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I'd like to show a png in the built-in image viewer. Code...

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I'm using the stock Android 2.1 gallery to view images. I have a large JPG image (approx 7000x7000 pixels) of bicycle route map for my city. I tried zooming and scrolling with the gallery image viewer, but it cannot zoom in close enough to read the map detail. Is there a better image viewer app out there that is good for zooming and scrolling large JPG images? I would like to use Google maps, but the bicycle route mode still does not work in the Android app.

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i am facing a difficult task, how to insert image to report viewer in excel file as the image below? i only have 2 days to finish this part. i am using microsoft visual studio 2005 the image is save in the server. how to display the image in excel file which i export it through the report viewer. the image max fize size is 5MB.

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Hello All,I'm writing an application that manage scanned images.I would like to use the default program that opens on XP when clicking on a JPGE file.Its called Windows Picture and Fax Viewer.Does anyone knows how to call that application using the SHELL command?When I use a PictureBox to display an image using scrollbars,I get an Overflow error message, so the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer seems to be a good option.I don't want to use the Paint program because the Image isn't supposed to be editable.And using IE browser doesn't have the zoom capabilities shown in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer.Please your guidance will be very appreciatedTIALuisB

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I want to set a image viewer with excel where I select any cell read that cell and show the same image in that viewer Image viewer A 1 Abc_xy45 2 xyz_er45 (these all are style no ) I made a folder where I store all images with style no it will be same no in A Column So when I select any style no I can able to see image in image viewer is this possible?

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I want to store Images(using insert statement) in sqlite database & retrive that image from database and display that image on android emulator.

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File is present in sdcard/image.jpg I would like to create my own application (activity). On a button press, the image stored in the sdcard needs to be displayed using the built-in image viewer. On pressing the back button from the Image viewer, it should go back to my running application.

Cseries :: View Images From File Manager In C5-00? discussions.nokia.com

When I open an image in file manager it does not open. An image viewer opens but does not display the image. Then I've to restart the phone to get rid of image viewer from open apps.

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I recently upgraded Photoshop from CS2 to CS4 (11.0.1). If I use CS4 to save a large multi-layered Photoshop .psd file as .tif (Layer/Flatten image/Discard hidden layers),  (File/Save as .tif, LZW, Interleaved, IBM PC) the resultant .tif file cannot be read by many other programs. File viewers (Faststone, MS Paint, QT Picture Viewer, Windows Photo Gallery) either fail to display the images, display the images incorrectly, or display a black screen. Neat Image fails to open the files due to incorrect bit depth.    (Faststone shows the bit depth as 40 bits). PTLens fails to open the files with the dialog "Only RBG images are supported". This has become a significant problem, since I routinely distribute images to others as .tif files. Similar Photoshop CS2 saved .tif files open with all the above viewers/programs with no problems. (no longer have CS2 installed) 

Lightbox With Text Instead Of Image? www.codingforums.com

i found a tutorial for doing the lightbox image viewer...and the link and demo is given below. can someone tell me how do i replace the image with text in the lightbox....i mean when we hit on the image what shud i do to display text instead of image....hit on the image in the site and it will display an image.[URL]...


HTC Droid Eris :: Embedded Images In Gmail In 2.1? androidforums.com

Trying to get to the bottom of Android bug 2507, wherein I can only see boxes with blue question marks in lieu of embedded images in the native Gmail app (after hitting the "show pictures" button). I was able to see the images in Android 1.5, but can't now in Android 2.1.I can still see attached images, just not those embedded in the body, like an HTML newsletter from Best Buy or whatever. If you can't see embedded images, please click the star for this bug: Issue 2507 - android - Gmail doesn't display images - Project Hosting on Google Code

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How to store image and audio files in android internal storage and how to retrieve back to display image imageview.

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i want to display images on android screen.and the images should be scrolled in vertical way.how should i do the coding?

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I'm trying to write a small document managment program for my company. I need a way to open TIF images in a viewer of some sort so the image can be moved and zoomed in on, then printed.Basically it will be a DBGrid with the jobs listed, double click the job and a details form opens, click a button and it launches the TIF image from the path stored in the DB and displayed in the viewer.Any suggestions, a plugin maybe?Thanks

Android :: Use Built In Image Viewer To Display Image groups.google.com

Just wondering if its possible to use the built in image viewer to display an image sourced from a database. I'm hoping I can pass the byte[] as an extra to the ACTION_VIEW intent, but can't find any docs on it so far. Alternatively I'll have to roll my own viewer or first write the image out to a file and pass that to the intent.

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Does anyone know how to reset / change the default action/program i.e. that begins when clicking a file in astro manager.Originally I had the choice within Astro manager when choosing a jpeg to view the jpeg with astro image viewer or the default android/htc image viewer.I ticked the little box that said always use this program, but now I would like the choice of programs again.

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I want to make an image viewer using flash.....I should select a source folder and the preview of the images in that particular folder should be viewed in one portion of the image viewer... and if I select the preview of any particular image, it will be shown in the right side in some predefined size... is it possible to make such an image viewer using Flash?

ActionScript 2.0 :: Dynamic Image Viewer Made In Flash? www.kirupa.com

I want to make an image viewer using flash.....I should select a source folder and the preview of the images in that particular folder should be viewed in one portion of the image viewer... and if I select the preview of any particular image, it will be shown in the right side in some predefined size..is it possible to make such an image viewer using Flash?

Ubuntu :: Image Deletion Through Image Viewer? ubuntuforums.org

Iam looking for an Image viewer that lets me delete images through an 'delete' button/option in toolbox.. Most of the image viewers uses edit menu-->delete option,but iam looking for an direct link,clicking on which deletes the image currently open in image viewer ???

Android : How To Add A Background Image To Droid Activity stackoverflow.com

My goal is to develop a GUI application on top of a background image with buttons in specific places on the image. The first step is to display the background. The image can be displayed with resources and is described in several FAQs including this one: how-to-add-background-image-to-activity It compiles and runs without errors, but the background is black. Here is the main.xml file: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <RelativeLayout android:id="@+id/rootRL" xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android" android:orientation="vertical" android:layout_width="fill_parent" android:layout_height="fill_parent" android:background="@drawable/background"> </RelativeLayout> The image has been in png, 9.png, and jpg format with basenames of 'main' and 'background'. It builds but does not display. Making clean and recompiling does not help. This behavior occurs on both the emulator and on hardware -- an Atmel AT91SAM9M10-G45-EK. The SDK version is 2.0.1.

Android :: Image Viewer From App stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to launch an image which is written to my application directory with the builtin Android image viewer. This image has been written in a different part of the app to the app directory. When getting the following file: CODE:............ How can i launch the builtin Android image viewer to view this file? Currently i'm doing: CODE:............ And it keeps churning out: CODE:............. Irrespective of what i change the uri schema to ( eg, content://, file://, media://, image:// ).

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I have gridview and below that I m having previous, Next and Image Viewer.When I click on previous and Next, the image is getting displayed in a right way. When I select on the particular row, it is also working fine.Now, I m doing paging, If I click on Paging, The first row in the 2nd page is getting highlighted, the correct Image is getting in code behind, but the update panel is not working and the same old image is displaying..May I know, why the update panel is not working for that event.

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I am writing an Android app that includes an ImageView.The image to be included in the view resides on the local app directory of the emulator.The image is not being displayed in the view.The relavent XML and method used to display the image are given below.The image file is a "png" format file and is able to be opened from the local app directory. The path returned by getFilesDir() includes the full path, "/data/data/net.vitalrecord.android/files." This path designation does not exist on the development system but does exists when DDMS File Explorer is used.

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I want to display an image from an url with an Webview at Android. With Android phones with Version 1.5 and 1.6 there is no problem. but the same pic and the same code on an AndroidPhone with Version 2.0 and the pic is totaly pixelated. Like Android is resizing the image first to a smaller one and then resizing it back to "normal" size. Unfortunately its important to display the pic without any quality loss. I tried to integrate it in the sourcefolder to show it as an normal image, but at Android 2.0 i get an exception because the image is to big. (At Android 1.6 there is no problem) Any ideas how i can display the image without quality loss with Android 2.0 ?

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Hello, I have a recordset from an access database and I view each record using buttons like << < > >> . Each record must have a connection to one or more images. My pourpose is to create a image viewer for each record and view the images in thumbnails or in a small size. I also want to click the image and display a form with the image in a bigger size.Where I can find examples for this?Can you help me please?Thank you very much!

Image Viewer With Thumbnails www.codeguru.com

Hello, I have a recordset from an access database and I view each record using buttons like << < > >> . Each record must have a connection to one or more images. My pourpose is to create a image viewer for each record and view the images in thumbnails or in a small size. I also want to click the image and display a form with the image in a bigger size.Where I can find examples for this?Can you help me please?Thank you very much!

Shrink Pic In Image Control Not Very Clear www.vbforums.com

I'm using an IMAGE control to display a JPG.I am shrinking it down a bit - setting the .Stretch=True and setting the .Height and .Width proportionally.But the result is not a clear image.I'm comparing that to what the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer is showing for an image of the same size.Is the image control just poor at doing image re-sizing?Is there a better method for this???

Android :: Many Image Files In Res / Drawable - Access In Droid? stackoverflow.com

I have to make a dedicated image viewer app for Android 2.x. There are too many jpeg image files: about 2000~ jpegs, over 100MB. I want access the image files with their file names, but I couldn't find such an example. By the way, is it okay to put many image files in /res/drawable folder? I heard that the android application cannot be installed on sdcard and the program repository is very small so 100MB app cannot be installed generally. I found some examples which download the large data files on sdcard online, but I cannot run a web server to host the data files, and I must upload the fully packaged program on Android Market. (Should I build one apk file?) What are the best practices for managing too many resource images (or something) in Android?

Android :: Capture Image From Camera Application In Programming? stackoverflow.com

I am trying to implement Camera application in android,and i got some code from net to create a Live Camera through WebCam.Upto this no problem.Now i have to capture the images when click the button, and i displayed the captured images in the Dialog window.Without any exception the program is running but the captured image is not displayed,some default image is displayed. My code is. CODE:......... I have no idea from where this default image is coming.

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I would like to make a panarama viewer that scrolls the image left on mouse wheel up and right on mouse wheel down.my image instance is bg_mc

Open Image In Default Image Viewer Using Program? stackoverflow.com

Execute the default image viewer when i pass the path of the image.

Flash CS 4 And Dreamwaver 2004? forums.adobe.com

[code].... 3.Image Viewer;When the image viewer is opened the image viewer window opens.When images are loaded into the viewer and captions are added they appear to work in Dreamweaver but they dont move in sequence when the buttons are clicked.In browsers the captions dont appear.� If the window is closed and reopened all of the images have disappeared and just the image viewer returns.The response I got from an inquiry to Adobe was; The version of Dreamweaver has been discontinued and is no longer supported via phone or web cases. We only support versions CS3 andCS4 via telephone or web. have interoperability between these two programs?

ActionScript 3.0 :: Gradually Showing Images From An External Swf? www.actionscript.org

Im trying to load an external swf(a gallery of images) and I want the images to show up on the website as they load so for example if the swf is 10% loaded, it should have loaded a few images but they dont show up unitl the external swf is 100% loaded So instead of the viewer having to wait until the external swf is 100% loaded, I want the viewer to be able to see the images of the external swf as they load. My external swf has images on frames 1 15 or so..

Samsung Galaxy S :: Display Images Only In Gallery? androidforums.com

How can I make it so that only the images are displayed when I go to 'Galllery' on my Galaxy S? It currently displays all music as well as all images. Failing that, is there a good image viewer available?

Android :: Launch Intent Viewer To Display Image From Url stackoverflow.com

I have the url of an image. What i need to do is launch the default image viewer for images using an intent. But it doesn't work. If I do not specify the type of data, the intent launches the browser since the data is a url. It works basically (since you can see the image on the browser) but what I would like is to have the gallery display the image for me.I can also download the image into a Bitmap but I would still not know how to display the Bitmap using the gallery (if that's even possible).I tried saving the bitmap to the cache and then launch the viewer on that file but it doesn't work. Can you spot any mistakes on my code? (The Utilities class is a class i wrote.

ActionScript 2.0 :: Displaying Images In A List Component? www.kirupa.com

I am trying to create a thumbnail viewer using a list component. I used list.cellRenderer to display a test image and it displays that image about 50 times vertically down the list component. how to use this component with images?