Android :: Scrollable Tabs - Dolphin Browser When Using Multiple Tabs


I'm currently working on my first android application. I am using a tabbed layout for my application. I followed the tutorial for this on the dev guide and ran into a problem. The tutorial only used three tabs, but I have a need for more. As such, the tabs resize and bunch up. I was hoping someone could tell me how I can make them scroll, like in dolphin browser when using multiple tabs.

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I had a textbox on my page for entering an account number. Let's pretend it was a phone number, since this is a familiar example to all. So after I had three digits entered for area code I would automatically tab over the the exchange, then after those three digits were entered I would automatically tab over to the remainining four. I accomplished it this way: [code].... Now I realize that this account number needs to be a column in a gridview. So when the user is entering his data in the gridview row, how do I have this same type of code work? Do I add it to the attributes the same way?

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Hey all, I have a program that steals focus to send keys to a webbrowser (the only way i can input data into a filebox because of security i understand from a prev thread). the problem is, while it works great i hate it stealing focus...what i would like to do is have it:steal focussend the keysset previous app activethrough searching on google i found one sample, but it makes you pick the app from a list...and is REALLY complicated. i know i have to use the GetForegroundWindow API as well as SetForegroundWindow API but i can't for the life of me get it to work correctly. i am sure its like 3 lines of code and i'm just not getting it or something...so can anyone help?basically i am trying to simulate sending alt-tab together one time to get the previous app active againthanks againshadowmaker

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i have a program i wrote that saves a html file as html then reads it into a textbox. problem is there are so many tabs its almost imposible to read can i make vb now listen for and totally ignore the tab key so this wont happeni triedhtmlcode = Replace(htmlcode, Chr$(13),"")htmlcode = Replace(htmlcode, Chr$(13),Chr$(8))htmlcode = Replace(htmlcode, Chr$(13),Chr$(8) & Chr$(8))but all of these functions still leave tab boxes in the text field sortof like a "|"but widerALL take up way too much processing power and are hugely inefficientany ideas

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On my Index.html page, many tabs. Into some of them, I load a table (grid) from an .asp file. It works fine. I want that table to be "drag and dropable". The .asp file works fine when run by itself, but doesn't into the tab. I make a sample .html file with a drag and dropable table (exact same structure as the result table of the asp file), it works... Why? :-) [Code]...

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I recently looked into the possibility of making multiple requests with curl. I may not be understanding it fully, It's definitely a good option if you are fetching content from multiple sources. That way, you can start processing the results from faster servers while still waiting for slower ones. Does it still make sense to use it if you are requesting multiple pages from the same server? Would the server still serve multiple pages at the time to the same client?

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I think we should get a good thread going with how everyone has set up profiles in Tasker. With so many options, sometimes I overlook a really cool way to set up a profile. That is mine except for a few really basic ones. There is still 1 I want to set up:-Face down at a certain time -> screen lock, otherwise no lock, alarm triggered until unlocked if picked up.

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I need to use Cygwin to compile C++ code for an Android project. I'm having trouble compiling even a basic "hello world" program. The console gives me this message: /usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-cygwin/4.3.4/../../../../i686-pc-cygwin/bin/ld: unrecognized -a option `ware' I've googled the error and the only result I've found was an issue with one of the programs (I think it was binutils) being out of date, and was resolved when that program was updated. I downloaded the entirety of the Cygwin package at once, so I don't think that's the problem. The compiler and linker aren't communicating properly. How do I fix it without changing compilers?

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I'm fairly new working with Javascript. I'm working on an issue where I have a GridView with multiple Checkboxes and Radiobuttons. A user can check multiple checkboxes and if a radiobutton is selected, a checkbox has to be selected. This scenario is working fine, presently with existing asp.net code. But, I want to automate it using Javascript, so that I could avoid a postback. 

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I have a layout with 4 separate "chunks". They are:A nav panel with a menu and breadcrumbs. This is constructed using Zend_Navigation.A sidebar, which shows general "news" by default A content area, where the main output from each controller action would be placedA header area, which is the above the navigation, which normally displays just some stock text and a photo.The content area fits in with the traditional single view model that the documentation for Zend_Application states, but the other three do not. They all have reasonable default views to use, but a controller needs to be able to override them if needed. For example, it makes sense for an administration page to override the "newsy" view to display a log of recent administrative actions taken on the system.

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How do I drag and drop multiple divs using jquery UI? Is there any option to accept an array of divs?

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I have an array of numbers.I want to use this array in different modules.I was thinking of adding a new module and declare the array as a constant, but it looks like it doesn't work.I tried this :Code:Option ExplicitPublic Const CODES() As Variant = _ (10, 11, 12, _ 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 180, 187, 195, 196, 197, 198, 199, _ 243, 244, 246)Any idea how to solve this ?

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I have trouble in including a form to my project. What i want to do is to create a command button that will call the Form to be displayed. ________________________________Private Sub ADIS_Click()frmForm1.ShowEnd Sub________________________________is this code correct? because every time i run the whole program it only shows the form that i called. Can somebody help me on this? THANKS

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I have an iframe inside that there is a linkbutton if i click it should open a new tab in that browser,or Unblockable POPup's. I cant change it into other controls like Hyperlink or <a> tag, coz i am doing an DB updation in that linkbutton click event also passing values in query string.

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I want to create an html file to send as an outlook mail in which i want to show 4-5 reports. In whicn if i click on first tab i can see report 1 and if i click on tab2, i can see the report 2 in same frame. I created same using javascript but that is not working in outlook mail. I tried CSS but I am able to view them using hover effect only not on onclick.

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I have a page where users enter their email address, click "Send", and the webserver will email them a ~10mb attachment. Right now, I have the page just display "Sending..." and the user waits about 20 seconds on this page. Instead, I want to have it say "Your attachment will be emailed in a few minutes," sending that process somewhere else and allowing the user to continue browsing without having to open up a new tab. I really just need someone to point me in the right direction because I don't even know what to Google at this point.

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I need to add tabs to the customer group edit form, does anyone know how to do this?

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Is it possible to calculate sha256 hashes in the browser using the user's video card, eg. by using WebGL or Flash? I'm afraid this is all there is to ask, but if more elaboration is needed please do not hesitate to tell me in a comment.

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I have a problem with Opacity in my project - it turns the screen a solid colour instead of see-thru. I am displaying a rotating wheel in a panel and using modalpopupextender. 1) Only happens in IE8 2) Only happens when there is a lot of data displayed on screen (i.e Datagrid displaying a lot of records). [code].... Example of my issue: I have a screen with a Tab Control with 3 tabs. Tab 2 and 3 contain a small amount of data on the grid (10 to 20 records), Tab 1 contains 1000+ records. All this is within an Update Panel - the tabcontrol have AutoPostback set to on. Now if I click tab 2 -> tab 3 -> tab 2 -> tab 3 etc then the progress show correctly with an opaque screen. If I click Tab 1 the pop displays but the screen is a solid colour. If I try Tab 2 or 3 again the screen stays a solid colour.

Http - Asynchronous Multiple File Write And Read stackoverflow.com

I am using a cURL based php application to make requests to another webserver that does asynchronous requests. So what I am doing is creating files with the name as .req with the info I will need on the return and as the identification in the request. The requests are done using HTTP-XML-POST. The file is written using: - file_get_contents(reqs/<databaseid>.req, FILE_APPEND); What happens is that while the requests are being generated in bulk (about 1500 per second), the responses start coming back from the webserver. The response is caught by a another script which received the from the response and opens the request file based on it using: - $aResponse = file(reqs/<databaseid>.req); Now what happens is that in about 15% of requests, the file() request fails and generates a log entry in apache log like this: - file(reqs/<databaseid>.req): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in <scriptname> on line <xyz> It has been verified using a cleaner script that runs later that the file did exist.

HTC Desire :: Link Multiple Phone & Gmail Contacts? androidforums.com

I have added all my old phone contacts, and also got all my gmail contacts onto my HTC desire. Obviously there are lots that need linking. I have read that the notification area should now show an icon indicating that there are 'matched contacts suggestions' but it does not. I can go through individual contacts and link them, but I need to do them all in one go... I have tried syncing my gmail account but still nothing. I dont care about facebbook right now. I have searched on the firum but pretty much every post is about facebook. Ideally i just want all my contacts merged on the gmail account or for 'people' to show a merged list. Can anyone help me figure out why the notification icon wont show me there are matched contacts suggestions so i can see a list of all the suggestions?

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I recently initiated "Hot Link Prevention" on one of my web sites on my Dedicated server (via CPanel). It woks well in re-directing hotlinked images to a small image that says "Unauthorized Hotlink Image." This of course prevents other web sites from leaching my bandwidth. However, I have had a number of people complain that when they visit my forum, they don't get my site's images, but instead see the Unauthorized Hotlink Image. The common thread seems to be the people with the problem are using Security Software. In one case, a guy is using Norton Confidential. Another guy is using some Security software provided by his ISP. I'm guessing that this security software is somehow messing with the Referer in tehir browser and confusing my server into thinking the images are being hotlinked from some other site. Short of turning off Hot Link Prevention, does anyone have any suggestions to tell the folks...are there settings in their Security Software for example that will prevent the problem when they visit my site?

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Starting yesterday afternoon, I am unable to access an internet browser or open any link on my Torch. I do not have WiFi turned on. The device almost appears to 'freeze' when I am attempting this action. I have completely cycled off and back on....

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Using localscroll on ready but the browser snaps to hash on ready. How do i prevent that and have it scroll to the top no matter what?if this is not possible. How do you offset the position of the windows.location of hash?

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Hai, i need some help. I want to make my own web browser with 2 command button, one for move up the screen, and one for move down the screen. Is anyone can help me with this problem? Thanks.Regards,Yosef

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Hello all,I want to click on a command button 3 times, and have 3 different captions ("Hello" , "Welcome to", "Blah Blah Blah Program") come up, one after the other. As it stands now, the third caption is the only one that shows up.Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks !Newbie

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I have 2 problems. 1st, when I want to update multiple values, I tried: $sqlRequest = "UPDATE gvntools_msg SET title = '$title' AND body='$body' AND videoID='$videoID' WHERE username = '$username'"; What would be a correct syntax? Because it wont save the results. Also, I wanna store a private message in database. As its plain text I decided to go simply with VARCHAR(1000). Saves fine, but I have a problem getting it inside textarea. Messagebr /><textarea name="body" cols="40" rows="10" maxlength="1000" value="$body">

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hi all, can anyone help me as to where im going wrong with this code. I want a command button to accept multiple clicks, eg: deal a card when the user clicks it , here is my code :- Private Sub cmdHit_Click HitCount = 1 HitCount = HitCount + 1 If Hitcount = 1 Then Code If HitCount = 2 Then Code etcthanks tink

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I want my subform to run a Sub Function and get re-queries after the user presses the "Next" Button on the main form, or Presses the "Tabs"(I have three tabs and the subform is placed inside the tabs) or changes theStatus Field in the SubForm. At the moment I have a AfterUpdate Event in the Status combo box with calls the Sub but it doesn't include the Field I change at that very moment in the form.Any recommendations of how can I implement such an event? Thanks,ZubEdited by - vbalearner on 10/4/2007 2:35:41 AM

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Most of my contacts have 3-4 Facebook profiles listed under their contact information, but they all link to the same thing.

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Is there any way to get timescape to open the facebook app instead of the web browser when a facebook "leaf" is touched. I have it set that Twidroid will open for twitter "leaves" but I can't figure out how to get it to use the Facebook app.

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since 2 days i'm a proud awner of a HTC Magic. So far i really love it. But i have a problem: I imported the contacts from GMail and from the SIM card. Nearby all of my contacts are now two times in the phone, once tagged Google and once tagged Phone... How can i merge this contacts? I also saw that my GMail Contacts has a group called 'Starred in Android' but it is empty... I also starred some numbers in my Magic, but only Phone-contacts. Is there an application which could help me to do that or can i upload my Phone-contacts to GMail so that i could use the contacts manager of GMail?

Samsung Captivate :: Contacts With Multiple Ringtones androidforums.com

Is there a way to assign multiple ringtones to each number, not to each contact? I have several contacts that have multiple numbers and would like "home" "work" "mobile" etc to all be different ringtones but still remain within the same contact.

HTC Desire :: Contacts Multiple Mobile Numbers androidforums.com

I don't understand. In symbian it was possible to add more than one "mobile" number, and even with a custom label. In android i can't do that. I have friends that use 2 or 3 mobiles, for work, personal use etc, that besides the work number from the location. Is there a workaround or a program i can use? I don't want my contacts staying on the gmail servers. I guess the question is, how can i modify the labels? there's got to be a way... If i use the "linked" option, when i view the contact details it just shows me 3 different numbers, it doesn't show me the linked contact's name so i can't now wich number i want to call: work, personal etc. Custom labels would have been genius. I could add to Andy for example: 1. mobile xxx 2. mobile work xxx 3. boss xxx And when he would call me from one of this numbers, it would have been nice to look like this: Andy mobile xxx or Andy mobile work xxx.

Android :: How To Link Browser To Search Application In Market? groups.google.com

Using G1, go to http://www.myspace.com. Notice the site is able to detect the user agent from the browser and provides a link to search the MySpace application on the Android Marketplace. Google's http://code.google.com/android/devel/sign-publish.html# publishing provides options to search, e.g. http://market.android.com/search?q=pname:<package>. This does not work for me.

HTC Desire :: Want Multiple Gmail Accounts Synced To Phone androidforums.com

Is it possible to have multiple gmail accounts synced to the phone? Also, say I sync multiple accounts to the phone, are they all equal or is the 1st account created when the phone is initially set up the main account? can I change this?

HTC Droid Eris :: Android 2.1 / Syncing Contacts From Multiple Gmail Accounts? androidforums.com

On my Droid Eris (just updated to Android 2.1), I have taken advantage of 2.1 offering support for multiple Gmail accounts. So I have 3 Gmail Accounts in the Gmail app. My question pertains to how Android syncs the contact lists (which include many of the same contacts) from these 3 separate accounts. Will I end up with dozens of duplicate contacts? If so, is there a workaround? Also, is there an easier way to switch between different Gmail accounts? E.g., in the Gmail app, you have to go to Menu then Accounts, which is inefficient. The built-in mail app displays a list of accounts when you open it (an ideal approach), but I would prefer to not open my Gmail accounts in the default mail app.

HTC Desire :: Multiple Duplications Of The Contacts Numbers? androidforums.com

I really dont know what is happening here, but I have lost (nothing has been deleted) most of my contacts (some have remained - dont know why) but I have tried everything to get them back - I have imported - exported - sim - phone - vcard, all variations, all I am getting is multiple duplications of the numbers that are left in the phone, but not getting back what I have lost... someone help before I go get a rope!!

HTC Desire :: Contacts - Keeps Suggesting Multiple Links androidforums.com

I've got my contacts linked to their Facebook profiles. However, I keep getting multiple recommended link suggestions for each of my contacts. What is it trying to link to?

HTC Desire :: Copying Contacts From SIM - Multiple Numbers Per Contact androidforums.com

I've just got my Desire (loving it already!) and have copied over my contacts from my SIM to Google. On both my SIM view, and when copied over, however, only 1 number is showing per contact when for some of my contacts I have 2 numbers (e.g. home and mobile). These showed up as SIM contacts on my old phone (Nokia) and have definitely not been left behind so they must be on the SIM somewhere. Anyone know how to access these on the Desire and copy them over?

HTC Desire :: Handcent Not Sending Text Messages To Multiple Contacts androidforums.com

I've been using Handcent since I've had my Desire, but since the last few updates it seems to have developed a fault when sending the same sms message to multiple contacts. If I send a message to say 3 people, it either force closes, or comes up with the error message not sent. If it comes up with the latter, the messages are queued & sent 1 after the other. I was able to do this no problem before, so has anyone else experienced this in Handcent?

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I'm thinking about getting one of these in a few days when they become available from Sprint, but I have a question. I have an iPhone right now and I have three Gmail accounts for different purposes. I don't use Google Calendar, so I'm not worried about calendar events. But does Android/Hero have any problems using multiple Gmail accounts?

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all my contacts are google contacts with several linked to Facebook accounts.When I access my contacts through the People widget, all's good, I only see the google contacts (I've deselected Facebookers in the view menu). However when I access the Messages widget all my contacts are doubled up for some reason. I realise this list is also showing facebook contacts as well as google contacts but even the non-facebook contacts are doubled up.

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Is there anyway of doing this easily? Iprevious phones that i have had you could 'mark' several recipients when going through your phone book. 

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Please tell me that this phone has this feature? On the blackberry, you can set up multiple ringer profiles (i.e. office, home, normal, vibrate, vibrate & ring, etc.)

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I am using the Facebook Toolkit and making a request using FQL.Multiquery. I am using the following code which returns the correct data: Dim query1 As String = String.Format("SELECT post_id, actor_id, target_id, message FROM stream WHERE source_id in (SELECT target_id FROM connection WHERE source_id={0}) AND is_hidden = 0", FBuserId) Dim query2 As String = "SELECT pic FROM user WHERE uid IN (SELECT actor_id FROM #firstQuery)" Dim queries = New Dictionary(Of String, String) queries.Add("firstQuery", query1) queries.Add("secondQuery", query2) Dim result As List(Of Facebook.Schema.fql_result) = q.Multiquery(queries) When I run this 'result' list is populated with the results of the two queries in XML but I am unsure how I can send this list to the browser in JSON. I am using asp.net MVC.

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I am working on a project that is used for key broadcasting. Don't worry nothing illegal, I'm making a multibox application for world of warcraft. However I am having trouble when it comes to launching and manipulating other applications from another. [Code]...

Multiple Sql Queries? www.vbforums.com

I have a form that will have at least 3 seperate sql queries that I want to have submitted with an onclick event.

Forms Data Controls :: Open Link In New Tab In Gridview? forums.asp.net

I am having one gridview  in my asp form with one of the template field as imagebutton. 1. when i click on imagebutton the corresponding user profile opens in same tab....there is no option for open in new tab on right clickk.. open the user profilee in new tab.

How To Save And Secure Reliable HTML For Browsers IE7+ FF And Chrome forums.asp.net

I have an [URL] HTML editor, and it has an on/off switch for UNICODE. What should I do ? I am allowing users to save HTML posts to a SQL server varchar(MAX) field. TO read saved HTML posts I bring HTML back into a TABLE with  literal label. I do .innerHTML = SAVEDHTML So I want safe and secure reliable HTML for browsers IE7+, FF and Chrome ?

Using The Same Variable Names That Have Different Values In Multiple Forms? forums.asp.net

I am using the same variable names that have different values in multiple forms  .. Is there a way I could declare all of them in one place instead of declaring in all the forms ?

How To Set Browser Properties forums.asp.net

I know by using Request.Browser and then by either selecting ScreenPixelHeight or Width that I can grab the browser's height and width. My question is how, can I set the height or width the other way without using JavaScript?

Forms Data Controls :: Automatically Tab To Next Textbox In Gridview? forums.asp.net

I have a gridview which contains asp.net textboxes. The user uses a barcode scanner which scans barcodes into the textboxes. What I would like is to move to the next textbox after an item has been scanned in i.e. automatic tabbing to the next textbox. Does anyone have any advise how I can do this? What I have noticed is that when the user scans an item, the page does a full page postback even though the grid is in an update panel. And after the postback, the focus on the textbox just scanned in has been lost.

What Is The Difference Between Client Browser's Submit Mechanism And The Postback Mechanism stackoverflow.com

Button.UseSubmitBehavior property is used to gets or sets a value indicating whether the Button control uses the client browser's submit mechanism or the ASP.NET postback mechanism. So, What is the difference between client browser's submit mechanism and the ASP.NET postback mechanism?

Browser Not Handling Exception From AJAX Panel - C# stackoverflow.com

i am having trouble catching errors in an AJAX panel. Even when i throw an exception in the c# code behind the front end completely ignores it. Here is the code i have setup, can anyone see why? I ideally want to show a js alert window on error. protected void btnX_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { throw new ApplicationException("test"); } protected void ScriptManager_AsyncPostBackError(object sender, AsyncPostBackErrorEventArgs e) { ScriptManager.AsyncPostBackErrorMessage = e.Exception.Message; } Markup: <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript"> Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManager.getInstance().add_endRequest(EndRequestHandler); function EndRequestHandler(sender, e) { window.alert(e.get_error().name); } </script> <asp:ScriptManager ID="ScriptManager" runat="server" AllowCustomErrorsRedirect="true" OnAsyncPostBackError="ScriptManager_AsyncPostBackError" />

Web Forms :: Blocking Autocomplate Textbox On Browsers? forums.asp.net

I have a bookingwith credit card page in my application and users will enter their crdit card details inside the textboxes. but after they  enter them and post it the browser cache the data and after that in the same textbox, it can be autocomplated.

Disable Webform And Display In Browser? forums.asp.net

I've seen two sites that have this really neat feature that's similar to a Winform dialog box, but better. I don't think I'll be able to explain it properly, so I captured some screenshots. In ebay, this is what you see when you browse listings and sort by shipping cost without having set your location: [URL] In Badoo, it's basically the same thing. If you haven't set a language preference, then it'll display a similar type of dialog box: [URL] Is this possible in asp.net? If so, would it be an add-on to my current webform, or would I need to rebuild the webform for this purpose?

C# - How To Efficiently Send Large Files From The Database To The Browser stackoverflow.com

In my web application I am working with files. Some files are very large. I use Response.Write() to write the file to the browser. This goes well for the smaller files, but for large files this can take a while and the bandwidth is fully used. Is it possible to split large documents and send it piece by piece to the browser? Are there other ways to send the document quicker to the browser?I hold the document as a property of an object.

Ajax - Long Process And Sending Updates To Browser stackoverflow.com

I've asked this before but I was hoping for another answer and perhaps some code samples because I've been having a difficult time with this. I have an asp.net page. The user hits the "Run" button and I have code IN AN ASSEMBLY, not in the APP_CODE folder that is called and runs a long process that moves product info from a file into the database. While the user waits, I would like them to see status updates like what product the import process in on and status info. I'm assuming I'd break off into another thread and use Ajax but I have no idea how to do this.

AJAX :: Tab Panel Not Displaying Its Child Controls Inside It? forums.asp.net

This is the first web application, that I am developing and also struggling with Microsoft AJAX tab container from last 2 days. There are couple of issues, I am facing: 1. Whether we can do the customized settings for tab panels and its child controls, like we can do in C# (e.g. docking, anchors, etc..) ? 2. I have tab panel, and I have added grid view in it. But on the web page, grid view is coming partially inside and partially outside the tab panel. Now if data grid rows count changes,  panel does not resize accordingly.

MVC :: File Upload Using AJAX.BeginForm? forums.asp.net

I am new to ASP.NET 3.5 MVC, I want to upload file using AJAX form. When I am using html form then I am able to upload files but my requirement is that I am using user control for edit profile, I am using tabs for the same where in we are having multiple tabs for edit profile, change password, etc. While using AJAX form having enctype = "multipart/form-data" then following statement did not get the files foreach (string filename in Request.Files)

MVC :: EnableClientSideValidation In A PartialView (jQuery Tab) With A Ajax.BeginForm? forums.asp.net

I got a problem with client side validation not firing, after reading many posts I believe it as to do with the HTML being loaded "afterwards". But I can not seem to find any solution.You got any ideas how to solve it? [Code].... [Code].... [Code]....

How To Remove Browser Action To Repeat Handle Event Earlier stackoverflow.com

I have a registration page where I am saving some information. That is running successfully but when I press ctrl +F5 after registration. I get a message by browser to repeat event which is handled earlier. I have done blank all text values and to false viewstate of every control but It is saving 2 times.

How To Disable Focus To Browser stackoverflow.com

how to disable focus to a browser. i am currently working in .net application and i need to disable the tab focus to browser objects such as toolbars,address bar, since the user will not be using these components often.

Disable Cross Hairs In Browser? forums.asp.net

Can someone tell whether it is possible in ASP 3.5 using VB to disable the crosshairs in an IE Browser? If so, how do you do it? Reason being is because I want users to exit my app through an exit button

Mysterious Space Added By Mozilla Browser? forums.asp.net

I am testing my page using mozilla firefox 3.5.3 version. I have this annoying problem wherein a mysterious space is being added automatically on top(between the top side of the browser display window and the first element within the div) when I use a divEx:html code: <div id="headerdiv">--%> <%-- <div id="homepicdiv" style="float:left;margin-left:20px"> <asp:ImageButton ID="ImageButton1" runat="server" ImageUrl="pictures/homelogo.gif" [code]...

Width & Height Of Browser Viewport. bytes.com

How can I get visible viewport dimensions of any browser?

Web Full - Fledged Browser Automation Tool For Testing User Interactions With Widget Library stackoverflow.com

I've realized I need a full-fledged browser automation tool for testing user interactions with our JavaScript widget library. I was using qunit, starting with unit testing and then I unwisely started incorporating more and more functional tests. That was a bad idea: trying to simulate a lot of user actions with JavaScript. The timing issues have gotten out of control and have made the suite too brittle. Now I spend more time fixing the tests, then I do developing. Is it possible to find a browser automation tool that works in: Windows XP: IE6,7,8, FF3 OSX: Safari, FF3? I've looked into SeleniumIDE and RC, but there seems to be some IE8 problems. I've also seen some things about Google's WebDriver, which confusingly seems to work with Selenium. Our organziation has licenses for IBM's Rational Functional Tester, but I don' think that will work on the MAC.

Dynamically Scale Text Size Based On Browser Width? stackoverflow.com

Here is the project this is for: As you can see, right now the text size is just set to a static size. I'd like the text to always be ~90% of the width of the window but to also scale the vertical size accordingly. Is there a relatively easy way of doing this?

Jquery :: Get Center Of Width In All Browsers stackoverflow.com

I have following code to get center of width: But it did't return correct center of screen. What i need to get correct center horizontal.

Jquery :: Determine Browser Height & Width To Resize Image To Full Screen stackoverflow.com

I am trying to use jquery to get the browser height and width and than to use that information to resize my image to fit that dimensions. I want the images to be full screen on each page whether it is viewed on a lap top or a large monitor. I have all my images at a standard width of 1280 dpi now. To view what I have so far I have posted my code to my nyu account: [URL]

Jquery :: Draw In Arrow On A Web Browser? stackoverflow.com

Given two point, (x, y) and (x1, y1), how do I draw an arrow between these point a the web browser. Can jQuery or HTML5 does this?

Cross Browser - IE Setting Style.left Not Working? stackoverflow.com

I'm struggling setting a style attribute to a div that's created via javascript.The flow is:The script loadsIt creates a <div id="test">It sets attribute style="top: 20px; left: 10px; margin: 0px; position: absolute;"Everything works fine with all other browsers but when it comes to IE things just don't work.How can I set those style attributes in IE ? So far with this code: var div = document.getElementById('test'); div.style.left = "10px"; div.style.top = "20px"; [code]....

Modify Browser Word Wrap Behavior? stackoverflow.com

I notice that when the browser (firefox, safari) wraps text, the space where it breaks to wrap (the last space of a line) gets turned into a zero-width space, i.e, when you create a mouse selection across multiple lines in a paragraph, the space where it breaks does not visibly show. Is it possible to change this behavior so that the breaking space retains its width?

JQuery :: Make Enter (Return) Act As Tab Key Through Input Text Fields But In The End Trigger The Submit... stackoverflow.com

I've blocked Enter (return) key, actually, transformed it in Tab key. So when pressed inside input text fields it acts as Tab key. This is good, but I need it to trigger the submit button when pressed in the last field, below is the code for the Enter key mutation: $('input').keydown(function(event) { if(event.which == 13) { event.preventDefault(); [code]....