BB Bold :: 9930 Keeps Shutting Down And Rebooting


I have had multiple Blackberry devices over the past 10 years and received the 9930 about 3 weeks ago. I am on my second 9930 now (yes-within the 3 weeks) and the same thing keeps happening. The device turns off and recycles constantly. I pull the battery, wait 3-5 minutes, allow it to re-boot, and make sure there is a charge. Once I pulled the battery and left it out overnight. The device was completely uncharged after I re-installed the battery so I charged it for 24 hours. Nothing has changed and the original issue is still occurring. I have watched Verizon take these out of the box and set them up so I do not believe them to be refurbished.

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I just got my BB bold 9930 yesterday, and when I open amail, cannot return back to the inbox. The return button open an overlay like the Swicth app button. I have to press the BB key and scroll down to close before I can get out of anything I open. If there is no close option, then I have to shut down but removing the battery to get rid of it and have the return key working for a while.

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my new BB Bold 9930 doesn't recognize many of my old headsets/ear buds?

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Can I sync outlook subfolders to my bb bold 9930?

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I recently updated my bb to bold 9930. When I synch the new bb with my outlook address book on my home computer it does not update the deletions, but adds the changes -- so I have a longer address book yet again. I think that I need to delete the current address book on the bb bold, and then add the revised outlook address book to the bb bold. In essence, overwriting the current address book on the bb bold. How do I delete the current address book on the bb bold 9930?

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My second BB bold 9930 is frozen. It stops on either the 1 - Verizon startup screen OR 2-BB home screen, depending on what happens after rebooting. Completely unreponsive to all buttons except reboot when on BB home screen. I have done the following: soft reboot, multiple soft reboots, hard (battery) reboot. AND...Because the phone is completely stuck, my BB desktop software manager can NOT read/connect to phone...."connecting to phone".. If NOT, can I somehow retrieve the information located on 'my device'...as opposed to stuff stored on media card?

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I'm a loyal BlackBerry user, on August 21st I upgraded my Sprint BB Curve 8330 to a Bold 9930 and couldn't be happier, but I feel I'm missing some kewl ipod/iOS5 stuff, and I'm thinking of getting a 4th generation ipod touch to compliment my Bold 9930...so will I actually be getting best of both worlds?

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Last January I bought my BB 9930 Bold. At first it worked well but a few months ago it started rebooting in as a loop. I tried to fix it by removing battery and then it never came back.

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What is the difference between the Bold 9900 & the Bold 9930?I can't seem to find this information anywhere.

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my bb 9930 BIS can't working at Malaysia.

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I have deleted ~200 old contacts out of 600+ contacts in my Outlook. When I sync with my BB Bold 9930 via BB Desktop and set sync for my contacts to be one way "Computer to Device" and select "Replace all entries on yor device with the entries on yor computer" the sync operation does not remoce the 200 contacts from my BB that were removed from my outlook

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my bold 9930 wont vibrate wen i put it on vibrate

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I have BB bold 9930.downloaded App: Blackberry Travel.Unable to launch. error: unable to register license.This app work on older phone, Blackberry 9650.Now i have World Wide Data plan on my old device and new device (9930).

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My 2 year old BB Bold 9700 is constantly rebooting, even if the unit is totally shut off. After rebooting it always asks me for the password. The only way to shut off the unit is to take the battery out. Also, how can I disable the request for the password? How can the unit be reset to factory standard?

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When somebody in my contacts list calls my BB Bold 9930 I do not see the contact name, just the phone number. However when my BB is unlocked and somebody in my contacts list calls then I see the associated name with the number. When the phone is locked then I only see the number. How can I see the caller name for anyone who is in my contacts list even when my phone is locked?

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I have an unlocked BB Bold 9930. I am trying to use a prepaid AT&T sim card. The phone service works, but internet and e-mail will not work. I understand that I may need a BB service pack. Is it possible to use internet services with a prepaid card?

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Recently switched from bold 9650 to bold 9930. Home screen used to show just my top 5 items (example) email, contacts, bb mess, internet, personal email. For some reason it now has two rows of items. Still allows me to maximize panel but will not go back to single row. I have tried to adjust adjust panel and am stuck.

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I have a Bold 9930 and sometimes I delete my email and it says deleted but they stay on my phone. I remove the battery and reboot and that has always cleared them out. Now I have 1 email that absolutely won't go away. I have rebooted 10 times to no avail.

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How do I get my BB 9930 to ring in my holster?

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my old BB curve charged fine.Why wont the 9930 charge using the external battery from Brookstone?

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he gmail, works, the calendar works,but I CAN NOT for the life of me sync the contacts in gmail with the Verizon bb 9930

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Bold 9900 unlocked (t-mobile) works 3G in Europe without any problem, does 9930 unlocked (verizon) will work?I have this question becuase I have to order one on ebay soon

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Is there a app for serious radio that works with bold 9930?

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I have a bold 9930 that has lost its enter key.

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why the Toyoya Entune App is not available for download to the Bold 9930?

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I have a Bold 9930. I forgot my password. I am a T-mobile customer

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9930 won,t reboot just getting a flashing red light. is there a way i can get my phone working again

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I have a Toshiba L305 Satellite laptop.It had windows vista OS. I tried to upgrade it to windows 7 but the upgrade was unsuccessful and a message was displayed on a windows 7 background that it would revert back to the older OS. It kept rebooting every time and shutting down with display of this message. Since the computer was not working anyways I took this as an opportunity to disassemble the system and clean it inside out as I had'nt cleaned it since I bought the system. After assembling back the system,, when I boot the system the computer after the POST displays the same message and shuts down but the difference this time being it does'nt reboot back on its own.When I start the system the second time it shuts down much quicker many seconds even before the message display.The same keeps repeating everytime. Booting for a a minute or two the forst time followed by a shutdown and then after rebooting shutting down much quicker time. What could be the problem PSU or excess heat at the CPU.

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Hi! I have downloaded the program Line from Naver... I Instaled it on my BB Bold 9780 and when I want to use it it shows:"could not access your previous user information. Do you want to delete it?"With the options delete and cancel.If I press Cancel, it shuts down the app but if I press delete it blinks and shows the same message again...I have the same problem on another BB Bold...There is some cache that I have to erase or something?

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my phone froze wont reboot or shut down Info: iPhone 4S

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I had my yahoo email account set up on my BB Bold 9930, with it's own icon. Suddenly, it is gone. I do have a separate email account on an enterprise server. Both were running fine for months. 1. I tried going to my email>options>email account management>set up email account The account is now listed as existing, but the emails (or icon) are not showing anywhere on my BB. Emails are not showing up in the main email inbox.I also marked SHOW ALL ICONS and also looked in all folders for a separate Yahoo icon like I had before. Nothing. 2. I tried downloading a Yahoo mail app I cannot find any that do not give me a "app not compatible with BB 9930"

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my bb bold wont turn on , keeps saying reload software 507,

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My girlfriend's BB Bold 9780 keeps on restarting..

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BB is currently operating very slowly, and won't even let me shut down. It's currently "frozen" on the 'Turning Device Off' screen. I can exit this screen, but I want to try shutting down to see if it fixes the slowness. Is there a manual reboot? SW version is 6.0 bundle 2647.

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Need help, my BB Bold 9000 restarted or rebooted when I turned on the wifi, although I found it once work on the wifi at the airport but, it restarted when I try to connect to the wifi in home and some hotel, it stop rebooted when the wifi is out of range or turning off the the modem router (with wifi).Really appreciate for your helps, as the above problem only happens to my BB 9000 bold, but my BB 8320 works just find under all that circumstances.

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<y bb torch 9810 keeps rebooting and have also tried several times by removing the battery and start again but in vain.rebooting still goes on

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bb bold, 9930. how can i silence the dial-pad without having to silence the ring on the phone? i was unable to find this?

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I managed to delete current address book from bb bold 9930. And I can sync addresses from outlook back to device. But the addresses don't appear on the device.

BB Bold :: Deleted Pictures On 9930 - How To Undo Or Reverse Command supportforums.blackberry.com

I made a bad mistake! I accidentally deleted some pictures tonight that were taken on my BB Bold 9930. Is there any way I can retrieve them? I searched for a 'wastebasket' on my phone and I can't find one. Is there a 'reverse' or a 'do over' on these phones.

BB Bold :: Safe To Update The OS Of 9930 If The Service? supportforums.blackberry.com

i am a newwbie in BB. Recently bought a Bold 9930. The phone was actually used with Sprint but now it is unlocked. I am using it with another GSM operator which is not listed in the Official OS update list. Is it safe to update the OS which is given for Sprint? Please note that currently I am not using any data plan.

BB Bold :: 9930 Can't Find Battery Saving Mode? supportforums.blackberry.com

I have a BB Bold 9930 with OS v7.1.0.163 and I cannot find Battery Saving Mode under Device options. I was told that I needed to update my device software to a more recent build, after around .3xx, not sure which. But when I try to update my device software through the BlackBerry webpage or the Desktop Manager, they are both telling me that my device software is up to date. How can I update my device software to a more recent build on OS 7.1?

BB Bold :: Can't Receive Pics Via Text? supportforums.blackberry.com

Recently my phone (BB Bold 9930) stopped receiving pics that have been sent to me via text message. The messages don't even come through without the pic, anyone seen this and have a solution?

BB Bold :: Phone Reboots When Put To Charge supportforums.blackberry.com

just recently my Bold 9930 has had the habit of rebooting whenever I plug it into either my car outlet, or the charger that came with the phone. It doesn't happen all the time, but I'd say it happens about 25% of the time I go to plug the phone in.I'm running the highest official OS ( on Verizon, and did not experience this issue with the previous OS. I didn't experience this issue right after I upgraded, it was about 3 weeks after that update came out, and nothing happened to the phone.

BB Bold :: It Cannot Transmit Voice supportforums.blackberry.com

Ever since OS 7.1 was loaded on to my Bold 9930, it has had numerous times where it would randomly,#1: Not make a sound for any incoming call or text.And #2: Will not transmit any voice over the cell. This is either from me or the other party.The only soultion has been to remove the battery and reboot the cell. Sprint has even replaced the cell for me after their techs could find no reason why the cell stopped working properly.

BB Bold :: 9930 Touchscreen Qwerty Keyboard? supportforums.blackberry.com

My Blackberry Bold 9930 does not display the option to Enable or Hide the Qwerty Keyboard.I rebooted and checked Options > Typing and Language > Keyboard.The Keyboard Screen only displays Keypad Settings. Key Tone: Key Rate: Currency Key: The Enable Virtual Keyboard Hide Bar is not displayed here with a Checkbox!

BB Bold :: 9930 Escape Button Will Not Bring Up 'Unlock' Menu supportforums.blackberry.com

It seems the "Escape Button" will lose it marbles and think it is the "Switch Application" button (like you are hold BB button down for several seconds).This seems to always happen after I unlock the phone. It would be working correctly before the phone had become locked.Basically pressing the "Escape Button" will bring up the switch application display. I have found no way to correct this problem other than resetting (battery pull) the BB (a power cycle does not help).If your BB is locked the way to tell this has happened is that the escape button will not bring up the "Unlock" menu. -Your carrier:Verizon -Model info and OS version:Blackberry Bold 9930 7.0 Bundle 1341 ( -Apps and free space -File free before and after a battery remove/replace. 156.1MB Free -Did a battery pull fix your issue?

BB Bold :: 9900/9930 Sleep Mode Not Working In Holster? supportforums.blackberry.com

If I use the holster that came with my 9930, it goes into sleep mode like it is supposed to, but I don't like that holster. It's too difficult to remove the BB from those holsters, when you grab it to slide it out, you also push the volume up key.I prefer the face-in spring loaded belt holster like I used with my Bold 9650. I am using ones designed for the Bold 9000 and they fit, but the holster sleep mode doesn't work. I tested the holsters with an old 9000 and they do work correctly, but no luck with the 9930 - as if the magnets are in a different location.

BB Bold :: New 9930 - The Battery Drains Down Fast? supportforums.blackberry.com

i have a new 9930 and the battery drains down fast what can be causing this to happen

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I have a Lenovo e525 laptop with windows 7 ultimate x64 and a second hard drive where the dvd drive was, when I wake from sleep any of the following can happen:�- It wakes but the screen is dimmed and the brightness buttons don�t work so I have to reboot.�- It wakes to the screen off, I have to reboot.�- It wakes then after up to 30 seconds an error pop up shows and the laptop reboots without shutting down.�- It wakes then after up to a minute it reboots without shutting down.�- It wakes fine and I can use it, 1 out of 10 times.

BB Bold :: Media Card Storage Cannot Be Accessed? supportforums.blackberry.com

i am user of bold 9780, like other, i also facing the reboot problem by the time i download or upgrade the sofware in my BB, everytime im reboot it come out this noted : "Media card storage cannot be accessed due to fatal errors" and of course my SD card is contain nothing becoz of this error, so many time i reboot till the word not came out.how i want to resolve this problem n im getting phobia to downloading/upgrading n rebooting my BB.

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I accidentally interrupted my sync on my iPad, and now I can't get it to shut down, reboot, or anything.

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I use ExitWindowsEx to shut down/reboot computers, or log off users.

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it shuts down suddenly and never want to reboot, it shows only the word "nokia" of the beginnig!

Motorola Droid X2 :: Can't Hear Person On It forums.motorola.com

This happens every so often and if I shut the phone down and "reboot" it usually takes care of it

BB Storm :: 9550 Keeps Shutting Down And Rebooting With White Screen supportforums.blackberry.com

My Storm 9550 keeps locking up and shutting down then coming back on with a white screen with a RESET message.

Desktop Takes A Long Time To Shutdown? www.bleepingcomputer.com

Gateway DX4850 i5 2300 CPU 2.8 GHZ 6GB RAM 64 bit operating system Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 This problem started about 2 months ago. Windows takes a long time to shut down, at least 5 minutes. Sometimes it doesn't shut down and reboots.Every shuts down normally, then the grey screen "SHUTTING DOWN" just seems to hang.On one recommendation I updated the BIOS, that didn't seem to work.I scanned in safe mode with Malware Bytes Anti Malware and the computer is clean. I use AVAST antivirus.

Computer Doesn't Shut Down www.tomshardware.com

Just randomly, my computer hasn't been able to shut down the normal way. I'll go to start > shut down and it just sits on the "Shutting down" screen for a while and actually reboots and says Windows did not shut down correctly.

BB Torch :: Keeps Trying To Reboot And Won't Complete? supportforums.blackberry.com

I clicked a link from Drop Box to install application and it immediately shut off my BB Torch and it has been trying to reboot ever since but won't complete reboot. It gets to about 70% on the progress bar and shuts off again repeatedly. Tried hard and soft reboot and it didn't help.

System Will Reboot Instead Of Shutting Down www.tomshardware.com

I've just built my own PC and installed Windows 7 64-bit. It was working great for the first few weeks, then about a week ago, after some Windows updates, the computer refused to shut down. When pressing the shut down button, which is set to shut down not reboot, it would reboot instead. I decided to just reinstall Windows 7 completely. It worked.Yesterday after recent updates to Win7 the computer once again stopped shutting down. Every time I try, it will begin to shut down and then will immediately reboot itself. This time the complete Win7 reinstall did nothing. 1. total reinstall (worked first time, not second time) 2. reinstall with no updates, choosing non-security and non-critical updates 3. system restore to the point of first install --still no good. 4. gone through windows itself and had it check for anything damaged and fix it

BB Bold 9700 :: Bold 2 (9700) Media Card Slot Wont Lock supportforums.blackberry.com

I have a BB Bold 2 (9700). The Media Card slot wont lock down the card and keeps springing it out. If i keep the card pressed down it works but wont lock down.

BB Bold :: 9930 - SMS Messages Keep Vanishing Multip? supportforums.blackberry.com

I have a Bold 9930 from Verizon and my text messages are disappearing. I have gone through the options, I have "days to keep messages" on forever but they delete by themselves anyway. Also I have multiple threads on my SMS messaged for the same people. I don't understand why? Where are my messages going?

BB Curve :: 9360 - Keeps Rebooting By Itself? supportforums.blackberry.com

My Blackberry keeps rebooting by itself. Took it to Blackberry Menlyn South Africa to reload the software, but still no luck. it still keeps rebooting by ietself. still chatting with someone on BBM then shuts down.

BB Bold :: When Do 9900/9930 Users Get A 1450ah Battery supportforums.blackberry.com

Blackberry Bold 9900/9930, which cost around �500 only has a **bleep** JM1 1230ah battery.New Curve 9920/9930, which cost around �150 has a mega JS1 1450ah batterry.Question, how can RIM explain how a great phones is ruined by a **bleep** battery, why do we have to use aftermarket batteries to get through the day.If the bew CEO is reading this SORT IT OUT!

BB Bold :: Missing Call Forwarding Function 9930? supportforums.blackberry.com

The call forwarding , call waiting function is missing in the blackberry 9930 CDMA **bleep** GSM phone. Anyone knows how to get this function on the phone. It is activated by my wireless service provider but does not show up under call management. I have seen te function option in Bold 9900 but do not see it in 9930.

BB Bold :: Clearing Message Notifiers supportforums.blackberry.com

I am new to the 9930 (through Verizon). I used to have the older Blackberry Bold (through T-Mobile) and all I had to do was click on "Messages" on top.view the previews and then the notifiers would go away. Did this change with the 9930? Is it the new software?Will I always have to do that "Mark Prior Read" trick in order to clear them?

BB Bold :: 9780 Shuts Down Without Reason - Trackpad Does Not Work When Reboots supportforums.blackberry.com

I have a BB bold 9780 since 2 years. Since 3 months my BB shutdowns without reason, and sometimes when it reboots the trackpad doesn't work. So I have to reboot (remove battery) until the trackpad reworks.

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I have a Samsung RF-711. Recently, whenever I shut down and boot later or when I shut the lid and boot later, it freezes. When I just shut the lid and hibernate, it freezes as soon as it is opened and must be reset by holding down the power. When it is shut down and rebooted it takes an extremely long time to restart.

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bold 9700 keep rebooting if i enable the mobile network currently on os6..

BB Bold :: Loses Bluetooth Connection To Wireless Speaker? supportforums.blackberry.com

I have a wireless bluetooth enabled speaker. I have paired it with my Blackberry Bold 9930. I play music (Pandora) on the blackberry and it plays thru the speaker. When the music changes songs it stops playing on the wireless speaker and starts playing thru the BB speaker. I have to disconnect and reconnect the bluetooth on the BB to make the music play thru the wireless speaker again. The same thing happens when I get a phone call and music is playing thru the wireless speaker..The speaker instructions say to use A2DP for audio streaming between devices. how to keep the music streaming to speaker?

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Occasionally shutting down my computer may take thirty seconds longer than normal(which is 10 seconds). All the peripherals shut down, but the computer keeps "shutting down" for 30 more seconds. Normally peripherals shut down just a second or two before the computer itself shuts down, but here the shutdown is just really delayed.

BB Curve :: 9360 Not Coming Up After Apps Upgrade - Just Keeps Rebooting supportforums.blackberry.com

I just upgraded some apps on my BB 9360 of just a few days after which I tried restarting the BB over an hour ago. But it just keeps rebooting over and over again without the phone coming up. I charged IT for over an hour thinking probably the battery was low, but to no avail. What to do as the BB just keeps rebooting.

Power Mac G5 :: Menu Reboot Or Shut Down Doesn't Work? discussions.apple.com

My 2.3GHz dual core PPC G5 running 10.4.8 will not soft boot that is shut down using the restart and shutdown menu. I have to hard boot it to get it to shut down (holding down the power button on the front of the G5). I have rebooted with the shift key in safe mode with no luck helping with this shutting down the computer glitch. Information: 2.3GHz Dual-core PowerPC G5 Mac OS X (10.4.8) 1GHz 15" Powerbook

BB Bold :: Enabling BBS On New 9930? supportforums.blackberry.com

I live outside the US and own a Blackberry Bold 9700 which has Blackberry Enterprise Service; I recently purchased a Bold 9930 unlocked from verizon in the US and wish to use it instead of my old 9700. How can I go about switching the Blackberry service from my old phone to my new 9930? I am able to make calls with the 9930 but have been unable to activate the Enterprise service on it. I have tried using the desktop software to switch devices but that seems to have only transfered the data from my old phone to the new one.

BB Curve 8300 :: Outlook Stopped Calendar Sync / Laptop Frozen While Shutting Down In Auto Update Reboot... supportforums.blackberry.com

Have had BB Curve for a week with DM 4.6. Sync worked fine, but just stopped. All I want to do is to be able to continue 2-way calendar sync. I am using Outlook 2003 on a PC with XP SP3. After an overnight Windows Automatic Update, my laptop was frozen in the "Windows Shutting Down" mode (Auto Update reboots after completion). I had to cold shut down, after which I received the Outlook error message "Outlook was not shut down properly and needs to rebuild files" (something like that). No prob, that's happened before. Now when I try to sync the Calendar (USB), DM goes through the whole process, but the sync (not DM) shuts down at the moment of truth, "One Moment, Please". After trying a lot of different Sync setting, I tried a bunch of KB articles...remove attachments from calendar entries (didn't have any), cleared out all future Outlook calendar entries, change the MAPI profiles, delete the RIM folders, find the PtTrace, reconfigure the iloptcfg file (I can't find a ti flog).

Desktop Was Shutting Down Because Of Thermal Event www.sevenforums.com

My desktop was shutting down because of thermal event. I cleaned everything, applied new thermal paste, after that re installed windows but still it beeps when booting and shuts down all of a sudden. Occasionally it worked for an hour or so flawlessly. If it is again because of overheating it should shut down after 5 minutes or so when it heats up not when starting it in morning (after keeping it shut overnight). It shuts down even before booting.

BB Bold :: PDF To Go Frozen On 9930 - Cannot Close supportforums.blackberry.com

I can't close PDF to go on my Bold 9930. I can shut the screen with the end button. Selecting choose with the menu or go back does nothing. Every time I choose the Documents to Go icon, I get a blank frozen PDF to go screen. If I click a PDF file, I get an error screen that says I have to close a dialog box that is still open. This is the Documents to Go that came with the 9930.

Bold :: BB 9930 Keeps Turning Off supportforums.blackberry.com

My device keeps turning itself off and wont come back on, when I get the battery out and back in, the phone turns on and back off again. But when I connect it to my laptop via a USB cable the device does not turn off.

BB Bold :: 9930 Keeps Turning Off? supportforums.blackberry.com

My device keeps turning itself off and wont come back on, when I get the battery out and back in, the phone turns on and back off again. But when I connect it to my laptop via a USB cable the device does not turn off.

OS X :: MBP Cannot Shut Down / Log Out Or Restart? forums.macrumors.com

My early 08 MBP has seemed to have lost the ability to do the above 3 functions. Pressing the power button does not bring up the shut down/restart/sleep menu and going through the menu bar and clicking "shut down" does nothing either. Pressing cmd + shift + Q does nothing when it used to bring up the log out option. It's only been like this the past few days, I noticed when I was prompted to reboot for the SMC update but OSX did nothing after I clicked the reboot button. The only way to shut down or reboot is to perform a forced shut down. I've repaired disk permissions, repaired the disk, reset the SMC and the PRAM but nothing has worked.

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Good morning,I'm trying to make a routine to shut down Windows XP. I'm using the following code:VB Code:'In a module:Declare Function ExitWindowsEx Lib "user32" (ByVal uFlags As Long, _ByVal dwReserved As Long) As Long 'and in the form: 'EWX_FORCE—Forcibly terminates processes that do not respond.'EWX_LOGOFF—Terminates processes, then logs off.'EWX_SHUTDOWN—Powers the system off, if possible.'EWX_REBOOT—Reboots the system.'EWX_SHUTDOWN—Shuts the system down.ExitWindowsEx EWX_SHUTDOWN, 0 The problem is that the routine shuts down the session, not the computer.Any ideas?Regards,Kepler

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My HTC Desire no longer shuts down, I sometimes need to shut down just to help keep the phone working at its best but when I power off the spinning circle just keeps spinning saying shutting down. I have left it for a couple of hours before and its still stuck there, never used to have this problem with my phone when I first got it.I am running an Orange branded phone with Android 2.1. I really don't like this Orange 2.1, its pants and alot slower than a stock 2.1 or the new 2.2.

CPanel E-mail :: Exim Dead But Subsys Locked forums.cpanel.net

We had a VPS OpenVZ based with CentOS release 6.5 (Final) and Cpanel /DNS Only, i'm using as relay and cluster dns server, when i reboot the server see that exim work as well, but when i try to restart exim manually after to do changes on the mxsecondary file (for add or delete domains) show an error: root@teta [~]# service exim restart Shutting down exim: [ OK ] Shutting down spamd: [FAILED] Then when i see the exim status show this: root@teta [~]# service exim status exim dead but subsys locked Then i can not start exim again, if i reboot the server, exim start and work perfectly.

Screen Freezing Consistently After Hibernate www.sevenforums.com

Well I've been have frozen screens for awhile now and finally realized that it freezes consistently after shutting it down using hibernate. Meaning when I turn on the computer, a few seconds, sometimes minutes later it freezes if I had used hibernate to shut it down earlier. The screen becomes dead and the cursor cannot move.... the only way to reboot it is to force shut down (hold the on button for a few seconds).

BB Bold :: 9700 Keeps Shutting Down & Drains Battery supportforums.blackberry.com

I'm new to this forum, so if this problem has been discussed & solved, I apologize. My Bold 9700 keeps dying/shutting down unexpectedly. It takes forever to get it to start back up (flashing red light). Sometimes I even have to remove the battery to get it to react. When the loading bar finishes & the screen comes back on, the battery is completely dead, even though it was at least half full before this happened. BTW, this happened several times with my old battery so I bought a new OEM battery. It's happened twice since then. Even stranger, when I was with a friend today, her Bold did exactly the same thing.

BB Curve 83xx :: Computer Not Recognizing BB / Put Pics On PC forums.crackberry.com

My computer is not recognizing my BB as a device in my computer. The F drive, which it should be, just keeps saying PLEASE INSERT A DISK and I've plugged in my usb cord in every usb port on my laptop. On the bottom it has safely remove hardware and i've removed and installed it twice, shut down my phone twice, and everytime the BB says the whole mass storage thing, i click yes. Im confused because about a month ago this worked and I was able to get pics off my phone.

BB Bold :: 9780 Keeps Shutting Down When Battery Became Low supportforums.blackberry.com

For the past few months, the LED light never blink when the battery became low. It always suddenly shuts down the blackberry even though I don't use much of the battery yet. Last week, it became worse. It happens few times a week. So a few days ago i decided to update the software and restore my blackberry.. Afterwards, it became worse. My phone keep shutting down even though battery is still 85%. It wont turn on even if I press the power button. So I took off the battery and insert it back in and after rebooting, the battery will be left with 50%. This is a software problem, virus or battery problem?

BB Bold :: 9900 Keeps Shutting Down Randomly supportforums.blackberry.com

Brand New Blackberry only a few months old. ATT Bold 9900. All of a sudden in the last couple of days, it has been shutting down randomly. It starts right back up but within a few hours it will shut down again. Also can u back it up without plugging into computer?

Computer Won't Shut Down? www.bleepingcomputer.com

I am running windows 7 ultimate and am having a problem with the computer shutting down. When I click shut down it acts like its going to work but all it does is shut off the monitor the fans andeverything else keeps running and unless I hold down the power button it stays that way but if I restart the computer and don't log into a user name I can click shut down and it works fine any suggestions?Processor is a qs9650 Asus p5kc motherboard 4gb ocz ddr3 memory Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit (gave up on 64 bit nothing but problems)

BB Bold :: 9930 - Contacts Synchronization Error supportforums.blackberry.com

I just bought a 9930 Bold an am trying to sync my contacts from Microsoft Outlook using Blackberry Desktop Software. I can only sync about half of them and then I get a message " Synchronization Error - An error has occurred during an attempt to access a file on the computer". The sync was working perfectly with my old 9650 Bold. I am able to sync calendar, notes and tasks O.K. but just have this problem with the contacts.

BB Bold :: 9780 - Inserted Media Card Contains Errors / Repair Failed supportforums.blackberry.com

I upgraded google talk but after rebooting my BB bold 9780 doesn't detect media card and show me the message "A Media card has been inserted that contains errors. Do you wish to repair the Media card now? " and when I click on yes then it shows me the message "Media Card repair failed". I checked my media card in another device is working. I also tried one another media card in my BB bold 9780 which didn't work too.

BB Bold :: 9930-How To Reply "all" To A Text Message supportforums.blackberry.com

I have a Bold 9930 on the Sprint network. I get a lot of mass text messages from friends where they may go back and on a subject. However, I can only reply to the "one" person that sent the message. I know two people with Bolds that can do it, but they have different network providers.

BB Bold :: 9930 Uncaught Exeption: Java.lang.error supportforums.blackberry.com

I just transferred my Bold 9650 to the Bold 9930 using the device switcher.Once it finished all of that and did a restart, I get this error, "uncaught exeption: java.lang.error" on start.How do I fix this? b_boyBB9930 Sprint NetworkOS

BB Bold :: Cannot Access The Files Stored On The Memory Card Using A Software Reboot supportforums.blackberry.com

After updating the 9930 to software 7.1 when the phone reboots using the option in App World after installing an app, I notice the phone cannot access the files stored on the memory card using a software reboot.Only by doing a battery pull does the phone recognise the media card contents and then I can access it. Therefore everytime I install an app I have to do a battery pull to restart the phone as the restart option from the App World in the phone makes the files on the media card not to be seen.This bug was not present before I did the upgrade to 7.1 bundle 1737?

BB Curve :: 8530 Starts To Reboot Then Shuts Down? supportforums.blackberry.com

I have a Curve 8530 with Boost Mobile. I took the battery out for a min like I do every night to reboot it, put the battery back in and it started to reboot. After bout a min or so it shut down and started rebooting again. It keeps doing it over and over again. I call Boost support and they can't help me, they want to send me a refurbished phone. My phone is only 4 months old. I have never dropped it or gotten it wet. I've tried hooking it up to my computer to wipe it out and reset it or whatever it's called but It won't connect to the computer because before it can reboot all the way it shuts down again.

BB Bold :: 9800 Shuts Off When The Battery Reads At About 70% supportforums.blackberry.com

ok my friends bold 9800 shuts off when the battery reads at about 70%, (its a new battery) it will shut off sometimes when taking pics. when she restarts it the battery reads almost dead. she was told to get a new battery again, this is her 3rd in a year. she will charge it until its to 100% and when it shuts off it needs to reboot,

BB Bold 9700 :: Starts Extremely Slow? forums.crackberry.com

I have a new BB bold. When my device shuts down, it takes ages to re-start the device. Literally speaking it takes around 7-8 minutes to have it started. Sometimes on/off button do not even react, I have to press multiple times and hold for a long time as well.

Motorola :: RAZR Battery / Phone Shut Down www.howardforums.com

Recently bought an unlocked RAZR. Worked well for a week, then kept shutting down on me. Battery in question: a Motorola BR50 encased in black wrapping.Suspecting the battery was the problem, I swapped it for the battery in my friend's old RAZR. His battery is also Motorola, and probably the same BR50, but it is encased in white cellophane (leads exposed) and is so old that it is swelling. Yet, with this battery, my RAZR never shut down nor lost power for an entire day. Thinking I had isolated the problem, I went to a store and got a new black Moto BR50 battery. Charged it fully. But immediatley I am having the same problem. The phone shuts down, reboots, shuts down again, etc.As I am typing this, I am noticing the white battery that worked is 3.6V while the one that isn't working is 3.7V. Is this the problem?