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hey,is there a way to check if an email exists?like Check ifperson@hotmail.comis a true email?thanks

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function that has to check, with an AJAX request, if an email address exists or not. Until now I have this piece of code for email checking: $('input#email').bind('blur', function(){ $.ajax({ url: 'ajax/email.php', type: 'GET', data: 'email=' + $('input#email').val(), cache: false, success: function(html) { [Code]...

IPhone :: Connection To Server Emails Locking Up forums.macrumors.com

Have a client that has three of these Iphones. When they are off or set to manual email checking, the client can get there regular PC based outlook email on their PC's. As soon as the Iphones are used to check mail, their PC based outlook email program can no longer connect. The error received seems to indicate the the Iphones are locking up the pop3 connection to the server emails. I have the server set to 50 concurrent connections and it still hangs.

How To Implement The Email Validation Into The Script. forums.devshed.com

I know this question about email validation has been asked many times on here, but on all the posts i have viewed they dont actually say how to implement the email validation into the script. Take for example the code below, how would i implement this into my PHP page? function checkmail ($email) { if (eregi("^[0-9a-z]([-_.]?[0-9a-z])*@[0-9a-z]([-.]?[0-9a-z])*.[a-wyz][a-z](g|l|m|pa|t|u|v)?$", $email, $check)) { if (checkdnsrr(substr(strstr($check[0], '@'), 1), "ANY")) { return TRUE; } } return FALSE; }

JQuery :: Html - Hide Table Columns Automatically By Checking A Checkbox? stackoverflow.com

I want to display 3 checkboxes that are pre-checked, but as soon as the user unchecks a box, the related column disappears. <p><input type="checkbox" name="first_name" checked> First Name</p> <p><input type="checkbox" name="last_name" checked> Last Name</p> <p><input type="checkbox" name="email" checked> Email</p> [Code]...

Samsung Moment :: Pop3 Email Stops Auto Checking androidforums.com

Has anyone experienced their pop3 email stopping checking for email? I have the email check frequency set to 5 minutes. However, when I hit refresh this evening, it downloaded 10 messages.

Php Emails Do Not Match ?? www.phpfreaks.com

i have created a registration script for my website and i have added a new featurer that makes you enter your email address twice and then it is supposed to check if they are the same� and then if they are submit the form but if not show an error but even if the email addresses are the same it still shows the error below is the code for the email checking Code:

Email W/o Client HELP!!!!! www.vbforums.com

Hi all,I have searched and I have noticed that all the email checking codes use some email client to check their mail.What who i have to do if i want my program to check mail of a server with out launching any client at all.The thing is i need to run the program without a user being logged on to the computer so no profile will be loaded thus outlook/express will not load any profile. how do i go about doing that ??Please i really need help fast

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Timescape Email Not Syncing - Updated After Reboot androidforums.com

Has anyone experienced Timescape emails not syncing? My facebook and twitter feeds update properly, but the emails don't update unless I reboot. The emails will initially update after reboot, but won't update again until the next reboot. I've gone into "Email" and set my "Email check frequency" to every 5 minutes, but this does not seem to have any effect on Timescape.

Send Emails Via Cron Job Using Mysql? stackoverflow.com

i managed to send multiple emails (check here).i am stuck with sending automated emails via cron. This is what i need - while the admin send emails, i store the message, emails, event date in the database. now i am trying to set a cron job to send emails to all these ids from the table with the message i have as a reminder. i am not familiar with cron job scripting, I am planning to send two mails - one day exactly before the event and on the day of event.

Motorola :: A455 Rival Make It Stop Checking Email Automatically www.howardforums.com

I hate this! How do I turn it off? Nothing in settings...and I don't want to delete my email account. I just want it to stop loading the email app whenever I get an email.I have to Exit, Confirm (even though the confirm option is OFF), get dropped in the apps screen, and still have to click to get to the 'home' screen.Must be a way to disable automatic email checking?


MacBook Pro :: Wifi Email And Instant Messenger Not Working On Network discussions.apple.com

I use wiFi all the time at home with no problem but in many wireless locations, email and instant messenger don't work. I had outgoing email set to "use default ports" but tried setting it manually to 587. The email checking just keeps spinning and never pulls anything. Same with instant messenger. Windows computers aren't having this problem. Information: iMac Mac OS X (10.5.8)

Nokia :: E52 / Internet Is Always On discussions.europe.nokia.com

I have recently brought an e52 which is great.The only thing is that I notice that its always got the two arrows under the 3.5g on... when I hold hang up it asks if I would like to disconnect the service, to which I reply YES, only to find its reconnected 3 minutes later.I have turned off the email checking, and ask it to check for new mail every 4 hours.But it still always on, I have also checked for open apps and preformed a soft reset on the device... the problem still pursuits.

BB Curve 83xx :: 8330 Not Receivring HTML In My Emails forums.crackberry.com

I have a vzw curve 8330 and I am not receivring HTML in my emails.I (obviously) have "Enable HTML in email" checked and it does now show up like it should, it does not display the html it simple just shows the html code.I tried resending service books but that did not help Using OS

Subscribe/unsubscribe Mailing List To Install On Website? stackoverflow.com

I'm looking for a subscribe/unsubscribe mailing list to install on my website.Requirements: PHP/MySQL; Cron job: uses scheduling to send email in batches; Multiple languages: when user is subscribing, they need to select preferred language from a drop-down; Send in both HTML/Text; Bounce-email check; [code].......

Samsung Galaxy S II :: How To Stop Emails Coming Into It samsunggalaxysforums.com

I want my emails to come in to my S2 only occasionally, eg when I'm away from home for several days. I've got my 'Account settings' - 'Email check frequency' set to 'Never', but they are still coming in.

BB Curve :: BBM And Email Only Work With WiFi? supportforums.blackberry.com

My BBM and email are only working when I'm connected to a wi-fi network. Once I'm out in the real world, just on the network I can't send BBM, send emails, check-in on Facebook, or connect to App World.

Dialing A Phone Number With Cable Modem www.vbforums.com

Hi, I am writing an email check program and I want it to call my pager when certain emails has arrived. But the problem is I am using a cable modem and I have no idea how to make it dial my pager number. Please if anybody know of any way to do this?

Forms Data Controls :: How To Display Custom Header With Checkbox forums.asp.net

I am trying to display to gridview some data from the database and add a checkbox column to the grid so that user can check it off. From the database, I have fields: ClientID, ClientName, ClientEmails. I want to display those fields to the gridview plus the extra column on the right for "checkboxes" so the gridview should show header like this: Client Id | Client Name | Client Emails | Check | The data it will display over a page and I need it scrollable too. How can I do that?

Signup Validation Script Problems phpbuilder.com

I've been working on this for hours, and I can't find the error - The following code sample is part of a sign-up validation script. The username check works correctly and notifies when there is already a database entry equal to the submitted username. The email check, however, does not give an alert for the same situation. Code:

Checking For Existance www.xtremevbtalk.com

http://www.phpfreaks.com/tutorials/40/3.phpLike in there... Under the email checking part... How would I go about doing the same in VB? I've so far managed to connect to database, make entries and update/delete entries... This is more difficult and it'd be really cool If I could get some help

Executing Code After X Minutes www.xtremevbtalk.com

I have searched over numerous posts about timed events but had no luck.I have created a simple email checking program. I want it to execute every so many minutes, whatever the user decides. Much like Outlook operates. It doesn't seem I can use the Timer function. I wanted the range to be from 1 minute to 15 minute intervals.Any point in the right direction is appreciated.Dave

Motorola Droid : Way To View Notification History? androidforums.com

Anyone know of a way (built into OS, app or otherwise) to view notification history? My notification light just came on and phone made the notification noise, but when I picked up the phone and pulled down the notification bar, there was no notification. Wasn't an email (checked my gmail account and inbox was empty) and I don't think it was a text, unless I accidentally deleted it. Not very concerned, but it made me wonder if there is a way to view notification history.... any ideas?

BB Curve :: Cannot Connect To The Internet, Receive Or Send Emails supportforums.blackberry.com

Yesterday my phone was working perfectly, it turned off because the battery died. This morning I couldn't receive or send any emails, check my twitter or connect to the internet. My carrier is simple mobile, I called them and they said my phone had been locked by "itself" and there's nothing they could do. I have a blackberry curve 9300?

BB Curve :: 9300 Message & Email Alert Notification? samsunggalaxysforums.com

I switched SIMs on my 9300 the other day and I recieved a new text message on it which I read & deleted...I then put in my old SIM and the alert at the top of the screen (envelope with 1) that notifies you when you have a new message was still there!I have deleted all messages, emails, checked all folders, saved folders, rebooted (several hundred times!) yet the notification is still there.

Use JQuery To Enable / Disable A Button Based On Vars? stackoverflow.com

Ok so, Im using jQuery to do username and email checks before a signup... this sets a variable true or false depending on the response from php. $(document).ready(function() { if (usr_checked == true) { if (em_checked == true) { $("#registerbttn").removeAttr("disabled"); [Code]....

Preg_match Patterns forums.devshed.com

just finished designing the form for my first page, but I would like people,s thoughts on the patterns i,m using for matching, and also one question regarding the email checking. The patterns i,m using are as follows. PHP Code:

Notice: Undefined Offset: 1 In /var/www/html/contact/contact.php On Line 74 www.codingforums.com

i have managed to get an email check to work, but i just have a slight error with it, can anyone help rectify the following error:- Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in /var/www/html/contact/contact.php on line 74 list($Username, $Domain) = split("@",$email_address); The code:

Getting Attachments From A Mailbox Without The Imap Module? stackoverflow.com

We want to implement a pop3 client that gets the attachments out of an email, checks if there are video files and save them. The problem is, we can't use the IMAP php module. So we need a custom pop3 class i guess. Does anyone know a good pop3 client class that can handle attachments?

Email Confirmation During Registration bytes.com

im trying to make registration form..And i want that users can use just couple of emails to register..I will try to explain what i mean Im using code to check mail: [code]... This works fine if u trying to register for example with [URL]... But confusing moment is if i want to add more emails to check. If i add more functions for email check it comes to fail.. because if i will add another checkemail function (for example hotmail) and in register form i will try to add [URL]... it wont allow because first check is with gmail. So i want to ask u guys,how to make check mail function for 5,6 or more emails?

Form Validation :: Check All $_POST Vars In A Loop forums.devshed.com

Rather than individually access all the $_POST vars individually, I want to try and create a smart script, thats loops through all the fields and performs the neccesary checks. The problems being, depending on what var is being checked there will be different procedures, for example email username password etc etc Also, not all fields may be required, but some will be. How would you do this with a loop? Would you use a reg exp on the name of the var to determine what check to perform? So if it contained 'email' perform email check. If it contained 'pass' do the password check. If it contained 'numbers and letters' do the relevant check.

BB Bold 9000 :: Receive And Send Email Pop3 Account Via Phone supportforums.blackberry.com

I have my own domain and would like to receive and send email from that POP3 account via my BB Bold. Can the existing BB Email (currently configured with my work email) program be configured to also check that account? If so, could I keep separate contact lists; I don't want my personal contacts merged into my work ones. One solution I have been using for a while is to have my personal email checked by my Gmail account. Then, with Gmail for Blackberry installed, I can read that email easily. But as for sending, I can only send from that account if I reply from an existing message. Maybe there's another email client I can use?

Android :: Apps That Display The Flip Clock With Weather androidforums.com

I got my hands on a Sprint Samsung Moment couple of days ago and already am missing my little HTC Touch Vogue(Customized with Windows Mobile 6.5). I was always flashing all kinds of custom ROMs into the Vogue and realize it's not that easy on these android phones. Anyway, I would like to know if there are android apps that will display the Flip clock with the weather and also if there are widgets or apps which will display the email, text message and missed call count on the desktop. I don't care for the notification bar so much. On another note, I am using K-9 Mail for email but now I get notification from both the stock email client as well as K-9. How does one make K-9 the default? The latest version of K-9 has taken out the Email frequency check from the settings so I'm not sure hot to set the interval for email check.

Sprint HTC Hero :: Stopped Checking For Email - Outstanding Battery Life androidforums.com

For no apparent reason, my phone stopped checking for email (on 5 separate accounts) G-mail still pushed fine, so it took a couple of days for me to notice, but in the meantime, my battery life nearly doubled. A re-boot fixed the email issue and battery life is back to normal- 12-18 hours average use. I had set the other five accounts to check for mail at varying times. One was set for every 30min, the rest were every 2 hours (or more). I did not realize what a battery drain email checking was causing.

HTC Droid Eris :: What Drains Battery Most? androidforums.com

I'm new here and a new Eris owner had it now for about a week and love it so far.I've read through several of the threads here about the battery and best ways to conserve, and I've tried to apply them (and I appreciate the info I've been able to find here).I'm conditioning the battery now (fully drained/charged it a few times), have set the brightness down lower, turned off bluetooth & wifi, set email checking to 2 hrs rather than 15 minutes.My question is about the effect on the battery of using facebook and peep/twitter as apps running on their own home screen.I have each of these two on their own screen so I can see updates but is this more draining on the battery than instead just having the apps as icons and then opening them up (meaning does this mean they are open all the time and draining battery)? Also, I have 3 email accounts setup but set to check every 2 hrs. Would this be more draining than just 1 email that checks every 30 minutes?

Nokia :: 5800 XpressMusic Doesn't Disconnect WiFi After Checking Email discussions.europe.nokia.com

A day or two after the upgrade to firmware v40 I noticed that the phone doesn't disconnect from my WiFi connection after checking email. Previously WiFi would disconnect after it was done checking email.This happens for more than one WiFi destination (home & work), and I have verified that the connection's advanced settings do show that power saving mode is ON. I've verified that there are no apps running in the b/g that requires connection, and if I manually disconnect the WiFi connection, then it stays disconnected until the next time the email check runs, at which point it does not disconnect automatically. Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (NAM, Product Code: 0577454) software v40.2.005, Type RM-428

Samsung Captivate :: Stock Email Not Showing - Automatic - Push - As An Option androidforums.com

I was able to successfully configure the stock email app on my android phone (Samsung Captivate). However when I went to "Email check frequency" in the settings to enable push, it did not allow me to do so. According to Android, there is an option in this setting called "Automatic (push)" other than polling options. In my case I just had polling options like "5 mts", "10 mts", "Never", and so on. But I don't have the "automatic push" option! I checked in with my system admin. He said that they have enabled push from their end. In fact, we are on the corporate email of Google apps. So it is like a gmail except that it has my corporate email address. So this should have been a piece of cake, no?

Existing Username Check Not Working? stackoverflow.com

I am not sure why, but the code below doesn't check for existing username and proccesses the request. Just realized the same code has been formatted for email check and it works for email but not for username. code for existing username check (not checking): //Session info $username = $_SESSION["username"]; $_SESSION["username"] = $username; $ucheck = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['username']); $check3 = mysql_query("SELECT username FROM accounts WHERE username = '$ucheck' AND NOT(username='$username')") or die(mysql_error()); [Code]....

Motorola Droid :: Email Notification / Email Check Not Working? androidforums.com

I have a work email pop3, is not a g mail account. Well, i have putted to be notified in 1 hour if i have new emails the problem is the phone didn't check the emails and didn't have the notifications. only if i enter on the "Mail" application i have the new emails.. if i didn't enter, this didn't check the emails. What is the problem?. I have APN droid installed and i have deactivated the 3g 2g gaps. But i have configuration the WIFI to stay connected always.

Web Forms :: How To Know Port 443 Is Open For Incoming And Outgoing Traffic? forums.asp.net

I am trying to set up a paypal IPN listener. Here is my code: [Code].... [Code].... For testing purposes I have code to send an email at different spots. The only email that I get is the first one. None of the other email checks are being sent. I have checked with paypal and they said to make sure that port 443 is open for incoming and outgoing traffic. If that is the problem how would I go about making sure the port is open? Or could it be something else?

What Is The Best Way To Store User Names / Passwords? www.vbforums.com

Hi!I am making a small application for checking whether email messages on the server have potential viruses. I've already made the email checking part, but I also have to login users so that they can check only their own messages. Most of our users don't even remember their POP3 passwords so I have to let the admin enter all this information into a file or database on the network. The application will connect to the database / file and let the user enter his own network password to log in.I am considering two possible approaches: encrypted file and Access database. In Access there's a workgroup security option, but I don't know whether I will have to distribute the workgroup file to each desktop, and whether I will be able to connect to such protected database via ADO.This is the first time I am dealing with Access security / encryption and I would greatly appreciate if anyone could tell me the best way to store such information. Thanks you very much in advance,Stanislav

Forms Data Controls :: Generate DataGrid Or Table Method? forums.asp.net

regarding generation of a table. The task is to generate a table of requirements per division. I am thinking of using a DataGrid inside a DataGrid. But I don't think it's possible. The other option is to create a table based on the recordsthat would be returned from the database. But unfortunately I have no idea on how to perform it. (check box here) IT | (check box here) Computer | Attachments |Submit (check box here) Email (check box here) Internet Access (check box here) HR | (check box here) ID [code]...

Intercepting MSOutlook Mail Checking www.vbforums.com

This time another questionI am developing a mail washer program that will download the message headers of mail messages from a POP3 server. Messages that meet user defined requirements must then be deleted. This is all OK but at the same time the end users of the program will aldo be using MSOutlook and Outlook express, possibly alsoEudora etc...When the user opens their normal email program and tries to download their mail, my program must connect to the pop3 server first and then delete any unwanted messages before their normal email program starts the downloading. I think it is possible to hook into a winsock event and find out when the request is being made. But then I need to know the source of the event - (Is it from an email program, has a download of mail been requested). I also need to know how to terminate that event to replace with my own email checking. If any genuises out there in the global webspace can assist, then I would be indebted to them yet another time!!TKS

Sprint HTC Hero :: Constantly Only 30MB Of Available RAM? androidforums.com

How many MB's of RAM are you supposed to have on the Sprint HTC Hero? After a fresh reboot, my phone is at 62 MB of RAM. Then I use the phone for a couple of minutes (check my facebook, check email, check weather, and maybe send an SMS text) and I'm down to 30MB of RAM, which almost never goes back to anything close to 60's. Is this normal? I feel like no matter how many apps I manually close (minus the essential ones) I am still sitting and very low available memory (that is, if 30MB is supposed to be considered low).Anyone able to shed any light on this? What happened to Hero's 288MB of RAM?

Could You Check My Mailscript? phpbuilder.com

After learning php I've written my first script, a simple mailform. Could you check whether it's any good? I'm especially curious about the following: - are the name and email check regex constructed right? - http_referrer is unreliable I've read. Now I'm using sessions to check whether my script is called from my own site. Did I do this right? For the rest I've place comments which say what each part is supposed to do? Any errors? Of tips to make it work better? Code:

BB Curve 83xx :: Freezing Error On Email Check? forums.crackberry.com

I check my email my phone does just fine. There are other times that I check it and it will freeze up and I have to do a battery pull to get it unstuck. Is there anything I can do to try to fix this? I have tried checking just the email instead of through messages. It does not do it on one certain email either.

IPhone :: Email - Check / Delete - Can Change Setting? discussions.apple.com

Can I change this setting somehow? Instead of checking the email twice(on home computer and then on phone also). Information: dell vista Windows Vista

Email Check www.phpfreaks.com

$query = "SELECT member_email FROM members WHERE member_email='$member_email'"; $result = mysql_query($query); if (mysql_num_rows($result) == 0) { } Im using this to check wether or not the email address is already been taken, however it isnt working. My form is submitting even with the same email address being used. Any ideas?

VB6 Email Checking www.vbcity.com

Is there anyway in vb6 to check and see if there is any new (or any at all) email on my pop3 server without downloading the email? I just want to know if something is there I don't want to download it.Thanks,Byam

POP3 Email Checking With VB6 www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi,I was wondering how I can check POP3 mails from my program I was making. I am stuck as usual. Does any one know any sites or posts where it has some relevant information?Background:1. I have username, password and pop3 incoming mail server textbox ready.2. I have assigned each of them a variable.3. I have a Winsock lieing down on my form, doing nothing.Problem:1. Firstly, the winsock and connection to the mail server (which user has type in).2. Secondly the handshaking process of granting user's name and password.3. Getting Unread emails and assigning a variable (in integer) ** Note, I just want to alert the user with x unread emails **More Problems:1. Once I have x (as unread emails) from the server, Any one know how to do that MSN Messenger POPUP Thingy when you get a new email?Thanks in advance P.S. I love the quick reply, which only happens in VBF!!!

Outlook/email Checking www.vbforums.com

Is it possible to monitor activity in Outlook express?Like; When i am receiving an new mail, there wil be added information like the sender and the subject to an logfile... or when i delete an mail in outlook it will also be written to the logfile.

Pop3 Email Checking. www.vbforums.com

hi, im 1/2 through writing a program that requires to connect to a mail server (pop3) and check if there is any mail there, and if possible who its from (dosent matter if that cant be done tho) any help would be greatly apreciated. oh also if anyone has and decent SMS programs (inc source code)

ActionScript 2.0 :: Email - Checking Text Input Is In Valid Format www.gotoandlearnforum.com

I'm making a form in flash for an application I'm building. In the Email text input, I want to check that the user has entered a real email address. Obviously as long as its text@text.text then I'm happy. How do I check what the have entered a valid format?

Email Checking Is Slow? discussions.apple.com

Why does my iPad take so long to check or send email?� I have my own mail server. My PC, Mac, etc complete the tasks on the same network in a millisecond. The email account is hosted by a server running mercury and is imap but my pop accounts behave the same way. I have the server defined on a local ip address.� It takes sometimes 5 minutes to send and email but they usually go thru. Checking email gives a spinning circle for over a minute.

Simple Email Check www.phpfreaks.com

i wanna make it so in my users registration form, and in the edit profile page to check if the email is valid. what i mean is that it has to have @, and .com, .org, ect. address. can someone tell me how to do that?

Email - Check If Script Mail() Is Enabled? stackoverflow.com

I need to install a PHP site on a Microsoft server. For some reason the host isn't allowing the site to send e-mails. The host has sent me a code sample... which didn't work. Is there a way to check if the server allows sending of e-mails through the php mail() function? At this stage it is all about finger pointing and I need some proof here to show the client that the host is at fault.

User And Email Check www.phpfreaks.com

I have a register form that I have made that will allow the user to register with first name, last name, user name, email, address, city, state, zip, and phone It will then send an e-mail to them that will make them activate there account. I have everything working.. but i want it to check the data base to see if the username has been taken. right now it checks the email to see if it is taken.. but i would like it to check both email and username. Code:

Multidimensional Associative Array Email Check? stackoverflow.com

I have an array multidimensional associative array. Array ( [0] => Array [code]...

PHP Submission Form To Email Check Boxes? stackoverflow.com

im new to php and im making a submission form where people book online. I have the form working fine but i want to add checkboxes for extras and then have those extras noted in the confirmation emails sent to both the user and myself. <tr> <td height="10" align="right" class="align_right">Deodoriser:&nbsp;</td> <td> <input type="text" name="deodoriser" id="deodoriser" value="<?php echo $deodoriser?>" onchange="checkFieldBack(this)"/> </td> </tr> <tr> <td height="30" align="right" class="align_right">Carpet Protector (5 litre):&nbsp;</td> <td> [Code]....

Sending Emails->Checking For Bounce Backs? www.sitepoint.com

I would like to add the option to mass email all the members on my site. I looked into a bulk email program, but they look lame. I have to export my list and then import it. I figured I could just do it all from my site, but the one thing I liked from the programs was the ability to remove addresses where the email bounces back. Is it possible in PHP to check to see if an email went through or came back? Would I have to log into the email account I used as the send from address to see if I got a response or is there another way?

Email -Check Names? www.codeguru.com

Hi,Can someone help me?I'm trying to email out a report (HTM file) using vb. i've created an instance of Outlook to do this. However when I put in the email addresses, I keep getting a Check Names dialog box, it can't find the names. I click Cancel, wait a few seconds and suddenly the names are found and I can email (click Send). Any ideas? Obviously I don't want this box to appear everytime, and I don't know why it does - the email address are all valid addresses.Any ideas??sean.mullan@bt.com

How To Verify An Email (Check If Its Valid) www.vbforums.com

Well its not very important, but i have 500 emails (yahoo) and i want to make a program that checks if these emails are valid. Basically i want to send newsletters to these emails, but i want to know if the emails are really valid. How can i do that. I know there are some programs i can use, but i want to make my own program.

General :: Email Check Frequency forum.xda-developers.com

I have gmail as my email client.When there is a new mail sometimes it notifies me lately like after 10 minutes.How can i shorten this time without killing my battery.I have galaxy s3 mini.

IPad Air :: Sending Email - Check If Username And Password Valid www.ipadforums.net

I can't send email from my ipad Air. I am told to go to settings and check that my user name and password are valid. I do and they are.

Valid Email Check Within Regular Cell? www.excelforum.com

I have a cell in which I would like to have a user enter an email address. If it does not follow a valid format I would like it to display an error message, "Invalid E-mail Address", clear contents and re-select the cell otherwise move to the next cell. By Valid email I want it to check for only one "@", and at least one "." but I also want it so that a user can't just bypass it with typing "@.". I would like it to reject special characters and spaces and only allow "-" and "_" maybe a general format of <name>@<place>.<domain> The cell in question is K45 and the following cell would be K47 if a valid email is entered

Android :: Stop Background Apps From Causing GC And Eating Up CPU groups.google.com

In looking at some performance issues for a game I'm developing I came across some interesting facts. Although I've minimised GC caused by my app, other apps can still cause one. Also, during framerate drops in my game, I've noticed things like the weather service, email checked, etc. going nuts in the background. (This is on Android 1.6). I don't really want to block incoming calls, i.e. go into flight mode, before the game starts. I think it's important for the game to be interrupted if there's an incoming call. However, while playing, I don't think people care about weather updates, email updates, texts, etc. Is there an interface that will let me control what is "active" in the background and what should be "suspended"?

BB (RIM) :: Pearl 8130 - Battery Draining Too Fast? www.howardforums.com

I got a used 8130 off ebay that was reported to be 3-4 months old. Initially battery length was great, but now after charging it all night the battery is mostly drained by the end of the day. This is with minimal to no phone calls and moderate email checking. I was trying to figure out if I had the radio on that was draining things, but when I go under the tower icon, there is no mention of radio. I've tried to close apps using the menu, close option and not the red phone button incase that somehow leaves them open causing more battery drain. So is this normal battery wear, is something I have on the phone causing increased draining or do I maybe just need a new battery? As for apps, past the email accounts I have set up, I don't really have or use any other apps.

Motorola Defy :: Calendar Not Syncing To Phone, But Phone To Calendar OK? forums.motorola.com

I logged into another gmail account on my phone, I did without any problem, viewed/deleted some emails, and logged off. I then re-logged into my higher usage email (the main one I use on everything and the phone is registered with). I had the "Smooth Calender" app isntalled, but uninstalled that because the update happened around the email checking and it started acting goofy when I updated anyway.After I did that, I went to check my calender on my phone to schedule appointments and noticed that my calender is almost completely empty. I checked my calender online under the account email that I currently have it synced to and it is full like I have it. Now the situation is when I enter a calender event online it WILL NOT sync to my phone, nor has any of the repeat events synced. When I enter an event in my phone, it syncs to the online calender AND to the phone with reminders and such if I set it up that way.I cleared the gmail cache on the phone (but did NOT clear data, didn't know if that is advisable), I checked to make sure the correct calenders are checked to sync. I also went to Settings > Account > 'Account in question' and made sure it was selected.I DO NOT see an auto sync feature anywhere on the phone, and I can't remember having checked it before and didn't have a problem with anything until I did the logging into and back out of my emails.What can I do, or need to do, to fix this? My calender is very important to me as I always have my phone on me and don't always have a paper calender on me.

Sony Ericsson :: Free Unlocking / No Advertisement www.howardforums.com

I'm not sure if we're allow to post links so i'll give you suggestions on how to get to the website Required Items 1) Sony Ericsson Phone with CID up to 53 2) DCU-60 Cable or DCU-65 3) Internet Connection 4) Charge your battery! How to do: I Take No responsibility if anything goes wrong 1) Google up Omnius Server 2) Download the application (will link to rapidshare) 3) Extract the application with winzip or a similar program 4) On the website click "Register for application" on the left hand side 5) Go to your email check your junk mail as well (MUST validate your username & password) 6) Load up the application 7) Click on "Settings" then pick "Server Settings" 8) Put in your username and password you made earlier with "Register for application" 9) Now choose your Phone model on the top left hand corner "Tested on my rogers C905a it works 100%" 10) Click on "Unlock" and choose "Unlock Network lock by reset" 11) Turn off your phone, take out battery 12) Press and hold 2 & 5 13) Wait and wait and more waiting patiently 14) Turn your phone back on 15) Press > * < < * < * 15) Press right, star, left, left, star, left, star 16) Go to Service info pick "SIM lock" and now it should be all unlocked.

Debugging Of Dll On Webserver www.vbforums.com

I have a ActiveX dll that I have modified and installed on our remote webserver. It runs fine on my PC. but fails under certain conditions when run on the remote webserver.I have got it writing to a log file and the error description is:clsMessageHandler.Update - Error : 70 : Permission denied : SMSListenerWhat techniques are there to help me find where it is failing? I have seen the post regarding setting msgboxes and property to 'UNMANAGED' and then letting it write the event log, although I haven't tried this yet.I know it is failing somewhere in this section (as loMessage.Alert <> "1" then it doesn't fail!):If loMessage.Alert = "1" Then '*********************************************** 'Navigate to SMS Server and send SMS Alert '*********************************************** 'Pass the relevant parameters to the Navigator object Set loNavigator = New clsNavigator Set loFix = loMessage.Fixes(1) Set loSensor = loMessage.Sensors(1) loNavigator.FixDate = loFix.FixDate loNavigator.Longitude = Round(loFix.Longitude, 5) loNavigator.Latitude = Round(loFix.Latitude, 5) loNavigator.SensorType = loSensor.SensorType loNavigator.SensorValue = loSensor.SensorValue loNavigator.Run lbSMSSent = loNavigator.Response '*********************************************** 'Send Emails '*********************************************** 'check the response loMessage.EmailSent = "0" End If

BB Curve 8900 :: Sms Icon / Cant Recieve But Can Send Sms forums.crackberry.com

Whilst surfing the net yeasterday the BB suddenly switched itself off, when i switched it back on, the SMS icon had vanished and so had ll my sms messages including saved ones, I did all the usual stuff, deleted videos that i no longer watch clened out the internet history and deleted rafts of emails, checked the firewall wasnt blocking sms, and made sure the message optins was to seprerte sms/ etc. also i changed the theme a few times a few battery removals later, and a call to orange who said they would text a message update (doh texts arent being recieved ) i can send sms using the drop down menu in the contacts book but I am not recieving them , if i put my sim card in my old motorola i can send and recieve texts nae probs, frustratingly any text that were sent to me have been lost ie people say they have texted me and i havent go them even when i switched on to motorolla nomally your greet with a succession of texts if youve been off air.

IPhone :: IP4 Needs Cool Down Due To Temperature www.howardforums.com

Today my iPhone 4 showed 'TEMPERATURE' - iPhone needs to cool down due to temperature. Anyone experiences this issue? I have the full BodyGuardz skin applied on it and was just using it as normal with email checking, web browsing, GPS with Copilot, but my phone was not used when I got a weird noise with the temperatue warning. I was inside my house with AC set at 76 degree when this happened. The phone did not feel warm at all. Please see attachment.

Motorola Droid X :: Definite Memory Leak - Remedy With 2.1 Update? androidforums.com

Definite Memory Leak. Rooted Most bloatware removed also Using ATK memory starts around 280. I have atk set hourly memory leaks to around 170 atk runs brings it back to around 200 within another hour down 100 atk runs brings it back to around 130. No push, Email check hourly. No WiFi, BT and GPS. Moderate use. Could be why some are having battery issues. This problem also exists before Rooting. Hopefully 2.2 will remedy this issue. As for rooting no real performance boost after bloatware removed.

Regexp Phone # Check bytes.com

I'm working on validating US phone numbers. I have a nice expression that Regex Coach likes, but causes PHP to reject everything I send. Are there any glaring differences? I can't figure out what's wrong. Another little email check works fine, using the code out of Wrox' Beginning PHP. PhoneCheck.php <?php function PhoneCheck($number) { return ereg("^[([]?d{3}[)-.] ]*d{3}[-. ]?d{4}$", $number, $scrap); } ?> My test cases (which passed regex coach, but failed my php form): 123 456 7890 (123) 456-7890 123.456.7890 123-456-7890

Hardware :: Set Up Through Hp - Networking? forums.macrumors.com

I am using a D-link dir 628 router and I have dsl. I have a macbook and an older Hp laptop. the hp is going to be wired to the router and cable modem and the mac will be wireless. the hp is only used for email checking so it will sit on the desk. when first setting up the d=link should i wire it directly to the mac and configure it that way or does it have to be set up through the hp because that laptop is going to be the one always wired to the d-link and cable router?

Nokia :: N97 Notification Lights discussions.europe.nokia.com

i assume this is supposed to give me a light to say i have missed a call or a message is waiting? i have standby br. light set to breathing light on (whatever that means)? and notification light blink for one hour with missed call, new message and new email checked. so why does my phone look as if the power is off all the time? i'm not getting any notification of any kind unless i turn off the key lock and the screen wakes up? Nokia n95 (3 UK payg)