Android :: How To Block Private Number


Most of my work phone calls are unknown number and lately I kept getting a phone call from a private number every half hour or so and it only ring once then hang up. I want to block that private number but not the unknown, I tried couple of apps but it doesn't allow me to just block private number. I have to block unknown, private etc..

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I just noticed, numbers are in SMS clickable, to call them.This is great for me with my very weak memory. I had with my old phone a big problem to remember a number in a SMS to deal it.I just think about exporting contacts from my database to my phone.A new idea would be to have a javascript application,main problem,

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I'm new to Private Virtual Server and the package offered by different company are quite confusing. I was on RackForce and their basis VPS package dds200-L can host 100 domain names on Plesk and unlimited domain names on WHM/Cpanel. On 1and1 it didn't say if Plesk support 100 or unlimited domain names. My question is, do we always have the liberty to host unlimited domain names on our PVS? Can anyone recommend a good VPS hosting company?

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I have an incredibly annoying problem with my People contacts, where if I link a contact's Facebook account to their profile on my phone, People also decides to add in their phone numbers! This means I end up with duplicate phone numbers to choose from (for example, when selecting a contact to send an SMS to) or numbers that have been incorrectly added to Facebook by the contact (made up numbers or incorrect international dialing codes). All I want is to link the Facebook account and NOT have the contact details automatically added. The only contacts I have set up to view in People are my Google contacts - 'Facebook for HTC Sense' is unticked.

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i have this app whith 3 command buttons (1)channel up (2) scan (3)channel down and a control named digitbox i can make the digitbox disply step up and down ok using command buttons 1 and 2.how could i make the scan button work so it would scan up or down when clicked onany help would be appresiated.

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Just received my Desire and loving it. My only issue so far is that even though I've selected in the People app only to display Google contacts there seems to still be Facebook contacts appearing, albeit only the ones who have entered phone numbers into their Facebook profile. This causes duplicate entries for the same person in messaging apps (default and Handcent) and in the People app it seems to prefer to show the Facebook contact details rather than the Google ones.

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I ve with my HTC Desire. Let me explain : When I go on PEOPLE I see my contacts there , if I click on them I cant see any phone number or mail nothing it just show me the contact name then under the name I see DETAILS then INFORMATION and down I can read ringtone and send to voicemail and then last Edit. Why is that? I dont think is normal and honestly makes me really depressed coz I cant call normally.

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Hi everyone Is it possible to do thisOn a form, I want a command button and a textbox. I want the textbox to commence at zero and everytime you press the command button the textbox increments by 1. Thanks for anyhelpPaulMacP.S Buying a couple of VBA books today, so the dumb questions will stop (hopefully)

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This is one of the first problems I encountered when I used HTC Sense to Sync my contacts with facebook. This is what it was like before I synced with facebook. E.g. Georgia Bowman Call mobile. 07xxxxxxxxx Send message. 07xxxxxxxxx After Syncing, there DP is up, aswell as email address etc. It also changed the number to 44xxxxxxxxxx I've found a solution. Go to a contact with the 44xxxxxxxxxx number. Ensure the contact is still linked to facebook Menu > Edit This brings up the Edit screen Scroll down, Then add. On the Drop down, select Phone > Work Now, providing you only had one number for that person, you should have two fields. One called Mobile with their number this format 07xxxxxxxxx. (If its in the +44xxxxxxxxx format, then change it to the 07xxxxxxxxx format) Press on the top field (the original one), then copy all. Select the field called work, then press on the field, hold, and paste. Now press Menu > Save. Now press and HOLD the field called Call work, and set this as your primary number. Once primary number is on the field called call work, you can now go to Menu > Edit. Now delete the Field labeled Mobile Go to the field called work, then change the label to Mobile. Menu > Save. This will now stay as your contacts primary number. E.g. Georgia Bowman Call mobile. 07xxxxxxxxx Send message. 07xxxxxxxxx Instead of having 44xxxxxxxxx

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I am finding that some of my contacts are dissapearing or their contact numbers dissapear. I was texting the person and then all of a sudden their name wasnt showing and just the number.

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I just got my Desire a few days ago, and so far i am very pleased with it (coming from a Nokia N95 8GB). I do find the contact handling somewhat counter intuitive however. For example , i have some contacts from facebook for which i have no other contacts created, but i need to add additional information (in particular phone numbers). I do not seem to be able to add information to a facebook contact. Do i really need to manually create another contact, then manually give it the same name and then link it to the facebook profile in order to have a place to add the phone number?

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I keep getting all my FB contacts in my phone list. As I have about 2000 friends on FB, this is quite annoying when I'm looking for a number that otherwise would be easy to find, I have to scroll through hundreds of numbers that I don't want to be there. so how can i get rid of all the FB numbers in my phone book? or on my "people" list?

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I have my Facebook contacts linked to my phone. But when a comment, post, or message is received by my phone it's listed as a number. These messeges are not listed under that contact but they are in the general list of messages received. When i try to save the post/message to my contact it creates a new phone number for that person. For example, when i get notified of a comment my Facebook contact puts up, it is listed as coming from 3266518 ...then 519 and so on instead of being tied to that person. When i try to save it to that person it saves it as an additional phone # for that person. I have notifications setup on Facebook and my contact linked to Facebook. Are these two different things?

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Is there an app that gets peoples mobile numbers from Facebook and creates them as a contact in your phone? I would've thought there would be, but I can't find any that do that. I got an Eris recently and couldn't import my contacts from my old phone, so I was hoping I could do it this way.

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There are a few friends that have incorrect numbers.. Is there anyway to keep their facebook picture and updates but delete the number they have on fb. from showing up in my contacts under their name?

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When some of the contacts I had linked from facebook got merged, it brought an additional OUTDATED phone number with it in addition to the number I had already added for this contact in the phone (the correct number). I can not figure out how to delete the outdated number from the contact.

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I'm new to the android OS and I got a Hero two days ago. Is there anyway to get all my facebook numbers into my people list? I have the facebook phonebook link on my homescreen with the my contacts with their numbers but they are not in my people list so i cant directly send a text from the facebook phonebook I can only call, so is there anyway to merge/import to my people list on the phone.

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So i was quite surprised to see that the facebook integration on the tattoo doesn't extend to importing Facebook Contact's phone numbers. and the only way i know of to get them is through adding a 'live folder' to the homescreen through the official facebook app found on other android phones but not the tattoo Any ideas?

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Android:how do i retrieve the contact photo,name,number from the address book and display it using a list view

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I have a application which will retrieve all the contact details and will display all the available Contact Names in a SimpleCursorAdapter. so once user select a particular name number will be displayed. which works fine. but now i want to display HOME and WORK numbers if available. how can i achieve this?

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I just got a new Droid X and can't seem to figure out how to use extended phone numbers in my address book. By extended numbers I mean ones where I have inserted a "w" between the number and say a password that allows me to continue into my voice mail once it has been answered (ex. 123-456-7890 w 1234). When I try to use one of these numbers, I get a message from Verizon saying the number cant be dialed. Apparently the Droid is not pausing where it should.

HTC Desire :: Contacts Multiple Mobile Numbers androidforums.com

I don't understand. In symbian it was possible to add more than one "mobile" number, and even with a custom label. In android i can't do that. I have friends that use 2 or 3 mobiles, for work, personal use etc, that besides the work number from the location. Is there a workaround or a program i can use? I don't want my contacts staying on the gmail servers. I guess the question is, how can i modify the labels? there's got to be a way... If i use the "linked" option, when i view the contact details it just shows me 3 different numbers, it doesn't show me the linked contact's name so i can't now wich number i want to call: work, personal etc. Custom labels would have been genius. I could add to Andy for example: 1. mobile xxx 2. mobile work xxx 3. boss xxx And when he would call me from one of this numbers, it would have been nice to look like this: Andy mobile xxx or Andy mobile work xxx.

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I really dont know what is happening here, but I have lost (nothing has been deleted) most of my contacts (some have remained - dont know why) but I have tried everything to get them back - I have imported - exported - sim - phone - vcard, all variations, all I am getting is multiple duplications of the numbers that are left in the phone, but not getting back what I have lost... someone help before I go get a rope!!

HTC Desire :: Copying Contacts From SIM - Multiple Numbers Per Contact androidforums.com

I've just got my Desire (loving it already!) and have copied over my contacts from my SIM to Google. On both my SIM view, and when copied over, however, only 1 number is showing per contact when for some of my contacts I have 2 numbers (e.g. home and mobile). These showed up as SIM contacts on my old phone (Nokia) and have definitely not been left behind so they must be on the SIM somewhere. Anyone know how to access these on the Desire and copy them over?

HTC Hero :: Phone Adds Facebook Contacts To Unknown Numbers androidforums.com

Whenever an unknown number texts me, my phone is adding random facebook contacts to those numbers. For example, Orange texted me and it came through as being from this guy who is a friend of a friend who i have on facebook. It adds his name and profile picture to the top of those texts though and it's really annoying. It also started doing it with a second person (totally unrelated to the first), this time for texts from my bank. What i have discovered is that on facebook they both have a line in their info which says 'Mobile Number: " but then no mobile number (shown in the picture below), so i presume they've both put a space there and for some reason my phone has taken this and linked them to these unknown numbers. I've deleted both "Facebook for HTC Sense" sync and "Facebook" sync (not desirable, because i like seeing peoples profile pics and birthdays in my phone contacts), but it still happens. I also tried unlinking the first person from all of the links it had made, but that didn't work either. I have a HTC Hero running 2.1.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Setting Default Numbers For Messages / Phone Calls For Individual Contacts talk.sonyericsson.com

Does anyone know if it is possible to set default numbers in my phone for text messages and phone calls for individual contacts, please?  I would like to set up the phone so it defaults to mobile phone numbers for text messages, so I don't accidentally try to send a text message to a landline.I have fiddled weith the phone for ages, but haven't yet found the option to do this.

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If i goto call the other half from my contacts list, it says that hs number is not available If I dial it manually, it connects ok. If I interrogate the contact details the number is correct except that the desire has automatically changed the number from 0781. to 44781 without a + infront of it. Could this be a the problem? If he calls me, the number displayed is the same as the contact details. I have noticed however that his facebook picture is an old one. Could it have something to do with the number that he has on his facebook profile.

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i want to create a calculater that can add scores from a scale of 1 to 10.for example, if the player gets between 0-3, he gets a point -between 4-7, he gets 2 points -between 8-12, he gets 3 points when this is complete, the points are added up, depending on what the player gets, for example he scores between 4-7 and between 8-12, he gets gets 5 pionts. i can get them to add the points, but not when its between a certain value

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I need a function that can search a string for the word "LINK".  Thing is... I need to get the number right after the work LINK, like say LINK8943 and replace it with "<a href=blah.aspx?8943">LINK8943</a>" The number can change, but the function should still know to take any number after the work link and format a link for it.

File/Command To Change Number Of Open Files In Linux www.sitepoint.com

I can't seem to remember, but what's that command or file used in Linux so that you can view/adjust the number of open files and others in the system?

Hosting / Number Of Concurrent Users www.webhostingtalk.com

I am planning to set up a forum. What kind of server do I need? I am expecting to have - 40-50 concurrent users Do I need a dedicated server (2 GB) - which would cost me about - 350$ per month - or is it possible to find a cheaper solution?

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I have a custom made server side bulk email application. My current hosting service does allow unlimited emails (most restrict to around 3-500 per hour) but im having other problems with them. As such I need a new host for this tool. I send around 45,000 emails as newsletters to my site members about 10 times a year. I know that a dedicated server is a obvious solution but I dont want the management headaches and higher costs that go with it. Has anyone got a shared hosting solution that doesn't restrict email numbers or atleast has much higher limits?

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I am facing a problem with my mails. I have hosted a new domain on my server and that domain is getting a lot of bounce messages with the following error message: Message is waiting at <Mail server name> for delivery to <recipients SMTP>. Message delivery has been delayed to the following recipients: Recipient: [SMTP:<recepients email id>] Reason: Remote SMTP Server Returned: 450 <Senders email id>: Sender address rejected: Domain not found Also when I try to check the DNS settings of that domain from network-tools.com I get the error message as: Retrieving DNS records for <domain name>... DNS servers nameserver1 [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx] nameserver2 [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx] Query for DNS records for <Domian name> failed: Timed out The hosting server is configured on the following softwares: Plesk 8.4 control panel Bind DNS Mail Enable Mail server

DNS Hosting, Number Queries Versus Hardware Config www.webhostingtalk.com

For those who run their own DNS servers I am interested in what DNS software your running on BSD or Linux platforms and on average how many DNS queries per second it serves on what hardware specification?

Simultaneous Download Speeds On Virtual Private Server (VPS) www.webhostingtalk.com

I just got a VPSlink account about a month ago and for all testing purposes, it has been great so far [my first VPS]. But I haven't transferred my main site to it yet mainly due to one specific question about download speeds. Quickly, here's what I've found about their network... VPSLink is owned by Spry, so from all I can tell, they're using the same network speeds. Which are: Unmetered: 1.5 megabits per sec in total traffic. Metered: Spry's site says "throughput of up to 8Mbps" Ok, so here's what I'm trying to find out: I'm running a small software business with some downloads (all legal of course - they're mine ) and would like to know what the real-world download speeds that users would normally see when downloading my files. Here are the knowns: a) Let's assume for this question that all of the user computer's are on very quick connections, so their speed wouldn't be an issue. b) An example file would be say, 20 MB. I'm most looking to see how speeds would be (in Kbps) if say, 20 people are downloading a 20 MB file at the same time (again, with their connections being extremely fast; fast enough for the sake of this example to not be a factor - so the max speed would only depend on my VPSlink server's connection). I don't know of a good way to really test this since I only have access to 1 physical connection. I did try a test with a friend. Here's what happened: I normally get about 500-600kbps sustained on my cable modem, as does my friend. When downloading a test file on my server I was able to get about that when downloading all alone. But, when my friend and I downloaded it at the same time, both of us got around 350kbps -- so the total speed about dropped in half. Again since my site is for software downloads, and when releasing an update to one of our products, sometimes I'm guessing 20+ users download simultaneously for a couple days. This currently seems to work ok on Dreamhost, but for many other reasons, we're needing a VPS. But would this vastly decrease our file transfer download speeds to users? If users got something horrible like 2kbps, that would most certainly loose a lot of business for us since they'd just get frustrated and cancel for the most part. Does anyone know of a rough estimate on how to figure this out, or even better, are there any VPSLink customers out there that have experience with this?

How To See Number Of Ip Connected? www.webhostingtalk.com

I think someone from a single ip abusing my service. is there anyway to check number of conenction per ip? so that i ban the ip with max number of connection.

Number Of Sites www.webhostingtalk.com

I just want a rough idea; How many sites could safely fit on a server with the following specs? PENTIUM-4 1.5GHZ 512MB DDR RAM CentOS Linux 5.X I am thinking in terms of CPU power and Ram here. The sites I have in mind are all low usage (at most 300MB storage and 1GB bandwidth per month) so bandwidth and storage is irrelevant here.

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I have 2 servers connected privately.. The servers have a public and private ip. For transfer privately bandwidth is not counted. I wanted to know how to transfer data between 2 private servers? Also is it possible to have symlink from one server to another (both servers connected privately also).

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I would like to ask what is an AS number for? Our colo provider suggested us to have our own AS number, we are a member of ARIN and are assigned some 32,000 IPs at the moment.

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If I'm doing a traceroute on two IP addresses (different networks). The one with the less hops means it's the fastest network from where I'm from? Right? And is it (less number of hops) more important than lower ping time?

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I'm trying to figure out how many domains and subdomains I can get with each plan from Network Solutions, Enom and Yahoo. Is there any set standard of number of subdomains per domain? Network Solutions gives you one domain for two of their plans, three for the third, but says nothing about subdomains...

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I couldnt find the right subforum for this topic .. so i hope I am attracting the right viewer here. We have a AS number in one datacenter and are going to open another totally separate datacenter. Can we use the same AS number in both datacenters? We use default BGP routes in a active/passive configuration. I would like to speak with someone who has knowledge of BGP, AS. happy to pay for a consultant if needed. want to make sure we set this up right.

Increased Number Of Host www.webhostingtalk.com

Is it me or are a ton of hosts having problems right now? Many have closed up and/or disappeared and/or are having substantial downtime. To name a few right now: RisingWebWorks and BionHosting. Do you guys think it's in part due to the US economy? Or is it just poor management? It seems to happen in spurts as well. It's quiet for a while, then all at once a bunch of them have problems. Just my two cents.

Connections Number High www.webhostingtalk.com

I am seeing huge connections in my server. I run netstat -anp and see 290 conections from IP === root@server01 [~]# netstat -anp | grep | wc -l 291 root@server01 [~]# w === What means this IP and this huge connection number?

BurstNET Toll Free Number www.webhostingtalk.com

Has anyone tried to call the BurstNET toll-free number recently? (1-877-BURSTNET) I'm trying to over skype and it's not working, i make a lot of calls internationally using skype and don't have issues and have talked to various people/companies on toll-free numbers before. (P.S - I have skype credit in my account also, so that's not the cause) It' basically either returns with Number Not Available/Found or it dials out.

VPS Ram Vs Number Of Users www.webhostingtalk.com

I will generally have around 1-70 people browsing my forums at one time. I would like to know if 128mb of ram would be good enough for average performance?

Getting Name, Address And Phone Number From Domain www.webhostingtalk.com

I am having a bit of trouble from a guy and he has managed to get my full details from my domain name even though I have them set private, how has he done this?

How To Keep Number Of Apache Running Processes Down www.webhostingtalk.com

I have small issue with load speed of pages when number of apache running processes goes over +-310, during peak traffic of day. IE: They load really slow. Here's pic of what I mean: => [url] Only thing that fixes it temporarily (at least until peak traffic ends) is to stop either httpd or mysql for several seconds, as everything cools down, then start it back up. Stop/starting mysql usually has longer terms temporary fix. Anyway, would you have any ideas on what to configure or change within the system in order to keep the processes under 300? The load is normal. Even at load 40, pages are blistering fast, as long as processes are under 300. So it's got nothing to do with load.

Maximum Number Of Apache Connections www.webhostingtalk.com

I would like to know what is the maximum number of Apache connections a Server can handle? Does this depends on the Config of the Server? Is it Possible for a server to handle more than 2500 Active Apache connections without timeout / connection failure / slowness?

Limit The Number Of Emails Sent From Qmail www.webhostingtalk.com

I have a VPS based on Hypervm+Lxadmin. I want to limit each user to maximum 20 mails per hour. Is this possible? If yes, how do I do it?

How To Read The Numbers Entered By User For An Array forums.asp.net

In Console App what is the correct syntax to read n numbers from the User for a int  Single dimension Array?

ADO.NET :: To Call For Last Entered Number From DB forums.asp.net

How can i write a method using C#.net to call for last entry (Number) from table (details) from DB?

Scripting For Filtering Number www.webmasterworld.com

Anyone know a good tutorial on string filtering for thousands of number string records in a mysql database e.g. 12 - 16 - 22 - 29 - 41 15 - 21 - 31 - 47 - 98 01 - 06 - 43 - 44 - 71 etc. say I wanted to get rid of all strings that consisted of only even/odd numbers. Or get rid of any string where the first two/three/four numbers are consecutive. Or get rid of any strings that have their first number as 1 and their last number as 99. That sort of filtering. With all the random number/security code generators on the web I'm kind of hoping that there's several good tutorials but I just can't seem to find them.

Format A Phone Number? forums.devshed.com

I am going to have users input a phone number from a form and I want to make certain that it gets formatted the way I want it. In other words, if they were to enter 315-555-1212, I want to change it so it's stored as "(315) 555-1212". I've got code that works, but I'm a newbie and I was wondering if there might be a better way. Here's what I have now: <? $start_with = "315-555-1212"; // Input from Form // Next line strips all but the numbers from users input $string = preg_replace("![^0-9]!", "", $start_with); // My Question: Is there an easier or better way to do // what the next five lines of codes does? $part1 = substr($string,0,3); $part2 = substr($string,3,3); $part3 = substr($string,6,4); // BTW, I know that I could have put all these substr()s // in the line below but I did it this way for readability... $array = array( "(", $part1, ") ", $part2, "-", $part3); $phone_num = implode("",$array); echo $phone_num; // Outputs (315) 555-1212 which is what I want ?>

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I have tried using "[0-9]{3}-[0-9]{3}-[0-9]{4}" but this does not work as intended and seems to allow nearly anything to match it for some reason.

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I have any form for register member. my field phone number is 3 text input . how to import into one row(col) mysql?? and how to show for edit .

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I want to replace a user define format like... ABC-####-09 to ABC-0023-09 How many leading zero should be decide over how many '#' sign in format, and the length of default value to replace (23 in this case). Is there any regular expression pattern to do this?

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I am trying to format a number to look like a phone number with "-"'s between the numbers etc e.g. 15554256987 should be formatted as 1-555-425-6987.

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I wanted to know how to validate the phone number entered by the user. In my database phone number is defined as int(3) unsigned. Would it be best to use php and use regular expersssions or use javascript. $phone = trim($_POST['phone']);

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I have a place in my database for phone numbers as a 10-digit text field. So, when somone enters in their phone number, it goes in as 5555555555. How do I print it so when it comes out it looks like (555) 555-5555? Surely there's an easy way to do this, right?

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How do I determine a phone number embedded in the middle of a bunch of text? Here is an example text: Call this number 5551427 to get information. What I'm trying to do is prevent my users from including telephone numbers in their messages.

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I'm trying to sort the scores from big to smaller numbers. Code:

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I'm trying to sort a simple array which only contains a few decimal numbers. e.g: ( [0] => 0.05 [1] => 0.076 [2] => 0.092 ) using this: $stuff = sort ($comparison); However when I use the php sort, asort ect functions, instead of getting a sorted array, I get the number

Recaptcha To Hide Telephone Number? www.sitepoint.com

I am wondering what the most direct way could be to put a captcha on a website to hide a telephone number. I am currently using a recaptcha to hide the email address on a website.Nonetheless, it seems recaptcha only is implemented to hide email addresses but not to hide telephone numbers. I would appreciate that you told me if you come across any way around to make this recaptcha work to hide a telephone number.

Number Of Weekdays Between 2 Dates. bytes.com

I'm looking for a way to find the number of weekdays between 2 dates In my form I have three fields for a begin date (dd)(mm)(yyyy) and three for the end date (dd)(mm)(yyyy). Now these values will be stored into a database and at the same time there will be an e-mail generated and send to me that contains the starting date en the end date . But now I want an extra line in this e-mail that tells me howmany days there are between the starting date en end date so that the e-mail contents looks something like this. Begin date : (dd) (mm) (yyyy) End date : (dd) (mm) (yyyy) Days between (number of days) so lets say starting date is 01/01/2003 end date is 15/01/2003 then the number of days between should say 11 (01-02-03-06-07-08-09-10-13-14-15 /01/2003) I realy hope someone would be so kind to give me a solution on my problem.

Replace Number Range www.webmasterworld.com

is it possible to replace a range of numbers in a string with a word rather than str_replace one at a time? ie replace 1150 => 2650 with widget

Select Number Range phpbuilder.com

I have weight ranges of 100,300,500,1000. The user will enter the package weight in the form and the query will return the price per pound. How can I select the correct weight in the query. $getprice="SELECT * from priceMatrix WHERE VENDOR='$vendorArray[$i]' AND SERVICE=$serviceArray[$s] AND WEIGHT<=$HTTP_POST_VARS[weight]";

Searching A Number Range Using BETWEEN? www.phpfreaks.com

I have read that i can search for a number within a mysql database using BETWEEN i.e: SELECT  * FROM `table_name` WHERE `field_name` BETWEEN 99 AND 200 How would i do this with the code below? <?php $salary = explode(":", $_GET['salary_to']); } $types[] = (isset($_GET['salary_to']) && strlen(trim($_GET['salary_to'])) > 0) ? "`salary_from` LIKE '%". mysql_real_escape_string(trim($salary[0])) ."%' AND `salary_to` LIKE '%". mysql_real_escape_string(trim($salary[1])) ."%'" : '';  ?>

Number Range In A Regex? stackoverflow.com

I may have a hole in my regex knowlege. If I am trying to look for items in a string which may be in the numeric range "item[355-502]" is there an easy way to do this. as far as I can tell I would have to do something like (35[5-9]|3[6-9][0-9]|4[0-9][0-9]|50[0-2]) I know this also matches for 3550-5020 etc, that should be fine This, indicates that this can't be done any other way, is this right. i'm in PHP is there a neater way to do this?

Number Range Menu From Array? stackoverflow.com

I'm a bit confused here. I have a php array like this Array(2010,2009,2008 ...1992) and i want to create a loop to print a menu with a four year range counting down like this 2010-2006 2005-2001 2000-1996 etc.. How can i do this> Everything i tried end up in an endless loop.

Query An Existing Number Range? www.phpbuilder.com

This is kinda hard to explain, but here goes. I have a db table called "number_range" with 2 columns: `start`,`end` I have a number inside both of these columns: start|end 45000 | 45999 34000 | 34999 12300 | 12355 55710 | 55788 I have a variable: $number = ?, which I need to see if there is a range it belongs to. Or if a range exists. Each record is a number range. I have thousands of these. I was thinking about actually entering the number range, into 1 column, which would increase my record count quite abit. Not a problem, but I thought I'd ask if anyone knows a way to take my first number ($number) and see if there is a record that ($number) belongs to. Or if someone can imagine a better way around this. Just diggin for ideas.

Check Submited Number Is Between A Range? www.sitepoint.com

How can I check that submited number is between 100001 and 101000?

Filtertype Parameter Value IMG_FILTER_CONTRAST What Number Values Can It Range From stackoverflow.com

for the filtertype parameter value IMG_FILTER_CONTRAST what number values can it range from.

Loops That Produce The Number Of Photos In The Gallery bytes.com

I have this this code {while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($numresultsgal)) { $table=$row{'table_gal'}; $numresultphotos=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM" .$table. "order by date desc"); $numphotos=mysql_num_rows($numresultphotos); echo"<b>Gallery:</b> " .$row{'gallery'}. "<br>"; echo "<b>No. Of Photos:</b> " .$numphotos. "<br>" ;} But it keeps failing to produce the number of photos in the gallery. But it will display the table name if i want it to. So it's got the correct name, so any ideas why it's failing and not telling me how many rows are in the database.

Updating Item Numbers (or IDs) bytes.com

After a while of deleting records in a MySQL db, there gets to be the gaps in the id numbering system. i.e. 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 12, and so on. Is there a way to renumber the id system in a table for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc without manually going in and changing those numbers?

Loop Through An Unknown Number phpbuilder.com

I have a table with a checkbox in each row and there can be any number of rows depending on the query result. the names of the checkboxes are created with $i in a loop ( "pr".$i ) and their values are e-commerce order numbers. when the form is submitted i need to go through all the checked checkboxes and get their values. so that i can delete them, print them or whatever. how would i do this ?

Unknown Number In Query phpbuilder.com

I have a query which uses variables from a string in the URL. For example: URL: http://www.mysite.com/page.php?id=1 Query: SELECT * FROM table WHERE id = $id This works fine, but if I want to specify more than one variable I have to manually change the query on the PHP page to accept the new variable: URL: http://www.mysite.com/page.php?id=1&id2=2 Query: SELECT * FROM table WHERE id= $id OR id = $id2 Is there a way to make the query dynamic so that I can enter as many variables in the string as I want and not having to change the query?

Array_intersect With Unknown Number Of Arrays bytes.com

I have a question regarding array_intersect() in PHP 4.3. There are several arrays created on the fly, such as: $values['apples']; $values['bananas']; $values['pears']; To extract only the values they have in common I tried this: $command = "array_intersect("; for ($i=0; $i<count($values); $i++) { $command .= "$values['$values[$i]'],"; } $command = substr($command, 0, -1); $command .= ");"; $result = eval($command);

Intersect Unknown Number Of Arrays stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to intersect an arbitrary number of PHP arrays, the count of which depends on a user provided parameter, each of which can have any number of elements. For example: array1(1, 2, 3, 4, 5) array2(2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 23) array3(a, b, 3, c, f) ... arrayN(x1, x2, x3, x4, x5 ... xn) Since array_intersect takes a list of params, I can't build one array of arrays to intersect and have to work my way around this. I tried this solution: [URL] but this did not work, as an error is reported that array_intersect requires 2 or more params. how to approach this in a manner as simple as possible?

Form Submission With Unknown Number Of Fields? forums.devshed.com

Not sure if this is in the right category, but here it goes. I have a plugin I have made which allows users to create form fields dynamically. My problem is that when they create these fields I need a way to keep track of each one of them, and other attributes that belong to them. For example, I need to keep track of the field name, field type, field default value, etc. How can I name these fields so I can process them in PHP. I have it setup to use arrays right now Code: <input type='text' name='f_name[]' /> <input type='text' name='f_value[]' /> Problem with this is, that if for some reason the user does not enter anything, then that field doesn't fill in and the arrays become uneven. How can I combat this.

Random Number - Repeat A Set Of Code Until A Certain If Statement Is Satisfied bytes.com

Is there a way to repeat a set of code until a certain if statement is satisfied. If it is then to exit the loop and if not repeat the code? Say I want to write a card game application in PHP and I want to chose a card from the deck $card1 = rand(1,52); gets me my first card. I need to record which card has been dealt so I have a variable $dealt which starts out as a string of 52 zeros. I update the position of $card1 in the $dealt string to "1". So the 5 of Spades makes $dealt = "000010000000000 ..." I want to choose another card so I use $card2 = rand(1,52); and then need to check if it has already been dealt. If the position in $dealt is a 1 then I need to repeat the random number code until it is a 0 when I can update it to a 1 and move on Or is there a better way of doing this sort of thing?

Object Properties For Indeterminate Number Of Levels stackoverflow.com

This question is similar to this one but (literally) takes it to another level, or levels. Background: I am using the Kohana PHP framework and, specifically, the ORM library. Basically, when you loop through DB results with it, you can access the field values as properties of an object. Any joined tables can be accessed in a hierarchical manner. For example: $users = ORM::factory('user')->with('city')->with('city:country')->find_all(); foreach ($users as $user) { echo "<p>{$user->name} ({$user->city->name}, {$user->city->country->name})</p>"; } will output: User 1 (City 1, Country 1) User 2 (City 2, Country 1) User 3 (City 2, Country 1) User 4 (City 3, Country 2) User 5 (City 4, Country 2) etc. Now, my question is: is there a way to access the hierarchical properties of an object for any number of levels. Ideally, I would like to do something like this: $users = ORM::factory('user')->with('city')->with('city:country')->find_all(); $var2 = 'name'; $var2 = 'city->name'; $var3 = 'city->country->name'; foreach ($users as $user) { echo "<p>" . $user->{$var1} . "(" . $user->{$var2} . ", " . $user->{$var3} . ")</p>"; } Is this possible in some simple way that I am missing?

Increase Number When Press Arrow Key On Keyboard stackoverflow.com

I have a textbox has a numeric value.now what I want is to keep increasing that numeric value while im pressing and holding any of arrow keys.I know how to do this if I was pressing only one time. it will be increased by 1 only. but what If I want to keep increasing the value while i'm holding the arrow keys. how to do that?

Accessing Ps Pid Number phpbuilder.com

I was wondering on how to access a pid number of a ps aux |grep query I make. like what would be better to use. exec() system() passthru() Code: $ps = exec('ps aux |grep app',$store); basically I want to grep a ip address cause the application is running spawn on different ip's which is on the same box. normally I would just ps aux |grep ipaddress. see the pid number and kill -9 the two pid's it is running on. make changes than start it backup.

Numbers Changing In Photo Gallery? www.sitepoint.com

I try to make a simple image gallery for my design portfolio.The image galleries work, the only problem is that when I click next in the second gallery, the numbers in the first gallery also change. image galleries: [URL] HTML Code: <head> <style type='text/css'> #num {padding-left: 6px;} .img-bot {margin-bottom: 6px; display: block; } [code]....

Oop - Object Orientated Strings / Numbers? stackoverflow.com

I was looking at Ruby and it has a very nice OO structure unlike PHP with C-like string functions. I was wondering if there is an extension which makes strings into objects so you could use them like this: $str = "sometext"; echo "len:" . $str->length; //would print 'len: 8'

Converting Numbers To Written Amount Strings phpbuilder.com

I'm wondering if there are any existing tools to convert a number to a written amount, like you would see on a check. Here are some examples of what I would like to do. Convert 11 to 'eleven' Convert 348 to 'three hundred forty eight' Convert 1.25 to 'one and twenty five hundredths' The last one isn't as important. I don't necessarily need to support decimals. Is anyone aware of any PHP function, library, or anything else I can use to accomplish this easily. I'm sure I could come up with a custom solution, but it would be bulky and no reason to reinvent the wheel if I don't have to, right?

Submit Form On Number Of Characters In Input Text www.sitepoint.com

I am trying to figure out how to submit a form via javascript, when a user enters in 9 characters into a text field. Can't seem to find out how to do this...

Fill The Array With Range Of Numbers? www.phpbuilder.com

Create a function that need to fill an array with the range of numbers which are between to arguments passed to the function. PHP Code:myFunction($fieldname, $firstval, $lastval) { $myArr = array(); } [code]... Need populating the array with the values sent to the function, $firstval is a number 3 and $lastval is a number 435.How fill those values in the array starting at 3 and going right through all the next numbers up until 435?