Deleting Files That Are Added To It Using Apps File Sharing


Just to be brief, I usually add some files using the file sharing option (PDF reader, movie, etc). Problem is, for one of application I can't see the files when I'm open the application. Is there anyway to remove the files via iTunes when I connect my Ipad to laptop/PC?? (I attach the screencap). I know it probably will do any harm if I just left them be, but having a little OCD makes me really really want to delete them anyway.

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Hello,I'm working on an automatic update program for one of my apps. It needs to replace files in the app's folder with updated versions. This works great if the computer is standalone - it closes any apps that might be using the files, deletes the old file and replaces it with the new version.However, several clients have the program running in a networked environment, where the app's files might be running on multiple networked computers. This seems to cause the files to be locked (in use) on the main computer, and therefore they cannot be deleted.I'm wondering if there's some way to force the operating system to delete a file, even though it's being used by another user over the network.Alternately, if that's not possible, is there a way to disconnect sharing for just that file so it can be deleted normally? I suppose unsharing the app's folder would work as well, but the whole drive is shared and I don't want to disconnect any other programs or files users might be working on.Either way, I'm stumped. Anyone done something like this before?Thanks,mwdelta

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How to create a directory in samba share in which user can write read files but neither can create more directories tree nor delete any directory. suppose [Share] comment = NRshare path = /home/share browseable = yes [Code]..... I know user cannot delete share directory here. But user can create any number of directories of files in share. I would like to create directories in share which cannot be added or deleted.

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I have iTunes 9.1.1 and under the Apps tab for my iPad it shows that File Sharing is available for Air Sharing HD and Pages. It doesn't work, though. Nothing shows up as being shared (although I have shared files from Pages on the iPad) and when I try to add compatible files using the "Add..." button dialog, they never show up.

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I have a temporary file that my app creates called file.tmp, however I to delete it when my app ends.Does anybody know how to delete this file using Form_QueryUnload

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When I go to iTunes/iPad/Apps and then choose Pages under "File Sharing" and move a few files over, where are those files stored? Does iTunes make another copy and store it somewhere or does it just reference the location I copied from? Also, if I move a file over and then delete that file, does it delete from the File Sharing section as well the next time I sync? Information: Mac Pro 2.8 Dual Quad Mac OS X (10.6.3)

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Here are the release notes for the newest version of Goodreader: What's New in Version 2.7.4 ● added support for inter-app Document Sharing: other apps (including stock Mail app) can open their files in GoodReader; GoodReader can open its files in other apps which support Document Sharing ● minor user interface improvements Looks like some sort of cross App file sharing is possible but it's not clear to me how.

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I've created a Class Library using vb.net, the thing is that several applications should use this file. I'm using Inno setup, and I'm declaring the dll file to be shared. in the client app i've added refrence to the dll and set "Copy Local" to false. Now if i put the exe file (the client app) in the same folder with the dll everything works correctly, but once I move the exe or use another application that should use the so called shared dll the assembly cannot be loaded because the system cannot find him ("IOFileNotFoundException")

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I'm trying to burn a DVD using k3b, and would like to access files from a shared network drive from a Windows machine. I can see the files in Nautilus from "Network Servers" and drilling down to the right directory, I can open the files no problem, but I can't get k3b to recognise them. Firstly I can't navigate to the network drive from the file tree on the left in K3b. If I drag and drop the files from Nautilus into k3b, it says "Problems while adding files to the project: No non-local files supported". If I use Project -> Add Files I can then get to the network drives, but when I select and add the files it says "Remote files not accepted - You can only select local files". In the end I had to copy all the files using Nautilus from the network share onto a USB stick, burn the DVD and then delete the files again. (I used the USB stick just to see if that counted as more "local" than a network share). Was there an easier / more efficient way to do this that I missed?

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Hi,  I am trying to checked if a file is deleted on a share drive. The user is always connected to this share drive. For some reason even though the file is not deleted the msgbox comes up and says it is deleted. Below is the code I have. Any help will be appreciated. ThanksCode:If Len(Dir("O:Files")) = 0 Then   msgbox "This file has been deleted."End if

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I downloaded an avi file directly from RapidShare on my iPad using an app and opened it with AVPlayerHD but now I want to transfer it to my mac. Is there a way?I tried going to iTunes -> Apps -> File Sharing -> AVPlayerHD but there is an option to add files but my current files on the app are not being shown. If they were I would just directly use the save to button. Before upgrading to iOS 5 these current files (on the app) would be displayed.


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I recently discovered that I am not able to send pictures using BBM to my husband. I am able to send pictures via BBM to ALL my other contacts.I have removed him as a contact and re-added him.I have deleted BBM entirely and re-downloaded it using APP world and re added contacts.None of these seem to work. And my husband is the only person I can't share photo's with...and is the person whom I share photo's with the most of our child.

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I've created my own install/uninstall app. When files are being deleted on an uninstall I want to ensure that shared dll's and ocx's are NOT deleted. Does anyone know how I can tell if such a file is being used by another app?Thanks,

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I have the File Manager App on my iPad2 and iPad Mini. I enter the documents on the iPad2 but want to transfer them to the iPad Mini. I have tried the File Sharing feature on iTunes. I have the files from the app backed up on my computer, but when I try the file sharing process where you can copy files on your computer to the File Manager app on my Mini, I cannot duplicate the process described by Apple. It says you can drag and drop from your computer files to the documents list or click on "Add" and then select the files you want transferred, then select "choose" and they will be transferred. However in this instance I cannot see where the "choose" option is located. And when I tried to drag and drop, nothing happened. Success using File Sharing where you have been able to transfer(copy) files on your computer to your device using the process described by Apple?

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I shared a directory on my PC via Motocast, but files I've deleted are still showing up in the Droid Bionic when I connect to Motocast and browse that shared directory. If I add new files into the PC directory, they show up immediately on the Droid Bionic, but deleting them does not make it disappear on the Bionic when I browse that shared directory.

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I am trying to find a app, or apps that will allow me to create, modify, and browse files from my network.I have VPN software, which will allow me to get to the network. I have downloaded FileBrowser, and I can view and edit files using another app in conjuction.However, I cannot seem to create a document and save it to the share using FileBrowser.So I need a application out there that can allow me to create a document and save to a network share.

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can anyone please tell me why an app i am writing is adding text to the end of an already existing line in a file??the original file:AAAAAAABBBBBBBCCCCCCCand after running my app:AAAAAAABBBBBBBCCCCCCCDDDDDDDDi have appended to loads of files using many different apps, i am not using anything unusual to add the text to the file, but its doing it anyway! I am aware that you dont need to manually put VBCRLF at the end of the PRINT statement. Hellllllllppppp! ------------------Wossname,Email me: wossnamex@talk21.com

Ubuntu :: Evolution Gone From Messaging Menu Indicator Applet? ubuntuforums.org

It was there until I just now added skype to the messaging menu. I did this by typing "gksu gedit /usr/share/indicators/messages/applications/skype" in terminal and adding /usr/share/applications/skype.desktop to the file. After i done that i checked the applet and evolution was gone. It now shows "chat" on top, then "broadcast", then skype. The evolution file is still there containing "/usr/share/applications/evolution.desktop" I did notice there being two the same evolution icons in "/usr/share/applications" + the evolution mail and email settings icons. This probably isn't of importance but the only other thing i ever changed earlier in the application applet was adding emesene. I deleted emesene and since i diddnt quite know how do delete text file made for it so I just removed the "/usr/share/applications/emesene.desktop" text from the file. Also when i had emesene installed and the icon in the indicator applet it showed on top is it possible for me to get the skype icon on top as well?

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Hi all,I'm currently using VSI to install a program, which is working well. The problem is that at runtime the program adds files to the app directory and on uninstall these files are not deleted, leaving the files and the directory on the hard drive. This is a problem in that if the program is re-installed these files interfere with the running program. So my question is, can these files (whose name are not known at install), be deleted during uninstall using VSI.thanksPhill

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I bought the new PDF expert app, and both have dropbox synced to them. I want to delete the dropbox folder synced to my old PDF expert app, but I am afraid that if I do it, I will end up deleting all my files when I open up the dropbox app. How can I delete the dropbox folder in my old PDF expert file without deleting any files in dropbox or the new PDF expert? Having duplicate files is taking up a lot of space...

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I need some help in making a program which would open a directory and open a specific document and add something to it and making a program which would delete a file and rename a file...Thank youDi3P.S ((: I am not using these programs for illegal purposes i am just using them to block popups and ads in a specific chat program and the method to do that is deleted a file and renaming another and adding some lines to a file hope you all get the image))

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VWD 2010 Express. We have shared CSharp classes put into a shared folders for re-use. Now I want to add those classes into my project by creating a new folder: 1) Right click the solution, Add -> New Folder Give it a new, eg. SharedClasses 2) Right click the new folder "SharedClasses" Add- > Existing Item... Browse to the "Shared Folder", include those shared classes. But those files are added physically into the folder "SharedClasses" rather than a reference. How do I just add a link to those shared files? Since these files might be modified from time to time, I don't want to delete and add those file frequently.

How To See All Files And Subfolders Added To Shared Folder After Created www.sevenforums.com

I made a work group between 1 window seven PC and 2 window XP PC.In Window7 PC I shared folders and can see them in the 2 window XP all files and subfolders that are already in the folders before were shared. But all the files and subfolders that add after were shared I can't see.I found the subfolders that add after the shared folder was created were not shared and if I shared the subfolder I can see; but with the files nothing.How can I see all files and subfolders added to the shared folder after created?

Server :: RHEL 5 - How To Set Permissions On Files / Folders www.linuxquestions.org

I am using RHEL 5 on my server. The client machines are windows XP.File sharing is through samba server which is working okay. On this file server there is a shared directory for users. This directory contains files which are used by various users through oracle APP. and DB server. At present the folders under the "shared" folder are having all permissions i.e. 777. To restrict certain things, I want that users may read and modify the files but may not be in a position to move or delete the files. How to set the permissions on the folders/files in this scenario?

Fedora :: Windows Servr 2008 Share And 13 forums.fedoraforum.org

Windows sever 2008 has done something different to their file sharing. This is not an issue with 2003 server, xp, or any linux samba share Issue: Cannot copy file to windows server 2008 share I can however, delete files, rename files, etc... which will indicate that there is not an issue with write permissions. I am accessing the file via dolphin KDE

Share Folders Over Net? social.msdn.microsoft.com

i am working on a app. and i need to know how can i share floders that the app will use to save flies over the net. i was thinking about crearting a data base that would save all the files on to it , and then share the data base with fellow co workers, but i do not know how to add a excel file or word doc. in the database. i am pretty new to all of this so any help would be great. the app is writen in visual studio 2010. basical it will let the user access the file he needs to compelte his work off shore. the files are created and saved as he needs them. once he is finished, i need the app to send the floder to some type of server ( dont have a server yet) so that the office and other co workers can see the files when they run the app.

Playing File Over Network With AXWMPLib.AXWindowsMediaPlayer? social.msdn.microsoft.com

I am developing a WinForms app that stores media files (video/audio) on a file server.All the file attributes are indexed on a SQL server. Currently, I am accessing the files in my client app for playback and export to file by impersonating the authorized user for the file share, caching a local copy, then doing what I need to do with the cached file (playback, export etc.)If a viewer wants to view a file (using the AXWindowsMediaPlayer control), I have to first cache the file completely (using the process I just mentioned) before the user can play it back. Any way I can get around this - perhaps someway I can avoid the cache step and play directly from the UNC source?I tried impersonating the authorized user then passing the UNC path for the file to AXWindowsMediaPlayer,but I got an error. It seems like the impersonation does not work with the control.Different threads? Also, is there a better way to do all this? Mounting a share does not seem to be an options since I want to control access to the media files through the app.

Web Forms :: Access Denied To Path On File.delete forums.asp.net

I am getting the access denied error while trying to delete file using the file.delete() method even though i have set permitted full control to NETWORK SERVICES user and IUSER_(user_name) and ASP.NET Machine Account users on the folder that contains the file to be deleted. My page also allows files to be uploaded(to the same folder) and that part works perfectly fine but I get this UnauthorisedAccessException when I try to delete it at app runtime...pls do help me out folks..cant believe this error has taken my whole day..

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Every time I try to empty the waste bin I get dolphin error - 'The file or folder /.local/share/Trash/files/IMGP1676.DNG does not exist'I tried to recreate the file 'IMGP1676.DNG' , deleted it i.e. sent i to the waste bin and then tried the empty waste bin again, although this time it was there and deleted it still reported the same error.du -h .local/share/Trash/files/ 12K .local/share/Trash/files

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Hi, I am trying to use the kill statement to delete files under a "Temp" directory. But it fails since if there are any locked files or if a file shared by a program it brings up an error saying "Permissions Denied".When I use my explorer it does delete these files.I want as many files to deleted from this folder but the moment it encounters this error for the first file in the folder the program fails. Any help would be appreciated.ThanksHere's my code:Dim retval As IntegerDim fname On Error GoTo errnum: fname = Dir("c:windows emp*.*", sAttr) Do While (fname <> " ") Kill "c:windows emp" & fname Loop

VS 2005 Deleting Files From A Folder? www.vbforums.com

I have created a project where I can attach files and I am displaying the name of the file, example: Mytestfile.doc mytestfile.txt Mytestfile.pdf I have the names being displayed on a listbox, so far everything is working just the way I expected to work.When a file is selected from my opendialogbox, the file gets saved into a folder under my local disk, so far so good.The problem that I am having is deleting the file from the folder.I have added a delete button and I would like to when I click or highlight one of the file names to go into where the file was saved previously and deleted This is the code that I have for the delete funtion: [CODE Dim sFileName As String = "C:program filesSupport DeskAttachments" & ListBox1.Text System.IO.File.Delete(sFileName)][/code] The problem is that if I add the code to the clcik event under the listbox, it works great, but if I add the code to the click event under my delete button, it doesn't work, what I found is that under the path, if I am under the click event from the listbox when it gets to the lisxtbox.text it displays the file name, which is what I whant, but when i tried the code under the click event under my delete button the listbox.text is blank.

Can't Cut From Shared Network Drives forums.techguy.org

ok i have a home network set up on 2 pcs with win 7 64bit i have set up shared drives on both pcs ,, i have set the permisions on the shared drives so that everyone can do whatever they want change files delete files ect so i expect to be able from one pc to cut files and paste to the other but i cant ,,, i cant even copy from one pc to the other unless i do it from the pc that is going to have the file added

Software :: Deleting Latest IMovie And Going Back To Previous Version? macosx.com

Going back to iMovie 6.0.4 was definitely the right thing to do. Adding Flip4Mac Pro solved all my file importing problems. Now, can I delete 8.0? Or does 6.0 share some files with it and will I have a problem if 8.0 is deleted? I also have to say that, the more I use my iMac, the better I like it. There are so many standard features in OSX Leopard that I am finding new tricks every day.

OS X :: File Sharing Won't Unshare? forums.macrumors.com

I setup file sharing on my mac to access files over ftp or afp. However, after deleting these shares from my system preferences sharing panel, I can still access these shares if I connect. Please note that I am accessing the share from the computer itself. ie afp:// I'm not sure if this has any significance. System Preferences Accessing Shares Successfully Connecting Does anybody know what's going on?

Android :: Way To Package A Class For Use In Another App? stackoverflow.com

I've written an Android app wich various abstract classes that perform useful functions. These functions could be leveraged in other apps. I want to share a class module with another programmer, but I don't want to share the source code. I would like to share a .class file but I'm not sure how to do the following: Compile an Android .java file into .class What does the receiver of the .class file have to do to use that .class in their project? (using Eclipse environment)

Delete Text Within File www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi, I am in a situation where i need to let the user delete entries from within a file. I have a combobox that is populated with some entries (one per line) in a file called list.ini. the code for that is: Code:Dim Filename As String'Dim file As StringDim get_line As StringFilename = App.Path & "list.ini" Open Filename For Input As #1 Do While Not (EOF(1)) Input #1, get_line combo4.AddItem get_line Loop Close 1Now, adding an item to that is easy like : Code:Dim fname As Stringfname = App.Path & "list.ini" Open fname For Append As #1 Print #1, Text2.Text Close #1but now i wish to delete an entry, say for example i provide a textbox and a "delete" button where the user could enter the entry of text to delete like if the combobox listed:text1text2text3----------------the user wishes to delete "text2" from the file, so he/she enters "text2" into the textbox and hits delete, i wish for that to be deleted from the list.ini file.can anyone provide me with help on that?

Server :: File Sharing Using Samba? www.linuxquestions.org

i am able to set up samba server with adc it is working properly. also i set the GID and stikki bit permission in sharing so i can set only crater can delete the files. But i want some users have ability to delete permission for all files and folders in that sharing I am not able to set that

-+RESOLVED+- KILL - Permission Denied! www.vbcity.com

From a comboBox - some file names were listed (excel files) and once i press a button (DELETE) should delete that file... I am receiving an error "Permission denied" ... i wonder why here's my code:Code:If cmbExcel.Text <> "" Then    anz = MsgBox("Are you sure you want to delete " & cmbExcel.Text & "?", vbYesNo)    If anz = vbYes Then        'Delete the Excel File        Kill (App.Path & "BOM" & cmbExcel.Text)        MsgBox cmbExcel.Text & " Successfully Deleted!", vbInformation    Else: MsgBox "Operation Cancelled!", vbInformation    End IfEnd If ' cmbExcel <> NULLEdited by - pasaway on 11/10/2004 4:36:25 AM

Ubuntu :: Cannot Copy Files From 10.10 To W2003 Share ubuntuforums.org

Since i upgrade to Maverick, i can't copy file to a W2003 share using Nautilus via gvfs. I can delete and create files, but I can't copy. But it works in command line with cp. I tried on a samba share, on a XP Pro share, it works. It works on W2003 share only for small files (less than 16 ko)

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I am used to Ubuntus simple sharing with samba. Just install it, reboot and then share the files.Then do I klick on network folder and see all the shared files on the computers in the network. How do I install it so I only need to go into network folder and see the other computers shared files.Then, how do I share files? I hope it's not so difficult and that I have to change i config-files. I am new to Fedora.

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I am working on several different web applications and I am using class libraries to share code across the different apps. Is there a way to add a reference to a folder of aspx pages they I am using to help manage the web site so that would be common in all of my apps? This way if I upgrade an administrative feature in one application it would in turn add that feature to all of my shared applications when I rebuild them.

Cannot Delete File In Share Using Impersonation On Site? stackoverflow.com

We have a web farm and are writing temp files for reports. We set up a file share and are using impersonation to write the temporary report files to that share. We gave the account doing the impersonation full control to the share and the folder itself.The files are writing correctly but are not being deleted.Is there something we're missing with this setup?

AJAX :: Delete File Asyncronously That Is Uploaded By AsyncUploader? forums.asp.net

Suppose after Uploading file,i want to delete a particular file ,for that i have added a link, that calls a Web Service method to delete file stored in DataBase. That link is added throug JavaScript in OnClientUploadComplete JavaScript function. And this Delete link calls another JavaScript function that in turn calls Web Service method. But that delete link should contain some specified arguments against which file has to be deleted. I am confused how to pass that argument to dynamically created Link.

Kill A Running Process www.vbforums.com

Ok i want to copy a file to a certain directory then kill (delete) the original file. I am ok with copying the file,Code:If Right$(App.Path, 1) = "" Then my_app_path = App.PathElse my_app_path = App.Path & "" End IfIf Dir("c:app.exe", vbNormal) <> vbNullString ThenGoTo endElse FileCopy my_app_path & "app.exe", "C:ackupapp.exe" Kill my_app_path & "app.exe"end:end sub problem is that it wont kill a running file, which the original file is ?Is this line correct for killing the file in its original place , i.e c: ,Kill my_app_path & "app.exe" ?Thanks again

Creation Date Of A File In Remote Machine www.codeguru.com

Hi,I was able to get the Date / time of a file in the local machine.I used the following (slightly modified - by removing the common dialogbox & copy-delete stuff)>>http://www.answers.com/topic/filesI was able to find the version of a file which is in a shared machine, only if the file folder is shared. What I want isIf I know the user / pswd of a folder in a remote machine where i access as"\MyRemoteMcC$Program FilesMy Program"I want to find the date / time of that file.Note : I can get the version info of the same files using a similar way, but not the Date/Time

Registry - RESOLVED www.vbforums.com

I want to remove a registry item, then add it again within the same REG file. The purpose, to make sure the key was not previously added to the registry.so if my REg File has this:REGEDIT4[-HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftOfficeOutlookAddinsMyApp[HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftOfficeOutlookAddinsMyApp"FriendlyName"..................etc.Questions:1) If the key was NOT previously added, would this REG file cause any harm?2) The way I have formatted the deletion of the key - will it only delete MyAPP? I do not want Office, or Outlook, or Addins to be delete, only the app itself.Thanks for any help,CJ

OS X :: AFP And SMB Shares Messed Up - How To Fix forums.macrumors.com

The AFP and SMB shares provided by my machine (OSX 10.6.5) seem to be messed up. Specifically: 1) There are shares which are visible from other machines which do not exist in System Preferences -> Sharing -> File Sharing 2) There are share listed in System Preferences -> Sharing -> File Sharing which cannot be deleted How can this be cleaned up? What drives the set of shares? /var/db/samba/smb.shares is clearly a generated file. What generates it?

IPad 2 :: Downloaded Files Unable To Play? www.ipadforums.net

I use an app called Filebrowser to browse my PC and Media player from the iPad and yesterday I tried streaming a video file. The file has been downloaded to the iPad but it wouldn't actually play through the Filebrowser app and I actually want to delete it but there is no option to do so via the app.Where would the files have downloaded to? I have the iFile app but couldn't find the video anywhere although I didn't know where to look.The file must be there somewhere as it has used up memory so I need to delete.

Deleting All Files In A Folder visualbasic.ittoolbox.com

Can some please send me a vb6 code for deleting all files in a folderwithout specifying file path for each file. I have been using the code: Kill (filepath) to delete speific files. i haverealised that when a new file is added then i have to amend my codeaccordingly which is cumbersome. I am looking for a code that deletes allfiles in a folder. Thanks in advance, Farai

OpenSUSE :: Upgrading From 11.1 To 11.4 - Migrating KDE 3.5 KMail forums.opensuse.org

I am now using SuSE 11.1 with KMail 1.9.10 (KDE 3.5.10 "release 21.13.1" open SUSE). My intention is to do a clean install of 11.4 from purchased DVD and then migrate (import) all of my personal files from a backup. I have not yet seen either SuSE 11.4 or KDE4, so I am unfamiliar with any changes to the folders and files, how they may have been named, where they're located in 11.4, etc. Inoder to copy my backed up KDE 3.5 KMail into the newly installed SuSE 11.4/KDE4 KMail, will the following folders and files go into folders and files named the same in 11.4/KDE4, or will the folders and files for the new KMail be named differently and/or be located differently? /home/<my name>/.kde/share/apps/kmail (my e-mails) /home/<my name>/.kde/share/apps/kabc/ (address book) /home/<my name>/.kde/share/config/kaddressbookrc (address book settings) /home/<my name>/.kde/share/config/kmailrc (kmail settings) Are there any issues I need to be aware of in migrating the KDE 3.5 Kmail materials into 11.4/KDE4? Or will this be as simple as when I upgraded from 11.0 to 11.1?

Delete Files www.codeguru.com

OK,I am using the following code to check if a file is greater than 8 days old and if it is delete it. Well when the file gets to be &gt; 8 days old it does delete the file but the new file it creates has the old files createddate on it, so the file is always &gt; 8 days. Can anyone help and tell me if I am doing anything wrong.Thanks. If FSO.FileExists(App.Path & "DLforALL.log") then set AFile = FSO.GetFile(App.Path & "DLforALL.log") If date &gt;= AFile.DateCreated + 8 then AFile.Delete (true) DoEvents DoEvents DoEvents set Ts = FSO.CreateTextFile(App.Path & "DLforALL.log", true) Ts.Close else 'donothing End If else set Ts = FSO.CreateTextFile(App.Path & "DLforALL.log", true) Ts.Close End If

Nokia Nseries :: Memory Full Close Some Apps And Try Again discussions.nokia.com

It happens all the time even if nokia map is the only app running I think the reason is my phone memory is almost full there is less than 1 mb left and I cant find any thing to delete via phone manager in the phone memory either empty folders or folders which have only hundreds of bytes, when I check the phone memory it says 85 mb used 36 mb sis apps and 48 mb other files and I cant find any of them. Btw I am afraid to delete some of these files cause they may be system apps

Why Open In Maximum Of 10 Apps? forums.macrumors.com

Has anyone noticed an "open in" maximum of 10 apps? I suppose there's no workaround. I had to delete an app to open a file in my usual storage location (Readdle) but I didn't want to delete any. The problem is not that I need to be able to open files with 10 different apps, but many apps get added to the "open in" list automatically, pushing out others.

Disallow Deletion Of Files www.vbforums.com

Hi,How can I prevent the user deleting certain files while my app is running? I am making a parental control program where screenshots are taken at certain intervals, but if the user could just press delete on the screenshots it would defeat the purpose of the app.I can use this to stop it:VB Code:Open App.Path & "screenshots" & Number & ".jpg" For Binary Access Read Lock Write As #Number Incrementing Number each time. This works for up to 512 files, but there are around 5000 files in the directory, so of course only the first 512 files are protected.Any advice?Thanks.

Files Not Being Created / Deleted social.msdn.microsoft.com

I have an app where a user enters information on a ticket and that ticket is saved off to a file on a share.Later on, when the ticket is closed or resolved, the file is deleted.Pretty straightforward.The below code is used to achieve this but, and this is the odd part, I'm finding that sometimes the app does not write the file and other times it will not delete it.I've confirmed that the user is running the latest version, that the tool isn't in off line mode, that all the appropriate criteria are set to true before entering the routines. It works 99% of the time but every so often it doesn't create/delete the file and there are no errors thrown or anything.Going into this section of code, chkOffline is not checked, "GoNoGo" is set to "Go", "Type" is set to "Live" and all fields have been filled out on the form(and vetted).What's more, there are other actions earlier in the app/sub that rely on these same conditions and those actions are getting carried out.[code]

Creating An App Mainfest File For Comctl32 And Xp Visual Styles ? social.msdn.microsoft.com

I am using VB.Net 2008. I am using a 3rd party dll in my app that requires xp visual styles to be turned off, or that a manifest file be added to my app to re-direct comctl32.dll (link to 3rd party workaround:[URL] I tried creating the manifest according to: [URL] This did not change the issue. Perhaps I did not add the manifest properly? Here are the steps I tried: 1. Add xml file to app and name it MyApp.exe.manifest 2. Add the xml file to my resources. The above did nothing so I removed it and then: 3. Add xml file to app and name it Comctl32.dll.manifiest 4. Add the xml file to my resources. That did nothing either. Here is the manifiest I tried adding:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?><assembly xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v1" manifestVersion="1.0"><assemblyIdentity [CODE]...

$(DLLSelfRegister) In SETUP.lst File www.xtremevbtalk.com

I am using the P&DW to create distribution disks. One of the files my project uses is the RegObj.dll that I downloaded from Microsoft. The P&DW puts a line in the Setup.dll file that looks like this:File17=@regobj.dll,$(WinSysPath),,$(Shared),6/25/97 3:24:16 PM,40448, have to edit the file every time to add the "$(DLLSelfRegister)" so it looks like this:File17=@regobj.dll,$(WinSysPath),$(DLLSelfRegister),$(Shared),6/25/97 3:24:16 PM,40448, can I make this happen automatically, so the P&DW does it?Thanks,William

SHFileOperation Sharing Violation www.codeguru.com

I need some help with file deletion.I am using the SHFileOperation FO_MOVE to move files from a directory, one at a time, so that I can get file sizes, delete unneccesary files, etc. Once this is complete, I need to delete the old directory tree.The problem I am having is that after moving or deleting all of the files, when I go back to delete the empty directory tree I am getting the following error:Cannot remove folder xxxxxxx. There has been a sharing violation.If I try to use Windows Explorer I get the same message. Once I quit VB though and then restart, I can delete the tree with both SHFileOperation and with Windows Explorer. Obviously, SHFileOperation has a lock on something.Does anyone know how to get SHFileOperation to release these file resources?Thanks.Sam

Detect And Show If A File Delete Failed? www.vbforums.com

How would I detect and show if a file copy failed? I am using the following to do a file delete: System.IO.File.Delete("C:TestTreeTestLaunch.xml") The problem is that I do not get any error if the delete fails. My main worry is if the file I am trying to delete is marked read only and the app can not delete it then the user will not know that the delete failed Also - Any way to see if a copy failed? - I am using the following to do a file copy: System.IO.File.Copy(C: emplate.xml", "C:TestLaunch.xml") put detect and put a message if this fails?