Android :: Display Array Of Strings In Spinner With Spinner.setAdapter


I have an xml layout file which contains a few widgets including a Spinner I want to display a list of strings in the spinner, the list is generated at runtime as a result of a function so it can not be in arrays.xml. I tried doing: CODE:........... But this crashes my application.

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How I can convert a string to a json array. start code: The problem is that .css treats snip[1] as a string but I need it to handle it as a json array. Bad: .css Good: .css

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Eg: $array= array(array(141,151,161),2,3,array(101,202,array(303,606))); output :606

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I have a .Net WCF Rest service returning Json to be consumed by an Android app. In debug, the WCF service correctly has the return value (Json) as: {"BaseLoyaltyPoints":1480,"BonusLoyaltyPoints":0,"BrandId":1414, [etc...] } Also in debug, when it returns to Notepad, the return value has changed to: {"BaseLoyaltyPoints":1480,"BonusLoyaltyPoints":0,"BrandId":1414, [etc...] } [Code]...

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I'm making a simple mvc site containing a database over the movies we have at home. When i display my movies i'd like to display "the short version" of the plot, leaving the rest to be read when you actually click on the movie to see more details about it. How can I do this? Do i write some sort of limitation in the string on the index page?

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Let say I have a string  like this Dim Mystring as String = "Dogs;cats;Dogs;apple;cars;dogs;cats" I want to only find the values that is in the string more then once....and then create a new string like Result Dim NEWstring as String = "Dogs;cats"

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I have a member site that allows the members to upload their photo to their page. In addition they have a public accessible .aspx page that I would like to have their photo displayed on. Using the www.mysite.com/webpage.aspx?MemberID=johnsmith method to call the photo associated with the memberID, how do I call the photo in my page? My member's photos are saved in a folder and NOT in a database. Each of the member's photos are automatically saved with a filename that is their "MemberID".png.

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as this coce display the value in doller($)  e.Row.Cells[3].Text = TotalUnitPrice.ToString("c"); Result $13,234 I want to show it in indian Rupee like 13,234 Rs  with same separator position

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I cannot display images in my application when I have the session string in the URL. This works: http://server/application/image.png This doesn't: http://server/application/(S(ane2sz55z15ra045gocejcq1))/image.png It worked fine when it was running in Windows XP, but now I have moved it to Windows Server 2008 instead. The same happens with CSS and JS files.

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i want to display vowels and consonants in a given string. i have taken a txtbox and btn if the btn is pressed it has to show vowels and consonants separately.

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I have a ASP gridview control. I have a ASP label control in the item template column. I bind data to the grid using - <ItemTemplate> <asp:Label ID="lblDesc" runat="server" Text='<%# Eval("Description") %>'></asp:Label> </ItemTemplate> But, the value of this string can be upto 80 characters. But, I cannot afford to have the column length to be so high. And, there are limitations so I cannot use Wrap="true" and limit the column width. So, I figured the solution could be to display only about 50 characters in the grid and display the entire string as a tool tip. I managed to do this by using this - <ItemTemplate> <asp:Label ID="lblDesc" runat="server" Text='<%# Eval("Description").ToString().Substring(0,50) %>' ToolTip='<%# Eval("Description") %>'></asp:Label> </ItemTemplate> This displays the first 50 characters of the string in the grid column. And, the complete string is displayed as a tool tip when the mouse pointer hovers over the text. But, the problem arises when the string length is less than 50 characters. In this case, an exception is thrown. I tried modifying this piece of code to allow conditional display by checking for the string length. But, I could not get this to work. Is there a way to fix this problem? Can we call a javascript function within Eval() ?

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<% if (this._arr_design.Count > 0) { %> <% foreach (Ameronix.Teeone.Models.Design obj_design in this._arr_design) { %> <tr> <td style="width: 254px; height: 27px;"><%= obj_design.name_design.ToString() %> <div class="thumbnails"> <% foreach (System.Collections.Generic.KeyValuePair<int, Ameronix.Teeone.Models.DesignSection> kvp in obj_design.arr_design_section) { %> <div class="thumbnail"><a href="/snapshots/processed/designs/<%= obj_design.id_design %>_<%= kvp.Value.id_design_section %>.jpg" rel="lightbox"><img src="../resources/get_image.aspx?src=/snapshots/processed/designs/<%= obj_design.id_design%>_<%= kvp.Value.id_design_section %>.jpg&width=50&height=50" /></a></div> C# Code................... This code is used to display the snapshots of processed images on the page, but the first images is displayed in the place of second one as well.Not able to sort it ..These images r stored in the SQL table.There is a repeat of image.

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I need to accomplish a simple task like this: 1. Assigning text of a few lables to corresponding variables. 2. Taking/posting these variables to server and process them. 3. Print the outcome in a message. An example would be:  Take lable1 as variable x. Take lable2 as  variable y.  then process  as z=x+y. and print z on the page.

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i have made a simple chat class but for displaying the msg i use a textbox but by ajax and page post back the scroll bar moves up and its very unprofessional so i need a way to set my returning function string to be displayed in div with scroll bar

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How can I sort a array like this by its keys, from the smaller resolution to the larger one: $sizes = array( '120x120' => 'large', '60x60' => 'small', '200x200' => 'very large', '90x90' => 'medium', [Code]...

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I need to encrypt String & send to sever which is in php. Below you will find encryption code and function to encrypt it. [CODE....] I tried out some classes in android but did not work at all. the functions or classes in android which support this functionality?

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I'd like to receive an image from an array, sequentially, after I click a button. So when I first click on a button an image (Axajafied) will appear on my page. When I hit the button again I'd like the next image in the array to appear, and so on. I have the javascript / Ajax part working correctly. However my PHP code (where the request is received) is where I need to implement this. Currently I have a technique where I shuffle the array and choose the last element of the array. See attached code. [Code]...

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i have a multi-dimensional array like this: Array ( [5432980] => Array ( [0] => 223 [Code].... i know that i need to use two foreach statements because is an multi-dimensional array

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I have this array: Array ( [#LFC] => 1 [#cafc] => 2 [#SkySports] => 1) How do i display it like this on a page? (preferably in value descending order as below): #cafc (2), #LFC (1), #SkySports (1)

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Ok so I have a bit of code. echo "<span class='sortstyle'><strong>Average rating:</strong> "; while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) { [code]... When I try it this way it displays a zero but if I change the second to a rating1 it displays correctly but it shows the same values as the first.How can I get this to work right?What I want it to do is each area displays the rating percentage based on the sql information.

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When you click a link in the Android browser, the target link area gets highlighted with an orange box by default. A longpress then opens up the context menu for link handling (copy, paste, new window, etc). Is there a way to disable either / both of these in webview? I'm using the highlight code in scriptaculous and the default android link styling is being laid over top of the effect.

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I have written a program that uses an array of the english alphabet and Morse code. I also built a form with a input box for the alphabetic information and an output box with the Morse Code. What i am trying to do is basically type a word like "Hi" in the input box and produce the Morse Code equivalent in the Morse Code output box. [Code] This works but only one letter at a time. Do i need to Parse the string of characters one at a time, and then run it through a loop like i have created?

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I really don't understand why this won't work? I've made a test which sends some POST data to a script on my page which works fine.[code]

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I get following Error when trying to pass variables via URLRequestMethod.POST; Error: Error #2101: The String passed to URLVariables.decode() must be a URL-encoded query string containing name/value pairs. Is there a method for string URL Encoding?

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I'm trying to build a web page where the user can send the contents of the web page to someone of their choosing.  The email body is html scraped from the website.  I have it working, but the the problem is that the image src is relative  <img src="/images/filename.jpg"> and I need to make it absolute.  What function is the best for me to use on the string that contains my html to make file path absolute in the method I'm trying to create?  I tried the following, but am getting error "too many characters in character literal" reformattedContent.Replace('src="/images/', 'src="http://' + domain + '/images/');

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I want to write an array into a php session variable, is this possible?

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I'd like to reorganize the third, fourth, fifth and sixth, as well as any elements thereafter in an array in random order: var a = new Array('first','second','third','fourth','fifth','s ixth','etc') In other words, the first, second and third element should remain in position 0, 1 and 2, while the fourth, fifth and sixth, etc. should appear in random order.

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i'm a newbie in programming and in php too and i was wondering if anyone can help me with my array problem. i have two set of array, example: $name = array("peter","peter","joe"); $cars = array("ford", "gmc", "mercy"); and i would like to merge them into a multidimensional array like this $merge = array(array($name[0], $cars[0]),array($name[1], $cars[1]),array($name[2], $cars[2])); now, i would like keep the structure as above but i would like to do it with a native array function or foreach function. i've tried array_merge and array_combine but it didn't turn out as i expected. i've tried $arr3 = $name + $cars; but it didn't work too

Split Array Into Smaller Even Arrays? stackoverflow.com

I have a function that is supposed to split my array into smaller, evenly distributed arrays, however it seems to be duplicating my data along the way. Here's the original array: Array ( [0] => stdClass Object ( [bid] => 42 [Code].... ^^ As you can see there are duplicates from the original array in the newly created smaller arrays. I thought I could remove the duplicates using a multi-dimensional remove duplicate function but that didn't work. I'm guessing my problem is in the array_split function.

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if i have an array like this Code: Array ( [customers] => Private [tariffarray] => Array ( [Code].... to the top (position 0)...something like $myarray ['tariffarray'][0]

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How can I eliminate duplicate in an array using PHP, array looks like below [1] => Array ( [name] => Dean [s_id] => 1 [surname] => [id_nr] => 84934568321 [code]....

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i need help to rearrange a multidimensional array. I have an array like this:> Array (      [1] => Array         (             [dep_airport] => ACE             [arr_airport] => BHX         )       [2] => Array         (             [dep_airport] => ACE             [arr_airport] => LGW         ) Now i want to sort this array into a new array so that, if a dep_airport has the same value - list all the arr_airport as a value and dep_airport as a key like so: array(          [ACE] => Array                      (                        =>BHX[1]=>LGW )

JSON.NET Deserialize - Next JSON String - Returns Always An Empty Result stackoverflow.com

I'm strugling the whole day with the next JSON string { "0":{"link":"afbeeldingenplaatje1.jpg"}, "1":{"link":"afbeeldingenplaatje2.jpg"}, "2":{"link":"afbeeldingenplaatje3.jpg"} } How can i deserialize this? What's wrong with the next code (vb.net) Public Class DataString Private m_link As String Public Property link() As String Get [CODE]... It returns always an empty result.

C# - Parse JSON String Into DataSet? stackoverflow.com

I have to the replication.That time have to pass String as JSON {"Table1" : [ {"Name" : "MyCustomer","Description" : "cutomer","Status" : "1"}, {"Name" : "Kiraa","Description" : "My","Status" : "1",}[code]...... This is my format of JSON result. I want to convert to DataSet.I have installed JSON.NET library. I am using C#.net public bool convertJSONToDataSet(string strBusinessUnit, string strExecutiveCode, string strTableName, String jsonContent) { DataSet dataset = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<String>(jsonContent);[code]..... here this statement is wrong DataSet dataset = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<String>(jsonContent); how to covert to a JSON string to a Dataset.

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I am trying to deserialize a JSON string using VB.net and cannot seem to pull the values out of the finished List.[code]I am told "Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection."

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I want to extract all images link to so I can utilize all images freely. how to do in asp.net c# <div> <img src="/upload/Tom_Cruise-242x300.jpg" alt="Tom_Cruise-242x300.jpg" align="left" border="0" height="300" width="242"> sample text sample text sample text sample text <img src="http://www.sharicons.com/images/rss_icon.jpg" alt="Icon" align="left" border="0" height="100" width="100"> sample text sample text sample text sample text sample text sample text sample text sample text</div>

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I have text file that looks like this: 1 1 1 1 1 2 3 5 4 4 5 5 I want to read this text file into array of lines and display it.

Write Variables String To Another File www.phpfreaks.com

I have a php file called install.php and the user submits there host details, the thing is i also want to write those details to these define functions in includes/config.php with the content define('DB_HOST', 'change1'); define('DB_USER', 'change2'); define('DB_PASS', 'change3'); and overwrite change1 with host and user and pass how could this be done

Convert Array To String And Write To Csv File? www.phpfreaks.com

I am looking to write a MySQL query to a csv file. At the minute I: check for the original file, and delete it; create a new (blank) file; run the MySQL query and pass it into an array; write it to the new file; But it is missing something, as it only writes the first line from the query. my code so far is: Code: [Select]<?php //Delete Original File ... //Set variables [code]...

String Manipulation - Read The Value Assigned www.phpfreaks.com

I have a php file that looks like this <?php /* load="1" menu_item="General" menu_url="general.php" */ ?> Now my question is, I want to use that as a set of general configuration so I want to be able to read the file find for example load and read the value thats assigned to it so like something like this load="1" $should_be_loaded = read_file_and parse("load"); that would return 1; any ideas guys.

String Building www.xtremevbtalk.com

I have this dialog box with a listbox and a textbox on it. the listbox contains the fields in a database table. I have a command button which transfers a selected field to the text box.what i want to do is to build a string from the database fields and pass the string to a label on a form when i exit the dialog box. For example, I have "firstname", "mi", "lastname" as the database fields selected to form the string on the textbox. how do i build these fields into a string so that the label caption will now display "ferdz j. reyes"another question is how to make textstrings on the dialogs text box uneditable.thanks in advance.ferdz

HTC Aria :: Unable To Install Non-market Apps androidforums.com

AT&T locks its latest Android phone -- the Aria -- out of sideloading apps, too | Android Central.I thought this phone suppose to be open.

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Android:how do i retrieve the contact photo,name,number from the address book and display it using a list view

Asp.net :: JavaScriptSerializer How To Make This Json String stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to create this JSON string but having problem creating it.I'm getting System.NullReferenceException error.Here is the json string that I would like to create{"id":["1","2","3","4"]},"sid":["s1","s2","s3","s4"]}Here is the code I have so far. Imports System.Web.Services Imports System.Data Partial Class test_sidetab [code].....

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I've the following JSON string to deserialize: [{"application_id":"1","application_package":"abc"},{"application_id":"2","application_package":"xyz"}] I'm using DataContractJsonSerializer method. It is made up of array of items and I couldn't find an example using VB.Net that can deserialize this structure. I have the following Application class to store this information: <DataContract(Namespace:="")> _ Public Class ApplicationItem <DataMember(Name:="application_id")> [Code] .....

Data To Json String And Send It To A Specific URL stackoverflow.com

this is the JSON string the data is required in to be sent using a given URL.[code]I am using VB.net and i need to create this string using VB.net. I tried using namevaluecollection and doing a POST. I also tried making a string and send data using GET. Both failed. how can i do this?

Server.htmlDecode() Returning A JSON String From Database stackoverflow.com

I have created a function which essentially enables me to output anything I need from my database in a similar method to Facebook's FQL querying method as a JSON text result. I can also use the same function to get the output as a Dictionary, or List of(Dictionary) to use with VB functions for other purposes. [Code]...

How To Get / Evaluate Object From Json String stackoverflow.com

[code] please help me how to get and/or evaluate object from this json string with VB.Net.

Jquery - Serializing A .net String To A Json String? stackoverflow.com

i have the following code, please let me know where m goin' wrong.. VB For Each dr As DataRow In dvItems.Table.Rows strItems &= "'" & dr("ItemTitle") & "'," Next [code].... while debugging in firefox with firebug data is showing null...What i'm doin' here ? Edit :Autocomplete.js needs data in this format 'mouse','keyboard','led'Before i was doin' this without JSON, it was working fine.

Asp.net - Decimal.parse Fails For Currency String Created With String.Format? stackoverflow.com

I have a field that I display via: String.Format({0:c},amount) This produces the string "$28.28" However, when I try to convert back to a decimal amount, I get an incorrect format exception: amount = Decimal.Parse(amount.Text, NumberStyles.Currency) I also tried it with NumberStyles.AllowCurrencySymbol with the same results. I verified that the value in amount.Text is "$28.28". Am I missing something? Shouldn't these two operations use the same currency symbol and formats?

Make JSON String Much Faster? www.vbforums.com

I was using a JSON MAKER class to make a JSON string to send off from my webservice - it was way too slow - so I thought I would do the string manipulation right in the recordset loop - how could I go wrong - it is only 1141 records![code]...

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I have to de-serialize a JSON string, I am no expert so I give you one example: JSON String: { "myStuff": [ { [Code]....

RegEx - How To Retrieve String Variable From External Source And Parse It stackoverflow.com

Part of my project is to retrieve a string variable from an external source (google docs) and parse it. This string represents width and height. I have no problem retrieving, I just need to parse it in to two strings. The string has 4 variations. Here are examples: 3"x4" 3"hx4"w 3hx4w 3x4 The width is always the first number and the height is always the second. Sometimes, the width and height have decimal points. Any way to parse this into two strings of the numeric values only?

Double.Parse % Percent - Input String Was Not In A Correct Format forums.codeguru.com

I have a DGV with a column bound to a Double. When I enter "1%" I get: System.FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format. I then try: MsgBox(System.Double.Parse("1%")) and get essentially the same error. (same for "$") Is there a setting that will allow "$" & "%" as not only valid Double input but also do the correct adjustment for "%"?

VS 2010 Deserialize XML String? www.vbforums.com

My XML String: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?> <Category> <Item> <ItemID>0</ItemID> <ItemName> Item Name : 0</ItemName> [Code]...

ActionScript 3 :: Evaluating String From JSON As Object stackoverflow.com

I have a json object where I don't know some of the values at compile time, but I do know that all objects will be valid at runtime. So in the example below, the first trace will output "50" and I want the second trace to output "100", the value of someObject.someparam, which gets defined at runtime. var plan:Object = { "testParam": 50, "testParam2": "someObject.someParam" } var someObject:Object = {"someParam": 100}// this actually doesn't get defined until runtime trace ("testParam " + plan.testParam); trace ("testParam2 " + someSortOfInterpreter(plan.testParam2);

ActionScript 1/2 :: Error #2101: The String Passed To URLVariables.decode() Must Be A URL- Encoded Query... forums.adobe.com

Error: Error #2101: The String passed to URLVariables.decode() must be a URL-encoded query string containing name/value pairs. at Error$/throwError() at flash.net::URLVariables/decode() at flash.net::URLVariables() at flash.net::URLLoader/onComplete() [Code]...

ActionScript 3.0 :: Error #2101 The String Passed To URLVariables.decode() Must Be A URL-encoded Query... www.actionscript.org

I am trying to make a contact form. When I test the form, I get the following error message in the Output: [Code]....

ActionScript 3.0 :: Php - Error #2101: The String Passed To URLVariables.decode() Must Be A URL-encoded... www.kirupa.com

Error: Error #2101: The String passed to URLVariables.decode() must be a URL-encoded query string containing name/value pairs. [Code]... I'm not where error exactly the error happen so I post the whole thing. As far I know bottom code that relate to send_loc.php works fine, get_loc.php is having a problem. The output from get_loc.php is [Code]...

Flash :: How To Decode Utf8 String In AS3 stackoverflow.com

My AS3 Flash loads some file that is a JSON with some special characters : quelques caract\u00e8res sp\u00e9ciaux (updated) After using some str_replace('\\','\', myVar) i did get rid of the double slash, but it still won't display as an accent. is there a way to decode this string in AS3 (get back©, chars...)?

Actionscript :: Decode A Base32 Encoded String? stackoverflow.com

How do I decode a Base32 encoded string in Actionscript?

Actionscript 3 :: Flash String Encode Decode stackoverflow.com

I want to encode / decode a string in AS3: var string:String = "This is an text"; encode(string) will give for example: "yuioUasUenUwdfr" decode(encoded(string)) will give: "This is an text"; It does not have to be secure or anything.

ActionScript 3.0 :: Error: URLVariables.decode() Must Be A URL-encoded Query String www.actionscript.org

i tried to read get the variables from a asp file. the asp prints picid=2|5|6|4|1|3|&ownerid=1|1|1|1|1|1| loader.load(new URLRequest("http://localhost/gettoppic.asp?ordertype=random&pagenum=1")); and in the completed function trace (loader.data.picid) but i keep getting Error: Error #2101: The String passed to URLVariables.decode() must be a URL-encoded query string containing name/value pairs. at Error$/throwError() at flash.net::URLVariables/decode() at flash.net::URLVariables() at flash.net::URLLoader/onComplete()

Web Forms :: How To Use Html In String Variable In System.net.mail forums.asp.net

I have a task to send mail for updated values my code is below i cant able to set proper format for that [Code]....

Databases :: How To Construct An Excel File Connection String With Full Path forums.asp.net

I am trying to write a page to read the Excel file provided by the user. I know I can't use the FileUpload to get the full path of the file from the client PC. This give me the problem when I write the connection string for the Excel file: [Code].... Without the full path, I can't replace the Data Source by a variable and I definitely can't assume all users will have their Excel files named Book1.xls located in C:Doc all the time.

Security :: Avoid Copy Query String? forums.asp.net

I have a java application that send to a aspx page the user name and password in a Query String. How can I authenticate the user in this aspx web page, and how can I avoid that a user copy the link in the internet explore and acces to the page.

Define A Long String With Linebreaks? stackoverflow.com

is there a way to define a single long string with line breaks within the string definition code? my string is somethign like this: string sql = "SELECT a.bg_user_56 AS Project, a.bg_user_60 AS SubSystem, a.BG_USER_81 AS AssignedToUserName, a.bg_responsible AS AssignedTo, FROM mytable"

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My SelectCommand string in my asp:SqlDataSource is very long. Is there a way I can chop it up into different strings on several newlines to make it more readable?

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I have a label in ASP.NET 2.0(C#). The label should display a dutch language text that is "Sähköpostiosoite", I tried setting the Label.Text both from markup and code-behind but what I see in the browser response is "Sähköpostiosoite". Originally assigned string "Sähköpostiosoite" get replaced with "Sähköpostiosoite".

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I have created a webpage that pulls info from a sql data source and stores it in a dataset.  I use gridview to display this info, then when you click a link it sends you to a print page with additional info, there is one field that I can't get to display correctly.  I use a form view to help with displaying the info, but then I was losing the carriage returns. I then placed it into some pre tags, but then I lost the ability to word wrap.  I have only been doing asp for about 3 months and I would like to take this info and display it correctly, without losing any info when I try to print on a single page.

Web Forms :: Get Any String From View Source? forums.asp.net

i need to convert currency into other country value( ie.  USD To INR) .  if I open  any site to get a value of  that perticular currency value.  Is it possible to get value from view source . if yes then How And Simply  i want to get  full string from view source  where 'UDS' string found. then How i can search a string from ViewSource(which we get  right click of mouse---- View Source) which belong to other site, i have only url that site.

Cut Characters From Left In A String? forums.asp.net

How can i remove a specific no of characters from left side for a certain string.

Finding Characters In A String? forums.asp.net

I'm currently working on this application that records a users email. I was wondering if there was a function that would read the last 7 digits of the inputted user email and store it in a variable? Is there any way to do this?

How To Add <br> In String After Counting Particular Characters stackoverflow.com

I want to display description of product in gridview, but i want to display only 15 characters on one line, I want to break it after 15 characters, I have written countchar function as follows: public int CountChars(string value) { bool lastWasSpace = false; foreach (char c in value) { result++; lastWasSpace = false; } return result; } and called function as: string description="sdfsdfsd sdfsdf sdfsdf asdfsa dfsda safsaf sdfdf sdfs sdfsdf sdff sdf "; CountChars(description); And i want to check: if(result>15) { after every 15 characters i want to break the line. }

ADO.NET :: Getting Error As Failed To Convert Parameter Value From A String To Date Time forums.asp.net

data.MakeInParam( "@DOB",SqlDbType.DateTime,10,cust.DateOfBirth), im new to .net,  reponse grt intput for me to get in to it.

Convert String "Fri Dec 7 00:00:00 PST 2001" To Date forums.asp.net

I have  string in that format that I need to convert  to a date and the following did not work "Fri Dec 7 00:00:00 PST 2001" convert.todatetime() CDate() did not work. how would I convert this string to a date?

SQL Server :: Concat String With Parameter In SP forums.asp.net

i have a SP [Code].... as you can see from the SP, i need save in some variable because i have to create a dynamic SQL query who select with an "or" or "AND" from web form parametersthe problem is concatenate the SP parameter to my query actually, this SP returns the string : "select * from...." and not the resultset!

SQL Server :: Update String Inside Every Record? forums.asp.net

Inside many of my records, I have some HTML - - inside the HTML, I have a particular tag: <code> I'd like to change only that code to: <pre> But I don't want to change any other text inside any records... What sql can I use to do something like this?

Create Computed Column With String In Formula stackoverflow.com

I want to create a computed column in SQL SERVER and set the formula to this ([Category] + '.aspx?ID=' + [Post_ID]) Not working though......what am i missing? Category and Post_ID are current columns in the table

How To Encode An Url As Base64 String stackoverflow.com

I know that I could use HttpServerUtility.UrlTokenDecode Method to do the job. But the problem is that I am using .NET 1.1 and this method is only supported in .NET 2.0+. Also I found that Convert.ToBase64String method is not an option because of the differences addressed here. So what other options do I have? Do I have to write my own converting method?

WshShell.exec - Send A Command Line Parameter Using The StrQGET String forums.asp.net

Converting vbscript to .NET. I am not sure how to send a command line parameter using the strQGET string. What should I be looking at to execute that file? Code shown below is not fully converted but I think tries to get across what I need to do. public void LockFileSource(string _strQVCSFolderPath, string _strFileName) { // LOCK FILE, passed to method, IN QWIN (QVCS: http://www.qumasoft.com/manual/qget.html) // QWIN COMMAND LINE OPTIONS // qget = You use qget to retrieve a specific revision of a file that you previously stored in a QVCS archive. // -1 = Indicates that the revision is to be locked. Use qput to update the locked revision. string strQGet= @"\server1ecommerceqvcsqget -l " + _strQVCSFolderPath + " "; wshShell.currentdirectory = _strQVCSFolderPath; Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") if (objFSO.FileExists(_strQVCSFolderPath + _strFileName)) { wshShell.exec(strQGet) ......... }

Forms Data Controls :: Passing String To Another Page? forums.asp.net

I see that , when a page has something(some data) to transfer to another page , generally Querystring is used for it, but how can i pass huge strings? Suppose that i've  a  200 character string to pass another page, what shall  I  use for it ? I need a pratical way to do it.

JQuery :: Parse Or Use Returning A String Array From Websevice? forums.asp.net

i wrote a webservice method. i am using it with ajax jquery. method returns string[] array. ho can i read array's values using ajax jquery.

How To Trim A String forums.asp.net

I have added some number before the name of a file before uploading i.e. DateTime.Now.ToString[""] to avoid the same name problem at the server. Now I want to trim/separate the number from file name. File name is like 20081110131521MyFile.jpg. I want to remove the part before M. It is of fixed width and how can I display this in : <%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem,"file") %>

ADO.NET :: Trim String In LINQ Query? forums.asp.net

I have the following query; [Code].... How do I modify to trim all strings?

C# - Trim String At The End Of The String? stackoverflow.com

I want to remove the last word from my sentence in C#. Here is my query: "SELECT * FROM People WHERE City = @City AND County = @County AND" I want to remove the last AND programatically, how can I do that?

Get A Function From A String? forums.asp.net

Is there a way to get a function from a string? something like: //Default.aspx void functionA(int a, int b){} void functionB(int a, int b){} //WebUserControl.ascx void callfunction(Page page){ page.find_function("functionA").call(3,4); page.find_function("functionB").call(5,1); } The thing is that I need to set a functionName to a ascx, because inside ascx I must call the user-defined function I tried width 'delegate', but I think that delegate can use only with the name-known functions As you see in the example, I need something more generic (to use width functionA or functionB)

JQuery :: Use To Convert JSON Array To HTML Bulleted List? stackoverflow.com

How can you convert an array of Strings represented in JSON format and convert this to an HTML bulleted list using JQuery?

Jquery :: Looping Through Dynamic JSON String? stackoverflow.com

I have a POST request which receives a JSON String as a result. The fields, the values, or how deep the array is? These all are unknown. So, I need to loop through each of the json value, its index and its value and perform actions based on it. $.post( "test.php", { action: 'someaction', param: '2' }, function(data) { [Code].... How can i get the values of JSON seperated as key and value?

Passing A String In A Form www.codingforums.com

This could be really simple, I have a form on my site that i want people to be able to type an items name into, and then it will string that item into a query. The problem I've having is that I want to use a switch, so my action for the form is: ACTION="/beta/tables.php?mod=detail", and then the name of the field is "name". But when I type a name in the form to pass it, it removes the "mod=detail" and just puts the "name" string in. Is there something I'm missing here? Or is this just not possible?

Convert An HTML Form Into An XML String?? www.phpfreaks.com

I have a simple form and need to convert it to XML so I can send it to my payment gateway. I have the XML data types (?) they are expecting, but do not have a clue of how to build the string.   

Jquery :: MVC: Pass An List Or Array Of Strings From Controller To View? stackoverflow.com

I need to populate an object in the script section of my mvc page, currently the object looks like this: <script> var disabledDays = ["9-30-2011","2-24-2010","2-27-2010","2-28-2010","3-3-2010","3-17-2010","4-2-2010","4-3-2010","4-4-2010","4-5-2010"]; Now I am trying to pass an array of DateTime objects to the view from the controller, but converting it to strings before I do that. Something like this: <Controller> var blockedDates = new List<string>(); foreach (DateTime closeDate in dealershipInfo.ClosedDates) blockedDates.Add(closeDate.ToString()); ViewBag.BlockedDates = blockedDates; But definitely it is not working for me. What will be the proper way to achieve this kind of a result.

Randomize An Entire String Of 62 Characters? stackoverflow.com

I have 62 base64 characters that I want to randomize. How can I do this using PHP? The string would be all letters, upper and lower case as well as numbers from 0-9. The thing that is most important to me is that the entire string be evaluated before a return value is given. In other words, if I request a string of 8 characters in length and my string starts out like: 1234567890ABCDE..... I don't want to get the first 8 numbers randomized. It should randomize the entire string first, then return 8 characters from that.

How Can I Distribute A String forums.devshed.com

What function should I use to distribute a string i.e. insert space between every letter to make a nice headline.ex.: "gallery" & "g a l l e r y".

Combine String With Value Of Variable? forums.devshed.com

for example $site0 = test; $i=0; $a = $site.$i; echo $a; I want to show 'test' which is value of $site0 but it shows 0 which is value of $i how to combine them to show value of $site0 ?

Strip_tags :: Combine A Variable And A String? phpbuilder.com

When using strip tags, how would I combine a variable and a string? Where would the comma go exactly? I've tried many things, but nothing seems to work (I want whatever tags used to be admin controllable, but I ALWAYS want <a> activated since the script needs <a> to work).

$string -> Numeric www.phpfreaks.com

I have this string: $string = "hello world"; What I want to do is go by every letter in a string and see if there is a number in there. Any ideas how to do this. I can't use charAt in PHP.

String To Numeric.. Is It Possible phpbuilder.com

I have a string like this $texta="81.30"; I wish to convert it to numeric so that I can apply a mathematic function , is it possible ? I tried $texta= float($texta); but I receive this error Fatal error: Call to undefined function: float()

String Is A Numeric Or Varchar phpbuilder.com

I have to update my data file and wants to delete the rows which are not have a numeric Value in a particular field or column. So how can I find the string is numeric.

MYSQL Create An Array Or String From A Column And Not A Row? www.phpfreaks.com

** I have no idea of how to do this so thank you to any one who can give me an hint to how!I want to retrieve all numbers in the column chapter of my database and create an array or a string with it. ///////////////////////////////// //CHAPTER | DATE | ... | // // 28 | XX | ... | // [code]...