C# - Path To Files Inside Content Folder ?


Is the Content folder the root folder? I mean does http://localhost/ point to Content or is it something else? I have a file named dummyIcon.png inside Content/images/temp folder. How do I locate it from my domain layer (which is a Code Library project)? What is the best practice of displaying images in ASP.NET MVC? Should I store a path to the image in the database (which I personally prefer), or do I save a byte array and return it to the view?

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Having a problem with autocomplete I put autocomplete control with textbox For data to be retrieved from database, I am putting .asmx file and .cs file for that Now I am giving .asmx file path in autocomplete. asmx file contains path for .cs file If this is the situation, autocomplete dont work and in .cs file , event is not fired. But if i put that event from .cs file directly into the codebehing file of that control, then it works ok How can i call an event in .cs file that is placed inside a app_code folder seperately from .aspx and .cs file of the autocomplete control

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i hava developed a content management (CMS) application..my problem is how to remove entire contents inside folder named "My Contents", where inside the folder "My Contents" contained 3 folders (named "DISK1", "DISK2" n "DISK3") and 3 files, n then inside those 3 folder also contained many files n folder more.The problem here is when i used RMDIR "My Folder" - error occured (the folder must be empty), so i remove all files inside "My Folder" used KILL *.*....the result is folder "My Folder" still not empty.im stuck..........Any solution please....please...please.....help me

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I keep trying to get started with Papervision, but I must be entering the classpath incorrectly as I keep getting errors that the compiler cannot find the classes.Is there some kind of bug with setting the classpath on a mac?I checked out the papervision stuff so it sits in: � /Applications/Adobe Flash CS 5/Papervision/as3/trunk/src/ � Inside the src folder is a folder called "org", which contains "papervision3d" and the folders of classes.To set the classpath, I've gone to Preferences, chosen ActionScript, clicked on the ActionScript 3.0 button at the bottom, clicked the plus sign, and then clicked on the little folder button to add a path to the Library box (the middle box). I browsed and selected: � � /Applications/Adobe Flash CS 5/Papervision/as3/trunk/src/ � I thought at this point (after quitting and restarting Flash) that if I created a class file that had, for example, � import org.papervision3d.cameras.* � that it would work -- but it doesn't. It only works if I save the .fla and .as files themselves in /Applications/Adobe Flash CS 5/Papervision/as3/trunk/src/, in the same folder as the "org" folder. And I guess this means that the path in the Preferences setting is useless.�

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I have a ASP.NET application. Inside the asp.net application I have a folder called WebServices where I keep all the .asmx files. I am referring these asmx files inside asp.net .cs files. Instead of giving the full url to the webservice.url property how can i set the path like this. ds.Url = this.ResolveUrl("~/WebServices/xxx.asmx");

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i have a class file 'customer_class.cs' inside the app_code folder , it is fine that i can run and accessing the class file inside this folder.now i am wondering if i put the class file outside app_code in somewhere else , how to write the code to access the customer_class.cs file ?

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I want to build a browse button to let users specify the path to a folder where certain files are kept. I have code to use the windows common file open dialog (which would let the user return the path to a file in the folder after they click on the file) but how do I simply let them specify the folder (without having to go inside the folder and click on a file there, then "work backwards" from there to get the path to the folder)

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I have an ASP.Net MVC app, and i have some xsl files inside of the Content directory.I've try a few methods to get directory dynamically buy keep on coming short.So how do i get the directory to point to the Content/xsl folder?the closest that i came to was with this:this.GetType().Assembly.CodeBase which only returns the project DLL, but i can't figure out how to move up a few levels from there or what .net library to use to navigate around the path.there's no ../.. :(Basically i want to navigate to the Content/xsl folder which is at the same level of the Bin directory.

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In ASP.NET MVC 2, how can I get the absolute path to the Content folder from within a model?I'm trying to check for the existence of a file by calling IO.File.Exists. So, I need to convert the "~ContentisFile.png" relative path to an absolute path.I tried getting the application's directory path by calling My.Application.Info.DirectoryPath but that returned some temporary folder that doesn't contain the Content folder.

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How can I get the path of a cs file in aspx? Here's the issue: I've created a property class in a property.cs file which is used in an EPiServer admin module. Server.MapPath() will hence return the path of the executing file, which is in a totally different place than my code. I need to get the path of the property.cs file (from inside the property.cs file) in order to dynamically set some relative paths to css and js files. How can this be done? I hence want to be able to include .js and .css files in this cs file, all files located in the same directory, but the cs file is accessed from the EPiServer UI.

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How can u determine what files are inside a folder. I have a program that opens a folder and i want it to determine if there are files inside it and then put the file names and paths inside a listbox. Also, is there a way to determine if there is a folder inside a folder. I'm not using the commondialog control. Any help is appreciated.


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I have a code that gives me path of all files inside a folder. I want to modify it. I want to select files (individually or in group) inside a folder and then get the path. All files are .xlsx in folder. [Code] .....

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I just found a code to copy file path and file contents. However it is copying folder path and folder contents.here is my requirement.I will specify a path, macro has to copy that file name in a particular cell, then it has to copy all its contents. ex: file name 1 has 3 sub files in it, file name 2 has 2 sub files in it-- column AColumn B file name1file contents file name1file contents file name1file contents file name2file contents file name2file contents And also i have extend this macro to write a index function. i will tell u about this. but first i need above thing I researched but I didn't find. I need file name in a column then i need file contents in b column. if a file has 10 file contents in a file then that file name should come 10 times in a column, and in b column all its contents.

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A file browser (a very ligth file manager if prefer) based on PHP and Javascript.building a treeview with folders. Code:<ul id="treeview"> <li><a href="#">Folder 1</a></li> <li><a href="#">Folder 2</a> [code]... Each link represent a folder.Want to do from here is loading the content of a folder after clicking on it. Code:public function getContent($path) { //fetch the content of $path directory } [code]...

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In that i have a seperate class file(.cs). I want to instantiate that class inside the aspx.cs file. I'm able to do that if i put the class file in appcode folder but not able to do if i place the class file outside the appcode folder. kindly let me that whether is it possible to instantiate a class that resides outside the appcode folder?

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So I have this line of code inside a WordPress plugin. The code file is in the same folder as the XML file I'm trying to load. When I remove the full path and leave just the filename I get an I/O error. $dom->load("/home/tapadmin/public_html/demo10/wp-content/plugins/". "agentmanager/fielddefs.xml"); What's the correct way to load the XML file so I don't have to specify the full path?

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External reference to a Javascript file cannot be placed inside a subfolder other than the main application flooder see the code below, it is working <%@ Page Language="C#" MasterPageFile="~/MasterPage.master" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeFile="SearchBook.aspx.cs" Inherits="SearchBook" Title="Search Books" %> <asp:Content ID="Content1" ContentPlaceHolderID="ContentPlaceHolder1" Runat="Server"> <script src="javaScriptCM.js" language="javascript" type="text/javascript"/> BUT THE FOLLOWING NOTE WORKING <%@ Page Language="C#" MasterPageFile="~/MasterPage.master" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeFile="SearchBook.aspx.cs" Inherits="SearchBook" Title="Search Books" %> <asp:Content ID="Content1" ContentPlaceHolderID="ContentPlaceHolder1" Runat="Server"> <script src="~/SUBFOLDER/javaScriptCM.js" language="javascript" type="text/javascript"/>

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I have a folder called c:myFolder. Inside the folder has 3 files, which is a.gif, b.gif,c.gif, and a folder called subFolder.Now given the path C:myFolder, how do get all the file name or folder name inside? And how to distinguish a folder from a file?(I only need first level of file name, ie no need to recurse the subfolder)

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I have a folder called c:myFolder. Inside the folder has 3 files, which is a.gif, b.gif,c.gif, and a folder called subFolder.Now given the path C:myFolder, how do get all the file name or folder name inside? And how to distinguish a folder from a file?(I only need first level of file name, ie no need to recurse the subfolder)

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i have been using a fiellistbox to look at a folder and display all the files in a listbox ok thats sorted but now i need to look at a folder and put all the sub folders inside it into a listbox ( no files) i.e put the name of the sub folder ( sub folder is that what you call it anyways) as the list1.text i have tried using a dirlistbox but when i set the path to the main folder where i want to look at the subfolders how do i add all the names of the folders inside this folder to a listbox?

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i have a treeviev and listbox.i want to display the selected contents of treeview into the listbox.my code is working for file but not for folder. means i want, if the all contents of folder ABC(i.e all files) are selected then in listbox i want to show the only path of folder not the seperate path of each file.

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how to get globally unique IDs for files and folders in Windows (XP, Vista and 7), and also be able to get the full path of the file or folder just by having the ID, something like getFileByGUID. I'm trying to do this in C++, C# and PHP. The globally unique IDs should stay the same even if the file is moved, so using the full path of the file or folder wouldn't work.

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I have created a Folder and inside this folder, I have put a default.aspx and a default.cs file. I wonder how it is possible to find out what is the folders name as the default.cs is located in. This meens that I am looking for a code to determine what folder that is above in the hierarchy of folders?I cant use this code as this goes all the way back to the root: [Code]....

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A form that will display the contents of a folder? I have my forms set up, I want the user to then click on a button that will load up a nw form which will contain a window that is a folder in one of my drives. There may be folders inside this main folder which the user can go into, but they can't go back frrom the original main folder and look at the other contents. First up, Is an explorer form the one I am looking for? Making one of those, it seems to be the right path but where to from there? Another thing I need to be able to do is have the user double click on the files inside of the folder. When double clicked the folder still maintains its current state, as the files that will be clicked will do the work in the background. I have all the forms set up and linked together, I just need to know how to get this folder into a form..

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I have problem here. I use Drivelistbox and filelistbox. If I click the file inside the folder that contains empty space in its folder name, How I can rename the folder?Like this, If I select the file inside this folder, How I can rename TKSSBlock C to this TKSSBLOCKC ?Code:C:DatabaseBOUNDARIESTKSSBlock CONECode: If InStr(1, Dir1.Path, " ") > 0 Then MsgBox "Pastikan tidak terdapat ruang kosong pada folder, sila buat penamaan semula.", vbExclamation, "Penamaan folder" Exit Sub

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Does anyone know how to get the real filesystem path where the images are stored? I know that Using Media.EXTERNAL_CONTENT_URI thru a content provider you can get the pictures inside the folder and from there get the path. but if the pictures folder is empty, how I can get the full path?

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I have two folders called CSVLoad and Forms... I have an aspx page inside forms folder which has a fileupload control. I save my uploaded file to my CSVLoad folder i gave the following path FileUpload1.SaveAs(Server.MapPath("CSVLoad//" + FileUpload1.FileName)); I am receiving file not found exception. Could not find a part of the path 'F:WebSitesPayrollFormsCSVLoadEmployeesdata.csv' CSVLoad folder is outside Forms folder (ie) both are root level folders of my application Answer : FileUpload1.SaveAs(Server.MapPath("~/CSVLoad//" + FileUpload1.FileName));[URL]

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I have a index.php file that will include several external files: "content/templates/id1/template.php" "content/templates/id2/template.php" "content/templates/id3/template.php" etc. All these files are loaded dynamically into index.php (it reads all folders inside "templates" directory and then includes every "template.php" file).I want to make "template.php" to have the same code in all the "id1,id2,id3" folders, BUT to load values from index.php depending in which folder it stays.

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One of the steps it requires to defining a path to the directory of this voting system.The Folder that contains this system is called Pulse.Inside this folder is a file named pulse.config.php.Inside pulse.config.php is where need to define a path.In the line:define('PULSE_DIR', '//DEFINE HERE'); // absolute path of the dir where Pulse is; WITHOUT trailing slash without SLASH.

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I am trying to download a file into a directory. Basically when the user presses a button the code will make a folder and download a file into that folder. I want to make that folder inside an Atari Program Files. It Reads "C:Program FilesAtariRollerCoaster Tyccon 3 PlatinumCars..Inside the cars directory i want to make a folder but when i try it fails. but when i change the whole path to my desktop it doesn't fail.

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hello, everyone...i'd like to ask.. how can i create an xml file containing information about a folder?i mean..let's say there's a folder cfolder in drive c.. so the path would bec:/cfolderhow do i go about getting all the files inside cfolder and place them inside an xml file?if there are subfolders in cfolder, then i'd like to be able to get those subfolders and the files inside them...can anyone give me help on this matter? thanks...

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What I want to do is to include one of my PHP scripts in a Word Press theme.The problem is that after I include the script file I can't access, inside functions in the theme file, variables declared in the script file. I have created a new file in the theme folder and added the same code as in header.php and if I open that file it works just fine.So as far as I can tell it's something Word Press related. /other/path/wordpress/wp-content/themes/theme-name/header.php // this is broken /other/path/wordpress/wp-content/themes/theme-name/test.php // this works /var/www/vhosts/domain/wordpress/ ->(symlink)-> /other/path/wordpress/ /other/path/wordpress/wp-content [code]...

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Hi guys,We use VB Code:bi.ulFlags = BIF_RETURNONLYFSDIRS  pidl = SHBrowseForFolder(bi)  'the dialog has closed, so parse & display the 'user's returned folder selection contained in pidl  path = Space$(MAX_PATH)      If SHGetPathFromIDList(ByVal pidl, ByVal path) Then     pos = InStr(path, Chr$(0))     Label1.Caption = Left(path, pos - 1)  End If to open up a window that shows all network drives and folders on the hard drive etc. I was just wondering if there is a way to show files inside those folders ???? I hope you are getting what i am trying to say !!

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I want to create a destination path having folders inside the folder. [Code]...

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Hi alllook, I have a list box with the drag&drop property set to automaticwhat i want is that when the user picks a file, inserts the full path into the listbox and when you insert a folder inserts all the files inside that folderthe code works fine, but i cannot get the subfolders that are inside a folder, an example: if I insert this folder:+ MyFolder---- File 1---- File 2---+ SubFolder 1------ File 3-----+ Subfolder 2-------- File 4i only get the file1 and file2, and what I want to get is this:MyFolderFile1MyFolderFile2MyFolderSubFolder 1File 3MyFolderSubFolder 1Subfolder 2File 4the code i'm using is this: Code:Private Sub List1_OLEDragDrop(Data As DataObject, Effect As Long, Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single) Dim bucle As Integer Dim bucle2 As Integer Dim MyFolder As New FileSystemObject Dim Rootfolder As Object Dim Subfolders As Object ' First bucle, all the files you have dropped into the listbox For bucle = 1 To Data.Files.Count If IsDirectory(Data.Files.Item(bucle) & ".") = True Then Set Rootfolder = myfolder.GetFolder(Data.Files.Item(bucle) & "").Files For Each Subfolders In Rootfolder List1.AddItem "Dentro de " & Data.Files.Item(bucle) & "" & SubCarpetas.Name Next Else List1.AddItem Data.Files.Item(bucle) End If Next bucleis there a way to get all the files that are inside a folder and get the full path of each one?thanks

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Hi!I have a problem with deleting my folder, I get the runtime error 75.I know the reason of the problem I just can't fix it, here's what happens:If there are files in my folder then the program should delete it, in my code i have written that it should remove the folder also after the deletion of the files. But I don' think VB waits until it has deleted all the files, it deletes the files and while doing that, it tries to delete the folder so thats where the error comes, Path/File access error, because the program is trying to delete the files inside the folder it can't the delete the folder.I hope you understand what i wrote :P its kinda messy,So how can I fix this? Maybe putting my program to "sleep" like 5 seconds so it can delete all files, maybe putting the file-deletion into a loop, though I don't know how to code any of this in VB6 (yes, I'm a bit newbie to VB6) so can you please help me?Here's my code:Code:Private Sub Timer4_Timer()'"Globals" didn't work in VB6 so i put it here insteadDim delFiles As String 'Define the folder to look for files to delete as stringdelFiles = "C:FolderDeleteTestC*.*" 'This is the path to the folder which any file '-should get deletedDim delFolder As String 'This is the same as delFiles but the folderdelFolder = "C:FolderDeleteTestC" 'Path to folder'THE NEW TIMER FOR TIMER1, TIMER1 MESSED UP SO THIS IS THE NEW ONE.btnCancel.Enabled = False 'Before starting to delete anything, disable buttons so that the userbtnStart.Enabled = False 'Can't Cancel or restart the deletion and mess the computer upIf Dir$(delFolder, vbDirectory) <> "" Then 'If the 'delFolder' folder exist then'Continue with this...'Tell the user that the program found the folderlbProgress.AddItem ("Found the folder...")txtProgress.Text = txtProgress.Text & " Found the folder... "If Dir$(delFiles) <> "" Then 'If there exist files in the 'delFiles' folder then'Tell the user that the program found files inside the folderlbProgress.AddItem ("Found files inside tibia folder...")txtProgress.Text = txtProgress.Text & " Found files inside folder " Kill delFiles 'Do this, delete the files RmDir (delFolder) 'Do this, delete the folder'Tell the user that the files and the folder was deletedlbProgress.AddItem ("Deleted the files and the folder...")txtProgress.Text = txtProgress.Text & " Deleted the files and the folder... "Else 'Else'Tell the use no files were found inside the folder so just deleting the folder nowlbProgress.AddItem ("No files inside the folder, deleting the folder...")txtProgress.Text = txtProgress.Text & " No files inside the folder, deleting the folder... " RmDir (delFolder) 'Do this, if there exist no files in 'delFiles' then just delete '-the folder.lbProgress.AddItem ("Deleted the folder...")txtProgress.Text = txtProgress.Text & " Deleted the folder... "End If 'End if of files partElse '(FOLDER) Else 'Do this, if the folder does not exist then thislbProgress.AddItem ("Folder does not exist, deletion aborted...")'Write the progress to the textbox which will log everything txtProgress.Text = txtProgress.Text & " Folder does not exist, deletion aborted... "End If 'End If of folder parttLogs.Enabled = True 'Enable the log-timer to make the logs and output info in the listboxTimer4.Enabled = False 'Disable this deletion-timer so that it dont restart and delete againEnd SubPS: I have lots of comments, I did this for my self to not forget what each and everything does, since I'm just starting to learn VB6.//Yours Truly, Zeelia*EDIT* THE ERROR COMES WHEN RMDIR COMES!!!!!!!! :P forgot to tell that!

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I'm looking to move any files from one directory (parsers) to another (complete).� Now i've tried two ways <? /*�Set�the�path�details��*/ $path�=�'/home/*******/parsers/test/parse/';�//Directory�which�I�read�from� $complete�=�'/home/*******/parsers/test/complete/';�//Directory�which�I�wish�to�place�into� $dir�=�opendir($path);� while�(false�!==�($file�=�readdir($dir)))�{� rename("$path/$file",�"$complete/$file");� [Code].... Moves file to 'complete' but then completely deletes the 'parse' folder, when I want the 'parse' folder to remain in place, but just have it's contents moved to 'complete'?

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Hi,I am trying to internationalize a program - I found that a main feature doesn't work if languages other than English are the main Windows language because I search for the names of folders, e.g. Code:C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorLocal SettingsTemporary Internet Files in Spanish looks like Code:C:Documents and SettingsAdministradorConfiguracion localArchivos temporales de Internet (without the accents and stuff).My program only searches for strings inside folder names to locate Temp (searching for "Temp") and Temporary Internet Files folders (searching for "Content.IE5") and then figures out where these folders sit, and if they are part of a user account folder system, then they are marked as "safe to be emptied".I need either a link with a list of all the international names that system folders can have or another way of dealing with this. I could maybe read out the path of the Temporary Internet Files folder (CSIDL_INTERNET_CACHE is supposed to do that), then take apart the paths ("") and get to my folders this way.What would you suggest?I'd definitely like a link to international folder names if there is one to help testing - I couldn't find one.Thanks!

VS 2008 - Add An Option To Windows Explorer Right Click Menu? www.vbforums.com

I did some research and i found that i will need to edit the registry.So if i make a folder called "Get Path" in the ContextMenuHandlers folder.When i click on the file in windows explorer or desktop etc i will have the option called "Get Path".Now for the value key what do i put inside?What i want is when the user right - clicks on the file my program starts up and displays the path of that file on a msgbox or listbox. I was thinking of letting the Windows Installer (.msi) doing this for me.

Wininet Dll .. Why Wont This Work. Code Is 100% Correct. www.xtremevbtalk.com

Code:Private Sub download()Dim fd As WIN32_FIND_DATA 'storing file infoDim ifind As Long 'finding first file handleDim tempstr As StringFF = FreeFile()Dim whatdir As StringDim what As BooleanIf (FtpSetCurrentDirectory(hconn, "public_html/")) Then Open App.Path & "/list.txt" For Input As FFDo While Not EOF(FF) Input #FF, tempstr MsgBox tempstr 'if the folder from the text file is there If (FtpSetCurrentDirectory(hconn, tempstr)) Then ifind = FtpFindFirstFile(hconn, "", fd, 0, 0) 'make the folder on the comp. 'the Delltree function will delete anything DelTree (App.Path & "" & tempstr) MkDir App.Path & "" & tempstr MsgBox "folder in" MsgBox ifind Do 'found = FtpGetFile(hconn, fd.cFileName, App.Path & "" & tempstr & "" & fd.cFileName, False, 0, 0, 0) 'SleepEx 500, False 'pause for 2 seconds MsgBox fd.cFileName Loop While InternetFindNextFile_FTP(ifind, fd) goback = FtpSetCurrentDirectory(hconn, "..") MsgBox goback MsgBox "folder done" End If LoopUnload MeEnd IfAs you can see I am trying to open a folder, download its content, go back, open another folder, and download its content.It works FINE for the first folder but then ifind becomes = 0 and it dosnt run. whats wrong with it?

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how to use a webmethod inside serverside file(.cs)which is present inside asmx file ??

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I am getting this error "Only Content controls are allowed directly in a content page that contains Content controls". I am using a single aspx page and not a separate cs file. Now, to write code inside aspx page, I am using <script> tag. Now, my problem is inside one of the method I have to use <script> tag. Now, when i use that this error comes. Eg [Code]....

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How can I use rsync to copy ONLY the my home folder (and nothing inside of it, just the folder name) to another machine. I've tried things like Code: rsync -av /path/to/src /path/to/dest/ or Code: rsync -av -f"+ */" -f"- *" /path/to/src /path/to/dest/ This last option recursively (through the -a switch) copies only folders, including all subfolders. If I try Code: rsync -v -f"+ */" -f"- *" /path/to/src /path/to/dest/ nothing is copied (not even my home folder.

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open the file to write content in the folder, below is the code: $fo = fopen("/zeeproject/phpforms/vehiclecollection.txt", "w+") or die("can't open file"); it is giving erro can't open file, The path which i have given is inside joomla on linux.

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Hi, lets say i want to copy a file inside my .exe current Directory, how will i do it.Ok, let's say my Application's path is "C:ProgramApplication.exe", and there is a .dll file inside that folder aswell, now i want to copy that dll to another folder. i know this will work: fileCopy "C:ProgramDllName.dll","C:Program2Dllname.dll", but i don't want to hard-code the Directory, i want the program to detect the current exe forlder and use that folder. i know it's something like this: FileCopy "..DllName.dll","C:Program2DllName.dll"Please Help

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Is there a external-source-path option available in Flex compiler similar to external-library-path? My requirement is that, I am building a "SWC" file but I don't want to include certain folders inside my 'src' folder as these are anyway available in my other application during run time. (Trying to be resource constraint). So, I want to use these folders during compilation but do not want to include them in the generated "SWC" file.

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I downloaded some PEAR files and they're in the bin folder of my MAMP directory. Inside the bin folder, they're in a bunch of subfolders (php 5.3/lib/php/pear etc) as you can see below However, the files that are requiring PEAR are in htdocs, so they're not connecting at all. I'm cautious about taking all of those files from the php folder in bin and moving them into htdocs, yet it would also be a complicated file path to include them in every file from htdocs. # Setting PATH for MacPython 2.6 # The orginal version is saved in .bash_profile.pysave PATH="/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.6/bin:${PATH}" export PATH # Setting PATH for MacPython 2.5 # The orginal version is saved in .bash_profile.pysave PATH="/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/Current/bin:${PATH}" export PATH [Code].....

Web Forms :: Read Multiple Files Using File.Open? forums.asp.net

I've created a method that reads a file inside a specified folder. private void getFilesInFolder() { string path = "C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\practice\msgs\644FB_Hold_Customer_Central_Letter.msg"; Stream msgStream = File.Open(path, FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read); OutlookStorage.Message msg = new OutlookStorage.Message(msgStream); msgStream.Close(); showList(msg); msg.Dispose(); } Although this method works but the problems is; how am i suppose to code if i want the path to point to a specific folder not a specific file. In this case the path points only to a specific file and what i want to happen is i want the whole method to read the files inside the folders. Is there a way to do this?

Zipping The Contents Of Directory www.webhostingtalk.com

Zip the contents of a directory (/path/to/dir/*) and then include a file in that zip that is located here: /a/whole/different/path/file.jpg. Is there a ZIP parameter that allows me to include that JPG file in the ZIP file that I am creating? Can someone give me the command? Also, instead of zipping the contents inside of the "dir" directory, can I zip the "dir" directory itself but exclude the full path when creating the zip (/path/to/ part). I can do this with the -j parameter but when I do it also excludes the "dir" directory and only ZIPs the content inside of it.

How To Include Root Folder Name To Zip File www.vbforums.com

Hi, I'm making a small file backup utility which will make a zip file of the files and folders user wants to backup. I'm using simple zipping code of vbaccelerator http://www.vbaccelerator.com/home/VB...es/article.aspIt's working fine but what I want to know is: My app makes a default zip file name for example backup-20-6-2005.zip and then I add folders and files selected by the user. Here the problem comes say user selects My documents folder then I zip it but all contents of this folder are directly added to the zip file rather than making a folder named My Documents inside it. The folder structure of My documents is created perfectly no bugs in it. All I need is to make a folder name My documents inside that zip file and then keep it's contents in it. Please help me.Thanks in advance.

Skip One Folder Level And Move To Next? www.daniweb.com

I have to check the folder path in such a way thatc:Poojadynamic_folderOutput.txtFrom Pooja folder how will I be able to move to the text file since the dynamic folder can be anything and I want to move inside the dynamic folder... is there any way... i tried this Dim path As String [code].....

How To Use Timer To Check Folder www.vbforums.com

I have atimer control and want to use it to check to see if a folder has had new content put inside. then open the file inside and use it.Anyone give me a few pointers on how to go about checking folders for new content ?

Advance Copy Code (help) www.vbforums.com

Below is the code to do the file copy...may i request for advance copy code which could only to copy the certain files inside a folder?example...inside the folder A got AA, AB, AC, AD files..i only which to copy AA, and AB... where i wish to give the command that to copy the folder A and it will eliminate the sub folder AC and ADCode:Public Type SHFILEOPSTRUCT hWnd As Long wFunc As Long pFrom As String pTo As String fFlags As Integer fAnyOperationsAborted As Long hNameMappings As Long lpszProgressTitle As Long ' only used if FOF_SIMPLEPROGRESS, sets dialog titleEnd TypePublic Declare Function SHFileOperation Lib "shell32.dll" Alias "SHFileOperationA" (lpFileOp As SHFILEOPSTRUCT) As Long' Available OperationsPublic Const FO_COPY = &H2 ' Copy File/FolderPublic Const FO_DELETE = &H3 ' Delete File/FolderPublic Const FO_MOVE = &H1 ' Move File/FolderPublic Const FO_RENAME = &H4 ' Rename File/Folder' FlagsPublic Const FOF_ALLOWUNDO = &H40 ' Allow to undo rename, delete ie sends to recycle binPublic Const FOF_FILESONLY = &H80 ' Only allow filesPublic Const FOF_NOCONFIRMATION = &H10 ' No File Delete or Overwrite Confirmation DialogPublic Const FOF_SILENT = &H4 ' No copy/move dialogPublic Const FOF_SIMPLEPROGRESS = &H100 ' Does not display file namesPublic Sub VBCopyFolder(ByRef strSource As String, ByRef strTarget As String) Dim op As SHFILEOPSTRUCT With op .wFunc = FO_COPY ' Set function .pTo = strTarget ' Set new path .pFrom = strSource ' Set current path .fFlags = FOF_NOCONFIRMATION End With ' Perform operation SHFileOperation opEnd Sub

Visual Studio :: In Folder's CS Document / Inside A Folder To Put Cs Document Then Sharing? forums.asp.net

I want to consult in VS2005 the newly built WEB project, will produce a APP_BIN folder automatically, inside will share the CS document directly, can I found inside a folder to put cs document then sharing I am the Chinese like ASP.NET

Program Involving Moving Files From www.dreamincode.net

I am making a program that takes files (inside their folders) and copies them into a selected file path. For example, I plug in my jump drive, run my program and it copies my files on the jump drive over to my PC. Now my program does this but it takes the files inside each folder in my jump drive instead of creating a folder for each one in my jump drive. The result is a mess of files in the selected pathway in my PC.I went and created variables in My.settings so that you can save the file path even after you close the program. I just want the program to copy the folders(with the files in each folder) in my jump drive and move them over to my PC.I am using this program copy the files from my jump drive over to my PC, because I save a lot of work on my jump drive and I need to back it up often. [code]

Get Application Path In App_code Folder? forums.asp.net

How can i get application path in app_code folder. My code as follows string path = Request.PhysicalApplicationPath + Filename.ToString(); The Request.PhysicalApplicationPath not refer any path. how can i solve this?. Is it possible? Is there any way to read content from the file in application path via app_code folder?

Media Server :: Client Is Not Able Play Back The Live Stream From The FMS(Error 1009)? forums.adobe.com

I am publishing video content to FMS with my program to livepkgr application. After i start publishing the vidoe content, files like .bootstrap, .conrol, .f4f and .meta� are gettign created inside the livepkgr folder's my stream folder. But when i try to playback via OSMF player, the player is throwing error 1009. This happens for some few minutes. After some 4-5 minutes, the player start playing the live video content properly� (.f4f file size is not getting updated for those few 4-5 minutes)

File Path www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi,i know this is a silly question but,I am reading some values from certain files in my project folder. Now, i wanna put all those files in one "File" folder inside that project folder. If (mFileSysObj.FileExists("LogFile.txt") = False) Then mFileSysObj.CreateTextFile ("LogFile.txt ")End Ifwhat path i should give in these functions to putcurrent folder/file/logfile.txt..thanks

BrowseForFolder: How To Set Custom Starting Folder? www.xtremevbtalk.com

I'm using Shell.BrowseForFolder, and need to be able to tell it to pre-select a specific folder (e.g: "C:/My Own Silly Folder"), but the "Path" is Read Only. Can anyone help?Here's my code:Code:Public Function SelectAFolder(AllowNew As Boolean) Dim sh As New Shell32.Shell, str1 As Shell32.Folder2, theOption As Integer, theMessage As String If AllowNew Then theMessage = "Create or select a folder in which to save content" theOption = 64 Else theMessage = "Select a content folder" theOption = 0 End If Set str1 = sh.BrowseForFolder(frmMain.hWnd, "Folder Name:", theOption, ssfDESKTOP) If Not str1 Is Nothing Then SelectAFolder = str1.self.path End IfEnd FunctionThank you.

How To View Files Of Hidden Folders ???? www.vbcity.com

Hi,    I want to view a list of files in hidden folder. Now what I do is that I take a file list box and then set the path of folder in it. Make it invisible and enumerate a List box with full path details of each file in the File List Box.But this works only when the folder is not hidden.In hidden folder the file list box doesnt gets any file even though the file attributes inside the hidden folder is normal.There is an option called Hidden which determine that whether the files with hidden attribute will be shown or not.But it also doesnt helps as the file already are normal but the folder has hidden attribute.Is there a way to enumerate files of hidden folder in File List Box.If its not possible then Can we change the Folder attribute to Normal. Then retreive the files and then again make the folder attribute hidden ?Thanks For Reading this long Problem.Hugs If replied too. RegardsEr. Gurpreet SinghC.E.O Sukhmani SoftwareNew DelhiDifficult Things are Those that can be done Instantly.Impossible things are those which take little long - Unknown

Using Scandir() To Find Folders In A Directory? stackoverflow.com

I am using this peice of code: $target = 'extracted/' . $name[0]; $scan = scandir($target); To scan the directory of a folder which is used for zip uploads. I want to be able to find all the folders inside my $target folder so I can delete them and their contents, leaving only the files in the $target directory. Once I have returned the contents of the folder, I don't know how to differentiate between the folders and the files to be able to delete the folders. Also, I have been told that the rmdir() function can't delete folders which have content inside them, is there any way around this?

Code To Call .txt File And Show Content? www.daniweb.com

Ive been playing around with this all day, I think my path is wrong, I keep getting [Parse error: parse error, unexpected ';' in /class/ct386b/##/www/cgi-bin/french5.php on line 73] Here are how my files are set up and I am linking to my college unix system thru my signon ~ct386## <secret> inside this is<exercise5>and in that is <content> this folder contains lesson5.txt and vocabulary.txt files. Then under my <cgi-bin> folder if have french5.php. The instructions are pretty simple, I understand what it wants me todo, just cant make it do it.(story of my life) INSTRUCTIONS 1.Declare a variable named strLessonDescription that contains the contents of the lesson5.txt file. In the declaration, if the opening of the file fails, include the message "Error - lesson5.txt cannot be opened" (without quotes) 2.within the lessonDescription ID, create a PHP block of code that outputs the contents of the strLessonDescription variable. Here is my PHP CODE <?php $StrLessDescription = ("http://nova.umuc.edu/~ct386b##/secret/exercise5/content/lesson5.txt"); $newfile = @fopen($StrLessDescription, "r") or exit ('Error - lesson5.txt cannot be opened'); [Code]....

Visual Studio :: Missing .DLL After Build A Stored Procedure? forums.asp.net

i create and build a stored procedure suppose it going to create a .dll file for me inside bin folder right? i'm using C# but i cant find it, i only got .exe and .menifest and another program debug file type @_@" i'm using a machine wif vs2005 and no sql server 2008. because i gona copy the file over to another pc after i complete the stored procedure created in C#

Zend Framework Routing To Image Folder Without Using Apache Or Nginx? stackoverflow.com

I wish to know how to route to specific folder inside routes.ini, what i mean or what i want is that i have upload folder with subfolders like 300x200 and images inside those subfolders - some-title-image.jpg i want route like : /image-some-title-image-1 to be image path and image (see there is no extension of file) image - action of controller media some-title-image - name of file 1 - id of article I know how to make this on apache and nginx but i dont want this because i want system to be easy to administrate.

Asp.net - Validating Button Click Event Using JS From Inside Ascx Nested Inside Updatepanel? stackoverflow.com

I have a button inside an ascx inside an update panel inside aspx content page. When the button is clicked i want it to run a JS function that causes to show a panel. Here is my Code. <pre> <%@ Control Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeBehind="ABC.ascx.cs" Inherits="App.ABC" %> [code]....

FileSystemObject Error www.vbforums.com

heya everyoneI have some code which is as follows:Code: Dim fso As New FileSystemObject If Not fso.FolderExists(strProgramFiles & "The Playhouse Comapany") And fso.FileExists(strProgramFiles & "ThePlayhouseCompanyfavorites.mdb") Then fso.CreateFolder (strProgramFiles & "The Playhouse Company") fso.CopyFile App.Path & "favorites.mdb", strProgramFiles & "The Playhouse Company", True End IfIf i am correct this code should check if a folder exists with a file inside it, if it does then do nothing and if the folder doesnt exist then create the folder and copy the file into it.however it isn't creating the folder and copying the file.Can anyone see where i am going wrong?frosty

ActionScript 3.0 :: Import Classes Without Declaring A Document Class? www.actionscript.org

The header says it all. I am trying to import a couple of classes without attaching a document class to the fla file. Is this possible? I have the class path set as appropriate (I think) in the publish settings since my fla is located inside a swf folder and my classes folder is located outside the swf folder. Its how my project is organized. Class path set: "..classes"

Flash :: Address The As File From Another Folder? stackoverflow.com

I usually work with many AS files in the same folder and it is easy to address those files to each other. But I now have a sub folder inside the name folder which stores most of my files; and there is another as file inside that sub folder. How can I change variables of the AS file(inside the sub folder) from the AS files from the main folder and vice verses.

General :: Force The SGUID Even In Copy And Uncompress Commands Automatically? www.linuxquestions.org

I have a folder and its contents with the following permissions: 2750 (sguid bit). With this I ensure that a newly created file or folder inside that folder will adopt the SGUID. The problem is that if I copy files into that folder, these copied files don't adopt the SGUID. So I have to execute constantly the command: chgrp -R thegroup nameofthefolder everytime I copy or uncompress something into that folder. Is there any way to achieve this (force the SGUID even in copy and uncompress commands) automatically?

[VB6] FileCopy Help www.vbforums.com

Hi, I copied this code right off of a website and I am still getting errors. I have 2 folders, each containing some files and other folders with files. I want to copy one entire directory and replace the other.The code I have is as follows.VB Code:Dim orig_path, new_path As String    orig_path = App.Path & "/Support_Files/Blank_Profile/*.*"    new_path = App.Path & "/Profile/Profile/*.*"    FileCopy orig_path, new_path    MsgBox ("done") I get an error on the FileCopy line. I am trying to copy files and other directorys, so the actual list from the Blank_Profile looks like so;Blank_Profile/profile.iniBlank_Profile/home_base.iniBlank_Profile/Ship_1/information.iniBlank_Profile/Ship_2/information.iniI need to copy all the files as well as the folders ship_1 and the files inside. There are more files but this is just an example. I read you can copy the contents of a directory but none of the code I have works. Please help.

Each Folder Contains An Excel Spreadsheet File? social.msdn.microsoft.com

I have many folders. Each folder contains an excel spreadsheet file. Path is as follows:"C:DU1212DU1212.xls"Folder are named as DU1212 only the numer 1212 changes for every folder.Excel files names inside these folders are named similarly such as DU 1212.xls

Saving A Path In A Jpg File? forums.adobe.com

I'm using Windows Vista, CS4.  I seem to remember that I could save paths inside of a Jpg file using previous versions of CS. I use the "Save As" command and save as a Jpg format but when I re-open the file the path is not there. Also, files previously saved as Jpeg's in older CS versions that I know had paths do not show those paths when opened in CS4. Is this some setting or something? I did change several settings, it now opens all files in Camera Raw directly. I by-passed that by holding down the shift key when opening a Jpeg but the paths are still not there. I also have an action running when I open that duplicates the layer, could that be it?

How To Reference Custom Classes www.sitepoint.com

I have some shopping cart code (http://www.ajaxprojects.com/ajax/tut...php?itemid=423) which I'm trying to decipher. It contains some files in the root (default.aspx, default.aspx.cs, viewcart.aspx, viewcart.aspx.cs) but much of the logic is in custom classes inside a folder called App_Code. The 'App_Code' folder doesn't seem to be referenced anywhere within the code pages, so I'm wondering how custom classes are 'found' within the code? Is the 'App_Code' folder a standard place where the system will look for custom classes? Just trying to understand this a little, as I ran the above code in a sub-folder in my site and it didn't work, but I copied the custom classes into the aspx.cs files directly and it did work, so there was obviously a problem with the custom classes not being found. Perhaps the 'App_Code' folder needed to be in the root, not in the sub-folder?

Web Forms :: Get A Variable From The .master.cs In The .aspx.cs ? forums.asp.net

I have a master page and its code-behind is inside the MasterPage.mater.cs file. Inside it I have the variable named "theUserID"... like this... [Code].... Then, inside the code-behind of a content page (that uses that master page), I would like to use the value of "theUserID", but how do I retrieve it?

Brackets - Curly Braces Into Array? stackoverflow.com

I would like to check a opened .txt file for braces that open and close like below: file { nextopen { //content } } no this is not my own language or anything, but I want to get say the nextopen function and all the contents inside the brackets, and all the stuff from inside the file function and add it to an array if you know what i mean. so all the content inside the braces will be in an array. array should look like this: array( [file] => '{ nextopen { //content } }', [nextopen] => '{ //content }' );

Determining If DIR1.PATH Contains More Folders Or Only Files ? www.vbforums.com

When you use a basic DIR1.path menu, is there a control that can let you know if more folders are contained WITHIN that directory ?EXAMPLE:I currently refresh my folder list back to c:mp3 after every click. BUT, if there is a folder that contains musiccd1 and musiccd2 , etc, I DONT want to refresh back to c:mp3, I want DIR1 to act as normal. BUT only when there are more directory trees inside.Ok, like, If "folder_contains_no_folders" thenfile1.path = dir1.pathdir1.path = "C:Mp3"goto endend ifelseif "folder_contains_More_folders" thenfile1.path = dir1.pathgoto endend ifIs that acheivable ?

Handle A Duplicate File While Placing A Same File Existing Folder In C#.net stackoverflow.com

here i am reading files from one root folder and after reading that we are moving that particular file Success folder and taking a copy of that in to back up folder normal while reading file i will check file naming convention by targeting backup folder if suppose it was exists in backup folder then i m moving the file to duplicate folder my problem if suppose again same file came to process this file already existed in duplicate folder how do send the file in to duplicate folder, unfornately i dint have any property as file rename If File.Exists(Swift_Backup + "" + Path.GetFileName(CBFile)) Then ' File.Move(CBFile, Swift_Duplicate + "\" + Path.GetFileName(CBFile)) 'DUPLICATE FOLDER' [Code]....

How To Open Excel File www.vbforums.com

i want to open an excel file inside my folder which is dynamic meaning it can be in drive c: or d: as long as it is inside a specific folder grace

Extracting Data From Different File Using VBA www.mrexcel.com

i have file A3R-(345).xls, B1Z-(235).xls etc files inside folder called MyFolder. another master file Master.xls which will extract data from files inside folder MyFolder. what i need is to put values from file names inside Master.xls. It will loop through all files inside that folder and extract the numbers between (). So column A in Master file will have: 345 235 .. How to do this using VBA? (only Master File should have the VBA code)

ISync :: Nokia 5200 With Bluetooth discussions.apple.com

I'm gonna try this anyway. Here is how I got my Nokia 5200 synchronised with iCal, Agenda, iSync via Bluetooth. It's very easy. You need to replace the number "6131" for the number "5200" inside the script: MetaClasses.plist This is a file that's located inside the nokia 6131 folder of the iSync. Here's the rute to get it: finder / applications / select iSync with right boton of the mouse (control clic), then, select: view package content / contents / plugins / applephoneconduit / contents / plugins / nokia6131 / contents / resources / MetaClasses.plist. Now, open this file with Textedit, and with "search and replace", replace all the "6131" with the number "5200". And that's it! If you want to have the Nokia 5200 icon on the iSync screen, you need to get it and save it as .tiff format. then, inside the "resources" folder (where the MetaClasses.plist. file is) replace the allready existing image of the nokia 6131, and name your image like this: com.nokia.5200.tiff Information: iBook G4 12" Mac OS X (10.4.8)

Get Absolute Path To Public_html Folder? stackoverflow.com

[code].... The problem is that I have to write a script which can be in the public_html folder or a sub-folder of the public_html folder. The script should save uploaded files into a folder inside public_html directory(say images). In other words let us say that my file is test.php and the path to it is /home/user/public_html/test/test.php. And there is a folder /home/user/public_html/images where files uploaded via test.php have to be saved. I don't know where the test.php file will be run. For example it can be at the path /home/user/public_html/test/another-dir/test.php How do I get the path to the images folder without knowing where the test.php file will be?

How To Display Files Inside "Program Files" Folder www.sevenforums.com

I have a program that uses it's own library. The path to this library can't be changed, and it's inside the "Program Files" folder. And the software itself has to be installed inside "Program Files" too, otherwise it won't work correctly (it's a new release and still a bit buggy).Now, when I add something to this library, it's supposed to be present in the library folder. BUT Win 7 doesn't show me any files that have been created by programs inside the "Program Files" folder. The folder where the new library is supposed to be is empty. But the library is there inside the program, so it has to be somewhere.Now, how am I supposed to backup those files if I can't access them?

Web Forms :: Browse Folder Path Alone Instead Of Selecting Folder Path + File? forums.asp.net

Is there any control which has to browse folder path alone instead of selecting folder path + file ?any server side or client side control ?

Map File Path From Different Folder Location Easily? stackoverflow.com

how to map the path to the file easily? public_html/api/function.php <?php function writetologfile($content) { $filename = 'logfile/testing_randomstring.txt';............... How I can able to easily point to this text file path, no matter where my php calling script is from. I tried to change $filename = 'logfile/testing_randomstring.txt'; inside writetologfile function by enforcing it to absolute fix path, something like $filename='/r/admin/logfile/testing_randomstring.txt', but it is not working

Function To Dynamically Switch Paths? stackoverflow.com

I am coding a Joomla Template and I want to use an option of putting static files to a CDN.I want the template to look for the CDN path mentioned by user in the template options panel and if there is no input then it must take the files from the default local folder.The local CDN folder is in the root of the template folder : templates/myTemplate/cdnThe structure inside the CDN folder is like this: - cdn ---- css [code]....

Fopen Problems With Paths. bytes.com

i have some fopen problems with paths. I have a script which does fopen("templates/file.php","w"); in a script called f.php inside a folder named /folder Sometimes i call this script from /root and sometimes from /root/folder so i dont know how to make sure that it will always do the fopen to the file in the /folder/templates/

File Download Link: The File Is Being Saved As The Full Path Instead Of The Filename www.sitepoint.com

I have this script below working. The problem is its saving the filename as the full path. So its saving the downloaded filename as "_var_www_vhosts_website.com_data_reports_My_PDF.pdf" instead of "My_PDF.pdf". Is there a way I can use the header() tag to specify a path to the file and also a filename for the file? PHP Code: $path�=�"/var/www/vhosts/website.com/data/reports/My_PDF.pdf";header("Cache-Control:�public");header("Content-Description:�File�Transfer");header("Content-Disposition:�attachment;�filename=$path");header("Content-Type:�application/pdf");header("Content-Transfer-Encoding:�binary");readfile($path);�

Creating Dir, Copy Files And Pass Variables To 2 Files www.phpfreaks.com

I need to create a folder on the server weekly named by the user. To this folder copy the contents of an /Original folder. Inside the new folder edit one of the files to insert a data with a XML path generated in another application, copied (via memory) and pasted within the very first form and passed to the file in question. <param name="FlashVars" value="xmlfile= $lanofile" /> the $lanofile is the value that I need to pass from the form to be read by this file. I have created an form (n.php) that POST the name of the folder to a second file (creatdir.php) everything is cool until I have to edit the third file. How can I pass the value of one of the formfileds to a second file and them read this value as a variable to be consumed as mentioned above? Or actually right whatever is on the third field to this position (not using variables).

C# - MVC 2 Website - Can't Get A List Of Files In The Images Folder stackoverflow.com

I have created a wedsite using MVC 2 and C#. one of the pages is a gallery of product images. i have stored the path to the pictures in the Db eg ../../Content/ProductImages/ in the controler i want to do a foreach and get a list of the files to dispaly. i tried the code below : List<string> files = new List<string>(); string path = Path.GetDirectoryName(typeModel.ArtUrl); // ../../Content/ProductImages/ foreach (string f in Directory.GetFiles(path)) { files.Add(f); } BUT i get an error, Could not find a part of the path 'C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedContentProductImages'. Why is it getting the wrong path ?? this path does not exist

Open Folder www.vbforums.com

I want to load a folder's contents (all jpg's) into a list box, and then the list box would show the pictures file path. First, how can i load an entire folder, and second, how can I show the full file path in the listbox?btw, I'm using a CommonDialogue.thanks d00dz

How To Find A Folder Uniquely In UNC www.vbcity.com

Hi,Assume I have a folder called "FolderX" in my local system.The path is "D:StartFolderFolderX"Assume my system name is "NTECH5000".I shared the Drive "D:" as "D".I shared the "StartFolder" as "SF"I mapped "D:" as "G:"I mapped "D:StartFolder" as "H:"I mapped "\NTECH5000DStartFolder" as "Y:"So, I can access "FolderX" in the following ways1. D:StartFolderFolderX         (Local path)2. G:StartFolderFolderX        (Mapped path)3. H:FolderX            (Mapped path)4. Y:FolderX            (Mapped path)5. \NTECH5000DStartFolderFolderX    (Network path)6. \NTECH5000SFFolderX        (Network path)Here all the paths finally refers to "FolderX".I have a file called "File_Rx.BIN" inside "FolderX".In a listview I can add any number of files named "File_Rx.bin".But it should not be from the same location.Say for example, I can add "File_Rx.bin" from "D:StartFolderFolderX" and from "E:TempFile_Rx.bin".But I should not add from "D:StartFolderFolderX" and from "H:FolderX".Because they refer to the same folder.I need to identify the folder "FolderX" uniquely. How can I do this?Thanks in advance.

Reading All Folder Names www.excelforum.com

I want to read all the folders names in a folder. So for example c:win estfolder And in test folder there are 5 more folders named test1,test2 etc. I want to be able to give the path c:win estfolder and let VBA excel read all the names of the folders inside the folder testfolder. I have found some methodes on the web, but those are for files like .txt etc.

ActionScript 2.0 :: Giving Link To A Page That Is Placed Outside Folder? www.actionscript.org

i want to give link to my button but the html page i want to link is placed outside folder. here is full scenerio... my main folder is named "website" all html pages are placed there.. inside there a folder is named "images" and my flash menubar file is placed in that "images" folder now how can i give path to the pages that are in main folder i mentioned "website" from folder i mentioned "images"

Visual Studio :: Cs Files Do Not Compile After Converting From Website To Web Application? forums.asp.net

I converted my website project from an ASP.NET "Website" to a "Web Application". I needed that to integrate some third party code which is a "Web Application" as well. I've overcome most issues of the conversion, except for one.I'm using the free sources of the SqlTableProfileProvider as a custom membership provider (it worked great when the project was a "Website"). The files SqlStoredProcedureProfileProvider.cs and SqlTableProfileProvider.cs are located in a folder named App_MSA_Code, which also contains my files with classes written in VB.NET. Building the project results in numerous errors caused by SqlTableProfileProvider.cs: syntax errors, end of statement expected, statement can not appear outside of a method body, etc. It seems to me as if the compiler picks up the files and tries to parse it as VB rather than C#. I have not changed the contents of SqlStoredProcedureProfileProvider.cs and SqlTableProfileProvider.cs.To make sure there are no other problems in the project, i removed SqlStoredProcedureProfileProvider.cs and SqlTableProfileProvider.cs from the project and rebuild it. There are no errors or warnings now, except in runtime it throws "Could not load type 'Microsoft.Samples.SqlTableProfileProvider'". Which is obvious.One more thing: i added the files to the project by right clicking the folder App_MSA_Code in VWD 2008 Express and pick "Add existing item". Then I changed the file property option "Build action" from "Content" to "Compile". I think it's strange VWD adds cs files as "Content". That might provide a clue to the problem described above.So how can i include these cs files and have them compiled correctly, along with my other VB files?

Windows 7 Explorer Won't Show File Details In Search? www.sevenforums.com

Why are certain details, such as Frame Height, allowed in Windows Explorer when looking in a specific folder, but are missing when searching the contents of the same folder?For example, I'm inside a folder (in details view) of video files and ask Explorer to show details of Frame Height. It will show that for certain file types. But when I search for one of the files by name, the Frame Height will be blank for the same file it just showed me the info for.

Thumbnail Creation Error While Uploading To Mysql Works www.codingforums.com

i developed a script that uploads an image to mysql and it 'tryes' in the same time to create a thumbnail inside a given path. The first part work the second works only when the 'browsed' image is in the same directory with .php files... my script works like this : - write the image into BLOB field inside mysql (no matter the path where the image is selected from ), - AND creates the thumbnail inside a given directory($path) BUT only if the image submitted was inside the same directory where php files are Code:

ActionScript 3.0 :: Error #1010 A Term Is Undefined board.flashkit.com

So, I'm making a little gallery inside a movieclip so that I latter can put it in my website that is made in flash. I made a folder (Portfolio), inside this folder I have 2 layer(actions, content). Inside actions I have only "stop();" and the content layer have the movieclip (gallery_mc). Inside this movieclip I made some buttons and have converted them to a movieclip too. Then I have 8 folders, each folder named differently (fotos, wallpapers, logos...) inside those I have 2 layer too, content and actions. Then I made 8 frame labels for each button and at last the layer called Actions that have all important code. The AS3.0 is... Quote: ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// stop(); buttons_mc.stop(); [Code].....

Web Forms :: Call Directory Paths Backwards forums.asp.net

My website have directories like this: String Path = "~/myWebsite1/Folder1"; In the Folder myWebsite1, I have the "default.aspx" etc... and also a folder named: "Testing". In Folder1, I have: "Test.aspx" and "Test.cs". The question now is how it will be possible to call the folder "Testing" from "Test.cs" wich meens that I have to call the directories backwards in a way. Usually you call directories in a forward manner like: "~/myWebsite1/Folder1" etc...

Why Does This Code Skip A File In The Loop ????? www.vbforums.com

i have a file folder with .rtf files inside it and what i want is this loop to loop though the file folder and retrive the .rtf file names but my code only reads 6 files out of 7 and then jumps out of the loopVB Code:DirPath = App.Path & "Client Files*.rtf"    DirFiles = Dir(DirPath, vbNormal)    For Loop1 = 1 To Val(Dir)        ClientNum = Val(DirFiles)        FileNum = FreeFile        Debug.Print ClientNum        DirFiles = Dir Please help

Replace Image File Path With Relative Path To File Name www.codingforums.com

I'm using a script to include images into a slide show using direct URLs to the image files, but I am using fckeditor (PHP) for my users to edit their content. The script in the .js file that pulls the images into the slide show.The user's image file is going to be named something like, "userImage01.php". Inside that file would be their image location path ~ "images/user/image1.jpg".Therefore, I need the above javascript to pull-in "userImage01.php" INSTEAD OF the image's location path.