AJAX :: Tab Container With Tab Panels Doesn't Show When Using "OnClientClick =" Java Script Function


last time they helped me fixing my problem of executing my JS with asp.net. now i have another problem, i have placed the Java sript at the end of the content place holder no problem with that. as sson as i put "OnClientClick ="MyFUnction" in the TabPanel4 parameters..and i run the application.. the whole tab container does not show at all... when i remove the "OnClientClick ="MyFUnction" i have my 4 tabs back and showing..

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I have a ajax tab container that has a gridview inside one of the tab panels. I set the width of the grid view to less than the width of the tab container, but the gridview is not inside the tab panel. It goes outside the tab panel lines. How do I keep it inside the tab panel and have the horizontal and vertical scrolls bars for when it is larger than the tab panel?

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I have an ajax tab container in an aspx page. Earlier I had 2 tab panels in the tab cotnainer. Now I want to add third tab panel. I could add the third panel but I am able to access the third panel, i.e. When I click on third panel, the panel is not shown(I didnt even get the handy cursor when i place the cursor on the third tab panel name).

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I have a Tab Container that has the OnClientClick set to a function that will set the focus on my textboxes when the user clicks the tab, however when the Tab Container first loads this doesn't get fired. If I click on the tab the text box gets focus, but I want to some how fire a click event on that tab so it sets the focus on that text box or some how get that focus on the page load event?

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I'm trying to navigate between tabs using an Image Button On each tab there is a button that navigates the user to te next tab. On the first tab, it works as expect from Tab 1 -> Tab2 But on the seconf tab, I get and error Java script function MoveTab(tn) { var container = $find('<%= TabContainer1.ClientID %>').set_activeTabIndex(tn); ; } Button first tab that works ok <asp:ImageButton ID="ImageButton8" runat="server" OnClientClick="javascript:MoveTab('1')" ImageUrl="~/Images/saveadd.gif" /> Button on second tab that gets error message <asp:ImageButton ID="ImageButton1" runat="server" OnClientClick="javascript:MoveTab('2')" ImageUrl="~/Images/savereview.gif" /> Error Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code. Exception Details: System.InvalidCastException: Specified cast is not valid. Source Error: [Code].... Stack Trace: [Code]....

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I've a tab container with 4-5 tabs on a page. On the same page, I've three update panels - one outside tab container whilst the other two lie inside two tab panels separately. Update mode of all three update panels are set to Conditional. There is a timer in the first update panel (the one outside tab container). Whenever timer ticks, the other two update panels are also being refreshed. How can I stop this?

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I've an application using Ajax tab container with 6 tab panels. The header text of each tab panel is quite long, so i've decided to increase the height of header and make the text multiline as follows: [Code].... I was able to change the width , but not able to increase the height. My problem is am able to display only upto the <br> point and i must use the default tab theme.

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In my application I am using ajax updatepannel in which there is a tab container tool having 4 tabs, in the third third tab I used ajax accordian control which has 2 panel each pannel have one gridview control a Remove button. Here what I want to give delete facility to the user upon the selection of checkbox corresponding to the particular record. But when I click the button it doesnot triger the button click event of the remove button. sorce code : [code].....

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I am using some AJAX and some JQuery for Login panel animation in Master page.Also in my home page I am using AJAX Tab container.It works fine when I run the application without login.If I logged in I got the following error when I put the breakpoint into my code, Microsoft JScript runtime error: 'document.getElementById(...)' is null or not an object,It shows at the following Line at the Home[dynamic] page. document.getElementById('ctl00_sdfsf').dispose = function() { Array.remove(Page_ValidationSummaries, document.getElementById('ctl00_sdfsf')); }

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m using ajax control tab container, in which i have placed 5 tab panels.... in first tab panel submit button is woking fine,but in 2nd tabPanel button is giving problem,its not firing even a single event...


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how to enable an css property for the ajax tab panel using javscript

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I am using a tabcontainer in which there are three panels.I am having a drop down outside the tab container .Based on the selection in the dropdown I am binding dropdownlist,checkboxlist in the tabpanels of the container.My Problem is, when I select the Drop down outside the container, the page is getting reloaded always.Even the selection in the dropdown,checkboxlist in the tab panels the page is getting reloaded. I am using ajax updatepanel in each tab panel .I registered the controls in the page load as ScriptManager.RegisterAsyncPostBackControl(Control); I am getting error like only one instance of Scriptmanager can be used as there is one script manager defined in master page. I added this line in each selectionchanged event "UpdatepanelID.Update();"

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I am trying to use a button to dynamically create a brand new tab every time i click it and load a control in there. I'm starting on the tab creation so far. I have on my aspx page, an update panel and a tab container control to handle it. The issue I am having is that the button will only create one tab no matter how many times I click [Code].... my container is named Tabs. EDIT:The whole code pasting doesn't work well

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i am using asp.net ajax tab container[ which has 2 tab panel] under each tab panel i have an div tag. now by default.i have my Activetabindex="0" now i need to enable css property for the div tag using javscript so that there is no post back happening. i doing like this css property for the tab panel 1 is not getting applied this is my script what i doing. if i do the same thing in code behind for the ta selected index change it works. but thatcause an post back. now i need t o do it my javscript only [Code].... so how to i enable my css property for the div using javascript for the tab panel

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Each tab panel should display with different colors based on the status. Example:tabs should display in "Green"Inprogress status tabs should display in "Red"Not eligible status tabs should display in "Gray".Ajax Tab look and feel is very good. So, thought of using the Ajax Tab for my above requirement. I tried to change it. But I am not able to change the color of the each tab.Is it possible to change the color of each tab in Ajax Tab control?

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I have a tab container on a web page, in which several panels are loaded with heavy peice of data, what i do, i only load the defualt tab data on page load, and the rest of data(i.e data in other tabs) loads behind the screen(i.e using asynchronous request), just to speed up page rendering. now when the page completely rendered(with only default tab data) the load event of javascript fires and it start populating data into other tabs, in this situation when i click any other tab immediately after rendering, it shows the half rendered panel(i.e the data is rendering in panel or the back process is running), which looks awkward sometimes. So i need to stop the click of any tab until the data into that panel(or in all the panels) fully rendered, by displaying a wait or progress bar image, and then opens up that panel. i need whenever user click on a tab, a wait image should display on the tab header until the panel fully rendered, and then panel will opens up, none of the panel displays half or no data.

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I have two textboxes on separate ajax tab panels. I was trying to setup a javascript onkeyup attribute to set the value of textbox1 to textbox2 or vice versa depending on which they typed in. If the textboxes are not on the tab panels then it works just fine but I cannot get it to work when the two textboxes are on separate tab panels. Here is what works outside the tab panels. Public Function AddOnkeyAttributesControl(ByVal ctrl1 As TextBox, ByVal ctrl2 As TextBox) ctrl1.Attributes.Add("onkeyup", "javascript:form1." & ctrl2.ID & ".value=form1." & ctrl1.ID & ".value") ctrl2.Attributes.Add("onkeyup", "javascript:form1." & ctrl1.ID & ".value=form1." & ctrl2.ID & ".value") End Function I just call this function with the two I want to link as I said it works outside the ajax tab panels but not on the tab panels. i am sure it is something to do with the way that the tabs are rendered but i don't know where to start.

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I've built a web application that's 95% dynamically created.My actual design-time ASPX page has a tab container (which acts as the container for the whole page).Inside the tab container is a tab panel.It's my administrator tab panel.On form load, I store the tab panel object in a session variable,then utilize "tcFrame.Tabs.Remove(tpadmin)" to remove it from the tab list.After dynamically building my tabs/content, the last thing I do in form_load is "tabP = Session("admintp")" and "tcFrame.Tabs.Add(tabP)" -it works. kind of.The admin tab is loaded - but it's loaded underneath the content from the activetab listed above (the first tab generated).If I click on any tab BUT the admin tab, the admin content remains on the screen. As soon as I click on the admin tab, it goes away. I can fix this in either of the two scenarios: "If user.isinrole("admin")" - then add tab & set the activetab = tpAdmin. I can also go "TcFrame.activetab = tpadmin", then "tcFrame.activetabindex=1" While I could do either of these, I'm curious to know what's causing this (e.g. a logic error?).

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I have an update panel with update progress control within an Ajax Tab Container. It's all working fine, my primary question is how to style (CSS) the Updateprogress control so that it displays within the tab container (rather than over the entire page) AND displays on top of the tab content. [Code]....

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So I've got a pretty nice application going using ui-tabs.. problem is, I cannot for the life of me figure out a way to pre-load images in my ajax content before the tab panel is shown. The only way I can think of is to create my own ajax functionality for the loading of tab-panel content, and adding something like this to the ajax call: success: function(response){ $(response).find('img').preload({ onFinish: function(){ currentTabPanel.show(); } }); } But I'm thinking there's GOT to be a better way of going about this using the built in AJAX methods and events in the jQueryUi.tabs() object.. I just don't think I'm seeing it..

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I have an Ajax Tab Panel on my webpage with three tabs in it.On my first tab i have some textboxes.Now I want to give Alert message to user if user navigates to another tab after changing value of any of the text box.I want to perform this task using Javascript if possible.Or else any other solutions are acceptable.Below Image shows my tab panel structure

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hello...I have an SStab control that contains other controls...in short, what I'd like to do is when the user changes from tab #1 to tab #2, a certain control stays visible, thus switches its container the tab #2when the user selects tab#1, the control's container reverts back to tab#1there are reasons as to why the control has to be contained by the SStab and not the form...I just want to be able to change a control's container to a certain tab in the SStabI triedmyControl.container = SStab(1)...doesn't workmyControl.container = SStab...works, but sets the container to SStab(0)any help ?

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I have a tab container with two tabs. In one of the tab panels, I have a button. I want by pressing the button to make a label in master page visible: [Code].... The event fires, the event handler is executed, but the lable doesn't become visible. If I place the button outside of the tab container, it works.

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I have dynamic ajax tab container that has several tabpanels.in one of the tabpanel I want to load a JQGrid as user control. but it does not load in my tab panel. here is my create and load user control in tab panel : [Code]....

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I'm creating a chat application in asp.net. In this I'm creating tab panels in a tab container dynamically for each user. when you select a new user I'm generating a tab for him with two text boxes and send button to send messages. If he doesn't want to continue his chat I need to remove or delete that tab. Is there any way that i can remove or delete those tabs in asp.net using vb.net?

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I am adding the tab panel dynamically to the tab container. The content template contains user control that will also add dynamicallly based on selection of tab or tab onclick. Basically i am using the same user control but data will be populated based on tab header text. I want to set a property in the user control when tab panel clicked & loaded the data accordingly.

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I need to open links in the current tab instead of leaving the page and I found this example but only works if tabs are loaded via Ajax How can I make it work with static tabs? $('#example').tabs({ load: function(event, ui) { $('a', ui.panel).click(function() { $(ui.panel).load(this.href); return false; }); } });

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I have a hidden panel off the left side of the screen which slides into view on the click of a 'tab' positioned on the left side of the screen. I need the panel to slide over the top of the existing page content, and I need the tab to move with it. and so both are absolutely positioned in css. Everything works fine, apart from I need the tab (and thus the tab-container) to move left with the panel when it is revealed, so it appears to be stuck to the right-hand-side of the panel. Its relatively simple when using floats, but of course this affects the layout of the existing content, hence absolute positioning. I have tried animating the left position of the panel-container (see the documented jquery function), but I cant get it to work. This is an example of the original code which i have changed, how can I get the button/tab to slide aswell? [URL] My HTML <div><!--sample page content--> <p> Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et [Code].....

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Im having a tabcontainer in which im having one more tab container which consist of 3 tab panels.what i want that when i click the parent tab panel i want to change the child tab container's activetabindex. [Code].... [Code].... Im getting activeTab NULL.

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I have an AJAX tab container with 2 panels within aspx page. Each panel hosts an ascx control. Each control contains GridView and FormView that are databound - 1st control to the parent table and 2nd - to the child. The 2nd control/tab contains standard DropDownList that is bound to the parent values so the user can select a parent to create "child" for. everything works fine except when the parent (on the 1st tab control) is created/updates the ObjectDataSource on the 2nd tab does not getting refreshed. Only after refreshing the hole page I can see the new "parent" value in the ddl on "child" page. I use strongly typed dataset. How I can programmatically refresh the DataSource? Simple rebinding didn't make a dent. Do I need to refresh page, the tab container, tab panel? <asp:Content ID="Content1" ContentPlaceHolderID="ContentPlaceHolder1" Runat="Server"> [Code]....

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I am working on an ASP.NET application that has a tab container with 5 tab panels in it. There are 2 'admin' user tabs, 2 'regular' user tabs, and a 'receipt' tab. Now, depending on what kind of user is accessing the page, I am enabling or disabling/hiding 2 of the tabs (regular or admin), but I am always showing the receipt tab. So, in essence, there are only ever 3 tabs visible - either 2 'regular' tabs and a receipt tab, or 2 'admin' tabs and a receipt tab. Now, when a user logs into the app from the login page, and is directed to the page with the tab container and 5 tab panels on it, I would like to have the receipt tab selected by default, and to have it shown to the user. This tab is the fifth in the container (TabIndex = 4), and so in the OnLoad event for the page, I try setting something like this up tabContainer.ActiveTabIndex = 4 ...but it shows nothing. So I am thinking that maybe, since 2 of the tabs are hidden, I need to set the index to 2 (for the 3rd visible tab, which should be the receipt tab). Well, when I do this, the 3rd tab in the tab panel control at the top is indeed selected - but the actual content in the tab is still the content from the first tab (TabIndex = 0)....? Is there some sort of event I need to call to "flush out" what is being displayed in the actual panel, or am I missing something else?

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here i am using pab container .. In this tab container i have eight tab panels.. so i need to change width of the tab Panel

AJAX :: Create Tab Panel At Runtime? forums.asp.net

In my application, I am using Tab Container in one Panel. At runtime on one of the Button Click I want to create Tab Panel in to the tab Container. I am doing this as follows: protected void btnMSOpen_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

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I use TabContainer of Ajax Toolkit and want to have tabs both in buttom and top of tab container. So that we have tabs in both buttom and top. also is it possible to have other elements besides tabs? I mean If I have a datalist in tabs and want to put their paging on header and footer of tab container just beside the tabs.

Ajax Tab Control: Keeping The Active Tab Active After Postback? forums.asp.net

VWD 2008 Express. Visual Basic. Ajax Control Toolkit I am using an Ajax tab control from the Ajax control toolkit. I have controls like gridviews and formviews on the tab panels in the tab control. The tab control has its active tag index set to "0" or the first tab panel. I find that when I am on another tab panel and do something like an "Edit," "Update," or "Insert" (which of course produce a postback), that I am returned to the first tab being active (the tab on which I am working does not stay active). I then have to click on the tab to get back to it. How can I make it so that the tab that is currently selected stays selected after a postback?

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I have a problem with using a script that adds a NiceEdit toolbar to a text area when that text area is within an Ajax tab.I want to know if I should refer to it in a different way than just the ID.I mean the ID of that text area, I tried to take the text area outside the Tab Container, it works, but when I return it, it simply doesn't.[code]

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I have different php output in jQuery-based tabs. This output is formed from database and it consists of several <div>'s. Every time I click any tab it sends AJAX request to the php script which performs "SELECT" request and gives result back as response to AJAX request from the tab. $(document).ready(function() { ('ul.tabs li').css('cursor', 'pointer'); $('ul.tabs.tabs1 li').click(function(){ [code[]....

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I have a tab container with two tab panels on default.aspx as [Code].... The first tab panel hosts Page1.aspx and Page1.aspx has a Button. When I click this button from Page1.aspx , I want the active tab (on default.aspx) to change to second tab panel which hosts Page2.aspx. I can not get hold of the tabcontainer in the button click event in the child page.

C# - AJAX Partial Page Update When Displaying A Control? stackoverflow.com

I have an interesting problem when using partial page update in asp.net with scriptmanager and a update panel. My scenario looks like this: I'm using the tab control from the ajax toolkit. I also implemented this control using lazy loading, so that when the page is loaded only the current tab gets loaded all the other tabs don't get rendered, because Im using an UpdatePanel (on a .ascx control) on each of these tabs and when a tab gets selected the updatepanel makes a async postback to load the content for a selected tab. On one of my tabs Im using a combobox control from obout.com, and it doesn't work. Now I know why it doesn't work. It doesn't work because the control is shown via a partial page refresh, but to correctly display the control it has to do some "magic" that is - register some .css and .js includes on the page (in the head I guess)....but because I load this control via async page refresh.

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I am very new to jQuery and I am struggling with using JQuery TabsI have 3 tabs on my page which open up different URL's, the problem I am seeing is that no matter what tab I select the selected tab is always 0. (The contents are correct just the tab selected is ncorrect.)My Java Script $(function(){ // Tabs $('#tabs').tabs({ [code]....

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I am using asp.net ajax tab control in my project. I found an issue with it. In my page there are four tabs, each tab contains a list of controls. When page loads, I want to set focus on first tab's (which is set as active tab) first control. .I am not able to do it either using server side code or client side code. Following java script code is used to set the focus on page load: Sys.Application.add_load( function() { document.getElementById("").focus(); } ); With above code I got following java script error: Can't move focus to the control because it is invisible, not enabled, or of a type that does not accept the focus

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When I want to optimize my tab container for network traffic, I faced a rare problem. When first time the page is requested the content in the first panel is visible. the other panel content are invisible. When user switches the tab i am setting the panel visible and update the updatepanel. this works fine after i have put the tab container inside a update panel and set the update mode conditional and children as trigger as false. But when i include the tab container inside an update panel and change the tab in the browser, i see two postback from the browser in firebug net traffic window. THe first postback status is displayed as aborted. Eventhough the functionality is working correct.

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I use AJAX tab panel for my web site (ver.1.0.2) with VS2005. Previously I use large page and now i it change to tab panel. The problem is when I change the source view to design view it automatically update the content of tab panel and show the 'error creating control' and sometimes it not. So I'm having difficulty on designing that page because always I have to keep the backup of the page.

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I am developing a site that involves a back end registration. No major problem. It is basically an index.php page with many tabs and forms. I am using jquery for the tabs. Ok the problem is at one point i need to make an ajax call to a php script, however the script is not recognizing my session variables. I can echo them out in my main script without a problem. I have used print_r and see the content. when i go to my php script and use print_r or try to use a session variable they are empty. I am using session_start() at the top no spaces (i've checked that) here is some code Code: <script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2011/registration/js/tinymce/jquery.tinymce.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="http://ajax.microsoft.com/ajax/jquery.validate/1.7/jquery.validate.min.js"></script> <script> $(document).ready(function(){ // first hide any error messages $('.container').hide(); [Code].....

JQuery :: Tabs Ajax Mode - Opening Links In Specific Container www.dreamincode.net

Tabs jQuery v2.7.4 of stilbuero. I want to use Ajax Mode and open the links in a specifically container. For example: <div id="box"> <ul id="tabs"> <li><a href="01.html"><span>Tab one</span></a></li> <li><a href="02.html"><span>Tab two</span></a></li> <li><a href="03.html"><span>Tab three</span></a></li> </ul></div> ... <div id="container"></div><!-- Open external links here (01.html, 02.html and 03.html) -->

Can Select The Tab When The Validator Is Triggered forums.asp.net

I am using ajax Tab panels in an asp.net web application. In each tab I have a couple of required validators with validator callout extenders. How would I display the validator message to the user when it is hidden in the tab. Is there a way I can select the tab when the validator is triggered? Is there an ajax functionality that would make a tab selected upon validator triggering?

C# - Enable Disable Tabs In A Tab Container? stackoverflow.com

I have a tab container in aspx page and i want to enable disable the last tab in aspx page my tab container is like below [Code].... Now for disabling the last tab i used the following in code behind page load: //tabAdvanceSettings.Enabled = false; I also want to enable this tab panel on client side when a user uses a shotrcut like Ctrl + Shif + A as shown below but this shortcut only enables the tab not the two user controls ptresent in the last tab. The code for enabling the last tab is : if (e.keyCode == 65 && isCtrl == true && isShift == true) // Ctrl + Shift + A { $find('<%=tabContainer.ClientID%>').get_tabs()[2].set_enabled(true); } How can i enable the last tab and also the controls present in the last tab?

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i try to use ajax tab container control in my project, but it throws error. its not working properly

AJAX :: Fire Link Button Event In Tab Container? forums.asp.net

how to fire a link button event which is there at ajax tab container?

Forms Data Controls :: The GridView Overlaps Its Container? forums.asp.net

I have a TabContainer, and one of its tab panels has a user control with a wide GridView in it. Because of some reason, the GridView goes way beyond the size of the tab panel and the tab container. How can I make the tab panel expand based on the width of the GridView?

JQuery :: Tabs - Initial Page Load Flash Of All Tab Contents? forum.jquery.com

I've almost finished employing the jQuery Accordian and Tabs UI functions on a website, but still have one remaining problem.I have a page using the UI tabs. When the page first loads the content of all the tabs flashes for a second or two and then the selected tab is displayed. After that the tabs work great with smooth transitions as expected. The tabs on page load are filled with php include calls. Then I use ajax to refill the tabs base upon the users selections. That works fine without the load flashing of all tab contents. I did try switching all the php includes to jQuery ajax. The resulting page had the same problem with the content of all tabs flashing before the selected tab displayed.Here's some of my code:In the head: <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function() { $("#tabs").tabs({ fx: { opacity: 'toggle', selected: 0}});[code].... Is my code the problem or is there something I'm leaving out that would hide the copy of the tabs loading until the document is ready and selects the first tab (index 0)?

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[Code].... When used without a MasterPage it works great. When I add my standard MasterPage with 6 Containers it fails on the first line $find('tabs1') returns NULL I have a Script Manager on the master page - and the Tabs work fine - but witout the $find I cant load the relevant Tab Container JS Functions. Using the $get or docGetElementByID doesn't cut it as it won't load the referenced JS and you get an error on Line 5 - get_tabs() unknown function. I have other Ajax Toolkit Controls that work fine with the $find and the MasterPage but they have a BehaviourID - the TabContainer doesn't

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I'm having asp.net ajax tab container in a datalist control with 4 tab panels. I set ActiveTabIndex to 0 on .aspx page, and using OnActiveTabChanged event in code behind, when the tab container tab index is changed, server side event is not working, when i debug the code, i can see the event is getting fired, even though i click the third tab, i'm getting Active TabIndex "0" only. <cc1:tabcontainer id="TabContainer1" runat="server" AutoPostBack="true" Font-Names="Calibri" ActiveTabIndex="0" Width="710px" CssClass="yui" align="left" OnActiveTabChanged="TabContainer1_ActiveTabChanged"> Server Side Code: [Code].... I need to load data only when tab index changes, this way i can reduce burden on whole page.

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I have a Tab Container in my page and it has 6 tab inside,when i try to add 7th tab and add inside that a TextBox It Shows me nothing., I can't see my textbox inside 7th panel .All i see is its header.It sounds weird to me.why is that?!!!! P.S: i have no problem with other tabs!!!!!

JQuery :: Opening Tabs And Linking To Sections Within Show / Hide forum.jquery.com

1. I am trying to figure out how to open a tab, open a show/hide within that tab, and link to a particular person from an incoming link. 2. I also am trying to figure out how to open a tab and then a pane within that tab from an incoming link. This is the code used for the tabs <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function() { $("ul.main.tabs").tabs("div.main.panes > div", {tabs: 'a.main', history: true }); $("ul.nested.tabs").tabs("div.nested.panes > div", {tabs: 'a.nested', history: true }); });</script> This is the code used for the toggle <script type="text/javascript"> // Andy Langton's show/hide/mini-accordion - updated 23/11/2009 // Latest version @ [URL] $(document).ready(function() { var showText='+/-'; var hideText='+/-'; var is_visible = false; .....

JQuery :: How To Focus Or Autoselect Tab After Validation forum.jquery.com

I am using this below method to initialize the tab view. $(function() { $('#container-1').tabs(); }); JSP code piece :<div class="tabcontainer"><div id="container-1" ><ul style="padding:1px;border-bottom:1px solid #8796A5;"><li><a href="#fragment-1"><span>Tab 1</span></a></li><li><a href="#fragment-2"><span>Tab 1</span></a></li></ul><div id="fragment-1" ><center><%@ include file='tab1.jsp'%></center></div><div id="fragment-2" ><center><%@ include file='tab2.jsp'%></center></div></div></div> While loading this JSP page I got the Tab 1 (Default selected) & Tab 2 view. Scenario : I have a save button which is common to both the tabs. I entered some input fields in Tab 1 and trying to save the page. I am doing a validation in java script save button which checks the values in Tab 2... if it is empty I want to focus the Tab 2 to user. Tried : For this scenario I tried $('#container-1').tabs(2); after my java script validation alert. Its not throwing any script error as well not working...

AJAX :: Changing Tabs By Pressing Respective Keys forums.asp.net

I m using the Ajax Tab Container, I want to apply the change of tabs by the press of TAB Key and also changing of tabs by press of 1,2,3,4 keys to respective tabs. Provide the code for the same.

Jquery :: Twitter Bootstrap CSS Framework: Clicking Tabs Does Not Activate? stackoverflow.com

I'm having an issue with Twitter Bootstrap CSS framework: the tabs show up, the mouse over highlight tabs when I pass, when I click I get the page ..., but the clicked tub doesn't stay active. The only active tab is the first.Here is the generated code : <div class='container'> <ul class='tabs' data-tabs='tabs'> <li class='active'><a href="/">All Repos</a></li> [code]....

JQuery :: Animation - Entire Page--including Ajax--to Load? stackoverflow.com

I'm using some jQuery tabs that load their content via ajax. I'm using $(document).ready() in conjunction with the following code: // Hide loading animation, show content container $("#content").show(); $("#loading").hide(); The purpose is to wait until the page is fully loaded, then show the content and hide the loading animation. However, $(document).ready() only waits for the main page to load, not the external ajax content. Is there something I can do wait until the ajax is loaded too?

AJAX :: Navigate On Different Tab Using Image Button? forums.asp.net

kindly any one tell me how i navigate on different Tab using image button. i am using TAB control(ajax Control) on my web page i have a tab container and in 4 tabs on it and i am trying navigate using image button(next,previous,first,last). my page is just like this page of asp.net

Flex :: Tabbar - Binding Tab Labels To Variables? stackoverflow.com

I'm using a custom tabbar with the dataProvider being a viewstack and I'm trying to get the tab labels to update when data in the related container (in the viewstack) updates. The viewstack's containers are bound to bindable vars, so if a var changes, the data/labels/etc in the container updates, but the tab doesn't.Is there a way to bind the tab to the same bindable var or do i need to write event handlers (if so, what events)?

JQuery :: Ajax - UI Tabs Loading Link In Tab? stackoverflow.com

I have a problem with jQuery UI tabs. In details, I have tabs which are loading with ajax and my problem is that i want to load page links inside page but i cannot make it. This is the code of my page with the tabs: <script> $(function() { $( "#tabs" ).tabs({ ajaxOptions: { error: function( xhr, status, index, anchor ){ [Code]...

AJAX :: Enable & Disable Tab Panel? forums.asp.net

I have a tab container and three panels <cc1:TabContainer ID="TabContainer1" runat="server"[code].... In my first panel I have a asp:checklistbox, which is dynamically loaded with items .... Eg: [Code].... One checkbox item = "Address" Second checkbox item = "Work Info" When User selects and clicks on first Checkbox option Address...the second Tab is enabled When the User Clicks on Sec Checkbox option Work Info then the third Tab is enabled .else the tabs are disabled I was working to use JQuery and unable to achieve this My Jquery Part of the code is like above...looks a little too complicated

JQuery :: Close DIV By Clicking Anywhere Apart From The DIV Itself? stackoverflow.com

I have a div that slides down when a button is clicked, and I would like to slide up the div when a user:Clicks anwhere except within the DIV itselfClick a close button within the div.Currently I've got it to a stage where, you click an element with the class .panel-tab - it slides down the panel with ID #panel... click anywhere else it slides up....Here is my code so far to get the DIV to open and close: <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function(){ $('.panel-tab').click(function(e) { [code]....

Playing With A Small Script That Activates A Slide Down Panel When A Tab Is Clicked? www.dreamincode.net

I've been playing with a small script that activates a slide down panel when a tab is clicked. I'd like the user to be able to activate the panel by clicking another area of the page. Everything works fine from the panel tab. It seemed simple to me but what I'm doing isn't working.Here is theavascript that's in and external file. $(document).ready(function() { Expand Panel $("#open").click(function(){ [code]....

Forms Data Controls :: Can Tab Pane Work OnClientClick Event forums.asp.net

I have a tab container with two tab panels. In the first panel, I have a ropdownlist inside a detailsView. The user should not go to the second tab panel with out selecting something in the dropdownlist other than the default N/A.

Image Rollover - Capture Event Action Without Passing To Function www.webdeveloper.com

I'm really just playing around, trying to be as unobtrusive as possible, meaning that I didn't want to just do the standard on mouseover/onmouseout event actions inline in my html. My attempt was relatively close, I just need a way to be able to capture the event action without passing it into a function? Code:<script> var getTabs = function(){ var allTabs = document.getElementsByTagName("div"); for (var i=0;i<allTabs.length;i++){ if (allTabs[i].className == "tabs"){ if (allTabs[i].id == this.id){ if (this.onmouseover != null){ //alert("MouseOVer"); document.getElementById(this.id).style.backgroundColor = "#465D77"; } else if (this.onmouseout != null) { //alert("MouseOOut"); document.getElementById(this.id).style.backgroundColor = "#1a3757"; }}}}} onload = function(){ document.getElementById("tabHR").onmouseover = getTabs; document.getElementById("tabHR").onmouseout = getTabs; }</script> HTML Code:<!-- Begin Tabs Container --><div id="tabsContainer"><div id="tabGlobal" class="tabsActive"> Home</div><div id="tabHR" class="tabs"> HR Edit</div><div id="tabReports" class="tabs"> Reporting</div><div id="tabData" class="tabs"> Data</div></div><!-- End Tabs Container -->

Jquery :: Prevent 'show' Event To Trigger Of 'tabs' Widget On Page Load stackoverflow.com

I am using tabs widget of jquery to display some content. It works ok but I need tabs to show first tab content but not trigger "show" event when page loads. Later it should trigger show event when I change tabs. Is this possible? Ok I solved my problem but let me explain what I was trying to do.My tabs were in a container and I was using .animate() to adjust css top value according to the height of my selected tab content to keep everything in the middle of the page. But on page load, I want to show content of first tab but not animate so the code below didn't work because it triggers show event when page loads.It simply binds show event after tabs are created so it doesn't trigger show event on page load.

AJAX :: Make An Invisible Tab Visible Via Onclientclick? forums.asp.net

Getting familiar with ajax tabs...watched Joe's video. Am building simple wizard with first tab visible, others invisible until "next" is clicked. I know I need an onclientclick event but am very elementary with Javascript and .Net doesn't prompt javascript. [Code]....

Radio Button Selection On Jquery Tabs Label Click stackoverflow.com

I had a simple working (ASP.NET) Scenario here: 3 asp:RadioButtons that each have OnCheckedChanged event that will update an asp:gridview. But now, I want to put some description for each radiobutton selection,and I thought it would be a good idea to embed them in JQuery UI Tabs like the following : <div id="tabs"> <ul> <li><a href="#tabs-1"> <asp:RadioButton ID="RadioButton1" runat="server" Text="option1" Checked="True" AutoPostBack="True" OnCheckedChanged="RadioButton_CheckedChanged" /> </a></li> <li><a href="#tabs-2"> <asp:RadioButton ID="RadioButton2" runat="server" Text="option2" AutoPostBack="True" OnCheckedChanged="RadioButton_CheckedChanged" /></a></li> <li><a href="#tabs-3"> <asp:RadioButton ID="RadioButton3" runat="server" Text="option3" AutoPostBack="True" OnCheckedChanged="RadioButton_CheckedChanged" /></a></li> </ul> <div id="tabs-1"> <p> content1</p> </div> <div id="tabs-2"> <p> content2</p> </div> <div id="tabs-3"> <p> content3</p> </div> </div> and the jquery is <script type="text/javascript"> $(function() { $("#tabs").tabs(); }); </script> I want the corresponding radiobuttons for each tabs be selected after switching to that tab (by clicking anywhere inside that tab) I don't know how to that probably by JQuery or JavaScript Generated HTML source : <div id="tabs" class="ui-tabs ui-widget ui-widget-content ui-corner-all"> <ul class="ui-tabs-nav ui-helper-reset ui-helper-clearfix ui-widget-header ui-corner-all"> <li class="ui-state-default ui-corner-top ui-tabs-selected ui-state-active"><a href="#tabs-1"> <input type="radio" checked="checked" value="RadioButtonCart" name="ctl00$ContentPlaceHolder1$g2" id="ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_RadioButtonCart"/><label for="ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_RadioButtonCart">option1</label></a></li> <li class="ui-state-default ui-corner-top"><a href="#tabs-2"> <span style="color: Green;"><input type="radio" onclick="javascript:setTimeout('__doPostBack('ctl00$ContentPlaceHolder1$RadioButtonShetab','')', 0)" value="RadioButtonShetab" name="ctl00$ContentPlaceHolder1$g2" id="ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_RadioButtonShetab"/><label for="ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_RadioButtonShetab">option2</label></span></a></li> <li class="ui-state-default ui-corner-top"><a href="#tabs-3"> <input type="radio" onclick="javascript:setTimeout('__doPostBack('ctl00$ContentPlaceHolder1$RadioButtonFish','')', 0)" value="RadioButtonFish" name="ctl00$ContentPlaceHolder1$g2" id="ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_RadioButtonFish"/><label for="ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_RadioButtonFish">option3</label></a></li> </ul> <div id="tabs-1" class="ui-tabs-panel ui-widget-content ui-corner-bottom"> <p> content1</p> </div> <div id="tabs-2" class="ui-tabs-panel ui-widget-content ui-corner-bottom ui-tabs-hide"> <p> content2 </p> </div> <div id="tabs-3" class="ui-tabs-panel ui-widget-content ui-corner-bottom ui-tabs-hide"> <p> content3 </p> </div> </div> I solved 2 problems with adding ids to anchors like id="tabsA-1" and simulating the postback for OnCheckedChanged="RadioButton_CheckedChanged" with $("#aspnetForm").submit(); <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function() { $("#tabsA-1").click(function() { $("#<%=RadioButtonCart.ClientID %>").attr("checked", "checked"); $("#aspnetForm").submit(); }); }); </script> I just have to find a way to select the right tab after postback and my problem is solved. <script type="text/javascript"> $(function() { var $tabs = $("#tabs").tabs(); $tabs.tabs('select', '<%= selectedTabIndex %>'); }); </script> which selectedTabIndex is a public string var in code_behind and i update its value in page_load. one funny problem was that the .tabs( 'select' , index ) in JQuery is not zero-based index of the tab as the official site said and it start from 1.

Unable To Access The Dynamically Created Controls In Tabcontainer? stackoverflow.com

I'm developing a chat system. In this I'm creating dynamic tab panels in a tab container when I change the selected index of the list box of users. In these tab panels I'm creating 2 text boxes and 1 button dynamically and adding a handler for the button click event. I'm storing the tabid's in the session state and recreating all the tabs in the page_init event. I can fire the button click event in the tab panel, in which I'm unable to access these dynamically created text boxes but I can access a label which I created statically. I used the findcontrol() method but it is showing an error message: "Use new command to create the textbox instances". It is showing something like I haven't created the instances of textbox.

Ajax :: How To Enable Disabled Tab In JQuery stackoverflow.com

I am trying to enable a disabled tab in Jquery but it doesn't work I have my tabs: <!--Jquery AJAX Tabs Start--> <div id="signuptabs"><ul> <li><a href="type.php"><span>type</span></a></li> <li><a href="ber.php"><span>mber</span></a></li> <li><a href="ces.php"><span>ces</span></a></li> <li><a href="ups.php"><span>ups</span></a></li> <li><a href="t.php"><span>ext</span></a></li> <li><a href="nu.php"><span>u</span></a></li> <li><a href="nfo.php"><span>ion</span></a></li> </ul></div> <!--Jquery AJAX Tabs End--> Then I have my Javascript: $(document).ready(function() { $("#signuptabs").tabs({ disabled: [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7] }); //number type button $('#target').click(function() { $('#signuptabs').enableTab(2); // enables third tab });}); I have a button with an ID 'target' that when clicked is supposed to enable the (2) tab. The tabs show as disabled but will not enable.

Use Jqueryui Tabs In Ajax Requested Page? stackoverflow.com

I want to use jqueryui tabs widget in ajax requested page. In my site people click a date on clendar. when they click on a date scripts get ajax page of the day. In ajax page user can select a tab to see birthdays and events on different tabs. I try to do this but jqueryui tbs which is in the ajax requested dynamic page is not working properly and open tabs in new page. How can i do this

Web Forms :: Trying To Use Some Of The Controls In Vs2008? forums.asp.net

I have been trying to use some of the controls in vs2008 and I am having probems. 1) When I try to choose multiple controls the control nor shif key works and I can only click on one control at a time. 2) When using wizard, panel, ajax tab control, etc. I cannot get my other controls to go inside the boxes. They want to land elsewhere on the page (Outside the box). I have tried copying, moving, a new pull, etc. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong or direct me to a tutual on this. 3) In Ajax tabs the tabs are so small that I cannot read the text in the tab. I have tried to enlarge etc. but it's not working. Also, when I try to pick on a tab to change tabs, my tab doesn't change and I cannot get the controls to go into the right tab.

AJAX :: Disable Tab Panels On Page Load forums.asp.net

I'm using ajax 3 tab panels on my web page, whenever my web page is loaded i need to disable rest 2 tabs (to grey out with no click events). when i tried to do this from server side, the tabs are completely hidden instead of disabling. My actual requirement is to use tab container as asp wizard control. i'll be having form fields in my first tab with submit button, when the submit button is clicked, then the disabled second tab will be enabled and in the the second tab when submit button is clicked the third tabpanel needs to be enabled just as a wizard control. i can use wizard control but, i'vent found any styled asp.net wizard control. How can i disable rest of the 2 tabs when the page is loaded.

Web Forms :: Passing Querystring Within The Same Page? forums.asp.net

Can we pass querystring in the same page?? if yes then how ?i am using Tab Container control of AJAX Toolkit and in that i have 5 tabs all of them gets the value through querystring from another page but i want to pass different querystring to tab no 4 so for that i am trying to pass another querystring on the same page on TabContainer1_ActiveTabChanged event.i give another querystring to tab no 4

JQuery :: Tabs Ajax Not Working On IE7 When Loading Same Page With Different Parameters? stackoverflow.com

I am trying to implement jquery ui tabs in ajax mode as shown in [URL]. Only difference is , all my tabs urls load the same page with different parameters. This works perfectly fine on Firefox but it is not working on IE7. Here is my code. <%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeFile="tabs.aspx.cs" Inherits="Files_tabs" %> <script type="text/javascript"> $(function () { [code]....

AJAX :: Tabs With JQuery Carousel / The First One Displayed On The Page Always Works. But Any Other... forums.asp.net

I have been adding different JQuery Carousels to AJAX Tabbed Panels - the first one displayed on the page always works. But any other tabs dont work when I select the tab. I have about a dozen different carousels. Can anyone recommend one that works in AJAX Tabs or how I can go about rectifying this?

AJAX :: Tab Panel Not Displaying Its Child Controls Inside It? forums.asp.net

This is the first web application, that I am developing and also struggling with Microsoft AJAX tab container from last 2 days. There are couple of issues, I am facing: 1. Whether we can do the customized settings for tab panels and its child controls, like we can do in C# (e.g. docking, anchors, etc..) ? 2. I have tab panel, and I have added grid view in it. But on the web page, grid view is coming partially inside and partially outside the tab panel. Now if data grid rows count changes, panel does not resize accordingly.

Redirect Parent Page From AJAX Loaded Tab? stackoverflow.com

SO I have a php function for redirecting public function redirect($url, $permanent=false, $statusCode=303) { if(!headers_sent()) { header('location: '.$url, $permanent, $statusCode); } else { echo "<script>location.href='$url'</script>"; } exit(0); } It's done me wonders so far, but Lets say that I am loading a tab via AJAX, which requires a user to be logged in. So ideally when the tab loads and it detects the user isn't logged in it redirects them to the index page. However, instead, the redirected page (http://localhost/something/index.php in my case) just loads inside the tab which makes sense, but is obviously not what I want to happen :) However, is there a php solution to do this? Or should I just have a JavaScript redirect function at the root level that I call from the loaded AJAX tab if the user is not logged in? Edit: Sorry. to clarify what I mean by tab, it's just HTML loaded into a DIV tag via AJAX

Copy Textfield Value From One Tabs To Another Tabs? stackoverflow.com

i'm using jquery tabs..i'm use tabs-1 as input form and tabs-2 as show input data...i want after submit..all value inside textfield which have been type at tabs-1 can copy into textfield at tabs-2...where part that i must modify?at form or at process page?what's code that can make it works? <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function() { $("#input").click(function() { [code]...

Ajax :: Multiple Calls Without Disturbing Others? stackoverflow.com

I have created Dynamic Tabs by using Jquery. In each tab, I have sent a ajax call and get some information and do some functions. My problem is, If i create a First tab, the ajax call called and got informations and done some dunctions. Same as if i create second tab, that also work properly. But If i create Second tab, when First tab ajax call or functions running, it stops the operation and second tab operations are started. i want to create second tab dynamically, when the First tab functions Running(without stopping this)..

Jquery :: Not Working Inside AJAX Loaded DIV stackoverflow.com

I am having a problem getting the java script code to work inside a ajax loaded div, i am trying to include jquery tabs but it not working, the ajax outputs text only and wont recognize the java script. Here is my js code: And the html :

JQuery :: UI Tab Not Loading On Programmatic Selection forum.jquery.com

Right now I've written a script that after clicking the submit button enables the next tab and selects it. Here's the code: $(document).ready(function () { $('#quotesubmit').live('submit', function () { $.ajax({ data: $(this).serialize(), type: $(this).attr('method'), url: $(this).attr('action'), success: function (response) { $('#ratesView').html(response); enabletab(2); selecttab(2); }}); return false; })}); The script works and the tab is enabled and then selected. The problem is that the tab isn't actually loaded. Instead I then have to click on the previous tab and then click back onto the new tab. I've also tried using a $tabs.tabs('load', 2); after the tabs select statement to no avail.

AJAX :: How To Use TabContainer With Update Panel And Update Progress forums.asp.net

i am using a Tab container.each tab contains a update panel where the user needs to enter some information. after clicking on save i need an image to show which wud indicate loading process functionality. then after saving the data i need to directly show the next tab. the problem that i am facing is after clicking on the save button the image is shown but it doesnt show the next tab. i am using update progress panel for the image. Here is the code [Code]....

AJAX :: Reg Maintaining Of State Management In Tab Control Of Control Tool Kit? forums.asp.net

I had a webform, in which I included the ajax control toolkit. From that, I inserted the tab control on to my webform, having 4 tabs in that tabcontainer. So, I am allowing the end user to enter the information in the first 3 tab panels, and want to display the entered info on the 4 tab panel, which shows all the info entered in the 3 tab panels. So, how should I manage the information, and display the entered information on the 4th tab panel.. I had some plans of implementing an accordian ajax control for each 3 tabs info, allowing the user to edit at the 4th tab itself..Is this the right idea, or else suggest me, how to display the all the entered info in the 4th tab,like can i use details view, or grid,or suggest something else!!! I added a button to each panel, so that after the user enters the information, he will be redireted to the next tab panel after firing the "Save and continue" button. AFter the user confirms the data on the 4th tab panel, and presses the submit button, then the entered info has to be entered into the database, for this to happen,. whtat should i do...??Can you plz help me out with some detailed explanation, as I am newbie , need support from you kind of ppl...In the first tab, I had some 4 text boxes, and 3 dropdowns, and a save and continue buttton, and in the next panel, some more text just give me helping hand, by hinting..

AJAX :: How To Hide Ajax Panel forums.asp.net

I have added TabContainer to webform. One of Tab container has 10 Tabs. Few of which I would like to hide based on user rights. So added me.TabPanel1.visible = false me.tabPanel2.visible = True. Works when added in Page load but Now my problem is if hiden panel is first tab. and then I update something on 3 tab. then Tab2 fields are supimposed on tab 3 Fields.

Creating A Reporting App That Pulls Information Off Of A Sql Database And Populates The Data In A Datagridview... www.dreamincode.net

I am creating a reporting app that pulls information off of a Sql database and populates the data in a datagridview control (DVG). I am using tab pages (Tabcontrol), and I have about 10 tabs with within the control. What I have done is created a dynamic control that will populate in each tab page once the tab is selected. I am using a split container and in my split container.panel 1 is where all my buttons and search functionality will be. In my split container.panel2 to is where the main DGV control will be. I have got this to function properly, however now I am unable to add anything to my split container.panel1. I would like to add diffrent labels and buttons in the panel1 one without putting another panel on top of the split container.panel1, and also if i do this when I resize my container the panel will just sit there. I am using the selected index changed event to get my split container to show in each of the diffrent tabs Private Sub searchTab_SelectedIndexChanged(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles searchTab.SelectedIndexChanged searchTab.TabPages(searchTab.TabPages.IndexOf(searchTab.SelectedTab)).Controls.Add(splitContainer1) [code]...

AJAX :: Auto Change To Another Tab Of Tab Container forums.asp.net

I have two tab panel for a tab container. And I have some button that perform some function in tab 1. But when I click any button in tab 1. After finished the function, it will automatically change to tab 2. What's wrong with my code? My code is as follows: <%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" MasterPageFile="~/MasterPage.master" CodeFile="Testing.aspx.cs" Inherits="Testing" %> <asp:content ID="content" ContentPlaceHolderID="MainContent" runat="server"> <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" [URL] <html> <head > <title></title> </head> <body> <form id="form1" > <div> <asp:ScriptManager ID="ScriptManager1" runat="server"> </asp:ScriptManager> <ajaxToolkit:TabContainer ID="TabContainer1" runat="server" ActiveTabIndex="1"> <ajaxToolkit:TabPanel runat="server" HeaderText="Search by Date" ID="TabPanel1"> <ContentTemplate> <div> <asp:Panel ID="Panel1" runat="server" Height="171px"> <asp:GridView ID="grdHeading" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="False" onselectedindexchanged="grdHeading_SelectedIndexChanged"> <Columns> <asp:BoundField DataField="courseID" HeaderText="Course ID" SortExpression="courseID" /> <asp:BoundField DataField="courseName" HeaderText="Course Name" ReadOnly="True" SortExpression="courseName" /> <asp:CommandField ButtonType="Button" ShowSelectButton="True" /> </Columns> </asp:GridView> <br /> <br /> </asp:Panel> </div> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />.........................

AJAX :: OnClientClick Doesn't Work As Expected With UpdatePanel forums.asp.net

I have an onclientclick property on a linkbutton that calls a javascript function. inside Update Panel [Code].... iam getting the error at bold line . my listbox is inside Update Panel and link button too but java script is outside of Update Panel.

AJAX :: Tabcontainer Doesn't Show Tabs In Proper Style? forums.asp.net

I used ajax tabcontainer and 7 tabs in it.It works fine on my locahost but when i deployed it on server it doesn't show tabs background..it shows only labels as tab names.

AJAX :: Trying To Use Ajax Tab Panels And Ajax ValidatorCalloutExtenders To Gather Information From A... forums.asp.net

I am trying to use ajax tab panels and ajax ValidatorCalloutExtenders to gather information from a user. I have controls in the first tab which I would like to vaildate before moving to the second tab. I can do this by having a button at the bottom of tab1 which then uses a server side button_click event to check Page.Validate("tab1"), thus firing my code for a validation group. However, in my code the user can simply click on the tab for tab2 and the validators then obviously dont fire. Is there a way I can force the user to stay in the 1st tab if they havent satisied the validation? I know I can check the page validation in javascript using Page_ClientValidate(), however I have no idea how then to stop the user from moving to the next tab. I have included my code below. <form id="form1" runat="server"> <asp:ScriptManager ID="ScriptManager1" runat="server" /> <script type="text/javascript"> [code]...

AJAX :: How To Change Size Of Tab Panel forums.asp.net

I have a tab container which contains many tab panels.I want to know how to change the size and color of those tab panels.

JQuery :: UI Tabs Using Ajax To Load Document Fragment? stackoverflow.com

I am using JQuery UI tabs and would like to load a fragment from a generated page. However, the whole page is loaded. Here is the code: <head> <script src="/js/jquery-ui-1.8.15.custom.min.js"></script> <script> $(function() { [Code].... Is there an easy way of doing this? Also, is the Tabs plugin using .load() or .get() ajax calls?

Tying AJAX Animation To AJAX Tabs? forums.asp.net

I'm trying to figure out a way to tie the AJAX animation framework to the AJAX Tabs container. For example, one thing I want to do is use the fade animation when selecting a different tab. I've yet to find a way to have individual control of the tabs other than the content and CSS. Does anyone know where I can do some research into this, and what I should be looking into to learn how to do this

JQuery :: Use Event Handlers To Update DOM After Changing Contents Of A UI Tab forum.jquery.com

Trying to get a handle on the basic syntax. I want to use .ajax instead of the following js function so that I can use the event handlers to update the DOM after changing the contents of a jQuery UI tab. What happens now is that the DOM only contains the first loading of the JQuery UI tab (fragment-3 in this example). Once the tab is changed by the displayfrag3 function (a table is rewritten with new <td ids>) the DOM doesn't see any new id tags so "on click" functions using the new ids don't work. My Call to this Function: My Attempt at using jQuery .ajax: What is the call statement for this and how do I pass a variable to it? Could someone show me the correct jQuery .ajax code and explain how to add the success handler to update the DOM.