BB Curve :: Phone Not Connecting To BB Service


I got blackberry bold 9900.I transferred all the old blackberry messenger contacts and data on the new phone. I then went to settings>>>host routing table in order to activate the blackberry service and I registered but still the phone wouldn't connect. I checked the connections and for both the blackberry internet service and the enterprise service are not connected.

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My curve says BB internet service not connected so i cant get BBM

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i use a bb curve 8520 with os5, everytime i start my phone i get this error please help me to rectify, also my app vibrate on call connect is not working

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We are with "talk mobile" in the UK, it basically took them 11 days to finally switch out BB services on the phone, and yes all fine , my daughter (her phone) was ecstatic, and it worked brilliant, first on my wifi, she was able to finally get BBM to work, went on facebook, so all brilliant for the weekend she stayed at my house. Now the problem, it simply will not work any BB services once when is not on a wifi system, the BB sign disappears, only the 3G sign is there, and it even shows in talk mobile settings on phone "not connected to bb email, or BB internet.

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I got a BB Curve 9220 but cant use the data services on the phone?

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I have a problem i can not connect to YM usin a BB curve 8520

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i can't connect my phone bb 9330 curve 3g with the bluetooth on may car volvo v60 from 2011..

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my BB 8520 curve crashed (app error 523) and service center says they'd take 8 days to repair. I have a spare 8520 and I have been unsucessfully trying to load saved data from old BB from my Laptop to new BB. problem is the device software asks for old BB to be plugged in. what i primarily need is the phone book and messages, if not entire data.

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I have recently purchased a BB 8350i, with camera phone and nextel direct connect. Really great phone.I have the following plan with Nextel Sprint: Unlimited data: Web surfing, email, BB Internet Services, GPS Hav, Music and TV Premier, NFL Mobile Live, NASCAR Sprint Mobile SM Unlimited Direct Connect, messaging, talk, nationwide long distance, text music and video I am interested in getting the most for the phone and service plan. At the same time I am asking, I am exploring the situation on the BB site, but received some great help (more than asked) from the forum with previous questions.

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I got an unlocked tour from sprint, my first BB I have BB services in my carrier but my tour doesn't connect to them.I've tested the SIM card on a Bold's friend and it works fine, however in the tour I cannot connect. I can send/recive calls and send/recive sms but nothing to do with BB services.I tried to register the phone but it was impossible, it's like the phone cannot say to the carrier "I'm here"Did someone have the same problem? Any ideas? Should I go back to iPhone ?

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I have a Windows 7 PC (64 bits). I have installed today the BB Desktop SW version from BB website.It works fine with my old BB Curve 8900 palm phone, but does not recognize at all my newest BB Curve 9360 palm phone.In particular when I connect the BB device with the microUSB cable to the USB port of the PC, Windows 7 complains to have not installed properly the Device Driver of the BB palm phone.If I look at the PC Device Drivers Management I can see a BlacBerry driver version of 23/06/2011 from research Un Motion.Windows complain that the device type is unknown, all what it says is "Reinstall the drivers for this device. (Code 18)".


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My carrier O2 Irl..Model BB Curve 8520, Smartphone (Edge Wi-Fi) V5.0.0.681 (Platform BB is just over 1 year old and was working perfectly. Suddenly a week ago my email and messenger stopped working. I am connected to my home wifi and use O2 data plan otherwise.I did a battery pull to no effect.I rang the O2 helplne twice and they talked me through various operations but couldnt solve the problem. Eventually they said that as it was purchased in London (it was a gift but I have the receipt), I needed to return it to the shop as it was a BB problem. Not so easy as I live in the west of Ireland.If I go to Email settings it says "Your device had a problem connecting to the server".In Service Status - it says BB Internet Service Connection: Not connected BB Enterprise Server Connection: Not connected.Text messaging works fine. Browser works fine too and obviously I can access my email from here but that is major hassle.

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I have a BB 8900 curve which has not been used before. The carrier Vodafone has enabled my BB service and I should have full data. However, the device is showing gprs and not GPRS and the service books are not downloading as a result. When I put my SIm in a mates BB 8900 it does show as full GPRS.is there a setting in the device that allows partial data service that I need to change to give me full data, or do I just have another faulty 8900 device?

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I'm hesitated to buy BB because i want to know:If not ,does downloaded WLM work with wifi? (because it doesn't using my friend's BB with my OWN sim card.I'm trying to connect downloaded WLM over WIFI but is says: data services unavailable )Installing third party applications ex: Antivirus , games or etc...if i want to use wifi for other things than BB services such as updating those third parties, can it be done over wifi?want to know how much restrictions do i have using Wifi in BB an i do all the other things on wifi that is usually/normally done on wifi excluding BB services ?

BB Curve 8300 :: No Internet Service On Unlocked Device supportforums.blackberry.com

I am now at my wits end and ready to dump my BB! I paid mucho dinero/endless money for my first BB (Curve 8310). It i san unlocked T Mobile BB. I can use it and a new provider to send txt messages, make and receive calls, and play media. However, i cannot use it for the main purpose for which i bought it: Internet on the go. After all, what is a BB without the email and Internet service. The local provider has tried my SIM in another BB and there is Internet service hooked up to my SIM. However, i cannot access Internet service on my BB. I do not know what to do. SOmeone suggested that T Mobile may have locked my phone's Internet service. I dunno. Please tell me what to do.

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Im unable to connect to bb protect.it says connecting blackberry protect service but it's not connecting.

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Im having trouble with my new blackberry curve. im a complete novice with blackberry phones. right when i first got my bb i was able to send mms messages but since i loaded the desktop manager and connected my bb to computer for the first time, it disappeared now i cant send mms messages and dont understand why. one min i had the option of sending them then in message menu just says email sms or pin. i know on my service plan i have mms.

BB Curve :: Reload Software 552 And PC Not Detecting? supportforums.blackberry.com

My BB Curve 8900 is showing "Reload Software 552" error message. I tried to load the new OS from Desktop manager but my PC is not detecting my blackberry. Earlier it was showing a battery sign when I removed the battery and connected my BB to PC but now there is no light or sign in the BB after connecting to PC. BB only works when I put the battery into it and shows the same message, Reload Software 552.

BB Bold 9000 :: BB Is Not Registering Or Connecting With Service supportforums.blackberry.com

I have just bought an unlocked BB bold handset from Hong Kong. The operator was O2 UK. Iam currently based in Egypt where i have a regsitered SIM Card BB service with Etisalat Egypt network.When i put the sim card, i just can use the phone and it reads succesfully the network on both (edge 2G) and 3G service. However, it can not log on to the BB server, hence no BB services or service books are sent to my device. I tried using the MFI loader de-branding thinking it might be the problem. Yet after sucessfully doing that, still problem existing, and i even tried other sim cards working already on other BB handsets, it failed my phone just do not communicate or register with BB server (no BB symbol appears on my phone).

BB Curve :: Connecting 9300 To Laptop? supportforums.blackberry.com

I'm having problems connecting my BB Curve 9300 to my laptop using the BB Desktop manager. I can't get past the Device Password Required. I've tried inputing my BB Curve password, the PC password, to no avail. I'm with Orange and the OS release of the BB is V5.0.0.794.

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I just bought a BB Storm and used to own a BB Curve. I gave my BB Curve to my daughter for her to use, I performed a tranfer of information to and from BB's but my email account is still active on my BB Curve. I tried doing the complete wipe out but it is still there, how can I delete my e-mail from my old BB?????

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i have a BB curve 8330 from boost. I was wondering because I wanted to know if I bought a BB curve 8350i from Sprint/Nextel could I used it with boost? The reason for this is I want to be able to have Direct Connect but my BB Curve 8330 from boost doesnt have that feature.

Curve :: BB Internet Service Not Connected supportforums.blackberry.com

Out of the blue my BB would not send or receive emails/text etc. Under 'service status' it says BB internet Service not connected and BB Enterprise Server not connected.

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I am having trouble fixing my BB Curve 8520, I can connect to my Wi-fi (home) but everytime I use the browser it says Cannot connect to the internet. Please contact your service provider, which I did.What could have happened to my device? What settings should I change to get back on using my BB to connect to the internet?

BB Torch :: WiFi Not Working And Not Connecting Successfully supportforums.blackberry.com

I have a net gear router in my home and i connect it through the bb 9800, but the service status always shows that the bb internet service is connected through the mobile network, i tried it with another router and it was successfully working and the bb internet service is connected through the wifi whenever the wifi is connected.

BB Curve :: No Internet Service On Unlocked? supportforums.blackberry.com

I paid mucho dinero/endless money for my first BB (Curve 8310). It i san unlocked T Mobile BB. I can use it and a new provider to send txt messages, make and receive calls, and play media. However, i cannot use it for the main purpose for which i bought it: Internet on the go. After all, what is a BB without the email and Internet service. The local provider has tried my SIM in another BB and there is Internet service hooked up to my SIM. However, i cannot access Internet service on my BB. I do not know what to do. SOmeone suggested that T Mobile may have locked my phone's Internet service.

BB Curve :: Laptop Unable To Read Memory Card In It supportforums.blackberry.com

I have this issue where everytime I connect my BB Curve 8520 to my laptop using the USB cable, for some strange reason my laptop unable to read the memory card in the device. So I'm unable to transfer all my media data from my BB to my laptop. However, I still can back up my BB contact, update my BB OS and make changes to my BB using the BB Desktop Manager.

BB Curve :: Browser Keeps Reading Not Connected In 8900? supportforums.blackberry.com

My Curve 8900 BB does not recognize my phone number and the browser keeps reading not connected, making it impossible to browse even when my service provider confirms I am connected from their end.

BB Curve 8300 :: Desktop Manager Updates Require To Be Connected To PC? supportforums.blackberry.com

When I ask desktop mgr to check for updates does my BB Curve need to be connected to the PC ?

BB Curve :: It Won't Connect To The WiFi supportforums.blackberry.com

I have a curve 8520 unlocked IM in the us for vacations but still need for work my bb one day for emergency I put a sim card from t mobil of other bb on my phone the phone worked to de the call but when I but my chip back the wifi that had been working all the time perfectly stop connecting now it wont connect to internet just to the router what can I do to fix my wifi connection again?

BB Curve :: 9300 Trying To Download Ring Tones supportforums.blackberry.com

I have only just started using the Desktop software for my BB Curve 9300. Once I connected I was told that updated software was available for my phone. Once I had done this I noticed that my selection of ring tones had diminished from the ones previously installed with the new phone.Following the instructions for downloading ring tones (Media File - ringtones - select menu - then select Download Ring Tones) I notice that I do not have the option to Download! Even visiting the BB website it still tells me to follow the same instruction!

BB Curve :: Disabling Of Content Protection 9220? supportforums.blackberry.com

how to disable content protection in my curve 9220 as IM unable to connect it with bb app world

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My BB torch isnt connected to the Enterprise server or the Internet Service

BlackBerry :: Services Not Working supportforums.blackberry.com

Where can I get my BB repaired? BB services are not working, tried absolutely everything (pulling battery, wiping, new OS, got help from network provider as well) and it seems my BlackBerry is broken. Do they do that at all? I don't really want to spend money on a new phone right now, especially when my BB is working - calls, texts, even internet, just nothing that requires connection to BB (BB icon doesn't appear) or wireless (I'm not too sure but I think that bluetooth and wifi are not working either).

BB Accessories :: Car Charger Not Working And Unable To Replace? supportforums.blackberry.com

I purchased car charger for my BB Curve. The charger is dead from the time I bought it. The shop owner @ Noida, India passes the buck on BB service center for replacement. The service center is saying that accessory replacement is the task of shop owner. Am unable to connect to 1800-425-3720.

BB Curve 8300 :: 8310 How To Connect (SSP) Serial Port To PC? supportforums.blackberry.com

I'm trying to connect my BB (8310) to my pc using the bluetooth serial port profile, with my old phone (sony ericsson w300i) i would just pair the phone with the pc and then the pc would discover the services on my phone and i woluld double click on the serial port icon, but when i explore the BB services i only have hands free and dial up networking, i know the phone supports the serial port because i checked in the bluetooth options and it does support the serial port connection.

BB Curve :: BBM Is Not Sending Messages supportforums.blackberry.com

I have the BB Curve 9300 and BBM is not sending messages

BB Curve :: Black Button On It Isn't Working supportforums.blackberry.com

How to unlock a BB curve when the black button in the center of the phone won't work??

BB Curve :: 9300 Doesn't Show The App World Icon In Apps Folder? supportforums.blackberry.com

After updating my Curve 9300 with BB App World, my phone doesn't show the App World icon in apps folder.

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my bb curve 8530 will not find or listen to a Plantronics E220 Bluetooth

BB Curve :: Unable To Charge By New 9320 Through USB Socket? supportforums.blackberry.com

I am not able to charge by new BB curve 9320 through USB Socket,

BB Curve :: 9300 : Net_rim_bb_pieshone_app(911) Not Responding Process supportforums.blackberry.com

i have this message on my BB curve 9300 : net_rim_bb_pieshone_app(911) not responding process,

BB Curve 8300 :: How To Lock BB Curve�/ When Incoming Calls Come In supportforums.blackberry.com

How do I lock my BB Curve and when incoming calls come in no one is able to see the number or can answer the phone

BlackBerry :: Its Not Connecting To Internet supportforums.blackberry.com

My BB will not connect to internet.! Service providers says its a technical issue.

BB Bold :: Its Not Connecting To The Laptop? supportforums.blackberry.com

I have a BB bold and when i try to connect it to the laptop it automatically only charges the phone. Doesn't give me options of using the phone as a mass storage device or usb drive.Besides this phone there are 2 more bb's(curve and bold) which work absolutely fine with the laptop.

BB Curve :: Cannot Receive Mails With Large Attachments supportforums.blackberry.com

So I have BIS enabled for my BB Curve 8900 and an email account set up on it. The email works fine, I receive emails and I can send email messages from my BB. However, I noticed today that I do not receive emails on my BB that have attachments larger than 7 MB. I have the same email account set up in my Thunderbird client and everything works fine with it, I do get all these large emails. I contacted my service provider (Orange) and they could not figure this out.

BB Curve 83xx :: Internet Service Not Connected forums.crackberry.com

My blackberry internet service is not connected. 1- is this normal for a tmobile prepaid sim 2- my bb maps icon is not showing when the app is installed ( this related to bis not connected). 3- my bis tmobile email which is setup through mytmobile.com doesn't foreward to my bb phone

BB (RIM) :: Internet Access Without BB Data Plan www.howardforums.com

My cell phone operator does not have BB data plan.Can I use internet services (GPRS, WAP, EMAIL) without that data plan?

BB Curve :: 9300 Deleted Contact Data supportforums.blackberry.com

I have a BB Curve 9300. It was updated yesterday to connect with the Blackberry server at work. After the IT person had done this, so that my BB is now synched with my work Outlook program, I found that I had all my work contacts in the BB and had lost all the personal contacts which had been on the BB before he got to work on it. They had not been backed up. I guess tehre's no way to restore them is there? I then backed up my wife's BB contacts from her old Curve 8320 onto my Mac using the BB desktop software. But when I tried to restore that data to my BB, it said that it was a read-only database and could not be restored.

BB Curve :: Sim Card Service Not Provide Internet? supportforums.blackberry.com

My Sim Card Service Not provide Internet Now tell me how installe game in my phone BB 8310 .how use internet ?

BB Style :: Unable To Use GPS? supportforums.blackberry.com

I am not able to able to use GPS service on my BB 9670-CDMA phone?

BB Bold 9700 :: Can't Transfer Any Files / Phone Number / Documents supportforums.blackberry.com

I have a BB 9700 and its my first BB phone.I can not transfer any files, phone number or documents to my BB 9700.I have 3 other phones and can transfer files between them also using my PC which has a Bluetooth dongle but not to the BB 9700. I can send files from my BB 9700 but just can't receive.I have done all the basic like paired the devises and selected YES on Trusted I called T-mobile and they said they don't support the Bluetooth on BB and that the Bluetooth on most BB are rubbish and a lot of people have problems with it.

BB Tour :: Desktop Manager Do Not Recognize The Connection? supportforums.blackberry.com

My computer shows the connection to my BB when connected by USB but the BB desktop software and BB desktop manager do not recognize the connection and therefor can no longer synchronize

BB Curve :: Can't Get My PC To Recognize It supportforums.blackberry.com

OK in the past (as in last week) I have been able to connect my BB curve to both my laptop and my desktop without issue using the BB desktop manager, and happily synch diary and address books. This week my husband has decided he wants to install and run microsofts active synch so he can update his old work phone with his photos and music. This was not a problem on our old PC (8 years old). However I have recently bought a P4 dell desktop, and active synch was not already loaded. I'd asked him to wait until I'd run ghost and got a back up of everything but he obviously could not wait. Since uploading MS active synch my PC no longer manages to connect to the BB curve, so I can't do any synchronising, or updating of software through it. I can however connect and update via the laptop. The laptop does not have outlook, so it's not keeping my diary or address book up to date. Grrr.

BB Curve :: 9300 Apps Do Not See Internet Connection? supportforums.blackberry.com

I got Curve 9300 OS 5, not connected to BB services. I installed IM+, Gmail, Google sync (during installation i allowed all access options). When running any of the apps first time (after installing) connection tru 3G or WiFi is OK. Usually i turn off 3G to save battеry.When i run an app next time - it requires internet connection (Curve 930 internet access is OK. Then - the same problem. What can i change in Curve 9300 settings to solve the problem?

BB Curve :: Setting Up Internet Browser Properly On It? supportforums.blackberry.com

I am a first time BB user and I need some help setting up my internet browser properly on my BB Curve.

BB Curve :: 9320 App Cannot Be Found On App World supportforums.blackberry.com

I'm trying to find Gmail app client on BB curve 9320 for some reason this app cannot be found on BB App World.

BB Curve 83xx :: Micro SD Cards 8 And 16 Gb Will Work forums.crackberry.com

im running 4,5 os on my BB curve, does anybody know if 8gb and or 16gb memory cards will work on my BB?

BB Software :: Internet Service Not Connected? supportforums.blackberry.com

I've been having a problem for some time now with my BB internet service: I can browse the internet and send texts, and make calls, but all things such as BBM, email, and applications, will not work. The status of the phone says that 'BB internet service is not connected'. I've talked to my mobile provider and tried to sort it out but they have no idea. The first thing they suggested was, of course, turning it on and off again. No avail. They suggested I go into 'Advanced Options' and click on 'Host Routing Table' to get it set up for Service Books, but no message comes through to the Service Book area. I also tried doing it through my PC on the o2 BIS service, but it again said my phone was not connected to the internet service and nothing could be done. I have also tried to set up my email and the phone said they couldn't connect to the host. I've tried to update the software but no update was found.

BB Torch :: OS Update Reboot? supportforums.blackberry.com

I connected my BB 9300 Curve to my PC earlier this morning and it told me about this update. So I updated my BB to that version, but now if I want to reboot the phone it keeps showing the 'white screen of death' until I do a battery pull to successfully reboot the phone.

BB Tour 9630 :: Unlocked Handset On T-Mobile / Everything Works Except Facebook App supportforums.blackberry.com

Recently got my hands on a unlocked 9630 from a Sprint buddy. Everything works browser, txt, MMS, calls, even my weather app. Just every time I try to log into Facebook, it tells me "Could not connect because a data service is not available. Please try again later. If this continues, contact your service provider for support".I came from a Tmo BB Curve so the service was already there. I re-registered on the BB network, resent the service books from the web and from my phone, did hard re-starts, went online to My Tmobile and updated the IMEI. I uninstalled the app from the phone, performed a hard reset, then reinstalled the app from the Blackberry App Store.

BB Curve :: App World Without Wifi 3g? supportforums.blackberry.com

I bought a blackberry curve 3g yesterday and set everything to work as normal. All the email, phone, internet and browsers, and bb I'm all work perfectly. And bb app world works WITH wi fi. But when I try to access bb app world without wifi the following message comes up " you are currently on a service plan that requires wifi connection to use this application. If you want to use this application outside of wifi please contact your service provider to upgrade your data plan" . A similar message about data plan appears when trying to access the facebook app at any pointI phoned vodafone and they said everything was fine at their end and I have all the correct data plan and bb services and keep directing me here.

BB Curve 83xx :: Blue Tooth Not Recognized By DM forums.crackberry.com

I have a BB curve that I am connecting to my desk top computer with a Taugus blue tooth device, I have got it to par with my computer but the DM doesn't see it as connected, not sure why. If and when I get it to work right is it possible to be able to have my BB not download emails when I am connected to my computer by blue tooth?

BB Pearl 8100 :: Access To Internet / Online With BB Through Laptop supportforums.blackberry.com

I have the Pearl 8110 and currently am not paying for internet service from Blackberry nor my cell phone provider. My question is, if I have my BB connected to my laptop (which is connected to the internet by Linsys wireless broadband), is there a way I can go online with my BB through my laptop?

BB Curve :: Bluetooth Connection Failed With Vaio PC supportforums.blackberry.com

well the thing is that i have the BB curve and also i hae the Vaio computer Series Y , before when i got the BB i was checking the features between PC and BB , i found that i could Connect the BB music to be able and listen to music with the speakers in the PC , now recently , is not letting me to connect the BB to the PC , is showing like if is trying to connect the it says Connected after to seconds it cut the connection, in my BB says Connection with Vaio terminated , basically is only playing 2 seconds in the computer and the it finish by itself? PS, i have tried to remove both device each other and then reparied again but NO GO , also i have tried the option "listen " just to make sure that was the problem but "No go "?

BB Curve 8520/8530 :: Access To Hidden Files From Pc? forums.crackberry.com

I can't access the hidden folders & files on my BB 8520 from my PC, I can access them on my phone but not when I connect to it via my PC.

BB Bold :: 8520 Wi-Fi Internet Is Not Working supportforums.blackberry.com

I have BB 9780 and 8520.I can connect to my wifi at work and it works perfectly with the little bb logo showing.However at home, i can connect to the wifi, but can not get on the internet.i have tried re-setting my wifi router and also resetting my BB phones to factory default nothing seems to work though. All other devices at home (pc, mac, iphone, ipad other nokia phones etc) works semalessly at home wifi.

BB Curve :: Can Use Viber On 9220 supportforums.blackberry.com

can i use viber on my bb curve 9220? and if yes then from where should i download? and how i use to connect my phone to my pc, by using data cable i am unable to connect. how i use facebook without data service means how i use facebook through wifi?

BB Curve :: Reinstalled Handheld Software OS5.0? supportforums.blackberry.com

If I wish to reinstalled handheld software OS5.0 to my BB 9300 curve 3G since it was corrupted, please advise whether the following steps are correct? 1st download blackberry desktop manager version 6.0 or version 5.0 to personal computer (PC) and backup necessary applications and contacts.2nd connect with USB cable to BB handset via PC and start download OS5.0 operating system through local telco service provider.anyone can provide to me correct lingkage to blackberry desktop manager version 6 or 5.

BB Curve :: 9320 Delays To Ring supportforums.blackberry.com

I just got dis BB curve and I noticed it didn't ring for long.so I took another fone and called my number.I could hear it ringing on d other fone but my BB wasn't ringing,not even an incoming call alert till about the third ring.I tried with several phones and the same thing happened.it annoys me coz by the tym my BB rings and I have 2 pick up,the caller is hanging up coz it rang for long.

BB Torch :: ID Service Is Unavaliable supportforums.blackberry.com

I bought an BB Torch 9800 in USA, factory unlocked, from AT&T, and now i'm in Brazil with another carrier here.Everytime that I try to sync my BB protect with my BB ID, it shows 'Verifying Blackberry ID' and then, it returns 'The Blackberry ID service is unavaible' but when I tried to sync my BB App World with my Blackberry ID, it was ok.And another problem is, i've updated my Blackberry Core Systems with Blackberry Desktop Software, but everytime that I connect my blackberry with my PC, it shows that I need to update it again. I've update more than 3 times, and still shows as not updated.

BB Curve :: White Screen After Phone Fell supportforums.blackberry.com

my bb curve 8520 was perfectly fine untill 1 day it fell from a table and the screen went white. I can still make calls by dialin the numbers manually/or using voice command.. i think the screens connection came loose..... does any1 think anything else might be wrong with it? i dont have a bb service place in Dhaka.....can normal cell phone

BB Curve 83xx :: New User / Metro PCS forums.crackberry.com

I Have Never Ever Owned A Bb Ever, And I Have Extremely Interested On Purchasing The New Bb Curve 8330 From Metro Pcs. My Main Concern Before I Purchase This Particular Phone (which Cost $449.00) Is That I Have A Excel Spreadsheet File With Over 2000 Phone Numbers And I Want To Literally Import All Of Those Phone Numbers At Once.My Second Question Is That I Would Like To Know How Many Contacts Can I Store On This Particular Phone.Please Let Me Know If There Is Anyone Out There That Can Help Me.Currently Metro Pcs Does Not Have A Technical Department So There Isn't Anybody That I Can Asked Technical Questions To.

BB Curve 8300 :: Instant Messaging supportforums.blackberry.com

Can you use blackberry instant messaging on the 8320 curve, i am on Orange and have received and sent request to add contacts but cannot seem to go any further. am using it through the BB pin service on the phone have looked on the BB site and have found it little or no help, but that may be down to me.

BB Curve :: 9360 Stops Receiving Calls Every Couple Of Days? supportforums.blackberry.com

My curve 9360 stops receiving calls every couple of days. I didn't know this until my wife called me on my other phone asking why she could not call me on my BB. When I checked the BB, the signal was full strength. And I could call out without any problems. After I made a call from the BB, it started to receive calls normally. It still receive emails though.

BB Curve 83xx :: Will Device Work With 5.0? forums.crackberry.com

I am curious about BB Desktop Manager 5.0. My Curve 8310 came with BB Tools but it is version 4.3. I downloaded 5.0 from BB website and when I plugged in my 8310 with software version it displayed about a dozen updates to my phone. I declined the updates for now because I didnt want to hack up my phone. Is it ok to update with the 5.0 version or should I stick to the 4.3?

BB Curve :: BBM Running But Not Social App? supportforums.blackberry.com

I have Social bundle activated on my phone. I am able to access BBM however can't login on Facebook & galk.Get an error message "you are currently on service plan does not support this service"PS: Aircel customer care doesnt have remote info bout BB phones. Carrier: Aircel Handset: Curve 9300

BB Bold :: 9900 Freezes When Browsing Internet Through WiFi supportforums.blackberry.com

I have many problems by every next day I have new BB Bold9900. While I can browse Internet through wifi (which is interesting cause it loves to freeze), I cannot use BB app world, cause it says my device is not connected to the wireless network. The same thing with FB application. I simply cannot connect to Internet although I already am connected, and my phone even shows full signal, network name, etc. Is there any solution which will make it possible to comfortably use BB????

BB Torch :: Unable To Connect To World App From Uganda supportforums.blackberry.com

I am new to BB & its services & i have BB Torch 9800 model purchsed just recently from authorized BB stores in India. I have downloded BB World app plug in from internet & have also loded Desk top Software. Now when i am connecting to World App in 2nd phase of connection i am getting constant message that "therehas been some error while communication with BB App world. Restart the device & try Again"

BB Curve :: 8520 Cannot Access Internet Services? supportforums.blackberry.com

Changed my password on my work email but cannot access bb internet services to change it in on my phone. When I try to sign in, my user name is not recognised. I can access bb internet services online, and have changed my email password and internet services password there. But I am locked out of my phone, and work emails no longer arrive.

BB Curve 8500 :: Does Not Meet System Requirement For Installing BB App World supportforums.blackberry.com

I bought a Curve 8520 in Singapore yesterday. When i tried to download App world into this phone, it says "my phone does not meet the system requirement for the software". does it refer to hardware specification or the BB O/s version on the phone. How can fix it because being able to use App world is one of the purposes that i buy a BB.Also, How about MS Live Messenger , facebook ? Do I need to install them seperately through App World?

BB Bold 9700 :: Handset Not Using Manually Specified APN forums.crackberry.com

I don't know if it's just my phone or an issue with the current OS, but I need to use internet2.voicestream.com as the APN for my data services on my new BB 9700. As with any other BB, I went to the Advanced Options > TCP, then typed in the apn and saved/rebooted. After doing this, still none of my apps can detect data services. The only exception is the Slingplayer Mobile app, which has a built-in setting for APN override. When I enable the APN override and directly key in internet2.voicestream.com, the Slingplayer app begins to work. Also tethering to a laptop works fine with the BB Desktop Manager's IP Modem utility as it also allows for manual input of an APN. On my previous phone, the BB Curve 8320, all of my apps work perfectly using this APN setup. This leads me to believe that the new Bold 9700 isn't using the specified APN that I have entered in options. Any ideas/suggestions?

BB Curve 83xx :: 8330 Is There Setting In BB That Needs Changed? forums.crackberry.com

BB Curve 8330.My email's are coming to my BB fine, but they come in bunches and they are always 30 minutes late.I called Sprint and they advised me that BB synchs every 15 minutes with my server.I don't think that is correct.Is there a setting in my BB that needs changed?I am not working off of a BB server. my domain is @sbcglobal.netI know there has to be a way to work in real time.This happens both when my Outlook is closed and also when my Outlook is open.

Bold :: Blackberry ID Does Not Recognize My Email / Password supportforums.blackberry.com

I recently had water damage to my BB Curve 9300 phone, stupidly I had not relaised but transfered all my contacts from SIM to phone Of course all this info got wiped when the phone was repaired. But i had registred with Blackberry ID and got a few apps one of which was BB Protect, backing up all my contacts etc. However now when I go to enter my email and password for BB ID it does not recognise me, I have tried 'forgot password' and the same happens, it does not recognise my email or any other emails I use. I have spoken to O2 and they say they can see I registered with BB and state if I had apps must have registered an email address. I am going mad because they must have an address and password for me as they allowed me to get other free apps, therefore my info must be on their system. I don't want to re-register as BB Protect will not recognise the new name or will it? Does it take other info when you register, like the PIN or IMEI?

BB Curve :: Lost The Lock Password With No Backup? supportforums.blackberry.com

I've a BB curve with several contact information with no backup. I've changed to a new device, and I wanted to recover information about my contact list from my old BB curve.I know if I put 10 times a wrong password I'll lose all the information stored in the BB, and I'm in the 9th try!There is no way to workaround on it, for me is really important get this information. There is no way from BB support to get this information back.

BB Curve :: Have No Internet Browser On 8900? supportforums.blackberry.com

i have no internet browser on my friends bb curve 8900

BB Curve :: Install OS6 In 8520? supportforums.blackberry.com

Can I install OS6 in my BB curve 8520

BB Bold :: Unable Download Email From Mailbox Which Old? supportforums.blackberry.com

my BB: 9900 OS: 7.1 Bundle 1424 using BB Businese Cloud Service for connecting my Microsoft 365 email.I have problem after upgraded my BB 9900 OS from 7.0 to 7.1 since 14 June. Once I active my email in BB after upgrade to OS 7.1.The email send/receive is ok after active, but the email in my mailbox which older than activation time, never download to my BB.Besides, the delete folder never sync with my mailbox, always empty, which my mailbox have many deleted email in delete folder. And the send/receive of my BB is very unstable in my BB last few days, it will delay receive and fail to send, need resend again and again, I checked with local mobile service provider.They confirmed nothing wrong with their network, the problem only happen in BB Cloud service.

BB Curve :: 8520 - How To Delete Multiple Files supportforums.blackberry.com

i want to delete multiple files in bb 8520 curve

BB Curve :: How To Find Configuration For Text Message supportforums.blackberry.com

where can I find the configuration code for text messages in my BB Curve 8520

BB Bold :: 9780 Can't Connect To BB Enterprise Server? supportforums.blackberry.com

I have a 9780 with OS6 bundle 2115 (v6.0.0.480, platform, carrier is Maxis Communication.I was from Malaysia, usually I was using TM streamyx wifi service or even any other free wifi zone and it was fine to connect to BB enterprise server, recently I was upgraded my home network to Unifi service which is using fiber optic cable for more faster speed and stable, after upgrading to this I found out that I was unable to connect to BB enterprise server, do I need any new setting to calibrate to connect or need to refer to the service provider?

BB Bold :: Connect Internet Services To PC Through 9780? supportforums.blackberry.com

Would request your support on guiding me to connect internet services to PC through my BB Bold 9780.

BB Torch :: Automatic Pairing Fails On VW Premium Bluetooth supportforums.blackberry.com

I have VW Premium Phone Preparation in my 2010 vehicle and have had previoulsy had it paired with a HTC Tourch Pro and it worked perfectly.I have now changed my phone to a BB Torch 9800 and are experiencing some teething problems with the BB and the VW car kit.I have had the two units paired and working but when I leave the vehicle and then return, I have to stop the bluetooth services on the BB and then restart them before the phone will successfully pair with the VW car kit.The software version on the phone is

BB Bold 9000 :: Downloaded Desktop 4.6 / PC Do Not Recognizing Phone supportforums.blackberry.com

I own a BB bold, I have download Desktop software ver 4.6 but I'm unable to make connection between my BB and PC. Also when I connect BB via USB my PC do not recognize BB, I have tried reinstall software 4.6 a few times and also open the connection en the BB for use as a external device. but still not connected with PC.

BB Curve :: Validate Password To Continue Receiving Emails? supportforums.blackberry.com

I'm having receiving emails on my BB. I receieved an email on my BB this morning saying I needed to validate my password to continue receiving emails on my BB. Unfortunately I cannot remember what password I used when I set it up several years ago. I went to the BB internet service website to do a 'forgotten password' request but unfortunately the password reminder email is not coming into my main email inbox on my laptop and is only going to my BB, but because my BB is not recieivng emails I cannot retrieve the password, so I am in a bit of a catch 22 situation.

BB Curve :: It Is Not Deteched On Apps World On PC supportforums.blackberry.com

When i connect my BB with a USB to my windows 7 pc to the apps world of BB online , the website tells me to " Please connect my device". However, device manager recognises my BB and also it charges the phone. I have installed apps world a couple of times. Installed the BB drivers from the website (ver 4.5). Also, i am using google chrome as my browser. Please can someone help so that i can install apps thru the website using a USB