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BB Torch 9800 :: How To Show Virtual Keyboard On Screen Keyboard?

Just got my torch last night! yayyy! I did read in one of the threads there is a way to bring the virtual keyboard down by swiping up and down (I think). But when I do that, I always open the manage connections option. Can someone explain how to get it to show wo opening the physical keyboard?

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BB Torch 9800 Smartphone :: Enterprise Activation
I just bought a Blackberry Torch but have been unable to set up my corporate email using Enterprise Activation. I have the password from my IT group and have also reset the device. I keep getting an error that the Blackberry is unable to connect the server.

BB Torch 9800 Smartphone :: Where Is Enterprise Activation?
How do you get to the place in the phone where you do the Enterprise Activiation?

BB Torch 9800 Smartphone :: Accidentally Selected Enterprise Activation
When setting up my email I accidentally selected enterprise activation rather than the personal email setup. Now that I am on the enterprise activation screen I am unable to go back and start over.

BB Torch :: 9800 Cannot Link To Pc For Download Apps
My Torch 9800 cannot lnk to the pc for download the apps, it always said my plug-in is not install. Even i installed, it take years tnot even to connect my phone to pc.

BB Bold 9000 :: Turn Bold Into Wireless Keyboard And Mouse
I'm not sure why this is free but it works with my PC: www dot bluctrl dot com It is amazing how well it works. The program needs to be installed on your pc and your blackberry and you need to pair it them with bluetooth.

BB Torch :: Deleting Enterprise Link?
My BB was purchased in Korea and linked to my company system. On leaving the company I was allowed to keep the phone but it still shows Korea and I cannot sync my personal emails. I have been to O2 but they seem not be able to help. I can access emails through the web. I also have my address book showing Desktop as well as personal.

BB Torch :: Enterprise Server Not Connected?
I have checked Service Status and it tells me that: Blackberry Internet service - Not connected Blackberry enterprise server - Not connected   I have checked with my service provider and all is ok.  I have taken out the battery 5 times, waited 1 min and let the thing reboot?

BB Torch :: Activate An Enterprise Account?
I am trying to activate an enterprise account, where do I get an "activation password" from and do I use my existing sky email address?

BB Torch :: Enterprise Activation Option Not Available?
I've got the Blackberry Internet Service and the right information by my company for the activation. Now I want to activate the enterprise service but it failed. I've seen a video how to do this: [URL]. Setup-> Emails accounts: Video showing two options: normal Mail account and company mail account. In my system there's not such a thing. I can choose between google & co. or type an own one. Doing this I fail! I think that the right option is missing. How can I activate the enterprise service?

BB Torch :: Enterprise Email Activation?
I am trying to setup my enterprise connection and can't find the screen to do this.  I have seen it before but can't  seem to find it again

BB Torch :: Not Started - No Enterprise Activation Code
I cannot get my new smartphone started because I do not have an enterprise activation code.

BB Torch :: Re-sync Phone With Enterprise Server
had to re-sync my phone with the BB Enterprise server, I inadvertantly entered the wrong password and there was no way I that could find to re-set and try again. Does anyone know how I can go about re-activating / syncing with the BB server?My service provider, loacl shop/dea;er were great, it was the business/coporate end that was/did not want to help.

BB Torch :: Enterprise Email Is The Only Option In Setup
I bought a Blackberry Torch 9800 from a reseller and tried to setup email but the only option available is Enterprise. THe carrier, O2, can't help. How do I get all the email setup options back?The Torch was to replace a Bold stolen the day before. It was PIN protected but not backed up, nor did it have recovery or tracking software. Is there a way to trace it if it used again?

BB Torch :: Can Contacts Be Set To Display Only Enterprise
I have installed my personal Yahoo Mail on my 9810 Torch; as a result, the Contacts list now includes a mix of work and personal when first pulled up. I can then change it to display only one of my contacts lists (work or personal), but that requires several thumb fiddles every time. Is there a way to have the Contacts display default to only my work contacts displayed upon opening?

BB Torch :: 9810 No Enterprise Server Option?
I purchased a Torch 9810 whcih doesnt give me the Enterprise Server option when setting up my mail.

BB Torch :: Enterprise Account Change Security Setting?
I have a blackberry torch. it has recently been replaced on the insurance, but now i can not set up my e mail accounts or connect to blackberry net (facebook, twitter). When i try to set my e mails up it asks me for the enterprise activation password. I have tried countless times with vodafone to rectify this. They sent me a link to activate my e mail accounts, but they are still associated with my old blackberry pin number. Vodafone have now told me to contact the manufacturers to change the security access to my new pin number, as my details have not updated like they should have done.I can not find any numbers to contact  these though. I am getting increasingly frustrated with this as i am paying for a service i can not use, and they cant rectify.

BB Torch :: Enterprise Email Message Stuck - Unable To Delete
I have a couple of emails from the enterprise server that are stuck in my inbox that will not delete no matter how many attempts...all other new messages from server and internet email delete fine like normal, just these two stuck.

BB Torch :: Can't Set Personal Emails On Phone Except This Enterprise Activation
can't seem to set personal emails on my phone except this enterprise activation

BB Torch :: It Isn't Connected To The Enterprise Server Or The Internet Service
My BB torch isnt connected to the Enterprise server or the Internet Service

BB Torch :: Unable To Link Email Account?
I am unable to link my email accounts by clicking on Internet Email Account. When I click on this tab, nothing happens. Here is what I have tried:- Boot the phone when it is on- Checked the site http://<brand> , shows the error url could not be retrieved.

BB Torch :: It Does Not Link Up To Cell When I Return Home
I have an ATT Micro Cell and sometimes my Torch does not link up to the cell when I return home. How do I correct this?

BB Torch :: Using 9800 To Link Computer To Internet?
Does the Torch 9800 have the ability to link to a computer so you can access the internet on your computer remotely?   My wife has an iPhone which does this seamlessly (they call it "Tethering"). Went to the Telus store and the sales person claimed the Torch can do this but could not find the feature. I have spent 3 hours and cannot figure it out either.

BB Torch :: Cannot Access Internet Browser Or Open Any Link
Starting yesterday afternoon, I am unable to access an internet browser or open any link on my Torch. I do not have WiFi turned on. The device almost appears to 'freeze' when I am attempting this action. I have completely cycled off and back on....

Using Return/Enter Keyboard Button Instead Of Command Button (RESOLVED)
I am entering data into 4 textboxes and then performing calcs on that data using a commandbutton.Is there a way to use the keyboard's Enter button as a proxy for the commandbutton, if and only if the focus is on one of these 4 textboxes?I hope that's clear.JimEdited by - jimvt on 6/16/2004 4:12:28 AM

Doesn't Read Keyboard After Placing A Command Button?
Basically, my program is when I press left arrow, the label is 1, when released it go backs to 0.However,when I place a command button to the form, there is no reaction to my arrow inputs.Thx for the help Option ExplicitPrivate height1 As LongPrivate left1 As LongPrivate num As IntegerPrivate blnkeyl As BooleanPrivate blnkeyr As BooleanPrivate Sub Form_KeyUp(KeyCode As Integer, Shift As Integer) Select Case KeyCode Case vbKeyLeft If blnkeyl = True Then num = num - 1 Label1.Caption = num blnkeyl = False End If Case vbKeyRight If blnkeyr = True Then num = num - 2 Label1.Caption = num blnkeyr = False End If Case vbKeyUp Case vbKeyDown End SelectEnd SubPrivate Sub Form_Keydown(KeyCode As Integer, Shift As Integer) Select Case KeyCode Case vbKeyLeft If blnkeyl = False And blnkeyr = False Then num = num + 1 Label1.Caption = num blnkeyl = True End If Case vbKeyRight If blnkeyr = False And blnkeyl = False Then num = num + 2 Label1.Caption = num blnkeyr = True End If Case vbKeyUp Case vbKeyDown End SelectEnd Sub

Press A Keyboard Button Through Code.
I'm trying to make it so when you press cmd1, the keyboard's space button gets pressed. Kind of like how the Windows On-Screen keyboard does. How can I do this?

Clicking Command Button From Keyboard
Hi, i need to know how to do this....Consider we have 4 command buttons, each representing up,down,left and right arrow key in the keyboard..each command button will perform a specific function, how do i write a code such that...when i press the arrow keys on the keyboard, it correspondingly clicks the command button on the form, thus performing the specified function...i can click the command button using mouse, but its too tedious i prefer using keyboard....please help as it is very urgent...thank you

Sprint Hero :: Need Link To HTC_IME Keyboard Mod
the one that is in roms like NFXHero and stuff. im using the rooted .7 deodexed rom.

Increase Number When Press Arrow Key On Keyboard
I have a textbox has a numeric what I want is to keep increasing that numeric value while im pressing and holding any of arrow keys.I know how to do this if I was pressing only one time. it will be increased by 1 only. but what If I want to keep increasing the value while i'm holding the arrow keys. how to do that?

Jquery :: Adding Keyboard Navigation To Jflow Slider
I would like use Jquery to add keyboard navigation to a Jquery slider. I am trying to use the left and right keys to trigger the previous and next buttons I already have but i can't get it to work. Can anyone see from my code where I am going wrong? <script type="text/javascript"> $(function() { $("div#controller").jFlow({ slides: "#slides", width: "980px", height: "313px" }); [Code]....

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Virtual Private Network (VPN) – Enable Outgoing VPN Connections
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Read Array From Text File Screen Scrape?
I have created a small scraper which saves content to html and links from the scrape in an array within a text file. I want to have the script run for each link that is in the text document.the text document looks like this: Array ( =>  id="cnn_switchEdition_intl" href="" title="CNN INTERNATIONAL"[1] [code]....

Button Press
Hi,I want to do an action when you press the Enter key on the keyboard - How can I do this?-Neo

Link A Layer To A Other Screen
I am learning to draw with a wacom tablet in photoshop(cs4), and what I want is: 1 layer with the original picture 1 transparant layer where I can draw the original layer on. --Untill here its no problem ofcourse But now I want the transparant layer to be duplicated(linked) so i can put it on my second screen. So I can draw the original picture on my main screen, and on the second screen my drawing on the transparant layer.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Htc Keyboard / Link To Install It?
I think a lot of people are using the htc keyboard. I have searched, hut have not found the thread that explains how to install it. could someone post a link?

HTC Desire :: Scratching Screen Link
I remember someone posting a link where a Desire was scratched with a stanley blade (it had a broken screen) and it showed how tough the screens are.I can't find it anywhere. Does anyone remember the link/thread?

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Getting Rid Of The Timescape Option On Home Screen
How do I get rid of the timescape logo on the homescreen and then just to show the wallpaper.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Timescape As My Home Screen Has Disappeared On 2.1
On Android 1.6 I was using Timescape as my home screen. Now after installing the 2.1 update I can't set Timescape as my home screen.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: How To Make Folders When Timescape Is The Home Screen
I have my phone set to have Timescape as my home screen. Before I switched, I could make new application folders in the settings menu. Having Timescapes as the mohe screen, that's no longer an option. Does any one now how to create application folders when Timescape is your home screen?

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Timescape Widget Appearance On Home Screen
I just got my white X10 a couple of days ago and I'm loving it! Well, asides for one relatively minor issue which is the appearance of Timescape on the home screen. I really liked the transparent look Timescape had with the SE logo prior to setting up facebook and email, etc. Now there's usually someone's FB display picture or an email being displayed, which is nice and all but I don't really like having to it all the time. I'd much rather see it when I want to by just tapping the tile and entering timescape as I'm a fan of the clean look it had before the setup. I was wondering if there was a way to change the timescape widget's appearance to what it was before I set it up without losing its functions. In other words I want it to work the way it is now but have it look the way it did on the home screen before I set it up. To illustrate what I mean, I would like to change timescape widget from looking like this: to looking like this: without losing the functionality of timescape. New to the whole android thing.

Samsung Captivate :: Captivate Contacts App - Blank Black Screen
I have a Captivate that I just brought today.....and everything works just fine except the Contacts App. When I launch the Contacts App the screen is blank and nothing to click on to add a contact. Is something wrong with just the app or phone? Has anyone experienced this?

Who Is The BEST Virtual Dedicated Server Host
what hosts are considered the best for virtual dedicated servers. I know about the big names like GoDaddy and Yahoo, but who really has the best service and (importantly) the best price/value? Heres what I need power-wise: Something that offers 2GB+ of RAM to me, 20GB+ Hard Drive space, and something thats running on Windows. I intend to run 3 e-commerce sites off this, so if you think I need more power please recommend it.

Simultaneous Download Speeds On Virtual Private Server (VPS)
I just got a VPSlink account about a month ago and for all testing purposes, it has been great so far [my first VPS]. But I haven't transferred my main site to it yet mainly due to one specific question about download speeds. Quickly, here's what I've found about their network... VPSLink is owned by Spry, so from all I can tell, they're using the same network speeds. Which are: Unmetered: 1.5 megabits per sec in total traffic. Metered: Spry's site says "throughput of up to 8Mbps" Ok, so here's what I'm trying to find out: I'm running a small software business with some downloads (all legal of course - they're mine ) and would like to know what the real-world download speeds that users would normally see when downloading my files. Here are the knowns: a) Let's assume for this question that all of the user computer's are on very quick connections, so their speed wouldn't be an issue. b) An example file would be say, 20 MB. I'm most looking to see how speeds would be (in Kbps) if say, 20 people are downloading a 20 MB file at the same time (again, with their connections being extremely fast; fast enough for the sake of this example to not be a factor - so the max speed would only depend on my VPSlink server's connection). I don't know of a good way to really test this since I only have access to 1 physical connection. I did try a test with a friend. Here's what happened: I normally get about 500-600kbps sustained on my cable modem, as does my friend. When downloading a test file on my server I was able to get about that when downloading all alone. But, when my friend and I downloaded it at the same time, both of us got around 350kbps -- so the total speed about dropped in half. Again since my site is for software downloads, and when releasing an update to one of our products, sometimes I'm guessing 20+ users download simultaneously for a couple days. This currently seems to work ok on Dreamhost, but for many other reasons, we're needing a VPS. But would this vastly decrease our file transfer download speeds to users? If users got something horrible like 2kbps, that would most certainly loose a lot of business for us since they'd just get frustrated and cancel for the most part. Does anyone know of a rough estimate on how to figure this out, or even better, are there any VPSLink customers out there that have experience with this?

Setup Website On Virtual Machine On Home Computer
I want to setup a website on a virtual machine on my home computer. Possibly multiple websites, but I am testing it out with just one right now. I do not currently plan on using a domain name. Instead I'll just stick with using the IP address. Right now, the server is Windows 7 RC. I've been trying to get this to work for me, but cannot figure out what I have been doing wrong. I cannot access the website from another computer. I am not a server admin and don't have any experience with setting up the server environment for a prodcution website. My experience has been with making changes to existing site settings in IIS.

Ajax :: Screen Width / Viewport Size: JS To PHP - To Manipulate Wordpress Output / Views
I'm looking to get desktop and mobile functionality in a single wordpress theme. There are several solutions available that use a post/get method to send the screen size to php. fex: [url] Now my question is how to implement this in wordpress. For reference, the php is structured like this: index.php: So the question is: Is there any way to get the screen height/width/viewport into a PHP variable before get_header() gets called from index.php? There are a few nice WP plugins available to detect mobile devices. My problem with those is that they use mostly user agent data that is hardly reliable. I want my design to change based on the users viewport. And for that i also need to manipulate the wordpress PHP calls in the theme.

Move An Image Of A Bus Across The Screen From Right To Left
I have been tasked with using javascript to move an image of a bus across the screen from right to left. I have found some code that almost works, but I cannot get the bus to finish offscreen. I have tried changing the x-position to a negative number, but it doesn't seem to work. If there are any javascript gurus out there, take a look at the sample code at :[url] How to modify the existing code to achieve the desired effect.

Wrapper Width And Screen Resolution?
I'm trying to set my wrapper div width so it fits to screen res. i got it working but it only works when i call it by onclick="SetWidthToResolution()" function and i want it to load with the page. function SetWidthToResolution() { if(screen.width == 2560)[code]............

Jquery :: Determine Browser Height & Width To Resize Image To Full Screen
I am trying to use jquery to get the browser height and width and than to use that information to resize my image to fit that dimensions. I want the images to be full screen on each page whether it is viewed on a lap top or a large monitor. I have all my images at a standard width of 1280 dpi now. To view what I have so far I have posted my code to my nyu account: [URL]

Disable Print Screen In Mozilla Firefox?
how to disable print-screen option in mozilla firefox to save my web page.

Simulating VUSERS
Hi,Is it possible to Simulate Virtual Users( Simulate Load) using VB?If so how?ThanksPatel

List Of Only Visible Windows On Screen
How could I have a list of only visible windows on screen, minimized or not?

HTC Desire :: Facebook Contacts Not Showing Up To Link To Existing List
I had to wipe the phone and start from scratch, i've just noticed that i'm not able to link my fb contacts to my names stored on the phone.

HTC Droid Eris :: Facebook Friends Not Showing Up When Try To Link
I am having trouble linking my Facebook contacts... I upgraded to 2.0 today and when I attempt to search for and link a Facebook profile to the phonebook entry, it tells me "no matches found." I've tried reSyncing and restarting, and nothing helps.

Url's Shows Non Secure When Moving Away From A Secured Link Without Hardcoded Url's In Html
I have an site. It has an order form which is accessible at The links on the site do not include the domain name. So for example the home page is 'default.aspx'.The issue is that if I click on a link like the home page from the secure page, the url becomes instead of's a good way to handle this? The scheme should automatically work using any domain name based on where it's launched from. So if the site is launched from 'localhost', moving away from the secured page, the url's should be http://localhost/...

ICloud :: Mac Doesn't Show Up On My Iphone Or Ipad
My Iphone and Ipad do not see my mac My find my Mac doesn't show up on my Iphone or Ipad. It is turned ON in my Mac. and it is connected to the internet Info:MacBook Pro (15-inch 2.4/2.2 GHz), Mac OS X (10.7.3)

Mac :: IWeb Gradient Background Doesn't Show On IPad Or IPhone
I created a website on iWeb that is displayed just fine on my MacBookPro using different search engines. However, the gradient background that I used just shows as a small square block of color on my iPad and iPhone when I bring up my website. I don't know what the problem could be. I used a shape box and chose two colors with the gradient tool. Information: MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.5.8)

ITunes Mac :: ITunes Doesn't Show IPhone Or IPad Under Devices
yet clearly seen in System Profiler and reappear under devices after each time I download iTunes. (The devices do their vanishing trick everytime the iMac is re-started). Message was edited by: Joe Cowley Information: 24" iMac Intel C2D 2.8 GHz Mac OS X (10.6.4) 20" iMac, 27" iMac, 15" MacBookPro. 32GB iPhone 3GS, 1TB Time Capsule.

ICloud :: Why Doesn't A ICAl Entry Make On IPhone Show On Mac
When I make an ICal entry on my iphone, it shws on my IPad ok, but not on my Mac. Info: iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

BB Torch :: Internet Email Account Not Working After Enterprise?
I recently switched from bold 9700 to torch 9860. I setup my msn and gmail account on my Blackberry and it worked fine until I activated enterprise email account. Both msn and gmail 's icon dispeared and i don't get emails pushed to my blackberry any more. I already erased both msn and gmail accounts on BB and re-setup, doesn't make a difference. the msn worked fine on my 9700 until i switch.

BB Torch :: New Unlock 9860 Only Gives The Option Of Enterprise Account?
My new unlock 9860 only gives the option of enterprise account and not internet mail account, how can i get to enter an internet mail account?

BB Torch :: No Longer Find The Enterprise Messenger Icon?
I just upgraded to the BlackBerry Torch for work.  Enterprise activationi was successful on Friday and was able to access email and Enterprise Messenger.  The next day, I could no longer find the Enterprise Messenger Icon.  I've looked in every folder and it's nowhere to be found.  When I go into Options it is listed in Application Manager and a button to delete

BB Torch :: Creating Junk Mail Folder Without Enterprise Server?
Do you need to have the "BB Enterprise server" to create a new e-mail folder? I just bought Email++ it works perfect what I need to do now is to create a junk mail folder. This option does not show on the menu.

BB Torch :: Post A Youtube Link Via FB App?
The question is in the topic title. I want to post on my wall (or on a friend wall) a YouTube link via my FB app in order to be seen directly through the standard YouTube player (as happens via PC, just to be clear).

Connect Wi-Fi Show Message Unable To Connect
Recently bought an iPad wi-fi only, connect to all wi-fi's fine other then my office one. In the settings it shows its connected by the name off the wi-fi then keeps flashing not connected. I have reset the router and the network settings in the iPad.

Prevent Page Scrolling Up When Calendar Shows?
I am using the following code from this site. but for some reason if the page is long the whole page scrolls up so the top of the calendar is at the top of the browser, which actually hides the box that the date will end up in. can anyone see how I can alter the code so that the page does not scroll up, but have the calendar show just below the box that the date will go in and the page does not scroll? here is the full code that I am using to test this out with. code...

Count From Table Code And Show How Meny Record With The Code Are In Table Info
Count from table Code and show how meny record with the Code are in Table Info--In Field Code in Table CodenameI use this CodenameUSISENI am traing to count how many record are in Table Info with this Codename = US,IS,ENand if I add more Codename into Field Code I still can count from Table Codehow many recoer are in Table InfoIf somone can show me A sample so I can tray this and use to count and show the sum into ListboxTable CodeField CodenameTable InfoField Codename

Clicking Picturebox Show Menu, Click Elsewhere Disappear Menu
Hello Everybody,I've soem pictureboxes, and I want to show too command buttons when you click on on of the images but if you click somewhere else I want to make them dissappear, I tried the form_click event, and from_mousedown even, but they only work when you click on the form, but I've loads of other things on it, so the user must be "lucky" to click on the form, but to put the code to make them disappear in every object of the form would take a lot of time and I wonderd if there was another way to make them disappear again after clicking on something else???(its not that I don't want to ut the code there because of the work, but if I didn't search for a better methods then I would stay at the same level of programming)

Motorola Droid 2 :: Facebook Contacts Showing In Default Contact List
Is there a way to make it so that the facebook contacts, etc, don't show up in your default contact list? I just want to show the names and phone numbers of the people that I have actually programmed into my phone, not everyone that I have on facebook.

HTC Desire :: Facebook Contacts With Numbers Showing
Just received my Desire and loving it. My only issue so far is that even though I've selected in the People app only to display Google contacts there seems to still be Facebook contacts appearing, albeit only the ones who have entered phone numbers into their Facebook profile. This causes duplicate entries for the same person in messaging apps (default and Handcent) and in the People app it seems to prefer to show the Facebook contact details rather than the Google ones.

Motorola Droid X :: Contacts Showing In Phone But Not Contact List
Came over to the X from a Storm 2, the verizon rep brought over my blackberry contacts to the X.The problem is, when i go to phone, these numbers show up, but if i go in thru contacts it only shows contacts i have setup since i purchased the phone.I did a search and could not find this exact problem, any other former BB users have this problem?

HTC Droid Eris :: Facebook Contacts Showing Up In Phone Dialer
I'm wondering why in the new 2.1 update they decided to force your phone-book to be populated with ALL of your Facebook contacts, rather then the ones you manually put in. I certainly have a lot more friends on Facebook then I care to have in my phone-book. Is there a site where we can petition this issue?

HTC Desire :: Sim - Phone Contacts Showing When Look Up Contacts To Text
Anyone know how I can stop my Sim contacts showing up when I go to text someone. I am also getting my phone contacts also so its double contacts I am getting when I try to text. Just want one or the other. Not both.

HTC Desire :: Facebook Showing Null Error?
This afternoon I noticed that my facebook app is showing a null error whenever I try and access my news fee Is this a network error otherwise how do I fix it?

HTC Desire :: Showing Have No Contacts
I have an htc desire and when i go into people all my numbers etc are there HOWEVER for example if i go into maps and theres a button to view contacts it takes me onto a page which says search contacts and does nt matter what name of my contacts i put in it says NO MATCHES FOUND!!! Please can someone help as its driving me nuts and making me wonder whether I should have gotten a different phone ( I still have time to send it back)

HTC Desire :: Contacts Not Showing Phone Numbers
I ve with my HTC Desire. Let me explain : When I go on PEOPLE I see my contacts there , if I click on them I cant see any phone number or mail nothing it just show me the contact name then under the name I see DETAILS then INFORMATION and down I can read ringtone and send to voicemail and then last Edit. Why is that? I dont think is normal and honestly makes me really depressed coz I cant call normally.

HTC Desire :: Phonebook Showing 13 Contacts But No Display
I save all my contacts to Google, so they are backed up automatically on Google's servers. However, when I go to People > View - it says Phone (13) when I don't have any contacts saved to my phone. Even when I only have Phone (13) ticked, it doesn't display anything. Why is this?

Motorola Droid X :: Facebook Contacts Didn't Show Up
I added someone to my facebook the other day, but I noticed that they didn't show up in my contacts on my phone. How do I update my contacts so that it will show all the people that I have added to my friends on facebook?

HTC Droid Eris :: Can't Save Any Contacts Unless "show Auto Gmail Contacts" Is On
I recently called someone and wanted to add them to my contact list. In call history, I clicked the little file picture and added their name, saved it as a google contact, and saved it. If I go to People, the name doesnt appear. So I went to the People app, entered their info, made it a google contact, saved. Still didnt work. Even manually synced my google account. So then I changed the "view" to show every option and slowly ticked off each box til I realized that only if "show auto gmail contacts" is ON does my new contact appear. It was also "linked" to 3 other contacts (the same one that I kept adding over and over wondering why it wasnt appearing). So, of course I do NOT want everyone I've ever e-mailed in my contact list, so the question is, how can I add/save any contacts and make them appear in People?

HTC EVO 4G :: Facebook Contacts Don't Show Up?
This problem has been bothering me for a while. When I add a phone number with the name of my friend that is the same on my facebook, sometimes it just couldn't find the right one to link to?! Also, the worst part is even I link it manually, I can't find the contact on the facebook for HTC?! However, I can find contact perfectly with the facebook app on the phone or on the computer. I just don't know why somehow my facebook contacts are missing while I try to link them. Anyone has the solution for this? I sync all the stuff I can sync already and it doesn't help.

Sprint HTC Hero :: Facebook Contacts Show Up Twice
Since the last update, in my people app, which lists all my contacts, anyone with a facebook profile shows up twice. There are two identical entries, one after another, listed throughout all my contacts. This is a gigantic PITA since it's effectively added another %50 to my contacts, making it more difficult to scroll thorough and choose a contact.

Samsung Epic 4G :: Phone Contacts Not Showing Up In Gmail Contacts On PC
How come new contacts created on the phone are not showing up in my Gmail account online? Is there a way to keep everything synching in both directions? Most of my contacts are in Outlook, but I'm trying to use Gmail to keep things simple.

Clicking A Command Button And Making A New Form Show
Hey guys , I have been working on a newer version of an earlier vb project, and what i want to do is the user can click a button on one form and another form shows up.Does anyone know what im talking about? Thanks alot.

Showing Another Form Using Using The Command Button
I have trouble in including a form to my project. What i want to do is to create a command button that will call the Form to be displayed. ________________________________Private Sub ADIS_Click()frmForm1.ShowEnd Sub________________________________is this code correct? because every time i run the whole program it only shows the form that i called. Can somebody help me on this? THANKS

To Show In A VB Form Just A Particular Section Of A Website
Dear all,By using "Me.WebBrowser3.Navigate Me.Text4" i will be able to load the entire website content on a form.However, it is beyond my need. i only want a particular section of the website only to be shown. Because, in my work i need to see just the table of the exchange rate. Therefore, my form is designed to be small, with in it 4 small windows (or frames)to show 4 tables of realtime currencies exchange rate (currencies values changing realtime) from 4 different websites. I do that, to check the actual price of EUR-USD. Therefore i need a VB code to automatically show only that table. Could somebody please give tips in this particular aspect, please?Thank you,

Creating Message That Shows Up When Mouse Hovers Command Button
Does anyone know how to do this. I want one of those little yellow message boxes to appear when the mouse hovers over a command button. Any help would be appreciated

Android :: Facebook App That Shows Friends
Is there a FB app that shows what friends are online?

Sprint HTC Hero :: Some Of Facebook Friends Do Not Show Up
I just noticed that for some reason, when I try to link some of my Facebook friends with their respective Contact under People, they do not appear in the list. I then go back to the FB app and I do see them in there.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: RoadSync - No Contacts Shown In Android Phone Book
I have just received an update with the latest firmware for the Mini Pro. My RoadSync still does not sync my Outlook contacts to the phone. Mail and Calendar works just fine but when I try to reach my contacts I am just presented with the blue menu, asking me to add users manually or to sync with Google etc. There are no more settings to set in the RoadSync application more than to checkmark the contacts - then they should "automatically" show up in the Android contact list, which does not happen. This is really a very big issue, making the phone almost unusable.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Way To Get Contacts Picture To Show Facebook Picture In Timescape
is there a way to get a contacts picture to show their facebook picture in timescape. I have linked all my contacts with their facebook accounts but it still shows the default white picture. I dont want to have to go through and take pictures of all my contacts. that would just be silly.Apologies if this has been asked before or is a simple fix. I'm new to this smart phone malarchy

HTC Desire :: Facebook Birthdays Now Show In Claendar Even Though Havent Synced Facebook
My 'accounts & sync' settings have always had 'facebook' turned off for syncing, and I have never turned it on. Yet this morning i was playing around with the bit in 'people' to try and see if the facebook bit in there worked and i would be able to link a contact in there with their facebook account. It asked me to log into facebook (after which incidentally it could not then find the contact in facebook lol). After that i went to the calendar and it now shows ALL 2500 facebook contacts birthdays!! Please tell me there is a way to undo this. at no point did i ever select auto facebook syncing, or choose to import facebook calendar. Obviously now the calendar is pretty unusable as there are multiple bithdays on every day.

HTC Incredible :: When I Add A Contact Manually / Does Not Show Up In Gmail
On my Nexus One, when adding contacts in the phone or in Gmail, they would show up on both the phone and Gmail contacts on my PC. With my Incredible, when I add contacts in Gmail, they show up on my phone, but not vice versa. How can I add contacts to my phone so that they will become Gmail contacts?

HTC EVO 4G :: Gmail Contact Missing While Showing Up On Desktop Contacts
could not locate an important phone number which I personally entered on her Gmail contacts on her desktop. I checked her 4G contacts (view contacts boxes are all checked) and that specific contact is still missing while showing up on her desktop contacts. Out of curiousity, we checked both of our phones. Just from A-C alone, she is missing 23 contacts and I am missing 41 contacts. The contacts are there on our desktop contacts, but not on the 4G. I feel guilty since I was the one who talked her into changing from Blackberry. Her Head Nurse warned that she will have no tolerance for screw ups due to android phones. Apparently, she has same issues before with one of her RNs.

HTC Droid Eris :: Responses From Showing Friends
Since getting my phone a month ago I have been showing it off like a felon. Anyways I noticed that everyone I have showed the phone to has had to yonk it out of my hand to play with( which is sorta irritating considering they could just go to verizon to check it out) Two of my friends have even claimed that their phones stopped working in the past month to go get themselves a new phone. One is getting the incredible and the other has gotten the iphone ( cause hes a chump).

HTC Incredible :: Link A Video Showing A Vanilla ROM
I do like sense, but would love to know what the differences are. I think id like to see a video if possible

Motorola Droid :: Facebook Photos Not Showing
In going through my friends list on the Facebook app I've noticed that 10-15% of my friends photos don't show. Has anyone else experienced this?

Motorola Droid :: Facebook Pics Not Showing Up In News / Live Feed
When I purchased my droid a month ago, all the pics on facebook for the live/news feed were showing up perfectly. About 2 weeks ago, none of the pictures display. They only have a "x" next to the update. At the bottom of my profile page, there is an option that shows: Photos: Off - On - Max. The setting is set to On.

JQuery :: Made Modal Overlay To 100% Transparent?
How could the jQuery modal overlay (dark transparent background) be made 100% transparent so that it doesn’t show at all on the screen?