Combo Box In A Data Grid!


Hi everyone,I am having this problem, I have a DataGrid control but one of its row needs to have a combo box that gets its data from a table. Can anybody help me solve this one, I really don't know what to do with it. Thanks in Advance..Joel.BTW I am using VB6.

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--HI guys i want to add a combo box to my data grid in vb6.0 so that user canselect a value and that get saved in database in accessThanks in Advance

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On a form, I have a combo box and a data grid.Based on user's select in the combo box, data grid displays certain data which is supplied by stored procedure.ComboBox On_LostFocus() dataGrid.dataSource = rsStoredProcend ComboBoxSubThats how my dataGrid gets it data. I have set the AllowUpdates, AllowInsert, AllowDelete properties of the dataGrid to TRUE. But still there is no additional row on the dataGrid for the user to add data, neither can the user edit or delete.What is wrong here. Please suggest.thank you in advance!Ankeet

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I use several controls with combo boxes and data grids, which I fill using a HTTPService which returns some XML. However in the XML there are some telephone numbers starting with a plus sign (ie. +123456). However in the combo boxes and the data grids the plus sign doesn't show (so it would display as 12345646). It doesn't matter if I use CDATA or not. When I change the value I saw the following: [Code]...

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Hi! Am new to VB and would like to know how to add items to the built-in combo box of a data grid control.Very much appreciate any help.

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I have a program where a user can select something from a combo box in a data grid view control. I have it so that they can add something to the combo box via input box. The new item would automatically show up in the combo box at the bottom. Now the problem is with deletion. I have it so that a user will click delete and a dialog box will pop up with the combo box. There a user will select an item and click delete. The item deletes just fine from the db but it doesn't update the combo box on either the delete dialog box or the datagridview. The only time it shows deleted is when I exit the program and reload. Here is my load event that populates everything. Public Sub LoadData() Try Dim cmTasks As New SqlClient.SqlCommand("Select * from Tasks where Department_ID = [Code]....

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Instead of computing the result for each value of variables in combo boxes 1 & 2 separately. I want to compute the result for all the values of variables in both the combo boxes. This whole collection of computations is to be displayed in the Data Grid View, while on top of each column I want combo boxes with the same values as combo box 1 & 2, to optimize the selection from Data Grid View. [Code]...

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This is the Kind of sorting I want to do...to select different fields and click the button search to display info in the data grid.Also is not a must that i must fill all field to sort...i might choose 2 or 3 field and do my sorting by clicking the search button. The combo box contains all the fields in my database. (E.g My Screen shot display how it look like)Below is my snap shot of my page i uploaded.Please comment any CODE provided along with the combo box and text box and the search field.

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Hello!I am in need a some kind of grid object like excel, that will allow me to have combo boxes and will also allow me to enter text into the grid. The data entered into the grid via entry and also from the combo boxes will then be inserted into the database. Do any of you know of any such component that will allow me to do this, or, a grid that I can use to make a component and add the functionality of the combo boxes myself.

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am using data grid to store the data in database now i have problem in data grid i have added a combo box when i add new row to database all values go to db except the value of combo box how to insert the value of combo box here is my code on btnsave Dim con As New OleDbConnection(ConnectionString) Dim cmd As OleDbCommand = New OleDbCommand("SELECT ITEM_ID,ITEM_NAME,DISCRIPTION,PUR_DATE,LOC_INST,MODEL_NO,DATE_ALLOC,QUANTITY FROM [code]....

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I am using data grid to store the data in database now i have problem in data grid i have added a combo box when i add new row to database all values go to db except the value of combo box how to insert the value of combo box here is my code on btnsave Dim con As New OleDbConnection(ConnectionString) Dim cmd As OleDbCommand = New OleDbCommand("SELECT ITEM_ID,ITEM_NAME,DISCRIPTION,PUR_DATE,LOC_INST,MODEL_NO,DATE_ALLOC,QUANTITY FROM [Code].....


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I have a question, I have a combo box, which when changed fills the data grid. Now Wen I change the Tab and come back to same tab again(one containing the combo box)..the value of combo box remains there, however the grid gets empty. I need this data to be maintained till the user selects another value from drop down.

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I want a Data/Flex Grid to design the Sales Invoice Form; where a Combo Box(es) should be attached to Part ID: and Item/Part Name, the Editing should be done in the Grid itself...Grid Cols.SL. Part ID. Part Name Qty. Rate Disc. Amount (Combo (Combo to List IDs) List Part Name(s))-> Edit/Data Entry should be done in the Grid...

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Help PleaseI have a data combobox that is connected by an ado control it also has 5 text boxes attached to a different ado control that update when you click on the combo box. I have a second data combo box attached to another ado control that list po number and this has 3 other text boxes that are attached to another ado control that update when you click on this data combo and choose a po number. Now I need to update the other data combo box and the other 5 text boxes when you change po numbers. The PO number data combo also updates a data grid.Can this be done. The first datacombo box is a vendor list the text boxes are supplier ID and address. The 2nd datacombo box is purchase order numbers and the text boxes are supplier ID, and date ordered and date confirmed. the data grid shows the individual purchase order details.

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I am using VS2008, vb.net, Windows forms project.I have a combo box control on a tab control.The selected value of the combo box is bound to a binding source.The data source of the binding source is a typed dataset.I set the datasource of the binding source when a record is chosen in a data grid control.Since the combo box is bound to the binding source, this should set the selected value of the combo box, and fire the initial SelectedIndexChanged event.Therefore, I remove the SelectedIndexChanged event handler for the combo box before I set the datasource of the binding source, and add the handler again after the datasource is set.

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My form currently has a combo box, a text box, a command button and a flexi grid. The combo box currently displays all the fields in my database. What I would like to do is search for a record(s) with specified data in a specfic field and display the results in the flexi grid. I would like to be able to specify the field by selecting it from the combo box unless theres an easier way. Thanks for your time

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Dear All,I have a datagrid with 10 columns. But how I can add the combo boxes to someof the columns. Can anyone has idea or sample code for this same.RegardsArun RodriguesM.A.R. Al-BaharP.O.Box 6038Sharjah, U.A.E.Phone: +971-6-5433555 ext 343Fax : +971-6-5423769Email : email@removed

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I want to execute a sql query through datacontrol object i want to retrieve only those records from the table which get field values from combo boxes on form.the combo boxes are from a control array added at runtime on the form. I want to display the out put on a db grid control the number of combo boxes on the form is also decided at runtime (which is same as number of fields in selected table) the db grid control takes its data from datacontrol

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Hi alllI need urgent help in this reagrdI am using a dbgrid with 4 colums and i am putting a dbcombo box in the first colums what i want is this i am filling the combo box from another table and putting it there whereas i want to add data from the grid to another table.but my problem is 1.how do i fill the first row after selecting the data from the combo box from the same table.2.how do i put the combo box in the second row and to the nth number of row.3.how do i add data in the particular coloum in the gridThanks in advance

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I am using Text Boxes and Combo Boxes in a flexgrid to edit data. I have coded the up and down arrow keys to move the boxes up and down in the grid. When moving the Combo Boxes up and down the arrow key is also setting the text in the combo box. Is there a method or API to disable the combo boxes from displaying text from the list when the up or down arrow key is clicked?

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I use the data grid to display a data. I want to edit the data in the data grid also, but how can i set certain column is use other control to edit ? For example, all of the column 1 in data grid is using the combo box rather that enter the text in the cell in the data grid. Is data grid can work like this ? If not, have another control can done this ? thx~

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Hi,I have a very important application that is using a data environment designer. However, everytime the project is moved, the data environment points to the wrong location. How can I have the connection use a local path such as ..DataData.mdb?Without setting it in code, of course.Also, is it possible if I can have a drop down combo box that works like grid control? I mean, I have seen it in some Delphi applications where a combo box is dropped down to display and grid control from where you can select.Thanks in advance,VD

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I have an MSFlexGrid on my form that I want to fill with data. Its a long story but the user selects data from a combo box and the chosen data is entered into the MSFLexGrid. The grid has just 2 columns in it. What I need to do is this :Grid Layout___________________________________________| 2 | Bobby || 1 | David || 4 | Jason || 2 | John |-------------------------------------------------- The user's selected data is copied from the combo box drop down list to the second column within the flex grid (name).- If the grid already contains an exact match for the user's chosen data then the 1st column of the grid next to the matching data is to count UP by one and display an integer indicating how many times that same data has been inputted into the grid.Honestly, I have no code at this point that even comes close to unravelling this mystery, so I can't share with you my struggle. To be quite frank about it, I have no idea how to even start something of this nature. Flex Grids are completely foreign to me. I've read through several different FlexGrid tutorials and am affraid that I am more confused than ever.

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The user has to select a row from a data grid of a mshflex grid. The information seen in the data grid or the msh flex grid depends on a selection in an other combo box, this works fine. Now the goal is to copy one single column of the selected row in the data grid or msh flex grid to a ordinary listbox.I've tried all methods but nothing works!PLEASE HELP ME! I'M SO BLOODY DESPERATED!

Combo Box In Flex Grid www.vbforums.com

hi,i know we can have a combo box in flex grid. ie. when you click on a cell, you will see your combo box there.Anyone came across having to display multiple combo boxes on different cells in flex grid and without having to click the cell you are able to see the combo boxes?Appreciate if any of u cud share ur thoughts with me ... thankscheers

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I’m connecting to an access database using the data environment. I am using my connections to populate list boxes and combo boxes to view data. I will also be populating the database with grid controls and combo boxes.Is the data environment the best method to use to connect to the database or should I code my connection when the program starts and then write data into my controls programmatically.Could you advise me of the pros and cons and the correct methods for connecting to a multi user database.

Simple Question About ADO && Parameters www.vbforums.com

Hi, I have a form that contains a combo box and a datagrid. I want to bind the combo box so that when a person's name is chosen their relevent data appears in the grid. I have no problem writing the query but I am having a problem trying to pass the parameter (the person's SS#) to the ado so that the records appear in the grid.I would really appreciate any help!Thanks in advance,Jim

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I want to add data to a flex grid from text and combo boxes.Have a flex grid with 3 Columns (Name, Date, Choice)Text box needs to fill Column NameCombo1 needs to fill DateCombo2 needs to fill ChoiceUser will enter values and select enter to write the data to the flex grid.Is this the proper control to use or is there a better way?Thanks,

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my program currently has a combo box which lists all the fields in my database. What I would like to do is selcect one of the feilds from the combo box and then type in data i want found into a text box. I would then like a flexi grid to display all the records with the data i typed in the text box. Please, please help me. I would very much appriecate it and would be forever in your debt.

Database Search With Combo Box www.vbforums.com

my program currently has a combo box which lists all the fields in my database. What I would like to do is selcect one of the feilds from the combo box and then type in data i want found into a text box. I would then like a flexi grid to display all the records with the data i typed in the text box. Please, please help me. I would very much appriecate it and would be forever in your debt.Report this post to a moderator

Combobox In A DataGrid www.vbforums.com

I know this question has been asked a million times but is there anyway of incorporating a data aware combo box into a grid. I'm using VB6 SP5 and the MS Datagrid dosn't have what i want. I don't need much just Grid and combo to be data aware.Does anyone know of a free control to use instead, or a way around this problem.Any help would be appreciated.Thanks in advance!

Bind Columns (Fields) www.access-programmers.co.uk

I have been looking on the forum for some code that would bind all columns (fields) starting from column 15 to 26 to a combo box for example.... Field 1 Field 2 Field 3 Field 4 data1 data2 data3 nodata Combobox data 1 data 2 data 3 kind of like a grid based on the record I select in my form the combo box will show the columns that have data for that record. It is trycky but I have no idea how to get that started Thank you all for your help

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Hello I saw this question posted somewhere on this forum and for the life of me I cannot find it. What I am doing is using a combo box to search a database. Once it completes it populates a datagrid. The function was to jump to the text in the grid that was selected in the combo box. So if Bob was in the combo box when I select it, it would jump to the word Bob in the grid' 'Thanks Bob

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hai allI am having two combo box and a grid(may be flexgrid or datagrid).when i select a value from a combo box say"name" and i will select another value from another combo box and these values hsd subsituted to grid in a single rowname no and like this i will select many columns and atlast i will enter values to all the rows in thier third field.I hope so its little bit confusing.But I need a solution.     Nanree(Thanks In Our Language)RamyaEdited by - ramya_c2004 on 3/21/2005 9:51:02 PM

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I am using a Combo box overlayed on an MSFlexGrid to perform certain edits to the grid.I would like to give my users the opportunity to make a selection from this combo box. Once the selection is made I would like to lock them out from changing that selection.Because I am using this one combo box to make my edits throughout the grid, it is not so simple as to set the locked property to True.Any suggestions?ThX

Relation Between A Dat Control Combobox And A Datagrid www.codeguru.com

(based on the example Nwind.mdb)How can i get all the products and only these products of a supplier selected in a data control combo box? Every time you select an other supplier in the data control combo box the data grid most change with it.what do i have to do , i know there must be a simple solution without to many code for this, but untill now nothing works!

MSHFLEX Grid And Datacomobo www.vbforums.com

Hello, Could anyone tell me how to add combo and data combo inmshflex grid and how to give combobox to autocomplete Regards

How To Link Combo Boxes And A Text Box In A Datagrid View? social.msdn.microsoft.com

Hi folk.. can some body help me with this problem..??? I have a grid view on a form which has got colums which are set as data combo boxes. and a third column whish is set to a text box. all the 3 controls on the datagrid view are bound with sql server table. they are asociated with two saparate tables within 1 database... now what i want is that the user of the application can select either combo box 1 of teh 2nd combo box. and automatically the syncronize and also the text column asociates with related data.. for example Country������� City����� Pincode India������������ vasco�� 403802 now while flling the grid vew.. the user can select either country or city.. automatically both syncronize with related data and so does the text box. plz help me with the code.. as well.. thanks a million

Simple Datagrid Prob www.vbforums.com

Hello I want to know how to use Data bound Grid for unbound data ........ Plus i want to have a combo box in the field of a datagrid ..... how can i have a combo box there plus how to add entries in it.ThanxWaiting for a replyHarris Moin

Combo List In Excel Using VB www.vbforums.com

Hi I am having data in a Flex grid I transfered those data to Excel at run time But i need to have one combo box in excel How can i create combo box in excel in run time Please replyThank you

Combo Box Screen Value (assign Value) www.vbcity.com

I have a Datagrid which loads with all the records on a query.Below it I have a few fields that make up the data inthe data grid. One of the fields is a Combo Box. I want to make it so when I click on a record in the Datagrid it assigns the screen value of the combo box as theVender_Name value that is in the record highlighted.I'm not sure what attributes to use to do this...can anyone help me?Thanks,Jeniferedit by lazyjay: Moved from .NET Newbies forumEdited by - lazyjay on 7/21/2004 5:33:23 PM

Datagrid - Filter Combobox In A Datgrid Based On Another Combobox stackoverflow.com

I think my question is discriptive, or as Microsoft in the Documentation for Data Grid the question is, How do I have a combo box column display a sub set of data based upon the value of a different combo box column? [Code]...

In Data Grid - Calling Calendar Dt Picker Value visualbasic.ittoolbox.com

Dear VB users,I am able to connect combo box to the column in data grid. Similar I wondered, can we connect the date picker (Calendar) in the data grid. If possible how we can do it?Best Regards,Arun Kumar RodriguesMohamed AbdulRahman Al-BaharP.O. Box 6038Sharjah - U.A.E.Tel.:+971 6 5433 555 - Ext. 343Direct:+971 6 5141 343Fax:+971 6 5432 555E-mail: email@removed

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hello        I created a table in MS-Access with fields emp name, ID, designation, department etc. And it had no.of entries.     I want to retrive information according to our choice by selecting an entry from combo button.    In combo box, we have multiple options like programmer, analyst, hr, etc.,    If I select programmer, then i want to display programmers name and ID from the access table into a data grid or flexi grid.    if u know, show me the code    kiran chand

Quicken Style Grid Question bytes.com

I am trying to create a grid on a form that looks like the 'SplitTransaction' grid in Quicken - it allows drop down controls in various cellsof grid to make a selection, and then stores the text of the drop downlist/combo boxes in the grid.I know how to use hidden combo/list boxes that display when a user clicks ona cell that is setup with the drop down button and event. However, when theuser makes a selection, the ID (bound field) related to the selection isstored in the grid cell instead of the text. And if I try to save the textvalue, I get a database error when trying to save the grid information tothe database. I have tried using a data control and using a separaterecordset to populate the grid. I would also like to be able to roll backthe information in the grid if the user clicks a Cancel button to abandonchanges.This is such a common requirement that I can't believe the DataGrid,HFlexGrid, or FlexGrid can't do this. I'm using VB6 enterprise edition anda MS Access database.Any ideas?

Choice In Grid Control www.codeguru.com

I am working on a project in which I need to place a grid control frequently. May be sometimes I will be using a grid control 6 times on different tabs of a tab control on one form. which may put extra load on the form making the system slow. I need help in finding such a grid control which will occupy minimum space in memory. Also as I will be using dropdown on the grid so this grid must have the option of placing a combo box as its own feature. One other feature this grid must have is , the combo box must have the option of storing ID in some way as we may store ID using ItemData property in an ordinary combo box. PLZ help me finding such grid control.

ActionScript 3.0 :: ComboBox Selection To Update A DataGrid? www.kirupa.com

I'am trying to create a Flex Application where users can select courses from a combo box based on the department that offers the course. The combo box has an XML variable as its data provider and has the different departments listed. When a user selects the department from the combo box the courses offered for that department should automatically update (show up) in the data grid under their respective columns. What it needs to do is retrieve the XML for the selected department and then set the data provider for the srcgrid accordingly. I am having a lot of trouble with things displaying correctly in the data grid. The course should be under Course ID, course name under Name, etc... HTML Code: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <mx:Application xmlns:mx="http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml" layout="absolute"> <mx:Script> <![CDATA[ [Code]....

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Given a Data Combo Box [Dcb] I need to find a way to populate it manually with 3 fields (Type, Category, Location).If this was an ordinary Combo Box I would do something like “ComboBox.Additem “Type”, 0” however that option does not seems available with Data Combo Boxes.You may ask why am I using a Data Combo Box, it seems to be the only combo box that the Dcb_Change() event is loaded by selecting one of the items from the dropdown. The regular Combo box does not, it waits for the user to actually Type something in the field (which should be disabled because he should only have to choose from the list)

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Is there a property for a combo box that will display all the data in a row of a combo box even if the text is longer than the combo box?ThanksPaul

ActionScript 3.0 :: Possible To Populate Combobox Grid View From Sql Server? forums.adobe.com

is it possible to populate combo box from entries in sql server databasealso is it possible to populate grid view from entries in database including image files stored in binary format

ActionScript 3.0 :: Populate Combobox Grid View From Sql Server? forums.adobe.com

how can we populate combo box from entries in sql server databasehow can we populate grid view from entries in database including image files stored in binary format

ADODC && Datagrid www.vbforums.com

I am trying to use an sql statement to retrieve data to put into my datagrid. I am using ADODC control. When I first load the form it retrieves all the data from the DB and puts it in the grid. I have two combo boxes that the user can select certain criteria and click a button and it is supposed to insert their choices in my sql statement and retrieve the data and put the new data in the grid. Can someone please help?

Adding Items To A Dynamic Combo Box www.vbforums.com

i created 2 combo box named combo1, combo2Then i wrote a code, that during runtime 5 combo boxes will be created as an array of combo15 more combo boxes will be created as an array of combo2Now i want to insert a particular data in first 5 combo boxes Combo1 and i have done the sameNow when a change of item is made in combobox1(First combo box of Combo1) a function should be called and it should insert the same data in first item of Combo2.When a item is changed in Second icombo box of Combo1 the second combo box of Combo2 should have the item of Please help me of how to do it

Combo Box In DataGridView? www.xtremevbtalk.com

I created a data grid view from the datasources list and converted 1 of the columns into a combo box. Unfortunately, the combo box isn't acting like a proper combo box. When I start typing, the combo box does not display the characters I have entered. All it does is begin looking for the entry that matches what I am typing. This is no good for my purposes, the user needs to be able to see what they have typed. Is this how it works when in a grid? I have tried playing with a lot of the column options but nothing makes it work correctly.

Cant Decide What Path To Go! Combo/flex www.vbforums.com

hi guys , im trying to design a new form for myself but i cant decide the best way (or cant figure out).. ill explaini have an access db - 2 tables hardware , Salesin table hardware there are 4 columns IDNo (Primary Key) , Hardwaredesc , Cost , Retail.there are 15 categories of hardware and i want a combo box for each category..(im doing this just now by Sql and a routine to fill all combos)Call FillCombo(cboMonitor, goRsmonitor, "hardwaredesc") Call FillCombo(cboMonCostPrice, goRsmonitor, "HardwareCost") Call FillCombo(cboMonRetail, goRsmonitor, "HardwarePrice")for the cost price and retail price im using 2 text boxes that are filled from 2 hidden comboboxes..txtfruit1Cost = cbofruit1CostPrice.List(cbofruit1.ListIndex)txtfruit1Retail = cbofruit1Retail.List(cbofruit1.ListIndex)so now i have 15 combo boxes all with the different flavours of hardware in each and when combo changes the cost and retail prices are displayed in text boxes..now i get writers block!i have a flexgrid with a 20 row limit for selections (kinda quote/invoice builder)just now im sending the combos data to the flexgrid by :mfgcomponents.AddItem vbTab & "Monitor" & vbTab & cboMonitor & vbTab & txtMonRetailbut i know this is bad ..what i WANT to do is let the user select up to 20 items from the comb boxes , fill the grid and then send the contents to DB table where the same items can be retrieved and printed whenever..(typical invoice setup)i really have no clue as to how to fill the grid properly to allow me to be able to complete the rest of the tasks (invoice retrieval etc..) and im appealing for all ur help!i have posted the form to give u a better idea of what im all about..if i havent made myself clear on any points please post and ill add whatever u need to know..i think what im asking is ..can i send combo box data to grid by sql ?can i then send from grid to table by sql?whats the best way to organize the data in table for easy retrieval?or is there an easier/better way?its basically a `simple` pc quote/invoice form..any help as always is really appriciated.davie.form :Click here for form image

Databind From ComboBox To Textboxes www.dreamincode.net

After listing the data from data base to combo box, I would like bind the chosen data from combo box to textbox.'bind from combo box to textbox Dim ConString As String = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=D:\Car Rental Data\Mutiata Company Car Rental System1.mdb" Try'open connection [Code] ..... I have try using this code to bind the data from combo box to textbox, but unsuccessful to display the data in textbox. Is there any code that I left behind?

Combo Box Selection Triggering 2nd Combo Box Tables forums.aspfree.com

I'm trying to get one combo box control what tables are available from another combo box. Example, combo box (a) includes numbers 1-5. Selecting (1) makes the data in combo box (b) specific to that selection. Selecting (2) makes the data in combo box (b) something different (pulls data from a different table). Can anyone help me with this? Thanks!

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Hi All,Here's a strange one. I have 2 combo boxes of the same type on screen. I also have 2 grids and the grids are bound to different ADO recordsets. When I select an item from one of the combos the recordpointer on the associated grid moves to the item where a column has the associated value and all is fine. I do exactly the same with the other combo and grid, but after the recordpointer has moved on the grid, the value in the combo disappears. When stepping the code at the 'End Sub' line of the combo's click event the correct values are still in the combos text property. As soon as I F8/F5 off, the text disappears. I've removed and replaced the control, put debug statements into every event incase somthing else is triggering and nothing is.

"UNRESOLVED"need Some Help Opening A Access Database www.vbcity.com

Hi im using vb6 and i have a form with a data grid and a basic adodc on it and a combo box and what i am trying to do is have the combo box look in the main directory of the program itself and see how many access database files are there and thin i need is so win a person clicks on a name of a database it opens it in the datagrid any comments samples are all welcomeEdited by - terabyte00 on 1/21/2005 10:54:44 AM

Sheridan Data Combo Box www.xtremevbtalk.com

HiI usually use a Sheridan Data Combo Box that has a datafieldlist property where you enter the field that will populate the combo box. I no longer have the facility to use Sheridan Data Combo, so I am using a normal combo box, but it does not have this property, can you please tell me where this is as it is populating the combo box with only the first record of the dataset. I have also tried a while loop with add items to the combo box, but this is also not working either.Thanks in advanceLouisa

Adding Item To Combo Box List Property Permently www.xtremevbtalk.com

guyz is there any way i can add data to combo box list property in vb 6. using a text box and command button and add it to the list property permentaly so when the form loads again then that data should be in the combo boxi hope you understood mefor examplein design time in vb6 you create combo box then you selected list property and enter some data in the listthen create command button & textboxthen use textbox & command button to add data from textbox to combo list property permentaly so when form load again that entered data should be in the combo boxplease help me if you know how to crack this problemthank you in advance

Position On Screen www.vbforums.com

Hi,When the user selects any cell in column #2 in my Data Grid control I want a combo box to be placed in the exact position of that cell (same left, top, height, width as the cell clicked).I already know how to make the combo box appear at the same left, height, and width, but I cant figure out how to make it appear at the right top (y-axis position).How do you find out the top position of the current row the user is currently in???Thanx

Memory Usage By Bound And Unbound Controls www.codeguru.com

In a VB app. what is the effect on memory by using bound (dbcombo,dbgrid, etc ) and unbound (combo, etc) controls.We can open database by using Data control at design time Or we can define it at runtime. Which is more efficient and less memory consumption.i have a form having several combo box and text box and grid . and they are linked with different tables in similat database. what is the vesy methid to connect it to database.

Error When Connecting A Database To A User Control? social.msdn.microsoft.com

2. I developed a form that had a combo box and Data grid view control The combo box is fed (linked) to a Access database list. The data grid view control is fed (linked) to multiple Access Databases. When I choose a name in the combo box, it loads a new database into the datagricview control. It works great. No errors. Note that all the databases are in my project file.Could not find file 'C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual Studio 10.0Common7IDEBALSAMFIR.accdbI don't understand why it works in the form but not in the user control and why it thinks it needs to find the file in Common7/IDE/.

Database Sorting With A Combobox www.xtremevbtalk.com

can anyone help me??? i have a mshflex grid which is connected to a ms sql database. now, my problem is how can i sort the data in my data base that is shown in my mshflex grid with the use of a combo box??? help please...

How To Save The Data From VB Form-grid Into Ms-access Database Dynamically! www.vbforums.com

hi!I had my database called as "Campaign" with one table called "Godzilla" which contains Details emails of different persons fo different Industry(ex: health/mechanical/chemical/..etc) in SQL Server..Now i had a combo box whcih fills the distinct of industries , one flexi grid to show all the email details of persons industry-wise and one command button("Save").when i click on combo box ,let us say chemical, all the data corresponding to that industry from "Godzilla " table are displayed in The Flexi grid.Imp: Now i wanted to save this flexi grid data into Ms-Access database (Which is in local system) with dynamical table creation!...for furthet transactions from local system database...So plzz tell me how to create a table dynamically in VB to store data in ms-access!Looking for ur help in this manner...thanking you,with best regards,Sudhakar Reddy,Systems Engineer, Hyderabad(INDIA)-Email: sudhacars@yahoo.com

Grid Combo www.vbforums.com

Is there a way to place a combo box on a grid for values in a database? I need a way for users to make a selection like a combo box..but it has to be for each record on a grid of some sort...Thanks,Jon

Filter DataGridView Results From ComboBox And DateTime Picker Values social.msdn.microsoft.com

I'm trying to create a Windows form application which uses a few data grid views to pull data back from a SQL Server database. I've managed to get the data back okay from the tables but what I want to do is filter that data dynamically based on values input by the user from a combo box and a date time picker. Each of the data grids display production data for a machine but the combo box and date time picker will allow the data to be filtered by shift and date respectively - how to I pass the values of these to the SQL query returning the data?

Database Programming In Visual Basic forums.devshed.com

hello ,i am developing a database application using MS access and Visual Basic 6.0.In one of the forms,I have to link 2 combo boxes.The data in one of the combo boxes depends on the data in the other combo box.ex. if i choose one value in one combo box then all the corresponding values related to that value should be displayed in the other combo box.can anybody send me a code for this problem.thank u

Need To Sort And Update Other (2) Combo Boxes www.vbforums.com

I have a single table that has (3) Fields displayed in their own combo boxes. Right now they can only be sorted by one set of criteria. Unfortunately that leaves the other (2) Combo Boxes in random order. When "One" of the values, in "One" of the combo boxes is updated, ALL 3 of them jump to the same record and display the correct data. This part works as designed.The problem is, I need to have a way to sort the other (2) Combo box's data, which is also populated from the same table, AT THE SAME TIME, so that all (3) present sorted data in each of the (3) Combo Boxes. Then when one of the combo boxes is updated, ALL (3) will get updated, just like they do now.THis data populates three of the cells in a data grid, and then the underlyting table(s) after saving. Like I said, the (3) work, but only with one of the orders sorted. I need the same exact functionality, but with (3) different sort orders on the (3) Boxes.The (3) Combo Boxes are: 1.) cb_PlayerNumber - A Sorted list by the Player's Number (2 Digits as String) 2.) cb_Lastname - A Sorted List By player's Last Name (String) 3.) cb_FirstName - A Sorted List by the Player's First Name (String) The table these three combo boxes is populated from is the "Players" Table. they all populate perspective colums in the "Gamedata" Datagrid, along with selected data from combo boxes populated from other tables which, when saved updates the "GameData" Table.

2 Data Combo Box Questions www.vbforums.com

I have a couple data combo box questions.1) I am having a difficult time getting a data combo box to work. I add the adodc control & the data combo box, I link everything properly. However, the combo box only shows one record at a time. I have to click the adodc control to get to the next record. I just want the combo box to be filled with data from the db (without coding).2) which brings me to my next question. For those of you who have this working, is it faster than coding the data retrieval process in the form load event? That is to say, if I can get the combo box to fill from a data control perspective will it fill faster than a regular combo box and a recordset/loop/additem code block?

Auto Populate 2nd Combobox Based On 1st Combobox Data www.mrexcel.com

I need to populate two combo boxes from excel sheet, the data will be like below: Column A Column B A 1 A 2 A 3 A 4 A 5 B 100 B 101 B 102 So from the above data, one combo box should hold unique values A & B. On selecting a value from the 1st combo box A or B, respective values should be populated in 2nd combo box. So the data should be like below: If A is selected in the 1st combo box, then 2nd combo box should only show the values 1,2,3,4 & 5. If B is selected in the 1st combo box, then 2nd combo box should only show the values 100,101 & 102. Friends I need it in a macro and one important point is, this is dynamic and it is not static and the data can be more.

Runtime Select For Dbgrid? www.xtremevbtalk.com

I have added a combo box when ever I choose the data from combo box how can I reterive the selected Id will be display in dbgrid?.......c pic

Filtering A Combo Box Lookup On A Datagrid? www.vbforums.com

I need some advice I have a bound datagrid and a bound combobox lookup on a form. What i want to do is filter the combo box so it only shows the items left that are not in the datagrid already. I have managed to achieve this already.But when the program runs, and there are items displayed in the data grid the combo box items are now filtered.The program crashes as it can't display the combobox item as i have filtered them out. The program runs fine if the datagrid is empty (IE combobox items not filtered). But as soon as there is a record in the datagrid when i save the database and refresh the combo box the program falls over is the items it is looking for is not in the combo box items list. What would a work around be. I have thought of a separate combo box that is hidden and use the datagrid combobox events to show it in the correct position.Just to be tedious the displayed item is not the stored item value

Updating A Combo Box With New User Data www.excelforum.com

I am trying to update a combo box when a user inputs new data. So I have a form that uses a list in a combo box. What I need is if that combo box receives new data then the combo box will show that new data the next time the form is opened.

Selecting A Data From Combo Box www.codeguru.com

HI!On a form I have a combo box and 6-7 text boxes. The list of items in combo box is a list of names froma table in SQLServer using ADO connection. Now I want to retrieve data pertaining to the selection made in combo box and put the data into all the 6-7 text boxes.....I want to basically update a record in a table selectedthru the combo box.can anybody help?

Combo Box Datasource www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi listers, I've been coding in VBA Access for last 3 years. I'd like to know how can I have a combo box (Drop down) in VB 6.0 with it's data source field set and ready to go. I Acces you just assign the providing query as the Data Source for the Combo box. Is that possible in VB ? without programming I set assign a table as the data source of combo box so when user clicks on the combo box it shows how the list of items to choose?Thank you All,lastzerocool

Load Access DB Data Into Combo Box? www.vbforums.com

What I am "trying" to do is to take a combo box control on my form, and load it up with data from an access db, but I dont want them to be linked so that when I change the combo box to another value it will cahnge record data. From the pics attached I have manage to load the data into the combo box, but the 2 are linked and when I try to change the combo box it creates violations in the database as its trying to change the records.

Refresh www.xtremevbtalk.com

How do i get a another form to refresh, when i hit a button an another form, what i am trying to do is refresh the data in a combo box. when i add a new name to a listbox (database), the combo box takes the names from the listbox and puts it in the combo box, but the combo box doesn't have any of the new names in it until i close and re-open the program. Can i simple refresh the combo boxes by refrehing the form they are on or do i have to refresh each combo box ANY ANSWERS GREATLY APPRECIATED

Change The Web Page Contents On Click forums.devshed.com

I want to sort the data displayed on web page on click of button. I have a combo in which all user have to select the sort order in which he wants to see the data...(The combo box or drop down box contains values "Name, Department Salary and Grade") The user select the order (say name) by clicking the combo box or drop down box. The moment the user releases the combo or drop down box, I want to refresh the page with new sort order.

MSHFlexGrid Celltop Property Problem www.vbcity.com

Hi.I'm writing a VB6 application that involves an in-cell editing of a MSHFlexgrid control using comboboxes and text boxes.In order to set the position of the combo boxes, I use the following code:Code:cmbGlasses(I).Move fgGlassSub.Left + fgGlassSub.CellLeft, _                              fgGlassSub.Top + fgGlassSub.CellTop, _                              fgGlassSub.CellWidth - 8It should be working, but instead I get a strange behaviour:The grid is hidden and a I click on a button to see it. When it opens for the first time, the moment I click on a row, it opens the combo box exactly at the next row! If there is only one row, it will show the combo box on the an "empty" background of the MSHFlexgrid.But the most strange this is that the moment I have enough rows in the grid to show a scroll it begins to work fine, even if I delete rows or reloads the grid with not enough rows to show a scroll.Any ideas for this strange behaviour?TIA

Buildcombolist Problem In Vedio Flex Grid 8 www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi I am Using Flex Grid 8.0 Light of component for my data grid .I am using build combo list property to populate data in combo . the problem is that when i use buildcombolist property i do get a combo but that combo is not editable i.e i cant write in it. but on the other had while using combolist property the combo i get is editable and i can write down in that combo as i have to populate numerous data in the combo so i have to use buildcombolist as it is fast i cant use combolist property as it will slow down my application .any body here knows how to get editable combo using buildcombolist property .

Combo / List Box www.codeguru.com

Dear All,I stored some data in Combo / List box. I wish to filter the item as user type something in a combo. The problem is combo does not automatically all available items in the combo window. I have to press Alt+ down Arrow Key to show. In case of Combo please tell me how to automatically show items in combo window.In case of list box, How do I connect a text box to list box to filter the contents fo list box.Santulan

Data Combo www.xtremevbtalk.com

Data Combo,Are there two kinda combo boxes?Data Combo and the normal Combox box?'cause in the combo box I am dont havea RowSource property nor a ListField Propertyand I am using ADO Data Control

VS 2005 - GridView SelectIndexChanged Event Not Firing When ViewState Is Turned Off? www.vbforums.com

I have got a Grid View (turns out to be very large when populated). In order cut down on the page HTML that will be rendered, I have switched off the ViewState of the Grid View by setting the property EnableViewState=False. But once I set the view state to false the selectindexchanged event of the grid view does not fire anymore. But when I turn on the View State the selectindexchanged event fires normally. meaning getting the selectindexchanged event fire even when the view state is off. I cannot set the grid view data source and the grid view data bind in the page load event since the grid data will be bound depending upon the user selections. The page is some sort of a search page with filter options driven using combo boxes. I need the selectindexchanged event to fire up since I have written code in this event for showing the details of the row that is selected in the grid.

Combo Box + Adodb Control www.vbforums.com

I have an ADODB control which properly connects to a database (returns one column) and a combo box. When I have my ADODB control as the data source for the combo box the only item in the combo box It only lists the first item from the data base, and no other ones. How can I make it so that each item is arranged into the combo box?

Using Combobox To Show Info From Another Sheet www.mrexcel.com

I would like to use the combo box to perform a search function. I have 4 columns of data and 2 sheets, The first column in sheet 1 is the "Name". By selecting the person name in the combo box, the data of that person would be shown in another sheet (sheet 2). And now I have a combo box in sheet 2. How can I do this using the combo box?

Combo Box Very Basic Prob www.access-programmers.co.uk

Hi all, long timer viewer, first time poster Any way, im not nearly as experience as all you, I have a small form, on the form I have a combo box, the form shows the relevant info with regards to what is selected in the combo box, the source of the combo box is a table, the data in the table is alaphabetical, but when you select the combo box the data shown to select from is not alphabetical its all over the place! Hope that explains it, its driving me nuts!

Retrieve Data Into Combo Box? www.vbforums.com

I have a combo box on a form named cboGender, I am using a data reader to retrieve data into the combo box as follows[code]... the value of Gender shows in the combo box if the Drop Down Style property is Simple or Drop Down. However if I set the Drop Down Style property to Drop Down List which cannot be edited, the combo box is empty.

[2005] Make A DataGridView's Column A Combo ONLY In The "new Row" And A Read Only Textbox In All Other... www.vbforums.com

Is there a way to make a DataGridView's column a combo ONLY in the "new row", and a read only textbox in all other rows? I want the user to be able to make a selection from the combo box, and when the row is finished and the "new row" moves down one, I want the column to become a textbox containing the what the user selected. My grid will be bound to a table witch contains a "category" column, that is drawn from a seccond table that i want the combo box bound to.

Run A Stored Procedure Based On A Data Combo Selection www.vbforums.com

I have created a database table in Access with three fields - SeqID, DisplayName and SPName. At present I have got a data combo drop down on my form. When the form loads the DisplayName (all records) is displayed in the data combo. I now want to select a DisplayName from the data combo and then click on a run command button that will then look at the corresponding SPName field and run that particular stored procedure, displaying the results on screen in a data grid.**SPName is the name of stored procedures in the database**

FlexGrid, Scrolling And Combo Boxes www.vbcity.com

I'm trying to use a MSFlexGrid that's bigger than the size of the window its in (using scroll bars to view the whole thing) and I'm using combo boxes for some fo the fields. When I make the boxes visible when the Grid is clicked on it still shows up even though the column the boxes are in aren't on the screen anymore (scrolled to new column). How do you fix the problem so that you only see the combo boxes for the field that is selected?

Data Binding Options As The MS Grid? www.xtremevbtalk.com

anybody recommend a 3rd party DataGrid control similar to the MS DataGridView.I would like something that can handle null vales without throwing Object reference errors. Decent hosted controls support (for things like Type-In Combo Boxes, date time picker) Similar Data Binding options as the MS Grid and something that will look like a normal grid and mix well with the standard MS Controls.

VS 2008 - Show Related Data From Database Using Combo Box? www.vbforums.com

I have created a link using VS2008 and MS Access 2007.In my database, assume that I have ID, First Name, Last Name, Gender ------------------------ 1 John Smith Male 2 Michael Jackson Male 3 Alicia Keys Female ------------------------ These are the data I have in my database.In my form, assume that I have ID [Combo Box] First Name [Text Box] Last Name [Text Box] Gender [Text Box] Now, I have 3 ID in my combo box. If I choose [1] in my combo box, I want the rest of my test box show [John] [Smith] [Male].When I choose [2] in my combo box again, it will show [Michael] [Jackson] [Male].