BB Torch :: Can't Open Browser And Other Web Pages


I just got my BB yesterday. It's the first one that I've had.So far, I'm not really impressed with it. I'm already having problems. I can't open my web browser. I know when I tried to open Slacker Radio the device said I didn't have enough battery power. But now I have it charging and I still can't open the browser

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i can't brows internet on my torch 9800 well i can use messenger and all other things just i can't brows the net with the BB browser

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torch 9810 os 7.0.268 when opening the browser error message browser has closed unexpectedly would you like to open the pages you were loading

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i have a blackberry torch that was working good ish till a few days ago. now when i open the web browser or click on 'apps' that just open the web browser to a certain page, i see finance: today in europe thursday, 856 pm ___________ ( yep blank ) thursday 754pm [code].... not just on finance pages, but on all pages, random story titles or information are just missing. lets say i log into yahoo mail on my browser, the persons name will only show for a random one of the 25 mails on the page. the rest its click ?too much of the content on the browser is just being blanked out and not showing up. i cant seem to find any updates for the browser. i have tried rebooting.blackberry torch - att 3g type.

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Since lately my BB Torch is failing to detect or connect to my home wifi system, I even notice that it can't connet to external open networks. I use to connect so seamlessly before but now my Torch don't want to do wifi no more. I get a message saying "fail to obtain IP address" or cannot connect for some other reason I have never had before. This is very distressing to my wife and I who can't connect our individual Torch to our home wifi anymore.<br><br>

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I just got my BB Torch on Thursday and have had problems with the web pages. They seem to always have a white bar over part of the page. It happens throughout the page and I can't read my pages!

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I have a bb torch 9800 and I cant seam to get the app world to work. Every time I want to download something it says "there was a problem during installation. please try again". I can't download anything even from my web browser.

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how can i open a web browser and have a web page open up in that same web browser....

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I can't take any picture with my bb torch 9800.it's always displayed:file aystem error (6)

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Is there a way to view web pages with embedded pdf's? Some places that i go to post schedules, calendars, or meeting minutes as a pdf on a web page and I can't find a way to view them.What i am about to say will be considered blaspheme by most of you, but i wish the BB browser worked as well as the Iphone's browser.

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I love my curve except the crappy web browser. I Dl'ed a better browser called Bolt, but whenever I open a link from an E-mail it uses the crappy BB browser. Is there a way to have the E-mail use the Bolt browser instead? If I deleted the crappy BB browser, would the E-mail revert to using Bolt, or would the links not open at all?


BB Torch :: It Won't Recognize The 8 Giga MicroSD Card supportforums.blackberry.com

I just bought the Blackberry torch 9800, and I was using BB storm before, and I still have the 8 Giga MicroSD card, so I put it in the new torch. I was expecting the new BB torch will be able to open the files in that card, as in the music and the pictures from my old phone are there. But there's nothing from the MicroSD card can be read by this Torch, but when I take it out of the phone and trying to open it in the computer it can be perfectly opened and all of the datas are still there.what can I do to make the BB torch read the Micro SD?

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I have a BB 8330 curve running OS I installed Opera mini which runs fine. My problem is that I can't make it my default browser. Every time I click on a link, say from an email message, the default BB browser opens up but I want Opera mini to do so. Went to "BB browser > options > browser configuration > browser:" there is a pull down menu there, but only one option available: "internet browser"

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web pages running on the localhost, if i copy the web page link (address link), then copy to the another tab or browser, it should not open, it should display a Login Page. For example, web pages are Login.aspx Account.aspx Once Login, account page will open, then copy the address link, then try to open in another tab or browser. It is directly account page is display. Account page directly should not open without login page. How to protect the web pages.

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Is there a way to have the web browser magnify like the web browser does on the BB Bold & Tour?

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Just got my new BB Bold 9900. When I try and close the web browser, it doesn't seem to close completely.I press in the BB button (next to call on the keypad), scroll down and hit close. However when I hold in this BB button to see open apps, the browser icon is still there.Is this normal? Does the browser app always have to run in the background?

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I'm using response.redirect to open a page and window.open to open page in new window. However, when I used window.open browser would block the page to be opened and my current page would post back also.Thus, there are any method others that response.redirect and window.open can open a page in new window? I don't want the page to be blocked by browser and page should not post back as well.

Nokia :: N97 Any Way Of Saving Web Pages To File discussions.europe.nokia.com

Is there any way of saving web pages to a file on the N97?Most browsers that I know have this functionality, but not the Nokia browser. I installed the Opera browser, which allows you to do this, but as it's impossible to change the default web browser on the N97, you can't use it to open links in messages.Saving as a bookmark isn't any good, as that only saves the URL, not the page.

BB Torch :: Wi-fi "Fails To Associate With The Network"? supportforums.blackberry.com

Torch 9800 "fails to associate with the wi-fi netwrok" for some reason.My BB: Torch 9800 - OS 6.0 Bundle 3106 (v6.0.0.723, Platform

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About 50% of the websites I try to visit won't open in the BB Browser. I keep getting the message "The page you requested could not be loaded; it is too large for the device." It won't open any Ebay page at all - ever. But even pages which should cause no problem create this message...and it happens on at least half the web pages I visit, perhaps more. How does one minimize or eliminate this problem? It makes the BB browser completely useless. I have Opera Mini, but it's not the default browser (if there's a way to designate it as such, please tell me) so it's inconvenient to use it when I just want to open a link in an email.

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I installed and tried the Opera browser.It works must faster than the BB browser.How can I make Opera my default browser so when emails link to a web page Opera opens?

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i create a web site using frame and child when session i s out i require Login page open in browser not opend in frmaehow to set Session out open login page

BB Curve :: 8520 Browser Doesn't Load Any Page supportforums.blackberry.com

I have a BlackBerry Curve 8520 running BB OS 5. Recently the default BB browser will not load pages. After navigating to any page the loading bar at the bottom of the screen will fill up but when it is fill the browser will display a blank page. I installed Opera Mini on the devise and it opens up and displays all web pages fine. I have tried removing the battery and re inserting it without success. I am also unable to reinstall the browser from the BB desktop app. Is there any way to fix this issue without reintalling the OS from scratch?

BB Torch :: Can't Find Pictures To Copy To Computer supportforums.blackberry.com

I have over 200 photos on my Torch that I want to copy to my computer, but when I connect the Torch to my laptop, it sayd I have 0 pictures. I've used the BB Desktop Software, and tried navigating the drive on my computer, but can't find any of my pictures either way. When I disconnect my BB from the computer, I can see my 216 pictures, but when connected, says I have none.

BB Torch :: 9860 Can't See Display Pics? supportforums.blackberry.com

Received my new BB torch 9860 this morning and added some contacts. But for some reason when a few of them accepted and became contacts I was (and still am) unable to view their display pictures and the same people can't see mines. I never had this problem with my old BB torch 9860 and I have tried everything I can think of to fix the issue like rebooting, taking battery out, backing up contacts etc but I'm still having the same problem. I'm using blackberry messenger version

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I can't take any pictures with my bb torch 9800. Everything about the camera is ok; the problem is when I try to press on the button for taking a picture: nothing happens; it's like I don't press even if the flash goes on. In short; my bb torch refuses to take pictures.

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I have a BlackBerry Curve 8520 running BB OS 5. Recently the default BB browser will not load pages. After navigating to any page the loading bar at the bottom of the screen will fill up but when it is fill the browser will display a blank page. I installed Opera Mini on the devise and it opens up and displays all web pages fine. I have tried removing the battery and re inserting it without success. I am also unable to reinstall the browser from the BB desktop app.

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HiHow do you open a web page in the default browser from VbThanks

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how to receive media file to BB torch OS 6 from a non BB phone since option "Receive using Bluetooth" is no longer available.

BB Torch :: 9800 Doesn't Connect To Desktop Manager supportforums.blackberry.com

Handset: Torch 9800 Desktop Manager Version: Problem: When I connect Torch with PC and start Desktop Manager, DM asks password for BB. Once the password is punched, DM takes some time to connect i.e. a PC and BB is shown on Torch screen, trying to connect to each other AND then DICONNECTS. Actions Already Taken: I have uninstalled and reinstalled DM. I have taken out battery and reboot BB. BUT problem persists.

BB Bold :: Unable To Synchronize 9860? supportforums.blackberry.com

i have loaded the bb desktop software and drivers for bb but i am unable to synchronize my torch 9860?

BB Torch :: 9800 Is Not Reconciling All Emails? supportforums.blackberry.com

My BB Torch 9800 is not reconciling all my emails with Outlook 2007. I can only see some of the emails on my BB.

BB Bold :: Transfer All Contacts From Torch To BB9900? supportforums.blackberry.com

How can I transfer all contacts from BB Torch to new BB Bold 9900?

BB Torch :: Internet Browsing Format For 9800? supportforums.blackberry.com

how to do settings of internet browser on Torch 9800 to view the pages in BB format and as mostly pages are appearing in desktop format by default.

BB Torch :: It Isn't Connected To The Enterprise Server Or The Internet Service supportforums.blackberry.com

My BB torch isnt connected to the Enterprise server or the Internet Service

BB Torch :: Service Is Not Available? supportforums.blackberry.com

My torch's bb protect statusnis coming that this service is not available on your

Multiple Browser Windows Open On View In Browser Selection? forums.asp.net

why are three seperate browser windows opening, with the same web page I'm testing, when I click the "view in browser" icon?

BB Torch :: Free Voice Satnat App For 9800? supportforums.blackberry.com

there is a free voice satnat app for BB Torch 9800

BB Torch :: Options For An Automatic Sync Between Outlook Calendar And It? supportforums.blackberry.com

What options do I have for an automatic sync between outlook calender and my bb torch´╗┐

BB Bold :: It Keeps Kicking Out Of Browser supportforums.blackberry.com

My blackberry bold keeps kicking me out of the web browser. It open, starts to load a page and then says "Browser closed unexpectedly"

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I am writing a VB program in VB 2008 express edition, and I need to make a simple web browser used by touch screen users. I have done making the simple web browser to browser the webpage, but when I open some links they are opened in the external IE rather than the VB web browser, how can I force all web page to be opened in the VB software?

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Hey, i wanna open up a web browser from my app and load a web page, how would i go about doing this??Edited by - JahWarrior on 10/8/2004 2:34:19 PM

BB Torch :: Buttons Not Working Then Losing Connectivity? supportforums.blackberry.com

For Torch 9800: only the touch screen buttons are working. The entire keypad and the top 5 buttons (menu, send, etc) were not working. I did several battery pulls and it finally started working. However BBM, FB, WhatsApp, BB App Store stopped working, but the web browser was still working, so it was not a connectivity problem. Then the keyboard problem started again. I did another battery pull and is started working again, but still to access to FB, BBM or Whatsapp,

Necessary To Use Mobile Controll For Developing A Mobile Compatible Websites forums.asp.net

I have developed one website in asp.net and now I want to open the same website in mobile devices.now i want to develop that for mobile users. I tried with .net mobile controls but it is not full filling my requirements. In the web page if combine the .net mobile controls with Asp.net controls Is it give any problem in the browser (at the time of rendering the controls in browser) in any of the devices like Nokia, iphone, BB. If use html controls in application

BB Torch :: Sync With Yahoo Calendar? supportforums.blackberry.com

I have been able to sync my calendar entries between my BB 9800 Torch and my Yahoo calendar until recently. Both BB and Yahoo have been upgraded and now the sync no longer works. The BB Desktop Manager syncs my Contact List perfectly with Windows Contact list, then reads my BB Torch calendar, then stops syncing with the message " CONNECTION TO YAHOO SERVER WAS LOST". I have checked all my settings and reviewed other forum threads but cannot determine what is causing this problem.

Torch :: BB 9800 Not Connecting To Wifi supportforums.blackberry.com

my bb torch 9800 is not connecting to wifi settings in my home. i've spoken to tech people both at bell and rim with no solutions. i have three other bb in this house and all connect to wifi. when we change the protocol from wep to wpa my phone works but the others do not. the other phones are brand new. when we switch back to wep setting my phone "fails to associate with network".

BB Torch :: 9810 - Using Same Email On Two Different Phone IDs supportforums.blackberry.com

I have 2 BB Torch 9810, Both have different IDs, but if I try to use the same e-mail, one of my phones will erase the others' e-mails, and vice-versa. How can I get two different BB IDs' for my phones and still use the same e-mails on both? Cause I need to access my e-mails in both phones.

Nokia Lumia :: Search A Word From Webpage? discussions.nokia.com

When I have opened a web page in the browser, is it possible to search text from that page?

BB Torch :: Synchronization Of Contacts With Outlook 2007? supportforums.blackberry.com

I have bought BB Torch 9810 recently. And dowloaded latest version of BB Desktop software. I tried to synchronize the BB contact with Outlook 2007. However, it is taking 5 hours or more to do the same. And even after giving so much of time, it gives errors and only partial contacts are transferred to Outlook. (Previously I was using BB Torch and the sync was just taking 2-3 minutes).

BB Curve :: Can't Open Application World supportforums.blackberry.com

My BB 9360, but another two weeks my BB I'd locked, I cant open application world, can't update or change BB I'd, open YM.

Ubuntu :: Which Is The Default File Browser (NOT Web Browser) Of 10.10 Maverick Meerkat ubuntuforums.org

Which is the default file browser(NOT web browser) of Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat?Nautilus?Are there any others for Ubuntu?

Insert Link Into Web Page www.vbforums.com

Hi,Following is the problem I've got. My program opens a web page "HTMLDatei" in a default browser:ShellExecute hWnd, "OPEN", HTMLDatei, "", "", SW_SHOWThen I would like to make an object reference to the web browser so I could insert some HTML tags in my page: (object reference to web browser).Document.body.insertAdjacentHTML "BeforeEnd", "<a href=" & InsertData & ">" & PdfName & "</a>"i tried playing with handle and Window API functions, but couldn't figure it out. Does anybody have any ideas how I could do this? thanks in advance

BB Storm 9530/9500 :: Cant Access To OWA Exchange? forums.crackberry.com

i'm using a BB Storm with Telus in canada since Dec 2008 last June, i did a major upgrade passing from .116 to .122 since then, i cannot acces my OWA.domain name.com /exchange from the BB browser even my web app. that i could acces with an IP # gives me the HTTP 500 error found alot of stuff on some forums and BB website about the 500 error tried some solutions, still, not working.event telus tells me that THEY do not make any filtering on their system to block web access they sent me to BB support before i go any further, can someone give me am idea. 1- does Telus tells me the truth ? 2- does my BB storm new ver. stops me now to acces web services that used to work before? 3- tried to load the mini.opera.com browser, cannot download it either from my BB browser or from the web.

BB Bold :: Can't Access The Desktop Software supportforums.blackberry.com

Lost BB Bold, replaced with BB Torch. Now I can't access the Desktop Software I've installed for old BB.... how do i connect my new BB?

BB Software :: Denies Access To Existing Accounts? supportforums.blackberry.com

I switched from a Blackberry Curve to a BB Torch 9800, transferring all data from the old to the new BB via the BB Desktop Manager. There were 4 internet mail accounts on the old BB, and icons for the same accounts are now present on the BB Torch 9800. Problems: (1) Even though there are the icons, I cannot send or receive e-mails on the BB from/on any of the four accounts. (2) So I went to the set-up icon, selected "e-mail accounts", the BB did the "connecting to e-mail settings", and a log-on page to existing user accounts appears, asking for user name (the e-mail address, presumably) and the respective password. But here is what I cannot resolve: No matter what I type in the user name field and the password field, the BB always says "The user name is invalid. A user name must be at least 4 characters". A blatantly absurd reaction, for none of my user names has so few characters.

Dynamically Opening New Web Browser? www.dreamincode.net

how I can dynamically open up two new windows with web browsers in (that are navigated to two different pages).I'm trying to open two new windows with web browsers in one located to a support page the other email when the user clicks a button.So far I've thought of... Private Sub() 'ignore that it doesn't have the handles click End Sub how to dynamically open two windows WITH browsers already navigated in.

BlackBerry :: Restoring Contacts From Protect? supportforums.blackberry.com

I have a new BB Torch 9810 and I'm trying to restore from BB Protect but not all contacts restore - and it seems random which ones don't. I tried a resolution posted about unticking not restoring contacts which are e-mail synchronized but the only option under "Synchronisation Options" on my Torch is "Deleted items". When I look at the back-up data on Protect for the old device (Torch 9800) each synch has 2 Address Book entries with different numbers of items. Could it somehow be restoring only one of these two files?

BB Bold :: 9900 Don't Get Normal White Listed Mail supportforums.blackberry.com

I just upgraded my BB Torch to BB Bold 9900 one month ago and have this strange problem which I did not have with my former BB.I have two accounts on my BB that is my work email and my private.My work email works just fine but my private one is acting very strange. This is what is going on: 1.I can send email from my account 2.I receive spam mail 3.But I DO NOT GET MY NORMAL WHITE LISTED MAIL I have tried to set it up again, not worked, I have wiped the phone and then set it up again same problem.Just to be clear that I did not have this problem with the BB torch.I am receiving my mail to the web-mail and as per my provided then all is fine with my account. Then I talk to my IT dpt and they say nothing wrong with BB server.

How To Monitor Web Browsers In Vb 2008 social.msdn.microsoft.com

I am making an antivirus program in VB 2008.Everything has gone well,but I am having trouble with web browser monitor.The following are the tasks of web browser monitor: 1 - Whenever the user tries to open a web page in any web browser,it must return the url and html code of the web page to the antivirus.In my program, i have the following function to check whether a given string contains virus codes [Code]...

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ActionScript 2.0 :: Browser Opens Behind Projector www.kirupa.com

all my getURLs launch the browsers fine, but if the user allready has a window open, the browser launches behind the projector causing the user to minimize and tab over to the web browser. this only seems to happen on a pc.is there any way to attach something to either the first frame of the flash to close any open browser windows? i know this is a bit of an annoyance for me, as well as many others, from a usablitiy standpoint, but this is the last tweak my client is not budging on.[code]

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I am using BB Torch 9800, the problem which I am facing is when I am trying to open the Email Accounts under Setup, I am unable to open this. I have successfully created my BB Account onto the Carrier Site and added the Email IDs these are reflected onto the device but as I am unable to open Email Accounts under Setup I am unable to Edit or Delete the Email Accounts which I don't won't on this Handle. Every time the Modifications have to be done by going to the Carrier website.

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I've noticed that when you click on a web page in Windows Explorer, or open a file in general, and the default application to open it is internet explorer, ie opens and opens the file. However, when I tried this on my Web Browser it opened, but ignored the file and went on its usual routine. How can I get my Web Browser to open and open the file that was clicked on in explorer?

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I am making a web application in ASP.NET 4.0. For some reason I need to open a web site always in full screen. It is a tedious task to open a web site in browser and then toggle to fullscreen.Is there any way to open the browser (preferably IE9 or Google Chrome) in full screen programmatically?Can I put some code in the Page_Load() method of my default page that toggles the browser to full screen?

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I can't get my browser to display web pages. Info: iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9.3)

BB Bold 9700 :: Phone Not Synching With Gmail - Deleting Email On Web Doesn't Delete On Phone And Vice... supportforums.blackberry.com

I use gmail and when I delete an email on the web, it doesn't delete on my BB. The same goes for when I open an email on the web, it doesn't show 'read' on my BB. Interestingly though, if I delete or read an email on my BB, the action is reciprocated on the web.And finally, if I send myself an email (either from the web or my BB), it appears on the web but not on my BB.

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How to develop a user defined plugin for a web browser. It should features: It should be installed in any browsers. It should be executed whenever the browser starts. It should monitor the web page and access the web page that the browser displays. It should monitor and access the web page (for example, getting a value from a text box) irrespective of the web page the browser displays. (The web page can be of any URL either google or any domain)