BB Bold :: Problem Connecting To Server And Setting Up Email


I have a Bold 9700 on OS 6.Every time I go to set up my email I just get the message "Your device had a problem connecting to the server".The internet is working.

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Got my bb about 2 months ago and everything's working fine until today i couldnt retrieve email on my bb. i tried to reboot (hard) and reformat my phone but each time when i tried to reset the email settings, a message "your device had a problem connecting to the server" will appear.i'm using a bb bold 9700 currently.

BB Bold :: Connecting To Server And Email Setup Error? supportforums.blackberry.com

I am trying to set up on a used BB bold 9700 i just bought my personal email using teh Email set up. I am receiving a message with the following: first it says connecting to email settings for about 1 minute..... then it shows your device had a problem connecting to the server, try again. and shows always the same.It is not tmobile, all other work great, calls, browser, etc.

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I went to set up my email for the first time I selected the enterprise server option by mistake. Now when I go back to email setup that is the only option that I have available for setting up email on my BB Bold 9700. Is there a fix that will allow me to get my hotmail and yahoo email accounts set up on my BB without having to take it to a service provider? I just updated my software on my phone today and that did not fix my problem.

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Can someone please explain how I change my BB bold from the blackberry enterprise service option to blackberry internet service option. I have tried via installing desktop manager via the non enterprise option but despite connecting my bold I still only have the option of bb enterprise server option when I look in email setup. I would just like to use my bb with a couple of hotmail email addresses.

BB Bold 9000 :: Emails Delivered To Multiple Mailboxes? supportforums.blackberry.com

I have my Bold set up for my 3 email accounts. It works fine, but it seems all my messages wind up both in their own inbox on the Bold as well as in my BB inbox. I tried turning off the "forward" option under filters in the Internet set up screens, but then none of the emails come through. Is this just a feature of the Bold or BB email service that I have to live with?

BB (RIM) :: How Many Email Account Can Be Set On Bold? www.howardforums.com

I was wondering if I can set up five email account on a BB Bold on AT&T. I have two gmail account, two yahoo (Free Service) and one godaddy account and I wish to have my Bold check all of the boxes. I already have two gmail account set up and they work just fine. Is there a limit on number of emails that can be set up on BB Bold without forwarding them to each other?

BB Curve :: Suddenly 8520 Doesnt Send / Receive Email supportforums.blackberry.com

My carrier O2 Irl..Model BB Curve 8520, Smartphone (Edge Wi-Fi) V5.0.0.681 (Platform BB is just over 1 year old and was working perfectly. Suddenly a week ago my email and messenger stopped working. I am connected to my home wifi and use O2 data plan otherwise.I did a battery pull to no effect.I rang the O2 helplne twice and they talked me through various operations but couldnt solve the problem. Eventually they said that as it was purchased in London (it was a gift but I have the receipt), I needed to return it to the shop as it was a BB problem. Not so easy as I live in the west of Ireland.If I go to Email settings it says "Your device had a problem connecting to the server".In Service Status - it says BB Internet Service Connection: Not connected BB Enterprise Server Connection: Not connected.Text messaging works fine. Browser works fine too and obviously I can access my email from here but that is major hassle.

BB Bold 9700 :: Synchronizing Phone With Yahoo Email Account supportforums.blackberry.com

I'm the proud owner of a Bold delivered today, (software V5.0.0.545) running on the Vodafone network in the UK.I've set up my Yahoo email on the BB and under Email Reconciliation have selected "Delete on Mailbox and Handsets." My BB is receiving the Yahoo mails but if I delete an email on the BB it still appears in my Yahoo email inbox.Is there full synchronization between BB and Yahoo mail or have I made an error in the set-up? If Yahoo cannot synchronize will using Googlemail enable me to synchronize emails?

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How can I turn off the auto push feature for emails on my BB Bold 9780? Is it possible to download emails manually? When I delete emails on my BB, I noticed that the emails get downloaded again when I access my Mac Mail. Likewise, when I've deleted emails from my mac, they get downloaded again on my BB. How can I configure my BB and mac in such a way that the emails will not get downloaded from the server again after deleting?

BB Bold 9650 :: Sent Emails Not Showing Up In Sent Folder supportforums.blackberry.com

I just set up my new BB bold with both my work email (BES) and my personal hotmail email (BIS). For some reason, when I send emails through hotmail on my phone, they do not show up in the sent folder on my hotmail account, when I access it on my PC. This issue does not occur with the work email. I did not have this problem with my previous BB curve, and all the settings appear to be the same.


BB Bold :: 9900 Don't Get Normal White Listed Mail supportforums.blackberry.com

I just upgraded my BB Torch to BB Bold 9900 one month ago and have this strange problem which I did not have with my former BB.I have two accounts on my BB that is my work email and my private.My work email works just fine but my private one is acting very strange. This is what is going on: 1.I can send email from my account 2.I receive spam mail 3.But I DO NOT GET MY NORMAL WHITE LISTED MAIL I have tried to set it up again, not worked, I have wiped the phone and then set it up again same problem.Just to be clear that I did not have this problem with the BB torch.I am receiving my mail to the web-mail and as per my provided then all is fine with my account. Then I talk to my IT dpt and they say nothing wrong with BB server.

BB Bold 9000 :: Use Wi-Fi To Reduce Costs supportforums.blackberry.com

I live in Guatemala (service provider: Claro) and have to travel a lot to Panama and Costa Rica.They do not have unlimited data plans in these countries.You should pay emails as "data roaming" of 3cents U$S x Kb.So my question is: is there any way I can set up my BB Bold in order to tell her to receive data (emails) using ONLY wi-fi connection? If both mobile network and Wi-Fi are enable, which one will use my BB to manage my emails if I�m connected to a wi-fi network but abroad and out of my national data plan?

BB Bold 9000 :: Email Messages Deleted Automatically supportforums.blackberry.com

I'm on a blackberry bold.My emails are still in outlook inbox but every email in the BB seemed to have been deleted automatically. email retention is 30 days. SMS and calendar entries are ok on bb though. Others on the same email and bes server are not having this problem. BES is and using the latest Desktop mgr 4.6...No filter is on

BB Bold :: 9780 Unable To Access E-mails? supportforums.blackberry.com

All was fine with my BB before I switched to an iPhone 2 weeks ago, then back to my same BB Bold 9780 unlocked. All was find before the regretfull move. For some reason now, I cannot access, send, or receive e-mails even though I've added my e-mails on my BB account via laptop.ve contacted my carrrier AT&T for 3 hours on the phone trying to figure out the problem. I registered the device, they send "service books" if that's what they're called, NO SOLUTION.1)Setup2)Email Accounts3)Internet Mail Account (Set up or manage an existing email account, or create a new Blackberry email account)4) "Checking for update...Connecting to email server...Your Blackberry Internet Service account is suspended or deactivated.Contact your wireless carrier" OVER AND OVER no matter who I speak to or what they do. I even wiped the phone.One representative suggested I download service books from a 3rd party or something over the internet

BB Bold :: Email Settings Icon Missing In Setup Folder? supportforums.blackberry.com

My email settings icon is missing in my Setup Folder. I only have three icons available in my Setup Folder; the icon for Setup Wizard Wi-Fi Settings and Bluetooth Settings. how I can retrieve the email Settings icon on my BB Bold 9700 so I am able to set up my internet email account on my BB?

BB Torch :: Unable To Create A New, 3rd Email Account supportforums.blackberry.com

I am new to BB and have successfully set-up 2 of my email accounts. The 3rd email account that I am trying to set-up is a Godaddy hosted account (1 of the other 2 accounts I have set-up successfully set-up is also with Godaddy - - it is an "Exchange" hosted account whereas the one I am having problems with is a "pop' account). The steps I am following include: Go to "Internet Mail Account" Click on "set up another email account" Click on "other" Enter my Email address and password, and hit "Continue" The message returns saying that "your device had a problem connecting to the server"? I have called Godaddy and they referenced particular port settings but I cannot find anywhere in the "set-up" menu that I can set the ports. They also recommended contacting BB... After many, many tries on my BB device, checking and rechecking my account settings on Godaddy and my Outlook client settings...I just cannot get this to work.

BB Bold :: Email Setup Doesn't Work? supportforums.blackberry.com

I am using bb Curve 9300 right now but when I insert my card in bb bold 9780 (which I just bought, emails don,t work. It just asks me the passwords for my existing emails but when I enter my passwords, nothing happens. It asks me to log in again. I can't set up new emails on this phone. It doesn't give me option to set up new emails.

BB Bold 9700 :: How Can Use PC Keyboard & Monitor - Connected To Computer? supportforums.blackberry.com

When I work at home, I want to connect my BB Bold 9700 to my PC and use my monitor and my keyboard to send text and emails. After a while, my fingers get cramped using they BB keyboard and there must be a way I can do this. My razor came with software that connected my phone to my PC and you could see everything on your monitor and use your PC keyboard...it was awesome. Surely, there is software with BB that does this.

BB Storm 9500 :: Device Had Error Connecting To Server? supportforums.blackberry.com

I just did Wipe handheld, because my bb has been very slow lately, random reboots, not very responsive. Anyway now the problem i am having is setup up emails.I go to setup>email settings> it attempts to connect then i get this message "Your device had a problem connecting to the server" any thoughts on this? Bulisani - say it phonetic American dreams got me in a fiend why shoot the breeze about it, when you can be about it!

BB Bold 9000 :: Bold Has Stopped Communicating With Email Server forums.crackberry.com

Sort of a newb here since its my first BB and had it for a couple of weeks now.I had my personal email all set up and receiving emails fine until today. Now I am getting nothing.I know the emails are there since I can receive them fine from my desktop. But suddenly my Bold has stopped receiving anything.In a related matter, I even deleted all of the old emails off of the server using my desktop, but those same old emails remain on the Bold. Why won't they delete from the Bold?It seems my Bold has stopped communicating with my email server. Please tell my how to get it communicating again?

BB Bold 9000 :: BB Desktop - Specify Calendar Email Account forums.crackberry.com

Looks like the newer BB software on the Bold supports multiple calendars. My problem is that the BB Desktop put all my calendar entries in one email account, and I receive meeting invitations on another email account. Is there some way to specify in the BB Desktop which email address to use when it creates calendar entries?

BB Bold 9700 :: PC Inbox Receive Emails Right Away But Device Receives The Same After 20 Minutes forums.crackberry.com

I have the bold 9700 and about 3 days ago I stopped receiving emails on my device, however I was getting them on my inbox on my PC. Now, I am getting them but there's allot of lag time. My PC inbox gets them right away but it takes my blackberry 20 minutes after it's sent to get sometimes. I tried multiple e-mails and same thing so I know the problem is not the email server and I also have no problems with my BIS and when I send emails with my BB they're sent to the inbox immediately.

BB Torch :: Cannot Re-set Email For 9800? supportforums.blackberry.com

Dear BB Support, I had to do a Security Wipe on my BB 9800 and now I cannot re-set all my email accounts. I don't use a Corporate Email Server and when I do try and set up my emails the answer I get is Problem With Network Server Try Again.

BB Bold 9000 :: Delete POP3 Emails Download To Outlook 2007 supportforums.blackberry.com

Have set up a POP3 email (personal) account on BB. No BB Exchange Server involved. Email messages (inbox) are remaining on BB after emails are download to Outlook 2007. After I open Outlook and download messages from the email server, I no longer want them to appear on the Blackberry but can't seem to find an email setting that accomplishes this.

BB Bold :: Managing Internet Emails Not Working? supportforums.blackberry.com

I have a bb bold 9700 from t-mobile and when I click my "manage internet email" icon it goes straight to connecting to email settings and then I get a message saying "the application has encountered an error and cannot continue. I tried updating my system but i continue to get the same message and can't update or delete my personal(s) email.

BB Bold 9000 :: Can Send Email / But Can't Receive forums.crackberry.com

I'm having issues with my Bold-9000 with email. I used the general "use my own email address" option to import my AOL/My eAddress into my BB. I get the confirmation email stating within 20 mins the email will work. I can send email, but cannot receive. There are no filters set.I tried to manually input my server name, etc... but BIS tells me the email server is not supported?! Is there a way I can manually input ALL the information for this email account using IMAP settings - i.e. imap.aol.com / smtp.aol.com etc...? If not, is there a FREE service I can download which can allow me to access this email address? FYI - this address is an AOL / My eAddress email (is NOT an [email address] address) The strange thing is, a normal AOL email address (xxx@aol.com) seems to work fine.I use this email address for work. The primary reason behind getting this BB was to be able to access my email WITHOUT using webmail.

BB Bold :: Cannot Complete Request To Verify Email Password supportforums.blackberry.com

Received email from BB saying I needed to verify password for my personal email account (which has stopped sending emails to my phone but I still get business emails.) I go to: Settings>Manage Internet Email> and get an error message saying "Your device had a problem connecting to the server" This is continual, even after powering on and off.

BB Bold 9000 :: Deleting Internet Email Account? forums.crackberry.com

I just recently bought a bold from a private seller and his email accounts are still on the phone. i cant seem to find a way to delete them, i've tried manage internet email account (fails to connect to server), i've asked the previous owner to login his att bis account and delete them, and i've even called tmobile and asked for bb tech support. all have failed.

BB Bold 9000 :: BB Bold Rebooted Whenever Wi-Fi Is Turned On / While Wi-Fi Is Available supportforums.blackberry.com

Need help, my BB Bold 9000 restarted or rebooted when I turned on the wifi, although I found it once work on the wifi at the airport but, it restarted when I try to connect to the wifi in home and some hotel, it stop rebooted when the wifi is out of range or turning off the the modem router (with wifi).Really appreciate for your helps, as the above problem only happens to my BB 9000 bold, but my BB 8320 works just find under all that circumstances.

BB Bold :: Yahoo Mail Disappeared - Cannot Reload Account supportforums.blackberry.com

I had my yahoo email account set up on my BB Bold 9930, with it's own icon. Suddenly, it is gone. I do have a separate email account on an enterprise server. Both were running fine for months. 1. I tried going to my email>options>email account management>set up email account The account is now listed as existing, but the emails (or icon) are not showing anywhere on my BB. Emails are not showing up in the main email inbox.I also marked SHOW ALL ICONS and also looked in all folders for a separate Yahoo icon like I had before. Nothing. 2. I tried downloading a Yahoo mail app I cannot find any that do not give me a "app not compatible with BB 9930"

BB Curve 8500 :: Unable To Reconcile Email Through My Verizon Account supportforums.blackberry.com

My problem that I'm having is that I am unable to reconcile my email messages on my POP verizon account.I have my Yahoo email account setup so that once I delete an email it is able to delete from my BB and vice versa.However, I have the same exact settings for my verizon email, yet it won't reconcile. Ideally, I would like to delete my messages from my Macbook/mailbox and then reconcile to the BB, or just delete from the handheld only without removing from the server. Either way it doesn't work on the verizon server which is perplexing to me because it works on the Yahoo server. I've checked all my settings, downloaded service books, and reset without success. I've even tried to delete the whole email setup from my BB and reset it. It only resulted in an extraneous Inbox folder on my BB which I cannot delete (which is a whole separate post). The one solution that I found that might fix it doesn't help me because my Desktop manager doesn't have advanced settings for Back up/Restore...URL...

BB Bold :: Set Up One Email Account On Two? supportforums.blackberry.com

I am trying to set up two blackberry bold phones to one email address. When one is connected and I hook up the second one it deletes the first one and vice versa. I use to have two BB phones linked to one email but when we upgraded one phone it will not link now.

BB Curve 8900 :: Yahoo Email Stopped Sending / Receiving / Synching With BB supportforums.blackberry.com

I have a Curve 8900 running v4.6.1.231...I am on an Enterprise Data plan, with emails synched up to both my office outlook email, and my personal yahoo email. At around 11:30 yesterday, my yahoo email stopped sending/receiving/synching with my BB, but my office outlook email is working fine. I tried to go into Email setup with the setup wizard, to see if maybe I had to delete and re-add my yahoo email account, but after about 60 seconds with a load message "connecting to email settings" I got a message that said "Your devide had a problem connecting to the server" with retry and cancel button - I retried with no avail.Not the most tech savvy person here, but was wondering if this is a problem on my end? Or something on the BB side?

BB Bold :: Have Not Received An Email To 9780 supportforums.blackberry.com

I have not received an email to my blackberry bold 9780 for 2 days and wondered if something went wrong. When I click on send a new email a message comes up that my service is blocked.When I run Setup > Email settings, it starts to load up something then comes up with an error of 'Your device had a problem connecting to the server'

BB Storm 9500 :: Setup Emails Yahoo Account Not Able To Do supportforums.blackberry.com

I just activated my Storm last Thursday and yes this is my first BB. I went to set it up to forward my emails from my Yahoo account, but I am not able to do it. I goto Setup and in Setup there are three options, "Setup Wizard, Set Up Bluetooth and Email Settings". If I pick either Setup Wizard or Email Settings I get the same result. It asks, "If i wasnt to create or add an email address or if I want to use a work email account with a BB Enterprise Server". I pick the first one and then click next. The next screen says, "After you click Next, the BB Internet Service setup application opens. After you finish setting up you email, press the Menu key and click Close". I then click Next and says "Connecting to Email Settings" with the little clock running and then comes back saying "Your account has been suspended.

BB Bold :: Can't Add Personal Email supportforums.blackberry.com

I have one personal email on my BB and I was always able to add another one until yesterday. Now when I click on the "add email" in setup it opens a browser and tries to add an email that way asking for data I never used before. There is NO other option. Again, I was always able to do this before and I have not changed any settings that I can think of. BB Bold 9650, bought new

BB Curve :: Create Or Add An Email Address? supportforums.blackberry.com

bb curve want 2 set an email account on bb but on ma home screen no icon diplayed 4 email, only plain envelope z dere who tell me 2only save d draft...... secondly when i click set up i didnt get d icon for personal email account set up wen i click on set up wizard further den email set up dre z no option for " i want to create or add an email address" only dere z option 4 "i want to use a work email account with a blackberry enterprise server"....

BB Bold :: Unable To Browse Internet When Connected To Home Wifi? supportforums.blackberry.com

When i connect my bb bold 9780 to my home wifi it connects to the network but iam unable to browse the internet. iam sure iam typing in the correct SSID and password. when i try to access the internet it gives an error message "unable to find the requested server". this is the case when iam trying to connect to other wifi connections as well outside my home.but i do not have any problems in connecting to wifi hotspots and it works perfectly fine?

BB 87xx :: Not Getting Emails forums.crackberry.com

I set up my BIS account and added my email and it sent me an email from activation server saying congradulations, account was successfully set up and I would start receiving emails in about 20 minutes. The problem is I never receive anything!!! I can send them, when I sent a test to myself from my BB I received it on my computer but not on my BB. I have a hotmail account.

BB Bold 9000 :: Sync With Outlook Except For Calendar supportforums.blackberry.com

Basically my BB Bold synchronize with outlook 2003 except for the calendar recurrence on my BB Bold. I'm using Desktop Manager version 4.7, I'm running XP Pro SP3. Connecting my device to DM using USB. My synchronization configured as two way. Again all are good, it synchronize well except for the recurrence on calendar on my BB Bold, it doesn't show on outlook calendar after it synchornized.

BB Bold :: 9700 BIS Shows Not Connnected supportforums.blackberry.com

I recently purchased a seconhand BB Bold 9700 from ebay, and after registering for BIS with my provider I have been unable to connect to the BIS at all, so no email or internet. The blackberry network dots appear next to the 3G symbol in the top right hand corner, but in service status it shows that the BIS is not connected. I have spent hours on the phone to my provider troubleshooting this problem. They have completely run out of ideas and have no clue why this is happening.

BB Software :: 9650 Proxy Settings And IP Address? supportforums.blackberry.com

When I start or reply to a thread on my fantasy football league's message board using my Blackberry Bold 9650, I get a kinds of proxy setting and IP Addresses in the message part of the email. The sender of the message is mail, not even my name or email address. I contacted Verizon, they said it was a CBS website problem. I contacted CBS, they said it was BB problem.

BB Device Software ::9650 Proxy Settings And IP Address supportforums.blackberry.com

When I start or reply to a thread on my fantasy football league's message board using my Blackberry Bold 9650, I get a kinds of proxy setting and IP Addresses in the message part of the email.The sender of the message is mail, not even my name or email address.I contacted Verizon, they said it was a CBS website problem.I contacted CBS, they said it was BB problem.How do I resolve this issue?

BB Bold :: Not Receiving Certain Emails? supportforums.blackberry.com

I have a Bold 9900. I receive a number of legitimate business emails through MS Outlook on my laptop, although some may incorrectly come through labelled "bulk" in Outlook (i.e. an email sent from someone I know just to me). These same emails do not come through on my BB. My BB does otherwise receive emails. how to correct so I receive all emails on my BB. I am not on a BES.

BB Bold :: Bis Shows Not Connnected supportforums.blackberry.com

I recently purchased a seconhand BB Bold 9700 from ebay, and after registering for BIS with my provider I have been unable to connect to the BIS at all, so no email or internet. The blackberry network dots appear next to the 3G symbol in the top right hand corner, but in service status it shows that the BIS is not connected. I have spent hours on the phone to my provider troubleshooting this problem. They have completely run out of ideas and have no clue why this is happening.

BB Curve :: Cant Get BBM Services supportforums.blackberry.com

We are with "talk mobile" in the UK, it basically took them 11 days to finally switch out BB services on the phone, and yes all fine , my daughter (her phone) was ecstatic, and it worked brilliant, first on my wifi, she was able to finally get BBM to work, went on facebook, so all brilliant for the weekend she stayed at my house. Now the problem, it simply will not work any BB services once when is not on a wifi system, the BB sign disappears, only the 3G sign is there, and it even shows in talk mobile settings on phone "not connected to bb email, or BB internet.

BB Bold 9700 :: How To Setup Non BES Email Accounts supportforums.blackberry.com

When using the Setup Wizard, and selecting Email Setup, I am only faced with the one option of using aan account on the Blackberry Enterprise Server.How do I set up an Internet Email account ( POP or IMAP) that is not BES?All google searches I have tried indicate that I should be faced with altermatve options. Using BB Bold 9700

BB Bold 9000 :: Cant Play Youtube Videos Or Any Video? forums.crackberry.com

i had the curve 8320 and decided to do an upgrade to the bold for about 3 months now. I can only say that everything is superb exept for 2 things, battery life (running the latest OS and it gives me around 24 hrs of battery life connected on 3G with some applications running all day)cant play videos (i couldnt play them on the curve but on the bold I should) Ok, going to the video problem, i go to youtube and try to watch a video, it reads *When going to Youtube java turned off or i dont have the latest flash player, i think that message is for the browsers on desktops or laptops but not BB. have javascript turn on, everything on my blackberry browser config is on, i have apn settings enabled and username and password is left blank. I am outside the US so for you guys planning on asking what carrier?, its out of US, current carrier is TIGO, i dont think that should matter but for the record there you go.*When opening a mpeg or wm file on attachment emails I get an error saying the file type cant be opened on my BB deviceCan anyone tell me how to watch videos on Youtube or any videos on the email attachments.

BB Tour 9630 :: Cannot Connect / Register Device forums.crackberry.com

I got an unlocked tour from sprint, my first BB I have BB services in my carrier but my tour doesn't connect to them.I've tested the SIM card on a Bold's friend and it works fine, however in the tour I cannot connect. I can send/recive calls and send/recive sms but nothing to do with BB services.I tried to register the phone but it was impossible, it's like the phone cannot say to the carrier "I'm here"Did someone have the same problem? Any ideas? Should I go back to iPhone ?

BB Bold :: Email Accounts Not Showing On Home Screen? supportforums.blackberry.com

In addition to my Corporate email account, I have other personal email accounts activated and set up on my bb. On Saturday, these personal email accounts/icons all of a sudden disappear from my Home screen. I've tried reboot the bb by taking out the battery and re-inserting it.I've gone into Set up a few times to delete and re-activate them individually.I did received message back that these accounts have been successfully set up with my bb device, but their envelope icons still HAVE NOT been able to show up on the Home Screen. I've tried Hide & unhide, Show all and not Show all. Nothing works.In the Messages folders, I can see that I am receiving all emails from all my accounts However, when I go into Sound and Alert to change ring tones/sounds for Selected Profiles, under Messages - Notifiers. only Email [Desktop] shows up.How can I get back my other email accounts/icons to show up on my Home screen? My bb is Bold 9780.

BB Torch :: REd Cross After Sending Email? supportforums.blackberry.com

I have had to restore information on to BB and now I cannot use email with red cross and server failure message. Also I go to change email settings and BB does not recognise my username and password and I have tried all I can remember. I do not seem to be able to start again with new email settings to try and correct this. The rest of the BB seems to be working with Internet access just Hotmail set up is down but works on my laptop OK

Motorola Droid :: Keep POP3 Email On Device After Deleteing From Server? androidforums.com

I have two pop3 email accounts set up on the Driod and I'm wondering if there is a way to set it so the last 30 days or so of emails are saved on the droid, even after dowloading them at home and deleting them from the server?Right now, the droid only shows email that is still sitting on the server. On the BB i had, it used to download a copy of all pop3 email to the device and the copy would stay there unless i manually deleted in on the BB.

Server V10.5 Leopard :: Decoding UPS Settings - Get Right Pmset Command Line Option? discussions.apple.com

Has anyone had any luck figuring out how to get the right pmset command line options (or correct settings in the Energy Saver control panel) when connecting a USB enabled UPS (like an APC Smart-UPS) to your server? The machine shuts down properly, but even when the UPS signals to wakeup (factory default for my model is 0 seconds after power restoration), the server doesn't...Do you know if there's a command line parameter to force the power manager to restart the second it sees power come back online, even after a safe shutdown? Information: Mac OS X (10.5)

BB Bold :: Cannot Upgrade To 06 supportforums.blackberry.com

first of i have a blackberry bold 9700 from at&t but am using a t-mobile simcard. ive had the bb for a month now purchased from ebay(big mistake) anyways i started having problems with setting up my email(your device had a problem connecting to the server) then it was bbm i can't send pictures and then facebook i can't upload pictures either, so i thought the best solution is to upgrade from os 5 to os 6 and maybe it would erase all the problems, little did i know that gonna be a problem. tried almost everything from Internet vids to forums after forums i also deleted the "vendor.xml." file and tried again which started working until i realized after the upgrade was done my bb was still in the os 5 firmware......

BB Bold 9000 :: File Transfer Problems: PC To Phone supportforums.blackberry.com

first post here, although I've been lurking to try and solve my problem. My Bold is on BES to my work mail servers, connected to a PC running Vista Enterprise (32)I have been trying to copy files etc. to the Bold from my PC. I downloaded the Desktop Manager (4.7). I connect the BB and can use Mass Storage Mode, the PC sees the 2 drives (system and SD card) and I can navigate through the folders like any other drive. I copied a couple of fairly small jpegs over OK. However, if I try to copy say a folder of MP3s or jpegs, it tries for a few seconds and then just hangs up - maybe the first file manages over to the BB. I tried with Media Sync to make a new playlist, but although the software recognized it OK, it wouldn't copy the files over. I see a lot of posts about the PC not seeing the BB as a mass storage device - that is not my problem, rather it sees the device, but I can't copy anything to it.

BB Bold :: Wireless Not Working Even It Is Connected supportforums.blackberry.com

I am BB 9900 user and since yesterday I have noticed that wireless is not working on my handset. The BB Bold icon does not appear on the top after connecting but the signal strength Icon comes up with no problem. I tried to reset the wi fi connection and also tried to reset the settings but still nogo. Did rebooted the device multiple time and also un installed the latest 3rd party software but still no go.