C# - How To Change The Listview Template On A Button Click Event


I would like to change the listview template on a button click event. for example if your in edittemplate i would like to switch to ItemTemplate.i am trying to do this because im writing my own custom update function for the list view. so after i successfully update the row, it doesn't switch back to the default view.

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For example:In a listbox, I have a click event that changes a label's caption from 'Loaded' to 'Clicked' and changes the color from black to red.I have a double-click event that shows a message box saying "I've been double-clicked." You can re-set the label by clicking it.When I click the listbox, the label's caption and color changes. This is what I expected.When I double-click the listbox, the label's caption and color changes, and the message box is displayed. Why?????

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I need to change a standard HTML Input button to a Link button but am running into problems because the existing code calls a javascript function.  The function basically does the same as the browser back button.  When I add the code and set the property runat="server" I get a "CS1026: ) expected".  Quite new to ASP,net  (VS2010) so could be going about this the wrong way.  [Code].... [Code]....

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one more question, ok two i suppse heh,this program that i'm almost done with (thankfully hehe), uses a timer loop to refresh itself every 15 minutes.i've noticed a bug that while my timer is in effect it refuses to acknowledge a click on the X in the upper right hand corner of the screen as an Exit program (form) command, instead it refreshes my countdown.what i want to know is there an event label that will detect a click on any of these buttons and immediately do whatever code i have in the event?i would like to know the event code for the min button as well since i have it minimizing to they system tray, but only if you double click the icon. i would like it where when i click on the min button it auto goes to the tray and no just minimize the program.Thanks in advance

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Hi folks,I have used VBA in a limited way in Excel only, and have no experience with userforms, command buttons or other UI functionality. I'm trying to create a worksheet with a command button. I want the command button to call a macro when clicked. I wrote a macro that creates a command button, places it on a worksheet, and gives it a caption. However, I can't figure out how to define the effect of the click event from within my macro. I can do this by hand in Excel (not VBA) by using the design mode of the control toolbox. But the code for the click event is attached to the worksheet, and I can't figure out how to write to that location from within my macro. I tried recording a macro to do this, but the recording doesn't capture creating the click event VBA code.Thanks in advance for your help and happy holidays,pwoodbury

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Trying to execute/call the toolbar_click event through code. Does someone know how this is done in VB.NET? Thanks, O.

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I cannot for the life of me find out what is the best way to code for a double click event for a command button? Is it by using1. WM_LBUTTONDBLCLK subclass? If so any examples 2. use a timer function to store a static var and compare on the other clickor what else. I have searched and nothing comes up for just a simple double click. What I want to do is double click a button, it calls a inputbox for changing variables ect..Please if anyone has an idea what the best way to do this is please post.Thanks,Frank

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Good dayI am having a stupid problem.If the user clicks a command button (or press Enter in a textbox that leads directly to the Command_Click event) and LEAVES his finger on the button/ENTER key, the Command_Click is called over and over.I tried everything to disable the Click event following the first iteration (disable the form, button, textbox, set KeyCode=0) but I just can't figure out how to process the Click action just once, even if the user leaves his finger on the ENTER key or on the buttonAny ideas ?Thanks

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Can one tell me how to change forms by a click of a command button. sat678

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I'm a student, new to programming and vb. I am working on a project for school (an Input Box) and I can't find anything in my text book about writing the code for the click event of the command button to 'save' a record.Can anyone help?

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I have 2 forms (frmForm1 and frmForm2)frmForm2 has a command button called cmdButtonHow do i call the click event of cmdButton from frmForm1?

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helloin my project ........ i have a cmd button called nexteach time the user clicks it ...... i need different sets of code to executeand it should be done in a certain orderfor eg .....after the first click .... frame 1 appearsthen after the second click ....... frame 2 appears and frame 1 disappearsand so oncan someone tell me how it can be donethanks in advance

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hie,i want to know if one application can send a click event to another application. BTW...just incase, this click event willl be for a button lying in App2 and App1 has to send the event Message....if it can .... how???

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Hi Guys,Is it possible to call a Button click even within another button click event?Something Like the followingVB Code:Private Sub CmdAdd_click()If Mode = "Edit" then      CmdMod_clickEnd IfEnd Sub

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Hi All,I've got an MDI form with a toolbar populated with button images from an image list.Does anyone know what to pass to the Toolbar1.ButtonClick event ?Everything I try results in a "type mismatch".Toolbar1_ButtonClick(ByVal Button As MSComctlLib.Button)The event looks at the button.key to determine which code to process, I'm trying to call the Toolbar1.ButtonClick via "hot keys" on a child form.Thanks much in advance for any help,Dave Tucker

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Hello:Is it possible to catch the click event for ANY button on a form - instead of writing the same piece of code for each individual button??If so how do I collect the name of the button clicked, and does VB then ALSO process the event for that individual button afterwards??ThanksIcarusbop

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Hi guys a bit of a puzzler...I have a button on my form that is invisible. I don't want the user to be able to see the button. But I do need the button to be able to excute it's click event if someone does click the invisible button?Is their anyway of doing this with out making the button visible?

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I want to make an event handle when right mouse button is clicked on form.I cannot find it in the vb6 events for form.

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Hello,I have graphical option buttons setup on a main screen. I am trying to set one of the buttons based on a user selection on startup. (So it could be any button) I have a sub in a module called "RefreshForm" that has this code:Code: If gstrFilePath(i) = gstrFilename & ".rtr" Then frmMyMain.optRotorButton(i).Value = True Else frmMyMain.optRotorButton(i).Value = False End IfMy problem is that there are two ways for the user to make a selection. One is to click on an option button which calls the RefreshForm sub...thus setting the buttons value.....and the other way is for the use to use the File menu to make their selection. If they use the File menu then the RefreshFrom sub is called..and the Button value is set AND THIS IS WHAT CALLS THE CLICK EVENT which I DO NOT WANT. How can I keep the CLICK EVENT from happening when the user does NOT press a button?Thanks!

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i dont know how to put this but what i want to know is that,is it possible to call button click on another form?example:form1.button1_click

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Can Any body Help !I want to handle Internet Explorer Html Submit/Button through my vb application. I mean to say whenever any person clicks on Submit/Button in html page in internet browser, this Event handled by my running application.

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A modal form has 3 option (radio) buttons. When it is activated, one of these is assigned the value "True". Now, the click event has some code that should be executed only when the event is triggered by the user actually clicking on the button, but not when it's triggered by that line of code assigning it the value "true".Is there an easy way to distinguish between them?

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Does anyone know how to stop a user from clicking a command button without litterally disabling the button i.e a user clicks a cmd but. the results get printed and if the click the button again the results are printed again..Thanks for your help

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why dont you check for mouse down ( WM_MOUSEDOWN ). in your button click sub... If mouse down then exit sub...

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Hi all,I write some code in the click event of an option button.Initially, the value of option button is false. When I run the program and click on the option button, the option button changes from empty circle to blank circle and the code in the event runs. However, when I click on the option button again, nothing happen and the code in the click event does not run. My conclusion is that, the click event will be triggered when use click on the option button and also the value is false. It the value if true, the click event will not be triggered even use click on it.Which event should I use if I want to run the code when user click on the option code ?Regards,Ric

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How can I programatically change the value of an option button without firing the click event for that button?

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In form, I made a "stop" button and call dll procedure that loop exists in it.After call dll, must detect button click event.I other words, in c-coded dll, detect button click event generated in VB.How can I do it?Someone let me know that I must use the function that pending windows event in c-coded DLL.But I cannot implement it.Could anyone who know it let me know the way.Thanks.I'm a senior programmer.Working at CamSight, Dental imaging solutions industry.

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Hi,Can two Forms (Form1 & Form2 with Command1 & Command2 BUTTONS on each Form) be set to display (visible) at same time, & to enable EITHER of the two buttons be clicked thus firing Command1_Click () / Command2_Click () ?? Or must one be set to have the focus? Doesnt moving the mouse over the buttons & clicking the mouse automatically gives the button covered the focus? Also, is there corresponding Registry ACTIVEX API functions to the Webbrowser Control Events module, ie without using Webbrowser Event Control package? Please provide brief sample codes if possible.

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How do I make a Command Button to Event Public?

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I have 3 option buttons on a form. The middle one executes the click event only if the first button's value was true prior to the click on the second button. If the third buttons value was true and then I click on the second button it doesn't kick off the click event. Is anyone aware of any circumstances under which an option button's click event won't run ?? Thanks if you can help. - Gretchen

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hey,I know tons of people have asked how to capture the minimize button click event, and the only answer Ive seen is using "form resize" event with windowstate = vbminimized, but is there another way? Im using sysApp to work on a "minimize to tray" option in my application, using the minimize button on the form. If the form resize event shows "minimized", then it points to the "minimize to tray" routine. However,,, too many events cause a "form resize" and throw the app into unecessary looping, back and forth between the "resize" routine, and the "minimize" routine. For example, the following 2 lines are from the sysApp "minimize to tray" routine. Each one resizes the form and restarts the loop, exiting the "minimize" routine, and going back to the "resize" routine, thus sending it back to the "minimize" routine....etc,etc,etc.....Me.visible = true Me.windowstate = vbnormalit eventually works, but its really "clunky" and takes a while (relatively speaking) to finish looping and finally either minimize or maximize out of the tray. Isnt there a way to use the shell or something? An API???

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HiIf I have 4 cmd buts. in an array...and I want to use one of the buttons click events how would I accomplish this....my cmd button array is cmdbutton_shiftThanks

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hican any one help me on writing a code for opening a file on button click at run time.Also, please let me know how can i upload my VB project on to my website.thankssks

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how do you call code behind button click event or a code behind method from javascript.

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Hi again, i was just helped on this site majorly thankyou ! I have one more question:See the image below. I want to make for example; when you click "dan" and "kwan" it enables you to click the things valued at "dan" and "kwan" i.e. "dario hat" for example. Also, how to make it so "dario hat" is valued at "dankwan". If your curious, we had to make our own currency lol.


i dont know what is the code for browsing files by clicking a button.... can u pls help me???

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HelloI have developed this program in VB6, iit is based around a 4 tab form, with each form containing a bunch of parameters which need to be filled in using the textboxes provided, navigate buttons(back,forward and save) are provided which enable the user to navigate using the buttons rather than clicking on the tab. i was wondering say if the next button on the first tab is commandtab1nextis there any way i can do the commandtab1next_click() within the program itself, i mean can i actually do the commandtab1next_click() within the code?

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I have a set of radio buttons each with an onclick event that has a numeric value. When the button is clicked an input box called "Total" is updated with the new value. The problem I'm having is that if a radio button is checked and one clicks on it again then the onclick event is triggered. Is there any way to prevent the onclick event from triggering if the radio button is already checked?

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Hi all,The command button has a click event.Is it possible have a double click event for the button?Thanks

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ON button click, label1 should change its caption to the currently selected value of the listbox

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I generate in a foreach loop html links ("test which I add to a pre defined literal.ow can I add a void to the generated html link? I tried with runat server and onclick.. but does not work..Goal is to add by the onclick a pre defined void from a API.

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Hai, I am using a MonthView Control and Two Command Buttons (Ok & Cancel) inside a Frame, Its designed as the MonthView Control will display 2 Columns and 1 Row. Now what happens is when i change a date in the MonthView Control, then i need to double click the Command Button, then only the Command Event occurs (Either its Ok or Cancel Button). If i didn't change the Date in the Monthview Control, then i am able to do the CommandButton Event work with the single MouseClick. I think if i change Date in the Calendar (i.e MonthView Control), then there is some thing affected in the Focus of the Command Button, after I change the date and press the command button, the button seems to be selected (marked) but the event didn't occured. I tried with the BreakPoint also. Can any one help me regarding this. Thankyou, Chock.

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Hai,      I am using a MonthView Control and Two Command Buttons (Ok & Cancel) inside a Frame, Its designed as the MonthView Control will display 2 Columns and 1 Row. Now what happens is when i change a date in the MonthView Control, then i need to double click the Command Button, then only the Command Event occurs (Either its Ok or Cancel Button). If i didn't change the Date in the Monthview Control, then i am able to do the CommandButton Event work with the single MouseClick. I think if i change Date in the Calendar (i.e MonthView Control), then there is some thing affected in the Focus of the Command Button, after I change the date and press the command button, the button seems to be selected (marked) but the event didn't occured. I tried with the BreakPoint also. Can any one help me regarding this.Thankyou,Chock.

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Hi,I have created a command button dynamically. I want to add click event to this command button. How can I ?

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i have stored the txtfile in the database.i need to show the txtfile when i clik the link. and this link has to be created dynamically. my code below: aspx code: [code].... i have got the link dynamically, but i did not able to download the txtfile when i clik the link. how to carry out this.

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i have created basic .aspx files .one is login.aspx and registration.aspx...Now in my solution explorer i also added class file i.e StudentInfo.cs and wrote some properties in it...now my question is 1. i want to connect Studentinfo.cs class to my login.aspx.cs...So that i can call the methods in Studentinfo.cs..how to do it?

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My client wants to pass values through the query string, but they don't want the query string to be displayed in the browser's address bar. The values being passed are for tracking purposes. I know that postback doesn't happen after you click on href link.Is there any way I can get the value out of the query string without displaying it in the browser's address bar? I think this may be impossible, but I may be wrong; I'm hoping to see if anyone has any answers.

C# - Change Rendering Order Of Controls? stackoverflow.com

I found this article on how to manipulate the rendering sequence of asp.net controls.: [URL]I placed some placeholders on the page to encapsulate the controls i want to move around. The problem is, that RenderChildren does render the controls without the html i placed into the placeholder like this: <asp:PlaceHolder id="phOneToMove" Runat="server" Visible="true"> <tr> <td><asp:Literal id="label1" Runat="server">Caption</asp:Literal></td> <td> <asp:TextBox ID="textbox1" runat="server"></asp:TextBox> </td> <td> <asp:RequiredFieldValidator ID="validator1" Enabled="true" ControlToValidate="textbox1" runat="server" EnableClientScript="False" ErrorMessage="error"></asp:RequiredFieldValidator> </td> </tr> </asp:PlaceHolder> The controls are rendered without the tr and td around.How can I handle this? All I want is to change the order of the placeholders like in this example phOneToMove.

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Base on different conditions the progam uses different Sql which every one has different select names. How can I change the Dataset Columns name programmitcally which matchs the FormView  Order . Or some how change the   <%#Eval("Order")%> text in asp:TextBox <asp:FormView ID="DetailView" runat="server" Width="704px" OnPageIndexChanging="DetailView_PageIndexChanging"> <ItemTemplate> <table height="400" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="width: 511px"> <tr><td width="%50" valign="top" >TR</td><td> <asp:TextBox ID="TextBox5" Text='<%#Eval("Order")%>' runat="server" Width="192px"></asp:TextBox> </td><td></tr>,/table> </ItemTemplate> </asp:FormView>

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<asp:Panel ID="pnlFocusAreaPanel" runat="server" GroupingText="Focus Area" Width="800"> <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="750"> <tr>[code]... i want to know how i find the datakeyvalue on checked event because updateQuery in checked event is generating exception.

C# - TreeView Control Unexpected Event Behavior? stackoverflow.com

In the MSDN is writen about TreeNode that: "By default, a node is in selection mode." "To put a node into selection mode, set the node's NavigateUrl property to an empty string." "When a node is in selection mode, use the SelectAction property to specify which event or events are raised when a node is selected." "Setting TreeNodeSelectAction value TreeNodeSelectAction.Select Raises the SelectedNodeChanged event when a node is selected." Here is the problem and possibly a bug in the control: When I set the TreeNode object PopulateOnDemand value to true and call the Collapse() function on that node.Then the TreeNodeExpanded event is raised in addition to the SelectedNodeChanged event.This is in complate contradiction to what is writen in the MSDN.According to the MSDN this sould happen only if TreeNodeSelectAction Property is set to TreeNodeSelectAction.SelectExpand value. Here is the code: <asp:TreeView ID="TreeView1" runat="server" AutoGenerateDataBindings="False" onselectednodechanged="TreeView1_SelectedNodeChanged" ontreenodepopulate="TreeView1_TreeNodePopulate"> [code]...

Listbox Keypress & Double Click Event? bytes.com

i have a asp.net list box populated with databae data , autopostback = true wht i need is 1) when double clicked(double click event) i want it to be visible=false 2)i want to move between the data in the listbox using up, down arrow keys & make the selection by pressing eneter(keypress event) 3) everytime i move betwen the data(autopostback = true) postback is caused,is it possible to avoid the flickering without ajax.as if i have to use ajax i will need to redo the whole coding

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Can anyone clarify to me the difference between the following: 1. { // ... Button b = new Button(); b.Click += new RoutedEventHandler(b_Click); } void b_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { //do stuff...... } 2. { // ... Button b = new Button(); b.Click += a_Click; } void a_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { //do stuff...... }

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VS 2008 - create event handlers in C#? but i cant get this:

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I want to add event handlers programmatically to the server controls rather than using their predefined OnClick properties, etc. But which would be considered a better practice for defining handlers: Define them in Page_Init Define them in Page_Load

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I need to type something in a textbox inside a web-browser control. Simply setting the value doesn't work because this doesn't run javascript. So: InvokeMember: I thought I could use invokemember for this(since there's InvokeMember("Click")). But google is silent about keyboard events. Focus the element and then send keys to the control. It works(Sendkeys.Send), but only if the control is activated. If I switch to another window, it will send keys completely, but not where I want to. Javaspript: Is there a way to find out which javascript runs when I change the value of a textbox? I don't know much about javascript. Elements attributes don't have something like OnClick/OnKeyUp etc.

JQuery :: How To Simulate A Click Event? stackoverflow.com

note: all this is on chrome I am trying to test something that responds to a click a checkbox. I realize jQuery.click() exists, but it seems to be different from a "native" click in that during the click handler, the state of the checkbox isn't updated yet (so checkbox is unchecked, you call .click(), in the handler, checkbox is still unchecked. If you actually click the box, in the handler the state is checked).[URL].. Click the foo button, notice that button handler says it has been checked, but the checkbox handler says it has not been checked (even though the ui shows a checkmark). Now, click the checkbox itself. Notice the click event handler is reporting what you would expect it to report. My question is how to simulate the same thing that happens when you actually click the box. Now, I took a stab at a better simulated event like this $.fn.check = function() { if ($(this).is(':checked')) { $(this).attr('checked', 'checked'); } else { $(this).removeAttr('checked'); [Code]...

Jquery :: Simulate A Click Event Via Script? stackoverflow.com

I have a jquery accordion style menu that I'd like to add some shortcut links to across the top. When one of these shortcuts is clicked, it should have the same effect as if the user clicked the corresponding a tag that serves as that panel's header. Here's some code... <div> Application Shortcuts > <a href="" onclick="simulateAclick("generalSettings")>Open General Settings</a> </div> <ul class="menu collapsible"> <li class='header'><a href='#' id="generalSettings">General Settings</a> <ul class='acitem'>...stuff goes here... In the example above, clicking on "Open General Settings" toggles the "acitem" UL's child elements visible. I'd just like to simulate a click on that element, from a link at the top of my app...

Take To Website On Command Button Click && Sounds Help www.xtremevbtalk.com

how do i direct someone to a website when they click a button? can anyone help?plus, how can i play a sound? for example, when the timer runs out, a sound plays until they click an OK button

Open A Website On Clicking A Command Button In VB 6.0 Windows Application visualbasic.ittoolbox.com

Hi I have developed a windows application using VB 6.0.When the application is run for the first time a License activation Form pops up with a Command button Activate.All i want is to open a web site for registration when clicking the Activate button.Can some one tell me how to achieve this.Thanks

Click Button On Webpage &amp; Image Link www.vbforums.com

i have 2 questions if u go here Mail and view the source can anyone work out the "click" code from the source for the sign in button ive tried everything and just cant find it and get it to work. im using yahoo mail as a way to just work it out its not actually for yahoo but if i knew that it would make my other project alot easiersecond questionhow can i automatically get the image source link from say this page linkthats not the page im trying to figure it out for but the other site is a private site u need to sign up register and pay but it uses a verification word just like yahoo msn and alot of sites do. basically why i want to be able to grab the image link and show the image in say a pic box is cause im making a quick login tool for the site ill still see it in a webbrowser control but it saves me typing every lil thing in this way ill just need to type the image word into a textbox and hit submit type thing. anyone got any ideas for these 2 questions?

Adding Event Macro To A Command Button At Run-time Causes VB Editor To Pop-up www.vbforums.com

I'm using Excel 2003 SP2.The premise is I add worksheets at run-time based off of user actions. The sheets then add command buttons and then assign some vb code to be fired when clicked. Everything works great except the VB editor pops up (even when its closed). This is annoying, any way to stop it from doing so?VB Code:Public Sub Test(myWS As Excel.Worksheet)    Dim OLEObj As OLEObject    Dim Rng As Range    Dim WS As Worksheet    Dim CodeMod As Object    Dim LineNum As Long        Set WS = myWS    Set Rng = Range("I13")            Set OLEObj = _    WS.OLEObjects.Add(ClassType:="Forms.CommandButton.1", _        Top:=Rng.Top, Left:=Rng.Left, Height:=Rng.Height * 2, _        Width:=Rng.Width * 2)    OLEObj.name = "test"    OLEObj.Object.Caption = "test"    Set CodeMod = _    ThisWorkbook.VBProject.VBComponents(WS.CodeName).CodeModule    LineNum = CodeMod.CreateEventProc("Click", OLEObj.name)    CodeMod.insertLines LineNum + 1, _        "msgbox(""test"")"        End Sub

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I have created a commnad button in Form Load subroutine as under.Dim C1 As CommandButtonForm1.Controls.Add "VB.commandbutton", "C1", Form1With Form1!C1.Visible = True.Caption = "Find Square Root".Width = 2000.Top = 3700.Left = 1000End WithNow I want to add Click event for this button C1.How can I?If coding is given, it will be better.Vijaykumar Dave

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Hi,I have the Visual Basic editor from SolidWorks and I need a command button from this editor to be able to click a visual basic command button in an already exsisting excel file. I've already input my data and opened the file but I cannot seem to figure out how to click the button. PerformClick does not work.Thanks for any suggestions

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how do i make a command button that currently has "show" as the caption when clicked changes to "hide". ive seen a few programs done with this and im near sure they were just ordinary vb6 command buttons nothing special. so when first clicked (show) it does this VB Code:Form1.Height = 9105 and then the caption on the button changes to hide and when clicked does this VB Code:Form1.Height = 1080

Click A Command Button To Make Images Come Up www.vbforums.com

Hi. When it comes to VB i am not all that great. I have a code request (vb 6.0)I want to make it so that when you click a command button (price of the product), it allows you to click on another command button (product) and then the image of the product you clicked on loads. Thankyou!

Make A Image Visible By Clicking In A Command Button On A Different Form?- Resolved www.vbforums.com

Hi, i wonder if anybody can help me.My Problem is as follows: I have two forms. On the 1st form is a hidden image and on the second form is a command button. I want the image to become visible on the 1st form when i click the command button on the 2nd Form. Is this possible? i know the code is simple if the image and command button where on the same form. i would put the code Image1.Visible = True in the Command button Click event. but when i do this with the image and command on seperate forms the program throws up an error! Do i have to connect the two things through a module? if so what would the code be?Thank for your help!

Running A Command When The User Clicks The Close Button On The Window (X) www.vbforums.com

Hi I am sure this is very simple I just can't find it anywhere. How would I go about running the code "End" when the user clicks on the "X" (close button) at the top right of my VB application. When they hit the X on my child window I need it to close the Exe. I can't do it just on unload because I have another button that unloads the window and I don't want the application to to close with that button. Thanks

Clicking Toolbar Button Within Code www.vbcity.com

Does anyone know how to cause a toolbar button to be clicked from within a section of code (instead of actually clicking on it with a mouse)? What event do I call, and what parameters must be passed?Using VB6Thanks 

Right Click On Standard Command Button www.vbforums.com

I am using a standard command button of which I am sensing left & right mouse button clicks via the mouse_down event.The problem is the button only shows as 'pushed' with the left mousebutton but not the right button.I have tried calling the control's click event from within the mouse_downevent code but the button still does not "pushdown" when the right mousebutton is pressed.Does anybody know a way of getting the 'standard' command button controlto depress when the right mouse button is clicked?? Thks in advance.

Find A Button HWND And Click It By VB Code www.vbcity.com

Hi, I want to find the last generated form created by another application and find a command button handle on it, the click that button in my VB6 application.Many thanks for your help.Manafi

Help With Mouse Click/custom Command Button?? www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hey guys,Notice I have attached an image. This is a simple arena type game, that I am hoping on expanding, but I've run into a problem. Notice that on the image is a signpost, with one sign labeled "ARENA". Well, this is actually a seperate image, and I am wanting the game to launch into battle scenes when the player clicks the "ARENA" sign. However, using BitBlt, I find I can't just put the code under the picturebox's click routine, so how would I do this? How would I say code "When the player clicks this image this happens" using BitBlt?????Thanks a lot!

Custom Form Load On Command Button Click www.xtremevbtalk.com

HiI wondering if anyone knows how to do this, basically i want to click a button to show a form, that form it shows i want to be able to add a form load. So i can click another button for the same form but different form load.Stuggling to explain so i'll give an exampleMain Menu - 2 command button "Add Student" and "Edit Student"Student Form - 2 command button "Add" and "Save"When you click "add student" on manin menu, i want the student form to load with "add " button visible and "save" button not visible. Then vice versa for when the "Edit Student" button is clicked.Hope that makes it more clear.Any ideas?Thanks in advance

Clicking On A Button Inside A Website www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hello all i am in need of clicking on a button within a website using a command button on my form. Once the website loads i want the user to be able to click the form button and it act like the user just clicked on the button inside the website.Here is the button code form the website.Code:<input class="cdOBtn" type="button" value="Download Now" id="obtnDownload" name="obtnDownload" onclick="Download()" onkeypress="if (window.event.keyCode == 13) Download();" />Any help would be great! David

Clicking A Form's Button On A Remote Website www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hello,Is there any way that I could create an Application that would navigate to a certain website, find the location of a button, and click it?Navigation is easy enough, it's the finding and clicking of the button that has me stumped. Is it even possible?Thanks.

Problem Playing Sounds On Button Click www.vbforums.com

I have a .wav file in my res file, and I'm using the sndPlaySound api function. I took the code from another thread on the forums. If I run the program from within visual studio to test it, i can click the button as many times as i want and i get the sound every time. When I make the .exe file, I click the button but I don't get a sound. I get a sound sometimes, but I want the sound everytime.This is the code I'm using:VB Code:Private Declare Function sndPlaySound Lib "winmm.dll" _Alias "sndPlaySoundA" (ByVal lpszSoundName As String, _ByVal uFlags As Long) As Long  Public Sub PlaySound(Soundname As String) Dim SoundBuffer As StringConst SND_MEMORY = &H4Const SND_ASYNC = &H1Const SND_NODEFAULT = &H2 SoundBuffer = StrConv(LoadResData(Soundname, "WAVE"), vbUnicode)Call sndPlaySound(SoundBuffer, SND_MEMORY Or SND_ASYNC Or SND_NODEFAULT) End Sub Private Sub button_Click() PlaySound("SOUND")End Sub

Command Button Click www.xtremevbtalk.com

hi all......is there a way to enable a command button click after a form has loaded without me having to click it with the mouse.thanksjohn

Command Button Click www.vbforums.com

Hi,What would the code be to say "do the same as when i click command 1"VB Code:If Text1.Text = "Test" Then(Simulate Command1)End If  Private Sub Command1_Click()    MsgBox "Button Clicked"End Sub

Command Button Click ? www.vbforums.com

Hi Everyone , have a nice dayVB Code:Private Sub Command1_Click()Dim txt As StringDim strline() As StringDim word As StringDim mean As StringDim strvalues() As StringFF = FreeFileOpen App.Path & "words.txt" For Input As FF             txt = Input(LOF(FF), FF)    'Read the whole file        Close FF           strline = Split(txt, vbNewLine)  For z = 0 To 3203                    strvalues = Split((strline(z)), "|")                  word = strvalues(0)                  mean = strvalues(1)                  Label1.Caption = word                  Label2.Caption = mean    Next z          End Sub Private Sub Command4_Click()Unload Form1End Sub The code given above is what i have done till now . words.txt is basically a file having vocabulary in which one word is on each line and its meaning is separated by "|".now what i want to do is that i have couple of more cummand buttons on my form like "next word" , "show meaning" , which should have capability of moving to next word without meanings display ... or show meanings .. and then proceed to next word .. but i donno how should i put that feasibility here .. like i had in my mind if i could give something like .. within z loopif commandbutton2_click = true then label1.caption=word but this doesnt work ..i hope i making myself clear enuffRegards and waiting for responce

Command Button Right Click www.vbforums.com

I have a toolbar series which the client has now asked for additional functionality but with the lack of realestate they do not want any more buttons added to the toolbar. I am trying to execute the click event for each button but need to capture if the person right clicks on a particular button.I can capture the right click through the mousedown event but then I dont know which button was clickedIn the ButtonClick event I can retrieve which toolbar button but not which mouse button was clicked.Is there some way I can combine the twoThis is my existing function if that helpsVB Code:Private Sub tbrMain_ButtonClick(ByVal Button As MSComctlLib.Button)'Pass the button key through to the CommandBar sub      Dim oList As CTKVList    Dim oPair As CTKVPair     On Error GoTo ErrorHandler            If Button.Key = "ReadyState" Then        Set oList = New CTKVList        Set oPair = New CTKVPair                'Set up the Key/Pair        With oPair            .Key = "Campaign"            .Type = CKVTypeString            If g_oCurrentCampaign.Title <> "" Then                .StringValue = CStr(g_oCurrentCampaign.Title)            Else                .StringValue = CStr(g_oCfgInfo.Queue)            End If        End With                'Add it to the List        oList.AddHead oPair                'Set the reason to the list generated        Me.TExtension1.TSetReason oList        CommandBar ("ReadyState")                Set oList = Nothing        Set oPair = Nothing    Else        CommandBar (Button.Key)    End If        ExitHandler:    Exit Sub    ErrorHandler:    RaiseError E_MODULE, "tbrMain_ButtonClick", Err.Number, Err.Description End Sub

Command Button Right Click www.vbforums.com

there's Private Sub cmdAdult_Click(Index As Integer)is there a function to implement right click on command buttons?thx

Command Button Click? www.vbforums.com

this is my last question, of the day. How would i click or start a Command button from another location. i want to process the Command1 button coding without actually clicking the buttonsomething likeIf Online = True Then** Click Command Button **End If

Waiting For Command Button Click www.xtremevbtalk.com

I am writing a game where tiles are laid out on a board. when one black tile is placed next to another black tile, the user should then choose a color for the tiles to turn. I've worked everything out except for choosing the color (right now you have to choose the color beforehand) What I have done is displayed an array of image boxes of different colors. I then want the user to choose a box and then hit a command button to select that color. How can i make the program stop and wait while the user clicks a box and then the command button? I have tried some looping stuff but it always locks up. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!

Command Button Click Query www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi experts,I am writing a simple calculator program and have it more or less completed. I would like to know what is the simplest way to allow a command button to be clicked, without any of the code behind it being executed. I know I could disable the buttons but i would like to visually see the buttons click without them doing anything. (ie following an error message when an attempt is made to divide by zero.) I know I could do this with some if... then... code but if there is a simpler way please let me know.

Emails From A Click Of A Command Button www.xtremevbtalk.com

ok i am trying to make a page on my program that at the end it has a survey i want 2 text questions i also want this info to be emailed to me ne sugestion on how to do this

Printing With A Click Of A Command Button www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi all, how do i do a print with a click of the command button?

Click Command Button On Frm2 www.vbforums.com

what is the best way to do thisi have form1 which has a button to open form 2 to parse results from a webpage into a listview. i was wondering though can i have it click the 'search button automatically instead of having to click it manually each time when the form2 loads?

Play Without Click Command Button www.vbforums.com

Anybody knows how to Autoplay a video without needing to click on comand button???Any help will be appreciated..Thanks

Invoke Click Command From Another Button www.vbforums.com

I need to do one of two things. I have two forms frmEndUser and frmServer When I close the frmEndUser I need to activate the click command on a button on the frmServer. Or if I click a button on frmEndUser it automatically clicks a button on the frmServer form.Thanks for your help.

Changing Form Background With Command Button www.xtremevbtalk.com

ALERT newbie to vb6 needs help ^^;;I'm using a picture as my form background, and I'm wanting to have command buttons to change the forms background to another image. Rest asure I searched for this, and I probably didn't search long enough but can someone tell me how to do this?

Calling Button Code From Other Object Event - Solved www.vbforums.com

I have working code for a Button in a form. I would like to call same code from Listbox event change. similarly, I want call same code from the menu list item. How to do it?

Changing Command Button To Picture Icon www.vbforums.com

Is there a way to change a command button to appear as an icon of my choosing. It looks boring with regular command buttons so is there a way to make them a picture?Thanks.

Changing Picture Alignment On Command Button www.vbforums.com

How To Change Picture Alignment On Command Button, Commonly Is Top but I want to change This To Left Or Right AlignmentThanks

Changing The Picture Of A Command Button When Enabled/disabled www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hello, I would like to change the picture i have put on a command button when the button is enabled/disabled or when a certain value is met. How do i do this? Maybe i am also geeting the file path to the pic wrongly, how is the correct way of file path in VB?

Web Forms :: Using Dynamically Link Button Creation And Event Handler forums.asp.net

The below shown Tree view are dynamically created link buttons. These link buttons should be created DYNAMICALLY. I tried to create dynamically and its working fine for 1 and 2 case. But I am not able to get 3 case dynamically when i clickon from 2 case. If I click on Products Link Button it'll display all sub products(i.e, computers, mobiles,...) and if I click on computers  and then only it should display all other sub products like Keyboard, Mouse,... lly, if I click on Mobiles and then only it should display all other sub products like Nokia, Samsung  ,... etc.. [code]....

Change Host, Change Domain And Getting Search Engines Up To Speed www.sitepoint.com

Has anyone helped clients transition from one domain to another? Maybe dissolving a partnership or renaming their company... so a new domain name has been registered and a new website created. 2 Issues: #1 Using .htaccess 301 redirect We used the following command line in their old website's htaccess file Redirect 301 / [url] The goal was to get people try to visit any page of their old website (i.e. OldWebsite.com/contact.html) redirected to their new website (i.e. NewWebsite.com/contact.html). Isn't that supposed to change the address bar's URL, too? For some reason, I visit their old site and I seem to be redirected to their new website but the address bar still has their old domain name? Something is going on??? #2 Having their new company name for 2 years now. People can enter her new company name in Google, MSN or Yahoo. Her new company name appears in the search results but has the old domain name associated with it. We are trying to get rid of any reference to that old domain name? What's the easiest way to do this? So what people see in search engines is: New Company Short Meta Description www.OldDomain.com What steps did I miss in this transition? What steps do I have to take on their old website/old web server to control it's appearance on search engines and make sure people get to the new website?

Localization :: How To Change Button Text In Multi Language Website forums.asp.net

i developing multi language website using Master pages Page_Load i set the Text property of Button Control from Resource file like this Button1.Text = GetLocalResourceObject("Button1") then in the button click event i cnage the text of the Button control Button1.Text = GetLocalResourceObject("Button1_new") but the text doesn't change and no error messgae what is the problem how to solve this

Disable Button And Change Text To Loading? forums.asp.net

How do I disable a button when its clicked and change the text to loading inside the button. After 3 sec it has to redirect to another page.

Radio Button Change Style On Checked stackoverflow.com

i have a set of radio buttons.but if a person clicks one variation it works and applies the class, then if they click a second it applies the class to the second but doesnt remove the class from the first. how do i remove the class?