C# - How To Change The Listview Template On A Button Click Event


I would like to change the listview template on a button click event. for example if your in edittemplate i would like to switch to ItemTemplate.i am trying to do this because im writing my own custom update function for the list view. so after i successfully update the row, it doesn't switch back to the default view.

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how to dynamically change the item template according to the button clicks in the grid view. i can capture the relevent button click event in GridView1_RowCommand event and no idea how to change the item templates according to the button press. if car button pressed only the Car1 and car2 feilds should be changed to item templates. Car1 Car2 Bus1 Bus2 Van1 Van2 Car

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One of my webpages has an asp.net ListView control, with an insertitem template defined. I would like to allow the users of the page to enter data in a text field in the insertitem template, press the enter key, and trigger the insert event (which normally happens when you click the 'insert' button). I've tried simulating the button click event in javascript, but that doesn't seem to be working.

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Using a listview control for the first time... I need a button for each item, and of course I need to handle the click event for the buttons... upon clicking a particular button I of course need to know which item the button is associated with so the appropriate action can be taken... In VS, I can't select the button and see my list of available events in the properties window like is normally done for controls outside of templates like this... what do I need to do?

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way to change a ListView into Insert Mode when linkbutton is not part of the ListView? Basically I have a button at the top of my page and when the user clicks the button I'd like to put the ListView into Insert Mode. I'm assuming that it's not working currently because the button is NOT part of the listview Layout Template. <asp:LinkButton ID="lnkMachines" Text="Create New Machines" CommandName="Insert" runat="server" onclick="lnkMachines_Click" /> [code]...

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I am using a listview control to display items.i am having a hyperlink and a label field in the item template of the listview control. <ItemTemplate> <asp:HyperLink ID="HyperLink3" Text='<%# Eval("title") %>' NavigateUrl="~/template.aspx" runat="server">HyperLink</asp:HyperLink> </ItemTemplate> How can i access the click event of the hyperlink field.Suppose if i want post values from the click event of the hyperlink how can it be done?

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I have a ListView and I'm using the option <InsertItemTemplate>. Inside this template I have two control: TextBox and Button. I'm having tourble in C# to read the CommandArgument of my button OnCommand event: What am I doing wrong? protected void AddComment(object sender , CommandEventArgs e) { string Args = e.CommandArgument.ToString(); } <asp:Button ID="buttonComment" OnCommand="AddComment" CommandArgument='<%# Eval("MyId")%>' runat="server" />

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I gave placed the the button in the gridview footer template as below: i also have handled the row command event but when i click on the button event does not fire

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I have some images gallery with listview that display images from folder (without sql table records for the images but with records to the folder name) the page display the images by the querystring (Gallery_Details.aspx?clubId=1&galleryFolder=1180120100905) the listview have pager that count 15 images for each page. Every image have a onclick command to display the image in large version [Code].... When the user click on image, the image display on. [Code].... I want to add a button under the "changing" image when the user click the button (onclick) will fire a protected void event (in aspx.cs page) and the next event will done: 1) a new window will open in some size (height + width) without all the explorer tools (only url address) 2) to put in the url address the querystring + the image name for example: Newpage.aspx clubId=1&galleryFolder=1180120100905&image=imagename.jpg, i know how to get the clubId and the galleryFolder but How can i get the name of the image? the full code is: aspx.cs [Code]....

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I am having trouble finding how to solve the following issue : I am using nested listviews to display Sales and Sales details. The main ListView displays General Information about Sales and the child ListView displays the detailed information about one sale. the child listview is shown only when the user clicks on a link (see included code, DataBind is made on PageLoad) : ASPX Markup Code : [Code].... C# Behind Code : [Code].... If I removed the datapager part, I can manage show/hide the child list view on the button click event. but if I want to use the DataPager with the PreRender event handling, the child listview is not longer shown on button click.

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I need to make an image button in the layout template of ListView, when I click on the button it should open the insert template so I can insert a new record. Here is my ListView:<asp:ListView ID="LVCategories" runat="server" DataKeyNames="CatID" DataSourceID="CategoriesDS" EnableModelValidation="True"><AlternatingItemTemplate><tr style=""> [Code] .....


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I have a Button in a ListView, when I click the Button I need to pass 2 values I have readily available in the ListView and do something with them in the Button click event.I have tried myself with a querystring, my Button looks like this: [Code].... But I think there is something wrong with the way I write the querystring, can you help me get it work. I am also open to other means of transfering the information to the Button click event

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i have a gridview with commandbutton column and a textbox template column. My requirement is changing the text and hitting the enter key should also perform the same function as the command button. So i enabled the autopostback of the textbox.But if i click the command button after changing the text in the text box fires both the TextChanged event as well as the item command event. Is there anyway to bypass the Textbox text change event if i postback using the grid command button?

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I have 2 pages (let's say one is a.aspx and the other one is b.aspx). In the b.aspx, there is a nested listview control (let's say outer listview and inner listview).Therefore, there is an event on databound for the outer listview. so basically, the event will programmatically bind the datasource for the inner listview. Now, in a.aspx there is a button to open a new window (with unique window name) b.aspx. The very first time click on the button, a.aspx opens a new window for b.aspx without triggering the databound event. However, the second click and so on will trigger the databound event which is causing an error because there is no data yet in the outer listview.My question is, what could have possibly triggered the databound event while there is no data in the listview?

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I need to make an image button in the layout template of ListView, when i click on the button it should open the insert template so i can insert a new record here is my ListView: [Code]....

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i have a listview linked to sqlDataSource1 and inside the listview in the itemtemplate i have a dropdownlist linked to another sqlDataSource2. in my item template I also have a button, I want to get the value that has been selected in the dropdownlist, click a button and launch a sql insert statement to insert data from the listview row and dropdowlist.selected value in another table. how can I get data from the Dropdownlist, pass it to the "function()" in onItemCommand="function()" of my ListView instance, in order to achieve what I said before?.

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I know this is simple, but i have a problem solving this.I have a listview, In the Edit template I have added a button. On ListView_Itemdatabound event, i want attributes to this button to call either a javascript function ot open a new.aspx page.On button click, i get round trip back to server. I just want it to call Javascript function or open new page. [Code]....

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I have a scenario where I am using a ListView and have to programmatically and conditionally databind controls in the InsertItemTemplates and EditItemTemplates. I want to initialize the controls only once and then rely on the controls' viewstate to maintain any data changes from that point on. So far, I have been initializing the InsertItemTemplate controls in the ListView's ItemCreated event after checking the ItemType is ListViewInsertItem and initializing the EditItemTemplateControls in the ListView's ItemDataBound event. This works fine until the user performs the insert/update command and validation controls fail on the server side. This validation failure causes a problem since the ItemCreated/ItemDataBound event is repeated to initialize the template and the events override the current state of the controls with my initialization operations again. Is there a data member/property for me to use to determine whether or not this is the first time a ItemCreated event has been fired ? What is the best way to initialize Insert/Edit Templates one time in a ListView?

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.NET 3.5, C#, webapplication.I've got auto-generated TextBoxes during runtime, which are in a PlaceHolder. The TextBoxes are edited after displaying them within the browser.As soon as a button-click-event occurs, the changed TextBox.Text - values should be retrieved.Since the PlaceHolder1 Element is in the aspx-file and therefore valid for all methods in the code behind cs-file I thought, that the TextBox.Text - values can be retreived in the click-event like TextBox TextBox2 = PlaceHolder1.FindControl("TextBox1") as TextBox; JustAString = TextBox2.Text; (TextBox1 was generated earlier than the click-event within the PlaceHolder1 at runtime.) But the changed TextBox1.Text before this button-click seems not to be updated within the PlaceHolder1 so after the button-click-event TextBox1.Text is empty, and JustASting of course will be empty too.Where is the value entered in TextBox1.Text and how can I retrieve the value?

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I am creating one website in c# so i am use flash template.In my aspx m implement flash template and it run suceefully at run time.but problem is that in flash template there are some buttons and other controls but m see it at runtime only when m show a source code there are no display to see buttons and other control.so i am want how to create buttons click event and other controls event as we use in normal c#.net coding and how to put oter control in page and how to modify flash template.for modify it is neccesery to use of flash player or other tools.

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first of all, i have no problem to access insert item template controls through all kinds listview event args, inserting, inserted or item event args.my problem is how to access these controls (nested inside of insert item template) from any other events, such as page load, dropdownlist selectchange ..eve tried something like istView1.insertitem.findcontrols("xxxx"), doesn't work, always get me a system null error, looks like it's not the right way to find insert item template controls that way.I've searched many websites and 99% of them returns using listview inserting event arg, or other listview event args... <asp:listview runat..... id=lv1> <InsertItemTemplate> <asp:Textbox runat... id=tb1 /> [code]...

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there is a itemclick event in the listview control..my problem is when i double click on the certain row..i want that row of record (from database) to display in another listview.i can do that by a single click..but can't find any double click event...i just can found one double click event which will trigger when i double click on the whole listview control...i want the double click to trigger when i double click on the listview row not the whole control...how to do that??vbnovice

Listview Certain Row Doublec Click ??? www.vbforums.com

there is a itemclick event in the listview control..my problem is when i double click on the certain row..i want that row of record (from database) to display in another listview.i can do that by a single click..but can't find any double click event...i just can found one double click event which will trigger when i double click on the whole listview control...i want the double click to trigger when i double click on the listview row not the whole control...how to do that??vbnovice

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I`ve made a .NET component in C#. After that, i`ve created a class library in VB.NET and added this C# component and a couple of buttons to the library (creating another component now with buttons). So far, so good.The problem is: when i use this final component (vb.net class library), i want to link all MouseClick Events of its own components (buttons and C# component). In other words, when i add this final class library to my VB solution, it has its own MouseClick event. But when i click inside it doesnt raise the click event unless i do not click in the buttons or in the C# component inside it. I want to raise this event in the application wherever i click (inside or outside its own components).

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How to call javascript and C# function on HTML Button Click means i have to fire both OnClick(on this event i have to call java sctipt function) and OnServerClick(on this event i have to call C# function) event on HTML Button Click

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I have an VB 6.0 app that is creating an excel report.I am trying to make it so that when the user clicks on a cell, some event code must be run.The event code would evaluate neigboring cells and hide/unhide rows/cols accordingly.NOTE:The app copys a template file to local drive and then adds data so I have the option of embbedding a macro in the template.SO how can i make the xlApp trigger on the cell click?Also, I do have the option of putting a button in a cell if clicking on the cell wont work.But then how do I add I button programatically via vb6.0?

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im trying to build a gallery using C#. Ii've made a Listview showing photos from database as thumbnails in a "kind of a film strip", including a pager.What i need is that when i click on a thumbnail inside the ListView, to show the large photo in a image control outside the listview. this should work using the selectedIndexChanged event,

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I have a listview, each row of it includes some data. Usually, users select a row by clicking the listview and some textboxes show the detail information in that row. Now, I want to use two buttons: Previous and Next. If users click them, it should update the contents of these textboxes. Now, I'm using listview_selectedIndexchanged event. What I should do to use these two buttons to navigate in listview?thanks

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i have used template of datagrid that show product item.i want when buyer choose a product in datagrid the picture of the button in that cell change and next time click event or page load not happen for that specific button in datagrid.I SOLVE THAT PROBLEM BUT PAGE LOAD AND CLICK EVENT HAPPEN. what can i do?

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i had drawed a graph by clicking a analyze button, however when i click it, it will go to a new screen. below is my coding: [Code].... below is the condition i want, when i click the button Analyze, the image (graph) is showed under the button with the header and template: [Code].... my current condition is when i click the button analyze, it will totaly display the graph only without the header and template as print screen below: how to change the coding to let the template and heaser showed together with the bar chart?

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Currently I'm using a ListView control to display appointment times available as a series of link buttons: [Code].... Ideally when the user clicks the link button I want to capture the AppTime so I can continue processing the appointment but I'm unsure on how to get the AppTime selected? Do I need to add an event to the link button itself? Use one of the ListView's events? or should I even be using a different control rather than the LinkButton!?

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I have created a ListView with a SQL DataSource. It has Item Template, Alternate Item Template, Insert Item Template, Layout Template, Edit Item Template & Select Item Template. There are delete buttons in the Item Template, Alternate Item Template and Select Item Template. The Delete command is DeleteCommand="DELETE FROM [ClientNoteType_Lookup] WHERE [ClientNoteTypeCode] = @ClientNoteTypeCode" which seems correct. I have not selected Use Optimistic Consurrency when I configured the data source. When I click on the Delete button, it deletes the selected record and the record after. THe ClienNoteTypeCode is a varchar(4) field and all codes are unique. It deletes both records in SQL Server when the button is clicked, but one one is deleted on the web page until I refresh the page and then both are deleted.

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Hello,I have a tabstrip, in which i got a DataGrid placed inside a frame. I also have a listview that i display in ButtonClick event of DataGrid.This ListView is placed at the bottom of the column of the DataGrid in which user clicked the button.Problem is that when listview control is displayed while at last row (this row is close to border of the frame), part of a listview hides away in the Frame control.If i keep Listview control out of Frame (now only grid is inside Frame), then i can'y find the correct coordinates to place listview at bottom of the Column.Thanx in anticipation AashuEdited by - sudhanshuXP on 4/28/2005 12:42:43 AM

Forms Data Controls :: Change The ListView Template Based On A Value In The Listview Data forums.asp.net

I am simply trying to change the listView template based on a value in the listview data. I do have this displaying the information correctly. Except when I try to change the item template based on a value in the listview. My code is below ....

Forms Data Controls :: Button Inside A GridView? forums.asp.net

have a gridview with a template colum, in the template column I have a button (one per row) how do I know in the code (C#) in which row the button was clicked? So the id column, primary key etc that was in the row that was clicked?I just can't seem to find it or how to search on it.

VS 2008 - Evoking Button Press Event In PDF Using ITextSharp www.vbforums.com

I'm building a windows application to process the editable pdf template, using iTextSharp. The pdf template has button fields, on click of which additional sections are inserted into the pdf file. Now, I have to invoke the pdf button press event programmatically through my vb.net code to insert the additional sections into the pdf. How can I get the button fields and how can I invoke the button press event programmatically.

Forms Data Controls :: Gridview Template Column's Hyperlink Disappears? forums.asp.net

I created one template column dynamically(on button1 click event) on gridview. also i am adding one linkbutton dynamically on rowdatabound event of gridview. when button1 clicked gridview displays properly with linkbutton. when i click on linkbutton, then all linkbuttons disappears blank column displays. in that linkbutton click i am doing the session expiry check if not then response.redirect to another page. why that template column's link button disappears ?

Forms Data Controls :: Nested Listview As Selected Item? forums.asp.net

have a nested listviews: Listview1-Item1 <if Listview1.selected index = 0> Item1NestedListView - item1 Item1NestedListView - item2 When a user selects an item in the parent listview, the nested listiview displays as part of the selected item template - when a user selects an item in a nested listview it correctly populates a third, separate listview. To make sure I'm being clear, I have a parent listview with many rows and each of those rows has a nested listview, that is only populated and displayed when the row is selected. The parameters for the nested listview are set in the ItemDatabound event of the parent. I had this working fine when both objectdatasources were on the aspx page. However, requirements have changed and we would like to pass a class to the BLL. I cannot figure out how to do this using a datasource on the aspx page. I can pass a class doing a databind in the code behind. However, if I do the databind in the code behind, the SelectedItem template does not get displayed as I would like. I need to find the the selectedIndex for the parent listview in SelectedIndexChanging. however, when I click or 'select' an item in the parent listview, the page refreshes, the ItemDatabound of the parent of the parent fires NOT knowing the selectedindex, then the SelectedIndexChanging event fires changing the SelectedIndex. By this time the Listview is already on the screen without the selectedItemTemplate containing the nested listview. If I click on another item, the when the page refreshes it knows the selectedItemIndex chosen before and displays that SelectedItemTemplate containing the selected index.

Tell Which Item Clicked In Listview...but Theres A Catch! www.vbforums.com

Please, is there a way to get the item clicked in a listview in report mode BEFORE the click is complete?Ie when the mousedown event is raised, how can i know which item is clicked?If you happen to know an easy way of dragging items around inside a listview (ie drag & drop to change the order) this may help, too.I was gonna use the mousedown to save the item selected into a a variable then the OLE drag complete event to copy the data to the new location.you`d think this would be easy...and maybe it is!Hope you can help

JQuery :: Change Event From Textbox Html Control Is Canceling The Click Event From The Html Button (live... stackoverflow.com

I have a change event on a textbox and a click event on a button - all html.But i change something in the textbox and then click the button, the event from the Change event happens which is great but i never get the click event in the button.This is my jquery, is there a way around this.. i am lost. $('#myTextbox').live('change', function() { $.ajax({ type: "POST", url: "test.aspx/GetDate", [code]....

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I have a context menu that I want to appear only when the user right-clicks on an item in a particular ListView control (i.e., not when they right-click on any blank space). |Also, I don't want the ItemClick event to fire when the right button is used.| Anyone have any ideas?Quick update: Don't worry about the ItemClick event, I set a variable in the MouseDown event, so if the right button is clicked, ItemClick won't fire.

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I have a aspx form submission page which contains two .net control buttons submit and preview. When i click preview,a window designed using javascript opens which contains javascript button.When I click this button, I want the aspx button click event to be fired. But the problem i am facing is the JavaScript button is not recognizing the aspx button. my code: on aspx: [code].... on aspx.cs ..i added Page.GetPostBackEventReference(btnSubmit); in page load event.

C# - List View And Inside Listview Like Nested stackoverflow.com

i have list view and inside lisetview i have another list vie like nested listview lv1 --> lv2 and inside lv2 i have button when i'll click buttion than insert template show but how can fine control lv2 ....? there is my code Lv1 is working but lv2 is creating problem..? protected void lv1_ItemCommand(object sender, ListViewCommandEventArgs e) { if (e.CommandName == "NewRecord") { lv1.InsertItemPosition = InsertItemPosition.FirstItem; } } protected void lv2_ItemCommand(object sender, ListViewCommandEventArgs e) { if (e.CommandName == "NewRecord") { //ListView lv2 = (ListView)e.Item.FindControl("lv2"); //lv2.InsertItemPosition = InsertItemPosition.FirstItem; } }

Rename Partial Class Of An Ascx Page? forums.asp.net

I have a user contro page and aspx page...i added the user control page in an aspx page,but when i debug the aspx page i got all the contents of user control page in an aspx page...but when i clicked the button it does not go to the click event of button,i used simlar names for both aspx and user contro page..i dont knw what is the error there...so i think that may be its due to similar name...but when i tried to change the name of partial class in an ascx page ...it shows error as code file does not found...i changes in ascx.cs page and ascx page ,aspx page (usercontrols name)

Web Forms :: Button Click Not Going To Aspx.cs? forums.asp.net

on my test.aspx page i have button i and want to write code in the test.aspx.cs. when i double click the button it creates button event in the test.aspx page and not test.aspx.cs. im i missing something? aspx page: <%@ Page language="c#" CodeFile="test.aspx.cs" Inherits="test"AutoEventWireup="false" %> <%@ Register TagPrefix="uc1" TagName="AdminDownload" Src="../../Controls/test1/test2.ascx" %> button <asp:Button ID="btnUpload" runat="server" style="margin-left:130px;" Text="Preview Upload" Width="100px" onclick="btnUpload_Click" />

Web Forms :: Button Control Even Click Is Not Triggering? forums.asp.net

I hate this bugs in Visual Studio..I have this code: [Code].... Click event is not triggering. This is the head of aspx file: <%@ Control Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeBehind="wucIskalnik.ascx.cs" Inherits="indcms.datapages.wucIskalnik" %> I don't have an idea what the hell happens just imeddiately that so simple stuff don't want to work.I use some javascript jquery too, and I tried to remove all JavaScript, still the same.. Deleted button and events, reapplied them on page, still not triggering Click event.. Wth?

AJAX :: Datalist Button In FooterTemplate Within UpdatePanel Causes PostBack But Does Not Fire Click... forums.asp.net

I have a button in a datalist footer template. The datalist is in an UpdatePanel. When the button is clicked is causes a postback but does not fire the click event. The ID of the button is not the ID of the control causing the postback. How can I get the button to fire the click event? [Code]...

Forms Data Controls :: Gridview Will Only Update First Row? forums.asp.net

I have a gridview that Im trying to add in some section headers -- I can do that and get everything where it needs to go. When I click on myedit button it will only update the first row. If i click on edit on any other row it will load the edit item template and then if i click on update it will move the edit item template to the next record Im passing some select parameters to populate the gridview on a button click and im adding the headers in the rowdatabound event.

Forms Data Controls :: Changing Gridview's Mode? forums.asp.net

in the gridview i have, for each gridview row there is a edit button and when the edit button is pressed the row goes into edit mode switching from item template to edit item template. so my question is..how do i exit the edit mode from backend?i only know how to give the users the ability by clicking the cancel button with commandname= Cancel. any way to do it from backend(.cs)?

Forms Data Controls :: Listview Not Updating Products And Not Turning Back To Itemtemplate forums.asp.net

I have a listview showing the data, and that i will use to Show, Edit, Delete, and Insert data. I added a ASP.NET Ajax HTML Editor to the EditItem Template. I click on EDIT button and it turns into the EditItem Template, i modify the data and when i click UPDATE it does nothing. Neither updating data or turning back to ItemTemplate. Here is its code: [Code].... And the Code behind: [Code]....

Forms Data Controls :: ListView Edit And Insert Template, Add Pop Up Button? forums.asp.net

I have a ListView Which displays Customer, product, price, Quantity and comments from database.The User can either edit it or Insert new items. In Edit Item template and Insert item template, i need to add a image button next to the textbox, which when clicked, will display a pop up window with list of customers or products.I have been doing it with the normal aspx page with textboxes. I use click handler to pop up the windows.i'm not able to do with listview Please help to give a solution to it.How else can i add an image icon and click it and get the values back to the textboxes?i will post what i'm doing without listview first and then the part of the relavant code of Listview.

Web Forms :: Changing Label Text Back And Forth When Button Clicked forums.asp.net

I have a single event handler for multiple buttons. By default, the label says player 1 and when a button is clicked, the label changes to player 2. How would I go on having it go back and forth between player 1 and player 2 when a button is clicked until one of them wins? Preferably in C#.

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I am using the ItemDataBound event of a ListView to attach data for the different kind of templates I am using. Well, actually, want to use - I have not yet figured out how to know which template is coming in in the ItemDataBound event. I want to figure out if it is the edititemtemplate, insertitemplate, itemtemplate, etc. All these templates have different controls (edit and insert are the same though) and I need to set the controls contained in them.

Error: Object Variable Or With Block Variable Not Set www.excelforum.com

I've set up a userform (frmCoC) to read and write info to the "contractor database". Within that userform is a listview control that reads off a second, "induction database". When the user selects and clicks on one of the displayed entry in listview, another form (frmInd) opens to edit data on the induction database. There's a command button along side the original form (frmCoC) to create a new entry in the induction database. The click event for the button is as follows:

Android :: Refresh ListView If Change Content Of ListItem stackoverflow.com

I have a ListView in my android activity. And I populate the ListView by sub-class the BaseAdaptor (which returns a View in getView() method). What if in my click listener of a button in a list item view, I change the text of the TextView in the List item view or change the dimension of the list item view by adding/removing children of the list item view What is an efficient to refresh my listView? I don't want the listView to re-trigger a query since there is no data change.

Forms Data Controls :: ListView ItemCommand Not Firing? forums.asp.net

I have a listview inside of another listview. This listview has a button that has a command name, and I process the click in ListView_ItemCommand event. This works fine on the initial load, which when the button is clicked, page posts back and I do some server processing and then redirect to another tab. However, whenever the user goes back to the original tab and clicks again, it completely ignores my ItemCommand event handler; it doesn't get fired. Clicking a third time throws an error because the list view has no DataKeys collection, for some reason, though it has 14 Items.What is going on with the ListView control?

Listview Editing www.vbforums.com

I have a Listview that allows the line you click on to be edited.As soon as you click on the listview line, the line automatically goes into edit mode with the command TrackList.StartLabelEditI have a need to run some code in the AfterLabelEdit event if you move off this line without making any amendmesnt but the AfterLabel edit event doesnt get fired as you havent changed anything. How can i do this?

Forms Data Controls :: Access Data From The Controls Placed On Panel? forums.asp.net

Here I've a listview control, in which I've used ul tag for maintaing multiple panels for displaying data from the database. For each row of a table there'll be a new panel, problem is that i can't be able to figure out how to access the data from label controls of a particular panel on button btnbid's Click event. how access the data of a particular panel by clicking its button. Here's the code<asp:ListView DataSourceID="sqldtsrclivepdt" ID="livepdtlst" runat="server"><LayoutTemplate><ul class="productlist"><asp:PlaceHolder ID="itemPlaceholder" runat="server"></asp:PlaceHolder> [Code]....

Web Forms :: Required Filed Validation Not Working On Button Click On First Time? forums.asp.net

Hello to all I am using required field validator and i want to disable it on buttob click event on submitt button but the button click event is not working properly as it disable the validator on second time when i click the button,and refersing the page first time and i do'nt want to referesh page here i am attching my aspx as well as aspx/cs code [Code].... [Code]....

Detecting Right Click On List View Column Headers www.xtremevbtalk.com

I've got a listview control that i need to add a pop up menu when the user right clicks on the column headers. It is in report view, obviously. The Mouse_UP and Mouse_DOWN event dont trigger when you click on the headers, and the Column_Click event triggers only on a normal button click, on press down.Is there any way i can detect the right click on a column header? I'd need the equivalent of the Mouse_Up event for the column header... any ideas?thanks a lot ppl!

Android :: How To Let Parent Handle Onclick Event For ListView? groups.google.com

This should be a simple question because I couldn't get the answer from Google . I have ListView in a LinearLayout . I need to handle the click event to allow user click on the LinearLayout to trigger some function. I try to add onClickListener to the LinearLayout , and it works only when I click outside of the ListView . How do I let the click event on ListView propagate automatically to be handled by the Listener of the LinearLayout?

C# - Is There Any Way To Stop Method From Firing When The F5 Refresh Button Is Clicked stackoverflow.com

I have a button that has click event in my C#. This works great. However afetr pressing F5 to refresh the page I noticed the button event is fired. This occurs every time I click F5. I've added if(page.IsPostBack) and the method still runs. Is there any way to stop method from firing when the F5 Refresh button is clicked?

Web Forms :: Check/UnCheck Checkboxes In ListView On Button Click forums.asp.net

i am trying to check or uncheck all the checkboxes in listview on button click event and applying the following code for (int i = 0; i < ListView.Items.Count; i++) { ((CheckBox)ListView.Items[i].FindControl("ch")).Checked = true; } The following code is working ok for DataList but not working this way for ListView

Avoid Duplicate Listview Groups? www.vbforums.com

on button.click event,Dim category As New ListViewGroup(cbType.Text) If Listview.Groups.Contains(category) Then Arggh! this should work. Listview.Items.Add(lvi).Group = category Else Listview.Groups.Add(category) Listview.Items.Add(lvi).Group = category End If If cbType.Text was "Dog", it will add another "dog" group header every time I add an item having selected dog, when I want to add the item to the existing dog group.

Web Forms :: Select Index Changed Event Is Not Fired? forums.asp.net

I am struggling with this.I have the drop down control(dropdownlist) in one page.I am calling selectindex changed event, because i have to fill the values in another dropdown list in the page based on the selected value in the dropdownlist1.But The Event is not fired Even setting the property autopostback=true and Enable view State=true(page level and control level).Another thing is if i put one button control on this page, while clicking the button, the dropdown select index changed Event is fired.i dont know what is happening. I dont think it is any code related IssueNote : if i copy this project in another system, the Select index changed Event is fired.Problem in my systems only.. <%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" EnableViewState="true" CodeFile="Default.aspx.cs" Inherits="_Default" %> <form id="form1" runat="server"> <div> <asp:DropDownList ID="DropDownList1" runat="server" EnableViewState="true" AutoPostBack="True" onselectedindexchanged="DropDownList1_SelectedIndexChanged"> <asp:ListItem Text="ddd" Value="1"> </asp:ListItem> <asp:ListItem Text="ee" Value="2"> </asp:ListItem> </asp:DropDownList> </div> </form>

AJAX :: Update Couple Of Buttons forums.asp.net

I'm using VS 2008, .net 3.5 and C#. I'm using Ajax Modal popup to dispaly a panel that has HTML file upload control when user clicks on the update button in the gridview control. The prolems that I'm having: 1. After i click the upload button in the popup, everything is processed but then the popup would close itself. I would like it to stay there with the proper message displayed and only close when the user clicks on the cancel button. 2. When I click on the Upload File button, a Page_Load event is raised to the page, CtuMain.aspx.cs, but this is before the popup code upload the file. I would like to enable or dis-able my gridview's editWorkingDoc and btnUpdate buttons based on if the file upload is successful or not. I thought a Page_Load event to the CtuMain.aspx.cs is supposed to be raised when the popup closes but that is not happening. How can I fix this? [Code...]

Web Forms :: Button Click Event Is Not Getting Called Up? forums.asp.net

I have a situation in which i have a textbox which has a text_changed event. User enters the value in textbox, presses 'tab' after that text changed event gets fired it makes bit calculation, after that user clicks the button to save value in database. Problem arises if user does not press tab or click outside the textbox after filling the textbox and presses the submit button. text change event gets fired but not button click, user has to click the button again.

How Add Listview Item To Clip Board On Click Of A Button www.vbforums.com

hi all. i got a listview that loads sentences from a text file . I want to create a button so that it once clicked it copies the current select listview item to clip board.When next time the button is clicked it goes copies the next listview item and so on. could any one show me how this can be done?ThanksNote: i want the listview item hightlight move to next item item as i click the button each time.

How To Edit Listview Subitem......??[Urgent] www.vbcity.com

I have a listview (in report mode) with 6 columns in the formwhen i double clicked the item in listview it opens another form containing 6 textboxes which contains data from the listview , each textbox contains data from corresponding listsubitems. Up to this much I know how to do...But my problem is that, I dont know how to do this- when i change the data in textbox and press 'update' button, then it will update that listsubitem of listview which i have changed in textbox in another form.Please anyone help me with this.Thank yousaracjl

Forms Data Controls :: Get Data In ListView After User Clicks A Button? forums.asp.net

I display a bunch of data using a ListView. In the ListView, I insert a CheckBox control that allows the user to select the items he likes. User then clicks a button i.e. button control.I now need to get the data for selected items underlying data. I could use some help with this. Here's what I have so far: [Code].... And this is the OnClick event for the button: [Code]....

Saving A Listview With Its Subitems? www.vbforums.com

saving a listview with its subitems. I have 2 buttons when one is clicked it loads listview items and then when I click the other button it clears the listview and loads more listview items. My question is how do I save a listview before the listview is cleared and also loading a saved listview?

Android :: How To Implement Back Button stackoverflow.com

I want to implement back button functionality in my Android Application similar to the back button in the Browser but without using Intents. I m going to view a sport listview, in that i click football listview , in that i click my favorite player listview, suppose if the user press back button in football listview then i have to diaplay sport listview.

Forms Data Controls :: Click Event Handler In Gridview Template? forums.asp.net

I am using a gridview in a webpart which is dynamically created and populated. I have create a template class to add a label and a Imagebutton to the grid. The label is corrected binding in the template class but the button click events does not work. The events are : label.DataBinding += new EventHandler(label_DataBinding); // works fine public event CommandEventHandler LinkButtonCommand; lnkBtn.Command += new CommandEventHandler(Command); // does not work

Web Forms :: Validate Both Dropdown And Listview Checkboxes & JavaScript? forums.asp.net

I have checkboxes in one column of listview and outside the listview I have one dropdown and one button. when I dont check any checkboxes in listview fire a validation "Select any one checkbox" on button click. simirarly when I check Checkboxes in listview and I'm leaving to select dropdown fire a validation"Select any item in the dropdownlist" on button click. how to validate both controls(checkboxes in listview and dropdown) when those are not selecting.

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Say there's this listview ItemClick event that is triggered when a mouse cursor makes a single click on an listview item. The problem here is that I want to make double clicks instead of a single but I couldn't seem to find any Item double click event handler in visual basic 6 listview control. Is there a possible workaround to this problem?Thanks in advance.

How To Grab GridView RadioButtonList Values bytes.com

I am building an application for Survey. For this i have GridView with two Template fields. The first Template has Label (To display question text) and RadioButtonList (for options). The 2nd Template field is the primary key value. And i have a button on the form. In the button click event i wrote code to grab RadioButtonList values.But the selected value is coming as null... [code]....

Custom Server Controls :: Trying To Create A Button Dynamically With Event By Original Button? forums.asp.net

I'm new to .NET. I'm trying to create a button dynamically with event by original button. The original button's click event response creates a button. The new button has a click event attached with a test message.What I have to do is onclick change background color of dynamically created button and grab id value to delete when button delete is clicked. Unfortunately, when I click the dynamically attached button, nothing happens. [Code].....

Forms Data Controls :: Button In Templatefield Won't Run Click Event? forums.asp.net

I have the same bug, a button inside a template field, when clicking on it, only the page_load get called, but the button event click never fires.For that I used a dynamic code to populate the template fields.

Web Forms :: Buttons Which Are Created Dynamically With Events Not Working? forums.asp.net

m new to .NET. I'm trying to create a button dynamically with event by original button. The original button's click event response creates a button. The new button has a click event attached with a test message.What I have to do is onclick change background color of dynamically created button and grab id value to delete when button delete is clicked. Unfortunately, when I click the dynamically attached button, <asp:ScriptManager ID="ScriptManager1" runat="server"></asp:ScriptManager> <asp:UpdatePanel ID="UpdatePanel1" runat="server"> <ContentTemplate> [code]...

ListView With MultiSelect, Custom SelectionChange Event www.vbcity.com

Hi,I've created a usercontrol, which contains a ListView object. I want my usercontrol to raise an event 'SelectionChange' when the selection in the listview changes. What is the neatest way to achieve this?Raising the event in the ListView_ItemClick event is not an option, because it will raise the event for every ListItem that is selected (example: when I press SHIFT+END to select everything, and the ListView contains 1000 ListItems, the event will be raised 1000 times!)Please help me!

Web Forms :: Dynamically Created Buttons Not Firing Event On Click forums.asp.net

I'm trying to create a button dynamically with event by original button. The original button's click event response creates a button. The new button has a click event attached with a test message.What I have to do is onclick change background color of dynamically created button and grab id value to delete when button delete is clicked. Unfortunately, when I click the dynamically attached button, nothing happens. [URL]

Forms Data Controls :: How To Add A Button To A ListView forums.asp.net

I have a ListView which pulls data from a products table. In addition to things like ProductName, ProductDescription, etc., I've added two things to the ItemTemplate: a TextBox in which the user may enter a number and a ButtonControl. When the user clicks the button I need to take the "default" fields plus the value in the TextBox and insert them into a second database table. 1) How to reference the value in the TextBox and, 2) I can't find a Click Event for the button. How do I get the button to work at all. I'm okay with the C# to input the data to the table but without even a Click Event?

Forms Data Controls :: ListView OnItemEditing - Can't Access Controls In EditItemTemplate forums.asp.net

I have an ASP.NET 3.5 ListView which has the usual templates declared (e.g. ItemTemplate, EditItemTemplate, InsertItemTemplate, etc.). An outline of what I would like to do is: A user clicks on an Edit button and the ListView enters edit mode.

Web Forms :: Use Listview Control And Arraylist Type Together? forums.asp.net

I know user listview control and LNIQ to SQL datasource, but I feel it is not very convenient in programming. programmed for a certain event. I want to use ArrayList type and Listview control together. First complete data on ArrayList and then click a button event, it is no data to listivew control.

C# - Displaying Edit Button In GridView Based On Role? stackoverflow.com

I have a Grid View. I added AutoGenerateEditButton=True. I want to display that button to users that belong to a certain role. If not the button is not rendered. What do you recommend? Which event do I have to handle to accomplish that purpose? Do I have to work with template-driven control such as ListView? Solution: [Code]....

Forms Data Controls :: Shopping Cart Add Item From Listview? forums.asp.net

I have a listview displaying my products and an "Add to Cart" button in the item template. the button fires 2 functions that should add that specific products information and the order details to two SQL database tables(Orders and Quantity(intersection entity between Orders and Products tables)) then you get redirected to the shopping cart page and it should display the item(s) according the specific key in the Quantity table(key is foreign key in Orders)My problem is that i cannot pull any information from the specific item template when i click that button. Need a way to find that specific controls information in my listview. Can anyone help with this?Below is my item template... <ItemTemplate>\ <td id="Td2" runat="server"> <table ID="Prodtable" runat="server" width="130px" height="95px"> [code]...

Detecting The Scroll Position Of A ListView www.vbforums.com

Hi TeamWhen users click on my listview a textbox appears where they clicked and allows them to edit the listview subItem. This all works fine.The problem is that if the listview is scrolled to the right the mousedown event gives coordinates of the click as if the listview has not been scrolled.So what I need is to detect the scroll position of the listview. Does anyone know how to do this?FW

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im trying to my listview box to do some common things.i want to be able to have a pop up menu come up when an item is right clicked. i want to be able to drag a selected item to another listview box.right now, i can start the drag, meaning when the mouse button is down, the icon changes and i can drag the icon around. but the icon will also pop up when i click on an item just to select it. i can also get the menu to pop up on a right click.i guess it has to do with my options. i have click event and i also have the itemclick event, along with the mousedown event. which one should i use for what i want to do? any tut's or examples would be most appreciated.thank youEdited by - gkcohen on 6/11/2003 9:53:09 AM