Curve :: My Blackberry Keeps Freezing On Loading Page


Two days ago my blackberry froze on the start up loading page and the bar is frozen half way through, i have tried taking the battery out many times

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how do i back up my contacts and numbers on a blackberry curve 8520 as my phone keeps freezing and my network has sent me a link to update the software

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My blackberry curve 8520 froze so I did a battery pull and now it starts to load and then it stops half way.

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my blackberry curve 9300 kept losing mobile network

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If i get a new curve 9360, is there a way to keep my blackberry messenger contacts from my old blackberry?

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I am having trouble downloading the facebook app to my blackberry curve. I have tried a large number of times to download it through the app world and online on my phone, however it always takes me to the same page including reviews, summary and screenshot of facebook for blackberry. From here I cannot find a way to complete the download and it often freezes on this page for a long period of time.

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my phone is the Blackberry Curve 8900 and i am on the o2 network.I recieved an upgrade message tonight from Blackberry App World for the newest version of the app.I downloaded and then let the phone reboot.Since then the load up screen gets about halfway then freezes.I have removed the battery and left for 10 mins but no luck.I left the phone to reboot for around an hour but no luck.I have also tried connecting it to the PC but it says the device is not recognised as it is rebooting?

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I was logging out of facebook on my blackberry curve, when it froze. I turned it off and on again, but it would only fill up three quarters of the bar on the loading up screen. I then took the battery out left it for a while put it back in, and it has done exactly the same thing. What I can do to get my blackberry working again.

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I have a blackberry curve that's frozen up and now all it does is show the loading hourglass.... I've taken out the battery and I've tried letting it finish loading after taking the battery out. Well after letting it sit for 2 hours with this loading screen up it still hasn't done anything. What should I do?

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can i down load adobe flash player for my blackberry curve or another type of flash player to view videos from web sites

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I have tried updating my blackberry curve 9360, this went fine until it all needed backing up. it started backing up fine until it reached social feeds where it has froze. I've taken my battery out to try restarting it but it returns to my backup straight away when I turn it back on and I cannot get off this page as it has froze.

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my blackberry bold 9900 appears to be frozen I assume as I started doing the software update since 2pm today and yet its still not finished? It has been 8hours now. It seems to have frozen on 14%. Now I have tried rebooting my phone many times but it keeps on taking me back to the software update page. I am currently unable to access anything on my blackberry device.

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My BB curve 8520 keeps freezing at reboot a the exact same place, the e. Ive taken the battery multiple times and left it to load for up to 45 minutes with no luck. I've wiped the devices memory and its not possible to connect to the computer as for it connect it requires me to put a password in on my BB and since it is frozen it dosent allow me to choose this option.

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I'm having major stress with my Blackberry Curve The screen keeps going blank and white, then the phone resets and keeps going round and round in circles blanking and reseting. A few times it has loaded up, but by the time I've sent a message it has gone blank again and reset.This last time it loaded up the screen said ... uncaught exception limit <=4 ... or something very similar.

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I have recently put a password for my blackberry so when it's locked you have to put a password to unlock it, however I also have a curve slider and to unlock that you also need a password but when I enter my password for the curve slider it freezes and now I cannot do anything, if I press the menu button it goes to the menu but when I click on something it goes back to the curve slider password.

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My blackberry curve 9320 is constently freezing! Few months back it foze and i had to start up my bb again!! Is there anyway i can stop it freezing or prevent it from constently freezing ??

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I'm having problems with the internet on my blackberry curve 8520. I'm still receiving emails and bbm is still working but my browser is not loading pages. The blue bar will load fully but the actual web page will never open - it's just stuck on the loading screen. I'm fairly sure I haven't changed any settings or anything but about a week ago it stopped opening the pages.

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My scroll pad on by blackberry curve 8900 3g is keeps stopping working for long periods of time, i have obivously tried rebotting the device by taking out the battery when when ON and it has worked a couple of times but then it freezes again. The phone is only a couple of months old

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Take a look First look at OS 5.0 for the BlackBerry Curve | BlackBerry Cool

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I got a BlackBerry Curve 8520 for Christmas and it won't allow me to set up personal emails, I only have the BlackBerry Enterprise option. I have gone to advanced options and gone to HRT and have sent away for registration as suggested on another page, but I have received no confirmation the message was sent, and I am still unable to access email. Also I cannot down load BlackBerry APS or Facebook. I am an 02 ready to go customer..

BB Curve 83xx :: Messed Up My Memory Card - Now It Freezes Up forums.crackberry.com

I am the new owner of a blackberry curve..now i know this is gonna make some of you cringe but maybe someone can help me..i had a 1 gig card in my old motorola phone, i had pics on it..i put it in my curve, and it worked, i tried putting it in the handy dandy adapter and putting the files on my puter so i could send them to the 2 gig card that verizon gave me in some bundle..in the process the i gig card is wiped and i lost all that stuff but i had some of it on my hard drive so i plugged in the 2 gig and so while i had the 2 gig plugged in i added some pic files cut and paste..now the card won't open on my puter and when its in my blackberry it freezes up the whole darn thing and i can't do anything so i have to take it out..now don't laugh at me i have owned the blackberry for 3 days and i am so pissed at myself for messing with things..what can i do? if i plug the blackberry with the card into my puter it freezes up the phone..

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I had to restart my Torch 9800 after deleting an application. I pressed "Restart now", it went to the booting/start up screen with the BlackBerry logo and the loading bar at the bottom but then the loading bar froze at the very end. I tried the ALT + right MAJ + DEL "soft reset" and the battery pull many times but the loading bar kept freezing at the same point everytime. I even removed the battery for a day but nothing changed. The BlackBerry Desktop Software on my computer recognizes it as a Torch 9800 but is unable to connect to the terminal. I've seen on a forum that you can try to use AppLoader.exe to restore the OS. I'm not sure I did that right though but anyway AppLoader couldn't proceed the step of the connection to my terminal. It recognizes it, asks for the password but can't connect to it. It is kind of as soon as the loading bar freezes, AppLoader is unable to perform anything that could save my Torch.

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i need any solutions on how to fix the 907 invalid cod http error 404i am trying to download Blackberry protect for my 9360 curve, it keeps giving me this error message when i click downloadi have tried rebooting the phone, deleting the application, loading the app from blackberry world, nothing seems to work.

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my daughter has the curve 8520 and today when she turned the phone on the status loading bar gets to 3 quarters full and then freezes and cant do nothing....ive tried the battery pull and the soft reset with alt control and delete buttons and still no joy it still does the same so not only do i have a phone that cant now be used i have a moody 13 yr old thats not got her blackberry.

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i was in the process of updating my blackberry bold firmware to the latest one and it looks like the app loader is frozen and my blackberry is frozen. what do i do? it is stuck on loading applications. what should i do? unplug the blackberry or leave it?

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I am on my third Blackberry 8520 and keep having the same problem. Every two or three days it freezes. The only way to "fix" this is to take the battery out and put it back it. Two or three days later, it will freeze and I have to do it again. This process also drains my battery life. I don't have many applications installed and the ones I do have come only from Blackberry App World. I also receive an App Error 523 message. I have called my carrier and gone through the different steps they recommend to solve this problem. None work. I am very dissatisfied and have come to the conclusion that the 8520 and all Curves are garbage and I am seriously considering leaving Blackberry. This also happened to me and other friends owned 8300.

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My blackberry internet service is not working. I have a curve 8250 and I am on a vodafone contract and I do have blackberry plan in my contract so it should work but it keeps saying it is not connected. I connected toa wifi connection yesterday and when I disabled that connection, my BIS did not start up again, i tried a battery pop reboot which didn't help at all, I even ran a diagnostics test and the resutls said as follows: blackberry registration: no Connected to blackberry:abort blackberry pin-pin:abort

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My Curve keeps freezing while updating at about 60%, with the black screen and BB logo and white bar. I've tried battery popping and letting the battery die, but it keeps getting to 60% and then freezing?

BB Software :: JVM Error 547 Flash Write Failed supportforums.blackberry.com

I have a Blackberry Curve 8320. Out of sudden the above error pop out after charging battery.I tried with all the commands stated in the device and reset them one by one and still having the same error.I tried to reinstall the BB OS via Apploader, it comes out with another error after loading half way "Unable to reconnect to the device during a multi-stage load operation", then the device keeps on restart on it's own every few seconds.

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My Fellow Blackberry Travelers i Just Got The Curve Today i Would Like To Know How Do i Add Twitter to My Curve.

BB Curve :: Can't Edit Contacts In Address Book supportforums.blackberry.com

I have a blackberry curve 8520 and it has never given me any problems. Yesterday, I tried to edit a contact in my address book and nothing happened, it didn't give me the option like the 'roll' button had frozen up or something. Also, the phone froze completely and I had to switch it off (which took a few seconds) and then I had to switch on again. I got an error message of some kind saying an application was not running or working.

BB Curve :: Updated Version Of OS Available For 8520? supportforums.blackberry.com

I am using blackberry 8520 curve having OS 5.0 installed on it.Is there any updated version of OS available for 8520 Curve?

BB Curve :: 8330 Cannot Sync Calendar On Desktop? supportforums.blackberry.com

When I plug my Blackberry Curve 8330 into my desktop to charge and sync it, everything freezes and the message says "Getting status information from Outlook Calendar." And it doesn't allow me to cancel. it says it is cancelling but it never does. I have to turn the desktop off to get Blackberry to cancel. How can I fix this?

BB Curve 83xx :: 8310 Stuck On Loading And Blank Red LED Light forums.crackberry.com

so this past sunday my blackberry 8310 curve has failed to work normally. It gets suck on the loading screen for about 15 minutes and then it shuts down with the red LED light turning on. I have done the battery pull many times and still no luck. Also when i connect it to the computer it detects it quickly but then loses it the blackberry turns off..I have fully charged it and tried swapping batteries with another curve, but no luck. can anyone please help me.

BB Desktop Software :: How To Transfer Data From Phone? supportforums.blackberry.com

I recently lost my blackberry pearl 8100 after car accident( & thankfully I backed up my data the week before);anyways now I wanted to know how I can transfer my data to my new blackberry curve? (without my old blackberry pearl)I keep reading about the switch wizard option; but since I don't have my old blackberry anymore (just my backed up data). What can I do now?

BB Curve :: Internet Browser Not Working On 8530 - Keeps Saying Loading supportforums.blackberry.com

When I try to go to a website, it simply says "loading" but the page never actually shows up. What I've tried so far: Battery pull; minor browser configuration changes (like changing the recognition from BlackBerry to Firefox); checking for updates. Blackberry Curve 8530 v5.0.0.654.

BB Curve 83xx :: Phone Is Frozen - Screen Just Goes Black - Tried Battery Pulls forums.crackberry.com

My blackberry curve is completely frozen. I have tried battery pulls but it doesn't help. The screen will come up but I cannot open any apps . Eventually screen just goes black again. I am not very technical so if anyone has any ideas please explain in layman's terms BTW, this is the second blackberry I was sent..first one had to be sent back because of the trackball not working.

BB Curve :: Cannot Sync Calendar On It And Desktop supportforums.blackberry.com

When I plug my Blackberry Curve 8330 into my desktop to charge and sync it, everything freezes and the message says "Getting status information from Outlook Calendar." And it doesn't allow me to cancel. it says it is cancelling but it never does. I have to turn the desktop off to get Blackberry to cancel. How can I fix this?

BB Curve :: 9360 Stuck Backing Up Data With Desktop Software? supportforums.blackberry.com

I connected my blackberry curve 9360 to my computer via blackberry desktop software for the first time today and it asked if I wanted to update my device. I clicked yes, then it started the first stage of updating and it has frozen backing up 'Database: Options (3 of 21 items)' Is there a way to unfreeze it or would it be safe to eject my phone and try again?

BB Curve :: 8520 Rebooting After Update - Screen And Keys Frozen supportforums.blackberry.com

Yesterday evening I updated my blackberry curve 8520, it then needed re booting and since then it has frozen, the screen and the keys? Was working perfectly before with no problems. I have taken battery/sim card out but still nothing. I have also tried to use my blackberry desktop but it is still trying to connect.

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how to access & view APPS in my facebook using web browser or blackberry's facebook application at my blackberry's curve 9380.

Curve :: Download Facebook Chat On BB 8520? supportforums.blackberry.com

how do i download facebook chart on my blackberry curve 8520. even if i already have facebook downloaded on my blackberry

BB Curve :: 8520 Unable To Browse Using WiFi supportforums.blackberry.com

i recently bought this blackberry curve 8520. As per said in earlier posts, that to use wi-fi..we should keep our settings on hot-spot browser.Even after keeping to that settings, i am unable to browse using wi-fi in my college. Only a wi-fi web page gets opened thats it...

BB Curve :: 8520 Keeps Freezing And Going To White Screen supportforums.blackberry.com

I recently had my curve replaced after the trackpad stopped working. Now my new curve keeps freezing when I'm on the internet, the screen will get white lines across it which gradually get bigger until the whole screen is white. A reboot doesn't work unless the phone is plugged into the charger and the problem never happens when the phone is on charge.I've tried changing the browser settings so JavaScript isn't enabled, I've also reinstalled the software and finally decided to wipe my blackberry and restored it to the file i had saved from my old curve and I'm still getting the same problem. I'm not sure whether it's linked to the battery as it also happens when making a call if the battery is low and when I reboot my curve after it's gone to a white screen the battery has usually dropped a few bars (usually from full to 2 bars)

BB Curve 8520/8530 :: How To Turn Flash On Curve 8530? forums.crackberry.com

I have a blackberry curve 8530 and I was wondering if anyone pinkie (a former owner of a pink blackberry pearl)

BB Curve 8520/8530 :: Download Maps On 0s 5.0? forums.crackberry.com

can anyone help me download maps for blackberry curve 8520 on os 5.0

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how to make wifi router in blackberry curve?

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finding hidden media files in blackberry curve 9300.

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my blackberry curve 8520 is writing reaload software 552

BB Curve :: Viber Profile Is Not Working supportforums.blackberry.com

my blackberry curve viber profile its not work so to do the work

Curve :: Unable To Download Maps For Blackberry 9320 supportforums.blackberry.com

i am unable to download maps for blackberry curve 9320

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I hv purchased blackberry curve 9300 and unable to open any .pdf file

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how can i sync my blackberry curve 3g 9300 with MS Outlook 2010

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Browser disappeared on my Curve 8330 -Blackberry Tour 9630- OSUS Cellular Customer

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Can someone tell me how I can download blackberry appworld to my curve 8310

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Can you retrieve a deleted voicemail on a Blackberry Curve 8530

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when i turn my blackberry curve 8520 on it says app error 523

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can i use wi-fi instead of data plan for internet on blackberry curve 9360

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I have lost the email icon on the display panel of my blackberry curve 9300

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howdo i block a number on my blackberry curve 8520

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i have a blackberry curve 8520, and really want to block one contact

BB Curve :: Keeps Freezing On The Loading Page? supportforums.blackberry.com

I have had my blackberry for a couple of months and only recently has it not being able to get past the black screen with "blackberry" and the loading bar on it!I tried to remove a contact from my bbm status thing and it just cut out! The grey loading bar constantly freezes three quarters of the way along and does not seem to move any further

HTC Desire :: Wifi Connection Not Working Properly androidforums.com

wifi is connected , but internet only loads first page then freezes with blank page(wifi working perfect with laptop)

BB Curve :: Unable To Download Apps From PC? supportforums.blackberry.com

I am usinng Blackberry Curve 8520. Recntly i have installed blackberry app world plugin in PC and I have updated my blackberry app world but I am unable to download apps from blackberry site.when i try to sign in site is not loading and i am not able to do any thing.

IPad :: Keeps Freezing On Web Pages After Hard Reset discussions.apple.com

Ipad keeps freezing after hard reset .  Touch stops working on web pages constantly.

BB Bold :: Locks Ups And Freezes And Will Not Complete Back Up? supportforums.blackberry.com

Blackberry, locks ups and freezes and will not complete back up

BB Curve :: Cannot Stop The Notifications Icon From Showing Up On Homepage? supportforums.blackberry.com

I have a Curve 8530 and downloaded the FB upgrade last week. I cannot stop the notifications icon from showing up on my homepage. I have gone through the options and removed the checks from the boxes for: Blackberry Calendar Application Blackberry Messages Application Blackberry Contacts Application Facebook Notifications And I have turned off the Email Notifications.I have pulled the battery, rebooted, deleted the application, reinstalled the application....nothing keeps me from being notified about notifications.

BB Curve 83xx :: Unlocked That Keeps Freezing Whenever Would Go To Make A Phone Call forums.crackberry.com

I bought an unlocked Blackberry Curve off of eBay, put my AT&T SIM card in it, and it worked great for about two weeks. Then I ignorantly downloaded a "free theme" and about a week after this, my Blackberry started freezing whenever I would go to make a phone call, the screen just goes black and it freezes until the hourglass comes up and the phone turns back on in about two minutes. Also, if someone tries to call me, my phone will do the exact same thing and they will go straight to voicemail. I have removed all the applications from my phone and done my best to wipe the entire system, but it still freezes whenever I try to make phone calls. It has pretty much stopped freezing at any other times besides when I am attempting to make phonecalls now so there is a slight improvement. Is there any way I can redownload the operating software (even though the phone is unlocked) or what else would be advised that I do?

BB Curve 8300 :: Emails - Call Logs And Messenger Messages Deleted supportforums.blackberry.com

Almost exactly 2 years from the date I got my BlackBerry Curve 8300, my emails, call logs and BlackBerry Messenger messages keeps getting deleted without notice. The BlackBerry then stalls until I remove the battery and I log on again. Can anyone help me idetify the problem and how I can resolve this?

BB (RIM) :: Keep 8530 Or Return And Wait For Curve 9300 - Internet www.howardforums.com

I just purchased my blackberry curve on virgin mobile less than a week ago. But i started looking over the internet and saw that the new Curve 9300 might be released as early as august. I wondering should I like ask Virgin if they'll let me upgrade once it comes out since I just bought my phone or just return the phone and wait till the new curve comes out. Or I was thinking that I use a return the blackberry and use a loaner phone then buy the curve 9300 for the 3 year contract price when it comes out

BB Curve :: Connecting To The App World Server? supportforums.blackberry.com

I have a Blackberry Curve 8520 and for about a month now keep getting message saying.Blackberry App World is having trouble connecting to the Blackberry App World Server Verify your network connections and try again

BB Curve :: 9360 Can't Log Into Applications? supportforums.blackberry.com

Ever since I got my phone, i have tried to log in with my blackberry ID but in vain, it keeps on telling me to enter the username associated with my phone yet that is the user name I have been using ever since. I have registered the same user name on the blackberry site and it works but it cant work on my phone? phone is a blackberry 9360 curve

BB Curve :: WiFi Connected But Will Not Fully Load Websites On 8520 supportforums.blackberry.com

My wifi was working fine at caribou a few weeks ago, but all of a sudden it doesn't load web pages. I am connected to the wifi, and at the bottom is loads the bar all the way but doesn't show the website I'm trying to get on. I've tried everything. Don't know what to do. I have a blackberry curve 8520.

BB (RIM) :: Video Converter For Curve 8330 www.howardforums.com

I got a curve last week. Not sure why I waited so long to get a BB, but that is another question.So, I know the Curve will play mp4 and3GP format video, but for the life of me, when I add mp4 video, the curve hangs; keep getting a loading note on the screen and I have to do battery pull. Am figuring that it is a conversion issue; while in mp4 format, its not THE mp4 format.What blackberry video converters are out there recommended. I have tried Media Cell Blackberry Video Converterter 2.0 but it won't run on my computer and media-convert.com takes waaaayyyyyy too long.

BB Torch :: White Screen App Error 602 supportforums.blackberry.com

i woke up this morning and found that my device has this white screen and on that screen i saw App error 602 with restart in black and when i pulled my battery out it restarted then i got this message blackberry id has denied the "media" permissions and after clicking OK one more message pops up Application terminated: blackberry id has been denied the cross application communication permission and i clicked ok several times but that message keeps coming and made my BB freeze and after sometime i got this white screen I have blackberry torch 9800 OS 6.1 i dont want my data to get lost esp all my bbm contacts pics messages etc?

BB Curve 8900 :: Metal Battery Doors From True Supplier forums.crackberry.com

Recently some of the metal pieces that make up the symbol on my Rogers OEM battery door have come off and I was looking at ordering a new door. On True Supplier they have two very nice looking metal doors with different patterns. These are the two I'm looking at, one with a swirl pattern and one with a dotted pattern: Metal Battery Door Cover for Blackberry Curve 8900 (Black color) *::*8900*::*Blackberry* :: *Housing/Faceplate*::*Truesupplier - Blackberry Accessories & PDA Accessories wholesale Co. Metal Blackberry Curve 8900 Back battery door cover Black ::*8900*::*Blackberry*::*Housing /Faceplate*:: *Truesupplier - Blackberry Accessories & PDA Accessories wholesale Co. There are different variations on it such as this one: Metal Blackberry Curve 8900 Back battery door cover Silver *::*8900*::*Blackberry* ::*Housing/Faceplate*::*Truesupplier - Blackberry Accessories & PDA Accessories wholesale Co. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these metal battery doors because I've been reading here that the leather ones found on True Supplier don't fit like OEM.

BB Curve 8300 :: Front Panel Stays Permanently Red / Device Freezes? supportforums.blackberry.com

On a Curve 8310, the LED on Front Panel Stays Permanently Red / Device Freezes. Any thoughts?

BB Curve :: Cant Receive Or Send Messages, Texts supportforums.blackberry.com

carrier - 02 BLACKBERRY CURVE 3G today my phone would not send, recieve texts, or bbm messages.Took the battery out while it was on, and restarted it, it then sent texts for about 10 minutes and then did exactly the same.i also keep getting a white screen randomly, and the loading bar in the middle of the screen?

BB Tour 9630 :: Red And Blue Battery Doors Available? forums.crackberry.com

In case anyone is interested, Best Buy is selling red and blue battery doors for the Tour. $24.99 each. A little expensive, but it might be worth it if these doors fit tighter than the one that comes with the Tour. BlackBerry - Battery Door for BlackBerry Curve 9630 Cell Phones - Red Pearl - 33362BBR BlackBerry - Battery Door for BlackBerry Curve 9630 Mobile Phones - Blue - 33363BBR

BB Curve :: Error 523 And White Screen? supportforums.blackberry.com

I'm writing on behalf of my mother in law. She has a blackberry Curve and it has a white loading screen once this comes off it goes to the main screen then after 2 mins an app error 523 comes up and then restarts. This keeps repeating a vicious circle.

BB Curve 83xx :: Phone Is Whipped / JVM 513 Error forums.crackberry.com

Ok I recently just got this error because of my dumb friend. And now my whole blackberry is wipped.I have been reading ways how to fix it and I just cannot seem to do it.I have a blackberry curve 8830 from Sprint.My desktop manager is v4.7:And I am trying to download: Blackberry Curve(TM) 8330 smartphone Right now I cannot get my Blackberry to be recognized by the software on the computer.

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I plugged my blackberry up and started the desktop manager. The desktop manager said I had a few updates for some of my apps. When its updating my power went out and now my Blackberry curve is not coming on and its flashing double red. Any suggestions as to how I can get this blackberry working? I have a blackberry curve 8330. Metro PCS

Curve :: Cannot Log Into Id From Blackberry 9360 supportforums.blackberry.com

i'm using blackberry curve 9360. I can't change my sim card as when i changed it required me to log in to blackberry id. i can't log in using my id, always come out " unable login to your blackberry id account" what is wrong with it? i can login from blackberry site but not from my curve. i can't download any apps from apps world as well, as i can't login to it also.

BB Curve 8500 :: Cannot Use Gmail App And Opera Browser supportforums.blackberry.com

I recently bought an unlocked curve 8520 from Smartone Vodafone in HK and am now in China using china mobile service. I have not signed up for the blackberry email service -- my plan was to download the dedicated gmail app. On my old Sony Ericsson W888 I was able to download the dedicated gmail java app and was using it on china mobile. I have tried to download the gmail application to the curve via both the pre-loaded browser and the hotspot wifi browser but am not allowed to -- there is an error message saying I can't access gmail and have to access gmail via the Internet. I can get to gmail using the browser, but my goal is to download the dedicated application which has a better user experience. After these steps, I downloaded the Opera browser, thinking perhaps if I use a different browser, I could directly access the internet and download the gmail application. I downloaded the Opera mini v5 beta onto my Macbook and loaded it onto the curve via the BDM software but it does not run after loading the application. I then downloaded Opera v4.2 from its website I accessed via the Hotspot wifi browser on the curve directly. This would not run either. Separately, I tried to access the mobile.blackberry.com homepage to download new themes but I received a page that said: "Unfortunately, your current device and/or browser are not compatible for this site." I was hoping to download some new themes to replace the vodafone pre-loaded theme. At this point, it seems my blackberry is bascially locked down and not open to new applications -- I have not been able to successfully download / access the gmail app (which has worked here in China on another sony ericsson phone through the same carrier), the 2 opera browser versions, or the main mobile.blackberry.com site. Questions for the forum: 1. is this a carrier issue where China Mobile is walling off access? any work-arounds? I have tried to access the internet via just a hotspot wifi browser through a regular wifi connection, but still no success. 2. why can't the curve even access blackberry's own mobile.blackberry.com home page? it's surprising that the site won't even recognize one of the company's own devices. 3. is there any way to download the gmail java app via the PC and then load it onto the curve via BDM? after searching online, I cannot file a standalone gmail app which I can download and transfer via the USB cable. does it exist and if so, please let me know where to download it.

BB Curve :: 8520 Won't Download App World? supportforums.blackberry.com

my blackberry curve 8520 won't let me download blackberry app world, i go on the website on my smartphone, click download now it then transfers me to another screen where i select my language and press next, it then comes up with a screen saying sorry the requested item could not be loaded!i have tried re booting my phone and deleting blackberry app world of my phone to re-install it,

BB Curve 8900 :: Homepage Keeps Changing On Itself? forums.crackberry.com

This is my second Curve in the last two months and every couple of days my browser's homepage changes to: mobileapps.blackberry.com/devicesoftware/entry.do?code=appworld&CPID=VPL This Blackberry Application page is the same version that I've already downloaded. The problem is the only way I can access other pages through here is via my history screen. It will not let me access the VZW Startup Page unless I go through my history.I've scoured the net for an answer to no avail

BB Curve :: My Browser Won't Load supportforums.blackberry.com

My internet browser is continually freezing whilst loading up a page.

Don't Load Page When Go To On Server With Session_start() - Frozen Session? www.phpfreaks.com

Any page I goto on my server with session_start() doesn't want to load. I've frozen my session

Inserting HTML To Iframe Works In Firefox / Chrome / Opera But Not In IE7/8 stackoverflow.com

loads a HTML from an external page and inserts it into an iframe. It does not work in IE though (the IE completely freezes)

BB Curve :: 9380 Stuck On Platform Screen? supportforums.blackberry.com

Two days ago my Blackberry 9380 randomly turned itself off and went the Blackberry loading screen and kept loading only until three quaters of the way, then stopping. I took the battery out three times and each time it did that, then it loaded and went to the 'Blackberry Platform' screen and has been there since. When I click any of my apps it says 'Error starting net_rim_bb_file_explorer:'

BB Curve :: 8520 Keeps Randomly Restarting? supportforums.blackberry.com

OK so basically my blackberry curve 8520 will turn on fine, but it keeps restarting itself at random times when I play music or if I am half way through writing a message to someone, if it restarts when I am playing music it makes a funny loud noise. It is really starting to test my patients and it keeps restarting when I type to people. Sometimes the blackberry will go onto a white screen before restarting, sometimes it will just freeze and go off, then sometimes it will just go off with a flashing red light. I don't know what is wrong with it and I cannot find another person with he same person

BB Curve :: Why Won't 8330 Play YouTube Videos supportforums.blackberry.com

I recently had to get a replacement Blackberry Curve 8330 thru my carrier, Sprint. My old Curve used to play YouTube videos through its browser. My new one however does not. Why is that? I have the new Desktop Software 6.0, and my Blackberry Software version is Software Version (This is the latest version available to me. Apparently there is a 5.0 Version but neither BB Desktop Software nor Sprint's site will allow me to download it onto my Curve 8330)

BB Curve 8520/8530 :: Trapster Not Working On Curve? forums.crackberry.com

I have a blackberry tour as well as a curve 8530/20 for verizon. I have trapster downloaded on both my tour and my curve from blackberry app world. On my tour it connects and everything works fine. On my curve it constantly is looking for a connection and it wont follow me. I have gps set location on under options and did everything I think i need to get it to work.

BB Curve 83xx :: No Email Settings Button In Desktop Manager 4.7 forums.crackberry.com

I need some help figuring out why the "Email Settings" is missing from a version of Desktop Manager 4.7. I have a Curve 8310 from ATT and one of my co-workers got the Curve 8330 from ALLTEL for Christmas. We are trying to set it up the same way that I have mine set up. We loaded Desktop Manager 4.7 from the Blackberry.com site but on his desktop, but it won't let us check the box for Reconcile Messages and the icon for "Emial Settings" is missing from the main menu. Neither Blackberries are on a BES and we were able to set his up to get his email and synchronize with Contact and Calendar from Outlook 2007. We need the Email Settings icon so we can synchronize his sent messages from this Blackberry to his sent messages file on his desktop. I can't figure out why this feature would be missing. Is the software load different for the ALLTEL phone so as to prevent this feature or did we just miss something in the loading of desktop manager?

BB Curve :: OS6 Change Browser Indentification? supportforums.blackberry.com

I have a question about my Blackberry Curve 9300. I bought my Blackberry with OS 5 and I have updated it to OS 6. My question is: can I change the browser indentification in OS 6 to Firefox or Internet Explorer such as in OS 5? And is it possible to update my Blackberry Curve 9300 to OS 7?Best regards,Guido Seinen

BB Curve 8520 - 8530 :: Restore Contacts - Messages Etc forums.crackberry.com

I have to hand them in my Blackberry Bold 9000. Getting a Blackberry Curve 8520 tomorrow. Can I restore my contacts etc. on the Curve 8520? I've backed them up to my laptop with Blackberry Desktop Manager.

BB Curve 8900 :: Phones Having Am / Fm Radio As Standard? forums.crackberry.com

Sorry if this question has already been posted.I live in the uk and recently got a blackberry 8900 curve with vodafone. After having over the last 15 yrs Nokias, sony ericson, samsung I was used to my phones having a am/fm radio as standard.I was dissapointed to find a high end tool like a blackberry not having basic AM/FM radio.Ive seen applications that allow you to get internet radio but does anyone know how I can get basic am/fm radio on blackberry curve 8900 through standard radio connection rather than logging onto the internet and listenning to internet radio?