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Count The Number Of Rows In A UNION ALL Statement

Hi, Should be quite simple but can someone please tell me the best way to count the number of rows in an UNION ALL statement. I tried using @@ROWCOUNT but that doesn't seem to contain the correct number. Also, I assume that running the query again but just returning count(*) instead of the data is horribly inefficient (plus the code is then bloated.)? Thanks, Mark

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Is there a way to repeat a set of code until a certain if statement is satisfied. If it is then to exit the loop and if not repeat the code? Say I want to write a card game application in PHP and I want to chose a card from the deck $card1 = rand(1,52); gets me my first card. I need to record which card has been dealt so I have a variable $dealt which starts out as a string of 52 zeros. I update the position of $card1 in the $dealt string to "1". So the 5 of Spades makes $dealt = "000010000000000 ..." I want to choose another card so I use $card2 = rand(1,52); and then need to check if it has already been dealt. If the position in $dealt is a 1 then I need to repeat the random number code until it is a 0 when I can update it to a 1 and move on Or is there a better way of doing this sort of thing?

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i have done dynamic row create using asp:table control..but the problem is when add another row its not generate new row that replace only old row..whenever i count the tr again its take the count i want no. of row when user done each button click.. here codes.. [Code]....

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Could someone please tell me how to make a programe that would count the number of clicks used on a command button.

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I would like to insert a new column in my database table with a count of all of the records How can I do this?

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I want to count the number of all *.png requests on my site. Where/what files do I modify? Both 'success' and 'Not found' results should be counted.

HTC Desire :: Link Facebook Profiles With People But Not Numbers
I have an incredibly annoying problem with my People contacts, where if I link a contact's Facebook account to their profile on my phone, People also decides to add in their phone numbers! This means I end up with duplicate phone numbers to choose from (for example, when selecting a contact to send an SMS to) or numbers that have been incorrectly added to Facebook by the contact (made up numbers or incorrect international dialing codes). All I want is to link the Facebook account and NOT have the contact details automatically added. The only contacts I have set up to view in People are my Google contacts - 'Facebook for HTC Sense' is unticked.

Actionscript 3 :: Json - Counting Elements In JSON Array Which Is In An Object
I have a pure ActionScript 3 problem, but the simplified test case I've prepared is in Flex 4 for better visibility (the source code is below): Since Flash Player 11 / AIR 3 support JSON natively, I've decided to move a multiplayer game, which used XML for communicating with server, to JSON. But I have a frustrating problem, that given two Objects like [Code]...

Any Hosting Without File Number Restrictions
Is there any hosting providers without file number limits? Or higher limits... I've been using dreamhost, but found that they have a 500k file number limits. So now i'm using less than 2 gigs of disk and still have 370+ worthless free gigs of disk space

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Most of my conatcs has more than one mobile number, with BBB i can only have one mobile number for each contact is there is anyway to creat more like how its in Nokia!

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In the near future I'd like to get one of these cards as replacement for a 5300 for the integrated WiMAX modem.

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Is there any way where I can add the MySQL Server as a Linked server to MS SQL server? Is there any way where I can update a table in MySQL server based because a row was updated in MS SQL server using a trigger? Thanks, Amit

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i have this app whith 3 command buttons (1)channel up (2) scan (3)channel down and a control named digitbox i can make the digitbox disply step up and down ok using command buttons 1 and could i make the scan button work so it would scan up or down when clicked onany help would be appresiated.

Command Button In Data Grid
Can we have command button in each row of data grid (or any other control )to edit each row ?

Count From Table Code And Show How Meny Record With The Code Are In Table Info
Count from table Code and show how meny record with the Code are in Table Info--In Field Code in Table CodenameI use this CodenameUSISENI am traing to count how many record are in Table Info with this Codename = US,IS,ENand if I add more Codename into Field Code I still can count from Table Codehow many recoer are in Table InfoIf somone can show me A sample so I can tray this and use to count and show the sum into ListboxTable CodeField CodenameTable InfoField Codename

HTC Desire :: Facebook Contacts With Numbers Showing
Just received my Desire and loving it. My only issue so far is that even though I've selected in the People app only to display Google contacts there seems to still be Facebook contacts appearing, albeit only the ones who have entered phone numbers into their Facebook profile. This causes duplicate entries for the same person in messaging apps (default and Handcent) and in the People app it seems to prefer to show the Facebook contact details rather than the Google ones.

HTC Desire :: Contacts Not Showing Phone Numbers
I ve with my HTC Desire. Let me explain : When I go on PEOPLE I see my contacts there , if I click on them I cant see any phone number or mail nothing it just show me the contact name then under the name I see DETAILS then INFORMATION and down I can read ringtone and send to voicemail and then last Edit. Why is that? I dont think is normal and honestly makes me really depressed coz I cant call normally.

Help Building SQL Statement
You've helped greatly in the past, how about again?Here's the table structure:tblStudentsstudent_idstudent_nametblEventsevent_idevent_dateevent_minutestblHistoryref_numstudent_idevent_idminutes_missed1. tblStudents holds student names.2. tblEvents holds info about events (date and length in minutes)3. tblHistory records what student attended what event and how much they missed.Result set needed is:event_date, student_name, minutes_missed, SUM(minutes_missed) Note: SUM[minutes_missed) would be up to & including that event_dateWhat I have so far:SELECT fname as Student, event_date, minutes_missedFROM tblhistory, tblstudents, tbleventsWHERE tblhistory.student_id = tblstudents.student_id and tblhistory.event_id=tblevents.event_id;Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.--Gary

Single Row/column Marquee Tool
I have used PS7 for many years but have never found a practical use for the single row/column marquee tool,am i missing something? could someone enlighten me as to practical uses.

Mysql Lock Concurrent Read Or Update Of Row?
I have table, and many(too many)requests for selecting from it a single row.After selecting a row, the script run update query to set a flag that is that row had been "selected".But as we have too many requests per time, in period between one thread select a row, and update its flag, another thread have time to select the same row.Select query get one row from the table, ordering it by some field and using LIMIT 0, 1.I need that DB just skip the row, that had been selected before.The engine is InnoDB.

Incrementing A Number From Zero On A Command Button Click
Hi everyone Is it possible to do thisOn a form, I want a command button and a textbox. I want the textbox to commence at zero and everytime you press the command button the textbox increments by 1. Thanks for anyhelpPaulMacP.S Buying a couple of VBA books today, so the dumb questions will stop (hopefully)

Add New Row In Worksheet On Click Of A Button On Specfic Location
Hi,  guys, i need help in adding a row in a worksheet on click of a button and also on the specific location.If any of you guys come across, please help me.Thanks, Muddalli

Creating Rows Of Labes And Texboxes In A Form By Using Input Box OR Command Button
hello there... i'm in a deep deep trouble here and i need help very much... my problem is... i want to create a form (in VB 6) the allows user to add as many name and contact details in a from based on input box.the procedure is;first, an input box will appear prompting user to keyin the amout of name that he want to add (e.g 20). then, the form will appear showing 20 Textbox complete with numbered label (somewhat like this)NO NAME CONTACT NO EMAIL ID NO01 |Textbox | |Textbox | |Textbox | |Textbox |02 |Textbox | |Textbox | |Textbox | |Textbox |03 |Textbox | |Textbox | |Textbox | |Textbox |:::20 |Textbox | |Textbox | |Textbox | |Textbox |and if the user key in 70, 70 rows of textboxes and labels will appear and so on. And also, how to ensure that every information that is entered here is saved in a database (MS Access database)?OR:I've pre-create 5 rows of textboxes with labels like above. And now, everytime the user wants to add more name and details, all they had to do is to click a command button (sounds more practical isn't it?), a new row will appear together with the numbered label. (izzit possible to do something like this???)can someone help me with this? i hope i've described the problem clear enough. BILLIONS of thanks for anyone who can help me and you cant imagine how grateful i am for your help.

Is This A Valid Statement?
First of all, I have been working on this for several days and have used code that would scare children and tried many different approaches , but , so far I haven't had much luck. my reference to the valid statment is the IF statement, that isnt' working, probably for reasons I am not aware of yet let me set this up for you,,in this example, intTimeLimit = 3DepartTemp= 1:00:00, ReturnTemp= 23:00:00and because of the flip in timeDepartTemp2= 1:00:00 and ReturnTemp2= 23:00:00test1 and test2 are simply for me to see what the difference of each is before it hits the IF statementI have 2 mskEdit boxes that will have times entered into them. In this example, I need to knowif ReturnTemp is within 3 hours of DepartTemp, in any direction (that is whyI am also inverting the values)But, unfortunately, this isn't working. I am not good at dealing with time, so please forgive me. I am sure I have this totally wrong or I am just overlooking the my example, the difference of DepartTemp and ReturnTemp is 22, DepartTemp2 and ReturnTemp2 is 2so again, 1:00:00 and 23:00:00if you look at it this way, its 22 hours, but the next occurence of 1:00:00 is 2 hours from 23:00:00........ that is what I need, to look both ways.The IF statement says (In this example) that If 22 < 3 OR 2 < 3 then popup the message box but, this IF statement isn't popping up the message box , even though the one difference is 2 hours. I hope you're following this, and thanks for letting me confuse you guys (again) LOLnot sure how this will look after I send it but the IF OR statement is on one line Code: intTimeLimit = Val(lstDuration.Text) / 2 temp = Format(temp, "hh:mm:ss") DepartTemp = Format(mskDepartureTime.Text, "hh:mm:ss") ReturnTemp = Format(mskReturnTime.Text, "hh:mm:ss") 'inverts time temp = ReturnTemp ReturnTemp2 = DepartTemp DepartTemp2 = temp test = Abs(DateDiff("h", DepartTemp, ReturnTemp)) test2 = 24 - Abs(DateDiff("h", DepartTemp2, ReturnTemp2)) If Abs(DateDiff("h", DepartTemp, ReturnTemp)) < intTimeLimit Or Abs(DateDiff("h", DepartTemp2, ReturnTemp2)) < intTimeLimit Then MsgBox "You don't have enough time", vbOKOnly, "Insufficient Time" GoTo OpenErrorHandler End If

Valid If Statement?
I am trying to write a small if statement that checks the values of a few boxes and if correct then enters text in another box if wrong pops up a msg box.Code:If box1.text = "yes" or box2.text = "yes" and box3.text = "yes" or box4.text = "yes" thenbox5.text = "yes"elsemsgbox "blah blah blah"end ifWill the above working using the "OR" and "AND" functions?

HTC Wildfire :: Contacts Number Changed When Syncing With Facebook
This is one of the first problems I encountered when I used HTC Sense to Sync my contacts with facebook. This is what it was like before I synced with facebook. E.g. Georgia Bowman Call mobile. 07xxxxxxxxx Send message. 07xxxxxxxxx After Syncing, there DP is up, aswell as email address etc. It also changed the number to 44xxxxxxxxxx I've found a solution. Go to a contact with the 44xxxxxxxxxx number. Ensure the contact is still linked to facebook Menu > Edit This brings up the Edit screen Scroll down, Then add. On the Drop down, select Phone > Work Now, providing you only had one number for that person, you should have two fields. One called Mobile with their number this format 07xxxxxxxxx. (If its in the +44xxxxxxxxx format, then change it to the 07xxxxxxxxx format) Press on the top field (the original one), then copy all. Select the field called work, then press on the field, hold, and paste. Now press Menu > Save. Now press and HOLD the field called Call work, and set this as your primary number. Once primary number is on the field called call work, you can now go to Menu > Edit. Now delete the Field labeled Mobile Go to the field called work, then change the label to Mobile. Menu > Save. This will now stay as your contacts primary number. E.g. Georgia Bowman Call mobile. 07xxxxxxxxx Send message. 07xxxxxxxxx Instead of having 44xxxxxxxxx

HTC Desire :: Contacts Missing Or Their Contact Numbers Dissapear
I am finding that some of my contacts are dissapearing or their contact numbers dissapear. I was texting the person and then all of a sudden their name wasnt showing and just the number.

HTC Desire :: Add Phone Number To Facebook Contact?
I just got my Desire a few days ago, and so far i am very pleased with it (coming from a Nokia N95 8GB). I do find the contact handling somewhat counter intuitive however. For example , i have some contacts from facebook for which i have no other contacts created, but i need to add additional information (in particular phone numbers). I do not seem to be able to add information to a facebook contact. Do i really need to manually create another contact, then manually give it the same name and then link it to the facebook profile in order to have a place to add the phone number?

Jquery - JSON Key/value Pair Plus Count
I need to return json data from the server, which can be used on the client side and I am not sure the best way to format the json data. So basically, What is the best way to format the json data to include: key/value pairs so they can be looped through at clientside (loop via jquery), a count of the number of id/value pairs which can be used at clientside for other purposes (used via jquery).

Max MySQL Connection On Shared Host
What is the standard number on maximum mysql connection on most shared host providers and which one give the highest number.

How To Select A Row In A Gridview By Clicking Link Button
How to select a row in a grid view by clicking link button in with VB.

AJAX :: Updateprogress In A Gridview Row?
I have put a updateprogress ajax nested in a gridview template.  However, when I click a button inside the gridview row, all of the rows in the gridview display the updateprogress gif at the same time.  When the user click a button on one row, how can I get the updateprogress to display itself only on that row index? here is my code:  <itemtemplate> <asp:Label ID="lblPriceQty" runat="server"></asp:Label> <div>........

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Unlimited Number Of Website With Unlimited Number Of Domains?
I'm new to Private Virtual Server and the package offered by different company are quite confusing. I was on RackForce and their basis VPS package dds200-L can host 100 domain names on Plesk and unlimited domain names on WHM/Cpanel. On 1and1 it didn't say if Plesk support 100 or unlimited domain names. My question is, do we always have the liberty to host unlimited domain names on our PVS? Can anyone recommend a good VPS hosting company?

Searching A DataGrid For A Specific Rows?
I have a DataGrid with a hundred results in it from an FAQ, in the following format. Code: [code] I would like to be able to choose a number of rows (typically one) that contains what I want. For example, if I were to look at the above DataGrid and search it for rows with the word "account" in the title I'd want it to pass me the first row, with the same id. If I were to want rows about software it would give me rows 2 and 3.

Can Insert Muiple Rows Into Table Using Entity Framework
i'm trying to use Entity Framework to insert into SQL SERVER 2005, using Visual studio 2008.the following codes are a Button onclick event,I want to insert into DB multiple rows at a time [Code].... however this does not work, it seems we can only insert into DB only one row at a time

How To Add <br> In String After Counting Particular Characters
I want to display description of product in gridview, but i want to display only 15 characters on one line, I want to break it after 15 characters, I have written countchar function as follows: public int CountChars(string value) { bool lastWasSpace = false; foreach (char c in value) { result++; lastWasSpace = false; } return result; } and called function as: string description="sdfsdfsd sdfsdf sdfsdf asdfsa dfsda safsaf sdfdf sdfs sdfsdf sdff sdf "; CountChars(description); And i want to check: if(result>15) { after every 15 characters i want to break the line. }

Multiple Row Formats In A ListView?
I have a ListView with about 10 rows. I have an item template for these rows and it is working correctly. I want to have two more rows in this ListView, but these rows do not match the item template as they have one more control in the first column. The layout of the ListView is based on an HTML table with 10 rows and 4 columns. For example, the first 8 rows have only an ASP.NET TextBox control in the first column and 2 rows have in an ASP.NET TextBox control and an ASP.NET Label control in the first column.

Forms Data Controls :: Update A Row In Gridview?
How to update a colums value of a Row in a gridview on Row Command Event Handler. I am using a SQL Datasource. [Code]....

Forms Data Controls :: Update The GridView Row?
I have 3 textboxes and one gridview. When i click on Edit button the entire will store data will store into particular textboxes. How to do it?

C# - How To Add The Footer Row Dynamically In Gridview With Textboxes
how to add the footer row dynamically in gridview. with textboxes..

How To Insert Empty Row In Datagrid When Click The Button
i have Datagrid control  with 4 columns and a button outside Datagrid ,i am displaying some records in datagridwhen i click the button outside Datagrid  i  want to create a empty row in Datagrid

Show / Hide Sections In A Datagrid Row?
I have a datagrid where each row has information on Employees in a company. I would like to allow each row the ability to show/hide extra information. My first idea was use the CollapsiblePanelExtender from the AJAX toolkit and have each row like this: <ajaxtoolkit:collapsiblepanelextender TargetControlID="panel2"> ExpandControlID="LinkButton1" [Code].... This works very well but it can be computationally expensive. The extra information panel has a lot of textboxes/labels, all of which gets its values from the database. Everytime the page loads all the data is got from the database at the start, some of it is hidden. Is there a better way to achieve my goal? Or is there a way to only load an employees extra details when the Show/Hide button is click?

DataSource Controls :: Identify Row Of A Column Contains Null Value
having a table with  column having null values how to identify row of a column contains  null value? i tried isnull,nullif properties but such functions im getting emptied rows

Forms Data Controls :: Copy Data From Excel Row To Gridview Row?
I need to copy data from excel to gridview. I have to select a row and press Ctrl+C to copy from excel, then I have to paste it in Gridview.

DataSource Controls :: Multiplying Column Values On Insert Statement?
This is my code so far: SQL = "insert into " & tableNameToday _ & "(ID, Name, Calories, Of_Which_Fat, Protein, Carbohydrate, Of_which_sugars," _ & "Fat, Of_Which_Saturated, Of_Which_Monounsaturates, Of_Which_Polyunsaturates," _ [Code]....  how do i multiply the columns like this. for now static explanation would be ok but eventually i would like to make it dynamic so there would be a text box for users to enter the amout they like e.g 160g then the table would know to multiply the columns by 1.6.

Web Forms :: Web Page That Allows Multiple Database Row Updates
We currently have a page with a listview control that has textboxes and an update button for each row. Users are able to update the database one row at a time.This is problematic in countries where the internet connections are very slow because a round trip is needed for each row update and this can become impossible to use.We need to create a page which allows multiple row updates so that each round trip is more productive.  There woudl be just one update button on each page and users could enter values into each row.  Clicking the update button would update each changed row of the database.We currently use linq 2 sql.  I would imagine that we could still use this in the above scenario??? Or is there a better data connection methode to use in this scenario.

DataSource Controls :: Way O Insert Statement Conflicted With Column Foriegn Key Constraint
I have a stored procedure which i pass a number of parameters into. One of these parameters is staffNo (only passed this in because i couldn't execute the query without it). The thing is this field can be Null, but when trying to pass null into it it comes up with an Foreign Key conflict. staffNo is a foreign key within the table i'm inserting the data into.This is the error i get:"INSERT statement conflicted with COLUMN FOREIGN KEY constraint 'PropStaffFK'. The conflict occurred in database 'DewMountain', table 'TblStaff', column 'staffNo'. The statement has been terminated. The 'PropertyAdvert' procedure attempted to return a status of NULL, which is not allowed. A status of 0 will be returned instead. "

SQL Server :: How To Insert Data Based On Gridview User Value On Row
I have three column comes from database table(Table1) and one column is for entering data for the user let us consider it look like this  ItemNo ItemName Qty  uservalue 001       A               50       20 002       A               20       5 003       B               50   004       C               60      10 005       D               40  006       E               90      15  ........ If its 300 row from database to gridview it will show 50 record with page navigation..What i need is i need to insert data in to database table which gridview row has user value..The output of the another table(Table2) will look like this after insert ItemNo ItemName   uservalue 001       A                    20 002       A                      5   004       C                    10 006       E                    15 

SQL Server :: How To Select Only One Row From DataSet
My DataSet gives a result like this when i bind to GridView BillNo     BillStation            Amt1         Amt2       Amt3       Amt4 Hyd  1              Hyd                  100              50          50           25  2              Hyd                  100              50          50           25 Bang   2              Bang                500            100        200           50   2              Bang                500            100        200           50 Delhi  3              Delhi                  50              25          50          100  3              Delhi                  50              25          50          100 As the rows from each group is same. I want to display only the first row from each group. [Code]....

Forms Data Controls :: How To Get The Selected Row Index In Grid View
I have a gridview with dynamic buttons for edit and save.Save button is disable by default. In the edit button command argument i bind the id of the record. now when i click edit button i want my save button to get enable and edit button will disable for that particular row. I dont kow how to get the selected row index through dynamic button.

SQL Server :: Where Is Statement In XML Explicit
I've build a query, but the where statement is doing strange things. First my query: select * from ( SELECT 1 as Tag, null as Parent, row_number() OVER (ORDER BY tblOccasion.ID DESC) AS [tblOccasion!1!rownum], FROM tblOccasionwhere tblOccasion.UserID = @UserName and ((tblOccasion.MerkDesc like '%' + @search + '%')or(tblOccasion.UitvoeringDesc like '%' + @search + '%')or(tblOccasion.UitvoeringDesc like '%' + @search + '%')) ) AS A where a.[tblOccasion!1!rownum] BETWEEN (@startRowIndex) AND (@startRowIndex+@pageSize) order by a.[tblOccasion!1!MerkDesc!Element],a.[tblOccasion!1!TypeDesc!Element],a.[tblOccasion!1!UitvoeringDesc!Element] FOR XML EXPLICIT; But the result should be ordered by Merkdesc, then TypeDesc, and then as last the uitvoeringDesc. So for testing i only used the MerkDesc. The strange thing is that i get the result: BMW BMW BMW Opel Volvo But this was page 1, on page 2 (paging) you got BMW again... so he takes the first 5 rows ore something and then the order. But i like that he first orders it by MerkDesc and then picks the first 5. How can i change that, i can't add a Order by in the inline sql statement i get this error: Msg 1033, Level 15, State 1, Procedure MijnAdvertenties, Line 47 De ORDER BY-component is ongeldig in weergaven, in line functies, afgeleide tabellen en algemene tabelexpressies, tenzij ook TOP of FOR XML is opgegeven.

Forms Data Controls :: Access Same Row Data From Dropdownlist_selectindexchanged Event
I have the program structure as below. How can I set some label values in the gridview row from dropdownlist in selected index changed event? how to write ddl_selectedindexchange? <asp:GridView ..... <div..> <asp:dropdownlist runat="server" onselectedindexchange="ddl_selectedindexchange"></dropdownlist> <asp:label  runat="server" id="label1".....> </div> </asp:GridView>

Forms Data Controls :: Scroll To GridView Selected Row?
I have a GridView with fixed header and 10 rows. In the GridView I show only 3 rows and vertical scrollbar. After a user selects any row on the GridView (the postback occurs), I want to scroll it to the selected row.

Forms Data Controls :: How To Copy Only Filtered Rows From GridView Into Datatable
I am working with GridView/TelerikGrid control. It is having filter option. When I filter the data, I need to copy only filtered rows into Datatable for further processing. Suppose I am having total 10,000 records. and when I filter on column say Dept="IT", I get 1000 records in grid. So these 1000 records only should get copied into Datatable. So How to achieve this ? Cwhat can be done over this ? I tried number of properties for grid. But there is no property which will return fileterd data source. Also I am not able to go every page of Datagrid and collect the data. I can get data for first page only. If I need to collect the data by going to every page of gridview, what is the way for this ?

Forms Data Controls :: Scrolling To Datalist Selected Row?
After I changed Datalist1.SelectedIndex (and loading datas)page loads and loses curret scroll position in can I autoscroll (focus) to selected Item of Dataliist after I changed Datalist1.SelectedIndex .so each time datalist Item Selection It goes to top of page.How can I revent this ? or keep position or scroll to selected Datalist item ?

Forms Data Controls :: Select 1st Row While Hiding Value
[Code].... Code Behind [Code]....

Forms Data Controls :: Unable To Retrieve A Gridview Selected Row Cells Data
i am still stumped with this operation: i am trying to retrieve a GridView selected row is my code.. the commented part that gives me the selectedindex works just fine....but the one giving the selected row cell value does't work and  there is no error.. The update operation is done successfully...weired. i need to assigned selected row cells values to variables some calculations and then re-assign the result calculation to cell[9].. protected void GridView1_RowUpdating(object sender, GridViewUpdateEventArgs e) { string s = GridView1.SelectedRow.Cells[5].Text; TextBox1.Text = s.ToString(); //string s2 = GridView1.SelectedIndex.ToString(); //TextBox1.Text = s2.ToString(); }

Forms Data Controls :: How To Use SelectEvent To Retrieve Row
I want to return a row by clicking on a particular row.

Forms Data Controls :: How To Retrieve The Particular Row Id From A Gridview
actually in my web-page there are 4 columns in gridview[one of which is imageid] and a checkbox. I just want to know that how will i pass the value of selected rows imageid to next page.

C# - Setup An If Checkbox Checked Statement?
I have multiple dynamic checkboxes. I would like to find out what checkbox was checked in the controller. How do I do that? This is what I have. HTML foreach (var items in collection) { <tr><td> <input id = "checkbox<%=>" name ="Checkbox<%=>" /> [Code]....

Forms Data Controls :: How To Find Value Of Gridview Row For Particular Column
I do the following with datagrid to get the value of a column/row:  dim lblRMDocFilename as string = e.Item.FindControl("lblRMDocFilename") How to find the same with gridview. Gridview name is docgrid

Forms Data Controls :: Find All Selected Row From Gridview?
I want to find all selected rows from gridview in one step

Web Forms :: Transfer Data From Gridview Row In Framed Aspx Page To The Other Page
I am not sure if this is possible (I am quite new at stuff but quite experience in VB ) I have managed to do the following, with no problems: I have a framed page, top page has a gridview and seach fields to query an Access database. Each record has 40+ fields The bottom framed page, has some textboxes. Once you do a search on top page (gridview), you are able to select whatever row it is shown. At this stage (when record is selected on top page) using "select" or whatever, I would like to transfer the data from the selected row and put them on the many textboxes on the bottom framed page. I know there are better ways to do this, however on the bottom page, users are able to ammend, add etc additional values, as well as doing some calculations, prior to transfering the info to (yet again) another form, so needs to do it this way as per request from my boss.

Call Database Row Into A Function?
I am writing a function which is called into a page, but I am not sure how to call information form database into the function in order to use them. Basically I am doing some calculation in the function where I need information form database to do them. From a comment... What I am trying to do is this: I have a page in php which retieves some info from database and all works fine. I am writing a function that needs to make some calculation based on some fields in the database. What I cannot solve is how to get this information form the database into my function. I have tired this: function CalculateCost () { $low_season = $row_rsbooking['cost']; etc. etc. then making some calculations but I am getting nowhere. I am not sure if the function is getting the information form database in order to make calculation.

Foreach Loop Displays Extra Empty Row?
Would like to prevent the extra blank row from appearing in this loop. PHP Code: $swarray=explode(";", $swarray); foreach ($swarray as $rrow) { $row=explode(":", $rrow); echo " var divId = 'imageColor_".$row[0]."'; [Code]....

Pagination & Sort By Stationary Column Header & Alternate Row Colors
Is it possible to have all these features in one mysql data output? I have the sort by column header and alternate row colors....but NO sationary column headers and no pagination. I've tried to combine each of these features, but I can't get it to work together! Can someone provide an exmple of how this code will look?

Performing The Htmlentities() Within The Print Statement.
Usually when printing a string I would use: print ("this is a test $test"); But from what I understand if $test contains some special characters I should use: $test=htmlentities($test); print ("this is a test $test"); But is there any way of performing the htmlentities() within the print statement. I.e. I do not wish to change the variable, only ensure it is ok for displaying?

Create Multidimensional Array From Row
How would I take an array such as this: [code]... So that I can output the different items like: $newArray[0][1]

JQuery :: Count Children And Apply Percentage Based Width?
How can I use jQuery to count the number of child elements (in this case list elements) inside div id #foo and then divide 100 / (# of counted child elements). The last step would be to apply that as a percentage based width <style="width: Npx"> Where N = [100/(# of child elements)]?

Jquery :: Toggling Table Row Changes Width Of Columns In Other Rows?
I have a table like the following: <table width="100%"> <tr class="clickme"> <td width="1%">A</td> [code].....

Counting The Age Of An Item In Weekdays Only
I've been trying to count the age of something in weekdays. I've tried the method detailed in this question, [URL] but it doesn't seem to fit my usecase. An item has a created DATETIME in the database, and I need to mark it as old if the created date is over 2 days old. However, the client has requested that age only count week days (Mon to Fri) and exclude Sat+Sun. So far, my pseudo code looks like the following, now - created_datetime = number_of_days for(i number_of_days) if(created_datetime - i) is a weekday, then age++ There must be a cleaner way of achieving this? As if an item were to get very old, looping through each day of it's age, looking for a weekend day would impact speed quite a bit.

Counting Letters In A Sentence?
How do you calculate number of letters in a sentence like below using PHP? strlen gives total number including spaces.

Looping Though A While Statement?
I have a sequence of mysql query result resources stored in a array. E.G array([0] => resource [1] => resource ...ect); This code retrieves the first resource in the array: $third_count = "0"; while ($user_result = mysql_fetch_array($user[$third_count])) { print_r($user_result); } $third_count = $third_count +1; I'm just stuck trying to find an if statement that'll loop though the array. Something like: while ($third_count =< $second_count) is what I need, but it doesn't seem to work. Where $second count is the number of elements in the array.

Looping A Db Insert Statement With Dates?
I need to run a statement that will populate a data base with the same information every time EXCEPT for the date. im currently trying something along these lines and aren't having any luck. DECLARE i_int BINARY_INTEGER := 1; BEGIN WHILE i_int <= 30 LOOP INSERT INTO bs_events.......... I can't seem to get it to work and im stuck in a code hole and cannot think straight. I basically want the date to up by one from 01-30 and then i will manually change the month and run the script again for all 12 months of the year.

Insert Row Into Middle Of Table
Is there a lovely easy way of swapping 2 mysql rows? Come to think of it, swapping the unique IDs instead of the entire row data may have the desired effect.

CSS Alternating Row Colors
I have a query and a do while loop. I am trying to alternate row colors and think I can do it if I can pull in a number with each result returned, but am not sure what direction to head with it. Code:

Display Alternate Colors For Each Row
I wrote a code to display some values taken from text file in the webpage. I am using a function to display alternate colors for each row. I am getting breaks at the end of each column which I should not get. Code:

Alternating Row Colors In This Script...
I would like to alternate my row colors in this script and was wondering what would be the best way to accomplish that with how my script is formatted. Code:

Alternating Colors On Rows
I am making some final touches to thiis block I am working on and I am trying to get it where the rows alternate colors. For some reason though it only makes one big row and one color. Any ideas? Code:

Alternating Table Row Colors?
This is probably completely wrong but I am trying to figure out how to alternate table row colors.  The color I am getting is a bright green for all the rows, even though I clearly specify RED and GRAY. Code: [Select]<table> <tr> <th><div align="left">Program</div></th> [code]...

Alternating Row Colors With MySQL Results
Is there any way i could make a image for the alternating row colors instead of a strait bold color, for instance: $color1 = "#CCFFCC"; $color2 = "#BFD8BC"; Would there be anyway to link an image in there? I have tried it this way: $color1 = "<img src='..style1.jpg'>"; $color2 = "<img src='..style2.jpg'>";

Create Array And Randomly Choose Row?
I'd be ever so greatful if someone could help me please. I'm really trying to get my head around working with arrays and could really do with an example in a context i fully understand. I have made a test page for this and made a query that will search for appropriate records in my database: Code: [Select] <?php $colname_Class = "3"; $colname_Ships = "-1"; if (isset($_SESSION['MM_Username'])) { [code]...

Problem Displaying Current Row Selected Using C1TrueDBGrid
Can anyone help? I am using a C1TrueDBGrid and I'm when navigating through records I'm trying to show the currently selected record in a text box. I don't have a problem moving the curser from record to record using Me.tdbProjects.MoveLast() ect...but my problem lies in the fucus grid focus doesen't change...i've already tried the refresh method. I'm stuckany help would be greatly appreciated

Managing Random Row With Criteria?
I have a table in Mysql 'Call_Detail' like below: Agent_NameReceived_call_id ------------------------ Jack1 Jack2 Mark5 jack9 Paul13 mark8 paul3 ---------------------------------- For call audit purpose I need to pick random callID of agents.Say I need two CallId.Below query returns two random id.But this does not satisfy me because this may return same agents.But I want that it ensures both agents or minimum one row for each agent that includes in where clause."Select Agent_name,Received_call_id from Call_Detail where Agent_Name in('jack','paul') order by rand() limit 2"Please give me some idea how can I manage this in MySql or in PHP after getting query result.

Separated Mysql Statement Query - Getting Error
So, I can run the following statements from within mysql itself successfully. SET @fname = 'point1'; SELECT * FROM country WHERE name=@fname;` But when I try to pass the query through php like this and run it, I get an error on the second line $query = "SET @fname = 'point1';"; $query .= "SELECT * FROM country WHERE name=@fname;";

New Eyes On A Mysql Query Statement - Db Error
I'm new at this, what are the problems with this statement: $sql=" SELECT * FROM `calendar` WHERE `DayId` ='".$day."'"; $result = mysql_query($sql, $conn); if (!$result){ echo "DB Error, could not query the database "; echo 'MySQL Error: ' . mysql_error(); exit; } while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) { //set $dayType $dayType = $row[DayType]; } I keep getting the error: DB Error, could not query the database MySQL Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1 but when I put an "echo $result;" in after the line that starts with $result=... then I get a value for $result of "Resource id #2"

Creating Tab Rows
I have worksheets with many Tabs, I wanted to know if it was possible to create Rows of Tabs? I have included a picture of what I am talking about.

Counting Formulas And Creating A Matrix
I have the following used formula to count how many occurances there are of a particular piece of text in a column: =SUM(IF(range="text",1,0)) e.g. {=SUM(IF(K6:K16="H",1,0))} I have repeated this formula for an adjacent column e.g. {=SUM(IF(L6:L16="M",1,0))} I need to find a way of counting number of occurances in these two columns (K and L) when text "H" and "M" are present in the same row. To further complicate matters (well for me anyway) the text "H" and "M" care chosen from a list of options in the K and L columns. What i ultimatly want to do is create a matrix to compare how many times all possble occurances of the various options listed in both columns are present in the same row in the spreadsheet.

Ajax :: JQuery Table Rows Drag And Drop Plugin
I'm using this plugin to enable drag and drop table rows on a page. The plugin comes with a serialize function, which passes the ID of each table row to an AJAX function, like this: [Code].... Unfortunately, the HTML ID of the row is not of much use to me. Instead, I'm trying to pass the value contained within the first TD of the row, but as of yet I'm not having much luck. I've been trying to replace the rowId variable with something like this, but all it returns is 'undefined'. var val = $(rowId + "td:nth-child(1)").value; Is there a simple way to do this? Once I get the correct values to the PHP script I will be fine, but I am still quite inexperienced with javascript.

JQuery :: Drag And Drop Table Row Ordering?
Are there any good tutorials for Drag-and-Drop table row ordering with jQuery-UI or some other plugin? I have been searching and cant seem to find any useful samples. Of course the order of the items would also need to be persisted to my database in some way...

Jquery :: Drag And Drop Table Rows
if there is a good library or script out there that trivializes drag and drop functionality for table rows in Javascript? Really the only requirement I have is that rows must be draggable within the table itself, but also to other tables on the page. I'm not too familiar with JQuery or Javascript itself, so I'd like to try and find a self contained library or script that makes the drag and drop portion pretty simple so I don't have to write the code myself. I understand JQuery is a nice Javascript library, does it have this kind of functionality?

JQuery :: Drag & Drop On Table Rows
I'm looking to find out a way to drag and drop table rows between two tables. I reused jQuery example for portlets, but that did not work to full satisfaction. In above screen shot I added border, but that is just for illustration of the issue. Problems:As you will see from the code I have to work with relative measurement there for I use percentage. I wasn't able to enforce row width to fill in whole table. How do I force full row width? Drag-able row are part of table body (tbody) and headers are done with thead. In this scenario I enforced same style settings on header as body and everything is now squashed to the left. If I leave styling out of header then first header stretches over whole tdody content and second is out of place over nothing. Sort of bad designed table when you forget one column. This become a big issue if there is more then 2 items in a row, for example 4 column in tbody get squashed under one thead column even though there are 4 headers to align under it. [Code]...

Jquery :: Drag & Drop Table Instead Of Rows?
in jquery how to do the drag and drop of table instead of rows? by using var rows = table.tBodies[0].rows; only getting the rows.

Jquery :: Drag & Drop Table Rows (reordering)
im using jquery drag & drop function to move table rows up and down. the only problem is in saving data and getting the position of each row while im using php to show table rows, dont know how to get each table row position value. the script can only find first row position value

Drag N Drop Table Rows From 1 To Another And Save Content In Database
in javascript redips-drag.js there's a line in one function which is as follows if (tbl_cell.childNodes[d].tagName === 'DIV') { query += 'p[]=' + tbl_cell.childNodes[d].id + '_' + t + '_' + r + '_' + c + '_' + tbl_cell.childNodes[d].innerHTML +'&'; } in multiple-parameters.php which is used to input data in mysql code is as follows list($id, $tbl, $row, $col, $val) = explode('_', $p); echo $val; it prints me this ASP.NET Sharepoint Dropdown where ASP.NET Sharepoint are my table values and Dropdown is a select list where in selected value 1 in the table it still returns me the select dropdown when i echo the $val variable it should have printed me [Code]...