Convert SUMIF Formula Into A VBA Code


I've been trying to modified the formula below into the code you see below. = SUMIF(G3:G21,">0",G3:G21)-SUMIF(A3:A21,"=",G3:G21) So how can to modified the SUMIF formula into a code to the finalrow? Range("J" & FinalRow + 1).Formula = "=SUM(J2:J" & FinalRow & ")"

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this C# code to VB code public form1() { initializecomponent(); reportviewer1.report= new report1(); } Private void btnRun_Click(object sender, Eventargs e) { (reportviewer1.report as report1).Param1=textbox1.text; reportviewer1.refresh }

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Hey there,The task at hand is as follows: I have a large VB project with many forms that use a custom command button (it is the Gurhan Button, a freeware control available from PSC and other places). What I want to do is replace the Gurhan button en masse to the standard VB button.What I have done is written a simple VB program that reads in the .frm files of the project as text, and made the appropriate replacements. This works fine except for the Picture property. In other words, a line like this:Picture = "Form1.frx":11B4causes problems in the converted project. When I open the new form, I get the "There were errors, check log file for details" message. The log file message, not very useful, contains lines like this:Line 12: Property Picture in GurhanButton1 could not be set.Now, I am not an expert on frx files, but I would think that the reference to "Form1.frx":11B4 in the Picture property refers to its location in the file? And if so, the frx file is not being changed, so I am at a loss as to why VB cannot set the property. Any ideas?

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How can I convert a JSON string to an array OR a JSON string to XML in VB.NET? I know how to do this in C#, as I have read dozens of articles on it, however, I am unable to figure out how to achieve the same result in VB.NET. I'm using the System.Web.Script namespace via System.Web.Extensions.dll (from Microsoft). I'm willing to use an additional DLL file if needed.

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I am using several spreadsheets which are currently linked to specific cells in other workbooks. These are updated through dating the links whenever needed. However I would rather not use formulas in the cells at all and only have value updated by using the link function within VBA. I cannot find how to do this though. Just to reiterate. I currently have cells that have"='\server01main_foldersubfolderDocument.xls" for example. The formula syntax is not exactly right but in the spreadsheets it is so you get the idea. These links are updated (when the workbooks are not open) when the links are update via the edit menu or a macro which does the same thing. What I want to do is have no formula in the cells (only values) and use the feature that takes the value from the other workbooks but in VBA exclusively. This is what I have not been able to find out how to do.

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Hi all, Is there a vba command (Access 2002) that will permit me to paste the data that is in the clipboard? In this macro, I'm trying to copy a line of data frrom Excel to Access, just like you would manually. What I have so far is: Range("A2").EntireRow.Select Selection.Copy DoCmd.OpenTable "tblInputHeader" DoCmd.GoToRecord acDataTable, "tblInputHeader", acNewRec What I need to have the macro do is to highlight the whole last row of the data table (Access) and paste the contents of the row from Excel, that is now in my clipboard. As usual, any help will be greatly appreciated. Creo

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Hi guys, I have an Excel app in which I have created a custom toolbar. This app.xls is loaded on a website and accessed via an ASP link (I dont have access to the ASP code). When the link is clicked it offers to open the app from there or save locally. Everything works perfectly when saved locally and executed but not when open from here is selected. In this instance the app works fine except for the menu. Each and every option (which just point to macros within the app) results in an error box - File Reservation. App(1).xls is being modified by xxx Open as Read-Only, or choose Notify to be alerted when it is available. The buttons offered are Read Only, Notify and Cancel. When I make the file available from my own webserver it works just fine, even with multiple simultaneous users. Anyone know what the ASP could be doing or is there a setting within IIS that could be causing this? Both webservers are IIS, I have control of mine and not the other. Thanks... Dennett---Have done some more investigations and what is happening is that a copy of the spreadsheet is being opened from the webserver into Excel (which creates a temporary version into an IE5 temp directory. Filename.xls All macros triggered by buttons etc on the worksheet work fine and when I check the macro assigned to the button it gives a reference such as 'Filename[1].xls!macroname' but every item on the toolbar has a macro reference of the form 'C:dirdirdirIE5tempdirFilename[1].xls!macroname'. It's prepending the path to the local copy of the file. When toolbar item is selected it tries to run the macro in the temp file instead of that loaded into memory. Since the temp file is marked read-only I get the sharing violation error. Any ideas why it's doing this and how to overcome in the VBA code for the toolbar creation. The .OnAction directive is being used in the vba to trigger the macros eg - .OnAction = "FaxMacro4" Can I programmatically refer to the macro in the .onaction so as to stop this occuring? Thanks ... Dennett

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Hi,here's a easy question for the most of you ;-). I add a Button in a Excelsheet. How to i connect this with a key shortcut? I tried to do it the same way as in VB (add a '&' ín the caption property) but it didn't work. can anyone help me pleasethanksakademos

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i am kinda new to VBA and was wondering how to write an IF statement for a command button. this is what i have:Private Sub GoButton_Click()If Workbooks("REDBManual").Sheets("Main Menu").Range(H9) = 1 ThenSheet2.ActivateEnd Subbut it is giving me this error: "Run-time error '9': Subscript out of range"any help would be appreciated. thanks a bunch.cj

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Hi, guysI need to store/upload several impornt excel data files to the website:www.ibackup.com each midnight. How could a VBA program input the username and passward on the website automatically without any prompt alerts? How could I upload the files at some set time? thanks for any help.

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Hey all. Here's an interesting one dealing with IE/Excel. I've completed an application I've been working on for a long time now for the most part and I'm having some final issues. What I have done is created an excel VBA program with a main menu that lets you access many different forms. On to the problem.I've put the files out onto our Intranet and they are going to be accessed via the Intranet homepage. My problem is this. When I click on the link to open up the main menu of the application I get my own msg box I created that says: "You have other Excel workbooks open. Please close all workbooks before trying to create a request.", vbInformation, "PHIS Request Forms". This doesn't happen when I run the main menu excel file locally from windows explorer. It runs just fine.The crazy thing is that when I put a break point on the workbook_open event so that I can see how it loads from the start, it doesn't go to the error message ever in the code. When it gets to the line "If Workbooks.Count <> 1 Then", workbooks.count does equal 1 and it goes to the Else statement and loads everything properly. Once it finishes loading everything out of nowhere that error message I created about other excel workbooks being open popped up. I'm fairly sure it has something to do with how IE opens an Excel file from default. The actual Excel application window doesn't show up until the very end which is not how the application runs if you were to run it by double clicking the file in let's say windows explorer. I'm also thinking that the frmMainMenu.show is giving it a little trouble too.Here's the code: Code:Private Sub Workbook_Open()On Error GoTo Err_Handler 'Changes the Caption from saying "Microsoft Excel" Application.Caption = "PHIS Request Forms" FindAppIcon 'Call Change Icon module functions 'Reset the caption for whether or not main menu loaded Sheet1.lblMainMenuLoaded.Caption = "" 'If there are other workbooks open, it will prompt the user to close them If Workbooks.Count <> 1 Then MsgBox "You have other Excel workbooks open. Please close all workbooks before trying to create a request.", vbInformation, "PHIS Request Forms" 'ActiveWindow.ActivateNext Sheet1.lblMainOrOther.Caption = "OtherForm" 'Stops message box in WindowDeactivate event from showing Workbooks("Access Request Form (Main Menu).xls").Close SaveChanges:=False Exit Sub 'If there aren't any other workbooks open, it opens the main menu Else ActiveSheet.ScrollArea = "A1:H40" 'Restricts the vertical scrolling Sheet1.lblMainOrOther.Caption = "Main" 'Tracks which form is being displayed to the user Sheet1.lblMainMenuLoaded.Caption = "Loaded" 'Tracks whether or not the main menu loaded Sheet1.lblMacros.Visible = False 'Gets rid of 'enable macros' error message Sheet1.Unprotect Worksheets("Sheet1").Cells(20, 7).ClearContents ActiveWorkbook.Protect Sheet1.Protect HideBars 'Calls function to remove menu bars SetProgramOptions False 'Calls function to remove gridlines, scroll bars, etc... ActiveDocument.Saved = True Application.WindowState = xlMaximized frmMainMenu.Show End IfErr_Handler: 'MsgBox Err.Number & Err.Description Resume NextEnd SubTo any that at least give an attempt at helpin me out on this one cheers!

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Guys (Girls?),I have found some code on this forum that works great to open a website from VBA, but since it does refer to Internet Explorer, I suppose it will not work if the user of my spreadsheet does have a different webbrowser on his/her computer than IE. Is there a universal way to open a website from within VBA with "the standard program associated with the .html file extention" or something?The code I am referring to is:Sub VisitWebsite()Dim ie As ObjectSet ie = CreateObject("INTERNETEXPLORER.APPLICATION")ie.NAVIGATE "http://websiteaddress"ie.Visible = TrueWhile ie.busyDoEventsWend End Sub

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I have code that I wrote in VBA for Access 2000 that files emails from Outlook. I know, I know.. I should use VB, not VBA... well I don't have a choice.I have tested the code on many workstations around the office, and it works fine... almostWhen I tested it on our new laptop I get a Type Mismatch error at the beginning of the code at Set olApp line:VB Code:Dim olApp As Outlook.ApplicationDim olNs As Outlook.NameSpaceSet olApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application") The references are the same everywhere I tested it (Outlook 9.0 Object Library is checked)...Can anyone think of reasons it works elsewhere, but not on this PC...?

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I'd like to code an array of buttons on an excel spreadsheet where I can reference the index number of the button in a shared subroutine Is that possible?

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I need to find some way to determine which cell a command button is "located" within so that the macro which it runs can perform its operations only on that row. Any ideas?

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When I switched to the Samsung Fascinate from a previous non-smart phone, I transferred all of my contacts from the phone over. I think in the setup somewhere I chose to convert my contacts to Google contacts. That was really confusing at first, because I didn't know what it did, and didn't even remember I had done that until recently. I'd like to get the contacts back to phone contacts (not Google contacts) for multiple reasons, which I won't bother listing for now. So, does anyone know how to UN-convert or re-convert Google contacts back into phone contacts? I really don't want to have to recreate all of the phone contacts, because I've got a LOT of them. I would remove my Google account from the phone, but I worry that would remove all of my contacts completely, which wouldn't help me.

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I have a JSON object that looks like this. { "Errors":{ "err1":[ //* Array of err1 objects [code].... PD: I'm currently using Newtonsoft's JSON.Net library. Public Sub New(ByVal jsonText As String) Dim jObject As JObject = jObject.Parse(jsonText ) Dim jErrors As JToken = jObject("Errors") Dim jS = New JsonSerializer() [code]....

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VB.Net code to convert chinese charactors to english using google API's in the below mentioned link. The link has sample in C# code but i am looking for vb.Net code. To use it with SSIS package. [URL]

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how to convert simple html to .net control [Code]....

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I have a textbox which I need to enter html code into (like < strong> or < em> for example).The trouble is this is causing an error writing this back to the database. A potentially dangerous Request.Form value was detected from the client (tbVOther="< strong>testIs there a way around this without turning off the request validation setting?

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What would be equivalent linQ query for: I am using linQ for get these data to silverlight so I cant use execute query in silverlight and have to go with LInQ. can someone point me for easier way to convert similar queries or any tips. [code]....

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data.MakeInParam( "@DOB",SqlDbType.DateTime,10,cust.DateOfBirth), im new to .net,  reponse grt intput for me to get in to it.

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I have  string in that format that I need to convert  to a date and the following did not work "Fri Dec 7 00:00:00 PST 2001" convert.todatetime() CDate() did not work. how would I convert this string to a date?

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I'm receiving this error in my Linq statement --- Cannot implicitly convert type 'System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable' to 'hcgames.ObjectClasses.ShoppingCart.ShoppingCartCartAddon'. An explicit conversion exists (are you missing a cast?) From this query ShoppingCartItems items = Cart.GetAllItems(); ShoppingCartCartAddons addons = Cart.GetAllAddons(); var stuff = from x in items select new ShoppingCartItem() { ProductID = x.ProductID, Quantity = x.Quantity, Name = x.Name, Price = x.Price, Weight = x.Weight, Addons = (from y in addons where y.ShoppingCartItemID == x.ID select y) };

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When using a simple gridview targeting .net 4.0 if i click the edit button twice it converts to BoundFields to textboxes, but in previous version of .net (3.5 and 2.0) nothing happens (eventhough msdn says it suppose to happen). Have anyone seen this issue? Code: <asp:GridView ID="GridView1"   AutoGenerateColumns="False" DataKeyNames="Id" runat="server" onrowediting="GridView1_RowEditing"> <Columns> <asp:BoundField DataField="Id" HeaderText="ID" Visible="False" /> <asp:BoundField DataField="FirstName" HeaderText="First Name" /> <asp:BoundField DataField="LastName" HeaderText="Last Name" /> <asp:TemplateField> <ItemTemplate> <asp:ImageButton ID="imageButton" AlternateText="Edit" CausesValidation="false" CommandName="Edit" runat="server" /> </ItemTemplate> </asp:TemplateField> </Columns> </asp:GridView> public partial class _Default : System.Web.UI.Page { public class Person { public string FirstName { get; set; } public string LastName { get; set; } [Code....]

Convert A WinForm To A WebForm In .NET? stackoverflow.com

I didn't think it was possible but I was just talking to a co-worker who said she had done it before. Is she pulling my chain?

JQuery Application Running From CD - Convert In A WinForm App stackoverflow.com

I've developed a very simple ASP.NET (jQuery) application. The RDBMS is MS Sql Server but I could easily convert it in MS Access. My client would like to have it available on a CD, ready to run. I was thinking to convert it in a WinForm app but, still, I have to install the framework on the client. Is there any other "possible" solution?

Localization :: Converting Existing Website To Multilingual Support? forums.asp.net

I have developed a asp.net website.Now what i want is that it should be multilingual.I don't want a page to be multilingual.I want the whole website to be multilinual.I used the Culture settings as System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture = new System.Globalization.CultureInfo("zh-HK"); System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture = new System.Globalization.CultureInfo("zh-HK"); This is the setting i used for the culture but my website didn;t got converted.I searched a lot on google but not able to find any solution.Also the resource files process a bit too hard Please let me know how i can achieve this.Using some free third party tool or some jquery or some javascript code or some asp.net implementations which i can complete quickly.

Web Forms :: Converting Latitude And Longitude Into X / Y Pixel Coordinates forums.asp.net

I've been struggling for the past couple of days to get this right.  I'm in the process of building something that takes a whole bunch of geographic points, builds a heat map from the data, then overlays it as a tile on Google Earth / Google Maps. A bit like this: [URL] I have all the heatmap functionality nailed using random xy points. The last part is doing the actual conversion to convert my real lat/lng pairs into x/y pixels to be rendered onto the heatmap image. Lets say I the image is 500px x 500px. I know the min and max values for the lat/lng points, so technically I need to divide the spread between the pixels to get a pixel value for each degree based on the top left pixel of the image (0,0). I've been through so many examples, but I just cant get them to work.  The last one I tried was this: [Code].... I feed data into my heatpoint function using these 2 functions above like this. Here's a set of 4 points: [Code].... The problem I get is that the result is the same for all the points - they all get plotted to exactly the same point. Now, the data is fairly localised, so I dont really need to take the curvature of the earth into consideration.

Convert List To Dataset Using C Sharp? stackoverflow.com

How to convert list to dataset using c sharp?

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Using C# & asp.net Textbox values are = "04/03/2010" Format: mm/dd/yyyy I want to convert the date like this 2010-03-04 instead of 04/03/2010 Format: yyyy-mm-dd how to make a code for converting this values....

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I have a field in a table that I declard as datetime, however when the date populates in my form I only want the Date to show, not the time.   I believe i have to use a Select Convert(Varchar(10), DateOfVideo, 101   statement, but not sure if this would go in the code behind page or in SQL?

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I have a datalist which querys the database and pulls the data ApplicantID, date, and testimonial into the datalist. I now want to get the username from the ApplicantID. Im using TLists to do this but on the line ApplicantDetails = JustClick.DAL.DataRepository.ApplicantProvider.GetByApplicantID(ApplicantID); im getting the error cannot implicitly convert type on datalist can anyone help as to why and how I can fix this cheers. The code im using is below  protected void testimonialsList_OnItemDataBound(object sender, EventArgs e)         {             TList<BLL.ApplicantTestimonials> Testimonials; [code].....

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I get an error A query parameter cannot be of type 'System.Object'. in line 16 (code below). How do i solve this. I need to pass null value to the stored procedure. According to MSDN [URL]en-us/library/bb361109.aspx If a parameter is null, it is converted to DBNull.Value.  1    protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) 2        { 3            GridView1.DataSource = Search(null, "asdf"); 4            GridView1.DataBind(); 5    6        } 7    8        public static List<Customer> Search(string fname,string lname) 9        { 10           ModelDataContext db = new ModelDataContext(); 11           object[] param = new object[2]; 12           param[0] = fname; 13           param[1] = lname; 14   15           string sql = "exec [dbo].[usp_TestSelect]  @FName = {0},  @LName = {1}  "; 16           IEnumerable<Customer> results = db.ExecuteQuery(typeof(Customer), sql, param).Cast<Customer>(); 17           return results.ToList<Customer>(); 18          19       }

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How I can convert a string to a json array. start code: The problem is that .css treats snip[1] as a string but I need it to handle it as a json array. Bad: .css Good: .css

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I have a simple form and need to convert it to XML so I can send it to my payment gateway. I have the XML data types (?) they are expecting, but do not have a clue of how to build the string.   

Create A Arraylist In Vba Which Is Somehow Like Vb/c#/java Arraylist www.excelforum.com

I need to create a arraylist in vba which is somehow like vb/c#/java arraylist... it mus be able to store... have dynamic size... do anyone know how to create it? i tried doing it... but it just don't work.

Converting Schedule Definition Into English? stackoverflow.com

Trying not to invent wheels :) and thus I am looking for a way to convert schedule(such as say crontab format) into readable English, much like Google Calendar has. Is there something(preferably written in PHP) that could do that?

Convert ##TITLE## To $title www.phpfreaks.com

Im half way through making an article manager for a new site im launching. If i type ##TITLE## into a text box, when i display the artcile, how do i turn the placeholder ##TITLE## into $title of the article. i looked at str_replace but i dont think thats what i need... i need something that searched through the text of a var and if it finds anything within ##*## to convert the * into the $var.

Convert String To Unique Numeric Value? stackoverflow.com

I needed a unique internal int to use that would represent several random content types that I couldn't hard code as class constants or config options. Yet I didn't want to refer to "2" when I could use the easier to follow term "post". So though up the a way to get a INT value from a string which seems to work fairly collision free for a couple items. Is there a way to do this in php rather than what I built? $strings = array('post', 'comment', 'blog', 'article', 'forum', 'news', 'page'); foreach( $strings as $string ) { print $string . ' = '; $string = str_split($string); $sum = 0; [Code].... I need a numeric index for storing in a database for fast look ups. i.e. to tell "posts" from "articles" or "news". Yet I don't know what those 1-8 types of content will be called so I can't hard code those as constants in the app. Therefore, the best thing I could figure would be to create a numeric version of each word (which means checking to make sure two words don't sum up to the same number). If this were for a system that would have more than 8 words then this method is doomed to failure do to the high probability of sum collisions. Also, if I had a choice in knowing what words would be used then this would also be terrible design as class constants would work much better.

Convert Numeric To Letter? stackoverflow.com

I'm programming an invoice script. I'm looking for a php script that convert number to letter. Exemple, the invoice show this value : 155€ The script put automatically: ONE HUNDRED FIFTY FIVE N.B: I find some script but i want one that support FRENCH letters.

Convert Date Month Numeric To String? stackoverflow.com

is there anyway to convert date month numeric to string. e.g. for 1 convert to January, 2 => February, etc i tried below <?php echo date('F', strtotime($member['dob_month'])); ?>

Vba Current Directory www.xtremevbtalk.com

I am trying to make access open a word document but I have to specify the absolute path to the file c:accessfile.doc all the files are in the access including the directory i try the curDir function but that always comes up as c:documents and settingsAdministratorMy Documents How could I combat this issue??--John

Converting Numbers To Written Amount Strings phpbuilder.com

I'm wondering if there are any existing tools to convert a number to a written amount, like you would see on a check. Here are some examples of what I would like to do. Convert 11 to 'eleven' Convert 348 to 'three hundred forty eight' Convert 1.25 to 'one and twenty five hundredths' The last one isn't as important. I don't necessarily need to support decimals. Is anyone aware of any PHP function, library, or anything else I can use to accomplish this easily. I'm sure I could come up with a custom solution, but it would be bulky and no reason to reinvent the wheel if I don't have to, right?

Can I Detect/abort Windows Shutdown With VBA? www.xtremevbtalk.com

I did a search here on xvb, and tried to hijack the most relevant thread. It's a pretty old thread, and I haven't heard back.I have a hidden Access application that monitors the software run on machines that are used by the public. It's launched by a visible "sign-in" Access app that closes at the end of the customer sign-in process, leaving the hidden app running. There is another process that authorized staff can run that shuts down both Access apps and the system. Occasionally a customer will think they need to shut down the system when they leave, and that causes an error. I want to catch that and abort the shutdown. I want to put the code in the hidden Access app (the one that causes the error when the user tries to shut down.)If I have to, I'll write a little program in vb to replace the hidden Access app and use the native vb that Squirm suggests in this thread. But I can't believe there isn't a way to get this to go in VBA (the API technique suggested by Chief Red Bull.) Incidentally, I want to detect and abort a Windows "log-off" process too, as it causes the same error.Any help?

Code To Link Website To Command Button www.vbforums.com

I am looking for the line of code to link a website to a command button in ms access, using vb. Thanks

Command Button Code forums.devshed.com

I am making an Access form with a list of reports. I want two command buttons, one that prints the selected report (from the list) and one that previews the selected report. My problem is that both command buttons are performing the same operation. I think I've made a mistake in my Private Subs. Here's what I have:Option Compare DatabaseOption ExplicitSub PrintReports(PrintMode As Integer)On Error GoTo Err_Preview_ClickDim strWhichReport As StringstrWhichReport = Forms![Report Menu]!ReportsList DoCmd.OpenReport strWhichReport, acViewNormalExit_Preview_Click: Exit SubErr_Preview_Click: Resume Exit_Preview_ClickEnd SubPrivate Sub Preview_Click() PrintReports acViewPreviewEnd SubPrivate Sub Print_Click() PrintReports acViewNormalEnd SubPrivate Sub Command94_Click() PrintReports acViewPreviewEnd SubPrivate Sub Command95_Click()PrintReports acViewNormalEnd SubPrivate Sub ReportsList_DblClick(Cancel As Integer) PrintReports acViewPreviewEnd SubThank you in advance.

Code For Next Command Button visualbasic.ittoolbox.com

helo, can anyone plz tell me the ful code for the NEXT command button to move from one form to another form..plz do reply soon,i've to submit this project soon

Code For Next Command Button visualbasic.ittoolbox.com

hi,i need to know ur front end.VB or ASP or javascript or vbscript or java.in vb,frmEmployee.show      ' Shows gthe next formthis.unload                   ' unloads the current formin asp or javascript,<input type="button" onCLick="window.location='next.htm';" value="next">or<input type="button" onCLick="window.navigate='next.asp';" value="next">with regards, email@removed email@removed wrotehelo,can anyone plz tell me the ful code for the NEXT command button to move from one form to another form..plz do reply soon,i've to submit this project soon

Command Button Code www.eggheadcafe.com

I am creating a form in which when I type a value of "Canter" in "Company" I can click a "Display" command button and under "RATE" and "RATE2" values which I have assigned can be displayed in their corresponding text boxes. This needs to be coded also for 3 other typed values same as Canter any help would be appreciated. I believe I need to write an If Then but I haven't been able to figure it out...Any help would be appreciatedThis is how the form is set upCompany, Rate and Rate2 are Lbls Text 1, 2, 3, company are Text Boxes Company Rate Rate2Text1: Text2: Text3:Company:(txtbox) "DISPLAY"

Command Button Won't Run It's Code www.codeguru.com

I am having a very strange problem that I can't figure out. One of my command buttons which was previously working fine has suddenly stopped working. It's not that the code isn't working; it's that the code isn't running at all. When I click on the button, nothing happens. I have proper error checking set up in the click event of the button, and still nothing. I put a dummy message box as the first line of code for the button, and it's not even popping up, so the button clearly isn't running its code. I tried creating a new button and copying and pasting the code into this button, but it won't run either. All my other buttons run fine.Does anyone know how this could be happening? I feel helpless to fix it since I can't debug it - there's no way to debug code that won't run in the first place!

Adding Code To Command Button www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi there...I have a newbie question about adding code to a command button....When I type in my code, I like to have the form load at the top (under option explicit and my other procedures below in some sort of logical order. I don't know if that's a strange preference.... well here's the question.When I double click a command button to add code, it always puts it on the top of the code window, whereas some of the others (like Text1_Change) drops the code twoards the bottom.Is there a way to change this behavior in VB6? It's really a small annoyance, but I do seem to catch myself hand typing cmdBlah_Click() or whatever it's named to keep it from ending up on top, but then I have to worry about mistyping it.Maybe a different approach altogether?Thanks for looking...Max.

Make Command Button From Code www.xtremevbtalk.com

Is it possible to make a command button (or another object) from code when no object is placed on the form in design time. I know this is possible when there is an array of the object (load cmdBtn(index), cmdBtn(index).show and position it with .left and .top). But, is it possible from scratch?

Placing A Command Button Using Code www.vbforums.com

HelloI would like to put a command button on all the forms that are there in my program (22 of them), and there click event will have the same code...is it possible to write some code and do it so that all 22 forms have that button...or do I have to do it manually...

Code For The Find Command Button www.vbforums.com

hello every1, am in the midst of a project and am having difficulty to write the code for the find button, mine is a data entry form and the user has to check sometimes whether a particular record has come before or not.. any help at the earliest would be appreciatedTIA,keyur..

How To: Press A Command Button By Code www.vbforums.com

something like:sub text1_keypress(keyascii as integer) if keyascii=48 then command0.press end ifend sub

Simple Command Button Code forums.aspfree.com

i have a command button on an excell sheet when i click on it i want it to open a word document can some offer me some advice on how to do. i am only a begginer and not sure of the language

Delete Command Button In Code forums.aspfree.com

Hi all,Can someone advise how to add to this code to delete the command button after the code runs??CHeers!!Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()>'CopyData1 Range("C10:C37"), "BASE MACHINE">CopyData1 Range("C45:C115"), "OPTIONS INCLUDED">End Sub>Private Sub CopyData1(rngC As Range, Target As String)>Application.ScreenUpdating = False>Dim rng As Range, cell As Range>Dim rng1 As Range, rng2 As Range>Dim rng3 As Range>Dim nrow As Long, rw As Long>Dim Sh As Worksheet>nrow = Application.CountIf(rngC, ">0")>If nrow = 0 Then Exit Sub>Set Sh = Worksheets("sheet1")>Set rng = Sh.Columns(1).Find(What:=Target, _>After:=Sh.Range("A1"), _>LookIn:=xlValues, _>LookAt:=xlPart, _>SearchOrder:=xlByRows, _>SearchDirection:=xlNext, _>MatchCase:=False)>If rng Is Nothing Then>MsgBox Target & " Not found">Exit Sub>End If>Set rng3 = rng>Worksheets("sheet1").Unprotect Password:="jenjen1">rng.Offset(3, 0).ClearContents>If Application.CountA(rng3) > 2 Then>Else>Set rng3 = rng.Offset(3, 0)>End If>rw = rng3.Row>rng3.Resize(nrow * 2, 1).EntireRow.Insert>For Each cell In rngC>If Not IsEmpty(cell) Then>If IsNumeric(cell) Then>If cell > 0 Then>Cells(cell.Row, 5).Copy>Sh.Cells(rw, "c").PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues>Cells(cell.Row, 2).Copy>Sh.Cells(rw, "B").PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues>rw = rw + 2>End If>End If>End If>Next>Worksheets("sheet1").Protect Password:="jenjen1">End Sub

How Would I Code In A Float Value For A Command Button www.vbcity.com

ok well i have a pionter address,with a value that i would normally use the dim jump as long dim jump1 as longcall readalong("game", &H896e28, jump)jump1 = jump + &H180Call writealong("game", jump1, &H2000) <<<<<<<<<<<<this works for another address,that i use but its not a floatthis however doesnt work cause its a floati tried call readafloat("game", &h896e28, jump)jump1 = jump + &H180 call writeafloat("game", jump1 , &H2000)plz help

Calling A Command Button Through Code... www.vbcity.com

Hi...I have written code in my textbox's "LostFocus" event to insert a predetermined text if the textbox is left blank. Now here is my problem. If I click a command button, then if the textbox is empty, it is filled with the predetermined text, but if I write code in the textbox's keypress event, to respond to pressing the "Enter" key (13), then the text box remains empty...Example:Code:Private Sub Command1_Click()If Text1.Text = "" Then   MsgBox "Please try again?"Else   MsgBox "Success!!!"End IfEnd SubPrivate Sub Text1_KeyPress(KeyAscii As Integer)If KeyAscii = 13 Then   Command1 = TrueElse   If KeyAscii <> 8 Then      If KeyAscii < Asc("0") Or KeyAscii > Asc("9") Then KeyAscii = 0   End IfEnd IfEnd SubPrivate Sub Text1_LostFocus()If Text1.Text = "" Then   Text1.Text = "C:"End IfEnd SubHow can I resolve this?Appreciate a nudge...Edited by - D-Race on 10/13/2005 12:27:18 AM

Putting A Picture In A Command Button Through Code www.vbforums.com

i can do it by jsut changing the prooperty but i need to do it through code. ive tried things to the effect of "Command1.Picture = App.Path & "001.jpg"" but it doesnt work, it says "object required".

VB Code For Command Button In Access 2000 forums.devshed.com

Hey there. I have a contact database that I'm making an Emloyee Skills section for. I'm a little lost as I'm not a very technical person. I have a document (I can upload somewhere or email to anyone willing to help) detailing what I'm trying to do, with screenshots of my form in question and another screen shot of the related tables/fields I'm working with.In a nutshell, I have a listbox on my mainform populated by a table called SlillsInventory - and next to that a subform titled EmployeeSkillsSubform which is populated by a table named EmployeeSkills. I'd like to be able to select a skills from the Skills Inventory listbox, click the arrow button and have that highlighted skill popluate the employee's record in the EmployeeSkill table.Can anyone provide any insight? Thanks in advance. - Kip

Improve Command Button Excel Code www.vbcity.com

I have an excel sheet with multiple command buttons that trigger color change on cell to green, yellow or red, based on a value. This is coupled with conditional formatting. For example, target cells for color change are E45:J45. Cells E44:J44 contain 6 command buttons. When each button is clicked the cells below respond according to value on range hybris. It starts with value of 0, then gets incremented by 1 with max value of 6. It is then eventually decremented by 1 until min value of 0. So when the command button is clicked each cell below is green if value is between 1-2, then yellow if 3-4, then red if 5-6. The command buttons when clicked takes a few seconds to update the colors, showing the hour glass icon. Please advise on how I can make the click event faster and also open to a better way of programming this process. Please review sample code below:Private Sub CommandButton15_Click()With Sheets("Product").Range("E44")    If .Interior.ColorIndex = 1 Then       .Interior.ColorIndex = xlNone        With WorksheetFunction             [Hybris] = .Max(0, .Min([Hybris] + 1, 6))        End With      Else          .Interior.ColorIndex = 1              With WorksheetFunction                 [HybrisZ] = .Max(0, .Min([HybrisZ] - 1, 6))              End With       Sheets("Product").Range("E46").Interior.ColorIndex = xlNone    End IfEnd WithEnd SubThank you

VB Code To Archive Data Via Command Button From One Table To Another forums.aspfree.com

I am reasonably new to writing VB Code managing uptil now to get by on wizards and queries. Please help: I am trying to programme an on click event from a command button to recognise when a record held within a table is ready for archiving. Unfortunately I cannot get it to do anything, any advice would be welcome before I take the long walk out of the window? Private Sub cmdArchive_Recs_Click()On Error GoTo trappingRoutine Dim db As Database Dim rs As Recordset Dim x As Variant Set db = OpenDatabase("I:WORDLWMBriefcaseDatabaseWIP.mdb") Set rs = db.OpenRecordset("select * from tblAction where [lblArchiveFlag]=-1") x = rs.RecordCount MsgBox (x) Exit Sub trappingRoutine: Call modLorisMods.inLineTrapper(err.Number, err.Description)eam. Lori:<

Write Code For Click Event Of Command Button On A Worksheet www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi folks,I have used VBA in a limited way in Excel only, and have no experience with userforms, command buttons or other UI functionality. I'm trying to create a worksheet with a command button. I want the command button to call a macro when clicked. I wrote a macro that creates a command button, places it on a worksheet, and gives it a caption. However, I can't figure out how to define the effect of the click event from within my macro. I can do this by hand in Excel (not VBA) by using the design mode of the control toolbox. But the code for the click event is attached to the worksheet, and I can't figure out how to write to that location from within my macro. I tried recording a macro to do this, but the recording doesn't capture creating the click event VBA code.Thanks in advance for your help and happy holidays,pwoodbury

Need Help: VB6 API Button Click Code Doesn't Work; VB.NET Code Does?! www.vbcity.com

I am baffled. My VB.NET code works, but my VB6 code does not. I need to know what is wrong with the VB6 code and why doesn't behave the same as the .NET code?VB6 Code:Code:' in a BAS modulePublic Declare Function SendMessage2 Lib "user32" Alias "SendMessageA" (ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal wMsg As Long, _    ByVal wParam As Long, lParam As Long) As LongPublic Const WM_LBUTTONDOWN = &H201Public Const WM_LBUTTONUP = &H202Public Const MK_LBUTTON = &H1‘in a ClassPublic Sub DoWindowAction(ByVal vlngHWND As Long)    Dim lngReturn As Long    lngReturn = SendMessage2(vlngHWND, WM_LBUTTONDOWN, MK_LBUTTON, 0)    lngReturn = SendMessage2(vlngHWND, WM_LBUTTONUP, 0, 0)    'lngReturn = SendMessage2(vlngHWND, BM_SETSTATE, 1, 0)End SubThe commented out line with the BM_SETSTATE gets me a little closer. But even with this in I need to set focus to the application that contains the button I am trying to click with vlngHWND and then move focus to another app. What is going on???VB.NET code:Code:Friend Class API    <DllImport("user32.dll")> _    Public Shared Function SendMessage(ByVal hwnd As IntPtr, ByVal wMsg As Integer, _        ByVal wParam As Integer, ByVal lParam As Integer) As Integer    End Function    Public Const WM_LBUTTONDOWN As Integer = &H201    Public Const WM_LBUTTONUP As Integer = &H202End Class'in a form    Private Sub ClickButton()            API.SendMessage(lngHWND, API.WM_LBUTTONDOWN, 1, 0)            API.SendMessage(lngHWND, API.WM_LBUTTONUP, 0, 0)    End SubThanks,Eric

Web Forms :: Use VB.net Code For Posting Transaction Info To Paypal Rather Then HTML Form Code? forums.asp.net

I want to create a "buy it now" paypal button and post transaction info to the paypal server using asp.net/vb.net code rather then the common HTML form code provided by paypal. I want the flexibility that VB.NET code gives me For example to create a paypal "buy it now" button where an item is added to the paypal cart and transaction info posted directly to the paypal server you use the following HTML code. The user clicks on the button and is automatically redirected to the paypal shopping basket where they can purchase the product. This adds the item name, the shipping costs, the type of currency ect for an item the customer wishes to purchase to the shopping cart. <form action=[URL]> <input type="hidden" name="cmd" value="_xclick"> <input type="hidden" name="business" value="sales@bargainsonsale.co.uk"> <input type="text" name="quantity" size="2" value="1" /> <input type="hidden" name="item_name" value="Casio watch"> <input type="hidden" name="item_number" value="1"> <input type="hidden" name="amount" value="10.00"> <input type="hidden" name="shipping" value="3.20" > <input type="hidden" name="no_note" value="1"> <input type="hidden" name="currency_code" value="GBP"> <input type="hidden" name="lc" value="GB"> <input type="hidden" name="bn" value="PP-BuyNowBF"> <input type="image" src=[URL] border="0" name="submit" alt="Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!"> <img alt="" border="0" src=[URL] width="1" height="1"> </form> How do I post transaction information and redirect the user to the paypal server/site using vb.net code instead. <input type="hidden" name="shipping" value="<%myvalue%>" > I know I can use the above code but I want the whole form to be created and posted using asp.net/vb.net code rather then HTML. Not just single variables. The form must utilize the same names ( Item_name, amount, currency_code etc). I know the answer is simple but I have not yet worked it out.

Web Forms :: Call A Code Behind Function Form Html Source Code? forums.asp.net

I want to call a function present in code behind from front page (html : source code) i want to use like this: Source code <a href='<%# linkAlpha("B").ToString()) %>' title="B" id="B_List" runat = "server">B</a> Code Behind protected string linkAlpha(string value) { //  /market-research/<%#Eval("customname")%>/ string str = ""; if (Request.Url.DnsSafeHost == "localhost") {         // /market-reports/<%# Eval("customname")%>/ str = "Alpha_Category.aspx?q=" + value.ToString().Trim(); // Response.Redirect("Alpha_Category.aspx?q=" + value.ToString().Trim()); } else { //    str = "/market-reports/" + value.ToString().Trim() + "/"; str = "/Alpha_Category.aspx?q=" + value.ToString().Trim(); } return str; }

Web Forms :: Inserting C # Code Within The HTML-code. Aspx? forums.asp.net

I can't write in english well, but I must try to have an answer for my problem.I have a problem that I have not found a solution, regarding the integration of C # code in the HTML code .aspxI want to do a loop on the <ajaxToolkit:TabPanel of <ajaxToolkit:TabContainer to have several tabs by a few existing data in a DB table. Here is a moceau of my code:  [Code].... This code gave me this error: Message d'erreur de l'analyseur: 'TabPanel_<%= idMagasin %>' n'est pas un identificateur valide.Translation: Message parser error: 'TabPanel_ <% = idMagasin%>' is not a valid identifier.I removed idmagasin like this: [Code].... System.ArgumentException: Une entrée avec la même clé existe déjà. Translation: System.ArgumentException: An entry with the same key already existsThe result is that I found a great problem to insert a C # code in the HTML code .aspx unlike others languages like PHP.

Web Forms :: Rendering HTML Code From Code Behind C#? forums.asp.net

I am using gridview to bind my data since GridView could not load more than 2000 records and also it takes long time to load the data. I decided to go with XSLT transformation. Here is the problem .... I am able to transform 6290 kb of data ( into a html table formated like grid view ) with in 5 seconds but to assign that HTML table back to the  innerHTML of a div tag is not responding... What is the best method to push large amount data(HTML Code) from c# into aspx web page? PS: I used DIV innerHtml and also Literal Control but both are very slow if the size of the table increases.

Web Forms :: Write A Html Code In The Code Behind? forums.asp.net

i want to nkow ik i can write a html code in the code behind if yes show me how?

C# - Invoking Server Code After Client Code For A Control INSIDE AJAX PANEL? stackoverflow.com

I've the Javascript code to do a confirmation before deletion of some records function confirmDelete() { if(confirm('Delete all?')) { return true; } else { return false; } } I've the button code here <asp:Button ID="btnDelete" runat="server" onClientClick="return confirmDelete();" onClick="btnDelete_click" /> If i've the button outside an update panel (basically i'm using RadAjaxPanel by Telerik) it is working fine. But when the button is inside an ajax panel, even if i click OK for deleting the records the server side code is not called.

Visual Studio :: Quick Way To Open All Code #Regions Up To Make Code Visible? forums.asp.net

I use the region code grouping method a lot. But when I Do a CTL FIND the search does not include the code with the closed regions. Is there a quick way to open all code #Regions up to make code visible?

Visual Studio :: Created A Class To Execute Dynamic Code But It Does Not Generate The New Code In The... forums.asp.net

I created a class to execute dynamic code. The problem is that it compiles correctly but does not generate the new code in the DLL.  I keep running the code and getting always the same output from my first compilation. let me know what am i doing wrong?! how can i make it a true dynamic code generator! Here is the code: Imports System Imports System.Text Imports System.Reflection Imports System.CodeDom.Compiler[code].....

Visual Studio :: Missing Code Browser For Pages With Code Not In A Separate File? forums.asp.net

I'm missing a the code browser when I create pages that have the code not placed in a seperate file. For pages with .asp.vb files I get the browser correctly. I think it's called a code browser but just in case it's not I mean the dropdown that shows Page Events, Buttons and other controls that can be selected along with their events. How do I turn on those dropdowns for pages with code behind that uses <script> tags in the actual .aspx page? Included (Showing page events just under the tab): Missing

DataSource Controls :: Can The Select Command Of A SqlDataSource Be Given By Code In The Code Behind... forums.asp.net

Can the select command of a SqlDataSource be given by code in the code behind file. Also by calling the SqlDataSource.Select can the select statement be executed?

Forms Data Controls :: Radio Buttons / Property To Code In VB Behind Code? forums.asp.net

I have a number of radio buttons on my page. When one is selected, I wish for certain controls to be made visible/invisible. Can anyone tell me the property to code in VB behind code?

Visual Studio :: Automatically Create The Asp Control Event Code In Code Behind.. forums.asp.net

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"> // <!CDATA[ function cmdSignOut_onclick() { / ]]> </script> instead, how do I get it to create the code behind?

Is That BASIC Coding Is Almost Same As VB Coding? www.eggheadcafe.com

Let say i want to print out the record eg:PERC$ , i key in 3 difference record, but it always come the last record (the previous 2 records didn't come out).So, how i going to save PERC$ as a transaction data nor paste the PERC$ from record when print out the record? Thank you for your opinion.