Android :: Application For Setting Phone Internet Proxy Server


Can anyone advice if there is an application which forces android phone go internet over some proxy-server? I've noticed there are no such settings on G1, like you can no set it up manually in Network Settings. Maybe there is an app which creates routes same way you can do in WinXP or something?

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Anybody knows how to setup proxy server in android?Ryt now I have an app working without proxy server When proxy is enabled application terminates.Anybody knows how to do proxy settings in android G1 phone?

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I have an android application(Android 2.2) accessing internet behind proxy. I have tried setting an APN with proxy host & port and it works fine in emulator browser. But the application fails to connect to internet. I have also tried command line option of -http-proxy, it doesn't work.

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Am really wondering how to set a proxy server in android phone like [tattoo] in order to gain access in some private networks

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"New" ROGERS Internet Settings Dec 12 2008 Used on: Unlocked & Unbranded Sony Ericsson W760i - "Menu" Settings, Connectivity, Internet Settings - Connect using: Data Accounts, ( add ), P.S Data - Name: Rogers - APN: goam.com SAVE - Data Accounts: select Options, scroll to Edit - APN: goam.com - Username: wapuser1 - Password: wap - Proxy Settings: ON o Proxy: ON o Same for all servers: ON o Proxy servers: HTTP HIGHLIGHT Proxy Servers and choose EDIT A new screen opens for HTTP - Username: wapuser1 - Password: wap - Proxy Address: - Port:80 Close Settings Menu, Internet, Options, scroll to Advanced GOTO Connectivity - Connect using: Rogers - Default homepage ( select ) o Name: Rogers o Address: http://mymobilehomepage.rogers.com Save

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On my workplace, there are a local proxy-server used for connection to internet.Does anyone know if there is possible to manage proxy-settings for local proxy-servers manually on this phone? If not, is there a third-party application that i can use for the same purpose?

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I'm developing android application in my university that must use the internet through proxy server. In Android SDK 1.5 I use parameter - http-proxy when starting emulator and it working. But since Android SDK 1.6 until now (2.1) this approach is not working.

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I want to run tor on my phone and activate wireless tethering. Since I dont have an unlimited data plan I wanted to reverse teather my phone to my PC,so my phone acts like a router for masking traffic from my ps3 to the internet. If that doesn't work,I could set up Tor on my computer to transfer traffic from Android Tool to a foreign server. Btw setting up proxy on my ps3 doesnt work for the store itself

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I need to use my E51 with a network which requires an proxy server to access the internet.This network also uses an internal web page to authenticate before the firewall opens access to the internet.The problem is that the connection settings on the E51 only provide for a proxy server and port, but not for any exceptions for which not to use the proxy. There is no support for auto proxy using a .pac file either. Thus if I have NO proxy server set, I can access the authentication page, but cannot access anything outside of the local network because I have no proxy. If I have the proxy server set, I cannot access the authentication page (or any internal page) so cannot browse at all! You cannot change the proxy server while connected to an access point either.BTW MGMaps works fine since it provides its own setting for a proxy server. Thus I can set the access point proxy to none, open the browser and authenticate on the firewall and then run MGMaps.Perhaps I should try Opera Mini and see if it offers setting a proxy server.

General :: MS Exchange Sync Only Works By Proxy forum.xda-developers.com

I upgrade my phone to android 4.2.2, since then, I realize that only can connect to my bussiness account (Exchange) using 3G, when I tried to use any wifi network (work or home) I can't connect. I looked forward on forums, and see similar problems (3g connect only, wifi fail) , but no solutions. I made several tests, and realize than the problem is not 3g or wifi, the problen is, Only work when I use a proxy server. On APN settings, my configuration use proxy for 3g (operator configuration). Wifi by default no use proxy. On my home for test this, I configured a proxy server and on my phone I configured wifi to use this proxy. Then Exchage sync works, when I remove proxy form settings, Exchage not sync (said cant connet to server) Before the upgade on my phone worked with and without proxy settings. I think may be can be a bug on Exchange apk, but I still working out on that.

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Is there a way to programmatically set a proxy server in my Android App? I'm writing an Android App that uses some WebViews. Is there a way to set a proxy server for all network connections in my app, i.e. all content that is shown in the WebViews should be routed through the proxy? All other Apps on the device should not be affected by this proxy settings.


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i'm behind a proxy server that does not let direct connection to internet.all of my php applications fail to connect to internet for their update checks and etc.how can i tell PHP my Proxy Settings?PS: I don't want to enter proxy settings into the code, I want PHP itself use it via a global config, etc.

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Hey everyone, I was thinking of buying 5 of these if they come back into stock for my classroom for really just internet use. My question to you guys: Can you set up the web browser to run on a proxy network? I tried to put android devices on the proxy network but I was shocked to find out that android does not support it. I was hoping webOS will have this feature on the touchpad since I've read it is not a feature on their phones. [Code]...

Telnet Server On A Proxy www.vbforums.com

hi,i connect to the internet through a proxy server .I want to configure one of the nodes as a telnet server ( in others words i want to run a telnet server application written using winsock ocx on one of this nodes so that i can access this node computer over the internet)whether it is possible to do so .? if it is possible then what should be the ip number that i should use when i try to connect from a remote location . whether any settings needs to be changed in the proxy server .please find time to reply ..bye..

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I want to make the web browser to browse through a proxy, but I don't know how, there isn't an option for it when I typewebbrowser1.Anyone know how to use a proxy?Ex. If you use Internet explorer, Tools > Internet options > Connections tab > LAN settings button > Proxy server, and enter the proxy server IP.Or for firefox:Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Settings > Manual proxy configuration.Thanks.

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I would like to use a proxy on my tethered connection at my Wildfire S. I can use proxydroid program to connect to internet on my phone but I would like proxy settings to applied for tethered connection on my phone. So when I connect to my tethered connection on my phone I want to use proxy that is set up on my phone. Is there a way for that? I found the vpn setting but nothing about proxy.

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I'm trying to set up a server for an NPO who connects to the Internet through an internal proxy (Websense). I can't access the Internet unless through the proxy. Since it's a server I did not install a GUI so I'm wondering how to connect the new server to said proxy server. I have the IP address, port number and username-password for the proxy server. The new server has a static IP address and is ready too go!

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I have a console application created in VS2005, with a web reference created via WSDL.When I run on my local machine (and I have a browser up) I can access the web service fine (if a browser is not up I get the 407 error).I understand this,since my local client machine MUST go through the company proxy (I assume the proxy is resolved when I sign start the browser).When I copy the application to our server, the 407 proxy authentication required error ALWAYS comes up.The thing is, on the server all check boxes in internet options/connections/lan settings are NOT checked. i.e. the server DOES NOT go through a proxy.I installed wireshark to help track down the problem and it shows that when i access the web service wpad is being called and our proxy server is being called.is there a .net configuration that allows me to say "ignore the proxy".I have already tried variations on the system.net section of the app.config file: [code]It seems that no matter what we do (including changing registry settings) this application ALWAYS tries to go through a proxy.

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I am working on an application where User enter the IP address and Port of HTTP Proxy Server to use it. figured out a way to change Proxy settings using registry, however that is not system wide, that only works for IE and chrome.I have been searching internet for about a week and could not find a way to set a system wide proxy to be used by all application. Is there any way to do so.

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I just noticed that if I use WebClient to download an image in my VB.NET application, it will use a proxy that I have set in internet explorer (under connections->lan settings)! I don't want this to happen.. Is there a way I can use WebClient in my application but stop it from using the proxy? (but would be nice to keep the proxy set in internet explorer).

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Anybody help me please...I need to mark/unmark proxy settings in IE use VBS without running to regedit/registry.Would you share your VBS for these below:internet explorer->tools->connections->LAN settings "I want to unmark" use a proxy server for your LAN (these settings will not apply to dial-up on VPN connections)internet explorer->tools->connections->LAN settings->advanced->"I want to mark up" use the same proxy servers for all protocolskind regards,PUTRAKEMA

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I am using cent OS 5 as a proxy server. Internet is working fine on all users computers.I want to disable internet only two users in the network.Is there any way in squid that all the users can entertain internet expect two users. In squid the network setting is acl our_networks src http_access allow our_networks The users IP address are and and my squid proxy IP is I even remove the proxy settings in mozilla but the users again put and enjoy internet.

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I have a dsl cable internet connection and I use proxy sometimes. Recently my browsers couldn't open any webpage without activating proxy. I used to ping some domains and I got replies and I looked at proxy setting in any browser and choosed no proxy , but when I try to open a website It says for example could not locate the remote server in Opera , and after using proxy server (like your freedom) and activate my proxy setting in browsers I can easily open any webpage.

Server :: Ssh When Internet Is Behind A Proxy? www.linuxquestions.org

I want to SSH to my server which is some where on internet. I am having internet access on my lan via a proxy i.e. in firefox I have to specify the option of IP+ port of my proxy server.What do I need to do in order to be able to SSH to my server which is on internet.The proxy software used on the main server for creating it as a proxy server is ccproxy and that is a windows machine.I use Ubuntu and my server where I have to SSH is also a Ubuntu server.

Samsung :: Games On D600 Guide (Uploading From PC) www.howardforums.com

Go to applications/java world/options in the options menu go to the networksettings and fill in this: APN : internet username : <leave blank> password : <leave blank> proxy OFF save settings

General :: How To Set HTTP Proxy For Apps forum.xda-developers.com

My problem is that all my devices are on a wifi network that uses http/https/ftp/SOCKS proxy settings to connect to internet. All the devices connect to internet after I use proxy settings on them. But few applications such as skype do not connect to internet. They work fine when I connect to a wifi network that does not use any proxy settings (at home), but at work when I have to use proxy settings to access internet, the apps fail to connect. I have a couple of devices which are not rooted (Fujitsu Stylistic M532 tablet, Garmin-Asus A10 phone) and I am not sure if I can root them. I would really want to use all the apps.

Android :: Http Proxy Settings Not Working In Emulator 2.1 groups.google.com

I am trying to configure http_proxy settings for Internet access from Android emulator (behind a proxy). I tried following options: 1. -http-proxy option using emulator command. 2. setting http_proxy environment and then launching the emulator. 3. Settings proxy using APN settings (Telkilla) (this worked till Android 1.6 version) 4. adding an entry in settings. CODE:......... I also checked -debug-proxy log messages and it showed below messages CODE:.............. How can we access Internet from emulator (behind a proxy).

Networking :: Use External Transparent Proxy For A Single Host? www.linuxforums.org

what I am trying to do is use an external transparent proxy for only one of the hosts on my internal network. For example, for an internal host of, I want to send all internet requests for ANY port to a proxy server out in the internet at / port: 8080. All other hosts would use the internet without using any proxy server. Is IPTables the way to set this up or is there an easier option?

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I had tried to use the sqlite3 to add a proxy information in the com.android.providers.settings/databases/settings.db, but I still couldn't access the Internet through browser on a real device. I had also tried to use the ProxySetting ap to set proxy. It couldn't work either. Is there any idea to set the http proxy on a real device?

Server :: Squid Access / Setup Automatically Get The Proxy Setting As Dhcp? www.linuxquestions.org

I my office I have configure dhcp in my centos sever eth0 for adsl-setup eth1 for lan I am using squid proxy server for internet access, in my office all are using laptop through wifi , so i need to configure the browser proxy setting for accessing internet. is there any way to setup automatically get the proxy setting as dhcp. I have tried transparent proxy but no success.

VS 2008 Unblocking Websites On A Bloxx Server? www.vbforums.com

I have the following code which sets internet explorers proxy settings to what ever i want and if i set it to use a proxy ip and port i get a 'Page can not be displayed' error. If i reset it back to the bloxx server again which is: http://gc-bloxx:8080 Then it works fine. What i am asking is, can i get the app to connect through 'http://gc-bloxx:8080' and then set the proxy ip and port so the app can connect to the internet and then unblock the websites? [Code]...

Android :: Android 2.0.1 Emulator - Not Able To Get Proxy Settings To Work groups.google.com

This link has some suggestions for proxy setting for early (pre-1.5) and later (1.5 thru 1.6) Android emulators. Basically, the older emulator used a "com.android.provider.setting.db" database or -http-proxy command line switch to set proxy/port/userid/ password. Android 1.5 and 1.6 used: Home->Menu->Settings->WirelessControls- >MobileNetworks->Access Point Names to set multiple proxy/port/userid/

Android :: Proxy SDK 1.5 R1 - Socket Time Out groups.google.com

With this SDK version I can use my emulator using a proxy server. There is three solutions: - add values in system table - configure -http-proxy in eclipse run menu - configure APN on emulator to set the proxy. When I use Android browser, it's really slow but it's working. If I try to to a post from my application, I take an ANR and some minutes later a socket time out.

How To Share Server's Internet Connection To VPN www.sevenforums.com

I am using a VPN connection from my Android phone to my home PC by using the "default" Windows 7 (Ultimate x64) VPN feature. The connection works fine, but when I connect with my phone running Android 2.3.6 to this VPN, I loose the Internet connection on my phone and am only able to access the home LAN. Since the Android client doesn't have much settings to configure in this area, I figured the solution to my problem would be if the VPN server could share it's Internet connection to the VPN.

Connecting To SQL7 Through Proxy forums.databasejournal.com

I have a SQL 7.0 server that is sitting behind a Wingate Proxy server. Users need to connect, using a MS Access application, over the Internet through the proxy to the SQL server. How do I configure Wingate to accomplish this. SQL7 is set to port 1433. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Gary

Proxify Application's Connection To The Internet? www.dreamincode.net

is there a way I can proxify my application's connection to the internet??I came accross System.Net.WebProxy. Here is what I have with it so far: Dim pr As New System.Net.WebProxy(proxy)Can I set the value of proxy to equal something like or do I need to split it into the address and port?Also how do I force my application to connect to the internet through that proxy? Because this is ithe part that is really baffeling me.

General :: Use Proxy For All Internet Applications? forum.xda-developers.com

I am trying to connect to a network that uses proxy. I have entered the manual settings in the network and I am able to browse on the browser as well without any issues. However, no internet applications like playstore whatsapp or youtube works for me. Any way I can assign proxy for all the applications on the phone.

Webbrowser Control, Use Without Proxy? social.msdn.microsoft.com

to use a webbrowser control in VB, but it should not pick the internet explorer's proxy settings.I want to build a browser in VB with webbrowser control to run a local intranet application, but this application should not use the internet explorer's proxy settings, but on the other hand, if I run explorer, it should run as it is with its settings.

Android :: Setup Emulator Proxy Settings stackoverflow.com

I want to to use the browser inside the Android Emulator, and i want to use the proxy settings on my machine, how can i setup this. Reading the very good manuals of android, they tell me i should start android using the following command emulator -avd myavd -http-proxy But still am not able to use the emulator browser. am using the IPAddress for my proxy server.

Android :: Access Internet In Application Being Behind Proxy groups.google.com

I am trying to connect to internet through android emulator being behind proxy. I am using Android 1.6 SDK. I set my proxy details going to Home Screen->Menu Key->Settings- >Wireless controls->Mobile networks->Access Point Names

Proxy www.codeguru.com

i want to create an messanger type application using visual basic .for that i used winsock control for connecting to remote server.It is working perfectly if there isn't any proxy server.but when ever i used same code in the network having proxy server,for connting to internet.It is giving error of Could not resolve host address or name.can any one tell me how to give socks request to proxy server for passing that request to our chat server.

General :: Jelly Bean (4.1.2) Support For Proxy Auto-Configuration PAC Files forum.xda-developers.com

Managing Galaxy Note I & IIs running Android 4.1.2 and would like to direct network/browser traffic to a URL filtering service through a proxy server. Can confirm or deny (with supporting reference material) that Jelly Bean (specifically Android v4.1.2) has support for PAC files to configure proxy settings? The browsers I want to redirect to the proxy are Internet V4.1.2 (default with version 4.1.2 Android OS) and Chrome V 25.0.1364.169. Pointers to how to set proxies for those specific browser releases is also welcome. If PAC file support does exist where does the PAC file need to be installed? How is it typically installed? Any documentation that reviews the PAC file support.

Android :: Connect To Internet From Emulator Browser groups.google.com

How I can connect to internet from android emulator browser. From the discussion I found that I need to do some proxy settings for this . What are those settings ? Here the details of my development environment. Eclipse. eclipse-SDK-3.4.2-win32 Android:android-sdk-windows-1.1_r1 OS:Windows vista 32 bit Internet connection: Broadband connection from some ISP

Android :: Use Proxy Through Router androidforums.com

I'm having with the wi-fi on android. As many of us know, android has no native support for proxies, unfortunately my school's network uses a proxy server to access the internet. I have a wireless router connected to the network so i can have wireless on my laptop and such. What I was wondering was, can I use the router to allow my android phone to access the internet as well? I reckon it's just a matter of forwarding the right ports to the phone but I'm not sure which ports are in use. I'm using a htc desire and a d-link dir-600 router.

Accessing YouTube App - Gmail Hotmail Account Using Proxy Server discussions.apple.com

I have an iPad with Wi-Fi settings properly configured at my house, every App is working. Nevertheless, when I take it to my office, certain applications like YouTube and the Mail stops working. In the office we use a proxy server. I configure it and every application starts working except those two.I installed a sniffer in the wireless network and saw something strange, all connections of the working applications are sent to the proxy server, but YouTube and Mail stills send the requests to networks of the Internet (which by the way the local network drops them because they are not known because they are not private networks RFC 1918) bypassing the proxy server. Is there a missing configuration that I do not know? Or is the normal behavior of these applications to think they are over a wireless network connected directly to the Internet?

Nokia :: Connecting To The School WLAN discussions.europe.nokia.com

I have some problems connecting to the school network. When I am using my notebook, I have to go through these procedures before using the internet: 1) After I connect to my WLAN, I go to Internet Explorer -> Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections -> Lan Settings 2) And then I have to tick: "Use a proxy server......connections)", type for the proxy and 8080 for the ports. 3) Then I have to tick the Bypass..... 4) After I clicked OK and stuff, I load the webpage again, and it would ask me for the school account and password. However, after I entered the proxy and port in my 5530 (Settings -> Connectivity -> Destinations -> Internet -> WLAN Name -> Edit -> Options -> Advanced settings), the phone did not ask me for the user and pass, so I was not able to connect to the internet and when I try to connect to internet, the following message shows up: "Web: Secure connection not available"

.net - Proxy With Smtp? stackoverflow.com

Private Function SendEMail(ByVal sendTo As String, ByVal subject As String) As Boolean Try''# Dim cr As New System.Net.NetworkCredential("me073055", "me271288")''# Dim pr As New System.Net.WebProxy("", 3128) [code].... I am using the given code to send emails ...i am behind a proxy server..is there any way to give the proxy settings to the smtp client??If not then how do i send emails from behind a proxy server..??These are the settings i need to use to connect to the internet...i need to set this settings in my email client also.

Ubuntu Networking :: Unable To Connect To Internet Via Proxy Server With Apt-get ubuntuforums.org

I am unable to connect to the Internet in lucid via a proxy server using apt-get or synaptic. Opera & firefox connects to the internet fine with the proxy setting. I have tried the following solutions: 1) set proxy setting using systems|preferences|network proxy 2) editing ~/.bashrc & /etc/.bashrc 3) creating a /etc/apt/apt.conf file. 4) putting the proxy setting in synaptic For the proxy setting I have used the both the verbose name as well as the ip address. There is no logon requirements for the proxy server. Either formats work in the browsers.

Apache :: Can't Verify Server Identity www.apachelounge.com

We are facing an issue i.e "Can't verify server identity",When we hit the platform 'teampark.sogeti.com' from android mobile application.Whenever we hit teampark.sogeti.com from Mobile Application ( IBM connections android App), our initial request will hit our Reverse Proxy and Validates the user certificate and forward it to the next level.We are using Apache 2.2.9 as our Reverse Proxy.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Google Apps Not Working On Vodafone Live androidforums.com

I recently bought a SE X10 and it was automatically configured with the APN Settings for Vodafone Live! India Name = Vodafone Live APN = portalnmms Proxy = Port = 9401 Server = MCC = 404 MNC = 20 APN Type = default,supl I'm able to access internet through my browser, but when connecting through GTALK, GMAIL, Android Market even Opera Mini 5 it says no connection Available. I had similar problem on my previous phone SEW995 which i resolved it setting the Proxy Server as HTTP (by default its Multiple). Is there any way i can do the same on the android?

Android :: Setting Up A Proxy Server For Droid Emulator? groups.google.com

I want to start Android Emulator with internet support but am unable to use the brower on the emulator, it seems like it is not connected. This is the command am using to start the emulator emulator -avd myavd -http-proxy Please note am using an IPAddress instead of machine name on my proxy server name. Is this possible with the emulator? Or what am i doing wrong? Am using Android SDK 1.6

Debian :: Setup A System On An Old Leptop But Can't Even Get Through The Installation forums.debian.net

i am trying to set up a debian system on an old leptop but i cant even get through the installation. i use the netinstall-iso and have internet through a proxy. with another computer i access the internet with this configuration: Web-Proxy-Server: web.proxy.avenet.stw.uni-erlangen.de Port: 3128 username: (empty) password: (empty) how shall i use this data to fit into the form "http://[[user][:pass]@]host[:port]/"? is any other information required to access the internet?

Android :: Proxy Server Don't Allow To Import Google Maps stackoverflow.com

I have done all the necessary settings of proxy in my emulator using comand line as well as Graphical from the emulator's mobile settings. By doing this internet browsing is running in my emulator, but when i run my project to import google maps in my application, Only grid shown having no maps on it. I think proxy server donn't let it to download maps from the site.

How To Detect Proxy Server? www.vbforums.com

Hi,I am creating an application that connects to a website. However, having experience with my network at work, I know that a lot of people are behind firewalls. In order for me to get out to the Internet, I have put the proxy server name in the Inernet Options | Connections | Lan Settings | Proxy server in Internet Explorer.In order to make my application as user friendly as possible, I was wondering if the following could be accomplished:Is there a way for my application to detect the proxy server that the user's web browser is using? I assume it's in the registry somewhere.. I just don't know where to look.Any info would be appreciated..Dan

VS 2008 Set IE's Proxy Setting? www.vbforums.com

Is it possible to change/set my Internet Explorer proxy setting in VB.NET application? For example, change the proxy server IP. If so, do I call and add the MS Web Browser into my toolbox, and add the object on my form to do it, or I'm totally wrong, there are something else I should take care of.

Proxy - Passing Data Via College Proxy www.daniweb.com

I'm making a application to use in college to retrieve my calendar and other things in VB.NET. But my college uses a proxy so when I connect my laptop I need to change the internet settings in my web browser to view web pages. how I would send requests via a proxy server in VB.NET? Or is there a piece of software that I can download which tunnels all connections or is there a setting in win7 does this?

Dialup Proxy Settings www.xtremevbtalk.com

hi everyone,i have a problem about chaning ie proxy settings. i have heard that ie looks registery for proxy settings and i found"HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInter net SettingsProxyServer""HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInter net SettingsProxyEnable"keys are responsable for ie proxy. i wrote a small app to change this values but this values only effect my local area connection proxy settings i have dialup connection and a local area connection to my second computer. ie connects to the internet via the dialup not the lan connection so when i change proxy setting by editing that keys with my app, i see from "start->control panel->internet settings" that only lan proxy settings are as i changed. i thought that those registry values are for LAN only then i thought there must be some other keys in registery for dialup connection proxy settings. i changed dialup connection proxy settings from "start->control panel->internet settings" by hand, i tried applying "september.com:80" for dialup proxy, i knew id wouldnt work but it helped me to search the entire regedit to find "september.com" and see where the dialup proxu settings are. i searched the registery for "september.com" and guess what i have found, the same key as above :s there is only one registery key for ie proxy but there are two connections and there must be two :S then i have opened internet settings and checked the proxies, lan proxy and dialup proxy was differen from each others but regedit showed only the lan setting. if i disable lan proxy and enable dialup proxy only and enter "september.com:80" for its value on "internet settings" regedit shows my value but when i do the same with VB app, the app changes the registery normally but it affects the LAN proxy thats totally wierd, ie settings keep two proxy settings at the same time but registery keeps one and ie keeps it on registery and but registery has only one space but ie can still keep two, i am totally confused can some one please help me to handle this problem? i want to change the dialup proxy from vb app and apply it to use for further access from my vb app's webbrowser.here is my vb code to change the registery:Code:Private Const ProxyServer = "HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInternet SettingsProxyServer"Private Const ProxyEnable = "HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInternet SettingsProxyEnable"Public Function SetProxy(Proxy As String, Enable As Boolean) Dim RegEdit Dim RegKey Set RegEdit = CreateObject("wscript.shell") RegEdit.RegWrite ProxyEnable, Enable, "REG_DWORD" RegEdit.RegWrite ProxyServer, Proxy, "REG_SZ"End Function

Networking :: VPN Is Not Connecting? www.linuxquestions.org

I have a Squid Proxy Server running on centos in my office. The proxy server is running OK and I have to apply the proxy settings in web browsers to access internet. I have also created different users to access internet. I have also created a VPN server in proxy server. It is also running very fine. People from outside and inside the office can connect to the VPN server. I have also opened all ports on proxy server. Problem is, if any of my employee try to connect any other VPN server outside my office, it does not get connected. It shows some "ERROR 619". Whenever I try to connect it always show this error after verifying username and password. I am not getting that where the problem is. Is there firewall problem in proxy server? OR anything else?

Red Hat / Fedora :: Error Code :407 Proxy Authentication Required www.linuxforums.org

i have just installed Red Hat linux 9 workstation ,i have configured the lan ip and successfully ping to other pcs on network ..but problem is internet is not working , i have already set the proxy setting, i have windows environment and running isa server 2006 proxy server ,when i trying to browse any site , isa eroor page occur "error code :407 proxy authentication required" Linus machine couldnot prompt the user credentiall.

Software :: Blank Screen When Using Ssh As Proxy www.linuxquestions.org

I am trying to use ssh as proxy server. therefore i do: sh# ssh -fND localhost:8080 myusername@myserver.com and give my password. in firefox i do: edit->preferences->advanced->network->settings->manual proxy configuration and give localhost 8080 as proxy server. Now, when surfing to an internet address, i get a blank screen. Except from sites that are cached in firefox. How do i use such proxy correct?

Enabling And Disabling Proxy Server Through Visual Basic www.xtremevbtalk.com

hello, im currently studying at uni and i need to use a proxy server there, however when im at home i dont require a proxy, i would like to develop a little application that sits in my task bar and automattically checks to see which network i'm on, this could be done by checking the first 3 numbers of my ip, i know how to do all of this, the bit im stuck on is how to access the internet options to change the proxy server, any help would be great,thanks alot

Fedora Networking :: Gnome 3 Network Proxy Support (15)? forums.fedoraforum.org

My work uses a proxy server to mediate connections to the internet. However, changing the proxy settings in NetworkManager seems to have no effect. When I change the proxy settings in firefox from "use system proxy" to the actual proxy settings then it connects fine - but I would much rather be able to change the system proxy so that it works with all applications. This is not confined to firefox - I have the same problem trying to use wget in gnome shell. However ftp works fine. I have just looked at the environment variables and it appears that NetworkManager is not setting the http_proxy variable (it is however setting ftp_proxy and https_proxy).

Problem With Connecting To Remote Sql Server forums.asp.net

Hi guys ,I connect to internet using a proxy for example : 8080 Most software read it from IE setting and in some cases I have to enter this proxy setting manually so that software can connect to the internet . I want to connect to a remote server using "SQL Server Management Studio"  but it doesn't connect. And I couldn't find any proxy setting . How can I set this proxy setting ?And also I need to connect with may asp.net program  to that remote server  from my local computer how can I set this one ? Thank you in advance .  

Like Proxy Server ??? www.vbforums.com

Hi everybody !I wanna write an application on server that manage clients ' internet accessing right (like Proxy server). And I wanna know (trap) accessing time to caculate...I see, there are many free codes about proxy , and I have tried but it seem slow. My fiend tell me to study Windows2000 's components which do like proxy...However,Can U show me the way or some ideas to do that.Many thanks !

Problem In Connecting To Internet Through VB Application www.xtremevbtalk.com

I am using net through proxy server on our LAN. My VB application is not working when i execute it on a system which is using proxy server to connect to internet. It works fine on the system with direct net connection (without proxy). Please tell me the solution to this problem. It has to be implemented within three days. So please send it fast as soon as possible.

Networking :: Any Way Can Get It Tunneling Over Socks Proxy? www.linuxforums.org

I have been ssh tunneling, which works great.I can browse the internet by simply tunneling my traffic through my SSH server.the following command: ssh -ND 9999 username at myserver.i cant postlinks.is all I have type, and I can connect to a SOCKS proxy server on localhost:9999.My problem is that I have an application that only supports HTTP proxies.Is there any way I can get it tunneling over the socks proxy?

Android :: Lost Calls After Programmatically Changing Phone Settings stackoverflow.com

if it's possible in Android to programatically change the phone internet settings (proxies also), email settings and other similar? Is there some kind of registry? and what about getting the lost/received/etc calls? is it possible to get that info?

Nokia :: 5800 Proxy Settings Not Saved discussions.europe.nokia.com

I've updated the software of my mobile to V20. I defined a new internet access point. When I try to set the proxy settings for that access point through Settings--> Connectivity --> Destinations --> Internet --> myaccesspoint --> Options --> Advanced Settings. I see two options: Proxy server address, and Proxy port number. When I fill them with correct values, I hit Back, and Back. Go to the proxy settings again, and it's empty,Because of this I was unable to connect to the internet using my work WLAN as it requires proxy.

Connecting Through A Proxy Server With Internet Transfer Control In VB6? www.vbcity.com

I need some advice on connecting through a proxy server using the internet transfer control in VB6 SP5. After I set the connection type to proxy, supply a proxy name, time out, and port and then try to connect using the OpenURL method either (after reading the error number and description) I get error 12029 or 12007, or if I connect through internet explorer first (we have to logon and provide a password) the control will download part of the info and then disconnect. Can anyone help please, please let me know if you require any further info, thanks.

Ubuntu Networking :: Necessary To Edit Network Proxy In 10.04 LTS? ubuntuforums.org

I need to set up network proxy for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (system->prefernces->network proxy)? In fact I can connect to internet using a modem without worrying about it but will it be better if I do? In firefox, should I edit proxy setting? the options are: no proxy, auto detect proxy, use system proxy, manual proxy, and there are severl proxies like HTTP proxy etc. Does proxy setting has anything to do with security?

App Ignores All Nav Commands Post NavError? www.vbforums.com

I am running an AxWebBrowser with a proxy server connection to reach the internet. However, after a navigation error event, the application ignores all further navigate commands. When not connecting through a proxy, the code works fine. Here's the main RefreshIESettings("") 'Working proxy picked off the web, have tried different proxies WebBrowser1.Navigate("www.fiali3kskfjls.com") 'Intentional Navigate Error [Code].....

Networking :: Bypass Proxy For All Application? www.linuxquestions.org

I am using FC11. My problem is whatever application that needs access to the internet are blocked by company's proxy server. So, configuration is like my_machine---------> firewall ----------> outside world..google and etc Now, If I am using firefox then I have configured it to use proxy server and required login details and etc. But, my eclipse, ssh, git and all those needs internet connection as well... Is there anything like which sets all details (proxy server, user name and passwd) system wide ? So that I dont have to pass it to each application...

Xperia Ray :: Use Browser Proxy Setting For All Applications? talk.sonymobile.com

I can see there is no space for proxy setting in xperia phones. i mananged to put proxy in opera browser and now any surfing through opera is working fine in my office WAP/WPA2 enterprise Wifi wih proxy. is there any setting where we can enable other applications to use the same proxy setting as of the browser?

Android :: HTTP Connection Failed Via Proxy groups.google.com

I have set up proxy in the sdk emulaotor and can access internet via the proxy in the browser. but this does not work for my http connection application, it gives "Unknown host exception" i have used -dns-server option when launch the app.

How To Connect SQL Server 2000? social.msdn.microsoft.com

i want to connect SQL Server 2000 with remotely how it will work? � i have a sql server data base on server(domain) in xyz company, they give me following information: database name server IP address database user name database password i can connect the same database using networking internet (proxy) connect internet connection start proxy connection i am using a pc from network which is useing proxy for internet. i open query analyzer enter IP address, user name and password (which is currect) though i can't connect sql server else i can connect the same server which PC is using own internet connection not form network i want to know that how can we connect SQL Server using internet connection form network (proxy server)? where is to enter networ�pc IP address? where is to enter port number?

VB6 Proxy Server www.vbforums.com

Is there any way to make a vb application that acts as a proxy server so I can connect through it to the internet?I can handle setting up the port forwarding, and I do not care what kind of proxy it is, as long as i can browser the web from a remote computer.And if this cannot be done in VB, is there any way to do this?Thanks,Philly0494

General :: Secure Android Phone Clone? forum.xda-developers.com

App that tunnels my text and whatsapp message to another android device. Like this scenario: 3G --> message ( whatsapp or text ) --> android device 1 ( proxy ) --> encrypted -->WIFI ( internet ) --> Android device 2 This way i can send and receive messages trough another android device that acts as an secure message proxy.

SQL Server Express And Proxies social.msdn.microsoft.com

I have SQL Server Express 2005 installed on my laptop.I connect to the internet on the laptop by a proxy as my desktop has skyDSL and there is a way of configuring it so other machines can connect to it by proxy (there's a crossover cable between the laptop and the desktop). I have been trying to connect on the laptop to the server that holds my sql server database (hosting365.ie) through SQL Server Express with no success. This is obviously because the lappie is not directly connected to the internet but by proxy. I have been changing the settings on sql server configuration manager (I have SQL Server Management Studio Express installed) to make it use the proxy but with no luck. I am wondering is it actually possible to use a proxy on SQL Server Express is it only possible on the full version?