BB Torch :: Incoming Phone Call From Unknown Number Is Linked


Bizar behavior: when I miss an incoming call from a number that is not linked to any of my contacts, somehow in the call log it is linked to contact. The incoming number is not in any way similar to any of the numbers linked to the contact

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I work on call and my employer calls me from an Unknown Number on a regular basis, I'd like to know if there's any way to assign a specific ring tone to "Unknown Number" incoming calls without having to go thru my entire contact list and assign all my contacts with a different ring tone?I have a BB Bold 9900, BB7 OS Bundle 1355 on Bell...

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Using the BB 8350i with the BB branded buletooth I was able to hear the callers name (as stored in my contacts) or the incoming number on on the BT. I'm now using the Motorola H730 BT and all I hear is Call on Phone One. I know that I can set the phone to read the ID on incoming calls but sometimes the phone is in my jacket pocket and I don't always hear the ID.

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how I can have incoming calls with name as well as number showing while incoming calls or out going call same in other phones Info: iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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'take the battery out and restart' because that's not working. My torch won't allow incoming calls, and I am missing out on all my work calls. I've contacted my service provider who says there is no issue on their side, and even managed to get it to work once - but since then it seems that my phone is not accepting incoming calls. I can call out, send and recieve text's, emails etc..

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How I can adjust the tone volume for the Key Pad tone for BB Torch 9800, because when I am dialing the numbers rarely I can hear the tone (very low)

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I just got dis BB curve and I noticed it didn't ring for long.so I took another fone and called my number.I could hear it ringing on d other fone but my BB wasn't ringing,not even an incoming call alert till about the third ring.I tried with several phones and the same thing happened.it annoys me coz by the tym my BB rings and I have 2 pick up,the caller is hanging up coz it rang for long.

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how to receive media file to BB torch OS 6 from a non BB phone since option "Receive using Bluetooth" is no longer available.

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Anyone know a way to get the caller's name to show on the BB Tour? As everyone knows, the BB shows the incoming phone number as part of the Caller ID function, but for some reason BB's don't show the caller's name, as landlines do.So, I'm looking for a way to get the caller's name, if that is possible. I know that there is this software called Privus Mobile Caller ID, but it only gives you the name after you have answered the call (duh!!!) and it is a monthly subscription....all around suxs.

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I have a problem with my BB Torch 9800. When I am calling or I am just dialing a phone number my screen is completely off and I cant do anything (browse menu, check the time, check the length of call, etc.).

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I want to know if there is an app or any other way to block all incoming calls on my HTC Desire V phone. (Rooted and stock ROM) My requirement is to block only "Incoming" calls from a list of pre-selected numbers but I would like to allow everything other then incoming calls. I am using my phone's default way to reject all calls, but any time someone calls they hear a small ring and then operator message saying "The Number You Have Called Is Busy...", So the caller understands that I am rejecting the call and expects a call back. If the message after rejecting a call is like "Switch Off" or something else I am fine. Required "Incoming Call Barring" , because I spoke with my operator regarding incoming calls barring password but I was told that it is phone feature so I needed to contact handset manufacturer for this and I got the same answer from HTC that it is a network feature so I need to contact service provider.


BB Torch :: Ringer Arbitrarily Switches Off For Incoming Calls supportforums.blackberry.com

I removed the battery to restart my BB Torch several times every day, for about the last six weeks, in order for the ringer to function correctly on incoming calls. I have checked and re-checked the Profile settings, without finding anything wrong. It rings correctly for a while, then stops. Very irritating for me as well as for clients who phone me and do not get a response!

BB Bold 9650 :: Caller ID - Shows Up As Unknown Number forums.crackberry.com

I know there have been similar issue like mine with other phones, i have looked through alot of threads and found no solution. ive also noticed that it seem to be an issue with only Verizon phones That said here is the issue: I bought a BB 9650 unlocked from Verizon, and i am using it in Canada with Fido, and when i get phone calls from people, it shows up as unknown number, but i realize i have these people numbers stored on my contact list super weird.

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I have a very undusual problem with my new Torch 9810. Suddenly the mouthpiece and earpiuece stop working as I am unable to listen to incoming calls and the reciever of my call is unable to listen to me. The phone rings fine but there is no voice. Even when I am making a call, I dint hear the ring tone whereas the reciever phone is ringing. This problem can be resolved by wiping all my data (format) and reactivating my enterprise account.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Contacts Do Not Appear On Incoming Calls For Phone / Fix It? talk.sonyericsson.com

Whenever I receive incoming calls, the caller, and even the phone number, doesn't appear to me, that is, the caller always appears as unknown. This means that I don't know who my missed calls are from if they don't get to voicemail. This isn't because of privacy settings on the other phones, I know, because some of the people have public numbers. Does anyone know what's causing this? And if you do, is there a way that I can fix it?

Xperia X10 :: Contacts Cannot Appear On Incoming Calls For It talk.sonymobile.com

Whenever I receive incoming calls, the caller, and even the phone number, doesn't appear to me, that is, the caller always appears as unknown. This means that I don't know who my missed calls are from if they don't get to voicemail. This isn't because of privacy settings on the other phones, I know, because some of the people have public numbers

HTC Droid Eris :: Recent Call Log Display As Outgoing Call androidforums.com

I have an Eris and my recent call log on my phone displays my outgoing calls as Unknown even if they are saved in my Google contacts. I have the outgoing calls set to go through GV option selected on the phone and I'm not sure what's going on. The contact is displayed for a second and then reverts to Unknown. When I add the unknown number to my existing contacts it works and displays properly, but when I call the same number back from my contact list, it shows up as unknown. My incoming calls and missed calls all show up with the proper contact info, so it seems to just be a problem with my outgoing calls. Does anyone know what's going on or how to fix this?

BB Curve 8900 :: Not Display Incoming Calls Contact Info? supportforums.blackberry.com

I am a new user to the Black Berry world, and have encountered a problem I hope can be fixed.I have 84 contacts in my Adress Book in my Black Berry 8900, all with 10 digit phone numbers linked to each.I do not pay for caller ID through Rogers Canada (Just to let you know).The problem I am having is that, when one of my contacts call me, even though I have there phone number in my contact list their name or picture does not appear. I simply get a pop up saying Incoming Call Unknown Number.I've done some searching online and found that in some other black berries people had this fixed by turning off their content protection in secruity>General settings> Content Protection.This however did not work for my phone.I have had a Sony Ericsson W580i which was capable of doing this simple feature from over a year ago and was on the Rogers service for that phone too.I just got off the phone with Rogers and they are claiming that without Caller ID it is impossible to do this simple feature on a Black Berry.

BB Storm :: Displaying Number Above The Dial-pad supportforums.blackberry.com

The display of my phone shows "My Number: Unknown Number" above the number display and I would like to change it to my actual number. I have tried "Status" from the Menu which will then show My Number: Unknown" and the times of "Last call" and "Total calls". It is possible to highlight "Unknown" and to then display a keyboard via the menu button, however I am not able to edit "Unknown".

BB Torch :: Turn Off Vibration When Email Is Receive? supportforums.blackberry.com

My BB is on a corporate server and we receive e-mails from around the world at all hours of the night. Does anyone know how to turn off the audible notification of incoming mail, while retaining the settings for incoming calls and texts? I have the Torch 9850.

Samsung :: Blackjack I607 - Caller Unknown But Number Saved On SIM? www.howardforums.com

GF bought an unlocked Blackjack I607 from tiger direct (At&t version), great phone, but having an issue with caller ID. The phone is on rogers Canada network. Pretty much all her numbers that are saved on the SIM show up and any incoming that are not saved shows as a phone numbers, but some # even though saved or just incoming will show as "caller unknown". Her phone is showing that it is using 3G rather than GSM (which I will have to disable since she does not have a data package).

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I have a Torch 9800 and am trying to change the number of rings for an incoming call before it goes to voicemail? I followed the instructions in the documentation, but when I go to the phone app, then to options, it says I should have a 'General Setting' option and I don't. Cannot find it anywhere!

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I just got the BB Torch 9800. It's my first touchscreen phone, so I'm sorry if this has been discussed before.While I'm on a phone call, the following buttons automatically appear on the touchscreen: Mute, Hold, Speaker Phone, and Add Recipient. I have yet to complete a phone conversation without hitting one of these buttons with my cheek. I cannot for the life of me find a way in Options to stop these buttons from appearing during phone calls.I am actually considering returning the phone over this.

BB Torch :: Unable To See Name For Incoming Calls supportforums.blackberry.com

I have updated my BB torch 9800 with the latest software, but after the update i am unable to see the name of the contact when i receive any call. The caller name is is saved in my contacts. When i go to the log i can see their name but at the time of incoming i am unable to see thier name.

BB Pearl 8100 :: During Incoming Calls Device Button Doesnt Work supportforums.blackberry.com

I am using BB Pearl 8100 running version getting incoming calls, I was able to press BB (Menu) Button and see options.But now when I am getting incoming calls, and when I press BB (Menu) button, nothing is happening.

Android :: Turn Off Sound And Screen Blink On Incoming Calls stackoverflow.com

I would like to know whether this is actually possible in Android? When Android phone receives an incoming call from a specific number the phone's ringing should stop and also the screen should not blink. What I mean is the user should not be able to know that there was incoming call, but actually there was. I do not want to delete any call logs, just to stop sound on incoming call from a specific number and that too at a specific time.

BB Storm 9530/9500 :: Unknown Name On Incoming Call forums.crackberry.com

Sometime when certain people call it says unknown name unknown number.How can I fix this... I have call/name display as a feature on my plan and ever since I started using the blackberry Storm on Fido with two poeple it always says unknown name unknown number and from contacts that are not in my address book it only show the numbers sometimes or unknown name unknown number.WHAT TO DO!And the two people that are programmed on my phone do not have blocked numbers and I erased them and put them back on and checked with my service provider.What do I do?

BB Torch :: App World Is Very Slow On 9800? supportforums.blackberry.com

The latest Blackberry App World is very slow on my Blackberry Torch 9800 so does any1 have a link for the BB App World

BB (RIM) :: Bold 9700 Does Not Catch 4.5 Rings Incoming Call www.howardforums.com

My BB 9700 doesn't catch the first 4-5 rings of an incoming call. It's so bad that incoming Google Voice calls go straight to Google voicemail. If I call myself, I hear 4-5 rings on the calling side before the BB begins to ring. I've changed the ringer settings from vibrate but this seems to do little. Before this phone I had a Sony Ericcson k850 that had the same problem. Before that I had the SE k550i that did NOT have any problem. If I take that old phone and put my sim card in it now, it still has no ring lag. So I believe it has something to do with the phone settings within the phone, though this BB is the first phone I bought that came from AT&T (branded probably). Can I change some setting for the phone to ping the towers more often? I don't see anything for slot cycle on the phone...

BB Torch :: 9800 - Email And Number No Longer Clickable In Contact List supportforums.blackberry.com

We have a contact list in html format in our organization. The contact list is displayed by the BB browser. The emails and phone numbers in this list work fine for other models we have (9650,etc.) But users with new BB Torch 9800 can not click on the phone numbers or emails any more. Our provider is ATT. The OS I believe is

BB Curve :: How To Block A Phone Number supportforums.blackberry.com

I've already used the "Help" feature on my phone. It just says to hit my BB button, click Options, then go to Call Barring. Well, I don't have said Call Barring option listed in my menu. My question simply is: any other way to program a number into my phone to be blocked? Or, is there a link on the BB site that someone could link me to?

Nokia Nseries :: N97 Mini Caller ID Not Working? discussions.nokia.com

N97 Mini displays calling number only, not callers name on incoming calls even though it's in the sim card and phones memory.

Nokia :: N97 Mini Caller ID Not Working On Incoming Calls? discussions.europe.nokia.com

N97 Mini displays calling number only, not callers name on incoming calls even though it's in the sim card and phones memory.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Incoming / Missed Calls Numbers Are Not Shown Up / Setting For It? talk.sonyericsson.com

How to set the phone up so that I can view incoming/missed calls numbers? what happens now that all phone calls are just recorded as "unknown"on the screen, even for those I've already saved in the contact list. or should I contact my network provider which is optus in Australia?

BB Torch :: Incoming Call NOT Displaying A Name And Phone Number? supportforums.blackberry.com

whenever I receive an incoming call, it only shows 'unknown number' even the caller is actually in my contacts and in my call log also shows unknown number. I have no clue who is calling and I've done setting the country code and content protection for 'include contacts' to no.

Xperia X10 :: Incoming/missed Calls Numbers Are Not Shown Up? talk.sonymobile.com

how to set the phone up so that I can view incoming/missed calls numbers? what happens now that all phone calls are just recorded as "unknown"on the screen, even for those I've already saved in the contact list. or should I contact my network provider which is optus in Australia?

BB Torch :: 9800 Unable To Update Os Via Desktop Manager As Phone Keeps Rebooting Itself supportforums.blackberry.com

My Torch appears to be a little bit poorlyI got an update to BBM which I installed, then it asked for a reboot, which I did Now its stuck on a reboot cycleI tried to enter safe mode (to uninstall the problematic application) to no effect.Then reading this wonderful site, tried the fix here url...yBut am unable to do so(When I plug in the phone I do not get the option of USB-PIN: UNKNOWN Its either blank, or I have my phone with its PIN number listed.Either way when I try to enter the app loader, the reboot sequence has started again and I'm again unable to get into the phone.unable to update os via desktop manager as phone keeps rebooting itself

HTC Droid Eris :: Call History - Unknown Number androidforums.com

Moving on, my problem has to do with "Call-History". What I've noticed is that while I can see the phone-numbers of people in my contacts list people whose number I do not have show up as, bear with me, "Unknown". When I navigate to "Call History", (Say a friend whose number I don't have calls me). I can't add their number to my contact list. This is an increasingly frustrating problem for me. I'll navigate to the "Call History" screen and find that there's no way for me to identify what numerical-phone number called me. There will simply be the designation; "Unknown", while holding down on the entry (while the time/length of the call can be viewed). There is no way to add nor even view, the again, [Unknown] number to my contact list. Phones are ultimately communication devices, if I can't find a solution, well, I'm convinced that I'm going to have to down-grade from a smart-phone to something capable of recording and adding unknown numbers.

BB Curve :: 3G - Cannot See The Number Of Missed Calls supportforums.blackberry.com

I have a few missed calls and can never know the number from who it's coming from, only that it's unknown and the time when I was called. I know normal cellphones know and if I answer an unknown call, that the number is stored in the phone. How can I know the phone numbers of the calls I missed? Or maybe, what do I do so that the future call numbers are registered so that I can call them back?

Android :: How To Block Private Number androidforums.com

Most of my work phone calls are unknown number and lately I kept getting a phone call from a private number every half hour or so and it only ring once then hang up. I want to block that private number but not the unknown, I tried couple of apps but it doesn't allow me to just block private number. I have to block unknown, private etc..

BB Bold 9700 :: Incoming Caller Not Recognized supportforums.blackberry.com

My new BB Bold 9700 sometimes (would say randomly) does not recognize the incoming contact, despite that it is already in my contact list. This does not happen with all the calls and it was not happening with the same contact in my previous BB Pearl 8100. I already checked if it was the international code (I always have it for all my contacts) or even if blank spaces where included in the phone number.

Android :: Change Incoming Call Screen For Unknown Numbers And Contacts Without Photos? androidforums.com

Is there any way to change the incoming call screen for unknown numbers and contacts without photos? The little robot (foryo or whatever) is a cute logo.. but it looks like a waving dildo.. Often times I have to answer calls in front of customers, family and friends. It's a little embarrassing having to pull a noisy, illuminated, vibrating green dildo out of my pocket every time I get a phone call.

BB Pearl 8110/20/30 :: Not Receiving Calls forums.crackberry.com

i have a notification that i have a missed called but the phone didn't ring and it says from unknown number. it sent the call to my voicemail. why cant i receive any of my incoming calls.

BlackBerry :: Restoring Contacts From Protect? supportforums.blackberry.com

I have a new BB Torch 9810 and I'm trying to restore from BB Protect but not all contacts restore - and it seems random which ones don't. I tried a resolution posted about unticking not restoring contacts which are e-mail synchronized but the only option under "Synchronisation Options" on my Torch is "Deleted items". When I look at the back-up data on Protect for the old device (Torch 9800) each synch has 2 Address Book entries with different numbers of items. Could it somehow be restoring only one of these two files?

BB Torch 9800 :: Call Is Dropped And Phone Shuts Off To Complete An Update forums.crackberry.com

I am new to BB and have had the Torch for 2 weeks.Today, while on the phone, my call has been interrupted by an update.The call is dropped and the phone shuts off to complete an update.Is this normal? Do I need to change some of the options?

HTC :: Touch When I Get An Incoming Call / No Contact Name Or Number Shows Up www.howardforums.com

when I get an incoming call, no contact name or number shows up. I only get a pop up window that says "incoming call". It is only after I answer the call it displays the phone number and name. I suscribe to caller id and the incoming calls are from my contact list. I'm a new Touch user and was hoping I could get some help here to fix this problem

BB Bold :: 9800 Ear Piece Not Working? supportforums.blackberry.com

My Blackberry 9800 Torch's earpiece doesn't work when I'm on a call (incoming and outgoing calls). I always have to talk on the speaker phone. Sometimes when I reboot the phone the ear piece will work for 1 or 2 calls but then will stop working again.

BB Tour 9630 :: Music Auto Playback Wont Automatically Resume? forums.crackberry.com

I've been trying to use my BB as music player when on the bike.At the same time, I'm running my GPS and utilize the phone function for incoming calls.Music starts up fine, however, as soon as the playback gets interrupted by any kind of command - GPS turn instructions or incoming phone calls, the playback won't automatically resume. Is there any work around for this?

Android :: Block All Numbers Except Few androidforums.com

We need to block ALL numbers incoming and outgoing (calls and texts) from a cell phone (of a teenager) with the exception of a few numbers. All applications we have researched block only certain numbers where we need to allow only a few telephone numbers to text or call incoming or outgoing from this cell phone.

Make Pop Up In Web Browser When Incoming Call Comes In www.phpbuilder.com

I want to make a pop-up in web browser when a incoming call comes in. I have a modem connected with caller ID as well as computer. The incoming phone calls come to modem first after that it goes to caller ID and Phone. What i want is i want a pop-up when incoming call comes in using php or some other opensource language. if i got a popup with phone number send to the popup browser in get method. i can get the personal information of that phone number from my Database. What i want is how to read the incoming phone number from php? and How to create a pop-up when call comes in?

Motorola Defy :: Ringer (MP3 File) Suddenly Not Working - Incoming Call Vibrate forums.motorola.com

I am running 2.1 and my phone ringer stopped working a few days. No changes to the phone, or new application, or physical damage. The symptom is incoming calls vibrate, but don't ring. If I check the ringtone by selecting a different tone, it plays Ok. Volume is fine also, set for independent control for incoming volume and phone ring. I have tried power cycling, removing the battery, checking my settings, and calling from different numbers (different ring tones).

BB Curve 83xx :: 8330 Cannot Get Caller ID To Work forums.crackberry.com

I cannot get the caller ID to work on my new BB 8330 curve, all the calls say unknown caller, even if I get a call from someone who is in my address book it still says unknown. All our other mobile phones on the plan have caller ID which functions fine. Is there something wrong with my phone or something I need to call verizon for?