AJAX :: Inserting Image In HTML Text Editor?


I have Uploaded my website where I have made a Forum/Blog... and to insert post I have used HTML text Editor... But I cannot understand How to insert Images in it... I can insert it by giving url of any image in src value. But if image is not available on nt and I want to insert it from my computer then how will i insert it.

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i will develop an online forum using asp.net with ajax tools for front-end and mysql for my back-end. i will use the ajax html editor for posting text with images. my problem is i don't know what mysql data type for the value of ajax html editor that has text with images.

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I want to use a Rich Text Editor in my ASP.NET web application project for my company's product.What are the best free options available. I went thru ASP.NET Ajax HTML Editor.But it does not support inserting an image inside the content.Can any one suggest me some solutions for this.I had a look at tinymce,FCKeditor etc... But i am afraid to take it as there is some licensing is present for those

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i use ajax html editor control in my page.aspx this is my text in editor control i see, my text have "check gramma" by red line i want to disable "check gramma" in ajax html editor control

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I am using in C# HTML EDITOR Control MS Ajax. I would like to know if is possible FORCE the control HTML EDITOR to DO NOT ACCEPT text from PASTE (short cut ctrl+v or menu command). My aim is to prevent css inline code to be added to the text. I would allow user to add text if pasted just with HTML EDITOR Button PASTE PLAIN TEXT.

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using Editor control of ajax toolkit control is uneditable.I know its reason but do not know how to solve that.In the top of the html page we have this text <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> written whenever we open a aspx page.But due to some reason i do not have to use that text, so i have deleted that.That's why my editor is uneditable.When i take those text that editor is editable.So, how that editor can be editable without taking those text ?

AJAX :: HTML Editor Replacing International Character,want To Avoid? forums.asp.net

I have a webform (for posting ads) that has an AJAX HTML Editor (for ad description) and AJAX fileupload control to upload & display some images. If I don't upload any images (no postback is done) then the html editor will display the international characters correctly and the ad is then stored correctly. As soon as I upload an image for display (and postback is automatically done), then the html editor will replace all the international characters with unrecognized characters. And the ad will be stored with those incorrect characters. Is there any way I can avoid this? I'm still not exactly sure why the html editor automatically replaces all my characters when postback is done.Or is there another html editor that manages this better?

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how i can create insert image button for my html editor?

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i need to create an online html editor to be used in my asp.net application with the basic button of dataformating + adding/inserting images+creating templates

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I am getting some problem to upload Multiple Images through AJAX. When I tried to upload images without using the page refresh on PHP site the images contents are not loading. Something is wrong between AJAX file and I dont know that how send images on the PHP side. Code: <html> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" /> <title>Images</title> <script src="js/ajax.js" type="text/javascript"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> [Code]....

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Is there a free text editor for asp.net that allows client side browsing and placing/formatting/inserting of images in the text? I've seen some from Yahoo UI and others but the Text Editor I have with the AJAX Control Toolkit does not seem to have?


***---Multiline Property--*** www.vbforums.com

Hello...I have a text field which I am using in a HTML editor program. Now i need to insert tags in the text field just like the real source code. But how do I insert tags in different lines in the text field???For example:this is what it should look like:----------------------------<html><head><title></title><body></body></head></html>----------------------------if i say this in a command button:text1.text = "<html>"text1.text = text1.text & "</html>"but then the text field looks like this:---------------------<html></html>---------------------but i want it to look like this:---------------------<html></html>---------------------how do i do this?????

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how to add key press event for Ajax HTML editor

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n my application i am using ajax html text editor control , its working fine . but the contents that is typed in html editor contains bullets and numbering and while i am filling this content to a label control then the nuembering(ordered list) and bullets are not shown , is any solution ?Is it possible to view contents only by using ajax html control in preview mode.

Drupal 6: Print Images In Body Field Content To Node Template File? stackoverflow.com

In my node-page.tpl.php I print:<?php print $node->content['body']['#value']; ?>Howeve it doesn't display all body content, it does display all text entered, I use TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor to insert inline images.Visuly, editing the node, the images appear in the editor, so I wrote text before and after the image disabling the rich-text editor, and the text before and after the image appears.Viewing the source there's no mg> tags at all.The images are

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tell me a free html text editor...It should be able to embedded or inserted into aspx page.

AJAX :: Insert Images Through HTML Editor Of Control forums.asp.net

I have to use an editor. For that i m using ajax html editor. [URL] but there is no option for image inserting.

Input Text With Button www.sitepoint.com

trying to insert html into a text area when clicking a image, I can insert normal text but can't get the html to insert, anyhelp is great. PHP Code: <head> <script language="JavaScript" type="text/JavaScript"> function sendText(e, text) { e.value += text } </script> </head> PHP Code: <img src="images/archive_download_ie.gif" name="image" width="72" height="19" onClick="sendText(document.add_post.content, '<a href="#"><img src="images/archive_download_exe.gif" width="72" height="19" border="0"></a>')">

AJAX :: Get Value From Text Editor By C#? forums.asp.net

i have a form to insert record to sqlserver and one field i am using ajax text editor but i can't get it value by C# . when i press button to insert it never has error but that field is no data it just null.i think it may not know html codei wonder if u can share me some possible solution. <form id="form1" runat="server"> <div> <asp:ScriptManager ID="ScriptManager1" runat="server"> [code]...

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I'm using AJAX Control Toolkit HTMLEditor. I have a sample Microsoft Word document which has several paragraphs. When I click the button "Paste from MS Word (with cleanup)" on the Editor, <br/> is inserted as the HTML instead of <p></p> i.e. HTML paragraphs. I would like the MS Word paragraphs to retain their meaning and have a <p> instead of <br />. (By the way, they are kept if I do a standard Paste, but then a lot of other obscure characters are inserted into the HTML)

AJAX :: HTMLEditor Description Image Path? forums.asp.net

How do you deal with images in the HTML Editor from the Ajax Toolkit? I didn't find a way to define the image directory or something to set a relative default path. Since the Editor is normally in a different subdirectory than the content pages will be displayed afterwards. Also, there is no option to include images somehow, no?

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I uses ajax rich text editor. I want to input a flash file into this editor.

Image Problems {VB App Using DHTMLEdit Component} www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hi,I am writting a small app to edit HTML documents using the Microsoft DHTML Edit component. Currently I have it inserting images using DECMD_IMAGE, and when I click the image I have it displaying the same "picture box" containing the fields, "Picture source", "Alt text", layout and spacing.What I would like to do is to pass this and the image sizing information to another visual basic form so that users can edit the image size this way rather than draging the image in the editor itself.Does anyone have any ideas how to access the image size information and pass it to another form?ThanksMartin

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I'm having an AJAX HTML EDITOR, I need to import a word document into it.

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I am using ajax html editor, is it possible to embed a spell checker?

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I put an Ajax Control Toolkit's HTML Editor in one view page but I have no idea how to access its contents!

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I want to customize Ajax HTML Editor's insert link function so I derived a custom button from OkCancelPopupButton and related popup from OkCancelAttachedTemplatePopup, but the button texts don't appear. See picture below (Cím: URL, Megjelenő szöveg: Display text).

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How to save Ajax Editor content as an HTML file to a disk? Let's say I have an Ajax Editor which allows user to type or paste in long message or writting. Once he clicks on "submit" button, an HTML file will be created and save to a disk. I am working on asp.net 3.5, ajax version 3.5 (from codeplex, work well).

Image Preview www.vbforums.com

Hi all!i am creating a HTML Editor application in VB 6.0.I have a form (see attached image) that I will be shown when a user clicks on insert Image from a menu I have created. That I have done for showing the image form.The next problem I'm having is this.User clicks browse button, the open dialog box opens and the files location gets put into the URL text box, and the image gets previewed in the Image Preview area.The Title and the Align features I can do.The next challange would be to get the width and hieght of the image, by clicking the reset button.So when the user clicks the OK button, this will be inserted into the editor, something like this:<img src="(IMAGEURL)" width="(WIDTH)" height="(HEIGHT)" align="(ALIGNMENT)" title="(TITLE)">obviously the values in brackets will be replaced with the proper values from the values in image form.I am able to do that, as I have managed to do it with inserting a table. The only thing I can't do is to get the open dialog box to open and to open an image and put its URL in the URL textbox, then to show the image and to get the images width and height.Is this possible or have I made things unclear?Thanx for your help.

AJAX :: Save HTMLEditor Contents As Rtf? forums.asp.net

I'm using the Ajax Toolkit Editor control on my page, and need to save the contents to an rtf file. I found a similar post, but I'm having trouble with the following method: Protected Sub cmdSave_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Response.Clear() Response.Buffer = True Response.AddHeader("content-disposition", "attachment;filename=myfile.rtf") Response.ContentType = "application/rtf" [Code].... This produces a file with the .rtf extension, but it merely contains plain text and html tags. Is it possible to save the contents of the Ajax Editor control as a true rtf?

JQuery :: Get Actual Content Written By User In This Rich Text Editor? forum.jquery.com

I am using this Rich Text Editor in my asp.net page.Every thing is fine , but i want to get the html contents inserted by user using a javaScript function and submit the form asynchronously. But i am unable to get the html content. how to get the html contents.I am herewith attaching that Rich Text Editor file .You please unzip these files and place those in a single folder, i have kept in separate folders since single file size was getting larger that limit.

AJAX :: Sys.Extended.UI.HTMLEditor.Editor Is Null Or Not An Object forums.asp.net

Iam using AJAX HTML Editor in my project. Initially i made the HTML Editor as invisible and if i click on the button the HTML Editor shoud be visible but when i click on the button iam getting this errorr "Sys.Extended.UI.HTMLEditor.Editor is null or not an object".

DesignMode And Custom Actions - Inserted Images To Have An Align Property? stackoverflow.com

So my newest project requires the use of designMode (or similar methods of creating rich text editors), but I am having difficulty using the default commands. I would much rather insert my own HTML at the location of the selector. For example, I would want inserted images to have an align property (with proper CSS, of course), insert HTML5 video tags, etc. Is there a "preferred" method of doing this (with Javascript or jQuery)?

AJAX :: Add Images By Using HTML Editor Control? forums.asp.net

I've download AJAX Control Toolkit and drag Editor control to my .aspx page. It's said the control can add image in this tutorial: http://www.asp.net/learn/Ajax-Control-Toolkit/tutorial-50-cs.aspxbut how? I cannot find the insert image button.

Maintain State! www.vbforums.com

One of the menu items in a VB6 text editor gives users the option toopen the recent files that has been used. Assume that before closingthe text editor, a user had worked with, say, 'File1.html','File2.html' & 'File3.html'. After he exits the text editor & opens itlater, how do I persist with the information that he had worked with'File1.html', 'File2.html' & 'File3.html' when he last opened the texteditor?Actually I am looking out for something similar to cookies that areused by server-side scripts to maintain state.Thanks,Arpan

JavaScript - Finding An Element In Jquery With Some Kind Of A Placeholder stackoverflow.com

I have a nested table structure, a part of which is rendered by a ajax call that returns HTML from the server. The markup looks like this: <tr> <td><table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0"> <%-- Content will be displayed from ajax call 1 --%> <%-- Content will be displayed from ajax call 2 --%> </table> </td> </tr> </table> .. more html The ajax call returns the following html <tr> <td class="wpss_checkboxtd"><img width="16" height="16" src="../../images/someimg.png"></td> </tr> <tr> <td class="wpss_checkboxtd"><img width="16" height="16" src="../../images/someimg.png"></td> </tr> In jquery, I need to insert this html for which i need an element to traverse to so that I can call the html() of that element. Unfortunately, if I use a div, for example: <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0"> <div id="divAjax1"> <%-- Content will be displayed from ajax call 1 --%> </div> <div id="divAjax2"> <%-- Content will be displayed from ajax call 2 --%> </div> </table> the classes are setup such that the div or a span causes other issues.

Image List www.vbforums.com

Hi...i have an image list with 1 image inserted(img1).How do i use the image in the menu editor?{img:1} Add Recordssomething like the above?thanks

Forms Data Controls :: Detailsview In Edit Mode For A 1 Field Table? forums.asp.net

I have a SQL DB with just 2 fields, ID and TEXT.What i was trying to do, was placing a Detailsview in EDIT MODE, then selecting from the DB like SELEC TOP 1 Text FROM DB.Then i placed a Ajax HTML Editor in the template field.How can i, keep the HTML Editor on the page, and use it for INSERT and/OR EDITING ?e.g.: on the first time the user opens the site management page, it will be blank, so it will show the HTML with no text on it. but the bottom button will be UPDATE and CANCEL. So when he enters the TEXT he clicks on UPDATE.

Avascript Rich Display WYSIWYG Component/Methodology stackoverflow.com

I am working on ASP.Net based template editor that lets authors create text templates using Javascript inserted placeholder tags that will be filled in with dynamic text when the templates are used to display the final results.For example the author might create a template likeThe word [%12#add] was generated dynamically.he application would eventually replace the tag with a dynamic word down the road (though it's not specifically relevant to this post)The word foo was generated dynamically.Depending on the circumstances, the template may be created in a text input, textarea or a modified version of the Ajax Control Toolkit HTML Editor. There might be 40 or more of these editable elements on the page, so using lots of stripped down or modified HTML editors would probably bog the page down too much.

Html Editor For Creating Email Templates? forums.asp.net

I need a html editor which is similar to the one forums.asp.net uses for creating a new post. In my application users have a provision to compose email, for that they will be uploading images required for creating emails and also for future use. For adding images to their email I need a browse functionality in html editor which pops up and browses the server for images. Once I select the image and click OK it should be available in the editor.

Page Preview With JavaScript? stackoverflow.com

So I'm using the Ajax Control Toolkit and it's HTML Editor. I'm wondering what is the best approach to create a complete page preview? I have multiple HTML Editor's on the page so I need to get the content of each HTML Editor and save it to a cookie or something, then have a popup with the preview page, which loads the info from the cookies into respective labels.

AJAX :: HTMLeditor In ModalPopup - 'Insert/Edit URL Link' Box Is Wildly Offset? forums.asp.net

I have placed an AJAX Control Toolkit (version 3.0.30512.1) HTMLEditor inside a ModalPopup. Everything works fine except when you click the 'Insert/Edit URL Link' button. The resulting 'add a link' popup moves to the extreme bottom right of the ModalPopup - and drastically shifts the HTML Editor. This happens in Firefox, IE8 and Chrome so far. A screenshot to illustrate this is shown at the bottom of this message. Secondly, as you can also see on this screenshot, there is a lot of white space below the HTML Editor before the Horizontal Rule - there are no other HTML tags between the HTML Editor and the Horizontal Rule. This space only 'closes up' if I increase the height of the HTML Editor - it does not reduce automatically.

Read Webpage With Dynamic Content? stackoverflow.com

Im using file_get_contents() and the source is a url. Im also using ajax to insert html into the page. The page when loaded: <div> <!-- Html goes here when the insert button is pressed --> <input type="button" onclick="insertHtml()" value="insert"/> <input type="button" onclick="saveThisPage()" value="save"/> </div> And when html is added dynamically with ajax: <div> <!-- Html goes here when the insert button is pressed --> <div>Some text here...</div> <div>Some text here...</div> <div>Some text here...</div> [code].... Now I want to save what file_get_contents() returns and store the data into the mysql database. I press the "save" button and a query is sent to a php file to read the page (url source) ...except what is saved is the content when loaded WITHOUT the new data i.e <div>Some text here...</div>

Ajax :: TinyMCE Not Working In Http Request Xhr Generated Page? stackoverflow.com

So i I have a page that contains links that call an httpRequest. The request calls a php file that grabs data from mysql and pre populates a form which is then returned to the browser/webpage. My problem is that when the page is returned to the browser via the httpRequest/ajax the text area does not display the tinymce editor, it just displays a normal text area. It looks like my request and ajax is working fine the text area just doesn't have the tinycme editor on it. When i don't use ajax it works fine but when i put it in a separate file and call it via ajax it doesn't bring in the tinymce editor. Does anyone know how to fix this problem so that my ajax generated page displays the text area with the tinymce editor.

What's A Good Editor forums.devshed.com

I'm using Notepad++ right now and it's really really awesome. I did notice however that whenever I'm inserting html for example, the html in between the <<<HTML ... html ... HTML; is just a plain shade of grey and I have a harder time knowing if and where I have a typing or code error. Is there a text editor that solves this problem? (ie. when I select under the recognizable html code in the php file, the html code becomes color coordinated until I click away again.) Just wondering if there's a similar text-editor that does the same thing for html/css as well. I'm willing to shell out a few hundred dollars if there is such a text-editor.

Jquery :: Replace Image Inside A TD With Loading Image During Ajax Call? stackoverflow.com

I have an HTML table. In each cell there is an image followed by some text. Something like this [code]... I have to run a jQuery Ajax call and during this call I want to change the image to a loading image that I have (loading.gif) and then return it to the regular image (image.gif in this case) after the Ajax is complete. What is the correct jQuery syntax to change the image to the loading image and back again?

How To Get Value (non Html) From Ajax Html Editor stackoverflow.com

get text (non html/ not formatted) from ajax text editor in asp.net i am using vs 2008. i am using AjaxControlToolkit.HTMLEditor you can see same kind of at : ajax HtmlEditor

AJAX :: How To Use Editor With HTML Content forums.asp.net

I have a AJAX editor and I want to put the HTML content in a database and I want to get the HTML data from the database to put in the HTML editor, in HTML mode. So I do: Editor1.ActiveMode = AjaxControlToolkit.HTMLEditor.ActiveModeType.Html;

AJAX :: Get Value For Text Editor In Javascript? forums.asp.net

How to get value for ajax text editor in javascript using asp.net?

Save Html In Docx Format And Read It (load In Web Editor)? forums.asp.net

i won't a DLL to work with docx read from it and load the document in ajax editor control Righ text format

Ajax :: Html - Include A CSS Link If A Call Isn't Done? stackoverflow.com

I have a page 'foo.html' that populates a table via AJAX 'ajax.html?options=option1'(accesses a database.) 'foo.html' has a css linked to it that makes the table from ajax.html look nice. However, I'd like to have ajax.html also look nice with a css if it is directly accessed. if I add <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/dev css/default.css" /> then the AJAX inserts the link again in foo.html which I don't want. Is there any way I can make the css link code not show up in the AJAX call or only show up on non-AJAX calls?

Web Forms :: How To Convert Both Text And Image Into Image forums.asp.net

how to convert both text and image together into an image. To clarify my question I can say if I have a text editor where I can add both text,image,audio or video player, how canI convert the whole texteditor.text (it gives me html code) to an image and save it in a file.

Web Forms :: Convert Both Text And Image? forums.asp.net

how to convert both text and image together into an image. To clarify my question I can say if I have a text editor where I can add both text,image,audio or video player, how can I convert the whole texteditor.text (it gives me html code) to an image and save it in a file. I will be highly pleased with your answer.

Ajax :: Request And CSS-Change To Links stackoverflow.com

I use an AJAX-Request to load a part of a Webpage, the request is handled by a framework, which delivers the content. After that, I use jquery to insert the delivered content into the DOM-Tree. So far, so good. But I use background-images for links in the delivered content, which are generated while processing the AJAX-Request. Normally I would place the path to the background-image into a style-attribute in the link-tags, what works perfectly, until I want to use pseudo-classes for i.e. :hover (you know, to display an alternative image while the mouse hovers) The solution would be to create a custom CSS-file, which will be inserted into the HTML-Head, but until it is an AJAX-Request, the HTML-Head is already sent. how to attach CSS-properties to links, which will be generated on AJAX-Call-Time?

ActionScript 2.0 :: Browser & Flash Player Detection? www.kirupa.com

just wonderign whast's the preferred/easier method:1 add the player detection code into flash2 use html editor (like dreamweaver) to insert some javascript on the webpage

AJAX :: How To Display Image In Ajax Editor Control forums.asp.net

i m working on ajax editor control, here i want to display image in ajax editor control is there any way to display image in this control ?

Image - HTML Problem www.vbforums.com

Hi, i have to boxes - a one for inserting text and pictures and another for html. I have managed to insert the image into the rich text box and the html tag "<IMG SRC='blabla'>" into the html. How would i make it so that when the user moves the image the tag moves relative to it? post if you do understand , Thanks alot hepy

How To Get Value From View To Controller stackoverflow.com

I have a View: <div class="editor-field" id = "nick">Nick <%: Html.TextBoxFor(model => model.Nick)%><img src="/Content/Images/loading.gif" alt = "loading...."/> <%: Ajax.ActionLink("Check", "Check", new AjaxOptions { UpdateTargetId = "check-valid", LoadingElementId = "loading"})%> </div> I used: Nick = ViewData.Model.Nick in ActionLink as below, but I cannot get value of Nick from View. <%: Ajax.ActionLink("Check", "Check", new {Nick = ViewData.Model.Nick}, new AjaxOptions { UpdateTargetId = "check-valid", LoadingElementId = "loading"})%>

Are Text Editors That Use Markdown By Default Safer Than Other Text Editors stackoverflow.com

I'm familiar with CKEditor which converts bold text to its HTML tags <strong>. Other editors (like the editor on this site) use Markdown formatting and I see bold text wrapped in stars instead of HTML like this **text**. Sp does this mean that using a markdown editor protects you by default from any XSS in that user input? I think yes (which is the the main reason I want to use a markdown editor and not ckeditor), but want to double check.

Ubuntu :: Replace Thumbnails With Icons? ubuntuforums.org

htm, .html and .shtml files, Nautilus runs a thumnailer to preview the file. I disable the thumnailer in gconf-editor at /desktop/gnome/thumbnailers/text@html. Now it's just showing the text inside the file. How do I replace the thumbnail and now the text with just an icon for HTML?I attached an image that shows the preview thumbnail, text thumbnail, then icon, which is what I want it to look like.

Web Forms :: How To Find The Ajax Htmleditor Control In Master Page forums.asp.net

I am having one master page and one webform. master page has the treeview control if i click the tree node, i have to fetch the article from the database and show it into the ajax htmleditor. but i have editor control in webform. so i have to find the ajax htmleditor control in master page and put text content into the editor. how to do. Why i am choosing html editor control means. Database text content has lot of html tags like<b>good boy<b>.

Upload An Image From Hard Drive Using Wysiwig HTML Editor On Website stackoverflow.com

It would be great if I could upload an image from my hard drive using wysiwig HTML editor on my website. Editors like FCKeditor or CKeditor provide this option but images can be upload only to one folder whitch needs to be specify in 'someconfig' file. I need wysiwig editor where I could dynamicly create string with 'uploadFolderPath' while implementing eg. in php code. something like: $editor -> new Editor(); $editor -> uploadFolderPath = "blabla/blabla/";

Web Forms :: UnauthorizedAccessException: Access To The Path Is Denied? forums.asp.net

I have a web application that in some pages has an HTML Editor that has also an Image Gallery depending in where page is called.Example: I have 2 web pages: Events and Newsletters and each one has an HTML Editor that loads the images for the corresponding physical folder.The problem is that when I want to delete the images through the Image Gallery page called from Newsletters page I have no problem but when I try to delete them from the Events page i get this exceptionSystem.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path 'C:WebFilesEventImagesEv_00004_20090609061632.jpg' is denied.The code in the Image Gallery page is here: [Code]....

WYSIWYG Textarea Editor bytes.com

Does anyone know where I can get a decent WYSIWYG text area editor to use on one of my sites? The goal is to accomodate users who know zero html and to insert blog-like enties into the database already formatted with html tags. Just thought I'd try this first before I go into WordPress and try to tear out their editor :)

Saving Files www.vbforums.com

help me please, i am designing an html editor, i want to know how i can save text1.text as an html file through the save dialog box

Open Source Ajax/php Html Editors? bytes.com

Are there any open source ajax/php html editors? I want to incorporate as simple (very simple) ajax based html editor into a webapp I'm making. I spent an hour or so downloading code and saw nothing that actually worked. Don't need tables, just need to drag text around, set fonts and colors, upload images, have a simple form for making links. Does such a thing exist? I'm giving away what I'm making, so I don't want to pay for the parts.

Webbrowser Control www.xtremevbtalk.com

Hello. I am design a webpage editor that has code view and design view.The code view is a richtextbox which is plain html code. The design view isa WYSIWYG webpage editor using the Webbrowser control and setting its design mode to on.The problem is that whenever i set the document html of the webbrowser control to the text of the code view, the webbrowser control turns everything in its document html into Uppercase and strips all spaces."<body> <html></html></body>"gets "<BODY><HTML></HTML></BODY>"What i want to do is thisedit in code view text-> use webbrowser control -> insert using the webbrowser control -> set the code view text to the webbrowser document html.If there is no way to do this then at least is there a way to know at which exact point of the code view text was made the insertion of the tag (using the webbrowser control) ? Thanks !!

AJAX :: Multiple HTML Editor Controls In A Webpage? forums.asp.net

I have created nine custom HTML Editors in a web application using AjaxControlToolKit. I am able to connect to SQL database and get the information displayed on all nine Editors. I am also able to update and insert data into database using the Editors. When i am trying to modify the text displayed in the some of the Editors, certian child controls in the Editors are not working. For example if i try to add hyperlink to the text in the first Editor it works fine, i mean all controls infirst Editor works fine. But in the second Editor the hyperlink control doesn't work. The same thing happens forthird, fourth, fifth Editor, but the sixth, seventh, eigth and ninth Editor the Hyperlink works but destination url popup dialog box is displayed at the bottom of the page. this is happening only for hyperlink control in these Editors. The following code i have used to create the custom editor class [Code].... to register the custom editor in .aspx [Code]....

JQuery, Copy Image To HTML Image stackoverflow.com

I've got an ASP.Net app that uses Jquery ajax to get dynamic html an insert into a certain div on the screen. This works but one of the tags is an image tag and no image is being displayed, just the "X" since image is on the server. The path of the image is on the server, ~/Images/user2.png. I'm thinking about having a server side image, , hold the image i need that is not visible and somehow using jquery, "copy" that image to the real html image tag after it is appended. But I can't think of how to copy it. The thing to remember is the html image tag doesn't exist until the ajax data is loaded and appended to the destination tag.

AJAX :: HtmlEditor - No Scroll? forums.asp.net

I am using the Html Editor Ajax Control Toolkit for. Net 3.5 and I need as a va text being typed and reach the lateral borders of the editor for him to play next line and do not let avontade type and add a scroll horizoltal.In short without horizontal scroll

Applications :: Text Editor With Export Support To PNG File forums.macrumors.com

I'm looking for an app that's like a text editor that lets me handle text and edit it and add images and then at the end export it to a .png file. Also the text or image editor should let me to change the dimensions of the file (the "physical" size). Or any image editor that lets me re-edit the text entered.

AJAX :: How To Attach Images To Html Editor forums.asp.net

i want to attach images to content of html editor how? i beleive that there is Editor.Contetnt to do this but i dont know how? also i want to add the image in case the html editor is not empty?

Exporting Html From Image Ready 7 forums.devshed.com

The design was created in photoshop with tons of layers/slices. I've edited them but not sure how to output to tables/html. When I export, I just get images all over the place but some of the text [used for place] should be just that...text, that can be edited inside my html editor, not an image.

Web Forms :: How To Create Dynamic Aspx Page forums.asp.net

I want to create aspx or html page dynamicallly. what should i do. I have a New Page Button on the page i want when user will click this button i want to open a popup window where user will enter the title and content of the page, i want to use Ajax Html Editor for enter the content in the page. and also he can upload any image.

AJAX :: Write A File At The Server? forums.asp.net

I'm using Visual Web Developer 2008 Express with VB for coding and I'm really just a starter. I want to use AJAX HTML editor to create an HTML page and then store this at the server. I've got the HTML Editor set up but how do I "Save" the content as a file in a specific folder at the server?

AJAX :: Editor Control Russian And Arabic Text forums.asp.net

I m using ajax control toolkit and using editor for rich content. there is no problem with latin languages. I use nvarchar type field for database. but when I copy arabic or russian text from somewhere it turns into ?s. When I copy them into a textbox or other server control rathen than this editor, no problem inserting.

Interacting With IFRAME Contents bytes.com

I'm using IFRAME to connect back to my ASP.NET page in order to fetch the FreeBox HTML Editor html contents and scripts (i do this apprach because the html editor is fairly heafty to send to the user when most dont use it on our site instead deferring to a user request before actually sending down the code via AJAX or in this case an IFRAME). Code:

Web Forms :: How To Display The Text On A Different Page Results In Displaying The Html forums.asp.net

i have an html editor where a user can put in some text.the thing is that when trying to display this text on a different page results in displaying the html that was saved by the editor.i want to display the text in a text box (if possible), with the special attributes(bold, itali etc.i currently get the text with the html tags.

Text With Images From Word To RIchText bytes.com

i am trying to make a eazy web editor for a project so the owner of the web site can modified every pages text. It seem to work well by Editing text in word ans sliding it to a rich text editor. ( unsing a saving button sending texte converted in hmtl in a mysql db) The problem is, when i slide texts from Word, it do not insert the images in richtext and when i save no images is in my web site too. ( i used linked image only, insert image from file-->www.bleh.com/img/imagename.jpg but i tryed with image from local files and it didnt work too...) there must be sumthing im doing bad ... or is it possible at all.

Ajax :: Loading Images - Big Images Don't Seem To Load Consistently? www.daniweb.com

I'm having difficulty loading images via Ajax on a site that I've been working on.I'm performing the ajax by using the Request.HTML object of the MooTools framework. Basically, I'm just passing some parameters to a php script which outputs some image tags and then I insert that HTML into a pre-defined content div. For some reason though, it seems that big images don't seem to load consistently when using this technique. Usually, they will just show up as broken images, but when I navigate to the url of the image that is 'broken', it displays just fine. Also, occasionally after navigating to the actual url of the image, my browser will cache the image and then it will display just fine when loading it through Ajax.

How To Capture The Text That Is Typed In An AJAX HTML Editor forums.asp.net

How do you capture the text that is typed in an AJAX HTML editor that includes all of the formatting of the text so the text could be printed out exactly has it was put in.Example: Capture the text along with all the markup and store it in a database so it could be output again with all the formatting. This website does that, people put it in and then somehow it's displayed later.

Ubuntu :: Can't Find A Way To Insert An Existing Jpeg File Into Gimp? ubuntuforums.org

I am trying to design a graphic in gimp2.6 image editor and I can't find a way to insert an existing jpeg file into gimp,

Reporting Services 2005 Textbox With Html? social.msdn.microsoft.com

Hi, Is it possible to insert html into a text control? I have some�records containing html that are saved using a website based on a richText html editor... How can i send the html to the textbox so that it would render like it is desired? If by any reason i cannot use html how can i at least specify line breaks and feeds? � Best Regards, LS

AJAX :: Customize Ajax Editor Control In Web Application? forums.asp.net

I want to customize the ajax editor control in my Web application .I followed the following tutorial: http://www.asp.net/ajax/tutorials/how-do-i-use-the-html-editor-control--cs but I get the error "the type or namespace mycontrols could not be found"... App_Code: [Code]....

Text Editor Inside A Form's Textarea bytes.com

I want a text editor inside a form's textarea, So I would see html markup and html entities - just like a text editor. I also would want to be able to edit it all just like a text editor - this is done in PHPMyadmin for example. is there an easy way to do this.

How To Update Text From Psd www.photoshopgurus.com

I'd like to know that if I update some text in Adobe Photoshop, and save it for web ! Than all that text changes into images in my web pages! I want that text to remain editable in html editor like in dreamweaver! I had made all the text layers (Type Layers) as hidden! and then saved for web but still there is no selectable text but all are images .. how to handle it

Javascript - Get Decoded / Non Html From Ajax HtmlEditor stackoverflow.com

I am struggling to retrieve content as plain text from the Ajax HtmlEditor. I am using editor.get_content() to retrieve the content and am needing it to be in plain text so that i can compare to the initial value of the content. This needs to be done client side in javascript. for example the plain text i require is along the lines of - <a href='blah' .... What im getting out is <a shape="rect" href="blah"..... I cannot use the following answer as i am unable to specify a static iframe. Unless there is a way to dynamicly retieve it? How to get value (non html) from ajax html editor

AJAX :: How To Ajax Editor Control Value While Entered Text forums.asp.net

i added ajax editor control in my webappliaction, when enter some text in editor control and submit into database then i have to clear entered text in the editor control. what to do ? and also i dont need top toolbar of editor control. what to do?

MVC :: Check If Record Exists Before Insert In 2.0 Using Ajax forums.asp.net

I want to check if the record is already exists before insert using Ajax ActionLink in Create View. I am getting error 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object.' Here is a code in View : <div class="editor-label"> <%= Html.LabelFor(model => model.PolicyId) %> </div> <div class="editor-field"> <%= Html.TextBoxFor(model => model.PolicyId) %> <%= Html.ValidationMessageFor(model => model.PolicyId) %> <em>can not be changed later.</em> //error occurs here <%= Ajax.ActionLink("Check", "CheckIfExists", "Life", new { PolicyId = Model.PolicyId }, null)%> </div> And Controller action : public JavaScriptResult CheckIfExists(string PolicyId) { if (lifeRepository.IsExists(PolicyId)) return JavaScript("alert(' Already Exists');"); else return JavaScript("alert(' Not Exists');"); }

Help W/ Text Insert www.vbforums.com

i'm working on a small html editor. i made quick buttons to insert certain things (ex. center text, bold text, link, ect...) but i can't get the text to insert where the mouse cursor is. i am a very very very begginer so go easy. thnx a lot...

ActionScript 3.0 :: Using A Rich Text Editor To Style A Flash Text Field? forums.adobe.com

I've been trying to build a user interface that would allow someone to change the content of a dynamic field (loaded from a text file) using a rich text editor. However the editor inserts inline css style tags like <span style="text-decoration: underline;"> which Flash aparently can't understand. If the editor were instead to insert the following: <span class="ul"> where the stylesheet defined it as: [Code]...

Jquery :: Display Data Requested By An Ajax.load() Call Once Complete, Not During The Call stackoverflow.com

My jQuery code (using ajax) request's data from a local php script (pgiproxy.php). This script grabs the desired webpage. I am using the following php function for this: function grabPage($pageURL) { $homepage = file_get_contents($pageURL); echo $homepage; } I then extract the html code i need from the returned data using jQuery and insert it into a div called #BFX, as follows: $("#btnNewLoadMethod1").click(function(){ $('#temp1').load('pgiproxy.php', { data : $("#formdata").serialize(), mode : "graph"} , function() { $('#temp').html( $('#temp1').find('center').html() ); [Code].... This works fine. I get the html data (which is a gif image) i need displayed on screen in the correct div. The problem is i can see the html data loading into the div (dependant on network speed), but what I want is to insert the extracted html code into #BFX ONLY when the ajax request has fully completed. I have tried to use async:false and call $('#BFX').html( $('#temp').html() ); outside the load() function, this had the same effect.

Rich Text Box Control? www.xtremevbtalk.com

What happened to the old Rich Text Box Control? I remember it having a toolbar attached to it with all the common stuff like font editing etc. I just get a plain text box now. I am using VS2008 and would like to have either the old Rich text box control or something like the HTML Editor in Ajax to use with my Windows Forms App.

PHP Cross Bowser Rich Text Editor www.phpfreaks.com

There are a couple of rich text editors I've used.� These are browser based editor like the one we fill in topics and responses on PHP Freaks here, that when submitted enter text and html tags into a database and upload images as well. I would like to check with the PHP Freaks audience and see if there are any that other developers would recommend.

.net - Simple WYSIWYG Editor For .NET That Supports Images? stackoverflow.com

I need just a basic functions:bold textheader textlist (numbered)undo and redoinsert imagechange background of editor don't need to let the user directly change html code. There I have found some editors that supports all those functions except inserting images.

Ajax :: Tinymce Not Displaying In Page? www.daniweb.com

I am not getting the tinymce edit textarea in an html page that is generated by ajax. I am calling the ajax using jquery. I have kept the tiny_mce.js file on the page that is generated via ajax. The path is correct but am not getting the page displayed. There is no problem for the source hence i am getting the tinymce editor without using ajax.

Jquery :: Html - Link, Returned Data Includes A From That Wont Submit? stackoverflow.com

Basically when I click on a link it runs a ajax request to load some html into a div, that part is working fine the problem comes when the data has been loaded.Part of the html loaded is a form, this form works fine if I load the page directly but when it is loaded through ajax into the div it wont submit but the rest of the links in the html work fine.Here is the code that requests the remote html data: // Ajax to load image editing page $('a.editpicture').click(function(e) { e.preventDefault(); [code].....

Jquery :: Loading A Partial View With An Ajax Request? stackoverflow.com

My homepage is about 25K by itself but I've got several PNG images on it that once fully loaded comes to about 2 MEG. I am thinking about initially loading up the page without any images (or without the banner which contains all the PNGs and some HTML) then once the page loads, use jQuery/Ajax request to load in the partial view (which contains the images and a bit more HTML). My question is, does the complete function of the ajax request only run once all the images have actually loaded?

JQuery :: Get Text Of HTML Editor? forum.jquery.com

HTML Editor is a AjaxControlToolkit that i registered it on my page (it's similar to the text box that i'm now writing my Question)... I want to get Content (Text) of HTML Editor with JQuery... I tried $('#HE').val() and $('#HE').text() but i couldn't get the text! I want to get the text and set the text into a div!