Android : Browser Cache - Previous History In Order To Save Internal Phone Memory


There are a couple of options within the browser I didn't find until after searching for it, so I thought I would share it with the rest of the community in order to help out. -Everyone should clear the browser cache and previous history in order to save internal phone memory. To do this go to BROWSER press the MENU button and press MORE. There should be a list of things in there but what you should be interested in is the last item which is SETTINGS. From there in privacy settings there will be options to clear both cache and history. - Another little tip I wanted to share was viewing webpages in landscape mode without opening your keyboard. To do this simply press the MENU button from within the BROWSER and go down to FLIP ORIENTATION. You should realize tho by doing this you browser will continue to be in landscape the next time it's used. In order to return it to it's normal portrait mode just follow these steps once again. -There are a number of other things you can mess around with or find with the MENU button within the browser so just take a look at it yourself even if you don't want to do any of these tips.

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Motorola RAZR I Home :: Play Music Cannot Save To SD Card forums.motorola.com

For some reason my text didn't save when I first posted this, so I'll try again: My issue is that Google Play Music seems to save all cached music to the internal memory of the phone, and not the external SD card. Android can see this external SD card fine, and in fact saves any photos to it, so there is an issue with Google Play Music's visitbility of the SD card. with my HTC Desire S, Google Play Music cached to the external SD card no problem.

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Why does my phone, sometimes become slow? I get it about the caches and stuffs but I already installed history cleaner, there should not be any problem. Now my phone memory is low, probably 1/3... is it because of surfing the internet? I always use dolphine browser hd, but I always delete the cache and history.

BB Curve 83xx :: Memory Cleaning In Security Options ? forums.crackberry.com

I frequently clean my history and cache using the 'options' menu from the browser ...by going to options > Cache operations > clear.. BUT what about Options > Security Options > Memory cleaning. My memory cleaning is currently set to "disabled." Do others recommend enabling it ??? I manually chose "clean now" from memory cleaning ( left click) and my Curve 8330 seems faster. Do you guys use this memory cleaning option, in addition to cleaning the cache from the options menu in the browser ??

Sprint HTC Hero :: Way To Clear Up Disappearing Internal Memory? androidforums.com

I just received my first warning "my internal memory was getting low". I have the same number of apps I installed 5 months ago. But my internal memory has been steadily going down. I have cleared out browser cache, cookies, form data and any thing I could shut off or eliminate. I still only have 17 mb. Of memory left. My phone is getting sluggish too.

Nokia :: E90 / Phone Memory Loss discussions.europe.nokia.com

I have a problem with the phone memory of my E90 device. Although I have installed almost all applications in the memory card, the phone memory is rather low (10 MB available, 125 MB in use). What's more, it is progressively shrinking after browsing the Internet. In one week, I lost some 2 MB - I only saved some text-only pages from mobile web sites and I deleted the cache memory and the history before exiting. Any ideas on how to solve this?

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: How Do I Know What Is Saved To Internal Memory? androidforums.com

i am new to android and just got my xperia x10 just want to know how do i know what is saved to internal memory, phone comes with 1gb but mine is know showing 220mb free, i am sure android operating system is on it but how do i see what else is on internal memory

HTC Desire :: Where Are Photos Saved To? androidforums.com

I've just got a htc desire and would like to know where photos (taken using the camera) are saved to? i.e. sd card or internal phone memory. Also, when you download attachments where do they go? This is my first Android device. My previous devices have been windows mobile where i could see / choose where attachments, photos etc were saved to.

Nokia :: Phone Memory Getting Low In N86 discussions.europe.nokia.com

I just owned a N86.Its cool.It has Phone memory of 74 MB and Mass memory of 8GB and its great.but on by using apps or downloading updates or due to broken downloaded files its memory gets low. and it cannot be removed.So its necessory to have a application tool to remove unwanted dumped files from the memory as like clearing all cache cookies history in the nokia browser.

Motorola :: RZR V3t Transferring Pictures From Internal To SD Card Memory www.howardforums.com

Can anyone help on transferring pictures saved in the internal memory to the microSD memory of my Motorola RZR V3t phone?

Jquery :: Prevent A Stack Overflow? stackoverflow.com

I've been building Conway's Life with javascript / jquery in order to run it in a browser Here. Chrome, Firefox and Opera or Safari do this pretty fast so preferably don't use IE for this. IE9 is ok though. While generating the new generations of Life I am storing the previous generations in order to be able to walk back through the history. This works fine until a certain point when memory fills up, which makes the browser(tab) crash. So my question is: how can I detect when memory is filling up? I am storing an array for each generation in an array which forms the history of generations. This takes massive amounts of memory which crashes the browser after a few thousands of generations, depending on available memory. I am aware of the fact that javascript can't check the amount of available memory but there must be a way...


Motorola Droid :: How To Get Pictures To Save To SD Card forums.motorola.com

All my pictures save to the internal memory of the phone.How can change the settings to have pictures saved to the SD card?

Motorola Droid X :: Applications In Internal Memory And Android Folders androidforums.com

Couple of questions regarding internal memory and the Android folders. I have over 125 apps on my phone, but I have hardly put a dent in my internal memory space. So my questions are: 1) Why is it helpful to move apps to SD if they take up such little space? 2) If I want to put *data* in internal memory (possible?), or in an Android local folder *not* on the SD card, where is the best place to put it?

HTC Wildfire S :: Unable To Move Apps To Sd Card www.htcforums.com

i have been trying for a while now to free up storage on my phone in order to solve the problem and have even inserted a new 4gb memory card into the phone, and have been unable to store apps to the sd card, to free up space on the internal memory of the phone. also i have been unable to direct downloading apps to be saved in the sd card instead of the phones memory.i have a funny feeling though that there is a fault within the phone itself.

General :: Install Or Move Application To External SD Card forum.xda-developers.com

I buy new tablet with android 4 and have 3 memory space : 1- Phone memory 2- Internal SD memory 3- External SD Memory I wonder if could I install my application in External SD Memory ? cause my phone and internal SD Memory is low

Android :: Internal Memory And External Storage stackoverflow.com

I've started seeing some apps that offer to read/write data to the internal phone memory (like Super KO Boxing 2, which offers to save a whopping 52MB to the phone memory). I suppose this is because newer Android devices have a lot of internal storage, as opposed to my devices, which have very little. I would like to support internal storage in my app as well. But it's a bit difficult to implement a solution to something that I don't really know how it works. For example, do these newer devices allow users to upload files to the internal memory, like it's possible to do with the SD card? Can someone explain internal storage from an user perspective and recommend strategies for supporting read/write operations both for internal and external memory (ie: letting the user choose which memory to use at startup, like the Super KO Boxing 2 app)?

Android :: How To Read File From Phone Internal Memory? stackoverflow.com

I have downloaded a file from HttpConnection using the FileOutputStream in android and now its being written in phone's internal memory on path as I found it in File Explorer /data/data/com.example.packagename/files/123.ics Now, I want to open & read the file content from phone's internal memory to UI. I tried to do it by using the FileInputStream, I have given just filename with extension to open it but I am not sure how to mention the file path for file in internal memory, as it forces the application to close.

Samsung Epic 4G :: Low Storage Internal App Memory / Can't Move Apps To SD Card? androidforums.com

Is anyone else experiencing problems downloading and running apps from the market due to low memory issues? Why did they only put 512MB of internal memory for app storage on this Epic when the AT&T galaxy version got 8GB of internal memory in addition to the 16GB micro Sd card??? My memory is full now, and without android 2.2 I can't move apps to the SD card. They should have provided all of their galaxy class phones with the 8GB internal memory.

General :: Free Ram 0.0 Bytes Android 4.1.2 - Low Memory Msg For All Apps / Frequent Crash forum.xda-developers.com

I bought iball andi 5li android smart phone a few days back. The configuration of the phone is: 512mb ram 4gb internal 1.2ghz cortex a9 processor android 4.1.2 Although my device runs almost every app out there (including temple run, subway surfers etc.) but occasionally im facing problems. Problem occurs after 3-4 days of restarting the phone. When i restart and check the ram usage it says 350 mb (approx) as used and 150mb(approx) as free ram every app runs smoothly but as days pass by gradually the free ram starts decreasing down to 30 mb where all the apps (games and browsers) start crashing with a low memory message. then the conditions get worse after approx 2 hrs free ram is now 0.0 bytes and even the launcher,settings etc crash with a low memory message. The only solution out is to restart the phone. [used androids before and is quite aware of closing or killing apps but none is working] Already Tried: # removing apps from recent list # stopping apps from Setting>apps>running apps & cached apps as well # restoring to factory defaults # used ram freeing apps (no change on ram)

HTC Hero :: How To Save App In Sd Card? androidforums.com

My phone internal memory almost run out. How do i save the application to sd card?

HTC Desire :: Low Internal Memory / Even Delete Seldom Used Apps androidforums.com

I have a desire, unlocked and debranded running 2.2, since installing it last Sunday I keep getting a low memory message. I have moved apps to sd, deleted seldom used apps that were on the internal memory and gone through and cleared the cache down on browser and apps. What else can I do to free up internal memory, is the only way to remove unwanted HTC apps eg. Stocks, tweet etc to root and run a custom Rom?

Samsung :: SGH-J800 File Transfer Bluetooth www.howardforums.com

I recently bought a SGH-J800.It was a nice phone with some pretty cool features.However, I encountered a problem when I was playing around with the Bluetooth.Whenever I receive some files from other cell phones via bluetooth, the files will automatically save to phone memory.I found this particularly irritating because the phone has only 18MB internal memory. I always receive "Phone memory full" message and have to move the files to the memory card manually.Is it possible to change the save path so that the file received via bluetooth can be transferred directly to memory card?

Mac Safari :: How To Clear My Computer's Memory Of URLs discussions.apple.com

I have emptied my cache, cleared my history items, and reset Safari, but when I start typing a URL, previous sites still pop up.

Nokia :: N97 Phone Memory Full / Cleared Web Cache discussions.europe.nokia.com

I have had my phone since Saturday, so not long at all, and already Im getting constant errors to say the phone memory is full. I have about 400k free.I have now changed my msg location to save to the Mass storage and deleted all previous messages from phone memory, and cleared the web cache. I have installed around 5 apps i think, like a game, the photo browser updated ovi maps and a twitter app. If you go into the File manager on the phone and goto Options--->Details---Memory while viewing the phone memory i get this break down: 73MB Memory in use 456kb Free Memory 411B Calendar 23KB Contacts 10KB Message 0B Images 0B Sound Files 1840KB Video Clips 31KB Documents 6650KB MIDP apps 8923KB SIS applications 56MB Other Files

General :: Low Free Space In Internal Memory forum.xda-developers.com

I have a problem with my Android phone. I already select an option to install apps into SD card but each installed apps still consume some free space in internal memory. Example: an app size 20 would take 2-5mb in internal memory. Unfortunately, my internal memory is only 222mb.

HTC Desire :: AppstoSD+ And Best Custom ROM androidforums.com

I am currently using stock Sense 2.2 rooted with ModInstallLocation but still have a lot of low memory errors on the phone from time to time as well as a general sluggishness of the phone. I have done a bit of research and it would appear that the AppstoSD+ would be ideal as it moves the Cache and also forces all apps to be installed to the Ext3 partition on my SD thus saving internal memory space but I still have a couple of questions. If I install a ROM that supports A2SD+ is there any way that I could move certain apps to the internal phone memory? I assume that a Titanium backup will reinstall all of the apps and data onto the new Ext3 partition rather than the internal memory? What is the "best" ROM to be using nowadays that has Sense? I am looking for something that doesnt hammer the battery too much but it must have the Sense widgets for wifi etc.

General :: Galaxy S3 Says That Memory Is Full Actually Not forums.androidcentral.com

I have been having a major problem with my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. The internal memory of the phone should be 11.25GB (even though it should be 16, but I know how these stuff actually work), Surly I have an extra external SD card, but that's not the problem. The internal memory keeps being filled with nothing.here is a picture to demonstrate the situation: As you can see the total space is 11.25 GB and if you count the applications, pictures, videos and miscellaneous files, they constitute no more than 2GB, which means that there should be no less than 9 GB left as available in the phone's internal memory, but as you can see I have got 5.84 GB available. How did that happen? I have rebooted the system yesterday when the internal memory was completely full (even though I have only 2GB filled). And I have a feeling that by tomorrow I will get the memory completely full without downloading or adding anything on the phone. And don't tell me I should clean cache or whatever that thing is, because I have already done that, and it's not working.

HTC Incredible :: Way To Clear Browsing History? androidforums.com

The dropdown in the browser navigation bar shows every site that I've been to . How do I clear it? Menu>more>History>Clear History says my history is cleared but when I go back to my browser and tap the navigation field it's all still there - every site I've visited for days! Ditto if I go to Menu>More>Settings and clear the forms, history, cache, and cookies. So how do I clear the browser navigation history?

Samsung :: Galaxy S - Turn Off DRM Services / Speeds Up Access To Applications www.howardforums.com

I was experiencing slowdowns on applicationss accessing the SD card for storage and caching. Among them are browsers like Dolphin, applications like Twidroyd, and news applications like Huffington Post. It helped with some of the applications by setting their storage options to internal memory, but the best solution so far, without rooting your phone and adding some MODACO mod, is to go to Settings, go to Managing Applications, go to Running Services, look for something that mentions DRM, then kill it. Killing this does not harm the system, as I tested this already, and it speeds up access to applications that cache on the internal SD card. Of course, another way is to disable all SD access, and everything flies. But I find killing DRM services works well. DRM services is not part of the standard Android set, since I don't find this on the HTC phones, so killing it won't harm anything. Killing off Samsung's own slow ware such as Daily Briefings and the social Feeds widget may also help speed up the UI further, but on the other hand, these widgets can also be useful for some people.

How To Erase Web History From Safari? discussions.apple.com

I need to know how to erase from my IPad, web history, caches and cookies from safari web browser. Information: MC497LL iOS 4 iPad

General :: Delete Android OS Browser (Download) History? forums.androidcentral.com

Is there a faster way to delete the Download History on Android phones; instead of having to click each and every item in the history? Every thread I find dealing with deleting the Download History, has to do with deleting the normal browser history, not the Download History. So is there an easier way? Because I just spent 10 minutes deleting each and every item in my Download History and there has to be an easier way of doing this.

Delete Image From Browser History? www.vbforums.com

I am working on image manipulation application.Everything is working fine, image is manipulated and saved in a folder in my application and when I want to display manipulated image the browser diaplays the previous image which does not exists in the folder.When I clear the browser history and refreshed the page modified image is displayed.The previous image and new manipulated image have same name.The image name is saved in database so i cant modify it.

Nokia :: N85 - How To Save Files To SD Card Instead Of Internal Memory? discussions.europe.nokia.com

I have nokia N85. It's internal memory iz ~70Mb and SD Card 8GB. When i try to receive any file by bluetooth connection from other phone, whitch size iz larger than 70Mb. phone can't receive it. Is it possible to make phone saving files to SD Card instantly, not in phone internal memory first?

General :: Google Saved Search History forums.androidcentral.com

Google saved search setting. Every time I go to the Google main site and tap on the blanks space to type in a search all my previous searches appear. In the past there was a "do not save searches" setting you could select in preferences, but it doesn't exist now. Now I have a option to turn web history off which I did but my previous search history's still appear when I try and make a new search. how to "not save search history" with chrome browser for android.

General :: Internal Memory Consumption - Hidden Files forums.androidcentral.com

I have only 150mb of internal memory on my phone. These are some items that consume critical amounts of internal memory space. When I download an app, it seems I am downloading an install package. The installed app itself takes up additional space. I believe the install package persists on the internal memory, invisible to the average retail user, and takes up internal space even after the app is moved to the card. Ex: an anonymous app android market listed size- 3.51mb (this must be the download size of the installer) download and install on internal memory, size listed- 5.73mb move to SD card, size listed- 2mb move back to internal memory, size listed- 5.73mb Further thoughts: 1. The install package seems to remain on the internal memory even though the app moves to the card. 2. Beyond the above example, I went through each and every item listed in my settings - applications - storage use - All. I found 105 total items on internal memory and SD card all together. By adding up the listed "Total" size of each (yes, I went through each and every one), I arrived at approximately 109mb. The phone lists internal memory use at 135mb. I would expect the internal memory use to be LESS than 109mb because some of the apps are on the card. My assumption is that much of this extra internal storage is taken up by all of the installers sitting invisible on the internal memory. 3. Based on observing the change in the Internal Memory usage when I delete app "Data", I believe the app data is being written to the internal memory even if the app is on the SD card. Why isn't the install package deleted after the app is successfully installed? Is there an app for that?If I uninstall the app while it sits on internal memory, does it also delete the install package?If I uninstall the app without first moving it back to the internal memory, does it delete the uninstall package? How can I reclaim this internal memory space for actual use??

General :: Default Camera Pictures Location? forum.xda-developers.com

Many people think that the pictures taken from the phone camera are stored in internal storage and think they are losing internal memory because of taking picture bit the pictures you take is stored on sd card Images are stored insdcardDCIMcamera so dont worry take pictures instal link 2 sd and wipe all cache and dalvik-cache to free up 5-15mb

General :: Can't Delete Google App Search History forum.xda-developers.com

I'm trying to delete search history on the Google search app that come with Android. I have delete Web history on the Google website and also tried deleting the cache and app data. Previous results are still showing up in the app. How do I delete them completely?

General :: Root Or Increasing Internal Memory For Ninetology Pearl Mini I5350 forum.xda-developers.com

I'm currently owning a Malaysia production smartphone called ninetology Pearl mini i5350. This device is powered by android v2.3.5, kernel, hardware version HW4000-E4B-V1.2. I had tried numerous ways to root my phone but unfortunately all failed. So far what I had tried: Super one click root - freeze at step#7 Poot.apk - downloaded ministro ii but nothing happened (no key for me to press update) srs root - auto root failed Unlock root - root failed Universal android root - root failed Gingerbreak - stuck at rooting process. I had tried many others but forgotten their names. My purpose of rooting is to increase my internal memory as the phone's internal memory has only 100+mb can be used. If there's any way for me to use sd card memory as my internal memory without rooting my phone that's great enough.

General :: How To Root Lava N320 But Storage Is Full forum.xda-developers.com

i rooted my lava n320 phone and removed some system apps to free up internal memory but without decreasing my phone memory is full

LG :: How To Access Verizon Dare? www.howardforums.com

I need to recover deleted files from the phone's internal memory (not the SD card), using data recovery software. Normally, any drive/card/internal camera flash memory/GSM phone internal memory simply shows up in windows explorer as a flash or hard drive- but i have been unable to read this or other CDMA phopne's internal memory (unless i use BITPIM- which dosen't allow me to run my recovery software).

How Long Will A Browser Remember A "a:visited" Link stackoverflow.com

How long will a browser remember a "a:visited" link? Assuming the method isn't uniform across browsers - an answer for any individual browser (or as many as you know) Also, under which type of memory is it stored? "Web History"? Cache?

Prevent Caching Of Site Content www.codingforums.com

I'm noticing that customers of mine are having our OLD order forms cached in their browsers....we have updated our order forms a couple of times in the past year, and I would prefer them to use our newer forms...but I keep getting order requests via the same old forms...which makes me think that the old site content is getting cached on my customers' browsers.... What can I do to prevent (at least) my order forms from being cached inside people's browsers?

General :: Increase Phone Memory Of Samsung Galaxy Gio GT-S5660 forum.xda-developers.com

How can I increase internal memory of my Phone? I have a Samsung Galaxy Gio GT-S5660 with Android 2.3.6 version on it. My phone memory gets low when I install some apps on it. There's a way to extend the phone memory but I can't get any useful information related to that, which I can perform easily.

BB Bold 9700 :: BBM Message History Keeps Deleting supportforums.blackberry.com

Please could you help. I recently upgraded to a blackberry bold 9700.Since doing this, I have been experiencing problems accessing my BBM message history. On my old Blackberry curve, I could see all my bbm message history and I had a 1GB media card. Now I have a 2 GB media card, and when I ask for the history to be saved on the media card, it wipes all the history., If I set it to save on the device memory, then it saves the message for 2 days, then deletes it. Please could you tell me what to do in order to resolve this issue? I have tried battery pulls, deleting applications that I do not use, deleting all emails, deleting all sms. My current device memory is 95% free. I cannot work out what is goin gon and am desperate to be able to save my message history.

Samsung Epic 4G :: Impossible To Delete Browsing History androidforums.com

It doesn't seem that you can totally delete browsing history on the Epic. On the browser I pressed Menu, More, and deleted all browsing history, data, cache etc. So when I checked in history there wasn't any websites listed. BUT when in the browser you click on the back button, you still can get to the previously seen sites. So how can you totally delete your browsing history?

General :: Linking Data To SD Card? forums.androidcentral.com

i just got myself a Galaxy S4 clone, and wanted to install san andreas on it. Problem is, the phone has only 1.2 GB of internal memory, while san andreas has around 2.3 gbs of data. Now in order to install the game, i gotta put the files in the 'obb' folder in the 'android' folder of the internal memory, but since the game is so large, i cant install it. I tried putting the game on an SD card and linking the SD card to the internal memory with Folder Mount (yes, my phone is rooted), but i couldn't seem to get it to work.

Android :: Internal Memory Space? androidforums.com

However after getting a bunch of apps from the android market i am getting a warning saying my internal memory card is getting full.when I check under settings, i still have about 20mb left. At what size do i start getting this warning? Its it possible to save apps onto the sd card instead of the internal memory? Also is there a size limit for the number of text messages, i starting getting warning messages for those as well.

Android :: History Cache Of Android Default Browser groups.google.com

I am trying to get all the histories of android default browser.

Android :: Proper Document Which Mention Memory Limitation groups.google.com

Is their any proper documentation which mention android internal memory storage and max app size limitation.?

Android : Package Com.droid.providers.googleapps On Internal Memory groups.google.com

I don't find package com.android.providers.googleapps on my internal memory. I use cupcake emulator.

BB Curve :: Can't Delete Browsing History On 9360 supportforums.blackberry.com

I'm having a strange problem with my BlackBerry browser. I have deleted the history and cleared the cache in the browser, but links on webpages are still showing up as purple (i.e., visited) even after the history and cache have been cleared.

Jelly Bean :: Motorola XT919 - Phone Doesn't Recognize Some Free Space On Internal Memory forums.androidcentral.com

I have free space on the internal memory of my phone that is not recognized for things like installing an app. This is my phone: Model: Motorola XT919 Android version: jelly bean 4.1.2 Internal memory: 4gb (really 2,2 gb free since the rest is used by the OS) Rooted: Yes I found out about this problem because I was running out of internal space so I inmediately checked the storage settings and I found this: In the installed apps settings it shows 766 mb free of internal space But in the storage settings the things are different: As you can see, this time I only have 127 mb free of internal storage.... Just to be sure, I downloaded the app Storage Analyser and once again checked the internal storage free space: And this time shows 1,52 gb free... Well the thing is that my phone considers as free space just the 127mb shown on storage settings, and I want the phone also uses the free space shown on the app settings or the one shown by storage analyser.

General :: Change Internal Memory With ExtSdcard forum.xda-developers.com

Can I Change Internal Memory With ExtSdcard In My Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 3G Verison Android 4.2.2

BB (RIM) :: Saving Files To Memory Card www.howardforums.com

I have a blackberry curve (4.3 since sprint takes forever for their updates) and an 8gb memory card. Every time I try to save something it says there is not enough memory. An example - www.seeqpod.com/iphone on your BB browser. When you go to save a song, it tries to save to the internal memory and saves there isn't enough. Another is games.. on my old HTC Touch (windows mobile) any game or app I bought I could save to the memory card and it ran from there. When I buy a game for my Curve (such as from pocketgear.com) it doesn't even give me the option to save it to the memory card. Going to run out of internal space in no time at this rate. As it is right now, there's not a thing on my 8gb card and I'd like to start taking advantage of it.Any suggestions?

HTC Incredible :: Download Pictures To Computer? androidforums.com

I took a few pictures before noticing that the camera wasn't saving them to the SD card and was instead saving them to the phone's memory. How can I download those pictures to my computer? I see the SD card when I connect the phone to the laptop but not the phone's internal memory.

Sony Ericsson :: K750i - How To Format Phone Internal Memory? www.esato.com

I know how to format the memory stick, but does anyone know how to format the phone's internal memory?

Nokia :: E90 / Phone Memory And Maps discussions.europe.nokia.com

How do i free up the internal phone memory of e90..??? it seems to pile up everyday even though i clear the cache, delete all emails from nokia email, what else should be done to free this up.also Nokia maps slows down tremendously causing the phone to eventually hang or slow down. sometimes it works perfectly fine but usually it gives me the slowing down or hanging problem.could the memory problem and maps problem be related to each other?

Samsung Galaxy S II :: Unable To Clear Android Browser History? samsunggalaxysforums.com

When I try to clear the browser history the program crashes. I have tried a couple of apps from the Market but neither of them have worked. I have tried, unsuccessfully, to locate the history cache in the filing system. P.S. I can delete history links one at a time. Is it just that I have allowed the cache to get too large before trying to delete it - I'm not sure I have ever cleared it before!

LG :: XENON Way To Copy Media From Memory Card Onto Phone's Internal Memory? www.howardforums.com

Is there a way to copy media from a memory card onto the phone's internal memory?

Delete History From Browser? www.daniweb.com

When we signout the form How can i disabling back button and,not only disabling back button but also delete history from browser.Suppose i used <script language="javascript" > javascript: window.history.forward(1); </script> to disable back button , its working.when i go to back list and click previous histories it shows data. so data hiding is important to my project. how can i delete browser history

General :: HTC Desire HD - Move APP To SD Card? forum.xda-developers.com

I have a rooted HTC Desire HD with a custom ROM (Android RevolutionHD). I have heard a lot of about moving the apps to the SD card to save space in the memory's phone, but does it really usefull apart of "saving memory"? or it can make slower the phone's boot because loading apps from the sd? Need to know more about advantages and disadvantages of moving apps to the SD. My priority is a faster / smoother phone UI and boot, being the memory space not so important.

Nokia :: In Which Folder Do You Save Your MP3s On Your Memory discussions.europe.nokia.com

With my previous phones, I used to save my MP3s on either E:Sounds/Digital or C:Sounds/Digital. In Other words I was saving them under "Sounds/Digital" folder all the time. With newer phones there is also a "Music" folder. Which folder do you think is best for saving your MP3s when it comes to saving on a Memory Card or Mass Memory?

Don't Cache Page And Show Up Link? forums.asp.net

I am loading a PDF as follows: Dim fs As New System.IO.FileStream(path, IO.FileMode.Open) Dim fSize As Long = fs.Length Dim fBuffer(fSize) As Byte With fs .Read(fBuffer, 0, fSize) .Close() .Dispose() End With With Response .Clear() .Cache.SetExpires(DateTime.UtcNow.AddMinutes(1)) .Buffer = True .ContentType = "application/pdf" .BinaryWrite(fBuffer) .Flush() .End() End With After the PDF loads, I want to ensure the page is not cached, and I do not want the link to show up in the browser history. What do I need to modify in order to do that?

BB Tour 9630 :: Clear Pushed Content In Browser To 0.0 KB - But Its 0.7-1.4 KB At Reopening Browser forums.crackberry.com

But I dont really recall this on my previous tour. My memory seems to be leaking, but no apps are open other than the default ones. I've cleared the logs and i cleared the browser cache. Now heres my question, every time I clear the pushed content in the browser, it says 0.0 KB, like it should. Now every time I reopen the browser and recheck the cache and all that, i have between 0.7-1.4 KB of pushed content there again. However the content cache and cookie cache are at 0.0 KB and 0 respectively. And i have no subscriptions to anything to cause any pushed content to come, so idk if this is normal or if it isnt. But yeah, I was just wondering because my memory gets smaller, not by much, but it does, and I was wondering if that was the culprit?

BB Tour 9630 :: Moving Pictures From SD Card To Internal Memory forums.crackberry.com

I just got my tour and I had a 1gb memory card in my previous EnV Touch with all my pictures. I can't figure out how to get the pictures off the memory card to the internal memory so I can put the 2gb memory card back into my tour that it came with. I don't want to use Roxio because it messes up my computer and the Menu > Move doesn't move it to the internal memory!

Nokia Lumia :: Unable To Save Music, Photos And Contact In 710 discussions.nokia.com

i am unable to save music, photos and contact in phone.. my phone resets Automatically every day. i don wat is the root cause... to listen to music or to call some one every day i sync my phone with ZUNE software and transfer the contact from my other phone.and would like to know what is the internal memory storage capacity, when i connect my phone to system ZUNE software or "about phone" in my mobile its shows 6GB memory.

Nokia :: E75 - Internal Memory Full / 2MB Free discussions.europe.nokia.com

I have an E75 for a few months now and I have a problem that totally confuses me: I constantly keep getting the System Message that my Internal Memory C: is full and that I need to either delete files or move them to the flash memory. Sometimes it also refuses to open emails, because of the lack of memory. The sad part is that almost all of my data already is on the flash card, not on the internal drive. There's literally nothing left to delete from the internal memory. I also tried deleting my personal data from the web browser, but it didn't help much. I checked the data that is stored on the internal memory and it is about 18MB while the phone's file manager sais I have only about 2MB free memory left. 20 MB total memory size seems a little small to me, shouldn't it be 50MB?

Nokia :: No Access To My 8GB Memory Card? discussions.europe.nokia.com

Unfortunatly though I cannot copy files to the memory card in the phone. It is accesible via the phones internal browser but not via my PC. At the moment I have to work around this by copying files to a temporary folder on the phone and then use the phones browser to move it to the card (Double handeling). I have seen the thread about the back cover and bad contacts but the back cover is firmly on and if the contacts were faulty I could not use the card which I can at the moment.

Android :: UI State Information - Used In Super.onCreate - Bundle SavedInstanceState - Stored groups.google.com

Where is the UI state information (used in super.onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState)) stored and how can it be deleted from another app or command line on a rooted phone? I need to delete the user data (username, password) of both the native Facebook app (com.facebook.katana) and the stock browser on Android (com.android.browser) on a rooted phone via command line (which I call from my own app) or elsewhere from my own app. This is what I'm calling: rm /data/data/com.android.browser/cache/webviewCache/* rm /data/data/com.android.browser/databases/* killall -9 com.android.browser rm /data/data/com.facebook.katana/cache/webviewCache/* rm /data/data/com.facebook.katana/databases/* killall -9 com.facebook.katana After I kill the facebook process, I check the running processesand there is no FB process running anymore. I then restart FB via long-press on home and choosing the FB app. Previous username/password still show on the login screen (= same screen as I left it before I killed the app). When I then press 'back' on the device, and then start the app again via home long-press / select FB, the login screen is empty. Where do the values for username/password come when I start FB again in the first place? I assume that the login activity still retrieves the savedInstanceState, but how could that be avoided - or else, where are those UI states actually stored, in order to delete them? Shouldn't the restarted app, after all it's processes are killed, already be in a new lifecycle? Same problem is with the stock browser: if i leave the browser and I'm on the login page of for example gmail.com where the username/password is entered (but form not submitted yet), then killing the browser process, the values (username) entered into the form will still be there after restarting the app again after it's been killed.

General :: Android Device Freezing All The Time forums.androidcentral.com

Have been having issues with MyTouch 4G freezing. According to community area, minimum amount of available internal device space for Android device is 25 MB. This amount was first determined by Android to be for the G1 which only had 126 MB of internal device available space. My question is, with Android phones having more available space ie: MyTouch 4g 4GB ROM and 512 MB RAM, should the available internal phone storage be higher than 25MB in order to run properly? It would seem to me that if the phone had more available internal phone storage, the available space needs to be proportionally greater to run properly.

Android :: How To Store Phone App Data On SD Card? stackoverflow.com

Is there a way to store android application data on the SDCard instead of the internal memory? I know how to transfer the application sqlite database from the internal memory to the SDCard, but what if the internal memory gets full in the first place? how does everyone handle this?

Motorola Milestone :: Low Disk Space androidforums.com

I have now a "low disk space" notification received regarding the phone memory.it was under 19 mb K deleted a few apps.. now I have 23 mb free and the note is gone.How can you make the default save place to be the SD card and not the phone memory? (I've done that for the cache from Dolphin browser to be saved on SD)I ve read the post regarding root to make the apps to run from SD for the moment I will not root my phone waiting for the 2.0.1 update.any other solutions? I have a SD card memory of 5.55 GB free.I want to use this space and not the phone's.what program dou you use to see the apps on the phone and the space that is occupied by those? I use Astro/phone and the MOTOROLA MEDIA LINK/PC.

Nokia :: N97 - Internet Web Browser Cache Location - Phone Memory Filling Rapidly discussions.europe.nokia.com

Does anyone know how to set the location of the web browser cache? I've had a look under settings but can't seem to find it. At the moment it appears to be on the phone memory - which is filling up rapidly - and i've got 23Gb spare on the mass memory, would be much better to have the cache there (rather than clearing it every so often)

Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Internal Memory Getting Low Though SD Card Holds All Stuff talk.sonymobile.com

My internal/phone memory in my x10 mini seems to be going down even though my sd card holds all my stuff. After app back up I then reinstall form sd card and the internal mem goes down, I am on about 44mb at the moment. I thought it would run from the sd card so the internal memory would not be effected as the other day a message said on my phone that memory was getting low! I have over 5gb spare.

Samsung :: Blast T729 Memory Settings www.howardforums.com

so my gf has a Blast and she just got a 1GB memory card for it to store pics, music etc... but this is where the problem comes in. How do you save pictures taken with the phone onto an external memory card. I went through almost every single menu item and can't find anything. And now that her internal memory is full, even with the card in she can't start the camera because the phone is low on memory... wth? I got a SE and no issues with memory cards or saving onto them. Well, i should mention that when inserted the phone does recognize the card, and i can access it and check the folders, but i dunno how to save onto it. Another setting id like to change is to have the SMS be saved directly onto the phone (200 msgs) instead of the SIM card (30). it keeps saying you have to delete old msgs, even with 200 available on the phone itself.

Nokia :: C Drive Phone Memory To Be Cleaned Daily? discussions.europe.nokia.com

When i scanned my phone memory, it says that "65 mb used in other". i was just wondering does anyone knows what this others are, as its eating up my phone memory.let me clarify that i have moved all the softwares to the mass memory, i do cleary my cache daily, messages are saved on the mass memory.

Nokia Nseries :: Clear Web Search History? discussions.nokia.com

Can anyone tell me if you can clear Google's search history, when I type into the search bar, a drop down appears with previous search queries. I have set my phone history so as not to save visited web pages. I'm due an upgrade and plan to pass on my phone so would like to clear all Google search data.

General :: How To Root ZTE Nova 3.5 V6500 forum.xda-developers.com

I bought Etisalat smart phone zte v6500 nova 3.5 and the internal memory is too small i want the method to root this phone

LG :: How To Save Ringtone On Card For VX1000 / Not Internal Memory? www.howardforums.com

i want to know how i can save the ringtones on my memory card and not use up the internal memory on the phone like i was able to with my old Lg VX 9800. where i was able to save the ringtones in the card and upload them to the phone by just going on Bitpim and adding tones with out it being up on the screen. hope i explained this right

Xperia X10 :: Cannot Clear Browser History talk.sonymobile.com

I recently updated my phone and now I cannot clear my browser history! I have tried going to my settings/clear cache/history/cookies/and form data and nothing!

Nokia :: Saving SMS To Micro SD Card Instead Of Phone Internal Memory? discussions.europe.nokia.com

I am using Nokia 6300 currently. Would like to ask how do i save sms to SD Card instead of the phone internal memory instead? Is it possible? Eg. When i get smses, it would be save into the SD card instead of the phone memory.

Sprint HTC Hero :: Attachment And Download Storage androidforums.com

Where do downloaded email attachments(documents, pdfs, etc..) get stored? My internal memory is at 70MB and if i recall correctly it was around 200+MB when i bought the phone. I put on apps, but not 130+MB worth, and my cache is clear. Any other ideas what might be eating up my internal storage?

Android :: Samsung Galaxy - EVO Or Vibrant androidforums.com

I have narrowed it down to the Samsung Galaxies - either Tmobile or Sprint. I understand that Tmobile has much better customer service ratings in surveys but some say Sprint has improved? Tmobile phone has 16g internal memory vs sprints 1g(but 16g SD). How important is internal memory size for androids? Some say in 2.2 you will be able to use SD memory for apps so internal isnt as important in the future? I assume these phones will be able to upgrade? Sprint phone has better features for me - forward camera for video conf, hard keybd, and 4G.- all of which are big pluses for me. When is Tmobile getting 4g and will the phones upgrade?

Sony Ericsson :: Vivaz - How To Remove Preinstalled Applications? talk.sonyericsson.com

The internal memory of SE Vivaz is quite limited (compared to my previous phone, G900). I wan't to "lighten" up the memory, by removing applications that I don't use. For example, Facebook, Roadsync, SMS Preview. I want to ask: a) How much memory do they "occupy"? b) How do I remove them?

Asha 30/40 Series :: Clear The Cache Memory And Cookies? discussions.nokia.com

how to clear the cache memory and cookies of this phone's web browser..? Im not asking about the Opera mini's browser but of the phone's original browser, which is used from media player..

HTC Incredible :: Possible Solution For "low On Space" Notification androidforums.com

A FACTORY RESET is not an option for most people so I've been looking elsewhere for solutions to this annoying notification memory problem. My research has shown me that this error doesn't appear to be the same for everyone. Some people have a problem with the HTC mail app (better settings below) Some people have a problem with the internet browser cache. Some people have a problem with the Peep cache. Some people have too many messages- have to delete Some people have an insanely large call history- have to delete HTC MAIL SETTINGS- these settings changes had a short term affect (one week)SETTING 1 MAIL>Menu>more>Settings>General settings>Temporary attachment storage> SD card SETTING 2 Send & receive> mail size limit> no limit My possible solution- hopefully long term Clear the contact storage cache SETTINGS>APPLICATIONS>MANAGE APPLICATIONS>CONTACT STORAGE>clear cache I'm curious if this solution is longterm or not. I cleared the peep and browser cache but it only helped for 2 days. Taking off the HTC MAIL app also only had a temporary effect. Does clearing the CONTACT STORAGE cache have a long term effect?

Android : Send AT Command To Modem? groups.google.com

I am trying to develop an application that would need to AT commands that are not yet defined in the RIL. I saw from the ril.h file, that hook requests are available : It can be invoked on the Java side from com.android.internal.telephony.Phone.invokeOemRilRequestStrings() com.android.internal.telephony.Phone.invokeOemRilRequestRaw() But from the application side, this package is not visible (com.android.internal.telephony) Is there anyone who bypassed this issue or is there any other way to send specific AT command to the RIL from an application?

General :: GS2 - How To Move App To USB Mass Storage (internal SD) forum.xda-developers.com

I use Samsung Galaxy S2 with Ice Scream Sandwich 4.0.3. WITHOUT EXTERNAL SD CARD ,rooted with SuperSu,oh and I rooted my phone specifically to be able to move apps to internal mass storage. Firstly,before I tried rooting my phone,I tried moving my apps to internal mass storage via the basic application manager in settings,but it only showed the "move to SD" option. Then I rooted my phone and downloaded x-plore.With x-plore ( file manager app with root browsing ) I found out that there were two parts of any app on the internal memory.First part ( located in /root/data/app ) contains .apk of an app which is oftenly same size as the installation of an app.Second part ( located in /root/data/user/data/data ) and it contains ".com.android." files of an app,which I believe are downloaded folders by that app.So for an example ,if I have Angry Birds installed, angrybirds.apk will be available in /root/data/app and ".com.android.rovio.angrybirds" will be available in /root/data/user/data/data.Since I couldn't find ANY app that is specifically made to move app to INTERNAL mass storage,I tried moving these two parts of an app (.apk and ".com.android..") to internal mass storage ( named as "sd" on x-plore ).But,as expected the app I moved tho the mass storage was "installed on sd card" as android would specify when I'd try to run it.Note:I moved it to a random directory on internal mass storage.When I moved the files back to their original paths,since they wouldn't work on mass storage,they worked properly again. So any way I count kind of mount those two parts I mentioned of an app as one,so Android would recognize it as a whole app when I move those files on internal mass storage.Or is there some other way to move them to mass storage?Or to make apps automatically install on internal mass storage? I really don't want to buy a SD card since I've read multiple articles that apps don't run best from SD cards.Once again,I repeat , I wan't to move them to INTERNAL mass storage which is around 11.50 GB of space,because my internal(system) memory is like 1/1,97 GB used.

General :: How To Access Hidden Folder On Android (4.3) / Recover Lost Files On Nexus 7 forum.xda-developers.com

I have lost a few pdfs which I have been reading for weeks (!) on my Nexus 7 (Android 4.3). Via the reading history of my pdf reader (Moon+ reader) I can see that at least one file is still present in the cache under the following folder address: /data/data/com.google.android.apps.docs/cache/filecache2/c042587322c4a438463efbd2cc533cbf/mypdf1.pdf How can I access this folder? When accessing the device via the Android File Transfer sofware for Mac, I don't see this folder. I have access to Android/data/com.google.android.apps.docs/files, but this folder contains no files but only another folder (called "pinned_doc_files_not_for_edit") which is also empty. The lost pdf is still there, I can open it in the reader via the reading history, but I would like to access the folder to see whether other lost files (which are not in the reading history) are also still present. To be clear, the file which I can open is also not detected when searching the device for pdfs.

LG :: Vx8560 Mp3s On Both Internal And External Memory? www.howardforums.com

How can you put mp3s on both internal and external memory on the VX8560 (Chocolate 3)? I filled up a 8gb card, and everything works fine with no mp3s on internal memory. When I drop mp3s in the internal memory Mymusic folder using bitpim, the phone suddenly ignores all of the mp3s on the card, and only shows the ones in internal memory. I've had horrible luck with using the Vcast software, so I'm hoping that's not the answer. I also tried transfering from the card to internal mem using the phone, but during the transfer the phone said the songs had illegal titles (I'm guessing because I have very long file names - because I put artist, album, song all in the title). Then it showed that none of them transfered over. Anyhow - any help much appreciated. This is my actually my second VX8560 - lost one a month ago on a mountain bike ride, and decided to just get the same phone instead of something different because this one is perfect for me (a lot to do with the phones small size).

Motorola Milestone :: Save Applications To Memory Card androidforums.com

I guess milestone is indeed a great device until i experience the problem of memory shortage for applications in the phone internal memory. is there any way to save the apps in the memory card instead?if not, i think i might sell this phone and get another really wish i do not have to do that.

Samsung Behold 2 :: Samsung Will Launch SHADOW Smartphone androidforums.com

Some information talk about the new Samsung Shadow smartphone, could be a Samsung "Nexus One". -3.7" (800x400) AMOLED -S5PC110 1GHz ARM processor -1024GB RAM memory -4GB internal memory -MicroSD slot (Expandable to 32GB) -WiFi -BlueTooth -aGPS -Digital compass -Accelerometers -Android mobile platform (compatible with Bada applications) -8Mpx digital camera with AF and xenon flash -Video HD (720p) -Multi-touch screen -Shake function -Full voice control interface The phone is completely black, with just one button on front, 2 buttons on the left side and one on the right.The charge mode is wireless, through a magnetic support.Samsung will launch this phone very soon.

Xperia Pro/Neo/V/L :: Cannot Access Contents On Memory Card talk.sonymobile.com

I have the upgrded my phone to android version 4.0.4 (build no.4.1.B.0.431) , but after that the phone is not displaying the contents of the memory card only internal memory, and has become too slow

General :: How To Backup By Booting Into Clockwork Recovery forums.androidcentral.com

If I am rooted and do a backup by booting into Clockwork recovery and do a backup, does that save everything on the internal memory of my phone/tablet? I have searched all over and I am not clear if it includes stuff I copy (like music, pictures) or it is just the ROM, apps and app data. It seems like you can only backup to the internal memory. What do you do if the backup gets too big to fit on there?

General :: FPSE For Android Save Games Directory forum.xda-developers.com

In my emulator "Fpse for Android". I would like to chage the place where games are saved, by default they are saved in internal memory ".fpse/memcards" in 2 files named "slot1.mcd" "slot2.mcd" In my "Fpse for Android" i went in "setting>misc" i change the save states to a "saved games" folder that i created in my external sd card, play crash bandiccot 1 USA, PS1, WITH USA Bios, I saved game, by file manager i went inside "saved games" folder, it is hempty, game is still saved in default position above mentioned. What i have to do in order to change the saved games positions, i would like to save them in my external sd card. Manually t is possible to move the 2 mentioned files, ther save states: "slot1.mcd" "slot2.mcd" to another position? Let say as example my "saved games" folder inside my external sd card?

General :: How To Increase Performance And Save Internal Memory - GT S6102 forum.xda-developers.com

Increase Performance & Save Internal Memory in my phone, so i use [GT-S6102] Increase RAM & Internal Memory Using Link2SD + A2SDGUI + Swapper but after select (ext2) write not mounted. my baseband :S6102XXMA2 Kerenl:

General :: Extend App Storage Partition Of Phone Memory? forum.xda-developers.com

My new android 4.2.1 phone has 32GB of phone storage, but only 1.5 gigabytes of that is allocated to the "internal storage" partition for app installations etc. The rest is used as an internal SD card for data storage. I also have an actual SD Card of 32GB. I find the 1.5GB of internal storage a little bit too low and I fear to run out of memory in a few months of intensive use. As I have a large external SD card it is a bit useless for me to also have a huge internal SD card partition and I'd rather add some of that to the 1.5GB of internal storage for apps. I have googled for quite some time now, but I can only find threads of people trying to extend their internal storage by partitioning an external SD card. This is NOT the same as my problem as my phone storage is large enough but just not properly allocated in my view. So my question is as follows: is it possible to add a few GB's from my phone storage to my internal storage?

General :: How To Change App Install Location On Internal Memory forum.xda-developers.com

I have Prestigio PAP 4500 dual SIM phone with 4 GB internal memory and external microSD card 16GB - rooted. This 4 GB internal memory is devided on 2 part: 1.st labeled as Internal storage with 503 MB - this is location for app installation 2.nd labeled as Internal memory card with 2 GB - this is empty because I use externalSD 16GB. Because Internal storage (503 MB) is too small for all app I'd like to install phone often pop up message "Storage space running out". How to change installation path so apps install on Internal memory card (2 GB) ?? I tried: 1. change in Settings, Storage, Preferred install location, SD card but after reinstalling all apps again get "Storage space running out" 2. install Mobile Uncle Tool (chinese menu), right button click on 1.st pop up, AppToSD, choose external, press button under it and install all apps again but again get "Storage space running out". In both cases no change in capacity of Internal memory card with 2 GB.

General :: Format Internal Storage If Nothing Works? forum.xda-developers.com

Is it possible (if your device doesn't do anything anymore, no download mode no nothing) to format the internal storage? Does Android generally save pictures on the SD or the phone's memory?

BB Curve :: Reg: Phone Internal Memory Is Very Low supportforums.blackberry.com

I have Blackberry Curve 9300 and its internal memory is 256MB only. Whenever i try to install new apps, the memory always lacks. How would it be possible for us to install apps directly on media card and use it on phone. I have googled and found that can be archived and used so that the apps will be saved on the media card, but by doing so still the phone memory only occupied.