Android :: Code For Displaying Signal Strength Of Wifi Access Point


I need to develop an application which scans the wifi access points and also gives their signal strength.I wrote the code for scanning the access points but I dont know what packages to use for measuring the displaying strength.Can anyone please tell me how to display the signal strength, also give me the code for that.

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I am very new to android. Need help from Android Developers. Can anyone PLEASE help me how to find current WiFi signal strength in android. I'm trying very hard to get android to display the signal strength. Also, i would like to know if this works on emulator. If possible please provide sample code. I found out the following link but I am unable to write a simple program to display signal strength on emulator/phone. http://developer.android.com/reference/android/net/wifi/WifiInfo.html.

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I am facing a problem with the wifi. I initially connected the iPad in my office on the upper flower where Internet is through wifi router and the Internet worked perfect. But on my lower floor I have an access point installed to get better signal strength. My android phones wifi , my laptops wifi etc work nicely through this access point and get nice signal strength but when I took my iPad on the lower floor it is not workingthrough the access point . The Internet just stops. When I saw in the dhcp settings of iPad wifi I can see it's not able to get right ip address and also not able to retrieve the router address. When I turn off the access points the Internet works again withthe direct signal from the main upper floor router even if the signal strength is low. What shula I do to use the wifi through the access point? I never faced this problem with my android phone or a windows laptop. They configure on their own and I can use Internet both through router directly and access point also.

Android :: Signal Strength Of Each WiFi Access Points? stackoverflow.com

I am building an application reading the signal strength of each available WiFi access point. I've written code like: wifi = (WifiManager) getSystemService(Context.WIFI_SERVICE); // Get WiFi status WifiInfo info = wifi.getConnectionInfo(); textStatus.append(" WiFi Status: " + info.toString()); // List available networks List<WifiConfiguration> configs = wifi.getConfiguredNetworks(); However, I have two problems: In debugging, configs only contains one connection. However, I can see that there are several APs available in the system's wifi setting. i.e. configs is an incomplete list. I don't know how to get the signal strength in Wifi Configuration. I am using HTC Hero and Android 1.5.

General :: Galaxy Grand I9082 Duos - WiFi Signal Strength Showing Very Weak forum.xda-developers.com

I am using the Galaxy grand I9082 Duos. I have a simple problem in WIFI signal strength, on this device signal strength showing very weak for a distance of 3 to 4 meets away from the wifi router in the next room. But Laptop shows good strength at same point. If I take my mobile close to router shows very good strength.

Android :: How To Find Signal Strength Of Connected Bluetooth Devices stackoverflow.com

In one of my application I need to display all the Wifi and bluetooth devices which are paired to my mobile and it's Signal Strengths .Wifi side it is ok for me to display signal strength(RSSI).But i got a problem at Bluetooth side.I searched for the method which is suitable for this task,i found one method that is intent.getShortExtra(BluetoothDevice.EXTRA_RSSI, Short.MIN_VALUE); It is displaying only the new device RSSI which is not paired to my mobile.Is there any idea for getting all bluetooth devices RSSI.Plz give me idea or source code ?

Samsung Moment :: Campus WiFi / Selectively Showing? androidforums.com

Phone: Rooted Samsung Moment.So I'm literally 6 feet away through one wall from a WiFi hotspot where I work. The campus is set up so that there is an unprotected WiFi access that is used for downloading configuration software. The other signal is protected and can be accessed using a common login. The configuration software is not needed if you know how to setup WiFi. Here's the problem: the unprotected signal is the only one that the Moment will acknowledge, which is useless because it doesn't provide any internet access. The protected signal does not show up.Except when I use WiFi Analyzer when I can see both signals (which bounce around between 45 dBm and 60 dBm). I've tried to add the internet WiFi signal manually (WPA2) which is supposed to be a trick that works, but that's a no-go.Why can I see the signal on WiFi Analyzer, it be the same signal strength as the other signal, yet I can't see nor add it in the Android WiFi Settings? It's bugging the hell out of me.

IPhone :: Just Updated IOS On 3GS And Now WiFi Work Only When Bluetooth Disabled discussions.apple.com

I just updated latest OS on my iPhone 3GS and now WiFi struggles to work correctly unless I disable Bluetooth. Even when I am near the WiFi access point. Never had issue before. Never had problems with signal strength or locking on to know WiFi access points before. Only just have issue after the last OS update. Info: iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.1.1

Ubuntu Networking :: Why Won't Wireshark Show Any Interfaces In ubuntuforums.org

I installed Wireshark 1.2.7 on my Lenovo X61 tablet PC running Ubuntu 10.04 lucid during the quest for a decent signal strength meter for available wifi access points. What is a good software or hardware method to TEST WiFi strength & power?But I can't get Wireshark to do the simplest thing, which is to "Capture Interfaces".

Nokia :: E61 Via Gprs Access Points discussions.europe.nokia.com

I'm trying to get web access from my E61 via wi-fi. I have successfuly created an access point for the wi-fi, and that has worked ok, shows me it's connected and a good signal strength. But whenever I try to access the web, it always connects via one of the GPRS access points. How do I tell it to use the WiFi access point?

Access Wifi Information Such As Signal Strength? discussions.apple.com

Is there any way to access wifi information such as signal strength given the mac address of the access point in iOS? The objective is to check indoors access points to know where I am in the building.


Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Wifi Not Connecting After Version Upgrade talk.sonymobile.com

Today I uploaded the firmware through Sony PC Companion to Android Version 4.0.4 build 4.1.B.0.587. After that my wireless connectivity that was working fine, stopped working. My Wifi is secured and before I give the password, it says the signal strength is Excellent. After that, it says Signal strength is Poor and tries to keep connecting.

Android :: Getting Cell Signal Strength For Current Cell Vs Neighboring Cells groups.google.com

I'm writing an android application that collects cell signal strengths.I am having trouble getting the "current" cell signal strength, but I don't have any problem getting the "neighboring" cell signal strengths.To get the current cell signal strength, I created a PhoneStateListener and implemented the onSignalStrengthChanged callback.It works, but not very well.It seems like the signal strength hardly ever changes, and resolution jumps to only a few numbers.I would accept the answer that the resolution of the signal strength hardware is coarse, but when I use the TelephonyManager's getNeighboringCellInfo() method, it works much better.The signal strength readings from neighboring cells change frequently, and they have much better resolution.So, how can I get the current cell signal strength in the same way that I am getting the neighboring cell strengths?It seems odd to me that the functionality of the neighboring cells is better than the current cell.

Android :: How To Get Bluetooth RSSI On Android After Discovery stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to write a program that can read the signal strength of a bluetooth device linked to my android 2.0 handset. Doesnt seem like android exposes anyway to get the RSSI unless it is during discovery. Is there any other way to get the signal strength of the device after the device has been detected? I read of a way to do it using NDK to access the underlying BlueZ API, but I dont know how to use that. Any help would be appreciated.

Ubuntu Networking :: Wifi Signal Very Low ubuntuforums.org

I was running windows vista 32 bit (NOW UBUNTU 9.10) on my custom built pc with a TP-LINK TL-WN353GD wireless pci card, before on vista my wifi signal strength would be in the low 70% range with a speed of 54 Mbps from a access point roughly 250 yards away, now with ubuntu 9.10 signal strength in the 15-20% range with a speed of 1 Mbps. My question is, what is the best way to overcome this wifi signal strength and speed problem, it is a noticable performance disadvatange easily seen on a website like ..... where as before videos would play 95% of the time without having to stop and catch up, would a different wireless pci card be a better choice than what I have, or is the problem in the software as in a driver incompatability or lack of correct driver, not sure how to remedy the problem.

Finding WiFi Analyzer App? www.ipadforums.net

I have an app for my Android phone called WiFi Analyzer, which displays all the nearby WiFi routers/hotspots, and graphically compares signal strength, channel, etc.

Android :: Determine Data Signal Strength stackoverflow.com

I know that it's possible to determine the data connection type (WIFI/or cellular) through Android, but is it possible to determine the cellular connection type and strength? I have an app that downloads some images and I have found that on GPRS or on 3G with weak signal that this download process slows up the app unacceptably. What I want to do is say that if you have either WIFI or a strong and fast data connection then download; otherwise display a default placeholder image.

Motorola Droid Razr :: WiFi: Incorrect Symptoms Since ICS; Any Settings? forums.motorola.com

1. For example; when working in a multiple-AP (access point) environment, the phone will confuse itself about which AP to use and will remain linked to a more distant, and thus comparatively weaker, AP when one, or more, with a many times stronger signal is available. (See image below at right; WiFi fan icon shows weaker connection while much stronger one is available.)2. Also; it seems that the ICS WiFi system can even confuse itself about which AP it is actually using. ee the photo attached below at left where the settings reports that it has excellent signal strength from an AP that is a few feet away. Note that the WiFi fan icon in the notification bar is showing the signal strength of a more distant AP. There are times when this situation can be reversed; where the fan shows strong but the settings shows weak.

BB Curve 8300 :: 8320 Themes & Wi-Fi /UMA Signal Bars? supportforums.blackberry.com

What is the deal with all the themes for the 8320 when it comes to switching on WiFi/UMA mode? There are only a few themes that I've found so far that I like but none of them show the signal strength bar when the phone is switched to WiFi/UMA, it's very annoying! If I select a theme that comes with the phone, it works! When are people going to update their themes to work correctly with WiFi/UMA phones so that we can see our signal bar strength?

Ubuntu Networking :: Using 9.10 On A Laptop That Has Win7 In Another Partition ubuntuforums.org

I'm using 9.10 on a laptop that has Win7 in another partition. Within Win7 I get strong full bars for the wifi signal strength. On the same laptop in the same location, I get only 2 bars (low) wifi signal strength when I'm in Ubuntu 9.10. I'm using the wifi transceiver built into my Acer Aspire 5732Z laptop.

Ubuntu Networking :: 9.04 Get Only 2 Bars (low) Wifi Signal Strength ubuntuforums.org

I'm using 9.04 on a laptop .when i was useing windows I got strong full bars for the wifi signal strength. On the same laptop in the same location, I get only 2 bars (low) wifi signal strength when I'm in Ubuntu 9.04 I'm using the wifi transceiver built into my hp Anyone heard of this problem?

Motorola Xoom :: Wifi Very Slow Xoom 3G With Update 3.2? forums.motorola.com

I bought the device few days ago and on very same day updated to Android ver. 3.2. I use internet over my home Wifi and have a Netgear - WGR614 router. The browsing speed is very very slow and most sites dont open.The signal strength shown in xoom is - (-105 dBm 3 asu).Is this a issue with Android 3.2 update or my home wifi is weak? Would i be able to reset the tab to the original version?

General :: Galaxy R - College WiFi Connecting But No Data Transfer forum.xda-developers.com

My galaxy R connecting to my college wifi showing full signal strength but no data transfer my browser dosent work neither market... All my college mates having samsung android mobiles are facing same problem to name sgs2 , galaxy ace ,pop...all are having the same problem..but all apple divices are able to connect to wifi ??? Browser (app store was still not working) was working when we installed "wifi aid" app but its no longer in market, tried all wifi fixing apps....

HTC Droid Eris :: WiFi Doesn't Connect androidforums.com

When I am at home my signal service isn't great so I usually switch to WiFi. I'll get the "WiFi Networks Available" toolbar notice, select my home network, but then nothing happens, and it doesn't connect. When my home network is listed under the WiFi setting menu, the radio signal Icon says it has solid signal strength, but still, after I hit "Connect" nothing happens. Thus, I get stuck using 3G when WiFi capabilities were one of my main attractions to the phone :S. Again, the WiFi was fully functional (Outlook Exchange included) until recently.

Android :: No Automatic WiFi Handover Between Access Points androidforums.com

I have a Samsung Galaxy S, running Froyo. I have an issue with WiFi handover, so I am posting here (in addition to the SGS section) in case this is an Android issue rather than an SGS-specific issue. I have two WiFi Access Points (APs) at home, both using the same SSID, but on different channels. I expected the SGS to automatically move (handover) from one AP to another based on signal strengths that vary depending on where I am. However, this does not happen. It stays on the AP that it is connected to, even when moving to very poor signal levels. I need to manually trigger this (e.g by disconnecting from the AP). Any configuration or Android app. By the way, I also tried configuring the APs with different SSIDs, but this didn't work either.

Android :: Way To Get A List Of Available Gsm Networks? stackoverflow.com

I'm currently writing on some piece of code in android 2.1 that is supposed to measure the signal strength of the gsm signals. what i need is some kind of list with some kind of network IDs matching the corresponding signal strengths.

HTC Droid Eris :: Wifi 3G Signal Strength Is Crap androidforums.com

I have noticed that my wifi signal strength is crap. I can be in the same room about 4 ft away from my router and my signal strength is 2 bars on my wifi. Also on my 3g coverage I am at 1-2 bars max. When I 1st got my phone never had this problem. Any ideas?

IPhone :: WiFi Connected / Signal Strength Good But Internet Not Working discussions.apple.com

So after connecting to my wifi, (which I have been able to do forever) it gives me the wifi signal strength up in the top left corner, signal strength is good, but internet does nothing. Info: iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.1

Eseries / Communicators :: E90 Very Weak WiFi Signal? discussions.nokia.com

My E90 has a VERY weak WiFi signal, and in places I regularly use a 9500 and my laptop with no problem, my E90 simply will not work e.g. from first floor to ground floor. If I move closer to the Wireless router, then it is fine on both Email and Web.So it seems purely that the strength on E90 is far weaker than 9500. Is there any way to alter signal strength in the various WiFi settings?Or is this yet another shortcoming of E90 over 9500?

Asking To Re-enter The Wifi Pass All The Time? forums.macrumors.com

So the set up is as follows, my mba my ipad, in a wifi network with so and so signal, the ipad, has less signal strength showing, but that's not the important thing, the important thing is that every other day or so, maybe more frequently, I have to re-enter the wifi password. Is this a bug? Where the heck does it store the pass?It's a times like these I am missing keychain access.

Hardware :: Canon Pixma MP620 - Poor Wifi Range? forums.macrumors.com

I have just set up a Canon Pixma MP620 to work wirelessly over wifi on my network. The printer works fine when it is right next to the router (a Netgear). However, when I move the printer to another room away from the router, the signal strength goes to nothing/unstable and I cannot print wirelessly. My MacBook retains full wifi signal strength in this same room so the router coverage would appear to be okay. Is there anyone using this printer over wifi where the printer is in a different room to the access point/router? Is there something wrong with my printer?

Android :: Getting Current Signal Strength groups.google.com

I am trying to figure out how to get the current signal strength of the Android 2.1 device. So far I can only find access to the SignalStrength object if I am listening for a change. I don't want to have to wait for the strength to change in order to see what the strength is.

Android :: Signal Strength Data For WCDMA groups.google.com

I'm writing an app to monitor detailed radio data coming off the phone that I'm sending back to my own server that is collecting this information from a number of different devices. The purpose is to analyze the data from all devices, and generate a kind of "real-time network coverage" pattern. The data I'm looking for is "Eb/No". From what I understand this is interchangeable with the term "Ec/Io". My first approach lead me to the new Signal Strength (http://developer.android.com/reference/ android/telephony/SignalStrength.html) support in Android 2.1. This is great, however you can only get Ec/Io values for "CDMA" and "EVDO" networks. My problem is that I'm on ATT, where I'm "WCDMA". I was hoping Android would give me the "CDMA" values from Signal Strength changes (since "WCDMA" is somewhat similiar to "CDMA"), however the update has the gsm flag set to true, and it's giving me values for the gsm signal strength and gsm bit error rate instead. For example, in my PhoneStateListener: CODE:....................

Xperia X10 :: Wifi Won't Work At Home talk.sonymobile.com

I got this phone yesterday, and everything's been working great except for wifi.I have wifi at home, and the phone is able to connect to it (obtain an ip address, show signal strength, etc.), but internet is not available.i cannot browse or use the market application because it's not really connected to the internet.I only have this problem at home, however. Wifi on my x10 works great everywhere else.My brother's phone and both of our laptops are able to access wifi at home, so I'm thinking it's a settings problem on my phone?

Diconnect From Strong Wifi Signal discussions.apple.com

Signal strength does NOT seem to be the issue with our Wifi-3G model, but it DOES disconnect. Signal (WiFi)is almost always 5 bars, in and around the house. Since the pad was just received Friday afternoon we have only played around with it for a day or two. Not sure if the disconnects occur after playing games (not using WiFi) then when going back to say, checking the weather (using WiFi) it has problems connecting. Could software be disabling this WiFi to save battery life?

Android :: How To Get Cell Service Signal Strength In Android? stackoverflow.com

I am trying to write a very simple Android application that checks the signal strength of the current cell. So far, I have only found something called getNeighboringCellInfo(), but I'm not really sure if that includes the current cell.How do I get the CURRENT cell signal strength in Android?Does getNeighborCellInfo() get the current cell? It doesn't seem like it based on the results that I have been able to get with it.

Won't Find Wifi Range / Can't Find Same Signal On Ipod discussions.apple.com

If I walk away from the router (Apple Airport Extreme) with the iPod, the signal strength gradually goes from max (3 "bars") to min (just a dot) in about 75 ft. If I walk back towards the router, the signal strength indicator gradually comes back up to 3 bars. With the iPad, if I do the same thing, the signal goes from max to min suddenly, not gradually, and it does that at less than half the distance of the iPod. After just a short while at min, it then drops the Wifi signal entirely. Also, with the iPad, with the signal strength indicator at min, if I walk back towards the router, it never comes back up to max, but stays at min. The router doesn't need new firmware. I also played with the display brightness setting (as suggested by Apple), but of course (is it April 1st???), that didn't make any difference. Information: iMac (3.06 GHz) Mac OS X (10.5.8) Power Mac G5 (Dual 1.8), old iMac, very old 6500, iPod touch, iPad 3G

Finding A Testing App On The App Store For Wifi Signal Strength? forums.macrumors.com

Is there a testing app on the app store for wifi signal strength, or something in the jb community?Has anyone returned an ipad due to poor signal strength, and if so, how can you make a case for it? How can you show it's bellow threshold.I've been pretty disappointed with the ipads wifi component. I have an ipad 2, I ve had friends over with ipads, and I 've had another ipad 3 (which i ve returned due to screen issues) in my sitting room, where my circa 2006 imac is. In all of them the signal was much lower than that of the imac, and you could tell from the no of concentric arcs appearing in the wifi signal icon. But is there a way to test if an ipad has particularly problematic wifi reception? (I want to preempt suggestions about dsl speed tests which don't actually test the wifi link itself)

Android :: Change The Signal Strength Icon? groups.google.com

I have some doubs about the Signal strength icon display as below: 1) Is it possible to change the signal strength icon? 2) Which is the API/method dealing with the icon updation in the status bar , based on the signal strength values received by the phone from the network?

App For Telling The Wifi Signal Strength www.ipadforums.net

I've been looking for an app that will tell me the strength of the Wifi signal being received on the iPad, sort of like what Wifi Analyzer does on the Android platform.

Android :: Select WiFi Access Point? stackoverflow.com

I am developing one android application which select wifi access point from list of wifi. I used following code.. CODE:.............. My problem is i am not able select wifi access point..Every time it shows previous configured wifi details.

Nokia :: E75 - Default Number Settings Are Not Being Used discussions.europe.nokia.com

Firstly, I have set the default numbers for voice calls, SMS, email etc for all of my contacts. Yet every time I send a message or make a call I get prompted to choose the number. The default number settings are not being used. When I check the contacts the default number settings are all correct and haven't been lost. Secondly, I am now on my second E75 handset as the first one suffered from extremely low signal strength. This one is the same. I am currently waiting for a new SIM to see if there is any improvement. Where my previous Nokia N82 and N79 both had a signal strength of about 25% - 75%, the E75 spends most of its showing 'No network coverage'. I am on Vodafone in the UK and apparently they don't use USIM cards on their 3G network, just SIM cards. Does anyone know if this would make a difference? In areas of good reception the phone works fine with full 3G/3.5G etc. Lastly, there seems to be some inconsistencies when applications access the Internet. I have set up access points for GPRS, WAP, and wifi. I have also set up the 'Destinations' with the order in which I want the access points to be used. This works great for the web application which happily connects via my wifi if in range or via GPRS if not. However the email application seems to insist on using specific access points NOT the destinations. This is really annoying as it checks email using GPRS even though I am within range of my wifi network. To change the access point to use wifi means changing both the incoming and outgoing access points for every email account and then changing them all back to GPRS again when I leave my home/office! What is the point of having the great idea of using 'Destinations' if some applications don't use them?

General :: Using Android As WiFi Extender? forums.androidcentral.com

I work on a remote site and live in a Donga (A portable bedroom) These Donga's have thick walls and i can barely get our camps wifi, let alone any Phone signal. I have noticed that my mobile phone can get a medium wireless signal strength if i place it on the window cill and it got me wondering if it could be possible to use my android phone as a wifi repeater so that i could use the internet on my laptop inside my Donga. Long story short, is it at all possible to have my Android phone connected to a wifi network, and then my laptop tethering with the android phone but using wifi data and not cellular?

Suddenly Shows Weak Wi-Fi Signal Next To Router? discussions.apple.com

Purchased a new iPad 32G WiFi only back a couple of months ago. Never had a problem with the wifi and in fact it seemed to have good signal coverage compared to my other wireless devices. In my home my wireless G coverage is very good and all my devices (laptops, iPhones, desktops) connect to to the router with "excellent" signal strength. It was no surpriset that my iPad showed "excellent" signal strength to my router as well. Each time I powered on my iPad at home the wireless signal was already connected with full signal bars before I was even able to log in to my ipad. A couple of days ago I noticed that when I booted my iPad and logged on, the wireless was not connecting. In fact it took about a mintue to connect and when it did it was only showing 1 signal bar. While using it I noticed that it kept dropping the signal then it would come back with only one signal bar. I immediately rebooted my router and checked my other wireless devices and all were still showing "excellent" signal strenght to the router

Android :: WiFi Manager Not Remember Access Point groups.google.com

I am using ralink WiFi driver in android, I am able to connect to the access-point using the Wireless Settings provided in the Android, But once I connect to the network and restart the WiFi. I have to reconnect manually by providing the authentication key. WiFi Manager is not remembering the last access point used. I am using the Settings application provided by the android.

Unable To Connect With WiFi/ Switch To 3G discussions.apple.com

I have added my home WiFi connection and I am able to select it. When I try to access the internet it looks like it is using the WiFi connection but then it switches to 3G. I am basing this on the fact that on the upper left corner I first see the Wi-Fi signal, which is full strength, but then the symbol changes to 3G. Am I understanding this correctly and if so, why isn't the connection staying on the WiFi connection.

Samsung Fascinate :: Possible Signal Strength Bug? androidforums.com

I believe there is a bug in the signal strength indication on the Fascinate, the one that shows the signal strength in -dBm. You can see the signal strength of the cell signal on the Menu, Settings, About, Status screen. Or you can place a widget on your Home screen. There are several widgets available, I'm using Mobile Signal Widget.I have a network extender, which basically creates a cell tower right in your home. With my Motorola Droid, I used to get signal strengths down to about -50 something and 60's in indicated signal strength. I can hold both of our Fascinates right next to the network extender's antenna and they will read no better than -86 dBm. So far I've seen signal strengths from -86 dBm to -106 dBm (terrible).I believe there is a bug in the software (Baseband) on the Fascinate. Previously, I thought the hardware (antenna/radio) wasn't very good, but now it may be software related. Has anyone seen a signal strength stronger than -86 dBm on the Fascinate?

Windows Wirless Status Screen www.vbcity.com

How can I gain access to the information within the Windows Wirless Status screen to retrieve wireless information such as SSID, BSSID, Signal strength and so forth??Rudy 

HTC Incredible :: Weather Widget Current Location - Signal Strength androidforums.com

i'm beginning to think that in 2.2, if you have a lower signal strength (such as i do in my house), it can't tell your location anymore. in my house, wiht 2.1, it always told me my town. now, with 2.2, it says, fro the most part with a lower signal, "current location." however, when i turn wifi on, it'll tell me my town right away, leading me to believe that since my wifi signal is great in my house, it's giving me the correct location.

Weak Wifi Signal Vs. IPhone discussions.apple.com

I'm just looking for some input re: the ability of the ipad to pick up wifi vs iPhone 4 and 3GS. My iPhone 4 has a great signal strength throughout the house, however both my 3GS and iPad only get a very weak signal and no signal at all in some parts of the house. Is it normal that the iphone 4 is so much better at picking up wifi, or is there a problem with my 3GS & iPad? Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks for your comments

RSSI - Application To Read Signal Strength Of 3G / GSM / WiFi androidforums.com

I'm developing an application to read signal strength of 3G, GSM, Wifi. Is there any classes that provides us with the RSSI of 3G signal and GSM signal? The WifiManager Class provides the RSSI for wifi, but I can't find any for 3G and GSM. If there is no classes provided, is it difficult to start from scratch?

Android :: Connecting To Strongest WiFi Access Point androidforums.com

I have two WiFi access points in my house, due to thick walls. When I turn on my phone it searches and connects to the first access point it finds, which is not necessarily the one with the strongest signal. e.g. I have one access point on channel 10 (lounge) and another on channel 1 (bedroom). When I'm in the lounge it always connects to the A/P in the bedroom, unless I actively "forget" that network, even though the signal strength of the one in the bedroom is VERY weak. Is there a way to force it to pick the strongest A/P?

HP Pavilion 15-n097sa Networking :: Windows 8.1 64bit - Laptop Will Not Connect To WiFi h30434.www3.hp.com

HP Pavilion 15-n097sa Windows 8.1 64 bit   I have had this laptop for a few months now but have never really had to use WiFi - now I need WiFi I find the laptop will not connect to my router, it also displays no WiFi networks. I have opened Device Manager/Network Adapters and the wireless adapter is apparently up to date and working correctly. The adapter is a Realtek RTL8188EE 802.11b/g/n Wi Fi Adapter. The laptop is just a few paces away from the router so should easily receive the signal, my Android shows the router signal strength at 100% with a speed of 150Mbps. Why the laptop will not connect to WiFi ....

BB Pearl :: Unable To Connect To Internet Over WiFi supportforums.blackberry.com

My Blackberry Pearl 9100 sometimes encounters a problem when try to connect internet over WiFi. The Data services was switched on and APN settings were unchecked. It shows the complete signal strength of my WiFi signal but unable to browse. It hits an error message 'Unable to fconnect to the server'. The google talk app works when BIS was connected. But, over WiFI it doesnt work.

Ubuntu Networking :: WiFi Signal Strength Percentage - Icon On The Top Bar ubuntuforums.org

I see the Wifi Signal Strength icon on the top bar, but where's the label that shows the signal strength percentage? Is there a way to re-enable the label or did Canonical deemed it to be unnecessary?

It Will Automatically Switch To The Device With The Strongest Signal / Network? discussions.apple.com

I have a cable modem at home setup with a Linksys router that has wifi enabled on it.� It is setup on the main floor of my house, for the sake of this example say the network name is currently set as Nathan.� � My wife uses wifi on a laptop on the main floor.� The problem is on the second floor in my bedroom, the signal drops in and out and I like to use my ipad there. � To solve the problem I've run a network cable to the bedroom and bought this dlink access point: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001P817YO/ref=oh_details_o01_s00_i00� My plan was to set this access point with the same wifi network name as the main router on the main floor (Nathan) with the hope that the iPad will automatically move to the device with the strongest signal so when I'm upstairs it would be on the upstairs access point and when downstairs the downstairs one.� Will this work?� I have the original iPad� Or is there a better way to solve this? Oh, I should add that I've tried wifi boosters and different antennas, none of them worked, my house must be made out of lead or something, so I decided the only way to know I can solve it is with an access point in the same room.�

Android :: WiFi Range And Ad-Hoc Networks groups.google.com

I am initiating the design of an application that would require an Android phone to connect to another Android phone via Ad-Hoc networking with or w/o security. I would like to know if Android supports ad-hoc networking. I would also like to know what is the average range of the wifi signal from an Android handset point-to-point with no obstructions. I cannot find any information about this on the web.

Ubuntu :: Conky Wireless Info Not Displaying? ubuntuforums.org

I'm trying to display Wi-Fi network info using Conky. I've got it to display the IP address and the upload/download speeds, but for some reason it won't display the network SSID or wireless signal strength. Here's the relevant portion of my conky configuration: Wi-Fi: Network: ${wireless_essid eth1} Signal Strength: ${wireless_link_qual_perc eth1}% IP address: ${addr eth1} Download Speed: ${downspeedf eth1} Kb/sec Upload Speed: ${upspeedf eth1} Kb/sec It's not the most frustrating problem in the world, but I've been unable to figure out the solution myself after several hours of perusing previous similar problems with Conky configs.

Webpages And App Store Not Open? discussions.apple.com

So I synced my IPad to my Itunes, I entered my wireless WIFI information, the signal strength shows up at max strength, but the IPAD says no internet connection is found, and webpages nor the App store will load, what am I doing wrong? I restarted my wireless router (Verizon Fios). My internet works on my Mac, I also restarted the IPAD and reentered the WIFI info, still no luck. Information: Mac OS X (10.5.6)

Android :: Unable To Determine Signal Strength On Droid - 2.0 - OnSignalStrengthsChanged Deprecated groups.google.com

The typical method to obtain signal strength has been to extend the PhoneStateListener class and override the onSignalStrengthsChanged method. Anytime the signal strength changes the system will call this method passing in the new ASU. Since this method is now deprecated as of Android 2.0, how are we suppose to go about obtaining the signal strength? I tried using the method above on Droid (CDMA) and the ASU passed in is always -1. There are also no details in the SDK as to why this was removed or what we are supposed to do now. http://developer.android.com/reference/android/telephony/PhoneStateLi...

General :: Switch WiFi Signal That Is Weak To Another Stronger One www.droidforums.net

I am searching for a app that will automatically switch my WiFi signal from one signal that is weak or getting weak to another signal that is stronger. Example I am at work and I will be connected to a hot spot on one side of the building, I go over to the other side of the building and the signal strength is weak and there is a new hot spot next to me that is extremely strong but the phone stays connected to the weak signal until I go and switch it manually to the new hot spot.

Android :: Neighboring Cell Signal Strengths Better Than Those For Current Cell Signal Strength? stackoverflow.com

I'm writing an android application that collects cell signal strengths. I am having trouble getting the "current" cell signal strength, but I don't have any problem getting the "neighboring" cell signal strengths. To get the current cell signal strength, I created a PhoneStateListener and implemented the onSignalStrengthChanged callback. It works, but not very well. It seems like the signal strength hardly ever changes, and resolution jumps to only a few numbers. I would accept the answer that the resolution of the signal strength hardware is coarse, but when I use the TelephonyManager's getNeighboringCellInfo() method, it works much better. The signal strength readings from neighboring cells change frequently, and they have much better resolution.So, how can I get the current cell signal strength in the same way that I am getting the neighboring cell strengths? It seems odd to me that the functionality of the neighboring cells is better than the current cell. Am I missing something here?I would also like to directly call a method from the telephony manager to get current cell strength, as opposed to a listener, if possible. If anyone knows how, please let me know.

Motorola :: V3XX Need Specific Signal Strength (dBm) www.howardforums.com

I need to test a few Motorola Razor v3xx phones for signal strength. Reading the bars will not be good enough.My BlackBerry Curve has a "Status" menu that shows current signal strength in dBm ("Signal: -85 dBm").I cannot find how to access a similar menu or similar data on my v3xx. Anyone familiar with a feature like this on the v3xx?

Android :: FM Signal Strength stackoverflow.com

I want to know the FM Radio signal strength in Android. For this I have to interact with hardware or not? Or is there any API which can directly give me the value of signal strength?

Android :: Cell RSSI - Network Signal Strength - On 1.5 stackoverflow.com

Is there any way to retrieve the current cellular Signal Strength (RSSI) on Android 1.5? I know there's a way to listen for signal strength updates through the TelephonyManager, but this seems to only give a "state," not a numeric value. Is using the RSSI field on a neighboring cell fairly accurate? I'm guessing not, but I'm running out of ideas.

Dell :: Any Way To Force Wireless To Connect To G Over B? www.notebookforums.com

I have a Dell Precision M4400 with the 1510 wireless card. I have a question regarding my wifi card. My school's wifi only shows up as one access point in the connection manager, but if I scan for wireless signals it shows several channels. The problem I am having is it seems quite random, depending on the signal strength I am guessing, my laptop connects to one of the B channels instead of the G ones. If I go to the Driver Properties in the Device Manager, I can force it to choose A first, but not G instead B. Does anyone know a workaround to make it choose G first instead of B/G? Also, I hate installing any Dell software that is not necessary, specially the Dell Wifi connection software since it's 300+ MB install, but does anyone who does use it know if it would allow me to specify G over B?

I Wonder If The Black Strip Will Improve Wifi Reception? forums.macrumors.com

On my Wifi like many, I tend to get varying signal strength. I wonder if the black bar would possibly imrpove Wifi signal reception along with the 3G?

General :: Droid X Says WiFi Signal Strength Poor To Nonexistent www.droidforums.net

I am virtually unable to get a wifi signal in my house on my droid x unless I am a few feet away from my router. None of my other wifi devices in my house are having this issue. When I check my wireless settings on my dx it says the signal strength is poor. I'm running rooted GB 4.5.602. Does the baseband have to do anything with this (BP_C_01.09.13P)?