Android :: Detect Clear Button On Notifications


Is there a way to detect if the clear button on the notification bar has been pressed? or Is there a way to tell if a notification is still active?

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I need to change a standard HTML Input button to a Link button but am running into problems because the existing code calls a javascript function.  The function basically does the same as the browser back button.  When I add the code and set the property runat="server" I get a "CS1026: ) expected".  Quite new to ASP,net  (VS2010) so could be going about this the wrong way.  [Code].... [Code]....

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one more question, ok two i suppse heh,this program that i'm almost done with (thankfully hehe), uses a timer loop to refresh itself every 15 minutes.i've noticed a bug that while my timer is in effect it refuses to acknowledge a click on the X in the upper right hand corner of the screen as an Exit program (form) command, instead it refreshes my countdown.what i want to know is there an event label that will detect a click on any of these buttons and immediately do whatever code i have in the event?i would like to know the event code for the min button as well since i have it minimizing to they system tray, but only if you double click the icon. i would like it where when i click on the min button it auto goes to the tray and no just minimize the program.Thanks in advance

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I have Facebook for Android set to update notifications every hour and have set it to vibrate and play a sound...but I have yet to get even 1 notification. I have to go in to and manually update myself. Anyone else got this problem?

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I haven't been using the Facebook app since the version 1.3.2 battery issue, but I've noticed that recently it's been updated to 1.4.1. So I thought I'd give it another try, and they seem to have fixed the battery issue which is great, but I'm now missing notifications (i.e. when you tap the blue bar at the bottom you get a list of comments people have made either after your comments, or on your photos and things). For example, this morning I had 8 notifications on the app, but when I checked the mobile site there were two that hadn't pushed through to the facebook app. Anyone else get this? I have the feeling I'm missing a really simple setting somewhere.

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Looking for an app to make my ringtone/notification sounds into profiles for work/school/home etc. I downloaded quick profile but it only changes my ringtones not my notification sounds.

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When you click a link in the Android browser, the target link area gets highlighted with an orange box by default. A longpress then opens up the context menu for link handling (copy, paste, new window, etc). Is there a way to disable either / both of these in webview? I'm using the highlight code in scriptaculous and the default android link styling is being laid over top of the effect.

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I was wondering if there is a way to disable or detect when a user presses the browser back button in PHP. What I want to do is that when a back button is pressed, the page reloads. Please let me know if there is a way to do this. If any of you use modernbill, it has that feature.

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Hey there,The task at hand is as follows: I have a large VB project with many forms that use a custom command button (it is the Gurhan Button, a freeware control available from PSC and other places). What I want to do is replace the Gurhan button en masse to the standard VB button.What I have done is written a simple VB program that reads in the .frm files of the project as text, and made the appropriate replacements. This works fine except for the Picture property. In other words, a line like this:Picture = "Form1.frx":11B4causes problems in the converted project. When I open the new form, I get the "There were errors, check log file for details" message. The log file message, not very useful, contains lines like this:Line 12: Property Picture in GurhanButton1 could not be set.Now, I am not an expert on frx files, but I would think that the reference to "Form1.frx":11B4 in the Picture property refers to its location in the file? And if so, the frx file is not being changed, so I am at a loss as to why VB cannot set the property. Any ideas?

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I created a button and also added a media clip in OLE and hire it. So how to link the button to OLE in order to open the music file when we run the program?

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Hi again, i was just helped on this site majorly thankyou ! I have one more question:See the image below. I want to make for example; when you click "dan" and "kwan" it enables you to click the things valued at "dan" and "kwan" i.e. "dario hat" for example. Also, how to make it so "dario hat" is valued at "dankwan". If your curious, we had to make our own currency lol.

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I am entering data into 4 textboxes and then performing calcs on that data using a commandbutton.Is there a way to use the keyboard's Enter button as a proxy for the commandbutton, if and only if the focus is on one of these 4 textboxes?I hope that's clear.JimEdited by - jimvt on 6/16/2004 4:12:28 AM

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hi there! hope someone can give some time w/ my prob.! Actually, I have 2 command buttons: button 1 for extracting and button 2 for printing. By the way, i just used a macro for the print button. The situation is this, before the user can extract the file, he should print it first. So I included a msgbox for that. My question is what can i possibly add to the codes below in order to cancel the msgbox and continue w/ the extraction if the user already printed the report??? Private Sub cmdOutExcel_Click()If MsgBox("You have to print the report before proceeding", vbOKOnly + vbInformation + vbSystemModal, "Stop") = vbOK ThenExit SubEnd IfIf MsgBox("Extract this form? If no, this will extract the source AEW table.", vbYesNo + vbQuestion + vbSystemModal, "Choose") = vbYes ThenDoCmd.OutputTo acOutputForm, "Activity Effort Worksheet", acFormatXLSElseDoCmd.ApplyFilter "AEW", "BRUCode='" + CStr(bruc) + "'"DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputTable, "AEW", acFormatXLSEnd IfEnd Sub

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i have a command button which contains a heap of code. I also have a menu button that does the same thing as the command button. At the moment, when i edit the command button code, i just copy and paste that code to the menu item.How would i go about linking the menu button to the command button?

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Player X clicks the X option button when it is his/her turn. Then player X clicks the command button of choice which will display an X. How do I write the code when a command button has been clicked? It is a noughts and crosses game.

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OK, here we go...I have a command button that starts a database search. I have set an animation control to show a searchlight while the search is being performed, but want this to appear on the button.The animation control has been placed over the button, but of course this stops the button being pressed. I have added in the 'click' procedure for the animation, a call to the 'click' procedure for the button, so it functions, but I want the button to look pressed for the duration of the mouse button press on the animation control.Is there anybody who knows how?Thanks in advance...

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i am trying to get a command button in vb to trigger a button on a web page. it is kind of a wierd button, but you can look at it here:Buttons i need those buttons to work if i press down on the similar button that i make in vb:image of buttons in vbcan anyone help me with this?

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hi friends, there are two radio buttons and two command buttons in my form. two radio buttons are grouped together using frame. when i click command button 1 radio button 1 must be selected similarly when i click command button 2 radio button 2 must be selected. how can i do this ?. thank you

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Hay, guys i am back with new problem. On my form i am having two Option buttons, 2 Command buttons, 1 Label. Option1 says '2 Minutes' and Option2 says '5 Minutes' and Command1 says 'Start' when user choose option1 and click on Command1 after 2 minutes has done it will show Label1. I don't know how to do this because i am begainer, if any one help me, it'll be help full. Thank you.


i dont know what is the code for browsing files by clicking a button.... can u pls help me???

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I have a set of radio buttons each with an onclick event that has a numeric value. When the button is clicked an input box called "Total" is updated with the new value. The problem I'm having is that if a radio button is checked and one clicks on it again then the onclick event is triggered. Is there any way to prevent the onclick event from triggering if the radio button is already checked?

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This feature on my desire has never worked but im only just getting round to asking why. it happens when i get a facebook notification and drag down the notification pane from the top of the screen. when i get a "new poke" notification and tap the message it takes me to my facebook home page and i can respond to the poke, that works fine. however when i get a "new message" notification and i tap that it just redirects me to a blank page. ie the weblink doesnt work. is there anyway to edit the weblink for this notification so that it redirects me to my facebook homepage?

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How can I detect on an excel workbook which cell have links(formula =) to other workbooks without have to put my cursor on top of each linked cell. I have had a hard time finding this cells. I can see the links by choosing Edit then links, and excel will display list of links, but it does not specify which cells contain those links

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I have a linux server, and use symbolic links a fair amount. I'm also merging some of my php code library to another location. My question is, is there any way to get a list of symbolic links that point to a specific directory which I am going to be moving? that way I can manually go through them and re-point to the new location of the physical folder.

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i just got a samsung sch a870 and i have a link cable from a650 that fits into the phone, i downloaded some drivers that were posted on this site in some thread and it says that my phone is recognized by my computer as a modem or something, but anyways, i cannot get bitpim to detect my phone, is there any information that you can provide me iwth.

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if you can get facebook to give you a notification when a new message or comment or whatever is posted / sent to you. up in the notification bar on the home screen i get my gmail alert and text alert but am unable to get a facebook alert. any suppestions?

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Hi.I am looping through the properties of an object (Outlook COntactObject) and I get an error - "Cant complete operation. One of the object parameters is not valid"this object parameter is here :myContact.ItemProperties.Item(ContactPropCounter).Valuefor some properties there are no .Value.Question:is there a way to detect in myContact.ItemProperties.Item(ContactPropCounter).Value is valid so that I can skip it and continue looping through other properties?Thanks.-_-_-_-_-_-_AM

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Phone Doesn't Pop Up Facebook Notifications talk.sonyericsson.com

My x Peria doesn't pop up face book notifications ? i have it with time scape and face book for android? Also how do u update emails as that updates face book?

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Facebook Notification Not Working talk.sonyericsson.com

Everytime i click for notifications, an error message appears. "Cannot retrieve the notifications. Please try again later [601/Parser error:unexpected '-' at position 64.]"

HTC Desire :: Handcent Notification Sound Stopped Working androidforums.com

Suddenly stopped working for no reason. I've changed nothing in the settings and everything in default settings aswell as Handcent settings show that the sound is being used....but when I 'Test Notification' in Handcent there is no sound.

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Works nicely for my X. I just downloaded about 8 gigs of my music. It sync'd my videos also. Works well, but you have to select what you want to sync in the settings. Took me a while to figure it out. Also, if you try to sync a DRM protected MP3, the X gets cranky and kind of freezes up and displays a get license in the notification area.

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Can I clear my Facebook notifications in people? I've had my phone for about 4 days, I synced my contact card in people to my Facebook account right away, ever since it's said I have a 157 wall posts. It shows up under the updates and events tab in people. I've tried scrolling through all the notifications, but they won't clear.

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I've just linked all my contacts in my address book to their facebook accounts. For each of my contact in address book there's a little green icon near the name, with a number that indicates the number of "unread" notifications. There's some method for deleting these icons without reading all the notifications of all my contacts? Or their disappear by their selves after some time? I don't want to see for each of my contacts this icons that indicates me to read dozens of notifications.

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I seem to be having trouble getting notifications from the native facebook account. It doesn't seem to update very often either. Anyone seeing the same thing on the Droid 2?

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I work 24 hours shifts, and on my calendar I have those shifts set up as all day events. I made them in Outlook, it syncs with Google Calendar. I use Jorte as my calendar app. Every night where I am scheduled to work later that day, at midnight, I get a chime for that all day event. How do I turn this off, but not ALL of the notifications? Just for the all day ones.

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does anyone know of an app that will let me create and set profiles that change the sms notification sound?I know apps that will change the standard notification sound / volume, but I specifically want to change the sms notification sound.

Motorola Droid :: Gmail Notifier For Changing Gmail Notifications androidforums.com

Some have complained about not being able to change the LED or get repeat notifications for gmail. I stumbled on this last night and thought I would share. I haven't tried it and make no claims to its greatness.Gmail Notifier.It lets you change the color of the LED, vibration length, and gives repeat notifications. It also works for multiple gmail accounts I believe.

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how to add a html format in mail body message. here's my code: MailMessage msg = new MailMessage("mail@[URL]", "tomail@[URL]", "Subject", "BODY MESSAGE WITH HTML FORMAT HERE...."); SmtpClient client = new SmtpClient("IPADD"); client.Send(msg); client.Timeout = 500; client.Credentials = CredentialCache.DefaultNetworkCredentials;      

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I use in my Webapplication the Tab-Control. How can I detect which tab is selected in JavaScript?

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Is it possible to tell whether a scroll event was done by the browser or by the userpecifically, when using the back button a browser may jump to the last known scroll position. If I bind to scroll event how can I tell whether this was caused by user or browser? $(document).scroll( function(){ //who did this?! });

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I'm trying to set up a menu that can be navigated via the arrow keys. I have this working fin in Firefox. Trying to get it to work in IE8 and after a bit of struggle, found that it was because IE8 wouldn't register a keypress on the arrows. To test: $(document).keypress(function (eh){ alert(eh.keyCode); }; In Firefox, pressing any of the arrow keys would trigger an alert of 37, 38, 39 or 40. In IE8, nothing. Any other key on the standard QWERTY keyboard would register, but not the arrow keys. Is this an issue with my Javascript? A browser setting? A Windows setting?

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What I need is something as such (based on previous thread): I have a textfield and I want to limit the input to only numbers, letters and caps. So the code is: <input onkeydown="return testChars(event)" type="text" .../> function testChars(e){ var keyCode = e.keyCode; if(e.shiftKey && keyCode==53){ return false; } //block "%" //HERE BLOCK EVERYTHING THATS NOT a Letter, caps and numbers if ( (keyCode > 64 && keyCode < 91) ||(keyCode > 96 && keyCode < 123) )//Letters and Caps{ return true; }else if ( keyCode > 47 && keyCode < 58 )//numbers{ return true; }} The problem however using the onkeydown is that I would need to cater for every single possibility of them using SHIFT+1=*, SHIFT+2, SHIFT+3 etc. which would take forever. And I cant block Shift because they might use it for capitalizing letters.

Detect Duplicate Values In A Ranked List forums.devshed.com

Spreadsheets like Excel do a nice job of detecting if there are duplicate values with their rank function - this is what I would like to mimic. This is my small script that detects the rank position of a variable Hank_Wins in a mysql database: PHP Code:

Can I Detect/abort Windows Shutdown With VBA? www.xtremevbtalk.com

I did a search here on xvb, and tried to hijack the most relevant thread. It's a pretty old thread, and I haven't heard back.I have a hidden Access application that monitors the software run on machines that are used by the public. It's launched by a visible "sign-in" Access app that closes at the end of the customer sign-in process, leaving the hidden app running. There is another process that authorized staff can run that shuts down both Access apps and the system. Occasionally a customer will think they need to shut down the system when they leave, and that causes an error. I want to catch that and abort the shutdown. I want to put the code in the hidden Access app (the one that causes the error when the user tries to shut down.)If I have to, I'll write a little program in vb to replace the hidden Access app and use the native vb that Squirm suggests in this thread. But I can't believe there isn't a way to get this to go in VBA (the API technique suggested by Chief Red Bull.) Incidentally, I want to detect and abort a Windows "log-off" process too, as it causes the same error.Any help?

Enter Key Detect + Null Value Then Form Should Not Be Submitted stackoverflow.com

I have two text field as mandatory and rest of the of the fields are normal. Now i have to detect enter key and submit the form. I have done that but the issue is that when error occurs (for example : fields are null) then i have to stop submitting the form but still form is submitting. Here btn_search is the id of the search button and I have to execute it. but when field is null then form should not be submitted.Even i make separate function in JavaScript file, I am getting same response.

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Using jQuery how can check if all input fields (EXCL hidden fields) and textareas are blank? I'm not sure how to "loop" through all form fields and check for: $("input").val() and $("textarea).val() This is to run a function that should only "work" if all form fields are blank.

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I have a site where you can make short links from a large url. I want to stop people shortening the same link twice, so basically if they try to shorten it, it will return the original shortened link instead of another new one... Does anyone know how I could write this in php and mysql for my site. I dont little about this type of thing so the more detailled and explained the better.

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I need to know when the select element's dropdown list is opened (as when the user clicks on the arrow or does ALT-downarrow from the keyboard). Similarly, I need to known when the dropdown list closes. The closing of the dropdown list can happen without changing the dropdown, hence the onchange event is not a sure way to determine that the dropdown list closed. Is this possible in Internet Explorer?

Detect The Array Have Duplicate Value ? stackoverflow.com

I have this array:-Array ( [0] => Prefectorial Board/Prefect/2011 [1] => Prefectorial Board/Head Prefect/2011 [2] => Class Positions/Head Prefect/2011 [3] => Prefectorial Board/Head Prefect/2011 ) How to detect this array have duplicate value and I want the participant to re-fill in his data.I have try to use this method to detect:- $max = max(array_values($lr_str)); $keys = array_keys($lr_str, $max);

Link Detect And Replace The Other,in Js? stackoverflow.com

I wonder how Replace automatically links on my site that start with: http:[url].....to: http:[url]..... detects> replaces

Android :: Cannot Link One Person In People To Facebook androidforums.com

I have a ton of people in People (google) and 300 people in Facebook. All seem to link just fine. Except one person. She is in People (google) and in Facebook. Same exact name. If I open up People, she is there. If I open up Facebook friends, she is there. When I open up People, find her and try to link to Facebook, she is not there.

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When I open my address book and edit a contact and select facebook to link the contact. It updates and uses the picture from facebook. This is a very neat option, my question is when I link a profile from facebook to a contact does this decrease battery life, or can I change some setting so facebook wont update but maybe once a day?

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How can I remove facebook contacts from phone contacts?:rolleyes::confused:

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I have a WebView in my Android App that is loading an HTML string using the loadDataWithBaseURL() method. The problem is that local anchor links (<a href="#link">...) are not working correctly. When the link is clicked, it becomes highlighted, but does not scroll to the corresponding anchor. This also does not work if I use the WebView's loadUrl() method to load a page that contains anchor links. However, if I load the same URL in the browser, the anchor links do work. Is there any special handling required to get these to work for a WebView? I am using API v4 (1.6). There isn't much to the code, here are the relevant parts of some test code I've been working with: CODE:...................

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How can I link like the Checkbox and larger TextView to external data? Should I use a SimpleCursorAdapter? Or create my own adapter? Should it extend ArrayAdapter or BaseAdapter? My list item UI:

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i keep all of my contact in my gmail contact list. I also have facebook on my droid2 and whenever i go to my contacts list to make a call both my gmail contacts and my facebook contacts are in the list. I have 500 facebook contacts and many of them are just people i have known in the past but dont talk to so I dont need them in my phones contact list. it also makes teh list HUGE having 500 more contacts. I want to change it so that when i go to my contact list I only see my gmail contacts.

Android :: Back Up Facebook Details With Gmail Contacts? androidforums.com

I've just spent a while linking Facebook details with Gmail contacts and my phone book. How should I best backup all this data now? I really don't want to have to link it all again if I lose my phone or need to do a factory reset. Is there some way of exporting all the data now? I tried exporting to SD card and then adding to Gmail contacts and this didn't copy across facebook photos.

Android :: Sync FaceBook Pictures To GMail Contacts androidforums.com

I have my Contacts updated with Facebook profile pictures, but when i check on the GMail website, no contact has the Facebook photo. I want to synchronize the pictures from Facebook to the contacts I have on my GMail account.

Android :: Links To Articles - How To Move Palm Contacts To Gmail Contacts androidforums.com

I'm about the take the Android (EVO specifically) plunge. I'm coming from an old Palm phone. Wow, talk about a quantum leap. Anyway, to prepare for the move, how do I get my Palm contacts into Gmail's contacts? Is that how it works? I need to move my Palm contacts to Gmail contacts, right? Then when I get my new EVO, it will sync with Gmail and my contacts will be in the new phone?

Android :: Automatically Synced With Google Contacts androidforums.com

I just got a new incredible last week, and have already been using a Google Contacts account for some time. When entering a new contact on an iPhone, the info is automatically synced with Google contacts, and vice versa. My Google contacts automatically appear in my phone directory, but how can I get new contacts entered thru my phone synced to my google account, without having to manually select 'contact type' when entering the info?

Android :: Application For Merge Of SIM Contacts With GMail Contacts androidforums.com

i've been looking for an application for merging the SIM contacts with the GMail contacts but can't seem to find any. Does anyone know if such an application is available? The result now is that i have a huge list of contacts (GMail + SIM) with many duplicates and information spread around different entries. Remark: i'm not sure if this question belongs here, but i had to choose between the G1 T-mobile and this forum.

Android :: How To Sync Google Contacts With Facebook? androidforums.com

I see it does it automatically for some people. I think if their name matches exactly or possible their email in Google Contacts is the same as Facebook. But how do I sync them if I changed their display name or have no email for them?

Android :: EVO People / Contacts - No Facebook Online Directory androidforums.com

I've seen quite a bit on this...but no resolution. My EVO is fine regarding the following...but my wife's is not: When I go to People (Contacts), hit the Globe icon for Online directories, then hit the Facebook icon (Facebook for HTC EVO) ...it is empty (You don't have any friends). Connected to that problem is the real issue: no Facebook link option for individual contacts (can't use FB photo or "View Facebook Profile" for that contact. I've tried many of the suggested fixes...including removing and adding the FB program, removing and adding the contacts from SD card, rebooting the device. Also have been into "Accounts & Sync" and have configured everything imaginable with the FB account under "Manage Accounts".

Android :: JOIN Contact People And Contacts / People.Phones groups.google.com

I have an app where I want to list all phone numbers and the associated contact name.I see that there is the Contacts.People table for the purpose of getting all phone numbers and that there is a PERSON_ID to allow me to lookup the contact in Contacts.People.Great.Now I see that all the columns I want are already joined to the Contacts.People.Phones table. But that seems lucky in this case.How could I do the equivalent of the above statement in general if the implementer of the content provider hadn't been so nice as to join for me?

Android :: People Force Closes - Cannot Add / Link Contact androidforums.com

I'm having an issue linking my wife to her Facebook profile in the contact "people." When she calls her number comes up. After I hang up, I try to "connect with person already in contacts" and it forces "People" to close. I tried to add her manually and it deleted it before my very eyes while I was within "people." I did it using the Google phonebook and not the phone's. Is there any issue with this, and what's the difference between the Google and Phone options (benefits, etc... ?).

Android :: Hide People In Facebook androidforums.com

Online, I can hide people in Facebook so I don't see people that I don't want to see. I would love to port that list to my phone so I only see the people in the Facebook app that I see on my laptop.

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I am having problems with the locale program. I set the conditions for a specific location and will place the settings on vibrate on. If I have my ringer on, its supposed to override that if I am located within the location on the condition? Can someone please explain more detail how it works. And what specifically does the defaults do in relation to an active situation?

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Be attentive in the very first time? Try "Friend's Calling"! Hard to keep update buddies? Answer a call and have no idea what to chat with? With Friend's Calling, while friend calling, screen shows his/her facebook wall data in seconds. It matchs phone contacts with facebook friends automatically in first time you use. When receiving a call It shows your friends recent facebook wall status **Match automatically. The program match automatically as long as your friends name on your phone is same as his facebook name. Now the icon on the right side means matching successfully. **Match manually You have to search by yourself if the name on your phone is different from his facebook name. Then searching his name on tag of facebook list Also you can see the matching successfully icon to the right side of the name. QR code: Download from Android Market: "Friend's Calling" Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Andv78wn7CQ

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I have the Android Facebook-Connect library running in my emulator and I'm able to set my status with the Facebook API I have setup. However, I don't know where to go from there? Am I supposed to use the session key that this library allows me to get and make some Facebook API calls? I haven't found any code examples to even see what the proper syntax is. Am I better off using another library? I tried fbrocket with limited luck(I get a "server error 104 - Incorrect signature").

Android :: No Facebook Friends androidforums.com

I have an HTC Incredible and it worked fine, but I accidentally took facebook off the sync list, I put it back on and logged on. When I use the facebook app everything is fine, but the people apt thinks I have no facebook friends and so I can't sync any of them to my contact list!

Android :: Getting Friends List From Facebook groups.google.com

How to get Friends List from Facebook using Code.

Android :: Facebook App That Searches For Friends androidforums.com

I find in social situations that many people say add me as a friend on FB. but the droid FB app dosent let u seach for people other than your friends or add new friends. is there an app that allows you to seach for a person and add them as a friend?

Android :: Sync New Facebook Friends androidforums.com

When I add new friends on facebook or put new contacts in my phone, I can't link them because we weren't friends when I installed the app. I've tried re-syncing facebook for HTC sense, and tried uninstalling it (it won't let me uninstall for some reason)

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Is there a FB app that shows what friends are online?

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How do i remove facebook friends details from contact/phone book.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: RoadSync - No Contacts Shown In Android Phone Book talk.sonyericsson.com

I have just received an update with the latest firmware for the Mini Pro. My RoadSync still does not sync my Outlook contacts to the phone. Mail and Calendar works just fine but when I try to reach my contacts I am just presented with the blue menu, asking me to add users manually or to sync with Google etc. There are no more settings to set in the RoadSync application more than to checkmark the contacts - then they should "automatically" show up in the Android contact list, which does not happen. This is really a very big issue, making the phone almost unusable.

Android :: Market Link In SMS Not Working groups.google.com

I have tried via <a href="market://search? q=pname:com.google.zxing.client.android"</a> but it is not working. I have also checked in T-mobile G1 but it does not show me link. How to set android market link in sms?

Android :: Working Link For A Task Manager androidforums.com

Not being able to actually shutdown applications sucks. I feel like I'm running a Palm Pilot II. Nothing like having your GPS icon flash on and off occasionally while you watch on helplessly. Good stuff. So anyone know where I can download a task manager since the "Market" is as bad an institution as many of us thought it would be?

Android :: Companion Link Not Working Anymore androidforums.com

I have been using companion link for a month or so with my android and now it is no working. I have call tech support every day for a week I connect it with act and google mail. Does any one have a better product or solution?

Android :: Manually Edit - Add Contacts Sync W/ Facebook androidforums.com

Is there anyway to re-establish or manually add the Facebook syncronization option to an existing contact in my Contacts app? I lost the Facebook sync icon in the contact information and this is inconvienent at best, and possibly is the cause of disabling the phone functionality at worse. Subsequent behavior on at least two occassions has shown that attempts to dial out using this particular contact locks up the dialer, causing multiple forces closes, and essentially disables the phone functionally both in and out of the phone for long periods time (10-20 mins) until the application can be correctly cleared and purged from memory. I was able to successfully sync my Contacts with both my Google contact list and then all my Facebook friends. However some of the contact information was not exactly how I preferred and attempts to update that information using the Google contact list was not always successful. Not entirely sure if this is a bug or by design. I was able to successfully modify one contacts name with Facebook sync from first name first to last name first (to correct sorting to my preference). A second contact wouldn't modify no matter if I updated the name information on Google contact or on the phone itself. Finally I attempted to delete the contact and re-add it. This worked but now I lost its Facebook sync (no Facebook icon to click within the contact information). I'm not sure if this detachment is causing the dialer problems. After syncing all my Facebook friends with my contacts (for complete-ism), I successfully deleted some Facebook friends from my contact list. But what if I want one back with Facebook sync, is that possible?

Android :: Quick Contact Link For Talk / Chat Does Not Work androidforums.com

I have a relatively new EVO 4G, and I've noticed that for some reason trying to chat with a contact using Talk and Quick Contacts doesn't work. When I pop up the Quick Contact for a person who's online, I see a second dialer icon. When I press that, it gives me the option to use various chat methods, including Talk (and Skype). However, when I choose Talk, it asks me to "Complete action using" and gives me a huge list of things, but none of which are Talk.

Android :: Delete Facebook Contact androidforums.com

How do you delete a contact in your address (phone list) that is a facebook contact? It wont show in the people contact but if you use the home tab (on phone) the list there shows the facbook person but not in people contact? I can delete normal contacts but not ones imported from facebook..

Android :: Facebook Contact Sync androidforums.com

My question has to deal with only connecting your facebook contacts with the contacts within your phone.I have the Droid X and have downloaded the Facebook app from the market.Is there an app or a way to get this?

Android :: Getting Contact Photos From Facebook Only Contacts groups.google.com

The standard way of getting contact photos/uris from ContactsContracts.Contacts.CONTENT_URI does not work for any photo that is not of GOOGLE descent! meaning, if the contact does not have a Google contact with a photo, then I cannot pull a contact photo.This is not only my problem. I see that no one has really answered this question.I know that the Android Incoming Call Screen displays a Facebook photo just fine, so I am not sure why I would need to do something different.Is there someone out there, from Google/Android, who can tell me what I need to do?

Android :: Save To Contact - Photos From Facebook And Flickr androidforums.com

I have loads of photos on Flickr and Facebook and I want to set some of the photos to my contact list. When I open the facebook app, there is no way to see the photos. So I went to Albums and signed into my facebook page. I can see the photos and email them, but I cannot save them to my phone. Is the only way of doing this is going to the browser and long-clicking it to save? Is there an app which will copy them in bulk to my phone?

Android :: Mimic Auto Link Intent For Email Missing Address stackoverflow.com

I was wondering how I can mimic the action that occurs on an auto linked email address via an intent. I tried using this method, Messaging and email intents in Android? And ran in on my phone and in my emulator and the message window opened but did not have the email address. And the composer window for the auto-link looks different than the composer for the following code. Here is the code from the link above so you don't have to click: Intent emailIntent = new Intent(android.content.Intent.ACTION_SEND); emailIntent.putExtra(android.content.Intent.EXTRA_EMAIL, new String[] {"foo@bar.com"}); emailIntent.setType("text/plain"); startActivity(Intent.createChooser(emailIntent, "Send a mail ..."));

Android :: ContactsContract - Contact Missing Constants From API? stackoverflow.com

I've been using the ContactsContract api for some time now and I've come across two "columns" listed in the API page for ContactsContract.Contacts that do not appear to actually be assessable. CODE:..... By my reading of the API these two values would seem to connect to the Structured Name (in DATA) used to construct the display name for the given contact. Having access to this directly from the contact table would be incredibly useful to me at the moment, but as far as I can tell they are not actually in the working api (I've tested against both 2.1 and 2.2). The associated constants do not exist in the Contacts object, and attempting to access the fields directly (by using the lower case string versions I've seen in code dumps online) turns up with an sql error -- invalid column, as you might expect. Has anyone had any better luck with accessing these? Are these actually in the API? I did some more checking and here's some related values from RawContacts that are listed on the API but appear to not actually be in it: DISPLAY_NAME_ALTERNATIVE, DISPLAY_NAME_PRIMARY, DISPLAY_NAME_SOURCE, PHONETIC_NAME, PHONETIC_NAME_STYLE, SORT_KEY_ALTERNATIVE, and SORT_KEY_PRIMARY. All of these appear to be features not yet in the API that are mistakenly not filtered out when the javadoc was released. If other folks are unable to access these features as well it might be worth filing a bug report over.

Android :: Frequently Used Text Contact Missing From Handcent androidforums.com

I've been using handcent for almost a year now. 2 weeks ago, right at it, one of my most frequently used contacts for texting disappeared from handcent. The text comes through on board messenger but wont cross over to handcent. Out of 90 or so contacts this is the only contact with that issue. The contact is an AT&T contact, all other AT&T contacts work fine. I've removed the contact, reset the phone with battery removed, made new contact and still the same. It's almost like the number/name is cursed. This "cursed contact" comes through handcent on my wife's phone just fine.

Android :: Google Voice - Text People Or Send Them A Message On Facebook androidforums.com

I've been using Google Voice on my Env Touch for about a year now but only mainly for the sms transcriptions as the Env Touch doesn't have an app for it. So, here's my main problem. All of my contacts are just in my phone. I don't have anyone's email address as all I do mainly is txt people or send them a message on facebook. I'm wanting to add all of my contacts to my gmail account so when I get my Incredible everything will be there. Right now my sms from GV just has the number and I actually don't know any of my friends numbers, they're just in my phone. *yes, technology can be a sort of burden at times* So I don't have a clue who the voicemail is from until I call into it. Is there any easy way of porting all these contacts from either my phone, backup assistant, or facebook? Also, do android phones take your contacts and your facebook and merge them into your gmail account?

Android :: Facebook Friends We Cant Delete - But Dont Want Updates androidforums.com

There are certain facebook friends that you could give a sh** about their senseless status updates and photo updates every five seconds. Right? Like friends girlfriends, chicks you hooked up with years ago, etc, that if you delete they will talk a bunch of trash about. So, my issue is: is there a way to have android ger updates from facebook and give notifications, but disable updating certain friends? or vice versa, choose a list of friends to update only. i have a Verizon Droid eris, stock 1.5 with Sense UI

Android :: Photo Album And Contact App Like On The HTC - Facebook Integration androidforums.com

I love the way the Hero's photo album and contact app integrates with Facebook / Flikr. From the album you can go right into you friend's pictures and thumb through them, and from the contacts you can see birthdays, Facebook profile pics, status updates, etc. Is there anything like this available in the market?

Android :: App To Find Numbers And Addresses Of People Besides White Pages androidforums.com

Anyone knows of a good application to find numbers and addresses of people (not business) besides white pages ?

Android :: Possible To Remove Facebook Numbers androidforums.com

Is it possible to remove a contacts phone number that they have listed on fb without unlinking facebook? I still want their updates and pictures but not their outdated numbers!

Android :: Gmail Address Book On Web Contains Field For Birthdays - Why Not In Address Book androidforums.com

The Gmail address book on the Web contains a field for birthdays, so why not the Android address book? While I'm sure the app could undergo a lot of changes (and everyone would have different ideas) something as basic as a birthday seems obvious.

Android :: How To Get An Address Book? androidforums.com

I'm looking for a new address book for my contacts, and haven't found any good yet on the market. Have anybody some good suggestions to me what to use?

Android :: Listening To Changes In Address Book groups.google.com

Is there any way to know the changes made in the address book. What I want to know is that whenever an contact is added ,modified or deleted  my app should receive the notification as well as the ID of the contact changed.

Android :: Widget Like The G1s Address Book groups.google.com

For my android app, I have need for a widget like the G1's address book (Contacts); a widget that can display a long sorted list. Is that widget (or something similar) available as open-source that I can reuse?

Android :: Syncing With Mac Address Book Without Using Google androidforums.com

Is it possible to sync directly between Mac iCal and Address Book to Android (Motorola Droid) without using intervention from Google sync? (and keeping the information from syncing to Google). I don't want my contacts and calender lying around in Googles cloud.

Android :: How Do I Access My Address Book In MailDroid androidforums.com

The title says it all. Do you know how I access my address book/contact list in MailDroid? I can only manually type emails but cannot add an existing contact from what I see.

Android :: Is There A App - Widget For A Full Address Book androidforums.com

New to the sight and the android world. I have been using the iphone for several years and I upgraded to the iphone 4 and took it back after 30 days. It kept dropping calls and I got discussed with Apple and their BS fix. I picked up the Samsung Captivate and I'm still getting used to the new phone. I will say that I have NOT Dropped a call I like that I can customize the phone ++ but I've been reading about the Launcher Pro is it worth getting with the Captivate? My main question is the contacts is only for phone numbers, is there a app /widget for a full address book? I need one with Name, number, address, email I'm hoping that this Captivate works out for me..

Android :: Sync Address Book With Toyota Tacoma? androidforums.com

I am wondering if anyone has gotten their Motorola Android to share the phone address book with the JBL audio on a Toyota Tacoma.They pair up just fine.I go to the "phone book" nothing there.I go to add an entry "From Phone" it says "please start the transfer from the phone" which I dont see an option for.Someone suggested going to the Networks | Bluetooth then holding down the Car entry, and disabling then enabling the "Phone" entry Tried this, and it doesnt pair and doesnt work.Someone else suggested on the Droid, to export all contacts to a VCF file.Then get the Bluetooth file transfer, and when the car asks to transfer, enable the file transfer.The phone finds the car and starts the transfer but I guess the file format is not good as the car says "Failed".