AJAX :: Tab Container With Tab Panels Doesn't Show When Using "OnClientClick =" Java Script Function


last time they helped me fixing my problem of executing my JS with asp.net. now i have another problem, i have placed the Java sript at the end of the content place holder no problem with that. as sson as i put "OnClientClick ="MyFUnction" in the TabPanel4 parameters..and i run the application.. the whole tab container does not show at all... when i remove the "OnClientClick ="MyFUnction" i have my 4 tabs back and showing..

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I'm trying to navigate between tabs using an Image Button On each tab there is a button that navigates the user to te next tab. On the first tab, it works as expect from Tab 1 -> Tab2 But on the seconf tab, I get and error Java script function MoveTab(tn) { var container = $find('<%= TabContainer1.ClientID %>').set_activeTabIndex(tn); ; } Button first tab that works ok <asp:ImageButton ID="ImageButton8" runat="server" OnClientClick="javascript:MoveTab('1')" ImageUrl="~/Images/saveadd.gif" /> Button on second tab that gets error message <asp:ImageButton ID="ImageButton1" runat="server" OnClientClick="javascript:MoveTab('2')" ImageUrl="~/Images/savereview.gif" /> Error Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code. Exception Details: System.InvalidCastException: Specified cast is not valid. Source Error: [Code].... Stack Trace: [Code]....

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I've a tab container with 4-5 tabs on a page. On the same page, I've three update panels - one outside tab container whilst the other two lie inside two tab panels separately. Update mode of all three update panels are set to Conditional. There is a timer in the first update panel (the one outside tab container). Whenever timer ticks, the other two update panels are also being refreshed. How can I stop this?

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I've an application using Ajax tab container with 6 tab panels. The header text of each tab panel is quite long, so i've decided to increase the height of header and make the text multiline as follows: [Code].... I was able to change the width , but not able to increase the height. My problem is am able to display only upto the <br> point and i must use the default tab theme.

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In my application I am using ajax updatepannel in which there is a tab container tool having 4 tabs, in the third third tab I used ajax accordian control which has 2 panel each pannel have one gridview control a Remove button. Here what I want to give delete facility to the user upon the selection of checkbox corresponding to the particular record. But when I click the button it doesnot triger the button click event of the remove button. sorce code : [code].....

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I am using some AJAX and some JQuery for Login panel animation in Master page.Also in my home page I am using AJAX Tab container.It works fine when I run the application without login.If I logged in I got the following error when I put the breakpoint into my code, Microsoft JScript runtime error: 'document.getElementById(...)' is null or not an object,It shows at the following Line at the Home[dynamic] page. document.getElementById('ctl00_sdfsf').dispose = function() { Array.remove(Page_ValidationSummaries, document.getElementById('ctl00_sdfsf')); }

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m using ajax control tab container, in which i have placed 5 tab panels.... in first tab panel submit button is woking fine,but in 2nd tabPanel button is giving problem,its not firing even a single event...


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I am using a tabcontainer in which there are three panels.I am having a drop down outside the tab container .Based on the selection in the dropdown I am binding dropdownlist,checkboxlist in the tabpanels of the container.My Problem is, when I select the Drop down outside the container, the page is getting reloaded always.Even the selection in the dropdown,checkboxlist in the tab panels the page is getting reloaded. I am using ajax updatepanel in each tab panel .I registered the controls in the page load as ScriptManager.RegisterAsyncPostBackControl(Control); I am getting error like only one instance of Scriptmanager can be used as there is one script manager defined in master page. I added this line in each selectionchanged event "UpdatepanelID.Update();"

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i am using asp.net ajax tab container[ which has 2 tab panel] under each tab panel i have an div tag. now by default.i have my Activetabindex="0" now i need to enable css property for the div tag using javscript so that there is no post back happening. i doing like this css property for the tab panel 1 is not getting applied this is my script what i doing. if i do the same thing in code behind for the ta selected index change it works. but thatcause an post back. now i need t o do it my javscript only [Code].... so how to i enable my css property for the div using javascript for the tab panel

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I have two textboxes on separate ajax tab panels. I was trying to setup a javascript onkeyup attribute to set the value of textbox1 to textbox2 or vice versa depending on which they typed in. If the textboxes are not on the tab panels then it works just fine but I cannot get it to work when the two textboxes are on separate tab panels. Here is what works outside the tab panels. Public Function AddOnkeyAttributesControl(ByVal ctrl1 As TextBox, ByVal ctrl2 As TextBox) ctrl1.Attributes.Add("onkeyup", "javascript:form1." & ctrl2.ID & ".value=form1." & ctrl1.ID & ".value") ctrl2.Attributes.Add("onkeyup", "javascript:form1." & ctrl1.ID & ".value=form1." & ctrl2.ID & ".value") End Function I just call this function with the two I want to link as I said it works outside the ajax tab panels but not on the tab panels. i am sure it is something to do with the way that the tabs are rendered but i don't know where to start.

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So I've got a pretty nice application going using ui-tabs.. problem is, I cannot for the life of me figure out a way to pre-load images in my ajax content before the tab panel is shown. The only way I can think of is to create my own ajax functionality for the loading of tab-panel content, and adding something like this to the ajax call: success: function(response){ $(response).find('img').preload({ onFinish: function(){ currentTabPanel.show(); } }); } But I'm thinking there's GOT to be a better way of going about this using the built in AJAX methods and events in the jQueryUi.tabs() object.. I just don't think I'm seeing it..

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I have an update panel with update progress control within an Ajax Tab Container. It's all working fine, my primary question is how to style (CSS) the Updateprogress control so that it displays within the tab container (rather than over the entire page) AND displays on top of the tab content. [Code]....

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Each tab panel should display with different colors based on the status. Example:tabs should display in "Green"Inprogress status tabs should display in "Red"Not eligible status tabs should display in "Gray".Ajax Tab look and feel is very good. So, thought of using the Ajax Tab for my above requirement. I tried to change it. But I am not able to change the color of the each tab.Is it possible to change the color of each tab in Ajax Tab control?

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I am trying to use a button to dynamically create a brand new tab every time i click it and load a control in there. I'm starting on the tab creation so far. I have on my aspx page, an update panel and a tab container control to handle it. The issue I am having is that the button will only create one tab no matter how many times I click [Code].... my container is named Tabs. EDIT:The whole code pasting doesn't work well

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I have a tab container on a web page, in which several panels are loaded with heavy peice of data, what i do, i only load the defualt tab data on page load, and the rest of data(i.e data in other tabs) loads behind the screen(i.e using asynchronous request), just to speed up page rendering. now when the page completely rendered(with only default tab data) the load event of javascript fires and it start populating data into other tabs, in this situation when i click any other tab immediately after rendering, it shows the half rendered panel(i.e the data is rendering in panel or the back process is running), which looks awkward sometimes. So i need to stop the click of any tab until the data into that panel(or in all the panels) fully rendered, by displaying a wait or progress bar image, and then opens up that panel. i need whenever user click on a tab, a wait image should display on the tab header until the panel fully rendered, and then panel will opens up, none of the panel displays half or no data.

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I've built a web application that's 95% dynamically created.My actual design-time ASPX page has a tab container (which acts as the container for the whole page).Inside the tab container is a tab panel.It's my administrator tab panel.On form load, I store the tab panel object in a session variable,then utilize "tcFrame.Tabs.Remove(tpadmin)" to remove it from the tab list.After dynamically building my tabs/content, the last thing I do in form_load is "tabP = Session("admintp")" and "tcFrame.Tabs.Add(tabP)" -it works. kind of.The admin tab is loaded - but it's loaded underneath the content from the activetab listed above (the first tab generated).If I click on any tab BUT the admin tab, the admin content remains on the screen. As soon as I click on the admin tab, it goes away. I can fix this in either of the two scenarios: "If user.isinrole("admin")" - then add tab & set the activetab = tpAdmin. I can also go "TcFrame.activetab = tpadmin", then "tcFrame.activetabindex=1" While I could do either of these, I'm curious to know what's causing this (e.g. a logic error?).

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I have dynamic ajax tab container that has several tabpanels.in one of the tabpanel I want to load a JQGrid as user control. but it does not load in my tab panel. here is my create and load user control in tab panel : [Code]....

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I have an Ajax Tab Panel on my webpage with three tabs in it.On my first tab i have some textboxes.Now I want to give Alert message to user if user navigates to another tab after changing value of any of the text box.I want to perform this task using Javascript if possible.Or else any other solutions are acceptable.Below Image shows my tab panel structure

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I have a tab container with two tabs. In one of the tab panels, I have a button. I want by pressing the button to make a label in master page visible: [Code].... The event fires, the event handler is executed, but the lable doesn't become visible. If I place the button outside of the tab container, it works.

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I need to open links in the current tab instead of leaving the page and I found this example but only works if tabs are loaded via Ajax How can I make it work with static tabs? $('#example').tabs({ load: function(event, ui) { $('a', ui.panel).click(function() { $(ui.panel).load(this.href); return false; }); } });

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I'm creating a chat application in asp.net. In this I'm creating tab panels in a tab container dynamically for each user. when you select a new user I'm generating a tab for him with two text boxes and send button to send messages. If he doesn't want to continue his chat I need to remove or delete that tab. Is there any way that i can remove or delete those tabs in asp.net using vb.net?

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hello...I have an SStab control that contains other controls...in short, what I'd like to do is when the user changes from tab #1 to tab #2, a certain control stays visible, thus switches its container the tab #2when the user selects tab#1, the control's container reverts back to tab#1there are reasons as to why the control has to be contained by the SStab and not the form...I just want to be able to change a control's container to a certain tab in the SStabI triedmyControl.container = SStab(1)...doesn't workmyControl.container = SStab...works, but sets the container to SStab(0)any help ?

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I have an AJAX tab container with 2 panels within aspx page. Each panel hosts an ascx control. Each control contains GridView and FormView that are databound - 1st control to the parent table and 2nd - to the child. The 2nd control/tab contains standard DropDownList that is bound to the parent values so the user can select a parent to create "child" for. everything works fine except when the parent (on the 1st tab control) is created/updates the ObjectDataSource on the 2nd tab does not getting refreshed. Only after refreshing the hole page I can see the new "parent" value in the ddl on "child" page. I use strongly typed dataset. How I can programmatically refresh the DataSource? Simple rebinding didn't make a dent. Do I need to refresh page, the tab container, tab panel? <asp:Content ID="Content1" ContentPlaceHolderID="ContentPlaceHolder1" Runat="Server"> [Code]....

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I am adding the tab panel dynamically to the tab container. The content template contains user control that will also add dynamicallly based on selection of tab or tab onclick. Basically i am using the same user control but data will be populated based on tab header text. I want to set a property in the user control when tab panel clicked & loaded the data accordingly.

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VWD 2008 Express. Visual Basic. Ajax Control Toolkit I am using an Ajax tab control from the Ajax control toolkit. I have controls like gridviews and formviews on the tab panels in the tab control. The tab control has its active tag index set to "0" or the first tab panel. I find that when I am on another tab panel and do something like an "Edit," "Update," or "Insert" (which of course produce a postback), that I am returned to the first tab being active (the tab on which I am working does not stay active). I then have to click on the tab to get back to it. How can I make it so that the tab that is currently selected stays selected after a postback?

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I have a hidden panel off the left side of the screen which slides into view on the click of a 'tab' positioned on the left side of the screen. I need the panel to slide over the top of the existing page content, and I need the tab to move with it. and so both are absolutely positioned in css. Everything works fine, apart from I need the tab (and thus the tab-container) to move left with the panel when it is revealed, so it appears to be stuck to the right-hand-side of the panel. Its relatively simple when using floats, but of course this affects the layout of the existing content, hence absolute positioning. I have tried animating the left position of the panel-container (see the documented jquery function), but I cant get it to work. This is an example of the original code which i have changed, how can I get the button/tab to slide aswell? [URL] My HTML <div><!--sample page content--> <p> Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et [Code].....

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I have a problem with using a script that adds a NiceEdit toolbar to a text area when that text area is within an Ajax tab.I want to know if I should refer to it in a different way than just the ID.I mean the ID of that text area, I tried to take the text area outside the Tab Container, it works, but when I return it, it simply doesn't.[code]

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I have different php output in jQuery-based tabs. This output is formed from database and it consists of several <div>'s. Every time I click any tab it sends AJAX request to the php script which performs "SELECT" request and gives result back as response to AJAX request from the tab. $(document).ready(function() { ('ul.tabs li').css('cursor', 'pointer'); $('ul.tabs.tabs1 li').click(function(){ [code[]....

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I am working on an ASP.NET application that has a tab container with 5 tab panels in it. There are 2 'admin' user tabs, 2 'regular' user tabs, and a 'receipt' tab. Now, depending on what kind of user is accessing the page, I am enabling or disabling/hiding 2 of the tabs (regular or admin), but I am always showing the receipt tab. So, in essence, there are only ever 3 tabs visible - either 2 'regular' tabs and a receipt tab, or 2 'admin' tabs and a receipt tab. Now, when a user logs into the app from the login page, and is directed to the page with the tab container and 5 tab panels on it, I would like to have the receipt tab selected by default, and to have it shown to the user. This tab is the fifth in the container (TabIndex = 4), and so in the OnLoad event for the page, I try setting something like this up tabContainer.ActiveTabIndex = 4 ...but it shows nothing. So I am thinking that maybe, since 2 of the tabs are hidden, I need to set the index to 2 (for the 3rd visible tab, which should be the receipt tab). Well, when I do this, the 3rd tab in the tab panel control at the top is indeed selected - but the actual content in the tab is still the content from the first tab (TabIndex = 0)....? Is there some sort of event I need to call to "flush out" what is being displayed in the actual panel, or am I missing something else?

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I use TabContainer of Ajax Toolkit and want to have tabs both in buttom and top of tab container. So that we have tabs in both buttom and top. also is it possible to have other elements besides tabs? I mean If I have a datalist in tabs and want to put their paging on header and footer of tab container just beside the tabs.

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I am using asp.net ajax tab control in my project. I found an issue with it. In my page there are four tabs, each tab contains a list of controls. When page loads, I want to set focus on first tab's (which is set as active tab) first control. .I am not able to do it either using server side code or client side code. Following java script code is used to set the focus on page load: Sys.Application.add_load( function() { document.getElementById("").focus(); } ); With above code I got following java script error: Can't move focus to the control because it is invisible, not enabled, or of a type that does not accept the focus

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Im having a tabcontainer in which im having one more tab container which consist of 3 tab panels.what i want that when i click the parent tab panel i want to change the child tab container's activetabindex. [Code].... [Code].... Im getting activeTab NULL.

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here i am using pab container .. In this tab container i have eight tab panels.. so i need to change width of the tab Panel

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In my application, I am using Tab Container in one Panel. At runtime on one of the Button Click I want to create Tab Panel in to the tab Container. I am doing this as follows: protected void btnMSOpen_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

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I have an interesting problem when using partial page update in asp.net with scriptmanager and a update panel. My scenario looks like this: I'm using the tab control from the ajax toolkit. I also implemented this control using lazy loading, so that when the page is loaded only the current tab gets loaded all the other tabs don't get rendered, because Im using an UpdatePanel (on a .ascx control) on each of these tabs and when a tab gets selected the updatepanel makes a async postback to load the content for a selected tab. On one of my tabs Im using a combobox control from obout.com, and it doesn't work. Now I know why it doesn't work. It doesn't work because the control is shown via a partial page refresh, but to correctly display the control it has to do some "magic" that is - register some .css and .js includes on the page (in the head I guess)....but because I load this control via async page refresh.

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I am developing a site that involves a back end registration. No major problem. It is basically an index.php page with many tabs and forms. I am using jquery for the tabs. Ok the problem is at one point i need to make an ajax call to a php script, however the script is not recognizing my session variables. I can echo them out in my main script without a problem. I have used print_r and see the content. when i go to my php script and use print_r or try to use a session variable they are empty. I am using session_start() at the top no spaces (i've checked that) here is some code Code: <script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2011/registration/js/tinymce/jquery.tinymce.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="http://ajax.microsoft.com/ajax/jquery.validate/1.7/jquery.validate.min.js"></script> <script> $(document).ready(function(){ // first hide any error messages $('.container').hide(); [Code].....

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I have a tab container with two tab panels on default.aspx as [Code].... The first tab panel hosts Page1.aspx and Page1.aspx has a Button. When I click this button from Page1.aspx , I want the active tab (on default.aspx) to change to second tab panel which hosts Page2.aspx. I can not get hold of the tabcontainer in the button click event in the child page.

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I am very new to jQuery and I am struggling with using JQuery TabsI have 3 tabs on my page which open up different URL's, the problem I am seeing is that no matter what tab I select the selected tab is always 0. (The contents are correct just the tab selected is ncorrect.)My Java Script $(function(){ // Tabs $('#tabs').tabs({ [code]....

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I use AJAX tab panel for my web site (ver.1.0.2) with VS2005. Previously I use large page and now i it change to tab panel. The problem is when I change the source view to design view it automatically update the content of tab panel and show the 'error creating control' and sometimes it not. So I'm having difficulty on designing that page because always I have to keep the backup of the page.

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I am using ajax Tab panels in an asp.net web application. In each tab I have a couple of required validators with validator callout extenders. How would I display the validator message to the user when it is hidden in the tab. Is there a way I can select the tab when the validator is triggered? Is there an ajax functionality that would make a tab selected upon validator triggering?