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I'd like to show a png in the built-in image viewer. Code...

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i have a website which has a <IMG> and/or <asp:Image> in it. The user has an option to upload an image. so if the user does upload an image it will be displayed in the stated controls above. but if they don't the control displays its alternative text or an "x" icon. can i just place a default image in it if there is no image reference to it to display?

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Regarding a previous post of mine: jquery-cycle-plugin-24-12-2010 I seem to have a problem using the Malsup Image Cycle where the images suddenly appear shrunken. It appears to only affect me when using ASP.NET with site.master pages the problem doesn't occur every time just occassionally. I tried recreating the glitch outside of ASP.NET (simply using HTML, CSS etc......) but it worked fine. I will soon try and recreate the problem in a sample ASP.NET project and post the code on this thread as soon as it's ready. [Code]...

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With PHP, how can I test that an uploaded file is a valid gif, jpg, or png image?

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i am trying create my own graphics file format, and i want to capture the image from one image box to another and i am hoping my file will hold the rgb value for each pixel, but when i try and caputure each pixel its very sloooow, how do i display images from a list of rgb value as quickly as any image editing program displays them

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hello,can anybody suggest on how to make multiple copies of a bmp or a gif image.cheers.Dinesh.

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Hey guys.I have one app. with a simple image control (stretch set to TRUE)and whenever a picture loads into it the picture really looks horribleit has horizontal bands of pixels from various parts of the image throughout it.The original pics are about 600 x 400the image control is about 280 x 150I don't know the reason and it's never happened in another program beforeSo, I put a command button with :Image1.refreshas its codebut this only makes a new image in the image control, also with the horizontal lines through it.What's happening here?The rest of the form looks fine and when I set the stretch property to false, the original size image looks fine too.Anybody had this problem?ThanksWengang

Display Image URL With Session String? stackoverflow.com

I cannot display images in my application when I have the session string in the URL. This works: http://server/application/image.png This doesn't: http://server/application/(S(ane2sz55z15ra045gocejcq1))/image.png It worked fine when it was running in Windows XP, but now I have moved it to Windows Server 2008 instead. The same happens with CSS and JS files.

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I am trying to display images in a datalist. I derive the list of images as follows have a drodown list which contains the possible filders. The user selects the folder and clicks a button to display the images. On the button click I get the contents of the folder using getfileinfo|(0 and add the details to a datatable. I create a field in the table that contains the path and the imagename (fieldname imagePath) To display the image <asp:Image ID="Image1" runat="server" ImageUrl='<%#Eval("Imagepath")%>' [Code]....

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this is my aspx page code : <a runat="server" id="hlkmail"><img src="../images/send_mail_icon.jpg" alt="" /></a> <a runat="server" id="hlkgallery"><img src="../images/galleryl_icon.jpg" alt="" /></a> this is code behind (aspx.vb) : hlkmail.HRef = "sndmail.aspx?Clientname=" & clientName hlkgallery.HRef = "pgallery.aspx?Clientname=" & clientName above code shows fixed images. i want to display image dynamiccally depending upon the db value. i have a stored proc that returns hasmail ='true/false' and hasgallery='true/false' from database. if true i want to display send_mail_icon.jpg else send_mail_icon_watermark.jpg and gallery_icon else gallery_icon_watermark.jpg. i want to do this in code behind using if loop.

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We're using a fade image slideshow from : [URL]. On our webpage: [URL]. It works perfectly in Firefox, Chrome and Safari. However in I.E. ( were using v.9) it shows no images at all, just a blank space. The code is exactly the same as the page on javascriptkit yet his images fade as they should ours do not show at all.

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i am working on a website that will display projects and many images for each project.i want to make an interface for the website admin to login and add new projects and images for each project.i was wondering whats the best way to store the images in the mysql database and assign them to a project an then display the project with a slideshow next to it that shows all images for this specific project.i decided to make 2 tables, one for projects (projID projName and projDesc) and the other for images (imgID imgName projID)in the imgName field i will store the image name, and in the php code i will display the path which is always the same and get the image name from the database.

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i have worked my way through storing images in directory and storing the location in mySQL db. Now i was trying to make a Image gallery for just that particular user who had uploaded those images. i am having problem with that. Code: [Select]<?php session_start(); $username = $_SESSION['UserName'] ; echo "Username : ".$username."<br/><br/>"; $user=$username;//storing session in another variable include('dbconnect.php');//Conncetion to Database [Code]...

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Im trying to build on a script that I found on the internet and modified to my needs.urrently there are three images on the left, which, when clicked, change the image on the right depending on which of the left images was clicked.Simply, when you click the whisky link on the left you see a bottle of wiskey on the right. Here is my script: Code: <SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript"> function switchImg(i){ [code]....

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I am creating an image file on the fly and saving it on the harddrive. I display the saved file on the page through an Image control during the page_load event. The code is shown below: Dim ms As System.IO.MemoryStream = New System.IO.MemoryStream(byteValue) Dim img As System.Drawing.Image img = img.FromStream(ms) img.Save(Server.MapPath(filePath)) Image1.ImageUrl = Server.MapPath(filePath) The above code works fine and it displays the image on the page. I want to delete this image file from the hard drive, once it is displayed. I wrote the following code to do so: Protected Overrides Sub OnUnload(ByVal e As System.EventArgs) MyBase.OnUnload(e) Dim file As FileInfo = New FileInfo(Server.MapPath(filePath)) If (file.Exists) Then file.Delete() End If End Sub I was under the impression that the above code will be executed only when the page is unloading. However, it is executed immediately when the Page_Load is executed, and hence the image is never displayed. how to display the image and then delete the image file from the harddrive once it is displayed?

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I tired to create a parameterized report in Report Builder 2.0 with parameters having multiple values fetched from the database. I really liked that feature, which allows me to select the desired records from the dropdown. I uploaded the report in SSRS 2008 and I could view the reports with parameters from the Report Manager of Report server. But when the report is called through the Report Viewer, I didn't get any of the parameters displayed inside the report viewer. The only way I could found is to manually give the dropdowns in the web page and sent that values to report by setting its parameter. But at here I cannot multi-select the values. So I would like to get the exact functionality given through the report manager in the report viewer. get the report parameters in the Report Viewer of ASP.NET?

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ead image file and write in to word document file using php. Actually i am developing shopping cart site. for that i have created barcode image. i need to take print outs. for example if i click print means same barcode should be generate 64 times in word document. how i do it? [cod]...........

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I have navigation and many link on my webproject from html action links. They are ugly with underline. I would like to insert some image with name or play with styles of action link.Is it possible? How to do that?

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I want to extract all images link to so I can utilize all images freely. how to do in asp.net c# <div> <img src="/upload/Tom_Cruise-242x300.jpg" alt="Tom_Cruise-242x300.jpg" align="left" border="0" height="300" width="242"> sample text sample text sample text sample text <img src="http://www.sharicons.com/images/rss_icon.jpg" alt="Icon" align="left" border="0" height="100" width="100"> sample text sample text sample text sample text sample text sample text sample text sample text</div>

Transfer Images From MsSql To MySql social.msdn.microsoft.com

I have been working with a MySql 2005 database and a MySql database. I am using a MySql database in my C# application, and the MySql database is on-line. My application is generating queries and with those pieces of information I am updating the on-line data base. It is working for €œtext€? information but I need to add some images, too. I see two possibilities: 1. I can either use an binary or image field in my MySql database and send this information on-line (but I don€™t know if the fields are compatible MsSql - MySql) 2. Or I can produce a folder with the images and upload that folder, in this case I have the path information in my databases. Can you give me other possible suggestions about how to solve this problem?

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i have 2 questions if u go here Mail and view the source can anyone work out the "click" code from the source for the sign in button ive tried everything and just cant find it and get it to work. im using yahoo mail as a way to just work it out its not actually for yahoo but if i knew that it would make my other project alot easiersecond questionhow can i automatically get the image source link from say this page linkthats not the page im trying to figure it out for but the other site is a private site u need to sign up register and pay but it uses a verification word just like yahoo msn and alot of sites do. basically why i want to be able to grab the image link and show the image in say a pic box is cause im making a quick login tool for the site ill still see it in a webbrowser control but it saves me typing every lil thing in this way ill just need to type the image word into a textbox and hit submit type thing. anyone got any ideas for these 2 questions?

Click A Command Button To Make Images Come Up www.vbforums.com

Hi. When it comes to VB i am not all that great. I have a code request (vb 6.0)I want to make it so that when you click a command button (price of the product), it allows you to click on another command button (product) and then the image of the product you clicked on loads. Thankyou!

How To Make The Back Of An Image In A Command Button As Transparent www.xtremevbtalk.com

I got several images as .GIF and .ICOnow when i set the .GIF image to the command button.... its transparent background becomes a black background.The ICO image has a transparent background... but it is saved as 21 x 21... but the command button sizes it up to about 32 x 32 or biggerwhat can i do to make these images transparent? Its not nice at all to have a button have all the image painted, and no transparent background at all!

Make A Image Visible By Clicking In A Command Button On A Different Form?- Resolved www.vbforums.com

Hi, i wonder if anybody can help me.My Problem is as follows: I have two forms. On the 1st form is a hidden image and on the second form is a command button. I want the image to become visible on the 1st form when i click the command button on the 2nd Form. Is this possible? i know the code is simple if the image and command button where on the same form. i would put the code Image1.Visible = True in the Command button Click event. but when i do this with the image and command on seperate forms the program throws up an error! Do i have to connect the two things through a module? if so what would the code be?Thank for your help!

Read And Write Images And Video? stackoverflow.com

I am creating a downloadable zip file. In that zip, I want to add php, html, and images and videos. All of them are in other folders. I can read and write php and html files from other files/folders. But I don't know how to read and write (or move from one folder to anther folder) images and videos.

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I have inserted a picture inside a command button. The caption of button is "OK". The picture (icon or gif file) appears on top and the caption appears below in command button.I need to have the picture on left side inside button and caption should be displayed on right side. How can i do that?Thanx in advance !!!

PHP Write Image To File? forums.devshed.com

Is there a way to create a PHP script to generate an image (or merge an existing image with data values on top of image) and then write that same image to a directory? I have a script that creates an image with some database values showing for forums signatures. Some forums do not allow PHP scripts in signature bbcode so I would like to be able to "write" this image (renamed of course) to a directory on my website. This way users can still use the image in their signatures but it is a static image with the data embeded on the image. Code:

Write Image To Word Doc File www.webmasterworld.com

I have got my website to produce a report based on a recordset and write it too a .doc file. I would also like images of products based on the recordset to be added to the .doc file too - is this possible please? If so, how!?

Write Image File Larger Than 4096? stackoverflow.com

i am using ODBC and found that can not read more than 4096 for a field am reading an image from db $image=$row["image-contents"]; $image_name="test.jpg"; $file = fopen( "images/".$image_name, "w" ); fwrite( $file, $image); fclose( $file ); The problem is that the file created is only 4096 bytes and the image file is corrupt because $image is larger than 4096.I now that fwrite use blocks for write but i dont know how do it.

Adding Image To A Menu-item Thro Menu Editor www.vbforums.com

Hello,Is it possible to add an image to menu-item thro Menu Editor in VB 6.0?Thanks

Adding Bitmap Images To Explorer Menu (sub-menu) www.vbforums.com

Hi, I'm using the code from MathImagics to add my application to the explorer right-click menu. The problem is that I can not add different bitmap images to the sub-menu. For some reason I can only add the same image to the sub-menu options and the main menu item.This is the code of the main menu with the code to add a bitmap image. The bitmap image is stored in a resource fileVB Code:Const Optiontext = "My Menu"   ' menu item caption      Dim MenuItem As MENUITEMINFO   With MenuItem      .cbSize = Len(MenuItem)      .dwTypeData = Optiontext & Chr(0)      .fMask = MIIM_FTYPE Or MIIM_STRING Or MIIM_ID Or MIIM_SUBMENU      .fType = MFT_STRING      .wID = idCmdFirst      .cch = Len(.dwTypeData) - 1      .hSubMenu = CreateSubmenu(idCmdFirst)            ' 5. (Optional) show a bitmap image next to my option text (like WinZip)      '    if we do create bitmap handles, cMenu_Terminate should destroy them            Const LR_DEFAULTSIZE = &H40      .fMask = .fMask Or MIIM_CHECKMARKS      If hMyBitmapImage = 0 Then         hMyBitmapImage = LoadImage(App.hInstance, 101, 0&, 0&, 0&, LR_DEFAULTSIZE) '101 is the image number in the resource file         End If      .hbmpUnchecked = hMyBitmapImage      End With   '   ' Insert the menu option, and tell Explorer that we added one item   '     (separators do not get counted, only real options)   '      menuPos = menuPos + 1   InsertMenuItem hMenu, menuPos, 1&, MenuItem Below is the code I have for the sub-menu. I assume that if I have a second bitmap image in the recource file with number "102" and also change that number in the code, then the new bitmap image should show in the sub-menu. This works, only there is a side-effect. If I use image "102" for the sub-menu, then the image of the main menu item gets changed to image "102" as well.VB Code:Private Function CreateSubmenu(ByVal idCmdFirst As Long) As Long   '   ' demonstrate Submenu insertion   '   Const LR_DEFAULTSIZE = &H40   Dim SubItem As MENUITEMINFO      hMySubmenu = CreatePopupMenu() ' save handle of submenu (cMenu_Terminate should release it)       With SubItem         .cbSize = Len(SubItem)         .dwTypeData = "My Sub-Menu"         .fMask = MIIM_FTYPE Or MIIM_STRING Or MIIM_ID         .wID = idCmdFirst + 4 - m         .fType = MFT_STRING         .cch = Len(.dwTypeData) - 1              'Code for adding bitmap image to the sub-menu. If I change the bitmap number to 102, then the sub-menu      'gets the new image, but the image of the main menu item gets changed to image 102 as well.      Const LR_DEFAULTSIZE = &H40      .fMask = .fMask Or MIIM_CHECKMARKS      If hMyBitmapImage = 0 Then         hMyBitmapImage = LoadImage(App.hInstance, 102, 0&, 0&, 0&, LR_DEFAULTSIZE)          End If      .hbmpUnchecked = hMyBitmapImage      End With             InsertMenuItem hMySubmenu, n, 1&, SubItem            '----------------------------------------------------------------          CreateSubmenu = hMySubmenu   End Function Does somebody know how to show different images for the main menu and the sub-menu options?

Link Part Of An Image forums.devshed.com

i have an image with text on it, and I want to know how to make just a section of an image a link.

Can I Embedd A Link Into An Image With CS2/Image Ready? www.photoshopforums.com

I've heard a rumor that I can select an area of an image and make it into a link. I've tried to to select an area with the marquee tool and then I click on the little orange feather in the lower right of the tool box. I've tried to paste my desired URL into the web link field but I can never get it to work. Can this really be done? How does an image with a link get saved? Jpeg?

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I'm using image control in my application, how can i make hyperlink on my image control ? when i go the mouseover.

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HiI need to write a very simple and small program in visual basic 6, in which a .gif image should be loaded by clicking a commandbutton. How to do that? Can anyone write the code for me, please? help me

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How can i put an image in command button.

HTC Hero :: Album / People And Facebook Images androidforums.com

I'm finding that the Albums and People apps don't make every Facebook contact's images available to view, displaying the message "The user has no albums to display". I can see their photos when I'm using FB in a web browser, though.

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I downloaded ROM manager from the android market and it overrode amon's recovery image. Any idea how I can get this recovery image of my phone and amon's back on thanks.

Samsung EPIC 4G :: Facebook Contacts / Image Quality androidforums.com

This is for anyone who links their facebook contacts with phone contacts.I set this up yesterday and it works great the problem i have is when i get an incoming call there picture pops up but the image quality is so horrible you can't even tell what it is. I am used to my Hero showing a really good version of there facebook pic. does anyone know how to fix this. i want to use the facebook pics for my contacts but they just look horrible.

Android :: Web View - How To Click Web Link And Display In WebView App groups.google.com

I am trying to add a webview in my app to display a web page. However, every time I click link on the web page, Browser will be launched to display content in that link. I understand it is something about intent but I am still wondering is there any simpler method to ask webview to display link content within its View ?

Dynamically Loading Images From A JSON Feed Into Individual Movie Clips forums.adobe.com

I'm dynamically loading images from a JSON feed into individual movie clips and then adding the clips to the stage(both by addChild)--basically creating thumb tiles. I've added a click handler to do something when the MC is clicked. WHAT'S MY PROBLEM: The problem I have is that the MC is clickable, but the content is not. For instance, the clip has a white box in it, and the loaded image is made slightly smaller and centered to give a white border around the pic. An empty clip loaded to the stage works fine, and the white border around the image is clickable, but the image is not.

Image Hosting Website www.webhostingtalk.com

I have started a new image hosting website and currently i alloted 7 GB Disk Space and 30GB BW. I know it will not be enough after the site get famous. So which host i can go for to be in a safer side with my image hosting website?

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I've created an app which uploads pictures onto facebook, works 100% But now im trying to work out how to upload images to Twitter, Does anyone know if this is possible through flash? and if so can someone point me in the right direction?

Hosting The Images For My Website On Photobucket www.sitepoint.com

I use 34SP to host my website, and the package which I use allows me 2000MB of traffic a month. If every image that I use on my website (including the logo and background image) is hosted on photobucket instead of by the 34SP server, does this mean that the data received from photobucket won't count against my monthly traffic allowance? And is this a reliable way of doing things? I guess it's less reliable than having all the images on the same server, but how often is this likely to go wrong?

VS 2005 How To Prevent Window.onbeforeunload Not To Trigger On Clicking Image www.vbforums.com

the image i was taking about is associated with a collapsible div. so everytime i click that image a div will be expanded(and vice-versa) and will show some contents. now what happens is whenever i click the image it triggers window.onbeforeunload whereas i have a code there that will ask the user if he/she wants to exit the page. well naturally its not right. how can i prevent that to happen?

Windows Hosting That Allows File/Image Write Through Script www.sitepoint.com

I have a website built with asp .Net with MS SQL database. The website have some pages that uploads images and files in some folders. I have tried GoDaddy shared Windows hosting. But they don't seem to allow file upload using a script. Then I tried GoDaddy Virtual Dedicated. The tech guy told me MS SQL would be part of the hosting. Later I find he lied, there is no MS SQL as part of it. I am trying to find an affordable hosting that has MS SQL and also allows file upload using script.

Configuration :: Localhost Doesn't Recognize Images - Css But Shows Html Content forums.asp.net

on a server, I am trying to deploy a website.  Originally, the page styles did not work and the some of the .gif and .jpg images didnt show up.  I fixed the css problem by adding a http handler mapping through IIS.  I tried the same thing to get the images to work but that didn't fix the problem.  If the website was fully deployed im pretty sure the images would work so I dont want to change their paths (same with css). The handler mapping i added for css was for "*.css" of type system.web.staticfilehandler. This is the same type i tried for .jpg and .gif.  I don't know specifically the purpose of system.web.staticfilehandler because msdn info is very short.

Image Sharing Host www.webhostingtalk.com

i have a forum site which is running on a vps 45gb space and 2000gb put i would like to offer my members a means to upload images small files max 5-10mb just with in the site but i would like to use a totally new server are there any shared host that will allow this has i will use a scrpit has well on it

Advantages Of Using A Separate Host For Images www.sitepoint.com

I'm starting to see this, or maybe it's always existed, but it seems like bigger sites are hosting their images on external servers. I've even seen some sites use Flickr as the host for all of their images. I guess for Flickr that means you have a guarenteed image CMS, but I really don't see that as why Flickr was created. I'm sure there are bandwidth advantages, and maybe that's the main reason. Is there a point where the traffic gets so high that moving images off site would improve load times and sever loads? Is it a worthwhile endeavor for smaller sites? I'm curious to see what the thoughts are on this trend.

How To Get Full Path Of Image forums.asp.net

i m using  this code for getting path of image  System.IO.Path.GetFullPath( fileupload.PostedFile.FileName).ToString(); but this code give me false path.

Web Forms :: How To Get Full Path Of File Or Image Selected From Desktop forums.asp.net

I am trying to select one image file from desktop with file upload control. but i am not able to get the full path of the image if it is selected from desktop. i am getting full path if  the file is selected from any other place but its showing error for the desktop.

MVC2 Application With Forms Authentication Is Blocking Access Even To Images - Styles And Scripts stackoverflow.com

I'm developing a MVC2 application and using Forms Authentication on it. The scripts, images and styles are all blocked to unlogged users and, consequently, the login page looks awful. It works well local, the problem is when I publish to the server. Does anyone has any idea WHY? The server IIS is version 7.5 <configuration> <system.web> <globalization culture="pt-BR" uiCulture="pt-BR" /> <httpRuntime requestValidationMode="2.0"/> <customErrors mode="Off" /> <compilation debug="true" targetFramework="4.0"> <assemblies> <add assembly="System.Web.Abstractions, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31BF3856AD364E35" /> <add assembly="System.Web.Routing, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31BF3856AD364E35" /> <add assembly="System.Web.Mvc, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31BF3856AD364E35" /> </assemblies> </compilation> <pages> <namespaces> <add namespace="System.Web.Mvc" /> <add namespace="System.Web.Mvc.Ajax" /> <add namespace="System.Web.Mvc.Html" /> <add namespace="System.Web.Routing" /> <add namespace="Admin.Models" /> </namespaces> </pages> <authentication mode="Forms"> <forms name="AGAuth" loginUrl="~/Home/Login" timeout="120" /> </authentication> </system.web> <system.webServer> <validation validateIntegratedModeConfiguration="false"/> <modules runAllManagedModulesForAllRequests="true"/> </system.webServer> <runtime> <assemblyBinding xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v1"> <dependentAssembly> <assemblyIdentity name="System.Web.Mvc" publicKeyToken="31bf3856ad364e35" /> <bindingRedirect oldVersion="" newVersion="" /> </dependentAssembly> </assemblyBinding> </runtime> <connectionStrings> <add name="DBContainer" connectionString="metadata=res://*/Database.DB.csdl|res://*/Database.DB.ssdl|res://*/Database.DB.msl;provider=System.Data.SqlClient;provider connection string="Data Source=thewebserver.com,5158;Initial Catalog=thedatabase;Persist Security Info=True;User ID=theuser;Password=thepassword;MultipleActiveResultSets=True"" providerName="System.Data.EntityClient" /> </connectionStrings> </configuration>

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I'm using HTTPModule to restrict everything that can download static images, everything is working fine in browsers but when I tried with a downloader it downloaded the image without caring of Response.Write() or Response.OutStream.Write(). Here is the code public void Init(System.Web.HttpApplication context) { context.BeginRequest += (new EventHandler(this.Application_BeginRequest)); } public void Dispose() [Code].... I want to show stolen image instead of orginal image. But If  I uncomment Response.Redirect() then that downloader downloads that Error.aspx..

Add Images From External Folder To Aspx Pages? forums.asp.net

I am trying to add images to my asp.net application. i didnot add the folder to my solution where my images are located.  idont want to do that. because i get those images from a folder which is created by someone else ( say designer). If i add in my solution,then he needs to change it under folder too.  its better of leaving it as a separate folder, not being part of solution. if i create html in the same folder where i have my webpages, i can see the images. but not in my aspx .  I m giving the same path for them . in both aspx and html.

Replace Multiple Different Images On One PDF Template Page With Itext (itextsharp) stackoverflow.com

We have an ASP.NET application that users use to generate certain reports. So far we had one PDF template that had one image on it, and we would just replace that image with our programatically generated one (graph). We have used code from this site for that: [URL] Problem now is that we have two different images on one PDF page, and the code from link above selects both images on one page and replaces them all at once with our generated image. how to replace multiple different images on one page with itext?

AJAX :: How To Mark The Selected Region With Color / Image forums.asp.net

Is there a way to give the selected range of a SliderControl a differrent color/image? heres an example from Telerik. [URL] As fare as I have worked with the Slider and MultiHandleSlider i dident find a way to create a slider looking like the one above (again: i need the selected range in a different color then the rest) I tryed creating a MultiHandleSlider with only one slider, but as an effect the style for the part between the sliders is not used. The normal Slider control has no option to create the wanted look So how to create a slider with marked selected rang using the ASP Toolkit?

Image Call From Sqlserver? forums.asp.net

I have the ways to call image in database. I want to use this between <img> tags.(i.e. below) <img src="images/abc.jpg">   --------->images/abc.jpg    stored in db.

Can't Insert Image Into Project forums.asp.net

I downloaded a source code of a project and inside the project there is an images folder. I wanted to add another image file to that folder and so what I did is just put the image that I want to add into the actual directory of the image file then I drag and drop the image to visual studio 2008 image folder. However when I try to refer to the image, it seems like visual studio 2008 can't find the image. When I try to view the page in the browser, it gives me the classic x mark.

Insert Image In Crystal Report stackoverflow.com

i need to set logo of company according to the title of it..so along with company title want to send image path and set the image accordingly. My motot is to set image dynamically..but not from database. Read the ideas.nd coverted image in byte[]..but i am not able to send it along with parameter...and wat parameter shall i take on report for displaying it?

Web Forms :: Uploading Image Using Insert? forums.asp.net

I'm trying to craete an upload form using the following code: [Code].... when I click the 'Add imag' button I keep getting this error:String or binary data would be truncated. The statement has been terminated.the 'Image' column in the SQL database is set to VARBINARY(250) and this exception still pops up even when I'm trying to upload a small 3kb JPG image, why is that?

Web Forms :: How To Insert 2 Markers (with Image) In Different Series forums.asp.net

i´m using Microsoft ASP.NET CHART CONTROL: [URL] how can I insert 2 markers (with image) in different series and in points with equal values. next to each other.

Image Insert Into Database - Oledb To Connect With Oracle www.vbforums.com

i am using oledb to connect with oracle from asp.net. i am inserting image into my database.i could insert large and samll image into database. but i couldn't update large image with small image. ie if i insert small image(50kb)and if i want to update small image with large image(200kb) it is not updating.it updates with null value. i don't know why.

How To Export An Image To Excel On Top Of Gridview forums.asp.net

How could we Export an image to Excel on top of a gridview, using Respone.Write

Image Source For A Submit Button? forums.asp.net

I have a plain vanilla html submit button, ( not the server control, and I don't want to make use of the server control),I want to represent this with an image that i have (.jpeg extension), so how can this be done, do I simply put an img src button within <input> and </input tags> or do I provide it as a link in the value button ( i don't know how to ), or is their some other way altogether.

Adding An Image To Website? forums.asp.net

i am new to vs2005, i creating a website when i add an image to my project and click debug everything is ok but the image does not show.

How To Create New Image With New Design bytes.com

1) I have images (.png) with transparen backgrounde,which is draw by my designer suppose name of image is Col1.png 2) I also have few images with fabric design. suppose name is fabric1.jpg/png 3) Now i want to create new image with same design as Col1.png with fabric1.jpg/png design.

Web Forms :: Pan On Image Button? forums.asp.net

I am using image button to display a map on it.My task was to zoom in,zoom out and pan. Zoomin and zoomout are done but i dont knw how to pan on image button.I got a java script for pan: <script type="text/javascript"> var imgStartLoc = null; document.onmousemove = mouseMove; document.onmouseup = mouseUp; var dragObject = null; var mouseOffset = null; function mouseCoords(ev){ if(ev.pageX || ev.pageY){ return {x:ev.pageX, y:ev.pageY}; } return { x:ev.clientX + document.body.scrollLeft - document.body.clientLeft, y:ev.clientY + document.body.scrollTop - document.body.clientTop }; } function getMouseOffset(target, ev){ ev = ev || window.event; var docPos = getPosition(target); var mousePos = mouseCoords(ev); return {x:mousePos.x - docPos.x, y:mousePos.y - docPos.y}; }   function getPosition(e){ var left = 0; var top = 0; while (e.offsetParent){ left += e.offsetLeft; top += e.offsetTop; e = e.offsetParent; } left += e.offsetLeft; top += e.offsetTop; return {x:left, y:top}; }   function mouseMove(ev) { ev = ev || window.event; var mousePos = mouseCoords(ev); if(dragObject){ dragObject.style.position = 'absolute'; dragObject.style.top = mousePos.y - mouseOffset.y; dragObject.style.left = mousePos.x - mouseOffset.x;   return false; } } function mouseUp(){ dragObject = null; } function try_abc(){ makeDraggable(document.getElementById("ibMap1")); } function makeDraggable(item){ if(!item) return; item.onmousedown = function(ev){ dragObject = this; mouseOffset = getMouseOffset(this, ev); return false; } } This code works fine if i use <img> tag instead of imagebutton.But I have to implement panning on image button only.

Forms Data Controls :: Datalist Onitemdatabound Change Image Size? forums.asp.net

I try to show three image with title through Datalist control. i got all images from database and i binded with datalist control. below is my aspx design. i need to check the image option wether it is 1 or 2. if imgoption is equals 1 then i need to Resize the im1 width to 450 and also want hide img2 and img3. is it possible to resize img through itemdatabound. [Code]....

How To Hide List-style Image For One Specific List Item stackoverflow.com

I am having an unordered list like: <ul style="list-style: square url(Images/rssIconSmall.png)"> <li><h3>All Items</h3></li> <li>Item1</li> <li>Item2</li> <li>Item3</li>

Web Forms :: Get Image Offset Position? forums.asp.net

Is there anyway in .NET to get an image offset position in the webform?Javascript can get this information from the "offsetX" and "offsetY" values but are there anyway to get the same info in .NET?Or can I use javascript to catch the info and send it to the backend? Like creating a hidden input field with the data and then read the data from the code behind?

AJAX :: Change Image With Out Page Post? forums.asp.net

my problem is that i m doing somany tasks in one timer. i want to display one by one status of tasks. through images. like process1 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx      image right sign. process2 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    image cross sign. right for work done and cross for process fail. in these processes after one process complete i want to display staus of proces work done or not. by changing the image. how can i do this.

Web Forms :: Getting Images From Custom Object? forums.asp.net

I am wondering how I am supposed to get/set/replace the ImageUrl using asp [Code].... Where it says  GetImage, I want to get the string of the url path which is stored in a List of custom objects that gets binded to the gridview...

Set An Image As Background For Tag? forums.asp.net

I am converting classic asp page to .net, the classic page had an image as the background, the image itself was only about 3 in long but would cover the whole length of the <td>  when the browser was resized.  How do i do that now ?  Below is the orig html <td width="62%" align="left" valign="top" background= "images/header2.jpg" height="58"></td>

MVC :: Set Background Image Using Css Style? forums.asp.net

Can any one solve the issue of setting background image.  using style or css class. <UI> <li> <%Html.anchor ("UsersignIn","SigIn","User" ,style ="backgroundimage("image/bird.jpeg")")%> </li> </UI> I have used the above format and try to apply class as well but it wasn't work.

Table Background Image Is Devided? forums.asp.net

i m using a table with the background image.when i add my usercontrol to that table then my image is devided.i mean when the height is incresed of that control.the new image is added in that same table.i want the same image in my control.i mean when the height of usercontrol is more then the height of image then is it possible that the height of image should also be automatically incresed rather then the new image will be added.i dont want to use scrollbars in my control.

Background Image For A Label In A Gridview? stackoverflow.com

I have a gridview, under a item template I have a table, one of the row of the table look like this <td bgcolor="White" colspan="2" style="width:100%; background-image:url(bubble1.gif);"> <asp:Panel ID="pnlHistory" runat="server" ScrollBars="Auto"> <asp:Label ID="lblHistory" runat="server" Text='<%# Server.HtmlDecode(Eval("History").ToString()) %>'></asp:Label> </asp:Panel> </td> </tr> I want to display bubble image as a background, on which my text [i.e. History (coming from database)] will be displayed.

AJAX :: How To Add Background Image To The Tab Panel forums.asp.net

We had a custom gradient image we were using on our previous version of tabs, but now that we are trying to use the tabcontrol in ajax, is there any way to apply that background image to the tab panels? 

Unable To Get A Background Image To Appear In HTML stackoverflow.com

I have the following HTML code: <div style="background-image:url(~/Images/MyImage.jpg); width:100%; height:100%"> I'm not too familiar with HTML, but form all the articles I've seen, this should work fine. If I show the image in an asp.net image control then it shows fine. However, I want to put text on top of it.

Web Forms :: Set Of Images Cannot Get Centered In DIV forums.asp.net

Set of images I am using can't be centered in the div and I need to center them but cannot. I just changed the code a moment ago to work without the div's only the mainContainer div located in the master page the new code is has follows: [Code].... All the code is inside a asp:Content control that is used to connect with the main container that itself is a div.

Checking Dimensions Of An Image? forums.asp.net

using vb.net 2005.I am reading an image using a FileStream object and wondering this: is there a way that I can check what the dimensions are of a file before I read it using the FileStream object?  the code I have now is like this:  [Code]....

JQuery :: Method Or Plugin To Load Multiple Images From An Array stackoverflow.com

I'm looking for a JQuery method or plugin to load multiple images from an array. Assume all the image paths are in a Javascript array, how can I trigger a loading event. (Gif image can be used) Load all images Alert user all images have been loaded and remove loading event. I am aware of .Load [URL] I just cant see how I can make a practical example with multiple images.

Jquery :: Images SetInterval And Mouseover? stackoverflow.com

I have a problem with a script that cycles through images. Once the mouse pointer moves over an image, i want to pause the script (InfinityLoop). As the mouse leaves the image, the script should continue. [Code]...

Give ID/Class To Generated Images? stackoverflow.com

I have 10 or so images coming in from flickr. At the moment they just come in as images with no individual ID or Class names.So I have: <img src="images/01.jpg" width="300" height="273" /> <img src="images/01.jpg" width="300" height="273" /> <img src="images/01.jpg" width="300" height="273" /> [code]....

Add A Border To The Images ? stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to make me a bookmarklet that finds all images on a web page and adds a colorful border to them. Then, by clicking on an image I'd like to attach the image path. This is what I've got so far: javascript: code: How can I add a border to the images?

JQuery :: Border Around Fisheye Images forum.jquery.com

I have a couple of images in a fisheye that I want to be displayed with some space between them. Currently, jQuery displays the images directly connected to each other: [Code]...

Jquery :: Css - Image Slider And Border Radius In Images? stackoverflow.com

[URL] when images are sliding; border-radius properity is crashes in images.I have banner rotator. And when my banners are rotating; banner's border-radius prority is crashing

Scrolling Slideshow Script - Occasional Hiccups In Images www.sitepoint.com

I made a scrolling slideshow script, the problem is that although I move my pictures 1px a time I get some occasional "hiccups" in the images while they scroll. Here's the script: <script type="text/javascript"> var i; var k; var speed=40; var status=1; var slides=new Array; var position=new Array; ..... How to make the slideshow run smoother?

Image Thumbnail Creation Program phpbuilder.com

I have a php web form that allows a usert to upload images. I want the images to be automatically scaled to 120*120. How do I do this without loss of image quality?

Build A Chrome Extension In Order To Upload Images (from Clipboard) stackoverflow.com

I wanted to write a simple chrome extension in order to substitute the following sequence of steps which i have to do very often for university: make screenshot of something edit screenshot in Paint save unnamend.png to harddrive upload unnamed.png to imageshack.us/pic-upload.de or any other website share link of image with others. I don't care which image upload service to use, i just want automize this use-case in order to save time (I already red and did a getting-started chrome extension and checked out their API, but that's it, this page: [URL] seemed useful, but i couldn't make it overwrite my systems clipboard

Curl And Resize Remote Image? stackoverflow.com

I use this script to download and resize a remote image. In the resize part something goes wrong. What is it? <?php $img[]='http://i.indiafm.com/stills/celebrities/sada/thumb1.jpg'; $img[]='http://i.indiafm.com/stills/celebrities/sada/thumb5.jpg'; foreach($img as $i){ save_image($i); if(getimagesize(basename($i))){ [Code]...

DOMPDF - Show Custom Text On Image Using Css stackoverflow.com

I am trying to show custom text on the image using dompdf <div class="image" style="font-size:25px"> <img alt="" src="image-url.jpg" /> <div class="name" style="margin-top: -575px; margin-right: 0; margin-bottom: 0; margin-left: 235px; position: absolute;"> [Code].... but when i try to open it in pdf, first it print image and after that it print the dynamic text, which i am providing.

Multidimensional Array Filtering / Put Some Images To An Other Image? stackoverflow.com

I am trying to put some images to an other image. The short code below is a sample about my trying. but the $i and $j variable is invisible. $positions = array( array('64','64','home.png','www.sdsd.vf'), array('128','640','icon-building64.png','www.sdsd232.vf') ); for($i=0; $i<700; $i+=64) for($j=0; $j<1100; $j+=64) { $out = array_filter($positions, function($position) { return ($position[0] == $j AND $position[1] == $i); }); $out = array_merge(array(),$out); I tried this but I get errors: $out = array_filter($positions, function($position,$i,$j) { return ($position[0] == $j AND $position[1] == $i); });

JQuery :: Adding Multi-tooltips On Same 360 Images? forum.jquery.com

I sourced the codes and made some changes, but I need to know a better way to add multi-tooltips on the phone image when its selected by mouse move event. I need an example of the codes that will work on 360.On the site you can look at the source-codes to see where Im going.

JQuery :: Popup Alert Comes Before My Images On My Page forum.jquery.com

jQuery,<div> That the page was finished loading? but what I see is that the popup alert comes before my images on my page..... finished loading? is this correct? I need to do something to my page when everything is done loading.. how does one do that.

Use Image Definition In SQL Query? bytes.com

i have a "for" function that create for each ip address found in the database an image button having a name="the ip address". this is the code: <?php $query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM site_status"); $number= mysql_num_rows($query); for ($i=0; $i<$number; $i++){ [Code].....

Build A Image Editor Application Where The User Can Edit Images? www.webdeveloper.com

I need to build a image editor application where the user can edit images.. I need to integrate this image editor in my Ruby on Rails project.. So does anyone knows any specific site where I can get the JS code of image editor which will be able to integrate into my project

JQuery :: Draggable Only Allowing One Image To Be Dragged stackoverflow.com

I have a page full of images, album artwork to be precise. I have added code to make it draggable and it will only allow me to drag the first image on the page. Why is this? $(document).ready(function () { $("#draggable").each(function () { $(this).draggable({ revert: function (dropped) { var dropped = dropped && dropped[0].id == "droppable"; if (!dropped); return !dropped; .....

Center An Image Without A Fixed Width? stackoverflow.com

I am trying to center images that will not have a fixed width as its a gallery with various image sizes so cannot use margin 0 auto as you need a fixed width for that. Is there a jquery solution?

Jquery :: Add A Class To The Image Closest To The Center Of The Viewport stackoverflow.com

On this page: [URL] I have a list of images and when you hover over each one it displays some info on the right, instead of triggering it on hover, how would i automatically trigger the image closest to the center of the screen so you can scroll down and the middle image will always the the selected image.

Image Upload - Dimension Restrictions www.webmasterworld.com

I have an image uploading system in place on my site but I need to put a size restriction on the uploads (I have a file size restriction but not dimensions now). I've been searching and searching but all I can find is creating thumbnails and cropping with GD, I just want somthing simple though, if the dimensions are over say 500x500 they will get an error.

Tracking Which Image In A List Of Images Is Clicked? stackoverflow.com

I have a set of images that correspond to video thumbnails. The user clicks a thumb which loads the browser. This would be simple enough, but I need to track which of the thumbs was clicked, so that I can automatically cue up the next video in sequence.My first thought was to do something like this (highly simplified example): <div class="thumbs"> <img id="vt_0" src="thumbxxx00.jpg" /> <img id="vt_1" src="thumbxxx01.jpg" /> [code]....