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I am using a registry entry make the save path for a file "sticky" between program executions. However, when the user uses a removable drive and the registry gets set to that path, the app will crash when it tries to open the file at that path. (i.e., the user saves to a USB drive at f: emp, then pulls the drive out. Next time the program is run it tries to save to path f: emp, which doesn't exist, and the program blows up).I guess this could be fixed with error handling, but is there an easy way to programatically check if the path is valid BEFORE trying to open the file? Thanks!

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hey allWhat can i do to find out if the user typed a valid path name?In my app, the user is choosing (browsing) an *.exe file(With dirlist and filelist), that's the 1st way.the user can choose another way to select an *.exe file, he can typethe file's path directly to a textbox, but here comes my prob:if the user typed: "C:/sdfsadf/asdfasdf.exe" or just "asdf", how can i check if he typed a valid path? (Will check if file exist will do the work?)tnx for replies

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I have a slight problem understanding how the following code works, it's specified in an example I have that the code is to check if FileName is a valid path for a text file and other things of course but I'm just interested in that part(checking it's a valid path). Here's the code: Method save() aWriter As StreamWriter Try [code].....

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I'm having problems upgrading to 2005 Trial from 2000 Standard Edition. Despite the ms docs saying this was a valid upgrade path and running the upgrade advisor which did not highlight a non-valid upgrade path, I am getting the following error :- Name: Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Reason: Your upgrade is blocked. ...... Edition check: Your upgrade is blocked because of edition upgrade rules. ...... Any ideas? Richard.

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When I run the follow code I keep getting an error message that reads Not a valid path See The Code Below. I have copied the path from the browser and the file name from the properties dialog box. I checked it is a mdb file.Is there another way to check the path of the file? [code]

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writing a small script which will display the files in a given directory? So I should be able to give a directory path (as an argument or any sort) and then be able to see all files within that Dir. If I dont give a path then the script should list the contents of the current directory. I kind of got the pseudo, it is something like this 1. Request for a directory path 2. Take the directory path and assign to a variable eg: $1 3. Check if $1 is valid i.e if a path is given by the user 4. If $1 is a valid path then list the contents 4. Else if $1 is not valid, print the list in the current directory

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Is there a method to check if a string is a valid filename? Code:Dim filename As Stringfilename = ThisWorkbook.Path + "Definitie_" + txtName.Text + ".xml"If txtName.Text is filled out with "name1", filename should be something like this : "c:Excel ProgDefinitie_name1.xml"But if txtName.Text is filled out with "name1.xml", filename is gonna be like this : "c:Excel ProgDefinitie_name1.xml.xml" and I want to prevent that.Any method to check if that string is a valid file name?

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I want to make sure a file path set via query string does not go outside of the desired subdirectory. Right now, I am checking that: The path does not start with "/", to prevent the user from giving an absolute path. The path does not contain "..", to prevent the user from giving a path that is outside of the desired subdirectory. The path does not contain ":", to prevent the use of a url (i.e. "http://", "ftp://", etc.). Should I ever run this script on a Windows server (not likely), this will also prevent absolute paths beginning with a drive specifier (i.e. "C:"). Note: I'm aware that a colon is a valid character in a Unix filenames, but I will never be using it in a filename. The path does not start with "". Just in case I change my mind about running on a Windows server, this prevents Windows network paths from being specified (i.e. "\someserversomeshare"). Again, I'm aware that a backslash is a valid Unix filename character, but I also won't be using it in any filenames. I have a PHP script that takes (via query string) path to a sample source file to be shown to a user. So I might give them a link like "view_sample.php?path=accounting_app/report_view.php" or "view_sample.php?path=ajax_demo/get_info.js". The script looks basically like this: $path = $_GET['path']; if(path_is_valid($path) && is_file("sample/$path")) { header('Content-Type: text/plain'); readfile("sample/$path"); } My concern is that a malicious user would see the url and try to do something like "view_sample.php?path=../../database/connection_info.php" and gain access to a file which is not in the "sample" directory. Are the four checks I defined above (which would be implemented in the path_is_valid() function) sufficient to lock out a malicious user? (Also, I think checks 1, 3, and 4 are basically irrelevant since I am prepending a relative path, but if I didn't do this would the checks be sufficient?)

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here i m having problemi just want to know whether path entered by user is valid or not.e.gif folders are not created it can be created...but i want to know that logically path is valid or notlike c:abcdef is valid ( may these folders do not exist )but abddf:abcdef is not valid..... help how to know... it .. :mike:

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check if a given url points to a valid file (i.e. not return a 404/301/etc.)? I've got a script that will load certain .js files on a page, but I need a way to verify each URL it receives points to a valid file.I'm still poking around the PHP manual to see which file functions (if any) will actually work with remote URLs. I'll edit my post as I find more details, but if anyone has already been down this path feel free to chime in.

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Hey all, quick question about error handeling, it never seems to work for me. lol, here is my code:Private Sub imgSetSkinDirectory_Click()    On Error GoTo ErrorDir    SaveSetting "Game", "Options", "SkinDir", dirSkinDirectory.Path & ""    Skin.Reskin    ErrorDir:    MsgBox "Invalid Directory, Please select a valid skin directory."    End Subwhen i select a VALID skin directory, it still gives me the msgbox, im thinking that it just keeps running through the code, becuz i dont know why it would have an error.....unless....hmmm lemme go check some stuff out real quick...thanks in advance


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Hey everyoneI have written a function for testing the syntax of a path It checks for a valid physical path syntax or UNC syntaxI need feedback on 2 things1) Does it work for you?2) Can you see a way of optimizing it? (This needs to be done with out using DIR or FindFirstFile API)Thanks for any feedbackPS If you like the Code you are welcome to use it. So here is the functionVB Code:Private Function checkoDbPath(strVarPassed As String) As LongDim lngPos As Long 'Declare container for postion of ""Dim lngTemp As Long 'Declare a Temporary long Container for comparasonDim intLoop As Integer 'Declare container to work as counterDim arrChars(21) As String 'Declare container for invalid charactors in path '-------------------------------------------------------------------- 'Return Values And Descriptions '0 = No path set'1 = Valid Path set'2 = Invalid Charactor Found'3 = Invalid ":" found after second char of path'4 = Invalid "\" found after second char of path'5 = No Drive assignment Found and Not a UNC Path'6 = Valid Drive letter found but no "" preceding ":" '-------------------------------------------------------------------- 'assign invalid charactors to arrayarrChars(0) = "'"arrChars(1) = """"arrChars(2) = "("arrChars(3) = ")"arrChars(4) = "!"arrChars(5) = "@"arrChars(6) = "#"arrChars(7) = "%"arrChars(8) = "^"arrChars(9) = "&"arrChars(10) = "*"arrChars(11) = "+"arrChars(12) = "="arrChars(13) = "<"arrChars(14) = ">"arrChars(15) = "?"arrChars(16) = "/"arrChars(17) = "."arrChars(18) = ","arrChars(19) = "`"arrChars(20) = ";"  If Len(strVarPassed) = 0 Then 'if length of property is zero return an error value    checkoDbPath = 0    'clean out variables to conserve memory use    lngPos = vbNull    intLoop = vbNull    lngTemp = vbNull    Erase arrChars    Exit FunctionEnd If For intLoop = 0 To 20 Step 1 'loop through array lngPos = InStr(1, strVarPassed, arrChars(intLoop), vbTextCompare) 'Check for invalid charactor in string If lngPos > 0 Then 'if found then return error value    checkoDbPath = 2    'clean out variables to conserve memory use    lngPos = vbNull    intLoop = vbNull    lngTemp = vbNull    Erase arrChars    Exit FunctionEnd If Next intLoop lngTemp = 1 'set Comparason starting point          lngPos = InStr(1, strVarPassed, ":", vbBinaryCompare) 'check for correct drive letter syntax    Select Case lngPos    Case Is = 1, Is >= 3 'invalid drive letter syntax found return error value        checkoDbPath = 3        'clean out variables to conserve memory use        lngPos = vbNull        intLoop = vbNull        lngTemp = vbNull        Erase arrChars        Exit Function    Case Is = 0 'No Drive letter assignment found check to see if unc path        For intLoop = 1 To Len(strVarPassed) Step 1 'set counter to step through each charactor in string            lngPos = InStr(intLoop, strVarPassed, "", vbBinaryCompare) 'check for directory delimiter                    If lngPos > 0 Then 'value found so check that it is single                If intLoop > 1 Then  'Starting values with "\" are acceptable as unc paths                    If lngPos > 2 And (lngPos - 1) = lngTemp Then 'any other location in the string with "\" is invalid                        checkoDbPath = 4 'return error value                        'clean out variables to conserve memory use                        lngPos = vbNull                        intLoop = vbNull                        lngTemp = vbNull                        Erase arrChars                        Exit Function                    End If                End If            Else                If intLoop = 1 Or intLoop = 2 Then 'Must have at least "//" as first 2 charactors to be valid unc path                    checkoDbPath = 5 'return error value                    'clean out variables to conserve memory use                    lngPos = vbNull                    intLoop = vbNull                    lngTemp = vbNull                    Erase arrChars                    Exit Function                End If            End If                        lngTemp = lngPos 'increment temp value                Next intLoop 'increment counter        Case Is = 2        'check rest of string for "\"        lngTemp = 1 'set Comparason starting point                For intLoop = 3 To Len(strVarPassed) Step 1 'set counter to step through each charactor in string            lngPos = InStr(intLoop, strVarPassed, "", vbBinaryCompare) 'check for directory delimiter                    If lngPos > 0 Then 'value found so check that it is single                                If lngPos > 3 And (lngPos - 1) = lngTemp Then 'any other location in the string with "\" is invalid                    checkoDbPath = 4 'return error value                    'clean out variables to conserve memory use                    lngPos = vbNull                    intLoop = vbNull                    lngTemp = vbNull                    Erase arrChars                    Exit Function                End If            Else                If intLoop = 3 Then 'must have a "/" following drive letter to be valid path                    checkoDbPath = 6 'return error value                    'clean out variables to conserve memory use                    lngPos = vbNull                    intLoop = vbNull                    lngTemp = vbNull                    Erase arrChars                    Exit Function                End If                            End If                        lngTemp = lngPos 'increment temp value                Next intLoop 'increment counter        End Select       checkoDbPath = 1 'path passes checks return valid value        'clean out variables to conserve memory uselngPos = vbNullintLoop = vbNulllngTemp = vbNullErase arrChars End Function

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I have xammp installed and working. Then i decided to check out zendframework so i downloaded the latest version as of today.I extracted into C:Program FilesendframeworkCli and added the path to php.ini and also added it to the systems path settings.when i type "zf show version" it gives me the correct version. However when i type and enter "zf create project zf-tutorial" i get the ff error message:An error has Occurred Provider 'project' is not a valid provider.

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Is there a command function that can check if a directory is actually valid before it tries to open one? I have recently run into the problem that if a directory path is set and then the folder is deleted, the next time it tries to access the folder it crashes with an "error 76 path not found".I tried looking up functions similar to the isNull or isNumeric function but with no luck.Thanks for your help.

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� Hi, I'm writing a windows application using VB.NET 2005 that must connect to Pocket PC via ActiveSync to read data from SQL Server CE. This is my code: � Dim cnn As New SqlCeConnection � cnn.ConnectionString = "Data Source =Mobile DeviceStorage CardProgram FilesMyAppMobileDB1.sdf" � cnn.Open() � But I get the following error: � The path is not valid. Check the directory for the database. [ Path = Mobile DeviceStorage CardProgram FilesMyAppMobileDB1.sdf ] � Any help would be greatly appreciated! Leila

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I get a file path to a user file and I want to make sure that this path is to a valid existing user file and not to something bogus or a system file or something like that. I know I can use file_exists to check that it exists, but I'm not sure how I should make sure that the file is in a certain sub-directory...

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I get a file path to a user file and I want to make sure that this path is to a valid existing user file and not to something bogus or a system file or something like that. I know I can use file_exists to check that it exists, but I'm not sure how I should make sure that the file is in a certain sub-directory...

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I would need a code that checks if an url with filename is valid or not. Here are a few examples: http://www.example.com/file.zip (valid) http://example.com/file.zip (valid) http://www.example.com/files/file.zip (valid) ftp://ftp.example.com/file.zip (valid) ftp://example.com/file.zip (valid) ftp://ftp.example.com/files/file.zip (valid) http://www.example.com/ (not valid) http://www.example.com (not valid) www.example.com/file.zip (not valid) ftp.example.com/ (not valid) ftp.example.com (not valid) If anybody knows a regexp for this please share with me!

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I wonder to create a function that receive the string of path exp: "\STEVEN" or "C:Program Files"... then the function will check the existence or is it the path valid and available or not...ty for reply^^

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I'm loading files with commondialog. But:If the user writes a name into .filename textbox and there is no file with that name in that path, NO error is generated.So is there any way to stop there and tell the user to write a valid file name?? I could use Dir() to check if that file exists, but the problem is that I dont know witch path would it be, it could be any folder in the disk.Thanks.JCI.

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Hi everyone,My program when run on the wrong tester platform (check via pc name) will show this Run time Error '76' Path not found in a msgBox.This is because my program reads data from a .txt file and the directory of this txt file is different on the valid pc name and invalid pc name.How do i make it that when the path of the txt file is not found, the program will still launch but will disabled all the combos and buttons except the Exit button (cmdExit)?Attached is my program code.Anyone can help?

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ok, im asking the user to enter a valid path to save a text file to, how do you (through coding) check to make sure that there is such a path that the user entered?

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i need a code that would check if what the user entered in textbox is a valid date or notwith valid date i mean 12/12/2200 for example

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I have created a DTS package to read data from a SQL Server table and copy it to an Excel file on one sheet.� I have tested the DTS package manually and it runs.� I scheduled the package but it keeps failing giving the following error message.� The path to the Excel file�is valid and the SQL server is connected to the server where the Excel file resides. ...�� DTSRun:� Executing...�� DTSRun OnStart:� Copy Data from vw_Symbols to vw_Symbols$ Step�� DTSRun OnError:� Copy Data from vw_Symbols to vw_Symbols$ Step, Error = -2147467259 (80004005)����� Error string:� 'S:Mission Critical EnterprisesCurrent ProjectsJPMC Aperture Rollout 05-100-1-0001Symbol RequestsJPMC - Symbols Added.xls' is not a valid path.� Make sure that the path name is spelled correctly and that you are connected to the server on which the file resides.����� Error source:� Microsoft JET Database Engine����� Help file:������� Help context:� 5003044����� Error Detail Records:����� Error:� -2147467259 (80004005); Provider Error:� -534774783 (E01FFC01)����� Error string:� 'S:Mission Critical EnterprisesCurrent ProjectsJPMC Aperture Rollout 05-100-1-0001Symbol RequestsJPMC - Symbols Added.xls' is not a valid path.� Make sure that the path name is spelled correctly and that you are connected to the server on which the file resides.����� Error sour...� Process Exit Code 1.� The step failed.

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Quick question about executing files that are in a subdirecoty where the program is.I have an checkbox that allows the user to use the complete path to the program in the subdirectory or a short path.The code at the end of this post for the complete path would translate to: Code:C:BootDreams oolsCdirip.exe "C:Image.cdi" "C:BootDreams" -cdrecordFor a short path: Code:toolsCdirip.exe "C:Image.cdi" "C:BootDreams" -cdrecordHere's the code the above bit was translated from: Code:temp$ = IIf(mnuCompletePaths.Checked = True, App.Path & "", "") & "toolsCdirip.exe """ & txtImage.Text & """ """ & App.Path & """ -cdrecord"After reading up on "A quick note on App.path" I realized I should probably make the curDirector() function.I guess what I'm asking is, does that look safe to use with both complete paths and the short path without making the function? I'm getting a file not found error when using the complete path but not the short path.I believe this part of code is where it it giving the error since the file that Cdirip gives does not get renamed: Code:If Dir$(IIf(mnuCompletePaths.Checked = True, App.Path & "", "") & "TAudio01.wav") = "" Then If Dir$(IIf(mnuCompletePaths.Checked = True, App.Path & "", "") & "BootDreams01.iso") <> "" Then Kill IIf(mnuCompletePaths.Checked = True, App.Path & "", "") & "BootDreams01.iso" End If Name IIf(mnuCompletePaths.Checked = True, App.Path & "", "") & "TData01.iso" As IIf(mnuCompletePaths.Checked = True, App.Path & "", "") & "BootDreams01.iso"End If

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I have a sub routine that is loading a list of items into a listbox automatically. This is referenced by the file path. If a user deletes this file, the program crashes. How can I get the program to first check to see if the file is even there? If not, it'll exit the sub. Here's what I have so far on Form_Load Code:If mnuLoadPreviousSessionIDs.Checked Then 'Used to autoload a saved USER ID list UserIDFilename = GetSetting("mlp_buy", "loadpreviousids", "loadpreviousids", UserIDFilename) If Not IsEmpty(UserIDFilename) Then With CommonDialog1 .filename = UserIDFilename If Len(.filename) Then If mnuClearListBeforeAddingNewUsers.Checked Then List1.Clear Set fs2 = New FileSystemObject Set ts2 = fs2.OpenTextFile(.filename, ForReading, False) Do While Not ts2.AtEndOfStream List1.AddItem (ts2.ReadLine) Loop ts2.Close Set ts2 = Nothing End If End With Label8 = List1.ListCount & " IDs Loaded" End IfEnd IfIt's pulling .Filename from a previous session which is saving the file path to the registry. Once the form is loaded, it'll check to see if there was a file path saved. My issue is if a user deletes the actual file, the program still thinks there's a valid .FileName

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Hello i have a program that gets an error because the file doesn't exist:Code:Picture1.Picture = Environ("U3_DEVICE_DOCUMENT_PATH") + ReadIni(Environ("U3_DEVICE_DOCUMENT_PATH") & "" & "Programs.ini", "U3_Program_Runner", "Picture1")The "Environ("U3_DEVICE_DOCUMENT_PATH")" is used to get the document path on the U3 drive. (An USB-Memory whit new technology, look at www.u3.com)But if now the ini file doesn't specify the file to be used i get an error "object required", so how can i check if the file exist and perhaps check if the file is valid so that it can be opened

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Hi,I want to know how many COM Ports are available in the system.. And out of them how many of them are valid COM Ports.. I could achieve to locate how many COM Ports are available by searching in the Registry for this path (hkey_local_machine/hardware/devicemap/serialcomm). This is valid in some hardware and the same path is not available in some other machines. And I could check the validity of the COM Port using the MsComm Control by which I can know whether the Port is valid port or not..Now I want my solution to be generic.. Irrespective of the hardware we are using it should display me all the COM Ports which I am using including COM1 / COM2 / COM3 / COM4 upto COM8 if present.I have used the following Registry API's in solving this problemRegOpenKeyEx , RegQueryValueEx , RegEnumValue , RegEnumKey .. and some other constantsPlease let me know some way out to solve this problem.RegardsPrasad

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I have got the rules for validating a postcode, they are:# The total length must be 6,7, or 8 characters, a gap (space character) must be included# The inward code, the part to the right of the gap, must always be 3 characters# The first character of the inward code must be numeric# The second and third characters of the inward code must be alpha# The outward code, the part to the left of the gap, can be 2,3, or 4 characters# The first character of the outward code must be alphaFrom this i have tryed to create code to valuidate it but its not working correctly, here is the code that i created:Code:' Validates the postcode entered - Format CheckPrivate Function validPostcode(postCode) ' Format checkDim valid As BooleanDim first As StringDim number As StringDim last As StringDim poCode As StringDim space As StringDim i As StringDim cha As String ' Splits the postcode into sections. poCode = txtPostcode.Text first = Left(poCode, 1) number = Mid(poCode, 2, 2) space = Mid(poCode, 4, 1) last = Right(poCode, 3) valid = True ' If there is data If Not poCode = "" Then valid = True End If ' Checking the value of first digit If Not frontLetter(first) Then valid = False End If ' Checking the second and third characters If Not isNumeric(number) <> 7 Then valid = False End If ' Checks to see if there is a space ' After the fourth digit If Not space = "" Then valid = False End If ' Checks that last three digits If Not lastThree(last) Then valid = False End If validPostcode = valid ' Display error if invalid postcode If valid = False Then MsgBox "Please enter a valid postcode", vbOKOnly End If End Function' Function to validate the front letter of the postcodePrivate Function frontLetter(s As String)Dim ing As IntegerDim ch As StringDim valid As Boolean valid = True For ing = 1 To Len(s) ch = Mid(s, ing, 1) If ch < "A" Or ch > "Z" Then valid = False End If Next ing frontLetter = validEnd Function' Function to validate numeric value of' The postcodePrivate Function isNumeric(s As String)Dim ing As IntegerDim ch As StringDim valid As Boolean valid = True For ing = 1 To Len(s) ch = Mid(s, ing, 1) If ch < "0" Or ch > "9" Then valid = False End If Next ing isNumeric = validEnd Function' Validate last three characters of postcodePrivate Function lastThree(s As String)Dim ing As IntegerDim ch As StringDim valid As Boolean valid = True For ing = 1 To Len(s) ch = Mid(s, ing, 1) If ch < "A" Or ch > "Z" Then valid = False End If Next ing lastThree = validEnd Function

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I have a wcf service which is exposed publicly to the authorized users. User1 uses service1 - it checks for validuser and valid subscription for noofcallsallowed per user. I have a logic return as: IsSubscriptionValid(userId) { TrackUsage(userId); } while User1 uses service1: Thread1 comes to checks for valid subscription and update the usage.In the mean thread2 comes in for the same user which check for valid subscription, and thread1 donot update the usage yet. So its a wrong call for thread 2?

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does somebody knows how to check for a valid IMEI?I have found a function to check on this page: url...But it returns false for valid IMEI's (f.e. 352972024585360).I can validate them online on this page:url...What is the correct way(in VB.Net) to check if a given IMEI is valid? [code]

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I've got a little problem here, i'd like to check if the linked table in a MDB are pointing in a existing directory, if not i'd like to change the path for the linked table to a valid one. I've got the code to do this but i dont know where I can write it. If the path of the linked table doesn't exist when I start the application, an error message say's that Access dont find the path(ex: "F:datamyMdb.mdb") before the login. Access seem to check the linked table before the form load, so I dont know where I can use my Code to check this. If someone got an idea please give me some new's.Thank's

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I have an app which takes a path from the database i.e. C:MyDir and searches this directory to see if there are any documents in it, however, the app doesnt work. I can get the path from the database but when I try Server.MapPath(varFolderPath) I get told "C:MyDir is not a valid virtual path." I know its not a virtual path but how do I make it point to the physical path?

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I have a View: <div class="editor-field" id = "nick">Nick <%: Html.TextBoxFor(model => model.Nick)%><img src="/Content/Images/loading.gif" alt = "loading...."/> <%: Ajax.ActionLink("Check", "Check", new AjaxOptions { UpdateTargetId = "check-valid", LoadingElementId = "loading"})%> </div> I used: Nick = ViewData.Model.Nick in ActionLink as below, but I cannot get value of Nick from View. <%: Ajax.ActionLink("Check", "Check", new {Nick = ViewData.Model.Nick}, new AjaxOptions { UpdateTargetId = "check-valid", LoadingElementId = "loading"})%>

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Hi, I am trying to write a desktop application using C# and .NET that can edit an SQL Server Mobile database stored on a device. The problem is no matter how I specify the data source, I get an error the path was not found. Heres the bit of the code: string strConn = "Data Source=" + "Mobile Device\My Documents\Nutricom.sdf"; SqlCeConnection connDB = new SqlCeConnection(strConn); connDB.Open(); And the error i get is.. The path is not valid. Check the directory for the database. [ Path = Mobile DeviceMy DocumentsNutricom.sdf ] Everytime it thorws an error saying the path is invalid and to check the locaiton of the database. Ive tried it without the "Mobile Device" bit of the string and still nothing. The database is definately in this location. Any help? It's driving me insane. Lewis

CommonDialog....... Getting A Path From ? www.vbforums.com

I've used the CommonDialog to get a path to a file.It's working and I get back a path like:"C: est est1 est.txt"From the the ".FileName" I only need the path though..... umm, I guess I was wondering the best way to get it to work. I'm really just trying to get a path to an application from the user. I have the application name as the only filter selected - so the user has to either cancel or find the right file (so I know the path is valid).

Error:"Conversion From String "User" To Type 'Integer' Is Not Valid." www.vbforums.com

When trying to combine the User path with another path, I get a an error:"Conversion from string "User" to type 'Integer' is not valid." vb.net Dim Variable As String = IO.Path.Combine(Environment.GetFolderPath(Environment.UserName), _"AppDataLocalLowSunJavaDeploymentcache") I guess my understanding of how to combine paths is a bit unclear. I didn't realize that by doing it this way, I was attempting to convert the path to an integer.

Valid Filename www.vbcity.com

how to check if the string contains a valid filename (and filepath)?the filename is not existing yet (so it's not the same as the FileExist test) andthe file extension could be anything, as long as the path and name are valid.for example?c:folder1file1.txt - > valide: emp est.exe -> validadeda e?xt.txt - > not validthe way i do it right now is i try to open the file for output using the following syntaxCode:    Dim ifile as Integer        ifile = FreeFile()    Open strFilename For Output As #ifile     ...then i just check if it generates an error or not. if it does, then i know stfFilename isnot a valid filename.i don't think this is the best way of doing it. Edited by - ykdis on 8/19/2004 10:21:02 PM

Check If Path Exists Using Fso www.vbforums.com

I have a string variable that holds a directory path...I am copying a file to this path, but need to check to make sure the path exists first: the path looks like this:c:programmingmydirectoryDo I have to check all directories in order to create this path ifit doesn't exist, such asCheck(C:Programming) if doesn't exist, create itNow check (C:Programmingmydirectory) if it doesn't exist, then create it.Or is there a way I can just give it the one path:C:ProgrammingMyDirectory and if it doesn't exist, it will automatically create the other folders underneath if they don't exist????????

"could Not Find Part Of Path" Error www.vbdotnetforums.com

I'm running a small piece of code during the startup of my application that checks the version number of a matching file on a mapped network drive against the current version of the executable running. If the exe on the network drive is newer, it runs a separate application that copies the network version over and relaunches the application. This setup works flawlessly in XP, but it's giving me the following error in Vista and Window 7:"Could not find part of path: (path to executable)" The problem is, I can copy and paste the path in the error into the "run" dialog, and the path is valid.It's a simple path and filename, so escape characters should not be the issue. An example path might be: H:deploy_directoryexeName.exe

SQL Reporting :: Error In Reports: The Full Path Must Be Less Than 260 Characters Long forums.asp.net

When I call my reports from the .net program, i am getting following error Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms.ReportServerException: The path of the item 'D:/WebSites/DevelopmentWebsite/AP_reports/AP_reports/vent_Full_Div' is not valid. The full path must be less than 260 characters long; other restrictions apply. If the report server is in native mode, the path must start with slash. (rsInvalidItemPath) at Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms.ServerReport.GetExecutionInfo() at Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms.ServerReport.SetParameters(IEnumerable`1 parameters) at Reportviewr.Page_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e) in d:WebSitesDevelopmentWebsiteReportviewr.aspx.cs:line 416 The path of the item 'D:/WebSites/DevelopmentWebsite/AP_reports/AP_reports/Event_Full_Div' is not valid. The full path must be less than 260 characters long; other restrictions apply. If the report server is in native mode, the path must start with slash. (rsInvalidItemPath

Valid Image Check www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hello, is there a way to check to see if an image is valid in VB? I am downloading a gif image every 10 minutes, and once in a while the image is not a valid one, and hangs the program. I would like to have VB download the file, and add in a check to see if the image is valid. Does anyone have any ideas? Many thanks

Regular Expression For Checking Valid Date? www.vbforums.com

I am using regular expression for checking valid date. But i dint found the expression for a valid date. So how to check for valid date in the format mm/dd/yyyy

Check If String Is Single Cell Reference www.mrexcel.com

I'd like to check if a user supplied string is single cell reference. My problem is that the below code comes back as vallid if I enter a range like B2:B4. Sub test2() Dim UserAdd As String UserAdd = InputBox("Enter your address") 'check if valid: If ValidAddress(UserAdd) Then MsgBox ("it's valid!") Else MsgBox ("it ain't valid!") End If End Sub

Correcting Invalid Dates From A Text File Before Loading SQL Table social.msdn.microsoft.com

Each month we process 100+ text files into our ERP system.� Occasionaly the Voucher Date in the text file does not contain a valid date.� I would like to check to see if it is a valid Date, if it isn't replace it with the current date. � I thought I would use�a Derived Column transformation, but I don't know how to check a field to see if it is a valid date. � Can anyone help? � Thanks, � Jeff �

Why? Does This Crash, I Cant See It www.xtremevbtalk.com

Can somebody please tell me what is wrong with this code:Code:'Checks to see if the campers name is presentFunction checkCamper()Dim camper As StringDim valid As Boolean camper = lblCamperName valid = True tblCamper.MoveFirst While Not tblCamper.EOF If tblCamper!name = name Then valid = True Else valid = False End If Wend If valid = False Then If MsgBox("The name is not present. Do you want to add the camper to the database.", _ vbOKCancel + vbQuestion, "Yup") = vbOK Then ' Helps with interface, goes to the add new camper form. frmMaintainCampers.Show End If End IfEnd Function

Move A File From Current Directory www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hello, I'm trying to move a file from the directory which the compiled exe file is in. I was wondering if it is a valid move to include the app.path & "filename" command while using the filecopy and kill commands. For example, this is my attempted piece of code I was working on...MkDir "c:Donut"FileCopy App.Path & "stuff.txt", "c:Donutstuff.txt"Kill App.Path & "stuff.txt"Any who, I was just wondering how I would incorporate the app.path & "filename" command into the filecopy and kill commands.

Dir Function On Network Path Not Working? www.vbforums.com

I want to determine if a network path exists and if it doesn't I want to create the path. For some reason the Dir function returns "" even if I give it a valid path.example:There is a path on my network called - \wawa0csiojamieif I do ? dir("\wawa0csiojamie",vbdirectory)or anything else... I get ""Help?

Check Valid E-mail Address? forums.codeguru.com

I am developing client application I store client details with e-mail address. but I give permission to users to entry valid e-mail address of every client, In that case I will check valid e-mail address for that how to check the given valid e-mail address

JQuery :: Validate - Check Zip And Return City Into Another Input forum.jquery.com

I use the Validation plugin [URL] and do like this: frmzip: { required: true, digits: true, remote: zip.php, }, I have two fields; zip and city, I validate zip with remote and it checks against a list if the zip is valid, but i want it too: Check if the zip is valid Return true if it is valid and return the city of the zip and paste it in the city-input... Of course I have a database/array/list with all zip and city's.

Checking For Valid File www.vbcity.com

Hi,I want to check if there is a valid file and if so, load it ( I can do this ) and if not load a default file. The following code section is what i've tried.Code: If AddBackslash(App.Path) & "myfile" & ".txt" = "" Then     codeendifRegardsDavid

How To Retrieve The Virtual Path www.vbforums.com

I'm testing my web app locally and I need to refer to the virtual path. Code: Protected Sub ddlEvent_SelectedIndexChanged(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles ddlEvent.SelectedIndexChanged Try If ddlEvent.Text.Length > 0 Then ImageDir = "C:WebsitesPF" & ddlEvent.SelectedItem.Text & "" Dim pics As ArrayList = New ArrayList() Dim s As String, html As String For Each s In Directory.GetFiles(Server.MapPath(ImageDir), "*.jpg") html = "<a href=""" & ImageDir & Path.GetFileName(s) & """>" & _ "<img src=""" & ImageDir & Path.GetFileName(s) & """>" & _ "</a>" pics.Add(html) Next dlPictures.DataSource = pics dlPictures.DataBind() End If Catch ex As Exception mmp.errorLabel.Text = ex.Message End Try End Sub For some reason it doesn't like the highlighted line of code even though it is a valid path. When I run the app, I get the error message: "C:WebsitesPFTestImages is not a valid virtual path"

Directory Can Not Be Opened Due To Permission Restrictions Or Filesystem Errors forums.devshed.com

The PHP manual pages say this: If path is not a valid directory or the directory can not be opened due to permission restrictions or filesystem errors, opendir() returns FALSE and generates a PHP error. How can I check to see that the permissions are set correctly for opendir() to work?

Check If File Exists On Server Based On Full URL stackoverflow.com

I have an app that generates invoices in the form of PDF files stored in a directory on my server. Before mailing out this invoices I'd like to make sure that the URL (not server path) which I store in my DB does indeed point to a valid PDF file. Something could have gone wrong that wrote a value to that field in the db, but for example the filename is missing; meaning the file is not in the specified directory. AFAIK file_exists just checks server paths but not URL's. I could always store the server path too, or assemble it, but I'm wondering if i can do this check based on a full http url ending with a filename?

Dynamic Record Creation www.codeguru.com

I'm trying to connect to excel(Emp.xls) thru DAO, this is happening fine . If i want to select only few record by saying Recorset property of data1 is set to "1-Dynamic"data1.recordSource ="Select * from Emp where EmpCode='100'"data1.refreshit is not giving "sql statement is not valid pl. check the path is correct or not"pl. help me out

Valid Windows Filename www.vbforums.com

So I don't have to reinvent the wheel, does anyone have a function (or is there an API function) that checks to see if a given string is a valid Windows filename (which may contain a drive letter and a network or non-network path)? The file need not exist at the time of user entry. This is straight validation of a user-entered string, not using the Common Dialog or any of the file controls.

Web Forms :: Upload Files Using An Upload Control But Getting An Error From Server.mappath forums.asp.net

I am trying to upload files using an upload control, but getting an error from server.mappath (System.Web.HttpException: 'c:inetpubwwwrootimagespropertyImages6' is not a valid virtual path.) I have checked to see if the directory exists via code and at the server, it does with both. My code is below: [Code]....

Web Browser Throughs Navigate Error On File Download www.xtremevbtalk.com

Why does the web browser navigete error occur on every file download even the it is a valid path and the download works just fine. I have a message box come up when there is an error and it comes up every time I try to dl a file which is anoying me. The only way I can think of getting around this is to check the extension of the URL and see if its not handled by IE. But I dont want to do that cuz there are so many: htm html asp php pdf ect..Not to mention all the picture extensions.

Upload Validation Images phpbuilder.com

I was wondering if this is a secure way to check for a image file? PHP Code: $target_path = "/home/path/to/uploadfolder/"; $target_path = $target_path . basename( $_FILES['picture']['name']); if(!empty($_FILES['picture']['tmp_name'])){���� ����$types = array('image/gif', 'image/jpg', 'image/jpeg', 'image/png', 'image/bmp'); ���� ����if(in_array($_FILES['picture']["type"], $types)) ����{ ��������if(move_uploaded_file($_FILES['picture']['tmp_name'], $target_path)){ ���������������������//it's valid and moved } } }

Check If File Exists www.xtremevbtalk.com

I have some code that opens an existing document. Is there anyway I can check to ensure the file exists? I may also need to ensure that the file path is valid. Any ideas appriciated.

Checking For Network Path Validity www.codeguru.com

I am looking for a way to check that the path to a network printer (\serverprinter) is valid (the printer is there and the user has access to it...). Thank you to all who offer help.

Auto Check Databse Path www.xtremevbtalk.com

hi, how to check if a network database path is working or is valid? or if there is error in connecting to a database that found on a server.

File Copy Error - Version: 2000 (9.0) www.utteraccess.com

Any idea why this copy statement for an individual file works in Access FileCopy "U:WHSL_MISWEBDROPDaily_Capacity.xls", "U:WHSL_WEBDROPReportsOperationsMiscDaily_Capacity.xls" But this one for all .SNP files in a directory does not? FileCopy "U:WHSL_MISWEBDROP*.snp", "U:WHSL_WEBDROPReportsCoding_Conflict_Errors" I get a "bad file name or number" error. I checked that both paths are valid. Thanks NickB

ActionScript 3.0 :: Get Sound To Load From The Library? www.kirupa.com

I figured out how to get sound to load from the library in AS3, which is good, however I'm trying to do the same technique in another fla with different mp3s and i get the following error. WTF?'Sound has no valid device sound path although exporting device sounds was requested in the export settings. This sound will be ignored.' You can check out my code below, anyone else thats run into this let me know. [Code]...

VS 2010 Converting Recursion To Iteration? www.vbforums.com

Is it possible to make this function iterative or must it be recursive? The Function traverses a grid of x length and y height. At each point in the grid, it checks all of it's neighbors to see if they are valid, meaning they exist in the grid and haven't been used yet. The function works in it's current form but I was wondering if an iterative version would be more efficient. PathManip is a Stringbuilder, stores the path currently being manipulated. PathQueue is a List(Of String), stores all paths yet to be traversed. IsPathAlreadyUsed is a boolean function that checks whether or not a specified point has been used in the current path. Sub FindNeighbors(ByVal coords As String) Dim x As Integer = CInt(coords(coords.Length - 2).ToString) Dim y As Integer = CInt(coords(coords.Length - 1).ToString) [Code]....

Detect If The Path Which The Useer Entered Is Valid? www.dreamincode.net

Am not n a programming class am just interested in how things are done behind the scenes while learning. What is nice about this is that you can still learn by looking at code and trying to figure out what/how they figured it out. Am trying to work on this script and looking for some . Am to prompt the user to input a path to a folder in the c: Get a folder object to act as that folder and how to detect if the path which the useer entered is valid and if its not valid to display and error message and to go no further. Get a files collection that represents all files in folder the user selected Check number of files in the collection, it is "0" make a messsage box stating folder doesnt contain files and if it does make a message box stating the number of files in the folder.

Check For Valid Filename www.vbforums.com

Is there anyway to check the filename entered in the Textbox control is valid for Windows? Remember, I dont want to check the file existance just to check the given filename is valid.

Check If Word Object Is Still Valid. www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi,I have this word object:Public objWord As Word.Applicationand sometimes when a user opens word outside the application that object is also closed for some unknown reason (probebly due to some ownership problem or so.) How can I check that the object is still valid ?For clearification, I do not want to check if JUST A instance is loaded, also not want to check if it is installed, just want to know if the objWord still is a valid Word object.hope someone can help me.greets ghoti

Create Or Edit Simple Web Pages? www.phpfreaks.com

But I have very little knowledge in creating or editing simple web pages.How do you create a web page that checks user account name and password of a website in batch mode to see if they are valid.For example:I can put account details in an empty form in a "username:password" format and submit to check if they are valid.The "username:password" will be checked one by one in a fashion ofIt basically connects to the site's URL with a "username:password@" attached to it and see if it redirects to either "Members Area" or "Access Denied".Example:I put TestUser:TestPass in the form and submit. [URL]....

Check Bigger Than Or Smaller Than A Number By Regex? stackoverflow.com

I have a Drupal module which allow regex check of a text field. To check a valid birth year of 4+ years old, the valid range is year 1900 to 2006. So assume the input string must be 4-char long. What's the regex to check the string is in that range?

Block Someone Downloading S/t With A Direct Link? forums.devshed.com

is there a way that the server first checks if the user is allowed to download the file? maybe the server checks for a cookie or the url must have a session id that is being checked; when it's valid the download starts, when it's not valid there's an error screen?! is there a way? maybe with a .htaccess file with php codes in it?

Is Site Valid - Web Browser Control www.vbforums.com

whats the code to check if the site submitted to a web browswer control is actually a valid site *meaning if it doesnt give any internal 401 errors*

Regex To Check The String Contains Only Letter And Numbers But Not Only Numbers? stackoverflow.com

I need a help with regex which checks the string contains only letter and numbers but not only numbers Valid * letters * 1wret * 0123chars * chars0123 * cha2rs Invalid * 1324 * xcvxxc%$# * xcv123xxc%$# * _012chars * _test

Package And Deployment Wizard/Installation Problem www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi,I have used the Package and Deployment Wizard provided by VB6 to make an installer of my project. After the installer is created, i can install the installer (pardon the pun) correctly in my PC. However, when i install it on another PC, an error message pops up and says that the path to my project is not a valid path. I know this has something to do with App Path but I am not sure on how to do it. Thanks a lot!

Crystal Reports 9 Database Problem www.vbforums.com

Hello I created a Crystal Report from Access Database. And my application wored good. Now when im trying to run the report from another PC, it says that the path to Database is not valid, and is display the original datbase path.how do i give the path of Access Database to Crystal Report in my code.

Connection And Dataenvironment www.vbforums.com

hi, i have a connection in a dataenvironment, the provider is:Microsoft Jet 4 OLE DB Provider my problem is that the data source for this conecction is:C:Programa AbarroteraBDABARROTERA.mdbBut i dont want this,i want something like(App.Path & "BDABARROTERA.mdb")Because this program will be run on a lan, so the route is diferent for every user.I cant use (App.Path & "BDABARROTERA.mdb") in the connection properties because it said me that it isnt a valid path name.How can i do this??do i have to use another provider???Please give me some advice!!!!Thank you in advance,

Open A Text File On A Network www.xtremevbtalk.com

The following code works like it should when a local path is used, but if I try to create a file on a network path it won't work. The network path is valid and I can manually create a text file, so I do have R/W access. How can I create a text file on a network drive. Code:meshlog = "\srvdataoutput.txt" file_num = FreeFile Open meshlog For Output As #file_num Print #file_num, "blah, blah" close #file_num

How To Make The Linked Tables In Acc97 Use Relative Paths? www.codeguru.com

Hi there,I have a few Access 97 databases, each with some tables in them.One of the Databases has links to all the other databases, I use VB to make an OLEDB connection to that database to read/write to all the other tables.However, the problem is that, once the databases are moved, all the links are 'broken', and I get an error message telling me that the new path is not a valid path.How can I make the linked tables use a relative path to the controlling DB ?Thanks for all your help! Wei

File Path And Execution www.xtremevbtalk.com

hello:i have a problem when setting the path of file i want to execute in createprocess. when the path includes a space, it will not find the file. but if there is no space, it will work fine. may i know whether it is the problem of the space? is it that for the file path in createprocess, space is not valid?and how can i wait until the execution of file is finished and then go on executing the following VB codes?thanks in advance!regards,irisbeast

Mailer Script With Common Validation Rules forums.phpfreaks.com

Can anyone recommend a comprehensive php form mailer script that includes common validation rules such as checks for valid email addresses, phone numbers etc?