Convert UTC Time To Date Time Format In Flex?


How to convert UTC time into date time format in flex. I am using sdk 3.5. for example I have current date time in UTC format as 1309522586000 (milliseconds) and I want to convert it to friday jul 1 2011. How can I do this??

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data.MakeInParam( "@DOB",SqlDbType.DateTime,10,cust.DateOfBirth), im new to .net,  reponse grt intput for me to get in to it.

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Sometimes I get a datetime with a time sometimes it's just the date. Of course if it's just the date I I want to format with "dd.MM.yyyy" and if it has a time "dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm".. This is in a repeater, so I thought may be it's possible without a simple if statement?

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I have a field in a table that I declard as datetime, however when the date populates in my form I only want the Date to show, not the time.   I believe i have to use a Select Convert(Varchar(10), DateOfVideo, 101   statement, but not sure if this would go in the code behind page or in SQL?

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I need to set a chart to start at midnight of the current day and end just before midnight of the next day I'm trying to do something like this:minChartDate = currentDate.fullYear,currentDate.month,currentDate.date,0,0,0,0; where currentDate:Date; is the day currently selected. I'm getting an implicit coercion error between the Number to Date type, as if currentDate.fullYear is a Date, but according to the documentation it should be a number. Or is my syntax defining this incorrect? Also wondering if there's a simpler way to get the min and max dates than this (the reason I am setting this is so that it starts at midnight rather than at the first data point in the series). I'm also getting a weird error 'maximum' values of type Date cannot be represented in text.. it said I need a Date type object for the minimum and maximum so I'm really not sure what it's talking about...

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this is very urgent requirement.Could anyone send me please. I'm using visual studio 2008 and i created one media website.I'm using c#.net.I'm uploading media files(video files) into my server.When i uploading media files i want to convert any format video will automatically convert to flv format. How can i convert the videos.

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Environment: Server1 (Local) OS Windows 2000 Server SQL Server 2000 Server2 (Remote) OS Windows 2003 Server SQL Server 2000 (Both with most recent service packs) Using Enterprise Manager, we have set up the Link Server (LINK_A) in the Local Server 1 to connect to Server 2. The SQL we need to run is the following: INSERT INTO table1(column1,column2) SELECT A.column1, A.column2 FROM LINK_A.catalog_name.dbo.table2 AS A WHERE A.column1 xxxx; When we run this from the Query Analyzer, it completes with no problems in a few seconds. Our problem: When we add the DTS Package as the ActiveX Script (VB Script) to the Local Package, it times out at "obj_Conn.Execute str_Sql" Dim Sql, obj_Conn Set obj_Conn = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") obj_Conn.Open XXXX obj_Conn.BeginTrans str_Sql = "INSERT INTO table1(" str_Sql = str_Sql & "column1" str_Sql = str_Sql & ", column2" str_Sql = str_Sql & ")" str_Sql = str_Sql & " SELECT A.column1" str_Sql = str_Sql & ", A.column2" str_Sql = str_Sql & " FROM LINK_A.catalog_name.dbo.table2 AS A" str_Sql = str_Sql & " WHERE A.column1 0" str_Sql = str_Sql & ";" obj_Conn.Execute str_Sql ---------------------------------------------------------- When we make a Stored Procedure and run the following SQL, it freezes. INSERT INTO table1(column1,column2) SELECT A.column1, A.column2 FROM LINK_A.catalog_name.dbo.table2 AS A WHERE A.column1 xxxx We've also tried the following with the same results; INSERT INTO table1(column1,column2) SELECT A.column1, A.column2 FROM [LINK_A].[catalog_name].[dbo].[table2] AS A WHERE A.column1 xxxx The same thing happens when we try to run the "SELECT" by itself. SELECT TOP 1 @test=A.column1 FROM LINK_A.catalog_name.dbo.table2 AS A WHERE A.column1 xxxx ORDER BY A.column1 What is going wrong here, and how do we need to change this so that it runs without timing out or freezing?

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I'm using Excel 2003 SP2.The premise is I add worksheets at run-time based off of user actions. The sheets then add command buttons and then assign some vb code to be fired when clicked. Everything works great except the VB editor pops up (even when its closed). This is annoying, any way to stop it from doing so?VB Code:Public Sub Test(myWS As Excel.Worksheet)    Dim OLEObj As OLEObject    Dim Rng As Range    Dim WS As Worksheet    Dim CodeMod As Object    Dim LineNum As Long        Set WS = myWS    Set Rng = Range("I13")            Set OLEObj = _    WS.OLEObjects.Add(ClassType:="Forms.CommandButton.1", _        Top:=Rng.Top, Left:=Rng.Left, Height:=Rng.Height * 2, _        Width:=Rng.Width * 2)    OLEObj.name = "test"    OLEObj.Object.Caption = "test"    Set CodeMod = _    ThisWorkbook.VBProject.VBComponents(WS.CodeName).CodeModule    LineNum = CodeMod.CreateEventProc("Click", OLEObj.name)    CodeMod.insertLines LineNum + 1, _        "msgbox(""test"")"        End Sub

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I've searched for "Saving", "Saving file", and "Saving to a file" but I couldn't get exactly what I wanted.I have a label that is a integer that changes its value.I want to save that data somehow so that I can load the file later to apply the changed value to my default label value.My second question: is there any way that I can see how many times a button has been clicked or pressed until some kind of an event?I have three boxes that contain one digit numbers, which change (or may change according to the random number) every time a command button has been clicked, and when those boxes receive certain randomized numbers, the program is supposed to pop up a MsgBox.I want to figure out how many times that box has been clicked from the beginning of the program or after that same event upto that event.Am I making any sense? I'm getting confused myself...Any help appreciated.

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I am running a dedicated server with a fast internet connection. This is the issue; I have a web site that displays data held in an SQL database. The web site page displays the data 10 rows at a time rolling on to the next page until the last page is reached, then reloads the complete page which also runs the SQL query to get the lastest data. The refresh rate is set 2 15 seconds. The data table is updated every 2 mins with new data from an outside source. The issue I am having is that at random times the browser get a message "Internet Explorer cannot display this page". This happens on clients PCs in a number of different locations. My question is: could the error be anything to do with the source table been updated at the same time as the client PCs are reading it.

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I am looking for an app, that say when I go to bed at 2300, it auto silences. It goes back to loud at 0600. When I get to work at 0800, it silences again. Yet, when my GF calls, I want it to always override and ring no matter what time it is.Are there any programs like this that will work for what I want?

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I have written a program that uses an array of the english alphabet and Morse code. I also built a form with a input box for the alphabetic information and an output box with the Morse Code. What i am trying to do is basically type a word like "Hi" in the input box and produce the Morse Code equivalent in the Morse Code output box. [Code] This works but only one letter at a time. Do i need to Parse the string of characters one at a time, and then run it through a loop like i have created?

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I have an advancedDataGrid and I would like to sort the adg according one AdvancedDataGridColumn(studyDate) which use strings in format DD/MM /YYYY(I receive like this from the server):But i find another problem, I need to sort the columns of the adg the first time it displays so I used the following function but It doesn't sort from the recent day to old one, I do not know what I can I do cause I set sort.descending= true, any ideas?[code]

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I have been with Page-Zone for a couple years now. Just the past year I have had little problems with them. -For instance once I was trying to update my website and their server went down. I thought it was something on my end so I started trouble shooting it for an hour and then it came back up. -Another time the users on my website were without e-mail for a week, because they changed IP address. -And finally the e-mail accounts couldn't receive any e-mails from Comcast, MSN, or Hotmail accounts. So I ended up setting up a Google Aps account for us to use for e-mail. Granted they are very cheap but I have been having many problems with little support. Also today I just noticed that in the whois it lists Network Solutions as the technical contact. Are these things that I should be looking for a new host for?

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I have a web user control menu of page. Now I want HOME (which is an hyperlink text) in menu to be Bold at the time default.aspx Loaded (Load event)! How can I do that If any one can provide code! I am using VB .Net at back.

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I used this sample to work around the issue we were having with large files. [URL] Unfortunately, when I attempt to download large files of 30MBs or more, the download times out and the user gets a partial download. It doesn't seem to be a consistant percentage of the download either. I attempted to download a 50MB file and got to 33MB. When trying a 30MB file, I downloaded 24MB.Below is my code. if (File.Exists(strFilePath)) {                fileName = System.IO.Path.GetFileName(strFilePath); Response.Clear(); system.IO.Stream iStream = null; byte[] buffer = new Byte[10000]; int length; long dataToRead; try { iStream = new System.IO.FileStream(strFilePath, System.IO.FileMode.Open, System.IO.FileAccess.Read, System.IO.FileShare.Read); dataToRead = iStream.Length; //FileInfo file = new FileInfo(strFilePath); Response.ContentType = "application/octet-stream"; Response.AddHeader("Content-Length", iStream.Length.ToString()); Response.AddHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename=" + fileName.Replace(" ", string.Empty)); while (dataToRead > 0) { if (Response.IsClientConnected) { length = iStream.Read(buffer, 0, 10000);..................

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We have a WCF service self-hosted in a Windows Service. Right now we're experiencing a really strange behavior with it, which is that every 23 hours, approximately, the service raises an exception for every call made to it with the following error: Server was unable to process request. ---> The request channel timed out while waiting for a reply after 00:01:00. Increase the timeout value passed to the call to Request or increase the SendTimeout value on the Binding. The time allotted to this operation may have been a portion of a longer timeout.---> The HTTP request to [URL]has exceeded the allotted timeout of 00:01:00. The time allotted to this operation may have been a portion of a longer timeout.---> The operation has timed out. The duration of the failure is between 4 and 6 minutes and, without touching anything at all, the service then goes out of the failure and the following responses are ok, for the next 23 hours, and then, again the error. As pointed above, the WCF service is self-hosted in a Windows Service, installed on a Windows 2008 Server OS. The clients calling the service are two different Asp.NET web services, one running on the same server and the other on a virtual server in a production environment. Both clients have presented the same issue. The configuration of the complete environment is this: Phone calls are received in an IVR system (let's say node 1), which calls a web service (node 2) that retrieves some information about the customer calling. Once the customer approves the operation, the IVR calls the web service (node 2), which relays the call to the WCF Service (node 3) to process a credit operation. The WCF then makes a TCPIP socket operation through a VPN connection to another entity (node 4). That communication lasts between 3 and 10 seconds, is registered in a persistent database and then is sent back in the same path to the customer (node 3, 2 and 1). This platform processes about 2,000 transactions a day, 24/7, except for the ones failing with the timeout. The reason to have the transaction relayed to a second service is for security purposes. The amount of data exchanged in each call is about 200 or 300 bytes. I've already tried most of the workarounds posted right here in stackoverflow ([http://stackoverflow.com/questions/981475/wcf-timeout-exception-detailed-investigation][1]) and the ones appearing there and some others found in google. The error is still persistent. The TCPIP socket operations are logged to a text file, and found no issues there with the response times from the external entity. The largest time was 9 seconds. Also, a database operations trace has been logged and did not show any performance issues either. The concurrency mode of the service is set to ConcurrencyMode.Multiple and, before going into production we made an stress test with ten clients making iterative calls over 2 hours, processing the wcf service about 30k transactions with no signs of performance impact. However, I already discarded a concurrency issue because the average time between transactions is one minute, and the largest one lasts for 9 seconds approximately. Besides, all other transactions complete successfully, independently of the load on the service. I cannot increase the timeout of one minute given the fact that the service is for executing ecommerce operations and in fact there's nothing really taking more than a few seconds to complete. This are the facts, and I hope you guys could come up with something I haven't already tried yet. Please have in mind at the time of answering that this is a critical mission service, and the changes or configurations possible to apply in a production environment are very limited.

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Using C# & asp.net Textbox values are = "04/03/2010" Format: mm/dd/yyyy I want to convert the date like this 2010-03-04 instead of 04/03/2010 Format: yyyy-mm-dd how to make a code for converting this values....

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 Collecting IDs and TextBox values at same time.I have a datalist with 2 columns of products with a TextBox next to each product so my customer can enter a number in each checkbox (to determine the order sequence when this list of products is printed to the screen). I have a button for my customer to click when she is happy with the sequence chosen for each product and this calls a subroutine within which I need to be able to collect each productID and the number entered into the textbox next to it. This worked perfectly in my old system using Classic ASP and can't understand why it's so difficult to offer the same funtionality in ASP.Net! I have tried various approaches but none of them work in collecting the number entered into the TextBox and the ProdId at the same time. I tried storing the ProductId in the ID of the TextBox in the hope that I could then retrieve both the ProductId and the value of the TextBox for each product when the button is clicked but values of the TextBox ID are values such as 567 or 784 and are set dynamically (these are the productIds). The error I'm getting is as follows: The ID property of a control can only be set using the ID attribute in the tag and a simple value. Example: <asp:Button runat="server" id="Button1" /> and the line containing the error is: <asp:TextBox runat="server" ID='<%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "Prod_ID")%>' Text='<%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "Sequence1")%>'>

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This is my base class for all pages except EndSession.aspx override protected void OnInit(EventArgs e) { base.OnInit(e); if (Context.Session != null) { //check the IsNewSession value, this will tell us if the session has been reset. [Code].... But on EndSession I try to navigate back to, say default.aspx, and then this code above just redirects be back to EndSession.aspx. So for better clarification: Step 1: Go to mypage.aspx Step 2: Wait for timeout Step 3: try to navigate away Step 4: get redirected to EndSession.aspx Step 5: try to navigate away Step 6: GoTo set 4 Setp 6 should be actually being able to navigate away...

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Im working on processing data. I setup a worker function thats called every 5ms by setInterval. I'm calculating the amount of time it takes the function to run, its 0 to 1ms. I'm also calculating the speed at which the function is actually invoked and its about 80ms. My question is, if it takes only 1ms to run through the function, and I'm calling it every 5ms, why is it invoked every 80ms? I do have a second worker function updating the canvas based on the current data the processing function is doing, but its run in its own setInterval. These numbers were taken while in Chrome. I've tested in Opera, Safari, FF3 and FF4 as well and the issue is the same, though the invoke time is different. (all this on a mac) I know this code does not yet work in IE. I know parts of this are ugly.. I haven't started to clean up the code yet... Lines 77 to 84 are the setInterval calls. You can see a working example here:

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There is a PHP – script on the server, which is worked out for a long time (over 10 min). The connection breaks up while performing the script and the absence of output to the client’s browser since the browser thinks that the server stops answering.  How can I solve the problem that part of the PHP script on the server can not be performed because of connection interruption? 

Create Blocks Of Times From Multidimensional Array? stackoverflow.com

I am working on a scheduling system and I need to grab all consecutive times of 4 or more which I have accomplished: Array ( [0] => Array ( [0] => 18:00:00 [1] => 19:00:00 [2] => 20:00:00 [code].... How would I take this multidimensional array and put them into potential time blocks of four as check boxes? For instance: Checkbox 1 = 18:00:00 - 21:00:00 Checkbox 2 = 19:00:00 - 22:00:00 Checkbox 3 = 09:00:00 - 12:00:00 Checkbox 4 = 10:00:00 - 13:00:00 and so on...

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I would like to display a helpful DIV that basically shows the user how to accomplish something on a particular page, but only if the user has been idle for a period of time, say, 30seconds. What I mean by "Idle" is: Not clicking any links Not right clicking anywhere Exceptions: I would like to exclude the following conditions from the Is User Idle rule: User has scrolled up or down/left or right User has pressed mouse button on an empty area on the site/ or on an element which has no source/link for example, an image with no hyperlink. and, Pressing keyboard buttons Can this be done? Or can we only detect when a particullar event occurs?

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is there anyway to convert date month numeric to string. e.g. for 1 convert to January, 2 => February, etc i tried below <?php echo date('F', strtotime($member['dob_month'])); ?>

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I created code for my TV guide web site, as mentioned in a previous thread [URL] This is the new code, which works well: <? //connect to mysql //change user and password to your mySQL name and password mysql_connect("localhost","root","PASSWORD"); //select which database you want to edit mysql_select_db("tvguide"); // Select only results for today and future [Code]..... However, once the date has elapsed it hides the records, but not once the time has passed - the records still show. To give an example, if I have a programme that airs at 6:30pm, I want it to show the record, but then hide it once the programme has aired (in this case in 30 minutes), or another example - a programme that starts at 9:00pm and finishes at 10:00pm.

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I'm wondering how I could grab data from an array that I have in a specified time period, like say every 30 seconds or a minute or so. Tried doing searches via Google and on this site, but so far no luck. Has anyone ever done this or would know how this could be achieved?

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I have to create a function which gets 5 parameters representing information about the working time of some department. - when the work starts/ends, - when the lunchtime (or any other break) starts/ends, - integer representing minutes into how small pieces we should divide time period. Besides - it's possible that there are no breaks in the working time. The function should return all intervals from working time. [Code].....

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What's the best approach to block a IP that has tried to login too many times within a certain period of time?

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I'm having trouble preserving session state for a prolonged period of time. I use sessions to preserve login state. I require the below snippet of code at the top of each of my pages before any other code. First off, is there any settings I'm missing? session_cache_expire(2880); //set session to expire in 48 hours session_start(); Some people are logged out before the 48 hour expiration time. What types of things could cause this? I know closing the browser kills the session and this is not the case. As far as I can tell it happens when the user is inactive for several hours or more. Users are never logged off while actively browsing the site.

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Im currently on a litle webpage project and I would like to know if there is a way that I can block someone to reaccess the page I redirected too after they go by paypal. Lets say it goes that way : Paying by paypal -> Redirected to the form they have to fill -> Submit to add stuff to DB (at this point since they saw the name of the page they were on Id like to block the access cause I dont want they to be able to fill the form again) -> Redirected to the main page. If anyone as any idea please let me know cause Im trying to figure out and I cant find anything.

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I've got a form on my page which has around 50 drop down (select) boxes. It's a page of answers - as I output each question I use a mysql to see if the user has answers that particular question. If so, show their answer in the drop down. It takes a long time to load when there are a lot of questions.... my question is should I do ONE sql at the beginning and store the result in an array, then loop through the array each time I load the question to see if there's an answer? Code:

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Ok so I have a bit of code. echo "<span class='sortstyle'><strong>Average rating:</strong> "; while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) { [code]... When I try it this way it displays a zero but if I change the second to a rating1 it displays correctly but it shows the same values as the first.How can I get this to work right?What I want it to do is each area displays the rating percentage based on the sql information.

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I was wondering if someone could help me with this problem. I want to print/echo the solution of the function multiple times on the same page. Is that possible? Here's my function: public function getFeedback($p_iUserid) { include("Connection.php"); //open db try { $sql = "select DiaryOpmerkingen, DiaryDoctorcomment from tblDiary WHERE fk_UserId = ".$p_iUserid." [Code]...

Move Multiple Times Between The Same Page? stackoverflow.com

I am a PHP beginner and I am trying to write a facebook app that will ask a questionnaire for random friends. I tried that for each friend a following info is presented in one page: photo and name questionnaire + submit But apparently, all random friends were shown together: for ($i=1; $i<= $num_Of_Friends ; $i++){ require('friendPhotoAndName.php'); require('questannaire.php'); }

Repeat A Function Multiple Times? www.sitepoint.com

How can I repeat a function 1000 times? I have an script that creates random numbers but one at a time. How can I tell the function to do it a 1000 times? Like for example $random_generator .=rand(1,10000);

Database Storing The Same Ip Multiple Times? www.phpfreaks.com

trying to write a counter for my website to count the amount of times a specific button is clicked. My desired outcome is as follows: If the form submit button "like" or "dislike" is clicked, get user's ip and check to see if it already exists in the database. If it exists, don't increment the count (of either button), otherwise log the ip and increment the count (of whichever button is clicked) by 1. Currently I've got the increment working (testing only the like button at the moment) and I've got the ip being stored into the database, but cannot get the comparison to work. Each time the button is clicked it adds the ip address into the database instead of disallowing it. Note: there are two different tables--one storing the ip (counter) and one storing the like clicks (Designs) (dunno if there's a better way?) Excuse my newbieness. The problem area: (like button only): if(isset($_POST['like'])) { $ip_address = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; $query = mysql_query("SELECT ip FROM counter WHERE ip = '$ip_address'"); $num_rows = mysql_num_rows($query); [Code]....

Onclick Echo Multiple Times? www.sitepoint.com

I want the user to have the option to edd extra fields when required, this is working by using the code below, but only once, I want a field to echo out every time they click the button.How could and should this be done? PHP Code: if (isset($_POST['extra'])) { [code].......

Pulling Results From A Query Multiple Times phpbuilder.com

I haven't used PHP for over a year and am very rusty in deed. Basically, I'm pulling a query from a database and storing it in an array. I want to use that array to populate a form dropdown list. No problems with this, but i want to use the same dropdown list multiple times on the page, yet it only seems to populate the first dropdown list on the page and the rest are blank. What am I doing wrong? Here is my code:

Document.ready Is Getting Called Multiple Times? stackoverflow.com

Within my php app I have multiple templates that get combined to form a single page. so say your on the about us page, the template would look like this <?php $this->render("header.php"); ?> my about us page <?php $this->render("footer.php"); ?> which is just a fancy way of doing an include(). However, header.php has some javascript that gets ran on document.ready via the jquery framework, and so does the page that requires the header. so you have something like this <?php $this->render("header.php"); // has its own $(document).ready ?> <script type="text/javascript"> [code].... The bug that I'm experiencing is that document.ready is getting called once for every document.ready on the page. in the above case console shows test test If I comment out the rendering of header.php, the document.ready gets called just once like I want. Besides using a semaphore, is a better way to prevent this? I tried buffering the output, but that doesn't seem to work. Edit: added final output per request <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function(){ // do some javascript like highlighting // form elements with specific classes [code]...

Track The Time A User Is On A Website www.phpfreaks.com

What we're to be doing is implementing a referral type program on the site. Assume the following, Person A refers Person B to the site, it's stored in the database that Person B's referrer is Person A. So then, for each second Person B is on the site, we add one point to Person A's referral points (also set in the database). How can we track the user accurate enough (to the seconds) so that once Person B leaves the site, we know exactly when Person B closed the browser/went somewhere else, how long Person B was on the site, and simply use that info to give Person A his deserved referral points. We have access to our php.ini file for w/e reason, we've got database access, we can basically do anything w/ php, and such. Any ideas on how to do this? My only idea at the moment was to check every 5 minutes who was active in the past 5 minutes, and clear anyone who wasn't, but that didn't seem accurate.

Localization :: Format Money In Two Formats In C# forums.asp.net

i want to format money in two formats 1) US dollors like this $126,765 2) is normal only seprate with comma when thousand occurs like this 126,765

Datetime - Generate Random Date Between Two Dates? stackoverflow.com

I am coding an application where i need to assign random date between two fixed timestamps how i can achieve this using php i've searched first but only found the answer for Java not php for example : $string = randomdate(1262055681,1262055681);

List Of Dates Between A Date Range? www.phpfreaks.com

I have two dates 2011-05-03 and 2011-05-08.I want to write a function that creates an array of the days that consist of that date range.So say something like: Code:[Select]<?php $start = "2011-05-03"; $end = "2011-05-08"; [code]... How to do something like this?Pretty sure i'm going to need the mktime()function to account for ranges going across months and years.

Open DTP From Command Button www.vbforums.com

How can I open a date/time picker with the click of a button?By open I mean show it in the dropdown view.Thanks

Flex :: Playing A Large/long H264 File With NetStream Takes A LONG Time To Begin Playback? stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to play a 10 minute long video (h264/mp4) which is 39MB in size, after I call stream.play(fileURL) it doesn't start playback until its loaded around 12-16MB of the file (many many seconds later), I finally get onMetaData at this point too. Why doesn't it begin playback right away, or at least w/in a couple seconds? What can cause this bloated lead in time?

JQuery :: Use To Convert JSON Array To HTML Bulleted List? stackoverflow.com

How can you convert an array of Strings represented in JSON format and convert this to an HTML bulleted list using JQuery?

Time - Built In Functionality To Convert Seconds To Hh:mm:ss? stackoverflow.com

is there a built in functionality in php to convert seconds to hh:mm:ss

Script Which Randomly Picks Three Numbers Within A Certain Range And Shows Them At A Given Date & Time. www.codingforums.com

I have been looking for a script which randomly picks three numbers within a certain range and shows them at a given date & time. Until that, the site should show three numbers every five or ten seconds by automatic. All visitors should get the same numbers and should not change even when refreshing the site. All visitors see the same numbers. New numbers are generated every five or ten seconds and are shown. Final and staying numbers are generated at a given time and date.

C# - Passing Parameters In Windows Service? stackoverflow.com

I want to develop a windows service which will be accepting a datatable from an aspx page. Both the windows service and the website are hosted on same machine. Also I need to set a date and time on which this service is to work. this date and time are to change according to customer needs. once again the date and time are to be fed from the aspx page.

SetInterval Of Function - Called From Function - Display And Update www.codingforums.com

I'm trying to make a time script for an app I'm making (this is not an HTML document; it's a .js file to be used with Titanium) however I'm having trouble getting the function to display and update. function updateClock() { setInterval ( 'kiTime()', 1000 ); } function kiTime () { //Get current date and time [Code]... If I use kiTime() under the text field I will get the current time (or at least the time the app was opened), however if I call updateClock() it's blank.

Read 2 Lines At A Time From A .txt File? www.phpfreaks.com

How can i read 2 lines at a time from a txt file. I have a txt file with a bunch of values ie: var1 = line1 var2 = line 2 repeat var1 = line3 var2 = line 4 Etc the code i have goes through each line. What i want is it to read 2 lines, put them into 2 vars for me to use, then repeat doing the same for the next 2 lines then 2 more etc etc until it reaches the end. <? // Get VRFS from txt file ( should be DB ) // VRFname // VRFrd [code]....

Different Users Read And Modify The Same Xml File At One Time - I/O Synchronization? stackoverflow.com

Now I am facing a situation that I'm building a website without mysql or any other databases. After consideration, I choose to use Xml file for configurations and data storage (And actually I have really no choice). My problem is that if different users read and modify the same xml file at one time, will there be any synchronization problem or other problems? For a simple bullet-board system, how is the performance of xml (compared with the same system using mysql)?

Change Style Of Command Button To Graphical During Run Time? www.xtremevbtalk.com

Greetings Every1,I want to set the Style property of Command Button to Graphical i.e., 1 during run time using the SetLongWindow API. But I dont know how? Plz help...

Can I Add A Command Button In A Form At Run Time? www.xtremevbtalk.com

I want to make it possible for the user of my interface to add command buttons in the form through a menu command and after pointing by mouseclicking where he wants the cb to be placed each time.If you have any idea of how can I do this, please help.... Thanks in advancedkons

Setting The .picture Of A Command Button At Run Time. www.vbforums.com

Does anyone know how to set the .picture property of a command button in code?i tried to figure it out by setting it in the properties of the button at design time to an icon (which worked) then popping up a message box with cmdButton.Picture, but all it gave me back was a string of numbers. what gives?

How Do I Run A Sub Func Each Time A User Clicks The Tab Or The Next Button In The Main For www.vbcity.com

I want my subform to run a Sub Function and get re-queries after the user presses the "Next" Button on the main form, or Presses the "Tabs"(I have three tabs and the subform is placed inside the tabs) or changes theStatus Field in the SubForm. At the moment I have a AfterUpdate Event in the Status combo box with calls the Sub but it doesn't include the Field I change at that very moment in the form.Any recommendations of how can I implement such an event? Thanks,ZubEdited by - vbalearner on 10/4/2007 2:35:41 AM

HTC EVO 4G :: Address Book Is Force-closing On Every Time I Try To Create A New Contact? androidforums.com

I recently loaded Baked Snack 1.7 on my phone as my first custom ROM - before that I had rooted stock Froyo. I tried two Baked Snack kernels and now have KingsxKlick bfs #9. So I have all these variables and now I have a weird problem - my address book is force-closing on me every time I try to create a new contact. I haven't created a new contact in awhile, so I have no idea whether this could be related to my new ROM or kernel, or if it's a problem with the address book itself. I have had no other problems since installing the ROM and kernel. I can input the new number for the contact, but when I try to name the contact it says it has encountered an error and needs to stop. This is the stock HTC People app, and I have tried it creating the contact as a regular phone contact and as a Google contact. No dice. I've also tried a battery pull, clearing cache, the basics. Any thoughts, guys? I met a cute boy and I REALLY need to save his number.

How Can I Convert A PDF File To A WORD Doc. File www.webhostingtalk.com

have some E_Books in PDF I want to convert them to word document format Also need a share hosting for this

Installation Setting - Stop Launching dreamweaver From VS 2008 Every Time? forums.asp.net

I just recently installed VS 2008 on my workstation. I tried creating a simple web site just to check if the installation was fine. The project compiled without error but when I tried running it, the Macromedia Dreamweaver software is being launch. It tried it several time and it's all the same.I remember during the installation there was an option that was displayed asking me to select Designer or Coder. Since the default is Designer i just click next.  Is there a way to stop launching dreamweaver from VS 2008 every time i try running the web project? Is because I selected "Designer" during the installation?

Forms Data Controls :: Convert String To Date Shown In Calendar? forums.asp.net

I have a GridView where the user can choose an occasion, and I want to show the occasion date in a calendar. How should I convert the date string from the GridView? The code below works except for the rows concerning Date and calendar: [Code]....

Save Date In Two (hijri And Georgian) Formats In Sqlserver? forums.asp.net

in my system i have hijri  type datetim format in my  application i want to save two types of dates in sqlserver 1) hijri (arabic format) 2)georgian type  Now only i able to save  hijri type dates in my database how i save georgian also in sqlserver i am using this query: "insert into testfordate(hijridate) values(" & Convert.ToDateTime(TextBox1.Text.Trim & ")") using this query i every time saving same hijri date in database 29/08/1317 12:00:00 ص

Web Forms :: Page Is Getting Post Backed Multiple Times? forums.asp.net

i am using parent child conceptso i coded in child form  <body onunload="PassValues()"> 

Forms Data Controls :: In Visual Web Developer 2008 In "Query" Can I Format The Date To Display Only... forums.asp.net

in visual web developer 2008 in "Query" Can I format the date to display only  Month and year ?example:   I have Complete date in my table like 05/04/2010. In Query in need to display only Month and year Like 04/2010 Or April/2010

Web Forms :: Want The User To Insert The Date In Same Format(dd-mm-yyyy) But It Will Not Happening As... forums.asp.net

I am selecting the date field in the 'dd-mm-yyyy' format by using SQL Codes(103,105...).While inserting I want the userto insert the date in same format(dd-mm-yyyy) but it will not happening as in SQL Server we need to insert the date in'mm-dd-yyyy' format.Pls send me insertion query in sql to achieve this.Pls respond me ASAP.

Installation :: Using Custom Action How To Create Connection Pool In Ii7 And Vista At Installation T... forums.asp.net

I want to set connection pool and application path on iis7 and vista by using custom action at installation time to avoid manually setting by administrator.On vista machine when we execute any website first time, I am getting an error HTTP Error 500.22  - Internal Server Error. For this i am using a custom action to do this and add its output on commit. My code is using System; using System.Configuration; using System.Configuration.Install;[code]... Now, I am getting an error at installation time.The installer has encountered and unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code id 2869.

Web Forms :: Increment The Return Value Of Method Every Time It Is Called? forums.asp.net

I want to use a function in the code file of ASP.NET such that everytime the function is called, its value increases by 1.I thought of a way but it didn't fully work out. I created a class for this and used a static variable in that but the lifetime of static variable in asp.net is till the time the app does not close.  public class Class1 { public Class1()[code]....

Visual Studio :: Edits Are Not Being Reflected During Run Time? forums.asp.net

I am using visual web developer 2010 and have a situation where if I make edits to either the master or default page text's, they are not refelcted in what is displayed when the site is run?

Error : Year, Month, And Day Parameters Describe An Un-representable DateTime? forums.asp.net

I am getting error Year, Month, and Day parameters describe an un-representable DateTime. While inserting date to sql server.1) First time I was using the DateTime.Now function to insert the date to Database but after getting the error I have changed the date format When the date format is in the form "18/12/2008 12:00:00 AM"Error - The conversion of a char data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range datetime value "

Forms Data Controls :: DataList Doesn't Load Some Of The Times? forums.asp.net

This is the problem.  My datalist, which connects to an Objectdatasource (I implemented custom paging) becomes populated with data only half of the time.  When I go to the aspx page which contains that datalist (from another page), sometimes, the datalist fully loads, but sometimes only the header shows up.  The header just contains hard-coded text whereas the body (itemtemplate portion) contains things that are binded to the objectdatasource.  I thought I would mention this since the problem might have something to do with how things in asp.net bind. The strange part of this is that when I was testing and debugging within VWD 2010, the datalist loaded fully everytime and I had no issues.  When I placed my files on the IIS web server, this is when the problems started happening.What could the problem be?  The speed of the IIS web server vs VWD's "internal server"?  My page_load, init_load, etc methods are empty for this aspx page.  The datalist is solely handled by the objectdatasource_selecting method.  Should I explicit call something from one of those early lifecycle methods to ensure proper datalist loading?

AJAX :: AutoCompleteExtender Not Firing In IE 7 All The Time? forums.asp.net

I'm using Visual Studio 2008, .NET 3.5, on a Vista 64 bit machine. I have a simple application that has 2 textboxes that are both setup with an AutoCompleteExtender. They both work as expected with the following exception only in IE7. The top textbox has the focus by default, I set this in a pageLoad javascript function. [Code].... I enter in some text in the top textbox and after 2 characters (MinimumPrefixLength="2") I get the list from my webservice and I've coded it so that once an item from the list is selected it uses the OnClientItemSelected="eventHandlerPnum"to call the javascript function 'eventHandlerPnum' which sets the document.location to a url with the item as a query parameter. This works fine the first time. If I use the back button when I start entering text into the top textbox I get the browser cached entries in a dropdown after the first character and the list from my webservice doesn't show up after the second character. I've tried this in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari and they all behave correctly, ie they always display the web service list after the second character.

API Or Library For Converting DWG To Any Standard Image Format? stackoverflow.com

I am building a back-end management application for an architect company, and they work with DWG files.I am looking for a library that can convert DWG into any image format, preferably in PHP, but I am open to finding a work around in another language and connecting to what I've built so far.

Strtotime With Year In 2 Digit Non Standard Format stackoverflow.com

can someone explain the behaviour of strtotime function with year in non-standard format. echo date("d-m-Y",strtotime('02-12-10')) .'<br>'; //10-12-2002 echo date("d-m-Y",strtotime('09.09.10')) .'<br>'; //02-09-2010 --How this is interpreted? echo date("d-m-Y",strtotime('02-12-2010')) .'<br>'; //02-02-2010 echo date("d-m-Y",strtotime('09.09.2010')) .'<br>'; //09-09-2010 I wanted to convert strings of format dd.mm.yy(09.09.10) to datetime format.

JQuery :: Getting A Widget That Displays New Image After A Fixed Amount Of Time? stackoverflow.com

I don't know exactly how it's called (Image-timer? I'm not sure), but here are the functionalities. Let's say I have a div where I need to display a group of images in loop, one at time (each 5 seconds, for instance). On top of that, I'd like some effects, such as fading out when an image replace an other.

Get Sold Items & There Quantities, In Period Of Time? stackoverflow.com

I have 2 tables, contains orders, & orders contents (i.e.,orders table, & o_contents), & I'd like to get statistics from these two tables, to see the sold quantities during an interval, a month, week, year, or even yesterday!here are the tables fields:orders table: orderID customerID total [code]....

Is It Possible To Turn Safe Mode Off For A Brief Time Period To Run This Script? www.webmasterworld.com

backs up my MySql database on a regular basis. Unfortunately, this only runs when safe mode is off. Is it possible to turn safe mode off for a brief time period to run this script, either with ini_set or with a .htaccess file?

Code A Social Network In Short Period Of Time? stackoverflow.com

We need a social network with specific features (that most of the social network sites do not have; dormitory groups based on user's IP (no problems, they are known), gender specific groups (hidden), anonymous questions, department groups based student's department (there is acces for that information on the university's ssh)) within the campus. Thus, I'll start coding. I have that ability to make a social network but it will take me months. How I can finish the vital parts of that social network within few weeks? I mean, I'm not efficient, coz I'm not professional. What should I do? (I have no money, I'm Statistics student, I know PHP and database design).

Refresh Wordpress Plugin In A Period Of Time That Selected? stackoverflow.com

I wrote a plugin for wordpress and i want it to refresh in every 3 hours i tried header("refresh:10800;url=example.php") but i couldn't get any result.

Getting MySQL SUM Values For Time Period, Ie Sum Of Totals From Date1 To Date2. phpbuilder.com

I am trying to make sales reports from a MySQL database. I have successfully made a report for 1 day, ie 2005-08-08, what I would like to do is generate a report from lets say 2005-07-08 to 2005-08-08, I am not sure how I could write this, if it can be done. Any help or feedback would be great. The date is passed fron the URL, so I would assume that it would be $date1 = start date; $date2 = end date; This is the code I use for one query to get totals for 1 date: Code: SELECT SUM(item_price*quantity) FROM invoice_items WHERE date = '$date1' AND item_type = 'Parts' AND status = 'POSTED'"

JQuery :: Slide The Images In Accordion Form Left To Right And Right To Left With Minimum Time Frame... forum.jquery.com

is there any feature to slide the images in accordion form left to right and right to left with minimum time frame(delay)?

Tabs Out Of Which Only One Is Open At A Time N When U Open Another Tab, One Out Of The Earlier Closed... www.sitepoint.com

I need three tabs out of which only one is open at a time n when u open another tab, one out of the earlier closed one should open(preferably with mootools). And also the tab which is opened should come at the top of the page as well.

Jquery :: Onclick Function For Radio Buttons Not Firing The First Time A Radio Button Is Clicked? stackoverflow.com

I want to ask the user a series of questions whose answers are radio buttons and with each answer update a the html of the id= creditamount with the variable creditAmount.My code only works after I've clicked the second radio button? <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head>[code].....

Call Sqlsrv_fetch_array(..) Multiple Times? stackoverflow.com

I have a command like.. $Res = $db->ExecSQL($sQry, $param); while ($row = sqlsrv_fetch_array($Res)){ .. .. } and i wanted to call again the while ($row = sqlsrv_fetch_array($Res)){ .. .. } without calling again the "$Res = $db->ExecSQL($sQry, $param);" because it has no result. there must be a reset like pointing it to the first record. but i dont know how.