DOS Mode Printing From VB


Those who are interested in code that enables a VB application to print in DOS mode, here is a link.http://www.vbcode.com/asp/showsn.asp?theID=3862.

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Help Needed For Dos Mode Printing Using Vb And Crystal Report www.vbforums.com

HaiIam Ameen,I have a small problem, I am working on VB 6 and I am using Crystal Reports as Reporting tools. My client want the report should be printed in DOS mode because he want the priting should be fast. Can u help me how i can get the DOS mode printing in VB for crystal report if possible please send me codethanQ

Printing Problem (winoldap Remains In Close Program Window) visualbasic.ittoolbox.com

For printing purpose we use dos mode of printing because printing in dos mode is fast, but program is in vbIn vb code we usecall shell ....... method for printing in dos mode (We use netprint.bat file)but for each print when we see the close program window(ctrl+alt+del) winoldap will be createdthis happen only when operating system is windows 98 and when we are trying to execute dos program through windows(in our case when we call shell method for dos mode of printing in vb programn)winoldap remains in close programn after printing alsoI want to remove it programatically (using vb)from close programn after printing job is overplease give me the code how to check printing job is over or notand how to remove winoldap from close programn after print job is overThanks in advance

Condenced Mode Printing www.vbforums.com

Hi everybody,From the DOS prompt if you give a print command and set the printer in condenced mode, u can get the condenced mode printing.What i tried : I am creating a Batch file in DOS to print a file and this i am calling in VB through "Shell()" command. But i am not able to get condenced mode printing.Is anybody knows how to get the condenced mode printing through VB.Any help will be appreciated.Thanx in advance.RegardsNag K.

BASIC And Visual Basic www.vbforums.com

I'm a newbee to Visual Basic.I want to know if this you can still create a BASIC application.I've tried out simple BASIC commands like:Private Sub cmdButton_Click()Print "Blah blah blah"End SubIt works, but it prints "Blah blah blah" on the form. When in using BASIC, it would run on DOS and print "Blah blah blah" in Dos.In other words, what I'm getting to is...Can I write a DOS Program using VB? Is there like a BASIC mode in VB?

Text Mode Printing From VB www.vbforums.com

hi guys,i am using VB and CrystelReports as front end tools. when i am printing the reports it is printing in graphis mode b'case we are using windows platform, is there any method to print in text mode (like we are printing from DOS) from windows through VB and Crystal reports.thanks in advancemurali

Print In Draft Mode www.xtremevbtalk.com

I want to print from datareport in draft mode, as we can print VB code in draft mode. I want achieve faster printing like DOS through VB Application. Please let me know if someone known any method.

Unable To Print In DOS Mode In Windows 7? www.sevenforums.com

I'm using Win 7 Pro logon as user with administrative credential. I need to do printing in DOS mode. The Case is : I type Net Use LPT1: \printserverp1 in DOS mode, it displays the command completed successfuly. The connection was made when I look at it again by using net use. But when I send a command 'dir/w > lpt1 ' in dos mode, it shows access is denied. It doesn't allow me to send a print job

How To Print In Dos Mode And How To Change Font Size ? www.vbforums.com

I wish to dos mode printing to print bills, (Creating Text file to print). How can i change font size ?I saw following codes in sample for printing dos mode. Please explain usage of following codesPrint #1, Chr(27) 'purpose ?Print #1, Chr(12) 'purpose ?Print #1, particulars; Spc(17 - Len(CStr(particulars))); ' purpose ?Print #1, vbCr ?How can i set paper size ?Senthil kumar.A

Enabling DOS Print Through VB visualbasic.ittoolbox.com

Hi All,I have an inventory application. It generates huge volume of invoices everyday. If I have to print it from VB(windows mode), its taking time to print my invoices. Is there any way to do the DOS print through VB? Since it will print bit faster.If so please share the code snippets with me.Thanks,Subbu S.

Printing In DOS Mode www.codeguru.com

i am genarating datareports from my VB application. But when i print these reports, they are printed in Windows mode. I want to provide an option to the user to print the same in DOS mode. how do i do this?


Txt File Output As DOS Output www.vbforums.com

Hai friends,I print all the lines of txt file in multiline text box.In general, Windows Word Processors print data differently.i.e., In DOS O/S, maximum 80 characters per line.Display arrangement of the output in DOS is seeing correctly.In windows, its not.For example, if you edit the following lines in DOS and Windows Word processors(Notepad, MS Word).See The Output in DOS and Windows*** *** ****** ** *** *** *******How to print Characters like DOS in VB?How to overcome this prob?Can anyone help me?Advance Thanks.Regards,Suresh.

DOS Output From VB www.vbforums.com

how to print the output to DOS prompt from VB,eg:i have created an mul.exe, whose function is to multiply two given nos. - byaccepting two parameter from the dos prompt, the output value must be printedin the DOS prompt, how do i do it. ( i know to get the parameters, but i don'tknow how to print the output in the DOS prompt.)c: est>mul 2 3then the output 6 must print in DOS prompt, likec: est>output: 6if above is possible then i also want to display a message while processing,c: est>processing...c: est>outpt: 6thanks for your interestwith regards,B.Senthil Kumar

Fast Printing Like Dos www.vbforums.com

hi i would like to print my reports in VB very fast as like dos printing, with all features like different headings, lines and graphics,fonts, please helpbyeparthi_75@rediff.com

Print Out Spreadsheet In Dotmatrix Printer www.ozgrid.com

I have developed one file for invoice printing using VBA coding. When i take print out from excel workbook the print out is comming in Windows Font (i want like Dos prompt printing). I want to take printout in Dot matrics printer for invoice printing and the print out has to come like Lotus123 spreadsheet print out (dos mode). is it possible to get print out like Lotus123? If possible can u please tell me how to change the printing property in excel spreadsheet.

Setting Printer In Draft Mode For DOS Printing Speed & Output As DOS Printing www.vbcity.com

I want to print in Draft Mode with DOS Printing Speed using DataReport Designer. Anybody can help me How to set dot matrix printer in Draft Mode i.e., speed of printing must be same as DOS Printing Speed. I am using Code:Printer.PrintQuality = vbPRPQDraft but this code is applicable for resolution quality and printing time is taking same as printing from Windows environment and I need output same as DOS PrintingIs there any special codes, functions or printer properties to be adopted for DOS Printing Speed. I appreciate if anybody can help me for giving me a sample project.My email is : chemtsr@yahoo.co.inRegards / MANI

Html Report To Print (dos Mode) My Dot Matrix Printer www.vbforums.com

i developed vb project desine report for html format and views currently files to print my dot matrix printer in windows mode fonts i want to print dos mode printout pls explen with exampls

Printing(Skipping Lines) visualbasic.ittoolbox.com

I am printing using dos mode using shell comand in VB programnFirst I keep track of linesIn 1 page we can print 66 linesIn 1 page we will print 3 bills (22 lines)After each bill we will give eject control code in program(chr(12) for epson printers)But only some times whenever eject code is passed too many lines it skips(almost 1/2 page) and prints the next billIs it nessary that eject code should be passed at a particular line noPlease help me how to solve this skipping problemThANKS IN ADVANCE

Printing To Short Paper visualbasic.ittoolbox.com

Hi GuysI am writing an application that needs to print to 6"long fanfold sheetson a continuous printer. The printer is a Panasonix KXP-1180. Thedrivers on win 2000 do not allow a custom sheet size to be set, and whenI adjust the printer.Height property it makes no difference.My query therefore consistes of 2 questions:1. Is there any way I can accomplish this using the standard methodsavailable in VB, or2. Should that not be available, how do I print in dos mode from withinmy vb App?Thanks In advanceJR ScottVB Software Solutions cc

Calling A DOS Program From A VB Program www.codeguru.com

I have a DOS application that will not print reports in windows. I have created a VB print program to use. I can call the VB program from the Dos application, but need to know how to call the Dos application back without having to restart it. Thanks in advance.Catrina

Changing Font Size For Printer Object www.codeguru.com

Does anyone know how to change font size in using the Printer object? I have 2 applications, one as a DOS-based Clipper application, the other was the same application but created in VB 6.0. The reports for both applications are printed in a dot-matrix printer. When I print my reports in VB using the Printer.Print command, I get smaller fonts, therefore, more lines are printed on a page when compared to the output of my DOS application. Thanks in advance.

Printing Report In DOS Mode Through VB visualbasic.ittoolbox.com

Hi all I'm working on a project related to data base and want to generate reporsfrom the tables not using the datareport but using the DOS mode printingthrough text files. Kindly help me how to redirect the output to text fiein formatted manner and then redirect the text file to print on user demnd. The customer demands it as datareport uses thicker fonts and consumes muhmore time for printing large report than the DOS mode report in text fil. Waiting for your kind help, with some example, please. With thanks in anticipation Rajiv

Printing Text Thru DOS www.codeguru.com

Hi Gurus,I'm new to VB programming. For one specific application thru VB , i am printing some information from database thru DOS by writing that information into a text file and printing that text file thru Batch file for speed printing. Inside the batch file, the contents are like this.Code: type marksheet.txt > LPT1but, the system contains 2 printers one dot matrix printer connected thru printer port (LPT1) while the other is laser printer which had connected thru USB port. I have to send the data to the printer which is selected by the user at run time.Code: type marksheet.txt > USB001The above command is not working as it is creating a file named USB001 in the root drive.Basically, i need how print a text file on two printers as per the user's selection in [font color=blue]DOS[/font] mode i.e thru batch files for speed print. I did n't use crystal report as it prints slowly compared to print thru batch files.Thanks, Gurus in advance

ProgressBar With DOS! www.vbforums.com

Hi..in my project i make run to perl code in commad prompt(DOS) in this run time i want the progressbar also work and after finsh the run i want to move to other form (form1)..Please help me to do that work...VB Code:'open command prompt to run Perl scriptOpen Apath & "dos.bat" For Output As #1    Print #1, "cd C:uckwalter_morphan_1data"    Print #1, "perl -w AraMorph.pl < infile.txt > outfile.txt"     Close #1  ' ShellAndWait Apath & "dos.bat"    Shell Apath & "dos.bat" 'copy text to editor form'Editor.txtFileText.Text = Main.txtFileText.TextClose #2 ProgressBar1.Value = 1Timer1.Enabled = True Form1.Show thanks

Quick Help Needed (bring Up An Application That Is In The Taskbar) www.codeguru.com

I have a DOS program that calls a VB print program. When the VB program runs, the Dos program is sent to the taskbar. Is there a way thru VB code to bring the DOS program back up after the vb program is finished, without the user having to click on the taskbar. ThanksCatrina

Killing A Shell Process www.vbcity.com

Hai all,I am new to VB.I am facing a problem using shell command for printing in dos mode.I have made a batch file to print a txt file using the command type bill.txt>prn.The thing works well but a process is not closed and so after giving 2-3 prints the system gets hang.Any one can solve this.When i searched here i have seen code for killing process by giving the task id.How can i retrive the task id.and if is get a task id of the process how can i kill that process.Thanks.

Using VB With DOS Programs www.codeguru.com

I am converting a DOS payroll program to windows. Currently I am working on the sections of the DOS that will not work with certain windows machines (printing and communications). As I get them done, I am calling them from the DOS program (using Shell). This works fine as long as I do not show any VB forms. These knock the DOS program down to the taskbar.My question is: Does anyone know a way keep the DOS app active on the screen and run my vb forms on top of the DOS screen. The printing app works fine without any VB forms, but I'd like to use a file status form when transmitting files over the modem. It is not that big of a problem, the user just has to click on the DOS app in the taskbar after my app has run, but it is not very convenient or pretty.Thanks for any suggestions or help.Catrina

Print Using LPT1 www.vbcity.com

hi experti dont have any glue..about escape function here we go.. i have a simple project print using dos style in vb6, my printer is epson lx-800 and i try print using LPT1 and it's work. but i don't have any glue to print exactly in column and row using dos style in mm or inch . herewith i included sample script : open "LPT1" for output as #1 Print #1,chr(27)& "@" '--Reset Print #1,"Title" Close #1 Thx For Helps<Edit> Topic moced to VB General </Edit>Edited by - R.Sole on 9/26/2005 1:27:17 AM

DOS Mode www.vbforums.com

How can I run a VB program in DOS mode?I would like to write a program to rebuild my hard drive.When I boot into dos, I get the message "Cannot run from DOS mode".??????ThanxGrandpa

Enlarged, Normal And Compressed Printing In VB www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi thereI use the following codes to print on DMP/Epson printer:-chr(14) for Enlarged, chr(18) for Normal and chr(15) for compressed printingbut i dont know how to use these in vb, please provide the equivalent code if any. I hv to print report in dos mode from a text file. your early help will be highly appreciableThnx

VB General www.vbcity.com

I am using Printer object to print in VB. I want to print some message in Dot matrix printer in DOS mode(ie. char by char) which is faster? how to do this ? Is it possible with help of API?

Where Are The Gurus, Who Can Help Me???? www.vbforums.com

I run my vb program in a dos shell under windows in full screen mode. When the vb program runs it minimizes the dos window to the task bar. Then when i quit my vb program, it doesnt get focus on the dos window and open once again to full screen mode. The way i exit the vb program is unload me and then followed by end. Can someone help me here. I need to be able to return to the full size dos screen once i have finished working with my vb program. Please reply asap.. thanks.

Hey You Guys! www.vbforums.com

ok....Can i do that my program will use dos commands?i mean to tell it to run at dos some commands and she'll do so?i know theres a way to run the dos command window and then to tell vb to print in this window the command...so if theres no other better way tell me how to do so.Can i also know when the dos window have finished the working on the command?Can i also know in wich position of the running command the dos is?Please help me!!!

VB Data Report Printing Vs Dos App. Printing Speed www.vbcity.com

I have convert the system into VB (before it was in foxpro).So the reports I build using VB Data reports.Now the problem is that on dot matrix printer, my VB-report takes much time to print reportbut the old-foxpro-system-reports takes less time to print their reports(may be due to character wise printing).So there is any way to print report from VB dos-base like (character wise).Please help me soon, I am in bottleneck of this project.thanx

Can VB Talk To MSDOS? www.vbforums.com

Hi,Is it possible to create a visual basic program that talks to MSDOS.I know how to create a console and talking to consoles etc, but I want to run a VB .exe file with arguments from MSDOS. The problem is that dos runs the program and returns the dos prompt straight away. I want to be able to hold the prompt until the program has stopped running and be able to print to the dos window (in the same way you can with javas system.out.println)Hopefully there is a VB guru that can help me with this!!

Printing Dos Font www.codeguru.com

Hi, I am using Vb as front end and MS Acess as bakecnd. i am printing my report using printer object. but i can't print dos charcter using for drawing box e.g. Alt+191 prints Right corner of box in if u r editing a txt file in Dos window. can u help me?

Ejecting Page From Dot Matrix Printer visualbasic.ittoolbox.com

Hi frndI'm using visual basic 6.0.I've developed a program to print in draft mode on a dot matrix printer.my program creates a text file and then sends the file to dos printer port (LPT1).Its printing alright but i don't know how to eject a page programmatically from visual basic while printing in draft mode.Please reply.Thanks in advance.Ashish

Can Any One Help About The Text Mode Printing In VB www.vbforums.com

can any one help about the text mode printing in VB??i want to have some com ot component to create text mode printing in VB 6.0 under windows environment.can any one tell me if it is possible to take text mode printing (as u take early days of WordStar, Lotus or other FoxPro based application).right now i create text file and print in by one small C++ utitlity to take print out.thanx in advancefiroz

Wait Until Execute www.vbforums.com

how can i delay the functioninsworduntil the the previous shell executes VB Code:'open command prompt to run Python script Open Apath & "dos.bat" For Output As #1    Print #1, "cd C:python24"    Print #1, "buckwalter2unicode.py -i C:ewfile.txt -o C:ewoutfile.txt -E mbcs"    Close #1    Shell Apath & "dos.bat"     insword

Dos Thing In Vb www.vbforums.com

Ok I have a dos program and when I run it it opens dos prompt and prints things in it then it finishes know how can I get what it prints out and put it in vb

How To Write To A DOS Window www.vbforums.com

I am trying to write a simple program that runs from a Windows NT DOS windows. I have found how to read parameters I am passing in (function Command()), but I cannot write any message to the DOS window. I looked at the Print method, but it just prints in the VB exec window. I also tried to open the CON, but it does not work either.

How To Write To A DOS Window www.codeguru.com

I am trying to write a simple program that runs from a Windows NT DOS windows. I have found how to read parameters I am passing in (function Command()), but I cannot write any message to the DOS window. I looked at the Print method, but it just prints in the VB exec window. I also tried to open the CON, but it does not work either.

Crystal Reports 8 Printing In DOS Mode,solu. Plz www.codeguru.com

please give me a solution r example code for printing the reports in DOS mode instead of in windows, generated using crystal reports in a VB 6 .

Print DOS Mode From Vb visualbasic.ittoolbox.com

whenever print is given from vb, in DOS / Text mode, winoldap is added in the task manager. how to cancel / remove this or how to prevent this?

Why Is The Shell Command Not Working?? www.vbforums.com

Greetings every1,i want to print a file in dos from vb. the dos command is "type file1>prn". Now when i'm giving the command Shell("command type file1>prn") in vb, its not helping me. I also gave Shell("command.com type file1>prn") & Shell("command/c type file1>prn"). Its all not working, plz help me....Plz try the code b4 giving the reply.My OS r Win98 & WinXP...

DOS Prompt And VB www.codeguru.com

Hi,I got a short question. When a VB App is called from within a DOS prompt, is it possible to print messages to the calling DOS prompt from the VB App?I would really appreciate your help...Thanks in advance...CUHarald Braun

Dos Mode Print...? www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hello...In my application I'm using DataReport to print out recordsets.Of course the printout comes with TTF font print on.If I want to print that recordset on dot matrix printer in "DOS mode print"...what is the most easy way to do that... ?Thanks,Erik

Draft Printing From Visual Basic visualbasic.ittoolbox.com

Hi,We are using dotmatrix printer (wipro ex-330) , andprinting from vb is very slow. How can we print thedraft print from vb (like ms-dos print command). Ifany possibilities, please help me.

Outputting Ascii www.codeguru.com

Hi,I've got a legacy system that runs under Windows in a DOS full screen, ie text mode. Now major add-ons are being programmed in Windows for this system, andwe need to be able to pop-up windows in the DOS window (or have our WIN98 windows pop up OVER the dos window).How do you get a window to appear over a dos window? What can windows do with the machine in text mode?

Running .NET Applications Under EXCLUSIVE DOS Mode? social.msdn.microsoft.com

I developed an application I need to run exclusivly under DOS mode (no Windows), when I wrote the app I created it as a CONSOLE application, when I run this EXE under the DOS mode it says it can't RUN in DOS mode? Is there ANYWAY I can make this work?

Starting VB Program And Running W/ DOS www.xtremevbtalk.com

I have looked through the threads about VB and DOS commands, but they mostly talk about VB using the DOS prompt or Printing what is in the DOS prompt. I want to start up my VB program and execute it without the forms ever showing up. For instance my program takes a CAD drawing and does some manipulations to it, but the user must first select which CAD file.What I would like to try and do is, let the user type in a command and the CAD file name in a DOS prompt, and my program will run using the keyed in CAD file without ever showing the VB forms.Is this possible?Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Capture Lpt1 And Send To A Network Printer www.sevenforums.com

How do I capture LPT1 from an old DOS program and send it to a network printer? In XP I used the command: net use lpt1: \servernameprintername to capture the printer port. In the Win 7 XP Mode the I haven't figured out what to use for the servername and the printername. The old DOS program, dBase, runs perfectly. Just need to get the printing working.

Reading Text Output Of A DOS Box www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi guys.I'm looking to read information from a dos program that is started with various switches.The program isn't mine, but is meant to print out information via the switches to the dos box.If there's no way of catching the info directly from the program as it prints to the dos screen, is it possible to catch the dos screen output and place it into a string so that it can be processed?Any help appreciated.Slim.

How To Send Keystokes To A DOS Window App Thru VB www.codeguru.com

I want to repeat some sequence of keystokes in a dos window app from VB, so that the whole process can be automated and repeated several times.Do I set a DDE connection. Is a DDE connection with a DOS app possible at all? Otherwise how do I send keystokes to the DOS Window from VB and make the DOS window as the active window the moment I press a button in VB ?Thanx

Controling A Dos Window www.codeguru.com

I want to repeat some keystokes in a dos window app from VB, so that the whole process can be automated and repeated several times.Do I set a DDE connection. Is a DDE connection with a DOS app possible at all? Otherwise how do I send keystokes to the DOS Window from VB and make the DOS window as the active window the moment I press a button in VB ?Thanx

DOS Label Printing Using VB www.vbforums.com

I have written code For Label Printing Using VB.am having 6 Lines to Print on Each Label which is printing From Excel File using ODBC.6 Lines are as FollowsSimNoMobilenoType Pkd On:Valid For MRPon the label paper there r 8 Rows & 3 Cols of labels.First User will type once Line 3,4,5 then Sim no & Mobile will be taken from Excel File.so how can i use DOS Based Printing to make it faster.& How can i manage space between two lables if User type the information in Caps Or Smallam attaching my project pls seeThank You,

Load/Eject Printer www.vbforums.com

Hi Friends,I'm using DOS Based Print in VB. My problem is this that I've to Load the Printer Page (I don't know whether it is possible or not). Actually when My App prints a Receipt I've to move paper for 8-10 line. Now User has to set the paper back upto Printer Head for next Print. That's why I'm searching for any code which will send Load/Eject command to printer on every print so that user will not have any need to set the Page.Thankx

XPMode DOS Print Woes www.sevenforums.com

Trying to print from DOS in XPMode. Here is what I've done: windows 7 host and XP Mode are all members of same work group. Printer installed and tested on windows 7 host Windows 7 host has an 8.3 name. Both Windows 7 and XP dirvers for printer obtained Shared printer from Windows 7 host. Confirmed that other networked xp boxes could print to share. Attempt #1: 1. In XP Mode, click USB, attach printer, installed drivers. 2. Printed test page from XP Mode, prints OK. 3. DOS printing did not work at this point, understandable as LPT1 was not mapped, at some point while I was playing around with this the virtual machine locked up and I had to reinstall xp mode. Attempt #2: 1. In XP Mode, cmd prompt: NET USE LPT1 \windows7hostprinter /persistent:yes 2. Receive error 88. 3. Went to XP Mode printers/faxes - File - print server, drivers, add... 4. installed xp dirvers to XP Mode machine 5. Attempted to open printers/faxes in xp mode, virtual machine locked up, had to reinstall xp mode. For attempt #3 I plan on doing the same as attempt #1 (usb/attach) but this time share the printer from xpmode, then try NET USE on that XPMode share. If that fails, then for attempt #4 I will retry Attempt#2, but at XPMode cmd I will try NET USE LPT1 \tsclientprintername If that fails I don't know what to try. The machine is at a client's office and I don't have ready access to it. I have locked up the vitrual machine 3 times and reinstalling xpmode takes a while, so I'm limited on how much I can do in a session. Does anyone know how to actually get this to work (LPT1 DOS print from XMMode to windows 7 host local printer)? Could the printer driver be causing the vitrual machine to lock up? Should I try a different printer? Sorry, I don't remember the exact printer - it's an HP officejet model. So to summarize there seems to be a few possible options: 1. Share from windows 7 host, in XP Mode NET USE that share (fails with error 88) 2. Share from windows 7 host, in XP Mode NET USE \tsclientprinter (have not tried this yet) 3. USB attach in XP Mode, then share in XP Mode, then NET USE the XPMode share (have not tried this yet) Obviously a NET USE LPT1 has to be in the equation but I don't know the proper way to share the printer and then access that share.

How To : Adding A Command Windows To A VBform www.xtremevbtalk.com

Can I add a dos command window into a vb form, and then run command lines to itor run a batch file and show the dos window inside the form

Checking If An Executable Is Running / Stopped Running www.vbcity.com

How can I get my DOS program to send a message to my VB program (just before the DOS program stops offcourse)Edited by - TeQno on 6/25/2003 6:21:09 AM

Get Draft Mode In Vb6 Printing www.vbcity.com

hello friends,i found that Printing from DOS in fastest method to print i.e. print filename.my data report prints have very much slow speed . I interact with some web pages and found ( don know right or wrong) that if v print in DRAFT MODE with 10 DPI v can get same speed as printing with DOS in windows based app.so Code:1) how to set our app or OS or Printer For DraftMode ??2) how and where to change setting of 10 DPI ???thanx in advance??? It May seem Impossible, But Possibly We don't know the way how to reach there ????

Help Resolve Printing Problem www.xtremevbtalk.com

I heard that VB 6 does not support printing in DOS style. Even the Printer.Print method used to print with Dot-Matrix printer is slow because it by default uses GRAPHICS mode. I tried this and noticed the same.Can someone suggest me links or any method with which I can print bills (generated by my application) continuously without printing over the perforation between bill papers.I am presently trying to print with Win 32 API method, but again I want to know how to control the printing as I desire. I have posted the code in API forum. It's link is:http://www.xtremevbtalk.com/showthre...156#post864156

Help Resolve Printing Problem www.vbforums.com

I heard that VB 6 does not support printing in DOS style. Even the Printer.Print method used to print with Dot-Matrix printer is slow because it by default uses GRAPHICS mode. I tried this and noticed the same.Can someone suggest me links or any method with which I can print bills (generated by my application) continuously without printing over the perforation between bill papers.I am presently trying to print with Win 32 API method, but again I want to know how to control the printing as I desire. I have posted the code in API forum. It's link is:http://www.vbforums.com/showthread.p...hreadid=307941

Printing Flexgrid In LandScape www.vbforums.com

How can I print a FlexGrid in landScape mode ¿I have this so far:VB Code:Dim old_width as IntegerMSFlexGrid_Name.width=printer.widthPrinter.PaintPicture MSFlexGrid_Name.Picture, 0, 0Printer.EndDocMSFlexGrid_Name.width=old_width

Batch Printing PDF Files From DOS / Windows SubDirectory? social.msdn.microsoft.com

Any VB example of batch printing pdf files from a dos/windows subdirectory (with only Acrobat Reader installed)? I've got a folder full of pdf's (30 or 40) and I need to fire them off to the networked Laserjet. Also, is there a way in VB, to set the "full duplex" (double-sided) printing option for an HP Laserjet (PCL6)?

Getting Output Of DOS Program In VB! www.vbforums.com

Hello guys,I know this question has been asked many times before but I think my case is different.I have a C program which is designed to run in DOS mode.It is a continuously running program which monitors for errors occurring in an industrial plant.I have to get the output of the program and display it in VB textBox.Since the output of the DOS program is continuously generated will pipes be still useful or the redirection operator be still useful? Please reply quickly its urgent!!

Dos Applications www.codeguru.com

I have .exe that will be ran in DOS mode. I know how to get the commandline that was used to run it how do I output text to the DOS shell. Something like cout for C++ except for VB. Thanks for the help.Raistlin

Terminal Emulation Window / ActiveX www.codeguru.com

Hi, I’m looking for a terminal window component to use within a VT-100 emulation program. It has to have a column / row style approach. Sort of the same style as how the screen in old DOS text mode applications was set up.24 rows ?,80 columns ?, char foreground color, char background color, bold style, blink style, page buffer, selections and so on.I have tried making my own ocx using vb 6.0 and printing graphics on a picturebox. API for all graphics / text printing. It functions as intended. And handles all the things I need. Except it's too slow !!!While scrolling through text it uses like 90% - 100% of the CPU.If you know Procomm Plus or any other quality terminal emulator you will see what kind of a ActiveX control I’m looking for. Does anybody have code like this?Preferably in VB 6.0 or VB.netOr compiled as a activex or dll that can be used in VB 6/.netThe closest I come so far is this one.http://www.dart.com/powertcp/emulation.aspBut it is too expensive for me.Any help would be much appreciatedThanks,Adam

Passing Parameter www.xtremevbtalk.com

How to create program (exe) to passing parameter in dos mode?for example i create a program with visual basic(test.exe)and i want to run in dos mode with passing parameterrun in DOS prompt :Code:C:>test parameter1 parameter2 parameter3test is the name of my program

VB In The Command-line? www.xtremevbtalk.com

When a VB program is run from the DOS Prompt, can you have it, like, do something in the command window? (I don't mean Command() ) Something like Debug.Print, only to a DOS window...

Print A File From Dos Command Line www.vbforums.com

I know this is a vb site but you guys probably know DOS also. I just need to know how do I print a file using DOS. Thank you.

DOS Mode Print In Custom Fonts www.vbforums.com

hi frnds , can u help me how print in custome fonts like Malayalam,Tamil the doc in Dos mode (Text Mode) in Dot Matrix Printer. Source help in VB6 . pls help me

Dos Printing In Visual Basic visualbasic.ittoolbox.com

hi,i developed one program which will generate invoices...i used the code below to print the invoice in dos mode..the data is storing in text file, then when i give print command it is not executing....here is the code...

Notepad visualbasic.ittoolbox.com

Hi,I am using a DOS Quick Basic program.When I press the Print Screen key, load Notepad,right click white space and Paste, I can thenprint the DOS programs screen.I want to write a program that can be executed(shelled to?) to print the DOS screen.I am using a USB inkjet printer with no parallelport.Any constructive suggestions or comments would begreatly appreciated.Thanks,John

Print In DOS Mode www.vbcity.com

HiIam preparing a report on VB6. I wish to have my report printed in the DOS mode using a DotMatrix printer.How will I do it, since Iam not working on the command prompt. Is there any way to solve this issue? Are there any general rules irrespective of the tools used to undertake such printing ?Any help/suggestion in this regard would be highly appreciated. Cheers ..... HAPPYARIMAAN

Print In DOS Mode www.codeguru.com

Hi Iam preparing a report on VB6. I wish to have my report printed in the DOS mode using a DotMatrix printer. How will I do it, since Iam not working on the command prompt. Is there any way to solve this issue? Are there any general rules irrespective of the tools used to undertake such printing ? Any help/suggestion in this regard would be highly appreciated. RegardsARIJIT

Redirect Output From A Dos Exe To Form stackoverflow.com

i have an dos exe which take argument, perform its functions and display the output in dos.i need to call the dos file from vb passing the argument without showing the dos window, and get the return values directed to vb textbox.

Problem In Printing In Landscape Mode www.codeguru.com

I have a VB application from which I can print the forms in Portrait mode. However if I change the mode to landscape and then do the printing the printout still comes in Portrait form. I have used Command Dialog Box controls for printing. Please advice me on how to print in Landscape form from my application without changing printer settings from outside the application manually.Please get back to me on this as soon as possible.Best RegardsSwaleh

Prob. With Crystal Reports 6.0 And Color Printer Setup www.vbcity.com

Hi,Is anybody know hot to solve my issue ?For the time being I have developed a VB application in charge to create and print sales proposal.My user uses a color printer and cannot setup definitively his prints in color mode, exept if before each print he clicks on the control printer button in the crytsal report viewer window.Even if you go in the windows control panel and decide to select Color mode insted grey scale, the program continues to print in the grey scale.....Need help

Writing DOS Based Program With Coding On VB www.vbforums.com

Hello again, I HAVE ONE APPLICATION RUNNING ON DOS & CODE WRITTEN ON VB MODULES.I have one more ISSUE.I have one application running on DOS & code written on VB modules.I want to alter the logic. Can you pls tell STEP BY STEP process how to write DOS program with vb codings, so I can explore my program.Thank you-Nan

Gui Frontend For A Dos Application www.codeguru.com

i want to create a gui front-end for a dos application using vb. the dos app should not be visible to the end user who uses the gui interface. also if the dos app cannot perform the intended function, this info should be passed to the gui interface.i dont think the shell function in vb provides so much control over another app spawned from a vb app.(it is asynchronous, i guess).please help!!!mail me at naresh_12@yahoo.com

Print From VB In DOS Mode www.xtremevbtalk.com

dear friends,How can I print dosmode out put to dot matrix printer in VB6?it is possible to print like FoxPro like command @ <row>, <col> .....RegardsRajeev

R: Print DOS Mode From Vb visualbasic.ittoolbox.com

you can write commands in a batch file (app.path + "MyBatch.Bat")after use :shell(app.path + "MyBatch.Bat"), vNormalFocusI thinkBye-----Messaggio originale-----

Unable To ShowWindow When A DOS App Is In Full Screen www.codeguru.com

Hi all! I Hope a "guru" may help me.I have a DOS, full screen (, old) graphic application running under Win95, 98, 98SE or ME. This Application writes a file and "wakes up" a background WIndows App which basically has to print some data graphically in a custom fashion.If I let the situation this way I have to wait about 1 minute to the printing to start, appearently because of Microsoft-related problems.So I thought I could pop up the Windows App, print (immedaitly) and then re-pop up the Dos App.I successfully managed to re-give cotnrol to the DOS Full Screen Application with the following API Calls:Code:ShowWindow(ExtHwnd,SW_SHOWMAXIMIZED);SetForegroundWindow(ExtHwnd);ExtHwnd being then Handle of the DOS App.But I CANNOT GET MY WINDOWS APPLICATION WINDOWS on top, as the DOS Full Screen App remains on top. I tried (myHwnd being the handle of the Windows Application Main WIndow) all (or almost all) the combinations of the following APIs without success:Code:ShowWindow(ExtHwnd,SW_MINIMIZE);ShowWindow(MyHwnd,SW_SHOWNORMAL);SwitchToThisWindow(MyHwnd,False);ShowWindowAsync(MyHwnd,SW_SHOWNORMAL);BringWindowToTop(MyHwnd);SetForegroundWindow(MyHwnd);SetWindowPos(MyHwnd, HWND_TOPMOST, 0,0,0,0, SWP_SHOWWINDOW);Any Idea?

Printing Faster In VB Help www.vbforums.com

Is there a faster way to print in Vb rather than using the Printer.Print. This method is very slow compared to the DOS style printing. People who has used Dos application finds this as a limitation. There is actually a way to do it. I know only a part of it. U open a file and write what u want into the file then give the file for printing. I need help in the case of formating the printing like making bold, italics then page return etc.


I have some problem in Print File (I'm using LX300) via dos command..I'm using This Code : $Input ="TYPE  ".$FileName." > ".$_SESSION["Printer"]; system($Input,$value); I have some question : 1. How to get Error Command if Print is failed ?? I only know if $value is 1, the print failed, but I want to see the description like in dos... ex : Code:

Reboot In Dos Or Safe Mode? www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hello,To do a shutdown or reboot, can use exitWindowsEx.But, does anyone know how to program VB to reboot into dos mode or safe mode?Is it possible?THanks!

Help In VB Reqd www.codeguru.com

We are porting an existing application From C to VB.In the dos system it prints some reports using font 8 'ROMAN'.The font is set using the statementfprintf(fp1,"%c(8U",escape) while fp1 is declared as a file pointer.But we are not able to find that font in VB (where we are using print method of richtext box for printing). The closest font( to roman) in VB is 'Times New Roman' but that is not a true font so we will have indentation problems in using that.Is it possible to align the text in any font in RichText box?Please give us the list of "True Fonts" that are available in VB.Any pointers to printing in VB are welcome.Thanks,-arun

Flash Message www.vbforums.com

hi i want to send message through LAN to another computer using vb (API) like in dos "net send ,computer name, message" is it possible in vb give me full syntax thanks

Fast Printing www.codeguru.com

Does anyone have idea on how to make the printing on windows environment to a dot matrix printer as fast as that of DOS environment.Thanks,Shivakumar G.M.

Submitting Commands To DOS www.xtremevbtalk.com

I'm trying to submit a command to DOS via Visual Basic. I would like to be able to take a DOS command stored in a variable and submit it directly to DOS without having to create a file, and then use the ShellExecute "Open" operation to submit the file to DOS. Is there a method I can submit a command or series of commands directly to DOS from VB without creating a disk file first?

AppActivate "MS-Dos-prompt", True www.vbforums.com

When I activate a DOS program with SHELL then I become a DOS-box named "faxer" (the DOS program). During executing the DOS program the name stays as "faxer"; after the program is ended the name become's something like "ended - faxer". I like to stop the VB-program during the executing of the DOS program, and run on after it is finished. Can I do something with the above facts ?------------------

VB Project With DOS Involved Need Help www.vbforums.com

Trying to takle a confusing project what I am wanting to do is set a VB program to execute at a certain time every night and have it close a ms-dos session running and open a dos program hit escape key and enter then move some log files to a directory the thing i'm not sure what to do is how do I close a running DOS screen and then open DOS session backup up and run a program without it closing right away and send key's to the dos screen?? is there a easy way of getting around that? Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks alotRobb