Android :: Clear Cache Memory When Application Exits Programmatically?


I have set of images fetched from internet and set it on gridview,here i have option to click here to view more,below the grid view and it fetches images and set it on grid with prevoius set of images,when i exit the application and run it again,the previous set of images remain in cache and grid shows images from cache,here i need to clear my application cache memory,when i exited my application.how can i get it.

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I have set Private Memory limit of 200mb in IIS 7 for an application pool. The Private Working Set memory(Task Manager) for the application is always below 125mb but the number of page faults have increased a lot and application cache is getting cleared frequently after setting the limit. I haven't set any limit on Virtual Memory.why the cache is getting cleared even when the Private memory used is below the allocated memory?

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In Android's settings, in the "Manage Applications" activity when clicking on an app, the data is broken down into Application, Data, and cache. There is also a button to clear the cache. My app caches audio files and I would like the user to be able to clear the cache using this button. How do I store them so they get lumped in with the cache and the user can clear them?

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Is there something in the Android developer guidelines that disuades developers from providing the option to "exit" (stop running) an application from within the application itself? I love multitasking and all but it's not clear to me why: the vast majority of apps don't have their own Exit functions and hence just keep running forever don't give you a choice about running when you turn on the phone - they just do by default Both of these things lead to memory usage constantly increasing and your device running with this performance burden all of the time despite the fact that you may only want certain apps to run some of the time.

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I use data caching quite liberally in my .NET application. However, when debugging I often need to clear the data cache for testing purposes, such as when I change something at a lower-layer that I need to re-verify at the UI-level. Is there any way to clear the data cache without actually doing so programmatically, maybe through Visual Studio? I imagine I could place a button in an administrative area of my application, when clicked, would clear all data cache being used by the application, but is that essentially the only other option besides just waiting for the cache expiration timer to expire?

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How to clear the cached image from memory programatically in android? i am iconic list view when i scroll its reloads the image.So its produce the OutofMemoryError. i want clear the cache while gets this exception. how to do that?

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Hi friends, My VB6 application is to port data from database to excel using excel object and excel sheet object (using 'CreateObject' method). After successfully porting the object is to be destroyed by setting them to nothing.However,theexcel object continues to remain in memory.(I vewed objects in memory by giving 'Ctrl+Alt+Del' in Win 95). Even when i close this programmatically invoked excel sheet manually (File + exit), it continues to remain in memory. Can any one suggest me a method so that object is destroyed properly?

HTC Incredible :: Possible Solution For "low On Space" Notification androidforums.com

A FACTORY RESET is not an option for most people so I've been looking elsewhere for solutions to this annoying notification memory problem. My research has shown me that this error doesn't appear to be the same for everyone. Some people have a problem with the HTC mail app (better settings below) Some people have a problem with the internet browser cache. Some people have a problem with the Peep cache. Some people have too many messages- have to delete Some people have an insanely large call history- have to delete HTC MAIL SETTINGS- these settings changes had a short term affect (one week)SETTING 1 MAIL>Menu>more>Settings>General settings>Temporary attachment storage> SD card SETTING 2 Send & receive> mail size limit> no limit My possible solution- hopefully long term Clear the contact storage cache SETTINGS>APPLICATIONS>MANAGE APPLICATIONS>CONTACT STORAGE>clear cache I'm curious if this solution is longterm or not. I cleared the peep and browser cache but it only helped for 2 days. Taking off the HTC MAIL app also only had a temporary effect. Does clearing the CONTACT STORAGE cache have a long term effect?

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Can I set the Firefox cache to clear automatically after some event (exiting Firefox or logging out of the system,either would be acceptable)?

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I'm running 2.1 on the Cellular South East network. I have received a notification that my Desire since is low on space, but I have over 100 mb of free memory. After a bit of research, I read that I should try to clear application caches. I used the application manager but the "clear cache " button for each application is greyed-out. I then read to wait a minute or so to allow all data to load. I waited 3 minutes, but I still couldn't clear any caches. Why I can't clear a cache?

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Browser seems to chew up memory pretty well, which is usually okay, but it would be good to be able to clear it. Well if you long press on the back button you get an option to exit and clear cache. Neat. Any other apps do this?


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- KaosFroyo v27 - Root Explorer used to remove unwanted apps - SetCPU used to overclock (gradually, over the course of 8 days of use) - Launcher Pro - Stock browser - Stock dialer - Stock messaging - JIT enabled in menu > settings > cyanogen mod settings > performance settings - apps2sd disabled - Animations all turned off in menu > settings > display - data back up and automatic restore enabled in menu > settings > privacy - text prediction turned off in menu > settings > language and keyboard > HTC_IME mod > text input - spell correction enabled in menu > settings > language and keyboard > HTC_IME > text input - word completion turned off in menu > settings > language and keyboard > HTC_IME mod > text input - sound feedback turned off in menu > settings > language and keyboard > HTC_IME > text input - vibrate when typing turned off in menu > settings > language and keyboard > HTC_IME > text input - show candidates bar turned off in menu > settings > language and keyboard > HTC_IME > user interface - space hack and smiley hack turned off in menu > settings > language and keyboard > HTC_IME > user interface - voice input not used - gestures not used - prediction and dictionary not used - custom vibration set to 15ms in menu > settings > language and keyboard > HTC_IME > sound and vibration > custom vibration length - text to speech not used - keep in memory disabled in preferences (Launcher Pro) > general settings - 3 screens enabled in preferences > homescreen settings - trackball scrolling enabled in preferences > homescreen settings - number of docks set to 1 in preferences > dock settings - enable auto rotation enabled in preferences > behavior settings - hide notification bar enabled in preferences > appearance settings - disable wallpaper scrolling enabled in preferences > appearance settings - memory usage preset at moderate in preferences > advanced settings > memory usage settings - homescreen caches enabled in preferences > advanced settings > memory usage settings - homescreen cache type set to normal in preferences > advanced settings > memory usage settings - build caches as needed enabled in preferences > advanced settings > memory usage settings - clear caches on exit disabled in preferences > advanced settings > memory usage settings - prevent force closes enabled in preferences > advanced settings > memory usage settings - elastic scrolling disabled in preferences > advanced settings > - high quality scrolling disabled in preferences > advanced settings > - minimum scrolling speed set to 50 in preferences > advanced settings > - use 3D drawer disabled in preferences > advanced settings > - opening speed (of drawer) set to 7 in preferences > advanced settings > - opening speed (of previews) set to 7 in preferences > advanced settings > I've settled on an overclocked speed of 748/748 with a sleep profile of 528/528. I use Weather Bug Elite with no background data updates as I press menu > update each time I open the app. Syncing is done manually, no autosync enabled for gmail or calendar. The browser and all other caches are cleared in menu > applications > manage applications each night prior to shutting down and putting the device on the charger.

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I have a problem with the phone memory of my E90 device. Although I have installed almost all applications in the memory card, the phone memory is rather low (10 MB available, 125 MB in use). What's more, it is progressively shrinking after browsing the Internet. In one week, I lost some 2 MB - I only saved some text-only pages from mobile web sites and I deleted the cache memory and the history before exiting. Any ideas on how to solve this?

Clear Memory And Cache - Please HELP!! www.vbforums.com

Dear all,I would like to be able to write a pgram which just, at a click of a button clear memory and cache.PLEASE HELP!!!Thanks

BB Curve 83xx :: Memory Cleaning In Security Options ? forums.crackberry.com

I frequently clean my history and cache using the 'options' menu from the browser ...by going to options > Cache operations > clear.. BUT what about Options > Security Options > Memory cleaning. My memory cleaning is currently set to "disabled." Do others recommend enabling it ??? I manually chose "clean now" from memory cleaning ( left click) and my Curve 8330 seems faster. Do you guys use this memory cleaning option, in addition to cleaning the cache from the options menu in the browser ??

Android :: Application Cache Data? groups.google.com

I'm trying to understand the way android handles my application cache data....Some times i'll go in there and the cache directory is 6-7mb. What type of data is stored there? Is there a way in the mainifest I can say don't use cache or clear cache at Xmb ?

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Safari 5.0.5. MacOS 10.6.8..I am developping complex HTML+JavaScript. I notice that after a while (~30 mn) Safari does not clear its cache and re-uses old JS scripts. I have caches disabled in the development menu. Clearing cache or reinitialize Safari from the Safari menu is of no help.Only way is to delete the cache.db file in Libray/cache/com.apple.safari, exit Safari, empty trash, then relaunch ! Info: iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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I have a asp.net web application and I'm using cache (HttpRuntime.Cache) to save some stuff from db. I also update db from time to time so that data in db does not match the data in my application's cache. Is there any way how to clear my application's cache without modifying any source code or republishing the page? I tried to restart IIS and to clear browsers cache

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I just owned a N86.Its cool.It has Phone memory of 74 MB and Mass memory of 8GB and its great.but on by using apps or downloading updates or due to broken downloaded files its memory gets low. and it cannot be removed.So its necessory to have a application tool to remove unwanted dumped files from the memory as like clearing all cache cookies history in the nokia browser.

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I have the Wifi only Xoom. I can open the android Market but when I go to my installed applications the Market force closes everytime. I have tried clearing the cache, clearing data, and force stopping the application and still no luck. I went as far as doing a factory reset and I still am unable to view installed applications.

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My phone is low on memory, when I open my app manager it shows my mail app is using 59mb of memory. I have erased all mail and cleared the cache with no change. I am running android 2.1

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All applications respond to screen touch normally - EXCEPT SAFARI.Can't type in new URL since touch screen fail to bring up keyboard.Can't go back to previous page since touch screen fails to activate back button.All touch functions in Safari (and ONLY Safari) are now NULL VOID and DEFUNCT.Things I've tied:Exit Safari and re-open - problem NOT RESOLVED Turn off ipad and back on - problem NOT RESOLVED Clear Safari history - problem NOT RESOLVED Clear Safari Cookies - problem NOT RESOLVED Clear Safari Cache - problem NOT RESOLVED Information : iPad iOS 4 Version 3.2.2 (7B500)

Android :: Discover Memory Usage Of Application? stackoverflow.com

how I can find the memory used on my Android application, programmatically. I hope there is a way to do it. Plus I would like to understand how to get the free memory of the phone too.

Android :: Memory Simulation Programmatically stackoverflow.com

I want to simulate Memory in android programmatically..That is i want to generate an low memory alert when i click on button in my activity..is there any way to do this..? is there any way to limit memory in android..?if u had any ideas.

Return Code To DOS From Vb6 Console www.vbforums.com

I have written console application in vb6 to perform some tasks.It refers some external com DLL/ActiveX Exe's for some operations.Now i need to return the exit code to dos.I have tried API ExitProcess to return code but application crases because memory cleanup which is done by VB 6 runtime is not performed.All refrences are cleared before calling Exit process.I have also tried using CoUninitialize just before ExitProcess but it does'nt solve the issue.Is it possible to return the code to dos ?

Flex :: Where Are Swf Files Kept After Clearing Browser Cache stackoverflow.com

If I am on a flash heavy website, and I clear my browser cache, the site continues to function. Chances are the entire swf is not loaded into flash's active memory at the time I clear the browser cache (especially for sites that use large rsl libraries such as papervision3d). I can verify this with flash-builder's profiling tools. So, where are the swf libraries kept on disk (or in memory somewhere else?) which allow the site to continue to function?

Caching Over Distributed Application On Servers? stackoverflow.com

I have a web application that will be distributed over 2 servers and the Database will be on a server other than the 2 servers. so application on each server will access database exists in another server.I am using caching in the application and when data changed the cache is cleared and the problem now how each server will feel with cache changes on the other server? I have tried SQLCache dependency before and i have heard about Memcached, Velocity and Enterprise cache so which one will be more efficient and optimal for this case? and i have another solution to create webservice method on each application and when the cache is cleared in one application it will request the webservice method on the other application to clear cache there. Which technique is more efficient and optimal in performance and security? and is SQLCache dependency related to SQL database only or can be applicable to other databases like Oracle? Note: I am using load balancer to distribute requests coming for the application among the 2 server

Android :: Bottom Half Of Button Text Missing In Layout groups.google.com

Please see this image: http://sites.google.com/a/appventive.com/www/files/button_bug.jpg Notice how the bottom half of the words "Done" & "Clear" are clipped. This does not happen on the emulator or on the N1, Droid or G1. But, apparently is happening on the Xperia X10. Here's the layout for the buttons (background set programmatically): <Button android:text="Done" android:layout_height="fill_parent" android:layout_margin="5dip" android:layout_width="60dip" android:id="@+id/cancel" android:textStyle="bold"></Button>

BB Curve 83xx :: Device Memory Low Warning forums.crackberry.com

Every morning, I get a warning that says, "Device Memory Low Warning". Warning: Free Device memory is less than 4MB. Emails and Calendar events may start to be deleted by the Blackberry OS, a reboot is recommended. Clear Cache and Cancel buttons. after the Clear Cache is hit a new warning message is displayed. The new warning says: "Available Memory Low. Please ensure clean-up options are running, delete old emails, empty trash, eliminate any any non-required data or applications. Notifylink requires a minimum of 20000 bytes free in order to send or receive. Recommend 500,000 bytes free. 20000 bytes need to be cleaned up." There is only an OK button on the screen. Device free is 5256483. My total database size is 1200.0k. There are no emails, trash items, or sent items in my Notifylink application.

Cached Objects Staying In Memory? stackoverflow.com

I have a asp.net web forms app that uses System.Web.Caching.Cache to cache xml data from a number of web services for 2 hours. webCacheObj.Remove(dataCacheKey) webCacheObj.Insert(dataCacheKey, dataToCache, Nothing, DateTime.Now.AddHours(2), Nothing) Every 90 minutes a Microsoft Search Server hits a particular (spider) page which calls the code to put the objects into the cache.The issue i have is that over a period of time, the memory usage of the application grows exponentially. Lets say that in a week, the memory usage of the application pool grows to over 1gb

Samsung Epic 4G :: Can't Download Anroid Apps? androidforums.com

Some Epics appear to have issue with the market when the gmail account is added to the device. After setup they will not be able to download apps in the market. Possible fixes have been RTN and or to create new gmail account, however found this fix and tested and works. How to Fix download failed message in market on new Samsung Epic What is the Issue? Updating an app or downloading a new apps from android market is unsuccessful: How to fix Samsung Galaxy S Market Download and System Restore Issue Step 1. Go to your settings Step 2. Select Applications Step 3. Select Manage Applications Step 4.Press left menu and select filter then All Step 5. Most important Go and scroll down to following applications and then clean the data a) Go to Checkin Service then select clear data b) Go to Download Manager then select clear data c) Go to Google Apps then clear data d) Go to Google Talk Service then select clear data e) Go to Market then select clear cache Final results after the above mention fix WordPress for android is Installing now

Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Can't Receive Sms, Due To Out Of Memory talk.sonymobile.com

received warning that I am running out of memory on my X10 Mini Pro. At the same time I could no longer receive sms messages, just send. Cleared memory card files, sms' and updated to: - Android 2.1.1.A.0.6 - 11 MB available phone memory - 1 GB available memory card storage Warning on out-of-memory remains, still can't receive text messages. What to do? Is 11 MB phone memory too low? Then, how to clear?

Samsung Moment :: Not Seeing All Music On Music Player androidforums.com

I have a 16gb card and I have my music in a folder called music. For some reason the music player isnt seeing all my music. I have made changes to folders names just to see if the app recognizes the changes, even removed some music, but when I load the card the music app dosent see the changes. Its like its somehow cached. I have gone in the "settings/applications/manage applications/music/" and cleared the cache, but under "settings/applications/manage applications /music player" it wont let me clear the cache. I have also noticed that certain folders have different album art thats ok not worried about that just want all my music to show. have any of you ran into this problem or know how to have it reload the music on the memory card ?

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 : Mediascape Get Force Close androidforums.com

I upgraded firmware to R2BA023 yesterday and everything seems to work fine until today. Whenever i open mediascape, i get 'the application playnow (process com.sonyericsson.playnonowstore.android) has stopped unexpectedly, please try again. i have tried these options below but nothing works - from manage applications . mediascape --> clear data, clear cache, force stop . mediascape plug-in manager --> clear data, clear cache, force stop . playnow --> UNABLE to clear data ?? - recycle phone a few times --> power off and on - delete task manager to make sure this app is not auto-killing mediascape I get the force close pop-up everytime i launch mediascape. i supposed i can do a HARD reset, but i try to avoid this as i have to re-install everything.

Android :: Possible To Change Droid Application Icon At Run Time? stackoverflow.com

Is it possible to change the android application icon at run time? I've read through Changing the application icon text dynamically in Android and How can i change an application icon programmatically in Android?. All answered can't. I use Android 1.6. Is there any way?

BB Bold 9700 :: Applications Taking Up Too Much Memory? forums.crackberry.com

Is there a direct relationship between the size of the applications being loaded on the Blackberry and the amount of free memory? I had around 90 MB of free space on the device, and then proceeded to load a handful of applications. I haven't done the exact math, but I think I loaded around 5 MB of applications. The free memory has gone down by around 15 to 20 MB. Is there some sort of file management issue that "wastes" memory on the Blackberry? I have tried all the usual tricks to free up memory - running Memory Cleaner, running Memory Booster, clearing all cached items in various applications, pulling the battery. Still, free memory remains below 70 MB.

Clearing Out IE Cache www.vbcity.com

According to Microsoft site the following will clear out your IE cache:My question is that sometimes I get the following error, when I run this on IE6:"Unable to find the next cache entry -122 "Does anyone know why this is happening and if there is a fix/workaround for it. Thanks!Option ExplicitPrivate Declare Function FindFirstUrlCacheGroup Lib "wininet.dll" ( _    ByVal dwFlags As Long, _    ByVal dwFilter As Long, _    ByRef lpSearchCondition As Long, _    ByVal dwSearchCondition As Long, _    ByRef lpGroupId As Date, _    ByRef lpReserved As Long) As LongPrivate Declare Function FindNextUrlCacheGroup Lib "wininet.dll" ( _    ByVal hFind As Long, _    ByRef lpGroupId As Date, _    ByRef lpReserved As Long) As Long    Private Declare Function DeleteUrlCacheGroup Lib "wininet.dll" ( _    ByVal sGroupID As Date, _    ByVal dwFlags As Long, _    ByRef lpReserved As Long) As Long    Private Declare Function FindFirstUrlCacheEntry Lib "wininet.dll" Alias "FindFirstUrlCacheEntryA" ( _    ByVal lpszUrlSearchPattern As String, _    ByRef lpFirstCacheEntryInfo As INTERNET_CACHE_ENTRY_INFO, _    ByRef lpdwFirstCacheEntryInfoBufferSize As Long) As Long    Private Type INTERNET_CACHE_ENTRY_INFO    dwStructSize As Long    szRestOfData(1024) As LongEnd TypePrivate Declare Function DeleteUrlCacheEntry Lib "wininet.dll" Alias "DeleteUrlCacheEntryA" ( _    ByVal lpszUrlName As Long) As LongPrivate Declare Function FindNextUrlCacheEntry Lib "wininet.dll" Alias "FindNextUrlCacheEntryA" ( _    ByVal hEnumHandle As Long, _    ByRef lpNextCacheEntryInfo As INTERNET_CACHE_ENTRY_INFO, _    ByRef lpdwNextCacheEntryInfoBufferSize As Long) As LongPrivate Const CACHGROUP_SEARCH_ALL = &H0Private Const ERROR_NO_MORE_FILES = 18Private Const ERROR_NO_MORE_ITEMS = 259Private Const CACHEGROUP_FLAG_FLUSHURL_ONDELETE = &H2Private Const BUFFERSIZE = 2048Private Sub Command1_Click()    Dim sGroupID As Date    Dim hGroup As Long    Dim hFile As Long    Dim sEntryInfo As INTERNET_CACHE_ENTRY_INFO    Dim iSize As Long            On Error Resume Next        ' Delete the groups    hGroup = FindFirstUrlCacheGroup(0, 0, 0, 0, sGroupID, 0)        ' To avoid error using it with IE4 as FindFirstUrlCacheGroup is not implemented    If Err.Number <> 453 Then        If (hGroup = 0) And (Err.LastDllError <> 2) Then            MsgBox "An error occurred enumerating the cache groups" & Err.LastDllError            Exit Sub        End If    Else        Err.Clear    End If        If (hGroup <> 0) Then        'we succeeded in finding the first cache group.. enumerate and        'delete        Do            If (0 = DeleteUrlCacheGroup(sGroupID, CACHEGROUP_FLAG_FLUSHURL_ONDELETE, 0)) Then                              ' To avoid error using it with IE4 as FindFirstUrlCacheGroup is not implemented               If Err.Number <> 453 Then                 MsgBox "Error deleting cache group " & Err.LastDllError                 Exit Sub               Else                  Err.Clear               End If            End If            iSize = BUFFERSIZE            If (0 = FindNextUrlCacheGroup(hGroup, sGroupID, iSize)) And (Err.LastDllError <> 2) Then                MsgBox "Error finding next url cache group! - " & Err.LastDllError            End If        Loop Until Err.LastDllError = 2    End If    ' Delete the files    sEntryInfo.dwStructSize = 80    iSize = BUFFERSIZE    hFile = FindFirstUrlCacheEntry(0, sEntryInfo, iSize)    If (hFile = 0) Then        If (Err.LastDllError = ERROR_NO_MORE_ITEMS) Then            GoTo done        End If        MsgBox "ERROR: FindFirstUrlCacheEntry - " & Err.LastDllError        Exit Sub    End If    Do        If (0 = DeleteUrlCacheEntry(sEntryInfo.szRestOfData(0))) _            And (Err.LastDllError <> 2) Then            Err.Clear        End If        iSize = BUFFERSIZE        If (0 = FindNextUrlCacheEntry(hFile, sEntryInfo, iSize)) And (Err.LastDllError <> ERROR_NO_MORE_ITEMS) Then            MsgBox "Error: Unable to find the next cache entry - " & Err.LastDllError            Exit Sub        End If    Loop Until Err.LastDllError = ERROR_NO_MORE_ITEMSdone:    MsgBox "cache cleared"    Command1.Enabled = TrueEnd Sub

Jelly Bean :: Galaxy S4 Clearing RAM forums.androidcentral.com

I have the GS4 android 4.3 and sometimes things lag more often so I hold home and go to the task manager to see that the RAM is almost full. There is the option to clear memory but it sounds risky and I haven't found an answer to my question yet. What exactly happens when I tap clear memory? Will any apps be messed up? I want to know that it's totally find to clear memory before I do it.

HTC Hero :: Package Installer - Allows To Install Apps androidforums.com

I believe the 'Package Installer' is the thing that allows me to install apps? I've only just noticed it in my 'manage applications' - I'm sure it never used to appear at the top of the list - and I'm tight on memory - so when it takes up 13mb as it does now I'm a bit stuck. Can I click 'clear data' on it - or will that remove apps? There is no option to clear cache - all 13mb is listed in the Data.

Xperia X8 :: Unable To Download Or Update Apps From Market talk.sonymobile.com

I am facing a strange issue for the past few days that I am not able to download or update any application from the market and the message I get is " Download Unsuccessfull". I went thru several discussions on the forum and have uninstalled unpates, clear cache, restarted it several times..I already uninstall few apps thinking it was due to memory issue and have around 70 MB free memory.

Android :: Switch To Another Applications Programmatically groups.google.com

Can anybody show me how to switch to another Android application programmatically or request focus on a specific application? My situation is that, I have an Activity, and in that activity, I start other UI application by "am" command. When the program runs, it float to top screen, but it don't have focus. I need to focus to that application's screen programmatically for doing some automatic action. How can I do this?

Android : Anyway To Pre Allocate Memory For A Bitmap? groups.google.com

Is there any way to pre allocate the memory required for a bitmap. Android's memory model is making it very difficult for me to cache images I need to cache. It would seem the problem is because the VM heap rarely shrinks itself, so I would like to just allocate memory for bitmaps ahead of time? but I can not figure out how to do this?

ActionScript 3.0 :: FLVComponent Using Too Much Memory? forums.adobe.com

I have built an application that plays videos from the local computer.I am using the FlvPlayback Component. If I play a number of videos in a row(program has about 70), the memory usage on my computer goes to a level where my video is getting slowed down, audio becomes choppy, etc.It seems that when the new video gets loaded, the cached information from the previous video does not get cleared. Could this be and is there a way to clear this out on load of the next video?

HTC EVO 4G :: Want To Clear Search History From Android Marke androidforums.com

Is there any way at all to clear your search history from the android market. It seems like I tried everything including going to manage applications and clearing the cache.

Unloading And Hiding Forms On Application Close www.vbforums.com

Hi, can someone help me?I have an application that shows and hides forms and unloads certain other to clear out variables.However, when I want to close the application down, How can I make sure everything is unloaded or closed so that it does not sit active in the memory?Reason I ask is that when I run my exe and press the exit button, it simply runs unload Me.When I check to see what applications are running in the task manager, it still appears?Any ideas guys and gals?Andy

Android :: New Facebook App / Live Now androidforums.com

Just in case anyone's missed the Facebook Live announcement,the most interesting thing for me so far has been the updated Android App.It's live in the Android Market now, if it doesn't show up straight away, go to Settings - Applications - Market - Force Stop & Clear Cache then look again.Apologies if this has already been posted, I looked in a couple of boards and couldn't see anything.

Samsung Galaxy S II :: Active Applications Page To Clear To Clear Exit All Applications? samsunggalaxysforums.com

ay i have 2 active applications, do i have to go into the active applications page to clear to clear exit all applications !!what i mean is, if i go onto messaging then stop it it, still tells me on the home screen i have one active application, then i need to click on active applications and click exit

Jelly Bean :: After Rooting - Applications Such As Touchwhiz Keeps Stopping? forums.androidcentral.com

Im new to this android rooting.So i used Odin to install root on my android (well at least i think it worked. said passed but then things stopped working. Its a samsung s3 mini, GT-i1890N and it passed but now alot of things are suddenly having issues such as applications such as touchwhiz keeps stopping, i tried the options/ applicationmanager/clear cache option that i keep hearing online as a solution and it didn't work.

Android : Clearing The Cache Of Your App On Exit groups.google.com

Is it possible to force the cache of your app to clear when the user exits the app? My app piles up cache data (rightfully so) on each start, which is no longer needed once the user quits the app, so I am trying to find a way to forcibly clear it.

BB Tour 9630 :: Clear Pushed Content In Browser To 0.0 KB - But Its 0.7-1.4 KB At Reopening Browser forums.crackberry.com

But I dont really recall this on my previous tour. My memory seems to be leaking, but no apps are open other than the default ones. I've cleared the logs and i cleared the browser cache. Now heres my question, every time I clear the pushed content in the browser, it says 0.0 KB, like it should. Now every time I reopen the browser and recheck the cache and all that, i have between 0.7-1.4 KB of pushed content there again. However the content cache and cookie cache are at 0.0 KB and 0 respectively. And i have no subscriptions to anything to cause any pushed content to come, so idk if this is normal or if it isnt. But yeah, I was just wondering because my memory gets smaller, not by much, but it does, and I was wondering if that was the culprit?

Clear Zend Page Cache Programmatically? stackoverflow.com

I am using Zend's full page caching for certain URL's. Is there a way to clear the page cache for a certain URL programmatically....(when the content of the URL is modified)

Clearing Memory Usage Of My Application | Getting Memory Usage Of My Application www.vbforums.com

Hmmm,,I just looking at applications mem usage, on my Task Manager,And noticed, all of the programs memory usage rises, as their are in use longer,So, i was wondering,Since unloading the app, clears the usage, etc (When done properly)Is there a way to clear the usage (of old data) whilst its in use,Its mainly browsers that keep the MEGA usage (IE does too, but thats another point), So jst wondering <edit>Or, How do i Get the memory usage of my application?If my app reaches something like 50, 000 KB (Leave it on for like 4/5 hours at a time, and that)I will make a "subRoutine" to re-load the application (since it normally fix's memory loss etc)TNX

.NET Application Stopping Event? stackoverflow.com

I have a ASP.NET application which implements a custom in-memory cache. I'm using this as opposed to ASP.NET's caching mechanism as I needed a more complex way to handle what to drop from the cache. Part of this custom cache is a separate thread which occasionally searches for data to drop from the cache whenever it gets too large. What I need to do is signal this cache maintenance thread to stop whenever the ASP.NET application 'exits'. I guess this basically amounts to when the web site is stopped in IIS. Is there a pre-existing event I can utilise to do this?

Samsung Galaxy S II :: What Is Happening When "Clear Memory" Is Clicked samsunggalaxysforums.com

In the task manager, if I click "Clear Memory" under RAM tab, it said more than 10 apps closed. But when I click the same button after few mins, it said the same number of application closed again.Actually which applications got closed when I clicked the Clear button first time, and how those apps occupied the memory once again, how do I ensure, my RAM is not used by unused/unwanted apps, where can I see the which applications are using how much memory?

Who Knows Some Codes To Clear IE Cache www.vbforums.com

Hi, Friends.Now was confused with the cache Program.Will anybody know codes to clear IE cache.WIM, I want it can clear the cache following Keywords.Any help is welcome!THX

Android :: All Static�s Variables Retaining Values When Launching Again groups.google.com

I have been facing problems to manage statics variables used in my android application. If we exit the application against a particular event (touch or key event -which is must for my app), all the statics variables are retaining the values when I am launching it again. I am invoking Activity.finish() method for termination . I know there is a collection type class available called Bundle and we can use it to save the states of all the statics and get those back when again creating the same activity during relaunch, but it would be a hard task if we want to port some j2me applications to Android because of having thousands of statics variables. Is there any way to kill the application completely including all the statics variable used there? I tried with System.exit(0) and it works well for Android G1 and G2 (tested in firmware 1.6). But in Android Robyn (prototype) the same causes a major defect ("Activity not responding" popup apears just after exit) and I came to know from android dev forum that calling System.exit(0) is not recommended for termination of an activity.

Asp.net - Using RavenDB As A Persistent Cache stackoverflow.com

I have currently have a web application that caches a large amount of data (several hundred thousand entries) in memory for quick lookup and then in SQL Server as a persistent cache. Basically the information consists of geocodes of addresses where the geocode is retrieved via a remote web service which takes time if needed to be called continuously rather than cached. Would using RavenDB (or other suggestions) be a better way of caching this information in a persistent store in terms of both speed and memory?

Strange Error www.codeguru.com

Hello allI developed an application with vb6 an i got a strange error at exit, but only in one situation: if i run the application from VB6 IDE it works and i can exit witout any errors. if i make the executable and i run the application everything works ok, but at unload i get this error: The instruction at "0x66023287" referenced memory at "0x00000000". The memory could not be read.My question is: why i get that error only when i start the application from the executable and when i runt it from vb6 IDE i don't get it???Thanks a lot

Android :: Activity Of Killed Process Still Visible In List After Home Pressed stackoverflow.com

like many others, I want to kill my Android application on "exit" button. Really kill, not just move to background and stop all active code. (I know very well that Android does not like it.) I found Process.killProcess(Process.myPid()); and System.exit(0) which both work fine (I have no problem with activity stack, the "exit" button is in my base Activity.). But there is a problem. When I kill my process and I am back in the shell, I press [Home] button. It shows list of applications that are on the background including my application which has been killed. Is there a way how to do both: 1) kill the process and 2) remove it from the Android application list that is shown after user presses [Home] button? Thanks for all replays (with the exception of that stupid "you should not exit applications explicitly on Android"

Motorola Droid :: Way To Clear Cache For Weather Widget? androidforums.com

Using the widget to read stories is draining the memory down on me, has anyone found a way to clear the cache for it? clearing the browser cache doesn't do it, and I have 5mb that's gone from reading the stories.

Android :: Cant Clear Cache On Some Apps androidforums.com

I have a couple apps I have noticed when I open a file it must cache the file internally, but gives me no way to clear. For example Zumodrive and repligo reader both will show 20+mb in my settings, but clear cache is greyed out and shows 0mb. However when I delete these apps and reinstall them, I get all that internal memory back. I am running a rooted Nexus One.

State Management :: Session And Application Cache Items Disappear? forums.asp.net

i've been coding an asp.net site using VS2005 for about one month. my site uses both application cache and session cache to save data. the syntax i use for application cache is : HttpApplicationState appState = Application; appState["someKey"] = "somevalue"; and for session cache i use : HttpContext.Current.Session["someKey"] = "Somevalue"; my site is deployed on three standalone servers - each server runs a diffrent instance of the site. two of the servers work just fine, the third has a stange problem - and also has the least free memory space. in this server items start dissapearing from both the session and application cache - note that i set no expiration date to the cache items. does anyone know why this could happen? seems to me there is perhaps some memory limit for cached items setting that i am missing.

Button To Clear Excel Cache www.mrexcel.com

I keep encountering an error while creating multiple sheets within the same workbook. This is a known error by Microsoft as documented here. In order to avoid using multiple workbooks i need to clear excels cache each time I run the macro as i have limited users sheet creation to 30 sheets which should not trigger the error. Does any one know a code to clear excels cache or memory? I have used cutcopymode = false but that does not do the trick.

Nokia :: N85 Phone / Memory Full discussions.europe.nokia.com

I've seen people discuss this problem before, but no answer is ever found.I have 50 MB memory free in my N85; just in case, I cleared browser cache, cleared out old messages, old email, etc. (and, in any case, I keep ALL such things on the memory card, not in main memory, so it shouldn't matter).I have phone memory coming out of my ears.BUT... whenever I I go to the phone log, and try to look at "missed messages", it says "Log: Memory Full: Close some applications and try again".I am running almost no apps at the time, and the phone reports lots of free memory, both on the phone and on the card.This appears to be a long-time S60 bug that nobody has ever found a solution to.Anybody have a solution that I don' t know about, aside from trying to reset the phone to factory defaults or reformat?

Android :: Clear Maps History Programmatically? stackoverflow.com

I want to programmatically clear the history of the android maps (and navigation) application. I know there is a way to clear the browser history via Browser.clearSearches(getContentResolver()); And the corresponding permission: com.android.browser.permission.WRITE_HISTORY_BOOKMARKS and this works fine (2.2.). I couldn't find any way to clear the Maps-History though. Clearing the google/history online doesn't help either. There are some apps in the market that promote to do that, so there must be an API for it, but i really couldn't find it yet. I also messed around a bit with CLEAR_APP_CACHE and CLEAR_APP_USER_DATA but seems like they are signed/root-only permissions and delte too much anyways.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: After Installing 2.1 Market Keeps Crashing androidforums.com

After installing 2.1 when ever I try and run Market I get the following error: The application Market (Pprocess com.android.vending) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. All I can do is force close. If you go to manage applications it is not there so I can not clear cache etc.

Android :: Save Temporary File To / Cache groups.google.com

I created an android application. This application calls C native library which requires save a temporary file to /cache. However the permission for /cache is wrxwrx--- with uid=cache and gid=system. so the application is not allowed to save a file to /cache.

Samsung Galaxy S : How To Clear Data / Recreate Every Week? androidforums.com

I have configured my yahoo business mail on Email of Samsung Galaxy S phone. After 5 days, mail stops coming in. When I go to Manage Applications, 'Clear Cache' is always disabled. Only 'Clear Data' is enabled. I don't want to clear data and recreate every week. Any other way to enable 'Clear Cache'.

Nokia :: N97 - Internet Web Browser Cache Location - Phone Memory Filling Rapidly discussions.europe.nokia.com

Does anyone know how to set the location of the web browser cache? I've had a look under settings but can't seem to find it. At the moment it appears to be on the phone memory - which is filling up rapidly - and i've got 23Gb spare on the mass memory, would be much better to have the cache there (rather than clearing it every so often)

Wifi Connection To My Ipad 2 Is Getting Slower www.ipadforums.net

My wifi connection to my ipad2 is getting slower and slower, and is becoming more noticeable when connecting to the apps store. Could it be something to do with the cache or memory? I have tried resetting my wifi connection but it makes no difference. Is there a setting that will clear all cache and memory?

HTC Magic :: Memory Leak - Phone Extremely Slow androidforums.com

I don't know if it's just me, but my HTC Magic becomes very laggy after few minutes of use. Cleaning the Market and Navigator's cache and stopping all background tasks with TaskPanel Lite helps, but then after few minutes of use it becomes extremely laggy again. Don't know what to do. Note: When I clear all the background tasks and cache, TaskPanel indicates that the phone available memory is from 20 -> 24mb (seems to be to few) but after some minutes of use it goes to 3 -> 5 mb of available memory.

Red Hat / Fedora :: "Unknown Error 513 In Pthread_create After Several Hours Of Running A Gstrea? www.linuxforums.org

I am using Gstreamer for creating one of my video streaming application. My application creates multimedia session and then stream around 200 video sessions (a very processor intensive job).In doing so, the no. of threads created is around 1500 and I have given around 1536 KB as my stack size for each of these threads. I have one Quadcore(intel Xeon) system of around 8 GB of RAM(64 bit) with RHEL 5.5(kernel - 2.6.18-92.el5). After few hours of testing I see that my overall memory(RAM) is eating up. I did checked the memory and I saw that my cache size is growing. So far so good, as I can understand that system does cache instead of leaving some RAM free. My problem comes, when I see that after almost 20-25 hours of testing, RAM is continuously being eaten up and maximum part of that is going into cache. If I leave the system for few more hours I see whole of my memory is consumed up and now my swap started getting used. If I check the cache now, I clearly see most of RAM is now in form of cache. I still didn�t stop my application and allowed it run for few more hours and after sometime I see that process give segmentation fault while creating the pthread (create_pthread::unknown error 513).I also tried to observe the �core� file of application created in this way , but it doesn�t� show anything. One thing I must mention that, in �top� I see almost constant values of resident memory, virtual memory and shared memory. There is no increase of memory usage here. So here I can assume that my application is not leaking the memory. I also observed that if I kill my application any time during this, the memory doesn�t go into free pool. Anyone, here can give any pointer for this kind of behavior. Is it can be because of some kernel BUG which is not freeing the memory to application usage.

Motorola Defy :: How To Clear The Cache forums.motorola.com

I have Defy running on 2.1. I have installed some of applications from Android market (say 15 apps) and the performance of my Defy has decreased very drastically. I wanted to know how can i improve the performance of my Defy ? Should i clear cache for these applications ?