BB Pearl 8100 :: Error Message JVM Error 547


just got a 8100 was working fine. Now i have a white scree with "JVM Error 547 flash write failed: p=83960000,s=4" Scroll for available commands. I've tried the reset command- turns phone off except red LED, but same screen appears.

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I dropped my phone and the battery fell out... I put it back in and i get a white screen saying JVM Error 547 flash write failed.So i can't do anything, phone wont turn on, not being detected in the DM either.

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can I update my bb pearl 8100 from 4.5 to 5.0 or higher? my bb can connect to pc but when i download app, in setup show the message "App World Web Plugin Error 'An error has occurred communicating with the BlackBerry App World Client' " so what that meaning? is't i can download app for my bb from pc? how can i find facebook v1.9?

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Does anyone know how to correct this error that I am getting?Attempting to sync Blackberry pearl 8100 with outlook 2007. When I attempt to configure the Sync for Outlook I get all the way to the end and it give me the Microsoft Outlook Connector Error that reads "No available Message Stores" Running BB Desktop manager version and wireless handheld version v4.2.1.96

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I understand therre are tons of posts about a bb 543 error but I'm really new to the bb world soooooo I would really appreciate it if someone helped me So I have a tmobile pearl 8100 I was taking a picture one day then all of a sudden itt shut off for noreason then I tried to turn it back on and it just shows the 543 error and icon and the blinking red ligt...now I don't know what to do.

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I recently bought the backberry pearl 8100 from ebay and everything was fine at 1st, however now every time I start it up I get the JVM Error and I cant get past it so I cant use the phone, I installed the desktop manager on my pc so I could reset the phone but it asks for a security code and I don't know what it is, is there a default code or some other way to reset the phone to factory default?

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I am new to this forum. I have a Blackberry Pearl 8100, carrier is T-Mobile. My friend was screwing around with my phone trying to figure out my pass that i put on. After 3 tries he failed and i got this screen saying JVM ERROR 513 and underneath it says "Reset" I pushed reset and nothing happened, still went back like it did before.

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I wrote a draft message in Outlook on my laptop and saved it in Drafts. I then modified the message using my Blackberry and sent it. However, the message that sent was without the modifications I made on the BB, it was the message as saved in drafts. Has anyone else had this problem with the Pearl 8100 and Outlook 2003? The problem gets stranger...although the recipient got the unchanged draft version of the message, the thread conversation afterwards contained the version of the message modified on the BB.

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I got a problem with my Pearl 8100 , it shows JVM 545 Error . After i search from google , the best way to solve this error was to reload the OS. I reload the OS using DM 4.7 with OS 4.5 , the problem starts at the WAIT FOR DEVICE INITIALIZATION . My pearl restarted a million of times (LED Blinking > Hourglass > then power off >> then back to led blinking again) . and I got a "Unable to reconnect to the device during a multi-stage load operation" I try to wipe using JL Cmder , but it says Unable to open port, then i try using apploader with no jvm (no battery) , but at the WAIT FOR DEVICE INITIALIZATION when i put the battery it restarted again ! so i got another "Unable to reconnect to the device during a multi-stage load operation" I already turn off the Power Management option for the USB root hubs on my laptop , but it still the same ! it always restarted on WAIT FOR DEVICE INITIALIZATION

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I have one of those JVM error 547 messages ("flash write failed"). It says to reset, but it won't (tried a bazillion things). The screen goes black for a few seconds and the message pops up again.

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just got this bb 8110 unlocked and i had a bb pearl 8100 and browser worked and all now i am trying with this 8110 with TMOBILE, and its giving me an error " Your device does not currently have any Browser Configuration Service Books". how long does it take sometimes for service books to get to phone? or does someone know just.


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Scenario description: I have a stored procedure that receives a value for @chrBUYID. My table Buyers has a foreign key on the BUYID to the Purchase Orders table. This relationship should create an @@error of 547 when we try to delete a BUYID from the Buyers table that also is used in the Purchase Orders table. When I execute the stored procedure in Query Analyzer, the SQL message for error 547 shows first before my own message shows. Why can't I trap that error 547 message and show my own message ? Stored Procedure code snippet: BEGIN TRAN -- Attempt delete from the table for the passed ID parameters DELETE dbo.Buyers WHERE BUYID = @chrBUYID -- Verify if the Attempt delete action was successfull IF @@Error = 547 BEGIN ROLLBACK TRAN PRINT 'My msg:Error 547 occured' RETURN END COMMIT TRAN RETURN Any help is more then welcome. Patrick van Oppen

BB Pearl 8100 :: Won't Allow Any Messages To Be Sent / Received / Delete Some Old Messages supportforums.blackberry.com

I text message alot & sometimes my inbox gets so full that my phone wont allow any messages to be sent or recieved until i delete some old messages. I was wondering if there was any way that I could set my phone to delete old messages, because scrolling from top to bottom then back up again takes forever. Type of phone: BB Pearl 8100

BB Software :: JVM Error 547 Flash Write Failed supportforums.blackberry.com

I have a Blackberry Curve 8320. Out of sudden the above error pop out after charging battery.I tried with all the commands stated in the device and reset them one by one and still having the same error.I tried to reinstall the BB OS via Apploader, it comes out with another error after loading half way "Unable to reconnect to the device during a multi-stage load operation", then the device keeps on restart on it's own every few seconds.

BB Curve 83xx :: JVM 547 Error - Nothing Is Working forums.crackberry.com

I'm in deep SH...T One of my boss had a problem with his BlackBerry and I need to get it fixed.He's getting JVM Error 547...I Tried the JL_Cmder to wipe it but it doesn't work... Here it what was done : 1 - Tried to reinstall the OS from APP Loader I could connect to it following this procedure : Open Desktop Manager Click on Application Loader Click on Start Once I can select the PIN NUMBER - I put the battery in so I can see "PIN:UNKNOWN" from there it should stop booting non stop Tried to select the OS and all the components .This didn't worked... Boot get the same error message 2 - Tried wiping it with JL_CMDer.When battery is not connected always say : "Unable to open port".When battery IS connected : seems to work but the password I give it doesn't work it's saying the password is not good. Does blackberry put a "Temp" password while reinstalling the OS, cause after the OS got reinstalled it failed again and it's after that, that I could connect to it.

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I got my BB Pearl 8100 as a birthday gift earlier on this year and I absolutely love it. I send a lot of text messages and I wanted to know if there is a way to create a signature in my text messages?

BB Pearl 8100 :: JVM Error 517 / Tried Reset supportforums.blackberry.com

So.. I was texting and having conversations this morning and my phone suddenly tells me JVM Error 517 "Reset". I click the reset button and it continuously comes back to the same screen with the white background.

BB Pearl 8100 :: 8120 LED Ilight Is Always Flashing Green supportforums.blackberry.com

I just traded an Pearl 8100 for a Pearl 8120.Basically the same device. On the 8120 the LED light is always flashing green. How do I turn this off.My 8100 only flashed when I had new messages.

BB Pearl 8100 :: Trying To Edit Email Preferences / Insufficient Network Coverage supportforums.blackberry.com

I first noticed problems with my blackberry pearl 8100 smartphone when my blackberry messenger stopped working. Now I can not access the internet, receive or send blackberry messages, or edit my email preferences. I try to edit my email preferences and I receive the "Insufficient Network Coverage to Process Your Request" message. I can only assume that this is the same error that is causing the rest of my problems. And I am in the same location that I normally use my phone in.

BB Pearl 8100 :: File Sending Via Bluetooth Fail? forums.crackberry.com

I have the pearl 8100 and when my friend he have the samsung cell try to snd me any file through blue tooth he get the message is fail connection .where i can send any file to him but my 8100 pearl cannot recived any file i try to go media option and click on recive using blue tooth but the samsung cell unable to connect with me .

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Today a friend gave me her blackberry pearl 8100 so updated it with the latest OS.But theres a problem.When I connect the bb to the pc normally in the bb screen you see the charging conector next to the battery, well this happens for about 3 seconds and thats all, the icon dissapears, I have tried with 3 different USB cables and nothing changes, it kepts doing the same thing. But when connected to the wall charger the charging icon doesnt dissapears.In the 3 seconds that it shows the icon on the bb screen it never gets recognice by the pc.I have tried without battery and noting happens.

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I am using BB Pearl 8100 running version getting incoming calls, I was able to press BB (Menu) Button and see options.But now when I am getting incoming calls, and when I press BB (Menu) button, nothing is happening.

BB Pearl 8100 :: Wireless Turns Off By Itself forums.crackberry.com

My boss has a BB Pearl 8100 that has recently started to turn off the wireless app by itself. This is random, sometimes happens a couple of times a day or a few times during the week. Battery is charged, software is updated, etc. Anyone have any idea what this could be or what to check in settings. He has had this Pearl for close to 2 years & this never happened before.

BB Pearl 8100 :: Trouble Installing A New OS On BB supportforums.blackberry.com

I have a BB Pearl 8100. It is unlocked, but loaded with T-Mobile OS (according to Options/About it's: v4.2.0.64, platform am using with an ATT/Cingular SIM card for phone calls - for the most part this is successful but occassionally I will get a rash of "call failed" errors upon trying to make calls. Often turning the phone on and off will solve but not a permanent solution.So I'm trying to load the appropriate AT&T OS on the device. I am following all instructions that I have seen posted on many different sites, including Blackberry.In short, I am: 1) Downloading and Installing the right ATT OS for a Pearl 8100 from the BB website. 2) Open BB Desktop Manager 3) Connect BB Pearl to computer (via USB). All of this seems to be working as designed.However - the directions say that DTM should either prompt me to "Update Now" (assuming the Application Updates Available window appears) - or I should open Application Loader and launch the wizard process. I have to do the latter because it does not prompt me for auto Updating.Once I do the latter, it does not detect that I have the newly installed OS waiting to be installed onto the BB Pearl. It detects a few applications that are already installed on the Pearl, but no new OS. I have tried this process with Desktop Manager 4.6 and 4.2 with SP, thinking maybe it had something to do with version of Desktop Manager, but same results.

BB Pearl 8100 :: Data Services Unavailable / Message While Running Yahoo Messenger supportforums.blackberry.com

I cannot log in into yahoo messenger. I just downloaded the latest version (2.5) for my blackberry 8100, and it always shows me the same message "data services unavailable". My situation is I'm not using bb data plan, only relying on my gprs connection. Is it the cause of the problem ? Is there any way for me to use yahoo messenger on my pearl?

BB Software :: 8100 - BBM Hangs And Won't Send Message / Input System Error supportforums.blackberry.com

I have a Pearl 8100 and am running BB Messenger 4.2.1. Once or twice a day as I start to type in a message it stops and gives me the error message "Input System Error. The system is being restarted." It won't do anything but that if I try typing so I pull the battery and it returns to normal. Also, more than a couple times a day when I send a message, it hangs and won't send. Yesterday it looked like a message didn't send, but my friend responded and said it came through.

BB Pearl 8100 :: Error 523 Reset forums.crackberry.com

Does anyone have knowledge of "app error 523 reset" message that I have gotten on three 8100 pearl devices? when I contact service provider, they just replace the phone. However, I'm nervous because the warranty is soon to be expired.

BB Pearl :: 'Media Card Has Been Inserted That Contains Errors... supportforums.blackberry.com

'to correct these errors please use a disk checking facility on a computer' This message comes up when I turn on my Blackberry 8100 Pearl. The media card icon is also missing from the media file, as are all my pictures.It happened after my 3 yr old was playing with the phone.

BB Pearl :: Messenger Didn't Work Properly? supportforums.blackberry.com

Recently I had update my device (Pearl 8100) from OS 4.2 to 4.5. I also upgrade my BBM to 5.0 something. At first, it works properly and after a few days, it seems didn't works. The problem is such as i can't use or enter BBM from the shortcut. Then there is a message written about file error or something.

BB Bold 9700 :: Incoming Caller Not Recognized supportforums.blackberry.com

My new BB Bold 9700 sometimes (would say randomly) does not recognize the incoming contact, despite that it is already in my contact list. This does not happen with all the calls and it was not happening with the same contact in my previous BB Pearl 8100. I already checked if it was the international code (I always have it for all my contacts) or even if blank spaces where included in the phone number.

BB Pearl 8100 :: PC Is Not Recognizing 8100 Pearl - Getting App Error 523 forums.crackberry.com

Hey my Windows XP Home Edition PC is not recognizing my pearl and I am getting (App Error 523) and I called T-Mobile and they told me I have to redownload something or pay $90.00 for a new one .. but I want to just keep this one I don't have $90.00 and I downloaded the Device Manager like they told me but that didn't help ..

BB Pearl 8100 :: How To Put Slacker And Pandora Radio? supportforums.blackberry.com

My name is Rene, I live in Atlanta GA and I just brought the BB Pearl 8100 for my younger daughter and I May 30th. I am still trying to adjust to the qwerty keyboard for texting, but for the most part I am finding out that this phone is really user friendly. I have questions on how do I put Slacker and Pandora radio on my BB Pearl 8100? Both state that you have to have 4.3 os or higher and I have 4.2. The T-mobile website for updates doesn't shown anything higher for the handheld then the 4.2. I want to put one of these on my phone because I work out in the gym everyday.

BB Bold :: White Screen On 9000 - JVM Error 517 supportforums.blackberry.com

I am facing a whie screen on BB Bold 9000 bought in 2009 ( software version updated ) and when I boot the machine it comes with above error message -" JVM Error 517"unable to access my BB?

BB Pearl :: 8100 - Cannot Download Any Apps - 910 Authentication Failure supportforums.blackberry.com

I can't download any app whenever I try it says 910 authentication failure what do I do my phone blackberry pearl 8100 os 4.5.

BB (RIM) :: Message / Email Time Received Setting www.howardforums.com

Is there a way to set the Pearl 8100 to reflect the time an EMAIL or SMS is SENT rather than when it is received?When my 8100 has been "OFF", emails and texts will start flooding in when I turn the phone ON. However, I have no way of knowing when the messages were sent. All incoming messages just reflect the time the phone was turned ON.Texted a friend's MOTOROLA RZR and it shows the time the SMS is sent, rather than when the phone was turned ON.

BB Desktop Software :: Intellisync - Error Encountered - Code - 0x80040fb3 supportforums.blackberry.com

I have two BB Pearls... on one of them I get the error message above when I try to sync with Outlook 2003. The other Pearl syncs all right. What could be causing this error and how do I correct it?

BB Desktop Software :: DM Sync Get Error : Email Settings Are Not Available Without An Online Connection... supportforums.blackberry.com

I'm brand new here and am so lost with this phone. BB 8100 Pearl. I have repeatedly contacted my cell phone service provider about my problems with email; no resolution other than to send me a new phone. Problem not resolved... I still don't receive most of the emails from my 2 home accounts, Yahoo & Comcast, to my cell phone. I have installed DM and when I try to synch with Outlook 2007 (running on 32bit Vista) I get a couple of error messages: Email Settings: Email settings are not available without an online connection to your messaging system. Synchronize: The messaging server network connection is no longer available. Message synchronization cannot continue. My Server status: online Active Device (PIN): None

BB Bold 9000 :: BB Maps Not Compatible With Software Installed? supportforums.blackberry.com

Yesterday I upgraded from a BB Pearl 8100 to a new Bold on 02 - and it came pre-loaded with BB Maps. When I moved all of the set-up details and data from the 8100 across to the Bold (which worked fine), I then found that the Maps application had disappeared from the list of pre-installed applications. I have searched everywhere (yes - I have shown "All" Applications) and it has definitely disappeared. So - haven given up on trying to get O2 to help ("it's not our problem, you must call BB" who then tell me it's a problem for O2 etc.), I tried re-downloading the application from the BB site. When it does the compatibility check with the phone, it tells me that the Maps software is not compatible with the version software installed, which must be v4.1 or newer. On the handset, it says it has v4.6 installed!

BB Pearl 8110/20/30 :: Sending Music Via Bluetooth forums.crackberry.com

I have a friend, and we successfully paired / added each other via bluetooth today. Unfortunately, when I attempted to send her a song via bluetooth, it failed. I can't quite recall the error message, but it was something along of "failing to connect." I did however, see both of our Blackberry Pearl's Blue LED Light flash twice (synchronized at the same time), and then the error message. I have Sprint 8130, and she has Tmobile, so she has either the 8100 or 8120 Pearl. I have successfully bluetoothed with other people, but I've never tried with another BlackBerry user. oh and btw she doesn't have the contract/setup for internet or bbmessenger (just throwing that out there.)

BB Software :: 8100 How To Find Out Previous Service Provider supportforums.blackberry.com

When trying to create a BIS account, I received the error message that my device was already registered with a different service provider and that I would have to reregister it. The problem is that I bought it new from cordlessphoneworld.co.uk and it was supposedly "completely refurbished".My Pearl 8100 is a BT phone, however BT confirmed to me that it was not registered with their network. The seller, cordlessphoneworld.co.uk, told me to contact BlackBerry support, and BB support told me to talk to my service provider (O2 UK) who has already told me I would have to get in touch with the previous service provider.How can I get my BB released from its current BIS registration, or at least find out who it is registered with, in order to finally enjoy its full functionality and not just the regular phone stuff.

BB Pearl 8100 :: Pearl 8100 Is Not Equipped With GPS forums.crackberry.com

I have the Google Maps application loaded on my Pearl (8100). Great application by the way. Anywho, toying around with it today, I found that it actually finds "My Location". To my knowledge, the Pearl 8100 is not equipped with GPS. How does that work?

Nokia N97 :: How To Transfer Contacts Via Bluetooth? discussions.europe.nokia.com

Transferring contacts , all in one go from N97 to blackberry pearl 8100. i have a nokia N97 and i wish to transfer all my contacts, i have around 498 contacts from my address book to another phone via Bluetooth. How can i do that. The phone i am using to transfer the contacts from N97 is blackberry 8100 pearl.

BB Pearl 8100 :: No Internet Access / Error Message To Connect With Active WiFi supportforums.blackberry.com

I am new to the forum and have just bought my very first Blackberry, its the 8120 pearl on the Orange uk network. I've had the phone for a week now and just cant get on the internet, when i try to access, say Yahoo, this message come up "This is a Wi-Fi service. Please ensure your device has an active Wi-Fi connection and try again". My question is is this phone Wi-Fi only or can i connect thru the old way like i used to do on the Nokia's?

BB Pearl 8100 :: Error Message :: Uncaught Exception: Java.lang.nullpointexception supportforums.blackberry.com

My 8230, when i turn it on, will read the error message " uncaught exception:java.lang.NullPointerException. .Since it started doing this it will drop calls or sometimes won't ring at all. When there is an incoming call, it will just show the blue phone symbol on the front, but won't ring even though it is set on loud.

BB Pearl 8100 :: Error Message When Syncing Address Book supportforums.blackberry.com

I just recently had my BB8100 replaced due to a trackball failure ever since then when I try and sync with Outlook it works fine until I get to the address book then it stops syncing and gives me an error message 0x800040fb3. I have searched everywhere and cannot find what this means.

BB Pearl 8100 :: Error Message Initialization Failed forums.crackberry.com

I got this message for the first time today. I searched the forums and other have had success by putting a small peice of paper behind the SIM card to press it down a bit tighter. I have tried that with no success. Has anyone else had this problem? Would love to avoid a trip to the shop.

BB Pearl 8100 :: SMS Message Send Fail Error supportforums.blackberry.com

I use texting more than any other feature on the smartphone(yes, I'm a teenager). That aside, it started acting odd one night and I decided to take the battery out to do a reset, but that failed. After a few hours of mindless failed troubleshooting, it finally started rubbing smoothly except for one huge thing: it never, ever sends messages. I can RECIEVE them, as well as have full calling functionalities, but it won't for the life of me send a single text message, both SMS and MMS. It gives me the following error name each time, and never even goes into a pending state, it always just defaults to it: UNASSIGNED NUMBER. I've tried leaving it off and without the battery inside for a good thre days and nothing. I also tried sending myself messages and resending them over and over, but to no gain at all. Nobody knows what to do, I can't find anything about it in the phone, and I can't even find anything on the site. My parents(whom owned said Blackberry before me) had no idea whatsoever what to do. Sadly, due to my area, I can't take it to any T-Mobile stores. The nearest one is a good hour away. The thing is, I can't send messages to ANYONE. So it's not like this just affects sending to one or two people. it's my whole phonebook. But if I'm getting the message, that means there's a legitimate error that the phone's been programmed to inform me of in case of it's comeupance, which ALSO inevitabley means that there's got to bea solution to it, whether or not that solution involves fixing some opions or just replacing the damned thing. I've never had a single problem with the phone either until this reared it's ugly head. If anyone knows at all what I should or can do, or even if you have an inkling of some way to make a fix

BB Pearl 8100 :: And Error Sending SMS Messages forums.crackberry.com

I have been searching some forums to see if i can find information on this problem and i swear i saw something a couple of weeks back and now i find no mention of it.Prior to upgrading to, when i was out of coverage area ( phone was searching for any carrier ) my SMS and MMS messages would sit in a pending status until my handheld was covered by service again and then the message would send. Sence upgrading to this new OS, these messages no longer do this. They now almost instantly have a large red X When look at the message it says "protocol error". I am able to reopen the message once i have service and select resend but this has become extremely annoying because of T-Mo's " hit or miss " coverage in my area.I called T-MO to see if they were aware of this issue or if they currently had a problem ticket open with RIM regarding this and the rep i spoke with was unable to find mention of the issue. That being said i dont imagine they would say " yeah our extremely popular messaging device now sucks at sending messages "I am very good with troubleshooting my own problems as i am a software developer and believe i have done justice on trying to resolve the issue to no avail.

BB Pearl 8100 :: Message Error While Checking Kinko supportforums.blackberry.com

I looked for Kinko's Locaation and I received this message: The requested action could not be performed. JaveScript is not enabled on this handheld. Where on the handset to enable JavaScipt?

BB Pearl 8100 :: Efile Downloading - Get Error Message forums.crackberry.com

How come i keep encountering problems downloading eFile via application loader with following message:A fatal error has occurred while updating your device's software. Please try again.

BB Pearl 8100 :: Error Message Says Page Cannot Be Rendered supportforums.blackberry.com

Can someone please tell me what I need to do. When I try to access the internet from my BB I get an error message that says page cannot be rendered. Does anyone know what this means? AND what I need to do about it?

SQL Server 2005 Pass Error Message Numbers Back To The .net Application? stackoverflow.com

I'd like to get the message number and severity level information from SQL Server upon execution of an erroneous query. For example, when a user attempts to delete a row being referenced by another record, and the cascade relationship is "no action", I'd like the application to be able to check for error message 547 ("The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint...") and return a user friendly and localized message to the user.When running such a query directly on SQL Server, the following message is printed: Msg 547, Level 16, State 0, Line 1 <Error message...> In an Asp.Net app is this information available in an event handler parameter or elsewhere? Also, I don't suppose anyone knows where I can find a definitive reference of SQL Server message numbers?

BB Pearl 8100 :: Trackball Quit Scrolling Down forums.crackberry.com

My wife has a BB Pearl 8100 that she bought new at Best Buy 5-6 weeks ago.Yesterday the trackball quit scrolling down. It would scroll up, right & left, but not down? We took it back to Best Buy and they couldn't figure it out either, so even though they only had a 30 day return policy, (after that you ship it to BB) they gave her a new phone. The strange part is right as we were getting ready to leave the store, her old phones trackball decided to start working??? We still got to keep the new Pearl. My question is twofold. 1. Have you Pearl owners have trackball problems? 2. Is this something we have to worry about in the future? I have a Curve 8320 and don't want to be worried about that trackball quitting on me too.

BB Pearl 8100 :: Get "network Notification Messages" When Turn On Phone forums.crackberry.com

Ok so I bought a Pearl 8100 off ebay last week and received it Thursday. I called AT&T and cleared that it wasnt reported stolen, it is free and clear So this isnt my first BB, Im an ex-7290 user. I have a few questions:When I first turn on the Pearl, I get "Network notification messages". They are all garble. One is a bunch of weird looking "a"'s that sort of look like a' a' but they are in italics and there are like 50 of them. The next message is a whole bunch of weird characters as well. What do these "network notification messages" mean and how can I get them from popping up in the future??what cool programs are recommended? I used to have google maps on my 7290 and weatherbug or some weather application. Im a boater, so those were both very valuable. Any new fresh recommendations?

BB Pearl :: Copy Pearl Data To New Phone? supportforums.blackberry.com

I have a Pearl 8100 which has developed a bad screen.I was given another 8100 as a replacement. Same network, T-Mobile. I want to copy all the data, address book, etc. and setup from the old 8100 to the new one. I backed up the old 8100 using Blackberry DM but when I restored to the new 8100 nothing was changed.

BB Pearl 8100 :: 8100 Select My Camera On / Phone Powers Off And Then Restart supportforums.blackberry.com

Whenever I select my camera on the BB Pearl 8100, the phone powers off and then restart.What could be causing this to happen? Anyone ever had this experience?

BB Pearl :: 8100 What Is Most Recent And Compatible Update supportforums.blackberry.com

i would like to know the what is the most recent and compatible update that the pearl 8100 can go up to without me losing all my bb contacts? Can some one help me plz? I am currently running the software v4.5.0.55 is that as far as it goes?

BB Pearl 8100 :: BB Don�t Work - Red LED Lights 4 Times forums.crackberry.com

I have A PEARL 8100 OS 4.2, My BB don�t work when i try turn on the device. the only signal it sends is the red LED lights 4 times (flash flash flash flash). someone knows that this sign means? which is the solution?

BB Pearl 8100 :: FREE MSN Messenger App forums.crackberry.com

I am looking for a free MSN messenger app for my bb pearl 8100 or if you have it and is willing to share the love ill do that too! anywho what's out there.

BB Pearl :: Upgrade Device Software Pearl 8100? supportforums.blackberry.com

I am having a problem to upgrade the device software of my daughter Pearl 8100 from v4.2 to 4.5. The BB update web site does not recognize that is a new version of the device software available.

BB Pearl 8100 :: Pics From Handset Device Memory forums.crackberry.com

How can I get my Pictures form my BB Pearl 8100. I tried with USB, but I just have access to Media Card. could anybody explain me.

BB Pearl 8100 :: How To Read Word Or PowerPoint Files? forums.crackberry.com

I am new to the BB world. I just got my Pearl 8100 and I was wondering how do I read Word or PowerPoint files on him? Is it possible? I transfered some files but I can not find them on the phone.

BB Pearl 8100 :: Automatically Deleting Texts And Call Log? supportforums.blackberry.com

I have had my bb pearl 8100 for about 8 months and until now it's been great. the past few days it's been automatically deleting my texts and mms as well as my call log. i removed the battery for a few minutes to hopefully reset it. i also double checked the settings and selected remove/delete "never."

BB Pearl 8100 :: Black Screen Flashes 3 Red Lights? forums.crackberry.com

I have a BB 8100 (Pearl) and it will not boot only flashes red LED 3 times, pauses and flashes 2 more times.When I connect it to a PC, the computer doesn't see my device at all (yes, the USB port works--I back up regularly and can charge the battery). I've tried to connect with Desktop manager, Crack Mem, App Loader nothing seems to detect the device. I've been reading through posts for the last 2 days and can't seem to find any other solutions.So, if anyone out there has any other suggestions, please let me know!

BB Pearl 8100 :: Possible To Add Personal Gmail Account On Device supportforums.blackberry.com

just a question I got a BB 8100 pearl from my company connect by BES server. I'd like to know if possible add my personal gmail account on the device.

BB (RIM) :: Reset Pin And Imei Number? www.howardforums.com

here's my problem i bought a used bb pearl 8100 when i go to the blackberry web site and enter my info pin and imie number it say's account already created.is there anyway this can be fixed?

BB (RIM) :: Retrieving Old Text Msgs www.howardforums.com

So the phone im using is a bb pearl 8100 and there were text's sent to me like a week ago. But my text only holds XX amount of msgs before newer msgs delete the old ones.Is there any way of retrieving the old msgs that got written over? I need to show evidence of threats from a certain person. So It's sorta important to me to find these msgs.

BB Bold :: 9900 Just Stopped Working And Screen Came Up With JVM Error 545 supportforums.blackberry.com

Yesterday my 9900 just stopped working and the screen came up with JVM error 545.I've tried using the BB desktop to reload following the instructions of BB knowledge base KB10144 and KB 20371.The device fails to connect to the PC and generates the following message: Application loader was unable to connect with your device. Please re-connect your device, enter password, if required, and click retry.The device just won't connect.

BB Pearl 8100 :: Network MEP Code Error forums.crackberry.com

So I just got my first blackberry pearl 8100 off ebay. was supposed to be unlocked but was not, so ordered the unlock code through cellunlock.net I followed the directions to a T and keep getting Code Error; please wait...

BB Pearl 8100 :: Cannot Receive Or Send Texts / Calls forums.crackberry.com

My Pearl 8100 is working fine, but I cannot receive or send texts or calls. It shows all the signal bars, no sim card errors or anything.Then whenever I go to call (because it looks like I have signal) A small arrow flashes repeatedly and then it says call failed then says searching for network, even though there was clearly one present at the time of the call.Here a few pics to show exactly what im talking about... my number were blacked out for privacy reasons,

BB Curve 8900 :: Media Card - Says The Info Is Encrypted By Another Device forums.crackberry.com

I had a pearl 8100 and had a memory card in it. The info was encrypted for safe keeping. I sold the pearl and got an 8900, now when i put the memory card in the 8900, it says the info is encrypted by another device and i need to put it in that device to see them. Is there a way i can get around this, since i no longer have access to the pearl?

BB Pearl 8100 :: Unable To Access MicroSD Card : Says Need To Format SD Card forums.crackberry.com

I recently bought a blackberry Pearl 8100 with a 256MB micro SD card. But when I try to access the SD card by the Pearl, it said to me that I need to format my SD card. But when I connect the Pearl at my computer its appears like a mass strage device, and I can copy files to it.I already formatted the SD card, and continuous have the same problem.

Server :: Java Is Not Running In Ubuntu 10.10 www.linuxquestions.org

I am the new user of linux and installing eclipse IDE in the ubuntu server10.10. I have followed the steps given in the links [URL] and [URL]. After installing sun-java6-bin, sun-java6-jre and sun-java6-jdk, java is not running in my ubuntu server10.10. and got error like this $ java -version Error: could not open '/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun-' $ javac -version Error: could not open '/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun-' $ javac HelloWorld.java Error: could not open '/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun-' $ java HelloWorld Error: could not open '/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun-'

BB Pearl 8100 :: 4GB Micro Card Not Reconized forums.crackberry.com

I attempted a search for this but couldn't find anything matching my problem, apologies if it's been posted recently.I have a 4 gb SanDisk Micro SDHC card that I originally purchased for more memory capacity. I wanted to use my Pearl as an mp3 player.I put the teeny-tiny card in the adapter and into the SD slot on the pearl 8100, and was surprised when it wasn't recognized on my pearl. It says a "media card is not presently inserted in the device". I have reinserted it several times to no avail.

BB Bold 9700 :: JVM Error 517 / Software Not Reinstalling supportforums.blackberry.com

Without any clear reason, all in a sudden I get this message: "JVM Error 517" and below that there is a reset button. The message is in the middle of the screen (white color) in a very small font size. Only thing I can do is press enter and then the BB will be rebooted and will end finally in the sam screen with again the same error message.Also tried to replace the battery but this will have the same result as a reboot....ending with the same white screen and "JVM Error 517".Tried also to reinstall software with the desktop manager but without succes.

BB (RIM) :: 8100 Facebook App Notifications www.howardforums.com

I have a bb peark 8100, i also have the facebook app v1.6.Question is I dont have a true BB Data plan, i managed to get that whole vision deal for 5$ a month and i use it on my BB Pearl for light browsing and what not, so that means i dont have a true BB email addy. Is there some way of getting those facebook app notifications on my BB? I dont see why you would even require a bb email to use it? Just the way the app tells you there is a update for it, why cant it just see when there is something on my facebook account? I can use the app and what not id just like to be able to receive those little notifications on it also.

BB Pearl 8100 :: Can't Receive Email supportforums.blackberry.com

i have a blackberry pearl 8100 series and i cant recieve emails. ive sent them to other emails and they recieve them but when they try to send them back it says invalid address. i got the activation message and the register message. i checked my firewall settings and my filters can somebody PLEASE help me?

BB Pearl :: BES Service Enabled By Carrier Not Working On It? supportforums.blackberry.com

I have an issue with BB 9100, after transferring users data from a 8100 pearl, I cannot activate with Enterprise Activation. So far I have troubleshooted the following: Tested the SIM card in a known working 9700 Bold - Sim card is working fine - BES service is activated - I was able to configure the users account. After placing SIM card in the BB 9100 - No Blackberry symbol (logo) & registration msg Tried - Register Now - through Host Routing Table - no change Security wiped handheld - no change Upgaded to 9100_9105Asia_PBr6.0.0_rel2474_PL6.6.0.207_A6.0.0.546_Telstra (OS6) Downgraded to: 9100_9105EastAsia_PBr5.0.0_rel1083_PL6.2.0.46_A5.0.0.623_Telstra (OS5) Replaced the SIM card - No change Contacted my service provider - they sent another new handset This is also having the exact same problem, also after transferring the users data from 8100, and repeating all the troubleshooting previously.

BB Pearl 8100 :: Having Trouble Making Calls forums.crackberry.com

I'm having trouble making call from my BB Pearl 8100 running OS V4.5. I get error "Radio Path Unavailable". At the moment its happening when I call only one particular number. That number is in working order. After a search on the forums....I tried battery pull twice and removing the sim and gave it a good wipe, but no avail. Spoke to CS at O2, all she could say was try it with my SIM in a different mobile and if it works OK, then the problem is with my BB else it is a network issue. Haven't tried this yet since I have no spare phone until later when I will try on my friends phone.

BB Bold :: Unable To Charge Battery supportforums.blackberry.com

need to back up data on BB and then perform a clean reload due to error JVM 102. battery is dead and BB desktop will not let me connect to perform tasks.Battery will not charge due to error on phone.How can i charge my battery without my phone?

BB Pearl 8100 :: Want To Transfer Some Ringtones / Remote Device Doesn't Support Service forums.crackberry.com

I just bought a Blackberry 8100. I have a Dell D620 and I want to transfer some ringtones to my Blackberry pearl 8100. But I get the following message when I attempt to transfer the ringtones "Remote device does not support service" I think the problem is with the Blackberry 8100. I can send files but can't get files. I connected the Blackberry 8100 to my D620. And i was also able to transfer the ringtones from my D620 to my other phone (Motorola Q global". I believe it's the Blackberry 8100.

BB Pearl 8110/20/30 :: BB Pearl 8110 Will Not Connect To Any PC forums.crackberry.com

I have read every other thread on this topic and I have tried everything that was said with no success, so I decided to ask myself. My phone is a BB Pearl 8110 and it worked great until the other day when it stopped connecting to my PC. I hooked it up to 3 different computers and none of them detected it. I uninstalled and then reinstalled the software that came with it, I changed USB cords. I took off the battery, I even completely wiped out the phone and started over and still no computer would detect it. Then I took my brothers BB Pearl 8100 and plugged it in and my computer immediately recognized it. I'm completely out of ideas, If anyone knows what the possible problem is please let me know.

BB Curve 8500 :: 8520 Email Not Working After Changing From Pearl To Curve supportforums.blackberry.com

I have a Curve 8520 from TMobile (US).I also had a Pearl 8100 from Fido (Canada).I got the Curve unlocked and want to use it on the Fido network instead of the Pearl. I seem to have gotten everything working on the Curve, except for the email.I had the same email accounts (gmail, hotmail) set up on both phones, but for some reason now that I've switched over to the Curve on the Fido network, I can't send or receive email.I've checked all my settings, and they seem right.I can access the web, my Wi-Fi is set up, and I can send & receive texts. Anyone have any ideas about this email problem? Also, I can't remember my account username for the BB website to access my account online to change the email.When I ask to send my password, it says it has been sent to my BB, but of course I can't receive email, so I'm not getting it.

BB Pearl 8100 :: BB 8120 Sync - Error Code - 0x80040ff8 supportforums.blackberry.com

Everything was working before. Now cannot sync calendar w/ Outlook. Other items still sync ok individually. when sync calendar, got pop up msg "Error encountered. Eoor code - 0x80040ff8. Check documentation." "View Log" gets the following towards the end: "Quote" Field mapping used for translation: Microsoft Outlook Device Subject ------------------------- Description Title Start Date ---------------------- Start Date Start Time ---------------------- Start Time End Date ------------------------ End Date End Time ------------------------ End Time Alarm Date ---------------------- Alarm Date Alarm Time ---------------------- Alarm Time Reminder Set Flag --------------- Alarm Flag Body ---------------------------- Notes Show Time As -------------------- Free Busy Location ------------------------ Location Private ------------------------- Private Internal Error #4088. Translation Canceled! "end of log file and Unquote" Versions and Configuration: BB 8120, Version Destop Manager Carrier: Three Hong Kong (Chinese Input OK) Windows XP Pro SP2 reinstalled / deleted intellisync folder and problem persists!

BB (RIM) :: Buying Used BB Anything I Should Know Regarding PIN www.howardforums.com

I've never used a BB before. I want to get a used BB, probably a Pearl 8100, as a backup/2nd phone (iPhone is my main phone). Anything I should know regarding the BB PIN, BB services, etc? How can I be sure the PIN isn't "blocked" or whatever? Anything I need to know about getting all the BB services, PIN, email, etc setup? What if the other owner was using the PIN but sells it to me? I have a Data/BIS plan. I'm on Rogers in Canada.

BB Curve 8900 :: SD Does Not Work forums.crackberry.com

I bought a new BB curve 8900...and was checking out the phone to see the different features...I took a couple of pics and a video...then I took out the SD card to put it in my old BB pearl 8100..for some reason it didnt fit or maybe I was putting it in wrong..The cage wouldnt lock down the SD card..so I took it out of the pearl because it didnt work..then I put it in the 8900. the screen said media card inserted..but when ever I tried to use the video camera it said "to record a video, insert a formatted Media card".. then I went to settings to check out the memory..it said media card cannot be read. verify memory card has been formatted..so I clicked on options to fromat the card..but then it said format failed..now the card doesnt work...

BB Pearl 8100 :: Updating OS On BB Pearl 8100 forums.crackberry.com

I have the current OS of v4.2.1.107 and I was curious if there was any way for me to update to the 5.0 OS or if I am stuck in the past...

BB Pearl 8100 :: Internet Browser To Be Downloaded And Used forums.crackberry.com

i've had my Pearl a while now, but i haven't gotten around to getting a data plan from my provider (Rogers. i live in toronto). Before i buy i data plan from my provider, is it possible for an internet browser to be downloaded and used on a Pearl 8100 (or any blackberry) for free? any feedback will be greatly appreciated. thanks

BB (RIM) :: Use Pearl 8120 / 8130 Software / OS On 8100? www.howardforums.com

I searched google and the forums and havent found a definitive answer for this:Is it possible to use the pearl 8120/8130 software and os on a pearl 8100? I would assume it is just because the button layout is the same but Im not sure. If it is, could anyone please help me with a how-to on doing so?

BB Desktop Software :: How To Transfer Data From Phone? supportforums.blackberry.com

I recently lost my blackberry pearl 8100 after car accident( & thankfully I backed up my data the week before);anyways now I wanted to know how I can transfer my data to my new blackberry curve? (without my old blackberry pearl)I keep reading about the switch wizard option; but since I don't have my old blackberry anymore (just my backed up data). What can I do now?

BB Pearl 8100 :: MMS Not An Option In Menu forums.crackberry.com

I got a Pearl and just was doing basic texts until the other day when I looked in the options and MMS is not in the menu. Compose SMS text is the only option I get. My friend with a Curve showed me his says Compose MMS but my 8100 Pearl doesn't.

BB Pearl 8100 :: Call Failed - It Stopped Making Calls? forums.crackberry.com

Got a pearl 8100 here. It just stopped making calls. It rarely does, and if it does, it will drop during the call.I loaded the latest OS on it still the same problem. Tried SIM card in another phone in the same spot and it works. The pearl does get full signal and EDGE. Could this be a hardware problem? The antenna, maybe?