ActionScript 2.0 :: Dynamic Text Fields 'suddenly' Not Parsing HTML


I have come across a bizarre Flash problem with dynamic text fields. I built a site in flash for a designer about a million years ago. The content in her portfolio's dynamic text fields loads from plain .txt files. The fields, which were set to parse simple html tags, used to do so perfectly. At least the last time I checked in April of 2006. The designer just contacted me last week: one of the fields is no longer parsing the html. ?! I opened the original .fla and it is definitely set to do so. Why would this suddenly stop working?[code]

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Some of the dynamic text fields in my application stopped working. This is part of a major application which I have been working on for a few months. It worked fine until today. 3 different dynamic text fields suddenly do not show text when I set the text from actionscript This is what I tried: 1) Tried with and without text embedding 2) Turned on and off html 3) Tried with .text and .htmlText 4) Removed the TextField and added a new one 5) Added static text into the dynamic TextField and did not add the dynamic text with actionscript --> the initial text appeared I am working with CS3 and recently updated. I am considering deleting Flash and not running the update.

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I am trying to change the text in a dynamic text field when I hover over some shapes but this is not working Actionscript Code: on (rollOver){� � myText_txt.text ="Isolation"}

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I am trying to bring in multiple RSS feed nodes into one Dynamic Text field in Flash CS3 using AS3. I have made vars for my headline node and my description text node and I am able to have them both display in the same dynamic text field by formatting them with HTML tags. My problem is changing the text size and color for the description node var. Is this possible in the same Text field. Can the default text format be overidden by code? Here is what I have so far.... ActionScript Code: //This code loads and Parses the RSS feed var loader:URLLoader = new URLLoader(); loader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, onLoaded); [Code]..... I tried adding size = '8' in the <p> tag but it did not override the default size in the Dynamic Text Field (dtfa) properties.

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I have created a RSS feed viewer, parsing the RSS feed with actionscript 3.0 and viewed on the stage in dynamic text boxes. The text in these dynamic boxes is scripted to link to web addresses contained in the RSS feeds in the same node as the text being displayed. So far so good. Now I need the text in these boxes to act as if they were HTML links and show an underline and color change when rolled over and clicked on.

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Is it possible to change the font of a dynamic text field using actionscript during runtime?

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I have a project that I'm working on where I want to allow a user to control some text formatting for a Flash interactive via external XML. They want to create links and bold text in paragraphs and such.Create dynamic text field on the stageGo to library, create font symbol for HelveticaNeue fontSet dynamic text field on stage to font symbol for Helvetica Neue Turn on embedding for dynamic text fieldSet HTML formatting to true on dynamic text fieldWrite out ActionScript for filling dynamic text field e.g. <b>THIS FIELD:</b> + someVariableFromXMLPublish movieBold text disappears.What am I doing wrong here? I need to make sure font symbols are present and dynamic text fields are set to embedded fonts to ensure PC/Mac font display for dynamic content for oddball non-standard fonts.Why doesn't this work? When I create the font symbol and set it to bold, STILL doesn't work.

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I am trying to use FlashVars to pass a parameter that will determine which graphic to load into my movie. The test actionscript code uses a dynamic text field called dText and is coded as follows (testing the FlashVars by passing them to a dynamic text field): function loaderComplete(myEvent:Event){ var flashVars=this.loaderInfo.parameters; dText.text=flashVars.userName; } this.loaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, loaderComplete); In my html code I am adding: <PARAM NAME=FlashVars VALUE="userName=SamG" /> FlashVars="userName=SamG" // added to the embed tag

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I am very very novice to actionscript, so probably my question will sound a little silly.I am trying to put an arabic text to scroll with a custom scrollbar. So I found a nice video in youtube about doing that with a dynamic text field. It works wonderful for latin characters (left to right and separated letters) but unfortunately not for arabic characters (they don't get connected). Actually, I don't care to use just a movieclip with the text instead of the dynamic text field. But I don't know how to change the actionscript code for the movie clip instead of the dynamic text field. Here I show you the code for the scrolling text in a dynamic text field (it's a short code), on the stage I got just the dynamic text field (instance name: texto_txt), the scrollBar (a vertical line, instance name: scrollBar_mc) and the scroller itself (a little rectangle, instance name:scrollHandle_mc): [Code]...

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how to Load xml into Dynamic text ! I need to access the node values of complex childnodes From Rss Feed for my Flash application. Ex:From Yahoo I want to display images,hyperlinks in Dynamic Text Field. I want to do it in Flash 8 using ActionScript 1.0/2.0.


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I'm trying to load an external html file into a dynamic text field. The dynamic text field has html display enabled. The html file contains a list of links in <a> tags, and nothing more. The dynamic text field is called 'dynamictext', and I've tried: Code: Select allvar externaltextload:URLLoader = new URLLoader( ); externaltextload.load(new URLRequest("text/Links.html")); externaltext.text=externaltextload.data; [Code].....

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I am trying to load data from mysql to xml to flash using actionscript and php. Im doing something wrong but not sure what.Basically, my php file (latestnews.php) looks like this Code: <?php header("Content-type: text/xml"); $host = "host"; $user = "user"; $pass = "password";[code]....... this is placed in the same frame number as the dynamic text fields but on a seperate layer. The dynamic text fields are: Title_txt Comments_txt Date_txt There is no output error but nothing is showing up. The file is using actionscript 2.0 and wondering if the actionscript i am using is write for that format?

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Dynamic Text in Flash ActionScript 2.0 not showing when published When published all else shows up except the dynamic text. The properties have been set on "Bitmap Text (no anti-alias)" and fonts not seemingly embedded..

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I'm having some serious problems with my dynamic text fields. The case is, I format the dynamic text fields to have character spacing and line spacing both equal to 1. Everything seems fine in the SWF when the text is actually typed INTO the dynamic text field, but when I make it fetch text from Actionscript or an external XML file Flash player renders the text as if it had 0 character spacing and 0 line spacing.

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I have a file with two frames.In the first frame i have an input textfield (naam_txt) a button (send_btn) and a dynamic text field (output_txt)In the second frame i only have the dynamic text field.So i want someone to type in their name and when the button is pushed, you go to the second frame and there is a welcome text in the dynamic text field.But i get Welkom undefined This is the actionscript: Code: send_btn.onRelease = function(){ gotoAndStop (2); output_txt.text = "Welkom " + naam_txt.text; [code]....

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im trying to pull attributes from my xml file for use in a dynamic text field but cant seem to get the actionscript dialed in properly. i have a php script which parses the data as attributes rather than nodes...so my actionscript must use these attributes! [CODE]...

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flash actionscript i ve created 9 dynamic text fields in one row & this is named as fname0,fname1 .... fname8 & another 9 dynamic text fields in another row & this is named as chipsname0,chipsname1....chipsname8 ,I created these fields in an array. Based on the user entry in one of the text field i should calculate & display it in the corresponding text field in the other row, this should be done when the user types a number & when that text field looses its focus.

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I am having trouble attaching an external stylesheet to a dynamic text file in flash. Details: Instance name: my_txt Variable name: storyText Flash 8 | ActionScript 2.0 inside the text file: storyText=This is my is my text here.... Latest code that I am using: function textLoader() { myData = new LoadVars(); myData.onLoad = function() { my_txt.html = true; [Code] .....

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Can i get the css inside a tag in html page with actionscript 2.0? (exe: <p style=" n color:#a8a8a8;">Lorem Ipsum</p>).i know that is possible in external css file.i get the text from a php file. and i get the html code and save it in a variable and wrote him in a dynamic textbox. (textBox.htmlText ....)

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Friends, I am using Actionscript 2.0 and want to scroll simple text. I did it with the default scrollbar component and it works fine. But the issue is that I have some subscript and superscript in my text and this option is disabled in the dynamic text field. My text is like:- CO2 + H2O

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I am using Actionscript 2.0 and want to scroll simple text. I did it with the default scrollbar component and it works fine.But the issue is that I have some subscript and superscript in my text and this option is disabled in the dynamic text field. My text is like:- CO2 + H2O

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I have html text being loaded into an Actionscript created dynamic text field using LoadVars, and any line within the text which contains a bullet point or an accented character displays in bold. The txt file containing the html text has been saved as Unicode in order to display the characters. Cannot work out why this is happening

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i am using the greensock xml parser to parse xml data in actionscript 2.0 i am using two xml files.. i want to display this data in a table format in rows and columns.. how should i do it.. i have to write code in as 2.0 only... i tried using html tags but since table tags don't work in flash so it did not work

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Novice in actionscript and have a problem loading an html file combined with a css stylesheet into a dynamic text field. I have 2 pages... 1st page always loads correctly but second page all you see the text fields is "undefined". When I view local machine all is well until I load onto server and for the first page of my site all is well but for the second page I receive "undefined" in the dynamic text field... This only happens the first time. When I click through the different pages('undefined', 'undefined', 'undefined'..) and return to the previous ones the text suddenly is displayed correctly! I have read elsewhere that I need to wait for the LoadVars onload command to finnish but I am at a loss to fix this... Code: var myVars:LoadVars = new LoadVars(); var styles = new TextField.StyleSheet(); var txt_url = "booking.htm"; [Code].....

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my varloader.fla sample will load up a couple of variables from a .txt file (numbers.txt) and it will display them just fine in the dynamic text boxes on the layer below the actionscript layer. but if I move one of the dynamic text fields to another frame, lots of errors happen. i gather this is because when the movie moves to the next frame, it 'forgets' all of the definitions in the actionscript of frame 1, but certainly there must be a way to do one load of the variables from the text file and use them project wide? please tell me i don't need to write a loader to parse my .txt file in ever frame I want to use the .txt variables?? how can i make these variables global? all i want to do is be able to display first_txt and second_txt on subsequent frames from the frame with the AS... ActionScript Code: here is my actionscript:[code]......

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I am having trouble getting my dynamic text field to populate based on a countdown ActionScript. My dynamic text field's attribute name is time_txt and is set to Dynamic Text in the Properties panel. Here is my code: [Code]...

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i have the AS setting the mask, and my fonts are embedded.. but the dynamic text doesnt mask my other movieclip.my dynamic text is "fly_in" MC with the text field inside. the MC label is: "headerTxt_mask" the sheen is labeled "sheenMC" and put in a layer below "headerTxt_mask" in the same "fly_in" MC then on the first frame of my scene i have: ActionScript Code: fly_in.sheenMC.setMask(fly_in.headerTxt_mask); The dynamic txt field is supposed to be the mask for the sheen, so all you see is the sheen...

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I wanted to know whether it was possibe to load external html files into a dynamic text field like the <iframe> tag in html and is so,

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I am loading some text into a dynamic text field from an external text file using the methods described on kirupa's tutorials. I want to be able to bold some text, and make some other text links, using html... I thought it might work if I just added the html tags to the text file, and the chose to render the dynamic text field as html..but the tags don't do anything, and are still read in as normal text.

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Site loads two flash files at the same time with multiple dynamic text fields that load .html files with external css style sheets. The site works almost perfectly when viewed offline, but when you upload it the text boxes sometimes load and sometimes do not. I'm a graphic designer so I really don't know actionscript 3.0 (or any version) very well... so I'm attaching the footer .fla file which by itself suffers from the same problem, and the other files are too big to upload so here is the link to the other .fla file used on the homepage

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How do I underline dynamic text in Actionscript 2.0? I tried wrapping the text with <u> and </u> but it didn't work, so I guess that's just for Actionscript 3.0.

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I'm importing some html text into a Dynamic Text Field(services_txt). Here's the code: [Code]...

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I'm trying to use the flash numeric stepper component to pass it's current value into a dynamic text field using AS2. So basically I drag the numeric stepper onto the stage. Next to it I place a dynamic text field with an instance name of myText. So what I want is if I click the numeric stepper up to 3, then the dynamic text field will also say 3. Click the numeric stepper up to 22, then the dynamic text field will also say 22. Can someone tell me the actionscript needed to do this and if the actionscript needs to go on the component itself or in the timeline.

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I have a dynamic text field that scrolls. When I print I can only print what is viewable on the screen and not all the text being scrolled. How do I print what is not viewable within the scrollable text field? Oh yeah, and I don't want to parse the XML content and dynamic Flash conent into several diff frames to print like that since I am using 1 scroller to handle like 30 diff pieces of XML & Flash driven content.

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Attachment 54101my problem is in bitmap explained:1. after loading external text into dynamic text field,2. how to call/make visible "button over text" on the Scene by pointing a mouse over specific word in loaded external text?3. javascript, html, actionscript (asfunction, variable)

ActionScript 2.0 :: Print A Scrollable Text Field? www.kirupa.com

I have a dynamic text field that scrolls. When I print I can only print what is viewable on the screen and not all the text being scrolled. How do I print what is not viewable within the scrollable text field? Oh yeah, and I don't want to parse the XML content and dynamic Flash conent into several diff frames to print like that since I am using 1 scroller to handle like 30 diff pieces of XML & Flash driven content.

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Having a problem displaying a dynamic text field inside a movieclip - when I test / publish the movie, the images from my html file display in the textArea, but the text itself (also from the same html file) does not display.. I don't know why this would be happening.I'm using AS2 in Flash CS3 (Newbie).my movie clip has the instance name: contentMain.The dynamic text field (Inside the movie clip) has the instance name: myText.The text field reads a html file, which contains text and images..(I should add that I know my html file works, because I can test the dynamic text field scene in flash and see the content, but not when I test the entire movie)[code]

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How do I embed fonts for dynamic text fields using actionscript without adding the font to the library? The text fields are created using actionscript, with a user-defined text format, whereas one of the properties the user defines is the font, hence the need for embedding the font without adding it to the library first.

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How do I embed fonts for dynamic text fields using actionscript without adding the font to the library? The text fields are created using actionscript, with a user-defined text format, whereas one of the properties the user defines is the font, hence the need for embedding the font without adding it to the library first..

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I've imported a font as a font symbol. In its linkage I selected export for actionscript.This works for my dynamic text. However I've noticed that not all characters are embedded.See attached example.On top I've got a static textfield with the following text:▪ Some text with a square in front of itAt the bottom a dynamic textfield with the following code: Code: mytext.html = true; mytext.embedFonts = true; [code].......

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grabbing / formating a string.My mission is connecting to a web site - let's say domain.com/one.html - which returns the following html code: Code: <HTML><meta http-equiv="Pragma" content="no-cache"></head><body>1,1,4,20,1,128,Harry J. All Stars - The Liquidator</body></html> What I am looking for is a actionscript function which returns the text after the 6th comma - in this case: Harry J. All Stars - The Liquidator The thing is: The numbers are always different, but the text I want to "grab" and "show" in mytext.text (dynamic text) is ALWAYS present after the 6th comma.

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Text box instance is labelled, Property set to 'Dynamic Text' Behavior set to 'MultiLine' Text set in Actionscript: [code].....

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I'm importing text via an XML file that will then be displayed in a dynamic text field. The text is about 1 sentence long but one of the words in the sentence must be bold and a different color. So I've added some HTML tags in the XML node to change the color and format but when I test the file the html tags show in the dynamic text field and the text is NOT formatted. Here is my code: I bring in the XML data with this AS3 code: ActionScript Code: var _xml:XML; var _xmlList:XMLList; var _xmlLoader:URLLoader = new URLLoader(); [Code].... Am I not using the CDATA tag properly? Or do I need to change something in the way I call up the data in the xml node ?

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I'm making a side scrolling flash game called Kit-Run using actionscript 2.0. I want to give each level a two minute time limit - ideally to have an enemy mc load that comes and kills you when it reaches 00:00. I've found a lot of tutorials that count down time limits for dates, but none for a simple minute counter. I've started with a dynamic text field called "timeDisplay". What do I now??

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Is it possible for a flash file to retrieve the current url from the browser and populate a dynamic text field with that url?So say my swf is embedded at [URL]I have a dynamic text field in my swf labeled myText What actionscript would be needed for that myText field to recognize the url and populate with [URL]?

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I am having a headache adding a simple break tag in xml. My best effort was <br> but it displays <b> literally! I have already activated html on my actionscript using newsBox.html = true; with newsBox being the instance name of my dynamic text field.

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I am wondering if there is a way to fill out fields in another website with the input text (or dynamic text) fields from my flash page. I want to be able to have a sort of 'auto fill' function, where the 'username', 'password' etc. fields in my flash page get transfered to the other website's fields. I had the actionscript set up that looked like: getURL("[URL]" + userName + "&password=" + passWord) Anyways, some fields (like email and username) worked, but some (like password and 're-enter email', did not work.

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I have name my dynamic texts as inp1.text, inp2.text, inp3.text etc...Now my question is.. when applying actionscripts (2.0 is the one I use), how to increment their values?How I can make inp1.text as inp2.text? on(release){ if (Number(inp1.text)>0){n1=Number(inp1.tex� else{n1=0;} if (Number(inp2.text)>0){n2=Number(inp2.tex� else{n2=0;} [code].....

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What does work : I want to put a dynamic textfield on my stage.Then i change the content of this field with AS3.But : when I rate the textfield on my stage, the text disappears.And I have embedded my font (also 'Export for actionscript')...I prefer not to put any textfields on the stage using ASSo the only code I use is : ActionScript Code:this.trial.text = "this is a test";

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i want to parse the web html to flex text field to use string function splice etc. to replace tags with the one which text fields can understand but is it too complex and processing over head is there that reduces the efficiency but i have max control to do changes what i needed. parsing the html to xml and then use this as the text input to text field what about the efficiency and control need to know about from this question. regular expressions .

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I'm having trouble with dynamic text. I have a symbol with dynamic text fields in it. In the action script file I want to change the text of these text fields like this: textFieldName.text = "new text"; But nothing happens. I cannot see any text when I play the movie. Also I tried adding a dynamic text field directly to stage and change the text with textFieldName.text = "new text"; I can see the new text when I play the movie. Then I added my symbol that has the dynamic texts in it, and the text of the text field that is directly on stage disappears. When I delete my symbol, the text is back there. I'm using Flash CS5 and ActionScript 3.0.

ActionScript 3.0 :: Text Field Variable Names Are Not Supported forums.adobe.com

So my website was created in FLash CS4 which is AS3. I did a tutorial online recently to create scrollbar for dynamic text; but sadly I didn't realize the code I had copied was AS2! I tried to import the scrollbar.swf into my website and it gave me this message:Text field variable names are not supported in ActionScript 3.0. The variable 'txt' used for the text field 'txtBox' will not be exported.[code]

ActionScript 3.0 :: Scrolling Text - Track Not Visible If The Content Is Smaller Than The Text Field? www.actionscript.org

I have a dynamic text filed scrolling with a drag button on a track or the mousewheel. What I am trying to do now is have the scroll button and track not visible if the content is smaller than the text field. ActionScript Code: //this if statement not working as should. button and track are always invisible. //txt is text field name if (txt.textHeight < txt.height){[code]......

Copy Plain Text From Textfield Component? forums.adobe.com

I am using Flash CS3 and Actionscript 2.0. � I have a TextField component that has some text added during the movie. This textfield has html set to true. The text that I am passing to it has html tags. � I want to copy the plain text that is displayed during the movie from the textfield to the clipboard without the html tags.

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I am trying to load some dynamic text fields with html tags as follows: _root.pag.pages.page12.home.htmlText = "<font face="Verdana" size="24" color="#FFFFFF"><b><a href="

ActionScript 2.0 :: Load Vars From One Html File With Other Dynamic Text Fields? www.kirupa.com

When i've created a vars in my fla file and load it from the html file to dynamic text field, using this action [code]... Ok ... it is working, but it only for 1 text field. So .. how i can load a vars from one html file with other dynamic text fields.

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I currently have a dynamic text box that pulls from an external text file, but I want to spiff it up a little bit: I want the text box to include a series of links that go to another frame, and with another dynamic text box that pulls up the corresponding story.Basically, I want the main "news" page to be an updateable archive of links to the "news story" pages. This all, however, has to be in Flash, as the website I'm working on it one .swf movie. I am very inexperienced in working with CS4/Actionscript and even less experienced in HTML

ActionScript 2.0 :: Multiple If Else If With Dynamic Text? www.kirupa.com

Using Flash in CS3, actionscript v 2.0 What I want to do:User can open a text file, and answer 5 yes or no questions, then save the file.Those yes/no answers are loaded as dynamic text onto the stage inside a movieclip Depending on the answers, the navigation buttons will only go to the sections, (in this case, keyframes on the main timeline) that have a "yes" answer. Esentially, this would allow multiple navigation options, that are input dynamically from the text file. Here is the actionscript that I have on one of the buttons. I realize that each button will have to be scripted indivudually, but I can't even get this one to work. It reads the "if" and the "else", but ignores the "else if" parts.Note that my dynamic text fields are named 1, 2, 3, and are inside the movie clipe "test_text" which is on the main timeline. Code: on (release) { if (_root.test_text.1 == "yes") { gotoAndStop(25); [code]....

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I recently started learning Flash and Actionscript and now I'm trying to write an actionscript for the first time. Im doing this in Actionscript 2.0.I have a movieclip that consists of two images and one dynamic text field with a variable. The name of the images are "VS1_P1_RUN" and "VS1_P1_OFF" and the name of the dynamic text field is "pumptext". In the dynamic text field I have the variable "VS1_P1_Ind". VS1_P1_Ind is probably a boolean variable as it shows 1 or 0 in another program but in Flash it shows True or False (not sure if Flash thinks it's a text/word or a boolean).My script is supposed to display the image named VS1_P1_RUN if the variable of the dynamic text field pumptext shows the text True and it goes like this:[code] So I'm completely stuck in what to do. The bottom code works as it should but I want the images to show depending on the value of the variable VS1_P1_Ind. I thought just changing the text field to dynamic and typing the variable name in the variable field would do it but no.If it could be a clue to the solution I'll also share that the value of the variable is not seen/shown in textfield while inside the movieclip. Creating a dynamic textfield outside of the movieclip shows the value of the variable just fine, True/False.

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I want to save the text file without dialogue box and store the given particular path in flash actionscript 3.0 or 2.0.

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I was wondering if it is possible to create a dynamic text field with actionscript, to load XML data from a folder but only when this folder contains any data.Is it possible to check through Flash if a folder contains an XML file and in that case to create the dynamic text field in order to load the XML file?

Data Integration :: Dynamic Text Instance - Displaying Info From PHP File forums.adobe.com

I have a dynamic text instance in Flash named dynamic_txt and I want it to display information from a php file. What command allows me to do this? Here is the code: PHP <?php print "dynamo_txt=DYNAMIC"; ?> ActionScript (2.0) var my_lv:LoadVars = new LoadVars(); my_lv.onLoad = function(success:Boolean) { if (success) { //Here is Where I want the command that will allow Dynamo_TXT to display the String // From the PHP File }; my_lv.load("cars.php");

IDE :: Make A Dynamic Text Field Fade In www.kirupa.com

I,m trying to make a dynamic text field fade in. I got the fade in part though. the dynamic text field contains a percentage loader. just before it fades in it shows a zero. this is my actionscript code it is as2 [Code]....

ActionScript 2.0 :: Embed Font Not Showing Dynamic Text? board.flashkit.com

henever I try to embed fonts for dynamic text fields, no text appears in my text box. The text is loaded into the dynamic field from another variable, long story short it all works, except for if I try to embed fonts. One thing, the dynamic textbox is html enabled, and I have <b> tags within the code, so the text ends up being bold. This is how I want it. Do I have to 'embed' a bold variation of the font as well as the regular variation?

ActionScript 1/2 :: Make Dynamic Text Look Static While The HMTL Tagging Is Enabled? forums.adobe.com

I have a dynamic text field where I am setting it's text value through a variable. Now, I need this dynamic text field content to look like static font on runtime. I tried embedding the text field but that makes my file so heavy and most importantly, it disables the HTML tagging on the text field.

ActionScript 2.0 :: Embed Input Text Doesn't Show Up www.kirupa.com

I'm working on a flash file that is a video clip and beneath the video, there's an input text field where a user can get the code to embed the video in their page (youtube code). The problem is that when I have plain text in the text field it works, but when I try to use html code, I get an actionscript error and it doesn't show up. This is my actionscript (leaving out the full url): [Code]...

ActionScript 2.0 :: Loading Var. From Ext. File Into A Flash Variable (not Into A Dynamic Text Field)? www.kirupa.com

I'm trying to load a simple variable &myVar from a php file into my flash movie, that's a blank movie with just actionscript in it.I tried to load this &myVar into a dynamic Text field and it works fine, but I can't get this value into a flash variable to manipulate it with actionscript.. Must be simple.. My actionscript it PHP Code: $x�=�"abc";print�"&myVar=$x";� How to get the myVar value into a FLASH VARIABLE?

Professional :: Dynamic Text Fields Not Working Properly In CS5? forums.adobe.com

In an attempt to use a dynamic text field on my page, and passing text to it such as.. question.text = "Sample text here" ..where the instance name of the dynamic text field is "question" ..I found that if I add another text box to the page as static text, but using the same font as the dynamic field, the dynamic field populates incorrectly.If I compile using CS4 it works fine, and if I break apart the static text in CS5 it works fine.I also found if I change the font of the static field to something other than that of the dynamic.. it works fine.However in further testing..if I place a second static text field on the page,the dynamic again breaks even if I use the different font as before. All of these scenarios work fine in CS4, but in CS5 is causing my dynamic field to change to the same as my static text, or simply mixing letters and otherwise not displaying my dynamic text...I've tested on three systems here all with CS5 ...

ActionScript 2.0 :: Inserting A Variable Into A Dynamic Text Field? www.kirupa.com

I know you can read the contents of a text file into a dynamic text field at runtime. Can you also insert the string contents of a variable into a dynamic text field at runtime? I simply want a dynamic text field that says "Welcome back, <username>" I am doing it right now with a static text field and a dynamic one, but if the username is really short, the whole thing is not centered and looks weird. Optimally, it should all be part of one element on the stage.

ActionScript 2.0 :: Dynamic Text Field Html Tags www.kirupa.com

Issue: dynamic textfield created at runtime with html text doesn't display bold and italics. Having the Font symbol in my library with the linkage name "Avenir" : [Code]... The textfield totally ignores the bold html tag. The right font is displayed but the html tags are ignored. So if I want one text field to be able to dynamically display bold and italics (html text) using a Font Face in my library...how do I do it? What am I missing?

Flash Is Cutting Off The Bottom Of Scrollable Text? www.gotoandlearnforum.com

I made a post under actionscript 2.0, but I wasn't sure if it belonged there. So here goes.I made a text box and added a mask to it, it is really long so I made it scrollable. For some reason it keeps cutting off the bottom of the text, meaning it won't scroll all the way down, it truncates it. The text is dynamic and the fonts are embedded, heck I even tried breaking the fonts apart.

ActionScript 3.0 :: How To Use Textformat And Tabstops www.actionscript.org

I have an text field set as HTML and Im pulling in some text from XML and I can't figure out how to use textformat HTML tag with tabstops, here is XML: ActionScript Code: <![CDATA[<textformat>Name Surname Nickname</textformat>]]> I want all to be separated like so(100px between Name & Surname and 150px between Surname & Nickname): Name 100px Surname 150px Nickname. How to do this? I guess I would have to do something like: ActionScript Code: <![CDATA[<textformat tabstops="100,150">Name Surname Nickname</textformat>]]>

ActionScript 3.0 :: Linking A Class To A Dynamic Text Field To Load XML Data? forums.adobe.com

I'm quite new to ActionScript and would be grateful for any help here. I want to load text into a dynamic text field (called 'about_tab') using� a class depending on the language selected (by clicking on a flag icon)� by the user. I managed to get this to work when the ActionScript was written directly� in the timeline, but am having problems with doing the same thing via a� class. [Code]...

ActionScript 2.0 :: Showing Entire XML File Display As String In Dynamic Text Field (XML To String)? board.flashkit.com

Basically I'm trying to output the contents of an XML document into a dynamic text field (as loaded - not just its node values and content - the entire thing - into a variable called _root.log). The text field is set to show the variable value of _root.log.This is the actionscript... PHP Code: var newProfileXML:XML= new XML("<contacts result='true'><contact name='John Doe'/><contact name='Jane Doe'/></contacts>"); [code].....

ActionScript 2.0 :: Using Dynamic Text Box Variables For PHP Email? board.flashkit.com

Passing Text Variabes to a form PHP script for emailing.If a user makes a number of selections from visual indicators on frame 1 of a Flash 8 file and textual descriptions of those selections are then actionscripted into dynamic text boxes as text values in a form on frame 2, can the text values of the dynamic text boxes be given variable names that can be sent to and processed by a server side PHP script as regular input type text box variables would be processed? Example: User selects 3 images on frame 1 via a mouse on(release) event. the actionscript being: on(release) {[code].... On the form frame (frame 2) would be a movie clip (form_mc with instance name form) with the normal Name, Email, Message input type text boxes along with dynamic text boxes dynamicTextBox1, 2 and 3.On the form Submit button the actionscript would be: on(release) { var sendVar = new LoadVars (); var receiveVar = new LoadVars ();[code]........... Would this work? All indications I have seen through many Flash/PHP email tutorials indicate not using dynamic text boxes but components like combo boxes etc use variables and not input boxes.

ActionScript 3.0 :: Removing Duplicate Dynamic Text Fields? www.actionscript.org

I generated some duplicate text fields in actionscript via a for loop and just did the "addChild()" function to add each textbox to the screen. Now I would like to remove them, but how do I do this? Since the textfields all have the same name, I can't do a 'getChildByName()' function to remove them, and I also tried getChildIndex(), but I can't seem to get any of that working. How do I delete the duplicate dynamic text boxes from the screen via Actionscript?

ActionScript 2.0 :: Dynamic Text Field From An Input Text Field board.flashkit.com

What I'm trying to do is to write something in an input field and then it should show up in a dinamic field. I can make this happen, but the problem is that the dinamic field shows its new text in the same format as the Input field. For example, the input text is written in TimesNewRoman and the dinamic text is in Arial, but when the dinamic text shows the input, the text is still in TimesNewRoman when I want it to be in Arial.

Flash :: Making Dynamic Text Item Transparent For Mouse? stackoverflow.com

I'm working with actionscript 3 and have a trouble. I need to write player where users will see text on the front of the movie. The text is text field of type "Dynamic text". The problem is that I need to make this text object transparent for mouse move and clicks. I tried: .mouseEnabled=false; .selectable=false; when I click on it - it does not pass clicks through it.

ActionScript 2.0 :: FMX Loading Xml Character www.kirupa.com

I have a little foreign character issue while loading an external xml file that contains characters like accents:.and so on.I embeded the font (with all latin characters) in the dynamic text field that the xml is loaded.Everything works fine but when I have a foreign character like the ones mentioned above, it ignores that character.i.e:when the xml has the word: teraputico my dynamic text field displays: terapico tracing the variable that contains the text, the output window displays: terapico:I tried rendering the text field as html and it didn't work either.

CS3 :: HTML Text In Flash Code board.flashkit.com

I am trying to create a flash text field which is html formatted using the code to link to a text file already containing html formatted text. Both these files have been saved in the same folder on my hard drive.Having created a text field on my stage (on one layer) with an instance name of myText_txt I have entered this into the actionscript (on the layer above):[code]I have tryed moving both files to the desktop but this hasnt worked.

Mix Static And Dynamic Text? www.gotoandlearnforum.com

How do you mix static and dynamic text in one sentence?I want to display This audio is ::totaltime:: minutes long.Where ::totaltime:: is a variable determined in the ActionScript 2 codeCan I do this in a text box on the stage or does it need to be done in ActionScript 2? (I'm not using AS3, even though I'm in CS3.)If it's in AS2, I'm not used to outputting text from there, so how do I specify that the text be embedded Helvetica, 12pt, black, and starting at x:0, y:65 ?

ActionScript 2.0 :: Displaying City Of Visitor In Swf? www.actionscript.org

I have a html link that display the city of the person viewing the site. How can I display that information into a swf dynamic text field, using that html link? So far I got this script half working because it display the information in the output window. How can I get it to display it on a dynamic text field? var lv:LoadVars = new LoadVars(); lv.onLoad = function(success:Boolean) { if (success) [Code]...

ActionScript 2.0 :: Remove Elements From Dynamic Text www.kirupa.com

Would anyone be kind enough to help me with some Actionscript code (2.0) that will automatically remove from dynamically imported html text. Basically an html page is updated by a client using a CMS system (CushyCMS) but it inserts.When the page reloads into the flash site the cause the text to break.So I would like something that either removes the or changes it to a single space that won't cause the line to break.

ActionScript 2.0 :: CDATA Not Showing HTML In Text Field? board.flashkit.com

Simple XML import with text and an html link and an image. For some reason the html tags are rendering as text, not html in the dynamic text field. I have looked at countless posts and tuts From all I've read I am doing things right, but obviously I am not. I must be missing something.ake a look at the attached code and explain where I am going wrong.XML File Code: <?xml version="1.0" ?> <item> [code].....

ActionScript 2.0 :: CDATA Not Showing HTML In Text Field www.actionscript.org

Simple XML import with text and an html link and an image. For some reason the html tags are rendering as text, not html in the dynamic text field. I have looked at countless posts and tuts but found nothing that helps. From all I've read I am doing things right, but obviously I am not. I must be missing something..[code]...

ActionScript 2.0 :: Dynamically Populating A Textfield Within Several Instances Of A Movie Clip? www.actionscript.org

been working in Flash using AS2 and loading external XML data into the movie. I am able to load the data into in Flash and parse it, but I haven't been able to figure out how to load the names of buttons from separate nod values into a textfield.Unfortunately, I dont feel I know AS3 well enough and am a little bit rusty on my AS2.I created a movie clip which holds the dynamic textfield and placed 30 instances on the stage. Each instance is successively named "cityName[i]" where i is a number from 1-30. I've tried setting the instances as both buttons and movie clips. I also tried setting both the .text and.htmlText attributes, but neither works. Ive embedded the fonts on the dynamic text field. Ive also tried changing the field to input instead of dynamic but that doesn�work either. Ive been tracing things to try to debug, but haven� found the issue yet.Here's the code: ActionScript Code: //load XML data var citiesData:XML = new XML(); [code]........

ActionScript 2.0 :: [MX]HTML Text Field Extra Space? www.kirupa.com

I'm using loadVars to import text from a text file and then put it into a dynamic text field - rendered in HTML. There is an extra space in the first line of text for some reason. I've checked the dynamic text field and theres no spaces or returns in it - its empty before putting the text into it.

AS3 :: Flash Change The Text On A Button stackoverflow.com

I have created my own button class called custom_btn.I created it on the timeline and have exported it for use in ActionScript.I can make an instance of my button, and add it to the screen fine.The button has a dynamic text field that I would like to change the text in. I have tried to give the text field a name on the time line and the access it when I make the button, but I get an error (I think this is because the name isn't being saved to the class).How do I change the text?[code]

ActionScript 2.0 :: [MX] HTML Text Field Extra Space? www.kirupa.com

I'm using loadVars to import text from a text file and then put it into a dynamic text field - rendered in HTML. There is an extra space in the first line of text for some reason. I've checked the dynamic text field and theres no spaces or returns in it - its empty before putting the text into it.How can I get rid of that extra line?

ActionScript 3.0 :: Default Text Disappear OnClick Of InputText www.actionscript.org

I have an InputText field for users to submit information to me. I want to have the text field display some default text (Ex. Type E-Mail Here) and then when the field is clicked, the text will be cleared. After a long time of searching a found a solution that works perfectly....using ActionScript 2.0. Unfortunately my site is in 3.0 therefore I cannot use this code. For the example I want my default text to be "Type E-Mail Here", and the InputText Instance Name will be "inputTxt" Here is the 2.0 ActionScript Code: inputTxt.textField = "Type E-Mail Here..." inputTxt.onSetFocus = function() { inputTxt.textField = "" }; inputTxt.onKillFocus = function() { inputTxt.textField = "Type E-Mail Here..." }; When using this code in AS3, I get the error code "1120: Access of undefined property inputTxt". What do I need to make this code work in AS3?

ActionScript 2.0 :: Dynamic Text Changes Back To Initial Text On Keyframes? www.kirupa.com

I've created a dynamic text field (named text_txt) on stage - gave it a value of "123";There is 1 keyframe (frame 1) followed by 9 frames.I've added a tiny piece of actionScript: text_txt.text = "99"; Running it - all works great - I see 99 in that text field.If I add another keyframe (lets say on frame 5) - the text inside text_txt changes back to 123...Instance name there is still text_txt...

IDE :: Formatting Text Field In Flash? stackoverflow.com

how to create formatted dynamic text fields, to embedding media in dynamic text fields without coding..in some graphical environment?In Flash authoring environment it is pain to do the formatting.[URL]

ActionScript 3.0 :: Parsing XML Based On Attribute? www.kirupa.com

I have an XML file I'm parsing out into a Flash movie. The XML contains multiple nodes, and within those nodes are multiple attributes.So, for example, there is a node called FirstNode. In that is an attribute FirstNodeID="1" and then there is another node, also called FirstNode which has an attribute of FirstNodeID="2". Each node also has attributes called Header and Body and so on. What I'm wondering is, how do I call out specific things based on an attribute?Right now, when I call the Header attribute from FirstNode I get ALL of the Header information from ALL of the FirstNode nodes. I need to be able to get JUST the info from FirstNodeID="1", FirstNodeID="2" and so on as needed. [Code]... I'd like to be able to be able to simply rename the dynamic text fields and then only paste in the actionscript that defines what nodes to pull the text from and what fields to put it into. So everything from the //MAIN TEXT area in the actionscript above.

ActionScript 2.0 :: Clear Input Text On Click? board.flashkit.com

I have a simple form with an input text field with text in it. I would like that text to disappear when a user clicks on the input field. How is this done in Actionscript 2.0? view this page for the example: [URL]

ActionScript 2.0 :: Dynamic Text Not Updating ? www.kirupa.com

I have some nested movie clips, with a dynamic text object at the end of the chain - if I don't update the the text in the dynamic text field, then it displays fine, however if I set the text at anytime through actionscript, the text disappears. I have tried all sorts of embedding/not embedding font - combinations, but nothing works.Here is a code snippet: Code: // this one works just fine... testing_txt.text = "This is some dynamic text!";[code].... I am definitely setting the correct field in this long list of objects, but for some reason the text in the main_menu_mc... object isn't updating. Interestingly, the text associated with the testing_txt object updates just fine.Below is a small screen shot of the display while running the swf... menu_item8 is obviously the one without any text...

ActionScript 2.0 :: Change Frame Rate In It? www.kirupa.com

How to change the frame rate in actionscript(actionscript version 2.0).

ActionScript 3.0 :: Complete TLF Text Formatting? www.actionscript.org

I am struggling with TLF text, I searched and searched and can't find a GOOD tutorial or complete method on how to format TLF text with AS3, I need to: - Load dynamic text into dynamic TLF text field - Set custom fonts - Set formatting including letter spacing, margins, leading, sharpness - Set links, link hoover color, link decoration - Get a method that supports HTML tags (those supported by Flash CS5) tutorial, book, e-book that explains all the steps needed to set, format and control TLF text? I need something that explains how to do this, logically, step by step, I'm a designer not a programmer

ActionScript 3.0 :: How To Format TLF Text? www.kirupa.com

I am struggling with TLF text, I searched and searched and can't find a GOOD tutorial or complete method on how to format TLF text with AS3, I need to: - Load dynamic text into dynamic TLF text field - Set custom fonts - Set formatting including letter spacing, margins, leading, sharpness - Set links, link hoover color, link decoration - Get a method that supports HTML tags (those supported by Flash CS5) Can you please suggest a good site, tutorial, book, e-book that explains all the steps needed to set, format and control TLF text? I need something that explains how to do this, logically, step by step, I'm a designer not a programmer

Actionscript 3.0 :: Format Text Within A Text Box? www.gotoandlearnforum.com

is there a way to format text within a text box? I put a dynamic text box on my page and I added the text through Actionscript 3(News_text.text = "this is my dummy text";). Can I add <b></b> to this text to make it bold or any of the other html codes?