Android :: ARM Directly Read / Write File On Sd Card I/O Without Cache


I need to directly read/write a file on sd card without cache. I can use "posix_fadvise" to achieve the purpose on Ubuntu I try NDK to make the function call, but it seems disabled on Android How can I do?

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I am using a mt6582m device with kitkat 4.4.2 with supersu. I can use root to write to system, data and cache using es file explorer, can also read and write to any sd card, but apps like titanium backup, online android backup, ram expander can't read/write to sd card. Eg.1: ti backup read backups, can do all operation except backup and restore. I had read a lot, changing backup path didn't worked nor any odex file is there. Using v6.1.5.6. Eg. 2: ram expander can create swap file on sd but can read it saying 'not found'. Swap can be used with cache partition. Eg. 3: online nandroid backup says pat not vaild. I had tried, sd fix app, manually editing platform.xml, xposed module to 'handel external storage', change permissions using es file explorer, editing ramdisk. There is storage/sdcard0 and 1 Also mnt/sdcard and mnt/sdcard2 (symlinked) Also mnt/media_rw/sdcard0 and 1 (not readable even in es file explorer)

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I have one of those FLip Ultra HD video recorders. You know, with the "flip" out USB arm to transfer video to your computer.Well, the iPad camera kit comes with those two adapters (the SD card reader and the USB connector). Since the Flip doesn't use SD cards, I'd use the USB connector with the Flip.My question is, will the flip's USB arm connect directly to the ipad adapter? And would I be able to transfer the 720p HD video clips the flip records to the ipad?

Motorola RAZR I Home :: Play Music Cannot Save To SD Card forums.motorola.com

For some reason my text didn't save when I first posted this, so I'll try again: My issue is that Google Play Music seems to save all cached music to the internal memory of the phone, and not the external SD card. Android can see this external SD card fine, and in fact saves any photos to it, so there is an issue with Google Play Music's visitbility of the SD card. with my HTC Desire S, Google Play Music cached to the external SD card no problem.

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Is there a way to get the camera to write directly to the DCIM file in the SD card?

Android :: Does Not Create File In One Director But Does In Other? stackoverflow.com

I have a small piece of code that just won't write a file to the SD card on Android I made sure I created the folder CACHE_DIR before. It exists on the SD card, but canWrite() always returns false. This is the path: /mnt/sdcard/Android/data/org.my.app/files/thumbnailcache I can browse the directory /mnt/sdcard/Android/ data/org. my.app/files/thumbnailcache. Here comes the interesting part: When I try to write to /mnt/sdcard/Test/, it succeeds.How is that possible?

General :: SD Card - Unable To Format Or Delete? forum.xda-developers.com

I have an extremely weird SD Card behavior with my Note 2: After deleting files and rebooting, the files reappear. I can't format the SD Card using the Android OS - it goes black screen and requires me to pull out the battery in order to start the device. I removed the SD Card and attached it to my laptop's SD Card slot and tried formatting using Windows 7- the format process completed after ~30-40 minutes, yet the SD Card appeared UNCHANGED! I used multiple SD Card formatting tools, still no dice - they either complain about write protection, that they can't start, they start and stop halfway with an error, you name it. It's like the SD Card has built in protection that keeps the files in it in stasis form, never ever witnessed such a behavior in any storage device. What gives?

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Can I read the SD card without hooking up to the computer

Android :: How Do We Write File To SD Card groups.google.com

Today, i tried to read and write file on the android. but it seems that file write mode is only provided for SD card? most of article is asked about SD card written. Is there no way to save data internal side?So when i install the application to real device. then its application installed in SD card or internal space? because we have make it log file from our application for everytime while application run.So, how do we write the file to SD card and specified the absolute path where we saved? to load this file.

Intel Mac :: External Sd Card Reader Not Working? discussions.apple.com

I plugged in my 32 GB sdhc card via an external reader and its contents were deleted by the iMac.  I restarted the computer and tried to read another sd card and the iMac does not even recognize the card and reader.  The power light briefly flashes once.  THis computer has read SD cards for many years without a problem.  Info: iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8), iMac 4,1

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How To Force Apps to the SD Card Without Rooting on xperia pro, android 2.3.4?

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i need an app to bring android sd card to wifi network as hard disc drive, without password or port or others.

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Is there any way of accessing the internal SD card on Android devices that have internal flash, internal SD and external SD cards?

MacBook Pro :: SD Card Reader Is Read Only? discussions.apple.com

I have a few SD cards, but when i plug it into my macbook pro 15 in the card is read only. I am unable to write (i.e. move, delete..) frm the SD card. I've tried the lock at both positions both doesnt work. Also, the cards are fine when read on windows. Info: MacBook Pro (15-inch Early 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.3)

Simultaneous File Read And Write www.xtremevbtalk.com

I would like to explore the possibility of writing code that would allow a file to be written by a graphics card say an avi and by another card simultaneously read from the same file, in a continous loop, much like a cache. I expect to use a count to indicate when and where the file should be read at the tail end of the file as well as when the write should start to overwrite old data to be constantly updated.If writing a cache pgm is ideal then can this be done with a ram disk ? All help appreciated - Jim

General :: Recovery Mode Doesn't Have Install Zip From SD Card? forum.xda-developers.com

I rooted my phone and wanted to put custom ROM.So had my rom file in my sd card and as well as CWM recovery file. As soon as i go to recovery mode i have these options.I am using samsung galaxy y duos gt-s6102 Reboot system now apply update from sd card wipe data/factory reset wipe cache partition I don't have install .zp from sd card option ?? And when i click apply update from sd card it shows this error : E:failed to mount /sdcard (No such file or directory) E:Can't mount /sdcard Install from sdcard complete

HTC Desire :: Unable To Read / Write To 8GB SD Card androidforums.com

My new HTC desire is unable to read or write to my 8GB SD card which was previously inside my HTC HD touch. Why is this? I've swapped the SD cards around - i.e. the 4 GB SD card which it came shipped with is now inside my HTC HD touch It doesnt have a problem reading or writingto the 4 GB SD card that it came shipped with. I would prefer not to have to format the card

General :: Transferring Files BACK ONTO SD Card From PC (Note 3 Files)? forums.androidcentral.com

My Sandisc 64GB SD card went kaputt last week, it froze at 33GB, luckily the existing files are all ok and I was able to copy all the files onto my PC, however nothing new can be written to it. I've tried formatting with no success. So I copied the files onto the PC and just got a new this time Samsung 64GB micro SD card. Problem I'm having now is that on several attempts it's failed to copy the files back to my SD card (from PC) I've formatted the card in the Note 3..the music files about 4 GB transferred just fine, the problem seems to be with the Pix and Videos. I'm currently trying to copy the DCIM folder back onto the micro sd and it's saying it'll take 6 hours. I have tried: copying from PC to micro SD in the phone via USB copying from PC to micro SD in SD card adapter plugged directly into PC copying from PC to micro SD in USB adapter plugged into PC all results the same

IMac (Intel) :: Mid 2011 Doesn't Read SD Card? discussions.apple.com

My iMac mid 2011 does not read the SD Card. In 'System Info' the info abou card reading device tells: 'This computer does not have integrated Apple card reading devices' (something like that, my OS is in Russian). Worked great a couple of weeks ago, now I have that issue. Is there a way to fix that without changing my iMac's elements? Info: iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9), iMac mid 2011

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i can't copy or paste any file on sd card because card is write protected

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How can I move dalvik-cache and data/data to sd card or sd ext2? HTC Explorer A310e

MacBook Pro :: Late 2011 Sd Card Write Extremely Slow discussions.apple.com

I have a Macbook Pro late 2011 all Lion updates applied and want to use the integrated SD Card Reader (which, according to System Profiler is connected directly to the PCIe Bus).   My SD card is a brand new Sandisk Extreme Pro, which is rated for 95MB/sec and 90MB/sec write speed. Reading from the card is quite fast, I get over 88MB/sec. Writing, however, is abysmally slow. I could not get more than 12,6MB/sec write speed (tested via transferring a 4GB ISO Image from/to the internal SSD). The same card on an old USB 2.0 reader connected to an ancient PC gives around 20MB/sec. I did not test it on another device with a fast SD reader yet.  Info: Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

Non Apple SD Card Reader Not Working In IOS 4.2.1 discussions.apple.com

I got a cheap non-Apple SD card reader with a dock connector that was compatible with my iPad as an alternative to the official (expensive) Apple camera connection kit on Amazon and it worked fine with iOS3.x. I tried it today for the first time in iOS 4.2.1 and I could not get it to work. It said "this devices requires too much power" just for a simple little SD card from my dSLR camera connected directly through the dock connector via the card reader I bought.Has Apple disabled support for 3rd party SD card readers / camera connection kits? I've read about people having trouble reading CF cards and flash drives via the USB port in the official camera kit in 4.2.1 but I am having trouble reading an SD card directly.I've got one day left to return this to Amazon so any advice would be appreciated. Should I return it now for a refund and save up to get the Apple kit or is this something that can be fixed?

HTC Desire : Way To Transfer Music Onto Micro SD? androidforums.com

I'm just wondering what people find is the best way to transfer music/files onto the Micro SD? I've tried connecting the phone via USB and also placing the Micro SD into a card reader and connecting directly to the PC that way. However, with both methods I get the same fault. When I place the card back into the phone, or disconnect the USB I get the 'Preparing SD Card' message, followed by 'The SD Card is damaged' with my only option to format the card and start all over again.

Android :: Write / Read Access To SD Card In Manifest File groups.google.com

Is there a right associated with write/read access to the sd card that needs to be set in the manifest.xml file? I'm currently trying to write to the sd card using a standard FileOutputStream here: FileOutputStream out = new FileOutputStream("/ sdcard/images/"+imageName); bmp.compress(Bitmap.CompressFormat.JPEG, 90, out); But it doesn't seem to be working. It just says the location isn't found, which can happen if there are no permissions to read/write to the location.

Android :: Emulator Not Booting With Customized Kernel Image groups.google.com

The emulator screen does not show up with new zImage... The steps I followed are: 1) Downloaded the android kernel from "git clone git://github.com/CyanogenMod/cm-kernel.git" 2) extracted config file from config.gz from /proc/config.gz in emulator 3) copied config file to .config in "cm-kernel" directory 4) export CCOMPILER=${HOME}/android/system/prebuilt/linux-x86/ toolchain/arm-eabi-4.4.0/bin/arm-eabi- 5) make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=$CCOMPILER oldconfig make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=$CCOMPILER menuconfig make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=$CCOMPILER

Android :: Select A File From Droid Memory To Do Some Action On It? stackoverflow.com

I want to transfer a file into android dev's SD memory and read the file for parsing it. But i don't know how to transfer a file into the emulators SD Card. Also I don't know which api is to be used to browse for the file from the application. This app provides the user to show it where he has kept the file which the app has to parse. Which api does android provide for file management using a UI. Thanks in advance.

Motorola Droid :: Apps Being Installed To MircoSD Card androidforums.com

My original phone kept shutting off and then wouldn't boot into the Android OS, so I took it back to Verizon today and they replaced. They swapped out the SD card from the original phone and put it into the new phone. Here is the interesting part, two of my apps were on the new phone without me having to go to the market and download them again. Shopsavy and Robo defense free were both on the new phone right at the start up of the new phone, leading me to believe that full apps can be installed to the SD card? The only thing I could think of to explain them being back on my phone but not on the SD card would be that part of the program was on the SD card and when it booted up it say the .exe for the program wasn't there so it went out automatically and downloaded them again without me giving the phone permission to do so. I don't think I'll hit the 256 max anyways but considering the concensus is that you can't save the entire app to the SD card I found this interesting.

KitKat 4.4 :: Camera App That Will Write Photos Directly To SD Card? forums.androidcentral.com

I just got a GPE LG Pad 8.3 and I have not seen an option in the stock camera app to save photos and video to the SD card. Is there any camera app that can write photos and videos to the SD card? It seems like a waste of an SD card if I can't have my photo's and videos go directly to the card.

HTC EVO 4G :: Remount SD Card With Phone On androidforums.com

Something strange is going on here. I've removed and re-seated the SD card but when the phone boots up it says theres a problem and SD will be read only. Settings->Phone/SD storage says read only. Dropbox won't download anything because it cant find the SD card. However, EStrongs File Explorer and Root Explorer say it is read/write. I think this happened because yesterday I put the sd card in my computer and the SD adapter I use automatically goes to 'read only' with a tab on the side when you push it in. I had put some tape on it to prevent that but I suppose it got loose, so I can't modify my SD card till I get home and can fix it with the SD adapter. Unless someone knows of a way to do it in the phone....

Android :: How To Read CID Of SD Card? (MMC) groups.google.com

How can I read the CID (Card Identification register) of an SD card with Java or C-Code in an Android phone? I tried "cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1:*/cid" but at least on the Samsung I7500 Galaxy it does not return the CID of the SD card because it is always the same number with different SD cards.

Mac Mini :: Upload Files To A SD Card On It? discussions.apple.com

I am trying to upload music files to an sd card in the built-in card reader on my mac mini and when I insert it it tells me that it is read only. I cannot add files to the card. Is there any way to make sd cards writable from the built-in reader?  Info: Mac mini (Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.7.3)

Dell Inspiron 1525 :: SD Port Doesn't Work en.community.dell.com

I have a brand new Inspiron 1525 and am trying to get my photos from a 1 gig sd card into a file on my laptop.  I've removed the "fake" sd card that came with the computer and put in the picture card.  It opened once (meaning it showed up as as an sd card in the "my computer" area, but I moved on to something else at home and eventually "safely removed" the card without finishing my task.  A few days later I tried again but the computer doesn't even recognize the card... the "my computer" area does not list the card as being in its slot.   What is more curious is that if I remove the card and put it into my trusty multi-slot card reader and insert that into one of the usb ports it opens up the iphotos on the sd card just fine and I can upload from there.  I know I can just use the card reader, but I really like of being able to just put the sd card directly into the laptop.

General :: Swapping External To Internal SD Storage In Gingerbread Phone forum.xda-developers.com

This phone of mine is in Android Gingerbread 2.3.6. The phone is already rooted but without CWM. Here are the significant screenshots that maybe needed (Specs of the Phone, File Explorer structure and path of the SD Card, Internal Storage & SD Card capacities, and Location Path and Size of the vold.fstab): Attached file below is the original untouched "vold.fstab" file from my MyPhone A818 Duo Slim in zip

OS X :: Canon Powershot As USB Mass Storage Device? forums.macrumors.com

How do I get my Canon Powershot SD400 to show up as a plain-old USB SD card reader in Leopard? I'm trying to use PhotoRec to recover some deleted photos off of a SD card. While programs like Image Capture can read and copy pictures from the Camera directly, I need the camera to show up as a plain USB SD card so that I can access it from Photo Rec.

Won't Work With Camera Connection Kit www.ipadforums.net

Can you play a slideshow directly from an SD card? (i.e. plug the SD connector into the iPad, insert an SD card and then play a slideshow directly from the SD card) Or do you have to transfer the pics onto the iPad before you can do a slideshow?

Android :: Copy File To Emulator Sd Card groups.google.com

Is there any way to copy the files from "assets" folder of the project to emulator SD card using android application.

Android :: SD Card File Browser? stackoverflow.com

How to make a file browsing window in Android for accessing, browsing and opening SD card's FAT32 contents?

Android :: How To Create Bitmap From Image File In Android? stackoverflow.com

How to load an image file (on SD card) into a Bitmap on Android?

General :: SD Password Protection Android Missing Feature forum.xda-developers.com

I think android is missing one feature of daily use. It is sd card password protection. I want to protect my sd card data with password but I don't find any app or any thing to do this. on my old nokia cell , protecting sd card was very easy. I want to protect my sd card so if i lost my sd card then no one access files on my sd card .......... At this time i have no nokia set so i want to know if my sd card is password protected and i put this sd card in my android set then what will happen??? will it work and ask me for password??????

OS X Leopard :: Can't See Mounted Volume Of Canon G9 When Camera Is Connected discussions.apple.com

Why can't I see mounted volume of my Canon G9 (with 8GB SD card) when camera is connected via USB. I just want to be able to download the movie files. Aperture does this fine on my other Mac but on my MBP I use Lightroom and it does not automatically download additional files a la Aperture. Also can't read via Kensington Multi-SD reader but suspect that's because it is a little older and does not support the higher capacity SD cards Information: MBP 17 2gb Mac OS X (10.5.5)

Android :: Possible To Override Sdcard Using Emulator From Eclipse groups.google.com

I've got an AVD setup with an SD card, but I wanted to specify a different SD card image by setting a -sdcard option in Eclipse under Preferences -> Android -> Launch (I fill in "-sdcard C:sdcards sdcard96M.img" without the double quotes). But it seems no matter what I do, I always get the SD card that was created with the AVD. From the command line, the following works: emulator -avd myAVD -sdcard C:sdcardssdcard96M.img Do I need to use the command line instead of Eclipse to run this way?

Android :: How To Use Camera Application Without SD Card? groups.google.com

When I was using the camera application, the ERROR: Please insert SD card before using camera jumped out because the driver of sd card haven't been porting properly. Is there anyway to use android camera application without sd card?

General :: Can't Download Anything Bigger Than 4gb To External SD Card? forum.xda-developers.com

Cant download anything bigger than 4gb to external sd card. I have a T769 Blaze and have a 32gb external sd card installed, a sandisk hicap. I installed it factory and no luck. Read some forums and formated it to exfat, then ntsf, both read fine and can store up to 4gb but no more, tried all the various apps to get it to store when downloading but always get size limit error. How can I get my OS to allow bigger than 4gb to download to my 32gb sd card. Note: I have no issues when trying to move files from PC to phone, just downloading them from the Internet either by download site or torrent. Got some movies and software I need to get. OS is ics 4.0.4 rooted stock. I am a good pc geek but limited on android/linux skills.

Samsung Captivate :: SD Card And Phone Internal Storage androidforums.com

When I look at the settings and "SD card and phone storage" option I see the different types of storage. Based on what I see, please verify the following assumptions are correct. The external SD card is obviously the one I added. I assume it can be used to store media files (via USB, direct write on a PC, etc.). I read until Froyo we won't be able to install apps on this card. The internal SD card is what is built into the phone for apps and other things those apps write to the phone. Looks like Google Listen writes to this area (can't make it write to the external SD and not sure why). It appears that the only things writing to there are my camera and of course any music, pics, or videos I load on there directly. Nothing else seems to make use of it. The internal phone storage is for things like the OS and is pretty much off limits. When I go into the "My Files" app on the phone it dumps me into the home directory which happens to be /sdcard. I assume this is the internal SD card? Under that directory it also has "/sd" which appears to be my external SD card. Why would they make it look like "/sd" is a subdirectory of "/sdcard" when it's not?

General :: App 2 SD App For Rooted Phones forum.xda-developers.com

I want an app 2 sd app which can move almost all apps to sd card for my rooted android phone.

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how can i move apps to external SD card in android

General :: HTC Explorer - Phone Closes On Removing SD Card forum.xda-developers.com

Since I have moved dalvik cache to sd ext when I remove sd card my explorer/pico closes unexpectedly I know why this happens but I want to ask that if due to some reasons sd card stops working so then can I acces the recovery mode ? Because the internal mem is on sd if sd stops working so I have to flash Rom again.if this happens that sd card stops working so then can I access recovery mode ?

Unable To Read Any Camera SD Cards / Attached USB Device Do Not Support discussions.apple.com

I am unable to read any of my camera SD cards (3 different cameras) with the iPad using the SD card camera adapter. The cards are usually formatted FAT, but I even tried Mac OS Extended formatted memory cards with my jpegs copied to them. In every case I get a "Attached USB device not supported" error. What am I missing? Information:  8-core Mac Pro, 10GB Ram, 4TB HDD (internal) Mac OS X (10.6.1) (All tools, no talent!)

Android :: Error Creating File On SD Card groups.google.com

I would like to write a file to the SD card from my application, but the following code throws an IOException when debugged on a T-Mobile G1: String p = Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory() + "/log.txt"; File recfile = new File(p); recfile.createNewFile(); The last line throws an IOException with detailMessage = "Cannot create: /sdcard/log.txt". The MOUNT_UNMOUNT_FILESYSTEMS permission is set in the manifest. And yes, I really do want to write to the SD card; I don't want to use the logging features Android includes for this particular application. The Android documentation does not seem to give any specifics on how one might write files to removable storage in "Data Storage" under "Framework Topics". What am I doing wrong, or where can I read more about this topic?

HTC Droid Eris : No Option To Install V3 2.1 OS androidforums.com

I've searched many many times... I followed the instructions (wiped out my sd card) and completely reset the phone to factory settings, put the file on the sd card, Volume down + the Power key and I get the 3 skater androids but no option to install the new os. I have limited time online (pdanet, and am a Truck driver so NO SIGNAL a majority of the time)

OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Updating OS X And Mac App Store Apps? discussions.apple.com

trying to drag file to sd card  it keeps bouncing off Info: Mac mini (Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.6.8), dragging files

Android :: SD Card's Write Authority In 1.6 groups.google.com

Current I just use Android 1.6 emulator. I am writing a simple code which needs write one result file to SD card. But It is failed to open one file to write (Reading is ok). I tried to use C level API and Java level API but both of them are failed. Furthermore, I tried to use chmod comand in the shell but it is still useless. It is known in the Android 1.5 or befor, it should be OK. Is it a new feature of 1.6 or it is just my emulator's issue? If it is a new feature, can someone figure out how to write the data into SD card?

General :: SD Card Unexpectedly Removed Or Damaged forum.xda-developers.com

I used Lenovo A789(ICS 4.0.4) android. I have Scandisk 32 GB memory cards. Some the mobiles give up a popup message "SD card unexpectedly removed or SD card damaged" . Sometimes my mobile taker restart with that message when "SD card unexpectedly removed or SD card damaged" message is shown I am unable to use SD memory's apps.

General :: Apps In SD Card Not Visible After Factory Reset Of Phone? forum.xda-developers.com

I was trying to root my HTC One V and i unlocked the bootlocker,however that resulted in factory reset of my phone.Whenever i installed an app on my phone i always moved it to sd card via settings-->apps.I assumed that once my phone restarts after factory reset it will read the apps in the sd card but it is not so.The phone does read songs,pictures and contacts stored on my sd card and the sd card does have the folder of each app but how do i install it from the sd card?

Motorola Razr :: How To Install Applications To External SD-card forums.motorola.com

How to install applications to external SD-card (not to internal storage - media area) ?Many modern games and geomapping apps have up to 1Gb cache each stored in internal storage. I've bought 16Gb SD card but it almost completely useless, because I cannot store anything but music and videos.Internal 8Gb storage is almost full.I think the problem is that internal storage mounted as mntsdcard , and external SD-card as mntsdcard-ext so applications are installed to sdcard not sdcard-ext, thats why my external SD-card is empty while internal storage is full

General :: Getting Apps From Market Directly To SD Card? forums.androidcentral.com

So is there any way to get apps directly to the sd card because i've run into an app i want but it takes up quite a lot of space for the onboard memory it didn't have alot to start with an the problem i have is i can't uninstall anything on my onboard memory to make room to download the app so i need a way to get the app either to my computer to put it on my sd card or a way to directly download it on to the sd card

General :: Applications Not Found After ROM Installation? forum.xda-developers.com

I have a problem with the new ROM I have installed. I had CM 10 Android 4.1 until I saw what paranoid android 3.1.5 can do like resizing applications, and I wanted to install it. So i did, but there seems to be a problem: the applications that I moved to SD card are not showing in the app drawer. Weren't those applications supposed to remain on the sd card after I have restored to factory settings, wiped cache and dalvik cache and installed the new ROM? The weird thing is that they don't appear in sdcard1/data/app neither. I want to see where the applications that i moved to sd card are located.... the battery drains faster...Is there an application to track the battery usage just to make a comparision with the CM 10.1 ?

HTC Incredible : Browse Sd Card Over Bluetooth androidforums.com

I'm trying to browse my incredible' sd card from my laptop so that I can easily transfer the files on my sd card to my laptop's hard drive. Has anyone figured out how to do this? I can connect to the incredible over bluetooth, but when I browse the phone starting from its / directory, the sd card isn't anywhere to be found. I think it should in /mnt, but there is no /mnt listed. Among others, there's: Trashes Android BatteryTime LOST.DIR dcim (only contains thumbnails) download foursquare media (only contains facebook ringtone notification .m4a file)

Android : How To Get File Reference To External Disk stackoverflow.com

I would like to get in my file browser File reference to external disk not SD Card. I mean I know that there is method Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory(); But to my knowledge this will get reference to SD Card. But how to get external disk (say kind of USB storage attached to Android device)? You know that device can have both SD card and external USB stick attached to them.

Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: How To Install Apps Directly Onto SD Card talk.sonymobile.com

I'm new to xperia x10 mini pro, I've had quite a tough time getting some things done easily, all sofware I've downloaded have been installed on the phones memory, and the phones memory is full. I have an 8 gig SD card but how to install my apps directly on the SD card. I am using android version 2.1.

Motorola Droid Bionic :: Apps Storing Data On SD Card Vs Internal Storage? forums.motorola.com

I have a variety of apps that create export or backup files. How can the apps access the SD card storage directly? I recently replaced (under warrenty) my Bionic and it was a pain. I backed up everthing (app data that is) thinking the "backup" was going to the SD card, since all I got was a file address (or name). Once I moved the battery, SIM and SD card from one phone to the other, I realized that all the files were on the internal staroage and still on the old phone, not the SD card. This meant moving all of the hardware back to the old phone, finding all of the files stored on the internal storage, moving them to the SD card, switching everything back to the new phone and moving the files from the SD card to the internal storage - all the time hoping I got them in the right place (which wasn't necessarily the case all of the time).

Android :: How's Android Directory Structure? stackoverflow.com

How the directories are disposed? Where do I copy my musics and pictures in my virtual device to test my apps? update: I entered the internet on the Android's virtual device, tried to save an image, and it says that "An SD card is required". I thought I've read in the android.developers.com that the device has a SD card by default. Anyway, I'll look for how to create it.

General :: SD Card Music Not Showing Up On Music Player? forums.androidcentral.com

I recently bought an SD card for my Samsung Galaxy Centura, mainly so I could store music on it without taking up much of the memory. The odd thing is, when i went to play some music using the music player, only about a quarter of the songs showed up. When I used Android File Manage to check the SD card, they were all there and playable. All the songs are MP3 format. how I can get the songs to work on the music player?

General :: Command Not Found Error While Trying To Compile Kernel From Source With NDK forum.xda-developers.com

I am following this right here [URL] .... And i keep getting command not found even though i am sure its right. Code: ~/AlienKernel3.0-alien-4 $ export CROSS_COMPILE=/home/user/ndk/android-ndk-r9c/toolchains/arm-linux-androideabi-4.8/prebuilt/linux-x86_64/bin/arm-linux-androideabi- Code: sudo make clean && sudo make mrproper Code: make: /home/dm47021/Android/toolchains/arm-unknown-linux-gnueabi-linaro_4.8.2-2013.08/bin/arm-unknown-linux-gnueabi-gcc: Command not found /bin/bash: /scripts/gcc-version.sh: No such file or directory [Code] ....

Lenovo X Series ThinkPad :: X240 - SD Reader Slot - Unable To Extract Card forums.lenovo.com

I just reveiced my Lenovo Thinkpad x240 20AL000AAU with SD card reader integrated.   I inserted an SD card standard size and the card is read properly, I can access all the files and I can write on it.   The problem is that I cannot extract the card from the SD card slot!   If I right-click on SD card in My Computer and choose eject, it says that it is safe to remove the card. If I select "Safely remove Hardware and eject media" it tells me that it is safe to remove it...but the card is stuck inside!   I read somewhere to press the card until I hear a click but I cannot hear any click.   Also the card is unreachable inside the slot. I cannot grab it to pull it. I can only press it a little bit with the nail, it goes one millimeter inside but I don't hear any click.

Read Tag And Then Write Information Into Tag Without Scanning Again androidforums.com

I am writing application to read information from NFC tag after that edit the information and write again to NFC tag without touch second tag (only read and write in the first touch). The data after write into the tag that is displayed into mobile. The processing is such as (Read tag=>Get Information=>Edit information=>Write Tag again=>Read information to display)I found some solution in the internet such as android read back the tag infomation after write, without second touch of tag...But when I implement it.It did not work for writing. [HIGH]import android.nfc.NfcAdapter; import android.nfc.Tag; import android.nfc.tech.Ndef; import android.nfc.tech.NdefFormatable; import android.os.Bundle; [code]....

General :: How To Store Data On SD Card forums.androidcentral.com

I'm using a Blu Tank 4.5 running Android 4.1.1 Everything (apps, email, txts, etc) all file to the internal phone memory even though, on the settings page, (Settings/Storage/Phone Storage) I have highlighted the SD Card button. The SD card is recognised by the phone and reports 29.57 GB available. I want data to file to the SD card.

Android :: Trying To Write A Desktop Client To Synchronize Data With App groups.google.com

I am trying to write a desktop client to synchronize data with my android app. When i mount the SD card how can i find is this is android SD card and how to check if given application is installed of the phone ( by DE desktop client).

HTC Eris :: Storage Space Error androidforums.com

I just put xtrROM on my Eris and now I'm getting the "low space" notification. It says that I have 7mb left on my phone. I have 3.5 gb on my SD card. I had 4.0.4 on previously with the cache and apps on the SD card I had 4.5gb left before I did the wipe and install.After I reinstalled my apps using Titanium Backup, I started getting the notification. I can't figure out why I'm getting it though. It almost appears like the apps may have gotten installed on the internal memory on the reinstall.I first saved my SD card contents to my PC, did an SD card wipe, repartition, and made it ext3, then copied all data back. I tried running the apps2sd script via GScript and I get the following errors: stderr : sys : not found stderr: cannot create /system/etc/usersettings/conf/apps2sd_value: read-only filesystem Market apps (.apk files) will be moved to the sd card, reboot phone for changes to take effect.

HTC Hero : Phone Wont Read Old SD Card / Way To Fix? androidforums.com

I am new to android. Got HTC Hero recently. Had HTC TyTN windows mobile. The Sd card from TyTn is not read by Hero. Files like MS word, Adobe, notepad etc are being detected, but when tried to open, it says application not found. I have downloaded sd card reader from market, but still the same problem. I am still using my old phone because of this.

Motorola Droid :: SD Card Not Present & Won't Connect Via USB To Mac forums.motorola.com

suddenly my SD card decided that it was going to disappear, and even though it's there, my phone is not detecting it. I pulled the battery, removed the SD card and plugged it into my computer via adapter (not phone) and was able to access it. I put the SD card back in my phone, power up then go to Settings>SD Card & phone storage and under 'Mount SD card' it says "Insert an SD card for mounting". Okay ... so a few days later I exchanged SD cards with a "droid" friend and she was able to detect my card in her phone, but again my phone is not detecting her card. Bummer... Also, when I plug my phone into my computer via USB to Mac I am unable to establish a connection. I am using Android File Transfer. I have tried to format SD card (FAT32) with Disk Utility and still nothing... So I'm almost convinced that my phone is damaged. It was working last week.

General :: SD Card File Removal? forums.androidcentral.com

I had to get a new android and sprint gave me a Galaxy S2 in place of my Samsung Conquer,Well when sprint set up my new phone they just installed my SD card from the Conquer,Now when I go to my files, it shows SD card and EXT SD card, I want to remove the fines and the EXT SD card,all my files, folders, photos etc. are in the SD card folder, and work correctly, I have already tried to delete it through the phone, and it won't let me delete the folder, and If I put it in my laptop only the SD card shows up with only part of my folders and files,How can I remove the EXT SD card Folder ?

General :: Running Out Of Storage Space And Can't Transfer To Another Partition Or SD Card forums.androidcentral.com

I'm not very familiar with Android OS, I recently purchased a NOBIS 9, 1.5GHz Cortex A9 Dual-Core processor, 1GB DDR2 of system memory, and 8GB of internal storage running on Android 4.1. So far I have only downloaded and installed exactly 7 apps from Google Play and all my pictures and videos are in my SD card and I suddenly have no storage room. When I go to settings/storage, I see that there are 2 partitions to the tablet's storage both named INTERNAL STORAGE. Apparently all the apps are being installed in one of the partitions, the one with only 661 MB of space. I was able to go into the APPS setting and move 4 off the apps to the SD card, but the rest of the apps do show the MOVE TO SD CARD option but are not allowing me to press it. Is there any way to somehow move the apps to the other partition or the SD card? Or is there a setting that I can change to allow all new apps to be installed in the SD card?

General :: Move Gallery Cache To SD Card? forum.xda-developers.com

My gallery cache is close to 2gigs. Syncing from Picasa... Any way to move it my SD Card? If I clear the cache, it just re-downloads and creates new ones. Currently internal storage cache: SGH-I317MPhoneAndroiddatacom.sec.android.gallery3d

HTC Desire :: Putting Apps To SD Card androidforums.com

So I updated by phone to android 2.2, and am having problems putting apps to the SD card. I have used ROM Manager to set a partition, and used App 2 SD to copy the Apps over, but it always fails. So I put a diffrent ROM on, and it does the same thing. So I decided it was time to get a bigger SD card anyway, so while I wait for it to arrive, I thought I would ask, is there anything I should do to either my phone, or the SD card before I put it in my phone or anything I should do to prepare it so I can get apps on my SD Card. In my root settings (I think its root then you turn phone on and press the down button), in the partition section there what should the settings be? Also as I'm getting a 16gig card, having read bits on here by helpful posters who say I need to partition it to be 256 with a 0 swap file, as I will have more space, can I/should i increase this, and should I put a value for the swap file (what does this do?).

Android :: Phone Read Blackberry Mem Card? androidforums.com

My daughter has a Blackberry Storm, and has ordered an Incredible, which is due to arrive Monday Sept. 13th. Is the card formatted in a format that Android can read? Or will I need to mount the card in my computer and copy all of the photos and stuff she wants to save, let Android reformat the card, mount it in the computer and transfer the stuff back onto the card? I would appreciate the advice of someone with knowledge of BB use of the Micro SD card.

Android :: Can App Access Files On Removable Media? groups.google.com

From what I've been able to find, Android apps are sandboxed, and can only list, read, and write files within the application's data directory (e.g. /data/data/<pkgname>). but, what about an application that allows users to view photos on an SD card (or play music, etc)? Surely this must be possible. Does one have to write a Service Provider for this?

Nokia Music :: 5800 Music Player Library Won't Read Music Files discussions.nokia.com

I have an Xpress 5800 and it was working fine until one day I put my micro SD card in my work PC, which automatically started syncing the music through Windows Media Player. After that, the music player library in the 5800 just will not recognise the music files on the micro sd card. I can still play the same music files through the file manager on the phone (one by one) but the music player library just won't be able to locate any music files on my card when I choose "Refresh Music Library" from the Music Player menu. More so, when I choose "View Card Details", it counts the music files as "other files" rather than "Sound files". But if I put in another sd card in the phone (from my previous E66) then it works with music player on the 5800 just fine. I suspect it's the WMP which has written something on my sd card which has stopped the 5800 from reading it properly.

General :: SD Card Blank Or Unsupported File System forums.androidcentral.com

Seen this error. My sd card is not readable on any android phone or computer ive tried it on. What I think broke it was the NEW SD CARD storage optimizer by Kalyani, I opened it up after downloading off the android market and used a feature called file explorer. It took forever to read all the files on my card and eventually I closed it out before its completion and immediately noticed my sd card is now inaccesable. Is that error fixable or should I throw out the card?

Samsung :: Galaxy S - Turn Off DRM Services / Speeds Up Access To Applications www.howardforums.com

I was experiencing slowdowns on applicationss accessing the SD card for storage and caching. Among them are browsers like Dolphin, applications like Twidroyd, and news applications like Huffington Post. It helped with some of the applications by setting their storage options to internal memory, but the best solution so far, without rooting your phone and adding some MODACO mod, is to go to Settings, go to Managing Applications, go to Running Services, look for something that mentions DRM, then kill it. Killing this does not harm the system, as I tested this already, and it speeds up access to applications that cache on the internal SD card. Of course, another way is to disable all SD access, and everything flies. But I find killing DRM services works well. DRM services is not part of the standard Android set, since I don't find this on the HTC phones, so killing it won't harm anything. Killing off Samsung's own slow ware such as Daily Briefings and the social Feeds widget may also help speed up the UI further, but on the other hand, these widgets can also be useful for some people.

General :: New Context Menu Doesn't Appear When Accessing SD Card From Computer forums.androidcentral.com

Basically, I'm unable to make a briefcase folder on my phone's SD card. I can make new folders, but I don't get the range of options that you would normally get when hovering your cursor over the "New" option (when opening the "New" context menu) when accessing my SD card via a usb cable plugged into the phone; I'm actually able to get the context menu when accessing the SD card by sticking it straight into the computer, but when it remains in my phone (and the phone's hooked up to the computer), I don't get the context menu. Here's what I want: Obviously, I can just use the SD card by plugging it directly into the computer, but it's inconvenient to take off the case, remove the back, etc. I'd rather just plug a USB cable directly into the phone. Why is my phone preventing me from getting that context menu when doing so though? Samsung-SGH-I437 Android version 4.1.2

Compiling LibUSB For Android androidforums.com

I'm writing an application that requires a custom USB driver, and i need LibUSB to be able to do it. I downloaded the following: android.git.kernel.org Git - platform/external/libusb.git/summary My problem is that when i try to cross compile using ./configure this lib, i get the error: unsupported operating system. I've been trying to configure like this: Code: ./configure --host=arm-eabi CC=arm-linux-androideabi-gcc CPPFLAGS="-I$NDK_ROOT/platforms/android-3/arch-arm/usr/include/" CFLAGS="-nostdlib" LDFLAGS="-Wl,-rpath-link=$NDK_ROOT/platforms/android-3/arch-arm/usr/lib/ -L$NDK_ROOT/platforms/android-3/arch-arm/usr/lib/" LIBS="-lc" The main aim is to be able to use the library with the Android NDK.

HTC Incredible :: App Alert SD Card Speed Tester androidforums.com

With all the talk in this forum of SD cards & class differences, I thought this was worth passing along (Available free in the Market)I came across this app & tested my SD card. Sure enough it detected my Class 6 card, etc.SD Card Speed Tester - Android app on AppBrain I'm using a Centron 16GB Micro SD HC card 27% full

Android : How To Force MediaStore To Rescan SD Card groups.google.com

If I pragmatically store new media files on the SD card, the MediaStore does not know about them until I remove and reinsert the SD card. Is there a way to tell the MediaStore to rescan the SD card without first unmounting the SD card?

General :: No SD Card Notification On GS3 forum.xda-developers.com

My SD card was running normally on my gs3...yet this morning I had this notification "no sd card" something like that ...I couldn't enter neither to my files nor to my songs and photos....its like no sd card there !!!! How do I fix it without losing my data also when I plugging it in my laptop I cant see the sd card ever !!!!!

Android :: Call Java File On Click In Another Java Class? stackoverflow.com

i have two files App.java Gallery.java App. java contains frontend buttons and functionalities Gallery.java lists the imagesin the sd card. i want to call Gallery.java in click event in app.java App.java package gallery.display; import android.app.Activity; import android.os.Bundle; import android.view.View.OnClickListener; import android.view.View;...........

General :: Apps That Can Save Data To File forum.xda-developers.com

are there any android apps that can save data to files then copy to folder or sd card? for example, I want to take some notes and save to text files in notepad and save to sd card. I found almost none of android apps can save. can any list some apps can save data ?

General :: Note II / SD Card - How To Change File Destination forums.androidcentral.com

How to prevent files from saving onto my sd card, without unmounting it. Note II on steroids

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Moving Data From Phone Memory To SD Card? talk.sonyericsson.com

My internal phone memory is getting eaten up fast, how can I move the applications and make installations go directly to the SD card?

Android :: Possible To Attach File To Email Without Writing To SD? stackoverflow.com

My application stores data locally in the native SQLite db, and I want to allow users to export this data by emailing themself a .csv file. In order to do this I'm generating the .csv from the database and writing it to the SD card, then attaching it to an email:String Builder csv = generateFile();writeFile(csv.toString(),"file.csv");Intent email = new Intent(android.content.Intent.ACTION_SEND);email.setType ("application /octet -stream"); email.putExtra(android.content.Intent. EXTRA_ STREAM, Uri.parse ("file://sdcard/file.csv")); Which all works great. What I'm wondering, though, is if it is possible to skip the step of writing to SD first, and directly attach the data.

Motorola Droid Razr :: Get A Picture From A Text Message To Save Directly To Sd Card? forums.motorola.com

any one know how to get a picture from a text message to save directly to sd card.

How To Import Photos From SD Card forums.macrumors.com

Is it possible to import photos directly from the SD card to a storage app, like Box.net or Dropbox?

General :: Storage - Mount "locked" SD Card As Read-write In GNU superuser.com

My Canon PowerShot A470 + CHDK can write to SD-cards that are "locked" (the lock switch is used to make the card bootable), but GNU/Linux `/dev/mmcblk1': Read-only file system (I'm using "Texas Instrument 5-in-1 Multimedia Card Reader") So I have to switch that switch on and off again and again. ("unlocked" to write to the card in Linux, "locked" to boot the camera from it). How to force locked card to be writable in GNU/Linux?

Motorola Droid X2 :: Error Installing / Updating Apps On USB Storage Or SD Card forums.motorola.com

Today my droid x 2 wont install or update my apps I get an error message that reads "couldn't install on USB storage or SD card". I have turned off my phone did a battery pull, took out sd card put it back in and cleared market data and cache. And still have the problem.

General :: SD Card Not Detected In Recovery (TWRP) forum.xda-developers.com

My tablet is: Asus Transformer TF300T (rooted) What I did: - I accidentally wiped all data in tablet - ROM, etc. Only left is Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) v2.2.0 recovery - I put Android.zip (installation files) into MicroSD Card / uSD Card - I boot into recovery (TWRP) - TWRP does not read/detect the SD Card - There is no files in /sdcard except one; /sdcard/TWRP/.twrps I also - installed adb on PC - did 'adb devices' - no device detected when connect between tablet and PC How?

Android :: Restart Service For Application SD Card / Remounted stackoverflow.com

Due to overwhelming user complaints I have decided try allowing users of my Android application to move it to the SD card as per the official documentation. However, a core feature of my application requires a background service to be continuously running. When someone who has moved my app to their SD card mounts their SD card for whatever reason, my background service will be killed. That's all okay by me, as long as I can restart the service at the first available opportunity. Unfortunately, despite the install-location guide claiming I can use the Broadcast Intent ACTION_EXTERNAL_APPLICATIONS_AVAILABLE to detect when the SD card is remounted locally, the documentation for that flag itself, this newsgroup discussion, and my own testing show that this broadcast is not delivered to the applications which become available. Only applications which have not been moved to the SD card get the Broadcast Intent. Is there any way to restart my background service without waiting for the user to open my app after the SD card is remounted?

General :: GS2 - How To Move App To USB Mass Storage (internal SD) forum.xda-developers.com

I use Samsung Galaxy S2 with Ice Scream Sandwich 4.0.3. WITHOUT EXTERNAL SD CARD ,rooted with SuperSu,oh and I rooted my phone specifically to be able to move apps to internal mass storage. Firstly,before I tried rooting my phone,I tried moving my apps to internal mass storage via the basic application manager in settings,but it only showed the "move to SD" option. Then I rooted my phone and downloaded x-plore.With x-plore ( file manager app with root browsing ) I found out that there were two parts of any app on the internal memory.First part ( located in /root/data/app ) contains .apk of an app which is oftenly same size as the installation of an app.Second part ( located in /root/data/user/data/data ) and it contains ".com.android." files of an app,which I believe are downloaded folders by that app.So for an example ,if I have Angry Birds installed, angrybirds.apk will be available in /root/data/app and ".com.android.rovio.angrybirds" will be available in /root/data/user/data/data.Since I couldn't find ANY app that is specifically made to move app to INTERNAL mass storage,I tried moving these two parts of an app (.apk and ".com.android..") to internal mass storage ( named as "sd" on x-plore ).But,as expected the app I moved tho the mass storage was "installed on sd card" as android would specify when I'd try to run it.Note:I moved it to a random directory on internal mass storage.When I moved the files back to their original paths,since they wouldn't work on mass storage,they worked properly again. So any way I count kind of mount those two parts I mentioned of an app as one,so Android would recognize it as a whole app when I move those files on internal mass storage.Or is there some other way to move them to mass storage?Or to make apps automatically install on internal mass storage? I really don't want to buy a SD card since I've read multiple articles that apps don't run best from SD cards.Once again,I repeat , I wan't to move them to INTERNAL mass storage which is around 11.50 GB of space,because my internal(system) memory is like 1/1,97 GB used.

General :: Cubot C9W - Install Or Move Apps To SD Card To Make Phone Memory Free? forum.xda-developers.com

I bought Cubot c9w android phone, i install 2 gb SD card on it, i can not install some apps on it for example facebook. after i tried to move apps from phone memory into SD card but impossible, there was not activated move to SD card button. what have to do how to install or move after that apps to SD card to make phone memory free?

General :: Wiped And Formatted SD Card - Files For Android? forum.xda-developers.com

Ok so I wiped and formatted my SD Card to FAT32. I am in the reboot/recovery screen of my android with ClockworkMod and I noticed when I turned on USB Mass Storage, the SD Card is readable but there is nothing on it now. Is there any important files I am going to need to put on the SD Card for my android to function correctly on start up/running? Or will my android automatically put the correct files on the SD Card on boot? Haven't tried booting it .