Dropdown, Textbox Search Mysql Database, Result In Gridview?


Let's say I have a gridview with some columns like, title, name, funding agency. Here's an example of what I want to do: I want to display all the records in the gridview to start. There would be a dropdownlist that lets the user select whether to search by title, name, funding agency and a text box that lets them type in what they want to search for (and a button to start the search). After searching, the gridview would only display the records that matched the criteria.i already know how to connect datasets to the gridview, but i am using mysql database and writing code in vb.how to accomplish this task

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I am working on the search page in which the user will search records from the database, On my page i have 1) TextBox 2)Dropdown Menu 3)SearchButtonThe use of DropDown menu is to limit the search result with Searcg for ProductName, Search for Manufacturer, Search For CategoryOne the code behind my page i am calling a stored procedure in which i have written the SQL Statement to pull out records from the database [Code]....

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I have a gridview with two textboxes (first name & last name) and a linkbutton to search results inside the gridview. I have made select parameters as well and the search works if i write in both textboxes. However, if I leave one textbox blank, i don't get any results. [code]... How can I get results from searching only one textbox?

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'm using SQLServer Freetext for my search page. My Search page consists of a textbox where the user can enter freetext and next to the textbox I've got a dropdown which enables the user to refine the search (Catagories). My problem with my search is ... if a user type for exam Dog in the search textbox and he doesn't use the dropdown to refine his search ... no data will be displayed although Dog exists in my database. But if the user type Dog in the textbox and this time he select animal (as a catagory) from the dropdown ... then results will be displayed. In a nutshell I would like to have the functionailty that allows a user to search only by keywords typed in the search textbox apart from using the dropdown (catagory) as well.

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I have a gridview with 3 columns dropdown, textbox1, textbox2. On pageload my gridview loads with one row i.e dropdown with databinding done with some values, empty Textbox, empty textbox2 i have add new row button clicking on that i will get new row in gridview with dropdown with databinding done with some values, empty Textbox, empty textbox2 I have save button to save the gridview rows into DB. Question: I should not allow user to select same dropdown value in two different rows. How can i validate that.

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I'm a complete novice in .NET. I am trying to implement a multi textbox / dropdowns / checkboxes search for a website using vb.net. How do I pass the values of my form fields to my griedview and display the search result on the same page? I've written a stored procedure and specified it as data source for my gridview and defined parameter source as my CONTROLS (textboxes, checkboxes n dropdowns) on the form. What I want is when a user fills out one or multiple fields on the form, how do I display data in the gridview on the click of SEARCH button? Also is it necessary to write a codebehind for my search button or we can achieve the desired result in some other way?

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I want to make ASPX page with textboxes and dropdown to insert the data into the database and Gridview to display all the data. I wnat some good designs, how can I make the page more attractive with just textboxes,dropdown ,buttons and gridview. Do somebody have good aspx page, paste just the design here.

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I have a MySql database in which I store user names. Now on the search page of my site I want to populate search results without posting back, I googled it and found that the DynamicPopulateExtender can do it but I have no idea how. What I have done is...there is an asp:textbox named "txtSearch" and an asp:button named "btnSearch" and an asp:panel (extended by the dynamicpopulateextender) and i want do display results on this panel, remember in order to retrieve results i have to connect to the MySql database.

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i have connected mysql table in gridview, how to do search by using the particular word from the text box and any ways to get the result in grid view

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Has anyone succssfully use a ModalPopupExtender with a dropdown within a gridview? I have my grid that has a dropdown and if the user selects NO, I want to popup a textbox within the ModalPopupExtender, currently I'm showing the textbox below the dropdown, but I don't like how it looks.Has anyone been successful in doing something like this, or even getting the modal to work with a dropdown in general?here is my code for the dropdown within the gridview: [Code]....

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I am using asp.net/c# application. In my application, I have a gridview.<asp:GridView id ="gv_QuestionList" runat="server"> </asp:GridView>In Code Behind, I created dynamic textboxes and DropDownLists on RowDataBound. [Code].... I have a Save button out side the gridview which stores all the row values into database. when I click the "Save" button, I lost dyanamically ceated controls like textbox,dropdown and values (on postback).How can i get all the dynamically created controls and values after the post back?


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I'm looking to use a gridview to create a basic search page for my website. On the page I have the following: 1.) A dropdown list with the search parameters 2.) Textbox where the user enters their search 3.) A Submit button. In the submitclick, I want the gridview to display the contents of my database, but only the items that match what the user has entered into the textbox based on the parameter they chose from the dropdown list. I have the following code: SqlConnection SearchConnection = new SqlConnection(ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["LandRover"].ToString()); SqlCommand SearchCommand = new SqlCommand("SELECT * FROM ORDERLINE WHERE " + ddlSearch.SelectedValue.ToString() + " = @Search", SearchConnection); SearchCommand.Parameters.Add("@Search", SqlDbType.NVarChar).Value = txtSearch.Text; SearchConnection.Open(); SqlDataReader SearchReader = SearchCommand.ExecuteReader(); if (SearchReader.HasRows) { grvHistory.DataSource = SearchReader; grvHistory.Visible = true; grvHistory.DataBind(); } I'm code this in C#

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I have to develop web page, page have gridview with some controls, intially only one row is there with controls like textbox and dropdownlis on specific colum, while user enter text to textbox and select value from dropdown now user want to add new row to gridview than how can i append new row to gridview with textbox and dropdown control same as first row.and data of the first row should be keep as it is as user input or user select any value from dropdown. First Column Second Column Row1 TextBox Dropdown Here user can able to enter value for textbox and select item from dropdown Row2 TextBox Dropdown Dynamic new row and first row shold be keep as user selected.

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I have one gridview, a dropdown list where I can search the users table or a group name table, a textbox for inputting the search and a button to search.How could I overwrite the users table that is binded in the gridview when I search through the groupname table? Using C#.

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I want to have a multi level dropdown selection tool come out of an array (not database; almost all of available codes on the internet are based on mysql databse). I have an array as each element has this format: "Country | City | ID". Using explode, I want to make a dropdown to choose the country, then choosing the cities of the chosen country. Finally, in a simple search box make action="result.php" to lead to result.php?q=$id

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Hi guys, i'm still fairly new at SQL dbs, and currently, i'm stucked at retrieving data. What i did is, made a form, to search the MySQL database, but am having problem on displaying the search results. When the user hits the Search button, it's supposed to search the database for that specific entry, then show the result in the multiple textboxes that i have already prepared. Is there a way of performing a search of the MySQL database, and if the data is found, to retrieve each field of that row of data into textboxes? or is the only way of achieving this by using DataGrids?For example : Table [users] - user id, username, full name, contact no, lastloginWhen user searches for the user id, and a match is found, i need it to display the data in those textboxes as illustrated below.[VB Form][LABELs]User ID : [ txtbox1 ]Username : [ txtbox2 ]Full Name : [ txtbox3 ]Contact No : [ txtbox4 ]Last Login : [ txtbox5 ]Edited by - damoon on 9/9/2007 7:12:58 AM

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I have a gridview that populates from a sqlDataSource I added a textBox and a button to input company name in a textBox and click the button to search. Once the row with company is found I want to update it, but when I click update in this row, the gridview displays all of the rows, and instead of the one fromthe search results, the first row at the top is displayed in update template.The GridView first is populated from a static sqlDataSource (EditDistributor), that displays all of the columns in a table. [Code]...

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how can i query the mysql databse having where clause query and the where clause parameter selects from textbox control.. i.e: <asp:SqlDataSource ID="SqlDataSource2" runat="server" ConnectionString="<%&#36; ConnectionStrings:database(MySQL) %>" ProviderName="<%&#36; ConnectionStrings:database(MySQL).ProviderName %>" SelectCommand="SELECT catg_header, subcategeory FROM image WHERE (catg_header = TextBox1)"> <SelectParameters> <asp:ControlParameter ControlID="TextBox1" DbType="String" /> </SelectParameters> </asp:SqlDataSource> <asp:GridView ID="GridView1" runat="server" DataSourceID="SqlDataSource2"> </asp:GridView>

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Now i am using below code for excel generate from gridview but now its not working because i have added Dropdown checkbox and textbox inside the gridview.. code for export gridview into excel with dropdown, checkbox and textbox values... Protected Sub Button_ExportDataInExcel_Final_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button_ExportDataInExcel_Final.Click Response.Clear() [Code]....

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on the form i have one dropdown and search button. Accroding to selected value of dropdownlist, on pressing search button user will see results in gridview.now in after the result is shown and user selects say page 2 then results are shown of page 2. But then if i select new dropdownlist value and press search, it shows result but directly goes to page 2(last time's page selected) instead of showing page 1....

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i need an example of DATATABLE.. with gridview like i have fields name.. product_name(using dropdown and filled by database) product_price (using label price comes on dropdown item name selection from database) Product_quantity(using textbox and user make input) product_amount(using label display calculated amount by quabtity and price) and i want to store in datatable... row by row and after sometime press on submit button i want to store in database ..

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I have a webpage that draws various text decriptions from a mySql database. The description displayed on the page is controlled via a dropdown box. Currently I am using Javascript with a dropdown box (onChange handler) to change the value of a textbox. Can anybody think of a way that I don't have to use a textbox(with its' scrollbars and background)? How can I change the value of a php variable by changing the selected index of a dropdown box?

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Currently I have a gridview bound to a datatable which is populated with groups from the AD. I need to be able to add search functionality so users can type in part of a group name and have the results display only groups that fit their search criteria. Here's what I have so far. <asp:TextBox ID="searchParam" runat="server"></asp:TextBox><asp:button ID="btnSearch" runat="server" Text="Search" /> <asp:GridView ID="dgSearchDLs" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="False" DataKeyNames="cn" DataSourceID="ObjectDataSource1"> <Columns> [code]....

Forms Data Controls :: Cannot Dynamically Generate A Gridview forums.asp.net

I coded in code behind to dynamically generate a gridview as the columns of the gridview changes based on user selection. In the gridview I have dynamically generated controls like textbox, dropdown list etc.I have a few filtering options about, for example: listbox which will postback on change and causes the gridview content to change as well.My problem is: since the controls are randomly generated and every postback will read dataset from database and reload, the naming of the controls are dynamically generated too.

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I am a web page. There are textboxes and dropdowns that user selects. A search button that uses the user selects and return the results to a datagrid. I want a clear button that will blank out the textboxes and resets the dropdowns. I used OnClientClick="javascript:window.location.reload();" but that does work if the search button is used.

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where i can get information on doing a search through a database and presenting the results in the form of a table/gridview etc..?

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In my gridview I have a dropdown and if the user select [NO], I show a textbox under the dropdown, However, I don't like how it looks, so is there a way to open up a modal using the modalExtender or the jquery thickbox from my dropdown via the code behind? I'm already using the thickbox on other pages via a button, but can it be done via a dropdown that is embedded within a gridview?

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i have page it contain textboxes and dropdown list...data's for dropdown are in database . and i binded data from data base to dropdown ....evry thin is fine working.... i used this code..... objClsDb = new ClasDB(); dtDatTabl = new DataTable(); strConn = "SELECT fld_Id,fld_Name FROM tbl_level_2_catagories WHERE fld_Level1_Id ='L_8'"; dtDatTabl = objClsDb.GetDataTable(strConn); ddmedsearch.DataSource = dtDatTabl.DefaultView; ddmedsearch.DataTextField = "fld_Name"; ddmedsearch.DataValueField = "fld_Id"; ddmedsearch.DataBind(); But in case case of update i have search grid view displayed. when i click on row command of gridview it fills relevant dropdowns and textbox for update but......... in case of dropdown it shows same item twice i used ddmedtype.SelectedItem.Text = dtDatTabl.Rows[0][1].ToString(); to fill.... is this becoz using .selecteditem.text twice?

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I have a dropdown and a gridview, the dropdown has 6 items... and the gridview data comes from sql database which uses the dropdown selected item as parameter... So The Problem is that I want to set the select property of the selected item to false... But when i select next item in dropdown and again go back to it The Select Option On the gridview is Available again.

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Using javascript, I store into a hidden section on the page the IDs of all modified textboxes in my gridview so that I will know which ones need to be updated to the database when the user clicks "save changes". On the postback, I would like to use these textbox control ids to access the gridview row which contains them. Is there an efficient way to search a gridview on a child control id? (I need to do this to get the gridview row datakeys)

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In my webpage i am trying to create a order by gridview here item selected by user from dropdown and on selction of dropdown price display in next to item dropdown label price.now user insert quantity from next grid textbox and next is label amount shold disply calculate amount on price and quantity.i also want to use javascript for this prob.what i did that item and price displaying and user make input from textbox now want to calculation but how textbox recieve input and amount label dispaly calculate amount. [Code]....

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On the page I have created I have a search facility that if a doctors number is searched it will bring up the doctors details, once search button is clicked the results are displayed in textboxes (I cannot use gridviews because this is not wanted)sample of code placed on the search buttonQuery statement = "SELECT DocNumber FROM tblDoctor WHERE DNum LIKE '%"execute the query and get the resultThe result is converted to string and Execute Scalar is usedDocNum.Text = Result1 Query statement = "SELECT DocName FROM tblDoctor WHERE DNum LIKE '%" execute the query and get the result The result is converted to string and Execute Scalar is used [code]....

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I m writing my first ever application.I want to make a data search engine exactly same as the excel sheet has.The search form is a owned form and has one combobox to specify the search criteria that in which column of the database table i want to search and a textbox to write the search item.What i want is when i type 'A' in the textbox and click the findAll button the search result should display the first matched record in the textbox of owner form and then if i click findNext button the search result should display the next matched record.Same like excel Find and Replace Window.

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Im trying to take a Listbox that I loaded an array from my mysql database. how to learn how to mask that result in the listbox?Second I want to create dropdown boxes that are created from a result. ie meaning if the array returns 4 results then 4 different dropdown are created one with each result. Im not sure what this is called and where to start.I can use either VS2005 and VS2008.

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I have a gridview control in this gridview has textobx(txtDocPath) control inside itemtemplate and i have a usercontrol in this u. conrol there is a treeview control is binded with datatable here i need button (like we see in dropdown)beside txtDocPath , bcz when i click i want to open a popup page and display my Usrcontorl from usercontrol i will select path from treeview , and i need selected path shuld display in txtDocPath (i.e belongs to grieview control) <div > <asp:GridView ID="gvSetPath" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="false" DataKeyNames="Id"> <Columns> <asp:BoundField DataField="Name_Eng" HeaderText=" Name English" SortExpression="Name_Eng" /> <asp:TemplateField> <ItemTemplate> <asp:TextBox ID="txtDocPath" runat="server"></asp:TextBox> </ItemTemplate> </asp:TemplateField> </Columns> </asp:GridView> </div>

Mysql Syntax To Search For 3 User Options? www.daniweb.com

php/mysql syntax that will search a mysql dbase using 3 user-provided (from web form) options. All options are contained in drop-down menus.the mysql database has an auto column which is the primary key allowing for duplicate entries which are neccesary the table has 2 more columns (date & details) which are not visible through the web form but should appear in the search results the search results should show ALL houses matching the 3 criteria plus data contained in their other 2 columns in the database error message when NOT FOUND a link to the sample form: http:[url].....

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I have a dropdown within gridview i have binded that dropdown with datasource values. i will select any value from dropdown then it will save in database. now i want to show the database value in the top value in same dropdown with sqldatasource. Suppose i have value in dropdown from sqldatasource is test,test1,test2. Suppose i have selected test1 then it will save in database now i want that dropdown show this values test1,test,test1,test2

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I am new to ajax, but i want to learn cause it is used in our project..So, here is my query, i am using .net 3.5 framework.i've one dropdownlist and textbox controls in aspx page for dropdown: 1,2,3,4 (are the values in column1 in database table that is to be displayed in dropdown list). for textbox: a,b,c,d( are the values in column2 of same database table that should be displayed when selecting the dropdown list)can i use any ajax functionality to display the data dynamically into the textbox when selecting the items in the dropdown with or without postbacking the page.

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how to display result in gridview according to textbox only if textbox2 date value is greater than textbox1 ?i have two textboxes and gridview ... if i type in Textbox1 : 2-Jan-2011 and in textbox2 : 1-Jan-2011 then in label1 the eroor message display else ..if textbox2 value is greater then textbox1 value then gridview will display records according to textbox1 and textbox2 from database

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Two websites that are being developed by me is online in my office network. Our IT department has updated Internet Explorer and the view my websites is completely disturbed. Now we have Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18702 In most of my pages the setting is that from top to bottom, in top there is a panel holding dropdown, textboxes and just under this panel there is another panel with gridview. When the pages load the first panel with the search controls are ok. When i supplied search parameters then gridview resulted overlaping the above panel and it scrolls behind the above panel. When there is one record populates to gridview the whole gridview would not be seen but the count label shows one record.

Display Result In Gridview According To Textbox Only If Textbox2 Value Is Greater Than Textbox1? stackoverflow.com

how to display result in gridview according to textbox only if textbox2 date value is greater than textbox1 ? i have two textboxes and gridview ... if i type in Textbox1 : 2-Jan-2011 and in textbox2 : 1-Jan-2011 then in label1 the eroor message display else ..if textbox2 value is greater then textbox1 value then gridview will display records according to textbox1 and textbox2 from database ... how to do that?

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I have found an odd bug in my application. I have a dropdown status which is bound to my gridview. On selecting a status from the dropdown the selectedindex then fires and binds the results to the gridview.Now the strange behaviour in firefox and not IE:If I have a dropdown open and an ajax update fires on my gridview the option is selected from the dropdown (just by hovering my mouse over it rather than selecting it) and the results bound to the gridview. This does not happen in ie as you should have to physically select an item from the dropdown rather than firefox selecting it for you because you happened to hover over an option when the update event fires.

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I want to add a row to that will contain dropdowns,search textboxes, and maybe other controls to allow filtering to the gridview. I've looked at This Question but it did not help me. How can I add a row so i can add these controls to my gridview? [code]...

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I have a gridview on my web page which is bound to an Access database table. I would like to filter the rows from a command button. Can anyone tell me how to do this? The value will be selected from a dropdown list, but the filtering should happen only after the button is clicked. I've been searching all day and everything that comes up is for a Sql Server database with a filter that is initiated directly from the dropdown.

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I have webform that is used to search for records and displays them...the form contains a dropdownlist, a textbox, a button, and a gridview...user select an entry from the dropdown, type in a matching value and then click on the button to add the entry into the gridview. All of these seem to be working just fine...however, the issue am having is this...after working with the first entry and users search for the second record, the gridview still maintains the entries from the first search. How do i go about resetting the gridview each time there is a new search? Here is what my code looks like. [Code].... [Code].... [Code].... How do I get the gridview to reset the next time the btnSearch button is clicked?

Forms Data Controls :: Display A DropDown In A GridView? forums.asp.net

I am trying to have a dropdown in a gridview. I dropdown will hold data from a column in a sql database table. So far, i have this code but when I test the page, the gridview is just pulling the data from the column and displaying it without the dropdown feature. In the code below, "label" is a field in the databaseI have tried to use the info in this walkthrough, but even this does not display the DropDown for me...so I might be doing something wrong.ttp://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms178294(VS.80).aspx

Fetch And Returning Results From A MYSQL Database? www.phpbuilder.com

I am attempting to develop a PHP search engine that fetches results from a MYSQL database, however i am struggling on getting the search engine to fetch results from the database, i'm not sure how you do thatAlso i am developing another PHP search engine that when you type the name of a film it will fetch and return a random result from the database that is in the same category as the film typed in, i hope to get it to forward to another page with the result on that page. If anyone can offer any help or code with this

How To GridView Textbox Always Return Blank Value stackoverflow.com

I added some textboxes to gridview using following code <asp:TemplateField HeaderText="STD<br/>ID"> <ItemStyle BackColor="LightBlue" /> <ItemTemplate> <div style="font-size:xx-small; overflow:hidden;"> <asp:TextBox ID="txtStandard" EnableViewState="true" Height="10" Font-Size="XX-Small" Width="50" Text='<%# bind("STANDARD_ID") %>' runat="server"></asp:TextBox> <asp:AutoCompleteExtender ID="AutoCompleteExtenderDemo" runat="server" TargetControlID="txtStandard" ServiceMethod="GetCompletionList" MinimumPrefixLength="1" CompletionInterval="1000" EnableCaching="true" CompletionSetCount="20"> </asp:AutoCompleteExtender> </div> </ItemTemplate> </asp:TemplateField> I want to save updated values to database, But when I try to access values using string strs = ((TextBox)TwoHeadedGridView1.Rows[0].FindControl("txtStandard")).Text; It always returns me the blank value for all the rows, Same thing happens for dropdown list it returns me originally selected value i.e. value selected at the time of writing dropdown box, there are no duplicate ids present on my asp form , This is my first interaction with customizing gridview, I want to somehow make it run,

Asp.net - If No Value Selected From Dropdown, Allow Textbox To Add To Database? stackoverflow.com

I have a dropdown list that will add new titles to my database, however I would like to add a textbox that will allow the user to type in a new title if there is nothing in the dropdown that makes any sense for what they are trying to add. I have the dropdown dynamically getting titles from the database. Unfortunately, this means that the first value in the dropdown list is not a default that says "Select an option." I don't know how to get the dropdown to have the first option listed as "Select" when the values are being pulled from the database. I can't add Select an option to the database so how would this even work? What can I add to my codebehind that will allow the textbox to insert into the database if the dropdown list is not inserting anything? Right now I don't have any codebehind for the textbox but I do have the dropdown list inserting the correct information.<li class="alternatingItem"><asp:LinkButton ID="DescButton" runat="server">Description</asp:LinkButton><asp:Panel ID="DescPanel" runat="server" CssClass="modalPopup" Style="display:none"><div class="PopupHeader">Add a Description</div> [code]....

Search And Search Results In Userform www.eggheadcafe.com

I have userform with two textboxes at top, one labelled as 'search textbox'.I have listbox labelled as 'search results'.The other textbox labelled 'result textbox'.If a user enters 3 letters in 'search text box',basing on a formula,results of that formula will display in listbox.After selecting the one of the value from list box the selected value has to be displayed in textbox2 'result textbox'.How this task can be acieved ?my formula is =index(sheet1a$2:a$100,small(if(left(sheet1a$2:a$100,3)='search textbox'.value,row($1:$99))),row(a1)))Thanks if any body help in this regard.

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In one webpage, There is one updatepanel in that one gridview, there is one dropdown in headerrow of gridview, dropdown's selectedindexchanged event fire in FireFox but not in IE.

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Is it possible to change the data source of a dropdown list in a gridview from another dropdown list selected index changed method in the same gridview

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I am populating a DataTable and binding it to a GridView's source. I have a dropdown box in an itemtemplate in the gridview. I want the dropdown to have 3 options and depending on what is in a column from row in datatable a specific value will be selected. I was able to do this when I was binding gridview source by looping through SQL but now I that I am putting the results in a datatable I am not sure how to go about it.

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I have three parameters to search and the record is being populated on the gridview. Paremeters are dropdown lists: lstDepartment, lstSection, lstLocation I used AutoPostBack to true for above dropdowns but the problem I am facing is when I select value in lstDepartment to show values in lstSection then gridview data refreshes and after that when I select lstSection to show values in lstLocation then again gridview refreshes. What I want to do is to when I'll select dropdown one by one then gridivew display data when a Search button pressed. I don't want to refresh gridview everytime on the basis of dropdown selection.

DataSource Controls :: Add Sqldatasource In Codebehind? forums.asp.net

i use below sqldatasource for search within a gridview and it is working fine.i just add this control and set gridview datasource id to sql datasource id .but i need the same in codebehind dynamically.i need like this becuase i need to search in three textbox but before i use one textbox. so could someone show me a example how i add a sqldatasourse in code behind and set filter parameter for search from a gridview. [Code]....

Forms Data Controls :: Empty Gridview: Display Text But Not The First Time Load? forums.asp.net

I have a typical search: a textbox, display result in gridview with a button search. In gridview, I load it with SQLDataSource using the textbox as ControlParameter for searching. I use the line below to display the no match message when there is no data. It works fine. <EmptyDataTemplate> Not found any matches.</EmptyDataTemplate> However, this message will always display the first time the page is loaded because there was nothing in the textbox yet. It is annoying for the user because they have not even enter any text for searching it. They don't want to see any message or gridview yet.

AJAX :: PHP - Populate 3 Textboxes With Dynamic Data Based On Select List? stackoverflow.com

Im trying to find a tutorial or something that will allow me to populate 3 textboxes with data from a mysql database based on whats clicked on in a select dropdown box.For example, my select looks like the following: <select name="imaselect"> <option value="USA">USA</option> <option value="AUS">AUS</option> <option value="NZ">NZ</option> </select> Then under that i have 3 blank textboxes.If i click USA, it will go to the database, ask for 3 values, return them and then put them in the 3 text boxes, same if i click AUS and the same if i click NZ.

AJAX :: Autocomplete Textbox Change Event? forums.asp.net

the name of my aspx page is display.aspxin header of this page i have called a javascript jscript.jsinside jscript.js there is a call to acomp.aspx which fetches autocomplete results which are displayed on textbox dropdown on display.aspxafter selecting an item from the textbox dropdown, i have to press search btn to response.redirect to other page.but i want to response.redirect as soon as autocomplete item is clicked.this is my textbox with auto-complete feature: <asp:Textbox ID="search_input" runat="server" Text="Search by Name or Zip Code" AutoPostBack="true" ToolTip="Search by Name or Zip Code" /> this is my aspx.vb code: Protected Sub search_input_TextChanged(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles search_input.TextChanged Response.Redirect("~/star/billing/search.aspx? "value=" & search_input.Text) End Sub now, onchange of search_input text, my old text is passed inthe response.redirect url.!!! but i want to pass changed text! old text means that text wich is input to start autocomplete

MVC :: Do A Search And Get Result Back In A Table forums.asp.net

Basically I want to have a page do a search on first name(textbox), last name(textbox), gender(dropdown). and return a grid result back. it's so easy in web forms. how do i do in mvc? So far I have: Controller [Code].... View: Search.aspx [Code].... I didn't modify the route. When I put in [URL], it says resource not found.

Forms Data Controls :: Filter Expression Not Working? forums.asp.net

I am using a GridView and I require the user to be able to filter using 2 controls. One simply filters the type of row - there is a column called action, and the user selects one of the distinct values from the database in a dropdown box, and the gridview only displays the rows with that value in the action column. On it's own this works perfect. But I am also adding a textbox where the user can type in an ID of either the 'itemID', or the 'parentID'. This works fine even with the previous control. Problem is, the dropdown box does not work when the textbox is empty (i.e. all ID's are being shown). If I choose a value and click Submit, it just doesn't do anything. Now if I am filtering by ID and then choose a value from the dropdown box, it works perfect. Here is my filter expression and parameters of the datasource: [Code]....

Web Forms :: Data Interaction Between Master Page And Content Page? forums.asp.net

I have got two pages - a master pages (Master1) and an .aspx page (default), with the content page attached to the master page. However, I have run into a problem I have some data controls like drop down boxes and textboxes in the master page, with a gridview of data in the content page. What I want to achieve is a situation where when a user searches for an item using the texbox in the master page, the gridview in the content page displays the results of that search parameter made.

AJAX :: Control To Display A Searching Message After Button Click? forums.asp.net

time to view number of videos on Ajax from Joe. My requirement is that I want to show an image(could be animated image) saying 'we are searching...' when the Search button is clicked before showing search results on next panel.Using two asp:panel controls, where panel1 consist of search controls (Textboxes etc) and panel2 consists GridView to show search results. There is a funcionality implemented to get back to panel2(search results page) from DetailsRecord page as well.So it is important to just show the image between search button click and showing the GridView with search results.I do not think that UpdateProgressControl do the job. I think just works on a single page.

Binding Textbox Values To A Gridview social.msdn.microsoft.com

i have three textboxes.After entering vales into the textbox the data should be displayed in gridview without going to the database.

Search The Database And Load The Returned Query Onto The Page Using JQuery And AJAX? stackoverflow.com

I am doing some work on a page where I want to search the database based on what the user is looking for and then give back the results on the same page.I know how to make things disappear from a page using jQuery, but I would like to know how to append them to the page using AJAX. The short of what I'm asking, I want to query the DB, and have the results pop up on the website without reloading the page.Well the answer below is not really answering my question so I will give a more detailed question with an example. <input type="textbox" id="name" name="name" /> <input type="button" id="search" name="search" value="Search the Database" /> <br/><br/> [code]... What happens is that I search the database based on the first textbox, the AJAX will happen when the search button is pressed, it will go to another page and do the query on the db.How do I get those results back to the original page to fill out the textboxes below?The texboxes below are hidden until the search button is clicked.So I need to send one variable and get multiple variables back.Does that help you help me more?

Forms Data Controls :: Change Dropdown List Value According To Change In Other? forums.asp.net

I wanna set a default value in dropdown list when i change in list.....e.g. I have a dropdown which i have placed in Gridview templates and there is another dropdown jst above that grid....i want...when i change in above dropdown and select a value from that...then that value should be apply in below gridview's dropdown... As i am selecting 'A' then Gridview's All Dropdowns default value should set 'A'

Load Data From Db Into Option Box? www.phpfreaks.com

i have a dropdown menu that displays the options i have in a database.� i have this all working in mysqli as i didnt write this part on another website. but i am struggling to convert it back to mysql. the original code is: $query�=�"SELECT�gallery_type_id,�gallery_type_desc�FROM�gallery_type�ORDER�BY�gallery_type_id"; /*�run�the�query�*/ $result�=�$dbLink->query($query); [Code].... the only problem is nothing from the database is displayed in the dropdown box.

Forms Data Controls :: How To Change Index Of Dropdown In Gridview forums.asp.net

i have got grid view with 4 coloums which contains 2 dropdown list. n i have 2 drop down list out side the gridview . i want to change the index of the 1st coloum dropdown list inside the gridview when changing the drop down list index outside using javascript similarly the when the 2nd dropdown list(out side ) index change the 2nd coloumn dropdown list in gridview should change. In short the outside placed dropdown list should act as master dropdown list.

AJAX :: Display CascadingDropDown With Default Values? forums.asp.net

I have a user input form with a cascading dropdown. The code is: [Code].... Once the user submits the form, it goes into a temporary table, pending admin approval. On the approval page, I display a GridView of all pending records. Is it possible to use a CascadingDropDown in the GridView, with each Dropdown set to the value stored in the database for that specific record? If I can't do this with a gridview, how about a dynamic ASP table?

Web Forms :: Drop Down List Filtering For Gridview? forums.asp.net

I have a gridview which is attached to an access database and I have created a query that joins two tables together. All this works as expected. However, I have three problems that I need to solve: I want to filter the results displayed on the gridview by way of a dropdown list. This drop down list will take its values from one of the tables. So, my question is how do I take a value from my drop down list and link it to my query on the gridview? I want to add an value to my drop down list, which is a default value, like "All". How do I add this value to the list, when it is not part of the table that the values comes from and when selected by the user shows all results? When the user selects a value from the gridview and nothing is returned, how do I get the gridview to show a null result message, like "Sorry, your selection did not bring back any results"?

Forms Data Controls :: Create Texbox In Datatable - Without Using Gridview Itemtemplate? forums.asp.net

i have gridview resulted from sql query as below: customer_id items 123 pen 123 paper 456 pen 456 paper 678 pen then i pivot the gridview by using the datatable.. i call the sql query to the datatable, pivot it using pivoted function and the datatable then become the datasource bind to the gridview..the result of pivoted datatable in gridview as below: customer_id pen paper 123 (empty) (empty) 456 (empty) (empty) 678 (empty) (empty) my question is..how can i replace the empty column with textbox to be display within the gridview??? i need to use textbox so that user may enter the value of the item within the textbox.. i try using the itemtemplate for gridview but it's doesn't work and the itemtemplate create new column with textbox beside the paper column.. how to input textbox within the datatable in my case??

State Management :: Session Variable And Multiple Web Application Instance forums.asp.net

I have a web application using window authentication. There are a search page and a edit page in the application. In search page, user can enter some search criterias in the textboxes and the search result will be displayed in the gridview by clicking the "Search" button. User can select any row from the gridview and it will take him to the edit page. In the edit page, there is a "Back" button to take the user back to the search page. I use session variables to remember what the search criterias the user entered in the textboxes and what page number the user was in the gridview. So when the user goes back to the search page, the textboxes are pre-populated with the search criterias and the gridview is displayed in the correct page number. The problem is: If user1 opened one browser window and did a search using search criterias1, then user1 opened a 2nd browser window and did a search using search criterias2. When the user1 went back to the search page from the edit page using the first browser window, all the textboxes and page numbers are from the 2nd browser window, instead of the 1st one. Can anyone explain this problem to me and how to prevent it? It will be helpful too if you can give me some links about the similar problem. I am thinking if the same user logged on two different machines and did the search on each machine, what is the result?

Forms Data Controls :: Accessing Auto Generated Textbox In Gridview? forums.asp.net

I have a gridview which has autogenerate Columns Property "TRUE", and i'm dynamically binding this gridview with columns with sql database dataset. there is no data in sql but i am successful in showing blank gridview on form, now i want textboxes in gridview attached with each column, so i wrote code in RowDataBound which generates textbox automatically and assigns ID to each textbox, nw i want to insert that data from textbox to database but i'm not getting text which is entered in those textboxes, as i am accessing that textboxes using findcontrol and passing the id like gridview1_ctl03_text0. but i''m not getting any value from textbox? In short i want to access auto generated textbox (with out any id predefined ) values from footer of gridview

Index - Create A Telephone Directory With Search Option(textbox) www.dreamincode.net

I need to create a telephone directory with search option(textbox). I use sql db as backend and vb.net for frontend. In this the user must search for a particular name using the textbox and the results have to be displayed in the gridview. how to do this?

Forms Data Controls :: How To Display Empty GridView To Insert New Record If No Data Retreived From Data... forums.asp.net

How to display empty GridView to insert new record if no data retreived for some record on the result from data table?Actually i am trying to give a user an option to add recrod from Gridview. On result of some query it is perfectly displaying data and a footer row with the insertion textbox but when there is no data in the gridview it is not displaying. It should display with footer having insert textbox.

VS 2005 How To Add New Record In Gridview From Database www.vbforums.com

I have a gridview which is getting records from one table. Now i want to add new records in this gridview (not in database) from another table in database. e.g) I have 2 tables in database, material table and analysis table. analysis table is a collection of materials from material table and then some calculations. now i want that i display a analysis of any item in gridview and then i can add, modify or delete some materials in this gridview. if i click on add, i will select any material id from dropdown and this material detail will be added in gridview. if i click on modify, i will select any material id from dropdown and this material will be changed with the details of selected material id. and at last when i click on save the data of gridview get saved in database.

How To Store The Results Of A Query In A Variable. forums.asp.net

Can anyone tell me or point me in the direction of how I can store select query results to a variable in VB.NET? Im using the SqlDataSource control with dropdowns and textboxes for searching. I want to store the search results in a variable on the button click event.

C# - Handling MasterPage Event In User Control Of Content Page? stackoverflow.com

On my master page , I have "Search textbox" and "Search Button".On My content page , I have a "User Control" which has a "GridView".It shows some data about Vendors.Also, on this User Control's Page Load, i have code written to display all vendors in GridView.Now, when user enters Vendor Number in "Search textbox" , and hits "Search Button" , i want to handle this event inside my User Control.How to do this ?

Web Forms :: Handling MasterPage Event In User Control Of Content Page forums.asp.net

On my master page , I have "Search textbox" and "Search Button". On My content page , I have a "User Control" which has a "GridView".It shows some data about Vendors. Also, on this User Control's Page Load, i have code written to display all vendors in GridView. Now, when user enters Vendor Number in "Search textbox" , and hits "Search Button" , i want to handle this event inside my User Control. How to do this ?

Forms Data Controls :: Highlight Search Keywords In Gridview? forums.asp.net

I build a serach function just using SelectCommand and SelectParameters, i.e. <asp:SqlDataSource ID="SqlDataSource2" runat="server" ConnectionString="<%$ ConnectionStrings:mprojectConnectionString %>" SelectCommand="SELECT * FROM [publication] WHERE ((([character] LIKE '%' + @character + '%') AND ([type] = @type)) OR(([f11623] LIKE '%' + @f11623 + '%') AND ([type] = @type)) OR (([f1character] LIKE '%' + @f1character + '%') AND ([type] = @type)) OR(([nortonoxfordnumber] LIKE '%' + @nortonoxfordnumber + '%') AND ([type] = @type)) OR (([nortonoxfordtext] LIKE '%' + @nortonoxfordtext + '%') AND ([type] = @type)))"> <SelectParameters> <asp:ControlParameter ControlID="TextBox1" Name="character" PropertyName="Text" Type="String" /> <asp:ControlParameter ControlID="TextBox1" Name="f11623" PropertyName="Text" Type="String" /> <asp:ControlParameter ControlID="TextBox1" Name="f1character" PropertyName="Text" Type="String" /> <asp:ControlParameter ControlID="TextBox1" Name="nortonoxfordnumber" PropertyName="Text" Type="String" /> <asp:ControlParameter ControlID="TextBox1" Name="nortonoxfordtext" PropertyName="Text" Type="String" /> <asp:ControlParameter ControlID="DropDownList1" Name="type" PropertyName="SelectedValue" Type="String" /> </SelectParameters> </asp:SqlDataSource> I am also using a dropdown box and a textbox for people to search within a particular area from the dropdown list. Now, I would like to be able to highlight the keywords in my gridview table. I searched around on the Internet and found a lot of samples, but they are all related to the Gridview <templates>, however, I am using <BoundField> and sqlDataSource. I just cound not figure out how can I add this highlight function to my current search function?

Use Strcmp To Edit A Dynamically Generated Dropdown... www.phpfreaks.com

I've written a code that runs a 'SHOW DATABASES' query on my mysql server and lists the results(the names of the databases on my server) in a dynamically generated dropdown box, and it works just fine, using the following code: echo "<select name='databaseselect'>"; $dblist = mysql_query('SHOW DATABASES'); while ($row = mysql_fetch_row($dblist)) { echo "<option value='$row2[0]'>$row2[0]</option>"; } echo "</select>"; The problem is that it lists ALL of the databases on my server - that's two of my own user-created databases, and the two default databases that come with the mysql server - 'information_schema' and 'mysql'.� What I want to do is to, after running the 'SHOW DATABASES' query, eliminate those two databases from appearing in the dropdown box, because I don't want anyone to see them, as they're useless to anybody else. Code:

Forms Data Controls :: Getting Value From Listbox In Gridview? forums.asp.net

I want to fill gridview dynamically ,and I filled it with dropdowns and textboxes. I gave values after filling. My question is how can I get dropdownlist.value , it is dynamic and I have no id. I have a datatable, which contains my dropdowns and textboxes. I have a class that gives type of object public long showdrpdwnlist{ get{.. } set{..} [Code]....

Want To Display All Records From Database In Gridview And Also If Search For Particular Record Then Also... stackoverflow.com

I want to display all records from database in gridview when pageload and also i wanna search for particular record using textbox appear in my webform . Means by default all records from the table will appear in gridview using sqldatasource and i also wanna search for a particular record by enter ID in text box ...

SQL Server :: Searching Table With Multiple Parameters? forums.asp.net

I want to query an SQL table using some Web controls to provide the parameters for filtering the records in the table. Results are displayed in a GridView. I have a TextBox with an ID of "keyword" where the user may enter one or more keywords. I'd like to search 2 columns for instances of these keywords. I also have a DropDownList named "category" that lists categories contained in a "category" column of the table. I have a dataset with a TableAdapter for the table I want to search. Got it working fine with the DropDown List but not sure how to proceed with the TextBox and keywords. What SQL query should I use? The user may not enter anything into the textbox, they may enter one word, or multiple words. This is where I am now: SELECT * FROM tablename WHERE category = @category AND ??

Unable To See The Textboxes That Are Loaded Dynamically? stackoverflow.com

find my aspx and codebind files, I dont understand why am I unable to see the textboxes on my page once the code is deployed.ascx code <asp:DropDownList ID="DropDownList1" runat="server" onselectedindexchanged="DropDownList1_SelectedIndexChanged" AutoPostBack="true" > <asp:ListItem Text="one" Enabled="true" Value="1" Selected="True"></asp:ListItem> <asp:ListItem Text="two" Enabled="true" Value="2" ></asp:ListItem> </asp:DropDownList> I would like to get the textbox dynamically loaded at the change of dropdown box and get the values entered in the textboxes into the result textbox.Once i change the dropdown box, i get the texboxes, but when I click the button , the textboxes disappear.. [Code]....

Reload Dropdown List Without Refreshing Page? www.codingforums.com

How can I execute this:From the dropdown list build up from mysql database (say a list of fruits).I select "Add New Fruit". This triggers it to either have a modal form to add new fruit or a table form.Once submitted, Select dropdown list RELOADS including the newly added data (fruit) without reloading the whole page which contains other form control such as textbox.

Display All Records From Database In Gridview / If I Search For Particular Record Then Also Performs stackoverflow.com

I want to display all records from database in gridview when pageload and also i wanna search for particular record using textbox appear in my webform...Means by default all records from the table will appear in gridview using sqldatasource and i also wanna search for a particular record by enter ID in text box...

VS 2008 - No MySQL Listing For Data Source? www.sitepoint.com

I am using VS 2008 and I am trying to setup a datasource for my gridview. The problem is, I dont see a MySQL listing as one of the options. I have installed the MySQL Connector for .net and have successfully made queries to the database with my script. How can I set this up so the datasource of my gridview will be from a MySQL table. I have been searching on this for a good part of a day now and am coming up with useless results. Maybe I am searching with the wrong terms.

Access Textbox Value In Gridview On RowEditing Event? forums.asp.net

I'm am trying to access the value of a textbox in my gridview during the RowEditing event in order to populate a dropdown list in my gridview and I keep getting a value of Nothing. I have tried everything and can't seem to figure out how to do this. The textbox I'm trying to access is "job" and the dropdown list is 'DD_CostCodeEdit'. I've posted my gridview code and also my RowEditing event code. Gridview code:<asp:UpdatePanel ID="UpdatePanel1" runat="server"><ContentTemplate><asp:GridView ID="TimecardGridView" runat="server" AllowSorting="True" AutoGenerateColumns="False" [code]....

Search Results To Always Display 5 Columns And 2 Rows In The XHTML Table? www.phpbuilder.com

I'm having a problem with a search form that pulls results from a MySQL database. I'm building a website that includes 100 logos for the 2008 Fortune 500, Top 100 companies. I want the search results to always display 5 columns and 2 rows in the XHTML table, even if there are fewer than 10 search results. Also, if there are more than 10 search results, I want the XHTML table to display 5 columns and 2 rows with a "Next" link on the first search result page and then "Previous" and possibly "Next" links on the next pages depending on how many search results come up. If you go to the test homepage at[URL].. 5 columns and 2 rows in tables and the "Next" and "Previous" links are displayed correctly. Below is the code to select the MySQL data for the search function (see piece of code named "SHOWMAX" and variable named "$prepSearch"): Code: <?php //mysqlPrepINC.php START // include MySQL connector function if (! @include('connectINC.php')) { echo 'Sorry, page unavailable'; [Code]...

FULLTEXT In MySQL forums.devshed.com

could someone explain the FULLTEXT function in mySQL (I read the mySQL manual on this but got lost). this is my understaning of it: if someone searches for 'holden monaro' it will search for both words in the database fields specified...and then rank the search and return a list of results...with the highest rank at the top. Is this correct? and how do i go about implementing it? if I want to search 'holden monaro' in database 'products' and fields 'title', 'description', 'make'.

VS 2010 Search Multiple Words From Textbox In Database? www.vbforums.com

searching a database using multiple words from a textbox showing in gridview. <asp:TextBox ID="TextBox1" runat="server" Width="382px" AutoPostBack="True"></asp:TextBox> <asp:Button ID="Button1" runat="server" style="height: 26px" Text="Button" /> [Code].... It works fine, i click button and the gridview shows all the right records. The problem is when i use more then 1 word in textbox. it shows nothing. The record in the database field may have several words, so i need to search using all words in textbox.