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I'd like to show a png in the built-in image viewer. Code...

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I'm using the stock Android 2.1 gallery to view images. I have a large JPG image (approx 7000x7000 pixels) of bicycle route map for my city. I tried zooming and scrolling with the gallery image viewer, but it cannot zoom in close enough to read the map detail. Is there a better image viewer app out there that is good for zooming and scrolling large JPG images? I would like to use Google maps, but the bicycle route mode still does not work in the Android app.

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I want to store Images(using insert statement) in sqlite database & retrive that image from database and display that image on android emulator.

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I want to set a image viewer with excel where I select any cell read that cell and show the same image in that viewer Image viewer A 1 Abc_xy45 2 xyz_er45 (these all are style no ) I made a folder where I store all images with style no it will be same no in A Column So when I select any style no I can able to see image in image viewer is this possible?

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i am facing a difficult task, how to insert image to report viewer in excel file as the image below? i only have 2 days to finish this part. i am using microsoft visual studio 2005 the image is save in the server. how to display the image in excel file which i export it through the report viewer. the image max fize size is 5MB.

Call Fax Viewer With Shell Command visualbasic.ittoolbox.com

Hello All,I'm writing an application that manage scanned images.I would like to use the default program that opens on XP when clicking on a JPGE file.Its called Windows Picture and Fax Viewer.Does anyone knows how to call that application using the SHELL command?When I use a PictureBox to display an image using scrollbars,I get an Overflow error message, so the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer seems to be a good option.I don't want to use the Paint program because the Image isn't supposed to be editable.And using IE browser doesn't have the zoom capabilities shown in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer.Please your guidance will be very appreciatedTIALuisB

Android :: Preview Image - Using File Path From SD Card From Application stackoverflow.com

File is present in sdcard/image.jpg I would like to create my own application (activity). On a button press, the image stored in the sdcard needs to be displayed using the built-in image viewer. On pressing the back button from the Image viewer, it should go back to my running application.

Cseries :: View Images From File Manager In C5-00? discussions.nokia.com

When I open an image in file manager it does not open. An image viewer opens but does not display the image. Then I've to restart the phone to get rid of image viewer from open apps.

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How to store image and audio files in android internal storage and how to retrieve back to display image imageview.

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i want to display images on android screen.and the images should be scrolled in vertical way.how should i do the coding?


HTC Droid Eris :: Embedded Images In Gmail In 2.1? androidforums.com

Trying to get to the bottom of Android bug 2507, wherein I can only see boxes with blue question marks in lieu of embedded images in the native Gmail app (after hitting the "show pictures" button). I was able to see the images in Android 1.5, but can't now in Android 2.1.I can still see attached images, just not those embedded in the body, like an HTML newsletter from Best Buy or whatever. If you can't see embedded images, please click the star for this bug: Issue 2507 - android - Gmail doesn't display images - Project Hosting on Google Code

CS4 Saved .tif Files Cannot Be Read By forums.adobe.com

I recently upgraded Photoshop from CS2 to CS4 (11.0.1). If I use CS4 to save a large multi-layered Photoshop .psd file as .tif (Layer/Flatten image/Discard hidden layers),  (File/Save as .tif, LZW, Interleaved, IBM PC) the resultant .tif file cannot be read by many other programs. File viewers (Faststone, MS Paint, QT Picture Viewer, Windows Photo Gallery) either fail to display the images, display the images incorrectly, or display a black screen. Neat Image fails to open the files due to incorrect bit depth.    (Faststone shows the bit depth as 40 bits). PTLens fails to open the files with the dialog "Only RBG images are supported". This has become a significant problem, since I routinely distribute images to others as .tif files. Similar Photoshop CS2 saved .tif files open with all the above viewers/programs with no problems. (no longer have CS2 installed) 

Lightbox With Text Instead Of Image? www.codingforums.com

i found a tutorial for doing the lightbox image viewer...and the link and demo is given below. can someone tell me how do i replace the image with text in the lightbox....i mean when we hit on the image what shud i do to display text instead of image....hit on the image in the site and it will display an image.[URL]...

ActionScript 2.0 :: Dynamic Image Viewer Made In Flash www.kirupa.com

I want to make an image viewer using flash.....I should select a source folder and the preview of the images in that particular folder should be viewed in one portion of the image viewer... and if I select the preview of any particular image, it will be shown in the right side in some predefined size... is it possible to make such an image viewer using Flash?

ActionScript 2.0 :: Dynamic Image Viewer Made In Flash? www.kirupa.com

I want to make an image viewer using flash.....I should select a source folder and the preview of the images in that particular folder should be viewed in one portion of the image viewer... and if I select the preview of any particular image, it will be shown in the right side in some predefined size..is it possible to make such an image viewer using Flash?

Ubuntu :: Image Deletion Through Image Viewer? ubuntuforums.org

Iam looking for an Image viewer that lets me delete images through an 'delete' button/option in toolbox.. Most of the image viewers uses edit menu-->delete option,but iam looking for an direct link,clicking on which deletes the image currently open in image viewer ???

Android : How To Add A Background Image To Droid Activity stackoverflow.com

My goal is to develop a GUI application on top of a background image with buttons in specific places on the image. The first step is to display the background. The image can be displayed with resources and is described in several FAQs including this one: how-to-add-background-image-to-activity It compiles and runs without errors, but the background is black. Here is the main.xml file: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <RelativeLayout android:id="@+id/rootRL" xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android" android:orientation="vertical" android:layout_width="fill_parent" android:layout_height="fill_parent" android:background="@drawable/background"> </RelativeLayout> The image has been in png, 9.png, and jpg format with basenames of 'main' and 'background'. It builds but does not display. Making clean and recompiling does not help. This behavior occurs on both the emulator and on hardware -- an Atmel AT91SAM9M10-G45-EK. The SDK version is 2.0.1.

A TIF Image Viewer www.xtremevbtalk.com

I'm trying to write a small document managment program for my company. I need a way to open TIF images in a viewer of some sort so the image can be moved and zoomed in on, then printed.Basically it will be a DBGrid with the jobs listed, double click the job and a details form opens, click a button and it launches the TIF image from the path stored in the DB and displayed in the viewer.Any suggestions, a plugin maybe?Thanks

Android :: Use Built In Image Viewer To Display Image groups.google.com

Just wondering if its possible to use the built in image viewer to display an image sourced from a database. I'm hoping I can pass the byte[] as an extra to the ACTION_VIEW intent, but can't find any docs on it so far. Alternatively I'll have to roll my own viewer or first write the image out to a file and pass that to the intent.

HTC Tattoo :: Changing Default Programs androidforums.com

Does anyone know how to reset / change the default action/program i.e. that begins when clicking a file in astro manager.Originally I had the choice within Astro manager when choosing a jpeg to view the jpeg with astro image viewer or the default android/htc image viewer.I ticked the little box that said always use this program, but now I would like the choice of programs again.

Android :: Unable To Display Png Image In ImageView stackoverflow.com

I am writing an Android app that includes an ImageView.The image to be included in the view resides on the local app directory of the emulator.The image is not being displayed in the view.The relavent XML and method used to display the image are given below.The image file is a "png" format file and is able to be opened from the local app directory. The path returned by getFilesDir() includes the full path, "/data/data/net.vitalrecord.android/files." This path designation does not exist on the development system but does exists when DDMS File Explorer is used.

Forms Data Controls :: GridView Event For Update Panel? forums.asp.net

I have gridview and below that I m having previous, Next and Image Viewer.When I click on previous and Next, the image is getting displayed in a right way. When I select on the particular row, it is also working fine.Now, I m doing paging, If I click on Paging, The first row in the 2nd page is getting highlighted, the correct Image is getting in code behind, but the update panel is not working and the same old image is displaying..May I know, why the update panel is not working for that event.

Android :: Image Displayed At Webview From Url With High Quality Loss stackoverflow.com

I want to display an image from an url with an Webview at Android. With Android phones with Version 1.5 and 1.6 there is no problem. but the same pic and the same code on an AndroidPhone with Version 2.0 and the pic is totaly pixelated. Like Android is resizing the image first to a smaller one and then resizing it back to "normal" size. Unfortunately its important to display the pic without any quality loss. I tried to integrate it in the sourcefolder to show it as an normal image, but at Android 2.0 i get an exception because the image is to big. (At Android 1.6 there is no problem) Any ideas how i can display the image without quality loss with Android 2.0 ?

Android :: Image Viewer From App stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to launch an image which is written to my application directory with the builtin Android image viewer. This image has been written in a different part of the app to the app directory. When getting the following file: CODE:............ How can i launch the builtin Android image viewer to view this file? Currently i'm doing: CODE:............ And it keeps churning out: CODE:............. Irrespective of what i change the uri schema to ( eg, content://, file://, media://, image:// ).

Mouse Wheel Scrolling Image? board.flashkit.com

I would like to make a panarama viewer that scrolls the image left on mouse wheel up and right on mouse wheel down.my image instance is bg_mc

Open Image In Default Image Viewer Using Program? stackoverflow.com

Execute the default image viewer when i pass the path of the image.

Android :: Capture Image From Camera Application In Programming? stackoverflow.com

I am trying to implement Camera application in android,and i got some code from net to create a Live Camera through WebCam.Upto this no problem.Now i have to capture the images when click the button, and i displayed the captured images in the Dialog window.Without any exception the program is running but the captured image is not displayed,some default image is displayed. My code is. CODE:......... I have no idea from where this default image is coming.

Image Viewer With Thumbnails www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hello, I have a recordset from an access database and I view each record using buttons like << < > >> . Each record must have a connection to one or more images. My pourpose is to create a image viewer for each record and view the images in thumbnails or in a small size. I also want to click the image and display a form with the image in a bigger size.Where I can find examples for this?Can you help me please?Thank you very much!

Image Viewer With Thumbnails www.codeguru.com

Hello, I have a recordset from an access database and I view each record using buttons like << < > >> . Each record must have a connection to one or more images. My pourpose is to create a image viewer for each record and view the images in thumbnails or in a small size. I also want to click the image and display a form with the image in a bigger size.Where I can find examples for this?Can you help me please?Thank you very much!

Shrink Pic In Image Control Not Very Clear www.vbforums.com

I'm using an IMAGE control to display a JPG.I am shrinking it down a bit - setting the .Stretch=True and setting the .Height and .Width proportionally.But the result is not a clear image.I'm comparing that to what the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer is showing for an image of the same size.Is the image control just poor at doing image re-sizing?Is there a better method for this???

Android :: Many Image Files In Res / Drawable - Access In Droid? stackoverflow.com

I have to make a dedicated image viewer app for Android 2.x. There are too many jpeg image files: about 2000~ jpegs, over 100MB. I want access the image files with their file names, but I couldn't find such an example. By the way, is it okay to put many image files in /res/drawable folder? I heard that the android application cannot be installed on sdcard and the program repository is very small so 100MB app cannot be installed generally. I found some examples which download the large data files on sdcard online, but I cannot run a web server to host the data files, and I must upload the fully packaged program on Android Market. (Should I build one apk file?) What are the best practices for managing too many resource images (or something) in Android?

ActionScript 3.0 :: Gradually Showing Images From An External Swf? www.actionscript.org

Im trying to load an external swf(a gallery of images) and I want the images to show up on the website as they load so for example if the swf is 10% loaded, it should have loaded a few images but they dont show up unitl the external swf is 100% loaded So instead of the viewer having to wait until the external swf is 100% loaded, I want the viewer to be able to see the images of the external swf as they load. My external swf has images on frames 1 15 or so..

Flash CS 4 And Dreamwaver 2004? forums.adobe.com

[code].... 3.Image Viewer;When the image viewer is opened the image viewer window opens.When images are loaded into the viewer and captions are added they appear to work in Dreamweaver but they dont move in sequence when the buttons are clicked.In browsers the captions dont appear.� If the window is closed and reopened all of the images have disappeared and just the image viewer returns.The response I got from an inquiry to Adobe was; The version of Dreamweaver has been discontinued and is no longer supported via phone or web cases. We only support versions CS3 andCS4 via telephone or web. have interoperability between these two programs?

Android :: Using 1.5 Emulator Sd Card Can't Be Mounted groups.google.com

Command sequence is: 1.make sdk first, and cd /home/tony/android-sdk_eng.tony_linux-x86/tools/ 2../emulator -image ../platforms/android-1.5/images/system.img - kernel ../platforms/android-1.5/images/kernel-qemu -ramdisk ../ platforms/android-1.5/images/ramdisk.img -data ../platforms/ android-1.5/images/userdata.img -sdcard /home/motorola/sdcard.img - skindir ../platforms/android-1.5/skins -skin HVGA 3. ./adb push NOTICE.txt /sdcard failed to copy 'NOTICE.txt' to '/sdcard/NOTICE.txt': Read-only file system

Show Multiple Jpeg Files? www.vbforums.com

Hi.I have a problem with showing images externally.I'm writing a personal image viewer but i don't want to show images directly in my program (because i hate vb pictureboxes!)anyway, i want to use Windows Picture & Fax Viewer (windows xp default image viewer).i'm using ShellExecute ( ShellExecute "open","c:pic.jpg",1 ) but there's a big problem. it shows only one picture. but i want to show all images just like when select some image files in windows explorer and pressing enter.windows image viewer shows files that selected, in a loop.i tried many ways like ShellExecute "open","c:pic1.jpg c:pic2.jpg",1ShellExecute "open","""c:pic1.jpg"" ""c:pic2.jpg""",1ShellExecute "open","c:pic1.jpg" & vbcrlf & "c:pic2.jpg",1but none of them worked. is there any idea?

Samsung Galaxy S :: Display Images Only In Gallery? androidforums.com

How can I make it so that only the images are displayed when I go to 'Galllery' on my Galaxy S? It currently displays all music as well as all images. Failing that, is there a good image viewer available?

Android :: Imageview In Center In All Screen Resolution stackoverflow.com

I am developing Android Application using SDK 1.5 and testing application on HTC Hero, its firmware is Android 1.5. Let me come to actual point: in application, i am having an imageview for displaying image (Image resolution is 320*480), now imageview is displaying image in full-screen perfectly, but when i am trying to test it on HTC EVO 4G (having resolution 480*800), image gets stretch. So, what i like to do is want to display 320*480 resolution image in all screen-resolution mobile ? i means to say,if the mobile is of higher resolution(i.e. 480*800 , 480*854, or else) than the image should be displayed in "Center" portion of the screen. So displaying image in Center in all screen (without stretching or cutting) resolution other than 320*480, what attributes i have to set ?

Android :: How To Display And Image From URL stackoverflow.com

I'm having trouble displaying SOME images on my android app. Just normal display image from certain URL. Some images works, some just doesn't work. For instance try displaying this image from URL: http://img191.imageshack.us/img191/7379/tronlegacys7i7wsjf.jpg It doesn't work. Doesn't even work in emulator.Could it be the EXIF info for the image is problematic? Can anyone try to see they are able to display that image on android app, and share the code/method to display that image on screen?

ActionScript 2.0 :: Displaying Images In A List Component? www.kirupa.com

I am trying to create a thumbnail viewer using a list component. I used list.cellRenderer to display a test image and it displays that image about 50 times vertically down the list component. how to use this component with images?

Error Checking www.vbforums.com

Here's my problem, I have a .tif file displaying into a tiff viewer. My tiff is being displayed based on a text box, which holds the path to the image. If the image path, for example says, "c:images2365.tif" and there isn't a tiff, I get an error "53". How can I error check for this?? Would i do someting like: Any better ideas??On Error GoTo HandleErrors:CODE.....HandleErrors:If err.number = 53 then MsgBox"Error, Image doesn't exist"End if

Android :: Svg Files Rendering ? stackoverflow.com

I wrote a program in Android for setting different kinds of images as my background image, but it is not working with svg files. I am not getting any errors, it is not displaying any image and I'm getting a blank screen in my emulator when using svg files. Can any one suggest how to read and display svg files in Android with some code? Or should I convert xml code?

ActionScript 3.0 :: Display Photos In Slideshow Based On Time Of Day forums.adobe.com

I'd like to create a banner for my website using a slidshow but I'd like for the photo's that are displayed to be daylight images during the daytime and nightime images during the evening hours from the viewers perspective. These images will, of course, be outdoor pictures, but I cannot seem to figure out how to select the picture elements to display based on the users time shown on their computer.

Android :: Launch Intent Viewer To Display Image From Url stackoverflow.com

I have the url of an image. What i need to do is launch the default image viewer for images using an intent. But it doesn't work. If I do not specify the type of data, the intent launches the browser since the data is a url. It works basically (since you can see the image on the browser) but what I would like is to have the gallery display the image for me.I can also download the image into a Bitmap but I would still not know how to display the Bitmap using the gallery (if that's even possible).I tried saving the bitmap to the cache and then launch the viewer on that file but it doesn't work. Can you spot any mistakes on my code? (The Utilities class is a class i wrote.

Windows 7 Photo Viewer Slideshow Color? www.sevenforums.com

I've got a problem with colour representation in Windows 7 Photo Viewer, but only when I view the images in the Slideshow. When I double click and open them normally within Photo Viewer they are fine, but if I open the Slideshow and allow it to run through all the images (JPEGs) in the folder, they display with a desaturated cast to them - quite different to how they appear when not opened in the SlideshowI've read all about the Samsung yellow colour fix etc, but I've tried that fix and nothing changed. And that fix doesn't specifically affect just the Slideshow, as I understand it

Android :: How To Display Part Of An Image stackoverflow.com

I have a large image.But i have to display just some portion of it.How is this possible using Android ImageView?

Web Forms :: Image Server Control Does Show Some Jpg Images? forums.asp.net

I have a page displaying Images in a Server Control. As user selects the 'Next' Arrow another jpg is displayed. Problem is some jpg are displayed some are not. Those that are not displayed, can be correctly displayed in 'Windows Picture and Fax viewer'. Any ideas why? Does the image control have some limitations? Aren't all jpg equal (or would some jpg be more equal than others)?

Android : How To Display Different Images For Resolutions In HTML Resources In Droid? stackoverflow.com

How do you display different images for different screen resolutions (hdpi, ldpi, mdpi) in an embedded HTML resource of an Android app?

Android :: Zoom For Gallery groups.google.com

Can anybody provide me the sample code for providing zoom feature for images displayed in gallery view of android

Android :: How To Display Background Image In Text View? stackoverflow.com

Can anybody tell how to display background image in a TextView in android?

Android :: Image Display From A URL groups.google.com

I want to display an image from a url, for this I defined the ImageView first as, <ImageView android:id="@+id/imagename" android:layout_width="wrap_content" android:layout_height="wrap_content" /> then in the activity, super.onCreate(savedInstanceState); setContentView(R.layout.main); ImageView imgV = (ImageView)findViewById(R.id.imagename); Now how should I supply the url of the image from where it should fetch the image ever time. I have seen the function setImageURI but it is not clear how to give the url.Any clues?

Android :: How To Display Image From Internet stackoverflow.com

How can i display image in ImageView in android from a link (from the internet)?

Make A Function Image Link To A New Page? www.daniweb.com

I have made a javascript image viewer where there are thumbnails at the top and when you click on them the bigger image below the row of thumbnail image changes accordingMy question is, how do i make the larger image become a hyperlink to the corresponding page it represents. Alternatively, it would not be a problem if a caption could be displayed below which i could make into a hyperlink.Here is my script .js file function img1click() {document.IMG.src="imagelibrary/dazzlebig.jpg";} function img2click() {document.IMG.src="imagelibrary/gunshotbig.jpg"} function img3click() {document.IMG.src="imagelibrary/searoombig.jpg"} [code]....

Android :: Display Image Inside Droid Widget Background? stackoverflow.com

I have a widget layout xml which sets the src to the delivered android widget 4x1 frame image.Here is the widget layout code... @drawable/widgetinitial holds the widgetinitial.png image example 4x1 at developer.android.com (AppWidget design guidelines).(4x1_Widget_Frame_Portrait.psd) What I am trying to do is display an image inside the delivered frame instead what happens is the frame image goes away and only the image I am trying to display shows up. How can I display the image inside the bounding box or the background? Another question - I think I saw in a couple of forums AbsoluteLayout is a deprecated feature for Android 2.1 and above. Is that correct? and does using AbsoluteLayout throws any force close or other exceptions?

SQL Reporting :: Report Viewer: Internet Explorer 8 Does Not Render Properly? forums.asp.net

We have a rendering issue of internet explorer 8 when displaying several reports with reportviewer. The columns get disintegrated completly.Export to Excel/Pdf works perfect.When I view the report on the report server gui, it get also displayed perfect.Because of the difference between report server gui and report viewer it must be a bug of the report viewer self. We use the version 9 of the report viewer.If you wish i can send you an image of the desintegrated report.

Getting The Horizontal Thumbnail Photo Scroller? www.codingforums.com

I am unable to find a JavaScript picture viewer that does what I would like it to do.I have created a wrapper div of specific size for the images to be displayed in. I want the thumbnail images to be horizontally at the top of the div and the "clicked" full-size image to appear within the same div, directly below the row of thumbnails. When a visitor opens the page the first image must be loaded automatically without having to click on the thumbnail.

Caching Images On The Clients Machine phpbuilder.com

I am using and image viewer plugin to view tif files via a web browser. It can only use paths like "C:image est.tif" to view the files.... the problem that i have is that i need to download the images on to the client machine when a request is made for viewing that image and the client can view the image via the browser.... please note i tried using other paths such as http://test.com/image/test.tif ..... it doesnt use the http protocol please note i cant use any other plugin hence i need to find out how i can cache images locally...... basically what i want to do is when a request is made for an image i download it to the client and set the path for the viewer to the local machine and then when the viewer is loaded on the browser it can use the local image for viewing?

Extreme Magenta In CS3 Vs Window... forums.adobe.com

I downloaded all my JPG and RAW files to find that the JPEG images from my 5D have a overload of magenta shift. however when doing quick views in Windows Fax Viewer and BreezeBrowser the images are perfect; however when opening them up in Photoshop CS3 and Bridge the image have a magenta overload. Unfort. I can not show a screenshot of the Windows Fax Viewer and some images because when I take a screenshot and put into photoshop the magenta appears again.

Android :: Write Code For Store Image In Sdcard stackoverflow.com

I want to store image in sdcard using android coding,Anybody know the code for image store in sdcard using Android coding..

Rotate Jpeg,bmp,tiff,png Only One Line www.codeguru.com

Image Viewer CP is a tiny image viewer activex control that supports a lot of popular image file formats, including BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG ,ICO, and TIFF. e.gImageViewerCp1.rotate90 'rotate the image ,only one line complete source code you can download from http://viscomsoft.freewebsites.com

VS 2010 Loading A Sequence Of Images From A Selected Folder Into A Picturebox Control www.vbforums.com

i have a simple photo viewer application where i want the user to click a "load sequence" button and then i want something like a folderbroswerdialog to appear then the user can pick a folder with images in it then the images get loaded into the picturebox and the user can click a "forward" button to go to the next image in the sequence and a "backward" button to go to the previous image in the sequence, it's kinda like windows 7 photo viewer.

Professional :: Get Very Simple Image Viewer? forums.adobe.com

I just need some help on quite a basic topic. Essentially I want a very simple image viewer. There are small thumbnails on the right, when one of them is clicked, a enlarged version of that image shows up next to all the thumbnails. When another thumbnail is clicked, the new image replaces the previous. I have searched google however all I find are more complex image viewers which you download and link to a gallery...

Android :: Enable 24bit Color Depth In The Emulator groups.google.com

Currently, I am targetting the emulator to make Android application which is targetted for an Android device which includes 5" 24bit display. Only currently android emulator (or android in general) only appears to support 16bit. Meaning we are experiencing dithering issues why it isn't really necessary. Now my question can I somehow recompile Android 1.5 emulator image so it's using 24bit instead? Or is this impossible without a lot of changes? Currently, I am predithering the images but no fun ;)

Android :: Create Thumbnails Image In Droid? stackoverflow.com

I want to create thumbnail image from its original image in coding for android

Android :: Save Image On SD Card groups.google.com

I'm developing an image editor on android. I have a problem when I have to save the image. If I save the image with a outputstream, I can save the image but my program and android's gallery can't see the new image. If I save the image with MediaStore.Images.Media.insertImage, I can see the saved image but the problem it's that this function save a little image called thumbnails which I don't know what to do.

Android :: PNG Quality In WebView Based App groups.google.com

I am using WebView to display html content in an app. One of the pages has a rather large PNG image. The image is large and detailed on purpose because the idea is to use it as a map and allow users to zoom in to see the detail. Unfortunately, when the image is displayed with WebView, the quality is horrific. I am assuming that WebView is attempting to do some image optimization to reduce the size of the graphic. Is there anyway to prevent it from doing this? I don't want the image to lose any of its quality. You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "Android Developers" group. To post to this group, send email to android-developers@googlegroups.com To unsubscribe from this group, send email to android-developers+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com For more options, visit this group at http://groups.google.com/group/android-developers?hl=en

Android :: Change Landscape To Portrait It Always Start Activity From Beginning? groups.google.com

I have written code to display images in sequence. when click on next button it shows next image.and so on. i m using android 1.5 and save landscape images with same name(as portrait images have) in drawable-land folder. when i rotate the device it takes all landscape image from drawable- land folder. but the problem is ,it again start showing images from the beginning. how to solve this problem.

General :: Android SDK Manager - Default Browser Not Displaying Images forums.androidcentral.com

I am loading my web pages into the default browser in the Android Emulator using Xampp and localhost (as The pages load okay but no images are displayed. In browser settings, under bandwidth management, "Load Images is ticked". Google displays images if I do an image search. Turning off anti virus and firewall makes no difference.

Fedora :: PyMOL Display Becomes Distorted ? forums.fedoraforum.org

I'm running PyMOL version 1.2r2 on Fedora 12 with python2.6. Only for a second or two will molecular models display correctly in the PyMOL viewer, and then the image becomes distorted. As I rotate the model, it displays correctly, but then almost immediately after I stop moving the model, it becomes distorted again. The attached images show the display before and after the distortion. This is some of the information that the PyMol program prints as it loads. Quote:

Android :: How To Update Image At Refreshing Page In Android? stackoverflow.com

Is any possibility to update the image in the image button or image view at the time of refreshing the page in android.

ActionScript 2.0 :: Panorama Viewer - Possible To Wrap Image For 360 View www.kirupa.com

There are panorama viewers available in flash that basically just scroll a flat image from side to side like this: [URL]. I was wondering about the possibilities of a flash viewer that would also warp an image so that you could view a 360 image and then be able to look straight up and down also since the image is mapped to the inside of sphere. Here is an example in a java viewer that warps the image: [URL]. I can create a shockwave 3d pano using director but I would like to have a flash viewer. It must be hard or impossible since I have not seen one available yet in flash.

HTC EVO 4G :: Changing Default Image When Calling Without Linked Photo? androidforums.com

You know when you call someone who doesn't have a photo linked to their contact it displays the green android guy. Well I really like what forum member sprint fun did with his avatar by making it into a OSU buckeye. I would much rather see that image rather then the green default android guy. Sprint fun has already said I could use the image, but I have no idea how or if its possible to set it as the default image for callers with no photo linked to their account.

Android ::Unable To Display Bigger Resolution Images In Droid / Whats Solution? stackoverflow.com

Referring to the code example of mine http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2997703/android-remote-image-getting-problem how can i accommodate bigger resolution images in android. when i try to display bigger resolution image from Internet it give me null bitmap. any one guide me whats the solution?

Android :: Downloading A Link Via Android Browser? androidforums.com

This question concerns the Android browser on a Nexus One. How do I tell the Android browser to download the item that a link points to instead of just viewing it in the browser? The item in question is a jpeg image that I put onto a site that I control. I want to download that image file to my Nexus one, but I can't find any way to do that. The only thing I can make the browser do is display the image.

Error With Base64_decode Returning The Data Instead Of The Images? www.daniweb.com

I am having a problem with displaying an image from mysql with base64_decode. my image viewer looks like this: <?php require_once($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/site/dbconnect.php'); $result=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM images WHERE p_id='".$_GET['p_id']."'"); $table_returns=mysql_fetch_array($result); $encoded=$table_returns['data']; $image_name=$table_returns['image_name']; [Code]..... edit: i should probably mention that $the_date and $image_name both work fine

Display Image Side By Side social.msdn.microsoft.com

� I am currently working on ssrs 2005 to build a report that display the images as like a photo folder. we would have 5 columns in which these images need to be split up and details of the images will be placed underneath the images. Even though ssrs 2005 supports the option of column split in it report viewer, but the images are not in a single row instead they lie one below the other after deployment and in report viewer. only at the time of rendering to PDF the images span across the columns. � Is there any workaround to achieve this?

Display Two Images At A Time With Ajax? stackoverflow.com

So I'm basically trying to display a book-layout in a modal box with images; that is, I want to load two images at the same time, side by side in the same window. It would look something like this: << |0.jpg| |1.jpg| >> << |2.jpg| |3.jpg| >> << |4.jpg| |5.jpg| >> etc etc...Viewers would be able to click NEXT and PREVIOUS to go back and forth between the pairs of images. Is there a way to do this, or is it way too much trouble to bother with?

Image Resize. www.phpfreaks.com

im using the code i found on the web call dynamic image viewer. It works great and displays files in my images folder, what i want is to alter the code to resize the images to a fixed size. Code:

ActionScript 2.0 :: XML Image Viewer Calling Images In Folder? www.kirupa.com

Is there any way to program XML to call on ALL the images in a folder and have them work in a flash slide show. Rather than identifiying them by thier specific names can a system be used to identify what order they are to be presented regardless of how many you add or remove from the folder? in other words is their a way to make an XML viewer that is adaptive and not restricted to "specified" images in a folder. It will just display the all the images that are currently in that folder.

General :: Image Viewer With Transparent Window? superuser.com

I would like to display a fully opaque image (e.g. PNG RGB8) on the desktop in an image viewer - but such that I can set the window (showing the image) to be, say, 50% transparent (so I could see through and compare with other windows below). It would be even better if the viewer just shows a "panel" instead of a "window" (i.e. I'd prefer just the image shown, possibly with a border - instead of a full blown window with menubar, titlebar etc). I'm aware that in Compiz, it should be possible to run a plugin, and have any window you want transparent - but I was hoping for a solution (viewer) that would not be Compiz-specific (and even more preferred, if it is neither Gnome nor KDE specific - but I'm not sure that is possible).

ActionScript 2.0 :: Get Image Dimensions Of Imported Images? www.kirupa.com

Is there a way to get the height and width of an image that was loaded via an xml file? I am making an Image Viewer and I want the display to resize to the dimensions of the image loaded.

Software :: GQView - Change / Edit Mouse Button Shortcut? www.linuxquestions.org

When using the above image viewer, it would be easier for me to be able to close the viewer/image while displaying an image in fullscreen mode, by clicking on the middle mouse button, rather than right clicking and choosing "Exit full screen", then clicking on the cross in the corner of the window. This is similar to how Firefox can close tabs by middle-clicking with the mouse wheel. Mouse function editing in GQview seems limited to controlling whether the scroll wheel pans up and down the picture, or moves to the next/previous picture. Any way I can edit the preferences file for GQview at .gqview/gqviewrc in order to achieve the above shortcut facility on my mousewheel, for this application? Or is anyone familiar with another Linux image viewer that does allow the mouse to be programmed in this way?

Samsung :: Blackjack II / Default Image Viewer / Unable To Zoom www.howardforums.com

The default image viewer cannot zoom in all the way for larger images (such as 1024x768). Sometimes I take screenshots on my computer, save as PNG, and copy to the Blackjack, but then I cannot read the text because it won't zoom in far enough.Is there another image viewer that can let me zoom in all the way to pixel by pixel level? Ideally freeware, but I'm willing to consider paid apps too.

Android :: How To Display Image In Screen Center stackoverflow.com

I want to display the image like first image but my images are displaying like second image i want to display images like first image, like center in screen and equal spaces top and bottom look first image,but my images are displaying not center in screen and no spaces in top,what can i do for display image like first images.anybody knows,please give solution for that.

Help With Multiple Instances Of Program Running. www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi,I am writing a simple image viewer, and when I open a JPG or other image it will be opened with my program image.exe.Now the question is: if I open another image then another instance on the program opens with the new image.What I want to do is have the image open in the first instance of the program, and only allow one copy of the program to run.I found a way to restrict other instances of the program to open, I just don't know how to have the image open with the first instance of the program.Hmm...I'm bad at explaining things.Thanks for any help.

Use 1 Instance www.vbforums.com

Hi,I have a simple application.It's only an small image viewer (myviewer.exe) that I have to call using a parameter which is the path of the image to show. There is a small Close button on the window.That works all fine.But if I call the program twice, it opens 2 viewers. I would like to prevent that.Is it possible to always use the same viewer? Or force the 1st one to close and open the new one ! Thanks for helping

Android :: ViewFlipper & Multiple Images? stackoverflow.com

I need to include multiple images in my Android app. It's like an image viewer/slideshow. Currently I switch between pictures from /drawable-mdpi dir simply with ImageView and adapter, using gestures to left/right. Works but nothing impresive :/ Basically I could use something like Android (2.1) gallery with some image show animation. 1st question: what's the best way to include many (50-100) fullscreen images in App? 2nd: is it possible to use ViewFlipper animations directly to images? or do i have to somehow populate Views?

Android :: Show Different Image On Different Resolution stackoverflow.com

I am attempting to create a very graphically intensive android application. Almost all of the UI is based on bitmaps and I would like to support as many different devices as possible and to have the app look great in all of them.Is it possible to embed different resolutions for each image and have a different image displayed on each device. I am aware of stuff like hdpi folders etc. as well has units like dip etc., but that still leaves too many variables as to how the image is displayed. I would like to not have the images scaled at all to avoid losing image quality.For instance on my high resolution device I would like an image to be exactly 100px and then on a medium resolution device I would like a lower resolution image to display and be exactly 80px. If I use display independent units, I cannot ensure that the images will be of a particular size.

XP And Image Viewer www.codeguru.com

My VB 6.0 app uses ImgEdit control and wangimg.exe or kodakimg.exe (depending on Win95 or Win 98) to display .tif files.Client upgraded to XP. Images don't display. I understand the new Image viewer is shimgvw which is found in C:WINDOWSSystem32shimgvw.dll.Any ideas on getting access to this .dll? Can I still do it thru ImgEdit? (Sorry to sound dense - I'm still on Win98 but I'd really like to give this client an answer, though I won't have an XP computer until next week).Your answers as always much appreciated!LW

Load Image Files In An Array? social.msdn.microsoft.com

I accomplished the task of creating a picture viewer that finds pictures in a directory,adds them to a listbox, and displays them in a picturebox at intervals using a timer. Now, I am trying to achieve a similar task using an array in a continuous timer-display fashion so that after the last image the process starts over from the first image again Public Class Form1 im file(5) As System.IO.File Dim num As Integer [code].....

JQuery :: Navigation Menu To Show An Image? www.sitepoint.com

I'm trying to include a navigation menu where the viewer hovers over the link such as Main or Home and somewhere else in the page it display an image. Similar to this : [URL] But instead of pixels, I would just like images to be displayed.

From VB App, View .jpg With Windows Image Viewer www.vbcity.com

By clicking a button on my VB form, how can I open a .jpg file in the Windows Image Viewer?Thanks for helping.

SQL Reporting :: Adding Image To Local Report Export Drop Down List? forums.asp.net

Is there an easy way to add image to the drop down list that is build into the report viewer export list?

Inage Viewer www.xtremevbtalk.com

i have build a very simple and basic viewer, but how to make the picture size proportional to the image box,???/

Image Viewer forums.aspfree.com

I need to use any advanced viewer to view image from my access application>.....thanks for all

How To Make A Image Viewer www.codingforums.com

I was wondering I really like the image viewer Gamespot uses.example:[URL]Anyone know how to make one like that?

Overlap Image Viewer Timing? www.codingforums.com

I am using the Overlap Image Viewer in which case has worked out perfectly except for one small thing, it pops up very quickly.