Acer :: Recovery CD (ISO File Called STCDBOOT)


I found something once on one of my recovery CD'S. It is an ISO file called STCDBOOT. I burned the ISO image and it made some wierd boot disk. Has anone else tried this? I was wondering if this could rebuild the PQSERVICE? This ISO is on the first disk called System.

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I purchased the factory "Recovery" CDs. The problem is they will not recover the system. Also on a 2nd HD I find that the Acer program eRecovery will no longer run. This appears that Acer sels computers and doesn't provide the software needed to do basic recovery actions we could do under W-95 Acer will also sell you a "Recovery" CD sets that do not actually allow you to recover your system so you have a functioning PC.  V2.5.4015 is what I show in my corrupt file.

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i have an acer aspire 5100 and i have formatted the hidden partition pqservise which contains drivers and application of acer.how can i find those file can some upload this files.i don't have any recovery cd.i have searched for napp cd but i haven't find anythink.can someone upload the recovery cd to rapidshare or similar http?

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I'm trying to install Vista on a new hard drive for a Acer Aspire 5100. From what I researched, I believe I need to create the PQSERVICE partition. I'm trying to retrieve the 'Post Acer Disk Formatter CD ISO Image'. I believe it is a file named 'Diskformatdt_v1-1d.iso'. I read some of the threads on this website about how to retrieve the file from Acer's website,......................

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I have a question on the use of the Recovery repair center CD, which was made on a 64 bit windows 7 system. My friend has a system running Vista 32 bit that has booting problems, so can he use this disk, or does it need to be only a 32 bit Vista only type of recovery disk ? His computer is a HP Pavillion a1744x with Vista Business 32 bit installed. Also is that recovery CD a free download available to burn the iso file to a CD?

Acer :: Recovery CD - 1360 www.notebookforums.com

recovering an Acer Aspire 1360 notebook from recovery CD set (Windows XP Home edition). My harddrive got recently broken and it was not possible to boot the system. So I tried to recover the system from the PQService partition using D2D recovery. It failed saying that the image on the recovery partition is broken. I tried the set of recovery CDs then but it failed again, probably the HDD was unreadable. I tried to format the HDD, first only drive C:, then also drive D: and finaly I got rid of the hidden recovery partition too. Now my HDD is formated with one only primary active FAT32 partition and drive is readable. However, when I try to recover the Windows XP from CD set it does not work. The follwoing things are happening: 1. first inserted System Disk 1/1 and booted from there 2. next I'm asked to insert the first of 2 windows CDs and recovery starts copying the image file 3. in about the half of the way it asks for the 2nd windows CD (since it is not a regular windows version, but instead win+acer apps packed into an image file, there are 2 CDs) 4. at the end of the process, I'm supposed to insert again the System bootable CD and restart. so I do. 5. The recovery process should now start copying files from the CD (I don't know what files exactly), but instead it boots again to Windows 98 environment and starts over the recovery procedure asking for the Windows CD 1/2 etc. I'm afraid that Acer is somehow set up to have those 3 partitions there when recovering from 3CDs recovery set, so I tried to rebuild all three partitions back as they were, but I think I'm not getting it right.

Acer :: New Aspire 4715z No Partitions www.notebookforums.com

i just bought a new aspire 4715z and on first boot i found tons of Crapware installed in vista so i 100% removed all partitions and made 1 NTFS partition and installed a copy of vista i had sitting around my problem is i want to get back to my factory setup and acer sent me 3 disks by Fed-ex one disk is called Acer System Disk ( CD) Acer Recovery Disk 1-2 Acer Recovery Disk 2-2 I try the system disk first then put in Recovery disk 1-2 and it gets to about 8% and i get an error and it reboots. I think its because i dont have the partitions setup like it was at factory and the MBR-Master boot Record is also diff now. What Can I do to get my Disk back in shape and why wont these Cd's do it for me ? the hardware is good and the Drive is good im in Vista now posting on the laptop. I just want this to work as i bought a laptop and should be able to restore to factory no matter what i have done to the laptop

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I have an acer 5620z and the hard drive died. I replaced the hard drive and I have recovery cd's but I can't use them as it looks for partitions. I have read that I need to partition the hard drive first so I downloaded the DiskFormatDT_V1-1D.iso and installed it. during the process it didn't see the hard drive but it ran through with no errors (by the way the bios does see the hard drive). After the disk format cd I tried the recovery cds and I get the 'no partition found error' so i am stuck. i know there is the PQService but I don't know what to do as I need to be able to partition the drive so i can run recovery cds. As it is a new disk Alt F10 etc wont work.

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I downloaded three iso-images, 1 dvd-image and 2 cd-images: openSUSE-11.3-DVD-i586.iso openSUSE-11.3-GNOME-LiveCD-i686.iso openSUSE-11.3-KDE4-LiveCD-i686.iso Being paranoid, I created iso-files from the burnt DVD-R and the two burnt CD-R to verify integrity. The iso-file of the DVD-R was identical to the downloaded image. Both iso-files created from the CD-R were different in size. The original size of openSUSE-11.3-KDE4-LiveCD-i686.iso is 719.323.136 Bytes. I only got 718.938.112 Bytes when recreating an ISO-file from my CD-R. The CD-R is from Sony. When the length of my ISO-file doesn't correspond to the downloaded one, the checksum file verification doesn't work.

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I have an acer aspireone with xp originally installed on it. One day I got an error message and it no longer started up. I installed the acer aspirone one linx operating system on it but I don't like it and don't know how to use it well. I tried installing xp from recovery cd's provided by acer but the comp wouldn't read the usb-cd drive after I tried to boot from it. I looked online on how to delete the partitions and install xp again. However, now it won't even start in acer op (linux) and I get "error 22" message when i start the computer up. It doesn't even go past this message and won't boot from my usb cd drive nor my usb external harddrive. What can I do? to make it boot from the usb cd drive with the recovery xp cd.

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i have 5 cd individual iso's of linux.can we convert it to a single bootable dvd image iso file if yes'

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I have laptop acer as3810 aspire timeline, it is 13'3 inch and 4gb ram with 320 hard disk and intel core 2 solo su3500 processor, and with vista home premium and i want it vista ultimate.. so I bought vista ultimate cd with activation and all thing and I want to install it, but will it affect the 8 hours battery life, and all the programs will be deleted and in this laptop there is no dvd rom and no cd for acer programs and software.. If I will install windows vista ultimate how i will get acer webcam,acer gamezone,acer aspire as3810 pdf file,acer screensaver,acer wallpapers,acer recovery button, bluetooth, wifi, wlan wireless and the most important that when i change the volume and turn on bluetooth and the touchpad locker it make affect on the screen how i can let these effects still appeared on the screen after changing the windows vista home, are there specific software for this laptop in internet and where and how to let these effects still appeared and gained the 8hours battery life?

Make Bootable Cd Of Windows 7 www.tomshardware.com

i have question i am trying to make bootable cd of windows 7 but cant make it am trying from ages.i also got know that i make to comvert files .all files in iso .i download iso pro throught i did and it created some file says new.iso same place.i then burn cd but still not bootable please let me know how i can make bootable cd of win 7 .i have all the complete files including boot imgr

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I have this acer aspire 5100 laptop, it came from factory with Windows Xp media center. Later, i've updated to vista, but now i would like to go back to Xp... I've heard about this OEM partition that keeps the originalsl files, i was wondering if i could reinstal the original OS from this OEM thing, since i don't have any backup, or recovery cd provided by acer...

Acer :: Is My Motherboard Dead- 5100 forum.notebookreview.com

it boots to the acer start screen where you can press F2 to get in to bios but nothing happens when I press F2 and it justs goes to this screen: And this text is on for like 3 secs then goes away then comes back for 3 secs and so on. If I put in the acer recovery cd it loads the image file, then theres just a green background with a mouse pointer and the mouse is not functional.. Doesent sound good, right? there is no HDD in it.

Acer :: 5100 Restore Failure Oxa0000002 forum.notebookreview.com

Here is the story: PC started running slow, then started to get system failure BSODs. Unplug the PC of all external drives and such, let sit for 30 minutes and it would work fine for a few days, then all would repeat. So, I made a system restore point, and burned a system recovery DVD. I then tried to do a clean install of Vista Home Premium. Ok, so here's the deal. It was installed onto D drive. Dont know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. But it went through the entire install just fine, the new desk top came up, everything looked great for about a minute. Then it turned itself off and has yet to run. I kept getting an error message 'boot failed' and tried to roll back to the restore point [no good, it reset] and the recovery would not load either. Having purchased the notebook from BestBuy I was not given any restore or system discs, so I ordered both a system restore disc and a recovery from Acer, direct. They came in the mail Thursday. I put the system disc in, and it said it was Loading RAMDISK Image, the progress bar went all the way over and then it asked for the recovery disc. Inserting the recovery disc, the Restore to Factory Default scrren came up, and it warned that "partitioning C drive would erase all files, etc, and did I want to continue?" After clicking OK, it proceeded to run down to about 30% completed and then I received the following Failure to Boot, Error Oxa0000002 So then I tried the whole procedure over, and its the same. Again, and again. So then I called Acer tech, and was told I needed the Acer ISO Image, which I downloaded, unpacked, and burned to CD [using another computer obviously] and it will not even run that CD.

Acer :: Recovery Disk Aspire 5600 www.notebookforums.com

I was given a broken 5600 - if I could fix it, it was mine. I fixed the electrical fault, but also foolishly deleted the hidden partition 1, which apparently held the restore image. The donor doesn't have the recovery CD, and I now need to do a full recovery. The drivers on the Acer site don't quite do the trick, and there's nothing I can find on the site to buy a new recovery disk.

Acer :: Ferrari 1000 5123 Vista Ultimate Recovery www.notebookforums.com

I have an Acer Ferrari 1000 with Vista Ultimate. 160GB Hard Disk 2GB RAM This notebook are not CDs of recovery, but a partition PQSERVICE hidden partition. The structure of this is: One Hard Disk of 160GB with the following: C: NTFS Type 06 Label: ACER 70GB D: NTFS Type 07 Label: DATA 70GB E: CD-ROM DVD-RAM DRIVE AND Hidden Partition NTFS Type 12 Label: PQSERVICE 9GB I don't have access to boot with Windows Vista, is broken... I need to recover all my system to factory default, but the option ALT+F10 not work: Is enable in the BIOS the D2D Recovery, but i think that there's is some problem with the MBR. The file acer oolsmbrwrdos.exe NOT EXIST in C: and the hidden partition neither, there is something like that but for windows only... MBRWRWIN.EXE and RTMBR.BIN .... How can i fix the MBR for the ALT+F10 Works? and restore my system to factory default?

Acer :: Aspire 5315 Recovery Failed forum.notebookreview.com

Problem-- When you Turn on my acer 5315 laptop a blank black screen comes up after the acer logo appears. If you press any key a loud beep noice sounds. Solutions I have Tried-- Well i started with using the preloaded restore to factory defults and I got an error message at about 99 percent. The error was- Restore Failed- Reason oxd0000001d - or close to that. I figured maybe the backup partiton was screwed up so I pulled out the old recovery cd's I purchased from acer. The same thing showed up. I then figured i should call acer. I called and they told me to use the acer post disk formatter. I tried that and it still did not help the problem. I have no where else to turn so thougt maybe you guys could help. By the way This is some of my system specs-- Acer 5315- Hitachi 80GB hard drive- Windows Vista Basic

Acer :: How To Format/partition New Hdd Using Recovery CD forum.notebookreview.com

how to partition my hdd? (using Acer Recovery CD to install Win XP) I have an Acer Ferrari 3000Lmi notebook. I just replaced the hdd with a new one. it's 80GB 5400 rpm, IDE It's not formatted and it's not partitioned. My notebook is an old model, so I don't think there's a recovery partition and it doesn't have an e-empowering acer button, etc. It only comes with Acer recovery CD's. when I put the new hdd in, it's detected in bios, so I installed Win XP Home using the Acer Recovery CD. and it didn't have option to format or to partition my hdd there. everything just ran automatically. and now I have one C: drive. Can anyone help me on how to partition my hdd ? I prefer not to use partition magic/other programs to partition my hdd. I don't know if I have DOS. I don't mind installing XP all over again, I just don't know how to format/partition the hdd before using the recovery CD.

Acer :: Recovery Dvds And Recovery Partition On Win 7 With Acer Tools www.notebookforums.com

im planning on buying windows 7 .. I am a proud owner of acer 7520G ,and my lappy started acting slowly after 1 year of horrible terror or windows vista... I made those recovery cds , also i got that 10gb partition PQSERVICE... This service works only when you got their vista+acer signed OS? IF i install windows 7 will i be able to recover old vista via hidden partition or recovery dvds? Will i be able to make recovery dvds and recovery partition on win 7 with acer tools?

Acer :: 4420 (came With No Os Or Recovery Features) forum.notebookreview.com

I have just installed a OS on my new acer 4420- (came with no os or recovery features).........It doesn't even recognize the wifi..........What do I need to do in this situation? I need to get it online to download drivers. The only "recovery" cd's I have will not run. They are .ISO files or something..... Someone help a noob out......... I do have a portable usb zip drive, but I can't figure out how to transfer files from one computer to the other, and then open and run them.

Acer Aspire WS5-012 :: How To Run Recovery community.acer.com

how to run the recovery in my Acer Aspire WS5-012. i have created recovery on my flsh drive. but everytime when i run Acer recovery management to delete everything and bring my Acer Aspire back to factory setting, system giving me message " there was a problem resetting you PC"

Acer :: Erecovery / Hidden Partition forum.notebookreview.com

I have an aspire 4930 laptop which came with Vista pre-installed. To cut a long story short I installed windows xp to replace this which has been a total disaster (although the system is still working). I would like to start afresh with vista so need to do a factory reset. I have no recovery CDs. I can confirm that the hidden partition PQSERVICE is intact. I cannot however run the erecovery software from windows because it was lost along with Vista and as far as I am aware I cannot download a windows xp compatible version. WinXP over-wrote the ACER MBR so the Alt-F10 command stopped working however I have used a live CD version of GRUB to boot to the recovery partition, sidestepping the need to restore the Acer MBR. When the vista partition boots up Acer eRecovery Management loads, however the "restore system from factory default" and "restore system from user's backup" options are both greyed out.

Fedora :: Install 12 On An Acer Aspire AMD 64 2 With 1 GB Of Memory? forums.fedoraforum.org

I am trying to install Fedora 12 on an Acer Aspire AMD 64 2 with 1 GB of memory. I downloaded the Fedora 12 live CD Fedora-12-X86_64-ISO. When I try to boot from that CD, I get a message "irq 17 too bust" and the system hangs before finishing the boot process. So I have very little to go on. Ps. I previously installed Kubuntu 9.1 without any problems.

Acer :: How I Can Download Recovery CD www.notebookforums.com

i suffer from long time to obtain THE RECOVERY CD of travelmate 5720g , the Acer America Online Technical Support tell me the serial number is invalid but i fuond it in bios system and bottum laptop and in the orginal box , and also the acer's work shop tell me that the serial numer is existance in thier system but when I enter in support online No accept .

Acer :: Aspire 5500Z - No Recovery CD forum.notebookreview.com

I got a Acer Aspire 5500Z laptop. It was intruded by tons of virus. I realised that Acer (Singapore) did not provide me with any recovery CD. Now that I am stuck with a crap laptop, anyone can advise me on how to reformat this laptop again to its original state?

Acer :: How To Restore Machine From PQSERVICE forum.notebookreview.com

I've recently offered to help out a friend who's Acer aspire has stopped working. It won't book into windows, but she is keen to keep her old files. I installed a 2nd version of windows onto the machine to basically back up the whole disk using acronis true image. I've now got that image storage remotley on my own machine. I think she bought the computer 2nd hand and never got a burned copy of the recovery disks and for some reason the Alt-F10 thing doesn't work to get into the recovery stuff (I've checked in the Bios for D2D) I've managed to make the PQService partition visible and was wondering what was the best way to restore the machine to factory defaults. I created a CD from the STCDBOOT.ISO file, which allows me to book into the recovery manager, but all it does is prompts for the first disk/system disk. I'm guessing that all the data required is held in the PQService partition, but I'm not sure how to create the backup DVD's that should have been done when the machine was first used. I would image that the data is held in the 92EPIXIE.nnn files in the D2D/images directory of the PQService.

Acer Aspire V3-551G :: System Disk Copied To USB Boots But Never Sees Recovery CD community.acer.com

HDD broke. I bought new one and recovery cds. BUT my aspire V3-551G never boots from cd. Copied system disk to flash and that boots but no way to get it to recognize recovery disk 1. Is the fault in bios, physical dvd drive, or recovery software? Can I (or should i): A. edit some file in usb system disk to get it to cooperate B. update bios C. move a dvd drive from other laptop D. get usb cd drive (tried didnt work) E. get other usb flash hdd (as if that changes things somehow) F. Move HDD to other laptop and either boot or work through windows there G. Find acer accepted laptop fixer (how)

Acer :: Recovery Partition Showing 100% Free Disc Space? forum.notebookreview.com

I have just upgraded from Windows 7 RTC Ultimate to Windows 7 RTM pro. The weird things is, that there are two hidden partitions: There are two hidden partitions and they have both 100% free disc space. I know one of them is the recovery from Acer, but it says nothing of the disc space is used ! Luckily, I have a recovery CD. Another weird thing is in Auslogic Disc Defrag: There are a removal drive and it's leading to the Windows folder on the C: drive O_O?

Creating A Recovery Partition On New SSD? www.bleepingcomputer.com

I recently upgraded my Acer 722 netbook to an 265GB SSD and installed Windows 7 on it. I was wondering if there was a way to create a partition for a recovery environment (just in case something happens). I have a system image of this pc saved, however I feel it would be best to also create a recovery partition. Note: This does not have a CD drive.

Acer Aspire E15 :: Unable To Create Factory Default Backup community.acer.com

We have a brand new Aspire E15 and are wanting to create a recovery backup on to a usb drive.   As per the user manual we type recovery in the search and select 'Acer Recovery Management'.   We then get the User Acount Control window asking if we want to allow Acer Recovery Management to make changes to the computer, then click 'Yes'.   Then nothing happens......

Can't Burn A Music CD / ISO / Image CDs www.sevenforums.com

I am on HP Pavilion, i used to be on Vista Home premium and i recently installed windows 7 ultimate. My problem is i can't burn a Music CD/ISO/Image CDs. But i can Burn Movies On DVD!! 1) ISO FILE BURN.. 2) Music CD Burn.. NOTE: I've tried Realplayer/iTunes/Nero9 They ALL GIVE AN ERROR, so i checked the device manager and its all good and Updated!!

Ubuntu :: Write To An Mounted ISO Image? ubuntuforums.org

Is anyone aware of a way (or a program I can use) to write to an existing ISO image?To set the scene I've used APTonCD to create an ISO with all the programs on I want so that the next time I install Linux Mint (or Ubuntu) I can just put in the CD & install a lot of programs in one go with Package Manager. Thats worked fine & I have the ISO ready for CD but I would like a way to change it a bit so that I can add some of my own custom setup scripts (stuff to set up user accounts & so on) then every thing I need is all on one CD / DVD

Cannot Reinstall Windows 7 - An Unexpected I/O Error Has Occurred www.bleepingcomputer.com

It doesn't have a recovery partition so I've burned the ISO and planned to use the Key on the OEM sticker on the bottom of the machine. However, when attempting to boot from the DVD I burned (got the ISO file from mydigitallife.info) the screen shows me the "Windows is loading files" then immediately gives me the following error.Windows has encountered a problem communicating with a device connected to your computer.This error... Status: 0xc00000e9 Info: An unexpected I/O error has occurred I ran chkdisk /f with no bad sectors...I am at a loss here? I've also run AVG's Rescue CD to second check my guess that the hard disk is fine. I am not 100% sure that the CD drive is perfect, but also haven't had any issues running anything from the CD while in Windows either that I know of?

Can Use A Windows 7 HP ISO File For A Clean Install Of An Older Vista System www.sevenforums.com

Compaq Presario SR5010NX Celeron D processor 360 Vista Home Basic 512 MB RAM 120 GB HDD Intel graphics media accelerator DVD/CD w/Lightscribe This system is so sluggish it either has multiple infections or is just overloaded given its puny 512 MB of RAM, so I can't really use the system specs utility at the moment.Since I'm working on a similar clean install for an ACER notebook which is Win7HP 32-bit, what are the chances that the .iso file I'm burning to DVD can also be used for this much older technology. I have no problem upgrading the RAM to its max, unless it's already at its max?

Burn An Exact Copy Of Windows 7 Installation Disc? www.sevenforums.com

Is it safe to burn a Windows 7 installation ISO image using the 'exact copy' option, meaning making an exact duplicate from an already existing CD. Or is it safer to burn a CD from the original ISO file? Wouldn't the 'exact copy' option have higher chances for data corruption, especially since it is a boot/installation CD?

Acer :: Extensa 5620 Os Reinstall forum.notebookreview.com

i have a acer extensa 5620-6830 i got from bb last xmas i want to reinstall vista . everything goes well untill its about to install it doesnt find the hard drive . i lost my recovery cds but im using a vista ultimate cd i got for doin some surveys for ms .

Acer :: 5920G Experience? forum.notebookreview.com

Has anybody had any experiences with the Acer 5920G? Quote: * Acer Aspire Gemstone Design * 15.4" Acer CrystalBrite TFT LCD * Operating System: Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium 32Bit * Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T5750 * Memory: 4GB RAM (2x2048MB configuration) * Hard Drive: 250GB SATA HDD * Graphics Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3470 Dedicated Graphics * Optical Drive: DVD SuperMulti, CD/DVD reader/writer for all types of CD/DVD discs * Connectivity: Wireless LAN ABG * Audio: Dolby Home Theatre Digital surround sound * Webcam: Integrated 0.3Mp Acer Crystal Eye webcam * I/O Interfaces: 4 x USB Ports, 5-in-1 card reader (SD, MMC, MS, MS PRO, xD) * Software: Acer Empowering Technology * Manufacturer Part Number: LX.AQB0X.611

Acer TravelMate 4061 :: Internal DVD / CD Rom Not Functioning - Unable To Use Recover Disks community.acer.com

I have upgraded my Acer Travel Mate 4061 to 2GB Ram windows 7 64 bit. My internal DVD/CD rom is not functioning and unable to use my recover disks. . Any USB compatible EXTERNAL DVD/CD player to enabe the use of recovery discs...

MacBook Pro :: How To Enable TRIM Support Kingston 40GB SSDNOW? forums.macrumors.com

- download CentOS 5.2 Live CD ISO- burn the ISO with ImgBurn- bootup your Mac from CD called "Windows" (keep pressing Alt on startup)- open Linux console - type: sudo su- install some needed programs with yum -y install gcc make - download newest edition of hdparm with: wgethttp://sourceforge.net/projects/hdpa...ar.gz/download- unpack files: tar -xzvf hdparm*- go to hdparm directory cd hdparm*- type: make- then type: make install- type: /sbin/hdparm --yes-i-know-what-i-am-doing --dco-restore /dev/sda (if your SSD is a 1st drive, if second sdb, if 3rd sdc, if 4th sdd etc.)

Acer :: Extensa 5420 Wifi Not Working forum.notebookreview.com

I have an Acer Extensa 5420 and it came with Windows Vista (no recovery discs just 2 partitions with one recovery) which I wiped and installed Ubuntu onto. I went to install XP and the wireless card doesn't work. I downloaded the driver from Acer's own site and it says that the card is ejected/not installed. I have no idea what to do and all acer is telling me to do is to redownload the same drivers and try again.

Acer :: Can Remove Recovery Management On E511 With Windows 8 community.acer.com

I just purchased an Acer E511 laptop with windows 8 and am wondering if the acer recovery management program can be removed. I noticed that when I go into settings, change pc settings, I can recover using windows 8. Will this option be removed if I uninstall Acer Recovery Management? What's the difference between the two?

Acer Aspire E511 :: Can Remove Recovery Management On Laptop With Windows 8? community.acer.com

I just purchased an Acer E511 laptop with windows 8 and am wondering if the acer recovery management program can be removed. I noticed that when I go into settings, change pc settings, I can recover using windows 8. Will this option be removed if I uninstall Acer Recovery Management? What's the difference between the two?

OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Codecs - Downloading ISO File And Burn CD For Install forums.opensuse.org

I am new to opensuse. I want to install multimedia codecs on my opensuse 11.4. Is there any way to download multimedia codecs as an iso file and then burn a cd to install them on opensuse? Now, I am downloading "NonOSS CD" in add-on downloads section, is this iso file containing multimedia codecs?

Acer :: Aspire 9402 Windows Installation forum.notebookreview.com

I recently got a Aspire 9402 without HD, so I just pop in another HD. However, I have problem installing a fresh XP onto it. You guys might know the answer. First, I put in an HD with XP installed that worked perfectly on a dell 600m. The Acer gave me a blue screen. This looks reasonable since everything is different. Then I put in a formatted clean HD set to active, and a bootable windows XP installation CD into either the built-in DVD-burner or USB DVD-RW driver. During the startup, I pressed F12 to select the right boot device. However, Acer always gave me error message, and would not boot from CD. I also tried Windows 7 or Vista disks, still no go. It seems to me that Acer is different to other brands I have dealt with, like Dell or HP. I am not sure getting a set of recovery Disks from Acer would solve the problem.

OS X Leopard :: Unable To Burn ISO Image With Disk Utility discussions.apple.com

i burnt an iso image file on a cd using disk utility. I checked the md5 of the burn, and found it is different than the original iso file. so how do i create a 1:1 burn of file.iso? Information: macbook Mac OS X (10.5.6)

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I'm using ubuntu 8.10 which is already installed. Recently I have downloaded ISO file of ubuntu 10.04. Is there any way to install that ISO file i've downloaded without writing the ISO file in a CD?

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i have acer 5738G comming with windows vista where can i download or buy windows 7 recovery and drivers & app dvd

Dvd Region Code Error www.sevenforums.com

I went to go and make some dvds, but inorder to save money decided to go with Super CDs. I inserted the origional into my computer, which plays fine, i copied the iso, inserted the cd, and created a super cd with the iso through nero, but when i go to play the cd it keep ssayign that the region code on my computer does not match the region code on the disk that i just burned. how can i fix this?

Acer :: E1-572P Cannot Launch Windows Activation After Restore community.acer.com

You can buy a Win8 recovery DVD from acer shop if you are in the US.   [URL]

Acer Aspire Boot Disk? www.tomshardware.com

both of my acer laptops are down and I do not have a recovery disc for either one of them, where do I get a free download for the reboot disc

Acer Aspire MA52 :: Windows 8.1 - How To Recover The Recovery Partition community.acer.com

Have an Acer Aspire MA52 with W8.1 .... How to recover the Recovery partition ....

Acer :: Aspire One 110 Recovery forum.notebookreview.com

I have recently got an Acer Aspire One 110 Windows XP Version with 1GB ram for my girlfriend as an xmas present. Anyway while I was setting everything up for her i.e. firefox & msn etc. I spotted in the programs that there was nothing to do with Acer at all i.e. erecovery management, and the only thing was the Acer PDF manual. I then proceeded to look in disk management (right click my computer > manage) and to my shock there was no PQSERVICE or any sort of a recovery partition! The only partition was the main Windows partition! I thought maybe it was because the SSD hard disk is only 8GB. I decided to take a look at the 2 disk that I got supplied as I thought that these were the only possibe way to restore if you had an external disk drive. The 2 disk were labeled System CD & Windows XP Home Edition SP3, The System CD disk was 500MB in size and the Windows one was 2.54GB! That must be the recovery DVD then. I decided to try and boot into the disks on my other laptop and the SystemCD disk did load up and it loaded the eRecovery program but the option to recovery was greyed out (fair enough as it was a different laptop) I then decided to boot the 2.54GB Windows disk and the laptop would not recognise it at all! I decided to look at the contents of the 2.54GB Windows disk manually through windows and all that it has it about 20 .SWM files and some other files but the only application I could see was a program called "ImageX" I then manually looked at the contents of the SystemCD disk and there was only various folders and files but no clickable applications. I am now a bit confused by these 2 disks, how am I supposed to do a full restore the aspire one now incase anything goes wrong?? Could anyone help me out with how am I supposed to these 2 disk or am I supposed to create another recovery disk using these 2 original disks? Or will these 2 disk boot up fine using an external disk drive with the aspire one?

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i have an acer aspire x1900 ..windows 7 32 bit and and wanted to burn the recovery disc from my computer but whenever i click on the create factory default disc ...it just wont open .... then called for help and asked what would i do if ill reformat my pc but don't have recovery disc and the one on my pc itself not loading....they told me to press alt+f10 upon rebooting but it didn't take me to recovery window as what i have seen on one on the Internet video the guy pressed alt+f10 but its not the same shown on mine?

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I am using HP Dv2000 notebook, now when i try to create a recovery disk, i intially used the CD and copied the file then i noticed that that the total no of CD required is 18 where as if we use DVD it needs 2-3, so the 2'nd one i inserted is a DVD, the recovery program now it is saying that you should install a CD rather than a DVD, can i start again the process of copying using my new 3 DVD's?

Acer Aspire VN-591G :: Windows 8.1 - Uninstalled Recovery Management Software community.acer.com

I have recently purchased an Acer Aspire VN-591G which came with Windows 8.1 preinstalled.   I now wish to reset it to factory settings and I can't seem to do that as I have accidentally uninstalled the Acer Recovery Management software.   The recovery partition is intact, but I can't seem to be able to do anything with it.    I tried booting up using Alt + F10 but it opens up the default Windows 8 boot screen, where if I choose to reset the system it asks me to insert the recovery media (which I don't have as the system only came with the recovery partition).   I think I spent 3h searching through the internet trying to find the Acer Recovery Management software that comes with Windows 8.1 (which I'm hoping will be able to access the recovery partition and use it to restore the laptop to its original state), however, it seems that this is nowhere to be found.   I find it absurd for Acer not to provide this software as a download for their systems - how would you be able to use the recovery partition in case of a system failure ? i tried booting up directly on the recovery partition but I didn't manage to do that (maybe I was doing something wrong - got an error about the disk not being a fixed MBR disk ?    Trying to set the recovery partition as active from the disk management screen in Windows is even more useless. I can't assign it a drive letter either to try to access it (I found some forums post that was suggesting to copy the boot files on the primary partition to allow the system to boot into the Acer Recovery Management screen directly.

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i want know how to making toshiba satalite L300 windows 7 motherboard recovery CD.

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i just bought a new laptop acer aspire 2920 and using a windows XP.. I received a CD write "acer aspire 2920 RECOVERY" after i bought the laptop.. i dont know what does the cd for.. and now on, i wan to format the laptop but i scare if i lost some important data or LICENSE install on my laptop... and the CD i received was scared me to format it... could u pls reply me as soon as possible? what does the cd for?

Acer :: 5100 (xp) Windows Won't Boot forum.notebookreview.com

Acer 5100 (xp) stopped working a few months back! It says windows could not start because the following file is missing WINDOWS2|SYSTEM32CONFIGSYSTEM. Telephoned acer for recovery disks! Problems is a bought laptop through a friend of a friend. As I didn't register laptop and can't provide password, they won't sell me disks. Tried alt f10 but nothing happens. Enabled d2d and recovery in boot up screen. Still no joy. I have managed to download recovery dvd's (x2) from bit torrent (Acer Aspire 5100 Restore DVD's) . I then set the boot priority to boot dvd first. The files are iso. I have burned the image using imgburn on 2 dvd's. The disk starts the loading RAMDISK image. Then as it flicks to the acer recovery it quickly jumps to please wait..... I am now going to decompress the files using winrar, then burn the files. But not sure this will make any difference.

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A few days ago I phoned Acer's local home office in San Jose, CA. I understand Acer customers, like any of the reported support lines, are hard to get thru to. Fortunately I called their home office as they kindly listened to why I was calling (Acer's recovery instructions conflict and can't be followed), eg; the instructions refer to uses of their "recovery media" disk(s) as opposed to either "recovery disk" or "system disk" (which's what those two 'media' disks are labeled and Acer instructions are 'all over the place'; ie; conflicting and uninterpretable). Of note, apparently calls from Acer's H.O. and are answered by support after "one" ring. Because Acer publishes some 5 sets of how to's for recovering their AOA150 OS's and few to none of those instructions agree with each other, including the instructions that are mailed with the "system" disk, I decided to at least clear up what the differences were between the "recovery" and "system" disks. After nearly 20 minutes of repeating my name, most all the details I'd already answered, not to mention having reiterated my question something like 5 times (likely their support people have a so called supervisor who loosely listens to the goings on in their 'boiler room' and pretty likely the workers soon realize to keep the super's off their backs, they simply ask for your name and everything again, just to make it look like they're on another call)......................

General :: Permission Denied When Trying To Execute Binary Burned To A CD-R superuser.com

On an Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) machine, I burned a CD from the command prompt using: cdrecord -v speed=16 dev=0,1,0 /FPS.iso.The CD now contains an executable and some files. I tested the CD by loading it onto another machine (Red Hat 5.3) and when I try to run the program I get the following message:bash: ./FPS1_1: Permission denied.I can open other files like text documents (the executable also comes with shared libraries).I realized I had burned the CD as root so I burned another one as another user but I still have the same problem.

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My problems lies with the PQSERVICE partition. It is still there and I can see it with Ubuntu. When I attempt start up, I get the message c:ootcd and an error status message. I also have recovery cds that I have tried to to use but I am not able to boot up from them or get any sort of indication that they work , only a blinking cursor then back to the c:ootcd error. My question is if I just completely delete and reformat my entire hard drive, pay that "lovely" $20 fee for new recovery cds from Acer as I'm out of warranty, would it work?

Acer Aspire 551 :: I / O Error With Recovery community.acer.com

During restore using Acer recovery disks for this Acer aspire 551, the recovery stalls at the final step where the wim file is written to the c: drive.  It gives me an i/o error. I suspect that the disk is functional because I have run the cmd.exe program from the x:drive and then run both scndsk.exe and scndsk.exe /F to fix any errors.  No errors were detected. However, any fix for this error that I have encountered suggests replacing the hardrive. This seems to be inappropriate, in this case. I should also say that I have used dos commands to copy a file from the system32 directory to the c: drive successfully suggesting that there is no problem with writing to the disk. Lastly, the cd rom hardware must be working or the disks would not be successfully read to the final stage.  How this can be an i/o error eludes me.

Acer :: Aspire 7551-2575 (MS2310) Black Screen Of Death - Recovery BIOS File Name? community.acer.com

One morning, laptop powers-on (Blue led on power button and on front bezel), no display, fans spin up and down, CD drive makes the usual seek sound. Attached external screen from my desktop, no display either, no POST!!. Removed HD, RAM, NIC, no change. No beeping what so ever, really looks like the notorious Acer BSOD i've read about. What I need is the EXACT name I should rename the BIOS file (JE70D118.ROM) to be able to use the Phoenix BIOS recovery function (FN+ESC+PWR) with the BIOS file on a USB key or SD card. Seems to be a national secret or something... Acer does not seem to have this documented anywhere.... including the actual BIOS recovery procedure....

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Now, all you need to flash your SGH-T809 to the SGH-D820 firmware is the flash cable from phantomgsm on ebay, or to make your own. And to download the .iso file I created. Once you have these two things, you can either mount the .iso file using a program like daemon tools http://daemon.alphabravo.org/daemon403-x86.exe or you can burn it to a cd. Once the cd is mounted or burned, it will autoplay and a batch file will walk you through the process of flashing your phone. If it does not autorun, just open the disc in my computer and select open "run.bat". If you guys have any problems, post them here. Also, let me know what you think! Here is the link for the .iso file http://rapidshare.de/files/22633006/T809Flash.iso.html Note: This is the FC1 firmware, and it will erase you IMEI number.

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i have acer 4715z with a original windows vista home basic...and have also installed acer management.. because of very slow and i thought that full of virus already. try to restore to factory default using acer recovery.. but the problem is cannot continued because have corrupted file on the system..thats why i dicided to reformat.and the big problem is i cannot enter the product key. it says that the key is already used..

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The disk i used to burn the Dell OS Recovery CD onto has been damaged and I can't burn a new one. Why is this? Is there a way around this or do I need to call Dell for a new recovery cd?

Acer Aspire ES1-512 :: Cannot Start Recovery Console To Make Recovery Media community.acer.com

ive just finished setting up my new acer ES1-512, And was about to make my recovery media through the acer console in windows 8.1, and the program will not open ? i get to the part where it wants me to allow the program to make changes, but then nothing happens ? i have tried going to the file location its self to to start the program but this makes no difference, ive looked all over acers site to see if i can re-download the console but have found nothing?

OS X :: Mounting ISO Image As CD? forums.macrumors.com

So far I've downloaded Toast 10 Titanium, because I heard that I need it to assist me with this, but basically what my problem is, is that I have a program that needs a CD to run it, but instead of a CD I have .iso images. Basically I need to know how to mount the .iso images onto my desktop as a CD so I can run my program successfully.

General :: Downgrade Evo 3D HBoot 1.50? forum.xda-developers.com

how to downgrade Evo 3D HBoot 1.50? I have downloaded HBOOT_Downgrade_Toolkit.i686-0.5.1.iso and already burn onto CD.

Hardware :: Install Gentoo Without Internet Connection? www.linuxquestions.org

Sir..I tried Gentoo x86: iso Minimal CD and Universal CD but both after booting from CD-ROM at one stage are stopped and asking for network set-up.But my net is not getting connected in this Gentoo installation.I am from India my network connection is of DSL type. So I request You to kindly tell me a way to install Gentoo without any network connectin(Internet).And also tell me which ISO I have to download for this purpose.

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Alright im already rooted and i flashed clockwork recovery image and I want it gone. I'm trying to go back to Amons recovery image. However when im in the command and I type in adb push recovery-ra-eris.img /sdcard I get no such file or directory error... but i have the file in the tools folder of my androidsdk... any thoughts.. cd cd c:AndroidSDK ools adb devices adb shell mount -o rw,remount /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system adb push recovery-ra-eris.img /sdcard adb push flash_image /system/bin adb shell chmod 755 /system/bin/flash_image adb shell flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-ra-eris.img After i do the recovery-ra-eris.img i get an error

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My uncle got a virus on his MBR he has his Acer recovery disks and also the recovery file on the desktop. Is one better than the other? Will both fix the MBR or is there something else I need to do? The recovery partition is built into the D drive as well.

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I'd like to download Cent 5.6, but I'm a bit confused on which ISO I need to download. I can't use any of the torrent files since my company FW won't allow it through. So, should I download the Live CD or ISO 1 through 8? Can I install the Cent from the LiveCD? If I decide to download ISO 1 through 8, how do I then combine them?

Acer Aspire V Touch :: Apps Always Crash And Can Never Be Opened community.acer.com

I just got my Aspire V touch, so I don't understand why the Acer applications keep crashing when I try to open them. All of my other apps open fine without crashing. (Acer apps i.e.: Acer Recovery, Acer Quick Access, etc.) Why only Acer apps are crashing? I'm trying to make my recovery files.   Also, what is AOP Framework? It always crashes when my laptop is waken up from it's sleep. Can I uninstall it?

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My Dell Inspirion 600M hard drive died. I am getting a new hard drive now, nut I lost the Original Recovery CD so I cannot install the Windows XP Home Edition ... Does anyone have an ISO copy of it? Is it easy to install? I don't want to install pirate copy on it.

CentOS 5 :: 5.3 Recover / Reset Root Password www.centos.org

I have to recover / reset root password. I do not have the 5.3 cd, can I boot with the CentOS-5.6-i386-LiveCD.iso [URL] and follow the recovery procedure outlined below [URL]

Reinstall Windows 7 Boot Loader? forums.techguy.org

I have an HP pavilion dv4-1555dx laptop that I was trying to install Linux mint 10 gnome on a PNY 8GB flash drive, I forgot to have Linux install grub to the flash drive, so it ended up installing grub to the HDD, now I need to reinstall the windows 7 boot loader but HP didn't send a windows 7 boot disk with the system (OEM windows 7) so I can't jut boot the cd and use the recovery counsel unless there is somewhere online that I can get an iso from, or is there another way?

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i was setting up my new laptop to be a dual boot machine (W7 + Ubuntu) but got an error message that i was already at the maximum number of partitions on my HDD. there is my C drive, a G drive called data (19.53GB, containing recovery_dvd 1, 2, and 3 .iso's) and two recovery partitions ( 11GB and 100MB, the 100MB one says it is active. are both recovery drives and the G Data necessary? i burned what thought was a recovery disk when i got the computer, but looking back i think i accidently burned a system repair disk instead. i also have a backup on an external harddrive (it confirms it in the backup and restore window). 180GB in C drive so its too much to backup on to dvds at this point, unless that's what recovery_dvd iso's in G drive are for? they are small enough to burn, so i would be happy with doing that and removing both recovery partitions if necessary.

Acer :: Factory Restore - Aspire 5610z Using ERecovery forum.notebookreview.com

I was trying to do a Factory Recovery in my Acer Aspire 5610z using eRecovery. Everything was fine until the "Acer Launch" window appeared. Now it stuck at "Process 1/2","Install eRecovery solution", "Please wait" There is another window behind it but I am unable to view it, this is going on for more than 2 hrs and I would very much appreciate your help to acomplish this recovery. the axer lauch window couldn't be moved.

Creating An ISO Image From Files On The Hard Drive www.vbforums.com

Hi, does anybody know how to make an ISO9660 image file (data mode 1) from files on the hard drive?I've been searching for a couple of days now, but haven't been able to find much. The only thing I could find was a CD burning program on pscode.com that has an option to convert a BIN image to an ISO image.I studied the code, but I don't see any code that writes the ISO header I took the necessary code for the "BIN to ISO conversion" from the CD burning program and put it into a new project. Is there maybe somebody who wants to have a look at it and explain to me how to create an ISO image from files on the hard drive?Thank you.Attachment Removed

Acer :: Travelmate 2420 Fails To See Operating System And Will Not Restore From Disc forum.notebookreview.com

ACER Travelmate 2420 fails to see operating system and will not restore from disc. My Acer Travelmate 2420 now fails to see the operating system. When I use the restore DVD that I had made it boots up and after a while the recovery runs. I hit a problem when the machine asks for disc 2 to continue the recovery. Only one disc was ever made during the back up session. A few facts. Before the OS failed Acer Recovery and other Acer Programs had started to not function. The C: and D: drives where NTFS Formatted. I have even considered cleaning the hard drive altogether and installing a new OS. The problem here is that I can't get into DOS Mode.

Acer :: Factory-Issued Recovery DVDs & PQService www.notebookforums.com

managed to overwrite the PQService on my Acer Aspire E380. Acer very promptly sent me recovery DVDs for my model, one System DVD and one Recovery DVD. Some of what I've read here confuses me a bit, however, and makes me afraid to use these discs if I should ever need to. To sum up my question as succinctly as I can: if PQService has been deleted/overwritten, will system/recovery DVDs issued by Acer itself (sent from the company) still function, or will they do me no good? I'm asking you guys because, frankly, my experiences with Acer's support have been less than stellar.

Windows 7 Doesn't Recognize Usb 2.0 To Ide Cd/dvd/rw Drive? www.tomshardware.com

have an acer veriton, trying to hook up an external cd/dvd drive.

General :: How To Extract Data From Backup File forum.xda-developers.com

I Backup-ed my Acer tab b1-A71 using android system recovery - Just like CWM. The file name ends with .Backup, and i wanted to extract some files from it.. How to Extract data from .Backup file ? - Created with android system recovery

Acer :: Where To Get A Recovery CD For My Aspire 5100 forum.notebookreview.com

My laptop is out of warranty ,is there any place I can get a recovery CD besides from Acer? They are charging $35 for it

Acer :: Aspire 5920 Drivers Windows Xp 64 Bits forum.notebookreview.com

i had installed windows xp 64bits in my laptop, a Aspire 5920-6080, but there's no have drivers for xp 64 bits in cd recovery, neither in acer website, anyone, knows where have drivers for this platform?

Acer :: Windows7 Recovery www.notebookforums.com

i recently upgraded my acer 5536 laptop to win7 from vista via the upgrade disc i received after sending off to acer as i bought the laptop last october. i had previously made a vista recovery disc using the erecovery program built into my computer. now i've upgraded i thought i would make a win7 recovery disc but i find that the built in acer software for doing this is now not on my system. 2 questions: 1. how can i burn a recovery dvd that i can boot from and reset my system to its first day as win 7. 2. if the above is not possible, what would happen if i tried to recover using my previous vista recovery disc. would it put my system back to vista or completely muck everything up?

Acer :: 5670 Recovery / Windows www.notebookforums.com

I want to reformat my C:/ partition but I've lost (or never had?) my original windows home cd that came with it, nor do I still have a recovery partition. (I wiped it all out...) Where do I find an acer win xp version so I can reinstall and use my my original windows key?

General :: GUI Tool To Extract Iso File Contents On (KDE)? superuser.com

I have an ISO CD image file and want to extract it's contents to a folder. I know there are ways to mount the image and stuff, but it's complicated. I'm looking for a GUI tool to open up the contets and extract needed files. On windows I would use WinRar to do this. K3B only allows me to burn the stuff, Arch does not work with ISO files :(Is there a similar tool on Linux, preferably from KDE world?

Dell :: Need X1 Recovery/Restore CD forum.notebookreview.com

I am the original owner of a Dell X1 laptop. Even with the 3 year extended warranty, it is now clearly out of warranty. When we purchased this laptop, it did not come with any recovery or restore CD. The windows partition finally died of old age with a corrupted file. Won't boot up as a dll is missing. HOW can I get a recovery/restore CD? It is still running the original Windows XP OS.

Dell :: Restoring A Help forum.notebookreview.com

I have my recovery cd for my desktop dell. Could i use my desktop recovery cd and use it on a dell laptop. And also is it possible to keep files such as microsoft office when recovering.

Cannot Create Recovery Disc www.tomshardware.com

cannot create a recovery disc in acer apire one - following all directions. Cannot get beyond eRecovery management - cannot click on a drive for the CD rom and cannot click on start.

Getting The Acer Extensa 5235 Drivers? www.tomshardware.com

i have a acer 5235 laptop with windows 7 installed with a recovery partition , it wont boot windows it gets to the logo screen and then i get the blue screen of death ?? it wont boot into dos from usb or boot anything from a cd or even boot into debugging mode or safe mode or any directory mode , it just seems any slight trace of windows and it wont boot?

Erase A CDRW And Write To It, Using Code.. www.codeguru.com

Anyone know the win32 api functions that are called by the following things:Right click a CDRW drive (with a cdrw disc in) in My COmputer, and the menu bears an item "Erase this CD-RW" -> what vb code can i call to show this wizard, or better, to just go and erase the cd and give a message when doneOpen an erased cd, drag some files to it, and click "write these files to cd" -> what api call can i use to write a file to cd.. or asked another way: how can i use the built in windows xp cd writing support, in order to programmatically write to a cd?tanks guys

Sony :: VAIO VPC Z HDD Model Recovery Disk Without DVD Writer forum.notebookreview.com

I finally got my VPC Z with HDD/no DVD today and I thought I'd start up a thread on the subject for those like me who once receiving their Z will be trying to use Vaio Recovery Center to create recovery disks without using a DVD Writer. Installing Win 7 from a USB stick is fairly well documented on the web but the problem above isn't, certainly not for the VPC Z anyway. I know that it's probably gonna be simpler to just create a bootable USB key/stick and copy the relevant drivers to it and use that (something I'll be doing to get rid of all the crapware sony have preinstalled) but I like having the security of an additional backup solution just in case I royally balls it up. The main issue (i think) is with Vaio Recovery Center itself, if you try to create the recovery disk the software will complain that no dvd writer can be found. After trying a couple of virtual CD/DVD/BD-ROM/HD-DVD tools I took the advice of TofuTurkey (cheers fella) in the vaio owners thread and tried Virtual CD. I'm happy to report that this has the capability to create a fake drive with various fake media discs and does indeed fool the Vaio software into creating an ISO to the internal hard drive. I setup a DVD+R DL drive and everything went smothly. Vaio Rocovery created a single ISO 5,344,117KB in size. Seems the next trick is to find a way of creating a bootable USB stick (again there's plenty of info out there concerned with installing Win 7) and then writing the ISO (or contents of?) it to it and filing it away for safe keeping. ZoinksS2k mentioned I should be "sure to set the partition to Active and run bootsect to make it bootable." which is going to be my next step after I've read up a little again on this.

Acer :: Acer 5610-4610- ACER Disk Formatter Cannot Find Any Drives forum.notebookreview.com

I have an Acer 5610-4610 system. It was repartitioned to one XP drive for several years. I am finally wanting to put the PQ service partition back on it but none of the folders of the restore CD's have any of the files needed to recreate this partition. I am wanting to put the factory (VISTA Home Premium) system on C. With all the system files and folders from the 3 restore CD's into the PQSERVICE partition. I have no clue how to proceed. I do remember there was an acer(C) partition and a data (D) partition when I got it. The PQSERVICE partition was there back then. The first (System) CD has none of the files mbrwrdos.exe or rtmbr.bin used to create the PQSERVICE system. I run the ACER Disk Formatter and it cannot find any drives on the laptop. Weird! From what I've been able to glean my thought was that that the Formatter disk would facilitate creating the correct partitions?

Pages 09 :: Important Documents Not Responding discussions.apple.com

I have been working on a document which isn't particularly long however it has information from research which I no longer have access to, I went file>save as and now the program has stopped responding, it hasn't completely crashed just not responding. It's really important that I don't lose this, is there anyway to either get the program to work or is there a recovery file or anything to save it? Information: acer aspire 7720,2 Macbooks,HP minibook 2133,hp omnibook xe2,advent 7081 + more 2 iphones an ipod touch and ipod nano and an ipod shuffle as well as a Acer PC

CD/DVD Device Driver Missing On 7 Starter Install? www.sevenforums.com

about a month ago, my Windows 7 Starter went dead on my Toshiba NB250 netbook. At first I thought it was a HDD issue. I tried using downloaded 7 recovery tools to no avail, and for some reason, whatever took out the OS, took the factory installed recovery partition with it..After a few days, I was sick of waiting for the recovery media to arrive, so I tried Installing Ubuntu Netbook 10.10. It worked, so I assume the HDD is fine.The recovery media is on dvds, so it's useless to me (for some reason my BIOS doesn't support a boot from an external dvd drive). I got an iso of windows 7 starter. I've seen a ton of threads and responses where people say that the iso may be corrupted due to a bad download. Mine's fine, because it installs and runs in VirtualBox no problem. I used the microsoft USB startup creation tool through my virtualbox installation. Thing is, whenever I try an install, I get a message saying there is a missing cd/dvd device driver. The thing has no cd/dvd drive, so I don't know what that's about. I tried copying the iso contents onto another piece of media, and did not make that bootable. I tried an install from my bootable usb, and then plugged in the usb of files. Nothing.I found this download on cnet, because I read about some guy who was messing around with his drivers to get an install to work. The cnet download was apparently only for vista, and when I put on my non-bootable media, and tried to install it when Windows asked for it, the installation told me that something was up with the drivers. Something to the tune of "contact the manufacturer for the newest software".