Dropdown, Textbox Search Mysql Database, Result In Gridview?


Let's say I have a gridview with some columns like, title, name, funding agency. Here's an example of what I want to do: I want to display all the records in the gridview to start. There would be a dropdownlist that lets the user select whether to search by title, name, funding agency and a text box that lets them type in what they want to search for (and a button to start the search). After searching, the gridview would only display the records that matched the criteria.i already know how to connect datasets to the gridview, but i am using mysql database and writing code in vb.how to accomplish this task

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I am using a simple Login function and need to record individual field values from MySQL database to compare with inputs. My connection code: Dim myConnection  As MySqlConnection Dim myDataAdapter As MySqlDataAdapter Dim strSQL As String myConnection = New MySqlConnection("Database=mydatabase;Data Source=xx.xxx.xx.x;port=3362;UId=myID;Password=1234;") strSQL = "SELECT username,password FROM Login WHERE ID = '" & 1 & "'" myDataAdapter = New MySqlDataAdapter(strSQL, myConnection) myDataSet = New Dataset() myDataAdapter.Fill(myDataSet,"Login") I have confirmed it is connecting by adding the following GridView. GridView1.DataSource = myDataSet GridView1.DataBind() My problem is isolating the individual field values.

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how read data from xml file? And how to display that data in textboxes?

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I want the user to be able to choose 1, 2, or 3 separate criteria they enter into text boxes, but I want them to be able to use either one or 2 out of 3, or whatever they deem necessary. Here's the code I have so far for the filter expression and it doesn't seem to be working. It is in the SearchButton_Click Event [Code]....

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I have a multidimensional array which is created by a MySQL query which collects results based on a number of groups and sums. The array is below. I'm interested in the costtotal and hitcount for each type of 'ad_type', 'click_status' and 'link_status' variation. The possible values of the 3 types of variable are known: i.e. ad_type 0 / 1 click_status 2 / 3 link_status 1 / 2 I would like to create a new array based on the results of each combination. How would I go about doing this? Array ( [0.261346210037681] => Array ( [costtotal] => 0.0015 [hitcount] => 1 [ad_type] => 0 [Code]....

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MySql database is present on windows O.S. Is it possible to connect this database from LINUX platform which is on same network ? If it is yes, then how to configure from LINUX machine ?

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Hi, A third party development company is creating a third party application for us in PHP and uses a MYSQL database.  The app is an extension of our website which is developed in .NET and uses a MSSQL 2005 database.  There are some cases where the two databases require connectivity since a few fields need to relate. We are having issues connecting the two databases on the server and after reading some forums have identified it to be a configuration issue.   I was wondering if anyone could be of any help in solving this issue, or lead us in the right direction (i.e. where to begin, forums, etc.). Here is a description and some questions from our developer:   --------------------------- We are trying to get a PHP application (.php pages running on the webserver which is the same physical machine as the MS SQL server) to connect to the database (MS SQL server). In order to facilitate this, php.ini was configured in the following manner:   mssql.secure_connection = ON extension=php_mssql.dll   We ensured that IIS/Windows was setup properly too: System32 and php both contain ntwdblib.dll ver 2000.80.194.0 enable pipe name protocol [Default was disable] enable TCP/IP IP1 [Default was disable]   MS SQL Server is set to Windows AND SQL server authentication (Mixed mode).   When the PHP application attempts to connect to the database by using: mssql_connect('localhost', '<userid>', '<password>')   produces this error message: Login failed for user 'MAILIUSR_<computername>'. (severity 14)   Why doe this occur?  Why is this IUSR userid being used?  the userid we sent in with PHP was a sql userid that we know works (we use it with .NET, and to connect to the database remotely).  Also, why is it using the MAIL domain?  In anycase, shouldn't this IUSR userid work? it's a valid windows account, and mixed mode authentication is allowed.   ------------------------- Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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I am beginner in PHP and MYSQL. Before using mysql i have created database in text files. Now I have to convert it into the table of mysql database. The things i want to do is first open the specific folder and into that open the sub folder and in each sub folder there are text files. Than open the text files, read the data and add into the sql table and add the folder name to the another field..

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I have an old mysql database, version - 3.23.38. I'd like to migrate from this database to ms sql express 2005. When reading through about MySQL Migration Toolkit, I found this fact - it is designed to work with MySQL versions 5.0 and higher. So, which toolkit could do for mysql version 3.23.38? Or let me know how to migrate it.

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I'd like to know how to connect sqldatasource with mysql in VS 2005.

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This is what my website looks like: When I build the website and upload everything as it is, I get this error: Quote: A network-related or instance-specific error occurred while establishing a connection to SQL Server. The server was not found or was not accessible. Verify that the instance name is correct and that SQL Server is configured to allow remote connections. (provider: SQL Network Interfaces, error: 26 - Error Locating Server/Instance Specified) I guess I have to deploy Database, or?

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I was wondering how to receive an individual field from my MySQL database. I have been able to get a row, but what I am trying to do is get a name from my database and set it into the HeaderText in my DataGrid. The way I am trying to do it at the moment is [Code].... This doesn't seem to get a value from the GetValue, but if use [Code].... it will bind my data into the grid. I just want to be able to change the HeaderText in the first coulmn of the DataGrid from one table and have the DataGrid be filled from another table. I can fill the DataGrid its just changing the HeaderText that I am having trouble with.

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How would one script a MySQL database to determine the total amount based on the selections of the several drop down lists/option values in a form? [option value1 price][v] + [option value2 price][v] + [option value3 price][v] + [option value4 price][v] + [option value5 price][v] (etc.) = Total Price And just for craps and giggles, how would I add any shipping and/or tax charges to the total price? Let's say the tax price is 5%, but that number can change.

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MySQL [...] picked to be editor's choice in Builder AU's recent road test of databases, which compared MySQL, SQL Server Express, DB2 Express and Oracle 10g Standard Edition. Code:

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I'm looking for a good search engine script that searches your web site, at the moment I'm using Perlfect which was great on Html (static) website, but for php (dynamic) site it's useless because it indexes actual files and not by links. My site uses the page.php?id="file.htm" method to link to other php files.

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How could i get $result too equal nothing if the column doesn't exist in PHP?I was thinking something like this: $result=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE username=$key DESC LIMIT 1")or die ($result = ''); But i was told thats wrong.

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Is there any way i could make a image for the alternating row colors instead of a strait bold color, for instance: $color1 = "#CCFFCC"; $color2 = "#BFD8BC"; Would there be anyway to link an image in there? I have tried it this way: $color1 = "<img src='..style1.jpg'>"; $color2 = "<img src='..style2.jpg'>";

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I have a query that gets places based on the Haversine algorithm. SELECT id, description, name, lat, `long`, ( 3959 * acos( cos( radians($lat) ) * cos( radians( lat ) ) * cos( radians( `long` ) - radians($long) ) + sin( radians($lat) ) * sin( radians( lat ) ) ) ) AS distance FROM places HAVING distance < 10 ORDER BY distance LIMIT 0, 20; Then I echo it out in a JSON array like this: $location = mysql_fetch_assoc($getlocations); return print_r(json_encode($location)); However, it only returns one row when there should be at least two. Anyone know why it might be doing this?

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I have several input textboxes with different id and class name. I want to track changes in any of the input textboxes, and reflect it into target textbox, but don't want to replicate the function for every individual textbox. Is it possible to use one function for all?

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I want to transfer data from a access table to a sql table. Simple by clicking a button. first off all i set up and OleDbConnection and a SqlConnection in my web.config file. This is the code i use in a b button method for transfer data for 1 tab le. [code]....

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I am using VWD with a page that includes a formview and gridview.  At the top of the page is a textbox, with and ajax calendar extender where the user selects a date. The gridview is filtered on this date.  I would also like to prepopulate a textbos in the formview insert template with this same date.

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I have to automate one database process in .Net web applicaiton which uses Oracle 11g Database as Backend. I need to know two things: (1) How to check space on Oracle database server? I need space on server and not in the Database itself. My process creates few tables so I want to make sure that we have sufficient space before the process starts. (2) Also I need to create script to backup Indexes and Triggers on the table so that I can recreate them after data transfer process is completed. Any idea how to create script form c# code?

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I have an application that writes data to a text file. Essentially, I want to grab results from that file and write them to a MySQL database. Cron is out of the question, since it only runs in minute intervals. The file is not written to *every* second but I need the information logged to a database as it's written to the text file.

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i  would like to know how to load the dropdown list in the Gridview edit with the dropdown list values from the database

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Insert html tage to sqlserver database through asp.net textbox Display it lable control

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I have a MySQL database with each record of a person who has registered for an event, I am displaying the information on a web page for a user, but he wants to be able to print out all the records in alphabetical order by last name, first name later on so he will have a hard copy of each person who has registered at the table when they arrive.  How can I write each record to a Txt file that he can print out later that will be formated with the record contents along with each fields definition (Ex. Last Name - Smith, First Name - John, etc)?

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I'm strugling the whole day with the next JSON string { "0":{"link":"afbeeldingenplaatje1.jpg"}, "1":{"link":"afbeeldingenplaatje2.jpg"}, "2":{"link":"afbeeldingenplaatje3.jpg"} } How can i deserialize this? What's wrong with the next code (vb.net) Public Class DataString Private m_link As String Public Property link() As String Get [CODE]... It returns always an empty result.

How To Get Html Of A Website And Search For A Link forums.asp.net

I am writing a program that has a textbox that the user enters a website address into and then presses a button and then in a second textbox, the html source code is inserted. I've got that part of the program solved. My problem, is that I then want to search the code for a specific link.

Dedicated Server To Host A Mp3 Search Engine www.webhostingtalk.com

i have a mp3 search engine website, i dont host any mp3 file, and i want buy a dedicated from france, but the seller of yourwebhoster.eu say its no allowed the mp3 search engine, where i can host that?

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I am running a PHP application with mySQL . Some times it gives the following error. I do not understrand why this error occures . today i am using the application but it is not giving the error but error occures yested day . Unable to connect to Database Server. Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10055).

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Hello there..... im currently running a mysql database and i want to switch to a mssql database structure... creating the database is not a issue, but inserting values is a problem... my forum has a lot of data and moving one row at a time is near insanity.... i tried this. --- Code Snippet INSERT INTO si_acl_groups ("group_id", "forum_id", "auth_option_id", "auth_role_id", "auth_setting") VALUES (100, 0, 0, 14, 0), (96, 0, 15, 0, 1); but i only get this error. --- Msg 102, Level 15, State 1, Line 2 Incorrect syntax near ','. any suggestion... i was able to dump the mysql database into a .sql file but it just gives the same error when i execute... please help...

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it works fine with deleting database results but the unlink wont unlink file from dir? Code: [Select]else if($action=="del") { [code]........

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What i would like is to output the result to a text file Code:

Html File Where Users Can Browse A File Whose Contents Are Imported To A Mysql Database? www.phpfreaks.com

I have an html file where users can browse a file whose contents are imported to a mysql database by a php fileI use file as the input type (input type='file') for the brwse field.But when I specify a file and click the submit button, only the file name is see by the php file;For example if I browse C:file.txt only file.txt will be recieved and not the whole path.

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I find in social situations that many people say add me as a friend on FB. but the droid FB app dosent let u seach for people other than your friends or add new friends. is there an app that allows you to seach for a person and add them as a friend?

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Address Book Issue: Suddenly after having it worked smooth for 3-4 days, I started getting a very strange problem which I was not able to search anywhere in forums or in the help manual.My address book search is not searching any contacts by the contact's names. It is just searching the emails, it's a huge problem for me especially when trying to send SMS to anyone, I can't go and add recipient by searching, I need to scroll the whole way down to that contact, which is irritating. Otherwise the phone is quite nice and I am liking it very much. Especially the slide out keyboard is really usable plus unlike most smartphones, it's really small in size and performs most functions. There are some minor flaws but most of them are going to get fixed with the SE's much awaited software update for bringing in the Android 2.1, no doubt I am also waiting desperately.

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On my old Windows Mobile phone in my address book I had companies listed in the "Organisations" field. They appeared in alphabetical order amongst the normal surname, forename entries and it worked really well.While searching my phone desperately for an urgent number today I found that not only does it not display the organisation but it refuses to search by it, making a good 25% of my numbers impossible to find.What can I do this, and please don't say go through all of my contacts by hand putting the business name in the "surname" field because that is so rubbish.

FQL MultiQuery - How To Send Result List To Browser In JSON stackoverflow.com

I am using the Facebook Toolkit and making a request using FQL.Multiquery. I am using the following code which returns the correct data: Dim query1 As String = String.Format("SELECT post_id, actor_id, target_id, message FROM stream WHERE source_id in (SELECT target_id FROM connection WHERE source_id={0}) AND is_hidden = 0", FBuserId) Dim query2 As String = "SELECT pic FROM user WHERE uid IN (SELECT actor_id FROM #firstQuery)" Dim queries = New Dictionary(Of String, String) queries.Add("firstQuery", query1) queries.Add("secondQuery", query2) Dim result As List(Of Facebook.Schema.fql_result) = q.Multiquery(queries) When I run this 'result' list is populated with the results of the two queries in XML but I am unsure how I can send this list to the browser in JSON. I am using asp.net MVC.

SQL Query Two Tables At Once And Loop Result As JSON Objects stackoverflow.com

I have a MySQL database with a table called "Locations" which looks a bit like this id | name | other parameters 1 | shop1 | blah 2 | shop2 | blah [Code].... This works, but it is inefficient calling the database through the loop, how do I avoid this?

String Search - Parse The String Of Characters One At A Time www.vbforums.com

I have written a program that uses an array of the english alphabet and Morse code. I also built a form with a input box for the alphabetic information and an output box with the Morse Code. What i am trying to do is basically type a word like "Hi" in the input box and produce the Morse Code equivalent in the Morse Code output box. [Code] This works but only one letter at a time. Do i need to Parse the string of characters one at a time, and then run it through a loop like i have created?

VS 2008 Regex - Parse Out Some Links Via Search And Fill A Text Box With Said Results www.vbforums.com

What I'm trying to do is parse out some links via a google search and fill a text box with said results. This is the code I have in a module which I call upon inside of a command button. Imports System.Text Imports System.Text.RegularExpressions Module Module1 [CODE]...

Asp.net - Search Queries In .net? stackoverflow.com

I am trying to perform a search query using drop down boxes with a button named search. I want it to bring up the data that is searched for. I dont know where to start from, i have looked around for some coding and different ways to do it but they seem complicated, this is the bit of ASP that is my weakness, need some assistance and guidance. below is the code for the page; <%@ Page Language="VB" MasterPageFile="~/MasterPage.master" AutoEventWireup="false" CodeFile="ForSale.aspx.vb" Inherits="Users_ForSale" title="Properties For Sale" %> <asp:Content ID="Content1" ContentPlaceHolderID="head" Runat="Server"> </asp:Content> [code]......

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how to link simple textbox or labelbox to a database instead of data grid ,form view etc.. like v do in vb.net or vb6. i beleiev we have to use oledb.

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One of the sites I have, is placed on a non-Apache server (the others are). Phpinfo() gives this: Server API CGI I'd like to make search engine-friendly URLs for all my sites. All of them will do fine with mod_rewrite, but that's not possible on this server, it seems. Anybody here knows how I can do this for this particular server?

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I am thinking about creating my own search engine and I was wondering what some basic server hardware would be required to do this (e.g., RAM, hard drives, memory, storage space). Would I have to run a minimum of 1TB on storage and 4 to 6GB of ram to do it right?

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I recently reorganized my music site, putting my songs in their own directory (off of public_html), and now a couple of search engines are generating a boatload of 404 errors. Can I redirect the file requests to the new location and, if so, how?

What Kind Of A Hosting For A Fast Torrent Search Engine www.webhostingtalk.com

I want to host a torrent search engine (not a torrent site with actual torrents hosted, only a search engine). It has to be really fast. I have a few questions? What hosting is required for this site to be lightning fast? Most of it is due to the coding of the site but how much of it is reliant of the server? Any suggestions? Also, is it better to start small and upgrade as more visitors come? Or is it just better to get a big server?

Will Canadian IP Adress Affect Search Engine Rankings www.webhostingtalk.com

I am considering a server from Iweb wich is based in Canada. My question is about search engines especially google. My site will be targeting US visitors and I am in the US. When google and other search engines see that my IP address is in Canada will it have any affect on search engine ranking for the regular us google.com? I don't care much about rankings on google.ca since my visitors will mainly be in the USA. anybody have any insite on this? I also want to mention my domain name will be a .com domain

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Is there any sites which provide web hosting and search engine advertisement in one plan?

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I am the site admin of a large phpbb3 forum. currently we have something like 40k photos and 300MB DB with usually 20/30 users online at the same time top. Between 150-250GB/Month traffic. We are always expanding. I have been disappointed by our current host - lots of problems. I am hence looking for a new host. What do you recommend? We would not like to spend more than 200$ per year -

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I'm sure you hear this often, but I'm on the search for a new hosting company. Earlier this year my products site switched to a db driven website with a forum. When I made the site change I had to change my hosting company I had for 3 years. Under suggestion for the webmaster I switched to midphase. When I did things started out good. Than came the down time. Each time they said I had to may users on the db. I started out at $10 a month. After several plan upgrades I'm at a $80 a month vps. I would be ok with the $80, but more times than not the site is sluggish even when the resources are not 1/3 of their capacities. After reading some of the threads on this site it seems a vps is not that good? The idea behind the vps sounded good to me. But I'm wondering if I should go back to a shared host. On a good day there may be about 30 people on the forum and about 30 people surfing the products.

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I'm desperately trying to find a hosting service that offers Linux hosting with latest versions of php (5.2.x), mySQL (5.1) and maybe CVS or SVN? Space or bandwidth are not an issue (500mb space will be more than I'll ever need) This will mainly will be a development/testing place. I really need a host that actually updates to latest versions of php/mysql/apache. (not the next day the upgrade is out but some time soon at least >_<) Things like CVS / SVN, SSH access and access to change your own php.ini settings are more than welcome but I could live without.

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Has anyone helped clients transition from one domain to another? Maybe dissolving a partnership or renaming their company... so a new domain name has been registered and a new website created. 2 Issues: #1 Using .htaccess 301 redirect We used the following command line in their old website's htaccess file Redirect 301 / [url] The goal was to get people try to visit any page of their old website (i.e. OldWebsite.com/contact.html) redirected to their new website (i.e. NewWebsite.com/contact.html). Isn't that supposed to change the address bar's URL, too? For some reason, I visit their old site and I seem to be redirected to their new website but the address bar still has their old domain name? Something is going on??? #2 Having their new company name for 2 years now. People can enter her new company name in Google, MSN or Yahoo. Her new company name appears in the search results but has the old domain name associated with it. We are trying to get rid of any reference to that old domain name? What's the easiest way to do this? So what people see in search engines is: New Company Short Meta Description www.OldDomain.com What steps did I miss in this transition? What steps do I have to take on their old website/old web server to control it's appearance on search engines and make sure people get to the new website?

Searching For A Dedicated Server Host www.webhostingtalk.com

I want a reliable network. I would prefer having a dedicated 10mbit rather then 100mbps shared. Server requirements: Reliable fast network. 2Gigs of Ram WHM I will be hosting online games on the server so the latency is very important. Server can be either in UK or USA. Budget: 140USD per month. Not interested in servers with setup fees.

How To Search If An IP Is Blacklisted In My Server www.webhostingtalk.com

I'm having a problem with a client (X) which doesn't receive emails from one of his clients(Y). After few days of talking with Y hosting company I wasn't able to solve the broblem, but told from them to check if their IP is blocked in my server (which I'm sure it isn't). My first question is where to check for blacklisted IP which blocks email, and not HTTP request ... Is there a different place than /etc/apf/deny_hosts.rules .. is there a file in exim configuration ? I have a linux server with WHM 11.24.2. ---- The error that Y client receives when sending mail to X is: Server Response: '550 5.0.0 <mail@mail.com>... User unknown', Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 550, Error Number: 0x800CCC79 I'm very sure that if Y's IP was blocked he shouldn't receive that error. What I belive is that there are some DNS problems, because X client was hosted on the same company as Y, now few years ago, and I belive that when moving X to my server, the other hosting company didn't deleted all DNS records .. and that's why Y clients get the error user unknown. Is it correct what I'm suppose ?

Server Search - Mission Impossible www.sitepoint.com

so about 2 months ago we started a search for a new hosting company who could provide us with our dedicated server needs after our last company let us down badly.. We looked at alot of options as cost per month was not our main concern. Our criteria were as follows: 1) 24/7 technical support by PHONE (or at LEAST within UK business hours.) 2) Cpanel usage provided (Rather than some generic "bespoke" software) 3) Dedicated, fully managed, Linux Server availability 4) UK based That was it. It sounded simple on the face of it, but after tearing alot of hair out we came up slightly short of those four simple requirements. It almost seemed impossible to get everything we wanted. In the end we chose UK2. They could provide everything except the support, which would be via a ticket system. BUT we were told by a few people who have used them in the past it was quick and very good, so we decided to take the gamble.. They ARE UK based, They DO use Cpanel AND provided the server we wanted (Linux) so that should be it we thought, not exactly what we wanted but close enough, search over? How wrong we seem to have been.. After two months of issues with UK2 mostly revolving around our server (and therefore sites) going down randomly, Email servers NEVER working as they should. DNS not setup correctly and ftp accounts refusing connection due to server reboots and the settings not being input correctly at their end to reset after a reboot.. etc etc etc we have had to submit support tickets on a weekly basis and almost give up the dream of a server which will just... well, work! (And at this point I would like to point out we DO pay for the full "Supreme Support" package on a monthly basis, effectively providing a fully managed server and support to go with it.) So again, we find ourselves on the hunt for a company who can satisfy our rather basic and what I would imagine, standard requirements.. Only again we come up slightly short.. Can ANYONE here help prove that our goal is not impossible with the above requirements and shed light on any options which we should consider? At this point, as we said earlier, monthly cost is not a concern. A reliable server which meets our criteria is most definately worth whatever it is going to cost.. At least we wont be loosing sales due to downtime, wasting time on tickets and missing emails!

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I have a DataGrid with a hundred results in it from an FAQ, in the following format. Code: [code] I would like to be able to choose a number of rows (typically one) that contains what I want. For example, if I were to look at the above DataGrid and search it for rows with the word "account" in the title I'd want it to pass me the first row, with the same id. If I were to want rows about software it would give me rows 2 and 3.

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I have a database which is being used to fill in fields in a paged formview.  I'm only intersted in looking at the data.  So far, using only ASP.net I've been able to add data to a label using the <%# Eval("") %> command. I would like to be able to use the same type of command in my .vb code.

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provide me code or free tools for searching procedure within the site. I want to search a particular topic by putting keyword in a textbox.

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I have 25 websites in which each website have 500 pages. I want to know in which page the specific code was implemented let say if i want to know in which page <span>test<span> is implemented under each website. Is there any way to know through any tool or application.

DataSource Controls :: SqlDataReader Does Not Get Results forums.asp.net

I am trying to run a stored proc from this function. When I run it thorugh the debugger I can see that myReader.HasRows = true and myReader.FieldCount =14. But the control does not go in the loop while (myReader.Read()) where I am trying to read Version field returned by the stored proc. [Code]....

Get Data From Previous Page For Search Function And Display Returned Data Into Gridview www.vbforums.com

I implemented PreviousPage to get data from previous page for my search function and display the returned data into a gridview. The gridview's allowpaging is enabled, but every time I go to next page, my previous page data is lost... how can I resolve that?

Visual Studio :: Bulk Search & Replace Parameters? forums.asp.net

tool that will allow me to search an entire solution by using a list for its search and replace parameters? for example, the list, may it be XLS or CSV would contain two columns - "old name" and "new name". the tool would then use that file to search for each old and replace it with the new name.

DataSource Controls :: Sql Query Syntax For Advanced Search With Dropdownlists forums.asp.net

I want to be able to make a query from three dropdownlists but not all three have to be selected to create results. This is what I have so far : sub getdata (src as object, e as eventargs) dim strsql as string dim myconnection as oledbconnection dim mycommand as oledbcommand myconnection = new oledbconnection(ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("MM_CONNECTION_STRING_csrdb")) strsql ="SELECT tbl_case.Case_id, tbl_case.Title, tbl_case.Description, Tbl_Country.Country_Name, tbl_principle.Principle_Name," _ & "tbl_keyword.Keyword FROM tbl_keyword INNER JOIN ((tbl_principle INNER JOIN (Tbl_Country INNER JOIN tbl_case ON Tbl_Country.Country_Id tbl_case.country) ON tbl_principle.Principle_ID = tbl_case.Principle) INNER JOIN tbl_Usedkeywords ON tbl_case.Case_id = tbl_Usedkeywords.case) ON tbl_keyword.Keyword_id = tbl_Usedkeywords.keyword " _ & "WHERE " if  DLPrinciple.selectedindex=0 then strsql = strsql & "((tbl_principle.Principle_Name) like '%')" else if DLCountry.Selectedindex=0 then strsql = strsql & "((tbl_country.country_Name) like '%')"   else if DLKeyword.selectedindex=0 then strsql = strsql & "((tbl_keyword.Keyword) like '%')"  else strsql = strsql & "((tbl_principle.principle_Name) = '" & session("infoprinciple") & "')" + "((tbl_country.country_Name) = '" & session("infoland") & "')" + "((tbl_keyword.keyword) = '" & session("infokeyword") & "')" end if end if end if This is working perfectly with only one dropdownlist but I can not figure out how to make it work with several.

Search Files In Windows Directory? forums.asp.net

I want to develop a Search engine in VB.NET.It will be exectly similar to search functionlity that we have in windows. " Search for files by name/type in a window file directory". Please Let me know, if any body have done something similar to this.

Establishing The Directory So To Search The .txt Files forums.asp.net

I have some code written that correctly finds all of the directories that have a sub-directory named inserts.. I want to be able to search the inserts folders .txt files for a key phrase. But I am stuck on the part where I need to loop through the text files. What do I need to do next? I need the correct paht for the FileInfo[] loop how do I concoct it? Here is what I have. [Code].....

Active Directory :: Query To Search In LDAP For User's LastName, FirstName forums.asp.net

I need the query to search in LDAP for User's LastName, FirstName Example:  dey,soumen this will search in LDAP with user LastName and FristName.

Forms Data Controls :: URL Encode TextBox Before Updating Database? forums.asp.net

I have an updatable Gridview control that I cannot seem to URL encode a textbox in one of the columns. I cannot encode some of the other controls in the row, so the solution from the msdn site doesn't work in my case. I only want to encode the single textbox. However, with the code I have, I don't get any errors, and the database is updated, but the column that is edited becomes empty in the database. Here is what I have in the gridview rowupdating: [Code]....

How To Insert The Value That Is Not In Textbox Into Database Which Is Primary Key For Table Without Identity... forums.asp.net

i have created a web form, where i have 3 textboxes into a table   and one submit button. i would like to store values from the textboxes  into my database (sql server) when i click the submit button. but how to insert the value that is not in textbox into database which is primary key for table without identity column.

ADO.NET :: Insert Data Into Database Using LINQ To Sql I Have Textboxes? forums.asp.net

i want to insert data into database using LINQ to sql i have textboxes and when i enter data and click the button data has to be entered into the db,i have seen examples and googled but i dint get the correct solution.how to do this??

ADO.NET :: Insert Data Into Database Using LINQ To Sql Have Textboxes? forums.asp.net

i want to insert data into database using LINQ to sql i have textboxes and when i enter data and click the button data has to be entered into the db,i have seen examples and googled but i dint get the correct solution.how to do this??If possible give me small example.

MVC :: Http POSTing From Controller Return Result? forums.asp.net

I have a controller action that creates records and then needs to print labels for those records.I will also have a whole bunch of other controller actions that will do the same,so what I want to do is to have a single "Print" controller action that can take the references that are passed to it,print the labels and then offer the user different exit links/options passed in from the calling controller action.As this list of labels to print could get quite large,and the exit options also, I thought it would be easiest to send these in as a POST formcollection,but reading up on it,it seems that RedirectToAction only performs http GETs.Is there either a way I can get it to send a POST,or is there a different command that I can use as the return parameter for the controller action to send a post to the "Print" action?

How To Process Results From A JQuery Ajax Post stackoverflow.com

I am making a jQuery ajax post in a javascript function used by a asp:CustomValidator control. The web method returns a boolean. How do I convert the result make the validation script function correctly. Client side code [code].... Web service code [code]....

Web Forms :: Subquery Custom Fucntion Result? forums.asp.net

I use "ProductList" fuction to list All products. Public Function ProductList() As System.Linq.IQueryable(Of Northwind.Products) Now I want 2 Subquery from of above results . I want to save ProductList to DataTable or ... so that I only Connect to DB One and then Use Below subqueries from Sub1: Takes 1 record from "ProductList" results.Sub1: Skip 1 record and take 10 records from "ProductList" results.

Linq To XML - Getting Correct Query Result, But It's Buried Deep In The Result Var? forums.asp.net

I'm having a problem with my Linq to XML query.  I'm getting the result data I want, but it's nested so deep that there must be a better way.Here is my XML: [Code].... I'm trying to get a list (simple string[]) of all Item IDs where Category Names contains "Other".Here is my Linq: [Code].... [Code].... Here is a snapshot of my result from Visual Studio:The results I want are there ("item100", "item400", "item500"), but buried so deeply in the results var. How can I get the query to return a simple string[] = { "item100", "item400", "item500" }

Forms Data Controls :: Update Database Field With Textbox OnChange? forums.asp.net

I've been searching for a tutorial or example on how to update my database when I change the text in the textbox that is in a DataList? 

WCF / ASMX :: Get Back The Weather Result? forums.asp.net

i want to use the weather web service that provided for free from webservicex so i have added the service to my ASP.net web site [URL] in the code behind i have defined an object of this service and this object require the country and city name to get the result back i gave the city name :amman country : jordan but i dont know how can i get back the result? is there any function i forgeted?

Forms Data Controls :: Hyperlinks From Datalist Results? forums.asp.net

I read a few VB books and ready or not, I going to start building!I am "very afraid" of code behind.  Frankly, much of what I read about OOP went a bit over my head and am hoping by "doing" it will all come together.  That said... Datalist results.  I want them to hyperlink to another page with a querystring.  I moved a hyperlink control into the EDIT TEMPLATE box and removed the origianal label that was in the box.  I did some editing and was able to come up with a hyperlink, but I really need a hyperlink to a new page with the original result of the datalist being the querystring parameter. For example... If BABE RUTH is the datalist result, I want the querystring to be www.mysite.com?athlete=BABE%20RUTH. I am fairly competant in asp classic.  I feel like a guy who has amnesia and has to learn the most basic stuff from scratch.

Foreach Loop Which Results In Object Instantiation? stackoverflow.com

I have a requirement to accept an array of checked items from a table and update a field based on which items have been selected. Initially my thoughts where to simply loop over each of these items in the array and access a function in the specific class to update the status. I'm slightly concerned about this approach as it would mean instantiating an object for each iteration of the loop in order to update the relevant status. foreach($example as $exampleId){ $newExample=new Example($exampleId); $newExample->updateStatus('active'); } Are there any better ways around this? This seems like bad practice but I'm struggling to find an alternative way.

Search A File That Is Uploaded On Website? www.phpfreaks.com

Is their a PHP code that allows you to search a file that is uploaded on my website?

Performing Simple Multiplication On Two Query Results? www.phpbuilder.com

I have two mysql queries that return a bunch of different records and figures. but I want to multiply one figure from one query by another fingure from the second query. Here are the two queries: (they return exactely what I need, I'll post a follow up showing the output of each...) [Code]...

Distribute Results Evenly Between Columns? www.phpfreaks.com

I have a page which returns 2 rows of images max 5 in each. Code is: <?php $query = mysql_query("SELECT COUNT(id) FROM " . $prev . "pics where id=" . $id . ""); list($number_records) = mysql_fetch_row($query); if ($number_records >= 10 ) { $number =10; //LIMIT IMAGES TO 10 } else { [Code]... This works fine if there are 10 images to display, but on occasions there may only be 7 for instance. This then puts 5 in the right column and only 2 in the left column which looks ugly. way of calculating the total number of images and then displaying them say 4 in the left column and 3 in the right column for this example?

Search For UTF-8 Files With BOM? stackoverflow.com

For debugging purposes, I need to recursively search a directory for all files which start with a UTF-8 byte order mark (BOM). My current solution is a simple shell script: find -type f | while read file do if [ "`head -c 3 -- "$file"`" == $'xefxbbxbf' ] then echo "found BOM in: $file" fi done Or, if you prefer short, unreadable one-liners: find -type f|while read file;do [ "`head -c3 -- "$file"`" == $'xefxbbxbf' ] && echo "found BOM in: $file";done It doesn't work with filenames that contain a line break, but such files are not to be expected anyway. Are there any interesting text editors or macros for text editors?

Search Files On Webpage phpbuilder.com

I have a webpage displaying uploaded files. Is there any way to allow users to search the file?

Regex :: Search Through My Files www.codingforums.com

I want to do a search through my files using regex but I need the regex to find things like this: query('ANYTHING HERE $_ so it will match the text query(' allow any information then a $_ (such the beggining of post or get). but that has to be before the ending ) on the query function.

Design A Search Box Which Suggest The Values From The Database? www.daniweb.com

Is it possible to design a search box which suggest the values from the database. Its very cool. can show the data from the page but its difficult to show from the MYSQL Database Table. <html> <head> <script type="text/javascript" src="clienthint.js"></script> </head> [code]....

Searching A Number Range Using BETWEEN? www.phpfreaks.com

I have read that i can search for a number within a mysql database using BETWEEN i.e: SELECT  * FROM `table_name` WHERE `field_name` BETWEEN 99 AND 200 How would i do this with the code below? <?php $salary = explode(":", $_GET['salary_to']); } $types[] = (isset($_GET['salary_to']) && strlen(trim($_GET['salary_to'])) > 0) ? "`salary_from` LIKE '%". mysql_real_escape_string(trim($salary[0])) ."%' AND `salary_to` LIKE '%". mysql_real_escape_string(trim($salary[1])) ."%'" : '';  ?>

Search For A Sentence In A Paragraph? stackoverflow.com

How can I search a paragraph for one or more sentences using PHP ?

Create An Internal Search Engine? www.codingforums.com

I have never done this before and I need some help. Can someone tell me how can I create a search engine within my website to search through the text on a certain page? This is the site I am talking about:http://www.21stcenturyworld.com/community.html

Reset() - 2 Boxfield In My Search Engine www.codingforums.com

I have 2 boxfield in my search engine...when i write somthing on my 1st text box and press the clear button it clear me the thing i wrote in the text field....when i write somthing and drag it from 1st text box to the 2nd and then press the clear button.the letter in the 2nd textfield jump the 1st one.....and doesnt clear herself...

Multiple Search Engine Textfield www.codingforums.com

How would you create a text field that allows users to select different search engines, and then search their keyword. Essentially what I'm looking for is a something similar to the default multiple search field that you see in Firefox and Safari.At this point in time I have the multiple search feature implemented. But all I really have is a <select> next to a <input>. What I want is something that combines the two. Basically I want the look and feel of Firefox/Safari default multiple search field.

Safari Multiple Search Engine? www.webdeveloper.com

I'm wondering if the <input type="search" /> has the capability of adding search engines to the end of the drop down list. In Safari if you click on the magnifying glass on the search box, you'll see search engines at the very bottom. I'm wondering if I can do that to my webpage using <input type="search" />, but having my own search engines specified.

How To Make HTML Page Search Engine stackoverflow.com

I am developing an HTML page that I want to convert in Search Engine. I just have put a Textbox & Search Button. I am just allowed to use JavaScript. How do I convert it in Search Engine ?

Php - Restricting JS Links From Search Engine's Crawling? stackoverflow.com

I would like to prevent google from following links I have in JS.I didn't find how to do that in robots.txt.Am I looking in the wrong place?Some more information: I'm seeing google is crawling those pages although the links only appear in JS.The reason I don't want him to crawl is that this content depends on external API's which I don't want to waste my rate limit with them on google crawlers and only per user demand

Ajax :: Web Applications - How To Do Search Engine Optimization stackoverflow.com

How is the relationship between crawlers and ajax applications? Do the web crawlers or browsers read dynamically created meta tags? I thought about: -Adding anchors to the page -Creating permalinks to the content -Dynamically adding meta tags. [URL]

Simple Script For Search Engine For My Website?? www.codingforums.com

Can anyone get me a simple script for a search engine for my website? i cant find a decent 1 anywhere.

HTML / CSS Code For External Search Engine? www.daniweb.com

Website for a external search engine for your website, or give me a HTML code or CSS code?

Searching From Arrays With Keys And Values? www.sitepoint.com

I have an array with 20k values. i want to lookup the Array with Keys and values both. THis is what i am using PHP Code: $items = array( "A"=> "AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES INC", "AA"=> "ALCOA INC", "AAC"=> "ABLEAUCTIONS.COM INC", "AAI"=> "AIRTRAN HOLDINGS INC", [Code].... Currently, it is looking for key. how i can make it with Keys and Values. both working 

Search When Pressing Enter On Webpage Not Working www.webdeveloper.com

When I press enter on the webpage it wont search, only when the button is clicked. <?php if ($keyword) { ?> <input type="text" value="<?php echo $keyword; ?>" id="filter_keyword" /> <?php } else { ?> <input type="text" value="<?php echo $text_keyword; ?>" id="filter_keyword" onclick="this.value = '';" onkeydown="this.style.color = '000000'" style="color: #999;" /> <?php } ?> <a onclick="moduleSearch();"><img src="catalog/view/theme/ProShop/image/search_button.png" alt="search" align="top" /></a></div>

Making A Search In Combobox www.xtremevbtalk.com

HeyI am trying to build a small program, to use at work.The program is containing a lot of information, that i collect from excel and insert at startup.My question is, can i make a combobox search for items that contains the text i write in the field?As an example.I got a list containing: Windows 98Windows xpWindows VistaWindows ServerLinuxThen i write "w" or "windows v" in the text field, then i want it to show me what options i got with these typeins. So "w" will show me all windows's on the list, and "windows v" only shows me vista. I've seen it in other programs, but can't find an option to make it work.Any help appriciated. Thx

Pulling Results From A Query Multiple Times phpbuilder.com

I haven't used PHP for over a year and am very rusty in deed. Basically, I'm pulling a query from a database and storing it in an array. I want to use that array to populate a form dropdown list. No problems with this, but i want to use the same dropdown list multiple times on the page, yet it only seems to populate the first dropdown list on the page and the rest are blank. What am I doing wrong? Here is my code: