]> <input type=check box name=checkbox[] value="2" /><input type="text" name=textfield[]> I want keep disable all text fields on body onload and if i click checkbox particular textbox need to enable.

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Hi,Back again!Is it possible to disable textboxes for input until a choice is made?My code has several boxes which the user needs to enter data dependent on date. However, I would like the textboxes to be disabled until a date in the listbox has been selected. I've disabled the button which manipulates entered data until a date is selected but can a disable the textboxes until a date is selected?Any answers would be gratefully received.TKS BENp.s. the text boxes are in an array

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I have a multiple ASP textboxes and ASP buttons on a page within a multiview. The submit button associated with each textbox should be enabled only when there is text entered in the textbox. So, I wrote a Javascript function to handle this and I'm getting an error saying "document.getElementById(...)' is null or not an object" function checkEmptyTxtBox(val, savebtn) { if (val.value.replace(/^s+|s+$/g, "") == "") document.getElementById(savebtn).disabled = true; else document.getElementById(savebtn).disabled = false; [Code]...

Enable And Disable The Radio Buttons? www.webdeveloper.com

I've got 2 groups of radio buttons (one is a set of options, the other is a range of payment options). When certain options are selected, various payment options are enabled/disabled. How can this be done with javascript?Here is what I would like to see: When option 1 is selected, all payment options enabled. (none disabled) When option 2 is selected, payment options 1, 2, 3, 4 are enabled (5 & 6 disabled) When option 3 is selected, payment options 1, 2, 3, 4 are enabled (5 & 6 disabled) When option 4 is selected, payment options 1, 2, are enabled (3, 4, 5, 6 disabled) OPTIONS Code: <input name="options" id="option1" value="option 1" type="radio" /> Option 1 <input name="options" id="option2" value="option 2" type="radio" /> Option 2 <input name="options" id="option3" value="option 3" type="radio" /> Option 3 [code]....

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I need to disable the disable the submit button on my form and to enable if the onchange event occurs for any other input on the form so basically I need to:disable the submit buttonadd a method that enbales the submit button to the onchange event for all the other inputs on the form

Collection On Controls!! forums.aspfree.com

I have 17 textboxes in my form and I want to make them disabled on a click of a button. But all this will take a lot of code writing, 17 names.enabled=false.... Is there a way to make a collection of all the 17 textboxes, like "controlsTEXT" in which I can add all of them at once and can disable all of them just by one statement like this... controlsTEXT.enabled=false Is this possible? or is there an alternative??

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when i click on the checkbox in the gridview column1 the textbox column4 should be enabled author wise textbox should be disabled...........

Disable TextBox Enable ScrollBars www.vbforums.com

Is it possible to enable the scrollbars of a textbox even though the textbox itself is disabled?

Jquery :: Enabling Submit Button Doesn't Take Effect Until Mouse Moved stackoverflow.com

I have an ASP.NET 4.0 Master Page containing a TextBox and a Button. The Button is initially disabled, and the TextBox has an onkeyup attached to enable/disable the Button based on whether anything is entered. The problem is, then when the application is run in IIS and the user enters text in IE8, the Button doesn't enable/disable immediately. However, as the mouse moves into/out-of certain elements, e.g. the browser window, it does enable/disable accordingly. The problem doesn't happen if run from in the IDE (in Debug or Release configuration), or if browse using Firefox 4, or if I downgrade jQuery from 1.6.2 to 1.6.1 or earlier. [Code]...

How To Add Event Listener To Many Items stackoverflow.com

var input = document.getElementById('thumbimg'); input.addEventListener('change', function() { $("input.imgcheck").attr("disabled", ""); }, false); I use this code to enable the submit button when the user selects a file to upload. But what If I want to add more than an upload field? I need to know how to enable the submit button only if all the upload fields are filled.

Dynamic Enabling/disabling Of Form Elements? bytes.com

I'm currently working on a form for my site and would like to do something that I've seen many times on other sites. I would like to make a particular form element enabled or disabled depending on whether another requisite form radio button is checked. I tried this: <input type="radio" name="yesorno" id="yes" onClick="document.getElementById('metoo').disabled = 'false'"> <br> <input type="checkbox" id="metoo" disabled="true"> <br> <br> <input type="radio" name="yesorno" id="no"> but it doesn't work--I can't figure out why.

JQuery :: Code For A Table Checkboxes Checked Causes Textboxes Enabled/disabled? forum.jquery.com

I have a table <table> <tr> <td><asp:CheckBox ID="ckbx1111" runat="server" Text="yes" /></td> <td><asp:TextBox ID="txt1111Req" Enabled="false" runat="server"/> </td> </tr> [Code]... a global checkbox onclick that takes the name of of the checkbox and manipulates to get the name of the textbox to be enabled/disabled or a global checkbox onclick that when acheckbox is checked, the textbox in the next td is enabled, when it is not checked, the next textbox is disabled (and alltext is removed from the box).

Disable Textbox Editable In IE8? stackoverflow.com

I am developing my app in asp.net web forms. The textbox is set like this <asp:TextBox ID="txt1" runat="server" Enabled="false" ></asp:TextBox> and this is the corresponding HTML markup <input name="txt1" type="text" value="1.0" id="txt1" disabled="disabled" /> It is not editable upto this point. I enable Caret browsing in IE8 (press F7) and then this field becomes editable, though the text is grayed out and consequently gives a wrong feeling to the user that the field is editable. This does not happen if I mark the textbox as readonly, but I do not want to mark it as a readonly field. how to have the textbox in disabled mode when in Caret Browsing. Edit1: I am not looking for a solution which would change IE settings/registry, am looking for a programmatic solution as my site is a public facing website Edit2: View states are enabled for the page and for the controls

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I want two buttons: one for login and another for logout. Initially login button is enabled and logout button is disabled. When I click on login button, the logout button should get enabled and the login button should get disabled. And after that, when i click on logout, the login button should get enabled and the logout button should get disable. Here's how far I could go with it,but it doesn't work.

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I have a textbox and a button. Initially the button should be disabled, but when I change the value in the textbox I want to enable the button. I tried to write a trigger.<TextBox x:Name="txtCompanyName2"><Binding Path="CompanyName2" UpdateSourceTrigger="PropertyChanged"/></TextBox> [code]...

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well right now I have this checkbox that's enabling / disabling a submit button for my form. I simply have this code for enabling / disabling it onclick="if(this.checked){this.form.submit_btn.disabled=false}else{this.form.submit_btn.disabled=true};this.blur();" now I'm just wondering how I can make it so that if they click the button when it's disabled, have it alert them with a certain message. so add an onclick event to the button and have it be like if(this.disabled=true){alert('Button disabled!');}

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I'm trying to create a form that accepts names (or any strings) as input and stores them in a object. See attached form sample.Form Image: Operations: � Initially the NumericUpDown object on the form should be disabled.The user enters a value (string) in the textbox and clicks the Add button or presses the Enter key to activate that button.The application then stores that name in a List object, and displays the last entry in the Label underneath.The NumericUpDown should become enable after the first entry. The user should be able to move between all the values entered using NumericUpDown.

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How to enable / disable any record in gridview ?using mssqlI want in my gridview the following will appear .. Name Course Year Status Sam MCA 2010 Enable when i click on enable then record will be displayed in gridview and the enable button will convert into text disable... and when i click on disable then the record will be disable in gridview and enable button will appear ...

Enable/Disable Text Fields With Radio Button? forums.devshed.com

I have a form that has three radio buttons. Each radio button, I have text input field. I want to be ale to check on whatever radio button, it will enable all text inputs fields for that radion button and disable the rest of the text field.Here is my form Code: Radio Button # 1 <input type="radio" name="paytype" id="radio" value="1" /> [code]....

Way To Get UpdatePanel That Contains Multiple Dropdownlist bytes.com

I have an AJAX UpdatePanel that contains multiple dropdownlists, a button, and an ASP Panel (which contains dropdownlists and textboxes). On button_click I want to enable the ASP panel, but it is not enabling. The ddls all work fine, I just can't enable/disable any controls within the update panel or the asp panel itself.I tried UpdateMode = Always I tried UpdateMode = Conditional where ddls and button were triggers I tried adding UpdatePanel.Update() to the button_click I tried using visible instead of enabled (ASP Panel) Nothing is working. Side Note: this is all within a step on the ASP Wizard

Disable A Textbox The Second Time? stackoverflow.com

How do I disable a textbox the second time? here is my code, In form load the textbox is disabled, unless the user will input an idnumber that is in the database. But what if the user will input an idnumber that is in the database then, input again another that is not, That is where this code comes in, but it has problems, it doesnt disable the textbox in the event of a mouse click, what would be the proper way of doing this? [Code]...

JQuery :: Disable /enable The Elements? forum.jquery.com

I have div with Textbox, label and hyperlink it it. I want to disable /enable the elements in it. I am using this code. $('#Content_2 :input').attr('disabled', true); #Content_2 - is a div But this leaves the hyerperlink and label enabled. How can modify this ?

Enable/Disable Asp.net Image Button During Postback? stackoverflow.com

I am trying to check if user is available or not in the database for that I have kept a button named "Check availability".Once when user clicks that he can checks whether the name exists in the database or not and changes the textbox background color to red if "exists" and "green" if not Now I have a registration page where the user fills the form if the user exists I need to disable the SignUp button which I am using the "Image button" for it.So What happens is I am unable to disable it while the user is available.When I am disabling the Image button(ie..the SignUp button) during page load and after the user fills the form though the user is available the page is refreshing and submitting the information to the database as a duplicate field. .enabled = true; .disabled = false; document.getElementById('<%= button.ClientID %>').disabled = true; document.getElementById('<%= button.ClientID %>').disabled = false; [code]..... Updated Code for Check Availability Click: If txtUserName.BackColor = Drawing.Color.Red Then btnSignUp.Enabled = False ElseIf txtUserName.BackColor = Drawing.Color.Green Then [code].....

Disabling Command Button www.access-programmers.co.uk

Im new to this, and a beginner at database design, but I am currently stuck on disabling a command button. Basically what happens is the form is loaded and there are two buttons (save and undo) both disabled: Private Sub Form_Current() Me!cmdSaveAddAd.Enabled = False Me!cmdCancelAddNewAd.Enabled = False End Sub once a text box has been filled in the next occurance happens: Private Sub Form_Dirty(Cancel As Integer) Me!cmdCancelAddNewAd.Enabled = True Me!cmdSaveAddAd.Enabled = True End Sub which enables both buttons. but the problem is when a user clicks the undo button i want both buttons to be disabled again, i cannot get the undo button disabled, the save button was easy enough: Private Sub cmdCancelAddNewAd_Click() DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdUndo Me!cmdSaveAddAd.Enabled = False End Sub but if i put (Me!cmdCancelAddNewAd.Enabled = false) i get an error message saying 'you cannot disable a control that is in focus'.

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I am trying to manipulate the value of an input box based on whether a checkbox is checked or not. example checked input = 1600 and enabled unchecked input = 0 and disabled I am having 2 problems: 1) When the page is loaded I get unchecked and input = 1600: it should be : either checked input = 1600 and enabled unchecked input = 0 and disabled 2) When the checkbox is checked for the 2nd time the input remains 0 it should go back to the initial value 1600 [Code]...

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I have a button that enables/disables via a dropbox in Access 2000. One problem is when I click the next form the button re-enables instead of disabled by default. How do I disable it? I'm using the following code:Private Sub SUR_Change()If SUR.Value = "Yes" ThenSurPrint.Enabled = TrueElseIf SUR.Value = "No" ThenSurPrint.Enabled = FalseEnd IfEnd IfEnd SubSUR is the drop box (yes/no)SurPrint is the button.Thanks!!

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I have an html input control that is a radio button. This radio button needs to disable required field validators when selected. This is my non working code so far. What have I not done? <input ID="card1" runat="server" type="radio"/>Card<br /> btnSubmit_Click { if (card1.Checked == true) { RequiredFieldValidator10.Enabled= false; } } this however doesnt disable the control.

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I am trying to disable and enable hyperlinks on an aspx page using a button from another aspx page. I have an idea of having two buttons on one page labelled "disable" and "enable". clicking disable should disable a particular link on another page and clicking enable should enable that same link.

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How to enable / disable any record in gridview ? [Code]... when i click on enable then record will be displayed in gridview and the enable button will convert into text disable... and when i click on disable then the record will be disable in gridview and enable button will appear ... I want to use vb.net, asp.net (vb) to do that ...

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I have a html form with three input text box. one of the three is disabled by the help of this postmy question on jquery forum.no I want that if any of two of the input box is empty submition button will be disabled if allenteredthen submit button will be enabled.

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how to enable /disable the timer with a button and how enable /disable the timer with a checkbox? and the opposite how to enable /disable a button with a timer and how to enable /disable a checkbox with a timer

Disable Button In Ie7 Ie8? www.sitepoint.com

i have a button that i want to disable on action . it work's fine in Firefox but not IE6 ,IE7,IE8 this code get the id=button and every 3 seconds (enable --> on click -> disable -> 3 seconds --> enable var button = document.getElementById('button'); function disable(button) { button.disabled = true; setTimeout(function (el) { [Code]... the weird thing is if i delete all the html and keep only the code , it works fine on all browsers

C# - Disable / Enable An Ajaxifeid Button From Client Side (JavaScript)? stackoverflow.com

i have an AJAXIFIED button(btnsend) thas is disable by it's Property -> Enabled="False" i have a TextBox Next To This Button And I Want Enable that Button When Users Type Something in That TextBox... so i did this (JavaScript): function onkeyupontextbox() { var btnSend = document.getElementById("btnSend"); btnSend.disabled = false; } but that button does not work after becomes enable... what can i do about that? (i am using radajaxmanager for ajaxify that button) (when i remove that button from RadAjaxmanager Or UpdatePanel So EveryThing Is Ok , But I Want That Button In Ajaxify Mode)

KeyCode In TextBox Change Event! www.vbforums.com

A Form has a TextBox & a CommandButton. I want that if the TextBox is empty, the CommandButton should be disabled. This I am taking care of in the Form_Load & the TextBox_Change event functions. Till this point, no problem.Now I want that if the user enters Space (on the keyboard) in the TextBox, then also the CommandButton should remain disabled (or if it was enabled before Space was entered in the TextBox, it should get disabled). How would I do this? I tried this but it doesn't work:VB Code:[color=blue]Private Sub txtBox1_Change()    If (txtBox1.Text = "" Or vbKeySpace) Then        cmdButton1.Enabled = False    Else        cmdButton1.Enabled = True    End IfEnd Sub[/color] The above does disable the CommandButton if a Space is entered in the TextBox but at the same time, it remains disabled even if any other character on the keyboard is typed in the TextBox!Thanks,Arpan

Validate Event www.vbforums.com

This is something weird I noticed the other day while testing our app. We have a tabstrip control (SSTab) and on each tab there is a frame which contains certain textbox and other controls.In two of the textboxes, I wanted to allow the user to edit the value only through the press of a command button. Otherwise the textboxes had to be disabled. So I coded the form in such a way that the textboxes are disabled at the beginning. In the Click event of the command button, I enable a textbox and allow the user to enter data into it. Since after data entry I again wish to disable the textbox, I trap the Validate event of the textbox and disable the textbox in this Validate event procedure.All was fine, until I clicked the button to edit the textbox, put some data into it and then clicked on another tab in the SSTab control. The other tab became visible, and then I returned to the earlier tab, and the textbox is still enabled!! That means the Validate event was not fired when I changed the tab.Here is the code:Code:Private Sub Form_Load()Text1.Enabled = FalseEnd SubPrivate Sub Text1_Validate(Cancel As Integer)Text1.Enabled = FalseEnd SubPrivate Sub Command1_Click()Text1.Enabled = TrueText1.SetFocusEnd SubI need a verification of my opinion that the Validate event is not fired when I click on another tab of the SSTab control on which the textbox is placed.Note that the Validate event does work with other controls, for e.g. when I move from Text1 to another control, say Text2, the Text1_Validate event is fired..

JQuery :: Enable And Disable Input Box? forum.jquery.com

I was trying to but failed to do. I have two radio of gender and two input box father name and husband name if sex selected male then fathers name will be enabled and husband name will be disabled and if female selected then fathers name will be disabled and husband name will be enabled. <input type="radio" name="sex" value="male" /> Male <input type="radio" name="sex" value="female" /> Female </div> Father's Name<input type="text" name="fname" /> Husband's Name<input type="text" name="hname" />

Jquery :: Disable And Enable The Textbox? stackoverflow.com

Here I have a text box <input name="" type="text" id="txt" onblur="txt(this)"/> and jquery function txt(th) { $(th).hide().after('<span class="dfk">' + $(th).val() + '</span>'); } I have done disable the textbox and dispaly the value of textbox but again click the value of the textbox. textbox should enable with the value.

Enable Button If Something Change? www.sitepoint.com

I have a simple html HTML Code: <input type=checkbox name="email" /> <input type=checkbox name="social_network" /> <button onclick="save_options();this.disabled=true;"onload="this.disabled=true;">Save</button> I need the button enabled if I check one of the check boxes and disabled when I click itself. I can do this in Jquery pretty easily, but in javascript. So I try some code like Below and it doesn't work. Code: document.getElementsByTagName("input").onChange(function(){ document.getElementsByTagName("button").enabled = true; });

Enable A Submit Button When 3 Inputs Contain Text? www.webdeveloper.com

I have a form in my site with 3 text inputs and a submit button. I want the submit button to become enabled ONLY when ALL of these inputs contain at least 1 character each i.e. if the user removes all characters from any or all of the inputs the submit button will be disabled.

Disable A Button In Firefox And Chrome But Not In IE www.webdeveloper.com

Is it possible to disable a button in firefox and chrome and should be enabled in IE. It is also fine with me if the button is made invisible. How will the scripting go in that case?<table border="0" width="90%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="3px" > <tr> <td align="left"> <input class="epi-button" type=button value='<<Prev' onclick='javascript:history.go("<%=(Integer.toString(xpPrevOffset))%>")'> <input class="epi-button" type=button value='New Search' onclick='javascript:window.location.href="/formsfinder/"'> </td> [Code]...

Enable/Disable Buttons In A Different Form www.xtremevbtalk.com

Ok, what's going on.All I want to do is have a function called Code:Public Sub Enable Buttonsand Code:Public Sub Disable Buttons.Within these functions I want to disable and enable command buttons, including command buttons on different forms. I can do this with the command buttons which are on the same form, but this: Code:Public Sub Enable Buttons frmHumidity.cmdCurrentHumidity.Enabled = TrueEnd Subwon't work. Can anyone please point me in the right direction? I can't understand why this won't work. Thanks, Caryatnid.

Button Inside Updatepanel / Try To Enable The BtnAddSecurity.Enabled = True It Simply Doesn't Work stackoverflow.com

I have two update panels and in the second update panel i have asp.net button and onclick of the button in codebehind i have disabled it like btnAddSecurity.Enabled = false; When I disable the button i enable a cancel button before it and on cancel button when i try to enable the btnAddSecurity.Enabled = true it simply doesn't work. Both of my updatepanels updatemode is conditional. what is the problem?

Onchange Event To Disable / Enable Textbox www.webdeveloper.com

My question is I have this for form with couple options and a text box and what I want to do is when user selects the "none" textbox to be enabled and if user chooses "mysite" option textbox to be disabled so user can't put his/her input. Here is my code: Code: <form id="form1" method="post" action=""> <label> <select name="none" id="noneid" > <option value="none">None</option> <option value="mysite">Mysite</option> </select> </label> <label> Another <input type="text" name="another" id="anotherid" /> </label> </form> I think I need a javascript function to trigger by onchange event to disable or enable textbox depending on the user input. But I don't know how to write that function.

Disabling A Button Based On The Criteria Of Two Text Box's www.daniweb.com

im trying to disable a button until anything has been entered into two text boxes simultaneously. So far i have tried: If String.IsNullOrEmpty(TextBox1.Text & TextBox2.Text) Then Button1.Enabled = False Else Button1.Enabled = True End If However it doesnt work simultaneously, the button will become enabled if i enter anything into either textbox, i cant have any of them left blank.

Override An Event - TextChanged Event Not To Be Triggered When The CellClick Event Occurs? social.msdn.microsoft.com

I'm trying to validate a few things in a form I'm building. It has a datagrid with clients info (taken from an access database) and a few textboxes where the user can type some search criteria. The thing is that those same textboxes are used to add new clients to the database and to modify a client's information if one from the datagrid is selected, so I made it that the buttons to insert and modify clients are disabled on load and thenevery time the text on a textbox changes ("TextChanged" event) they become enabled. So far so good. But then I wanted to make it so when a client from the datagrid is selected both buttons become disabled again until the text on a textbox changes (to make sure they're adding a different client and not the same one that was selected). I tried using the CellClick event from the datagrid to disable the buttons, but since every time a client is selected from the datagrid the info is shown on the textboxes, this triggers the TextChanged event too, and the buttons become available.So, is there a way I can tell the TextChanged event not to be triggered when the CellClick event occurs?

Disable/enable Alt Only www.vbforums.com

Hello GurusHow to disable/enable Alt button ONLY on WinXP?Thanks

HTC Eris :: Fast Crispy Froyo Settings androidforums.com

- KaosFroyo v27 - Root Explorer used to remove unwanted apps - SetCPU used to overclock (gradually, over the course of 8 days of use) - Launcher Pro - Stock browser - Stock dialer - Stock messaging - JIT enabled in menu > settings > cyanogen mod settings > performance settings - apps2sd disabled - Animations all turned off in menu > settings > display - data back up and automatic restore enabled in menu > settings > privacy - text prediction turned off in menu > settings > language and keyboard > HTC_IME mod > text input - spell correction enabled in menu > settings > language and keyboard > HTC_IME > text input - word completion turned off in menu > settings > language and keyboard > HTC_IME mod > text input - sound feedback turned off in menu > settings > language and keyboard > HTC_IME > text input - vibrate when typing turned off in menu > settings > language and keyboard > HTC_IME > text input - show candidates bar turned off in menu > settings > language and keyboard > HTC_IME > user interface - space hack and smiley hack turned off in menu > settings > language and keyboard > HTC_IME > user interface - voice input not used - gestures not used - prediction and dictionary not used - custom vibration set to 15ms in menu > settings > language and keyboard > HTC_IME > sound and vibration > custom vibration length - text to speech not used - keep in memory disabled in preferences (Launcher Pro) > general settings - 3 screens enabled in preferences > homescreen settings - trackball scrolling enabled in preferences > homescreen settings - number of docks set to 1 in preferences > dock settings - enable auto rotation enabled in preferences > behavior settings - hide notification bar enabled in preferences > appearance settings - disable wallpaper scrolling enabled in preferences > appearance settings - memory usage preset at moderate in preferences > advanced settings > memory usage settings - homescreen caches enabled in preferences > advanced settings > memory usage settings - homescreen cache type set to normal in preferences > advanced settings > memory usage settings - build caches as needed enabled in preferences > advanced settings > memory usage settings - clear caches on exit disabled in preferences > advanced settings > memory usage settings - prevent force closes enabled in preferences > advanced settings > memory usage settings - elastic scrolling disabled in preferences > advanced settings > - high quality scrolling disabled in preferences > advanced settings > - minimum scrolling speed set to 50 in preferences > advanced settings > - use 3D drawer disabled in preferences > advanced settings > - opening speed (of drawer) set to 7 in preferences > advanced settings > - opening speed (of previews) set to 7 in preferences > advanced settings > I've settled on an overclocked speed of 748/748 with a sleep profile of 528/528. I use Weather Bug Elite with no background data updates as I press menu > update each time I open the app. Syncing is done manually, no autosync enabled for gmail or calendar. The browser and all other caches are cleared in menu > applications > manage applications each night prior to shutting down and putting the device on the charger.

MVC :: Enable / Disable Textbox And Make Text Box Blank On Change Of Value? forums.asp.net

I am using jquery to do enable/disable textbox in asp.net MVC views. [Code]....

How To Enable / Disable Button forums.asp.net

how can i enable nad disable buttons

Go From Disable To Enabled After The Data Is Entered? www.vbforums.com

Having issues getting my summary textbox, and tool strip to go from disable to enabled after the data is entered

Disable Some Right Mouse Click Options www.ozgrid.com

way, using VBA code, to disable/enable individual shortcut menu items that are are made available with a right mouse button click. The following code disables the right mouse button completely but I would like to disable only a couple of options like the ' Cut' option. The code to disable is below and to re-enable I just change False to True. Dim cb As CommandBar i = 0 For Each cb In CommandBars If cb.Type = msoBarTypePopup Then cb.Enabled = False Next cb

Enableing/Disableing MsgBox Button? www.xtremevbtalk.com

Is there a way to disable a msgbox button, like for vbyesno, I want to disable the yes till a timer enables it, Possible?

MVC :: Value Of Disabled TextBox Does Not Submited To Server? forums.asp.net

why the value of disabled TextBox does not submited to server?i have text box to input date(year, day, month), and decide to inforce the user to insert date throgh datepicker jQuery control, so i have disabled the textbox, but the value does not submitted till i have remove the disable attribute(i dont want to lit the user to insert the date manually then i have to do exception handling to the wrong input.. i can not gess what he/she input)

CallByName www.vbforums.com

Hi,I got a UserControl in VB with some command button (e.g. cmdAdd).I've add a method to the UserControl that will Disable some of the button:Public Sub SetProperty(lcButton As String)' this won't workCallByName CallByName (Me, lcButton, VbGet), "Enabled", VbLet, False' this won't work alsoCallByName CallByName (UserControl, lcButton, VbGet), "Enabled", VbLet, False' this won't work tooCallByName CallByName ((UserControl), lcButton, VbGet), "Enabled", VbLet, False' explicity state the object will workCallByName cmdAdd, "Enabled", VbLet, FalseEnd SubWhere lcButton is the name of the button (e.g. cmdAdd), so how can I modify the code so that I can disable whatever button I pass to this method?Regards,Ming

Can't Enable Disabled Button / Resolve This? www.sitepoint.com

I'm trying a simple JQuery enable a disabled button once the fields have all been entered for the Horzontal section. At the moment as long as one input val has been entered it enables the button? Could someone advise how to make it so it only enables if all vals are entered?[code]...

Link Text Box Enable To Check Box www.ozgrid.com

I am using a check box on a form i have created. If it is unchecked (default = checked) then it enables a text box (default enable = false). The problem is if the user changes their mind and recheckes the check box it will not disable the the textbox. The text box stays enabled no matter what the check box's status is. I am unsure how to approuch making the following happen: checkbox = True ----- textbox = (enabled = False) Checkbox = False ------- textbox = (enabled = True)

Web Forms :: Enable / Disable User Controls In Master Page forums.asp.net

I have a user control in my Master page and need to be able to Enable/Disable it from ANY page. How is this done? My user control has a few TextBox fields and a button. I was hoping to set a public property and simply Enable/Disable, but public properties seem to only work on the Master page code behind and not other pages.

Works, Yet Doesn't? www.vbforums.com

I have the following code written in VBA for Access 2002VB Code:Private Sub cmdNext_Click()intRecordIndex = intRecordIndex + 1DoEventsIf intRecordIndex = rsWorkerInformation.RecordCount Then    cmdPrevious.SetFocus    cmdNext.Enabled = FalseElse    cmdPrevious.Enabled = True    rsWorkerInformation.MoveNext    cmdNext.Enabled = True    Call SetVarsEnd IfEnd Sub Private Sub cmdPrevious_Click()intRecordIndex = intRecordIndex - 1DoEventsIf intRecordIndex = 1 Then    cmdNext.SetFocus    cmdPrevious.Enabled = FalseElse    cmdNext.Enabled = True    rsWorkerInformation.MovePrevious    cmdPrevious.Enabled = True    Call SetVarsEnd IfEnd Sub Now this is meant to disable the previous button if the user is at the beginning of the recordset, and disable the next button when its at the end.This works fine if I go directly from one end to the next.IE) I click until next is disabled, then click previous till its disabled. Then back to next till its disabled- That works fineBut sometimes, when I click quickly and click next 6 times, then back till previous is disabled, then forward to the middle of the recordset. Then, when I go back to try to get previous to disable (IE: I'm at the beginning of the recordset) it gives me the error EOF or BOF...But that shouldnt be happening..This also happens with the next button if I follow as I typed above.Anyone have any clues?

MDIForm HELP !!! www.xtremevbtalk.com

i have a MDIForm, with some MDIChild's, and a ToolBar on the MDIForm with one Button.in order to avoid putting code in all child, i decide to subclass each MDIChild.so, what i want to do is: if one of the child is activate, the button on the MDIForm will be Enable, otherwise the button will be disable.so, in the subclass i catch the WM_CHILDACTIVATE, and enable this button, also i catch the WM_DESTROY, and disable the button.the problem is that the WM_CHILDACTIVATE occur before the WM_DESTROY, and the button is stay disable.

How To Make All Command Buttons Disabled On A Frame? www.vbforums.com

Dear Friends,I have 5 frames on my form and each frame has 15 command buttons in it. Now, I would like to make Frame1 to Frame4 command buttons (60 command buttons) disabled by writing a simple code. Instead of writing something below:cmd1.enabled=Falsecmd2 .............cmd3 .......................................................cmd60.enabled=FalseAnother thing is when I disabled these command buttons in Frame1 to Frame4 I would like to keep the Frame5 command buttons (15 command buttons) enabled.What is the code to make it easy for me?Thanks in advance.

Javascript - C# - Enable Button Ontextchange Without Posting Back? stackoverflow.com

so i have a lightbox in which pops up an aspx page with textboxes and two buttons (submit - disabled and cancel - enabled). I wanted to enable my submit button ontextchange. it works fine when opened separately (not as a lightbox) but when i let it run normally with the lightbox function everytime ontextchange gets triggered the whole page refreshes disabling the lightbox. <asp:TextBox ID="textBox1" runat="server" OnTextChanged="OnTextChanged_AttributesEdited" autopostback="true"> protected void OnTextChanged_AttributesEdited(object sender, EventArgs e) { btnSubmit.Enabled = true; } now if i take out the "autopostback=true" it then will not trigger the the ontextchanged. was wondering if is it better if javascript will be the way to go for enabling the button or is there a way where i can prevent the postback when ontextchanged is triggered?

Disabling All Of The Controls Inside A Frame Resolved www.vbforums.com

I have some controls inside a frame (textbox,button,etc.) that I want disabled or enabled based on a checkbox. I have tried just disabling the frame but it doesn't disable the controls. Do I need to disable all the controls individually or is there an easier way. Some of my frames contain 15 or more controls.thankskevin

Button Disable www.vbforums.com

What's the best way to get a button to enable and disable, so when button is pressed unhighlight a button?Thanks.

Disable And Enable Help. www.xtremevbtalk.com

Can someone please help! I have a playlist application that I am writing (for college) and I need to enable or disable some buttons depending on the state of the listbox. I have one listbox called playlist and six buttons - add, remove, up, down, all and none.The add button is always enabled and can be ignored here. The other rules are as follows:If listbox contains no items all buttons are disabled.If listbox contains items with none selected then all are disable except all button.If all the listboxes items are selected then remove and none are enabled the rest are disabled.If only one of the listbox items are selected the all buttons are enabled unless the top item is selected (up disabled) or the bottom item is a selected (down disabled).If more than item is selected but not all the up and down are disabled the rest are enabled.I have posted the code I am using currently below. It almost completely works however there are three problems (I've spotted so far).1. The code only starts when a selection is changed. How can I make it run when a new item is added to the list also.2. If I popluate the list and then delete all entries the all button should disable but it doesn't it stays enabled.3. If I select all entries in one go and then remove them all together I get an error pointing to the If PlayList.GetSelected(x) = True line.The code I use for the remove button isCode:Private Sub RemoveButton_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles RemoveButton.Click Do While PlayList.SelectedIndex <> -1 PlayList.Items.RemoveAt(PlayList.SelectedIndex) LoopEnd SubThis is my rules codeCode:Private Sub PlayList_SelectedIndexChanged(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles PlayList.SelectedIndexChanged If PlayList.Items.Count = 0 Then RemoveButton.Enabled = False UpButton.Enabled = False DownButton.Enabled = False AllButton.Enabled = False NoneButton.Enabled = False ElseIf PlayList.Items.Count > 0 And PlayList.SelectedIndex = -1 Then RemoveButton.Enabled = False UpButton.Enabled = False DownButton.Enabled = False AllButton.Enabled = True NoneButton.Enabled = False Else If CheckAllSelected(PlayList) Then RemoveButton.Enabled = True UpButton.Enabled = False DownButton.Enabled = False AllButton.Enabled = False NoneButton.Enabled = True ElseIf NumberSelected > 1 Then RemoveButton.Enabled = True UpButton.Enabled = False DownButton.Enabled = False AllButton.Enabled = True NoneButton.Enabled = True Else If PlayList.Items.Count = 1 Then RemoveButton.Enabled = True UpButton.Enabled = False DownButton.Enabled = True AllButton.Enabled = True NoneButton.Enabled = True Else Select Case PlayList.SelectedIndex Case 0 RemoveButton.Enabled = True UpButton.Enabled = False DownButton.Enabled = True AllButton.Enabled = True NoneButton.Enabled = True Case PlayList.Items.Count - 1 RemoveButton.Enabled = True UpButton.Enabled = True DownButton.Enabled = False AllButton.Enabled = True NoneButton.Enabled = True Case Else RemoveButton.Enabled = True UpButton.Enabled = True DownButton.Enabled = True AllButton.Enabled = True NoneButton.Enabled = True End Select End If End If End If End Sub Public Function CheckAllSelected(ByVal PlayList As ListBox) Dim x As Integer NumberSelected = 0 For x = 0 To PlayList.Items.Count - 1 If PlayList.GetSelected(x) = True Then NumberSelected = NumberSelected + 1 Else Exit Function End If Next If NumberSelected = PlayList.Items.Count Then CheckAllSelected = True Else CheckAllSelected = False End If End FunctionI am sorry if this is a bit too long. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I have alos attached all of my code to this posting.ThanksStephen

Right Mouse Menu Help www.xtremevbtalk.com

hi guys i have a little problem with my code and i dont know what is wrong with itplease can someone help me outPrivate Sub txtShowSerial_MouseDown(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single) If Button = vbRightButton Then txtUserinput.Enabled = False 'Disables the textbox to make default popup txtUserinput.Enabled = True 'Unavailable Me.PopupMenu mnuContext End IfEnd Subthat code basically pops up my menu when i right mouse click on a text boxthe problem is when i do this that the default right mouse pop up menu appears at the top left of the screeen, i can only get my pop up menu up if i very rapidly press right mouse button on the text box.plz hlp me someone cheers very much

Disable Variable Textbox In Form forums.devshed.com

Hello guys, Maybe a simple question for some of us. I have a form with text/combo boxes. I need to disable/enable some of them, each time the user chooses a different option. I can disable a text like: "form.textbox.enabled= false", but what if "textbox" changes everytime the user chooses something else. So in other words: "form.variablestring.enable=false"

Visualbasic Debug Vs Execution.... visualbasic.ittoolbox.com

i don't know whether it happens to me or for all..but,in vb6.0when am debugging am getting correct resultsbut at the time of execution it's not..example: in the form load ,i made my command button-2 is in disable mode and also command button-3 .when i click another button say button-1 then i want button-2 enabled and button-3 still in disable mode.for that in button-1 lostfocusam enabling button-2 , set focus. also disabling button-3 which is already in disable mode.but, surprisingly...in the button-1 lost focus am getting both button-2,button-3 in enable mode and also button-3 got focus instead of button-2(it happens only in execution mode).am expecting that in the execution mode after form load and before button-1 lostfocus, some thing(remaining code which is not related to this) is getting executed and button-3 is enabling...and got focus.is it happens??? or am wrong.but,how to restrict this one...please resolve the problem..am i explained clearly or made u confused...

Disable A Button For 3 Seconds Then After That Enable It? www.sitepoint.com

Using Jquery ... How can i disable a button for 3 seconds then after that enable it when a use click a button (to avoid the user clicking without stopping) Button Enabled -> user click the button -> button is disabled for 3 seconds -> button is enabled .

Web Forms :: Textbox Enable And Disable? forums.asp.net

using c# I am entering two types of string in a text box for eg "so-123456" or "12345678" only this two formats are allowed to enter, when i enter only 12345678 i.e, without "so" next textbox in that page should be enabled, if i enter "SO-123456" textbox should be disabled. without any click event i.e, while entering text in 1st textbox if it contains "so" textbox2 should be disabled, if textbox1 contains only integer(123456) textbox2 should be enabled.

Visual Studio :: Enable/disable The Dropdown On Text Change Using Javascript? forums.asp.net

There is a need of enabling/disabling the dropdown list when the text is changed into text box control. I am using Java Script for this but still its not working properly. since I am calling the method "test( )" from <asp:Textbox......onBlur="test( )"............> contol tag . The drop down is disable/enable when I click the textbox after putting the values. <td style="width: 150px"> <asp:TextBox ID="txtFromDate" runat="server" [Code]....