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I'm currently working on my first android application. I am using a tabbed layout for my application. I followed the tutorial for this on the dev guide and ran into a problem. The tutorial only used three tabs, but I have a need for more. As such, the tabs resize and bunch up. I was hoping someone could tell me how I can make them scroll, like in dolphin browser when using multiple tabs.

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Does anyone know if there is a way to increase the maximum number of tabs you can have open at once in Dolphin Browser, or possible another tabbed browser with a higher limit? My EVO runs great with tons of free RAM when I have 8 tabs open in Dolphin Browser. I would like to have the ability to open several more.

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A Vb6 project uses the SSTab control which shows only 1 tab when the app loads for the first time. This tab houses a Web Browser control. Users can add more tabs by clicking a menu item.What I want is when a new tab gets added, the new tab should house the Web Browser control i.e. each tab should have its own Web Browser control. Now how do I add the Web Browser control to each tab when new tabs are added?My main intention is to have a browser with multiple tabs within one single browser window so that users can open multiple web pages within the same browser window (like FireFox).

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Dolphin has released their new version Dolphin Browser HDin the Android Market and it is designed for Android 2.0+. Team MGeek kept working over several months to have the new version of Dolphin Browser HD. This new version is blazing fast compare to the old versions, which is the best multi_touch for android browser and the best android browser support addons. I think it was inevitable that Dolphin Browser HD would lead to a new Browsing wave to shock and awe us with its release for the Android platform. There are a number of big improvements of Dolphin's next generation mobile web browser including lots of addons, gesture for URL, windowsflicking, best Multi_touch pinch zoom and etc. I'll cut to the chase. The new Dolphin sets the add_ons apart from the main program so that you could browse in a quicker way than the old version and other browsers. Let users make their own choices. Then, you could set up a series of custom gestures to control everything from navigating forward or backward to opening your bookmarks. Anytime you want to perform one of those commands, you just touch the gesture symbol and draw in your lines. And the new is that the Gesture has been updated to represent the URL and you also can create a gesture from bookmark. Moreover, the interface for window flicking also allows you to view and manage all of your opened tabs without leaving your current webpage. Last but not the least, Dolphin Browser HD gets smoother and more responsive multi_touch pinch zoom and double tap zoom. You pinch your fingers together to zoom in, pinch them apart to zoom out.It couldn't be simpler. There are many other features I've not mentioned here for you to make comments, and more details for you to explore,those of you who are sick of the other Android browser can just go ahead and dip your fingers in bydownloading Dolphin HD straight from the Android Market. Click here to download Dolphin Browser HD .

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2 days ago, Dolphin Browser HD V2 pre-launched. Now they just hit the market. They have just released the news on their Facebook. Here is the official news: Dolphin Browser HD 2 is coming to Android Market! We have been working hard on improving the performance and speed during the past month. It contains many extraordinary changes in user experience and significant enrichment in add-ons and extensions. However, all the powerful functions including multiple add-ons, multi-touch pinch zoom, gesture, tabbed browsing, bookmarks sorting are kept to meet our users need. Apart from these, we concentrate on making Dolphin browser HD 2 blazing fast, providing more intuitive and innovative user experience, developing useful and more powerful add-ons like Ad-blocker, Password Manager, Screen Cut, etc. Hope you would like it and any feedbacks or suggestions are welcomed! We are always trying to meet your need. It is your supports that keep dolphin everlasting moving forward. Highlights: Highly compatible with Froyo 2.2 (Flash Support)

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Ever since I got the Evo, I've been using Dolphin Browser HD -- the combination of tabbed browsing and great features make it an overall improvement over the HTC/Eclair browser. Now that people are switching up to 2.2, are people switching back to stock for the much acclaimed speed improvements? Have people noticed significant differences between the new Froyo browser and Dolphin HD?

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I've been trying to listen to an Internet radio in one tab and reading newspapers in another tab to no avail. This happen in the Chrome browser as well as in the Dolphin HD (latest version). Only one tab is on and the other goes off in the background. Desktops have no problem dealing with this kind of multitasking. Is there a way to make the Xoom support tab multitasking?

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I'm trying to create a simple web browser that supports tabbed browsing. (That is, using to tabs to open multiple windows without launching the program multiple times.) I have everything except the actual tab part complete. I need to know how to add a tab and assign a web browser to it. I can get it to add the tab but assigning the browser as a child is beyond my knowledge. If at all possible a full example of a tabbed browser would be most effective for not only completing the task but also for me to learn how to do it. I am using a TabControl and a WebBrowser for controls and both seem to work correctly. Other than that there are just the basic browser controls. I am using Microsft Visual Basic Express Edition on a Windows XP Pro Edition computer.[code]...

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I have come across an old bug in Firefox, and I have tried all suggested solutions in the web and still cannot solveI am using Fedora 10 x86_64, and Firefox 3.0.15.Originally, Firefox always ask me if I want to save the tabs when I clicked the close button.One day, I accidentally checked the "Do not show me this again" box, and then Firebox never ask me to save the tabs.I have tried the following without success. Edit --> Preferences --> Tabs --> Warn me when closing multiple tabs browser.warnOnQuit = true browser.tabs.warnOnClose = true [code]...

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Now the image above is an example of " too many tabs ", It appears as multiple line by default. But I want to make it in a single line and horizontally scrollable, either adding two arrows before the beginning tab and after the last tab, or scroll automatically are OK.

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Is there a setting anywhere in the browser (Either default or on Dolphin) which would keep the browser from opening up a new tab every time I try to open the browser? It gets very annoying closing 30 tabs a day. 90% of which are the home page.


Jquery :: Highlight Browser Tab With Color stackoverflow.com

I have a chat web application and I need a feature wherein if a particular user has multiple tabs open in the browser window and if the chat tab isnt the active one, in case if he receives a ping from the other end, the chat tab should automatically highlight to grab the users attention.I am planning to do this in jQuery. Any idea how this could be achieved. I know we could use the .focus and .blur method to catch the tab active/inactive status but how to make the tab blip with color when the browser is minimized.

Deleting Webbrowsers Created At Runtime www.xtremevbtalk.com

Some parts of this are kinda hard to explain, but I'll try my best. If you don't get something, just ask and I'll try to make it clearer.What I'm trying to do is make a browser with tabbed navigation. I have a TabStrip named Tabs that holds all of the tabs [duh!] and one WebBrowser control [Browser(0)]. It has visibility turned off. The reason I did this is because it won't let you unload objects that were created in design mode. Here is some of the code [not commented]: Code:Private Sub Form_Load() Load Browser(1) Browser(1).Visible = True Browser(1).Navigate2 "www.google.com"End Sub Code:Private Sub cmdNewTab_Click() Dim i As Integer i = Browser.UBound + 1 Tabs.Tabs.Add Tabs.Tabs(Tabs.Tabs.Count).Caption = " " Load Browser(i) Browser(i).Visible = True cboURL.Visible = TrueEnd Sub Code:Private Sub cmdDeleteTab_Click() On Error Resume Next Dim i As Integer i = Tabs.SelectedItem.Index Tabs.Tabs.Remove (i) Unload Browser(i) If i <> 1 Then Tabs.Tabs(i - 1).Selected = True Else Tabs.Tabs(i).Selected = True End If If Tabs.Tabs.Count = 1 Then Exit Sub ElseIf Tabs.Tabs.Count = 0 Then cboURL.Visible = False Else If Browser.Count = i + 1 Then Exit Sub Else For i = i + 1 To Browser.Count Browser(i).Index = i - 1 Next End If End IfEnd Sub Code:Private Sub Tabs_Click() Dim i As Integer For i = 1 To Browser.Count - 1 Browser(i).Visible = False Next Browser(Tabs.SelectedItem.Index).Visible = True If Len(Browser(Tabs.SelectedItem.Index).Tag) > 55 Then Me.Caption = Left(Browser(Tabs.SelectedItem.Index).Tag, 50) + " - IE+" Else Me.Caption = Browser(Tabs.SelectedItem.Index).Tag + " - IE+" End IfEnd SubThe problem lies within the Delete Tab sub. Under the last If...Then...Else statement [under the For statement], I'm trying to change the index of all browsers above the one deleted so that it all fits together. In case that didn't make sense, here's an example:You have three browsers open [Browser(1), Browser(2), and Browser(3)]. You close the second one. Thus, you have Browser(1) and Browser(3). I need to be able to make the Browser(3) a Browser(2).I understand that you cannot change an index during runtime, which is why the above code doesn't work, but does anyone have any other effective method that I could use? Thanks in advance for any and all help.Until next time, take care and God Bless!-Tony

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Need some help on closing the IE browser, having multiple Tabs. Currently we can close the current tab with window.close(), but is there any other way where we can close the complete browser having multiple tabs by writting some logic program...???

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Well, I develop a web browser called "Telecom". Instead of using a tabbed browser control, I use multiple forms for tab switching, and most of the tab switches look like

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I am using jquery UI tabs and when I switch tabs any scrollable divs that I have inside that tab reset their position to the top of the screen when I tab away from it and back to it. Does anyone know how to prevent this?

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Any app that, when I single-tap the Home button on my phone, it will check to see if my default browser is open, and if it is not, open it, and set it to the Home address? And of course, if the browser is open, set the browser to the Home address without opening another Tab. If I need to explain it further, lets just say I want to be able to have my Home button, instead of a tap resetting my phone to the home screen of the launcher, instead, Launch my default Browser (whether it be Chrome, Firefox, Dolphin, etc...) to the Home Address. If my browser is open, SET it to Home Address, without opening more tabs. Long story short, at work, we have this new tablet runs on Android. The administrator has disabled the Home button so the window does not get closed. I'd rather it'd be enabled, and instead, reset the Browser to it's Home address. This particular tablet, will only use this browser window.

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I have written a tabbed web browser in vb.net using this link. However, when I debug the program, the tabs work fine until I try using the 2nd tab, 3rd tab, 4th tab, 5th tab etc. When I try to use these tabs, the web browser minimizes and the code window comes up with this code highlighted:[code]

JQuery :: Tabs - Long Content In Hidden Tabs www.sitepoint.com

I am using jQuery tabs and when I have very long content within the tabs, my browsers scroll bar reflects the content in the tab with the most content. Example, "Tab 1" & "Tab 3" has a very long scroll bar, even though it has no content (because of Tab 2) and you can scroll down through the empty space [URL] Is there a way I can hide the content in Tab 2 so that my browsers scroll bar displays correctly in relation to the content in the active tab?

Jquery :: Force Browser To Open Only On Instance Of Particular Action? stackoverflow.com

I am doing some ROR stuff and stuck in some weird situation. I want particular action should open at once at browser window or tab it should not open on multiple tab. For eg. If I opened home page of site at one tab then it should not be open at another tab of same browser. I want this because my page contains heavy data and if I opened it on multiple tab then browser get heavy loaded. So i want avoid this situation by allowing only one instance at time. I am using rails 3.0.1 ruby 1.8.7 jquery 1.4.4

Android : How To Create Multiple Tabs One After Another? groups.google.com

In my application, i want to create multiple tabs. For example, i have a button on clicking which should create one more tab,(just like Mozilla browser). I searched on Internet as well as Android Documentation. but did not get any clue...

General :: Save URL From Browser In Notepad Through Shell Script? www.linuxquestions.org

Is there any way to 1) write a script to save only the URL opened in a multiple browser and multiple tabs to notepad.2)how to open multiple URL in browser tab through shell script.

Make A Web Browser With Tabbed Browsing With 2008? stackoverflow.com

I've tried multiple times to create a web browser with tabbed browsing. I know that I have to use "tab control". I have succeeded in creating a semi-tabbed browsing. People are able to add new tabs, but the webbrowser component only appears in one tab page.[code]...

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In my layout xml, I have: <TabHost android:id="@+id/tabhost" android:layout_width="fill_parent" android:layout_height="fill_parent"> <TabWidget android:id="@android:id/tabs" android:layout_width="fill_parent" android:layout_height="wrap_content"/> </TabHost> My question is how can I get a reference to TabWidget object. I tried this: mTabWidget = (TabWidget) findViewById(com.android.internal.R.id.tabs); but this won't compile since 'com.android.internal.R is not visible. And then I try change the id to android:id="@+id/tabs" but I get a run time error saying: "Your TabHost must have a TabWidget whose id attribute is 'android.R.id.tabs'"

Store Mutiple Sessions Simultaneously? www.phpfreaks.com

I've run into an issue with sessions. I create a session from a GET request like this: $_SESSION['categoryID'] = $_GET['categoryID']; What happens is that, when I open multiple browser windows/tabs from different categoryID's, the session variable gets overwritten with the newest value. Sessions allow me to validate stuff at the beginning and all is good later. I understand the concept of 1 session = 1 browser window/tab. If I open a category where the categoryID=1 and then open multiple windows or tabs where categoryID=2 and categoryID=3 etc then, the $_SESSION variable is = 3. Is there any possible way to tie the session to the newly opened browser window or tab. In this case, even if the user were to open new categories/windows, the older browser windows would still retain the session data. I am looking for ideas on how to handle this issue when multiple windows are opened.

Motorola Droid :: Default Web Browser - When Click Links In Non-default Browser It Doesn't Send Links... androidforums.com

I have installed Dolphin and like it, and I've made it my default browser, which is great. However, it is not only the system default, but it even opens links I click on in the Android provided browser (sometimes I both open). On your computer, when you click links in your non-default browser it doesn't send the links to the default one, and it shouldn't on this OS, either. Any ideas how to keep Dolphin as my system default browser, but not have it open links I click on in the Android web browser?

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hello, i'm dustin. this is my first time posting here. hopefully someone can help with my question.i'm trying to make a tabbed web browser but i can't seem to figure out how to make the web browser part stay on one tab (so when you switch tabs it will show a different browser window). i also don't know how to create new browser windows through code.does anyone have an example or know how to do this?i'm using the 'Microsoft Internet Controls' for the browser part and 'Microsoft Windows Common Controls 6.0' for the tabs.thanks,-dustin

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I am a bit confused on how ASP.NET session works with my site, when a user opens up the site in multiple browsers, and/or multiple tabs. I see that after logging in with IE, i can open a new tab and not have to log in, and that if I log out of one tab, the other one will redirect to login after I try to do something. I also notice that if I log in with IE, i still have to log in with FF. My question - are session data shared between all of these sessions?

Different Session For Multiple Tab Browser bytes.com

I need to solve a problem. In my php code, I need to let user login as another lower level user account. However, in firefox, if it's opening in multiple tab, the session keeps into the tab. How could I solve this problem by force different session values for multiple tab browser?

Curtail Titles! www.vbforums.com

In a web browser app, I am using OptionButtons (with their Style set to Graphical) which make up the tabs so that users can open multiple web pages within the same browser window. As new tabs get added, their width decreases accordingly so that all the tabs are visible. Like for e.g. if 10 tabs have been added, users will see all the 10 tabs. If another 5 tabs are added, the width of the tabs will decrease accordingly so that all the 15 tabs are visible to the user. The Caption of each OptionButton displays the title of the web page.Since adding more tabs decrease the width of the tabs, I want the Caption of each tab to get curtailed accordingly. Assume that 3 tabs are open & the Captions of the 3 tabs are Browser.html, CopyofBrowserCopyofBrowser.html & CopyofCopyofBrowserCopyofBrowser.html respectively. To curtail the Captions, this is what I did:VB Code:Private Sub optTab_Click(Index As Integer)    Dim i As Integer    Dim lWidth As Long     For i = 1 To optTab.Count - 1        If (optTab(i).Value = True) Then            optTab(i).FontBold = True        Else            optTab(i).FontBold = False        End If                optTab(i).Caption = wWeb(i).LocationName        lWidth = (optTab(i).Width / Screen.TwipsPerPixelX) / optTab.Count        If (Len(optTab(i).Caption) > lWidth) Then            optTab(i).Caption = Left(wWeb(i).LocationName, lWidth - 3) & "..."            MsgBox optTab(i).Caption        Else            optTab(i).Caption = wWeb(i).LocationName        End If    NextEnd Sub But using the above code, the Captions on the tabs get displayed as shown in the image below (note the Captions of the last 2 tabs):But I want the Captions to be rendered as shown in the following image:What am I missing in the above code?Note that the above code snippet exists in the Web Browser's DocumentComplete event function as well as when a new tab is added (which is done by clicking a menu).Also note that the MsgBox line displays the Captions exactly as how I want it but the Captions of the last 2 tabs don't get rendered like that (i.e. the Captions of the last 2 tabs get rendered as shown in the first image).

Php - Prevent Users From Opening Multiple Instance Of Same Website? stackoverflow.com

What I'm trying to do is something like a shopping cart. The product info is passed through the url paramaters and stored into SESSIONS in PHP. [URL]If the user opens a new tab in browser and loads [URL], the second tab will show the updated cart with 2 items, but the first tab will only show 1 item unless I manually refresh it. What I need is:When the user visits my site on the first time, information will be loaded.When the user opens another instance of the same site (same url) on the browser (eg new tab), the second instance will be closed and the first instance will be refreshed to load some updated information.In simple terms, I do not want the user to open multiple instance of my site in the same browser by force closing the second tab and refreshing the first tab. Is there any way I can do this using a combination of PHP and JS?

OK, Adding An Item To A Perticular Tab On An SSTab? www.vbforums.com

Hey ya,With the loading of a new profile, i load a new browser (Get the info in a browser cuz The profile is on my website ETC ), cuz i dont wanna X Out the previous info, so im adding it to SSTabs, and adding the SSTabs ETC, as new windows are opened.Any how:VB Code:Dim BrwIntMax As Long Private Sub Command1_Click()SSTab1.TabsPerRow = SSTab1.TabsPerRow + 1SSTab1.Tabs = SSTab1.Tabs + 1SSTab1.Tab = SSTab1.Tabs - 1         BrwIntMax = BrwIntMax + 1                ' Load a new browser        Load WebBrowser1(BrwIntMax)End Sub With this code, i load the browser ETC, but, How do i get the WebBrowser1(BrwIntMax) onto the SSTab1.Tab = SSTab1.Tabs - 1?

General :: Get Gnome Terminal Execute Different Commands From Diff. Tabs? www.linuxquestions.org

In gnome terminal it is possible to open multiple tabs with Quote:$ gnome-terminal --tab-with-profile=jake_lardasset --tab-with-profile=virtualsexgranny -x alpineWe got even further....Quote:gnome-terminal --tab-with-profile=james_treesexer --command pymol --tab-with-profile=loverboy13 --command alpineand pymol runs, but not in the tab and alpine runs in the tab.The problem is, that when using a script to check mail it has Quote:gnome-terminal --tab-with-profile=chrissypink --command alpine --tab-with-profile=jake_hugerichard -x ssh xxxx@xxxx.ut.eenot the other way aroundIs there a simpler way to do this?And why is it not possible to execute ssh with the --command parameter and -x has to be used ,but top and so on can be executed with --command

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hi i am using a browser......and i did following......SendKeys "{TAB}"SendKeys "{TAB}"SendKeys "{TAB}"SendKeys "{TAB}"SendKeys "{TAB}"SendKeys "{TAB}"SendKeys "{ENTER}"to press a submit button...........but on doing this the web browser suddenly minimizes........how can i prevent it from doing so?thanks regardsvivek.s

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I am looking to create an Android application that uses Tabs. Requirements - When a user selects a tab and gets back to the same tab, there shouldn't be a loading period (preferably). - Each tab will contain a listview. - In one of the tabs, I will have to use subtabs. And that's it. One great example I really liked (although I didn't try the app) is http://www.usatoday.com/android/.

Show/Hide Divs Trigger OnBeforeUnload (IE)? www.sitepoint.com

I'm trying to add the "you have unsaved changes" message to a form. I have it working in every browser except IE7 and IE8.I have set the onbeforeunload with using a global "goodExit" variable (that's supposed to help IE, and it did partially).The thing is, that I have multiple tabs on the page, so I only show part of the form at any given time. If they change a field on one tab, the top of the page shows a visual box of "unsaved data", so that as the users changes tabs the box at the top still shows.The problem is that, IE fires the onbeforeunload anytime someone clicks to change tabs. The only thing that happens when they click a tab is that I use jQuery to show/hide the DIVs appropriately.Why does IE fire onbeforeunload when changing the display of DIVs???!!!No other browser does this.The global "goodExit" variable meant to help IE, seems to work, except that goodExit is set to true if they change any field on a tab, so that then the next tab they switch to fires the event.

Where Is Address Bar www.sevenforums.com

I'm looking for a scrollable top links for Chrome.In other words the links just below the address bar so I can place more links and scroll to view them all.I feel like Browsers are going to be a window with tabs and all of us saying "where are our bookmarks?" "Where are our extensions?", "Where is the address bar?" followed by everyone installing older browsers and telling Chrome and FireFox to rethink the browser again because you gone over the deep end.

OpenSUSE :: Open New Tab From Places Bar forums.opensuse.org

I don't seem to have very much in the context menu on the places bar in Dolphin or Konqueror. How do I add "Open In New Tab"? Also, I can make Konqueror always show the tab bar, but I can't find the equivalent setting in Dolphin though.

Ubuntu :: Any Other File Managers For OS Other Than Dolphin And Nautilus ubuntuforums.org

I was wondering is there were any other file managers for Ubuntu other than nautilus and dolphin, And it has to have a GUI, I like nautilus, but I cant stand the way it's tabs are now (compared to how they were in karmic) also nautilus is a little slow for my liking, dolphins tabs are fine, but I use gnome and it looks terrible outside of KDE.

Ubuntu :: Set Up Dolphin Navigation By Shortcuts ubuntuforums.org

I'm a recent user of Dolphin in Kubuntu. I use the split-view mode. I'd like to navigate back and forth between the two main windows with a simple keyboard action such as TAB, i.e. tabbing back and forth as I copy files from one directory to another. How could I set that up? I looked under Dolphin shortcuts but wasn't able to configure this action.

Low Memory Warning - Red Band On Bottom forums.macrumors.com

I started using iCabMobile as an alternative Internet browser. So far in many ways it's better than Safari. I did notice however that after having 3-4 tabs open in the browser I usually get a Red Slim Band across the bottom of the iPad screen that says "Low Memory".Is this coming from the app or the iPad?I'm sure the multiple tabs are eating up system memory.

Simulate FireFox! www.vbforums.com

One of the similarities between the web browser I created & FireFox is that users can add any no. of tabs within the same window. I have already implemented this feature in my browser but there's a problem.When FireFox is first opened, there aren't any tabs (same is the case with my browser). Assume that a user visits a website, say, www.google.com. At this point also, there are no tabs in FireFox.Next the user adds a new tab (by navigating to File--->New Tab menus). Note that www.google.com is already loaded in FireFox. Now when the user adds a new tab, www.google.com becomes the first tab & a blank page gets added as the second tab.How do I incorporate this functionality in my browser?Note that I am using a SDI Form (& not a MDI Form) to create the tabs within the same window.

Make The Program Automatically Switch To Tab 2? www.dreamincode.net

I have a web browser on my form and it is definitely big enough to warrant a tab control, with the web browser being on the second tab. I have a button on the first tab that should have the browser navigate, but how do I make the program automatically switch to tab 2? i.e., this is what happens: 1 - user is on tab 1, 2 - user clicks a button on tab 1, 3 - the program does what it needs to do and automatically switches to tab 2 For instance, here is the button that will be clicked: Private Sub swap_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles swap.Click If video = False Then [Code]..... So the button will make the web browser go somewhere, I just want to have the form switch to the other tab automatically so that the user doesn't have to do it. I tried using webbrowser1.focus() to no avail. Is there a tab switch?

Android :: Create A TabActivity That Works Like A Browser? stackoverflow.com

I want to create a TabActivity that works like a browser. When the activity is created, it has two tabs: "Tab1" and "Add Tab". When the "Add Tab" is clicked, it should Add a new tab. Tab 1 | Add Tab ==> Add Tab is clicked Tab 1 | Tab 2 | Add Tab ==> Add Tab is clicked Tab 1 | Tab 2 | Tab 3 | Add Tab All my tabs contents are instances of the same Activity.

Pop Up Blocker For Tabbed Web Browser? www.vbforums.com

Im just wondering if anyone could give me a code similar to e.cancle = true (For web browser ) im looking for something like that but for tab control or tabbed web browser,

VS 2008 WebBrowser - Title Of Tabs Overwritten www.vbforums.com

I have make a Tabbed webbrowser. Browser is working fine. but when ever I navigate a page titles of tabs does not changed but overwritten as shown in picture there is on second Tab Text is overwritten. I am using this code for tab title tabs_bowsers.SelectedTab.Text = CType (tabs_bowsers.SelectedTab.Controls.Item(0), ExtendedWebBrowser).DocumentTitle And this for window title Me.Text = CType(tabs_bowsers.SelectedTab.Controls.Item(0), ExtendedWebBrowser).DocumentTitle & " - My Browser" I want to make my tabs to change title as in firefox titles changed, no overwritten.

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i need get browser navigator handling example. i'm using example: imagine for many tab opener. open new tab and switch to main tab opener page and create new tab. close first opened tab. click browser navigator back button. focus last tab. re click back , focus main tab opener , re click back stay main tab and history back disable. because i closed first tab. imagine many probability. for exam: i have 6 tabs and i closed 4th tab. and back or forward and pass to tab 4 if forward button clicked then go tab 5 if press back focus tab 3.

Motorola Xoom :: Continue Audio Output After Changing Tabs In Browser Or Task forums.motorola.com

Is there any way to continue audio output from a browser tab once no longer in foreground, or after task switching, such as with the music app?I have the wifi Xoom. The Sirius XM online android app can be sideloaded, but won't successfully run, requiring use ot the browser-based player.The interface is awful, but functions. The browser changes audio source to the current foreground tab, or stops audio after task switching.Would like to be able to run it in the background until SXM releases a tablet-compatible app.

JQuery :: Ensure Links In A Page(a Page From Any Possible Website) To Open In A New Tab? forum.jquery.com

I want to develop a multi-tab browser plugin, which requires all links in a page could open in new tabs within this multi-tab browser plugin. It's very similar to Multi-Tab functions of Firefox/IE, when opening a page in one tab, then any links in that Tab will open in another new tab(after setup from pref), i want to know this principle(how to implement this). I am thinking try this:$('a').click(...), while i am not sure whether it's good/enough.

General :: Dolphin Browser HD / New Tab Homepage And Text Re-flow? forum.xda-developers.com

New to Android and to Dolphin Browser HD. I've Googled for days, however, I have come up with squat. 1) When I open a new tab, can it automatically go to my homepage and not the "Speed Dial" sort of page it does now? Any add-ons that might enable this? 2) Does Dolphin Browser HD do automatic text reflow? And, if not, any other browsers that can do this? It is pretty tedious now trying to read pages that aren't re-sized for mobile.

Maintain Active Tab And Tab Contents? www.codingforums.com

[URL]...When you click the "More" tab, the browser forgets the active tab styling and current tab contents; I don't want these to change - all I want to change on the click "More" tab action is the navigation tab. But my browser should maintain the styling for the last active tab and continue to display its corresponding tab contents. Yet it forgets these details when the user clicks "More". In particular, when user navigates back and forth between the two tab sets, whatever was the last styled active tab remains styled as such. Browser should remember this. $(document).ready(function() { //When page loads... $(".tab_content").hide(); //Hide all content $("ul.tabs li:first").addClass("active").show(); //Activate first tab $(".tab_content:first").show(); //Show first tab content //On Click Event $("ul.tabs li").click(function() { [Code]...

Tab Views Require API 11 Or Higher? androidforums.com

Android 2.3.6 uses API level 10 and that the minimum for tab views is API level 11... Then why is it that my phone, STOCK Android 2.3.6, has tons of apps with tab views, and the tab views work? So what's the deal because, I need the app I am developing to work on my phone (I'm mostly making it for myself anyway) so I need to use minimum API 10, but Eclipse won't let me use tab views unless I switch to minimum API of 11...

Nice Scrollable Container Doowhatsit www.vbforums.com

Just wondering if anyone knows off-hand of a nice scrollable container object ?I have a rather small frame and am trying to display a lot of information in it.I've split it up into SSTabs, but on one tab I'm going to have to display loads of data in one particular tab.I'll have to display about twenty or so textboxes and labels inside this tab, so somehow I'm going to have to allow for scrolling.I really don't want to code my own scroller dooda...

Android :: Unable To Open Both Main.xml Files / From Layout & Layout-land At Same Time? stackoverflow.com

While developing for Android, I am unable to open more than one main.xml file in an Eclipse editor at a time.Each time I open one, it simply replaces the editor (tab) of the first main.xml with the new one, instead of opening a new tab - even if the contents of the existing tab were unsaved.Even stranger, I can open multiple main.xml files from different projects with no problems.This only happens when they're within the same project.

JQuery :: Nesting Tabs Inside Tools Scrollable? forum.jquery.com

if it's possible to nest tabs inside a scrollable from jQuery Tools. Basically, replacing the page content with a set of tabs. I've tried a few times, and with the jQuery native tabs, there must either be some JS or CSS conflicts that prevent things from working properly.

Change Browser Focus From One Tab To Another? stackoverflow.com

I have a JavaScript chat client running in one browser tab (call it tab A). Now when a message arrives the user might be on another browser tab (call it tab B). I'm looking for ways to change the focus from tab B to my chat client (tab A) when such a message arrives.

[2008] Error: InvalidArgument=Value Of '6' Is Not Valid For 'index'. Parameter Name: Index www.vbforums.com

I've got the web browser with tabs in all working fine, but there's one bug, i can add tabs, delete em, etc.. but when i delete a tab then go to create a new tab, it gives me the error: InvalidArgument=Value of '6' is not valid for 'index'. Parameter name: index '6' is the number of tabs i had open.Here's the bit of code i use to create the tabs with the browser in it: vbcode Dim browse As New WebBrowser browse.Name = "b1" browse.Dock = DockStyle.Fill [code]....

Make A New Tab Create A Tabpage With A Web Browser? social.msdn.microsoft.com

I create a tabbed web browser, when it loads it has two tabs, one is the main tab with web broswer, the second one is a new tab option when its clicked it creates a new tab. but it has no web browser.this is the code for the new tab.[code]

Jquery :: Stop Html5 Video And Swf Player From Playing When Tab Is Out Of Focus stackoverflow.com

I am using an html5 video (html5media.com) inside a tab (jQuery UI tabs). When the video plays inside old IE browsers, it falls back to Flowplayer (swf player). My problem is whenever I select a different tab, the video continues to play when out of focus. I was able to have the video pause play in all browsers except IE 8 and older when using this syntax below: JS: $('#tabs').tabs({ select: function(event, ui) { if (ui.tab.id != 'videos') { $("#myvid")[0].pause(); } } }); Also, here's my HTML: [Code].... The problem is, now IE kicks back an error ('Object doesn't support this property…') since it uses a flash-based player. How is it possible to stop the video from playing (in all browsers) when the tab is no longer selected or in focus?

Pulling Data From Multiple Data Tabs? www.mrexcel.com

I have a spreadsheet with multiple data tabs feeding a few summary tabs. For this question I will deal with one summary tab and two data tabs, one data tab for sales and one data tab for service. On the summary tab, I want to look at vehicles sold during a certain time period-(looking to the sales tab). For each of the records in the sales tab that match the date range, I need to count the repair order activity on the service tab. The key between the summary and sales tab is the sales date, and the key between the sales and service tabs is the vehicle serial number. I currently have multiple columns on the sales tab to perform the counts from the service tab, thus allowing me to pull the information to the summary tab. Problem is that the spreadsheet has over 2 million calculating cells and tends to take excessive amounts of time to recalc.

Can't Get The Tabs To Take The Url Title As The Tab Title? www.vbforums.com

hopefully someone here can help me,im working on tabbed browser,using an array of browsers,but i can't get the go button to function on anything but the first tab.Additionally,i can't get the tabs to take the url title as the tab title! removed code in case of copying im utterly useless at programming and im struggling a lot,so if you can help remember your speaking to someone who has'nt really got a clue

Generating Textbox And Labels In Different Tabs In Tabbed Control visualbasic.ittoolbox.com

Hi,I am using a tabbed control and i need to generate text boxes i each tab depending on which tab is pressed.i have used a tex box and a label in first tab as control arrays.But i m nt abl to tranfer these 2 controls for multiple generation at run tim for display when other tabs are pressed, where they need to ge displayed.

Android :: Tab View Initialization - XML File Layouts stackoverflow.com

I have a problem with a tab view on android. I am using 4 xml layout files (each a RelativeLayout) as the content for tabs in a tab view. The main.xml contains: TabHost (@android:id/tabhost) containing a linearLayout which contains a TabWidget (@android:id/tabs) and a FrameLayout (@android:id/tabcontent). If I embeded the multiple one after another in the in the main.xml everything works fine (except my main.xml is unmaintainable which is the problem I want to solve by splitting the files into a simple main.xml which defines the tab and the content frame and then push the views onto this). The code I have to inflate and insert the 4 RelativeLayout xml files into the tab content is as follows: mTabHost = getTabHost(); View wv = null; wv = LayoutInflater.from(this).inflate(R.layout.user_tab, mTabHost.getTabContentView(), true); mTabHost.addTab(mTabHost.newTabSpec("User").setIndicator("User").setContent(wv.getId())); wv = LayoutInflater.from(this).inflate(R.layout.track_tab, mTabHost.getTabContentView(), true); mTabHost.addTab(mTabHost.newTabSpec("Track").setIndicator("Track").setContent(wv.getId())); wv = LayoutInflater.from(this).inflate(R.layout.chart_tab, mTabHost.getTabContentView(), true); mTabHost.addTab(mTabHost.newTabSpec("Chart").setIndicator("Chart").setContent(wv.getId())); // And so on for the multiple tabs. When I run this the first tab (User) is empty and the remaining tabs have all the content from all the views. So tab2 has the content from tab1-4, tab3 has the content from tab1-4 and tab4 has the content from tab1-4. Returning to tab1 it then has all the content from tab1-4 now. The code works just fine, the events on the various objects in the views etc all are good. It is just that they are all muddled together in the view. What is causing this and how to correct it?

Way Around Session Being Shared Across Multiple Tab Windows? stackoverflow.com

I'm storing some value in an asp.net session on the first page. On the next page, this session value is being read. However if multiple tabs are opened and there are multiple page 1->page 2 navigation going on, the value stored in session gets mixed up since the session is shared between the browser tabs.I'm wondering what are the options around this :Query String: Passing value between the pages using query string, I don't want to take this approach since there can be multiple anchor tags on page 1 linking to page 2 and I can not rewrite the URLs of each tag since they are dynamic.Cookies??? In-memory cookies are shared across browser tabs too, same as the session cookie, rite ?

General :: Samsung Galaxy Note - How To Force Browser To Stay In Memory On ICS forum.xda-developers.com

For whatever reason every browser I try reloads tabs when I leave the browser. It's REALLY annoying - I'm stuck on edge most of the time, and finding out that my tabs suddenly reload just because I switched to twitter for a second. I tried to pretty much disable the LMK, and it still did this... I tried Chrome, Browser Plus, stock ICS browser, Dolphin and Opera (which does this slightly less often) Last time I had this problem was on my old tablet with only 256 MB of RAM. (Which still did this less often than the Note on ICS) Every time this happened, I had at least 120 MB of ram free. Seriously, the note has a full gigabyte of ram, and yet this happens. This doesn't happen to me on GB. Is there anything I can do to make browsing normal again? Like, exclude a browser from getting killed, or something? I'm using a Galaxy Note..

State Management :: Recommendation On State Management? forums.asp.net

We have an application that uses Session variables extensively for its state management. This application accesses data primarily from 1 of several SQL Server databases. These databases have an identical structure but contain different data for each of our clients.The requirement has arrose for our users to have multiple windows and or tabs open while working in the app and herein lies the big problem. Currently if a user where to open 2 or more windows or tabs and requests a page for Client A's Database,then opens the same page in a new tab and chooses info from Client B's database, then goes back to the first tab and hits refresh, it will now load that page with Clients B's data incorrectly, instead of Client A's data. (Basically the client id is stored in a session variable that determines what connection string to use in my DAL, and everytime you choose which client to use it overrights that session variable with that clients id)Unfortunately querystrings exposes a security issue so I cant use that. It does seem that sessions can be unique to browser windows, BUT not browser tabs.What would your recommendation be of handling an issue like this?

Safari Reloads Pages When Multilple Pages Are Open forums.macrumors.com

I would like to see Apple address the issue with Safari when multiple pages are open it has to reload pages when switching from one to the other, even if content has not changed. this is not necessarily just a memory issue that cannot be fixed. Other browser's behaviors with tabs, like Atomic Web Browser do not reload it's tabs as a user changes between them.

Open HTML File Without Webbrowser www.vbforums.com

Hey all,How can i open a .html in IE without using the web browser control!I have the .html file i want to open it in the default browser!anyone?tab

Android :: Switching Tabs From Activities Inside Host groups.google.com

Currently I have a TabHost implemented with 3 tabs each containing a separate activity. My question is how do I switch between tabs from within one of the activities that is located inside the tab host. ie say i have a button inside one of the tabs[tab 1], when i click on this button it should switch to another tab[tab 2]. To understand my problem click on the link below, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2541802/android-switch-tabs-from-w.

Android :: Open Link In A New Tab When Using Dolphin Browser? androidforums.com

How do you open a link in a new tab when using the dolphin browser? I assumed long pressing the link would bring up an option but it does not, unless its just mine. I am running 2.0.1 on droid if it makes a difference.

JQuery: Tabs With URL Without 'page Jump'? stackoverflow.com

I have a set of tabs and I need to be able to have each tab's URL display the correct/active tab if someone pastes it in the address bar. Script: $(function() { $('.tabs span').click(function(){ switch_tabs($(this)); [code].... So if someone pastes [URL] in their browser for example, the browser goes to that page and tab C is active BUT the page doesn't jump down.

Android :: Gmail In Opera Mini 5 androidforums.com

When I go to gmail in Opera Mini 5, I am presented with a webpage that is "basic" (for lack of a better word). When I go to gmail in the stock browser or Dolphin, I get an "enhanced" version of gmail. It has tabs across the top and is quicker to navigate around.Is there a way to get this enhanced version when using Opera Mini? Hopefully I am clear enough on the differences.

Tabs And Creating A Web Browser? www.vbforums.com

I was wondering I am making a browser that supports tabs and you can add new tabs. I got that part down just fine and easy but I want to know how can I add the tab and create a new browser within that new tab created? Here is the code I use to add a new tab as it Dim myTabPage As New TabPage() myTabPage.Text = "TabPage" & (TabControl1.TabPages.Count + 1) TabControl1.TabPages.Add(myTabP the form?? [code].....