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Dell :: M4400 Precision Cpu Temperature

Here's the background... I recently received a new m4400 (with a T9400)and had a problem with one of the cpu cores running 6-8 degrees hotter at idle (not under load). When I told this to Dell technical support, they reordered me a new notebook. Here's the problem... I received my new replacement notebook. Although the cpu cores are now the exact same temperature at idle, once I start running some programs (simulation games, etc.), one of the cpu cores runs 7-8 degrees consistantly hotter than the other one. If I stop playing these games, both cores return to the exact same temperature .....

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Dell :: M1330 Onboard Intel Video Driver
I'm trying to get the latest video driver from Intel, but I couldn't install it. It gives me a message saying something like the product compatibility is not verified for my system. How do I get the latest driver for my gm965 chipset?

Dell :: Studio 1535 With Intel WiFi Link 5100
I'm getting myself an Intel WiFi Link 5100 to replace the current Dell 1510N card in my Studio 1535. Is the Intel WiFi Link 5100 fully supported by my laptop? Are the number of wires same for both cards? Any specific steps that I need to do when replacing the card? This is my first time doing this so I'm a bit nervous.

Dell :: M4400: Intel WiFi Link 5300 AGN Failure
This has been happening a for a couple weeks now. Problem: Every time I boot up the computer and switch on the WiFi/Bluetooth button on the right side - only the Bluetooth light turns on above the keyboard. Temporary Solution: I go to Device Manager and find that the "Intel WiFi Link 5300 AGN" slot has the exclamation sign next to it so I disable the card and then reenable it again, then the problem is gone (the WiFi light turns on and I can now finally see wireless networks in the "Connect" window) .....

Dell :: Studio XPS13 And Intel WiMAX/WiFi Link 5150
Before I buy one of ebay Just wanna make sure with you guys that it will work with no problems That it would work with the nforce 730i mobo with no compatibility problems And this should replace my Dell 1515 wireless N card rite ... I'm am interested in the WiMAX function so I could use clear's 4 network but remember reading awhile back that Intel Wifi cards can't work with the Nvidia mobo

Dell :: Part Number For XPS 16 Intel WiFi Link/WiMAX 5150
In the near future I'd like to get one of these cards as replacement for a 5300 for the integrated WiMAX modem.

Dell :: M1330 + Intel WiMAX/WiFi Link 5350 Wireless Mini PCI-E Card
i want to replace factory Intel 3945 with this card on my m1330 maybe somebody can share with this experience? by the way i will install x64 Vista very soon can I use this card with it? link to card [url]

Dell :: Driver Download
I'm trying to download a driver from Dell and all I get is the download of their "DellDriverDownloadManager" I have already downloaded and installed the manager. When I run it it says "no files are selected. Please go to the Drivers and Downloads to select a file"

Dell :: Studio XPS 1645 Driver Download Site According to this driver site for 1645, most of the drivers are all up-to-date. Could I apply updates for my XPS 1640 here ?

Dell :: Beware Intel Matrix Driver 8.6
I've had good results from installing the Intel matrix storage driver v8.5 direct from Intel (newer than the Dell version) but tonight I tried the even newer v8.6 version from Intel and have had two blue screens, so having to revert.

Dell :: Installing Video Drivers Straight From Intel...Impossible
I periodically check Dell's site for updated video drivers but they are always sooo old. (Dell's driver-Version 7. something, Intel's-Version 11.something) Intel's site is much more up to date. Anyway, I'll download the Intel drivers and attempt to run the installer. It'll extract all the files but then close and show a message stating that the driver isn't "validated" to run on this computer and that I must get driver updates from my pc maker. Why are others able to install the drivers, even on other Dell systems? Is it a business notebook thing due to the need for stable system images?

Dell :: Intel Mobile Chipset Driver + Win7
I know a few people have installed Win7 on their Lattitudes and Precisions ... I decided to try out a clean install but as I work through the driver installs I get stuck at the chipset drivers which refuse to install, saying "This operating system is not supported .....

Dell :: Intel Centrino WiMAX 6250 Driver
I followed a couple threads on here on how to format and reload everything from scratch. It has worked perfectly and I'm much more happier without the Dell bloatware. That said, the only issue (not sure if it's really an issue) that I'm having is with the WiMAX 6250 driver. I downloaded the latest drivers from here: They aren't even listed on Dell's website (not that I would use Dell's over Intels anyway). The wifi and everything seems to be working fine. However, when I look under device manager, it's the only one that has an "!" on it. It says that the driver isn't loaded. Again, I don't know this is really a problem since it's working, but I just wanted to make sure this won't hurt me down the road or if anyone else knows how to fix it.

Dell :: Inspiron 1720: Want To Upgrade Video Card (intel 965)
i would like to upgrade my video card, if it is possible and if it is worth it. my 1720 has the mobile intel 965 express chipset family. ive seen sigs (dr650se and someformofhuman) stating that they have the nvidia 8600m gt and was wondering if this is compatible with my 1720. also i found out through this forum that i can upgrade my cpu (which is the measly t5450 1.66 ghz) to the beastly t9300, and add a 2nd hard drive (which is my first step in upgrading this dell because i only have a 160 gb drive). i was looking for a new laptop until i came across this forum and found out the possibilities of my dell. i decided to stick with this and just upgrade it! thanks for the insight, and thanks in advance for all the help that i will be asking for!

Dell :: E6500 And Intel Wifi 6300 Driver Issues
seeing that Dell released a driver supporting 6300, I went and bought one to replace my 5100. Plugged it in, and it wasn't recognized. Fair enough, I went to reinstall the driver.. which immediately finished. Setup log said error discovering intel device, or something like that. Problem is, the device is working fine as far as windows is concerned - it is detected, I can connect using windows networks screen. But ControlPoint Connection manager does not see it. What am I missing?

Dell :: M1330 Bios A15 + Latest Intel Drivers = Dead Video
Was having an issue on bios A12 (I think it was) with the brightness (function keys were not adjusting it properly), so updated the bios to A15 and the latest intel drivers as advised. (have intel, not nvidia). Now the screen on boot is either blank or with only blue lines. Can hear it booting into windows so the system on the whole seems fine. Have got it working successfully on an external monitor via the vga port. I have tried to reapply the A15 bios and reinstall the intel drivers but not changed anything. The display properties in windows shows the laptop monitor as stuck on 640x480 and low colours. screen is off on 640x480 and if upped to the only other option 800x600 gives blue lines.

Dell :: E6400 -- Any Benefit To Updating Intel Display Adapter Driver
The latest version of the Intel Intel Display Adapter Driver available on the Dell website is dated 08/25/2008.. The Intel website shows Version dated 01/21/2009 is available.. Has anyone updated their E6400 to this new driver? Does anyone know of any specific benefits or problems with this new driver?..

Dell :: New Latitude / Precision Intel Matrix Storage Driver / Manager
Matrix Storage Driver Matrix Storage Manager Quote: Level of Importance: Urgent Dell highly recommends applying this update as soon as possible. The update contains changes to improve the reliability and availability of your Dell system. Compatibility SystemsOperating systems Latitude E4200 Latitude E4300 Latitude E6400 Latitude E6400 ATG Latitude E6500 Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M2400 Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M4400 Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M6400 Microsoft Windows Vista 32-bit Microsoft Windows Vista 64-bit Microsoft Windows XP Microsoft Windows XP x64 Fixes and Enhancements - Changes made to reduce power consumption improving battery performance. - Corrects random issues related to not being able read/write to and from CD/DVD optical drives.

Dell :: Intel GMA 965/x3100 On M1330 - Can't Install Driver
I bought a second hand M1330 on ebay with the intel graphics. I can't seem to get a driver installed no matter which one I use. I've tried both Vista and Windows 7 but in both cases when I'm trying to install the drivers, I get an error message saying The computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software. Setup with exit. I've tried both drivers from the intel site as well as the dell site but no luck. Any ideas?

Dell :: Install Intel GM45 Express Chipset Driver For XP Pro Configuration
I'm in the process of creating an XP Pro operating system install for my new Inspiron 1545, on a new SATA hard drive (taking out the original SATA hard drive from Dell with Vista preinstalled to use as separate bootup opsys which I have to reinstall to zap all the bloatware later). Things were going really really well (I thought) with setting up my new drive with XP and I got past the problem that bites most folks (SATA hard drive not being recognized by XP install), by switching the drive in BIOS to ATA mode b4 doing the install. I got XP completely installed & activated AOK, with only a few minor wrinkles which I was able to figure out. Applied a few simple quick tweaks to XP to make it easier for me to use (disabling autoplay, killing the search dog, setting folder views, removing stuff I don't use like Windows messenger, MSN, etc). Then I went to install all of the necessary Dell drivers from the website for the 1545 for (in order) Intel GM45 Chipset, Video, Ethernet, Dell Quickset, Wireless, Sound, Card reader, and Alps touchpad. I had figured that stuff out already and had all the drivers copied over to the new PC ready to go .....

Dell :: M1530Best 8600M Video Driver?
I have an M1530 that has the 8600M video adapter in it. Currently I am using the Dell 176.44 driver and I am wondering if that is best. I notice from time to time that my desktop display gets very slow where the window tracking is not smooth like normal. I don't play games on this laptop, as it is purely for business use, but I do use programs like Photoshop, Dreamweaver, GIMP.. and other design applications.

Dell :: Latest Greatest Video Driver
I've been out of the loop for few years, as in, not paying much attention to my i9100 (w/ATI 9800...unmodded). Now I've totally dumped and reloaded it with XP pro and I am using whatever MS uses for a v-driver when there is nothing else. Everything else has been updated with the latest from the Dell site, and XP Pro too. I use this rig for light to medium duty gaming, and soon, I hope, watching net TV on it....and then all the other standard computery things that don't really need anything fancy for a video driver ....

Dell :: 8400GS Or NVidia Video Driver
My Vostro 1510 laptop came with the latest 8400GS video card driver from Dell. Is it unwise to try the latest driver from nVidias site? I've been reading that some drivers can run a little cooler. HWMonitor says my GPU normally runs at 60c, a little warm from what I'm reading.

Dell :: Inspiron E1705 Video Driver
I'm looking for help finishing up reformatting my Dell Inspiron E1705. As far as I can tell, everything up back to normal after the the reformat and reinstall of XP. Finally got all my drivers figured out and everything seems to be working except...

Dell :: Intel® WiFi Link 5300 And Intel® WiFi Link 5100 Products New Driver []
Download Link ...

Dell :: Vista Theme But MAC Style, Any Download Link?
anybody using Mac Style for your vista theme? I'm using vista32, Xps 1530

Motorola Droid :: Best Recommended Profiles For SetCPU?
New to rooting and just got myself setCPU. I was wondering what some standard profiles that people use to maximize performance and battery life. So far I have it set to underclock when the screen is off and when less than a certain battery percentage. What temperature should I be looking at as "dangerous" to set my cpu to underclock then as well? Any other recommended profiles?

Motorola Droid X :: SetCPU To Enforce Underclocking Profiles With X?
Anyone using SetCPU to enforce underclocking profiles with their X? I'm concerned about how hot the X gets when it's charging in the car dock and using Navigation. Would downclocking the cpu to 800MHz or 600MHz when the battery is above a certain temp (45C or so) make a difference? Has anyone noticed any battery gains from using other profiles?

Hosting My Own Website
Is it possible to buy a dedicated server off eg Dell and host your own website on it from home ie with a www prefix to the url- Do ye know any good tutorial on it. Would 20Mbit bandwidth be enough bandwidth for a fairly busy php ,mysql site? Completely new to this.

Recommend A Shared Host
after posting here at WHT ive really learnt much about overselling and cpu usage. now with some questions again, 1GB space around 50gb transfer around $6 a month hosted in USA very well established company that would never shut down like tomorrow. just list the hosts down and let me consider them.

Need Dedicated Server For File Hosting Site
i want to start a file hosting site like megaupload etc. So need a good bandwitch and storage for beggining and if it grows up then upgrade. Would you recommend buying Dual Core Cpu?Or Pentium 4 for beggining?

Number Of Sites
I just want a rough idea; How many sites could safely fit on a server with the following specs? PENTIUM-4 1.5GHZ 512MB DDR RAM CentOS Linux 5.X I am thinking in terms of CPU power and Ram here. The sites I have in mind are all low usage (at most 300MB storage and 1GB bandwidth per month) so bandwidth and storage is irrelevant here.

ClamAV - Should We Enable It?
I would like to ask whether should we use/enable the clamAV service on our VPS? I have read from several article, it said that ClamAV is pretty hungry on CPU/Memory resources. I would like to know, do you use/enable the clamAV on your VPS? Or even don't have it installed on your VPS? - SSH Equivalent On Windows
I am making an Asp.Net application which does the following on the client computer: Establish a Connection. Check client's cpu usage to see if it is idle or not.If the client is idle it starts executing a c application.While executing the script if client starts doing something (also checked by monitoring his cpu usage) stop signal is sent. Start signal is again sent to the client if he is back to his idle position. If the client is Ubuntu, I use ssh and execute what I want to.What is the way of doing this in Windows without the root access?

Software To Control Cron Jobs?
Is there any software which would control cron jobs? I've a problem with cpu load where some customers are running more than enough of them at the same time. Is there any software which would be able to: If there are more than x crons running at the same time, put others in queue and execute after there are no more than x-1 are running?

Best Way To Ship 2u Server To DC?
I have a Dell Poweredge 2850 2u server, and having problems finding a box to ship it out to a datacenter. How do you pack it, and what shipper do you use?

Forms Data Controls :: Dynamic Data / Display The Sub Models Of Particular Laptop Category?
I have two tables... Laptop category and Laptop details ... Laptop of each category is displayed using Imagebuttons in my website... eg: Dell.HP,Compaq and each category is associated with unique ID like 1 ,2, 3, etc. Based on this category ID when i click on particular image button it should redirect  to another web page ( I ve specified the page in each ImageButton's PostBackUrl property as LaptopDetails.aspx ? catId=1 ....). And  in Details page  I would like to display the sub models of particular Laptop Category... for eg Dell has three sub models INSPIRON 1464, INSPIRON 15 and INSPIRON 15R sub models has to be displayed with image and all the details from the database...

Distribute Applications Among Available Servers Which Are Few In Number?
We are trying to figure out the best way to distribute our applications among our available servers, which are few in number. Assuming adequate RAM and CPU power, is there any reason we shouldn't run mod_php and mod_rails (Passenger) within the same Apache server? Would they clash or conflict somehow?

Acer :: DXVA & MPC Video Quality On 1410/Intel 4500
I've been encoding a lot of my DVDs to h264 using Handbrake for traveling, and I have my 1410 set up to do DXVA h264 decoding with Media Player Classic HC (on Windows 7 Pro RTM x64). I used this guide to set up DXVA: [url] The DXVA offloading works well, and I get around 5-10% CPU usage on Task Manager. My issue is that the video quality looks poor compared with using Windows Media Player 12. H264 MKVs look great on WMP, but sometimes they stutter a little, CPU usage is around 10-20%, so I know it's doing some kind of DXVA of its own. After reading this thread, I figured out my problem somewhat: Is there anyone that can play this H264 clip on Timeline SU3500 without 100% CPU load? What I wanted to know is this: has there been any development in fixing the h264 deblocking bug with MPC-HC and DXVA? I'd like to use MPC-HC for my MKV viewing, because that plays video the smoothest, and it handles the audio and subtitles of several anime series that I have. Just some background on my setup: I'm using a 1410 with the dual-core SU2300, Windows 7 Pro x64, latest version of MPC-HC, latest version of Haali Splitter, latest Intel 4 Series drivers (version 1986), and the ffdshow x64 audio-only filters. I'm also using the Divx 7 Tech Preview for thumbnails and improved performance on WMP.

Hosting For Gaming Website
A few days back i had made a post asking about which would the best host for a dating website that me and a couple of friends were planning to start. Thanks alot to everyone for the answers. However now we have decided to go with a gaming website, as the idea appeals to most of us. The concept is to have a real time online game running on the server 24X7, people can join any time they want and leave any time they want, the game would still keep progressing. My main concerns with such a site are: 1. Bandwidth : As people will be online for a long time playing the game I am guessing we will need good amount of bandwidth 2. Server CPU : Will we end up eating lot of server CPU as the game engine will be running 24X7 on the server? What kind of implications does this have? I dont see any CPU specific details in the hosting plans i have seen so far. Please advise on the above two. What kind of hosting should I be looking for? Hosting budget is 30$/month (max).

Laptop Won't Sleep
Today, I installed Home Premium 32 bit (it's dual booting with Win 2K Pro) on a Dell Latitude C640. After much patience, googling and having a driver disc for this laptop, I finally finished the install. For a 2002 model laptop, it looks pretty good. The only known problem that I'm having is that it won't go into sleep mode. All of the other options are there except that. Windows 7 will install on almost anything there is, it looks like. Anyone have a suggestion for the sleep mode problem?

Error Messages When Speakers / Headphones Are Not Connect
I am having a rather strange issue which, although is not hindering the use of my computer, is still something that I would like to try and resolve. I purchased a Dell Inspiron 545 about a month ago (first week of Oct. 09). Given that Windows 7 wasn't available at that time to the general public, my new computer came with Vista Home Premium. My computer does not currently have an aftermarket sound card; I only have the OEM one that came with the computer. Also, I currently do not have any speakers or any other external audio devices that are currently hooked up to my computer. While I was using Vista I never had any problems or warning prompts appear when using audio programs like iTunes even though I didn't have any external audio devices connected to my computer. No problem there. When I received my copy of Windows 7 Pro I decided to do a clean install on my computer. After installing 7 I went through and manually installed all of the audio drivers that were on my computer when I received it from Dell (note: although the audio drivers were the same the re-installed ones were the updated versions designed for Win 7). I didn't use the driver disk that came with my computer though, because of the hassle of using those disks. Instead I manually downloaded the drivers that I needed from the Dell support page. After re-installing all of the drivers, updates, and programs on Win 7 I noticed the following: every time that I opened an audio program like iTunes I would receive a warning prompt claiming that "iTunes has discovered a problem with your audio configuration; audio may not operate properly". Furthermore, I have a Sony voice recorder that I use for school and the program for the recorder gives a similar error message claiming that "the file cannot be played back; check your audio drivers or operating system". In addition, this error message prevents me from editing any of the voice files I have saved on my computer. But the strange thing is that all of these error messages disappear when I plug in my headphones. The messages go away, I am allowed to edit my voice files, and the sound works great. As I said above, the audio drivers I currently have installed are identical to those that originally came with my computer. Given that I had never received similar error messages when not having speakers or headphones hooked up to any of my past computers or to my current computer before I installed Windows 7, I am assuming that the operating system is the culprit. Has anyone else experienced this problem and if so, do you know how to fix it?

Proper Hosting Configuration And Company For A File Sharing Website
We had written a free file sharing website like rapidshare,2shared,4shared n .... . We let people add as many file as they want to upload. People also search and browse among files. Do we need a dedicated server or a dedicated VPS ? How much should the configuration be? i mean How much Ram? We need to add extra hard disks in the close future. Maybe sometime we need to add clustering and ... . Please tell me in detail about the initial configuration needed to run this website so we ll be sure that the site will never be down or lacks of hard disk and ram or CPU. and tell me your experience in best dedicated services with online support which will be good friends.

I Want Ffmpeg Host Or Vps
i want ffmpeg host or vps 1- whats the limted for a send mail 2- i have a music box and i have a large vistiros are my site in the workied good thats my site for media and i want convert to social media script 3- whats the limted for cpu 4- whats the limted for up and donload for space and bandwith 5- whats the limted for backup and the ((Automated Nightly Backups)) where are the backup file when well be? 6- are thee ssh include 7- and about vps if i want install scripr or update the apatchi for example did help me with out charge 8- how many accounts in a server with vps ot host 9- did have any coupon code for discount

Server Slows Down Fast
The server I have running has LAMP and some other related services running. It's on a 100Mbit shared port. Whenever the server has been running for 30-90mins, the pings start to become very high (+2000ms). Problem exists with ftp, ssh, http etc, and restarting named, httpd, mysqld doesn't affect anything. The only thing that gets the pings back down and the speeds up again is to reboot the system, which takes about a minute. The MRTG graphs show that there isn't any significant traffic which cause the pings go down, in fact, the traffic goes close to 0 when the pings start sky rocketing. CPU load is < 0.1 and memory usage low as well.

Monitoring Tools Like HPSIM, OpenManage And Zabbix
At the NOC I work at we use HP SIM. It's hosted on a central management server (CMS) and monitors the few hundred HP servers that we have in our DC. We also use MOM 2005 and TEC. Question is, how would HP SIM work for my own single server setup, just to monitor for hardware issues, disk failures and such? Do I need to hook into a CMS server or can it be run standalone? I guess same question applies to Dell OpenManage. Curious how these work if I just have the one server to keep an eye on? Also I had a company install Zabbix agent on my server. They were monitoring my server from their "host" server. This company decided to disappear so now I have Zabbix agent installed, but no host server to login to to collect the data. Any idea if this can be run on a single server setup, or should I look for another "host" to monitor my server via Zabbix?

The only tuts I can find use nuSoap - which I'm already using but it may be the root of my high CPU usage. Well I've identified that the soap part of my code is whats causing the problem, now whether its something I'm doing or whether its something the other end is doing (searches are taking 40-70s to return - bleh). I'm trying to track down - I have to figure that using a native php function has to be better than using nuSOAP - but I cant seem to figure out how to use it. I dont want to faff with complicated arrays or anytihng - I just want to give it the damn XML to send and grab my response. Currently all I have to do is $soapclient = new nuSoapclient(''); $soapclient->send($xmlMessage, ""); $xmlString = $soapclient->response

Spread Sheets/Excel
Hello.I have been researching Excel automation inside of VB for a while now, but haven’t really gotten the hang of it at all! ahahhaah. I messed around with Excel Play as well, and found it cool but not quite what I was after.I was wondering if you geniuses out there could help me out. I wanna be able to constantly write a series of data to a spread sheet. It will actually be four separate temperatures that the program will be reading, and I need it to record to the sheet every X seconds (I currently have it every .25 of a second - 5mins).After it has done this, it needs to be able to refresh the graph, which I would like to be a line-graph displaying all four of the temperatures over time.I'd like it to be quite customisable, colours and what not. But I can always mess with that later.Does anybody out there know what I'm taking about, and how you all think I might want to attack this problem?Thanks a lot again guys.~ Dave ~

Samsung Fascinate :: Set CPU Causing Phone Freeze? / Ringtones For Individual Contacts
I just got a SF about a week ago, and am loving it! I rooted within 30 mins of leaving the store, and wanted to downclock the phone when the screen is off. I've been reading a bit, and apparently the Fascinate downclocks automatically to 100MHz by itself? Can anyone confirm this for me please? I tried setting the screen off profile on SetCPU to 200MHz, but noticed my phone freezing up in standby mode. Nothing would wake it up, except a battery pull. I tried bumping up the speed to 400MHz, same effect. I noticed the problem became worse and worse since I've installed it. I had to stop using SetCPU. The problem went away after I stopped using it. I was using SetCPU 2.00 I believe.Also, another question. Is there anyway to set custom ringtones for individual contacts? I don't see the option anywhere.

Motorola Droid : How To Set Cpu Speeds / Profiles?
What are your guy's setcpu speeds at primary and what are your profile speeds at?

Flash :: Parse XML Nodes That Have Spaces In Its Label?
I'm using the web service to request current conditions for a location, and am parsing the current temperature, feels like temp and current condition icon to my Flash application. The Current Temperature and Feels Like Temperature nodes are nested within NowItems -> NowItem while WeatherToday is further along in the feed. I've written the following in AS3[code]...

Shared, VPS, Semi-dedicated Host?
choosing an appropriate webhost solution. I'll be launching a site that will initially serve around 3000-4000 pageviews per day (say 2000-2500 uniques per day) but will go well over 10-15K eventually. Pretty small based on that metric. With just PHP (no dynamic content), my shared host has handled that fairly well for an existing site. However, this site will need to track search, each page will do a simple MySQL lookup and either upgrade a count or do a small insert. Again, very simple stuff but not sure how this affect performance and CPU load. Still, I know my provider has pretty low thresholds on max db concurrent connections and they've loaded my server with lots of other sites recently. I'd rather not take a chance after launching. Based on that simple operation, would you recommend moving to a managed VPS or possibly a semi-dedicated server? The traffic still sounds low but I'm just not sure of the mysql effect If VPS, it seems like 512M memory should be the minimum for this setup or could I get away with something smaller, like 384M/256M? I've read good things about MediaLayer's "application hosting" but it still sounds just like shared hosting.

Transfer Speeds Are Around 200KB/S Upload
I don't know if this is where this should go, so if the mods want to move it go ahead. Anyway, I have been with my current dedicated server provider for around three months, I guess the transfer speeds never really bothered me because it did not affect my gameservers. However, when I decided to start hosting big files on my webserver, the transfer speeds are around 200KB/S upload, Now I have tested this with mutiple people downloading the file at the same time, and it appears to be stable at 200kb/s although now its at 150kb/s. So I can think of a few reasons, This connection is 100mbps and I know it should not be that slow, I figure my host could be limiting the bandwith per IP or something similar, I have emailed him and he said he did not know why I was getting such a slow download speed. I don't know much when it comes to this aspect of computers, My specs are: two core-2 cpu's. 1GB Ram. 100mbps connection. Microsoft windows 2003 standard edition. I know the max is not 200kb/s because as I said, with mutiple people downloading the file it has remained the same. It concerns me however and I would like to be able to fix this.

1U CPU Cooler Speeds
Just wondering really, if you have a 1U cooler like an Akasa AK-CC029-5 or Dynatron P199, do these generally run full speed 24x7 or should they be bios controlled? I've never had any cooling issues or reliability issues with either of these coolers, but they don't seem to want to be controlled through the bios on all of the boards I have used, so they run full whack 24x7 - Accessing A Windows Application From An ASPX Page?
I have an aspx page and I want to access an application on the client after seeking user permission. Both the windows application and the website are to be made in VB.NET. EDIT: Here is the problem. From my .aspx webpage in, a visitor clicks on a link on my site, and if my winform is not already loaded on their desktop, it is then loaded with the users permission. This application should auto-load on the user's site at boot up time and always be in the background running. Make it an extremely thin client, taking the least cpu and bandwidth from the user, and running as a silent background process until needed. Whenever the user visits one of my many websites, IN ANY BROWSER, somehow - the app running in the background communicates with the .aspx on one of my sites, and exchanges a silent username password identifying client winform app to the online .aspx app on my website. Then the .aspx on my site PASSES a url such as "" to the app running in the background, the background app then does a http request from the client's computer, not from my .aspx server, so the client's cookies and ip are visible to "" server. The client collects the html for that page, stores it as a string, and also saves the ascii of that webpage as another string. Both strings then are PASSED BACK to my .aspx website that the client is visiting, and the .aspx app then stores these results in a database.