Android :: Code For Displaying Signal Strength Of Wifi Access Point


I need to develop an application which scans the wifi access points and also gives their signal strength.I wrote the code for scanning the access points but I dont know what packages to use for measuring the displaying strength.Can anyone please tell me how to display the signal strength, also give me the code for that.

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I am having problems with the following code. I want it to search for the records and display them in the search results form. Then I want "combo33" to list the "CIDs" if there are more than one result then when one is clicked to display that information from that record. I have it working except it will only display the last record found when I need it to display the first record then list the others in the combo box, then when another CID number is clicked, display only that information. Can anybody help me? Code:Else If [Combo33] = 4 Then Combo33 = "Machining" Set rs = db.OpenRecordset("SELECT * " & _ "FROM Machining " & _ "WHERE [ISO] = '" & Me.Text3.Value & "';") If rs.EOF = True Then MsgBox "Record not found.", vbInformation Exit Sub Else If rs.EOF = False Then Form_SearchResults.Visible = True Do Until rs.EOF Set rs2 = db.OpenRecordset("SELECT * " & _ "FROM Categories " & _ "WHERE CID = " & rs.Fields!CID) Set rs3 = db.OpenRecordset("SELECT * " & _ "FROM Categories " & _ "WHERE ID = " & rs2.Fields!ID) Set rs4 = db.OpenRecordset("SELECT * " & _ "FROM Vendor " & _ "WHERE Vendor.[ID] = " & rs3!ID & ";") 'ADD THE ID NUMBERS IN THIS COMBO BOX FOR EACH RECORD 'Form_SearchResults.ID Form_SearchResults.CustomerID.RowSourceType = "Value List" Form_SearchResults.CustomerID.RowSource = "" Form_SearchResults.CustomerID.RowSource = _ Form_SearchResults.CustomerID.RowSource & rs4![ID] & ";" rs.MoveNext Loop Form_SearchResults.CustomerID.RowSource = _ Left(Form_SearchResults.CustomerID.RowSource, _ Len(Form_SearchResults.CustomerID.RowSource) - 1) 'THEN WHEN I CLICK ON THE NUMBER 'DISPLAY THAT INFORMATION If rs.RecordCount >= 1 Then If rs.RecordCount > 1 Then MsgBox "Press the down arrow key to see more results.", vbInformation End If End If Set rs = db.OpenRecordset("Select * " & _ "FROM Machining " & _ "WHERE Machining.[ISO] = '" & Me.Text3.Value & "';") Set rs4 = db.OpenRecordset("SELECT * " & _ "FROM Vendor " & _ "WHERE Vendor.[ID] = " & rs2.Fields!ID) Form_SearchResults.CustomerID = rs4!ID Form_SearchResults.Vendor = rs4!Vendor Form_SearchResults.Address = rs4![Address] Form_SearchResults.Email = rs4![email] Form_SearchResults.Website = rs4![Website] Form_SearchResults.Phone = rs4![Phone] Form_SearchResults.Fax = rs4![Fax] Form_SearchResults.Remarks = rs4![Remarks] Form_SearchResults.Contact = rs4![Contact] Form_SearchResults.Category = rs2![Category] Form_SearchResults.Text15 = rs![SubCategory] Form_SearchResults.Text5 = rs![ISO] Form_SearchResults.Text7 = rs![ANSI] Form_SearchResults.Text9 = rs![ASTM] Form_SearchResults.Text11 = rs![Revision] Form_SearchResults.Text13 = rs![Capacities] End If End If rs.Close Set rs = Nothing Set rs2 = Nothing Set rs3 = Nothing Set rs4 = Nothing Else

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OK, it works for my brother. But he said that the table he is updating from has almost 20,000 records and the code has been running for 15 minutes and is still going.My question now (for all you SQL geniuses) is can all these queries and recordsets be combined into a single update query using sub-queries?VB Code:sSQL_NEW = "SELECT * FROM New_Table"Set RST_NEW = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset(sSQL_NEW, dbOpenDynaset) ' works fine for me sSQL_LG = "SELECT * FROM Big_Table ORDER BY ID ASC"Set RST_LG = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset(sSQL_LG, dbOpenDynaset) With RST_LG  .MoveFirst  Do Until .EOF    sSQL_SM = "SELECT TOP 1 * FROM Small_Table WHERE ID < " & !ID & " ORDER BY ID DESC"    Set RST_SM = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset(sSQL_SM, dbopensnapshot)    RST_NEW.AddNew       RST_NEW!ID = !ID       RST_NEW!Loan = !Loan       RST_NEW!Pmt = !Pmt       RST_NEW!Inv = RST_SM!Inv    RST_NEW.Update    .MoveNext  LoopEnd With

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Access 2000 form. When I clicked on the button, it gives me a run-time error 91=================================run-time error 91Object variable or With block variable not set.The statement below was highlightedSet RecordSet_Customer = Dbs.OpenRecordset("Customer", dbOpenTable) ================================Code:Private Sub Command15_Click() Dim Dbs As Database Dim RecordSet_Customer As Recordset Set RecordSet_Customer = Dbs.OpenRecordset("Customer", dbOpenTable) Set Dbs = CurrentDb Dim Tenant_Number_Temp As String Dim Unit_Number_Temp As String Dim Last_Name_Temp As String Dim First_Name_Temp As String Dim counter As Long Tenant_Number_Temp = "T-100-11-2-1999" Unit_Number_Temp = "1000" Last_Name_Temp = "Sacramento" First_Name_Temp = "Jayson and John" counter = 0 Do While counter < 10 counter = counter + 1 Text_10.SetFocus Text_10.Text = counter With RecordSet_Customer .AddNew !Tenant_Number = "T-100-11-2-1999" !Unit_Number = "10000" !Last_Name = "Sacramento" !First_Name = "Jayson and John" RecordSet_Customer.Update End With Loop MsgBox "The loop made " & counter & " repetitions."End Sub

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Greetings!I have a process automation program running at my plant. The application is written in VB (ver 5 or 6 I think). There is a section of the app that records all alarms. It stores these alarms in an Access db. What bothers me is that is uses the same db all the time...and depending on the alarms rate it grows fast in size. The program has a section where I can add sub-routines and call them from a scheduler inside the program. I'd like to add a routine that I could call from the scheduler once a month that will take the existing db, close it (if open still), and move it to a backup folder. On the Alarm recorders next attempt to write to the db, it will see that the db does not exist and create a new one, with the same name, in the same location.Can any help?Thanks!Tim

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When you click a link in the Android browser, the target link area gets highlighted with an orange box by default. A longpress then opens up the context menu for link handling (copy, paste, new window, etc). Is there a way to disable either / both of these in webview? I'm using the highlight code in scriptaculous and the default android link styling is being laid over top of the effect.

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I have to access my html control and get its value from my server-side code. Is there anybody who could suggest how I could do it? My html control is very simple: <input type=text> But the thing is: I can't make it <input type=text runat=server> cause in this case my jquery functionality (datepicker) does not work.

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There are lots of web pages which simply run a script without having any material on them. Is there anyway of seeing the page source without actually visiting the page because it just redirects you? Will using an html parser work to do this ? I'm using simpleHTMLdom to parse the page?

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Count from table Code and show how meny record with the Code are in Table Info--In Field Code in Table CodenameI use this CodenameUSISENI am traing to count how many record are in Table Info with this Codename = US,IS,ENand if I add more Codename into Field Code I still can count from Table Codehow many recoer are in Table InfoIf somone can show me A sample so I can tray this and use to count and show the sum into ListboxTable CodeField CodenameTable InfoField Codename

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how to generate HTML code from the code behind? I would like to build a form that generate an html code inside a for loop. I will let the user enter the photo name and No. of photos Then I will generate an HTML code like this: <a href="http://www.mzinj.org/images/gallery/Photo%20(1).jpg" target="_blank"> <img src="http://www.mzinj.org/images/gallery/Photo%20(1).jpg" alt="" width="345" height="247" /> </a> <br /> <a href="http://www.mzinj.org/images/gallery/Photo%20(2).jpg" target="_blank"> <img src="http://www.mzinj.org/images/gallery/Photo%20(2).jpg" alt="" width="345" height="247" /> </a> <br /> <a href="http://www.mzinj.org/images/gallery/Photo%20(3).jpg" target="_blank"> <img src="http://www.mzinj.org/images/gallery/Photo%20(3).jpg" alt="" width="345" height="247" /> </a> <br /> depending on the No. of the photos the code will be duplicated in the loop Then I will display the result of the loop in label or in a textarea to let the user copy it any where The problem is that while compiling my code it considers the HTML code as a part of the behind file and gives errors on the single quote, the double quote and on the parentheses 

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how do you call code behind button click event or a code behind method from javascript.

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I have an asp.net button, that when clicked calls a code behind function. The function does some evaluation, and then I want to call javascript from within this asp.net function.

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I want to bind an ObjectDataSource to a property in my asp page and I want to do it in the page's aspx code, not in code-behind. I've already done it in code-behind, as follows: [Code].... I'd prefer to get rid of the ugly code-behind and just do this in mark-up. Something like [Code].... This gives me a run-time error: Cannot create an object of type 'System.Object' from its string representation 'SelectedBook' for the 'DataSource' property.Is there a way of doing this declaratively and not in code-behind? Further, what if what I want is to actually use a child property of the property in question? For example, if my Book object has a ReaderComments collection, can I databind to it decaratively in the aspx mark-up?

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i want to use an event of an asp control.so i add it's html code in the markup view and name the event "OnChange": <asp:CheckboxList ID="MyCheckBoxList" runat="Server" OnSelectedIndexChanged="onChange" How can i automatically generate the event fuction code in the code behind (like in windows forms)



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Following is the code to insert userName from session and PageName into table to keep record that how many times a user does hit a particular page. To avoid repitition of code I want to put the code in one class and want to inherit same code in each page. How to get this task? Please do share with me? Here is the OK code: [Code]....

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this C# code to VB code public form1() { initializecomponent(); reportviewer1.report= new report1(); } Private void btnRun_Click(object sender, Eventargs e) { (reportviewer1.report as report1).Param1=textbox1.text; reportviewer1.refresh }

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I have this code to read the contents of a text file: PHP Code:

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I'm trying to pull data into flash using JSON but i keep getting this error JSONParseError: Unexpected < encountered at com.adobe.serialization.json::JSONTokenizer/parseError() at com.adobe.serialization.json::JSONTokenizer/getNextToken() [Code]....

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I am having trouble with virtual hosts. The system is not recognizing their existence. In the process of trying to determine the problem (when I do a command of "ls -l" for the sites enabled folder) I noticed that the new symbolic links for the two sites in question show the directories and files linked to in green. The one link that does work (the default link set up with the system install) is in white. Is there any significance attached to the colors? I would think they should be the same as the working one. [IMG]file:///tmp/moz-screenshot-1.png[/IMG][IMG]file:///tmp/moz-screenshot-2.png[/IMG]

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I have a Samsung link but I don't like the display. I want it to look like a Samsung free form display. Does anyone know how to do that? Also, I wanted to know if I can put free games on it also.

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I have installed my personal Yahoo Mail on my 9810 Torch; as a result, the Contacts list now includes a mix of work and personal when first pulled up. I can then change it to display only one of my contacts lists (work or personal), but that requires several thumb fiddles every time. Is there a way to have the Contacts display default to only my work contacts displayed upon opening?

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last night i did a fresh install on my laptop which had windows vista premium edition (which came pre-installed). and when i finish installing, the Aero effects was not being enable, and it was only displaying the "Basic" effects System..... Toshiba Equium P200D-139 OS......... Windows 7 RC (Build 7100) x64 when windows vista premium was installed it had aero enable

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When I awake my iPad, it connects to the 3G network rather than the wireless network. The problem does not occur when I turn Cellular Data OFF. Is this a sign I should return this unit to the store? Information: MacMini, 4GB,10.6.3, iPhone 3GS iPhone OS 3.1.3 PBG412, 1.5GHz, iPad-3G

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my ipad shows "iPad" in the status bar area where you would usually see signal strength/wifi/3G. I cannot get the 3G or wifi to connect.

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I recently installed Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit edition on my Vaio FW490 (upgraded from Vista 64). I received the free upgrade disks from Sony. When I checked my device manager I noticed that the driver version for the WiFi Link 5100 is dated 5/28/09. On the Sony Site, they list the version for Windows 7 as dated 10/8/2009, and when I checked on the Intel site, they are recommending driver version dated 10/21/09.

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I just got a new HDX16. Been having issues with the intel 5100 agn. I've updated drivers to no effect. It would stay connected for awhile, but loose all connection at times. Its starting to be a pain. It can't even pickup my neighbors' connects and I have 10 in my area which my Toshiba picks up. Its paired to the Dlink DIR-855.

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I'm getting myself an Intel WiFi Link 5100 to replace the current Dell 1510N card in my Studio 1535. Is the Intel WiFi Link 5100 fully supported by my laptop? Are the number of wires same for both cards? Any specific steps that I need to do when replacing the card? This is my first time doing this so I'm a bit nervous.

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This has been happening a for a couple weeks now. Problem: Every time I boot up the computer and switch on the WiFi/Bluetooth button on the right side - only the Bluetooth light turns on above the keyboard. Temporary Solution: I go to Device Manager and find that the "Intel WiFi Link 5300 AGN" slot has the exclamation sign next to it so I disable the card and then reenable it again, then the problem is gone (the WiFi light turns on and I can now finally see wireless networks in the "Connect" window) .....

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Before I buy one of ebay Just wanna make sure with you guys that it will work with no problems That it would work with the nforce 730i mobo with no compatibility problems And this should replace my Dell 1515 wireless N card rite ... I'm am interested in the WiMAX function so I could use clear's 4 network but remember reading awhile back that Intel Wifi cards can't work with the Nvidia mobo

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i have just purchased a new acer aspire 8730g-6353 and for some reason i cannot connect to the internet wirelessly. i can see the networks available and attempt to connect, but i'm never given the chance to input the WEP key to connect. it gives me an error telling me my troubleshooting options (which just alludes to it being a problem with signal or some garbage like that, but there is 100% signal strength at any given time).

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In the near future I'd like to get one of these cards as replacement for a 5300 for the integrated WiMAX modem.

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I want to replace my 1810T's Intel Wifi Link 5100 with an Intel Wifi Link 5300. The 5100 has two antenna connectors and so the 1810T has two antennas already installed in it. I purchased a third antenna, but I don't want to disassemble the screen to add the third antenna next to the two stock antennas. Can I just place the third antenna here (empty area next to mini PCIe slot):

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i want to replace factory Intel 3945 with this card on my m1330 maybe somebody can share with this experience? by the way i will install x64 Vista very soon can I use this card with it? link to card [url]

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seeing that Dell released a driver supporting 6300, I went and bought one to replace my 5100. Plugged it in, and it wasn't recognized. Fair enough, I went to reinstall the driver.. which immediately finished. Setup log said error discovering intel device, or something like that. Problem is, the device is working fine as far as windows is concerned - it is detected, I can connect using windows networks screen. But ControlPoint Connection manager does not see it. What am I missing?

Dell :: E6400 -- Any Benefit To Updating Intel Display Adapter Driver forum.notebookreview.com

The latest version of the Intel Intel Display Adapter Driver available on the Dell website is dated 08/25/2008.. The Intel website shows Version dated 01/21/2009 is available.. Has anyone updated their E6400 to this new driver? Does anyone know of any specific benefits or problems with this new driver?..

Read And Display Japanese Text From Text File bytes.com

I posted a question regarding reading japanese text from a text file. Well, since I solved the problem, I thought I'd post my solution for the benefit of other people with the same problem. The plan was to make a script to read and display japanese text. I will use it for making a japanese proverb script and for a japanese language study script. Method : I wrote a simple kanji text file (saved with UTF-8 encoding) I wrote a simple PHP script to display the file contents (saved with UTF-8 encoding) I specified the content-type header for the HTML page : <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"> *** All files have the same encoding. *** UTF-8 supports japanese characters. and it works! this is my PHP (and HTML) script : <html> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"> <title>PHP : Japanese Text File Read : Exercise 1</title> </head> <body> <?php $filename="japanese.txt"; //open file $fp = fopen($filename,'r'); //loop through each line in the file while($line=fgets($fp)) { //output current text file line print $line."<br>"; } //close file handle fclose($fp); ?> </body> </html> I know it's a very simple script, for testing purposes only. It displays the contents of the japanese text file line by line. The key was to save all files in the same encoding (I used UTF-8) and to specify the encoding / charset in the HTML header (<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">)

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Hello.. I'm basically new to vb 6.0.. my question is the followingi have to command buttons and when selecting either one of the buttons the information from a database is retrieve and display in a textbox... so far i display the same result when selecting the buttons... mi code is the followingVB Code:While Not rdResultado.EOF         rdResultado.MoveFirst           If nameForm.cmd_pq1.Value = True Then                         nameForm.txt_precio.Text = rdResultado![Price]               ElseIf nameForm.cmd_pq2.Value = True Then                 nameForm.txt_precio.Text = rdResultado![Price]                  End If           rdResultado.MoveNext thanx

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I have a table in Access called 'product' which has 3 columns: ID, Description, UnitPrice. In my VB interface, The task is to have a combobox linked to the Product.Description and a label(or textbox) right next to the combobox which displays the corresponding UnitPrice for the certain product use has chosen. I've had the combobox linked to the table and display the product description, but how can I link the label to the DB and Combobox to display the corresponding UnitPrice? I'm using ADO DataControls. Thanks in advance!

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I save all my contacts to Google, so they are backed up automatically on Google's servers. However, when I go to People > View - it says Phone (13) when I don't have any contacts saved to my phone. Even when I only have Phone (13) ticked, it doesn't display anything. Why is this?

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Back to VB basics here, but as usual I'm stuck on something simple!If Index = 0 Then txtWhatever.Text = "Newcastle" And txtWhatever.BackColor = &HFFC0C0The Bac Color absolutely refuses to change, I can take out the code from And onwards which does display 'Whatever' in the box but I can't get it to change the colour as well. Any ideas anyone? Thanks

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I have the Android Facebook-Connect library running in my emulator and I'm able to set my status with the Facebook API I have setup. However, I don't know where to go from there? Am I supposed to use the session key that this library allows me to get and make some Facebook API calls? I haven't found any code examples to even see what the proper syntax is. Am I better off using another library? I tried fbrocket with limited luck(I get a "server error 104 - Incorrect signature").

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For my closest contacts, I use the People widget that shows a "big" thumbnail photo for each contact. Most of my contacts are set to display their Facebook profile photo, and yes I'm one of the ones who has complained to HTC about it not updating. However, a couple of days ago I noticed my Dad's picture had gone missing. He's not on Facebook, but his photo is synced to his Google Account picture. But now there's just the standard grey "no photo" icon. He definitely hasn't updated his photo, it's still there in Google Talk. Just today I've noticed that 4 more people on this small contact list have also lost their photos. Weirder still, those contacts all have their picture set to Facebook ... I've just run a "sync all" on my Desire and only one of those contact photos came back. A few still show the "no photo" icon. Even weirder, is that other contact photos on the list did update to the most recent Facebook photo! Weird. I'll keep track to see if they update automatically. I don't have high hopes. (and my own profile pic still hasn't updated from a month ago) (the sync all has also reset heaps of my contacts names back from their Google contact name to their Facebook or Google Account name.

Samsung Captivate :: Contact Display Name And Picture androidforums.com

Two related questions regarding the Captivate's built-in "Contact" app - both dealing with linked contacts from Gmail and Facebook: 1)Has anyone found a way to change which picture is displayed for a linked contact? On the HTC Aria, you could choose whether you wanted the picture from Gmail or the one from Facebook. 2)Has anyone found a way to change the displayed name in Contacts. Again, on the HTC Aria, you could pick whether to display the name from your Gmail contact or the one from the Facebook contact.

Sprint HTC Hero :: Contacts Are Displayed With The First Name First And Then The Last Name androidforums.com

I have my hero for about 3 days now... and I have one question that i can't find the solution on my own... All my contacts are displayed with the first name first and then the last name? from where can i change this?

Motorola Droid X : Linked Contacts Display Name androidforums.com

I've done a search and couldn't find any definitive answer and couldn't figure it out on my own.Is there a way to select which name you want to display for linked contacts? For example, I have a contact with 4 linked profiles (phone, google, facebook, twitter); It is displaying the twitter name and I'd rather it display the actual name (from any of the other linked profiles). When i go to edit this contact, the first name and last name is what i want it to display, yet it still display the twitter name.

HTC Incredible : Linked Contacts Display Name Error androidforums.com

Been searching around for a while and found some posts with no replies on other forums for this annoying issue.I have my contacts linked manually with my Facebook friends list. Pictures are working and everything seems fine on that front.In the link screen I can hit the drop down to choose the contact name to display in the People widget, and I can choose between my phone contact name and the Facebook profile name.The problem is that if I choose the Facebook name (usually first and last, which I like, since in my phone I have some people in under nicknames, or just first name, etc.) it only temporarily remembers that change. Within a day or so I will open up People and the display name will be back to the original. Example: Contact in phone named John, linked to a facebook account called John Smith In the Link screen I click the drop down for his name, and choose John Smith (which is labled as a facebook account) as the Contact Name The next day when I open People the contact is listed as simply John again.Anyone have any ideas?I don't want to go through my whole list retyping peoples names, especially when there is a feature that should make it a simple pick list.

Display Twitter Feed In Form? social.msdn.microsoft.com

I would like to add my twitter feed to my application in form1. How would I go about doing this?

Flex :: Display And Parse Sensor Data (text)? stackoverflow.com

I have a sensor that sends data as text file. Data format as follow: dat=110405120000+000.00+000.00+005.65+000.00+040.71+000.00+000.00+000.20. How can i parse this data? The output i want is: date: 05-04-11 time: 12:00:00 ch01: 000.00 ch02: 000.00 [Code].....

Web Forms :: Masterpage Won't Display Picture If Page Is Not Saved In The Same Folder forums.asp.net

i have a master page in a root and some pages in root and works perfectly, but now i need a different folder (secure) and in this folder i have an Admin page but doesnt show icons from master, only the placeholder. If i change the url from .css (url('images/page-bgglare.png') to (url('../images/page-bgglare.png') works the pages inside the folder but doesnt works the pages in root.

MVC :: Reuse JavaScript Snippets - Displays A Modal Window After Clicking A Link forums.asp.net

I have now a fancy JavaScript which displays a modal Window after clicking a link. I'd like to reuse that code with small changes. eg. different IDs, different labels... I know the possibility to create a Helper. But I don't want a [Code].... thing. I'm sure there is an elegant solution for that. RenderUserControl is maybe a solution. But then it must provide the possibility to assign parameters to it, directly in the View.

Lighttpd Hosting Videos :: Cannot Display Page www.sitepoint.com

we have a site, x.com and it hosts videos, we want to serve these videos using lighty, however, we can't seem to get it to work at all, The current setup is Cpanel with Apache so we want Cpanel + Lighty(only for flvideo.x.com) and Apache for everything else, im running lighty on port 8080, we've tried different ports for the sake of trial and error. This is the configuration that we have: # lighttpd configuration file # # use it as a base for lighttpd 1.0.0 and above # # $Id: lighttpd.conf,v 1.7 2004/11/03 22:26:05 weigon Exp $ ############ Options you really have to take care of #################### ## modules to load # at least mod_access and mod_accesslog should be loaded # all other module should only be loaded if really neccesary # - saves some time # - saves memory server.modules = ( # "mod_rewrite", # "mod_redirect", # "mod_alias", "mod_access", # "mod_cml", # "mod_trigger_b4_dl", # "mod_auth", # "mod_status", # "mod_setenv", # "mod_fastcgi", # "mod_proxy", # "mod_simple_vhost", # "mod_evhost", "mod_userdir", # "mod_cgi", # "mod_compress", # "mod_ssi", # "mod_usertrack", # "mod_expire", # "mod_secdownload", # "mod_rrdtool", "mod_accesslog" ) ## a static document-root, for virtual-hosting take look at the ## server.virtual-* options server.document-root = "/home2/x/www/flvideo/" ## where to send error-messages to server.errorlog = "/var/log/lighttpd/error.log" # files to check for if .../ is requested index-file.names = ( "index.php", "index.html", "index.htm", "default.htm" ) ## set the event-handler (read the performance section in the manual) # server.event-handler = "freebsd-kqueue" # needed on OS X # mimetype mapping mimetype.assign = ( ".rpm" => "application/x-rpm", ".pdf" => "application/pdf", ".sig" => "application/pgp-signature", ".spl" => "application/futuresplash", ".class" => "application/octet-stream", ".ps" => "application/postscript", ".torrent" => "application/x-bittorrent", ".dvi" => "application/x-dvi", ".gz" => "application/x-gzip", ".pac" => "application/x-ns-proxy-autoconfig", ".swf" => "application/x-shockwave-flash", ".tar.gz" => "application/x-tgz", ".tgz" => "application/x-tgz", ".tar" => "application/x-tar", ".zip" => "application/zip", ".mp3" => "audio/mpeg", ".m3u" => "audio/x-mpegurl", ".wma" => "audio/x-ms-wma", ".wax" => "audio/x-ms-wax", ".ogg" => "application/ogg", ".wav" => "audio/x-wav", ".gif" => "image/gif", ".jar" => "application/x-java-archive", ".jpg" => "image/jpeg", ".jpeg" => "image/jpeg", ".png" => "image/png", ".xbm" => "image/x-xbitmap", ".xpm" => "image/x-xpixmap", ".xwd" => "image/x-xwindowdump", ".css" => "text/css", ".html" => "text/html", ".htm" => "text/html", ".js" => "text/javascript", ".asc" => "text/plain", ".c" => "text/plain", ".cpp" => "text/plain", ".log" => "text/plain", ".conf" => "text/plain", ".text" => "text/plain", ".txt" => "text/plain", ".dtd" => "text/xml", ".xml" => "text/xml", ".mpeg" => "video/mpeg", ".mpg" => "video/mpeg", ".mov" => "video/quicktime", ".qt" => "video/quicktime", ".avi" => "video/x-msvideo", ".asf" => "video/x-ms-asf", ".asx" => "video/x-ms-asf", ".wmv" => "video/x-ms-wmv", ".bz2" => "application/x-bzip", ".tbz" => "application/x-bzip-compressed-tar", ".tar.bz2" => "application/x-bzip-compressed-tar", # default mime type "" => "application/octet-stream", ) # Use the "Content-Type" extended attribute to obtain mime type if possible mimetype.use-xattr = "enable" ## send a different Server: header ## be nice and keep it at lighttpd server.tag = "lighttpd" #### accesslog module accesslog.filename = "/var/log/lighttpd/access.log" ## deny access the file-extensions # # ~ is for backupfiles from vi, emacs, joe, ... # .inc is often used for code includes which should in general not be part #### accesslog module accesslog.filename = "/var/log/lighttpd/access.log" ## deny access the file-extensions # # ~ is for backupfiles from vi, emacs, joe, ... # .inc is often used for code includes which should in general not be part # of the document-root url.access-deny = ( "~", ".inc" ) $HTTP["url"] =~ ".pdf$" { server.range-requests = "disable" } ## # which extensions should not be handle via static-file transfer # # .php, .pl, .fcgi are most often handled by mod_fastcgi or mod_cgi static-file.exclude-extensions = ( ".php", ".pl", ".fcgi" ) ######### Options that are good to be but not neccesary to be changed ####### ## bind to port (default: 80) server.port = 8080 ## bind to localhost (default: all interfaces) server.bind = "flvideo.x.com" This is the weird part, if we lynx x.com:8080 it will display the html file inside the docroot, if i go x.com:8080 on firefox or internet explorer the connection gets reset and internet explorer throws a "cannot display page" error,

Web Forms :: How To Display Default Image When Image Control Link Is Dead forums.asp.net

i have a website which has a <IMG> and/or <asp:Image> in it. The user has an option to upload an image. so if the user does upload an image it will be displayed in the stated controls above. but if they don't the control displays its alternative text or an "x" icon. can i just place a default image in it if there is no image reference to it to display?

MVC :: How To Display Portion Of Page Within Another Page forums.asp.net

I want to have two pages/views(?) A and B. When a user sees page A, I want to display a section of the B page inside the A page. When the user sees page B, he should see the regular B page. How can I accomplish this?

Error Message Near The End Is Always Displayed? forums.asp.net

I have tried to run the following code but the error message near the end is always displayed   Partial Class _Default Inherits System.Web.UI.Page Protected Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles  Dim conn As New SqlClient.SqlConnection 8:      Dim comm As New SqlClient.SqlCommand 9:      Dim Users As SqlClient.SqlDataReader

C# - Use UserControl To Display SqlDataReader Data? stackoverflow.com

i try to use userControl to display SqlDataReader data. in the main page public SqlDataReader Data2; ... <uc1:WebUserControl ID="WebUserControl1" RData1="<%=Data2 %>" runat="server" /> and in the userControl Repeater1.DataSource = RData1; Repeater1.DataBind();........ But i keep getting this error Cannot create an object of type 'System.Data.SqlClient.SqlDataReader' from its string representation '<%=Data2 %>' for the 'RData1' property.

MVC :: Display Errors Or Variable Values? forums.asp.net

Working through the tutorial [URL] I want to output the value of the 'caught' exception as all the database queries are wrapped in try catches. How would I do this? I have added a label to my form but not sure how to get a value in it! (Still thinking old ASP.NET)

ADO.NET :: Display Property Type In EDM? forums.asp.net

Is it possible to display the data type of an entities properties in the Designer?  For instance I have a dateofbirth property for my Person Entity. In the designer I want it to show "dateofbith    datetime" 

Get Data From Previous Page For Search Function And Display Returned Data Into Gridview www.vbforums.com

I implemented PreviousPage to get data from previous page for my search function and display the returned data into a gridview. The gridview's allowpaging is enabled, but every time I go to next page, my previous page data is lost... how can I resolve that?

Forms Data Controls :: How Do Display A List Of Data Returned From The Database forums.asp.net

How do display a list of data returned from the database like this. [code]....

MVC :: Display Limited Characters From String forums.asp.net

I'm making a simple mvc site containing a database over the movies we have at home. When i display my movies i'd like to display "the short version" of the plot, leaving the rest to be read when you actually click on the movie to see more details about it. How can I do this? Do i write some sort of limitation in the string on the index page?

Finding Duplicates In String And Display? forums.asp.net

Let say I have a string  like this Dim Mystring as String = "Dogs;cats;Dogs;apple;cars;dogs;cats" I want to only find the values that is in the string more then once....and then create a new string like Result Dim NEWstring as String = "Dogs;cats"

Web Forms :: Display Photo Using URL String? forums.asp.net

I have a member site that allows the members to upload their photo to their page. In addition they have a public accessible .aspx page that I would like to have their photo displayed on. Using the www.mysite.com/webpage.aspx?MemberID=johnsmith method to call the photo associated with the memberID, how do I call the photo in my page? My member's photos are saved in a folder and NOT in a database. Each of the member's photos are automatically saved with a filename that is their "MemberID".png.

Display String In Indian Rupee? forums.asp.net

as this coce display the value in doller($)  e.Row.Cells[3].Text = TotalUnitPrice.ToString("c"); Result $13,234 I want to show it in indian Rupee like 13,234 Rs  with same separator position

Display Image URL With Session String? stackoverflow.com

I cannot display images in my application when I have the session string in the URL. This works: http://server/application/image.png This doesn't: http://server/application/(S(ane2sz55z15ra045gocejcq1))/image.png It worked fine when it was running in Windows XP, but now I have moved it to Windows Server 2008 instead. The same happens with CSS and JS files.

Web Forms :: Display Vowels In A Given String? forums.asp.net

i want to display vowels and consonants in a given string. i have taken a txtbox and btn if the btn is pressed it has to show vowels and consonants separately.

Javascript - Display A Truncated String Using Eval stackoverflow.com

I have a ASP gridview control. I have a ASP label control in the item template column. I bind data to the grid using - <ItemTemplate> <asp:Label ID="lblDesc" runat="server" Text='<%# Eval("Description") %>'></asp:Label> </ItemTemplate> But, the value of this string can be upto 80 characters. But, I cannot afford to have the column length to be so high. And, there are limitations so I cannot use Wrap="true" and limit the column width. So, I figured the solution could be to display only about 50 characters in the grid and display the entire string as a tool tip. I managed to do this by using this - <ItemTemplate> <asp:Label ID="lblDesc" runat="server" Text='<%# Eval("Description").ToString().Substring(0,50) %>' ToolTip='<%# Eval("Description") %>'></asp:Label> </ItemTemplate> This displays the first 50 characters of the string in the grid column. And, the complete string is displayed as a tool tip when the mouse pointer hovers over the text. But, the problem arises when the string length is less than 50 characters. In this case, an exception is thrown. I tried modifying this piece of code to allow conditional display by checking for the string length. But, I could not get this to work. Is there a way to fix this problem? Can we call a javascript function within Eval() ?

Web Forms :: Display String Through Keyvalue Pair Using Object forums.asp.net

<% if (this._arr_design.Count > 0) { %> <% foreach (Ameronix.Teeone.Models.Design obj_design in this._arr_design) { %> <tr> <td style="width: 254px; height: 27px;"><%= obj_design.name_design.ToString() %> <div class="thumbnails"> <% foreach (System.Collections.Generic.KeyValuePair<int, Ameronix.Teeone.Models.DesignSection> kvp in obj_design.arr_design_section) { %> <div class="thumbnail"><a href="/snapshots/processed/designs/<%= obj_design.id_design %>_<%= kvp.Value.id_design_section %>.jpg" rel="lightbox"><img src="../resources/get_image.aspx?src=/snapshots/processed/designs/<%= obj_design.id_design%>_<%= kvp.Value.id_design_section %>.jpg&width=50&height=50" /></a></div> C# Code................... This code is used to display the snapshots of processed images on the page, but the first images is displayed in the place of second one as well.Not able to sort it ..These images r stored in the SQL table.There is a repeat of image.

Assigning String Text To Variable - Process And Display forums.asp.net

I need to accomplish a simple task like this: 1. Assigning text of a few lables to corresponding variables. 2. Taking/posting these variables to server and process them. 3. Print the outcome in a message. An example would be:  Take lable1 as variable x. Take lable2 as  variable y.  then process  as z=x+y. and print z on the page.

MVC :: Styling Of The Dynamically Displayed Data? forums.asp.net

I am running out of ideas for my styling of the dynamically displayed data. [Code]...

How To Get Some Currency Rate Values From A Specific Site And Display Them In Application forums.asp.net

I don't know if this was asked before. How do I get some currency rate values from a specific site and display them in my application?

Crystal Reports :: How To Display 20100604 When The Paramter Is Empty forums.asp.net

if i am using a seagate crystal report 7,and i use stored procedure as datasource.and i set string as a parameter to import date formate as yyyymmddhe user haven't input date, then set date to today in stored procedure.but the field doesn't display current date.how can i disply 20100604 when the paramter is empty

Web Forms :: Display Webform On Same Window? forums.asp.net

I have option page to my Project which has Status,Issu,HMR,DFG buttons on center of the webform, every page will redirect to another page if you  click on this option buttons,Now i wanted to change this .. I want to split the page keep all options buttons on left of the screen when you click option buttons corresponding web page should open in Right of the screen,how can i do this one.I am working on visual web developer2008(Asp>net3.5)

Disable Webform And Display In Browser? forums.asp.net

I've seen two sites that have this really neat feature that's similar to a Winform dialog box, but better. I don't think I'll be able to explain it properly, so I captured some screenshots. In ebay, this is what you see when you browse listings and sort by shipping cost without having set your location: [URL] In Badoo, it's basically the same thing. If you haven't set a language preference, then it'll display a similar type of dialog box: [URL] Is this possible in asp.net? If so, would it be an add-on to my current webform, or would I need to rebuild the webform for this purpose?

Display A Pdf Document Inside A Webform? forums.asp.net

I need to display a pdf document inside a web form. I know how to do so using an hyperlink control (NavigateUrl property), but in this case I need to display the pdf as a result of an internal process, not the click of a link by the user. There is any way to do so?

Forms Data Controls :: How To Select Master Record For Display Based Upon Detail Records forums.asp.net

I have two tables.  One table containing 1 master record and the other table containing multiple records per 1 master record.  I want to only display in a gridview (or whatever is best) the master record AND its assocated detail records IF certain fields in the detail records are there.  I have been trying to figure out how to do this but I am still a bit of a newbie and I don't how I can do this.

Localization :: Display Dynamic Text With English And Arabic? forums.asp.net

i want to display dynamic text like the News in Arabic and english Language should I create two fields in the database For arabic and english?and how to select the english News when the user select English? (Note:i know to display the static text like the menus in arabic and english)

SQL Reporting :: How To Display Parameter Prompt Area In Web Report Viewer forums.asp.net

I tired to create a parameterized report in Report Builder 2.0 with parameters having multiple values fetched from the database. I really liked that feature, which allows me to select the desired records from the dropdown. I uploaded the report in SSRS 2008 and I could view the reports with parameters from the Report Manager of Report server. But when the report is called through the Report Viewer, I didn't get any of the parameters displayed inside the report viewer. The only way I could found is to manually give the dropdowns in the web page and sent that values to report by setting its parameter. But at here I cannot multi-select the values. So I would like to get the exact functionality given through the report manager in the report viewer. get the report parameters in the Report Viewer of ASP.NET?

Possible To Copy Display Data From Another Website Page forums.asp.net

Is it possible to copy display data from another website page?Display data means ,data that is displayed in page.For example,http://www.ndtv.com/convergence/ndtv/pollution.aspxI am alien to this website,but I want to copy data .that is shown in above link page to my website page.

Forms Data Controls :: Write XML File From Web Service To Display In Gridview forums.asp.net

How would I display the following code into a GridView. First, I need the application to write the xml file somewhere on my harddrive and then I need it to read it to populate a gridview.   protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { var xmlRequest = new XElement("GetTicketAction", new XAttribute(XNamespace.Xmlns + "xsi",[URL] " new XAttribute(XNamespace.Xmlns + "xsd", "[URL]"), new XElement("CompanyName", Setup.Company), new XElement("IntegrationLoginId", Setup.Username ), new XElement("IntegrationPassword", Setup.Password), new XElement("SrServiceRecid", Setup.SrServiceRecid)) .ToString(); var proxy = new MyWebService.integration_io(); var xmlResponse = proxy.ProcessClientAction(xmlRequest); var parsedXmlResponse = XElement.Parse(xmlResponse);......................

How Display Data In A Gallery View Mode stackoverflow.com

Is there a way to display gridview as "gallery view" instead of plain "list view". For example like ebay(you can toggle the view 1.list view, 2.gallery view, 3. side by side view). Any asp.net controls or jQuery controls will do the job for me.

Forms Data Controls :: Displaying Image In Datalist? forums.asp.net

I am trying to display images in a datalist. I derive the list of images as follows have a drodown list which contains the possible filders. The user selects the folder and clicks a button to display the images. On the button click I get the contents of the folder using getfileinfo|(0 and add the details to a datatable. I create a field in the table that contains the path and the imagename (fieldname imagePath) To display the image <asp:Image ID="Image1" runat="server" ImageUrl='<%#Eval("Imagepath")%>' [Code]....

MVC :: ValidationException Message Not Being Displayed? forums.asp.net

I am doing some custom field validation and throwing a new ValidationException when required, however the message passed as an argument is not displayed when the exception is thrown instead it displays a more generic message. "The value '...' is invalid." (instead of what ever message i put as an argument.) [Code]....

Display A Live Streaming Of A TV Channel? forums.asp.net

I am going to develop a website in asp.net , in which i will have to display a live streaming of a TV channel.

Web Forms :: How To Export Displayed Content Of Page To Pdf forums.asp.net

is it possible to export displayed content of asp.net page to pdf.if yes how