BB Bold 9000 :: JVM Error 101/ How To Revive


My Bold showed me JVM error 101 with a white screen and then nothing, I have tried to repair it without success, is there anything I can do to revive it?

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I am facing a whie screen on BB Bold 9000 bought in 2009 ( software version updated ) and when I boot the machine it comes with above error message -" JVM Error 517"unable to access my BB?

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I've a Blackberry Bold 9000 which I tried to update using the web updater that Blackberry downloads when choosing device software in their website. Everything was going well when the updater stopped working and I had to disconnect the BB. So I got a white screen. I tried to solve the problem by downloading a OS which is older than the one it had before (version, I followed all the steps in the Blackberry 101, erasing the vendor.xml and I've used the latest version of Desktop Manager and nothing worked, I now get the error 507 "Reload Software". The Apploader stops working when it has to restart the BB and instead of getting a good install I always get the error 507. I've tried with an older version of desktop manager and still I get the same problem. Does anyone have any suggestion to repair my BB 9000?

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Need help, my BB Bold 9000 restarted or rebooted when I turned on the wifi, although I found it once work on the wifi at the airport but, it restarted when I try to connect to the wifi in home and some hotel, it stop rebooted when the wifi is out of range or turning off the the modem router (with wifi).Really appreciate for your helps, as the above problem only happens to my BB 9000 bold, but my BB 8320 works just find under all that circumstances.

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I just purchased a new Bold 2 (9700), and I found out that the thing is showing all decimal points as "decimal commas". I'm in Mexico, not Spain, and we use the US decimal point system, that is using decimal POINTS and not COMMAS. How can I switch the BB to use commas? This wasn't a problem on BB OS 4.6 on the Bold 9000... in fact, this is the first time I see my BB using the goofy comma system.

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hi... I have a query which displays record in following way Code| Amt ----------------------- 101| 9000 101| 3000 101| 4000 101| 2000 101| 8000 102| 1000 102| 2000 102| 4000 102| 3500 102| 1100 103| 6000 103| 5000 103| 1000 103| 1100 103| 2900 I want to display all rows belonging to particular code in one row as follows Code | Amt1 | Amt2 | Amt3 | Amt4 | Amt5 --------------------------------------------------- 101 | 9000 | 3000 | 4000 | 2000 | 8000 102 | 1000 | 2000 | 4000 | 3500 | 1100 103 | 6000 | 5000 | 1000 | 1100 | 2900 Can someone please help me out? Waiting for a eager reply VD

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My bb displays this error at startup. Error JVM 102. I tried to fix it with the javaloader.exe program (displaying logs, removing bad modules) but without success. The last log lines are : guid:0x97C9F5F641D25E5F time: Thu Jan 01 01:00:00 1970 severity:0 type:2 appystem data:VM:VCPEs=Module 'DocsToGoCommon' not found.guid:0x97C9F5F641D25E5F time: Thu Jan 01 01:00:00 1970 severity:0 type:2 appystem data:VM:VCPKv=5guid:0x97C9F5F641D25E5F time: Thu Jan 01 01:00:00 1970 severity:0 type:2 appystem data:VM:VCPNs=net_rim_bb_diagnostic_resource__frguid:0x97C9F5F641D25E5F time: Thu Jan 01 01:00:00 1970 severity:0 type:2 appystem data:JVM Error 102guid:0x97C9F5F641D25E5F time: Thu Jan 01 01:00:00 1970 severity:0 type:2 appystem data:Invalid code in filesystem Is there a way to get my personal data (contacts, notes) ? I tried the javaloader -u recoverflash <bytes> command but it fails with a "vm not started".

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Since I have updated my BB 9000 Bold to the latest firmware version (v4.6.0.167), DM (version 4.6) crashes when I try to syncronize my Lotus Notes calendar. However, it works OK if I only do a one-way sync, from Lotus Notes to the BB Bold. This worked properly in both directions before the last firmware upgrade. Message Edited by olvr76 on 11-13-2008 07:44 PM

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I have been trying to load an application to my BB 9000 since a monday and getting this error "This application is not compatible with your device and cannot be loaded".As evident, I am new to BlackBerry development and got to port an existing J2ME project on BB 9000. To load application I am using - BB Dektop software 5 (latest) - BB Device Software 4.6 is installed (which is the version of BB 9000 as well) I am able to load sample JDE 4.6 applications but I build my project through same JDE and through eclipse (JDE compoment as well but couldn't load it, I even signed my app since I am using net.rim.device.api.servicebook api which requries signing.Can someone please explain me 1) why this error occurs in first place 2) how to setup right envioroment to load an application on a given BB handset (BB 9000 vodafon India to be specific) 3) How would manage this process on a single machine if I have 4-5 different BB handsets. I shall be thanful for any logical pointer to solution to these problems.

BB Bold 9000 :: Junk Email Not Being Filtered - BES Server supportforums.blackberry.com

We are currenty using Outlook 2003 and existing email client filters mean that end user's junk and spam email are sent automatically to the junk email folder on the desktop.I have recently wirelessly configured a Bold 9000 handset for one of our staff and they have notice that items being filtered to her desktop junk email folder are showing up on her BB handset. I have also noticed something similar happening with some junk email messages, but not for all of them.We are running BES configuration with Blackberry Manager version Any thoughts on: 1. If this is something that occurs with the Bold 9000 handset only. I ask this as I have recently upgraded my handset from the 8100 and didn't notice this happening until I got the Bold 9000 2. What is the best resolution to make sure everything that goes to the desktop Junk email folder is not displayed on the BB handset

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I have lost my BB curve 8520 and I have a backup with BB desktop softwareHow can restore on my BB bold 9000 I can't access to the restore with BB desktop software ?


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well my blackberry bold 9000 has the nuked berry problem, i think. so i follow the 101 guide and it works succesfully, to a point, and then fails. when the loader begins to load "modules", the blackberry resets, and my whole process is messed up. any suggestions? it displays this msg:Unable to reconnect to the device during a multi-stage load operation.

BB Bold 9000 :: Numlock On / Cannot Enter PIN For Unlocking Device supportforums.blackberry.com

Since one week I have a BB Bold 9000. I experience a problem when my BB is locked. I try to unlock with my pin which contains characters. The numlock is on, so only numbers are entered, which makes unlocking quite difficult. Does anyone have a clue how to de-select numlock when the BB is locked?

BB Desktop Software :: Cant Recieve Messenger Messages From Other Places supportforums.blackberry.com

I have BB Bold 9000 and I bought it in Venezuela (Movistar.) I recently moved to the UK so I unlocked my phone and got service with O2. My phone works ok and I can send BB messages, but I can't receive any BB messages from outside Europe. I have tried taking the battery out and waiting a bit, re registring my handheld with the wireless network and still the problem persists.

BB Bold 9000 :: Need To Backup And Restore Applications Also supportforums.blackberry.com

I upgraded my Bold 9000 to Bold 9700 recently. I want to backup all contact lists, notes etc. The question is that if I backup Bold 9000 and restore to Bold 9700, do the applications and softwares all changed to the one in the Bold 9000? I just worry about downgrading the version.

BB Storm2 9550/9520 :: Given Up On Phone / Have To Constantly Reset forums.crackberry.com

I had on the past 2 years several BB´s, 9000, 8900, storm1 and now i have the storm2. the only BB i had without any problems in terms of OS and hardware was the 8900. i love my storm 2 ( i have the leak .497) but almost every day i have the hard screen problem, and constantly i have to reset the device.im given up on the storm 2 and i will go for the bold 9700.I m not sure if OS updates will solved the hard screen problem and im tired of this....i dont understand how Blackberry puts on the market a phone with a basic screen problem...For me the perfect BB should be the bold 9700 with the body of Bold 9000!

BB Bold 9000 :: Unable To Install Any Unofficial Software supportforums.blackberry.com

I have Unlocked BB Bold 9000 (VendorID : 302). I downloaded BB OS 5.0 for BB Bold 9000 for Zain-Kuwait Operator from Blackberry official site as I need Arabic support in it then I installed the exe file. Deleted the Vendor.xml from C:Program FilesCommon FilesResearch In MotionAppLoader and Started the Loader from the same folder above but it refuse to update to the 5.0 and if i clicked Browse and selected Blackberry.alx from the new software folder in C:Program FilesCommon FilesResearch In MotionSharedLoader Files9000M_v5.0.0.464_P5.2.0.41. It tells me This Apllication is not compatible with your device and cannot be loaded.

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My bold started acting strange and rebooting a lot the last few days.This has now degenerated to a white screen of death with a JVM error 517. Battery pulls don't work and desktop manager on my work laptop won't recognize or connect to the phone.I am traveling and the device is backed up on my home PC. No help where I am. I can warranty the device at a local ATT center, but if I do this, am I able to restore programs to the new device without the old one?

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Does anyone know how I can reset my phone to get rid of this error please? Or is it better to take it to an 02 shop (02 is my service provider) and let them do it? I rang O2 earlier and their helpline didnt know how to help me. Ive google this error but cant seem to fix problem

BB Bold 9000 :: Install Twitter Rim supportforums.blackberry.com

I tried to install with App BB Twitter by Rim but after some minutes I have this error message: uncaught exception application net_rimbb_appworld(273) is not responding. After I have not installed Twitter by Rim.Can you help me, please? I have a Bold 9000, carrier Vodafone, with V4.6.0.126, server BES.

BB Bold 9000 :: OS 5 Upgrade / Dead Device forums.crackberry.com

I am using BB Desktop version 5 and tried to update my device to OS 5 from AT&T. My Bold 9000 is now dead. My desktop manager stated a fatal error, then my device reset. And the only thing that displays is the Orange AT&T screen. How can I get the device to function again. I did a back up and a sync prior to the install.

BB Bold 9000 :: Error Message - No Available Message Stores supportforums.blackberry.com

Blackberry 9000 Bold version 5.0.1, using windows 7, Outlook 2010 Trying to synchronize after uploading all updates but getting error message after trying to configure calendar, tasks, address book and memo pad. New computer trying to get BB to sync for the first time.

BB Bold :: Calls Barred/SIM Toolkit Control Error On AT&T? supportforums.blackberry.com

i am using BB Bold 9000 by AT&T - unlockd by AT&T.when using 3G sim card Israel Orange inside i can get calls,data,sms,mms BUT i cant make any calls - get the Calls Barred .Sim Call BarredCall failed due to SIM Toolkit Control Error.we tried 6 sims all the same - all working in other phones.Orange israel claim that it have to do something with the phone itself by blocking the 2100 frequency by AT&T.i just spoke with AT&T and they say that its not the issue,

BB Bold 9000 :: How To Get Smilies? forums.crackberry.com

So I gave my girlfriend my Bold 9000 when I upgraded to the Bold 9700. She wants the smilies displayed when texting on the Bold 9000. Does anyone know how to get these smilies put on the Bold 9000?

BB Bold 9000 :: Changing Keypad Color? forums.crackberry.com

i have BB bold 9000. i want to make the keypad on my bb with multiple colors as in the first line of alphabets white.then the next line of alphabets black so on and soo forth. is there a way to do. or am i stuck with the keypad that i have for now.

BB Bold :: Can't Connect To Desktop Manager supportforums.blackberry.com

I have a BB Bold 9000, and I can't seem to connect to BB Device Manager. It's recognized on my computer as mass storage mode, but it won't connect to Device Manager, and just says Connect your Blackberry device.

BB Bold 9000 :: Email On Phone Disappears On Opening Outlook Express Inbox supportforums.blackberry.com

I am receiving e-mails both to my BB 9000 and outlook express without any problem but when I open my outlook express inbox, the e-mail in Blackberry Bold screen disappears in seconds but the same e-mail still stays on outlook. How can I keep e-mails on BB.

BB Bold 9000 :: How To Get Application From Internet Into BB? supportforums.blackberry.com

Using my desktop PC, I found an interesting application on URL... and I would like to get it working on my BB Bold 9000. I have never downloaded an app. I'm pritty new here. How do I get an app installed on my BB? Any reference to info on the web is also welcome.

BB Bold 9000 :: BB Is Stuck In Boot Mode supportforums.blackberry.com

I have a Bold 9000 and this morning my BB Desktop manager told me that there is a new software update available and recommended (as always) it. I have started the process and as the device was about to restart it indicated software update failure and now my BB is stuck in boot mode and won't go further.What is the solution? I have recon that I will be loosing all my data on it regardless of what I am doing but right now the device won't go pass the booting screen.

BB Bold 9000 :: Bold 9000 Wont Boot Up forums.crackberry.com

my bb 9000 bold won't boot up it happen when the batt went flat and i put it on charge the red light went off and now the bold won't boot up again i have tryed taking out the batt and putting it back in again but it just wont reboot can you help me

BB Bold 9000 :: Messenger 5.0 - Unable To Display On Home Screen Only Visible In Menu forums.crackberry.com

Ok. I have a bold 9000 for AT&T..I saw that there was a 5.o os update and yes I did see that it's not official..Here's my dilemma.. After doing the update I came to realize that I did not have BB Messenger on my phone..I'm using v5.0.0.190(Platform5.2.0.11)..Can any one help me out here? I saw BB messenger 5.0 and tried to install it also but it does not show up on my home screen only in my application menu..I'm totally lost right now

BB Bold 9000 :: Cannot Connect To Computer To USB Folder? supportforums.blackberry.com

I have a Bold 9000 and I can't connect it to the computer to use it as USB Folder...When I connect the BB via USB, it does not prompt to use it as USB folder.I installed the Desktop Manager and it recognizes the BB via USB, but cannot access it as a Folder. In Options> Memory Menu I have the following: Media Support Card : ON Encryption Mode: None Mass Storage Mode: ON Enable Mass Storage when connected: Prompt ( I also tried ON) I have Windows Vista SP1 32-bit in my computer.I tried downloading the USB Drivers again, but it did not work.

BB Bold 9000 :: Facebook - Yahoo Messenger - Gtalk Not Found forums.crackberry.com

I just got my BB bold last eve and m so in love. I read somewhere that facebook, yahoo messenger gtalk and some other application comes pre-loaded with BB 9000. I tried searching the forums first but no luck If some one can help finding me it on my device. Its at&t locked. Also i havn't taken any data plan. So will the application work on WI-Fi?

BB Bold :: 9000 Not Recognized By Desktop Software? supportforums.blackberry.com

I am running the latest BB Desktop Software on my PC, "Version 5.0 Bundle 1137". It usually will NOT recognise my Bold 9000. I have tried most suggested measures, including closing Outlook opening the BB software. Perhaps going back to an older version of the desktop software?

BB Bold :: Phone Turns Off When Turn On WIFI In 9000? supportforums.blackberry.com

I have a BB Bold 9000, and it was working fine, i even updated and it worked great for months.and then last week when i tried to turn on the wifi to search for a network the phone got frozen for a few seconds and restarted it self continuously, like 4 times in a row. since then Im unable to turn the wifi on. bluetooth and service provider are working fine. Just wifi is causing troubles.I even tried to restore it to default settings using the lastest BB desktop software and no results.

BB Bold 9000 :: OS 5.0 Install - Device Current And Up To Date With V4.6.0.304 Installed supportforums.blackberry.com

I've heard that OS 5.0 is out now and I would very much like to install it on my bold 9000. However, whenever I plug by BB into my computer and run the BB Desktop Manager "update software" option, it says that my device is current and up-to-date with v4.6.0.304 installed. How can I get OS 5.0 onto my device? My carrier is AT&T and I need an english version.

BB Bold 9000 :: No HTML Option In Email Setting? supportforums.blackberry.com

BB support HTML with pictures but there is no HTML option in email setting.i got BB bold 9000 v4.6 with data plain and evry thing but still can't find it.

BB (RIM) 9000 :: Cannot Add Anything With Messenger? www.howardforums.com

I Have A BB 9000 (BOLD) where BB Messenger used to work great but last week i lost my contact list and now i cant add anything or do anything with Messenger. Everything else work. Any suggestion?

BB Bold :: 9000 Not Accepted For Service By It supportforums.blackberry.com

I purchased BB Bold 9000 from [URL]Order No 3620273, complaint no. 3718457 etc.Naap tol after so many calls and complaints declared warranty as only 6 months. BB service centre at Jammu (J&K State, India) is refusing to service this set as it is outdated. Naaptol is also giving standard reply that they will call back in 24-48 hours. No reply from naaptol no action by Blackberry service centre.

BB Bold 9000 :: Settings - Connect To The Internet supportforums.blackberry.com

I am here at saudi arabia and I purchased a BB Bold 9000,but I can't connect to the internet,and I know my settings are wrong,but i can't change it(at the browse configuration), I search the site of my network,there is a message that required a software installation,because my network was also selling a BB and i purchased it only to the m obile store not at my network,somebody there knows what software needs to install and how to install it?

BB Bold 9000 :: Having Trouble Getting Laptop To Recognize Memory forums.crackberry.com

I am having trouble getting my laptop to recognize the device memory or sd card installed in my BB Bold 9000. It is recognized by BB Desktop mgr but not in my Windows explorer where all my drives are listed.

BB Software :: Status And Music Update Doesn't Appear supportforums.blackberry.com

I have a bb bold 9000 and mi bb messenger is, the problem is that when i change my name or status or change song, the update does not appear to my contacts, only when i change my display picture, what maybe wrong with it? There is a option for fixing this?

BB Bold 9000 :: BB Not Detect By Windows forums.crackberry.com

i got problem with my bold 9000. This morning my bb suddently hang and i tried few times take out the battery but when the phone reboot, it still stuck at date and time popup. ('please confirm current date and time') I've change to another battery also but still not working.Plan to re-install the OS but when connect to pc, my windows dont even detect the bb.

BB Bold :: 9000 - 411 Directory Assistance App? supportforums.blackberry.com

I am looking for a 411 App for my Bold 9000 but haven't been able to find one on BB App World. How to get 411 App from BB or from a reliable 3rd party source?

BB Bold 9000 :: Bold 9000 VS Curve 8530 / Does One Perform Better Than Other? forums.crackberry.com

Quick question. I am starting a new Job and they are getting me a superbasic Perl. I need this for work and so I will be forking some dough out of my pocket to get one of the two following phones: Bold 9000 (I'll pay 100$ Canadian, not Us) Curve 8530 (pay 24.99$ Canadian). I am very used to the Iphone and HTC Touch Pro 2 (not trying to start a flaming/argument/anything else , its just what i'm used to). I am very used to browsing with the other phones and I have heard that BB phones are not up to par, so my expectations will be low. Out of the two phones however, does one perform better than the other (Curve 8530 vs Bold 9000)? Out of the two phones, which one do you recommend overall. I have read that the Bold 9000 even though it is older, it still outperforms the 8530...

BB Bold 9000 :: Desktop Manager Does Not Recognize Phone supportforums.blackberry.com

Device and software version: BB Bold 9000, OS 4.6 DM version 4.7 Computer Dell E4300 laptop Bluetooth: built-in Dell wireless 365 BT, driver provider Broadcom Problem: With the built-in BT, my BB can be paired with the computer but is not recognized by DM software. If I plugged a Kingston external BT with Microsoft driver, the BB can be recognized by DM. It seems that BB Bold does not work with BT drivers other than Microsoft's standard driver. This is confirmed by the articles in BB official website. I talked to Dell about this problem, Dell claimed that the built-in BT fully complies BT protocol and it is BB's problem. I googled solutions of replacing Dell BT's Braodcom driver with MS standard one. It is not easy.

BB Bold 9700 :: Brother Bold - Mama Bold / Arguably Better Bold? forums.crackberry.com

They took away 'OnyX' (good name), and last I heard replaced it with 'Merlin' (crappy name). Maybe we can do better. Serious or ridiculous, what do you think it should be called? Brother Bold - the bb Sitka. (9550 & 9520 are the 2 moose) 9000 = Papa Bold. 9630 = Baby Bold. 9700 = Mama Bold. Same Line As Bold, or The bb SLAB. Bold In The Child's Hand, the blackberry ?

BB Bold :: Retrieve Lost Contact List? supportforums.blackberry.com

My BB bold experienced a "JVM error 517" problem so I had to reinstall my phone firmware however doing so erased everything on my contact list. Any body knows how to retrieve my contact list?

BB Bold 9000 :: Call Failed - Cant Make Or Receive Ingoing Outgoing Calls - Texts But Internet - Email... supportforums.blackberry.com

i just purchased a replacement bb bold 9000 off ebay (it's an unlocked at&t handset that i bought after my bb bold got stolen... total bummer) and it was working fine all week up until last night when it stopped being able to handle incoming and outgoing calls and texts. The internet and email functions still work which is very peculiar. also some further info, when i put my sim card into another handset (in this case a nokia e65) all my normal call functions work and when i put another sim card in the bold the same thing happens (when i try to make a call it instantly pops up with a call failed warning). another thing is the bold shows full service coverage... currently the bold about shows... v4.6.0.304 (Platform im on australia and for some reason i cant update the os to v5

BB (RIM) :: Bold 9000 Vs Bold 9700 Speaker Volume www.howardforums.com

I'm considering an upgrade from my current Bold 9000 to the Bold 9700 and was wondering if anyone had any feedback regarding the sound volume from the speaker. The bold 9000 has one of the loudest speakers when playing music i've ever used on a cell phone. Is the Bold 9700 just a loud?

BB Bold 9000 :: No Internet / Tried Battery Pull forums.crackberry.com

I have problem with my bb bold unlock from at&t. i want to get internet service on my bb. I call tmobile then I tell them i want internet service and then a person who is from tmobile tell to turn off and take off the battery the bold, and he say it should be work after the bold turn on again, but it still doesnt work. the edge network still lowercase. is there any way to fix my problem? I already call tmobile they say the setting from tmobile have been set and there is nothing wrong from tmobile. I switch my sim card to my friend's bb and the internet service is work. is there any way to fix my problem. my OS is Blackberry 9000 (3G, Wi-Fi) V4.6.0.167 (Platform

BB Bold :: 9900 - Too Small Notes Field Size In Contacts? supportforums.blackberry.com

Yesterday I upgraded my Bold 9000 to Bold 9900. The transition went smooth, with one exception - the Notes field size in Contacts is much smaller than in Bold 9000 and the text in that field got truncated.. I keep customer service logs in that field and the major reason for upgrading was the possibility of fast scrolling to the end of the Notes field to add new records. Now this purpose is irrelevant since the data entered in this field in Bold 9000 doesn't even fit in it in Bold 9900. If I don't find a workaround, I will have to revert to my Bold 9000 and return the new device.

BB Bold :: Wifi Internet Access - "Unable To Connect To The Internet, Try Again Later" supportforums.blackberry.com

I recently deactivated my Blackberry Bold 9000 (v4.6.0.304 operating system) from AT&T since I ported my cell phone number to US Cellular who had better coverage in my region. I'd like to continue using my Blackberry Bold 9000 as a free wi-fi only internet access device and install the Google Voice app so my kids could text message and make phone calls via the Google Voice app and phone's wi-fi connection. While my BB Bold is able to connect to our home wi-fi network like in the past it doesn't successfully connect to the internet and gives me the following message: "Unable to connect to the internet, please try again later."

BB Bold 9000 :: After Seeing Pictures Of The Bold 9700 / Like The Original Bold 9000 forums.crackberry.com

I have to say that, after seeing pictures of the Bold 9700, I like the original Bold 9000 better. I admit that I am basing this strictly on pictures and not on physically comparing the two devices, but I don't like the look of the Onyx as much as I love the look of the Bold 9000. Does anyone else feel this way?

BB Bold 9700 :: Keep Desktop And Personal Email Separate forums.crackberry.com

I just recently switched from a Bold 9000 (ATT, OS 5) to a Bold 9700 (ATT OS 5).On the Bold 9000, I had 2 separate icons for my email. One was "Desktop" (the email from the BES) and one was "Personal" (my gmail account). There was also an option in the email settings to determine which emails showed up in the "Messages" view as well and you could have personal, work or both show up there.Now I can't seem to find this option in the 9700.

BB Bold 9000 :: Wont Sync Via USB After Installed DM Version supportforums.blackberry.com

My blackberry desktop manager software installed fine version, but it wont sync with my BB 9000 via usb cable. I have Vista with SP1. After I plug the device into the USB port the OS installs BB drivers and fails to install blackberry. If I connect as mass storage works fine I can see the device and its data. Any ideas? I can't find a USB driver for BB 9000

BB Bold :: 9000 Won't Sync Via USB supportforums.blackberry.com

My blackberry desktop manager software installed fine version, but it wont sync with my BB 9000 via usb cable. I have Vista with SP1. After I plug the device into the USB port the OS installs BB drivers and fails to install blackberry. If I connect as mass storage works fine I can see the device and its data.I can't find a USB driver for BB 9000?

BB :: Bold 9700 To Bold 9000 forums.crackberry.com

I currently am using a bold 9700 on at&t and was considering going to a bold 9000 instead. One reason being that its bigger since i have big fingers/hands. I was just curious as to what others may have to say about the 9000 versus the 9700... I also understand that the 9000 would have an older os on it....just curious as well as to how hard it is to upgrade?

BB Bold 9000 :: MSN - Live Messenger Not Supported forums.crackberry.com

When i try to download either live messenger or blackberry messenger it just say that the device im using bold 9000) isnt support?

BB Bold :: Can't Use The Email Or BBM supportforums.blackberry.com

jux bought bold 9000 frm someone and I can't use the email or BBM....ave tried wipe handheld and still facing the same problem..

BB Bold :: Extend The Number Of Rings Before Message? supportforums.blackberry.com

options - work - general settings - expand - number of rings, but I don't even have a work section under options... Bold 9000

BB Bold :: Camera Not Opening? supportforums.blackberry.com

My mobile is 9000 bold . its camera not open & show notification "could not opening the camera close other application, try agin

BB Bold 9000 :: Wiping Bold 9000 With Keyboard Malfunction supportforums.blackberry.com

I have to return my Bold 9000 under warranty due to some malfunctioning of the keyboard. I would like to wipe the Blackberry before returning it. However, because my "a" key is not working correctly, I am not able to type "blackberry" when prompted in order to be able to invoke wiping. Is there any other way to wipe the BB?

BB Bold 9000 :: Bold Keyboard Light Is Dimmer forums.crackberry.com

im using a bb bold 9000, and after a years use, the keyboard light seems to be getting dimmer and dimmer. any suggestions on how to get it back like the way it was?

BB Bold 9000 :: Unlocked - Enterprise Activation forums.crackberry.com

I unlocked my BB Bold 9000 a few weeks ago for use in a foreign country. All worked well. I was just using it for phone. It was not hooked up to the BES server.Now I have returned and am trying to activate on the BES server and it just hangs. Cannot activate.

BB Bold 9000 :: Receive All Emails / Can' Send It supportforums.blackberry.com

I have Blackberry Professional Server (BPS) with 1 BB Bold 9000 and Exchange. I receive all mail but I can't send it. When I try to send email a red cross appear on the email header and status message says " Computer e-mail software is not able to send the message".I hope in your answer I can't find the solution.

BB Bold 9000 :: Desktop Manager 6 Deletes Wallpaper After Sync forums.crackberry.com

I downloaded Desktop Manager version 6 per a prompt from version 5 to update my software. Now everytime I sync my BB, it erases my wallpaper and sets it to the default. Totally irritating!My phone is a 9000 Blackberry Bold, my service provider is AT&T.

BB Bold 9000 :: New Contact Names Do Not Appear On Address Book supportforums.blackberry.com

just received ab BB Bold 9000. As I down loaded contacts from Gmail and saved some of the contacts from emails, I found that the names do not appear in the address book. There is the "no contact" label there. Would appreciate if someone can advise.

BB Bold 9000 :: Remove IT Policy BOLD forums.crackberry.com

I have searched the posts and see how to remove this on other model BB's but will installing the POLICY.BIN file remove the IT policy on a BOLD 9000? I just purchased this phone off ebay and its got a dumb policy on it that i need to remove..

BB Software :: Receive A File Through Bluetooth? supportforums.blackberry.com

I wonder if I can receive pdf or doc files to bb 9000 bold through bluetooth from my laptop. I tried but it was not possible. I manage to send a file to the laptop but the opposite cannot be done.

BB Bold 9000 :: Way To Free Up With Memory Booster? forums.crackberry.com

My bold 9000 app memory always falls under 15mb! I only have the following apps installed: Socialscope FB Google maps Worldmate Live BB app world Bbm, ym, wl, gtalk Zonasnap Is there a way to free up memory apart from constant battery pulls?

BB Bold 9000 :: Converting .jpg.rem To .jpg? supportforums.blackberry.com

Life could be so simple. I take a pic; it gets stored as .jpg.rem on the BB Bold 9000, no matter if I disable encryption for media or not. I can get it over to my laptop using USB mass storage connectivity, but then what do I do to convert the .jpg.rem into a plain .jpg? The same applies to other files written by other apps, such as bbtracker exporting a .gpx.rem...

BB Bold :: Converting .jpg.rem To .jpg supportforums.blackberry.com

Life could be so simple. I take a pic; it gets stored as .jpg.rem on the BB Bold 9000, no matter if I disable encryption for media or not. I can get it over to my laptop using USB mass storage connectivity, but then what do I do to convert the .jpg.rem into a plain .jpg? The same applies to other files written by other apps, such as bbtracker exporting a .gpx.rem...

BB Bold 9000 :: When Typing SMS Or In Email - Voice Dialing Prompt Automatically forums.crackberry.com

when typing SMS or in email, my voice dialing prompt automatically comes on and sometimes it comes on without me knowing. BB just sitting on my desk or in my bag, waiting for me to prompt a callers name. this is really wearing my battery down quickly and so anyone have any tips? this happen to anyone else? Bold 9000 user...

BB Bold 9000 :: Unable To Send Media Via BBM supportforums.blackberry.com

I have BB Bold 9000 (v. I upgraded the BBM to verion 5 (, and cannot send any media files using BBM - whether it's a picture, voice file, you name it. The options simply don't exist in my BBM menu.

BB Bold 9000 :: Lost All Email Messages & SMS After Date Change supportforums.blackberry.com

After I set the date of my BB Bold 9000 to 6 July 2015 I lost all previously received email messages and text messages. It is amazing that this can happen without any warning. This is definitely not the first time I'm loosing all my data. It's so frustrating that I'm considering strongly to leave BlackBerry and switch to another make.Also a helpdesk you can call to and speak to a real person seems to be not in place at BlackBerry. Maybe they hate customers?

BB Bold 9000 :: How To Display Password? supportforums.blackberry.com

I'm using BBBold 9000 and have a question about how to display the password I enter.Let's say that I want to log-in to my hotmail account form BB Bold.I enter the User IS and Password, but the the password cannot displayed.All the password is "******".How do I change the setting to actual show the password?

BB Bold 9000 :: Switch From Rogers To Fido - Calls Are Usually Dropped Or Failed supportforums.blackberry.com

Hi I have an unlocked bb bold 9000 originally from rogers. I am currently using it on fido and it seems to have a weak signal strength thus, my calls are usually dropped or failed.

BB Bold :: 9000 Red Blinking Led? supportforums.blackberry.com

My bb bold 9000 is dead. When i try to turn on, nothing happens. Only when i plug the charger in doe sit show any life with a blinking red led. It blinks pretty randonmly with one blink , then 4, ( I THINK ). How can i fix it and get it baqck on. The screen stays black and i have purchased a new battery, but no luck.

BB Software :: Carrier Cannot Register Device On The Network supportforums.blackberry.com

I had a BB 8900 Curve which i replaced yesterday with a Bold 9000 and now cannot register the device on the carrier network. Calls etc are fine, just BIS will not. My previous 8900 worked fine? I have been on the phone with the carrier the entire day and they have not been able to resolve it. All i did was change the device in the BIS website and now it is broken.