C# - Truncate Text In RadGrid Column?


using Telerik RadGrid* in a LINQ context, with ASP.NET/C#, how to truncate text to a maximum length when displaying in columns? By maximum, I mean if original string's length is shorter than the specified maximum length, no errors will raise.I have seen many examples of this on the net, but it seems that the Container.DataItem used to achieve this is different when using LINQ. Sometimes we see DataItem as a method, sometimes not. Examples are usually using a DataSet.Here's an example found (source) : <asp:TemplateField HeaderText="Description"> <ItemTemplate> <%# ValidateString(Container.DataItem("Description")) %> [code]...

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I've tried to find the answer, but am not having any luck and am wasting to much time trying to figure it out. Using RadGrid from Telerik, latest version of their Ajax Controls, I've added a Select to each row, and can't figure out how to get the value of the selected row. Prefer to get the value of the ID column (from ID field in my database) or other specific columns. C# or VB example will work, VB preferred.

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I have a RadGrid and inside the RadGrid1.MasterTableView.NestedViewTemplate I have another RadGrid. The outer RadGrid is RadGrid1, the inner RadGrid is RadGrid2. Both the RadGrids were created from code behind. I've defined a relation, like this:[code]I have a NeedDatasource event for the inner RadGrid and I would like to filter by the ID of the parent row's ID. How can I do that?

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I have a RadGrid which has a column like: <telerik:GridTemplateColumn HeaderText="Car" > <ItemTemplate> <asp:Label ID="MakeLabel" runat="Server" Text='<%# Eval("Make") %> /> </ItemTemplate> <EditItemTemplate> <asp:TextBox ID="MakeTextBox" runat="Server" Text='<%# Bind("Make") %> /> </EditItemTemplate> </telerik:GridTemplateColumn > and I'm wanting to set it up so that this column will allow input when inserting new values but won't when updating values.

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I have a Telerik Radgrid i export the data in RadGrid with gridexporting property of radgrid in Excel 2003 i.e .xls but the problem is that my some client's computers have excel 2003 and some have 2007 when this exported radgrid excel data going to be opened in 2007 this shows some message that due to .xls file going to opened in 2007 but after clicking ok button on message its allowed me to open the file, i just wanted to stop this message.

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Right now I have a RadToolTip inside of a RadGrid. The RadGrid displays a field from the datasource called "Value". The RadToolTip displays the same thing. I want to add another RadGrid inside of the RadToolTip. The function setting up the datasource of that second RadGrid should take "Value" as a parameter? How do I do that? Here's what I have so far. [code]....

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I have a radgrid1 and inside radgrid Item template i have two asp.net imagebutton namely imagebutton1 and imagebutton2 .... i want when i click on Selected radgrid Item whose id is id then after clicking on Image Button1 i redirect to ~/book.aspx?id=1 and if i click on imagebutton2 then i redirect to ~/details.aspx?id=1 Note : the id of the item will be changed dynamically according to the selected radgrid row . I have already done it using simple Gridview but m unable to perform this action using radgrid.

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I have a spark Datagrid with lot of columns. The problem is that if i have a long text in a cell, then the text goes over other columns. I want the text to stay in it cell, if it longer than the columns width, then the text to be truncated somehow.

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I am having DTS problem exporting from a table to a text file (my 600 character table column is truncated to 255 characters in the output text file). I don't why this is happining nor how to get the DTS not truncate to 255 characters. Is this a bug? A limitation? How do I get around this problem? .......I am running SQL Server 7 SP1 and database is in 6.5 compatability mode.

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Hi, is there a way i can replace multiple white spaces & tabs into one , on a TEXT column ? I am using replace function and trying to store the result into a varchar variable and the TEXT being truncated after 255 charecters. for example, I tried this : declare @str varchar(4000) select @str = replace(cast(textcolumn as varchar(4000)), ' ', NULL) I understand t-SQL dml statement(s) will automatically truncate after 255 chars in a long string. But, seeking for other options here pls. thanks for ur help..

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[Source - Samp_txt [1]] Error: Data conversion failed. The data conversion for column "Column 2" returned status value 4 and status text "Text was truncated or one or more characters had no match in the target code page.". The column width for column2 is 60 and i have cross checked several times that i have created the column width as 60 in SQL Server table for the corresponding field. Sarvan


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I have a Rad Grid and I simply want the cursor to be a pointer on hover of every row. I've tried Css classes and it hasn't worked. I know there is a simple solution, i just don't know how to do it. Below is what i've tried <style type="text/css"> .UseHand { cursor: pointer; } <telerik:RadGrid ID="RadGrid1" Skin="WB" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="false" DataSourceID="DSID"> <GroupingSettings CaseSensitive="false" /> <SelectedItemStyle CssClass="UseHand" /> <MasterTableView>BLAH BLAH</MasterTableView> <ClientSettings EnableRowHoverStyle="true"> <Selecting AllowRowSelect="True" /> <ClientEvents /> </ClientSettings> </telerik:RadGrid>

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How to refresh Telerik:radgrid contorl using Javascript ?

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I can export my radgrid to an excel file but I want to add some more info into the sheet.If it is possible, I would appreciate for a tutorial/sample code for doing a custom excel file generation. <tel:radgrid runat="server" id="mygrid" skinid="RadGrid_Search_Standard"> <ExportSettings HideStructureColumns="true" /> </tel:radgrid> Grid is databound with some datatable and I need to add some data to add some strings above mygrid.MasterTableView.ExportToWord()

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I need to truncate to sertain amount of decimals for example : dim x as double;x= 6.98455 textbox1.text = x that mean textbox1.text= 6.98455 I need textbox1.text= 6.99

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A data reader�is using�a connection manager to connect to an ODBC System DSN .��A query in the SqlCommand property is�provided.� �Data is being truncated in the only string column .� The data type in data reader output-->external columns shows as Unicode string [DT_WSTR] Length 7.� The truncated output in a text file is the first 3 characters from left to right�.� Changing the column order has no effect. � A linked server was created in SQL Server Management Studio to test the�ODBC�System DSN using the following: EXEC sp_addlinkedserver �� @server = 'server_name', �� @srvproduct = '', �� @provider = 'MSDASQL', �� @datasrc = 'odbc_dsn_name' Data returned using "OPENQUERY" does not truncate the string column indicating that�the ODBC Driver returns data as expected with sql 2005, but not�with the Data Reader.� Any assistance would be appreciated.� Thanks,

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I'm using Microsoft SQL 2005. I am attempting to store text in a column defined as varchar(2048). The text contains line feed and carriage return characters. After examining the database column the text is truncated after the first set of line feed and carriage return characters. Is there a way to force SQL Server to store these characters? � Much Thanks, Robert �

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I'm having a wired problem with Radgrid.. Im using a Radgrid to display some results where the user can edit/update/delete them. I'm using a single SQL Server 2000 table to fetch the results... Not sure why the events are not firing in radgrid. But I am able to do it successfully using the Gridview control... Im using .NET framework 4 Radgrid code <telerik:RadGrid ID="RadGrid1" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="False" AutoGenerateDeleteColumn="True" AutoGenerateEditColumn="True" DataSourceID="SSDS" GridLines="None" Width="844px" DataMember="DefaultView">[code]....

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I have a list of numbers: 21.20151242 28.012224 etc.... I want to round/truncate them as if it were currency and add "/month" to them so the resulting column would be: 21.20/month 28.01/month everytime I truncate to two digits and add the text it cuts off the final zero: 21.2/month how do I do this?

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I have a procedure that uses varchar(max) as output parameter, when I tried to retrieve the result of calling the procedure, the result is truncated to 4000 character.� Is this a driver bug? Any workaround? � Here is the pseudo code: create Procedure foo(@output varchar(max)) { ��� set @foo = 'string that has more than 4000 characters...'; ��� return; } � Java code: ��� CallableStatement cs = connection.prepareCall("{call foo ?}"); �� cs.registerOutputParameter(1, Types.longvarchar);�� // also tried Types.CLOB. �� cs.execute(); ��String result = cs.getString(1);� // The result is truncated to 4000 char. �� -- Also tried � CLOB clob = cs.getClob(1); � long len = clob.length();�� // The result is 4000. � Thanks, � Eric Wang � � �

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in the old days i could so something like GWBasic 10 A$="ReallyLongStringInSmallSpace": B$="tiny" 20 PRINT USING" ASDFASDFASDF ASDFASDF"; A$; B$ Output: "Re ASDFASDFASDF tiny ASDFASDF" it would automatically truncate large strings to fit in a small assigned space, and it would use empty spaces for strings too short. it made it VERY easy to print fixed front text tables in aligned columns by automatically truncating long lines and expanding using spaces (chr 32) where needed.i've already looked at .Format but it seems just for dates, times, currencies, and various byte/hex formats.

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I've a radgrid and rendering a hyperlink column. I want to pass the id of the record into the url for the hyperlink. How can I do this? I have this <Columns> <telerik:GridTemplateColumn AllowFiltering="false" HeaderText="Edit" UniqueName="Edit"> <ItemTemplate> <asp:HyperLink ID="HyperLink1" runat="server" Target="_blank" NavigateUrl="~/Edit.aspx?Id=need_to_bind_id_here">Edit Details</asp:HyperLink> </ItemTemplate> </telerik:GridTemplateColumn> </Columns> There is an ID column which is generated too.

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How can I truncate all words greater than 30 characters using a class name when the page loads?Been trying to do this for about 5 hours. Trying to conside the following: * Truncate long words and churn anything above the minimum length with an ellipse. * Only truncate words and not the whole sentence or paragraph. * Should truncate text that are inside HTML tags and not truncate the tags themselves. * When you hover over the ellipse, it will show you the complete word. * The long words are already truncated when the page load (SEO friendly). * Block of text are included in a max of 25 <div> elements and a minimum of 1. That's why I'm not using ID. So far I have this lines of code:<script charset="utf-8" language="javascript" type="text/javascript"> function test(gaz) { var sbText = gaz.innerHTML;[code].... I got this from the web and modified it but not working as I intended it to be.

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hi,can somebody help me ?currently I use textbox control to display content of text file with :text1.text = content_of_text_filethe problem is : if size of text file > 32K, textbox will display the content but it will be truncated, so only 32K character of text file's content will be displayedquestion :is it possible to usetext1.text = content_of_text_filewhere length of content_of_text_file > 32K(because if I paste some text where length of that text > 32K to a textbox, that textbox can received and displayed that text correctly (with out truncated at 32K) )maybe must use window API ?thanks in advancedrudi

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Is there a way to tell an ALTER TABLE statement that truncating data from a string or binary column is okay? Meaning, if I have a NVARCHAR(50) column and I want to change it to NVARCHAR(10), any strings over 10 characters can safely be truncated to 10? Or do I have to push the columns though an intermediary first?

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I have a column in a table which is varchar(2000) in SQL Server7.0 when i select columnname from tablename, it truncates that column and does not show me the complete contents. i checked the compatibilty level of my database and it is 70. in the BOL it says that if the compatibilty level is less than 70, then it will truncate the column to 255. what am i doing worng? please help.

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I want to truncate a string using javascript and have found several methods for doing this on Google which involve entering an arbitrary number of words to have it truncated to. However, does anybody know of a solution that takes into account the size of the text and it's container? So that the Javascript will truncate the text at the right point even if the user has increased the default font size with their browser.

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I have this lastname column and address column. The address obviously is longer so it makes the gridview to increase its height which I don't want to happen. What I want is to increase the column width of the address in gridview that will suit the long text inside it. How could I do it in C#? Currently this are my codes: C# [Code].... CSS [Code]....

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I have a problem while importing data from Excel to SQL Server.The leading zeros in data get truncated.Even if I try and change the excel data column as 'Text' and copy paste the data back into the Text column, the problem persists.Does any one have any thoughts about this problem?

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I have created a project (standard exe) using VB6, where a Listview has been added to a form [Microsoft Windows Common Controls 6.0 (SP6)]. This listView is configured to have 3 Columns which are populated on "Form_Load" event. Source Code is as below --Private Sub Form_Load() With ListView1 Set Item = .ListItems.Add(, , "Item 1") Item.SubItems(1) = "ABC QWORTHRT SDHT (400S 844S 466S_GG_CC 444HST_F1_YC 423HFS_T3 462HDF_ESF_RR 445SDF_ASD 345RTY_T3_ERT 345SGF_T3_2TY 342STT_RTY_2UY 543ATY 555YTR_YY 654FDS_4433 432HFD_2344_T6 432FDS_S3_REW 543RFV_EDC 333S_2GF 321EEE_E3_3EE 322TGB_BGT_4TG 456Y_DFGH 234T 234T_F5 654HGT_5433_GF 345FRE_5643 554GFV_3423_D5 453FDW_3455 543FDS_3344 432EW2_3344_R5)" End WithEnd SubThe problem is that, on executing the application the listview column is not able to accomodate the complete text, i.e. a part of the data is truncated in the 2nd column. The max characters from the above, that it is able to accomodete is 301 only.Could anyone please, help me as to how to make the List view accomodate large data in a single column, without truncating the text.I would be highly obliged with your help.

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Hello, I have a column (text datatype) and has to send an email as a text (not attachment) using cdonts. I am reading the data from text column storing in a varchar field and saying cdonts.body = [data]. This way I can send email to as a text format. Now, my problem is when length of data is greater than the 8000 chars it truncates the rest of the data.......and email I send is a truncated email.......loosing imporatnt data. How should I resolve this situation.......I am trying some different ideas but not worked yet. Finally, I am writting the entire content in a file and sending it as attachment but the reaquirement is to send it as a body text. Any ideas? Let me know if you need more details! Thanks, -Hayat www.mysticssoft.com

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Can somebody please tell me what I am doing wrong or need to do to resolve my issue. I having problems with one of the columns in an excel spreadsheet that I am trying to upload into the system. One of the columns contain values of both text and numbers such as 'ABC123', 'ABC124', '123456' etc. When I try uploading the sheet into SQL Server 2000 using DTS, the system removes all characters from the one column that I am having problems with. So entry 'ABC123' for example would be truncated to '123'. I tried formatting the column that I am having trouble with in excel to 'General' format as well as tried to transform the column to type varchar in SQL Server while using the DTS wizard but still had no luck. The problem is that SQL server thinks that the column is a float type column from the source and therefore truncates any characters.

Error- 'String Or Binary Data Would Be Truncated.The Statement Has Been Terminated' www.dreamincode.net

iam trying to insert some values to SQLServer 2005 Database.The following error displaying.I changed the corresponding column size,still the error persists.how can i sove this error-:'String or binary data would be truncated.The statement has been terminated' Me.Personal_detailsdbTableAdapter.Insert(Me.FirstnameTextBox.Text, Me.LastnameTextBox.Text, _ Me.PassportnoTextBox.Text, Me.PlaceofbirthTextBox.Text, _ Me.SexTextBox.Text, Me.DobDateTimePicker.Value.ToString) This is the SQL Database Table Design firstnamenvarchar(50)Checked lastnamevarchar(20)Checked passportnonvarchar(50)Unchecked(Primary Key) [code]....

C# - Extra Column Appearing When Paging In Telerik RadGrid? stackoverflow.com

I'm getting a blank column when switching to another page using the default pager in the telerik radgrid. As data for each row, it shows the type of data i am using for the rows (SearchRecord) Anyone have any clues as to why this may be happening? It doesn't show up on initial population of the grid, but only when I do paging. My columns are built dynamically but i confirmed that when my columns are built, they are the correct number.

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I want to select the row of telerik radgrid and get the value of column 1For thi can't use select or deselect columns, Here i want to select row by clicking only.here I also require code to get the value of column 1 of selected row

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I've got a repeater I've bound to column names that are filtered, as they're applied (using sessions currently, I might change this to loop through the columns looking for filters now that I really know how the grid works). I've got a button next to each filtered column name that is to remove the filter from the RadGrid. <asp:Repeater ID="repCorpFilters" runat="server" OnItemCommand="repFilters_ItemCommand"> <HeaderTemplate> Current Filters: </HeaderTemplate> <ItemTemplate> [Code]....

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The values that are being fetched from the database are not being read as is , when there are decimal values with 10 or more digits after the point, the values are truncated (approximated) to 8 digits The approximation is not consistent in all the cases Some times depending on the numbers for example 0.434000001 is truncated to 0.434. This is happening when i read the values from the sql database using the SqlDataReader.GetValue method into an ArrayList in C# .NET

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I have a RadGrid with a filtercontrol on it. The grid fits the size of the window, but certain views have quite a few columns and when the columns get shrunk down, the filter controls don't resize to fit. Is there any way to set those filter controls to auto fix within the width of the column?

Asp.net - Programatically Removing A Header Context Menu Filter From RadGrid? stackoverflow.com

I've got a repeater I've bound to column names that are filtered, as they're applied (using sessions currently, I might change this to loop through the columns looking for filters now that I really know how the grid works). I've got a button next to each filtered column name that is to remove the filter from the RadGrid. [Code]...

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I have a SQL 2005 database table with a column that has a datatype of nvarchar(255). It holds URLs.I created a FormView to edit records in the SQL table. The value for this column gets put in a TextBox in the FormView.When trying to edit the record, any text placed in the textbox gets truncated at 50 charactersI checked the TableAdapter in my dataset, and in the properties for that column, it has "255" for MaxLength.

How To Set Column Default Value To Include Text AND GetDate() ? social.msdn.microsoft.com

GETDATE() works alone as default in a DateTime column, but: 1) How do you include current Date concatenated with text like: - Column default Value = 'Submitted 2007-07-30 13:15:54.953' 2) is it possible to truncate that DateTime value (deleting the seconds 54.953) - Final Column default Value = 'Submitted 2007-07-30 13:15' Thinking Cast or convert but unsuccessful to date: - 'Submitted ' + Cast(CHAR(16),GETDATE()) ???

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how to find html anchor control in telerik:radgrid ?

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What's the simplest way to add a new row to a Telerik RadGrid in ASP.NET from code behind?

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I have a radgrid with multiple filters including DateTimePicker for From DateTime To DateTime. [Code]....

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i want to add a blank row in a radgrid.. how do i do that?

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I have a telerik radgrid, like shown underneath | Username | Password | ------------------------- | A_user | ***** | [code].....

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Is there any way to develop a generic Truncate table script for all the tables in the database based on foreign key relationships for example Employee table is parent of the EmployeeSal and EmployeeBenefits, HR table is HRDivision and HRManager My truncate statement order should be as follows I have tried using sysobjects and sysforeignkeys to develop a generic script but it didnt work out. TRUNCATE TABLE EMPLOYEE TRUNCATE TABLE EMPLOYEESAL TRUNCATE TABLE EMPLOYEEBENEFITS TRUNCATE TABLE HR TRUNCATE TABLE HRDIVISION TRUNCATE TABLE HRMANAGER Is this even possible to develop a generic script for all the tables in the database. Thanks

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Can you please tell me if there is a way to check a TextView's text is truncated in my code?

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I have a radgrid bound to a SqlDataSource that includes a hidden, readonly column that stores a pk. I want to pass the value bound to that column to a stored procedure for Updates but the default behavior when the column is readonly is not to pass the parameter to the sqlDataSource. My question is whether there is a way to pass that value without having to go into the code behind. Here is a snippet of my asp markup. <telerik:RadGrid ID="rgEmployees" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="False" DataSourceID="sdsEmployees" GridLines="None" AllowAutomaticUpdates="true" AllowAutomaticDeletes="true"> [Code].... If I set readonly="false" on the It works fine but then the user can edit the primary key value which is not desired. I know work arounds in code behind but is there any way to do it straight in the markup?

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Sub Mainscoresheet() Dim k As Integer, i As Integer, cs As Integer Set b = ActiveSheet.Buttons(Application.Caller) With b.TopLeftCell cs = .Column End With I have a button assigned to this macro about 20 times all over my worksheet I will place the button in dirrerent locations. What I need to do is get the column that the top-left corner of the button and assign that to "cs". Example if the top left corner of the button is in column "F" then cs would be 6.

Telerik RadGrid Doesn't Display On First Page_Load But Does On Postback stackoverflow.com

I have a page with a drop-down. Based on the selection in the drop-down, data gets loaded and populates a RadGrid. I am using a custom user control for the EditTemplate, so I can't use radGrid.DataBind(). Instead, I have to use radGrid.MasterTableView.Rebind() in association with a NeedDataSource event handler. My problem is that when I load the page initially, I populate the drop-down and automatically select a value (first item in the list) which triggers the databinding on the RadGrid. I can step through the code in debug mode and see that the grid is being populated with data, but when the page displays, it doesn't get rendered. When I then manually choose an item from the drop-down, which triggers the same grid databinding code, it displays properly the second time. How do I get it to display the grid the first time the page loads?

AJAX :: PageMethods Calls Inconsistent? forums.asp.net

Ran into a bit of problem when using PageMethods when calling a webmethod in the code-behind. My markup page has a radgrid which gets populated via the objectdatasource.Pagemethods works and returns data as expected when the objectdatasource binds the radgrid with some data but not when the objectdatasource returns nothing, i.e. radgrid is empty. PageMethods call has got nothing to do with the objectdatasource, I'm simply using its output to build a list of checkboxes dynamically on the client side using Javascript. And this is how my code snippets looks like:Markup page: <script type="text/javascript"> function CallGetARInvoices(src,dest) { [code]...

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HiCan anyone help - I have created a login interface. The login screen opens an SQL table, fine, but I want to validate the users input.My code so far -Private Sub txtUserName_Validate(Cancel As Boolean)Dim oCn As ADODB.ConnectionDim rsuser As ADODB.RecordsetDim sSQL As StringDim CS As StringDim userid As StringDim password As StringSet oCn = New ADODB.Connectionuserid = txtUserName.Textpassword = txtPassword.Text CS = "Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;" CS = CS & "Data Source=SWserv;" CS = CS & "database=lists;" CS = CS & "user id=" & userid & "" CS = CS & "password=" & password & "" CS = CS & "Use Procedure for Prepare=1;" CS = CS & "Auto Translate=True;" CS = CS & "Packet Size=4096;"'Open the Connection oCn.ConnectionString = CS oCn.CursorLocation = adUseServer oCn.Open CS Set rsuser = New ADODB.Recordset rsuser.Open "listsofemps", CS, , , adCmdTable 'SQL returns information about the userid passed to it sSQL = "select * from dbo.listsofemps where UserName = '" & txtUserName.Text & "'" & txtPassword.Text & " '" cmdOK.Enabled = True End Sub Please Help

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How the display of the inbox contents is in a column truncating the information in a column occupying 2/5 of the screen. Is there a way to have display the info in full screen and not truncate the preview info?

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A UI built using HTML and CSS has limited screen space. One of the elements is a div tag (<div id="mtext">) that will contain text of variable length. If the text is > 500 characters, I am displaying it as a link. When the user clicks the link, I want the text to be displayed in a layer above all the rest of the elements in the page. How can this be done using javascript.. Code: A div element that contains some text of variable length. If the length exceeds say 500 characters, Display it as truncated text. ( like "Example text...") The entire truncated text becomes a link When the user clicks the link the content in the div element "pops out" to fill the screen above other elements on the page Image showing truncated text... (before clicking) Image showing text display after clicking the text...

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I'm using a form with a combo box bound to a table (but all other boxes are not bound). When the user selects from the combo box, the other fields on the form populate. The problem is, there are two fields which are memo fields, but the form is truncating the text. When I type text in the form and save, it truncates, but in the table itself the text is not truncated. However, if I go back to the form and make a change, the truncated text overwrites what's in the table.

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I have an asp.net / C# page which takes a comment, and then emails that comment. Sometimes when the user enters "&" in the comment, the comment is being truncated. So for example if the comment is "test & test" the email only sends out "test ". I have tried HttpUtility.HtmlEncode - but it looks like the issue is on the outlook side and not on the C# side.

Apply Smarty Modifier On Block Output? stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to apply a modifier (truncate, in my case) to the output of a block (a tr block, that is, a translation block). I don't have tr as a modifier because it's not convenient for HTML markup.I don't really know what kind of syntax I should use, nor if it's allowed (given, my usage of blocks might be a bit funky).Something like that, if it makes any sense:{{tr}Really long text I want to be translated then truncated{/tr}|truncate}

Forms Data Controls :: Showing Image In One Column In Radgrid Using Values From Database? forums.asp.net

I am having one column in each row of my radgrid in which i want to show an image. I am getting values from database saying 1,2 for that particular column and for each of these values i want to show different images for different values. For Example if i am getting 1 from database i want to show "roseImage" and for 2 i want to show "lotusimage",

What's Wrong Here? social.msdn.microsoft.com

[Column 9] == "00000000" ? NULL(DT_WSTR,10) : RIGHT([Column 9],2) + "/" + SUBSTRING([Column 9],5,2) + "/" + SUBSTRING([Column 9],1,4) Where destination sql table own as datatype smalldatetime and accept NULLS. Where Column 9 is defined on the pipeline as [DT_WSTR] with lenght of 10. Otherwise Column 0 is exactly the same than Column 9 and works fine with this expression: RIGHT([Column 0],2) + "/" + SUBSTRING([Column 0],5,2) + "/" + SUBSTRING([Column 0],1,4) [Flat File Source [1]] Error: Data conversion failed. The data conversion for column "Column 9" returned status value 4 and status text "Text was truncated or one or more characters had no match in the target code page.".

How To Truncate Text Based On The Control Width? www.vbforums.com

Hi,I want to truncate a Text and add ellipsis at the end based on the width of the panel in a status bar control. For example:If the text is "123456789" and if the panel can't show all the text, then I want to know where to truncate, so that I can show the charcters that can fit in along with ellipsis.Thanks

Access: Table To Txt With Column Names www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hello,Due to limitations of Access truncating numbers I use the following code to export my tables to text files:Code:Set adoRS = adoCon.Execute("SELECT * FROM MyTable")Open O_Path & "" & "MyFile.txt" For Output As #1 Do Until adoRS.EOF Print #1, adoRS.GetString(, 100, vbTab, vbCrLf, "");LoopClose #1It works very fine, but I do not get the columns names as the first column. Would someone please tell me how to do that?Your help and time are highly appreciated.Cheers,Julian

OS X :: Customize Width Of Column View In Finder forums.macrumors.com

Can you change the default size of the widths of the columns when you open Finder in Column View? I'm getting tired of grabbing the drag-bars and adjusting every time just so I can read the truncated text in sub-folders.

Import Long Text From Excel Into Table social.msdn.microsoft.com

� Hi everyone, � I've got an excel file that I want to import into a database table. The longest text in a cell is 385 characters. I've made the fields in the table nvarchar(1024). � I created a data flow task for the import. � When I run this task, I get the following error: � [Excel Source [1]] Error: There was an error with output column "Line Text" (52) on output "Excel Source Output" (9). The column status returned was: "Text was truncated or one or more characters had no match in the target code page.". [Excel Source [1]] Error: The "output column "Line Text" (52)" failed because truncation occurred, and the truncation row disposition on "output column "Line Text" (52)" specifies failure on truncation. A truncation error occurred on the specified object of the specified component. � � is it possible that there is a restriction on the length of the text ? � regards, � Filip

Find Control In CommandItemTemplate For RadGrid? stackoverflow.com

I'm using RadGrid from Telerik with three LinkButton controls in CommandItem , and i want to hide or show them using switch statement at code behind. <CommandItemTemplate> <LinkButton runat="server" ID="approveAllLink" Text="Approve All" > </LinkButton> <LinkButton runat="server" ID="approveLink" Text="Approve" > </LinkButton> <LinkButton runat="server" ID="rejectLink" Text="Reject" > </LinkButton> </CommandItemTemplate>

Forms Data Controls :: Controlling A Gridview's Width? forums.asp.net

I have a GridView bound to a SqlDataSource. If the text in a particular column is very long then the Grid view becomes very wide, well off the page. How do I constrain it, if necessary truncating the text displayed? I cannot find the relevant setting in the properties section.

Loading Excel Range With Vba-array Blows Up In Office > 2000 www.mrexcel.com

I am using the following xlrng.cells(5,1).resize(5,5) = myarray If my array contains a text column with any text cell element > 900 bytes office 2003 and greater blow up in office 2000 it automatically truncates it without blowing up if i write my own load loop, and load each cell individually it works great no-poroblemo, its just extremely slow! Is there any magic way to get this working correctly without truncation and without blowing up?

Truncated Data From Textarea Box To Database forums.devshed.com

I have a simple form with a textarea box. The user is supposed to cut/paste text from documents into the textarea box, which is then added using php as a record to a MySQL column of data type mediumtext. The problem - the text keeps getting truncated at about 1800 characters (sometimes more, sometimes less).

Can I Run DTS To Create A Spreadsheet From Stored Procedure Results www.xtremevbtalk.com

I have a stored procedure on SQL Server and want the results to go to a Spreadsheet. I could cut and paste from the results pane in SQL Server Query Analyser but I have some text fields that are truncated when output. I therefore need a way of getting the full column of text into the spreadsheet.

My DTS Package In Via Enterprise Manager Will Not Export Entire Column To A Text File social.msdn.microsoft.com

I have created a DTS package that pulls data from one column (varchar,600) in a table and exports it to a text file.� The max length in this field is only 285 characters long, however, the end of one of the records is being truncated in the text file.� Data is tab delimited in the table and is being exported that way. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Loading Text File Into Table Using Load Data Infile forums.mysql.com

I'm trying to a load a text file ( txt1.txt) file into a table (table1). My table has 2 columns... column 1 (integer), auto increment column 2 (text). I want to load each line in the text file as a new row in my table. And i want to load the contents of the the text file ONLY in column2. (column 1 handles itself.) It goes without saying I expect each row to be of a different length. When I run a simple: load data infile 'txt1.txt' into table table1(column2); I get an error 1262 "Row 2 was truncated;it contained more data than there were input columns

Update Existing GridView�column As Opposed To Adding�new Columns / Just Before A DataBind forums.asp.net

Please can you translate the above line of C# into VB.NET?At runtime, I'm trying to update an existing GridView column, as opposed to adding new columns, just before a DataBind()

Error With Fixed Widths www.sqlteam.com

hi when I try to export data to a fixed width txt file I get the following error: Error 0xc02020a1: Data Flow Task: Data conversion failed. The data conversion for column "postcode" returned status value 4 and status text "Text was truncated or one or more characters had no match in the target code page.". even though my sql for postcode is LEFT(postcode,8) and the field length is 8 ! do you now why ?

Flex :: How To Get Not Truncated Text From IUITextField stackoverflow.com

I have created a custom column header renderer for my AdvancedDataGrid which has a text and a little button inside. Everything works just fine, until a moment when I have to return a headerText by the button click. Since my custom renderer is an extention of AdvancedDataGridHeaderRenderer it has inherited property label which is IUITextField. So, when I call label.text from inside the custom renderer I get only truncated text, but I need the original one.how to get not truncated text from IUITextField? Or maybe the original text is stored somewhere else and I am looking in a wrong place?

C# - Any Pointers To How To Use Telerik RADGrid In C Sharp stackoverflow.com

give me any pointers for free tutorial on RADGRID or give me a simple example on how to create a RADGRID and bind it to data source.

How To Change The Data In Telerik's RadGrid Based On Calendar's Selected Dates stackoverflow.com

I was creating another usercontrol with Telerik's RadGrid and Calendar. [code]..... The problems are, (1) when I click the submit button. the data in the RadGrid is not changed. (2) how can we check if there is nothing selected in the Calendar controls, because there is a date (01/01/0001) set even if we do not select anything from that calendar, thus Calendar1.SelectedDate != null is not enough.

DataSource Controls :: Storing An Attachment Uploaded By User In RadGrid Into Sql Server 2005 Database forums.asp.net

I am a new-bie in Asp.Net.I am working in a project where I need to store an attachment which will be uploaded by the user in radGrid into Sql server 2005 database.After storing this attachment, I have to retrieve this attcahment and show the same to the other users in radGrid so that they will be able to download the attachment and see that.How should I do that?what kind of datatype would it be?

C# - Finding Control On Aspx? stackoverflow.com

I have a Promote.aspx page which has a few radcomboboxes; radTerm and radOldYear. Promote.aspx also has a radgrid which is updatable by a WebUserControl, promote.ascx. This Web user control has a few radcomboboxes, radName and radNewyr.In the promote.ascx.cs, i want to be able to find the comoboxes which are on the promote.aspx. Tried using: RadComboBox tl = (RadComboBox)this.Page.FindControl("radTerm"); in vain!find the controls on the main page. i am calling them thru thewebusercontrol that i load in the radgrid.

C# - Use OnMouseOver To Select A Radgrid Row? stackoverflow.com

I am currently highlighting a row in a radgrid using OnMouseOver. I would like to know if it is possible to use OnMouseOver to select the row rather than highlight it. Alternatively, I would like the highlighted row to remain highlighted if the radgrid loses focus, such as when a confirmation box pops up.

C# - Filtering On RadGrid Not Working? stackoverflow.com

I created a RadGrid with a couple of fields for filtering and I can't seem to get the filtering to work. I can see it clearly posting back (the ajax spinny circle thing) after typing something in the filter box, however my results are always the same. I am using the following definition in the aspx file: <telerik:RadGrid PageSize="4" ID="RadGrid1" runat="server" AllowPaging="True" AllowSorting="True" AutoGenerateColumns="False" OnNeedDataSource="RadGrid1_NeedDataSource" OnSelectedIndexChanged="RadGrid1_SelectedIndexChanged" Skin="Black" ShowFooter="True" ShowStatusBar="True" AllowFilteringByColumn="True" [Code]....

Replace Column Value With Description? stackoverflow.com

How to replace cell value with their description. This is my grid <telerik:RadGrid ID="RadGrid1" runat="server" DataSourceID="SqlDataSource1" GridLines="None"> <HeaderContextMenu EnableAutoScroll="True"> </HeaderContextMenu> <MasterTableView AutoGenerateColumns="False" DataKeyNames="OrderID" DataSourceID="SqlDataSource1"> <RowIndicatorColumn> <HeaderStyle Width="20px"></HeaderStyle> </RowIndicatorColumn> <ExpandCollapseColumn> <HeaderStyle Width="20px"></HeaderStyle> </ExpandCollapseColumn> <Columns> <telerik:GridBoundColumn DataField="OrderID" DataType="System.Int32" HeaderText="OrderID" ReadOnly="True" SortExpression="OrderID" UniqueName="OrderID"> </telerik:GridBoundColumn> <telerik:GridBoundColumn DataField="CustomerID" HeaderText="CustomerID" SortExpression="CustomerID" UniqueName="CustomerID"> </telerik:GridBoundColumn> <telerik:GridBoundColumn DataField="OrderDate" DataType="System.DateTime" HeaderText="OrderDate" SortExpression="OrderDate" UniqueName="OrderDate"> </telerik:GridBoundColumn> <telerik:GridBoundColumn DataField="RequiredDate" DataType="System.DateTime" HeaderText="RequiredDate" SortExpression="RequiredDate" UniqueName="RequiredDate"> </telerik:GridBoundColumn> <telerik:GridBoundColumn DataField="ShipName" HeaderText="ShipName" SortExpression="ShipName" UniqueName="ShipName"> </telerik:GridBoundColumn> <telerik:GridBoundColumn DataField="ShipAddress" HeaderText="ShipAddress" SortExpression="ShipAddress" UniqueName="ShipAddress"> </telerik:GridBoundColumn> <telerik:GridBoundColumn DataField="ShipCity" HeaderText="ShipCity" SortExpression="ShipCity" UniqueName="ShipCity"> </telerik:GridBoundColumn> <telerik:GridBoundColumn DataField="ShipRegion" HeaderText="ShipRegion" SortExpression="ShipRegion" UniqueName="ShipRegion"> </telerik:GridBoundColumn> telerik:GridBoundColumn DataField="ShipPostalCode" HeaderText="ShipPostalCode" SortExpression="ShipPostalCode" UniqueName="ShipPostalCode"> </telerik:GridBoundColumn> <telerik:GridBoundColumn DataField="ShipCountry" HeaderText="ShipCountry" SortExpression="ShipCountry" UniqueName="ShipCountry"> </telerik:GridBoundColumn> </Columns> </MasterTableView> </telerik:RadGrid> This grid will load Orders table. How to replace CustomerID with CompanyName which is come from Customers table during run time?

Import Text File To Sqlserver social.msdn.microsoft.com

Hi, I am using DTS to import data from text file to database tables in SQL server2005. there is one big column thay I dont know what data type I should use to� import it, I tried both nvarchar(MAX) and varchar(MAX). but I am getting the following error: � for nvarchar(MAX) , getting the below error: � Error 0xc02020ed: Data Flow Task: Columns "Column 2" and "VendorDesc" cannot convert between unicode and non-unicode string data types. (SQL Server Import and Export Wizard) for varchar(MAX) , getting the below error: � Error 0xc02020a1: Data Flow Task: Data conversion failed. The data conversion for column "Column 2" returned status value 4 and status text "Text was truncated or one or more characters had no match in the target code page.". (SQL Server Import and Export Wizard) � Could you please let me know what data type I can use to handle this column? � Thanks, Gelareh

How To Value Parameters For Sqldatasource forums.asp.net

I set up a sqldatasource based on a stored procedure which takes one parameter.  The sqldatasrouce wizard generates the following code for the parameter below.  The question is how do I value the DeptID parameter on the load of the form.  I tried the following code in the load of the page, but get a null reference error: Me.SqlDataSource1.InsertParameters("DeptID").DefaultValue = Session("DeptID")      <asp:SqlDataSource ID="SqlDataSource1" runat="server"             ConnectionString="<%$ ConnectionStrings:FDConn %>"             SelectCommand="GetTruckStatus" SelectCommandType="StoredProcedure">             <SelectParameters>                 <asp:Parameter Name="DeptID" Type="Int32"  />             </SelectParameters>         </asp:SqlDataSource>         <radG:RadGrid ID="RadGrid1" runat="server">         </radG:RadGrid>

Ajax :: C# - Pass Data To Service Using Telerik Rad Grid Binding? stackoverflow.com

I have a Telerik RadGrid in which I'm implementing custom paging binding to a Ajax Service. How do you pass data like a Search String to the Web Method? The Mark up looks something like this: <telerik:RadGrid ID="radGridProviders" runat="server" AllowPaging="True" PageSize="10" AutoGenerateColumns="false" > <PagerStyle Mode="NextPrevAndNumeric" /> [Code].....

Radgrid And RadFormDecorator? stackoverflow.com

I have an ASP.NET application using the Telerik Q1 2009 controls. I have a masterpage, which has a FormDecorator control in the master page. In my ASPX page, I have a RadGrid, with the following definition:<telerik:RadGrid ID="gridExclusions" runat="server" AllowPaging="True" AllowSorting="True" GridLines="None" AutoGenerateColumns="False" PageSize="5"><MasterTableView> [code].....

Textbox.text To Show More Than 32kb Of Data www.xtremevbtalk.com

helloi'm reading a file, i want to display it inside a textbox (or some other text control), my file is ~5mb, but the textbox.text property is truncated to 32kb always, so the file content's are truncated,what can i do to show the whole file in the textbox?? is there another control to do this better??thanks for your help

Parsing Strings With HTML Tags www.phpfreaks.com

Basically I have some articles written with a WYSIWYG editor that are stored in the DB with the HTML tags. I successfully call the DB to get my text, and I want to truncate the length of the text to a certain point for showing preview articles. My problem is that simply using substr() can sometimes chop off the string in the middle of an HTML tag leaving a nasty mess. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to parse the string correctly to avoid truncating in the middle of an HTML tag?

Pulling Characters With GET Method www.phpfreaks.com

I am passing various text variables via a URL to a form that uses a command as follows: name="recid" value="<? echo $_GET['recid'] ?>" An example of a recid value that I am passing is 57L2J60)K#LLA:Y however this is being truncated to 57L2J60)K. What can I use to make sure that the full text is captured and not truncated?

Publishing A Report In Word www.utteraccess.com

When I publish a report from Access to Word, my text lines are sometimes truncated. It doesn't truncated with any kind of a pattern that I can identify and I am new at Access and do not know how to make it pick up my whole text field. Any suggestions? Thank You, Lu

Want Linked Excel Cell 2b Memo Not Text? www.access-programmers.co.uk

I linked an Excel table and now, in both the table and report, the cell is limiting itself to 255 characters, even though the Excel cell has more. I checked the "data type" and it says "memo" but it keeps truncating to "text". Where is this limit coming from and can I change the linked table so it won't truncate the text? thanks :confused:

How To Auto Ellipse Text www.codingforums.com

Below, how this can be achieved it(here [URL]? <ul id="nav"><li><a href="#1">his is a long piece of text which will need to be truncated.</a></li><li><a href="#2">This is a long piece of text which will need to be truncated.</a> [Code]....

Forms Data Controls :: Finding The Header Column Clicked In Cs Code? forums.asp.net

I am using ASP.NET 2.0 and C#. I have a gridview, which has template columns. The columns have header text available. I would like to do sorting on each of the column header in the gridview the user clicks. How to identify which column, the user has clicked?

Bind DropDownList With Hierarchy From SQL Server Table? stackoverflow.com

I have the following sql table which contains menu (website menu) data. Table Name: MenuItems Columns: Id, MenuId, ParentMenuItemId, Text. My goal is to bind a DDL according to the following hierarchy (example): Id: 1, MenuId: 1, ParentMenuItemId: -1, Text: 'One' Id: 2, MenuId: 1, ParentMenuItemId: 1, Text: 'Two' Id: 3, MenuId: 1, ParentMenuItemId: 1, Text: 'Three' Id: 4, MenuId: 1, ParentMenuItemId: 2, Text: 'Four' Id: 5, MenuId: 1, ParentMenuItemId: 4, Text: 'Five' Requested result in DDL: One -- Two ---- Four ------ Five -- Three I think it should contain 'WITH' SQL command. Note: I'm using C#.

Truncate Tables Based On Foreign Key Relationships www.sqlteam.com

Guys, I have 600 tables in my database, out of which 40 tables are look up value tables. I want generate truncate scripts which truncates all the tables in order of Parent child relationship excluding lookup tables. Is there any way to do this apart from figuring out Parent Child relationship and then writing the truncate statements for each of the table. For example EmployeeDetail table references Employee table DepartmentDetail table references Department table Department table references Employee table My truncate script should be TRUNCATE TABLE DEPARTMENTDETAIL TRUNCATE TABLE EMPLOYEEDETAIL TRUNCATE TABLE DEPARTMENT TRUNCATE TABLE EMPLOYEE IS there any automated way to figure out parent and child tables and generate truncate script for the same. Thanks

Retrieving Long Data Type www.vbcity.com

Folks,I am trying to retrieve data from a table/column where the datatype is LONG. Database is Oracle. For some reason, I am unable to retrieve the entire content of the column. The amount of data to be retrieved is very small ... 500-800 bytes but for some reason, the records get truncated to 256 bytes. I have found that if the length of data in the column is 256 bytes or less then the whole text is retrieved other wise it gets truncated to 256 bytes.I am using ADO 2.7 and am using the getchunk method of ADODB.recordset. Can you please tell me what could be the issue here?Thanks

DataSource Controls :: How To Truncate The Table Which Have Foreign Key forums.asp.net

In my database I have more than 10 tables and some of the tables have foreign key relations, I want to truncate all my tables including the table which have foreign key I tried to truncate like truncate table InventorySalesquotationMaster It shows error Cannot truncate table 'InventorySalesquotationMaster' because it is being referenced by a FOREIGN KEY constraint. how can I truncate the table which have foreign key