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C# - Losing The Value Of A FileUpload Textbox When A Dropdown List Selection Changes?

I am having an dropdownlistbox and fileupload control.After selecting a file from upload control,if i change the dropdownlist value(postback occurs) then the file path i choosen earlier is shown empty. here is my code: <asp:Label ID="lblupload" runat="server" Text="Upload a file: "></asp:Label> <asp:FileUpload ID="upload" runat="server" Width="320" Height="18" BorderColor="Gray" BorderWidth="1" /> <asp:Label ID="Perimission" runat="server" Text="Perimission"></asp:Label> <asp:DropDownList ID="ddlState" runat="server" OnSelectedIndexChanged="ddlState_SelectedIndexChanged" AutoPostBack="true" > <asp:ListItem Text="Everybody" Value="Everybody"></asp:ListItem> <asp:ListItem Text="Students" Value="Students"></asp:ListItem> <asp:ListItem Text="Selected Users" Value="Selected Users"></asp:ListItem> </asp:DropDownList>

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Changing Second Drop Down Box Value According To Selection In First Drop Down Box
i have two drop down boxes where i would like to link first with second. i am new to website development. how to do it. i tried to pass first drop down box value in to parameter but i am unable to do it. i dont know where i am doing the mistake.

C# - Replace Hard Coded Values With Database Values?
I'm trying to implement this tag cloud: [URL] ...and I need the replace the hard-coded values below with those coming from my database? [code].... I've created the following sql string which returns the data in the format expected string/int or value/key SELECT Tag, COUNT(Tag) AS Counter FROM dbo.CtagCloud GROUP BY Tag HAVING (COUNT(Tag) > 3) ORDER BY Counter DESC

C# - Copy Several Textboxes Data Into Target Textbox Calling Same Function
I have several input textboxes with different id and class name. I want to track changes in any of the input textboxes, and reflect it into target textbox, but don't want to replicate the function for every individual textbox. Is it possible to use one function for all?

How To Get Text Value Of Dropdown List Box By Passing Index Value
how to get text value of dropdown list box by its index. i want to read the ddlproject.selectedindex = 0's text and assign it to a variable strProject.

Forms Data Controls :: How To Load The Dropdown List In The Gridview
i  would like to know how to load the dropdown list in the Gridview edit with the dropdown list values from the database

Android :: Custom Contacts Field With A Set List Of Values And Contacts Lookup Performance
I'm pretty sure it's not viable to do what I'd like to based on some initial research, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask the community of experts here in case someone knows a way. I'd like to create a custom field for contacts that the user is able to edit from the main Contacts app; however, the user should only be allowed to select from a list of four specific values. A short list of string values would be ideal, but an int with a min/max range would suffice. I'm interested in knowing if it's possible either way, but also wondering if it make sense to go this route performance wise. More specifically, would it be better to look up a contact (based on a phone number) each time a call or SMS message is received or better to store my own set of data (consisting of name, numbers, and the custom field) and just syncing contact info in a thread every so often? Or syncing contacts the first time the app is run and then registering for changes using ContentObserver?

Web Forms :: How To Link .cs(class File) With .aspx.cs File
i have created basic .aspx files .one is login.aspx and registration.aspx...Now in my solution explorer i also added class file i.e StudentInfo.cs and wrote some properties in my question is 1. i want to connect Studentinfo.cs class to my login.aspx.cs...So that i can call the methods in to do it?

C# - Getting Variable Values Out Of XSLT File?
I wanted to find out if there is a way of getting a parameter or variable value out of an XSL file. For example, if I have the following: <xsl:stylesheet xmlns:xsl="" version="1.0"> <xsl:variable name="username" select ="usertest"/> <xsl:variable name="password" select ="pass"/> <!-- ... --> </xsl:stylesheet> I would like to read the username and password values from the XSL and use them for authentication. I am using ASP.Net and C# to perform the actual transform on an XML file. share code with me that would allow me to read the XSL variables from ASP.NET/C#.

C# - Change Rendering Order Of Controls?
I found this article on how to manipulate the rendering sequence of controls.: [URL]I placed some placeholders on the page to encapsulate the controls i want to move around. The problem is, that RenderChildren does render the controls without the html i placed into the placeholder like this: <asp:PlaceHolder id="phOneToMove" Runat="server" Visible="true"> <tr> <td><asp:Literal id="label1" Runat="server">Caption</asp:Literal></td> <td> <asp:TextBox ID="textbox1" runat="server"></asp:TextBox> </td> <td> <asp:RequiredFieldValidator ID="validator1" Enabled="true" ControlToValidate="textbox1" runat="server" EnableClientScript="False" ErrorMessage="error"></asp:RequiredFieldValidator> </td> </tr> </asp:PlaceHolder> The controls are rendered without the tr and td around.How can I handle this? All I want is to change the order of the placeholders like in this example phOneToMove.

Forms Data Controls :: Can't Get Textbox Value In Gridview
I have a problem : i have a gridview : [Code].... in event SelectedIndexChanging i have code : [Code].... In Browser i input new value to Textbox , then Press button Update . But , value in textbox respone is old values , not new values i input .

Forms Data Controls :: Can't Get Value From TextBox In GridView
I have a GridView on an ASP.NET page with a TemplateField column that has a TextBox in the ItemTemplate. I then have a command field which is supposed to pull the text from this TextBox and use it in a SqlCommand running a stored procedure. Here is my C# code: [Code].... When I add a break point to see the values for intID and tbox.Text I get the right ID but the Text for tbox is "". The mark-up for the two columns I am referencing is   [Code].... why I cant get the text from the text box? It worked the first time round but subsequently all tbox text values have been "".

Forms Data Controls :: Value In Gridview From Textbox?
i hv three text boxes .on writing a value in text box i want as the user fill in the last text box data  get bind to any grid view like tool say datalist and header text should be visible before bind the data as in grid view no table structure seen on browser untill there is some data already present in the grid view

C# - How To Return A Value Based On The Type Of The Generic T
I have a method like: public T Get<T>(string key) { } Now say I want to return "hello" if the type is a string, and 110011 if it is type int. how can I do that? typeof(T) doesn't seem to work. I ideally want to do a switch statement, and return something based on the Type of the generic (string/int/long/etc).

Databound Checkbox List With Textboxes In A Webform?
I need to pull a list of supplies from a db table and list them along with two textboxes (one for quantity, and another for manufacturer) so the list would look something like this. checkbox for supply 1 | Quantity | Manufacturer checkbox for supply 2 | Quantity | Manufacturer .. I also need to store all of the checked items in a db table. I'm not sure how i should go about doing this. I've heard some talk about a repeater control being useful but i've not come across any examples that do this type of thing.

Web Forms :: Use Multi Upload File - Get Value In Textboxes
i'm tying to use multi-upload file and also multi-textboxs i want to get value in textboxs how can i get value of textbox's? this is my code in page ASPX [Code].... and this is my code [Code].... Program you well undrstand what i mean. I want to get value of text box for each textboxs.

C# - How To Add The Footer Row Dynamically In Gridview With Textboxes
how to add the footer row dynamically in gridview. with textboxes..

Forms Data Controls :: How To Change The Column's Name Of Dataset Programmatically With C#
Base on different conditions the progam uses different Sql which every one has different select names. How can I change the Dataset Columns name programmitcally which matchs the FormView  Order . Or some how change the   <%#Eval("Order")%> text in asp:TextBox <asp:FormView ID="DetailView" runat="server" Width="704px" OnPageIndexChanging="DetailView_PageIndexChanging"> <ItemTemplate> <table height="400" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="width: 511px"> <tr><td width="%50" valign="top" >TR</td><td> <asp:TextBox ID="TextBox5" Text='<%#Eval("Order")%>' runat="server" Width="192px"></asp:TextBox> </td><td></tr>,/table> </ItemTemplate> </asp:FormView>

Edit Dataset Column Value In C#?
i have dataset having one table have 5 columns fill data from database. When i run application datatable contains more than 50 rows, I would like to update value of datatable after getting data from databse. My requirements are This table have few cells having Null value, I would like to replace null with "-" ? One column is System.datetime datatype, where i would like to remove time. I would only like to have date? Here i am thinking that i apply one loop of rows present in datatable and update cells accordingly. But i am searching any direct update method?

Web Forms :: Multiple Selection Drop Down List?
multiple selection drop down list for asp .net[ vs-2008] and its works in content page. most of the examples are not working in content page... i wanna implement in content page of master page.

Web Forms :: Multi Selection Drop Down List?
create multiselection Dropdownlist in 2.0 (I don't want use ajax or any other control) i need pure 2.0 program and c#.netValues are populated in DDL from Shared file location not from data base.After selecting the value in DDL  (i e more than one value) based on the search condition it should display the value

Retain Drop Down List Selection?
I'm building a web site to log sales data for a business with a few locations. I have a drop down list, in the header, on the master page, that allows the user to select the location that they will be working with and entering data for. Once a user selects a location, I would like the drop down list, in the master page, to retain the location that was selected when the user goes from page to page. How should I go abouts handling this?

Web Forms :: Dropdownlist Selection Changes To First Item On Postback
I have been having some trouble with dropdown lists reverting back to selecting the initial item in the list after a postback once a selection has been made from the dropdown list. I have read up on this and found out that a "if not ispostback then" is required.This works fine when I add in all the items in the dropdown list manually like: Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load         If Not IsPostBack Then             ddl1.Items.Add("Select...") [code].... However, I have over 250 items and so it is far more efficient for me to load then in by using part of a multidimensional array which is created from a text file - Definitive database.txt. I have been using the following code to do so: Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load         If Not IsPostBack Then             'loads the definitive database array[code]... This loads all the items into the dropdown list perfectly, but now every time a selection is made, it reverts back to the inital item on postback even though i have included the "if not ispostback then" part.

Web Forms :: List Box Value Is Not Populated And Reflected In Code Behind With JavaScript
I have a listbox that I am populating at runtime with javascript. After the listbox is populated I am using a button to get that value. on button click when I am trying to get the value it is the listbox item count is 0, Can anyone tell what's wrong after t he javascript populates the code,I have written the code in button click : for (int i = 0; listbox1.Items.Count - 1; i++) { string s = listbox1.Items[i].ToString(); } the value of count is showing as 0, though it has the values populated. What I am missing ?

C# - How To Get A Null Value From Database To A Checkbox In FormView
i want parse null value and disable checkbox in form view how can i do that that's my current code: <asp:CheckBox ID="FLPCheckBox" runat="server" Text="Full Load Passed" Checked=' <%# (Eval("FullLoadPassed")==DBNull.Value ? false : Eval("FullLoadPassed"))%>' />

C# - Getting Action Filters List From Base Controller?
In Short: Does any know a way from the base controller to get a list of actionFilters being applied to the current executing action? The Long:I am using ASP.NET MVC 1.0 framework. I have a "RequireSSL" actionFilter that I've recreated for checking out, however, if someone leaves the checkout and goes back to the store I would like to forward them back to non-secure version of the site.It would be helpful in the base controller (I am using a custom base controller that inherits from the default Controller) to find out what actionFilters are being applied to the current action.I could include this into the global.asax.cs

Web Forms :: How To Use A Checkbox List And Table Valued Parameters
I have a checkboxlist that gets all all the items from a look up table. The user is going to go to the list, check certail items and insert the checkboxid, the value (0 or 1),  and the userid  into a table valued paramater using a stored procedure. I have the user defined table type created but thats about it. Any body out there have any hints.

Web Forms :: Pass A Textbox Value In CommandEventArgs?
I have a search form with a textbox and a button. I was wondering if I can pass easily the value of the textbox into the CommanArgument field of the linkbutton. That would clean up my code nicely :)

Web Forms :: Can't Pass Value From Dropdown To Asp:TextBox
I need to get an asp:TextBox to accept the value of a dropdown list. If I set it up with a standard <input type="text"> box it will accept the value, but because of a dll or code behind it won't pass the value to the next page as an <input>, it'll only accept it as an <asp:TextBox>.  This will accept the value from the dropdown, but won't pass it to the next page: [Code].... I tried the <asp:DropDownList> too but that didn't make a difference.

Forms Data Controls :: Update Textbox Value Within A Datalist
I am having a datalist which will display the user selected information like the item name, color, front message, back message and the quantity. The quantity is displayed in the text box so that the user can modify the quantity.   I need to update the quantity within the datalist.

Web Forms :: DataList: Collecting IDs And TextBox Values At Same Time
 Collecting IDs and TextBox values at same time.I have a datalist with 2 columns of products with a TextBox next to each product so my customer can enter a number in each checkbox (to determine the order sequence when this list of products is printed to the screen). I have a button for my customer to click when she is happy with the sequence chosen for each product and this calls a subroutine within which I need to be able to collect each productID and the number entered into the textbox next to it. This worked perfectly in my old system using Classic ASP and can't understand why it's so difficult to offer the same funtionality in ASP.Net! I have tried various approaches but none of them work in collecting the number entered into the TextBox and the ProdId at the same time. I tried storing the ProductId in the ID of the TextBox in the hope that I could then retrieve both the ProductId and the value of the TextBox for each product when the button is clicked but values of the TextBox ID are values such as 567 or 784 and are set dynamically (these are the productIds). The error I'm getting is as follows: The ID property of a control can only be set using the ID attribute in the tag and a simple value. Example: <asp:Button runat="server" id="Button1" /> and the line containing the error is: <asp:TextBox runat="server" ID='<%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "Prod_ID")%>' Text='<%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "Sequence1")%>'>

Jquery - Insert Checkbox Checked Value To Textbox?
I have a 45 checkboxes in webform with values 1 to 45 i want insert checkbox checked value to textbox in comma seperated string as in ascending order as 1,2,3,4,5 ...if checkbox1, checkbox2, checkbox3, checkbox4 and checkbox5 is checked...if these checkboxes will be unchecked then the inserted value in textbox will be removed 1 by one respectively. .. hwo to do this using or jquery or javascript ..

How To Insert Checkbox Checked Value To Textbox Without Autopostback
I have unlimited checkboxes to my webpage .How to insert checkbox checked value to textbox without autopostback. I i check checkbox1 and checkbox2 then in textbox it appear as 1,2 ...and after when i uncheck checkbox1 then in textbox the value would be 2. and if i uncheck checkbox1 and checkbox2 then value in textbox is blank

Rendering An Unordered List Using C#?
I need to render a unordered list with the data obtained from database using data looks something like this. id Name Depth 1 ELECTRONICS 0 2 TELEVISIONS 1 3 Tube 2 4 LCD 2 5 Plasma 2 6 Portable electronics 1 7 MP3 Player 2 8 Flash 3 9 CD Players 2 10 2 Way Radio 2 using the above sample data I need to render an unordered list based on the depth, in the following format [code]...

JQuery :: Get Value Of Dropdown List?
I am having  problem of getting value from Dropdown List that located in the listview. I want to use the Jquery to get the value of thos Dropdown list and insert that data into the database.

Jquery - Hiding A Div When Dropdown Selected Value Changes
I have a dropdown list that when the selected value changes I want to hide a div. (There is another control that makes the div visible). I currently have the following but the div is not hiding when I change the selected value in the dropdown. <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function () { $('#MyDd').change(function () { $('#buttonDiv').hide(); }); }); </script> <asp:DropDownList ID="MyDd" runat="server" /> <div id="buttonDiv" class="buttonContainer"> <asp:Button ID="myButton" runat="server" /> </div>

Security :: Display/capture Loginname Value In Textbox?
I have a code here where the loginname will display the computer name.I have another textbox,where i want the same loginname value to be displayed in the textbox.Here's my code : [Code]....

C# - Controller Getting NULL Value?
I'm trying to make a call to a controller via jQuery $.post, but the parameter for my controller method keeps getting a NULL value despite it appearing to be setup similar to other controller methods. CONTROLLER [AcceptVerbs(HttpVerbs.Post)] public ActionResult SearchWeatherLocations(string searchFor) { //Do Some Magic } [Code]....

Jquery :: Tab Selection - Previous Article Css - Button Selection And Html Tags
I have a problem related to my previous article css, button selection and html tags Not very good with javascript if any one could offer some insight as to where im going. [Code]...

Build List Dynamically And Pass / Save User Selected Values
I think in this case I need to write a client side script that onpageload/onchange gets options from server & builds a list dynamically. & stores new options to server via some JavaScript script. I will prefer to save user input in a file on server.

C# - Build An Literal Array From List Object?
I have the list object that I'm passing using json. How can I convert it to array like you can see below using jquery or javascript? List<MyItem> items = new List<MyItems>(); items.Add(new (){ItemName = "Apple", ItemCount = 5}); items.Add(new (){ItemName = "Tomato", ItemCount = 3}); items.Add(new (){ItemName = "Banana", ItemCount = 8}); items.Add(new (){ItemName = "Avokado", ItemCount = 5}); items.Add(new (){ItemName = "Potato", ItemCount = 9}); [Code]...

A Language Construct Similar To List() In C#?
PHP has a language construct list() which provides multiple variables assignment in one statement. $a = 0; $b = 0; list($a, $b) = array(2, 3); // Now $a is equal to 2 and $b is equal to 3. Is there a similar thing in C#?If not, is there any workaround which may help to avoid code like the following, without having to deal with reflection? public class Vehicle { private string modelName;[code]....

Detect Duplicate Values In A Ranked List
Spreadsheets like Excel do a nice job of detecting if there are duplicate values with their rank function - this is what I would like to mimic. This is my small script that detects the rank position of a variable Hank_Wins in a mysql database: PHP Code:

JQuery :: Reset An Input Field To Its Default Value According To Selection
How to reset an input field to its default value, which is depend on another. There is a way to clear the input field but not resetting to its default value. Example I have 2 radio buttons. Depends of the radio button selection some other input fields are required. Those things are already done using the click function. It clears the input field. But I need to reset to its default value.

Adding Value From One List To Another Depanding On Button Clicked
I have two multi lists. In first multi list, i got all the attributes of table by using query then now by selecting one attribute from this list, when i click on "ADD" button i want that copy of this attribute should go into another list. What i have done is i added javascript onclick function for ADD button in that i got the selected value from first multilist. But now I am not getting how to put that value in to second multi list? What i have done in java script function is: But this is not working. Temporarily I am adding value at first position.

C# - Transforming A List Of Objects Into List<List<string>> Of Data?
I am trying to use the jquery DataTables plugin for my system, using a webservice to populate the data through an ajax call.What I need to return from the webservice is a List like this: List<List<string>>;I have about 120 different domain classes being used by this as the core data objects, so I need some kind of system where I can get the data from the different domain classes and transform them into List<List<string>> in a somewhat automatic way.The way I am getting the data is something like this (example code):List<Core.Room> coreDataList = Core.GetRoomsInHotel(int hotelID);I have been looking into DynamicLinq and System.Reflection, but have gotten nowhereUPDATE: What I need to return from the webservice is an array like this: [ ["data-col-1","data-col-2","data-col-3","data-col-4"], [code]....

Show List Based On Value Clicked ?
The following function shows a list of Counties populates by a PHP page: I would like to now, when a user clicks on a County, they are shown a list of pubs based on that County (so, I'll create a new PHP page WHERE County = 'County' or something?) At the moment, when a user clicks on a County this function is passed: So, passing a value through so I can modify the SQL in the PHP page to filter the counties?

Change Host, Change Domain And Getting Search Engines Up To Speed
Has anyone helped clients transition from one domain to another? Maybe dissolving a partnership or renaming their company... so a new domain name has been registered and a new website created. 2 Issues: #1 Using .htaccess 301 redirect We used the following command line in their old website's htaccess file Redirect 301 / [url] The goal was to get people try to visit any page of their old website (i.e. redirected to their new website (i.e. Isn't that supposed to change the address bar's URL, too? For some reason, I visit their old site and I seem to be redirected to their new website but the address bar still has their old domain name? Something is going on??? #2 Having their new company name for 2 years now. People can enter her new company name in Google, MSN or Yahoo. Her new company name appears in the search results but has the old domain name associated with it. We are trying to get rid of any reference to that old domain name? What's the easiest way to do this? So what people see in search engines is: New Company Short Meta Description What steps did I miss in this transition? What steps do I have to take on their old website/old web server to control it's appearance on search engines and make sure people get to the new website?

SQL Reporting :: SSRS URL Paramter Value Does Not Match With Report Parameter Values
We have rdl report and passing a multiple paramter values through URL. When the passed values exists in report parameter values then report displayes properly. But when we pass the values through URL which doesn't exists in report parameter value then it throws an error saying parameter value is missing. The reports db and the application db through which we display the reports are different. how do we address this issue.

How To Hide List-style Image For One Specific List Item
I am having an unordered list like: <ul style="list-style: square url(Images/rssIconSmall.png)"> <li><h3>All Items</h3></li> <li>Item1</li> <li>Item2</li> <li>Item3</li>

Forms Data Controls :: Textbox Populating From Another Textbox?
I am using VWD with a page that includes a formview and gridview.  At the top of the page is a textbox, with and ajax calendar extender where the user selects a date. The gridview is filtered on this date.  I would also like to prepopulate a textbos in the formview insert template with this same date.

Filtertype Parameter Value IMG_FILTER_CONTRAST What Number Values Can It Range From
for the filtertype parameter value IMG_FILTER_CONTRAST what number values can it range from.

How Do I Refer To The Current Selected String Of A Listbox ??
ON button click, label1 should change its caption to the currently selected value of the listbox

Forms Data Controls :: Selecting Drop Down List Value From Griedview Selection?
i want to update data in my table..for which i want to select drop down list value automatically when i click on Select button in my drop down list contains City names and that data is shown in griedview, so when i am clicking on select button on particular row in griedview i want to make that city selected in drop down Dropdown list id is "drpCity" and griedview ID is "GrdCity" 

SQL Server :: Database Properties Column Identity Value Will Not Accept Value Change?
In the tutorial I am doing I have been requested to change a field in the colums properties of a table.  The ID column is currentl displaying NO and NO again for "is aIdentity. I can Highlight the values but cannot change to yes.  either in the properties talbe or in the properties window on the right hand side of IDE interface.  How do I change that value?

Web Forms :: Get Textbox Value (textbox Inside The Masterpage)?
I am very new to ASP.NET .. I am trying to get textbox value but my textbox seems like unrecognized ? TextBox tx = (TextBox) Master.FindControl("TxtUserId"); string stx = tx.Text;

Web Forms :: VB Script To Obtain The Value Of The Textbox On Page Load To Pass To Another Textbox?
I have a text box on page load, loads a text value. I would like on the first instance of the page load for another textbox to equal to this value.  As I have a gridview on the same page to update the textbox value does not get updated.  Essentially, if provide me with a VB script to obtain the value of the textbox on page load to pass to another textbox default value only on the same page.

Jquery :: Php - Show Or Display The Newly Changed Text Field Value Instead Of Default Value Using Me...
Here is my code,This is my form part, this is basically divided into two main actions using jquery, 1) First action :, Based on Selection from :'Academic Year' selection, 'Course' selection & 'Class'selection , i used jquery ajax post method to load data from DB to All 5 set of IDs. .... Hey this part work Fine.. 2) [my probs comes here -->], Second Action :, when i select anyone of IDs, it shud show or display new value of text box instead of default value, based on data from DB by using similar ajax post method ======================================================================== <form name="aone" id="aone" action="mattendance.php" method="POST" enctype="multipart/form-data"> <div> <div style='padding-top:20px;'> Academic Year :&nbsp;&nbsp;[code]..... I tried alot by seeing examples but cant able to display new value in text field n got wierd ,

Jquery :: Finding The Biggest Number In A Dropdown List Values?
I have the following a drodown list with numerical valueseg <select name="a"> <option value="1">asdsadas</option> <option value="1">wqecsdc</option> [code]....

Detecting When The Select Element's Dropdown List Is Open And/or Closed
I need to know when the select element's dropdown list is opened (as when the user clicks on the arrow or does ALT-downarrow from the keyboard). Similarly, I need to known when the dropdown list closes. The closing of the dropdown list can happen without changing the dropdown, hence the onchange event is not a sure way to determine that the dropdown list closed. Is this possible in Internet Explorer?

450 Transfer Aborted. Link To File Server Lost
I seem to keep getting this error whenever I try to uploading something thats too large. It transfers fine for a few mins, then it stalls and eventually I get this error message. Small files are fine since they don't take long to transfer, it just seems that I can't have a file transferring for too long. I can actually get the damn file through but since I keep getting that error, I need to keep manually clicking on the transfer button. So it takes about 20 tries before I can finish a 30MB file. And I have a lot of files to transfer so thats very troublesome. Does anyone know what the problem might be? I tried turning off the firewall and opening ports on my router but it still doesn't work. Using Cute FTP.

How To Link The Combobox Selection With Label?
i got a combobox and a label.inside the combo i got 5 litem(A to E)how could i display my selection to label when i dropdown my combobox and select one of the item.but below code doesnt work... i think my code is wrong...Private Sub Combo1_Change()If Combo1.ListIndex(0) Then Label1.Caption = "happy"If Combo1.ListIndex(1) Then Label4.Caption = "happy2"...End SubthxEdited by - wtkm on 5/9/2007 2:33:48 AM

Launching Website From Listview Selection
Hey i have a few websites stored in a access database, and i have them in a listview on my form. I want to be able to double click a website, and launch my selected website in a browser. My question is, how do i get the address from the listview? do i have to access the database, and take the code from the selected field, then launch that value? or is somthing that i can access by using the listview properties?Edited by - Squall2131 on 9/19/2003 11:31:18 AM

HTC Droid Eris :: Lost All Contacts Photos From Facebook In "people"
Just updated my Eris to 2.1 today. Once updated I lost all my contacts photos from facebook in "people." Just wondering how to get them back on there.

HTC Droid Eris :: People Keeps Losing Sync With Facebook
Almost every time I click on People, the pictures for some of my contacts (and it's always the same thirty of my seventy-odd contacts) disappear and don't show up again for hours. This did not happen before the OTA.

HTC Desire :: Periodically Lose Address Book
It seems like every couple of months I lose my address book, subsequently I cant answer messages unless I can recognise the number and I end up having to wipe the fone and start again - which means downloading all the Apps again - its done it once again today, any ideas of a way round - I would prefer not to wipe as I lose my msg inbox etc

Java :: Lost In Dates And Timezones?
I'm working on an application that stores conferences with their start and end date. Up until now, I was developing in Belgium and my server is in France, so everything is in the same timezone, no problem. But today, I'm in San Francisco, my server is in France and I noticed I have a bug.I'm setting dates from a Flex client (ActionScript automatically adapts date display according to client local timezone, which is GMT-8 for me today. My server runs on Hibernate and MySQL in France (GMT+1). So when I look at my database using phpMyAdmin, I see a date set to "2010-06-07 00:00:01" but in my Flex client it displays "2010-06-06 15:00:01". Ultimately, what I want is that the dates are displayed in the local timezone of the event, which is the date I set it to. So when I'm in Belgium and I set the start date of an event to be "2010-06-07 00:00:01" I want to retrieve it that way.But I'm lost as to what layer adapts what. Is timezone stored in DATETIME MySQL columns (I can't see it in MySQL)? Does Hibernate to anything to it when it transfers it to java.lang.Date that has Timezone information?

ActionScript 2.0 :: Send List Of Variables From Php To Flash And Send Back Random Selection To Php?
I'm looking to send a list of variables (say 6 in total) from php to flash and for flash to pick a random one and send it back to php when clicking a button. I would like it to appear in a dynamic text box. That randomly selected variable needs to be sent back to php on pressing a button.

ActionScript 2.0 :: Send List Of Variables From Php To Flash And Send Back A Random Selection To Php?
I'm looking to send a list of variables (say 6 in total) from php to flash and for flash to pick a random one and send it back to php when clicking a button. I would like it to appear in a dynamic text box. That randomly selected variable needs to be sent back to php on pressing a button.

Host Has Lost Important Files During Migration
I asked my host to migrate my account from a PHP4 to a PHP5 server which they did without question. During the transfer they have lost a folder containing every product image my site sells, over 1000 different items. I know I'm foolish not to have backed it up, but I didn't, I have all the photos but not after they're all been renamed and resized. Basically, so far today - 24hrs, I have only had 2 orders when I normally get 60-70 a day.

I've Lost A File
how can i find a file xxx.tar.gz i have lost it on the root i know don't say it, i wanna use ssh to find it.

Lost My Sshd_config File
Just got a new VPS, working on securing it and I was configuring sshd_config changed the port logged out, new port didn't work! Ok so I login to hypervm and i figure i'll just change it back with the hypervm file manager. Well the file seems to have dissepeared?

Lost SSH On Dedicated Server
I edit "/etc/ssh/sshd_config" file to chang default ssh port. So I restart ssh and close my connection without test. Now I can not access SSH on dedicated. I try restart ssh on WHM and I receive "sshd has failed, please contact the sysadmin."

I Lost My Server Mysql Login
I have the root access for the server but i lost the password for the mysql is there any way that i can get it

Lost Connection To Mysql Server During Query
some vBulletin customers facing to that error message, with session table with attachment only. Other just work fine. It's not because of server load. The load is just around 0 - 0.1 I have increased wait_timeout to 200 and max_allowed_packet to 64MB. Each attachment file in those vBulletin is just around 1-3MB. Is there any idea why and how to fix?

Server Lost Ability To Resolve Names
my server seems to have lost its ability to do name lookups: Quote: [root@cp ~]# wget =>`ossec-hids-2.0.tar.gz' Resolving failed: Temporary failure in name resolution. it hangs on the "Resolving bit for a long time. my resolv.conf file is as follows: Quote: nameserver nameserver which are the 2 nameservers of my datacenter. I tried doing a /scripts/upcp --force and I get this: Quote: [root@cp ~]# /scripts/upcp --force Updating /scripts... Sync Source: and it just hangs there the sites I am hosting use PHP script that make a lot of outbound web connections so this is crippling my server

What Is The Best Method To Protect My Server From Data Lost
I have dedicated server at GoDaddy and I am hosting very important web service for our company. We have only one HDD on server and no FTP backup. What is the best method to protect data and whole server from HDD crash? Is it enough to add second HDD?

C# - Binding To A List <string> Using DataBinder.Eval?
I have the following object: CrossTabDataObject { string RowName{get;set;}; int RowId{get;set;} List<string> CellContents = new List <string>(); //Constructor..... etc. } I'm building a dynamic crosstab grid using GridView in 3.5 I wish to bind to CellContents[0] for dynamic column 1, CellContents[1] for dynamic column 2 (dynamic column 0 is the RowName field from the CrossTabDataObject) etc. I am using: object boundValueObj = null; Control ctrl = (Control)sender; IDataItemContainer dataItemContainer = (IDataItemContainer)ctrl.NamingContainer; boundValueObj = DataBinder.Eval(dataItemContainer.DataItem, strSelectedID); This code is in the InstantiateIn function of the gridview as I'm creating drop down list templates in each cell of the crosstab. I have code (not shown) that sets strSelectedID depending on the column being created. When strSelectedID is equal to "RowName" for dynamic column [0] the DataBinder.Eval function works fine and sets boundValueObj as expected. The problem comes when strSelectedID is set to "CellContents[n]" where n is the Column Index. DataBinder.Eval only works with properties and fields of objects. How do I get around this?

Radiobuttonlist - Linking To A Radio Button Selection?
I have an "articles" page that holds a radiobutton list and a textarea. when the user selects a radio button, the text area is populated. now the users wants to be able to point to an article via a url link. (everything is dynamic and being pulled from a db source) by using a 3 party tool i was able to grab the exact http request (below) that will link to the users' selection. the problem is the url is extremely long. is there another way to link to the radio button selection? that way i can just modify the query string to fit a specific format. [code]....

IE Not Printing Disabled Radio Button's Selection?
I have a set of radio buttons that are all disabled, and one of them is selected. In IE8, when I print the web page, the selected radio button is not showing as selected. However, this works fine in FireFox.

C# - Binding A Generic List Of Type Struct To A Repeater?
I've had a bit of a problem trying to bind a generic list to a repeater. The type used in the generic list is actually a struct. I've built a basic example below: [code].... I then create two fruits using the struct (apple and orange). These fruits are then added to the list. Finally, I bind the generic list to the DataSource property of the repeater... The markup looks like this: [code].... I expect to see the fruit name and price printed on the screen, separated by a horizontal rule. At the moment I am getting an error relating to actual binding... **Exception Details: System.Web.HttpException: DataBinding: '_Default+Fruit' does not contain a property with the name 'FruitName'.**

.net - Get Identity Column Value In C# 'Dataset' - Access Database?
I want to retrieve identity column value after running Insert or Update (using Access DB in C#). How can I do it? i use a Typed dataset to fill and update...

Forms Data Controls :: Populate A Datagrid On Selection From A Drop Down List?
This is my first post as a newbie to I am in the process of creating a "news system", you can add, edit and delete news. The news items can be entered into the SQL database and you select a category where you want the news item to go into. What I want is when someone comes to the "Edit" screen, they have a drop down list and what that does is allows you to select a category for you to edit news items from, so rather than at present having the "Edit" page display all the news items, I want people to be able to choose a category that they can edit news items in. So far my edit page has a datagrid with the following code: [code]....

Based On Drop Down List Selection - Insert Data Into Different Tables?
I have a drop down list with various values and Text. Based on end user's selection it is requried to insert into different tabels. [Code].... When end user selects Text="Users" it is required to insert data into Users Table as such when Users and Organisaiton is selected it is required to insert into two tabels ( i.e, Users and Organisation).I will be using Stored procedures to do the data insertion for this. Can I simply check in button click event, what the user has selected and call stored procedure to do the insert as shown below. [Code].....

Web Forms :: Web Control - Multiple Selection Drop Down?
Am creating a user control for multiple selection drop down( i e dropdown with checkbox list) as shown. It works fine if i have only one instance of the control in a page. But it fails for more than one. I guess its java script client id issue. but i checked even that but unable to found :- This is my .ASCX file. [Code]....

Web Forms :: Populate A Textbox On Basis Of Drop Down Selection?
I am using 3-tier architecture, language c# for creating a web application. In presentation layer, I want to populate a textbox when I select an option from a drop down list. Under the code sample from .aspx page is given: <asp:TableRow ID="TableRow4" runat="server"> <asp:TableCell ID="TableCell5" runat="server"> <asp:Label ID="lblCat" runat="server" Text="Product "></asp:Label> [code]...

Forms Data Controls :: ListView Custom Selection On Item? "Defining A Selection"?
Is there a way that i can define a custom selection on a ListView item, more precisly to define a way so when i select an item on a ListView it captures that row and calls a function that i created for database connection (not with sqlDataSource)?

Drop Down Item Selection In GridView?
I have insert drop down in Grive view Edit template [Code].... Data set acts as source for gridview, how do i select the item in the dropdown that is coming from dataset e.g if it was a textbox i would fill it this way [Code].... How do i do this in drop down.

C# - Pass A String Value Into A Gridview In C Sharp?
i have extracted data from database..currently that information is in a string point is to pass that string value into a gridview in the application..i have already created the gridview with checkbox list fitted into it...on inserting the values will the gridview will expand dynamically ??..if no then what to do ? how to push the data into gridview so that it expands dynamically?

Forms Data Controls :: Export The Datatable Values To Excel Using C#?
i have a datatable to bind the gridview in my page. now i need to have a export button in near gridview, if we click the button then the gridview values (datatable) to excel.

C# - List Of Page_Events Via Intellisense? How To Know The Signature
is there a way to find and insert a page event via intellisense so i can get a list of what is available and the signature is automatically created? Currently I create a page_init but with no parameters ... unsure if this is correct or no? With controls you can take a look at Properties and then Events and you get a list of all events.

C# - Change The View Behind The Popup After An Ajax Post?
I have an "Edit Profile" lightbox on my page, which posts to the controller via jQuery ajax. I handle the response in the jquery end instead of returning a View. However, when the profile is saved, I need to refresh the values on the page displaying the popup. How could I achieve this in MVC2? For example, if the user changes her name and avatar (in the lightbox), after she saves the profile, I'd like to update the avatar and name everywhere it occurs on the page.

Forms Data Controls :: How To Make Selection From A Datalist
I make one datalist and bind with database. I want add one button control. When I click this button, the datalist will automatically show the data selected from database. How can i do it.  

JQuery :: One Line, Two Separate Selection Sets?
Imagine you have this HTML layout: <div id="msg"></div><br /> <div id="submitButton"> <input type="submit" value="OK" style="width:50px" onclick="$('div.subtleMsg').hide(); return false;" /> </div> I know how to manipulate the contents of <div id="msg"> any way I wish but I'm wondering if it's possible, IN THE SAME LINE OF JQUERY CODE, to also manipulate <div id="submitButton">. Everything has to be combined into one long jQuery string because I'm passing it from the server-side code as a script.

C# - Value Cannot Be Null.Parameter Name: Key When Databind?
I am triing to bind the data to a listbox from sql server then got the error "Value cannot be null.Parameter name: key" ddlCountry = new Obout.ComboBox.ComboBox(); ddlCountry.Width = 200; ddlCountry.Height = 200; ddlCountry.DataTextField = "Country"; ddlCountry.DataValueField = "Country"; sqlCommand = "SELECT [Country] FROM [tbl_LookupCountry] where [Country] IS NOT NULL"; SqlConnection sqlConCountry = new SqlConnection(connectString); SqlCommand sqlCommCountry = new SqlCommand(); sqlCommCountry.Connection = sqlConCountry; sqlCommCountry.CommandType = System.Data.CommandType.Text; sqlCommCountry.CommandText = sqlCommand; sqlCommCountry.CommandTimeout = 300; sqlConCountry.Open(); reader = sqlCommCountry.ExecuteReader(); ddlCountry.DataSource = reader; ddlCountry.DataBind(); sqlConCountry.Close();

Standardize Full Height And Width Without Losing Native Styles
I'd like to standardize the full width and height (that is, the width and height including padding and border etc) in <input>, <select>, and <button> without losing the native styles that browsers use by default. Is this possible? I'm open to using browser detection and JavaScript in addition to CSS.

Framework Selection Criteria?
know how to select an appropriate framework based on different requirements. We know every project has its own func and non-func requirements.There are dozens of frameworks available and it’s highly important to consider such a framework that matches the requirement in-hand utmost.

Jquery :: Show Select Box Value Based Anchor Clicked
Jquery change the select box value based on anchor clicked I can change the value of the actually select box $("#id-for-select").val(2) but not the result of selecting that value (what happens when the value is selected) as if it was clicked by hand In my case I'm trying to change the dates on a calendar from [URL] I'm only able to change the value of the month select box from a anchor but not able to get the corresponding dates for that month since it wasn't actually clicked from the drop down. Any way I can keep the dates corresponding with the month value in the select box?

Select Tag Default Selection Blank Item?
I declare several select items (about 4-5 dozen) by adding the following string to the page "<select id='myidxxx'><option>" + default + "</option></select>" And then add other elements later. The problem is, whether I add other elements or not, there is always a blank element selected at start. I can't get it to not have one, or to select the default value. I've tried <option selected='selected'> but with no success. How do I get this to list only the explicity added options (no blank line) and select the default entry? EDIT: I am using IE8

Set Selection On Input Type=text In Ie?
I want to set selection on HTML input type=text. Here's the code for FF and Chrome: <input type=text value="01234567890" id=1> <input type=submit onClick="selectIt()" > <script> selectIt=function (){ [Code].....

JQuery :: Drag-and-drop DIV Selection With Images And Text
I'm using the jQuery tableDnD plugin to make a drag-and-drop list out of a table displaying a list of images for the user to rearrange. The plugin uses an ID on the tag of the formatting table to rearrange the cells. When I drag and drop specifically clicking on a spot inside the table cell with no images/content, it works fine. However, when I click on the image (or inside a div containing text) withgin the table cell and try to drag+drop, the text/image gets selected and the rearrange script is not triggered. Neither blocking the select function with css or javascript has worked - [Code]...