App Store :: Says Installed But Its Not Installed?


Im not sure why, but after i reinstalled lion, the app store says imovie is installed, but imovie is not installed garage band installed fine, and for iphoto i had to do system update, and it installed, but for some reason app store wont let me install imovie, cause it says it is installed but it isnt  Info: MacBook Pro (15-inch Late 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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i started download this app called aerofly fs from app store and some how my cat stepped on my mpc and it got restarted. After restart when i tried to resume download from app store but the button appears to say install not resume download, i clicked on install anyway but it does not respond,� i mean the button turned grey for a few seconds and comes back to a blue install, nothing happened!!! later i tried to update a few apps and the same thing happens, app store was not responsive to download. Info: MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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I have used many mods that swips internal memory by the external memory and vise versa.. So everything worked perfectly but installing apps no longer work.. When I install an app it says app not installed.. BUT installing apps through Play Store works perfectly as it should.. My device: Galaxy Note 2 running CyanogenMod 10.1 nightlies ..

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The OVI Store application in my phone will not open, everytime I try to open the app it doesn't do anything, so I open the browser to go to the OVI store website, try to download any application and when it is trying to install it says "file corrupted" so I'm not able to install or buy any application from the OVI store. I have the latest software update. I also have the latest OVI suite application for Windows Vista and when I try to install the "software support" it fails...

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The OVI Store application in my phone will not open, everytime I try to open the app it doesn't do anything, so I open the browser to go to the OVI store website, try to download any application and when it is trying to install it says "file corrupted" so I'm not able to install or buy any application from the OVI store. I have the latest software update. I also have the latest OVI suite application for Windows Vista and when I try to install the "software support" it fails.

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How can i install Google Play Services in my phone? I tried to install it from play store it says incompatable app using same shared id. When i try to install it manually it says app cant install, Tried to boot into cwm recovery but its goes into stock recovery.cant install the signed zip pack.

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Downloaded Skype but no icon appeared on iPad. App store says installed.What am I doing wrong

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l uninstalled Google Search and Google Play store apps, but they were not completely uninstalled and now I can't reinstall them because the store says they are installed. I cannot find them on my android tablet and so I cannot use them. What is a good app to completely uninstall them. Some of these apps will not install on my Lenovo tablet.

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I am unable to install Twitter app from Mac store. It says downloaded, but when i click install nothing happens and error message pops out. Already tried to install other free apps and everything went well, just the twitter app failed. Running latest version of OSX Lion on Macbook Pro 13. Info:MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), Mac app store

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I just installed free app (books - children's classic) from App Store.However, I could not find the icon in my 3g iPhone. When I checked the same app in App Store, it said 'installed' and no option for me to reinstalled. Where could be the 'installed' app in my iPhone? How could it go 'missing'when I had successfully installed? Information: Mac Mac OS X (10.5.7) 3G iPhone 8GB

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For some reason, after jailbreaking my iPad, I can't get apps to update or install. I'm talking about legitimate purchased or free apps, not pirated apps.Fo instance with the ABC Player, I'm getting this error in iTunes: The application "ABC Player" was not installed on the iPad because it could not be verified.I also get an error when I try to install or update an app directly on the iPad's app store.I tried several different apps and it's happening every time.....All my existing apps are working fine on the iPad, but I'm only getting this when I try to install or update an app.


Mac Pro :: OS X Lion Still Showing Download In AppStore Purchases discussions.apple.com

I Purchased OS X Lion from App Store and installed in same desktop but when I see Purchases in App Store its showing download, not showing install, all other apps like Twitter shows install. OS X Lion not installed correctly or any other problem? Info: Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7), 2 x 2.4 GHz Quad Core, 24 GB ram

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In the last days I have been trying to set up the new iPad by restoring the latest back-up of my iPad 2 and the synchronisation went well. Only one app could not be installed at all. Indeed I have got the following error message: app failed to install. Also just for the sake of it I have tried to re-install this app on all my iDevices (iPad 1, iPad 2, iPod Touch and iPhone 4) and I was not able to re-install it as I was getting the same error message�App failed to install. I have noticed that this app is actually stored on my PC in the iTunes Library but it is not anymore in the �purchased app in the App Store as I have tried to re-download it again but without any success. this app is not available anymore from the App Store. Would it be possible that the app stored on my PC is corrupted? And if so is that a way to recovery it?

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When i try to instal some apps,comes a message saying "application not installed".

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I cannot install any app it says "application not installed".I have miui v5.

General :: Android 4.3 Camera And Messaging APK On Xolo Q800 forum.xda-developers.com

I have tried to install the apk on my xolo q800 but it says App Not Installed...!

Missing Install/Download Buttons For Previously Purchased Apps? forums.macrumors.com

It no longer says "Install" (or was it "Download"?) for the previously purchased iOS apps, both on my iTunes App Store and iPad App Store. I can see the apps from Purchased tab, and visiting the app page from Purchased tab shows the Install/Download button, but when I view the app from Top Charts/search result, it shows the price (or Free App).

General :: Widgets Not Working On Xolo Q800 forum.xda-developers.com

When ever I download a widget(like a clock....not live wallpapers)....it says that I have to put it on the home screen from the widgets drawer....But the no new widgets appear in the drawer..Nor while using the stock launcher nor while using nova launcher....I have tried several widgets from different devs on the play store...but no widgets other than the pre installed ones on xolo q800 are working..I have not used any ROM, my mobile is not is rooted...Other apps like games,camera apps,social network apps etc install and work fine...but only new widgets are not...

Installed Apps Not Showing forums.macrumors.com

I've just started having this problem. Usually when I install an app, App Store automatically closes and it takes me to the app. But recently, when I choose an app to install, it doesn't do that plus the app doesn't show up on my iPad. In the App Store I see that it's greyed out with Installed written which means the app is somewhere on my iPad. I did a search on my iPad and it shows that the app is there but i can't find it, it's as though the app is hidden. I tried installing a lot of apps, same thing, App store says installed but I can't find it on my iPad.

Nokia Nseries :: Can't Reinstall Native Apps On 5233 discussions.nokia.com

Yesterday i un-installed Facebook application that comes bundled with phone OS. It was not working actually. When i downloaded the new Facebook app from OVI store. It says that application is already installed and if i want to replace with current version. But it can't replace the original files and says Unable to install. How do i completely remove the previous application installation files.

IPhone :: How To I Installing App Google Mobile - Download Failed www.howardforums.com

I was installing the Google Mobile app on my phone and I wasn't paying attention, but I believe the OS just bugged up. In any event, the app never finished installing and now it is on my home page with the google icon but it says Installing... on it, and you can't click it or erase the icon. When I go to the app store to try and reinstall it, it says it's already installed. Any ideas as to what may have happened? I'm going to be quite angry if I have to reload everything back on my phone just to get rid of it (and get a working google app). While I am impressed with Apple's app store, and interface... I really feel like the OS has been buggy. Lots of random things just go wrong. I am interested to see how other devices fare when there answers to the app store begin to catch up to Apple (in particular Windows Mobile devices)

App Store :: Unable To Download Anything On It discussions.apple.com

I've had this problem for a while now. I can open up the app store fine and view apps however there is a probelm when i try to install one.I click on the app, the button turns green and says 'Install app', I then click on it to install and all that happens is the loading wheel (in the top left hand corner next to the forward and back naviagtion buttons) continues to turn indefinitely.

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have onda v971t dual core amlogic amlx 1gb 16gb 9.7".Now I have it with the android 4.2.2 update, but happens that I cannot install the google+ app on it. I have tried the play store it says that the app cannot be installed on the tablet. I have tried also the sideload one and putting the apt on the external sd card, and the app cannot be installed. everything works on this tablet except the google plus app.

Xperia Mini/pro :: Some Apps Can't Be Installed? talk.sonymobile.com

Some apps can't be installed due to an error message appears says ( the app can't be installed in the SD or internal memory?

Apps Not Installing Just Waiting discussions.apple.com

Ican't install apps right now it is only saying waiting. Info:iPad Wi-Fi + 4G, iOS 5.1, Trying to instal las Vegas apps

App Store :: Getting Unknown Mac Update? discussions.apple.com

This morning I start up the Mac App Store and see there are 2 updates available. One for an application I know I have, the other for an application I do not have installed on my system. Clicking "Update All" spins and does nothing.It looks to be attempting to download the update for the application I do have. When I manually click on the application I do not, to see what is going on a App Store login comes up with the "Enter the Apple ID you've used to purchase this app." I have seen another post saying this is due to installing non authorized Mac App Store applications then how can i know which app is connected with this update? It has this update for this application, not installed, never was and will not either go away or process the real update. I have restarted, cleared out the cache. OS X 10.7.2

Ipad 2 Will Not Open Apps That Have Download From The App Store? discussions.apple.com

My IPAD 2 will some times not open apps that I have down load from the app store. But will open all of the preinstalled apps.I must go to the app store and install something and then all the apps will open. I should not have to install unwanted apps to keep my IPad working. I have reset and total reset nothing sames to work. Info: iPad 2, iOS 5.1

General :: Amazon App Store No Longer Updating Apps? forum.xda-developers.com

I have a Galaxy Nexus (not rooted), and just recently, I've ran into an issue with updating apps through Amazon's App Store. It's strange, because up to now, I never had this issue with their app store. Anyway, whenever I try to update any of my apps that need updates, the installs fail. The apps don't update, and they're still listed in the "Update" section of the store. I've tried over and over to install them, and they always say the install failed. Someone suggested going into the settings and clearing the cache/ data for the Amazon App Store app, and I gave this a try, but the problem still occurs.

Suddenly Disappear App? discussions.apple.com

i Had to delete and then re intall an app. On re installing it is started to appear on the screen then suddenly disappeared.� When I get into the app store it says that it is installed but not anywhere on the screen.� Tried it again with another app and the same thing happened. Info: iPad 2

Nokia :: Re-install Facebook App For E72? discussions.europe.nokia.com

I accidentally un-installed the facebook app, and now I can't launch the app anymore. I tried to download it from the Ovi Store, but then it would say that "Sorry, this item is not available for the Nokia E72." Is there any way to re-install the original FB app?

Apps :: Disappearing Yet Show Up As Installed? www.ipadforums.net

I have about 1.2 gb of space left on this iPad 2, maybe this is the problem because my BBC NEWS, SkyFire, etc, over five apps re simply not on my iPad, I did a search and still don't see the, and I tried to re install them from the iTunes store but no luck, the apps show up as already installed, I went. Step further by erasing the apps from my iTunes library and re syncing, still the iTunes store shows them as installed, how to get them back do let me know guys, I will try removing some mp3s to see if this changes today

Android :: Layer Reality Won't Install androidforums.com

just got my incredible today which btw I am loving it. However I have run into an annoying issue, Layer Reality will not install. I downloaded the app from the Android store and while it appears in my download list completed it will not install saying (download unsucessfull) after around 2 seconds or so. I am really wanting to check this app out.

Samsung Glaxay S II :: Google Play / Android Store Gone And Apps Not Loading samsunggalaxysforums.com

I was updating the 'Samsung Apps' app yesterday when it froze the phone so I went to restart but when it came back on 80% of my apps were gone and Google play store was nowhere to be seen. I went and upgraded my phone to ISC as I had Gingerbread still but this still has not helped. When I go in to Application settings it shows all the apps I had but whenever I try to open it just says 'Application is not installed on your phone' and I can't re-download as I cant find the Google play store.

Nokia Nseries :: Nokia N8 Belle Downloading Error discussions.nokia.com

I just updated to belle,know i cant install anything from nokia store neiter form pc or n8,it just after saying preparing for install then this downloadin error prop ou

Nokia Nseries :: Store Unable To Install In C6-01? discussions.nokia.com

After Hard reset my nokia c6-01 belle nokia store does't installed say Unable To Install ..

App Not Showing Updates forums.macrumors.com

Anyone else have a problem with the iPad app store not saying there are any updates to apps? For instance, right now the ABC app is showing an update in iTunes, but the app store is showing all apps up to date. This has happened with a few other apps I have installed on the iPad as well.

Android :: Some Installed Apps Not Visible androidforums.com

I have a HTC desire with Froyo 2.2, I'm not sure whether this is a Froyo issue but some of the apps I install are not visible in my all apps view, when I go to the market screen it says that they are installed and I can open them from there but they do not appear as a widget or app anywhere on my phone. The latest app to not install properly is the droid comic viewer, again I can use it from the market screen but can't find it anywhere else on the phone.

App Store :: Deleted Application From Mac But Update Still Showing In List discussions.apple.com

I have a issue with my app store. When I downloaded a free app from the app store and later decided that I do not need it, I just erased it. What I have observed is that the updates for the application are still in the list in the app store. I tried to install the application again, and install the update, but when the new updates came out, it started repeating. Info: iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

Xperia Pro/Neo/V/L :: Unable To Install Google Apps In SE? talk.sonymobile.com

After installing ICS update, I connected my Sony Neo V to my PC. Logged in to Google Play Market. Tried installing couple of apps.Everything goes fine(Phone detected in Google Play. When click on "Install". It says Apps will be installed shortly). No error message Nothing. But, Apps are not installed to my SE Neo V.

Intel Mac :: Office / Mac Is Copied From Disk / Now Need Password To Install? discussions.apple.com

my password is accepted at iTune and Apple store,But not to install the today purchase of Micro Soft Office/mac Info: APP for iMac-CCIND-NT, Mac OS X (10.5)

My Apps Won't Download forums.macrumors.com

Just got an iPad 2, I was able to download apps for the first few hours (I installed one app and one book sample), but now when I try it gets stuck on "waiting" with the bar empty, and after a while it says cannot connect to iTunes store. I tried resetting, signing out and in, etc, and I get a message that says "This app and 1 other could not be installed at this time. Please try again later." The same thing happens when I try to install a newspaper, so it's not just apps.So I thought it was just something wrong with my iPad and I would take it in tomorrow, but then I tried installing an app in iTunes my PC and I got an error that said the network connection timed out.It's also stuck on waiting when using my iPhone 4 over both wifi and 3G (Verizon).

App Store :: Download An App From The Mac But Not Install It Yet? discussions.apple.com

How do I download an app from the Mac App Store but not install it yet?Can I simply download it and not install?What if the App gets updated before I download it?Why? Well, I am very busy and wish to install at my leisure even though I have purchased the App (required at a specific day in the month in order to appear on my business accounts). Info: iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.1)

Install Apps To It With Another Itunes Account? discussions.apple.com

When I bought my Ipad 2, the guys from the store installed for me some apps & games (both paid & free) with their accounts on their PC. They warned me not to sync the ipad with the Itunes on my own PC because it would delete all the apps they installed for me. Also, they said if I want to install any new app, I can only do it locally on my ipad, not through Itunes on my PC. Is there anyway to bypass this without deleting their apps? Info:iPad 2

IPad Air :: Game App Won't Share With Family Sharing? discussions.apple.com

I've recently signed up to Family Sharing and The Simpson's Tapped Out game app will share with one family member but not the other.  I've tried uninstalling the app, turning the iPad off/on to no avail.  I've had a "box" in the Tapped Out section of the App Store saying "get", then "download" and then "install", but nothing happens.  The app icon is on the home screen but when selected it just takes me back to the App Store and the process is repeated.  Info: iPad Air, iOS 8.0.2

IPad Mini :: How To Delete App That Did Not Finish Install discussions.apple.com

I have tried to install an app on my iPad mini and somewhere during the process I lost my internet connection and this app did not finish the install and since then it just says installing under the icon. In AppStore it looks like it has been installed.  How can I delete this app? My restrictions are OK and I can delete any other app except this one.  Info: PowerBook

IPhone :: Unable To Install Applications From App Store discussions.apple.com

I have an iPhone 8GB and have been using it since Jan 09. Everything worked fine till about a week ago but now I can't install apps from app store directly on the iPhone through my Wi-Fi or 3G connection. Now when I do it, I am able to access App store and once I select an app to download, it asks for my itunes account information. I enter my account information and then I get an error saying 'Authorization Failed'. Sometimes I don't get this error, then I see the icon for the app on my screen and caption below it saying 'Loading...' and nothing happens. It just doesn't install. If I install the same thing through itunes from my computer, it installs alright. Can anyone please help me out and tell me what's wrong and how to correct it? Information: iPhone 3G iPhone OS 2.2.1

General :: Convert Non-installable System APK Into Normal Installable APK forum.xda-developers.com

I would like to know how to convert a non-installable system apk into normal installable apk. Example: Let's say that test.apk is a system app. If I take it to another device and try to install it, it will say app not installed, but if I put it in /system/app and chmod 0644 it, it simply works. So what I want to know is: How can I make test.apk install normally same as any other apk file

Jelly Bean :: How To Install Apps Only When Using WiFi forums.androidcentral.com

I want to install my apps only when I'm wifi connected. It's install not update. I already checked those options in Google Play Store settings related to update app in wifi, but it continues to instant install my apps after I click install at Google Play in my desktop browser even if I'm using 3G. I've a Samsung Galaxy S3.

App Store :: Mac Doesn't Recognize Lion Or FaceTime As Installed discussions.apple.com

In my Mac App Store it says that OS X Lion isn't installed even though I bought it with Lion. And the same thing with FaceTime. It show the other apps that I've installed as installed. Its only OS X Lion and FaceTime. How can I fix this? Info: MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), Everything is updated

OS X V10.7 Lion :: Getting Message Don't Have Space Available To Install discussions.apple.com

I'm trying to install Lion and keep getting a message from the app store saying it requires 2GB for install and that I don't have enough - however, I have over 110GB available!  So what gives?  My Mac info says I have 1GB RAM (not 2GB)...I'm gathering from another post this is the issue.  Is that correct? Info: iMac (desktop)

OS X V10.7 Lion :: Reinstall App From App Store? discussions.apple.com

I have purchased and downloaded iMovie from the Mac App store. However now I'm getting an error everytime it launches:  The QuickTime components necessary to view, edit, import, and export several kinds of movies are not installed. These components are included with the iMovie installer; re-install.  I'm happy to reinstall iMovie- but I got it from the app store. When I visit the iMovie page on the app store, it says "installed" and gives me NO options to re-install. Seems pretty short-sighted on Apple's part. Info: Mac OS X (10.7.2)

Motorola Droid :: Installing APK In System / Application Directory androidforums.com

I am still getting to know the ins/outs of my newly rooted phone. I am using an app called PowerManagerPro and it gives the following instructions to install to the system/app directory to activate certain rooted functions. [Quote] I am not able to get this done using the Terminal Emulator, it keeps saying "cp not found". I also cannot find a function in Root Explorer to install the APK in the the system/app. Is there another way to install APK's into the system/app folder?

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I'm having trouble installing SQLEXPR_ADV.� It says it's not a valid win32 app.� System: Dell Precision 380 3.00ghz 2gb RAM Windows XP Pro SP2

General :: Install Tasker App On Galaxy Gio / CM 7.2 Rom forum.xda-developers.com

I try to instsll Tasker app on my phone but it say's "application not installed " Galaxy gio with Cm7.2 Rom

Eseries / Communicators :: E6 Apps Do Not Start discussions.nokia.com

i just installed symbiann belle a week ago on my e6 nd nw wen i try to open any nokia app(like ovi music, nokia store,etc)......they dont open wen i click on dem nthing happens.....i hv tried to reinstall it.....but it says unable to install ANd Wenevr i try to open social app it say uninstall and reinstall social?

Asha 30/40 Series :: 2700 Classic Is Not Able To Install Apps discussions.nokia.com

My Nokia 2700 classic is not able to install apps. please say wht should i do ?

Why Does Appstore No Longer Quits To Install App forums.macrumors.com

In the past, whenever I made a purchased (free or paid) download, the App Store would quit automatically after I tapped on the install button, and the app would appear on my homescreen and begin the install process but now when I tap on the install button, the App Store will no longer quit automatically. The app will also NOT install automatically. Only when I MANUALLY close the App Store will the app install process begin. I have never seen this behavior before. Rebooting iPad was of no help.

Installed Apps Not Showing As 'installed'? forums.macrumors.com

Since upgrading my iPad software last night, all of my purchased apps are no longer showing as 'installed' when I log into the app store on my iPad, or on my iPhone for that matter. I have tried downloading a couple of apps again, but this doesn't solve the problem either. Update: have just noticed if I click on an app that I already have, it says 'installed' on the next page. Never done this before.

HTC EVO 4G :: Un-installing Stock Apps And Reinstall Them androidforums.com

I'm having trouble with my facebook app the stock facebook app that came installed on my EVO. ever since i updated to froyo anytime i want to refresh my news feed it says "an error had occurred while fetching data [null]" I dont know what the problem is and i want to un-install the app and then re-install it like i said its the stock facebook app so i dont know how to un-install and re install stock apps.anybody?

Xperia Mini/pro :: Install Apps In SD Card? talk.sonymobile.com

I should say my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro SK17i is awesom(except for the battery life)..Now i want something regarding my internal memory..Whenever i installed apps, it is installed into the Internal Memory by default..Although i can move some of the apps into SD Card, most of the apps are **** Stubborn.I even tried apps2SD, which doesn't quite answer my need...What i want is how to store in SD Card by default for all Apps...Is there any hack(maybe without rooting) for this.

Keep The App Store App From Minimizing Every Time? www.ipadforums.net

Is there a way to keep the App Store app from minimizing every time you install an app? It's very annoying when you are installing a bunch of apps to have to keep bringing up the App Store. And if you are in a search screen of a bunch of apps and you might be on page 50 of 100 and after getting back into the App store after it minimizes you are back to page 1.

Android :: Need Gmail App / Notification androidforums.com

First my gmail app doesnt seem to want to install, it is on my phone, yet no uninstaller can find it anywhere, and the market says it isnt installed, when i try to download and install it, it just says error? :S any ideas? my second issue is the market place periodacly says there is 6 updates, whenm really there is none or one? also my ymail app notifies me of emails i havent recived? im really confusedi am rooted, should i install a new ROM?

OS X V10.7 Lion :: Mac App Store Shows No Updates? discussions.apple.com

I'm running final cut pro X version 10.0 and I would like to update to 10.0.4 but the app store shows "all apps are up to date" Anyone encounter this before? When I run FCPX and go to about it clearly shows I'm runing 10.0. I've checked for software updates and that has not found the update either. This link says I can download it from the app store. When i launch the app store it says "Install" and when i click that it says, i've already purchased final cut 10 and cannot instal it? I just want the update?

Motorola Droid :: Register Installed Apps Without Reinstalling Each? androidforums.com

I installed the NexTheme R2, and then restored all my apps with MyBackup Pro. My apps are on my phone but if I go to the android market place it's as if they are not installed. If I proceed to install the app it informs me that it is going to overwrite the current app. Is there a way to register installed apps without reinstalling each app? I am afraid that I will not receive updates due to the phone thinking the apps are not installed.

IPhone :: Update App From App Store discussions.apple.com

I tried to update my apps from the app store. I downloaded and installed the apps as usual, it looked OK. But when I went back to App Store, it asked me to update the same app again. So, I downloaded and installed again. Went back to App Store, it asked me to update again!

Nokia Online Services :: Installation Of New OVI Store App Fails On E71? discussions.nokia.com

The new OVI store app won't install on my E71 so I can't install anymore software from the Ovi store. I even removed the old OVI store installation and forced the phone to redownload the OVI store software but it doesn't help. It looks like it's installing correctly, but then comes up with "Unable to Install" and quits out

Nexus :: Way To Install Apps After 2.2 Update androidforums.com

So I got my N1 today and installed apps w/ no problem. After I manually updated to 2.2, whenever I try and download an app it says "Sorry, there's not enough space to install this item." If I go to settings, SD Card & phone storage settings, it says I have 158MB available space under Internal phone storage. So I have plenty of room to install things, what's the deal?

App Store :: Can't Acess And Install Apps From It discussions.apple.com

I can't acess and install apps from mac apps store, why? Info:MacBook Air, iOS 5.1.1

IPhone :: Why Does The App Store Ask For My Payment Details To Be Confirmed When Trying To Install A... discussions.apple.com

Why does the app store ask for my payment details to be confirmed when i am trying to install a free app (facebook for iphone) Info: iPhone 4S

BB Bold 9700 :: Have No App Store Or Maps? supportforums.blackberry.com

i have just purchesed a 9700 bold and am having trouble with it already. I manged to update it to latest version, v5.0.0.593 (platform now im trying to get access to the app store and maps but have not got the icons in my menu. In the blackberry desktop manager its saying that they are installed. I have also tried downloading the app store via my pc and it tells me that it not compatible with my phone?.

Trying To Install An App From App Store? www.ipadforums.net

Anyone else getting this when trying to install an app from the app store?

App Store Not Working www.ipadforums.net

when I got on my iPad today the app store wasn't like crashing, but couldn't update or buy/install apps.

General :: Unable To Install / Restore APK forum.xda-developers.com

I have a backup file made with Titanium Backup for GMD GestureControls, but for some reason I'm unable to restore it to the phone! It just hangs with the box saying "restoring" and at 0%. If I try to install it from the APK it just says "App is not installed". Really frustrating because I've been able to install/restore things flawlessly before and now, what gives with this junk? I've used ADB to push the apk to /system/app but that didn't work either!

Jelly Bean :: Google Voice Search Showing As Installed In Play Store But Not On Phone forums.androidcentral.com

Suddenly about 2 days back my speech to text conversion stopped working. When i try to use the mic it is saying voice input not supported and it directs me to Google voice app in play store. Google voice search showing as installed in play store but when i check in my apps on my phone voice search is not showing.

General :: Samsung Vitality - Device Not Compatible? forums.androidcentral.com

I have a Samsung vitality and I have a problem with install/updating apps such as Facebook Needforspeedshift (paid) Police scanner Tetris Root explorer And several others and I have had them all installed before and worked fine and now market says device not compatible and says the same to some apps that are still installed when I try to update them.

General :: Google Play Keeps Crashing forum.xda-developers.com

My phone is rooted and it has been for a while and i wanted to downgrade my play store to 3.7 but my phone came from the factory with the newest play store pre-installed so i couldn't just go into manage apps and uninstall updates because my phone never had 3.7 on it so i uninstalled the play store using my root uninstaller (like an idiot) and went through a time period of about a week where I couldn't even get the play store installed. last night i finally got it installed to the point where I could actually see the app in my apps list. So after getting the play store re-installed I thought i was finally done with this problem. However when i touch the app icon to open the play store the screen just hangs stays black for a few seconds before telling me that the google play store stopped working. so im stuck with the app closing pretty much right after i open it.

IPad 2 :: Updating To IOS 7 Won't Complete discussions.apple.com

Updated ipad2 tonight to ios7. All went swimmingly but after completion the ipad just sits there saying connect to itunes. Connecting to itunes and syncing works and in itunes on the imac it shows the ipad with all apps, music etc installed etc on the screen shots etc I can even install an app not already installed on th eipad and see it appear in th escreen shots in itunes, the ipad however just sits there saying "connected to itunes" ...

IPhone :: Viber Not Working - Asking For Newer Version All The Times? discussions.apple.com

I cant use Viber. I have installed many time this messenger but its not wroking. I am using Updated version from Apps Store. but when i receive message its says upgrade your version to see this message. when i try to update apps with mobile and PC (itune) its says your all apps are upto date, i dont know what is the prob. This is my new mobile. Info: iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

App Store :: Mac Update Indicated As Installed? discussions.apple.com

The Mac App Store tells me there's an update available for one of my applications, however, the install button is disabled and indicates that the new version of the app is already installed. The version number of the app (About...) shows v120...., the update in the App Store shows v121, so there's something available, it seems. How can i either download the update, or get rid of the update indication in the App Store?  Info: MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7), 13", 4GB, 128, Late 2010

OS X V10.7 Lion :: Updating To 10.7.4 Has Broken The Mac discussions.apple.com

After Updating to 10.7.4 my mbp 2011 is experiencing many problems with the pre installed applications. Itunes, and App store, safari and even Software update all crash within seconds of been launched. .There is more, but decided not to post it unless its neccesary.  Things I have tried already: - Installed the combo update 10.7.4 - Verified disks: They are all good - Installed a fresh update of itunes - Checked for Flashback virus, and even installed java 2012 - 003.  I get this crash message:   Process:         App Store [894] Path:            /Applications/App Store.app/Contents/MacOS/App Store Identifier:      com.apple.appstore Version:         1.1.2 (92.8) [code].... Info: MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

IPhone :: Apps Data - Where It Saved forums.macrumors.com

Say you have an app (Facebook, for arguments sake) which has messages, cached pictures etc. Is that info stored in the actual app file (iTunes Media > Mobile Applications) or do you have to trigger an iTunes backup? For context, I don't have access to a backup to restore my phone from however I do have a file system backup of my applications folder. If I install these apps to my new phone will they be fresh installs or will they retain my old data?

Eseries / Communicators :: Installing Apps On E51- Certificate Expired discussions.nokia.com

I am trying to install some apps (eg Opera mini) on my E51. I have made sure that the apps are compatible with E51. When I try to install them, I get an error saying the certificate is expired. I have read some forums and have made sure that under Apps manager/software installation is set to 'All' and online cert check is 'off'. I am still not able to install any of the apps.

Apps / Icons Becoming Invisible www.ipadforums.net

I have an iPad2 that I sync with iTunes (Win). Recently, I have "lost" several apps, or rather, they seem to have become invisble. When I go to the app store, it tells me, they are installed. When I got to the Apps section in iTunes, I can check/uncheck or drag them to a screen preview and when I hit Apply, iTunes say it installs/removes the respective applications. But but they never becomes visible on the iPad (although are shown in the screen preview in iTunes)

Applications :: Missing - Mac Store Removing? forums.macrumors.com

I did like everyone else and downloaded the Mac App Store yesterday. After it was installed and my computer restarted, I noticed that some of my apps were missing (Reeder in particular). This is a legitimate app downloaded from their site and now it is gone with no official Mac App in the App Store (even though their is one in the iOS store). Should I be worried about the Mac store removing other apps I have installed? If I have a "borrowed" version of say MS Office, will the Mac App Store detect and remove it once office becomes available in the App Store?

BB Curve :: No Space To Install New Apps? supportforums.blackberry.com

i am trying to download and install a few apps but it says i have no space available and i should delete stuff. i have tried to delete everything i can see, but despite the fact i have only BB Messenger, Whatsapp and Blackberry App Manager installed, i still have no space!! im sure these apps cannot be taking all the device memory (64MB) - so what to do? all vids, pics and audio i have are stored on the memory card.

Unable To Sign In To App Store discussions.apple.com

Have using iPad for two days now. Not able to sign in inti iTunes/app store to be able to install some apps. Every time I start to install, my app store shuts down on me. Appreciate your help and advice. Wifi and everything works perfect for now. Browsing and posting my q from my iPad thanks! Almos Information:

OS X V10.7 Lion :: Re-installing ILife From Snow Leopard discussions.apple.com

I have a MacBook Pro (Early 2011), which had Snow Leopard on it and came with iLife installed. I've installed Lion onto this machine (initially from the app store, but I had to re-format and re-install). My question is: How do I get iLife back onto Lion?  I've looked in the app store, however on iPhoto, iMovie and Garage Band the button doesn't say "Install", but rather "Accept". Pressing this prompts me to put in my password, and then says "Future versions of this app can be downloaded from software update." However, software update has no new updates. How do I get these back? Info: MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)

IPhone :: App Store Updates / Incorrect Account discussions.apple.com

I can purchase new apps through iTunes and the App Store on my iphone, but if I try to install Updates listed in App Store the login information that pops up uses an incorrect account, and I can't figure out how to change this so my login will fail. More specifically, my itunes account basically "myname@email.com", but when I try to install updates in App Store the account is listed as "myname" only. I have sync'd through itunes numerous times, purchased new apps and songs both in iTunes and on my iPhone, but this problem hasn't cleared up. As it is now, iTunes seems to be confused (says there are no updates for myname@email.com account even after it says 5 are available) and my iPhone is confused (says password is incorrect but actually it's the account ID it's trying to use that's incorrect). I'm at a loss how to reset this. Any help would be very much appreciated. Information: PC Windows XP

General :: Auto Update Off Market Apps? forum.xda-developers.com

I was wondering if it was possible to update an app that was not installed from the market through the market.I've downloaded free apps from the market, unzipped them and swapped out some image files, signed and reinstalled, but these apps no longer show up in the play store--when I try, it says that the app was not signed correctly.

IPhone :: Cannot Showing Purchased Icon? discussions.apple.com

I had to replace my iphone and trying to reload my apps.I am not seeing the purchased in my App Store like community says I should. I went in and did a search on a couple of apps and reinstalled but also did not get the message as in previous versions that I had already bought and would I ilke to continue dwld.Now I am thinking that since I clicked install then I am going to be charged again for apps I've purchased. Info: iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

Nokia Applications :: Qt Apps Not Installing? discussions.nokia.com

i am unable to install many Qt apps from the nokia store. When ever i try to install Qt apps on my phone, it ask me for installing the package but the installation stops during ' preparing installation' and does not go through ' finalising installation'. After this i does find the nokia smart installer icon but when i click on it, it says ' no installation pending'. I can also find the application in application manager but can't find its icon anywhere. Some Qt apps does install properly but many including wellness diary, nokia drop, etc doesn't install. My device is Nokia X6 16 GB and i have latest firmware and all Qt components installed on my device.

Nokia :: Installation Failed - Unknown Error : 2148532241 discussions.europe.nokia.com

I installed some apps in a 5800xm, but since yesterday i cant install any app: i got this URL...it say Installation failed, unknown error: 2148532241.I tried to reinstall ovi suite beta, and I restored the default settings in the phone but still got that error, I can not install anything even if I install through Pc Suite.what can i do before i try to hard reset?

Nokia :: N95-8GB Internet Radio / Already Installed discussions.europe.nokia.com

I have a n95-8gb and i recently had to format the mass memory. I then tried to re-install some apps. when i tried to install internet radio again a message pops up saying that it is already installed and that i need to go to application manager and uninstall it and restart the phone before i go ahead. but there is no trace of it anywhere in app manager or anywhere in the phone. it will not let me install because of this reason.

Uninstalling SP6 From Dev Machine www.vbforums.com

Hey guys,I was not informed at work until AFTER I installed Visual Studio SP6 on my dev machine that there are older VB apps running at the production server level that may have issues if I install my vb app with SP6 installed.Now, how in the world can I remove SP6 from my dev machine and start over? Please don't tell me I have to reformat c. I already have uninstalled and reinstalled VS6 and then when I goto "help about", VB still says I have SP6 installed.thanks

Android : Cannot Install .apk On Phone stackoverflow.com

I've just knocked together my first app, have released and signed it and transferred to my phone, but cannot get it to install on my phone - after going through the screen saying 'Do you want to install this application' and clicking install, I just get a message saying 'Application not installed' with no further explanation. I had checked the signing using jarsigner -verify.

General :: Moving Apps To SD Not Working forum.xda-developers.com

I have installed Jaggyrom 3 on my HTC explorer, sometimes my phone freezes and as per the post in XDA, I have installed cranium kernel 3. Since then I am unable to move any apps to sd card. Its saying "Unable to move, system error". The only reason I rooted my phone is to install apps I like, if this is not happening then I am in a real loss. Can I install the jaggyrom 3 with the "Freeze phone".