C# - Losing The Value Of A FileUpload Textbox When A Dropdown List Selection Changes?


I am having an dropdownlistbox and fileupload control.After selecting a file from upload control,if i change the dropdownlist value(postback occurs) then the file path i choosen earlier is shown empty. here is my code: <asp:Label ID="lblupload" runat="server" Text="Upload a file: "></asp:Label> <asp:FileUpload ID="upload" runat="server" Width="320" Height="18" BorderColor="Gray" BorderWidth="1" /> <asp:Label ID="Perimission" runat="server" Text="Perimission"></asp:Label> <asp:DropDownList ID="ddlState" runat="server" OnSelectedIndexChanged="ddlState_SelectedIndexChanged" AutoPostBack="true" > <asp:ListItem Text="Everybody" Value="Everybody"></asp:ListItem> <asp:ListItem Text="Students" Value="Students"></asp:ListItem> <asp:ListItem Text="Selected Users" Value="Selected Users"></asp:ListItem> </asp:DropDownList>

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Is there any way to check if a textbox or a dropdown list has been changed like is textchanged function in C#. I have a page with 3 textboxes and 2 dropdown lists and i want to check each textbox/list and i want to execute a query if any textbox or dropdown list is changed. How can i achieve this?

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I have a fileupload control in a web page. I upload one file to the fileupload control. I am having the path like c://images/image.jpg. But if change dropdown value,then i am losing the value in the fileupload control. How to get back the value?

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I want to make a button that changes the value in a dropdown list (dropdown populated from SQLdatasource)This sounds strange i know but i have 4 dropdowns each hidden by panels, unless the preceeding dropdown's value is changed from it's initial value. So i make a selection from my first dropdown list & a postback occurrs triggering the next panel (and as such the dropdown list) to become visible, this occurs again until eventually my users will see 4 drop down boxes...(all required field vals etc)

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Dependable dropdown lists (4 level) 1 Level dropdown list 2 Level dropdown list 3 Level dropdown list 4 Level dropdown list Every dropdown list is depends on another dropdown list For example if I select a value from 1 dropdown list then 2 dropdown list will appear. And then I select a value from 2 dropdown list then 3 dropdown list will appear. And if I select a value from 3 dropdown list then 4 dropdown list. Multiple selection will be enable. It means every dropdown list may have hundreds of values. Thus, In this situation of multiple selection of values I analyze that, use of dropdown isn't suitable because if a dropdown value has 500 related values then these 500 values disturb the page design.

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I have a dropdown list and an associated label control. When i run my page and make a selection from the dropdown list, if I then click the associated label my selection is lost in the dropdown, reverting back to the default value. If this just what happens when you clcik on the associated label or is there a way of getting round it. I have tried not associating the label with the ddl, and it doesn't become an issue, but it doesn't produce a "label" tag either which i require for useability issues.

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I am executing a simple example of selecting the item from the dropdown list by using the value of a textbox. The idea is: If I have a dropdown list, suppose with values red, blue, green, yellow and so on. And a simple html textbox. Now suppose if I type red into the textbox then leave the textbox then automatically the dropdown list value should be selected to red value if it contains red value item.

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i have 3 dropdown list box 3rd dropdown populate depending on 2nd drop down and 2nd drop down populate depnding on 1st value of drop down in asp .NET C#

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I'm looking for a jQuery AJAX plugin that allows me to do the following. I have three dropdowns ( Make, Model, Year), the values of the second and third dropdowns need to dynamically changed based on the selection of the previous dropdown. Example: Dropdown 1 Dropdown 2 ( would change depending on selection in dropdown 1 ) Dropdown 3 ( would change depending on selection in dropdown 2 ) Is there an existing plugin that works?

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SelectedIndex_Changed event occurs when selection changes, and selection is changed or not is decided by comparing dropdowns current selectedIndex and its value in viewstate. When we changes dropdown's selected Item using Javascript, it does not change the viewstate's value (which is previously selectedIndex). Now if you change dropdown's selectedIndex to any new index it will work fine, but if you select the previously selectedIndex (which we reset using javascript), then postback will occur, but selectedIndex_changed function will not get fired because in viewstate of dropdown, selectedIndex is same as the Index we select after resetting it using javascript.

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create List of dynamic asp:Label, asp:textbox and asp:button when asp:dropdown selected index changed Dropdown List - ddlLang - English, Italian, French, German If English is selected from ddlLang Create new asp:Label, asp:textbox and asp:button. If French is selected create another new asp:Label, asp:textbox and asp:button. In the same way so on.... and when button submit clicked get all dynamic text box values and label values to Save to DB.


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how i can save the dropdown list selected values when the page postback i found dropdwon list lost the selected value act i usging Collaction pager for paging with Repeater

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I am new to ajax, but i want to learn cause it is used in our project..So, here is my query, i am using .net 3.5 framework.i've one dropdownlist and textbox controls in aspx page for dropdown: 1,2,3,4 (are the values in column1 in database table that is to be displayed in dropdown list). for textbox: a,b,c,d( are the values in column2 of same database table that should be displayed when selecting the dropdown list)can i use any ajax functionality to display the data dynamically into the textbox when selecting the items in the dropdown with or without postbacking the page.

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I have a user control with two drop down, on selection change of first dropdown second dropdown should get populated. Now when I place this user control in a aspx file, I need to access the second dropdown value on change of send dropdown . eg: in ascx file Department drop down and employee dropdown. on change of department dropdown, employee dropdown should populate. (which is working fine for me) in aspx.cs file on change of employee dropdown, I need to get the employee id and so some other operation. (I am struggling here) Is there any way where I can fire usercontrol event from aspx.cs file?

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I have a dropdownlist that is not bound to a datasource, I have hard coded a few items in the list cause the list is always constant and will never grow and there are only 4 entries init. Anyway, after i load the page and make a selection from the dropdownlist and do a postback, the dropdown always returns to the default selection...which tells the users to make a selection.How do I get the dropdown to keep the selected value after the postback? I want to be able to display the selected value all through until another selection is made.

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I have 2 dropdowns on a page.. #1 has a few different "Types" to pick from.. based on what you pick, that updates the #2 dropdown with the values returned. So when the page loads the #2 drop down is empty and not available until you make a selection on #1. So if i pick one the #2 dropdown updates and i see those selections.. Now if i change my selection in #1, the #2 gets updated.. but its keeping the values from the first selection.. so as i pick different types. the list just keeps growing.. Here is the dropdown for the first selection #1 [Code].... Here is the dropdown for the second selection #2 [Code].... Here is the datasource for the #2 dropdown [Code].... Here is the code for the event evaltype_SelectedIndexChanged [Code]....

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I have the following dropdown box <form name="myform" method="POST" ACTION="songs.php"> Select Category: <select id="sel" name="categories" onchange="document.myform.submit()"> And all the options follow after. When the user makes a selection, the category is brought up below using PHP and MYSQl based on the selection containing a list of songs etc. However, the dropdown box always defaults back to the first value in the list of options. How do I make so that the dropdown box will set the selected option to the last submitted value?

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I am using Excel 2007, and I have a macro (that is working) that I would like to run whenever there has been a new selection in a dropdown list on my worksheet. I have done this many times before in other workbooks, and I have always used: Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range) End Sub To my knowledge this should trigger the macro when the dropdown selection changes. However, this time it is not working. The macro runs fine manually, but it does not run when the dropdown selection changes.

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From ASP.NET Webforms I am used to change the content of the form dynamically during the postback. During the postback I can add textboxes, dropdownlists on the form. But I did not find anything similiar in MVC. My problem is that I have a form a I would like to change the elements on the form programatically - the user selects the radiobutton or change the selection of the dropdown list and I would like to add some textboxes and so on the form = I would like to react on the user inputs dynamically.

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I have an ASP.NET web site using a reportviewer control in local mode. The reportviewer is hidden on page load because I want the user to make dropdown list selections first and then click a "Run Report" button to view the report. The problem is the first time the "Run Report" button is clicked, it does not accept the dropdown selections. For example, if I load the .aspx page, select a StartYear of 2005 from the first dropwdown and EndYear of 2009 from the second dropdown, and click "Run Report". The report displays, but instead of using my dropdown selections, it uses the dropdown default values. Also, the dropdown selections I made are not preserved (they go back to the default values). However, if I then make new selections and click "Run Report" again, the report displays correctly and my dropdown selections are preserved as I hoped they would be the first time I ran the report. Has anyone run into this problem before? It appears everything is working correctly, it's just that initial load that is causing the problem.

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I need to create a web page where the user can select from a variety of categories via a dropdown list, then enter a search term into a textbox to provide a search term. The category is going to dictate which controller to use, and the search term will be a query parameter for the List action of each controller. What I can't figure out is how to dynamically create the route based on the users selection. How do I get the values selected from the dropdownlist and textbox into Url.RouteUrl?

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I have two dropdown lists, one is the master and one the child, when the selection changes on the master dropdown list I want to load data into the child dropdown list What do you recommend as the best approach for this - I have a static method in my repositiory that will return the child data based on the current master selection Would you use Ajax/JSON to acheive this?

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find my aspx and codebind files, I dont understand why am I unable to see the textboxes on my page once the code is deployed.ascx code <asp:DropDownList ID="DropDownList1" runat="server" onselectedindexchanged="DropDownList1_SelectedIndexChanged" AutoPostBack="true" > <asp:ListItem Text="one" Enabled="true" Value="1" Selected="True"></asp:ListItem> <asp:ListItem Text="two" Enabled="true" Value="2" ></asp:ListItem> </asp:DropDownList> I would like to get the textbox dynamically loaded at the change of dropdown box and get the values entered in the textboxes into the result textbox.Once i change the dropdown box, i get the texboxes, but when I click the button , the textboxes disappear.. [Code]....

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I created a form in which TextBox Value will change based on selection in ListBox. Problem : I have YardNo in Colm 1 of List Box which is having duplicate value.Now when I select 1st value of duplicate Item it shows same value in TextBox. But When I select 2nd Instance of Duplicate Value it shows the 1st value in textbox. Means its not changing the values. Attached file will give you a clear idea.

JQuery :: Dropdown Menu Selection Dynamically Alters Selects Of Other Dropdown Menus On Same Page? forum.jquery.com

I have a project where I need a selection of one dropdown menu may affect the select of multiple other dropdown menus on the same page.First, a table is generated, and within each row, it contains a dropdown menu. Assume: Rows A, B, C, etc..., and Dropdown selection: 1, 2, & 3If dropdown in Row A selects 2, then I want the selection of dropdowns in rows B & C to dynamically change to 2.And if in Row C user selects 3, then the selection in dropdowns in rows A & B should dynamically change to 3.

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I have a dropdown list that will add new titles to my database, however I would like to add a textbox that will allow the user to type in a new title if there is nothing in the dropdown that makes any sense for what they are trying to add. I have the dropdown dynamically getting titles from the database. Unfortunately, this means that the first value in the dropdown list is not a default that says "Select an option." I don't know how to get the dropdown to have the first option listed as "Select" when the values are being pulled from the database. I can't add Select an option to the database so how would this even work? What can I add to my codebehind that will allow the textbox to insert into the database if the dropdown list is not inserting anything? Right now I don't have any codebehind for the textbox but I do have the dropdown list inserting the correct information.<li class="alternatingItem"><asp:LinkButton ID="DescButton" runat="server">Description</asp:LinkButton><asp:Panel ID="DescPanel" runat="server" CssClass="modalPopup" Style="display:none"><div class="PopupHeader">Add a Description</div> [code]....

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I wanna set a default value in dropdown list when i change in list.....e.g. I have a dropdown which i have placed in Gridview templates and there is another dropdown jst above that grid....i want...when i change in above dropdown and select a value from that...then that value should be apply in below gridview's dropdown... As i am selecting 'A' then Gridview's All Dropdowns default value should set 'A'

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I have a dropdown control that has a list of names in it called PlayerNameDropDownList_Insert and a textBox called PlayerName. When I select a name from the dropdown it populates the textbox correctly.However, when the page opens the first name is selected in the dropdown but nothing in the textbox. How can I get the textbox to populate with the value of the dropdown at pageload? [Code]....

Forms Data Controls :: Dropdown List In Gridview - Selected Index While Saving The Record forums.asp.net

I am developing page for maintaing employee record using Visual Studio 2008, MS SQL server 2005. I am able to fetch and display all the employee information in gridview, the gridview have the dropdown list to display the employee type [ Part Time, Full Time, Permanent , Contract ], in the item template i am having dropdown list. IN the dropdown list i am displaying this. But While saving the record in gridview the droppdown selected index are changed to 0 of other dropdown list. the user may be change the dropdown value from permanent to contract, or so. but while click on the save button in gridview, all the previous selection are gone, and always showing the first record of dropdown list. I know this is happening because we are doing dropdown list bind on onRowDataBound.

Html - Reload The Page With Parameter Triggered By Script Dropdown Change Event? stackoverflow.com

I want a form to be reloaded and preselected with the selection made. Here's the HTML form I have: <form name='vehicleform' <select name='vehiclelist'> <option value=''>Select</option>[code].... When the user opens the page for the first time the dropdown box will be on the Select option by default and the textbox (current) will be empty.When the user selects any option from dropdown the page needs to reload and that dropdown item should be selected and the value of that dropdown should be in the text input field.What's the JavaScript function that I need to make this happen?

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I have a webpage that draws various text decriptions from a mySql database. The description displayed on the page is controlled via a dropdown box. Currently I am using Javascript with a dropdown box (onChange handler) to change the value of a textbox. Can anybody think of a way that I don't have to use a textbox(with its' scrollbars and background)? How can I change the value of a php variable by changing the selected index of a dropdown box?

To Hide Or Not To Hide? forums.asp.net

Question: I have a dropdown box with 3 options equaling value 1, 0 and -1 for Pass, Fail and N/A. If I select Pass I do not want to see any other boxes, but if I select Fail or N/A I want to see 3 more lines with selections for a checkbox, a textbox and a comment field. But I don't want to see this information when the page is loaded. I want it to be hidden until I select Fail or N/A from the dropdown list.I am familiar with JavaScript but been unsuccessful in getting this to work.

Forms Data Controls :: Finding TextBoxes In GridView Using JavaScript? forums.asp.net

i have 3 textboxes in single column of gridview each with different id prefixes [code].... nw i have around 3 radiobutton list for each textbox on page on which user can select differemt color for each textbox style the problem is i want to change style ofall textboxes in gridview in each row through javascript on color selection in respective radiobuttonlist i.e. if radiobutton list 1 is for txtAcctPrefix then on color selection all textboxes with this id should reflect changes

Problems With Combo Box -Style 2 Dropdown List forums.devshed.com

I have to use a combo box whose style is -style 2 dropdown box (which i can not change meaning that it is the requirement of a project).The problem is that once something is selected i want that at the click of a button the visible area in the dropdown should clear(i dont want that value to be deleted from the dropdown list just that the dropdown box should look as if nothing has been selected).Now if i use :dropdown.clear- all the values in the dropdown list are deleted & it becomes a dropdown with no values.if i use:dropdown.text = " " -( which works in style 1) it gives me an error "Text property is read only".Could anyone please help?Thanks a lot

Tallying Dropdown Selections www.excelforum.com

how to track selections from a dropdown menu, I have 8 selections under the dropdown that are being selected from a list. Next to the list I want to have the total of the number of times it was selected on the dropdown. I've tried the data>subtotals, but It only seems to create 0's under the dropdown box. I dont want the totals in the dropdown box I want it next to the list of 8.

AJAX :: How To Disable Cascading Dropdown With Selected Value forums.asp.net

I have a RadioButtonList and two cascading dropdown linked to corrspoding dropdown control. Based on radiobutton's selection, the cascading will be prepopulated with some values and one value is selected in both dropdown. I want to disable the cascading dropdown/dropdown after values are filled and selected on selection of radiobutton selected in RadioButtonList. I tried to disable it, but in that case dropdown is getting empty.

Word Template Required For $$$ forums.aspfree.com

Project: Word 97-2000 Template required Project Description: (Basic Brief) Developer / programmer to provide a word 97 - 200 Template to allow user to select text or images within word highlight them and annotate why they have been selected from a dropdown list. Find and annotate all occurances of highlighted text or image.Allow document to be saved with above changes Allow a second user to review 1st user selections and confirm or edit them this confirming process should also delete the original text or image and replace it with the dropdown list value. Full statement of user requirements (SUR) details etc available to interested developers

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I am doing an application with two dropdown boxes.Once we change the value of first drop down using database values ,the values in the second drop down should change..then click on done it should display the data from databse.. first dropdown :contains country names second dropdown :contains city of particular country..My problem here at is displaying values on second drop down based on first drop down selection:

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I want to insert data validation to a cell by VBA. When i record the macro to put a list (value1;value2;value3) to a Cell the following code is generated and the validation works OK.(dropdown of the 3 values) Sub Validation_by_VBA() Range("A2").Select With Selection.Validation .Delete .Add Type:=xlValidateList, AlertStyle:=xlValidAlertStop, Operator:= _ xlBetween, Formula1:="value1;value2;value3" .IgnoreBlank = True .InCellDropdown = True .InputTitle = "" .ErrorTitle = "" .InputMessage = "" .ErrorMessage = "" .ShowInput = True .ShowError = True End With End Sub If i run this code from VBA I have only one value in the dropdown (value1;value2;value3) How can i change this code so it will work from vba as well?

Forms Data Controls :: SQL Database Query For Dropdown Selection As All? forums.asp.net

How to query a SQL database with Dropdown Value Selected as All. Supportgrp is a Dropdown List, if i select All in the Dropdown List all values from the database should be displayed. I use the below code currently without All selection: [code]....

Forms Data Controls :: How To Initialize Dropdownlist Value In A Gridview Column Edit Template forums.asp.net

I have dropdown list in a DetailsView edit template. It works OK, except when I edit a row, the dropdown list does not initialize to the existing value that shows in the textbox that displays in the item template. I tried to initialize the selected value of the dropdown list with some lines of code like this but with no effect... [Code]....

Web Forms :: Request.Form On Same Page Postback forums.asp.net

I have a dropdown on a page which is posting back on selection change of the dropdown. I want to get the previous value present in the dropdown before postback. The dropdown.SelectedValue gives me the current selection. I thought of using Request.Form("dropdown_id") but this is giving me an error of object not set to reference of an object.

Web Forms :: Part Of The Page Refresh? forums.asp.net

I have a webpage and that have a textbox and a button when somebody put some value and press the button i am adding data to database. After that i have a dropdown list that load by the same table from the database i am adding the value. So when somebody add data to database i would like to refresh the dropdown list so the newly added value will fill in to the dropdown.

Web Forms :: Assiging Value Of Dropdownlist To Label Dynamically forums.asp.net

See I want to assign the value stored in drop downlist to label / textbox each & every time I change the index of dropdown. Language I am using is C# if possible give the code for .cs file

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I have a list of textboxes in a column of a html table. The table has an "Add" and "Remove" button next to it which (when clicked) will add new rows or delete existing rows. I would like to have a dropdown select on my page that is essentially linked to this array of textboxes, listing out the values of the list of textboxes so: - If I delete a textbox, that value should get removed from my dropdown. - If I add a new row (and thus a new textbox), that value should get added to my select. - As I edit the name in one of the textboxes, the select dropdown will update itself to be in sync with my editing keystrokes. Is there any jquery plugin that will keep this synchronization.

Data Validation List - Country Names Are Selections But 2 Digit Codes Need To Be Result www.excelforum.com

I've written a procedure that loads a list of country selections in a dropdown (see attached/vb editor/ThisWorkbook). The problem is the valid values for this column need to be just the two digit country codes, not the country code +dash+country name. The reason the dropdown selections include both the two digit country code and the country name is because most users will not know the two digit codes. Presenting the selections in this fashion will make t much easier for the user to make the proper selection. So here is what I need: When the user makes a selection from the dropdown list, the resulting value needs to be the two digit country code only. Is there a way to incorporate this formula .... =MID(B2|1|2) ... in the vba procedure which runs after the user makes a selection? Or, is there another way to accomplish this? Example_COO.xlsm‎

Different Behavior Of The Combobox In .net? social.msdn.microsoft.com

I have a combobox in a Windows form. I set the properties of the combobox as follow: AutoCompleteMode: Suggest AutoCompleteSource: ListIems DropDownStyle: Simple DataSource: some binding source Problem when user enter value to the textbox and open the dropdown and filter out the dropdown list. When user mouse click an item in the dropdown list, it will not select the item and paste it to the textbox. User uses the down arrow to navigate to the item and click on the "enter" key and it will not paste the selected item to the textbox. The only way to select an item is using the down arrow key to navigate to an item and then "Tab" away and it will paste the selected item to the textbox.I want to be able to use mouse click or "enter" key to select an item from teh dropdown list.I want to set the DropDownStyle as "Simple" so user can think it is "textbox" and start entering value to it.

Web Forms :: DropDown List Not Retaining The Values(the DropDown Inside Gridview Control)? forums.asp.net

I Have the gridview control with 2 dropdown list and 2 text boxes,When the textbox chnaged event happen 1 row will create and the dropdown back to initial values( its not retaining the selected values),I am binding the control after text changed method,Is there any properties needs to be set or any other way we can retain the values in postbacks?

AJAX :: Filtering The Autocomplete Textbox Values While Selecting Perticuler Value In Dropdown? forums.asp.net

in my applicaion dropdown having country,state ,district values and one autocomplete textbox , if i select country in the dropdown only country names should be filtering in autocomplete textbox

Casting A Control To Another Page? stackoverflow.com

I have tried everything to no avail. I need to cast the value from a user selected dropdownlist to another dropdownlist on another page. The data in the textboxes are a series of numbers. Also is there a way to display the value in the second dropdown list as well as other values? For example, my dropdown has the values 1-6, user selects 4, which displays first in the dropdown on page 2 but the other values also display in case they want to change there selection?? If Not Page.PreviousPage Is Nothing Then Dim table As Control = PreviousPage.Controls(0).FindControl("table1") Dim ddl As DropDownList = CType(table.FindControl("ddlB_Codes"),c DropDownList) [code].....

Web Forms :: How To Access Dynamically Created Controls forums.asp.net

In my project i have asp table in which i added row dynamically. in one row i have dropdown list and 3 textbox i want values in textboxes as per the selected value in dropdownlist. so i want to do coding in selectedindexchanged event of dropdownlist but i want to know which dropdown list has fired this event. means i want to know the row no. of which dropdownlist has fired event.

MVC :: Show/Hide Fields In EditorForModel forums.asp.net

I've been tinkering with the Nerddinner tutorial (upgraded to the new MVC 2.0 version actually) and I am trying to figure out how to dynamically hide/show fields in the EditorForModel template.I have added a new field to the model and a dropdown list for it in the editor, and I would like to be able to toggle the visibility on a couple of textboxes if a user selects a particular value from the dropdown list. I did manage to access/manipulate the values of the textboxes using javascript (by altering the "onblur" example in the tutorial app), but couldn't figure out how to access the properties of them.

Web Forms :: How To Highlight The Textbox Value In Dropdown List forums.asp.net

I have one Textbox, Dropdownlist and a button on web form. When i type one of Dropdown list values in text box and click on "Button" dropdown value should be highlighted. How do i do this? Ex: Assume one of the values in Dropdownlist is "TX-Texas" If i type same value (.i.e.) TX-Texas in Textbox and click on Button..the value "TX-Texas" in dropdownlist should be highlighted?

JS Auto-selecting Option From Select Dropdown.? www.webdeveloper.com

I want to be able to post to a page, and one of the post values, auto selects one of the values in a drop-down box.So say i post a value 'Red' from a field called 'Colors' to a form, I would like 'Red' to be automatically selected in the 'Colors' select dropdown list.I am working with dropdown lists of many values, so need a way to automate this selection.

AJAX :: Cascading Dropdown Clearing Knowncategoryvalues On Postback forums.asp.net

I have 3 Cascading dropdowns in a user control. After making a selection i want to clear the values of the selections or make it to select some values that I pass in. The ownCategoryValues does not get reset and everytime the service gets called the knowncategory values is the same.At what point should the knowncategoryvalues be changed to reset the dropdowns

Forms Data Controls :: Cannot Dynamically Generate A Gridview forums.asp.net

I coded in code behind to dynamically generate a gridview as the columns of the gridview changes based on user selection. In the gridview I have dynamically generated controls like textbox, dropdown list etc.I have a few filtering options about, for example: listbox which will postback on change and causes the gridview content to change as well.My problem is: since the controls are randomly generated and every postback will read dataset from database and reload, the naming of the controls are dynamically generated too.

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i have some simple form with few textboxes and fileUploads (fileUploads for files and textboxes for the user personal details), name uploadFiles.aspx, the code that handle the job is a c# code in uploadFiles.aspx.cs. is there some code that can show the progress of the uploading (most of the time the files are very big)

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I have a dropdown list which has items bound to it using sql datasource. In the database i have the numeric values corresponding to each item. Now there are many such dropdown list's and on selection of each item i want to form a 14 digit numeric code,which i need to use further for some more functionality. How can i convert a selected item from a dropdownlist to a numeric digit??or how can i bind the items in the dropdownlist to a database having numeric value for each item? E.g if i select 'WT' from dropdown list the corresponding value for it in the database table is 39 so on form submit i want '39' to be formed in codebehind. likewise on selection of all items from different dropdown list the digit formed using codebehind should be '15487523568955'

AJAX :: Change The Option In The Dropdown Control The Treeview Nodes Cant Updated On Page forums.asp.net

i get the problem in updating the treeview nodes from databse.i have created a dropdown list and on selectionindex change event i written the code for selection of nodes in the treeview.on first time selecting the option in dropdown list i get the selected nodes which works fine..but when i change the option in the dropdown control the treeview nodes cant updated on page but it seems selected as per database in the code behind when i debbug it

Forms Data Controls :: Maintaining Tab Position On Ajax Postbacks? forums.asp.net

I have a grid and there are several dropdowns in a row of the grid.The dropdown selection change is driving other dropdowns in the row. I put the dddls inside UpdatePanels still dropdowns are losing the tab position after a partial update. How is this generally done?

.NET AJAX Autocomplete With C#? forums.asp.net

I'm using C# and having problems with nested usercontrol within a usercontrol having AutoComplete textbox. I successfully implemented AutoComplete textbox in a usercontrol but doesnt work with nested one. The webservice does get called and i get the dropdown, but on selecting the text from the dropdown doesnt set the value in the hidden field. Tried to debug using Firebug, but it doesnt break at this function

C# - Can Set Dropdownlist Default Values Based On Variables stackoverflow.com

I have several pages linked together that I want to maintain drop down selections for. I've seen a number of ways to do this with session values, etc, but I want to set the default value while still having the option of selecting other values. Effectively, users will make selections on page 1 and then on page 2 they will use those same selections, but also potentially want to change their selections. My thought was that I could load the selections into a table in SQL in page 1 and then in page 2 call that table and set the values as variables. My question, then, is how I would set the default dropdown value to be a variable as opposed to a set value. I am using VisualStudio2010 with ASP Webforms using C#.

Web Forms :: Can't Pass Value From Dropdown To Asp:TextBox forums.asp.net

I need to get an asp:TextBox to accept the value of a dropdown list. If I set it up with a standard <input type="text"> box it will accept the value, but because of a dll or code behind it won't pass the value to the next page as an <input>, it'll only accept it as an <asp:TextBox>. This will accept the value from the dropdown, but won't pass it to the next page: [Code].... I tried the <asp:DropDownList> too but that didn't make a difference.

Custom Server Controls :: Populating Values To Dropdown Listbox From Xml File? forums.asp.net

I have a textbox for City field and a drop down list box for office location which has to be filled up based on the City value. How to populate the values of drop down list box from an xml file keeping the above consideration. I am doing this in a asp.net user control and C# code behind In future i need not change the code every time. Its only the xml file i change and the corresponding city related office locations get listed in the drop down list box. I am referring to [URL]

Display Id And Name Via Sql Select Statement? stackoverflow.com

I have 2 dropdown lists, 1 label & 1 textbox.on selection of 'product categories' @ 1st ddl, 2nd ddl displays all product categories.question is, how may i display the product category id @ the label, and name @ the textbox, on load/selection of 2nd ddl?[code]....

DataGridViewComboBoxCell SelectedIndexChanged Event? forums.codeguru.com

On a form I have a DataGridView. Inside this DataGridView i have several columns of which one is combobox and the others are textboxes.The combobox column is populated with values from a MySql database table using a query. So far so good. What i want next is to populate a certain textbox from that DataGridView, automatically after a value from the combobox is selected. When a value is selected from the dropdown list of the combobox, that value is used in a SQL query to find the value that will be displayed in the textbox.All the textboxes and the combobox are inside the DataGridView!)I did this using DataGridView EditingControlShowing event because a DataGridViewComboBoxCell does not have aSelectedIndexChanged event.The value is displayed correctly in the textbox, but the problem is that the value selected from the combobox disappears after the selection, and the combobox remains empty. I need the value to remain in the combobox after it was selected and after the corresponding value was inserted in the textbox!Here is the code for this: Code: Private Sub test_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load'Populating the combobox [code]....

Saving Form Variables Using A Java Function phpbuilder.com

I would like to know if it is possible to save a value from a php form in a session using a java function. What I am doing: I have a php form. The form contains a textbox and 2 list menus (drop down box) The second drop down box relies on the selection made in the first. within the reload() java function I save the value entered in the first list menu (using the onChange="reload(this.form)" ) I pass the variables in the url. The users selection loads values into the second list menu. Where the user can make a second selection. This value is passed using the same method. What I would like to do is save the textbox (or all the entered values) values in a session using a java function. When the user changes the a value or enters one.

Forms Data Controls :: How To DataGrid SelectIndex Inside A DataGrid forums.asp.net

Simply put... I want to duplicate the example found at this link, in VB.net rather than C#. [URL] I would like the selectedvalue of the dropdown to display additional data base on its selection in multiple text boxes. I have tried using the DropDownList OnSelectedIndexChanged property, within a DataGrid EditiItemTemplate, but I cannot retrieve data from the selection. (AutoPostBack is "True"). I can however use a button onclick event to fire a "prre-defined" selection value.

Web Forms :: How To Get The Filepath In A Fileupload Into A Textbox And Vice Versa forums.asp.net

I was wondering how to place a filepath value, in a fileupload, into a textbox or a filepath value in a textbox into a fileupload. Like the reletionship between a textbox and dropdownlist would be txtbx.text = ddl.selectedvalue and vice versa.

Forms Data Controls :: Cant Access DropDown List's First Entry forums.asp.net

my C# web application contain accessing of database on the basis of datas selected from a dropdown list.. and my pblm is i cant access the first entry from the dropdown, dropdown list contains different dates,when user select one date from dropdown it will redirect to another page.. the page shows details from database on the basis of this particular date.....my C# dropdown's selected index changed code is shown below:- [Code].... and HTML code corresponding to this is:- [Code].... i cant access the first data from dropdwn,even it cant redirect to target page.. other entries (the 2nd 3rd entrie etc) was accessible and it shows the details from database on the basis of that corresponding value(usually some date).

VB 6.0. ComboBox Type 2 (DropDown List). No Change Event??? www.vbcity.com

VB 6.0. ComboBox type 2 (DropDown List). While change selection the Change event do not queried!!!Looking in MSDN shows that problem is known only for FoxPro 6.0... without solution.Is that problem solveable or not? It's not good use Validate. Validate is performed only when focus goes to another control, but I need to perform action both when focus is lost and when focus is kept...Edited by - Akina on 12/14/2002 2:00:17 AM

Dropdown List Only Display Values Under BROKER www.dreamincode.net

I am Having Requirement for fetching values from database in drop down which is perfectly working now..but i have 1 more requirement that if i select 1 textbox dropdown value like (ex-BusinessType if i select value from dropdown as BROKER then other dropdown it shud shows the values which are come under BROKER. that is in IMD NAME/DIRECT and BA NAME drop down list only display values under BROKER.) I am attaching code below. Attached File(s) MotorDetails.php (15.46K) Number of downloads: 49 MotorDetailsVal.php (14.08K) Number of downloads: 36

AutoCompleteExtender Not Working With Iframe? bytes.com

I am using an AutoCompleteExtender in a user control alone with a textbox and button...On selection from auto selection dropdown or on button click event I am taking the control to next page i.e Searchresult.aspx with the selected textbox value. I am using the same user control on searchresult.aspx page as well. On serchresult, I have two iframe which are using 2 URLs as source alone with the textbox value as query string and showing result. Till here, its working fine. But when I am using the same usercontrol on searchresult page I am not getting auto dropdown from extender and I have to double click the button to load the recent iframe result. I am getting auto dropdown if I am removing the iframe.

Forms Data Controls :: How To Change Index Of Dropdown In Gridview forums.asp.net

i have got grid view with 4 coloums which contains 2 dropdown list. n i have 2 drop down list out side the gridview . i want to change the index of the 1st coloum dropdown list inside the gridview when changing the drop down list index outside using javascript similarly the when the 2nd dropdown list(out side ) index change the 2nd coloumn dropdown list in gridview should change. In short the outside placed dropdown list should act as master dropdown list.

Change Dropdownlist To Textbox And Viceversa Based On Another Dropdownlist? stackoverflow.com

I am developing an application where I am using country (dropdown list) and state (dropdown list).The question is when 1 select country, it's states will be populated in state dropdownlist but the state list is only provided for USA and other countries are not provided so they have to type in. So how to change state input type (TEXTBOX OR DROPDOWNLIST) based on USA (country).That is If USA -DROPDOWNLIST Else Other Countries -TEXTBOX

Web Forms :: How To Assign Text & Value To Dropdown List From Session forums.asp.net

First, a user select a country from a dropdown list. The selected item & its value are store in a seesion. Then the user leaves this page. <asp:DropDownList ID="ddl1" runat="server"> <asp:ListItem Value="US" Selected="True">USA</asp:ListItem> <asp:ListItem Value="AF">Afghanistan</asp:ListItem> <asp:ListItem Value="AL">Albania</asp:ListItem> </asp:DropDownList> Dim arr(1) as string arr(0) = ddl1.SelectedItem.ToString arr(1) = ddl1.SelectedValue Session("arr") = arr Later on, the user may come back to the page and change the selection of the country. However, I want the dropdown list to remember the previously selected item and value. The item name and its value are now stored in an array. How do you assign it to the dropdown list as pre-selected.

Forms Data Controls :: Data Populate From One Dropdownlist To Second One Dropdownlist? forums.asp.net

I am using 3 dropdown list in a gridview and the values for the dropdownlist is dynamic from database.based on first dropdown list selected value the values must fill to second dropdown and based on second dropdownlist selected value then items should load to 3rd dropdown and same for 4th dropdown list. Here if i select age,gender,sex, fist name, last name from the template name Human. The first drop down only populate the fields like Age,gender,Sex and so on., When the second dropdown list populate from the fields corresponding Template name Human, Finance, and so on.

Jquery :: Change Selected Item In Dropdown Via Clicking On An Image? stackoverflow.com

I have a list of images tha i want to be able to click and change the corresponding dropdown list selection.I can have it set up so that select name/value or option value can be attached to each image that corresponds either using class or id. So i just need the basic jquery to input

Web Forms :: Dropdown Doesn't Take Default Value From Database forums.asp.net

I use a dropdown to select a record and set another dropdown to a preselected value as mentioned in the record. But when I initiate the record reading, it gives me the following error which I can't resolve. dd.. has a SelectedValue which is invalid because it does not exist in the list of items. Parameter name: value [Code].... The vb code related to the selection dropdown is: [Code]....

Drop Down Menu Change Field? www.webdeveloper.com

I have a dropdown menu and two checkboxs and when the user selects something from the dropdown menu I need it to change the text in the textbox field to 80. Then if the user checks off the first checkbox it'll add 20 to the total and if they select the next checkbox it'll add 30. When they change the textbox value it should uncheck the checkboxs and bring the value back to 80.

Using A Table For Both Data Entry And Building An SQL String www.access-programmers.co.uk

I have a table that lists county names. On the data entry form only the county names are displayed. However, I have another form that is used to build a custom query based on various criteria, of which county is one. To make the table compatible with both both forms, the data source for the dropdown list for data entry is: Select * FROM county WHERE county <> "No Selection" For the SQL form the code is simply: Select * FROM county The default value of the dropdown list is "No Selection". When dropdown list for county is set to "No Selection" the program interprets it as "select all counties". Other dropdown lists provide other parameters such as the project year, nature of the project etc. Each of these other dropdown lists also have a default value of "No Selection". The SQL form thus gives me the ability to mix and match several criteria. For example, it will display all projects in a particular year for a particular county or all projects in all counties that involve the construction of a residence. My question, instead of physically having the string "No Selection" in the table itself, is there a way to embed the phrase "No Selection" in the SQL expression itself and still have it as an option on the dropdown list?

2 Drop-down Lists www.xtremevbtalk.com

HI everybody, imagine that you have on one sheet 2 columns (country (it has just 3 repeating values =EU, AFRICA, ASIA) and cities). Then uoy you have 2 drop down lists - one named 'country' and second one 'cities'. How to change content of the dropdown list 'cities' by selecting ONE VALUE in dropdown list 'country'. Dropdown 'city' may have more values. Can write down some sub? Thank you. Tom