Configuration :: Can't Deploy Website From VS2005?


the account we use to copy/publish websites to our web server is not allowing us access to push websites. I've added this account to the permissions in the links listed in the below link, but i don't have success when trying to push remotely. When the account is in the local admins account, everything works flawlessly, but we are not allowed to have it in there. [URL] I've googled and searched a lot for this particular error, but am not finding an answer that We get this error, 'Unable to create the Web 'http://edea01/test/planning'. You are not authorized to perform the current operation', and the above link is the scenario that matches mine the most.I don't do develompment work, but am asked to figure out this connection problem. If anyone has any tips or tricks, I'd greatly appreciate it, I'm all ears!

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I've a site configured with SQL Server 2000, RS2000, ColdFusion, and IIS 6.0 and was delivered a prototype application written with VS2005. It wouldn't run until I upgraded the site to ASP.NET 2.0 and now I can't login to RS2000 to deploy a VS2005 developed report. It repeatedly prompts for my username/password. I am also having problems determining it the ASP.NET 2.0 installation is properly configured. Is it possible to deploy VS2005 reports to a RS2000 installation running ASP.NET 2.0 or am I wasting my time. I suspected as much when I started but the demonstation of the VS2005 website is a high-priority with my customer.

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� I have both vs2005 and vs2008 installed.��I'm working�with a ��.Net Compact Framework 3.5 Smart Device Project. � If�I refrence the System.Data.SqlClient.dll (Version 3.0.3600.0 Runtime v2.0.50727) C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server Compact Editionv3.5DevicesClientSystem.Data.SqlClient.dll � When I deploy the application I get an error ".Net Compact Framework v2.0 could not be found Please install it and run the setup again" � Studio is : Deploying 'C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual Studio 8SmartDevicesSDKSQL ServerClientv2.0wce500ARMV4isql.ppc.wce5.armv4i.CAB' � We tested this on a PC without vs2005 and it seems to work fine. � Any suggestions? � � jlj �

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Recently I have installed ajax extension in VS2005. I have a asp.net 2.0 website and I made necessary change in the web-config file for the ajax extension as described in AJAX video tutorial in this website. It works fine but when I deploy it to my server then it finds error in web-config file related to missing dll.

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I'm trying to deploy a project that I deployed yesterday just fine, but today I get the following error: � ------ Deploy started: Project: Point Reports, Configuration: Debug ------ Deploying to http://reporting.companyname.com/reportserver Deploying data source '/Data Sources/Srv24.FieldResponse2_1'. The permissions granted to user 'DOMAINharley.p.bartman' are insufficient for performing this operation. Deploy complete -- 1 errors, 0 warnings � This seems like a basic permission issue, except I'm not logged in as the user listed!� I've never logged into my computer as the user.� I did log in to the reporting services website yesterday as that user, but since have rebooted my machine and logged into bothe my computer and the reporting services website as me.� Yesterday this report deployed fine.� Today, this error message.� I've even tried creating a new project and just creating a simple datasource and deploying just that, but still this message!� Where is Visual Studio storing and reusing this user name during my deploy process???

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how can i access the Web Site Administration Tool from my website. in VS2005 i can go to the menu website and then to ASP.NET configuration. but how can i access this, when my site is published on a webserver?

Visual Studio :: Validation Of The Website Completed? forums.asp.net

One of them is a website and when I have to compile it, it lasts 3 minutes. I think the problem is in some operation that VS2005 do when is validating the website cos in the output screen stays 2 minutes or more in this line : VEH.HPARCIALES.Neg -> C:TS5GIAVEH v.1.0GIAVEH v.2.0HomologParcialesHomologParcialesVEH.HPARCIALES.NeginDebugVEH.HPARCIALES.Neg.dll ------ Build started: Project: http://localhost/HomologacionesParciales/, Configuration: Debug .NET ------ and then the "Validation of website completed" line appear and the project is launched in a normal time...So the question is What VS2005 do while validating the website?I have 20 references in the website bin folder I don't know if this could be one of the problems..

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I have a vs2005 web application project,I upgraded my machine from xp to Windows 7, the web application project not working in vs2005 anymore, does anybody know why windows 7 not support web application project for vs2005? if i upgrade vs2005 web application project to vs2008, will that work in windows 7? and after upgrade, will the original web application project still a web application project or it upgrade to website project?

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I am deploying SSIS packages using the deployment utility.� We are starting to use configuration files for storing connection information.� I have the configuration files in a directory on the server I am deploying the packages to, I want all new packages deployed to use these files.� When I deploy a new package it wants to overwrite the config files on the server with the ones in the package.� I have tried to remove the .dtsconfig file from the package deployment folder but then the package will not use the config files on the server.� How do you deploy a package and get it to use the .dtsconfig files that are already on the server?

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I have created a new website using vs2005, and with that included an App_Code directory. In the App_Code directory i have placed a simple class just trying to test out whether i got it right or not. It works locally, and code behind file "knows" of the class in App_Code. Howeve, when i deploy it via ftp to my hosting co., i get the type or namespace error. not sure what i am missing here, didnt know if code needed to be added to the web.config?

Configuration :: Web.config Error After Uploaded In Server? forums.asp.net

I am using vs2005 and sql server 2005, the problem is my website is running in my local pc but when i uploaded it into web server i got this error [URL]


Can't See Designer View In Asp.net 2005 social.msdn.microsoft.com

Hi All, I am using VS2005 Trial version, In my website project i can't able to see Designer View of all .aspx files but i can able to view code part. Earlier days i can able to see Designer page but now i can't do why? This problem occurs even new website project also. Can any one help me? Thanks in advance Regards Nat Raja

Visual Studio 2005 Crashes During Report Deployment social.msdn.microsoft.com

Has anybody ever had VS2005 sometimes crash when deploying reports?� It only happens once and awhile, but it is annoying.� I was hoping this would go away with service pack 1, but it didn't. Another problem that I thought would be fixed is when you try to close VS2005 after working on reports and it states "Cannot close because an active modal is active" occasionally. BJ

Website Is Working In IIS But Not In Browser? stackoverflow.com

I have deployed my asp.net 2.0 website on IIS, and I tested there by browsing website in IIS and it's working fine. But I am getting the below error while browsing the websiteConfiguration Error Description: An error occurred during the processing of a configuration file required to service this request. Please review the specific error details below and modify your configuration file appropriately. Parser Error Message: Unrecognized attribute 'xmlns'.Source Error: <?xml version="1.0"?> <configuration xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/.NetConfiguration/v2.0"> <configSections> <section name="loggingConfiguration" type="Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.Logging.Configuration.LoggingSettings, Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.Logging, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a"/> Previously when we used to create a website in IIS, it worked fine. I have checked the website folder in IIS [ By clicking Property > ASP.NET] and the framwework tageted there is 1.1, and it is in read only mode. If the problem is related to this issue than please let me know how to change it.

Visual Studio :: File System Website Not Being Loaded In IE? forums.asp.net

I have been developing my website using vs2005 and it seemed be working fine for sometime. Today when i tried to run the website via vs2005 for debugging, IE is stating that Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage etc.. this is the url http://localhost:1436/SSPWEB/Welcome.aspx

Configuration :: Deploy Website On Other Machine? forums.asp.net

I had created a data driven website with back end as Mysql and i want to deploy on the client machine. Is it really necessary to create a Web Application to deploy instead of website? And if it does how to add the current web site to a new web application ? How to configure the website/web application ready to deploy ? TO deploy on the client side , including all major and minor settings including prerequisites?

Website Project On File System Not Runing In VS2005.[while Of Http It Is Working.Web Appl? forums.asp.net

I have Vs2005 with Sp1 and VS2008 install on my system.My problem is that Asp.net website project on file system not runing in VS2005.[while of http it is working] Web application project works on both case http as well as Filesystem,I simly get the "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" error on borwser,I doesn't have this issue in VS2008.In Vs2008 every type of website/webapplication works fine.

Visual Studio :: No More "Run Custom Tool" For Reports In 2008? forums.asp.net

At my old job, i had a report server that was very stable. I was using VS2005, and when i added a crystal report to the website, there was a vb file generated for the report. At my current job, i am using VS2008, and the VB file is no longer generated for the report, and there is no "Run Custom Tool" command when you right click on the report in the solution explorer.I would really just like to test the reports where i can declare the report as a variable and launch the report like i used to, but now i seem to be forced to use the ReportSource control along with the ReportViewer control....and the results are sporadic at best. I get very random "report source invalid", "load report failed", and other undescriptive errors. this is unsatisfactory for these .Is there a configuration thing I am missing, or will I need to go back to VS2005, re-add all the files to a VS2005 project, and start all over, just in order to test and see if maybe it's the reportsource control causing all of my current problems?

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I am new to web development, and have this error come up when attemtpting to deploy my website application to the server. Here is the error: Configuration Error Description: An error occurred during the processing of a configuration file required to service this request. [Code]....

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� How can deploy Reporting Service 2005 runtime with VisualStudio 2005? The reason here goes... I have completed my project in VS2005. Now�I am trying to make package. But here, i do not know how to deploy Reporting Service (My Report files)�to Customer's Server with Setup or any other runtime solution. thanks � any replay will be appreciated. � � �

Web Forms :: Not Able To Run The Website From Visual Studio 2008? forums.asp.net

what would i have done wrong in IIS setting because of which when i make website with VS 2008 and try browse then say "Internet can't display web Page".If i try to make webapplication and run then it works fine.I have vs2005 also on my machine....and with that all works fine...its just the "website" with VS2008 , i am not able to run...

Web Forms :: Deleted SQLEXPRESS Instance By Mistake / What To Do Now? forums.asp.net

i deleted the SQLEXPRESS instance by mistake and i am working on my website using VS2005, now the problem is i cannot create database webpages locally cuz there is no SQLEXPRESS on my machine i know SQLEXPRESS comes with VS2005, i tried installing add-on component from VS2005 cd but at the end of the installation i got this msg: The following component failed to install: SQL EXPRESS 2005 x86 i even tried uninstalling full vs2005 from my machine and uninstalled everything related to SQL server from my maching and tried re-installing VS2005 along with the addon component SQLEXPRESS but now only VS2005 is getting installed and every time in the end i get this msg: The following component failed to install: SQL EXPRESS 2005 x86 now what to do ? i cannot create database related pages locally and test them locally ? what to do now ??

Security :: Can't Get Into .NET Configuration? forums.asp.net

This is driving me NUTS!I posted ages ago that I can't get into the ASP.NET configuration (in VS2008, I click Windows > ASP.NET Configuration and nothing happens).The only way I found to fix this is to completely re-install Visual Studio.It then works a couple of times (I can get in to ASP.NET configuration) and then stops and I can't get in again.I gave up and have only been working on non-login websites since. But now I really need to add some users to my site. But I can't keep re-installing Visual Studio.

Connecting To SQL Mobile Within VS-2005 social.msdn.microsoft.com

I am getting an error when I run my project within VS2005.� I am trying to connect to a SQL Mobile (sdf) file thru code using a connection string.� As soon as run my project within the VS2005 environment, I get the following error when the code tries to connect: "The file is not a valid database file. An internal error has occurred. [,,,Databasename,,]" The source of the error is: Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Windows CE Edition Native Error of: 25011 I am am deploying to POcket PC 2003 SE Emulator. This code worked fine in VS2003 with SQLCE 2.0.� But I have now updated the projects to VS2005 and recreated the database sdf file within the VS2005 environment. Could someone please help me ASAP? Thanks.

IDE :: Auto-hide Toolstrip? social.msdn.microsoft.com

I am trying to create a beautifull program interface using VS2005.I plan to create autohide toolstrip, but i can't fing how.

Deploying SSIS Packages social.msdn.microsoft.com

� Hi � I am fairly new to SSIS and I have a number of questions concerning deploying SSIS packages and Configuration Files � The SSIS packages will be deployed to three environments (DEV,�TEST,PROD - this is a clustered environment)� and will be executed by SQL Server Agent Jobs. There will be a�need for different configuration values for each environment�(file import directory,�database server connectivity)�, the configurations will be reused by mulitple packages. � I have decided to deploy the packages and configuration files to a file directory in the format � <<DRIVE LETTER>>SSIS PackagesPackages <<DRIVE LETTER>>SSIS PackagesConfiguration Files � The questions are: � 1) I storing the packages/config files to a file directory the best approach, or should I be deploying the packages to SQL or file ( C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server 90DTSPackages) � 2) Is it best to have different configuration files for each environment (dDBConn_DEV.dtsconfig, dDBConn_TEST) or have the same config file and then change the values during deployment (via scripts). � 3) What is the best way to deploy the packages and config files to the different environments�(rather do it via scripts than the deployment utility) � 4) Where is the best place to store the config files (I have one VS 2005 project per package, the confi files are used by multiple packages), TFS is our source control software� � 5) Does any one know of a good website to look at for best practice when deploying packages and config files � Regards � Tim � �

The Default Parameters Can Not Be Showed Normally? social.msdn.microsoft.com

I changed the default parameters before deploying to website but website always display the old value of parameter any idea about this? thanks

Configuration :: Web.config Deploy Time Configuration Error Assemblies forums.asp.net

I built my ASP.NET website using vs2008 professional. Now I have purchased vs2010 professional edition. I do format my computer and then installed vs2010. Now I want to deploy my website in vs2010, but it is giving configuration error in <add assemblies... Configuration Error Description: An error occurred during the processing of a configuration file required to service this request. Please review the specific error details below and modify your configuration file appropriately. Parser Error Message: Could not load file or assembly 'System.Core, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089'

.net - How To Maintain Web.config Files stackoverflow.com

I'm interested to know how others maintain their web.config files for deployed applications. (assuming no automated deployment mechanism - that is out of the scope of this question)So during development, some developers might make use of web.config transformations, build/publish their projects (debug/release, test/live configurations), then deploy all published artifacts to a web server and set up IIS. Some developers might build/publish their projects, deploy published artifacts to a web server, set up IIS, then manually update the web.configs for the specific environment (test/live, etc) they are deploying into

Deploy .net 4.0 Web Application On IIS6? stackoverflow.com

I've recently upgraded VS 2008 to VS 2010. On our server we have IIS6 installed and we can not change that in near future. Even though we will develop new applications to be deployed on IIS7 but if situation demands we may need to develop an application using .net 4.0 and to be deployed on IIS6, then in this case I wanted to know whether IIS6 supports .net 4.0 application or not? If I can deploy, then do I need to take care of any configuration or any other setting I should change before deploying it?

Trouble With DataSource And Sharepoint Integration social.msdn.microsoft.com

I have setup Sharepoint Integration and built a report that connects to a SSAS cube to present data.� The report was build in VS2005 before I installed SQL SP2 and the Sharepoint Add-in.� I am able to upload the report (rdl) and the datasource (rds) , but when I try to view the report I get the following error. The report server cannot process the report. The data source connection information has been deleted. (rsInvalidDataSourceReference). The report and the datasource are in the same folder in a document library.� When I try to deploy the reports using VS2005 I get a reporting services prompt when the deploy starts.� Tried a couple of account to no avail.� One thing that I noticed is that the datasource icon is a blank page vs the icon I see in the IDE, but the report has the report icon in the document library. Thanks for any help.

Visual Studio :: Development Server In 2008 Pro.WRONG PORTS? forums.asp.net

When I try to load my local website in browser I get different ports in my Internet Explorer than in my asp.net development server and it looks like this:Diference between ports is always 3...If I try the same ports(fixed) then I get error message in Visual Studio 2008 "Unable to connect to asp.net deelopment serer...bla bla..HOw to fix this????????I have installed VS2005 parallel with 2008 but VS2005 works without that problems...

Service Pack For SSRS Visual Studio Module? social.msdn.microsoft.com

I had to reinstall SQL2005 BIDS in order to regain support for .rptproj files after I uninstalled VS2005 and installed VS2008.� I did not know VS08 did not support SSRS and SSIS projects.� The SQL Server 2005 SP2 does not seem to update the VS plugins for these projects, so I re-ran the VS2005 SP1, figuring it might update BIDS. � Are there any other updates to BIDS?� I didn't see mention of any on the MS website.

SSRS 2000 Deploying Report social.msdn.microsoft.com

windows 2003 SP2 with AD, IIS with SSL, SQL 2000 SP4, RS SP2. I am trying to deploy a report from visual studio .net 2003.� Error message: not able to connect to https://servername/reportserver I can access the reporting website on IE https://webserver/reportserver, and I can up load reports with site interface, but can't use designer 2003 to deploy. any suggestions? Thanks, Jaime B.

.net Application Installation? forums.asp.net

ive developed a simple application in c# to test publishing through my .net website; it created some files: favicon.ico.deploy MicroC.exe.config.deploy MicroC.exe.deploy MicroC.exe.manifest what should i start download on the website side to allow a user to install the application?

Getting Started With Sql Server 2005....Create Database forums.asp.net

Hi all I'm a newbie with Visual studio 2005 .Recently i installed it ,AFAIK sqlServer 2005 also is shiped with vs2005.after installing vs2005 i have the following entries in my StartMenu/All Programms/ 1) Microsoft Sql Server 2005 Configuration Tools sql Server Configuration Manager Sql Server Error and usage Reporting SQL Server Surface Area Configuration 2) Microsoft Visual studio 2005 ..... ........ Apparently there isn't any ENTERPRISE MANAGER and query analyzer.? By the way in Visual studio IDE i noticed "Server Explorer" nexed to "Solution Explorer" but i didn't find any Database entry or "Create New Database" or some thing like this.!!! Could any one help me.? i want to Create Database, Tables,.... Thanks in advance. Regards.

Problem With Configuration Files And Deploying social.msdn.microsoft.com

I am hoping someone with more experiencing deploying packages from dev to other environments can help me out here.� When developing in BIDS everything works fine.� When I deploy I want to use a configuration file.� This does seem to work fine by specifying the configuration file on the DTEXEC command.� However, if it is specified incorrectly the package STILL executes using the information it was created with.� I am attempting to control things like connection strings and passwords via configuration files so that I can take the same package and deploy to different locations and have it run against different sources and destinations.� What�I am afraid of is that things could easily get screwed up if the configuration file gets moved or renamed, or if the dba that is scheduling the job (outside of sql agent using a different job scheduler on a machine that only has the SSIS service) messes up typing the config file name.� Shouldn't it fail if you specify an invalid parameter.� Isn't there a way to make it do that?�� Any help or insight is appreciated.� BTW I have used environment variables as well and the issue is the same.� If it cannot locate it, it still will execute.

How Do I Deploy Vb Application On Intranet www.vbforums.com

I wrote a visual basic application and would like to deploy it on the intranet website. I made a link on the website and let it point to the file "setup.exe",but the problem is that when user downloaded setup.exe from the website and try to install by double clicking on it. --it shows "can't find setup.lst"can anyone tell me how to make that correct?

Change Default Zoom Setting For Reports Viewed On Report Manager Web Site social.msdn.microsoft.com

I've tried changing the default zoom setting by editing the RSReportServer.config file to include <Configuration> <DeviceInfo> <Zoom>Page Width</Zoom> </DeviceInfo> </Configuration> under the <Render> <Extension Name = "HTML4.0" etc. However, all reports still show up with the zoom setting at 100% on the toolbar. I stop and restart the Report Server Service and it comes up OK so I know my XML syntax is cool. What am I doing wrong? � This is on a 2005 Report Server. Reports are built in VS2005 Report Designer and deployed to the Report Server directly. Reports are accessed via IE7 browser.

Configuration :: Deployment Of ASP 2.0 Website On Windows Server 2003 forums.asp.net

I have developed a website in ASP.NET and deployed on IIS 6.0 server on windows Server 2003.I used asp.net 2.0,SQL server 2005,AJAX and javascript .It is working.The problem I have that this website is slow. How did I deployed website on IIS? I went to Build-->Publish Web Site and it then created a folder with all pages, I simply copied that folder on webserver and put path in IIS. Is that a correct way to deploy aps.net webite or not? let me know is any other best way to deploy website that can make my website faster.

SQL Reporting :: Dynamic Data Source For The Reports That Are Deployed Inside The Report Server? forums.asp.net

We used reporting services to design our reports and deployed them in the report server.We used a shared data source for those reports.Then we used the ReportViewer control to display those reports on our asp.net website.So we didn't placed the reports inside our website ,we deployed them in the Reporting services and we passed the report name and ReportServer path to the ReportViewer control to display each report.The problem is that we have staging and production data base,and we need to be able to dynamically change the reports to use one of these databases.We can't find how we can pass a dynamic data source/connection string to the reports that are being deployed inside the report server.I can use dynamic data source if i placed the reports in my asp.net website, but i have to keep them inside the report server(for many reasons).

Can ASP.net 2.0 Be Connected With SQL Server 2000? forums.asp.net

using  vs2005 to build  web pages of asp.net 2.0, The database is SQL  Server 2000,.But I always fail to connect. using the following  configuration in web.config: <appSettings>   <add key="DSN_student" value="server=(local);uid=admin;pwd=123456;database=network_course"/>    </appSettings> I also failed to connect using  the following configuration in web.config: <add name="network_courseConnectionString1" connectionString="Data Source=(local);Initial Catalog=network_course;User ID=admin;Password=123456;"    providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" /> I am a beginner from  China  and eager to get answers! Thank you!  

Error When Deploying A Report social.msdn.microsoft.com

I hope someone can help.� I'm new to reporting services 2005, and I'm currently going through Microsoft's tutorial. � I can build a report no problem.� But when it comes to deploying the report to a web page, the following message appears: � ------ Build started: Project: Reporting Services Tutorial, Configuration: Production ------ Build complete -- 0 errors, 0 warnings ------ Deploy started: Project: Reporting Services Tutorial, Configuration: Production ------ Deploying to http://localhost/reportserver Error� : Response is not well-formed XML. Deploy complete -- 1 errors, 0 warnings ========== Build: 1 succeeded or up-to-date, 0 failed, 0 skipped ========== ========== Deploy: 0 succeeded, 1 failed, 0 skipped ========== � This "reponse is not well-formed XML" error also occurs when I try to expand any of the folders from a "reporting services" server type�in management studio. � Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! � Cheers � Richard Powell �

Installation :: What's The Common Steps To Enable Web Development With VS2005 And Local IIS forums.asp.net

I have VS2005 installed on my 32bit Windows Vista Enterprise Edition. When i try to open my local IIS7 asp.net applications, the VS tells me that were server error occured during the attempt to open application (website) for editing and debugging and website development layout doesnt appear in VS. What the error and what i must do for start developing web sites with my local IIS7 and VS2005. All required service packs for my VS2005 i got installed. When i creating applications on "file system", not on the "local IIS" - applications works through VS development server instance ok.

ASP.NET Configuration With VWD 2005 Express Ed. forums.asp.net

I am deploying a new website (hosted at Godaddy.com) and want to take advantage of some of the power VWD 5005 offers.  Specificaly the 'ASP.NET Configuration' under the 'Website' menu item.  How do I go about using the ASP.NET Configuration on a site that is hosted? Is it possible? I want to be able to add new rolls, create some users manually and set permissions on directories.  If I cant use ASP.NET Configuration how do i go about this task in a hosted environment.  My host is GoDaddy.com   Thank you,    

MVC :: Error While Running Multiple Versions In Iis 6.0? forums.asp.net

I have developed a MVC web application in both 3.5 and 4.0 versions.I have deployed both applications in IIS6.0 and configured proper asp.net versions in IIS for each website.But after deploying , the 4.0 application is working and 3.5 application is throwing error as "The website declined to show this webpage".I have even used different application pools for the websites. how to do parellel execution of both the versions.

Configuration :: Debug The Website Always On A The Same Port Number On Local Machine In VS forums.asp.net

I am developing a website in ASP.NET. I wanted to know how can I give a static path to my website on my local mahcine such that it will always be deployed on port number. For eg: in php, the path can always be http://localhost/websitename but in ASP.NET, whenever, I debug the website for testing, it is always deployed to a new port number. This prevents me from testing my script which can only be given a static name in Greasemonkey.

Security :: Membership Working In Local DB But Not In The DB From Hosting Company Server forums.asp.net

I'm using membership that created by asp.net configuration when you create users with roles when you create a user for your website using asp.net configuration in Visual Studio After uploading my project and creating the Database, I can't login using the users that i have created, i'm 100% sure im using the right username and password but still can't login but they are working 100% in my local DB after few search in google i found the solution is to execute the following command: [Code]....

Security :: Development Time Can Managment Roles And Users By Clicking? forums.asp.net

in development time i can managment roles and users by clicking from main menu website -- > ASP.Net Configuration but how to do that after deploy ??

Configuration :: The Permissions Granted To User 'XXXX'are Insufficient? forums.asp.net

i am able to deploy the SRS Reports locally without any issue. but the probelm when i try to access in the website its gives the error as "The permissions granted to user 'XXXASPNET' are insufficient for performing this operation. (rsAccessDenied)"So Please any one of you let me know what needs to be done in the configuration setting for the problem to get resolved.

WCF / ASMX :: Service Over Https Returning Error forums.asp.net

I am trying to deploy a wcf service. I have created a simple service, basically I have created a new wcf service and tried to deploy it however I get this error The type 'WCF_Application.Service1', provided as the Service attribute value in the ServiceHost directive, or provided in the configuration element system.serviceModel/serviceHostingEnvironment/serviceActivations could not be found. I am trying to deploy my service to a subdomain like https://services.mydomain.com/business My config looks like this [Code]....

Configuration :: Not Able To Acess The Website Though Different Domain But Is Acessible Though Other? forums.asp.net

actually I have deployed the website .and some user is able to acess the same site from one location but some user is not able to acess the same site from other location .there is time out problem users get access and after some time there is time out ,but it is working fine in other locationsall the system configuration setting is the same .

Server :: Protect Webpage Directories With Passwords? www.linuxquestions.org

To Protect Web Page Directories With Passwords i have done the below configuration but the problem is when i click the linux it is not asking username and password, Created new account for logging into web interface: htpasswd -c /etc/httpd/conf/.htpasswd travelkarega Created a file name .htaccess in /opt/apps/deploy/websites/travelkarega/html/ vi .htaccess AuthUserFile /etc/httpd/conf/.htpasswd AuthName "Please enter password" AuthType Basic <Limit GET POST> require user travelkarega </Limit> Added these above entries in the file .htaccess

SQL Server :: Deploying A Database On A MS Server? forums.asp.net

I have a question regarding deploying a database on a MS SQL Server. I am planing to build a website using ASP.NET technology. I want to implement some administration functionality for the website such as updating images, changing logo, update text information on the website. I am going to build a database that I should deploy on a MS SQL Server. As I understand if I want to keep a database on a MS SQL Server I should pay for it.

Server :: Configure Apache On Server? www.linuxquestions.org

I need to deploy a dedicated Apache on Linux server which will host drupal based website. to serve around 5000 simultaneous requests. I need suggestions from experts on Hardware and Apache configuration, load balancing and clustering etc.

MVC :: Need To Copy The Whole Solution Directory To The 'virtual Folder' Equivalent Location? forums.asp.net

I am going to deploy my MVC 2 website, do I need to copy the whole solution directory to the 'virtual folder' equivalent location?

SQL Reporting :: Report Not Updated After Deploying? forums.asp.net

I have run into a problem with deploying SQL Server reports, this happens occasionally, what happens is when deploying a new version of an existing report (rdl file) sometimes the report doesn't seem to get updated, if I run the report afterwards it still shows the old version, I will have to delete the existing report first then deploy again. This problem makes me uneasy about whether we have the latest report after deploying (we are live), and we have about 100 reports we can't delete everyone of them before deploying. Do I need to restart the report service before/after deploying?

.net - Deploy Asp.net Project In IIS? stackoverflow.com

I have windows 2003 server , and a asp.net project developed in VS2008 developer edition how to deploy this website in the server?

Visual Studio :: Convert VS2005 Website To VS2008 Website? forums.asp.net

I want to convert my ASP.NET project from VS2005 to VS2008. My goal is to have the new VS2008 project while keeping the VS2005 project in tact. Simply opening the VS2005 project in VS2008 and having the conversion take place is not an option. I want to copy the VS2005 folder to another folder, then open that new folder in VS2008 and proceed with the conversion.

Windows Mobile 5 Connecting To SQL Server 2005 social.msdn.microsoft.com

Can't get winmobile 5 to connect to my sql server 2005 (using vs2005).�� Here's the connect string: "Data Source=tcp:XXXXXXdefault,1433;Database=YYYYYY;" _ & "Integrated Security=SSPI;" This very same string, and variations of it, work in a vs2005 winforms app, but not a windows mobile 5.��I'm (obviously) using system.data.sqlclient.� MS documentation says it's supported on both platforms with no syntax changes.� Any suggestions? �

Membership Provider Deployment? stackoverflow.com

I am trying to deploy a asp.net mvc site. My hosting service provider provides me dsn database connection for my sql server 2008 database. I changed my web.config to use dsn connection using this modification in web.config. <appSettings> <add key="myDSN" value="evdsn"/> </appSettings> In my site I have used asp.net membership provider. I have all the tables of membership provider in my own database. when I deploy the site I get the following error: My web.config file is as follows <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!-- Note: As an alternative to hand editing this file you can use the web admin tool to configure settings for your application. Use the Website->Asp.Net Configuration option in Visual Studio. A full list of settings and comments can be found in machine.config.comments usually located in WindowsMicrosoft.NetFrameworkv2.xConfig --> <configuration> [code]....

Deploy Wifi Mobile Configuration File? discussions.apple.com

I need to deploy a wifi configuration file to iPad's. The iphone configuration tool is a perfect software to do so and I was able to create a .mobilconfig file that suits my needs. And now the problem: The files can only be deployed on the iPad's via downloading from a website or by receiving them via mail. But: I do not have a internet connection since this is the thing that I acutally want to create with the profil. Any creative ideas? Or maybe something that I'm totally missing out on? Or maybe no chance at all? (although not hoping for this) Information: iPad 3G/WiFi Other OS

Remote Connection To SQl Server Express Via ADO forums.asp.net

Dear All, I have TWO PCs, one of them  having SQL Server 2005 Express i get sure the TCP is enables , Active,  Remote conneciton is enabled via TCP only from VS2005 (C#) i can  add new sqlconnection contorl and  configure it with any of the installed DBs but when i got to the Other PC with VS2005 as well, i can't  configure it all i can do is to see the server inthe  server list.. but NO databases are retieved at all in the Select database drop down menu   any  solution or suggestion 

How To Create CLR Based Stored Procedures social.msdn.microsoft.com

I need to create CLR Based Stored Procedures�using VS2005 Standard Edition�in Sql Server 2005 Standard Edition. Unfortunately, when I create a new project in VS2005. I can not find the template to create a Sql server project using C#. I re-install sql server and Vs2005, the problem still there. Does Vs2005 standard edition support create sql server project? Thanks a lot.

SQLEXPRESS And Vista social.msdn.microsoft.com

When I installed VS2005, a copy of SQLEXPRESS was also installed. It appears that it was installed using WIndows Authentication. It doesn't show up in Programs and Features or the VS2005 Setup so I can't remove it and install it using a userid and password. Is there a default userID and password that it was installed with?

Visual Studio :: How To Make My Application Work In The Server 1 Which Is Office 2000 Installed forums.asp.net

I have created an application in VS2005 with Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.dll version 11.0.5530.0 to read and write Word documents. My Local PC is having Office 2003 installed and my server (server1) is Office 2000 installed.When I run the application locally, its working fine but not in the server. And also not getting any kind of error. I have tested in another server (server2) which is Office 2003 installed and its working fine when deployed.how to make my application work in the server 1 which is office 2000 installed?

Web Forms :: Protect Code In Vs 2005 C# Files? forums.asp.net

i am going to deploy my application on another hosting server for security purpose i want to protect my code in c# files , is there any way to protect ur code without harming performance of application ,please help me,i am using c# ,vs2005,sqlserver2000 as databse

Installation :: Service Pack On Develop Machine - What To Install On Server forums.asp.net

If I install visual studio 2005 service pack 1 on my local develop machine (I already have vs2005 but without servicepack) Do i need to install anything on the server that I will deploy the webpages on ? (.net framework 2.0 already installed on server) I know that if i install .net framework 3.5 I also need to install 3.5 on the server but what about all these service packs?

Dynamic Connection String For Oracle social.msdn.microsoft.com

i have successfully implemented a dynamic connection string based on a dropdown list of environments (dev, test, prod).� it works well during testing in the vs2005 ide; but once i deploy it to the rs server, it complains that the credentials are not stored in the rs server database and won't run the report. � as in most large organizations, the developers do not have control over the rs server, so i cannot manipulate rs config or web config files on the server side; so, how do i get past this obstacle? � thanks in advance �

SQL Server 2005 Express And SQL Server 2005 Developer social.msdn.microsoft.com

I am new to sql in the new .net framework and recently purchased VS2005 Pro which has the Sql Developer 2005.� Can I use both these together on the same box, and still create and deploy express database applications while benefiting from learning the sql developer 2005 edition? � �

Permissions Needed To Deploy A Report Model social.msdn.microsoft.com

What permissions do I need on my SSRS server to deploy from VS2005.� Currently I get the following error when I try to deply: � The permissions granted to user 'ReportServerNameUser' are insufficient for performing this operation. � I figure it is something simple that I am missing.� � Thanks in advance! � Ustes

Desktop Shortcut For Click Once Deployed Application? stackoverflow.com

I would like to create a desktop shortcut for my clickonce deployed application.The IDE is VS2005 and there is no need for upgrading to 2008 yet.

Keyset Does Not Exist social.msdn.microsoft.com

I get this error when trying to deploy a report from VS2005, when trying to get to the report manager page, when trying to do anything in SSMS with the report server. Keyset does not exist (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80090016) (rsRPCError) (Microsoft.ReportingServices.Diagnostics) Can anyone give me a clue what to do?