ActionScript 3.0 :: ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot Create Property


I create a shape, and I want to move it with a ENTER_FRAME event, like this: public function makeShape(){ var myShape=new Shape(); addChild(myShape); [code].... But what if I want to pass a variable with my shape to the event function. Say my shape has a no or a name or anything like a data; so I rewrite the code; public function makeShape(){ var myShape=new Shape(); myShape.thisShapesNo=50; [code].... See the extra workload.. And the other way (and I've never tried) is to write your own event function where you can pass variables.. I guess something like this: myShape.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, moveMyShape, 50 ); So it seems like this is another extra workload for the code.And so here is my question: How can I add a you-name-it property to any thing I've created in AS3?

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I'm creating a website and I have several flash files. I have the main flash file and then sub pages are loaded into the main flash files as external swfs.To make things clear, I have got site.swf (the main file) and news.swf (a sub section).Now in the news file, I am attaching a movieclip item from the Library. I have set the class name of the Movieclip and the base class for the movie I want to attach. Now in this movieclip I am attaching, I have got various other movieclips inside it. Everything works fine inside the news file.When I load the news file inside the main website (site.swf), it is giving me an error: Code: ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property test2 on com.esprit.ui.content.company.news.NewsMC. [code]......

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I have an AS3 script that calls an XML but when compiling I get this error � ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property 0 on Number. at mod::ML/parseData() at mng::DM/onXMLLoaded() Here are some snippets [Code]...

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I am editing a Flash file and I need to change a mailto: link. When I edit that link to change the email address I get several instances of error #1056. why such an arbitrary change would break everything . Edit: Here are the errors: ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property baseBackground on com.***t.csg.view.CSGWebsite. ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property backgroundHolder on com.***.csg.view.CSGWebsite. ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property backgroundMergeHolder on com.***.csg.view.CSGWebsite[code].........

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I am a bit puzzled why this does not work when placed in my document class, but works when directly added a key frame in the Flash IDE. ActionScript Code: this['myVar1'] = new Object(); When within the document class I get this error when compiled, ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property myVar1 I have tried the following but I still get an error. ActionScript Code: public static var root_Ref:Object; root_Ref = root; root_Ref['myVar1'] = new Object();

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I am having the: ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property text on String.at Function/<anonymous>()and I don't know what i did wrong I am a beginner to actionscript so it might be pretty obvious. [Code]...

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I have this error when running my application on debug mode : ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property root on MyClass. The problem is that MyClass doesn't contain any root property and i don't know how it get it, I have isRoot property at the Java Class with setRoot setter and isRoot methods, at the flex side i have isRoot as public without getter and setter.... could the problem be just convention names compatibility

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I try to load swf files to keep them and load in different frames, so i created a SWFManager Class(Singleton) to have access to all keyframes, because I want to switch between swf files like "views"(like ViewStack in Flex) I have 8 SWF files evriting is loading fine except the FLVPlayback 2.5 componet, when swf file is loaded, controls for play, pause and seek bar are gone and I get this error message. ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property dvrFixedDuration on fl.video.FLVPlayback. at menuIntro_en_fla::introContent_1/__setProp_myVideo_introContent_videoLayer_0() at menuIntro_en_fla::introContent_1() [code]....

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I am simultaneously creating an object and adding it to an array, perhaps ill-advisedly. The following code worked on the main timeline, but not when I moved it to the constructor of a document class: � { package { import flash.geom.Point;[code]...... � The following error is generated: ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property xx0 on IconTour.��� at IconTour() I guess this is because xx0 isn't declared? How does one declare a dynamic object/variable?

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I'm getting this error but not sure how to change it from a string. I can 'trace("myfilling: " + myfilling);' and this outputs the instance I want to change the X and Y position of fine but when I try to do myfilling.x = leftBaseX, it throws up the error: ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property x on String. function generateRandomSandwhich() { while (numFillings < maxFillings) { var randNum:uint = randomNumber(0, (fillings.length - 1)); [Code].....

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I am new to As3 and I'm getting this error but not sure how to change it from a string. I can 'trace("myfilling: " + myfilling);' and this outputs the instance I want to change the X and Y position of fine but when I try to do myfilling.x = leftBaseX, it throws up the error:ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property x on String. function generateRandomSandwhich() { while (numFillings < maxFillings) { var randNum:uint = randomNumber(0, (fillings.length - 1)); [code]....


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Getting this error when instantiating this class. It's set up in my FLA as the document class: ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property tab0 on classes.tagwidget.TagWidget. at classes.tagwidget::TagWidget/::addTabs() at classes.tagwidget::TagWidget$iinit()

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I am trying to tween some text and keep getting the error. ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property alpha on builtin.as$0.MethodClosure.[code].....

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Assuming 3 movieclips A, B, C where they are nested in this manner: A > B > C I'm using the following line MovieClip(parent.parent).support = false; (in C). I'm attempting to change a boolean value in A. This is the error I'm getting: ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property support on A. at A_fla::anim_content_45/frame60()

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In Flex 3 I have a SWFLoader[url]... and after some time I invoke player.unloadAndStop(). And I always get this error: ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property __tweenLite_mc on _swftest_mx_managers_SystemManager.

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was all working fine until I added a simple shape movieclip (rectangle that I want to have visible and invisible) now just by adding this MC I get this error.. ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property largeframe on aavariable. at flash.display::Sprite/constructChildren() at flash.display::Sprite() [code].....

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How can I refer to an instance on the stage if: - I added it to the stage using the GUI - I wrote its implementation in an external AS file I can't assign it a instance name otherwise I get this error: Code: ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property myInstance on MyClassName.

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I am trying to take ten images, load them into an array, and then show them one at a time,fading out each one in turn. I keep getting this error. ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property alpha on String. at fl.transitions::Tween/setPosition() at fl.transitions::Tween/set position() at fl.transitions::Tween() [Code]....

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I'm getting this sort of error while trying to load SWF's inside another swf (using the Loader) ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property stageTitleLabel on Main. at flash.display::Sprite/flash.display:Sprite::constructChildren() at flash.display::Sprite$iinit() at Main$iinit() I've kinda tracked down the issue to not having "Declare Stage Instances Automatically" checked, as I am declaring the stage instances in the code, so that the code will compile in Flash Develop as well as the IDE (i.e. in the flex compilor as wel as the IDE) [Code]...

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I am new to AS3 and, I am just trying some simple(maybe) functions. Is it possible to assign values to a movie clip? I have three buttons and I want each one to have a value (1, 2, and 3). I tried var buttonOne = 1 and I get this error "ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property buttonMode on Number." How do I assign a value to a movieClip(if possible)?

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First let me warn you that I'm "old school" i.e. code is on my timeline and the only classes used were those automatically created when I added several new fonts to Script1.swf which is my movieclip for embedded fonts. On the first frame of my main movieclip which is named Round.fla, I have loaded Script1.swf that contains the fonts using the loader object. I'm using a trace statement that shows that Script1_lb.swf is loaded. I am using a listbox (script1_lb) with movieclip icons (jpg picture of the sample font) and the data is the name of the font class, like this: script1_lb.dataProvider.addItem( {icon:akaDora_mc, data:"akaDora"} ); [Code]...

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i wrote some piece of code of image slider where i can load images from xml. everything goes fine but when i want to make loaded image button mode it goes wrong and seys: "ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property buttonMode on flash.display.Loader." here is a full code: import flash.display.Stage; import flash.events.Event; import flash.net.URLRequest; [Code].....

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I'm just trying to do something simple in flash with AS3, well I was hoping it would be. I have a button that when clicked it goes to the next frame but also adds one point to a score which is displayed in the last frame of my quiz. The dynamic text box in the last frame has a instance name of 'score' but I cant give it a variable name because its greyed out, cant do this in AS3? The button ive got has an instance name of 'record' This is the actionscript I currently have, im not sure if i've put script in there that only works for AS2 or if ive mixed things ActionScript Code: var score = 0; record.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, fl_ClickToGoToNextFrame_7); function fl_ClickToGoToNextFrame_7(event:MouseEvent):void [Code].... Also when I play the quiz and click the button I get this error: ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property text on Number. at aducity_fla::MainTimeline/fl_ClickToGoToNextFrame_7()

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I have 2 Flash files: one is a flash game in as3 and second a flash movie (as2). I want to add one scene to my as3 file and use my second flash file(as2).I have deleted all script from buttons and frames so I have now just a flash movie no scripting inside. I copied all frames and layers (in as2) - right click - copy frames. I have created second scene in my as3 file and I have pasted there frames and layers from as2 file. Now when I publish movie I have errors: ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property itunes_mc on Site. ReferenceError: Error #1065: Variable yellow_button is not defined. at Site/frame170()[Site::frame170:2] [code].....

Flash :: Reference Array Elements Of Class Inside For Loop? stackoverflow.com

I'm working with Flash Builder 4.5 on an Actionscript project. I've created the following classes: package { public class ComplexNumber { [Code].... but the code inside this loop generates the following run time error: "ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property 0 on ComplexArray." Thus, my code for "BXFN_complex[ii] = ~" is incorrect. Anyone know how to achieve what I'm trying to do? Basically, ComplexDivide.v1p0 returns two numbers, and BXFN_complex is an object containing two number arrays, and I want to assign the ComplexDivide two numbers into the ii'th element of arrays in BXFN_complex.

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I fixed the last error message, but I still cant get the xml to load, I am getting this error message now. I am trying to load the title of a video reel onto a button and load a corresponding move, 1 of 4...getting this error now. ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property text on String. at main2_fla::MainTimeline/setVids() at main2_fla::MainTimeline/xmlLoaded() at flash.events::EventDispatcher/dispatchEventFunction() at flash.events::EventDispatcher/dispatchEvent() at flash.net::URLLoader/onComplete() This is the correspoding codeits referring to: function setVids():void { for(var i = 0; i < 3; i++) { var name_txt:String = vidList_XML.vid[i + count].file; var reelTitle = this["vid" + (i + 1)].name; reelTitle.text = name_txt; }}

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I am trying to place a button on the screen and make it spin when mouse_over (which will be one of mutiple buttons with different instance names. ) The code I wrote is putting� 2 colorwheels on the screen, one on top of the other, I can see the bottom one is spinning but I can't seem to figure out why the top one is there. But then, I get a error code message 1056 with no compile errors when I mouse over the dial:ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property rotation on builtin.as$0.MethodClosure. [Code]...

ActionScript 3.0 :: Cannot Create Property Background_mc On Mysqlurl? forums.adobe.com

there are 3 classes in my library with base class movie clip menucaller mysqlurl background_mc menucaller and mysqlurl each have an .as file associated with them background_mc is just a white square in mysqlurl all 3 are exported for actionscript on the stage i have instances of of menucaller on mouse over of menucaller, menucaller summons mysqlurl via the .as file when i publish as .swf and navigate to the frame where there are instances of menucaller, the menucallers appear just fine but i get the error � ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property background_mc on mysqlurl. at flash.display::Sprite/constructChildren() at flash.display::Sprite() at flash.display::MovieClip() at mysqlurl() [Code].. � i fixed this once before by just copying and pasting all of the layers into a new project, but its not working anymore

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I have a Card Class which corresponds to a MovieClip from my Library. Inside that MovieClip, I have placed some TextFields and a MovieClip, manually, not via code. But when I try to instance a Card, it crashes and say "ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property back_mc on core.Card." Code: package core { import flash.display.MovieClip; import flash.text.TextField; [Code]..... First of all, I'm not trying to create anything, I'm trying to declare stuffs for further use. This would work in AS2. When extending MovieClip with ActionScript, am I supposed to build every member via code? Can I not benefit from the wysiwyg editor??? note: ClientObject extends MovieClip for those who wonder :-)

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why I'm getting "error 1056:Error #1056: Cannot create property login on lash.net.SharedObject." when i try running this code (client-side):Username is a input text box.Password is a input text box.debug is a text area.the enlarged text is the code that is failing. Code: import flash.net.NetConnection; import flash.net.SharedObject; [code]....

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I got a Problem with a Movie Clip I add to the Stage in Flash CS4/AS3.The Flash File consist of two MovieClips, "Inside" and "Outside". The "Inside" Clip is contained by the Outside and has the Instance Name "insideClip". The Clips are attached to Actionscript Class-Files of the same names (Outside and Inside) which are "empty" - they don't do anything, like the ones flash automatically creates.Adding "Outside" to stage I get the following Error: ReferenceError: Error #1056: property insideClip in Outside can not be created. at flash.display::Sprite/constructChildren() at flash.display::Sprite() [code]....

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I'm using AS 3 in Adobe Flash 9 Public Alpha. I have a MovieClip named "RandImg" in my Library with an associated "RandImg.as" class file. I'm placing this MC on the stage during design time. This MC contains an instance of another MC with with the instance name of "mcDefault". In the constructor of my RandImg.as class file, if I attempt to reference mcDefault, I get the following error when I try to compile: ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property mcDefault on RandImg. How do I reference this movie clip in AS 3? [Code]...

Flex - Accessing Child MovieClips FlashDevelop? stackoverflow.com

I have a movieClip within another MovieClip. I gave the child movieClip the instance name "hSprite" and I added it to the parent movieClip stage. Now I get an error like the following. [Fault] exception, information=ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property hSprite on com.objects.Hero. If I remove the instance name from the child movieclip, then the error goes away. but when I add the instance name back, the error reappears again. Keep in mind that both classes are set for export. The parent class is embeded by a custom class which work perfectly fine. But the minute I give the child movieClip a instance name, the error starts up again. [Code]...

ActionScript 3.0 :: Trying To Make A Button Go To A URL forums.adobe.com

This should be simple, and was with Actionscript 2.0 But, after 4 hours of watching tutorials, reading through lessons and forums, I have yet to create my first button that will go to a URL in Actionscript 3.0.[code]But when I publish it I get this error: TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.at header_fla::MainTimeline/frame1()Now per the advise I've already read for others with the same problem.I do have the button instance named "home".I do have the button in Frame 1.

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I use this pattern to test for undefined and null values in ActionScript/Flex : if(obj) { execute() } Unfortunately, a ReferenceError is always thrown when I use the pattern to test for child objects : if(obj.child) { execute() } ReferenceError: Error #1069: Property child not found on obj and there is no default value.Why does testing for child objects with if statements throw a ReferenceError?

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i try to migrate from as2 to as3 and i have one problem When i attachMovie from library (addChild in as3) and i add custom property its work fine.Here is ex. Code: var i:int; for (i=0; i<5; i++)[code].... when i attach to that symbol custom class in the library.i got the error: #1056:Cannot create property...

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I've created a shelll that loads individual swf's one at a time, like a slide show. The swf I'm having trouble with contains an animated movie clip that loads and plays an flv after it stops the animation. In non full screen the whole mess plays fine. In full screen my monitor goes black whenever the aforementioned swf tries to load the flv. I'm getting this error message "ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property player on flash.display.Stage." when I run debug movie.

ActionScript 3.0 :: Error #1056, But Only When Used As An External Swf? www.actionscript.org

I'm putting together a loader and several external swfs to load into it. The swfs all compile and run fine on their own, but when I load the children into the loader swf I recieve this error message: ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property endGame_btn on YourClass. 'endGame_btn' is a button I placed on stage in the flash IDE. That is the instance name I gave it. Obviously there is no problem when I publish the swf and test it on its own, so why does it give me an error when I load it into a container? And how come I haven't ever had this happen before in the year or so I've been loading external swfs into a loader swf?

ActionScript 3.0 :: Linking A Class To A Symbol forums.adobe.com

I have a simple progress bar symbol (ProgBar) in the library of main.fla. If I don't define a class and allow Flash to assign a placeholder class of ProgBar, then the symbol displays ok using progBar = new ProgBar();addChild(progBar); If I define a class, even the basic empty version below, I get the following error: ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property percent_txt on ProgBar. at flash.display::Sprite/constructChildren() at flash.display::Sprite() at flash.display::MovieClip() � Class code: package { import flash.display.*; import flash.text.*; public class ProgBar extends MovieClip { public function ProgBar(): void {� } }} percent_txt is a text field I've given an instance name to. If I delete the text field (or its instance name) the error changes to reference the next item in the symbol and so on until there are none left!

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I have a stage instane called 'titleBox' in a SWF, which when loaded is dynamically filled in. When testing straight from the SWF there is no problems at all, but when the SWF is loaded into the main SWF I get the error: 'Error #1056: Cannot create property titleBox' Which I can't understand as it exists, any suggestion would be awesome.

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I have an animation I made in After Effects. I exported it from AE as a SWF. I imported it into Flash CS4, brought it to the stage, and then put a button inside of it. The mouseover of the button works. But I can't the button to perform any actions. I get this error: ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property onRollOver on flash.display.SimpleButton. at MarineFoodsFlash_fla::MainTimeline/frame1() My .fla file is 74mb but if need be i can strip it down and upload it.

ActionScript 3.0 :: Converting A String To An Instance Name? board.flashkit.com

Code: //declare variables and create arrays var initx=80; var inity=80; [Code]...... Alright, what I am trying to do here is get 15 buttons arranged on the stage in a random order. The buttons are all named "butt1" "butt2" etc. First step, getting the numbers 1-15 in a random order in an array (successful). Then I concatenate "butt" before the number so the array contains the button names. However, when I try to place them I get the following message: ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property x on String. at numbersgame_fla::MainTimeline/frame1() Flash is interpreting my array values as strings rather than the buttons they are supposed to be, and failing as a result. How can I fix this?

ActionScript 3.0 :: Declaring A Movieclip Public? www.actionscript.org

I have this little flash movie, that goes full screen when you launch it, there's a big button in the middle that says "Press here", when you press it the screen goes black, and a movie starts playing. When I run this NOT in fullscreen it works like a charm. The problem is though when I run it in fullscreen it freezes a frame before the movie. Here's the error I get when debugging: ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property ryt on flash.display.Stage. From what I googled I understood that this was caused because somehow the movie clip is set to private, and flash can not access it. The solution is to declare this movie clip public. That's where my AS3 knowledge ends, I tried "public var ryt;" but then it says I have to declare this in some package.

ActionScript 3.0 :: TypeError 1009 & AddEventListener? www.kirupa.com

I'm fairly new to Actionscript 3.0, and I'm having some trouble with this error. I'm currently setting up a small Space Shooter game and am stuck at this error. All was working fine until I started to code the movement class.Error: Code: GameScreen TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference. [code].....

Flash :: Flex - Running Good In Browsers But Error By Player Directly ReferenceError: Error #1056 stackoverflow.com

I wrote a flex demo, customized spark TextInput skin with rounded corners and a search icon in it, like mac os x search box, it's running good in browsers (by Flash Player browser plug-in) either .html or .swf, but error by flash player directly. [Code]...

ActionScript 3.0 :: Flash Game U Source Code Doesn't Work? board.flashkit.com

I picked up the book ActionScript 3.0 Game Programming University.so far it looks good. I have downloaded a few of the samples of code and some don't work or give an error message.TooEarlyExample gives me an error message of;TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.at TooEarlyExample()The flash file has two text fields and the code is supposed to populate them with some text. The first text field doesn't get populated with text but the second one does.

ActionScript 3.0 :: Can't Make Perlin Noise Example Work? forums.adobe.com

I have an example that I copied out of a book "Actionscript 3.0 Cookbook"here's the error message:TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.��� at jim.bitmap::Clouds()[C:AS3projectsclassesjimitmapClouds.as:13]��� at clouds_fla::MainTimeline/frame1()[clouds_fla.MainTimeline::frame1:2] [Code]...

ActionScript 3.0 :: Removing Child By Name? www.actionscript.org

I'm trying to remove an instance by name, that was previously captured when it was created. (in a property) ActionScript Code: trace(this._blockInstance); //returns instance name, eg "instance203" But when i try to combine that with the removeChild method, it don't work. ActionScript Code: this.removeChild(getChildByName(this._blockInstance)); error: TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference. at Board/boardBlockClick()

ActionScript 3.0 :: Tweening Dynamic Display Objects www.kirupa.com

I've searched a lot, but still cannot find answer to my problem. I have a dynamic gallery that needs some animation on each item. I tried using AnimatorFactory, but because items are dynamically created it doesn't work. I tried using dictionaries, arrays, but nothing helps. I keep on getting the following error: Code: ReferenceError: Error #1069: Property p_380020857260 not found on packages.lord.Group and there is no default value. Here is a snippet of my code regarding this: [Code]...

Flash :: Create The Sound Visualizer? stackoverflow.com

I need to create a basic bar chart distribution in ActionScript 2.0 based on sound output. I realize that ActionScript 3.0 has a very nice sound visualizer class SoundMixer.ComputeSpectrum but the limitations of my project require me to use ActionScript 2.0. Im wondering if you know of A. Any third party libraries that I can use or purchase to create basic visualization effects based on sound output in AS2 B. Whether it is possible to create the sound visualizer in ActionScript 3.0 and somehow import/embed the AS3 file/swf in the AS2 file but allow the AS3 file to read from the AS2 sound

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I saw this tutorial and it works great in actionscript 3.0 on its own - http:[url].... .But does anyone know to make something like this in actionscript 2.0? The reason being is my main site was created in 2.0 and cannot publish it in 3.0.

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I have narrowed this error down to the following code, but i cant see the problem... Code: ReferenceError: Error #1069: Property ENTER_FRAME not found on flash.events.Event and there is no default value. at sample_fla::MainTimeline/frameEventHandler() ActionScript Code: addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME,frameEventHandler) function frameEventHandler(Event){ var collisions:Array = collisionList.checkCollisions(); [code].....

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I have a text field which I would like to bind to a dynamic object. <mx:TextInput id="ti4" text="{selectedObj['someProp']}" valueCommit="{selectedObj['someProp'] = ti4.text}" x="1011.5" y="835"/> If the property doesn't exist I get a reference error - Is there any way to fail a little more gracefully?

ActionScript 3.0 :: Create A New Document In Flash CS3? forums.adobe.com

when i create a new document in Flash CS3 with choosing "ActionScript 3.0", i cannot edit the action script for any clips/buttons i made� and when i pressed F9, it showed "current selection cannot have actions applied to it". however, when i created a flash file with selecting ActionScript 2.0, I have no such issue any more.

ActionScript 3.0 :: Custom FLV Playback Component Skin? board.flashkit.com

i am trying to create a custom skin for my FLV component in CS5 ..but adobe's fla files have errors when i decompile...I get this error... Actionscript Code: Error 1046: Type was not found or was not a compile - time constant : NetStreamPlayOtions When i do publish flash does recognise the custom.swf skin...when i do add it in my movie though i get this error Actionscript Code: Error #2044: Unhandled skinError:. text=Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference. �

Actionscript 3 :: Control Sound Pitch With It? stackoverflow.com

After browsing the documentation for the sound classes, it seems there is no way to control sound pitch with Actionscript 3.0. there is only the ability to control volume and pan. why is there no pitch property? it's the only sound property missing for the ability to create a full featured sound engine in Actionscript? i hope i'm misinformed, but in case i'm not are there any alternatives / workarounds to control pitch in AS3?

Flash :: AIR 3.0 NativeWindowRenderMode Is Not Defined stackoverflow.com

I'm building an AIR application with Flash Builder 4. in the application descriptor I set the minimum AIR version to 3.0 I'm building against Flex SDK 4.5.1 which I overlayed with the AIR 3.0 SDK I have this line of code in my app: var nativeWinOpt:NativeWindowInitOptions = new NativeWindowInitOptions(); nativeWinOpt.renderMode = NativeWindowRenderMode.GPU; this compiles fine, but when I run it in ADL, I get: ReferenceError: Error #1065: Variable flash.display::NativeWindowRenderMode is not defined. NativeWindowRenderMode should be available in AIR 3.0?

ActionScript 3.0 :: Variable Button Is Not Defined? board.flashkit.com

I'm making a contact form, and I keep getting two errors when I try previewing it in a web browser. ReferenceError: Error #1065: Variable Button is not defined. ReferenceError: Error #1065: Variable ComponentShim is not defined. I don't know what these errors mean. Can anyone give me an explanation? I am using Flash CS4 with ActionScript 3.0. The first function is for the contact button to go to the contact page. The code following is the code for the contact form.Here is my code for the contact form: Code: function onContactClick(e:MouseEvent):void { gotoAndStop("contact");[code]............

Loading Video To FLVPlayback? forums.adobe.com

I'm doing the exercises included in the book "ActionScript 3.0 for Adobe Flash CS4 Professional Classroom in a Book", but I have run into a problem I cannot solve regarding the use of the source property of the FLVPlayback component. [Code]... An error like this appears: "NetsStream.Play.StreamNotFound", saying that there is no video file there I also try with absolute paths, with slashes instead of backslashes..., and I just get to get it working if I copy this video file in the same folder in which lesson11_start.fla is, and enter "solution5.f4v".

IDE :: How To Upload / Import JPEG And PNG Files www.kirupa.com

I am new to ActionScript 3.0, what is the procedure for uploading the external JPEG/PNG files onto the stage using ActionScript 3.0?

ActionScript 3.0 :: Keep Getting Type Error #1009? www.actionscript.org

Recently I am working on my Final Year Project that requires uses of ActionScript 3.0 with CS4. It is never taught in the course, so I need to learn it completely on my own.Fortunately, this is a popular tool and there are many resources out there that me a lot, but for this time, I just cannot find the solution after searching on Google and many other ways.The problem is that I keep on getting runtime error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference. The debugger says that this problem is due to a gotoAndStop statement, which I use to return from a later frame back to the previous frame. I have really no idea why this error would occur. I just didn't try to access anything but another frame, where I am sure it exist and is not null!This is the actionScript for the frame the error occur: ActionScript Code: //waiting to wait page stop(); [code].....

Flex :: Access Component Properties From Extending Component stackoverflow.com

I have a component with a public variable declared [Bindable] public var mnuSource:String; When I extend this component, I can reference mnuSource (it compiles) but Runtime complains about the property not being accessible (error 1056). How do you modify / declare component properties so they are actually available to other components?

ActionScript 3.0 :: Send Multiple Variable To Flash? forums.adobe.com

I did the following in passing several multiple to flash[code]... � ReferenceError: Error #1069: Property var1 not found on String and there is no default value. Is there anything wrong in my php code or in the actionscript? How should I pass multiple variable to flash?

ActionScript 3.0 :: Tween Object Import Statement - Getting Error forums.adobe.com

I have the tween objects imported, but I am getting an error which I am unsure of here is my code I have written so far... // Game Tweening Import Statementsimport fl.transitions.Tween; import fl.transitions.easing.*; import fl.transitions.TweenEvent; function createEnemy(event:TimerEvent):void�{ var enemyAppear = new MovieClip; [Code] ..... So I want the object to move from the left but I am getting an error where the debugger cant read some code. Well I mean in the output of the compiler. UnloadSWF] C:UsersCaseyDesktopSliding Duck ShooterSlidingDuckShooter.swf[[DYNAMIC]]1ReferenceError: Error #1056: Cannot create property x on Number. at fl.transitions::Tween/setPosition()...... Timer/tick()Cannot display source code at this location. The game pretty much freezes/locks-up after clicking the button to start game.

Actionscript 3 :: Error With Simple Rollover Colour Transition? stackoverflow.com

trying to do a simple rollover colour transition in Actionscript 3, and I'm getting ReferenceError: Error #1069: Property transform not found on fl.transitions.Tween and there is no default value. at dell_fla::MainTimeline/tweenToFinal() at flash.events::EventDispatcher/dispatchEventFunction()[CODE].....

ActionScript 3.0 :: Menu Is Working But There Is Errors www.kirupa.com

i have menu on main time line with "menu_mc) it is animation tween so: - frame one there is stop() - when over, it plays untill frame 30, so the user can click the sub buttons - when out, it plays and stop at frame 1 these errors are: 1- the following error appears when i load another swf ReferenceError: Error #1065: Variable event is not defined. at ELI_fla::MainTimeline/loadSection() at section1_fla::MainTimeline/frame147() 2- The following error appears when i click any where after the next swf loaded TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference. [Code]...

ActionScript 3.0 :: Work On The Properties Of Swf Made? forums.adobe.com

Could anybody suggest that how to work on the properties of swf made on action script 1.0 & 2.0 in actionScript 3.0 ? I have series of swfs in flash old versions action script 1.0 & 2.0, and i want those to run on the action script 3.0. Those are loaded on the flash as3 and playing fine but i cann't access the time line property of those because those are avm1movie objects and as3 is avm2movie. So is there any way to access timeline properties of avm1movie in avm2movie like current frame annd toltal frames like wise.

ActionScript 3.0 :: Previous And Forward Array Button? www.actionscript.org

Objective is to create a previous button in flash that remembers where the user has been. When the button is click it goes to that previous screen just like an internet web browser.I found a code that actually works for actionscript 2.0 unfortunately when i translate this to actionscript 3.0,it gave me some errors that i cannot resolve or understand.it says: access of undefine property recentFrame, previousFrame and navStack.below is the method for actionscript 2.0.Here's a method for creating buttons that use an array to simulate a navigation through a history array, without using frame labels, of html codes. Code for" Back" button: on (press) { _root.fwdStack.push(_root._currentFrame); if (_root.navStack.length>1) {[code]...

ActionScript 3.0 :: Error #2078: The Name Property Of A Timeline-placed Object Cannot Be Modified www.actionscript.org

I have a movieclip created: ActionScript Code: var mc:MovieClip = new MovieClip(); later on I load a SWF into this movieclip ActionScript Code: mc = MovieClip(e.currentTarget.content); I then want to name the mc: [Code]... Error: Error #2078: The name property of a Timeline-placed object cannot be modified.at flash.display:isplayObject/set name()at thumbDesign2_fla::MainTimeline/setup()at MethodInfo-872()

ActionScript 3.0 :: Set Area To Be Transparent? forums.adobe.com

How do I set an area to be transparent in ActionScript 3.0?At the moment I'm creating a subtitles area to sit over the player and it has the following code:[code]

ActionScript 3.0 :: Get Details Of FlashPlayer Using It? www.kirupa.com

I am new to Flash & AS3.0 platform. I am using Flash CS3 with ActionScript 3.0. How can I get the details (like version, etc.,)of Flash Player being used by the application using ActionScript 3.0? and, What are the classes(with full package names) that contain the properties and methods of the details of Flash Player?

ActionScript 3.0 :: Error 1065 - Variable Timer Not Defined www.gotoandlearnforum.com

I've been practicing this tutorial: [URL] (Using the Document Class - how to use this new feature in Flash CS3 which makes OOP much easier.), and made my DocumentClass.fla and DocumentClass.as file. Both files reside in the same folder, D:Work\_FLA. I have set all data that are pointed in tutorial - DocumentClass name in "Document class:" section in Document properties, ActionScript 3.0 language for .fla, "Star" as a movieclip name and Class in Symbol Properties. And my as file is like: Code: Select allpackage { import flash.display.MovieClip; import flash.utils.Timer; import flash.events.TimerEvent; public class DocumentClass extends MovieClip{ private var time:Timer = new Timer(100); [Code] ..... Unfortunately, I get: ReferenceError: Error #1065: Variable timer is not defined. at DocumentClass$iinit() In Output panel every time I try to export movie.

ActionScript 3.0 :: Getting Error 1009 In Different Frame forums.adobe.com

I am scripting in an Actionscript 3.0 file, not in the timeline itself. I'm creating a point and click adventure where player move through different scene by clicking on the environment like normal point and click adventure game. I currently have only 2 frames. I put different scenes on different frame where player click the environment to move to that frame. However, when I put interactable movieclips and buttons in addEventListener on frame 2, I get: TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference. at Puzzle1copy() I ran debug and got this: Attempting to launch and connect to Player using URL D:UserskikilalazDesktopNew SemGameProjectStuffPuzzle1CopyPuzzle1copy.swf [SWF] D:UserskikilalazDesktopNew SemGameProjectStuffPuzzle1CopyPuzzle1copy.swf - 1183598 bytes after decompression TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference. at Puzzle1copy()[D:UserskikilalazDesktopNew SemGameProjectStuffPuzzle1CopyPuzzle1copy.as:18] Code: Header 1package { import flash.display.*; import flash.events.*; public class Puzzle1copy extends MovieClip { public function Puzzle1copy() { [Code] .....

ActionScript 3.0 :: Flex - Cannot Access A Property Or Method Of A Null Object Reference? www.kirupa.com

TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference have a mxml file that has actionscript inside of it, I'm trying to call a function in a button outside of this actionscript in the same mxml file. I'm calling the public function cancel(); like this click="cancel();" but i'm getting an error 1009 that I can't access a property or method of a null object reference Code: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <mx:HBox [code].....

IDE :: Packages Cannot Be Nested www.kirupa.com

I am a novice in ActionScript 3.0. I am trying to use the sample code from AS 3.0 tutorial but it return me an error "Packages cannot be nested". How can I fix it? Here's the sample code: fla file format. [Code]...

ActionScript 3.0 :: ReferenceError: Error #1069: Property GotoAndStop Not Found On Flash.display.Sim... forums.adobe.com

ReferenceError: Error #1069: Property gotoAndStop not found on flash.display.SimpleButton and there is no default value. at AS3RPG_fla::MainTimeline/switchToFHero() Im still new to As3 eventho i have some decent experience in As2, i understand the problem im just not sure how to correct it since As2 buttons obviously didnt need this.

ActionScript 3.0 :: ReferenceError: Error #1069: "Property Content Not Found On Flash.display.Simple... board.flashkit.com

what is error 1069?, the line in red drops error, any clue?..... Code: myloader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, loaderFunction); //event listener sub buttons control loaded movie function loaderFunction(evt:Event):void { [Code]..... additional info about the error: Property content not found on flash.display.SimpleButton and there is no default value. at MethodInfo-2()

ActionScript 3.0 :: You Cannot Debug SWF Symbol www.actionscript.org

I'm using Win7 with Flash CS4. When I try and create a symbol in the fla and then use it in AS code, I get the error "You cannot debug this swf because it does not contain ActionScript."I will get this error if I select export into first frame on the properties box in the fla.[code]in my AS3.0 code. GreenBox being the class for my symbol I created.This seems to be some issue with Win7, as I don't get this error when I run the same files on win XP.

ActionScript 3.0 :: Library Symbols And Debugging Error forums.adobe.com

I'm using Flash CS4 with Win7 and if I create a movieclip symbol in an FLA file such class name such as GreenBox. When I put the following line into my actionscipt 3.0 code, I get the error: "You cannot debug this swf because it does not contain actionscript.The line of code is:vargreenBox:Green Box = new GreenBox();Any ideas what's going on.� Never had these problems with CS3 and Win XP.I did double check to see if I had the debugger version on Flash Player.

ActionScript 3.0 :: Multiple Top Level Package Declarations? forums.adobe.com

The "Programming Adobe ActionScript 3.0" states in chapter 4 "ActionScript Language and Syntax", "Packages and Namespaces", "Creating Packages" that you can declare at the top level of a package multiple variables, functions, and namespaces in addition to a single class as long as only one is declared "public".However, in Flash when I declare a public class and any other variable or function either with the "internal" attribute or no attribute, I get this error:5006: An ActionScript file can not have more than one externally visible definition: test.function1, test.Test The package code is as follows: package test{ internal function function1():String� return "Function1()";� public class Test� }} [code].....

Actionscript 3 :: Flash - Get All Network Activity? stackoverflow.com

Is there a way within ActionScript 3.0 to: Get all URLRequests() that are made within the application? Get all RTMP:// connections to a Flash Media server? Since my application contains SWC files which were compiled by another developer, I cannot directly access the ActionScript which creates the URL requests and RTMP connections.

ActionScript 3.0 :: Writing / Updating / Overwriting To Xml File forums.adobe.com

I am able to load xml file but I want to know how should I do following taks using ActionScript 3.0 1] Create New XML File. 2] Updating XML File. 3] Overwriting XML File. please give me guidence about xml file CRUD(Create/Read/Update/Delete) operation using ActionScript 3.0.

Professional :: How To Create Seekbar For Timeline Using AS 2.0 forums.adobe.com

I have a timeline that contains a video track and an audio track. I have created a working play button and pause button, but cannot get a seek bar or volume control to work. I cannot use ActionScript 3.0 because I have the video embedded into the timeline since I have hotspots throughout the video. How can I create a seek bar using behaviors/actions with actionscrip 2.0 to control the video/audio?

ActionScript 3.0 :: Error #1069: Property PosX Not Found On Flash? www.kirupa.com

i have a movieclip with a mouse over event, and it works, just this movieclip has a property and the mouseover sometimes is trigged by the textbox, and it doesnt have this property and its giving me a error.i cant encase my function inside of this statment if(event.target.PosX != undefined){} this is my error,ReferenceError: Error #1069: Property PosX not found on flash.display.SimpleButton and there is no default value. at Untitled_fla::MainTimeline/GridOver2()

ActionScript 3.0 :: Error #1065: Variable UIProperties_icon Is Not Defined forums.adobe.com

I have a flash application built in flash cs5 and action script 3.0. When i try to compile it, it returns error. Line 15005: Unknown error optimizing byte code.or ReferenceError: Error #1065: Variable UIProperties_icon is not defined. I have converted this to air android application. Now i am getting one of these message every time when i compile or try to make apk file.

ActionScript 3.0 :: Use A Link To Execute A Function In A SWF? forums.adobe.com

In the Actionscript 3.0 Language and Components Reference > All Classes > TextField Class > Properties > htmlText HTML tags supported table, the description of the anchor tag has this sentence: "You can use the link event to cause the link to execute an ActionScript function in a SWF file instead of opening a URL." I don't understand how to do this. Can someone tell me how to do this? Or, can someone point me to an example or reference that explains how to execute an ActionScript function in a SWF file using the link event?

ActionScript 3.0 :: TypeError: Error #1009 While Exporting The Swf? www.kirupa.com

kind of a newbie to AS and started off with 3.0 and i've been trying to implement a code that i found in id=459 which has usage of z coordinate to create a 3d effect ... when i tried to export the swf file i got a lot of error messages that sayTypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.at 3D_trail1_fla::MainTimeline/cameraListener()hmm well is it because that the camera object in function has not been instantiated or it has null reference?

ActionScript 3.0 :: Error #1069: Property OnPlayStatus Not Found On Flash.net.NetStream forums.adobe.com

i am trying to create an MP3 player using AS3. when i competed my server-side and client-side coding i ran it. MP3 plays not more than 5 seconds and there occures a reference error.(ReferenceError: Error #1069: Property onPlayStatus not found on flash.net.NetStream and there is no default value.). what are the reasons for that errors? can i overcome it?

ActionScript 3.0 :: Accessing A Class From A Loaded SWF? www.actionscript.org

In Flash Professional,I drew a shape, converted it to symbol, linked it to class Symbol1 (extends MovieClip) which is generated at run-time, and saved the SWF file as shape.swf.Now my main application wants to load shape.swf and create multiple instances of Symbol1 but I get ReferenceError when trying to access the class Symbol1.Below is my main application's code. Errors thrown are mentioned in comments. ActionScript Code: public class MovieClipTest extends Sprite[code].............

Actionscript 3 :: Prototypes - Are They Just Static Variables? stackoverflow.com

A reference to the prototype object of a class or function object. The prototype property is automatically created and attached to any class or function object that you create.This property is static in that it is specific to the class or function that you create. For example, if you create a class, the value of the prototype property is shared by all instances of the class and is accessible only as a class property.Instances of your class cannot directly access the prototype property. A class's prototype object is a special instance of that class that provides a mechanism for sharing state across all instances of a class. At run time, when a property is not found on a class instance, the delegate, which is the class prototype object, is checked for that property. If the prototype object does not contain the property, the process continues with the prototype object's delegate checking in consecutively higher levels in the hierarchy until Flash Player or the Adobe Integrated Runtime finds the property. Note: In ActionScript 3.0, prototype inheritance is not the primary mechanism for inheritance. Class inheritance, which drives the inheritance of fixed properties in class definitions, is the primary inheritance mechanism in ActionScript 3.0. from this I get the impression that prototypes are just static variables.. am I right?

ActionScript 3.0 :: Flex - Valid JavaScript Code That Is NOT Valid Code? stackoverflow.com

Most JavaScript code is also syntactically valid ActionScript 3.0 code. However, there are some exceptions which leads me to my question: Which constructs/features in JavaScript are syntactically invalid in ActionScript 3.0? Please provide concrete examples of JavaScript code (basic JavaScript code without DOM API usage) that is NOT valid ActionScript 3.0 code.

"The Restore Point Could Not Be Created For The Following Reason:This Service Cannot Be Started In Safe... forums.techguy.org

I cannot get system restore to work...when i try to create a restore point i get this error message:"The restore point could not be created for the following reason:This service cannot be started in Safe Mode (0x8007043c)"I am NOT in safe mode. I have loaded in the usual way but somehow "Restore" believes i am in "Safe Mode"I am also unable to create any backup disks because i get the same error message (Cannot create in Safe Mode). MS Windows Home Premium 64 bit AMD Athlon X2 Dual-Core QL-65 3.0 GB Ram ATI Radon Graphics