ActionScript 3.0 :: ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot Create Property


I create a shape, and I want to move it with a ENTER_FRAME event, like this: public function makeShape(){ var myShape=new Shape(); addChild(myShape); [code].... But what if I want to pass a variable with my shape to the event function. Say my shape has a no or a name or anything like a data; so I rewrite the code; public function makeShape(){ var myShape=new Shape(); myShape.thisShapesNo=50; [code].... See the extra workload.. And the other way (and I've never tried) is to write your own event function where you can pass variables.. I guess something like this: myShape.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, moveMyShape, 50 ); So it seems like this is another extra workload for the code.And so here is my question: How can I add a you-name-it property to any thing I've created in AS3?

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i want to create a calculater that can add scores from a scale of 1 to 10.for example, if the player gets between 0-3, he gets a point -between 4-7, he gets 2 points -between 8-12, he gets 3 points when this is complete, the points are added up, depending on what the player gets, for example he scores between 4-7 and between 8-12, he gets gets 5 pionts. i can get them to add the points, but not when its between a certain value

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I am trying to make a rss aggregator and I am stuck at the moment as I can seem to parse out the HTML info that is held in the certain sections of the rss document. Below I have posted my AS3 code as well as the rss doc info. How to parse out the HTML from the description and title of the rss feeds. ActionScript Code: import fl.controls.UIScrollBar; var finalNote:String = "" trace( finalNote ); var urlVar:String = "rss_example.xml";// local XML file that loads by default reloadRSS();// function to initially load or reload the feed [Code] .....

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I want to some how control the visibility of some columns in my advance data grid. I have a data provider with 115 coumns out of which I want to hide few columns. I know the column index and header field of these columns. Is there some property in Advance data grid where I can specify this directly?

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The following script is giving me a syntax error...    Error:  "Scene=Scene 1, Layer=Nav Bar, Frame=1: Line 12: Unexpected '}' encountered }" on(release){     if(_root.textVar != 1)     {          for(int i = 0; i < 5; i++)          {               unloadMovieNum(i);          }          _root.textVar = 1;          loadMovieNum("mc_TextBox.swf", 0); } }

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I am working on a information visualization project that involves visualizing json data from online forums. The problem that I'm having is that I'm not able to access all of the values of elements the json. Here is my Schema: [{"course": "compsci 101", "forums": { "forum": { "forum_title": "Week 11 - Cable and the Specialization of Television", "forum_word_count": "1000", [Code] ..... I tested and the json is valid but when I run it with this code it only is able to pull the last value (Week 2 Discussion 1 - Cable and Broadcast Television). for (key in tuples) { trace("forum title: "+ tuples[key].forums.forum.forum_title); } So, my question is, why isn't it tracing all of the values for the forum title? and what do I need to change to access those values?

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what the differences or similarities are between these and if there is some actionscript tool to convert back and forth between these types. the data i'm getting is coming in from mysql in the form of name,job joe, doctor moe, lawyer etc... I need to convert this to dataProvider and then also to Json for some graphing program that can read json or xml.

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I'm getting a large JSON string and decoding it into an object, i'm looping through this object to create the interface. The problem is it seems to build the interface in a random order, is this because actionscript 3 loops through the properties of the object randomly?

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I have saved out an object using JSON.encode to a text file, is it possible to then create a new MovieClip and populate it with all of the properties from the saved file? If so how would it be done, or is there a better way

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I'm trying to load JSON data from another server. It works when I test i Flash - but in Browser it doesn't work. Is there something I have to change before publishing? ActionScript Code: import com.adobe.serialization.json.JSON  /*Path to the JSON class (in JSON.as). NOTE: make sure to keep all the classes in the original json folder together and that at the very beginning of each class file in the json folder, the file path after the word 'package' accurately reflects that path to the FOLDER in which all the classes are located. E.g. package [URL] /*Create the objects you need*/ var loader:URLLoader = new URLLoader() ; var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest() ; /*Connect to and load the data within the numbers.php file*/ [Code].....

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Does anybody know if there is way to make a flash chat with twitter?It seems the biggest hurdle is that when you twitter somebody with @username, the message doesn't show up on his main page ( it only shows in his personal log in page ) so I can't call the tweets from other ppl back to the flash app.

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I'm rather new to Flash and AS3. I need to call a REST web service, passing it a location code and two arguments, and parse 3 nodes from the resulting XML.[code]...

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I'm trying to parse an RSS feed from a Mobileme gallery, but keep getting the following error. [Code]... If I copy the xml and save it locally, it loads just fine. I only get this error when loading from the URL. I checked the xml and all of the openeing and closing link tags are there.

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I am making a website that needs to read a RSS feed from a blog and then place the information into flash. I have gotten as far as getting the information into flash and viewing it. However I can't get the scrolling functions to work nor do anything else with the feed. The goal is to be able to format the feed in the way that it is online so that it is scrollable but only the most recent post on the feed. Do I have to change how the information is being used in flash to better manipulate it such as xml? Or is is something I've overlooked while using the rss feed code?

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I'm using FlepStudio's RSS Flash widget to provide a feed from a blog. Whilst I have everything working properly i'm having problems customizing it. I want to alter the size of the feed titles and 'read more' text which is addressed in AS as title_txt. I have tried both changing the font settings in the main.fla and tweaking the variables for title_txt in the .as to no avail.

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I'd like to know if you can stream someone's facebook feed in Flash. At the least, it seems you can stream an RSS feed in Flash (I'm not an advanced user, sorry if thats an obvious question), and since Facebook offers an RSS feed for each profile, I'd imagine I could stream that RSS feed.Is there a "standard" way to stream a Facebook feed in a full flash site? Is it possible at all?

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An error occurred in script 'C:xampphtdocsgofasterincludesheader.php' on line 10: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cookie - headers already sent by (output started at C:xampphtdocsgofasterincludesconfig.inc.php:68) line 10 of header.php reads: session_start(); I was wondering why i keep getting this message and what it means so that i can fix it. I am just building a login for a music community site i am building!

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<mx:List columnCount="5" rowCount="11" width="100%" height="100%" dataProvider="{parentDocument.crewPositionsAC}" useRollOver="false" alternatingItemColors="[0xffffff, 0xe5e5e5]" borderStyle="none"> <mx:itemRenderer> <mx:Component> <mx:Text text="{data}" color="#840021" selectable="false" /> <mx:ComboBox id="studentType"> [Code]... Anybody able to see what's causing the error?

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I have the following as code in a separate file placed in the root folder of the swf file. The as file is the class for a MovieClip in the library.When i manually place the library symbol on the stage, the MC works fine and draws the square with the nodes. However, when I try to create a copy using ' new sqMC();' code, I get an error. Code: package { import flash.events.MouseEvent; import flash.events.Event; import flash.geom.Point; [code]....

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I am trying to make a contact form. When I test the form, I get the following error message in the Output: [Code]....

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Error: Error #2101: The String passed to URLVariables.decode() must be a URL-encoded query string containing name/value pairs. [Code]... I'm not where error exactly the error happen so I post the whole thing. As far I know bottom code that relate to send_loc.php works fine, get_loc.php is having a problem. The output from get_loc.php is [Code]...

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I have stored procedure in my database but its give error "Could not find stored procedure"Is this error occuring when maked error in permision,sp code or connection code

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how to create style command button the command button properties can set by user?is it something related to .ocx file extension?like caption can set by userheight,width can set by usercommand button button can set by user...

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I was wondering if someone could explain or point me in the direction of how to implement an API that uses JSON in ActionScript 3.0. What I specifically want to know is how would I grab specific information. The following is how I do it in XML but I don't know how I would do something similar in JSON as in getting the equivalent of an XML tag. For example with the twitter API I'd like to grab the text [URL] [Code]....

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I have this error after installing Zend Debugger on a Ubuntu server with PHP 5.2.6 and Apache2: Zend Debugger: Cannot read a valid value of zend_debugger.httpd_uid or zend.httpd_uid, will not perform dropping of privileges Apache will not start, it creates an httpd process that netstat shows is listening to ports 80 and 443, but the pid file is never written and it's not serving requests.

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Hello AllI have designed a form whch displays the list of all the forms.I have used labels,by clicking on the label corresponding form will open.This is working fine with the mouse.I want to use the key board for the selection,so i have to use command buttons.But i want the back style property to transparent and border style property to none as in the labels.Command button doesnot have this property.Can anybody please tell me how to do this?Thanks in advance.Regards

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I have a command button and when it's on my form, it has a dotted box on the inside of the button. How can I get that to go away? Thanks, Jeremy

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When setting the Project's Properties, on the Make tab, in the Command Line Args area, if I put a file's PathName and run it, there are no quotes Chr(34) around it. When I run the app from the IDE it works and copies/moves my file. When I pass a file's PathName via drag/drop, command line or Send To menu, I get quotes and the copy/move fails. I've parsed the Chr(34)'s out of the strings, but am curious if this will affect other OS's in different ways? I'm developing it on XP, and will be running it on an ME and a 98SE machine as well.Any thoughts?TYIA'Rekd

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  Hi! I think that if you set the picture property to an image, and the command button also has a caption, then they are both centred, with the caption below the image. Is it possible to have both caption and the image to be on the same line, not one on top of each other? Is this even possible? Thanks!

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i recently installed a rom using rom manager. I installed skyraider 3.0 rc3 with sense and everything is fine except when i use the navigation, it stays on the searching for gps or loading screen forever and doesnt work. Do u guys know what i can do to fix this without having to change the rom or unrooting? also, if i have the free version of rom manager, does it only allow me to download one rom cause when i try to download another it says download error?? also, is it easy to switch between roms or do u have to restore the phone/reboot it and then download a new rom??

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This is for a web project so i have several classes that inherit from Web.UI. I only want to serialize very particular properties (basically, only local properties) I'm aware of the XMLIgnore property that can be placed on a property to ignore items, but this won't work in my context since that would require modifying a bunch of stuff that i really don't want to modify (and probably can't). So how do i tell the xml serializer to ignore everything except for X and Y or tell it to seralize just X and Y? i could just create my own xml in a string builder or something and if that's the only way, so be it. however i'm looking for a method that will employ the built in XML stuff.

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I have a project whose final deliverable is a Windows projector, but is also published as a swf so the client can proof it remotely online. The projector has the following line of code: stage.displayState = StageDisplayState.FULL_SCREEN; which, of course, makes the projector go to full screen automatically upon launching it. Unfortunately, it prevents the swf from playing at all (not sure why). So I am constantly commenting and uncommenting that line, since I usually publish to both swf and projector. Is there a way to rewrite that so that it works in the projector, but does not stop the swf from playing? One idea I had was to do something like: "If (I am not a swf) {stage.displayState = StageDisplayState.FULL_SCREEN;}" Or alternately: "If (I am a projector) {stage.displayState = StageDisplayState.FULL_SCREEN;}" I'm not sure this is possible, or, if it is, what the as3 code would be for it.

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Multiple axis creation via MXML works fine: http:[url]... But when I'm trying dynamically create horizontal and vertical axis then I'm getting extra axes. I believe this is Adobe bug. How I can fix this behavior? <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <s:Application minHeight="600"[code].....

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I'm trying to parse a rather large XML file using a for loop to populate a listcomponent. To let the user know the XML is being parsed (takes 5-10 sec.) I want to create a simple notifier/preloader (loader_mc is on the stage, frame 1, and should inform that things are being loaded/parsed).The problem is that nothing shows as long as the loop is busy.Is there some kind of progresslistener for the loop in AS3 or some kind of Event.PROGRESS for the XML load that will kick in BEFORE the loop starts.I even tried to move this script to frame 2 but still the loader_mc wouldn't show.[code]...........

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I've created a custom class to represent a monster in a game. The class definition has "public class Monster extends Object". I'd like to know if there's a way to initialize the object using object literal notation. For example, this works ok: [Code]... I get this error: "Implicit coercion of a value with static type Object to a possibly unrelated type Monster." Is there a way to do this? I'd rather NOT have to call the Monster's class initializer each time, because in the actual code there are a lot more variables in the monster class than just those three, and it's kinda unwieldy to pass a dozen long strings into the new() function.

ActionScript 3.0 :: Accessing Object Instance From A Custom Class? forums.adobe.com

I have created some (TextInput, ComboBox, CheckBox) Component instances  (created as a public objects) in a Document class and added them to the stage.   Now I have created a custom class for a movieclip in library and instantiated it in the document class (also a public instance).   I need to access the component instances in the custom class. How to do this ?   Also, Is it a good practice to use ENTER_FRAME event frequently ? because if I can't access the above components instances in the custom class then I will be left with no choice but to use ENTER_FRAME event in the document class every time I need to change some value in the components...

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how can I push an object from my document class array to an array in my custom class?I have an instance of my custom class in my document class called "Pool".The array in my custom class is called "STOREDBALLS"The array in my document class is called "ballArray"How do I get the object from "ballArray" into "STOREDBALLS"I tried using "Pool.STOREDBALLS.push(ballArray[0])" but it didn't work.

ActionScript 3.0 :: What Methodology Use In General When You Want To Make A Custom Class Object? board.flashkit.com

new to ActionScript 3 and while I'm trying to write as "clean" code as possible (creating various custom classes instead of everything in the document class for example), sometimes I stumble upon behaviors that would not arise if I had put everything in the same place.I have a project which involves fireworks which is working fine, but I'd like to add a smoke trail to the rockets (a custom class rocket object) and so far I can't get it done. So I will ask my question first: what methodology do you use in general when you want to make a custom class object leave a trail of particles behind it? Do you include the trail generation in the class? in a separate class? on the document class?what I've been doing (and what I feel is the "cleanest" and most reusable way to do it) is to put the trail generation in the custom class rocket object. This object is just composed of some graphics and the function that generates the particles(which are another custom class).The actual handling of the firing and the movement of the rocket is done by the document class.So the problem I'm having is that when I generate a particle on a frame, if I add it to the rocket object, it follows it (local coordinates), and if I add it to the stage then I can't remove it from within the rocket object...

ActionScript 3.0 :: Listening For Custom Event Dispatched From Parent Object In Child Object? www.actionscript.org

I want to listen for a custom event dispatched from the document class in a custom subclass. For example, let's say in the document class I have: ActionScript Code:[code].... So that the subclass will trace 'Event from document class received' when the 'customEvent' event from the document class is listened by the eventlistener. However, the output is only 'customEvent dispatched', meaning it wasn't heard in the subclass.

ActionScript 3.0 :: Use JSON To Get Some Data From Server? www.actionscript.org

I am new at ActionScript. I'm trying to use it with Flare visualization package, but truth is, I don't know what is due to my ignorance of Flare or my ignorance of ActionScript. I am trying to use JSON to get some data from my server. Near as I can tell the data are arriving properly at my ActionScript, but then I get lost. public function buildGraph(num:int) : Data { var dataata = new Data(); var nodes:Array = new Array(num); [code].... So, it must have gotten something from my server. What I want is to get the nodes from the nodes list and edges from the edges list, which is also in the json package. The server (running Python / TurboGears 2.0) returns return dict(nodes = nodeList, edges=edgeList) nodeList, in turn, is a list of dictionaries of the form: dict(id="node"+"%03d" % n).I tried ds.nodes, ds.nodes.data, ds.nodes.valueOf, etc. What am I missing?

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Is there some library for flex, that will let me: define properties to fully exclude from serialization define classes to serialize without the property names (as if they were an array)

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How to format JSON data without using brackets for an array?[code]...

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I'm trying to read json data from a web service. The problem is that it seems URLLoader always return the data as XML so I can't decode the json string.   This is my code :   import com.adobe.serialization.json.JSON; var myRequest:URLRequest = new URLRequest(<asmx, web service path>); myRequest.method = URLRequestMethod.POST; var variables:URLVariables = new URLVariables(); [code].... not surprisingly i get an error on the json decode because as far as i can see using trace, i get xml data.Also i tried to run it on the browser, didn't help. Also tried to set the content type in the request to 'application/json', but it gave me an error.Even though i googled it, i couldn't fint what is the problem in my as3 code. It seems to me it should have worked.

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Error: Error #2101: The String passed to URLVariables.decode() must be a URL-encoded query string containing name/value pairs. at Error$/throwError() at flash.net::URLVariables/decode() at flash.net::URLVariables() at flash.net::URLLoader/onComplete() [Code]...

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When I open the file in Flash CS5, this message appears:Flash can not parse this document.An error occurred opening file 'D:......fla'

ActionScript 3.0 :: Writing A Class To Parse A XML File? www.actionscript.org

So I am starting off writing a class to parse an XML file In the setup of the FLA, I start off with this: ActionScript Code: import flash.net.URLRequest; import flash.net.URLLoader; import flash.xml.XMLDocument; [Code]..... I get a compile time error telling me that it can't find the class. So I check, and recheck, and the class is there, so I'm baffled. Then, just for giggles, I try typing: ActionScript Code: trace(coms.utils.XMLParser); right after I import the classes. And for some reason, suddenly, I get no compile time errors, and the document loads, traces out, and the method I call in the class traces out its little "hello" message... If I comment out that trace, it goes right back to being broken... So seriously, what gives. Has anyone ever run into anything like this before? I'm running CS4 on an iMac, if that makes a difference.

ActionScript 3.0 :: Parse XML / HTML File To Generate Form On Fly? board.flashkit.com

I have some code that parses an external XML file and reads the HTML inside the CDATA block. But it does not read HTML form elements like <input> or <textbox> is there anyway to do this? Is there anyway to have it parse an MXML file to generate the form on the fly?[code]...

ActionScript 3.0 :: Populating A Datagrid With Some JSON Data That Came From A Mysql Query? forums.adobe.com

I'm populating a datagrid with some JSON data that came from a mysql query.I was wondering if it's possible to tell a piece of JSON data to go to a column other than the name it has?My JSON data comes in with abbreviated names... [{"gID":"Rock","vID":"Darby's Pub","gRec":"Yes"}] and I load it into my dataGrid's data provider... myDG.dataProvider = new DataProvider(myJSON); Currently, my columns have to be named... gID, vID, and gRec for the above data to be populated.Is it possible to have more meaningful column names, while keeping the abbrieviated form in the JSON data? eg... GIG STYLE, VENUE, CAN BE RECORDED or do I have no choice but to make the full names a part of the JSON like... [{"GIG STYLE":"Rock","VENUE":"Darby's Pub","CAN BE RECORDED":"Yes"}]

ActionScript 3.0 :: Call Javascript Function With JSON Through External Interface? www.actionscript.org

I need to call a function in JS that's expecting a JSON object. Can I do this from External Interface? The company's example (after the include file url) in HTML looks like this: //there's an js include URL earlier// Shopwithme.Initialize({ "id":"prod1234", [code]... But, I need to dictate these vars through Flash. How do I call this function using External Interface?This is my EI code, but I'm obviously off base, since it's not working: ExternalInterface.call("Shopwithme.Initialize",[{ "id":"prod1234", "type":"2","URL":"http://www.somelink.com"}]); What do I need to do to call this javascript?

ActionScript 3.0 :: Retrieving Twitter Status To FLASH CS5.5? forums.adobe.com

Declare: private static const USERNAME:String = "twitter_username";private static const URL:String = "http://testserver.x10.mx/test/proxy.php?url=";  private static const REQUEST:String = URL + USERNAME; [code]...

ActionScript 3.0 :: Parse RSS Feed And Load Data Into Separate Labels? www.actionscript.org

I am trying to parse a RSS feed and load the data into separate labels. For example i want to pick up all the title values within each item of the RSS feed and place that in a designated label. I am parsing the feed correctly but i am having trouble trying to load the data into the label's, i've tried using the below but the same Title value is entered for 9 out of the 10 labels[code]...

DataSource Controls :: Binding An ObjectDataSource To A Property In Aspx Code, Not Code-behind forums.asp.net

I want to bind an ObjectDataSource to a property in my asp page and I want to do it in the page's aspx code, not in code-behind. I've already done it in code-behind, as follows: [Code].... I'd prefer to get rid of the ugly code-behind and just do this in mark-up. Something like [Code].... This gives me a run-time error: Cannot create an object of type 'System.Object' from its string representation 'SelectedBook' for the 'DataSource' property.Is there a way of doing this declaratively and not in code-behind? Further, what if what I want is to actually use a child property of the property in question? For example, if my Book object has a ReaderComments collection, can I databind to it decaratively in the aspx mark-up?

Dynamically Load User Control And Assign Property? forums.asp.net

I would like to dynamically load a user control and assign one of its public properties OnLoad... I'm doing the following from a parent user control to dynamically load the child user control... UserControl uc = (UserControl)Page.LoadControl("~/Controls/MyUserControl.ascx"); What else do I need to do to pass a value so its public property is set OnLoad?

ADO.NET :: Display Property Type In EDM? forums.asp.net

Is it possible to display the data type of an entities properties in the Designer?  For instance I have a dateofbirth property for my Person Entity. In the designer I want it to show "dateofbith    datetime" 

Security :: Catch Exception And Display Error In Labels Text Property? forums.asp.net

i have a datagrid control which displays users created using sqlMembership..it has a row deleting event which is only accessed by administrators here is the code..   [Code].... my problem here is to catch the securityexception and display in label

Populating Textbox's With QueryString ID Properties? forums.asp.net

I have a Employee_Id passed through a query string onto a new page, but I'm kind of stuck after that. I have a line of textbox's that I'd like to be populated by the Employee's other properties (Employee_FirstName, Employee_LastName, Employee_Title) but I'm not sure how to have the textbox's filled based on a SQL Statement? ("Select Employee_FirstName From Employees Where Employee_ID =???) Maybe an IF statement would be more efficient? The point of this new page is to let the user edit the Employee's properties.

How To Set Browser Properties forums.asp.net

I know by using Request.Browser and then by either selecting ScreenPixelHeight or Width that I can grab the browser's height and width. My question is how, can I set the height or width the other way without using JavaScript?

Difference Between IIS 7.5 And Web(PI) 3.0? forums.asp.net

I want to know the difference between IIS 7.5 and Web(PI)3.0?

Change Border Properties Of ASCX From Code Behind? stackoverflow.com

I am building a library of asp.net user controls which I am deriving from a custom UserControlBase class which further derives from actual UserControl class. Hierarchy looks like this : ASCX -> UserControlBase : UserControl I have this requirement to put a border around all the ASCX's. So, I thought if I can modify UserControlBase it will apply to all ASCXs. I tried following code in Page_Load of UserCOntrolBase but its not working this.Attributes.Add("style", "border-color:#FFFF66;border-width:4px;border-style:Dashed;");

.net - Difference Between Properties Of An Object Showing In Debugger Vs Proprties In Intellisense stackoverflow.com

When I inspect an object in the debugger, I see a lot more properties in the debugger than what is available in Intellisense or code. For example, the Page object in ASP.NET in the debugger shows a property RelativeFilePath which has a value. But when I try to use it in code, it doesn't exist. Why is that? I looked up the property RelativeFilePath in MSDN, it exists for mobile controls. Not sure why it shows up then in the debugger for a regular asp.net control.

Bind ClientID To UserControl Property Within A Gridview? stackoverflow.com

I am trying to bind a string that contains the ClientID of one user control to the property of another control within a GridView template column. I get the error 'lblVar02' is not declared. It may be inaccessible due to its protection level. How do I do this? <uc:CriteriaType id="ctVar02" runat="server" OnClientChange="<%# "toggle('" & lblVar02.ClientID & "');" %>"></uc:CriteriaType> <uc:Label ID="lblVar02" runat="server" />

Text Property Of Dropdownlist? forums.asp.net

I want to display a text getting from Database, into a Dropdownlist using Text property.My code:: SqlDataReader drd; if (drd.Read()) { [code].... But it display an error: 'drpcompname' has a SelectedValue which is invalid because it does not exist in the list of items. Parameter name: value

Web Forms :: How To Get And Set Radiobutton Value Without Using Text Property forums.asp.net

I need 10 radiobuttons, but I do not want to use radiobutton list and I am not able to use Text property since I mark the Text for radiobutton in another row. All the radiobuttons' text are set as empty string. How can I get and set the value for the radiobuttons. <div> <div>  </div> <div> <span>1</span>   <span>2</span>   <span>3</span>   </div>.....

Command Text Property Has Not Been Initialized? stackoverflow.com

I have been looking through the event viewer on our server and can see quite a few people with this error but I can't replicate this myself but it is causing issues for people viewing our website is there anyway I can "initialize" Command Text property? UPDATE So I have this query datelistquery = "SELECT DISTINCT property_id, ' - Sleeps ' + cast(number_slept as varchar) as combsleeps, number_slept FROM openquery ("+Application("hpbDsrc")+",'SELECT property_id, number_slept FROM web_details WHERE part_full_flag = ''F'' AND location = ''"&Session("TenChosenLocCode")&"'' AND property_id = ''"&Session("passedPropId")&"'' AND pets_yn like ''"&Session("TenPets")&"'' AND number_slept >= ''"&Session("TenAdults")&"'' AND year_week = ''"&Session("TenHolStDateHP1")&"'' AND on_hold = ''NO'' AND booked = ''NO'' ') ORDER BY number_slept, property_id" So should I put at the start sqlCommand.CommandText(datelistquery) = "Select Distinct...."

How To Set The TextBox Control's Text Property Using A Variable www.vbforums.com

How do I set the TextBox Control's Text Property using a variable... <% Dim textWanted As String%> ... <% textWanted = myReader.Item("info").ToString%> ... <asp:TextBox ID="TextBox6" runat="server" Text="<%= textWanted %>" > </asp:TextBox>

DataAnnotations On A DateTime Property? stackoverflow.com

I have a DateTime property in my model and I would like to validate it using DataAnnotations.In my view I want to get that DateTime as a number of days (e.g. "3"), instead of a DateTime (e.g. "7/14/2010"). If user enters "3" in the view, then DataAnnotation finds it invalid -and that is the issue.What are my options in this scenario?

MVC :: DataAnnotations Validate Both Property? forums.asp.net

Is it possible to validate both property in a model such as the password and confirmation password on DataAnnotations? Isn't DataAnnotations helps SOC bu seems like I have to validate this properties on my Controller again.

AJAX :: How To Have Some Property Like Always On Top For Autocompleteextender forums.asp.net

I have small problem, i am using ajax control toolkit for the first time. I have autocomplete extender control. when a auto complete control is displayed ,some portion of it gets hide by other controls like textboxes below the textbox associated with auto complete extender . so i want to have some property like always on top for autocompleteextender

VS 2005 Properties Of Ajax AutoCompleteExtender? www.vbforums.com

Is it possible to set the font size of the drop down text. Also is there a way to limit number of dropdown lines and have a scroll control.

Security :: How To Show LoginName.FormatString Property forums.asp.net

I need to show the first and last name of a user thats logged in on every page. I can get these values from the database as soon as the user loggs in. On my master page I could show this information but I thought to use the LoginView class. I used the loggedin template and the LoginName.FormatString Property "Welcome, {0}".  But this displays the computer name. How do I show the first and last names? Or should I save the full name into a session state and just assign the text of a lable to that name on each page?

Web Forms :: Can Set Default Page Control's Property In Global.asax forums.asp.net

I face some problem. I have default.aspx page, where user make some operations. There're available some panel on this page to show notifications. If exception will appear I want to handle it with Application_Error method in the global.asax file, but I don't want to redirect user to another page. I want to make notification area visible (on the default.aspx ) and show error message in that place. How can I make it? Can I set default page control's property in global.asax? Or there're some otheк solution?

Csv - Implode All Properties Of Given Name In Array Of Object stackoverflow.com

Is there a way to implode the values of similar objects contained in an array? I have an array of objects: $this->inObjs and I'd like a comma separated string of each of their messageID properties: $this->inObjs[$i]->messageID Is there an elegant way to do this or am I going to have to MacGyver a solution with get_object_vars or foreachs or something similar?

Add Properties To StdClass Object From Another Object? stackoverflow.com

I would like to be able to do the following: $obj = new stdClass; $obj->status = "success"; $obj2 = new stdClass; [code]...

Object Properties In Echo() bytes.com

I started using PHP's object-oriented stuff a little while ago, which has mostly been a joy. However, I've noticed that they don't seem to echo as I would like. Eg: $this->field['id'] = 255; $this->key = 'id' echo "$this->key is $this->field[$this->key]"; // prints "id is Array[id]" // Thus I am forced to do this $keyval = $this->field[$this->key]; echo "this->key is $keyval"; // prints "id is 255" echo "this->key is " . $this->field[$this->key]; // also works This example is trivial, but it becomes much more of a nuisance when I'm making forms and whatnot and don't want to have to define a whole bunch of new variables or keep opening and closing quotes. Is there a workaround or different syntax I can use for this, or am I just stuck?

Display The Properties Of Object? stackoverflow.com

I have an object $rows If I use echo $rows the content is displayed in my html page, however I would like to select only some parts of the content but I cannot see inside the variable how it is structured...

Looping Through All The Properties Of Object? stackoverflow.com

How can I loop through all the properties of object?. Right now I have to write a new code line to print each property of object echo $obj->name; echo $obj->age; Can I loop through all the properties of an object using foreach loop or any loop? Something like this foreach ($obj as $property => $value)

Sorting - Sort Properties Of Object? stackoverflow.com

I want to sort the properties of an object so I can loop through them in a defined order.for example: I have an object 'book' with the following properties: 'id', 'title', 'author', 'date'.Now i want to loop through these properties like this: foreach($book as $prop=>$val) //do something now the order of the loop has to be 'title', then 'author', 'date' and 'id' How would one do this?(I can't change the order of the properties in the class of the object because there arent any properties defined there, I get the object from the database with 'MyActiveRecord')